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Students and supporters of The Dream Act react to today's vote -pics

Guns of Christmas Future

Newton’s Third Law – The Coming Collision


Do you want to make a deal?

when in doubt>>>>>

Kudos to Rachel for hyping Thursday's Daily Show on GOPer resistance to 9/11 responders

'Sarah Palin's Alaska' re: Kate Gosselin: 'She bitched the moment she got off the plane"

'Sarah Palin's Alaska' re: Kate Gosselin: 'She bitched the moment she got off the plane"

Assange and Wikileaks

Conservative dichotomy regarding taxes

Pentagon bars own journalists from reading Wikileaks

Cables show US reversed Indonesian army ban for Obama visit

Ctr 4 Tax Justice: 25% of tax compromise goes to top 1%; bottom 80% = 36.2%

Commentary: Independent media a rarity in Iraq

Gains in Kandahar Came with More Brutal US Tactics

Huffpo: New Obama Scientific Integrity Memo Is Late And Vague

Payroll consulting corp steals $80 million from NYC: Bloomberg: "They slipped through the cracks"

Payroll consulting corp steals $80 million from NYC: Bloomberg: "They slipped through the cracks"

What's more insincere?

Danziger tells the truth

US embassy cables: US castigates much-vaunted Cuban health system

gasp. it's communism, I tell you.

Seattle Police Release Dashcam Video Of Woodcarver's Shooting

Record Levels of Violence in Afghanistan Do Not Equal Progress

Oy VEY...CNN to "educate voters" with a "Teabagger Presidential Debate" on Labor Day 2011

US Drones 54 Alleged Militants In Pakistan


Your Apps Are Watching You

Tokyo bans sales of X-rated manga cartoons to under-18s

Merry Christmas Poor People. Thanks Barack!

What time are the votes happening in the Senate n/t?

Dec. Photo Contest... last day for preliminaries

Oops! Valerie Plame version 2

Woman arrested for allegedly setting fire in sleeping boyfriend's crotch

Jewelry Store Owner Fatally Shoots 3 Men During Failed Robbery Attempt

Jewelry Store Owner Fatally Shoots 3 Men During Failed Robbery Attempt

Shame on you Lindsey Graham if/when you vote AGAINST DADT!!!

Show the Truth about FAUX get priority slandered by them

The rampant corruption of the past decade

Report: Italian TV bans explicit 'lesbian' Renault car ad

House follows Senate; passes noise bill for EVs, hybrids


While I oppose the whole tax cut for UE deal,

A Gay Soldier's Letter Before Leaving For Afghanistan.

I'm not a 99er, I'm a 55-er

Call Fox News what it is: The Republican Infomercial Paid Programming Channel

The Dick escapes again - good read

The Dick escapes again - good read

only good thoughts today...

Go Harry!!! nt

Dennis Kucinich tax cut vote?

Collect 1000 plastic bottlecaps, give a kid a free hour of chemotherapy...

$100 Billion here and $100 Billion there

Fuck you McCain

The physics experiment that will one day let you walk through walls

Cloture invoked on DADT Repeal! 63-33

DADT Cloture passes with 63!!!!

CIA Waterboarding Legal Defense: $5 Million Shield For Pair Of Contractors

Colorado DARE Police Officer Brought Child Porn to Work

Time to fight back

Jib Jab - "He's Barack Obama "

DADT Cloture vote now - cspan 2 Update - Passed 63-33

Corporate America's Plan to Loot Our Pensions Is the Latest Battle in Decades-Long Assault on the Mi

By my count Lautenberg was #60 for DADT repeal...nt

Senators voting in favor of cloture on DADT

Bush Sr., James Baker Instrumental in Getting Nigeria to Drop Bribery Charges Against Cheney

Obama Winter and How to Combat It

The best solution to the Immigration Problem

please m$nbc get. the. fuck. rid. of. pat. bu. cha. nan.

Privatization is killing our government

The $hared No Labels Goals of the Corporate Party

I would like to give a gift.

Disgusting! Police video documents fatal encounter between officer and woodcarver

Final vote on DADT at 3PM?

Final vote on DADT at 3PM?

Fuck You Mitch...nt

Lawsuit over Drones in Pakistan forces CIA Station Chief to Flee

Charter School shuts down--affects black community.

Good news for a change: Madoff investor's widow to return money

Just in case anybody in the military has a problem with the new policy

3 pm (est) final vote on DADT

Bill Gates: Equal Opportunity Campaign Donor

New Chancellor of NYC Schools tells students if they're lucky, they can work for the Chinese

Tea Party Era Begins With Refusal To Debate 'Omnibus' Spending Bill

Teh Gays are responsible for men and women having no limbs at Walter Reed.

