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NY Senate Majority Leader Espada indicted on embezzlement charges

Did you know

Evidently we don't have an issue with excessive government secrecy

Evidently we don't have an issue with excessive government secrecy

Jimmy Fallon :: Future Speaker of The House John Boehner holds an emotional press conference

Jimmy Fallon :: Future Speaker of The House John Boehner holds an emotional press conference

Halliburton Offers Nigeria $250 Million in Exchange for Dropping Charges Against Cheney, Company

Best Stewart and Colbert Quotes of 2010

Say it ain't so Yoko

Is Making Work Pay applicable for this year's taxes?

Right-wing political organization steals its logo (No Labels)

Office walls are closing in on corporate workers (smaller work spaces)

Do they really care about rape?

Some interesting Guardian comments on the Assange case yesterday

Iowa Attorney General Commits to Prosecution of Bank Execs: "We will put people in jail"

Seriously, I mean it, seriously. How could America elect a bawlbaby

Obama haters praise his tax policies because they believe those policies will make him fail

Obama haters praise his tax policies because they believe those policies will make him fail

A world of extremes

Firm may skirt millions in property fees

Michael Moore: Secrets, not leaks, endanger American lives

Dream Act may come back to haunt the GOP

Why isn't the guy who smuggled the info out to Assange called a hero?

US double talk on Myanmar nukes

'I Am Not A Witch' And 9 Other, Er, Notable Quotes From 2010 (Top 10 2010 quotes)

'I Am Not A Witch' And 9 Other, Er, Notable Quotes From 2010 (Top 10 2010 quotes)

Al-Qaeda braced for a war without end

Pipeline project a new Silk Road

Holbrooke's "stop this war" comment called banter by those who knew him well

Gold Coast man jobless after 426 attempts

Bipartisanship explained-today's Non-Sequitur

Terror, terror everywhere

...And Justice For Few

Five things that change everything, By Mark Morford

Security, Hypocrisy and Bilateral Misunderstandings

Consider a dynasty trust! Or: Why Bill Gates doesn't care about estate tax.

On anniversary of my heart surgery there...Surgeries halted at VA center

John McCain Opposed to a 1% Cut In Military Budget

Lodi (CA) school employees protest pay cuts to reimburse teachers

How Hedge Funds Creat Criminals

"Approval of Congress hits all-time low in Gallup poll"

Florida School Board Shooting 'Surreal'

Pepe Escobar: Hell hath no fury like an empire mocked

Allen West: Government 'Should Be Censoring The American News Agencies' That Collaborated With WikiL

Allen West: Government 'Should Be Censoring The American News Agencies' That Collaborated With WikiL

Two parties in America: The Right Wing Party and the Far Right Wing Party

Julian Assange granted bail on the condition he remains in prison

GOP Leaders Ignite Tea Party Rage With Tax Cut Deal

Texas Republicans start to imitate the Bolsheviks. Ah, delicious irony!

lame duck sessions only cuts for the wealthy

Rant Pork Barrel Versus Unemployment Tax Cuts and Tier 5 99er’s

I think I figured out why he cries when he mentions his humble janitor's job

Salon War Room: "The Unseriousness of 'No Labels'"

US envoy calls Korean peninsula division a tragedy

Offended by the tax compromise? Work with (compromise) the teabaggers and . . .

A Video that was posted 3.5 years ago: I'd like for us to take another look at it

Shrinking middle class makes Toronto a city of socioeconomic extremes


Doonesbury is on DADT this week. 'Facebook is evil.'

Joe Courtney says he'll consider making a run for Lieberman's Senate seat

File This Under WTF: UPDATE 2-U.S. Navy urges Senate to approve LCS warship plan

Happy Birthday, Bill of Rights

Book banning in MA? People offended by the book, called "It's A Book" because of 'jackass'

In Latest Compromise, Obama Agrees He Is a Muslim

I'd like to comment on the Ralph Nader article which is now on the front page.

Yay!!! We know the date for The Rapture (again): May 21, 2011

Lawyer: Assange has half of cash needed for bail

Kosovo leader implicated in organ trafficking: report

Jewish Austrian banker suspected of being Madoff's 'criminal soul mate'

Veterans-VA Watchdog is now VA Watchdog Today

Time magazine update: Mark Zuckerberg beat Tea Party, Julian Assange, Hamid Karzai, Chile miners to

RW Libertarian Trolls Getting Paid to Dumb Down Online Conversations?

The US Military Is In Another Tizzy

m$nbc ...'the icy climate between Obama and businesses'

Toon: Nah, your turn...

David Cay Johnston Explains How Your Taxes Will Go Up Under The Obama/GOP Tax Cuts

BREAKING NEWS: Julian Assange revealed to be nothing more than a figment of Americans' imagination.

Jim Hightower: Food for Thought

Wow. Even Sherrod Brown's now changing his tune, and voting for the package.

Corporate and Congressional Disasters

US treading in bloody footsteps

While Kyl Demands Vacation, DeMint Will Obstruct Senate Consideration

Gordon Brown says we need to position ourselves so we are ready to sell to the billion consumers

If I had a website I didn't want the government to see, I'd put wikileaked documents on it

Gawker hack is bad news for us all

Julian Assange's Secret Father is Found

Quasi-Governmental Entities AT&T and Verizon Blocking Wikileaks Sites

Chocolate maker buys Jenny Craig

We get the politicians that the corporations pay for

and you thought that the Patriot Act was a threat?

Looks Like The US Navy May Get New Expensive Toys

Greatness again--- You see, in those sad days before

Report: U.S. mulls African base

My vote is no longer automatic...

It doesn't matter how Obama feels about social security. Any future congress and President

Man tries to Kill Members of Town Board

Childs foot washes ashore in Washington State - that's 9 feet in 4 years.

