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Have you all seen this t-shirt yet?

Some theses on race in America

Some theses on race in America

A small seed has been planted..

How unexpected! Bloated, pasty faced Fox "News" weasel Cavuto takes a cheap shot at Bernie Sanders

US and Israel use sabotage and assassinations to thwart Iran’s nuclear program

The Commerce Clause and Health Care

Beautiful animation to take off the rough edges, not already

Bloomberg Chearleads For Walmart In NYC

I want to write a rebuttal to an LTTE, any suggestions

Qatar Bans gay sex from World Cup

Tell the state attorney generals you want mortgage fraud prosecuted

WTF: USPS issues 3rd Reagan stamp (Forever); Reagan float will be in Tournament of Roses

Photoshoppers.. Have a Merry Boner Xmas

Latest Wikileaks cables reveal Sarah Palin is real

Military won’t release rape records, ACLU says in lawsuit

Regulators exist to ‘serve the banks,’ next House finance chairman declares

The modern American conservative movement.

The True Cost of Your New Christmas Laptop? Ask the Eastern Congolese

A Photo Collective Documents the Effects of the Crisis in the United States (

Not only does he help them rise from the grave, he gives them a makeover!

NASA halts monkey radiation experiment for now

Delete, Dupe

Snellville youth football group in upheaval over coach's racist posts

Republicans now bragging tax cut bill is a compromise?

Medicaid Cuts Hurt At The State Level

Will Switzerland allow incest?

If we could "redo" health insurance reform

If we could "redo" health insurance reform

For those that give a sh*t ...

Rare insightful Jonah Goldberg column still shows blind spot

(LCS) UPDATE 2-Lockheed, Austal extend ship offers; hearing set

How do Dems or Repukes get any credibility back on trying to cut the deficit.

Memo to the media: They’re called “obstructionists”

Holbrooke's last words: 'You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan'

Jon Stewart: GOP to 9/11 fire fighters, police and rescue workers, "F*** those guys!" (video)

GM CEO: No raises next year...also wants U.S. to ease execs' pay rules

Frank Luntz has turned logic and reason upside down (Republicans are fiscally responsible)

I feel like everything is moving to the right

Yeats: The Second Coming. One of the Greatest Poems Ever Written

Don't mess with old guys on fixed incomes...

Add-ons turn tax cut bill into 'Christmas tree'

U.S. History; Not much peace, lots of war

The Tax Deal and the Apocalypse

Noted Whistleblowers Urge Passage of Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act!

Robert Pozen’s Myth Creation on Social Security

Toon of the day to send your RW buddies

'Prepare for all-out cyber war'

Rightwing hooligans terrorize Russia-Soccer fans combine with extremists to beat and kill minorities

Sexy time for education

Ken Cuccinelli Takes on Obama Health Care - And Wins Round One

Glenn Beck - The Lone Voice Of Reason In An Age Of Hysteria

Guardian has a page of live tweets about Assange in court

This Modern World: Happy holidays?

Bus driver loses job after flattening snowman

McConnell says "tax cut" bill is a step to "cutting off the spigot" of revenue,

two judges have recently upheld the constitutionality of the healthcare plan

Reuters: UK court frees WikiLeaks Julian Assange on bail

No decisive victory one year into Afghan surge

Wow , it's cold today. I guess that debunks the idea of global warming, eh?

who's this right wing asshole on m$nbc? 'assange is murdering people'

who's this right wing asshole on m$nbc? 'assange is murdering people'

So apparently Harry Reid is "quietly urging" Lieberman to run again in 2012

Cheney has been reduced to buying his freedom from Nigeria

Too Small to Save

Preachers involved in mortgage scams!

Middle Class Strife Left Out of Conversation

Attempts to prosecute WikiLeaks endanger press freedoms - Glenn Greenwald

Lesly Hazleton explains the Koran (& destroys the "kill the infidel" myth)

In Vermont, single-payer health care in a single state

I think we need a little magic for a change

Run Julian Run!

Breaking: British Court Frees Founder of WikiLeaks on Bail

OMFG- Julian Assange is murdering people???

House Dems stew over Obama's handling of tax deal

Soldier says company penalized him because of service

House Dems to Introduce Standalone DADT Repeal Bill

Ladies and Gentlemen - introducing

republicans tell 911 first responders to go fuck themselves and the nation yawns

Billions Down the Drain in Useless US Afghan Aid

The Option of Indifference and the TWO Mandates

Former Reagan operative on Palin: "I'm not overly enamored with her...she's not electable"

Email from Howie :-)

U.S. CEOs in Survey Are Most Optimistic Since 2006

New Category Lets YouTube Users Report Vids That 'Promote Terrorism'

Is Yahoo under attack?

Is Yahoo under attack?

Why I'm Posting Bail Money for Julian Assange (A statement from Michael Moore)

Prisoner Advocate Elaine Brown tells Amy Goodman that prisoners' phones cost upwards to $800

FORT WORTH: Christian Group Chases City Buses With Atheist Message

Why I'm Posting Bail Money for Julian Assange (A statement from Michael Moore)

Kosovo PM is head of human organ and arms ring, Council of Europe reports

About boehner and his tears...

Why Do D.C. Metro’s Escalators Break So Often?