Please join us in thanking the troops who made today's DADT victory possible (Americablog)

The GOP gives up the Hispanic vote for generations, one small consolation in the political war

The GOP gives up the Hispanic vote for generations, one small consolation in the political war

Is it safe to celebrate yet?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.....

Michael Moore: ¡Viva WikiLeaks! SiCKO Was Not Banned in Cuba

Michael Moore: ¡Viva WikiLeaks! SiCKO Was Not Banned in Cuba

An eagle with two right wings can only fly in a circle.

An eagle with two right wings can only fly in a circle.

Answers to yesterday's Friday Afternoon Challenge!

Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC) Sued

Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC) Sued

Palin says she couldn’t get away with crying like Boehner

I am so glad DADT will be repealed. And you know, it feels good to have a victory.

Americans no longer have a hold on the Truth or Reality.

Albert Diaz confirmed to Appeals Court - Waited over a year, was confimed by a voice vote

Defeat of immigration measure reveals failed White House strategy, advocates say (WP)

Shepherd Smith Rant - 9/11 First Responders

Doggett on CNN this morning

Here are two good ones from the people at Free republic.

'we are doing great damage'...john mccain on DADT

The "Fancy" President Buchanan: Our First Gay President?

Springtime for Hypocrites -- Krugman

"you keep using that word...I do not think it means ..

DADT repeal achieves cloture!!! 63-33!!!

Send ltr of support to Bradley Manning

You Cut. The Republican Answer to Wasteful Spending

OK, I'll say it: Thanks, Senator Lieberman. Now ... please ...

Racing to find new lows in ghoulishness, Republicans sling lies to block bill against child marriage

Question about funding school districts and counties in California

So would Obama Sign a DADT Repeal?

What do you predict will be passed starting in 2011

American Entropy is increasing at an exponential rate...

Using Chalkboard & Facts, Fareed Zakaria Carries Out GENIUS Smackdown Of Glenn Beck's Fearmongery!

Remember the CCC? That bunch of racists is still at it.

Gov-elect Jerry Brown (CA) says money for schools could be chopped 20-25%.

Gov-elect Jerry Brown (CA) says money for schools could be chopped 20-25%.

Republican "Fifth Column" Strikes Financial Commission. Are YOU Next?

Bribing our way to ethical goodness

American Exceptionalism Is Un-American - Bruce Fein/HuffPo

Unpasteurized Sally Jackson Cheese Recalled Due To Considerable E. Coli Risk

US Chamber of Commerce lobbied against 9/11 health bill to save foreign members on taxes

"When President Obama spoke on Thursday about Afghanistan, it was like being in a Vietnam time warp"

Chamber lobbied against 9/11 health bill to save foreign members on taxes

Chase Checking customers take note

CSPAN2: Can somebody please introduce Senator Sherrod Brown to a comb or brush?

CSPAN2: Can somebody please introduce Senator Sherrod Brown to a comb or brush?

Bank of America cutting off WikiLeaks payments: You mean Wall Street is no fan of Wikileaks?!

Repeal of DADT: Is it ironic, or is it me?

Now ALL young Americans can fight our illegal wars of imperialist aggression

Sex Crime Allegations Against Assange Detailed

Lost in the White House

After BofA Escalates, Refuses To Process Wikileaks' Payments, Wiki Retaliates, Advises Americans To

"You care more about politics...than you care about governing this country,"

Why do we call it "DADT repeal"?

What's the Worst That Could Happen? Post 2011 Congress Predictions

Thank you President Obama, Senate, House, Staff, & Troops for your work on repealing DADT

Thank you President Obama, Senate, House, Staff, & Troops for your work on repealing DADT

What about the 9/11 bill?

Love this video (elf) Xmas song "Baby its cold outside".

Mobile Carriers Dream of Charging per Page

"SCAM" or not? Received in my e-mail...

cspan down?

Corporate America's Plan to Loot Our Pensions Is the Latest Battle in Decades-Long Assault on the Mi

Corporate America's Plan to Loot Our Pensions Is the Latest Battle in Decades-Long Assault on the Mi

Math is the box of the Johnsons

The Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell is good ....However

The Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell is good ....However

My WikiLeaks theme song

Link to msnbc video feed of DADT vote.

How many 'yes' votes will the DADT repeal get on the final vote at 3pm ET today?


Here we go... final vote on DADT happening now -- CSPAN2

Don't pee in my Wheaties

And people wonder why FOX misinforms... They've already returned to Glenn Beck.

My wife and I are trying to watch c-span on the computer to see the vote on DADT

I am sure tomorrow

65 - 31

Watch out now, take care Beware of falling swingers

Watching the vote on DADT, in tears...