Glenn Greenwald: Attempts to prosecute WikiLeaks endanger press freedoms

Fair & Balanced

So, this is Christmas...

Net collective wealth of US Senators is 680 million- and you wonder why they are passing the tax cut

Suspicious package closes Pentagon Metro station

Was Holbrook Right About Afghanistan War?..article

IMO Rush Limbaugh is now the defacto "Decider" in America

Nov. shopping surge spurs higher holiday outlook

Top 10 Fraud Recoveries All Came from Health Care Companies

As republicans come to power in Washington, there is infighting...

Auburn UPS customer devises plan to catch suspicious employees

FLASHBACK: *THIS* is what courage of convictions looks like, current D.C. Democrats...

Brimming with the Holiday Spirit - Latest This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow

Barbie Is Watching

Tom the Dancing Bug: Julian Assange Goes to Prison For Espionage, and Joins a Gang

Air Force Is Through With Predator Drones

I want to see Republicans in pain and discomfort.

Why Gen. Amos is wrong about his own Marines

How far things have gone: Privatization of the University of Michigan has become thinkable

US factory output increases for 5th straight month

Sounds like Democratic Senators are considering changing the filibuster rules.

Sacred Cow & False Idol


There was a time when we showed the Europeans the way.

Why are so many complaining about President Obama's concessions?

Melting freedoms/Frozen brains

Captcha... gotcha

Mackinac Center launches privatization lawsuit against 9 Kent County school districts, union

Office walls are closing in on corporate workers

Just what are they going to do 13 months from now

Assange To Auction Nail Clippings for Bail

Judge’s Decision on Health Insurance Shows Why Medicare for All Is the Solution

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly do David Bowie and Bing Crosby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never Mind the WikiLeaks, Here's Subsidy Tracker

Dress to Impress, UBS Tells Staff

Republican Members of FCIC to Promote Crisis Urban Legends, Shift Blame From Banks

Caption This...

Net Neutrality Petition: please sign

Even the Name of the Policy Is Un-American: Don't Ask (For Truth), Don't Tell (Truth)

Complete hostage incident of school board VERY GRAPHIC

Obama folding before the cards are even dealt is not good strategy

Support the Democratic Party because the Republicans are even worse!

In chess, a stalemate is preferred over being checkmated.

Help buy poker lessons for President Obama ..Email I just received from FOE.

Merry Christmas to the rich you get a tax cut. Pa citizens just found 356 more unemployed.

The FIRST retail delivery of a Chevy Volt is occurring this morning

Govt sues BP, other companies in Gulf oil spill

The Senate just passed the Bush-Era tax cuts extension.

CERN and the Internet.

How do you view the tax compromise deal with the GOP?


A phone call to WalMart regarding DHS "Ads"

Listening to Hartmann live: Senate just voted on the tax cuts and it passed.

Duopoly Party Triumphs in Senate Billionaire Bailout Bill 81-19.

Woman sues university after job offer is revoked over blemishes on credit check

Honey, I dumped our disabled kid!! (at a homeless shelter)

Poor Aim or God intervened

Regarding Obama and Generals Who Undermine Civilian Control of the Military

Bangladesh police shoot striking garment workers: 4 dead, 150 injured

On Gawker's security breach

Please Support FCC Commissioner Micheal Copps in Fight Against Fake "Net Neutrailty Rules"

2010 in Pictures (Part 1) ~ The Big Picture

Failure, Not Progress, in Afghanistan

This is making the rounds on twitter right now.

Markos nails republicans in one tweet

Worst Nanny State Law proposed recently

TOON: Rudolph the Red State Reindeer 2010

House Democrats add Blue Dog Matheson to whip team

Bloomberg: "Obama Meeting CEOs Today Shows Business President Who Delivers Their Gains"

A naive question: Does China get our debt as a pile of $ bills and/or gold, or is it virtual money?

Question about the passing of the tax cut bill today....

Animals still covered in oil months after Gulf spill

14 Senate Democrats, 5 Republicans voted against Bush Tax Cuts For Have-Mores©'s the list.

Filibuster Fix

The Rude Pundit: A Review of the Epic Comic Novel, Game Change

MSNBC poll here:Please check it out.

Reid should have a "speed talker" read the treaty and other bills

White House hammers GOP stalling on START

White House hammers GOP stalling on START

Political Terrorism ( and why it won't work on me)

After dozens of deaths, drop-side cribs outlawed

Hundreds rally for Assange outside US embassy in Australia.(video)

senate votes on tax bill - yeas & nays

Germany admits enslaving and abusing a generation of children


Do you ever wonder, if the presidential election mess-up of 2000, was a reason to LIHOP on 9/11?

FIFA to gay fans: "No gay sex at Qatar World Cup." Seriously.

DU hits 10 years next month. Any chance for email alerts when someone replies to our post?

Mapping America: Every City, Every Block

"He said there was something suspicious hanging from between my legs" TSA story of the week

Goldman Sachs Moving Kathleen Brown (Jerry Brown's sister) to New Midwest Banking Role

Pilger: Julian Assange and WikiLeaks is doing is what journalists should have been doing

About the Times Person of the Year...

Senate Rupublican Orrin Hatch and House "Blue Dog" conservative Democrats hail Obama/GOP tax deal.

Republicans Now Referring to Donations as 'The Gift of Christmas Future'

Justice Department Sues BP Over Gulf Oil Spill .

Veterans Groups Want Answers To ‘Wrongful’ Discharges

Harry Reid Just Ripped Kyl And DeMented A New Asshole

High-Speed Rail Roundup: Putin Promises HSR by 2018

Vatican Bank 'allowed clergy to act as front for Mafia'

CLAY DUKE: a Misunderstood Martyr, and a Call to Action

House just passed repeal on DADT

Question about estate tax

CNN's Ed Rollins is full of horse shit.

