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Archives: December 24, 2010

Convicted Hit & Run Driver Arrested for DUI

UPS workers fired following News10 investigation

Iran imposes huge increases in fuel and food prices

Bernie's Editorial

Futurology: The tricky art of knowing what will happen next

North Korea: The Risks of War in the Yellow Sea

Rent is too damned high! Jimmy McMillan puts in Presidential Bid

Toyota settles suit over California crash for $10 million

This should make about anyone smile...

It's being said that Wikileaks tells secrets about US involvement in Pakistan.

Lame Duck Comes Up Big for New Vets

FBI files of former NPR reporter Daniel Schorr released

Conservative instincts 'uncharitable', says Liberal Democrat (UK)

WikiLeaks cables expose France’s collaboration with US imperialism

China bars English words in all publications

The new net neutrality rules without the anti-obama propoganda

For my East Coast DU brothers and sisters who celebrate it, it's Christmas Eve...

Supporting homeless veteran families-Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program

Judge unloads on Wells Fargo with order on investment program

Bipartisan Group Of Lawmakers Wants Gen. David Petraeus To Testify On Afghanistan In 2011

Conyers, McKeon: Petraeus Must Testify on Afghanistan Review

Army opens probe of its role in WikiLeaks security breach

Is Navy plan a threat to world's oldest killer whales?

Number of civilian casualties in Afghan war rises 20%, U.N. report shows

Greek parliament approves further austerity measures

Assange Marks Cameron's Christmas Card

150 years ago: The election of Abraham Lincoln touches off secession crisis

CNN gives object lesson on how secrecy can prevent the need for hard/costly fixes (TSA vs. pilot).

TomDispatch Blocked by State Department

How to Keep Track of Our Crumbling Empire? Let's Put Occupied Countries on Our Coins

Willow Run and the Story of General Motors - Charlie LeDuff w/video

Willow Run and the Story of General Motors - Charlie LeDuff w/video

US returns items taken from MIT researcher, Bradley Manning supporter

How Republicans view the unemployed.........

Remember That Tiny $90 Billion Reduction In The Military Budget?

Dignity For The Trashman

looking for resources on the "Military Industrial Complex" for my next editorial

With the opposition to the UI for the unemployed by the pukes

Economic Policy Institute: Another Record Year for the Rich

GM Recalls Nearly 100,000 Cars

Richest households have net worth 225 times greater than the average household. USA! USA! USA! USA!

There's A Little $9 Billion Bauble Under The Tree For Wall St., Multinationals

Hershey gets it -- non-GMO products! (uh, but not here in America)

The Women Who Gave Us Christmas

Virginia puts homeowners on fast track to foreclosure

Arkansas has had 500 quakes since 9/20. Gas drilling to blame?

What earth going on?

Take a bow, Nancy and Harry (comparing this congress with 89th (1965-66))

WP: The defeat of the Dream Act and our lost decade on immigration reform

Why we track Santa (From NORAD)

Eye-rack? Eye-rack!

Arsenal gets man 12 years

I hate Newt, the dumbass, Gangrinch - more reasons to not like him:

A Holiday Message From Bradley Manning

2 Americas...

As President Obama ‘Wrestles’ With The Issue, Vice President Biden Says Gay Marriage Is Inevitable

North Korea blasts incoming Foreign Affairs chairwoman as 'human scum'

Does anyone know what Saudi Arabia is up to?

I gotta get outta here!

What if the largest countries (in area) had the biggest populations?

It's not Christmas without Weird Al

Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou

New tax law packed with obscure business tax cuts

At this joyous time of year, I wish you loads of christmas cheer!

Nuclear technology smuggling case may reveal CIA secrets

84 Adopted Haitian children fly into Paris in time for Christmas

Italy: Anarchists wanted revenge on Chile, Swiss

Uh-oh...looks like Christmas will be a little late this year...

Money is short...

Sounds like a typical Sat. nite in Texas to me...

It's not Christmas without Cheech and Chong

Orlando crazies at it again: Trying to make "Merry Christmas" official.

Christmas in Fallujah

Democrats and Taxes.

NORAD is tracking a UFO!!!!!

Male genital snow sculpture 'disgusting'

Chase ties free checking to $500 direct deposit

The Art of Negotiation: It's simple. Let's give the GOP another TRILLION and then maybe

Did Obama trade tax cuts for

Six homeowners arrested while protesting in St. Louis at Bank of America - pix

Researchers at Newcastle University find Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's likeness in a brain scan

"...attempting a serious theological argument with a comedian -- and miserably failing..."