Only one down side I can see from the DADT repeal:

B OF A stops processing Wikileaks payments..Wikileaks tweets

Stop blaming Obama! Both Susan Collins and Rachel Maddow agree that DADT repeal had to happen!

A special thanks to Senator Wyden.

USDA fires employee for expressing personal opinion

Please DU PLEASE lets spend the better part of the morning calling the Senate re: DADT & DREAM!!!

Pepe Escobar : Emperor waits in wings with waterboard

Republicans posing as Democrats blocked the DREAM Act

Are there DU members who are DU employees and who do not disclose the fact that they are employees?

An earlier post asked for one word to describe McCain. How about one word to describe Obama?

DADT passage now, enforcement LATER. How much later, who knows.

Streetcar Projects Advance Nationwide Thanks to Local Initiative

Toon: The Tax Cut Deal

Once DADT repeal is implemented.....

Can we now attack the (R)s on holding up funding the military?

A huge prop to dems and Obama on DADT - THANK YOU! And thanks to our gay soldiers for serving

And Grampa McCain's day gets a little worse. His START amendment ...

I need to say something, and I know this won't be popular around here. But I must speak my truth.

Do we have a list of the votes on DADT repeal yet?

We are not dealing with rational people. Ya, I know you know it, just giving more examples:

Who Killed the 9/11 Responders Bill?

You can rest now Lt. Dan Choi

Would you want you Ystraight or gay child DIE FOR THE EMPIRE?.

Police pull guns on, arrest boy, 12

Author Anne Rice argues with Catholics about Bishop Olmstead IRT St. Joseph's Hospital

Toon: The Economy's Getting Better!

Pennsylvania inmate accused of threatening to kill and EAT Obama

Will repeal of DADT change your answer to Obama asking, How do you like me now?

Wow the difference between Joe Manchin and Ron Wyden is striking..

LMAO, Look at all the spin in this email I received!!!

Do Mormans especially the radical ones serve in the military in any numbers?

Oh, good it means DON'T ASK DON'T TELL

I am may be hated for this..but here it is in all its glory

Equal Opportunity in the Military

Congratulations to the Democrats.

Boehner & Cantor succeed in killing International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act

S Korea wants to conduct artillery drills

We owe the DADT repeal to bi-partisanship, moderation, and the big tent

Progressives ruin everything again (also, too, they don't matter)

Revealed: Chamber lobbied against 9/11 health bill to save foreign members on taxes

Okay, maybe I did not see he impact of this bill...and was a little self centered

Those That Deserve The Most Credit For The Repeal Of DADT

thank you President Obama for the repeal of DADT

McCain - repeal of DADT will cause great harm to battle effectiveness of US military...

Reid Tweets Gaga!!!..."on it's way to becoming history..."

The GOP Is Eating Obama's Lunch - Eric Alterman/DailyBeast

In unity there is strength

It's not over yet folks!

Mark Thompson: Britain needs a channel like Fox News

Before We Start Counting Our Future Hispanic Votes...

Overturning DADT Was Well Worth That$140-B Tax Cut For The Rich

Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian

DADT Repeal Passed: 65-31!

Use One Word To Describe Members Of Free Republic

Use One Word To Describe Members Of Free Republic

Can you see DADT repeal being an issue in the 2012 GOP primaries?

Lindsey Graham: 'DADT Not Going Anywhere'

Ray LaHood’s HSR Smackdown

With the repeal of DADT does the military

Regarding today's DADT vote: I'm just flat-out happy that something good happened. Aren't you?

The stupid just hurts.....

Murder- suicide leaves one dead

My 91-year old, WW II Vet, Father will be very proud today

Christopher Hitchens' closing remarks from a debate on the question “Does a Good God Exist?”

Terrorist by Association: The Justice Department targets nonviolent solidarity activists

DADT Repeal Passage Owed to Incredible Grassroots Activism

Regarding DADT...

Ending the modern day equivalent of segregation in the military

The United States finds E.U. human rights standards to be an "irritant"

I'm from Arizona... you just don't recognize John McCain's cutting-edge genius in social reform.

O'Reilly's shameful campaign


Feds Attempt to Force Oklahoma Bank to Remove Crosses, Bible Verses; Bank Fights Back and Wins

The Winter Solstice

Independent UK: Swedes are smearing him and encouraging the US

So- The DREAM ACT didn't pass?

¡Viva WikiLeaks! SiCKO Was Not Banned in Cuba


Senate confirms Diaz (first Latino in court’s history), Dems expand control of 4th Circuit, again

It's baaaaaaack!

I have an idea for the implementation process for ending DADT

Shanghai gets top PISA test scores. But there's a price to pay for the 18 hour a day studies.

It's safe to say President Obama could probably use some milk and cookies and a blankie.