Schools see growing number of hungry students

Tuesday TOONS 5

Springfield (Illinois) Mayor Tim Davlin found dead in his home

Springfield (Illinois) Mayor Tim Davlin found dead in his home

Riots break out in Rome after Silvio Berlusconi survives confidence votes

We need educated voters to get the kind of change we want. We do not have that

Tuesday TOONS 4

Issa's Billable Bonanza: I'm Afraid of the Kenyan

Tuesday TOONS 2

Tuesday TOONS 1

So, the House is our last hope. Get on those phones and melt down the House switchboard

Found: One Goldman Sachs MasterCard

Marion Barry's new reality show; also, new president of the DC teachers' union

Iranian man sentenced to have drops of acid poured onto his face for blinding his lover's husband

Iranian man sentenced to have drops of acid poured onto his face for blinding his lover's husband

Anyone hear Lawrence O'Donnell answer to Willie Geist on Morning Junk today?

This is not just an Obama/GOP package

"Postal worker delivers mail in the buff, gets arrested" Wow

End of Privacy: Your Facebook ID is marketers' Holy Grail

The Rude Pundit: Glenn Beck Is a Terrorist By Glenn Beck's Own Definition

Isn't this vote from the Senate just allowing it to come to the floor

Sweden, Britain, and Interpol Insult Rape Victims Worldwide

m$ powerful men weep in public?

Inspired by Holbrooke's last words - let's compromise.

Yahoo is down

Market alarm as US fails to control biggest debt in history

Executives keep health perks while workers' benefits are cut

Blatter says gay fans 'should refrain' at 2022 World Cup in Qatar

We needed a study to tell us this?

Oh, That’s Why It Seemed Familiar (No Labels steals logo)

Fuck The People, Spencer Bachus, the incoming chairman of the House banking commttee serves banks

You'd cry too, if this was your Xmas present

Tuesday Toons.

Boxer: "The fact is, this (tax package) bill will be a help to the middle class''

Poll: Majority of Americans say they are worse off than they were two years ago

Riots after Berlusconi survives no-confidence vote (BBC)

New airline fee: "Locking down" an airfare if you aren't quite ready to commit

Rich getting tax cuts and still being "uncertain" about economy consistent with compulsive hoarding

Another angle on how income taxes have gotten steadily more regressive..

Ultra Irony Alert: Right wingers say that Wikileaks is the reason to bring back McCarthyism

Do Democrats by passing the tax bill basically vindicate Bush* fiscal policies?

Quelle surprise !!!: Airline Fees Account for Most Airline Profits

BAC dinging credit scores for asking "Where's the note?"

One Hundred and Forty Four BILLION dollars

Socialist Senator Sanders saves capitalism

Fey Rights Group Demands Distinction From Homosexuals

John Boehner's crying OFFENDS me

Arguments, Price Tag Aside, Tax Compromise Extremely Popular

Caption this

List Your Home Remedies for What Ailes Ya

WaPo's Kinky Reggae: "No Boehner, No Cry"

Sweden will not challenge Assange bail

Russian Troops on high Alert over North Korea

The script on killing social security is in

Class Distinctions

The new hungry: College-educated, middle-class cope with food insecurit

Springfield, IL mayor found dead in home (suicide)

Do you think Mark Sanford will move to Argentina? Do you give a toot? nt

Krugman Blog: The SPECTRE of Inequality


Prospects for U.S. tax cut bill look brighter

National Review editor: Parents of kids in school breakfast programs are criminals

An Overview of Why the Payroll Tax Holiday is Bad News for Social Security

Halliburton reportedly agrees to pay Nigeria $250 million to drop bribery charges against Cheney

"WikiLeaks Founder Assange Granted Bail"

"Turnaround" school students riot when "turnaround" principal forbids the use of bathrooms for a day

Hey y'all..Mark Penn says we need to back Obama's tax deal but wait...

self delete

Derf Toon: Rudolf the Red-State Reindeer

I, for one, hope that House Dems make Boner cry every damned day

U.S. Armored Cadillacs are Iraq Bomb Bait

Did you see Sarah on Greta with all the "happy children" from Haiti? She was really uncomfortable.

Unintentionally Strange Juxtaposition of the Day

Aren't people now required to purchase Auto Insurance by law...

Aren't people now required to purchase Auto Insurance by law...

Here we go again - MSGreedia resumes the attacks

Prosecute Assange Under the Espionage Act

'2007: I got mine so fuck you' sign draws protest in Calif.

They're so cute when they're small…

FIFA leader says "gays should avoid sex during 2022 World Cup"

Guess Who's Back??

Bravo Bruce Fein domain back online

How hard did Obama fight against tax cuts for the super-rich?

Name a rotten job that Bohner didn't have to do to get where he is:

Sen. Levin on Obama: "I don’t see that kind of a willingness to fight that hard"

BBC: Morality is modifed in the Lab

I know it is beyond wishful thinking, but Kate O’Beirne's execrable comments

When does Congress go on Winter break?

WikiLeaks docs a poison pill for federal contractors

Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli Thanks His ‘Teammate,’ Hate Radio Host Mark Levin, For Help With HCR Case

"Rudolph the Red State Reindeer" by Derf

Ticking Time Bomb::: MSNBC:::Run for your lives!

WikiLeaks (almost) used as a news source!

the god song

Barbara Boxer defends her support of tax-cut package

I would have felt a lot better with this tax cut "compromise" if we had gotten our $600-$1200 checks

Video of Unrest on Rome’s Streets After Berlusconi Wins Vote

It's 38 degrees F in Miami

Batshit Crazy Bachmann: Scalia "graciously agrees" to coach her teabagger caucus on Constitution

Wendell Potter: Insurers Spin Court Decision on Health Insurance Mandate

5 Major Problems with Obama's Tax Compromise

Taking Stock of WikiLeaks

George Bush deserves some credit for helping the middle class.

