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Archives: December 11, 2010

Perhaps it's time to realize we're pulling on the wrong pant leg.

A look at Finland's attitude toward schools and teachers. A world apart from views here.

Who is your favourite author? Mine right now is Mordecai Richler. I loved Solomon Gursky Was Here.

This Squeaky Wheel And I Are Pulling An All-Nighter

Funny how weather is forecast.

Meat balls

Band of Horses - The Funeral

feels like heaven - fiction factory

Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't it be good

Miley Cyrus knows how to SMOKE the competition...

Sonic Youth - Disappearer

4wh4y i4s m4y compu4ter 4throwi4n4g in 44's?44

Pitbull attack in Russia

So many unfamiliar faces here these days but I'll post my rant anyway

Every blue moon or so, I forget if I've already taken my sleep meds..

No wonder the children izn't learnin' ................

Parents bought HP laptop, have to return it battery wouldn't lock in to place.

I'm off to Vegas...

It's a balmy 28 degrees out there - who's up for a walk?

I'm a king bee

Battling Terminal Cancer, Robin Rogers Gives Thanks

I swear to you I have the craziest cat on the planet.

ok new the video who's vibe best describes you

I won a Wii in my company's holiday raffle

At times like this, I wish I was on Twitter

SRV w/ Johnny Copeland, "Look At Little Sister," Live @ Montreux 1985

One hundred year old Frankenstein movie

Bowie snarls his way through "Fashion," live @ 1997 GQ Awards...Reeves Gabrels SMOKES on guitar.

Why don't cannibals like clowns?

Weird ads...

"That's what I call a fuckin show!"...Yes, that's right, it's Salma Hayek in "From Dusk Till Dawn."

I'm noticing A LOT of Banks and Credit Unions are closed on Dec 24th

Sandra Lee's MSNBC Holiday Appetizer Party: chocolate vodka and what appears to be cat food on toast

Um, what's up with GrovelBot? Hasn't been around much since the Wazee street massacre in Denver

OK - I am going to buy a stove smoker - what kind should I get?

Anyone live (or have lived) in the Southern Hemisphere?

"OOOOOOOOOH...a funnel. That'll be great for funneling."

Good point TnT

I have a few gold colored Coins that I can't Identify( Could you?)

Not only do we have Bernie Sanders, we've got Grace Potter

Christmas Vacation is on at 7 tonight

Funniest thing I've read in a long while.

DU BBQ CHEFS: Does it piss you off when people armchair quarterback your grilling skills?

LZ III is my favorite LZ album. All others are sick imiators, or preversions of their 'thingy'

It is a sad day - it's Elizabeth Edwards - DUer's Funeral today

I just showed the kids "Star Wars Holiday Special"


Your life -- as depicted by bottles.

Cat vs. Internet (this is my life)

I think everyone in here would enjoy a little menage-a-tortrois...

Sometimes it's a fine line between a "celebrity" and a "manatee."

super extreme DUI

Ring them bells, ye heathen, from the city that dreams

Of COURSE not, honey!! Your butt makes that branch look SMALL!!

Bernard Allison - "Voodoo Child," live @ Skipper's Smokehouse (Tampa), Nov 6, 2009

So how many Football games are going to be effected by the weather tomorrow?

I would like to thank everyone who's posted in the Lounge tonight.

"Screw you, I'm Cold"

Helmet - Jon Stewart Show 1994 - "Wilma's Rainbow"

History in the making...

Depressing Christmas songs...

Journal 11 Dec 2010 Columbia river gorge.

Game: make the connections between these 4 actors

"Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while, I think I see my brother coming, riding a many mile. "

I finished my Christmas shopping today.

cats in the snow....

Prince Phillip farted

I challenge you to read this Free Republic post and tell me you don't support eugenics

Have you ever actually seen "folks dressed up like eskimos"?

How to make your cat decide once and for all to plot your painful demise:

"Rock Stars Then & Now" (slide show)

The sky was pretty tonight...

Merry Christmas from the Family (Robert Earl Keen)

Anyone here know how trustworthy gold nugget dealers online are?

Very sad news :(

I was the victim of a very strange car accident this afternoon

Hey All You Former And Current, Don't Trust Anybody Over 30er's

I don't like aging.

Figured this thread was worth a cross post.

Seriously. Has anyone ever asked the hamburger if that stuff is really helping it

Nook or Kindle?