Our lovely NOOZ... re the Koreas

Colombia army gives Farc rebels early Christmas gift

DREAM Act fails, 55-42

Fox News "Ends the Clinton Era ban on Gays"

Fox News "Ends the Clinton Era ban on Gays"

Sunday Talk shows

A cold home coming for Iowa family

Painful DREAM Act Vote

Although it reads like a wild scene from an action movie,

What Dan Choi just tweeted.

Former sponsor of the Dream Act, Orrin Hatch skipped the vote

"The worst thing a progressive can do these days is sit at home, alone, and fret"

Would you agree to a repeal of DADT in exchange for a ban on gays in the military?


Question about DADT repeal

Question about DADT repeal

Question about DADT repeal

So, if repukes defeat Dream Act, do you think they will lose the Hispanic vote for a lifetime?

XM25 'Super Rifle' -- The Pentagon's Latest Toy That Won't Do Anything to Avoid Disaster in Afghanis

look ----->

Don van Vliet tribute continues: Crooks & Liars has posted a complete, streaming 1974 concert.

A Mormon Led The Senate to Permit Gay and Lesbian Americans Serve Openly in the Armed Forces.

i think we ought to recognize, at the time obama wanted dadt out of courts and into congress

Palin Book Signing AK Woman Kicked Out "Worst Gov Ever"T-shirt (Also a very low crowd)

Perhaps the only remaining question.....

Arizona business lobbyist scumbags contributing $250 apiece to Russell Pearce

By Asgard's Hammer! Far-righty whities mighty uptighty about black actor playing Norse god

WikiLeaks cable reveals US role in 2006 Thai coup

Air Force officials overturn Osprey crash findings

WH: Statement from President Obama regarding the Dream Act

so....hundreds arrested in DC protesting the war...did you hear anything?

NASA release on various options for Lunar Eclipse on 21 Dec

Holy crap. Dig this Freeper quote on today's DADT cloture vote.

Freeper: "I’ll kick the shit out of them before I give them the time of day!"

Head of BBC: "Britain needs a channel like Fox News"

Freeper "traditional1" concerned about post-DADT repeal rights of "Heterosexual White Christians"

Fred Phelps now has carte blanche to picket the entire nation...

Thanks Dan Choi

Bipartisan Support Building Around Three Changes To Senate Rules In New Congress

Random act of culture

MUST READ: 'The Most Important Report of the Next Two Years' - Mike Lux/HuffPo

Pack Many Sweaters! The War On Wikileaks Has Moved to Antarctica!

Smithfield caught on tape abusing pigs

Post how you plan to spend your new tax break.

Obama shouldn't have had to broker a tax deal...this was Congress's failure.

As much as I despise the man, we should give credit where credit is due

Racist CCC’s Comic Book Complaint: The Gods Must be Crazy

Richard Burr, Republican of NC voted for DADT Repeal. What ? This is incredible. nt

Bit by bit and step by step, that's how progress happens...

Russia 'seriously concerned' over Korea tensions

I guess John McCain can go fuck himself now. Epic FAIL of the year winner.

McCain is trying to kill his reputation for ever?

President Obama should not risk a new Korean war and call upon South Korea to cancel their war games

Regarding DADT

Sen. Reid tweets Lt. Dan Choi.

Oy the stppid burns... local news cast

What's the REAL source of division, oppression & strife?

Blue dog House Members who Voted for Repeal of DADT

All I have to say is

Krashen. Most Important YouTube ...

Lieberman was asked if the DADT debate between him and McCain would leave any scars.

The Korea issue and the UN meeting should be the only story getting attention

Advice from an old feminist...

Naomi Wolf on Assange charges: "Sweden, Britain, and Interpol Insult Rape Victims Worldwide"

Letter to a Discouraged Progressive

Manchin skips DADT vote for holiday party.

4 in 10 Americans still hold creationist views

The Rigged Revolving Door - Our Peter Orszag problem

WaPo - Greg Sargent - DADT Repeal - Major Props To Reid And President Obama!

I was going to ask if we can start saying nice things about President Obama again

Christmas Commercials - For The Rich?

What city in north america is synonymous with high tech and eco-friendly?

Who proposed the SS payroll tax holiday idea?

Well Done the Senate

You know another type of man that cries on TV all the time?

Did you know that the Winter solstice and lunar eclipse coincide for the first time in 456 yrs

You, go, John McCain.

Prostitution and porn( A legal question)

jimbob is having a complete meltdown over at his little hatesite

YouCut ... the Republican leadership apparently want to hear our ideas.

How to Survive a Nuclear Attack. (insanity)

DU military vets glad that DADT is finally repealed

KKK OK but not WikiLeaks for some payment processors

Anti-Fascist hackers destroy dozens of neo-nazis websites, publish private emails and databases

UPI - "Log Cabin Republicans endorse McCain" - Remember The Praise Of Log Cabin Republicans?