"Extreme lefties" do not belong to the Demcoratic Party.

How do we convince Americans to insist on raising taxes on the rich?

Bernie Sanders on the Senate Floor NOW

It's time to allow corporations to directly contest seats in Congress.

Justice Scalia Will Teach Constitution 101 to Bachmann's Tea Party Caucus

I am calling for Obama and Biden's resignation immediately

Proof BBC is a propaganda tool.

Holbrooke's last words: 'You've got to stop this war'

Labor criticizes misleading Chamber of Commerce report attacking government workers compensation

Labor criticizes misleading Chamber of Commerce report attacking government workers compensation

So Just How Marginalized Has The Democratic Wing of The Party Become After This Week?

Michelle Bachmann for Senate 2012?

Wikileaks is apparently jumpstarting the internet security industry

Wikileaks is apparently jumpstarting the internet security industry

Richard Holbrook was joking and....

The conservative teabag filth wants to meet us in the streets!

Many historians believe that FDR saved capitalism from itself

House Democrats push 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal

So since the govnerment is now making it illegal for their employees to access wikileaked documents.

Terrorist by Association: Justice Department targets nonviolent solidarity activists

Bone-chilling cold plods into Northeast US

Did I just hear Pentagon Jim Miklaszewski say that the birther

More on trends

Top 5 Problems with the Tax Deal (from MoveOn)

So if there's no more Catfood Commission why are Senators discussing it on my TeeVee right now?

Eric's Last Wishes--Beautiful, riveting article. Must read.

Guess who the founding member of No Labels is married to?

Trial set for congressional teabagger candidate Hedrick

I want to believe Richard Holbrooke meant what he said but remember East Timor

Petraeus Triples Air War In Afghanistan

This may explain the origin of "refudiate".

Soldiers and Marines Want Pets…Pentagon Says “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

UK protester dragged from wheelchair

End of Solar and Wind Energy Grants Puts Thousands of Jobs at Risk

Feds expand their assault

Post-ABC poll: public not yet sold on GOP

Ray McGovern: What's Behind the War on WikiLeaks

What's A Permalink?.......

Real DaVinci Code: Tiny numbers/letters in the eyes of Mona Lisa

Am I allowed to say that Pres. Obama is lacking the fire within? I expected a cross between

Stem Cell Transplant Cures HIV In 'Berlin Patient'

now I see it - re: The Daily Howler

From now on, I'm going to use the word "Constitutional" to describe things I like.

What's this 'they' shit when referring to a comment made by a State Dept. spokesman?

The Willmar 8 made equal pay impossible to ignore (except at Walmart)

Live Coverage: Rahm Emanuel Takes the Stand

tweety & company were speculating that the rethugs in the house could submarine tax bill

Spanish high-speed rail company closing its Wisconsin manufacturing operation

Wired: The U.S. Government's Pursuit Of WikiLeaks Could Be Its Undoing

assange has been granted bail....

Constitutional Scholars: What are the best horn books, references and legal texts on this topic?

The next time Boehner breaks out in tears in public,

Shooting at FL School Board Meeting (Panama City) Breaking

Birther faces court martial for refusing deployment orders

Anyone interested in joining me in returning my tax-cut?

Gardasil Facts

AP staffers hold ‘byline boycott’ to protest proposed cuts

Swiss Billionaire Puts $35 Million Toward...

In all this talk about unemployment benefits, no one brings up the fact that if there were JOBS

Elected teabagger West calls for mass censorship of US media

Mark Foley Not Running For Mayor of West Palm

The republicans are already making plans to give the rich another tax cut in March.

Washington bans lead wheel weights

Global Wikileaks Support Rallies

Journalist David Cay Johnston Slams Obama-GOP Tax Deal on Democracy Now!

So, the electricity to my fridge was cut off. How long will the food

I think ending the war is a JOke.

Fried chicken fight

Holbrooke's Last Words On Afghanistan Downplayed As Joking Exchange By Obama Administration

AP: New tenant of Harvey Milk's old store draws ire

Gays in Africa face growing persecution

Cool picture of Julian Assange in the police van today.....

Holbrook spin proves that this administration will go to any length to justify misguided policy

Pat-downs anger RDU fliers--Two Dozen Travelers Register Complaints

The 'White House' isn't the original source for the reported Holbrooke comments

Tax On Sugary Drinks Could Help Middle Class Lose Weight

Anyone else here having problems with "Internet Explorer is Experiencing Problems...

What about a DU Political Action Committee?

Senators giving speeches today about how the deficit is THE most important problem facing America

I’m not a fucking cash cow.

Teabagger Allen West wants to censor US news agencies who

From MoveOn: Top 5 problems with tax deal.

FBI alleged to have backdoored openBSD's IPSEC Stack

I got a Christmas card from the White House today

Michael Moore on MSNBC network Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight, Tuesday, Dec 14

Michael Moore on MSNBC network Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight, Tuesday, Dec 14

Tax Cuts for Rich Don’t Create Jobs…Period


Scrap the penny, Canadian Senate panel says

So who is supposed to be "transparent", if not governments?

The way Drudge puts absolutely ever winter storm up in Red cracks me up

Sen. Mary Landrieu extends support to tax-cut compromise

Richard Holbrooke's death

Money for a shrinking economy, and yes the second one started

San Jose rejects pot club ban

Dean: Hudson ruling doesn't threaten health reform

PHOTO: "...ex-vice president Dick Cheney, pictured in November 2010..." That boy's EFFED UP.

PHOTO: "...ex-vice president Dick Cheney, pictured in November 2010..." That boy's EFFED UP.