Letter from Sherrod Brown regarding his vote:

More wikileaks fall out?? Customs holding up small parcels..

Tax bill passes Senate by wide margin, expected to pass House this week...

WalMart flips off base, raises prices before Christmas

DOOM-O-RAMA -- Wednesday Edition

Blanche Lincoln

Support Obama Then/Now?

Gordon Smith under fire from community radio activists...

Reuters: "US intelligence pessimistic on Afghan war success"

Meet 2 great gay men who helped America's Military

I have to run for a stats exam, but i do want to say that the HIV threads here are alarmingly

SENATE passes Obama tax increase on 150 million Americans

"Losing Your Job" As Opposed To "Having It Taken Away"

The "It was the CRA and Fannie 'n Freddie, NOT financial deregulation" rebuttals here.

Strip club owner posts “No Negroes Allowed” sign

everything you wanted to know about Depleted Uranium-as we enter the second decade

Tax-cut legislation includes $40 billion in benefits for corporations - Shell, NASCAR, Microsoft etc

Tax-cut legislation includes $40 billion in benefits for corporations - Shell, NASCAR, Microsoft etc


Man jailed for immigrant’s death

Heidi Harris, please set yourself on fire at the earliest opportunity

So, what will success, what will victory look like in the Afghan war?

Possibly the best Sarah Palin joke for the holiday season

About the economy, watch Nightly Business Report on PBS tonight.

About the economy, watch Nightly Business Report on PBS tonight.

i'm a proud member of the 'professional left' and a 'cluster liberal'.

Republicans Make Good On Threat To Force Lame Duck Spending Showdown

They are arguing on Wikipedia about "Baby, It's Cold Outside."

Worker suspended over Obama e-mail flap

CBS: Get Ready for the Congressional "Terrorama" (Zing aimed at the RW)

Man in need finds wallet and moral compass

two white British al Qaida members have been killed in a drone attack in Pakistan

"Obama Says `Progress' Made in Meeting With CEOs"

A Phenomenon: Julian Assange Fan Pages

Metrodome Roof Collapse a frigid boost to the economy

Why havent we been discussing the fact that Tuesday's school board shooter Clay Duke was a teabagger

Mayor’s office proposes city get out of trash business

22 below this morning.

Gulf of Mexico oil leak: US sues BP over oil disaster

Gulf of Mexico oil leak: US sues BP over oil disaster

WikiLeaks: BP blowout in Azerbaijan similar to one in Gulf

In regards to Obama's discussion today with those twenty CEO's

Didn't the ReTHUG Congress call back

Michelle Rhee? Tweety. Really?

Alan Grayson: 15 Minutes of Fame Just About Over?

How many times, People, How Many Times?

This is worth watching:

Maybe Rahm Was Right...

In my opinion, the Democrats should have debated the bush tax cut extension

Can anyone tell me why this wouldn't work?

US Transplant Patients Told To Pay For Vital Organs


Harry Ried to GOP: Quit your whining!

Army ‘birther’ who refused deployment going to be making little ones out of big ones

Mayor Proposes Taking Fire Ax to Firemen's Pension ("taxpayers shoud not be treated like ATM's")

Toyota reputation drops among U.S. new-car buyers

How much are you spending for gifts this Holiday Season?

Fitrakis /Wasserman: How the Democrats Have Lost Ohio and the Presidency

May DADT die a swift and much deserved demise

May DADT die a swift and much deserved demise

More kids asking Santa for necessities this Christmas

Heard on Rachel yesterday that during the six years of LBJ

N.J. legislator proposes 'parent trigger' for failing schools

Liberals to take last stab at estate tax rate before Thursday vote

TIME Magazine asks Is the FDA on drugs?

Kos Diary: WikiLeaks Impacts Venezuela, Exposes Traitor.

Kos Diary: WikiLeaks Impacts Venezuela, Exposes Traitor.

I'm a proud, unapologetic liberal and as far as the president in 2012, we'll see!

Assange Held in the Same Jail Cell that Imprisoned Oscar Wilde

The claim of a "cure" for HIV is not just false, it is dangerous misinformation.

List five things the administration HAS to fight for to keep or REGAIN your trust

Are we having a food drive

If a married drunk man has sex with a sober person other than his spouse,

Now Reid gets a backbone On THIS SUBJECT?!!?!

Swedish government makes commercial promoting multiculturalism

Swedish government makes commercial promoting multiculturalism

City bans tethering-New ordinance requires dogs to be inside house or pen

TV weather person described a hispanic man in her fake rape while jogging story

Rising Hate For Migrants Worldwide Starts With Criminalizing Them

Using Google Chrome? Check this out.

More on trends

Being carded, for some it can mean a compliment, for others it

Some economic news from the front line - various people in my family are

John McCain would have also sued BP for the oil spill

Officials Ignore Gloomy War View, Eye Pakistan Expansion

Senator Demint should be able to have the START Treaty and omnibus bill read

Look what likely Pres. candidate Pawlenty has to say about public unions:

California Watch: State's teacher supply plummets...

Your Thanks to a Combat Vet will only hurt him...

Democrats' Concerns about Social Security Payroll Tax Holiday Are Ignored by Pres. Obama

His mother is in a wheelchair, he wears football cleats to school...

How were you affected by AIDS?

An-Med Workers Fired Or Resign For Refusing Flu Shots

Republicans are upset that Congress hasn't recessed for the holidays...

"I'm not a pansy, but I was very afraid"

So Quitter is LEAST popular ever yet GMA Robin ROBERTS is featuring her tomorrow n/t

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Last September, Sarah Palin tried to convince Joe Lieberman to join the GOP for good.

This is what male privilege looks like

NY Times News Alert: U.S. Tries to Build Case Against WikiLeaks Founder

Do you know any military people who will leave the armed forces if DADT is repealed?