Toaster or Toaster Oven?

I just won the 2010 End of Year Dutch National Lottery

Should I bring my cat to the vet?

Getting in the Christmas tree in - let the banging and swearing ensue!

Free Christmas music downlaods

Have you ever been in love with someone you barely had anything in common with?

Does anyone here have any experience with

Married man in sexless marriage isn’t happy

Does your banana have a thick skin?

Profound questions about "Roadhouse"

Hey Yankees! Question about lake effect snow.

Help my cat has pancreatitus. Anyone else ever experienced this with their pets?

How do you discipline your cat? I had a cat I used to use a water pistol with. Got to the point

Revealed: US State Dept. republished WikiLeaks document from Feb 2009

Police arrest boy of 16 over WikiLeaks attacks

WikiLeaks cables: Vatican refused to engage with child sex abuse inquiry

NYT NEWS ALERT: Madoff Son Found Dead of Apparent Suicide, New York Police Say

Poll: Obama's losing support; Romney would beat him now

Holbrooke Is in Critical Condition.

Vatican Bank mired in laundering scandal

Probe after student hurt by truncheon blow

WikiLeaks' Kiwi leaks

Madoff Son Found Dead

Petreaus' top NCO pushes for repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell'

Bernie Madoff's Son Mark Reported Dead [Updated](Suicide)

Explosions in Stockholm kill 1, injure 2

Planned Parenthood affiliates sign contract for merger

Dutch Arrest Man for Attack on Prosecutor's Website

U.S. Special Envoy Holbrooke in Intensive Care After Falling Ill at Office

Cancun delegates reach climate change deal

Failed Suicide bombs in central Stockholm caused panic among Christmas shoppers, 1 terrorist dead

UN Guards Beat Reuters Photographer At Cancún Climate Talks

Global climate talks approve new package, fund

Global climate talks approve new package, fund

Violence Flares Anew in Southern Afghanistan

Iran state TV broadcasts new stoning woman 'confession'

Once Again US Says the End of Visas for Brazilians Is Near

Pastor who threatened to burn Qur'an plans to address far-right English Defence League in February

Wikileaks protests in Spain over Julian Assange arrest

Julian Assange supporters plan protests worldwide

Julian Assange supporters plan protests worldwide

Uribe proposed capturing guerrillas in Venezuela

Gunbattle kills 11 in western Mexican town

Governor Paterson issues executive order on hydraulic fracturing

Bernie Madoff's evil twin Sonja Kohn is hit with $19.6B claim tied to scam

Elizabeth Edwards Eulogized as Defender of Her Family

Cult status, fundraising effort for Sanders

WikiLeaks cables: US proposed counter-terrorism centre in Barcelona

WikiLeaks cables: Russia 'was tracking killers of Alexander Litvinenko but UK warned it off'

Chavez seeks decree powers in Venezuela in response to floods

Anonymous donors spent $132M on 2010 campaign ads-Study aimed to measure impact of Citizens United

State Dept. spokesman heavily uses Twitter to battle WikiLeaks fallout

Storm Hits Midwest; Plows Ordered Off Minn. Roads

Twitter Sensation in the Senate, Despite Using Slightly More Than 140 Characters

Afghan police crisis threatens British withdrawal as thousands quit force

China's Inflation Tops 5%, Adding Pressure for Wen to Raise Interest Rates

Infant's life-saving surgery is OK'd by providers

Custer's "Last Flag" sells for $2.2 million

Obama to Convene CEO Summit

Obama calls WikiLeaks' "deplorable" - White House


Planned N.Y. Fire Dept. Fees Criticized

A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives

Official: Madoff son found dead in NYC apartment

Theresa May pressed to halt visit by anti-Muslim US preacher

'One dead' after Stockholm blasts

Karzai, regional leaders agree to pipeline project through Taliban territory in Afghanistan

Bill Clinton, at the invitation of Obama, made a push for Obama's tax plan/compromise.


My Question (s) Today

A maxim worth noting : You lose voters trust

Sanders' Rebuke

"It's a deficit to government but it's not a deficit to people who get to keep their money".

Obama’s base

Mark Madoff Hanged Himself

Ponder. If all was reversed and Obama was a Republican, how would his base feel and react,

A strong Republican leader

A gamble Republicans were willing to take (because they don't care)

Unemployment benefits were never a priority for Obama

How many here have completely given up on President Obama and will NOT vote for him in 2012?