Airline profits? .... It's all in the fees

"America became great though science, education, public works... Conservatives..."

Pelosi Calls For House Vote On DADT Repeal Tomorrow

Child porn 'club' posted photo of Down syndrome boy being molested

Australian Media Alliance condemns political attacks against WikiLeaks

Resume Tips circa 2010?

Resume Tips circa 2010?

Kyl: Reid Disrespecting Christians By Suggesting Post-Christmas Senate Votes

So what's the deal with the "apocalyptic rhetoric" meme?

Michael Moore Posts Bail For Julian Assange

Senate moving to block President Obama from transferring Gitmo prisoners to the U.S.

Senate moving to block President Obama from transferring Gitmo prisoners to the U.S.

Remember if it wasn't for Ben Nelson siding with the Republicans to give them their fifty votes

India now has it's own Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, all because of 'the bottom line'.

Al Franken explains why he voted YES on the Tax Cut Sell out...

International Federation of Journalists defends WikiLeaks and accuses U.S. of attacking free speech

Just curious. When do YOU think it becomes......................

Man Admits To Posing As Autistic For Sex Purposes, Records Say

If some republican calls you a tax and spend liberal....

Al Franken email, re: vote on Bush tax breaks - "The hardest vote I've taken"

Is 'compromise' real?

U.S.A. & Easter Island

What does "I'm a Democrat" mean nowadays? Are there any "bedrock principles" that one must share

How the Pentagon Turns Working-Class Men into the Deadliest Killers on the Planet

Gen. James Amos, Marine Corps Chief : "Distraction" of Gays Serving Openly Could Cost Marines Limbs

Australian Media's Finest Defend Wikileaks

If you could ask Obama one question, what would it be?

I Am Julian Assange!

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's a new Kitty gif!

Author Joanne Faulkner says parents should get real on Santa instead of lying to kids

Most Americans critical of WikiLeaks dump: poll

Espionage Act makes felons of us all

OMG. Just saw that sniveling curr on Rachel bawling.

Hey! Sisyphus

Former nazi rocket scientist Haeussermann dies in US at 96

If you're at 133% poverty in 2014, you'd better forego that 2% pay raise.

Billionaire Philanthropist Hansjorg Wyss Puts $35 Million Toward Conservation In Western Montana

Tom Miller: 'We Will Put People In Jail' For Foreclosure Fraud

Using Cannabis to Change the World: Introducing Simply Pure

Moody's is actually warning that the package as proposed will put

Moody's is actually warning that the package as proposed will put

VA Judge Makes Elementary Error in Health Care Ruling

Video of Sudanese woman being whipped for wearing trousers underneath her Burka

Tuesday TOONS 3

Tuesday TOONS 3

Health-care judge says he has no day-to-day involvement with GOP firm

Weird Tax Myths #1: Tax Cuts Create Jobs

What do Republicans want more than tax cuts for the rich? What would they give for it?

Tuesday TOONS 6

Taxpayers foot bill for steroids, HGH use by police and firefighters in NJ

Luxury shoppers are making a comeback

"I put my -- myself through school working every rotten job there was."

At what point did the US turn from Republic to Empire?

Michael Milken says Americans spend too much on a big house and cars.

What does this mean? Bumpersticker - Matthew was right 14:11 Nobama

Michael Moore, Thunder Rising will add $1K ... yeah, it's that important.

Amb.Holbrook's Last Words:"You've GotTo Stop War In Afghanistan

From NPR 2009: Richard Holbrooke-’Strong Support For Afghanistan’

Do you think the rec/unrec system leads to reduced discussion on DU?

The very rich in America: “The kind of money you cannot comprehend”

Interview with Detroit native & striking Detroit symphony violinist Joe Striplin

Who Rules America Revisited

Michael Moore: Why I'm Posting Bail Money for Julian Assange

Shootout at Sacramento barbershop leaves 1 dead, 5 wounded

William Rivers Pitt | What Bernie Said (

William Rivers Pitt | What Bernie Said (

Honest to god conversation today

Honest to god conversation today

If the DoD budget was substantially cut, how bad would the recession get?

Here's when Americans will rise up and take to the streets:

As a Liberal I can't remember the last time I had something to celebrate about.

A question to those following the death of Dr. David Kelly.....

Top 5 Problems with the Tax Deal

U.S. Retail Sales Rise Above Forecast as Consumers Recover

Some good news in the fight against HIV. The first patient has been declared 100% cured of HIV.

GNU founder Richard Stallman: Using Google ChromeOS is "worse than stupidity."

I had to explain to a woman in the grocery store that the estate tax doesn't hurt poor people

WH has utter disrespect and disregard for now fuming

Becoming exasperated. Someone please name me a politician who "fights"

U.S. Air Force is blocking access to New York Times and 25 other news organizations!

Serious question about the 2014 health care "subsidies...."

UGH! the No Labels group in Facebook is discussing a 25 per cent CUT in SS

Video Captures Man Confronting School Board Before Shooting

What Bernie Said, Part I

Celebs who lean to the right (Slideshow)

1st Chevy Volts leave Detroit-Hamtramck plant and head to dealers

"Now it's Big Brother who's being watched"-Why I'm Posting Bail Money for Assange-by Michael Moore

LA museum whitewashes anti-war mural

If you are working, are you being forced to work over-time?

WTF? Assange is back in jail!

Cut the cord to directv and found some interesting things

How is a human Resource director who lost her job not quailfy for a job at Starbucks?

Ten years ago this week...imagine your world today if the opposite had happened.