Leaked document shows EPA allowed bee-toxic pesticide despite own scientists’ red flags

DeMint Caves, Won’t Force Reading of New START

The best thing about being in a drug induced coma back in the summer of 2004..

Senator Harry Reid warns of a working weekend ahead (& maybe even work thru end of session in Jan)

Rachel's on Letterman now


I told my son this afternoon, "you will never receive Social Security"

Who in the Senate voted for the tax cuts for the rich and cut in funding for Social Security?

Will supporters of President Obama's recent antics (tax cuts)

What constitutes "Far Left" in today's world?

Dylan Ratigan: "Steel on Wheels" Tour..JOBS FOR AMERICA..LIVE! U. of Rochester, NY at 7:00 p.m.(est)

Is there anything in the Constitution that does NOT apply to

Germany bans cultivation of GM corn

Obama Meets With CEOs To Urge Them To Start Hiring - USA Today


More Chase customers could pay fee for checking

A truckload of Chevy Volts

Forces are coalescing in Germany for the emergence of a new pseudo-populist right-wing party based

Are Right-Wing Libertarian Internet Trolls Getting Paid to Dumb Down Online Conversations?

dear President Obama, regarding the start treaty, see what bipartisanship has brought you

Army 'birther' changes course, says he'd deploy

Grandfather Clause, he ain't no Santa

Workers jump to their deaths as fire engulfs factory making clothes for Gap

Payroll Tax Holiday

90 percent of all journeys in Hong Kong are made via public transit

Obama can redeem himself on this tax deal with two words:

CSPAN caller suggests one way to stop "bending over backwards to accommodate blacks in this country"

Army Launches Program to Field New Camo

More letters to Santa asking for clothes and food

Senate votes to take up START pact

Senate votes to take up START pact

Facial recognition comes to Facebook photos; will police use it to ID suspects?

Morning Joe just asked: What caused the rich to get richer/poor to get poorer over last 30 years?

Free-Market Medicine

Ed, Ed, ED!!!

Morin Toon: Cry me a river

A Scene From The Twilight Zone

A Scene From The Twilight Zone

You Guys Saw This, Right ??? - "Poll: Liberals Bail on Obama"

Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid

Letter to President Barack Obama from Human Rights Watch > Do Not Prosecute Wikileaks

How about one of those username grace periods? Where we can change our handles.

Evidence for the cure of HIV infection

How the Disney dream died in Celebration

Obama says he shares mission with business leaders - AP

I dream of a more compassionate America. I dream of a socialist society as opposed to individualist

Hang on a sec . . . could this actually be . . . good news??!!111?!1!

Bradley Manning in solitary 23 hours per day, no exercise allowed

(Rush Holt)Top Democrat Identifies Another Threat To Social Security

Do you believe that you as an American should be a pawn ruled by Kings or Queens?

Amazing picture

God, these people fucking suck.

The Dumbest Tea Party Signs of 2010 - presented in honor of being runner-up for "Person of the Year"

Check stand manipulation. JObs left will vanish.

Is The United States of America Still A Democracy ???

Could the whole population of the world fit into Texas?

I don't trust Obama with my retirement insurance, do you?/ Sam Seder

Is ANYBODY in the Media talking about the tax hike for those making under $20K?

Rush Limbaugh really, really crossed the line today

Former playmate does TSA in her underwear...

Question on study of adverse effects from pet flea meds like Frontline

Question on study of adverse effects from pet flea meds like Frontline

Get ahead of your opponent with Professional Blog Warriors.

CONTEST = Barack Obama is the dancing Santa = submit your entry now

Dean Baker: "The Obama administration cannot be counted on to defend" social security

Most Driven Into Debt by Medical Bills HAVE Health Insurance

Gloat over my ignorance: massive legislation

January 5th should be interesting.

Private Manning -Uniform Code of Military Justice 813. Art. 13- Punishment prohibited before trial

I wonder if we can by pass the multinational corporate hold on

FBI whistleblower and DU member Colleen Rowley discussed Wikileaks on Olbermann's show tonight

Largest vet-led protest in decades Thursday at White House

N.J. proposes rules to make it harder for workers who quit or are fired for misconduct to collect UE

Neo-Nazi guilty in murder of gay teen

The war machine is

Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid

Latino Chipotle workers speak out after mass immigration firings in Minnesota

Michael Vick believes he should be able to own a dog again for his "rehabilitation"


I'm a proud, unapologetic liberal and I stand with the president!

Laptop as HTPC...How do I get my Monitor to stay on when I close the Lid of my Laptop???

Left Likely to Keep Wallets Closed for 'Obama the Centrist'

Mr Fish- The Crap hitting the Fan

Governor Rick Scott setting the stage to decimate Florida public schools

check in on grocery prices in your area

Is it Time for Democrats to Fight Obama?

Stocks edge up on signs of manufacturing growth

What should happen to someone who robs a convenience store and kills the clerk?

How to survive a dog attack

Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA) on tax deal: President Obama "went out and gave away the store"

Glenn Greenwald: The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention

Sarah Palin visits crisis-hit Haiti by Chris McGreal (12-12-10 Guardian article)

Pennsylvania Company "Coincidentally" Lays Off 365 Workers The Week Before Christmas

Forget harping on Bush's tax cuts for the rich.

Bride sues Groom for $100,000 for calling off wedding

Disgruntled left better beware

The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention

Assange turns America into banana republic

The American Empire Is Collapsing, And Americans Will Be The Last to Know

BREAKING RANKS: Why Some Veterans Hate it When You Say 'Thank You'

Question Authority

Humane Society president says Vick would be good pet owner

Difference between a German capitalist and a US capitalist.?