Drunk man walks into home, vomits twice

Satirical Scrooge calls in to Tavis Smiley/Cornel West radio show

Wall Street Computers Scan Twitter for Buy and Sell Leads

Wonkette Senate Obstruction Trading Cards Will Ruin Your Child’s Christmas

A Holiday Musing...

The Political Toilet


Merry Christmas!

To one and all, on this snowy Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and thank you.

NORAD Stays Secret On How It Tracks Santa (where is wikileaks when you need them??)

Gallup has Obama at 49%-45% Today and My Take on That.

How a Google Engineer (and Reddit) Bailed an 18-Year-Old Out of Jail

Obama's new start - by Charles Krauthammer

the Santa Tracker

Wikileaks releases SECRET State Dept cable on Santa's midnight ride

About frikkin' time!

Granholm reverses decision to release convicted killer

A Holiday Message From Bradley Manning

Dad arrested on sex charges after daughter, who fled w/ uncle who allegedly abused her, was returnd

GOPers Remove 'Labor' From House Committee Name

GOPers Remove 'Labor' From House Committee Name

The Republicans and Teabaggers send this holiday message to those less fortunate than themselves:

Pension Cuts Rumbling Gets Louder

Happy Holidays to all!

Baby dolphin found swimming next to dead mother rescued from Indian River Lagoon

Imam Behind NY Islamic Center Will Tour Nation

Lawrence Weschler on the Fiction of Non-Fiction

President Haley Barbour?

Christian Exodus From Iraq Gathers Pace - Churches Empty & Christmas Decorations Are Put Away

December 24, 1860: Ghosts of Christmas Past.

Scary Notices In Democratic America

I'm giving this place a rest and celebrating the holidays with my family

Next Step: Dependant and Survivor Benefits

Merry Christmas!

Father Christmas by the Kinks--great lyrics for the times

Yahoo melting down even harder than Freeperville over DADT

O'Reilly and Coulter try to explain why right-wing scroogery is really Christian charity

Nigerian Scammers are Getting Vicious And Does the FBI Care?

Nigerian Scammers are Getting Vicious And Does the FBI Care?

How did the unemployed get their unemployment checks before the taxcuts deal?

Pensions.. what they ARE..and what they are NOT

Here is my Christmas story..which is more heart warming than 'Gift of the Magi'

Julian Assange, Feminism, and Rape

The top 1% of individual income tax filers received double the income of the bottom 50%.

Tomdispatch, a project of The Nation Institute, is blocked by the State Department.

NJ gov: Scrooge or Claus?

It's Christmas Eve.

So, what other books does President Obama read?

having problems with zombies during the holiday season....?

Will it be a hardship for many folks when the 2% FICA is added to their deductions?...

Man accused of harassing Muslim women

Luisa Tetrazzini's gift ends San Francisco era on high note

Tom DeLay isn't in prison yet and gets to celebrate Christmas?

Basic instinct: Women take just three minutes to make up their mind about Mr Right

Who's watching Stevie Wonder live at last on HBO

Right-wing Christianity on display for everyone to see!

New tax law packed with obscure business tax cuts

Saw this on a site that shall not be named...

Damn... Obama... He is a unamerica.. he is a Muslim...

Jindal (LA governor) again tries to slash Medicaid

Think Christmas is commercial? Wait till you see the 'Jesus trail'


Great Video --hope I copied it correctly.

Bristol Palin buys 5-bedroom house in Arizona.... Merry Christmas

Gasoline prices hit 2-year high

FLASH NEWS....Tea Party Christmas Pageant descends into chaos.

Media Headlines: Suicide squirrel causes short power outage at some Disney hotels

Why is this news?

Food safety overhaul faces obstacles

The ‘Repo-Demo’ Party’s Three Phase Austerity Plan for America

Woman arrested at ABIA after refusing enhanced pat down

Merry Christmas Boomers, some random snags of music -

Up Against the Empire: Celebrating the Rebel Jesus

Billionaire/Millionaire Tax Cuts - Didn't they cause the Great Recession?

Billionaire/Millionaire Tax Cuts - Didn't they cause the Great Recession?