Alarming child mortality rates in parts of southern Pakistan

Voyager near Solar System's edge

***** Official LIVE BLOG Senate = Tax Cuts Debate III *****

Lt. Dan Choi Hospitalized

Businesses want to keep the economy depressed to break the backs of workers

Parents of homeschooled student try to get book about poor getting raw deal removed from schools

Blue Cross Raises Premiums, Blames Obama


"The weeper of the House" "The leaky Boner" Heard any other good ones???

Cheer up everybody @ least you are not in Babbitt, Minnesota -34 F

This is a sad loss for AZ

Danial Patrick Moynihan

"ROVE likely playing a leading role in effort to Prosecute Assange"

Ireland Planning a 90% Tax on Banker Bonuses

Email to a supplyside, militarist friend who I met at a church forum for...

Email to a supplyside, militarist friend who I met at a church forum for...

Why Have So Many DUers Bought The RW Meme That "Deficits Spell Doom?"

Why Obama's Tax Deal May Be an Even Bigger Disaster Than You Think

N.J. Mayor Bans Woman From Selling Home (can't afford to lose the taxes)

Obama plan will raise taxes on 150,000,000 Americans

We need to make a new word for those who have kept the truth from the people.

Sen. Bernie Sanders says 99.7% of American families would be exempt from estate tax

Sen. Bernie Sanders says 99.7% of American families would be exempt from estate tax

What is the worst job you have ever worked?

Another jaw dropper..White House says Holbrook was joking

MSNBC: New industry to set up "cheap" surrogacy services

You just don't know....

What other President has gone so strongly against the wishes of those who elected him

Glenn Greenwald resigns from board of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Couple's story triggers flood of offers to help

Ralph Nader: Millions of people will be paying the bill for Obama's failure to fight for them

Moore on Countdown: "It's Not The Leaks That Are Killing Anyone, It's The Secrets"

"I don’t hate rich people – I hate selfish coldhearted assholes."

Lt. Dan Choi has been hospitalized.

San Jose City Council bans plastic bags, requires fees for paper ones

"Fears Mount on TSA Body Scanners--Insiders Say New Machines Have Poor Detection"

Wisconsin's new BUMFUCK Governor


Glenn Greenwald: Obama administration is surpassing Bush when it comes to assaults on a free press

How much confidence do you retain in the Democratic Party?

What is the BEST job you've ever worked?

3 credit online class = $1056.00

Nothing short of betrayal.

The Massive Debt Bomb Threatening You And Me

Al Franken, HuffPo: The Hardest Vote I've Taken

Please humor me. Imagine we had the attention of the wealthiest 2%...

I have a feeling that the court challenges to "insurance mandates" will eventually prevail.

Oxycontin, Other Opioid Painkillers Tied to Higher Health Risks

Administration Asserts Holbrooke's Last Words Were 'Joking Exchange'

What a great reply to a whiner!

What Socialism is and what it isn't Part I

The War to Silence WikiLeaks by Eliot D. Cohen (12-13-10 Consortium News Psychology Today repost)

Teabagger fave Allen West (R-FL): "We also should be censoring the American news agencies"

Obama's choice for Marine Commandant says "Marines will die if DADT is lifted"

5 years ago this week, a Dem think tank changed the Iraq war mission to spreading Democracy.

Unemployed Party

Glenn Greenwald Tweet -- Manning being TORTURED?

Anybody else starting to feel like they just don't care anymore?

From 1933 to 1945, was Hitler the leader of Portugal rather than Germany?

Yeah, sure.......

How the hell can they make a new Bourne movie without Matt Damon?

One great Holiday album

Anyone else out for the meteor shower?

Anyone tried the Yahoo homepage today?

I used to like Vampire Weekend - and then that %$&@! earworm 'Holiday' happened

This time next week, I'll be in Italy!

Iowa officials warn against selling Templeton Rye online

Star Trek theme played on a Theremin

Want to visualize a million -- or a billion -- or trillion?

Photo of the Week ~ Acrobatic Troupe from Kenya

Perhaps I shouldn't have called that random stranger to ask him if his refrigerator was running.

Should I try online dating?

Ralph Nader

fried chicken fight now in GD!


MiddleFingerMom is gonna be a brazillionaire!

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson Split Up After 2 Years!

If you've been neutered... would you still be trippin' balls?

Cute kitties are such fluffy, adorable, innocent and efficient little killing machines, aren't they?

Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast...

Who DIED in here? Classic (if not classy) comedy, like rock n roll... will NEVER die.

VIDEO: It's Henry Rollins versus East Village hipsters. Who ya got?

And finally: Socksual Tension, Part Deux:

"Lofty Heights" is a PHRASE?

Driver with flashers on?????

Baby Preacher

PHOTO: A perfect gift for ALL the kids on your list: "Unicorn VS Narwhal With Magical Battle Horns"

Snowy Rooftop FAIL!

Man killed by refrig dropped from 4th floor window

Wanted to share

Golden Globe nominees announced. Post here who was robbed

I'm thinking of making holiday themed caramel apples

Graduate is kicking my ass: i leave the house about twice a week

My youngest nephew interviews for a job on Thursday!

On second thought, mailman who delivered the mail naked thinks it may not have been a great idea


If these 2 can't make a marriage work who can! Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson

Mississippi God Damn!

Animals of YouTube sing "Deck the Halls"

Obama's birth certificate!

Thank Dog for dinnertime!........

anyone got a florida lawyer who wants to do good?