Talk about entitlements for the middle class and poor here's a story about millionaires I know and

December Photo Contest **POLL** thread #3

December Photo Contest **POLL** thread #2

December Photo Contest **POLL** thread #1

Thank you for the star, whoever my anonymous benefactor is.:) nt

Why Time Magazine's Person of the Year choice is SO Incredibly Revealing

Breaking: House just passed DADT stand alone bill and Snowe becomes 61st Senator to support repeal

I make well under 250k and my taxes are going to go up

Several House Dems hold a Press Conference & Voice Concerns over Payroll Tax Holiday

Wikileaks & state secrets: who is being protected?

yesterday was my first day back as a's what I found.

••• The heinous pervert charges against Assange. And he may also have Monica Lewinsky's dress! •••

Dylan - Must Be Santa

3 men show up at the pearly gates at closing time

"ASSANGE" - a one-act audio play

Hmm, my new boss doesn't sleep at his desk as much as my old boss.....

---<-@ Does typographic decoration encourage you to click on a thread? ---<-@

Weird headline-Justin Bieber Performance Cancelled on German TV Show After Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong

Freezing here, so I'm leaving the faucet running, and I can hear voices in the trickling.

Lox makes just about everything taste better

Pavrotti Would Be Proud....Three Teen Tenors....

Richard Davis article in local news paper-pisses me off

I'm bored

Bus driver forced to quit after 'brutal murder of snowman'

OMG! -- rubber bandits -- horse outside!

Jesus with a mullet

YAY! WEDNESDAY NIGHT! The night I dress up my cat like Angela Lansbury in "Murder She Wrote."

Anybody wanna take a hit of this?

My wife and daughter made Christmas cookies last night....

I saw ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES last night for the first time.

Anyone see the movie "Sam Kinison: Why did we laugh"?

Johnny Depp has a new movie coming out: Rango

Just got this email..about "Economic Stimulus" Payments...

I'm Back! (You were gone?)... Adventures in the joys of home owning. :-(

He lay face down in the desert sand, clutching his six-gun in his hand...


The Word of the day is DERP

Does it ever seem to you that sometimes there's something a little creepy about snowmen?


World's best flirting line (don't believe Huffington Poo)

Feck this and feck that

Is there any way on DU to apologize to someone who has put you on ignore?

A Father Taken Hostage By His Daughter


Sipping cod semen at Benu

No matter what I do, I just can NOT keep it up. Help me Obi-Wan K'D.U.... you're my only hope.

Take it from MFM... WHATEVER you do in front of your dog will come back to haunt you.


spam maps

Mr. Jenna Jameson, A.K.A. Tito Ortiz: Cheap-assed P.O.S.?

Kahn! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Simple enough iPod question, I guess.

I got an e-book reader!

"If all the boys lived across the sea, what a good swimmer applegrove would be".

Centaur skeletons

I wanted very much to gloat about the Heat winning, but Bob Feller has passed

THIS close to trippin' balls!!!


Okay the holidays just got more fun...we had an electrical fire

Wanna see a couple pictures of cats in sweaters?

Has anyone ever actually EATEN their Christmas fruitcock? Am I the only one getting one of those?

Old School TV Shows from Japan: Your Fave?

Have you ever done a sinus rinse and had the water come out your eye?

I am motivated - at this moment. I fear it is fleeting. Suggestions

Put The Candle Back

Why are diamonds a girl's best friend?

Not sure I can take the weather here in Ohio any more.

CONTEST: Entry #1 = Barack Obama is the dancing Santa

Jesus H. Baldheaded Christ. Say hello to my college roommate.

What does the / in N/T stand for?

Toolbar question. Yahoo vs. Google

The Nationals are totally awesome

What does the k in Creekdog stand for?

Has that ad with the baby scooting around while Brand New Key plays driven you mad?

Anybody use Sprint 4G Internet?

So, nobody's seen The Tourist, yet????

What would N/T stand for if it wasn't, you know...

Sarah Palin medallion looks exactly like PEGGY HILL.

Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam.......

Half-full or half-empty?

So I finally watched the first episode of "Sherlock" the new BBC

The Pogues: Fairytale of New York

Politics Enables Mexican Fugitive to Defang a Law

Finally getting around to seeing Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. Which would you rather have?

Post your theme song!!

Sunni-backed politician (Ayad Allawi) to join Iraqi government

Obama's Afghan war review will support July troop reduction

Asylum Seekers Sink Off Australia

WikiLeaks: Julian Assange crowned 'Rock Star of the Year' by Italian Rolling Stone

Suicide bombers kill at least 15 in southeast Iran

Intel Reports Reveal Grim Afghan War Outlook

Intelligence reports offer dim views of Afghan war: report

I don't trust Obama with my retirement insurance, do you?/ Sam Seder

Environmentalists sue ExxonMobil over air laws

In trip to India, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao takes cues from Obama

Canadian military rescues drivers from snowy highway

Senate set to vote on tax package Wednesday

In poll, many still skeptical of GOP

Oakland chief asks FBI to probe fatal shooting

Police mull banning all UK protests

Kenya election violence: ICC names suspects

Dan Choi Hospitalized For Exhaustion

'Birther' Pleads Guilty For Refusing To Deploy

Vatican Bank 'allowed clergy to act as front for Mafia'

Spain receives debt warning before EU summit

Is free Iraq becoming a more Islamic state?