Good riddance to BashthePresident Underground...

Now that I have had time to digest the situation

Clinton Refuses to Leave White House

Why should I trust Obama not to support extending the tax cuts for the wealthy in two years?

FINRA Foundation Releases Nation's First State-by-State Financial Capability Survey

If Obama had a sinister touch, he could use the GOPama-tax cuts to bury the GOP

Obama defended his Public Option compromise. Hear this....

Accused of a right wing viewpoint!?**

Finally Sent Letter To Pesident Obama Today

Cause to congratulate the President

Epitaph for an election

For Obama fans, why are you defending the tax cut deal when....

Well, he did it. It took taking a helluva hit to his own political capital, but he did it.

What Do You Think The Unemployment Rate Will Be In March 012

We already have a payroll tax holiday on the books

This is getting so predictable

Exclusive: ‘The Fourth Estate is dead,’ former CIA analyst declares

What do you most want from Obama?

David Brooks (NYT): A very good week for Obama and Democrats

Will the bill pass or fail?

time for the healers to step up

The Only Adult in the Room

X-mas Card from the White House

President Bill Clinton on B*sh Tax Cuts For the Rich - 2004 Democratic Convention

How sad it is that we seem to be legitimizing Bush's presidency

Republicans blocked unemployment for a couple of months and killed some stimulus benefits

Nouriel Roubini supported a payroll tax holiday (September)

'Payroll Tax Holiday' came into Obama's Tax Plan via Republicans

Obama compromise projects 8.7% vs 9.9% jobless with just middle tax cuts

I, for one, welcome Bill Clinton's return as the Respite President

Full Congressional Record Transcript of Sanders Filibuster

We couldn't even get a lame duck Feingold to dump "tax cuts for the rich".

AARP Signs Off On Key Obama Tax Cut Provision

I didn't like it when they called Obama "arrogant"

Sen. Sanders is living in Fantasyland.

Social Security was only for widows and orphans. FDR irresponsible: sat and spun for six months

Real economists agree -- It's a sh*tty deal...

Ishmael Reed: What Progressives Don’t Understand About Obama

The Abstract World Vs. The Real World

If Laura Ingraham can see it...why can't some liberals?

It's happening: Obama is making a bee-line for Social Security and Medicare

How about some Holiday Music in here!

Tax Debate Timeline - How the Right wouldn't budge, and the Left Blamed one man!

“The truth is,the President got a lot of things here we've been fighting for"

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Soham Baba, Lessons in Manipulating the Indigenous - COP16

Youth Delegations Ejected from COP16

Deck the Halls With Fairer Taxes

L.A. museum whitewashes commissioned mural: Across from VA, caskets draped in dollar bills

God Bless You Very Wealthy Men

Grandma Got Molested at the Airport

Weird Liberal Head Show #246: Liberals, Keep up the Great Work!

Power to the People

Bill Clinton Meets with Obama (satire)

Be careful of trolls sowing dissent...

Bolivian Pres. Evo Morales WikiLeaks Cables Reveal 'Diplomacy of Empire'

wikileaks protests - GO!

Obama and the Unions

Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura: BP Oil Disaster pt1

A Mother's Plea: WikiLeaks Founder No Criminal

Citizens United v. FEC and the 2010 Election - Take Back Talking Points

Stockholm suicide bomb Swedish news report

Weekly Address: Protecting the Middle Class & the Economy

Citizens United v. FEC and the 2010 Election - Take Back Talking Points

Young Turks: Sarah Palin WikiLeaks Attack

TYT: Ron Paul Defends Wikileaks

Barack Obama Leaves Bill Clinton In Charge

Bernie Madoff's son found dead after Apparent Suicide In New York

Pin the Bailout On the Donkey - 2010 Election Analysis

The White House: Press Briefing with President Obama and President Clinton [32:10]

KO: "Berniebuster"

TDPS: EPIC FAIL: Fox News does "troop treatment" story without a SINGLE mention of wars

TYT: Bill Clinton Dominates Obama Press Conference

Young Turks: Obama's Poker Strategy

AC360 - Anderson Cooper talks with organizers of counter-protest at Elizabeth Edwards' funeral

Failed Suicide bombs in central Stockholm caused panic among Christmas shoppers, 1 terrorist dead

Daniel Ellsberg on Wikileaks and Julian Assange on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Obama never said that he was a progressive?