Favorite person/thing named "the"

So, the electricity to my fridge was cut off. How long will the food

Disappointed Rangers sign Cliff Clavin instead

i am listening to the Dropkick Murphys

What's a prudent time/length for a walk in the high 20's temperature range?

Rock and Roll Hall Of fame 2010 Inductees announced...

And I join the ranks of the unemployed...

CONFESS!!!! What was your first real job

So did you hear the one about the 4th-story window?

Inmate gets special meals as adherent of Festivus

The mail's here.

Why do ketchup bottles say "refrigerate after opening"?

Apparently I'm too stupid to believe in the "Monty Hall problem"

Say it ain't so Yoko

Frigid Illinois weather and I discover someone has dumped off their cat at my farm!

Disappointed Yankees sign Geddy Lee instead

Semi Feral Cat fun....

Semi Feral Cat fun....

Amb.Holbrook's Last Words:"You've GotTo Stop War In Afghanistan

I'm not sure but I think something awful happened when I tossed my fridge out of my 4th story window

Ruling party victory in St. Vincent and Grenadines (Chavez ally)

Smack it. Flip it. Rub it down.

Berlusconi survives confidence votes

Years of Wrangling Lie Ahead for Health Law

Anti-nuclear weapon protesters convicted in Tacoma

British Court Frees Founder of WikiLeaks on Bail

Yahoo preparing to lay off 600 to 700 workers

UK court grants bail to WikiLeaks' Julian Assange

VA Judge Makes Elementary Error in Health Care Ruling

Estate tax fight in House may sputter: aide

Julian Assange's court appeal: (Decision challenged. Appeal within 48 hrs)

Assange granted bail, but Sweden appeals

Assange granted bail, but Sweden appeals

French far-right star compares praying Muslims to Nazi occupiers

Wikileaks' Julian Assange court appeal makes Twitter history

WikiLeaks: BoE suggested global bank bailout in 08

Army doc pleads guilty to 1 charge, refused to deploy without seeing Obama's birth certificate

Obama's Judges Blocked At Historic Rate

Gunman opens fire during Fla. school board meeting

Clear Channel forms partnership with Grupo Acir in Mexico

Holbrooke's Last Words On Afghanistan Downplayed As Joking Exchange By Obama Administration

Holiday trimmings: Yahoo planning to reduce work force by about 5 percent in latest shake-up

Envoy says US committed to Palestinian state

Nigeria: Government Drops Charges Against Cheney, Halliburton

Barbara Boxer defends her support of tax-cut package

Parties to Colombia conflict raped almost 15,000 women in 2001-09 - study

Older workers staying employed longer

Ex-senator banned from office for paramilitary ties

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange granted bail by UK court, but in jail pending appeal

Baggage fees send airline revenue soaring

Yahoo confirms plans to lay off 4% of workers

Israel Seeks 20 Additional F-35s After Failure of U.S. Swap for Peace Plan

Birther faces court martial for refusing deployment orders

Chilean military who works at the Pentagon, accused of torturing prisoners

Revolt: Republicans Angry About Omnibus Spending Bill Decry 'Total Mess'

House to Vote on Standalone DADT Repeal Bill

Activity at N.Korean Nuclear Sites Sparks Frenzied Speculation

Kosovo PM is head of human organ and arms ring, Council of Europe reports

Nigeria: Government Drops Charges Against Cheney, Halliburton

N.Y. Senate Majority Leader Indicted for Stealing

Illinois Mayor Is Found Dead in His Home

Health reform advocates have little to fear from judge's ruling

San Francisco kills plan to charge $6 entrance fee from south

Air Force blocks media sites that post WikiLeaks

Tony Blair attacked on Iraq war ‘fortune’

Europe tells Britain to justify itself over fingerprinting children in schools

Swedish Prosecutor Raises Possible Extradition of WikiLeaks Founder to U.S.

I remain true to my ideals, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says from a London cell

Warrant Needed to Get Your E-Mail, Appeals Court Says Domain Back Online

Sudan police arrest women protesting at flogging video

GOP political operative: Palin not electable as president in 2012

Europe tells Britain to justify itself over fingerprinting children in schools

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 14

British judge grants bail to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

Violence erupts in Rome after Berlusconi wins vote

GM offers buyouts to skilled workers

Gunman opens fire in Fla. school board meeting

Report: KLA behind deadly human kidney trade

State Rep. Peña's party announcement expected today (GOP supermajority in Texas)

Brown wants to complete budget in 60 days, predicts cuts to education

Cuba launches its version of Wikipedia

Romney: Workers Should Pay Their Own Unemployment Benefits

Leaked Memo Shows EPA Doubts About Bee-Killing Pesticide

Frustrated Judge Can't Stop ICE Deportation

Columbia Journalism School Letter to AG/Obama: WikiLeaks Prosecution ‘Will Set Dangerous Precedent’

Save the Children Breaks With Soda Tax Effort

BREAKTHROUGH: First HIV-Positive Man Cured - Stem Cell Transplant Cures HIV In 'Berlin Patient'

US Air Force Blocks NY Times, Guardian Over WikiLeaks

Ukraine to open Chernobyl area to tourists in 2011

Rocker strikes different note to help Obama

Feds Need Warrant to Read E-Mails, Appeals Court Says

Black Segregation In US Drops To Lowest In Century

Al-Qaeda threat overstated, top spies say

Venezuela opposition denounces Chavez as dictator

School Sued Over Muslim Teacher's Pilgrimage

if there are any Glenn Miller fans out there...

George W. Bush: Stop Calling Them "Bush Tax Cuts"

Obama's Afghanistan report shows troop withdrawal can begin in July

What are you reading???