Somebody should send this toon to Coburn

A Holiday Message From Bradley Manning

US Income Shares, 1994 v. 2007

We all agree: Whoever thinks that the tax cuts and trickle down economics works

One person I miss who would have been proud of what was accomplished this year

Clinton's higher taxes on the middle class were the reason we balanced the budget.

Merry Christmas Eve My DU Family

Merry Christmas and happy Festivus for the rest of us.

We "get some (important) things done", but at what cost?

I believe in Santa Claus.

Judge Orders First-Ever Damages for Bush-Era Illegal Wiretapping

The Viral Spiral of 2010 Yet another year full of bogus chain e-mails.

When will online news stories include links to materials that were used to write the stories?

LOL! "The Fat Commie is Here!"

Thank You Soldier

First Lady talks to children following NORAD's tracking of Santa Claus

Hawaii’s Governor Takes On ‘Birthers’

Merry Christmas All ...

TSA has spent $14 billion on mostly unproven products - WP

Even during the worst of time, humanity can show itself, The Christmas Truce of WWI

Re: Obama on Steve Jobs.. Being brilliant and driven is no guarantee of financial success..

Merry Christmas DU!

Merry Christmas DU!

Toon: This is how the Rich view unemployed people

The lethal 2 inch candy cane

DU Meetup? NW IN/NE IL/S WI/other Upper Midwest region?

Hurricane: Book Review

Tax Cut Bill Signed By Obama Packed With Obscure Stocking Stuffers For Businesses

Cool toon re DADT repeal

For Christmas this year, we're giving a water buffalo and

Obama's historic mission on behalf of capital: Destroy Social Security

Who gets to drink the "good beer?"...

GOPers Remove 'Labor' From House Committee Name

People with mental illness to lose insurance

I have to admit - I'm kinda liking Lisa Murkowski

Hire Locally Will Become the Law in San Francisco

Obama Christmas vacation reading material

Step 7: Declare War on Defense Dollars

A true "WTF"

Meet your Free Trade Negotiators

I Just received this side by side comparison in e-mail and thought it instructive...

Homophobes summed up in one picture

the underappreciated heroes of 2010

Hyperbole And A Half: This is why I'll never be an adult..

I got my definition of "communist" published on Urban Dictionary

What, exactly, is the rich trying to accomplish by being richer


It's National Egg Nog Day!

The abject ignorance of calling nationalized health care 'socialism'

The new net neutrality rules without the anti-obama propoganda

The new net neutrality rules without the anti-obama propoganda

What "Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer" teaches us...

"Hunger and homelessness stalk U.S. cities" - Family Homelessness up 9%

'I didn't think of Iraqis as humans,' says U.S. soldier who raped 14-year-old girl

I'm finding this freeper thread sad.

Article 13 and PFC Bradley Manning - From the Blog of his defense attorney

For annabanana, and DU.

Christmas in America

I think Obama's going to flip on gay marriage

The Selfish Rich Are Killing Retired People

How a family of four making $50,000 a year pays no federal income taxes.

How a family of four making $50,000 a year pays no federal income taxes.

Alabama town's Failed Pension is a Warning

On Hawaii vacation, Obama reads up on Reagan

question about pensions, both private and public

Venezuelan University Law Creates Student Bill of Rights, “Democratizes” Higher Education

DU Income Ranges. This question has been bugging me.

as we enter a new year...The Military Industrial Complex

When Pigs flew and a man without a house found a home

Yay America is number 1!... USA! USA! USA!

'We Didn't Start the Fire..'

In 1979, I wrote my economic thesis against "Reaganomics".

Woman (rape victim) arrested at ABIA after refusing enhanced pat down

New Photos And Video About Working Conditions At Foxconn (Enjoy Your iPad!)

Sign of the times Haikus

My kid's band is going to Kosovo and Germany to entertain the troops next week!

OK, DUers. You did $10,000 to feed the hungry. Not too shabby. But can you do...

Glenn Greenwald: What WikiLeaks revealed to the world in 2010

Remember the "Wizards In Winter" christmas lights?

I have hope. My 16 yo daughter just put Ummagumma

Do you untie your sneakers before taking them off?

The Rouge Plant Blues

If you're burned out on Christmas movies - may I recommend

Merry Christmas to all the DUers on the other side of the World

A Christmas Ornament From Steeleye Span

Santa Claus is a capitalist pig!

Dear Satan, please help bring an end to dyslexia this Christmas.