It Doesn't Get Funnier Than This

Larry Flynt: Why I Am Donating $50,000 to WikiLeaks' Defense Fund

I am so proud and happy that DADT was repealed.

If you support the homosexual agenda (DADT), you're no longer welcome at Free Republic

TSA Worker Avoids Prison After Stealing Travelers’ Laptops

700 club Blew. My. Mind.

THIS is one of the reasons Obama compromised on tax cuts

I have a question about the DREAM Act.

Family Research Council (exactly what do they research anyway?) on DADT repeal:

Congratulations to our LGBT community on a battle well fought and won!

The "Democrats" who voted against the Dream Act

I know Karl Marx was an idiot, but was he a... ?

John Pilger: Swedes Are Smearing Him And Encouraging The US

Friend of mine has been abducted by Religious Cult

Four in 10 Americans Believe in Strict Creationism (And we wonder why progress is so slow)

"White House Won't Commit to Halting DADT Discharges"

Southern California DU'ers... stay dry

Just a simple argument against crapping on the "South".

Dear Santa

Abandoning The 9/11 Heroes, America's Disgrace

Winoa Ryder On Mel Gibson: He's Anti-Semitic And Homophobic

Fosamax Recall Warning

Accountability or Inquisition? Chilling Video.

Time to Vote in the Finals!!... December Photo Contest

I met her in a homeless shelter some years ago, a bright and articulate woman

# of children available for political indoctrination by parents VERSUS a candidate's $s

House approves billions for wars without debate with broad bipartisan support.

Here's a FLYER You Can Distribute to Help Wikileaks:


It's been a really shitty year

It sucks hating someone you really like.

Found the Picture. Sorry to bother.

Sorry, comic book fans. The next Justice League movie may be a disappointment

O Death - Jen Titus

Kitty in Redshit (Star Trek one)


There ain't no such thing as a Superman...

If you think your Facebook profile is private, it probably isn't.

a magical unicore

Watch out now, take care Beware of falling swingers

Never, EVER, fry bacon while shirtless!

Don't know if this has been posted before

Song for Saturday night - Delaney & Bonnie - "Only You Know And I Know"...

Isn't it ironic?

A moment of real world in the lounge. DADT repeal passes. w00t!!

Now, the race is on and here comes pride up the backstretch

Time For Mercy - Jann Arden

to you fundies this is why I do not honor this nation anymore

joan baez sings the cherry tree carol

What were the names of Snoopy's 3 brothers?

Not sure if this has been posted before.

Christmas tree question

O Captain My Captain--calling other Beefheart fans; please look

I need to say something, and I know this won't be popular around here. But I must speak my truth.

Why do our dreams tease us?

Do you ever think that you should be MUCH more concerned about leaving your cats alone?

BREAKING NEWS: The Universe always ends in the EXACT same way. ... ... Or DOES it?

RIP to the greatest musical genius of the last 100 years

Lady Gaga is now OK in my book.

I'm re-reading "The Long Goodbye" for the first time in many years....

Now,this sounds like a new Christmas classic movie.

Need information about the music business

Santana, "Black Magic Woman," live 1998 w/ Gregg Rolie, Michael Shrieve & PETER GREEN!

You know, I kind of envy the Freepers.

Ho ho ho... (heavy breathing sound)

credit where credit is do...

Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page - "Beck's Bolero / Immigrant Song / Peter Gunn Theme"

If you "love" Dorothy Ashby, then why isn't she on the cover of your album, Chess Records...

I'm making a dessert for a dinner party tomorrow. You take a tub of

Visualize it!!!!

Mtv 1981 - some of saw this live - Billy Squer- FUN.

PHOTO: Proof that a fish can be smart enough to fly, but that's where the smarts end...

I apologize for the post that this picture is replacing

Blackmore, Gillan, Lord, Glover, Paice...Deep Purple MK II, "Smoke On The Water," live 1973

"Boyfriend's crotch" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "boyfriend's crotch.

I'd like to send congrats to all the loungers who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered.

My God this place is fucking boring

Well, my fiance got a Christmas bonus check....

They did that "Hallelujah Chorus" today at my mall!

And for my finale... ... ... ... ... ... I'm going to pull a rabbit out of my rabbit.

OK...Is THIS wrong?

Great warning graphic or greatest warning graphic ever?

Help me find ridiculous time-wasting bug-eating game.

Witness: Striker was the squadron leader. He brought us in real low. But he couldn't handle it.

Cena de Sabado

Cena de Sabado

What's with not giving Santa credit??

Top 10 Baby Names for 2009

PHOTO: 3-layer "Cherpumple Monster Pie-Cake." Each layer is a WHOLE PIE.