Calif. Police Officers Kill Man Pointing Water Nozzle, Not Gun

Top Marine: Soldiers could lose lives if ‘don’t ask’ repealed

Mother killed, 5 hurt in gunbattle at Calif. mall

Democrats Move 2012 Convention to Metrodome

This Country is Hopelessly Mired with Corruption!

Video: Rep. Raul Grijalva on Democratic insurrection regarding the tax compromise.

Will we ever see this in the next two years?

Jon Stewart to Republicans: You Can't Exploit 9/11 Anymore (VIDEO)

Holbrooke's Last Words: End Afghanistan War

Tax Reform and the Revolving Door

"Is the Hudson ruling good news for health reform?: (HCR)

Tick Tock

"Hoyer expected to file 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal bill Tuesday"

USA Today/Gallup poll: Americans Remain Supportive of Proposed Tax Compromise

Is John Boehner Emotionally Unstable?

From Now On I Will Refer To John Boenher As The Cryer.

Hoyer Announces Murphy DADT Repeal Standalone Bill

Careless words and callous deeds

2010 Poll WI Senate: Kohl looks solid, if declines to run Feingold leads GOP commercials. Obama wont have a choice but to fight

Obama's Drug War

Obama meeting with CEOs -- Now how about workers? By Jesse Jackson

The First Lady Reads "The Night Before Christmas" at Children’s National Medical Center

birther trial

"Pelosi says House will vote Wednesday on 'Don't ask' repeal"

Mediate: Keith Olbermann Compares Obama’s Tax Compromise with Nazi Appeasement

Obama puts a lot on the table when he begins to compromise. So why aren't these on the table?

Ohio 2012 Poll--Obama weak but leads all four leading GOP candidates

Good signs: Retail sales up, CEOs in hiring mood

Hedges: Every Act of Rebellion Helps Tear Down Our Corrupt System

My tribute to Richard Holbrook’s Last Words “Stop This War In Afghanistan”

When Animals Re-enact!!

Obama's BIG WIN: long-time status quo

Obama vs. Zombies.

WaPo/ABC POLL: Public trusts Obama more than Congressional GOP to deal with major problems, 43/38.

remember when obama was talking about repealing the shrub tax cuts EARLY, at least for the rich?

Great article: 'Obama and the Age of Unreason'

Does The DLC Still Exist Or Did It Die When Joe Lieberman Became An Independent

"Reid Pledges To Hold Senate In Session Until January 4th To Finish DADT, Other Priorities"

Reid reminds GOP: "Congress ends on Jan. 4"

Starting START: Senate Set to Take Up Nuclear Pact

What would convince the Democratic Party to move left, in your opinion?

Mitt Romney Comes Out Against Tax Deal

MM: Memo to the media: They’re called “obstructionists”

"Sen. Sherrod Brown leans toward supporting tax cut deal."

"Revolt: Republicans Angry About Spending Bill Decry 'Total Mess'"

"Hoyer hints that Dem leadership is on board for passing Obama tax plan unchanged"


A Bow To Reality

Turns out Junior Bush wasn`t so bad after all.

Using polls two years away to predict Obama's defeat is like these predictions

Robert Reich Said He Would Reluctantly Approve The Compromise Bill On Tweety's Show

Will the tax cuts expire on schedule? If not, will they do harm to the country?

"DOJ Will Appeal Health Care Lawsuit, Says It Shouldn't Be Fast Tracked"


Ed Schultz on Sarah Palin's latest tweet:

"McConnell Warns Against Changing Tax Deal"

Poll: Liberals Bail on Obama

"Why House Dems are in major bind over tax deal"

For all those who think Obama is an "appeaser" and is "unwilling to fight," remember this?:

I am absolutely PROUD of those for and against the Obama tax deal here on DU

So what can be done about the Blue Dog Democrats and what exactly defines them?

TPM: VA Judge Makes Elementary Error In Health Care Ruling

"Blue Dogs Ask Pelosi For No 'Delay' Or Changes To 'Essential' Tax Deal"

Romney: Workers Should Pay Their Own Unemployment Benefits

Stop picking on John Boehner's crying. He knows he has very, very bad karma heading his way

Thoughts about this Child Nutrition Program that Obama just signed

Food Changes in Schools.

Obama narrows list of possible Summers successors

I honestly believe President Obama will have to end both wars to have a chance of getting re-elected

My birthday cake, from my son and his SO

Cenk commentary on TYT: Bought Republican Politicians

Papantonio: Obama Continues the Trickle Down Lie

Judge Grants Julian Assange Bail!

A Nut on China

WikiLeaks founder Assange granted conditional bail

TDPS: Fox News Bias Confirmed by Leaked Email...Still Need More Evidence?

Lowering Workers' Wages is the Objective

Land Of The Free?

Egyptians Denounce Political Repression

The Media ♥'s Tax Cuts for the Rich

TYT: Bloomberg to Ban Soda for NYC Welfare Recipients

MRN: Julian Assange + OkCupid = Condom Busting Hilarity

Sen. Sanders: Those Making Living Off Investments Will Pay Substantially Less Than Firemen, Teachers

We could all learn something from this guy

Woman Whipped In Public For Wearing Trousers

The Fed Under Fire: Why We Must Audit The Federal Reserve!