Fired for Being Lesbian

Is President Obama setting Rs up for a historic KNOCKOUT in 2012, using 'ROPE-A-DOPE' strategies

Chris Busby PhD explains why uranium is bad for you (extremely genotoxic)

President Obama is the only one to grab the moral high ground on this issue.

Western Civilization Has Shed Its Values (WIKILEAKS AND HILLARY)

My Favorite War

The FCC's Guide to Losing Net Neutrality Without Really Trying

God Bless Bernie Sanders

NY Times: Civil Rights in California

Lawn Guyland Is America’s Future -- Krugman

Espionage Act: How the Government Can Engage in Serious Aggression Against the People of the US

House Dems Wary of Obama's Negotiations With Extraterrestrials

Social Security's Humble Origins (Washington Monthly)

Peter Baker, NYT: "If Bill Clinton Were President"

An Open Letter to Senator Bernie Sanders

The Bush Tax Cuts - Nothing But Blood

The geek who shook the world

Why did I back Julian Assange? It's about justice and fairness

The Nation:Tax Cuts Forever? by Christopher Hayes

A disappointed Democrat? You bet

At this point do we have to be hoping for a revolution?

The Rise of the Wall Street Ruling Class

Phone Companies' $100 Billion Rip-off -- Where Is That Hidden $6 a Month Going in Our Phone Bills?

John Pilger: Why are wars not being reported honestly?

Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura: BP Oil Disaster pt2

The Plot to Destroy Social Security

Delays of EPA rules anger environmentalists

Wikileaks Copenhagen Climate Cables Rich In Anger, Pessimism

Peak Humanitarian Aid

Spencer, Monckton Admit Anthropogenic Warming Is Real At Thinly-Attended Skeptics' Press Event

Science - Breakthrough In Cloud Modeling Suggests Negative Climate Feedback "Very Unlikely"

Shark finning continues despite EU ban, says report (BBC)

Using Waste, Swedish City Cuts Its Fossil Fuel Use (NY Times)

Gimme Shelter - Binishells

Police:Woman wrests gun, kills teen robber

Gun Control Poll

Tasers effectiveness as self-defense

Floridians and their guns

Colombia allegedly pushes US to grant Uribe immunity

Brazil gay couples entitled to pension benefits

In search of Colombia's disappeared

Thom Hartmann RT BigPicture Green report w/ Amy Goodman (wikileaks, & Lat Am)

Once Again US Says the End of Visas for Brazilians Is Near

Human rights group PROVEA demands scrutiny of Venezuelan police force

Ecuador's president to make aid trip to Colombia

Hillary's "special interest" in Dilma

Venezuela hits absolute bottom as most corrupt country in Latin America

More fence-mending in Argentina by hil and company

Photos and videos of Day 5 of Protest to protect the Conococha Lake - Huaraz, Ancash, Peru

WikiLeaks Embassy cables reveal Venezuela's healthcare system collapsing

Florida tabs Texas' Muschamp as football team's next head coach.

NY Giants stuck in KC on their way to play the Vikings.

does college football need a 'Rooney rule'?

Stoops to Florida????

113,411 - new record for a crowd at a hockey game

Dumbass UK QB will not play again.

If Bill Cowher is available, Jason Garrett's Cowboys resume loses luster

ESPN 30 for 30: June 17, 1994

Football Writers Association Should be Ashamed of Themselves

Snowstorm pushes Super Bowl XLVIII to Monday night

Petraeus Aide Marvin Hill: If Troops Can't Deal With DADT Repeal, They Should Leave The Service

Leading rabbi denounces colleagues' edict against renting homes to non-Jews

Barak backs Jerusalem partition plan

'Mossad, CIA, MI6 behind Tehran attacks'

Summation on a few things.

Pa. couple who only prayed for dying tot convicted


Nature's Coming Attraction: Geminid Meteor Shower

the Lego Antikythera Mechanism (video)

8,000 year old human bones found in Argentina

If the repubs get their way on Science Education....

Help me decide for the white contest

Anyone have any strong opinions on which potential entry I should use?

SUBMISSION THREAD - December Contest **WHITE**

COMMENT THREAD for December Contest***

I'd love to play, but