Dear Satan, please help bring an end to dyslexia this Christmas.

Ghostly Countdown -- 1

Merry Christmas.

Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen perform (Willow Smith's) "Whip My Hair"!

Christmas Eve! Merry, Merry Christmas

Santa Claus And His Old Lady - Cheech And Chong

This should make about anyone smile...

What Santa really does while you're asleep.

Remember Dinosaurs the TV show?

I'm watching one of my favorite holiday movies, "28 Days Later."

Glenn Beck has died........

I am the master of my domain. (dial-up caution)

Instead of "what do you want for Christmas?"...

OK - so I am listening to the Radiohead OK Computer/In Rainbows "10" mixup

Christmas Eve/ Sarajevo

Santa is coming tonight!

Candy Canes..

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!

Hasil Adkins - Santa Claus Boogie

Spinal Tap - Christmas With the Devil

The Kinks - Father Christmas

Alex Chilton/Big Star - Jesus Christ

My Christmas wish...

The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale of New York

The car needs to go to the shop

On the road (working) today and tomorrow. A special Merry Christmas to those who will be at work!

NYC's famed Stage Deli introduces the "Rex Ryan"

Great peaceful music for holiday stress

If you really don't like somebody, is it OK to give them a disease as a present?

John Cale - Child's Christmas in Wales

What Santa does while you're sleeping was soap poisoning.

Eggnog, spiced rum, nutmeg...

Cats leave pawprints on our hearts.

Seriously, Top Chef totally *#^@ again this week. WTF!! *SPOILERS*

LOL!!! Have a very happy Martha Stewart Christmas.

Going to try one more

Basic instinct: Women take just three minutes to make up their mind about Mr Right

Tom Waits - Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis

What horrible disease did you think you had but didn't?

What happens when you mix saltpeter and creosote?

For those who remember Andy...

Fuck You If You Don't Like Christmas

To everyone in teh Lounge...

According to NPR , 19th century Floridians used to dine on Possum meat Christmas eve ?

Merry Christmas, Lizards! Here's a little gift....

Merry Christmas from MiddleFingerMom -- (1 of 2 - - that's the plan, anyway) DIAL- UP WARNING!!!

Purry Catsmas!

Drunk man walks into home, vomits twice

Light reading for Xmas Eve

Old, Old School David Letterman from his Morning show in 1980

Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra...

Otis Redding - White Christmas

Merry Christmas from MiddleFingerMom (the OTHER collection) DIAL-UP WARNING!!!

Funny story for those who've read "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" (spoilers)

My Grandfather's going to die Today, on the 17th Anniversary of My Grandmother's Death

What is your favorite site to buy cheap, LEGAL music downloads?

Does anyone remember Bull Durham tobacco in a sack?

Eo Saturnalia!

It's my 19th birthday!

Merry Christmas from me and my family

Merry Christmas, Ya'll!!!

Sheesh! My doctor told me I had a stroke!

Alone and lonely tonight?

U.S. Approved Business With Blacklisted Nations

The rich are much richer than you and me

I got the newest Kindle for Xmas, but the problem is that I don't read books

China bars English words in all publications

'Iranian arms smuggler' captured by Nato in Afghanistan

Haiti mobs lynch voodoo priests over cholera fears

TSA alert: Thermoses could be used as bombs

Italy Funds New Particle Smasher With U.S. Components

‘Muslim terrorist’ on Air Malta plane turns out to be Caribbean Christian

Turkey hosts Pakistan-Afghan talks (The three countries to hold joint military exercises in April)

Egyptian has 'revealed three Israeli spy cells'

Polaris shutdown in Osceola begins March 1

Tunisia tensions boil over as teenager dies in riot

Device uses sunlight to make liquid fuel

Democrats Seek Changes to Senate Procedures

Woman (rape victim) arrested at ABIA after refusing enhanced pat down

The Republican Plan To Poison The American Public

WikiLeaks saga pushes businesses to adapt

Dying Immigrant Granted Christmas Wish—U.S. Citizenship

Venezuelan University Law Creates Student Bill of Rights, “Democratizes” Higher Education

Peru police clear archaeological site of squatters

TSA issues warning on insulated drink containers like thermoses for holiday travelers this season

Netherlands sends warship to Ivory Coast (will bring supplies to French & on standby for evacuation)

Biden says gay marriage 'inevitable'

Richardson reflects on his 8 years: Governor says he's leaving state more 'dynamic'

Rome to tax tourists

GOP hopefuls skip Hispanic forum

Holiday 2010: The year shoppers came back

Ivorian leader handed ultimatum - Stand down as president or expect to face "legitimate force"

India Sentences Doctor to Life for Aiding Rebels

Any plumbers in the house? (or just good DIYers?)