How many recognize THIS particular kitty maneuver-maneuver- maneuver-maneuver?

Traditional Holiday Songs or Twisted Holiday songs.

Mass murderer or serial killer?

TV's beloved Bonnie Franklin, A.K.A. Ann Romano on One Day At A Time

Mad Men Barbie Set

...and an Anna's in a bare tree

A Sleeping Cat Prevents Heart Attacks

Calling all guitar aficionados!


Christmas preparations progress reports: Post yours here!

Would you pay $325 for a pair of winter boots?

Laphroaig. That is all I have to say.

Liquor store near stadium for "alcohol free" Vikings-Bears game stocks up on flasks, airline bottles

Nigeria drops Dick Cheney bribery charge

Another view of Seattle's Nannygate

WikiLeaks cables: Sudanese president 'stashed $9bn in UK banks'

WikiLeaks cleared of breaking Australian law

Iran nuclear chief takes over as foreign minister

Officials: At least 141 inmates escape from Mexican prison

Alcoholism--a rant

After BofA Escalates, Refuses To Process Wikileaks' Payments, Wiki Retaliates, Advises Americans To

China fisherman dies in clash with S Korea coast guard

Fosamax Recall Warning

CIA man flees as spy rift flares

Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC) Sued

Sex Crime Allegations Against Assange Detailed

Bones found on island might be Amelia Earhart's

Snow causes pre-Christmas travel chaos in Europe

Murder- suicide leaves one dead

Pakistan denies unmasking US spy (CIA station chief in Islamabad)

Fate of Arms Treaty Tied to Policy on Gays

Nigeria militants claim attacks on oil facilities

Emergency UN Security Council meeting on Korean tension expected

Officer at center of Abu Ghraib scandal vows to clear name

Tory MP (Key ally of David Cameron) calls for local government planning to be replaced by 'chaos'

Immigration "Dream Act" Fails to Advance in Senate

Tax protesters step up protest against stores

CNN teams up with Tea Party in debate

PHOTO: Why you shouldn't spend a penny on cat toys, cat beds, cat forts, etc.

WikiLeaks makes diplomacy difficult, says UN head

Revealed: Chamber lobbied against 9/11 health bill to save foreign members on taxes

(Incumbent President) Gbagbo orders peacekeepers to leave Ivory Coast

GOP senators kill spending bill over $8 billion in earmarks

Estate Tax Will Return Next Year, but Few Will Pay It

Senate defeats McCain's New START amendment

Charges filed in alleged plot to overthrow Bolivian President Morales

Greek media on strike for 2nd day

Senate votes to end filibuster of 'don’t ask, don’t tell' repeal, clears way for passage

Swedish police report details case against Assange

Julian Assange says his life is 'under threat'

Senate votes to end military ban on gays

"The Arc Of The Moral Universe Is Long But It Bends Toward Justice"

"DADT Repeal & DREAM Act Get Their Day In The Senate Today"

PPP: Conservative democrats are more of a problem for Obama in a primary challenge

Excuse my language BUT THESE MOTHER FUCKERS!!!! have no shame

Sarah Palin: Obama FLIP FLOPPED

The price of this DADT repeal vote? Guantanamo.

DADT Repeal cloture motion passes, 63/33

Is there any other way to look at Bush's obscene Tax Cuts for the Rich, from now on

What to do when the Republicans refuse to vote on anything but tax breaks

MSNBC: Senate press conference LIVE now speaking on DADT vote

BREAKING MSNBC: Final vote on DADT at 3PM today!

How Obama might have his bigotry and eat it too.

Celebrate the good news: DADT will be repealed (updated)

Scrooge Republicans Deny Hispanic Children at Christmas

There ain't no such thing as a Superman...

Minority just waived 30-hr requirement: DADT final vote 3PM today!

One down...Another to go...

No difference between Obama and Republicans? Would President McCain have seen to it. . .

Maine Tribes Praise Obama's Commitment to UN Declaration

DREAM Act failed cloture vote 55 - 41.

All hail President Obama. The person most responsible for the ending of DADT

Reid: Suspend DADT Discharges Now

"No longer will patriotic Americans be asked to live a lie..."

DADT Repeal vote now Senate!!

DADT Repeal... What happens next?

Biden walks back "no damage from Wikileaks" remark

***HEADS UP*** Senate votes on DREAM ACT and DADT Repeal scheduled for 10:30 (ET)

Deer swims frigid Lake McDonald

I'd like to do a song of great social and political import

What'sup with that? After the show ends, there are many screens claiming credit. {dial-up caution}

"This victory is also personal"

President Obama More Tightfisted With Clemencies Than President Bush

Scholars agree-111th congress possibly the most productive in history-rivals New Deal

Statement by Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - "It is the right thing to do"

We Should ApplaudThe Republicans Who Helped Us Overturn DADT

Obama Goalpost Moving Committee Meets For Emergency Session

Netflix recommendations:


I Love Lucy

Will Obama protect ANWR?