Poll: D.C. elites down on Palin

House Democrats may tweak tax deal

Vocal bank critic gets key US consumer bureau post

Greece paralysed by new anti-austerity strike

House Passes Standalone Don't Ask, Don't Tell Ban (250-175)

Hub police probe discovery of 2 skulls

Jerry Brown warns educators to brace for more cuts

Gregoire (Wash. state) budget would slash programs, cut $4 billion

Goldman Execs to Get $111 Million in 2007, 2009 Bonuses

The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention

Senate Passes $858 Bllion Tax Cut Compromise, Sends Bill On to House

Berlusconi government 'will fall by Easter'

Empty chair as Cuban dissident Farinas given EU prize

Rip Torn Pleads Guilty to Connecticut Break- In

Ghana begins pumping oil for first time

U.N. Security Council ends key Iraq sanctions

Former Greek minister attacked by mob as riots break out in Greece

Musharraf: Army 'May Intervene Over Pakistan's Decline'

Sen. Snowe Pledges Support For 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal Putting Senate One Vote Shy Of 60

Kwame Kilpatrick indicted in city corruption probe along with dad, pals Ferguson and Miller

Hall of Famer Bob Feller dies at 92

Treasurys Fall; Benchmark Yield Curve Widens To Near-Record Steepness

Jury Convicts 'Birther' Who Refused To Deploy

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 15

Sweden's far-right seizes on terrorist attack; Anti-immigrant parties use Stockholm bombing for

Hall Of Famer Bob Feller has died

(UK Austerity) Coalition wields axe over Christmas as 100,000 (public sector) jobs to go by spring

Italy appeals court ups US sentences in CIA trial

Iran Threat to Kill American Generals Is Real, Experts Say

Financial Crisis Panel In Turmoil As Republicans Defect; Plan To Blame Government For Crisis

(UK healthcare) Radical NHS reforms to go ahead

House votes to repeal ban on open gays in military

A reminder for the holidays:

Breaking: Obama Administration Sues BP, Others on GulfSspill

Iraq: Al Qaeda Planning Holiday Attacks in West

Julian Assange bail decision made by UK authorities, not Sweden

Lounge vibes for my Dad needed

Bachmann snub angers tea party leader

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg named Time's 2010 Person of the Year

Hoyer: Senate Has Votes Needed To Repeal DADT

San Jose bans plastic bags

Eastern Arctic warming trend alarms scientists

U.S. Tries to Build Case for Conspiracy by WikiLeaks

Student protests may be banned altogether if violence continues (UK)

Air Force bans access to sites of newspapers posting WikiLeaks documents

Army murder suspect sent on 'OAS mission' (haven in the U.S. for Colombian)

FOXLEAKS: Fox boss ordered staff to cast doubt on climate science

McDonald's sued for marketing Happy Meals to children

Mr. President, why not fire DynCorp?

WaPo/ABC POLL: 77% support repeal of DADT.

As the President successfully shifts the focus to Republican infighting, how will the Corp

Another day...another biased Zogby poll...

As Republicans’ Power Grows, So Do Rifts in Party

Dem defections will hand GOP supermajority in Texas House

CT Senate: Courtney looking at a run for Lieberman's seat

Power Play (Cummings vs. Maloney)

Obama-GOP tax deal the beginning of the end of Social Security, Sen. Sanders says

Consumer Agency's Warren Said To Hire Ohio Attorney General

A surrender to Republican Party

Good article on the meaning of Cluster Liberals from the Daily Howler

Which Poll Should I Believe

"After 'Tough Week,' Progressive Advocate Says Obama Is Still The Left's Man"

WaPo-ABC News poll as of 12/15/10 - 49% approval for Pres. Obama

Obama asks CEOs to help jobless

BP Sued by Obama Administration Over Worst Oil Spill

Fox News received instructions to question climate change

The Social Security "Ponzi Scheme" - GRIFTOPIA, by Matt Taibbi

In An Effort To Block Debate Of The START Treaty Jim DeMented Demands The Entire Bill Be Read

Krugman: Invincible Ignorance

Obama CEO meeting packed with insiders

The Unemployed

Obama Meeting CEOs Today Shows Business President Who Delivers Their Gains

"Snowe pledges support for 'don't ask' repeal"

Another 2012 Poll--Wisconsin--Obama leads all GOP candidates

Government Accountability Project on the selection of Carolyn Lerner

So we have Ed Schultz Rush Limbrain and the far left and the tea party all on the same page

NBC/Wall Street Journal 2012 poll:Obama leads Romney and Palin

NPR: Obama To Nominate A Defender For Whistle-Blowers

"Obama plans 2011 staff makeover"

"If the liberal renaissance is only a dream...."

NBC/WSJ poll: Nearly 60% approve of tax deal

Senate passes compromise tax cut bill, 81-19 (update 2)

My Dream Race-Obama-Romney-Palin

Health Suits Raise Questions About Court Partisanship

Unjust wars and unfair taxes

Congressman Nadler: The House will pass the bill with some changes...

Paul Ryan accuses Romney of playing politics on tax cut deal

"Dems signal push for filibuster reform"

Tax-cut deal barely dents Obama’s high support among liberals

Why should I support a president that continues Bush style tactics?

Obama Approval Reaches Low Of 39%

little on topic/slightly off topic

Democrat: Obama says presidency at risk if deal fails

"What I'm trying to do is help run out the clock."

Speaker Pelosi tweets on DADT repeal: House voted 250-175, time for Senate to act

Support for President Obama from Dems and Indy or 3rd party liberals

Salon: The liberal backlash that isn't

Harry Reid Blasts ‘'Sanctimonious’ GOP In Angry Senate Floor Speech

Jimmy Carter "One Day America Will Elect A Gay President"

None of us has a problem with what the President has accomplished for us.

Geithner meeting with progressives this evening

Andrea Mitchell: "This shows that they've reached a new low when they're putting

Kyl: Reid holding votes after Christmas would be disrespecting Christians

Is the United States a fascist state?

The absolute brilliance of Obama's tactic on the tax deal the ultra-left just can't see:

"Obama Has 'Gotten the Message'"

So I watched 'Third Reich, the Rise" on History Channel

I predict DU is going to be VERY unified a month from now.