Early Bid for a Reactor Site Draws Opposition in Texas

Wall Street Journal: Job Offers Rising as Economy Warms Up

Bush Memoir Speeds Past 2 Million Sales Level

Cuba begins to publish leaked U.S. documents

Gasoline Prices Hit $3 a Gallon Nationwide

Christian exodus from Iraq gathers pace

Captain Beefheart - There Ain't No Santa Claus on the Evenin' Stage

7 People Shot, 3 Fatally, on Violent Day in Newark

111th Congress: One For The Books

Biden: Hold Line on Taxes in 2012, 'Inevitability' of National Consensus on Gay Marriage

Obama's New Start

Krugman on the economy and Republicans

Paul Krugman: The Humbug Express

Reported Victim Of Bush-Era DOJ Politicization To Head DOJ's Internal Watchdog

Job Offers Rising as Economy Warms Up

Where's Santa? Ask Michelle Obama

This holiday season, tell RePUKES to "Celebrate the CHILD and not just the fetus."

Take a bow, Nancy and Harry

President Obama and Russia President Medvedev victory!!!!!

"For Hawaii governor, discrediting anti-Obama 'birthers' is a top priority"

Plouffe set to return as top WH adviser in staff shuffle

How You Like Me Now?

To my fellow DUers, thanks for another great year (!) of

Damn... Obama... He is a unamerica.. he is a Muslim...

Medvedev: "Obama knows how to listen, not trapped by stereotypes and is a man who keeps his word"

Do You Think President Obama Outsmarted The Republican(t)s During The Lame Duck Session

Medvedev lauds Obama (he "fulfills his promises"), laments pace of Russian change

I think since this happened at the White House it belongs in this thread.

Fighting over Obama library

How Obama should continue to WHOOP ASS the Pukes at political chess in 2011.

Obama bans ... "Triangulation."

Would DADT and Start have passed if Obama didn't cave on the Tax deal with Republicans?

Official Photos: "Merry Christmas Everybody."

Rachel Maddow: Yes, Obama did

EVERY Returning Senate Dem Has Signed On For Filibuster Reform

What's changed since the mid-terms? NO Rahm Emanuel.

The Best Of Countdown With Keith Olbermann 2010

CBS 1986: Annual CBS News Christmas Card

Darlene Love on Letterman Baby Please Come Home

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

OMG (TSA song)

Marc Maron - The REAL Baby Jesus Story

Woman Wears Bikini For TSA Patdown

EXCLUSIVE: TSA Unveils New Genital Visualizers - LandlineTV

Mike Malloy - "The Night Before Christmas" by Molly Malloy

Digital Nativity Story

Full Body Scanner -TSA "fashion" tips

Joe Biden: Gay Marriage in U S " Inevitable"

Merry Christmas from Billy Bob Neck

The Ballad of George W.

Mobil Prison Guard Towers Coming to a Wal-Mart Near You

WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price

Why do Jewish groups ignore Glenn Beck?

PS 22 Let There Be Peace on Earth

P.S. 107 - Flushing, New York

Young Turks: Inhumane Treatment Of Pfc. Manning - Why?

TDPS: Only Thing Worse Than BLIND Patriotism is FAKE Patriotism

New Zealand's Military Declassifies UFO Files

WikiLeaks Cables Reveal U.S. Sought to Retaliate Against Europe over Monsanto GM Crops

Young Turks: Fox News Jealous Of Jon Stewart After 9/11 Responder Bill

Ed Show: Barney Frank Makes Con Reporter Look Like Idiot Over DADT

Reinvigorated Prez dominates press conference.