Michael Moore on Assange: Britain's Court System 'Being Played' by Another Govt

Rachel Maddow - Liberals speak, MSM stops reporting

Majority Report : Glenn Greenwald Interview Pt.1

Violent clashes erupt in Italy after Berlusconi survives no-confidence vote

Who Are the Brain Police? Zappa live w/ Flo & Eddie, Spotlight Sweden 1971

TYT: John Boehner Crying on 60 Minutes

TYT: Switzerland to Decriminalize Incest

Obama Supporter vs Progressives

Cenk TYT commentary: McCain Flip Flops on Tax Cuts

UCLA professor at DREAM Act rally calls out "old white men in Congress": reverse racism?

Ed Schultz: Will Tax Deal Haunt Obama's 2012 Re-Election?

Jon Stewart Rakes GOP over the coals on 9/11

Michael Moore on Countdown: WikiLeaks a Big Spotlight on 'Follies' & 'Crimes'

9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve,Fed Inspector General Can't Explain

Tax Cuts & Dirty Environment - Seder, Cenk Against Right Winger

Alan Grayson says "We are getting the bum's rush"

Daniel Ellsberg: 'I was subject of White House Hit Squad... Assange in danger'

Sarah Palin Shoots a Charging Bear...

Julian Zelizer, CNN: Bush a success because Obama is keeping a huge number of his policies in place

Party revolt growing over Prime Minister Julia Gillard's WikiLeaks stance

John Boehner Finally Figures Out How to 'Hold Back' Those Tears

Is the New York Times trying to make us dumber?

"You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan" Richard Holbrooke's last words?

Kicking the Habit: Air Travel in the Time of Climate Change

Feds investigate Baptist mega-church pastors

GOP's Bachus: Washington and the regulators are there to serve the banks,"

Tax Cut Deal Handling Angers House Democrats

one of the best cartoons of the year on GOP tax stand...

Middle Class Strife Left Out of Conversation

Where is the protest music for 2010?

Richard Holbrooke: The pragmatist by Wesley Clark

Politics Enables Mexican Fugitive to Defang a Law

Bush Tax Cuts I $700B, Tarp $700B - Stimulus $789B - Bush Tax Cuts II, $858B

Two Democrats' defections give Republicans supermajority in Texas House

Assange's Three-Pronged Strategy, Per His Own Writings

Top 10 Dumbest Sarah Palin Quotes of 2010

Keli Goff, HuffPo: "10 Things Michelle Obama Wants to Say to Sarah Palin"

Majority Report : Glenn Greenwald Interview Pt.2

Peak oil review - Dec 13

Silver lining in dark economic times: Recycling rates soar

Pickens Plan no longer features wind energy

Path dependency and collective action in common pool governance

Eagle safety fears halt key wind projects

European Nuclear Engineers Form a Consortium.

Population redux

Maine... We make Energy Production fun! :-)

Antarctic Melting as Deep Ocean Heat Rises

November 2010 Atmospheric CO2 Content: 388.59; November 2009 - 385.99; November 2008 - 384.11

Khimki forest motorway to be built by Russia (BBC)

Miss Earth of 2010

Weekly Road Rage News

Report: Green Bay Online Gun Dealer Sold Inside Store Without Permit

Shot-By-Accident Daily Journal

Judge affirms San Diego County gun permit system

Clinton Iowa to conceder gun ban

Sellers shut down by ATF find other ways

Gun dealers often stay in business with new licenses after ATF shuts them down

Constitutional Carry in Texas

In Paris, Pinochet’s victims seek a kind of justice

Uribe's son faces conflict of interest allegations

Dutch Woman Indicted in U.S. for Kidnapping Americans With Colombia Rebels

Parties to Colombia conflict raped almost 15,000 women in 2001-09 - study

Ex-senator banned from office for paramilitary ties

'Don Berna' again refuses to cooperate with Colombian justice

Former DINA torturer working at Pentagon-linked center

Are there any DUers in Quito? I will be getting there in January and would love to know

Who's streak of consecutive starts is more impressive?

ESPN source: Yankees out of the running for Cliff Lee

Uniforms Ducks will wear against Auburn revealed

Cliff Lee agrees to re-sign with the PHILLIES!

Kathy Najimy: I fell in love with Dan for who he is, not because he happens to have a penis

U.S. To Attempt To Restore United Nations Resolution Against Gay Executions

Well I'm done. From this point forward I'm sticking to GLBT, Latest Breaking News and Pets.

We were set up by gay lobby, claim Christian B&B couple who refused two homosexual men a room

Compassionless Conservatism

Sen. Bernie Sanders urged the Department of Justice to block Comcast

Newsweek poses the question about the African-American and lgbt civil rights movements - A. McEwen

How did this wastrel ever find his way to the White House?

Lt. Dan Choi: Veterans and activists carry human burdens - hospitalized for breakdown

Top Marine: Soldiers could lose lives if ‘don’t ask’ repealed

The Best Argument Against Gay Marriage - And Why It Fails

Gaza: Let Charity That Aids Children Reopen Its Doors

Atheist Ads on Buses Rattle Fort Worth

Do you think any claims are unjustified claims? Any ideas are bad ideas?

Christmas News: Jesus Found In America!

Bill Donohue declares war on Frosty the Snowman

Global Eruption Rocks the Sun

Size does matter: Putting space into perspective

Voyager 1 spacecraft entering 'heliopause,' leaving solar wind behind

Life may have survived 'Snowball Earth' in ocean pockets (BBC)

Giant ice volcano may have been found on Titan

Flowers evolved from male gymnosperm 'cones' with the first being lilies and avacados

Frozen flight

We have 30!

An aborted idea - a Tuesday funny

A couple from this morning

dogs by fire

Blast from the 1978 past

3 videos about street photographers.