Sullivan: Obama's Long Game: 65 - 31

As DREAM Act Fails, Graham Tells Undocumented Youth They Wasted Their Time

McCain's day gets even shittier. Senate rejects his "poison pill" amendment to START, 37-59.

I see Jon Breaux Jr. Didn't vote

People!!!!! Can I get a..........

A question about incremental change

A DU Poll John McCain Might Win

Charles Krauthammer admits he wants the economy to keep failing and that stimulus spending will

I never thought I'd say this--but Thank you to Joe Lieberman for his leadership on DADT

Tears. Just tears.

Voinovich Is A Yes

Congratulations to all gay & lesbian soldiers, & for that matter, to all GLBT people everywhere

Thank you president Obama, for being one persistent, patient, smart SOB. This is a great great day

John McCain.... GET OFF OUR LAWN!

Hard to believe anyone thinks of Sarah Palin as a real canditate for president.

DADT -- Something great happened today but...

"Generational transition" ...Amazing statement from Sen. Burr (R) on his support for repeal of DADT.

Latest email from the Commander in Chief

I'm so happy about DADT.. but what's about DREAM ACT?

Just think John McCain could have been president.

Scott Brown on his vote to advance DADT repeal: "It's just another vote."

Flashback, Kerry's speech in opposition to DADT

Rachel Maddow on Obama and DADT: This is a Victory for President Obama, and a Difficult Promise Kept

White House: DREAM Act "the right thing to do for talented young people"

Maybe This Is A Teachable Moment For Joe Lieberman

Repealed. Thank You Mr. President and Congress! I was DEAD WRONG

Would DADT have still been repealed if Obama never compromised on the tax cuts?


I Am Grateful For President Obama's Leadership


I have a DREAM Act question...

Believe it or not, a freeper nailed it:

Two Dreams, One Dead ... and the "spectacular" public fall of McCain (Joe Klein)

Log Cabin Republicans statement on DADT repeal (and the President's strategy)

John McCain's Inglorious DADT Moment

President Obama and the Democrats - Punished For Governing Rather Than Posturing...

Bill Clinton Press Conference on "Gays in the Military" (January 29, 1993)

Let me taste your tears!!! Reactions from that other site over DADT repeal...

Thanks to the 111th Congress - the most productive, progressive Congress in a generation.

Obama on DADT Repeal: "It is time to allow gay and lesbian Americans to serve their country openly"

WikiLeaks cables: Michael Moore film Sicko was 'not banned' in Cuba

Obama -- a tale of betrayal

I will admit it, I was wrong, I thought DADT repeal wouldn't pass

President Obama corrects Bill and Hillary's greatest mistake!

Corporate America's Plan to Loot Our Pensions Is the Latest Battle in Decades-Long Assault

"It's Dead" - Rachel Maddow: "This is the President's victory and his base will reward him for it."

"Obamacare turns the insurers into public utilities, thus setting us on the road to single payer."

Use One Word To Describe John McCain

President Obama on the DREAM Act: "My Administration Will Not Give Up"

Weekly Address: National Security Over Politics on START

Weekly Address: National Security Over Politics on START

Why cuts are the wrong cure

You Win this Round, Super President!

Super President

US a Banana Republic with no middle class

Papantonio: Sarah Palin - America's New Queen Of Crazy

Countdown: Fox News Lies And Spins

Congressional Hearing: WikiLeaks, The Espionage Act & The Constitution pt.8

'How did the Pope Hide His Erection!?'

Jim Corr: Top-down engineered financial crash designed to take over Europe

Bank STEALS home from family

GayClic Collab & Lily Allen have a message for McCain

Fox News War on Christmas Anti-ACLU Lie of 2010?

Anonymous presents Operation PaperStorm (on 18 December in your city)

Democrats & Activists Speak After Key "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal Vote

Big Win for America's Super Rich

David Hall & Rachel Maddow On DADT Repeal Victory

Chinese trawler clashes with South Korean coast guard

BTW- DADT has not passed yet - tomorrow or Monday

McGrumpy: Liberals Will Celebrate In The 'Salons Of Georgetown'

Senate Votes to Overturn Military Gay Ban

At The Water Cooler Part 2

At The Water Cooler On Saturday

The unemployed should besiege the administration

Making Store-Bought Sentiment at Home!

Veterans for Peace White House Civil Disobedience to End War

12/16/10 - Grampy McBush tells John King his son, a Marine, said if DADT ain't broke, don't fix it

Shepherd Smith Rant - 9/11 First Responders

MRN: Imagine Rachel & Keith...