Venezuela’s Opposition: Manufacturing Fear in Exchange for Votes

A Reminder From Chicago: It’s Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

Islam-Bashing Bigots Train Counterterrorism Agents

Wealth and the Religious Right

WikiLeaks cables expose France’s collaboration with US imperialism

Rex Ryan's Wife on 'Disabled List' With Case of 'Turf Toe'

WikiLeaks cables: Spanish socialist government plans to renege on election pledges

The Humbug Express

Norwegian paper says it has all WikiLeaks cables

A few things to keep in mind about the WikiLeaks cables (Columbia Missourian)

David Sirota: Faces of Economic Death

Avatar story was so true to life

A Christmas prayer: Put the poor first

OPINION: U.S. government over-classifies (Odessa TX American)

Yes, Julian Assange actually is a criminal (Salon)

Wikileaks: Rao defends secrecy of 'privileged communication' (Hindustan Times)

Congress fails to pass whistle-blower rights bill (Business Week)

'Twas the Nigh Before 2010 Christmas in America

Krugman looks at the Repulican propaganda mill

Pristine areas of the West are again preserved (LA Times)

Democrats Seek Changes to Senate Procedures (NY Times)

Haiti mobs lynch voodoo priests over cholera fears

Special Report: Is America the sick man of the globe?

Congressional Travel to Honduras Used to Support US Lawmaker's Business Interests

Christmas in America

Merry Christmas! Sheriff Joe Makes Inmates Sing For Good Food

My 2010 "McLaughlin Awards" (Part 2)

WikiLeaks' Assange paid 66,000 euros in 2010 (WSJ via Sify)

$100 Million Drug-War Garrison Approved for U.S.-Mexican Border

T'was The Night Before Weekend Economists December 24, 2010

Sad News From Up North

Army investigating how secret data was sent to WikiLeaks (McClatchy)

Cadets For Christ Solicits Letters to the Air Force Academy to Use as Ammo

Brazil - Cablegate : how the US sees the landless movement in Brazil

Opinion: Is Julian Assange’s paranoia getting the better of him? (Digital Journal)

Environmentally friendly water conditioners

West Africa hypoxic zone ‘roughly the size of the continental United States, and it’s growing’

UK - Sunderland University experts study 18th Century Arctic voyages

Scientists Track Rapid Spread Of Crows' Beak Deformities Throughout SW B.C. - Van. Sun

Climate Change and ‘Balanced’ Coverage

At Least 10% Of Native Freshwater Fish Species In Bangladesh Already Extinct - 100 More At Risk

2010 - Hong Kong's Worst Year Ever Recorded For Roadside Smog - Bloomberg

2010 - Hong Kong's Worst Year Ever Recorded For Roadside Smog - Bloomberg

CNN’s Top Headlines of 2010: No mention of Pakistan flood

EPA moving unilaterally to limit greenhouse gases (AP)

Africa poised for solar lighting boom

RW bullies Build-a-Bear into removing climate change videos from website

In Absence Of Action From Perry & State, EPA To Seize Authority To Issue GHG Permits In TX

1990 - 2010 - Labrador Caribou Herd Down 90% - Globe & Mail

What does the Bible have to say about climate change?

Economist Stefan Karlsson: ‘Would global warming be so bad?’

Dear Santa, Please bring me a _____________

Sacramento-area pilot punished for YouTube video (Weapon seized - CCW cancelled)

Gun-crime Christmas cards

Justice Breyer’s Sharp Aim

Honduras: Campesinos Expelled Like 'Vermin'

Bolivia cuts extreme poverty by 10 pct in 2010

Santos May Raise Wealth Tax to Finance Colombia Rains Recovery

Uruguay says it will recognize Palestinian state in 2011

It's been tweeted that Cuba has put wikileak cables on line.

Venezuela’s Opposition: Manufacturing Fear in Exchange for Votes

Feliz Navidad a mis gran amigos

Coisas pequenas - Little Things. A song by Madredeus (in Portuguese)

Avatar story was so true to life

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Thursday, December 23)

Uh oh.

To all you folks in the Sports Forum...

Toon: Sgt. Fury

Signorile: Celebrate 'DADT' Repeal, but Heed the Lesson

Wishing you all stress free Holiday

This is my gift to the folks in the LGBT forum.

Seattle: Anti-Israel campaign called off

Wisconsin on the Map to Pray With Mary

A Xmas "prophecy" that came true!

In The Bleak Midwinter

Ubi Caritas

Humor: An Interview With the Nativity Innkeeper

Has anyone considered, that 7 years of prosperity, and 7 years of famine.

For unto us a child is born

Mark Twain

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. - Luke 2:14


Present for the wife and grandparents

Here, help yourself...

I haven't been around these parts much lately,

one night stand... I woke up with WHO?

A Merry Christmas to all

Something I need to tell all of you . . .