President Obama's statement regarding the House's passage of the DADT repeal

Washinton Post/ABC poll: All the stuff most here don't want to hear

Approaching grim milestone. 1000 US Military deaths on Obama's watch

Obama is slowly getting his swagger back

Why America’s Two Economies Continue to Drift Apart, and What Washington Isn’t Doing About It

TYT: Glenn Beck's Gold Problem (feds froze assets of Beck-sponsored dealer)

Cenk TYT commentary: Glenn Beck claims 10% of Muslims Are Terrorists

Mike Malloy - 10th Anniversary of Bush v. Gore

FTF Films: Static Watch [THE MOVIE]

Anonymous OP Leakspin Shell's Nigeria Interference Revealed

Riz Khan - Europe's Welfare State

The REAL Reason Why Obama Caved On Tax Cuts

Virginia GOP Investigates TSA Gay Agenda

Max Igan. latest show. full version,,,Wikileaks and the fall of America (audio)

Ed Schultz: Democrats Hoodwinked on Tax Cuts

The Battle for Parliament Square - Student Riots 2010 London

TYT: Drugs Tested On Poor People

Rep. Lewis On DADT: 'Vote Yes Because Discrimination Is Wrong'

Sanders Fights to Amend Tax Break Deal

Florida School Board shooting---anti-Taxes and anti-Gov nutcase.

DFA Thanks Senator Feingold

Largest Prison Strike Happening NOW

Rome in Revolt - Huge Protest in Old Rome - December 14, 2010

Return of the Lincoln: A Net Neutrality Parable

Prisoner Advocate Elaine Brown on Georgia Prison Strike - Democracy NOW!

MSM Being Wined and Dined by Healthcare Industry

Kids are not asking for toys this year

Anti-War Protest Music Video - "Another Name on the Wall" - Roger Waters Inspired - JTMP.ORG

Action video of Greece riots as fire bombs, stones fly in Athens

Nebraska IBEW Keeps it "Made in the U.S.A."

MRN: Glenn Beck's Bedford Falls Bonanza

Stewart/Colbert Rally: Angry Dude Slugs Sign

Fox News Grills John Cornyn(R) on Earmarks

Young Turks: Fox News Guest - Rich People Are Heroes!

Anti-Gay Nut Bryan Fischer supports gay porn stars, repeats gay myths, every joke in the book

Henry Kissinger, Sarah Silverman, Gas and Jews

Do You Trust Obama with Your Retirement Insurance?

Pope Can't Keep Eyes Off Topless Acrobats

ANONYMOUS - 18 december 2010 - COME OUT AND PLAY !

View from a Plow--Minnesota Snowstorm 12-11-10 (updated with Baby's delivery involves plows)

TYT Interviews: 'Obama Gave Away The Store' - Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA)

John Boehner And His Drill Sergeant Therapist!

Conservative dad has his kid re-enact John Boehner speech

Harry Reid to GOP Senators: ''Quit Whining and Get to Work, Start Working As Most Americans Do

Boeing 'in safety cover-up'

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Denounces Obama-GOP Tax Cut in 8.5-Hour Senate Speech (Highlights from Speech)

Return of the Great Triangulator

Judge Who Struck Down Health Care Law Proves His Insanity

Robert Scheer: Return of the Great Triangulator

Chinese firm downgrades US credit rating

News Corp receives Ofcom queries over BSkyB deal

Wall Street Quietly Creates a New Way to Profit From Homeowner Distress

WikiLeaks: Anonymous takes down Swedish prosecution website

Protests in Europe Ahead of Euro Summit

We Support WikiLeaks, and You Should, Too

Amy Goodman: ‘Assangination’: From Character Assassination to the Real Thing

Is Karl Rove Driving the Effort to Prosecute Julian Assange?

In snub to WikiLeaks, Zuckerberg wins TIME Person of Year 2010

Emanuel Gets a Grilling by Chicagoans Who Think He’s Not Chicagoan Enough

Crooks & Liars: Romney op-ed a "shrewd political move" to teabag Queen Teabagger Palin

WikiLeaks and the political use of the rape charge

U.S. Illegal Experiments Went Far Beyond Guatemala

Reinventing the progressive movement

Ireland's Lessons for the Real Economy

WikiLeaks cables: BP suffered blowout on Azerbaijan gas platform

Crisis-hit Portugal launches more labor reforms

The Atheist Perspective: The Florida School Board Shooting and God

Sweden's Serial Negligence in Prosecuting Rape Further Highlights the Politics Behind Julian Assange

Quasi-Governmental Entities AT&T and Verizon Blocking Wikileaks Sites

This One Is For You Julian

Assange arrest a mockery of extradition law

The Race to Fix the Classification System (Secrecy News | Federation of American Scientists)

Wisconsin, Ohio GOP.Corp governors blow off high-speed rail money and 30,000 jobs

Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid

Greek finance ministry set ablaze in Athens protest

GA Prison Inmate Strike Enters New Phase, Prisoners Demand Human Rights, Education, Wages For Work

The Wikileaks Revolution

WSJ Polls Didn't Give Option To End Tax Cuts For Wealthy Only!

NFL Hits 'Jets Tripping Coach' With The 'Seinfeld Penalty'

Dead Giveaway: Why don't more Americans use their free health insurance?

Time Ignores Voters Choice Of Asssange For Man Of The Year

Exclusive: The Wikileaks Australia Files.

L.A. dry run shows urban nuke attack 'a survivable event'

Funniest Political Pictures of the Decade

The American Empire Is Collapsing, And Americans Will Be The Last to Know

'Obama Gave Away The Store' - Rep. McDermott (D-WA) In Interview w/ Cenk of TYT

The government eyes our wealth

Republican Minority Report on Financial Crisis: Deficits, Blacks Caused It

The United States of War Criminals (Mickey Z.)