Rachel Maddow -- Senate Frenetic Random Activity Period

Why Government is More Afraid of Debt than Depression

TDPS: Glenn Beck's Show Now Unethical Fearmongering Infomercial WITHOUT Disclosure

McCain: 'Very Sad Day' - WTF? Limbless Soldiers The Result of DADT?

Jesus Loves the Little Stereotyped, Racist, Puppet Children

Afghanistan, On the Ground (Security Contractor's viewpoint)

Liberals Aren't Stupid, They're Evil

Assange: Calls ABC Reporter a 'Tabloid Schmuck' & Exits

Cee-Lo replaces

US official in Geneva rejects spying claim

Weary Of Wikileaks (Kittredge | Vermont Public Radio)

Wikileaks and the media: Dancing with the devil

Bradley Manning in 'isolation'? US defends treatment of WikiLeaks suspect

Hacktivism for Cyber Democracy (Joel S. Hirschhorn)

BOOKS: Insisting on Their Humanity: ‘The Plight of the Palestinians’ (Ramzy Baroud)

Obama's Real Captors

Corporate America's Plan to Loot Pensions Is Latest in Decades-Long Assault on the Middle Class

Sharing Stories of a Man Who Loved Big Challenges

Worker's Candidate: Richard Trumka for President in 2012

WikiLeaks cables: Julian Assange says his life is 'under threat'

Seeding Small Business: 5 Ideas from Detroit (Yes! Magazine)

WikiLeaks: Fruit of an unhealthy tree

Undocumented students devastated after GOP blocks DREAM Act

WikiLeaks cables: Michael Moore film Sicko was 'not banned' in Cuba

US criticises court that may decide on Julian Assange extradition, WikiLeaks cables show

Culture war misdirection

Mixed Verdict on DADT, DREAM Act Sends a Very Clear Message

Red Cross - rare news conference re conditions in Afghanistan

Hilarious line in the Letter to the Editor about "Christmas parade"

Another Step Forward

Obama Undercuts the "Social" in Social Security: Democrats retreat from FDR's vision of the commons

Genral Pace Joins Blackwater/Xe Purchased by Investors

Marx and Jesus (the Bible)

The City that Ended Hunger

Code-cracking agency expects it is compromised

What would George Washington think about WikiLeaks?

Joe Lieberman: Democrats’ man of the hour

Global systemic crisis: Second half 2011: Explosion of the Western public debt bubble (LEAP/E2020)

Will Tom Delay Walk, Sentencing Dec 20 2010 Possible 5yr to Life Sentence

Southeast US in as Much Water Trouble as Desert Southwest

pint sized car engine promises fuel economy comparable to Hybrid @ 1/3rd to 1/4th the cost.

Fighting fire with a gun

For imediate dissemination: NFA:Trusts

Future Guns Pot

Rainy season death toll set at 281 (Colombia)

wikileaks: US cables castigate cuban health system

Weisbrot: WikiLeaks' lesson on Haiti

US cable: Cuban opposition out of touch

Charges filed in alleged plot to overthrow Bolivian President Morales

Michael Moore demonstrates State Department and media collude to misinform about Cuba.

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Friday, December 17)

I went to a Garden Party....

...aaaahhh . . . sssssss . . . aaaahhhhh . . . sssssss . . . aaahhhh . . . sssssss . . .

Five Giants take home GIBBY Awards..


Back in black.

Gilbert Arenas to the Magic, Vince Carter to Suns in huge NBA trades


Now starting for the Boston Celtics...Semih Erden!


Corker's Price on Nuclear Warhead Safety Is Bigotry?

Does anyone remember a documentary...

I work for a minister here in NV/CA... need some help

States of Marriage: The Debate Over Gay Rights

Catholic HS in NYC stages Laramie Project. And........

The end of DADT is a huge victory for gay and lesbian kids

A great day for equal rights! DADT has been repealed. . and it is a

So, if gays can serve in the military

What exactly happens with DADT?

I heard a very interesting comment from a conservative radio guy on DADT

Nothing Left to Talk About

My favorite xmas card for these times.

The Winter Solstice

Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian

Christopher Hitchens' closing remarks from a debate on the question “Does a Good God Exist?”

Att: DU Buddhists - Tibetan Prophecy Shared With Hopi people

Fearless woman's brain reveals key to phobias

White House Delays ...

Adolescent experiences have life long effects on the brain

Bones may be Earhart

Collisions between our universe&others may have left "bruises" in a map of cosmic radiation.

Museum of Natural History


More ice images. follow up to images in "storm 6"

weather forcast for most of the US

FINALS are up in GD!!

A Picture and a Question