"Obama is dealing away FDR's legacy" By Julian E. Zelizer

They Rule: These are the Oligarchs and their helots

Investigative Journalist David Cay Johnston Slams Obama-GOP Tax Deal on Democracy Now! 1 of 2

Drumbeat: December 15, 2010

Effort Falters on San Francisco Bay Delta

Bid to revive rare Redditch apple tree

EPA Tussle With Texas Regulators Spreads to Gas Wells

West Coast Fog On Decline Since 1950; Coastal Temperatures Up Slightly - AFP

South Georgia - Where The Megabergs Go To Die - BBC

JPL Study - Lake Constance Water Temps Up 0.3C Per Decade For Past 50 Years

UK Energy Secy. Backpedaling Rapidly On Green Investment Bank - Deficit More Important, You See .

Study Finds Synergistic Negative Coral Impact By Combo Of Acidification, Higher Water Temperatures

PNAS - Genes From Bt Pesticides Now Commonplace In Midwestern Streams

That Lindsey Graham - He's Concerned! GOP Climate Stance Driving Away Young Voters!

A Brief History Of Our Knowledge Of Antarctic Temperatures

EPA To Range Resources - Test All Wells W/I 3,000 Feet Of Fracking Rigs - Plan Deadline 12/21

United States: Cancun Agreement Fundamentally Consistent With Our Objectives [Video]

U.S. Senate Passes Extension for the Renewable Energy Tax Grant Program

Independent UK: Arctic's vanishing sea ice presents polar bear with a new danger – grizzlies

Polar Bear Extinction Study, Given a Chance with greenhouse gas reductions

Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout (new book by pro-nuke activist Patrick Moore)

U.S. agency's smelt plan 'arbitrary,' judge rules

ROFL T. Boone Pickens Drops Wind Power From His Energy Plan

What Happened (and Why): An Assessment of the Cancun Agreements

He was one of these Y2k people

Gov't Too Scared Of NRA To Stop Border Gun Trafficking (TPM)

Practical Applications in Tactical Pleading

Bolivia, China sign deal to build telecom satellite

Chavez seeks power to rule by decree for 1 year

Venezuelan comedian focuses satire on Chavez

WikiLeaks: China Profits Off Cheap Venezuelan Oil

Political Tug-of-War Over Medicines (El Salvador)

US court indicts Dutch Farc rebel Tanja Nijmeijer

Baseball in Cuba The coming brawn drain

Rising cases of torture in Venezuela

wikileaks: Increased Harassment of Approved Cuban Medical Parolees

The empire stands accused

Wikileaks cable on American Airlines crew detained in Venezuela

wikileaks: cuban doctors flee venezuela


U.S. Interests Section report on Castro's near death (Wikileaks)

Army murder suspect sent on 'OAS mission' (Colombia)

Atlanta Thrashers mascot arrested!

Michael Vick wants to have another dog

I'm pretty sure this high school baller's season is over.

Iron Bowl most watched college football game of 2010.

Vikings/Bears game to be played at University of Minnesota

Jets suspend Sal Alosi indefinitely (he ordered "the wall")

Tennessee loses to Oakland by 7 at home


Terrell Owens blames Bengals coaches for bad season

Gotta be a good joke here: "Fans asked to help dig out Gophers' stadium"

OK, I'll fess up......

Toon: Defending the sanctity of marriage

Showtime Previews First 20 Minutes of "Shameless" and It's Pretty Gay

Why Tom Brokaw Is Wrong on Covering Antigay Viewpoints

Ogling the boys of Quake Rugby (NSFW)

TransFM - A very friendly place on the virtual streaming dial.

Where did pgodbold's post refer to DU members as bigots?

On this day in 1973,

Have stick, will travel

Report Documents Antigay Violence in Iran

Picking on gays is easy

Mississippi Sheriff: Even If We Fired Cop For Being Gay, There's No Law Against It

Filibuster reform is our only hope. There can only be 2 more years of this morass

You would be amazed at how many inmates are LGBT family.

Warhol Foundation May Drop Smithsonian

Lawsuit says Iowa judicial retention vote was illegal

Amos "Pretty Much Spit on Me"

Secret Liaisons in the Middle East - every city is different on a gay writer's eye opening tour

Gay Men Who Came Out in 2010

I'm going to take some time away from DU

I believe no responsible company should advertise on Fox News due to its recent and on-going

Is "pansy" a homophobic slur?

Sad: Winter 2010 Intelligence Report: Under Attack: Statistics Reflect Grim Reality: Gays

Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) Says She'll Vote for 'DADT' Repeal

Don't Ask Don't Tell: I'm worried from the lack of reaction in this forum that this is not as good

Dan Choi hospitalized for breakdown

DADT Repeal Passes House!!!!!!

File this under WTF???

Gay-hating fundamentalists are not happy about being designated 'hate groups' by the SPLC

Lawyers in D.C. Gun Case Argue for $3.13 Million in Fees

'Include Jewish refugees from Arab lands in talks'

EU threat to recognise Palestine state

The Atheist Perspective: The Florida School Board Shooting and God

It doesn't bother me to regard the Nativity story as mythical, but then I think one should ask

Way Beyond Atheism: God Does Not (Not) Exist

Atheism is a belief based on religious faith

A Poll for Atheists and non-believers only

Scientist says he found Japan fish thought extinct

Diver plunges 100 meters, unassisted on one breath, to set world record

Heads up. Lunar eclipse Dec. 20th.

The solar system's weirdest moon once had a moon all its own

OK - A possible cure for HIV has been discovered. The correct action is to:

Two photos at the coop. In color

Machining Chocolate

nearly frozen looking glass falls

Does anyone use Topaz as an adjunct to photoshop?

December Photo Contest is up in GD!!