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Archives: December 10, 2010

If they followed the plans right, it should work fine

One arrest made in bear spray bank robbery

Tell Senate Now: Stop $7 Billion in New Nuke Loans. No More Taxpayer Bailouts for Giant Corporations

Westboro Baptist to protest Elizabeth Edwards' funeral in Raleigh

The Daily Show: The Big Bank Theory

Ladies and Gentlemen...Democratic Underground is down

How did this last weekend happen?

Platform of the Progressive Party (1912)

Just maybe, could it be?

Can we just get some recognition and respect for students in the UK?

Foxy Republicans from FOX

So, is Obama a homophobe or what?

Christmas Time's A Comin'

“Anonymous” Posts Video Describing “Operation Payback” In Defense Of WikiLeaks

Wikileaks cable: Chinese Vice Premier (then regional official) & US Ambassador

Czech public sector workers strike against austerity measures

Steuerzahler muss man mittlerweile wirklich dankbar sein, dass es "Wikileaks" gibt.

NYT: "Unlicensed Drivers Who Risk More Than a Fine" (illegal immigrant drivers in Ga.)

Program change may alter benefits

Pentagon: Must wait for the survey! Congress: Sorry, we tried. Obama: Yes, we can!

University of Puerto Rico students resume strikes (tuition hikes)

They're gonna cave for ethanol subsidies?

I'd defend most anyone against unasked for assaults

Russ Feingold challenging Obama in 2012?

Senate DADT Obstructionists Joined the Wrong Side of America's Civil Rights History

Dept. Of Justice(Oregon) Lists 20 Worst Charities

galls me that HE acts like he talked the GOP into the SS taxcut

David Vitter Blocks Obama NOAA Nominee Over Offshore Drilling Halt

Assange accuser flees to Middle East, may not be cooperating with police

Pakistan elites turn blind eye to war

Harper's Index

Need legal advice--ELDER ABUSE

I have to say that given the treatment being meted out to

The Tea Party's Vendetta

Obama Agrees to Extend Republicans' Custody of His Balls- Borowitz Report

Morming Joe, Buchanan and Donny Deutsch think the President

Man arrested after ejaculating during TSA pat-down

NY economics professor says us peons should just kiss the a$$es of the rich and shut up

Fresno may ignore lesser 'quality of life' crimes

sincere question about self-professed conservatives and available information

U.S. Fights Saudi Extremism with…David Letterman and Desperate Housewives

Anthropology a Science? Statement Deepens a Rift

Liberals Focus Their Attention on 'Gaze Cues' Much Differently Than Conservatives Do

Viable Female and Male Mice from Two Fathers Produced Using Stem Cell Technology

Auth Toon: Been there, done that...

Grand Jury investigating why Republican received special treatment from State’s Attorney

Republicans: Don't Bother Enlisting If You Are An 'Illegal Immigrant'

New Study Shows Higher Mortality Risk at For-Profit Dialysis Chains

Pfizer to withdraw hypertension treatment Thelin, citing liver problems overseas

Mark Fiore is steamed about the Obama Tax cut's proof if you dare click on link

Video: Sorkin calls Palin an "idiot" - trashes her political sport hunting

Why Assange and Wikileaks have won this round

Nightmare scenario: Obama drops all pretense and declares himself to be a R.

Lawmakers from Virginia vow to fight Defense Department cuts

Now HERE is an issue I think we can all get behind...

Progressive publications- need help

Firefighters are battling a major blaze at a school in northwest Atlanta

John Lennon's final interview download link

Daniel Sarewitz demands scientists somehow make Republicans want to be scientists

Former Ingraham producer, Fox News booker reportedly faces charges for "impersonating a congressman"

Berg appointed to Ways and Means Committee

So, the Commies have blocked every news organization here today

DADT vote...

No U.S. Law against WikiLeaks Publishing Diplomatic Cables

Americans Against the Tea Party~Facebook page you might enjoy..

A Hedge Fund is an excellent place to learn about poverty.

Ohio Workers Rally to Help the Jobless, Slam Tax Cuts for the Rich

The Tea Party's Vendetta

If/when Democrats lose the Majority in the Senate do you think they will

have you seen any republicans interviewed on teevee this week?

Recognize this place again.

E.P.A. Delays Tougher Rules on Emission

Dutch police investigate apparent hacker attack

If Hundreds Of Republicans Are Praising Something, It's Wrong

'For our last number'

Please Help Save Social Security TODAY

Assange accuser may have ceased co-operating

Gather round kiddies and let me tell you the saga of Glass Joe.

Papers Shed Light On Eisenhower's Farewell Address

A dream you dream alone is only a dream

The Best, Most Disgruntled Ink Cartridge Description You'll Ever Read

Sarah Palin Tops Them All

Statement: Robert Greenstein on the Tax Cut-Unemployment Insurance Deal

Armed Minn. lawmaker spotted with a loaded gun in the parking lot of a Planned Parenthood office

If President Obama were to buy a car....

Capital Gains or Ordinary Income?

Olga Korbut...

They're just old light (the stars)

Well I met her.. in the garden...

I've never seen a night so long...

You float like a feather


Gutenmorgen, Sie verrückte Leute

Eeet eeet eeet

Obama Admin blocks aid to homeowners in foreclosure

Am Boden

Mamy Blue

I never caught an Irish fish

John Lennon's final interview download link

Unique, cool sounding tunes?

Looks like retreating to the Lounge was a good idea

Towns deploy cardboard police in miniskirts

Phosphorescent in Late Show with David Letterman 2010-12-09

Monday: Had a bad dream, the printer broke; woke up and puked on my wife's hair. She didn't notice

for my lounge fiends -- i dont care friday.


Eerie image captured in woods

'Tis nice to be able to sit at the computer

Eerie image captured in woods - Deer stand camera snaps bizarre animal


Hilarious Cash4Gold Letter Is Fake

I just posted to GD... something bland and non-thoughtprovoking... 'cause that's the way I roll. n/t

New Transformers 3 Trailer - rewrites Apollo 11 moon landing!

"Please don't dominate the rap, Jack, if you've got nothing new to say..."

My day yesterday in pictures

Camel tow mishap...

The Captain of this vessel looks like Black Francis

Your Song

My poor son!

Is it just me, or is the main character from the Wimpy Kid books a real fucking asshole?

I have posted...

Young Men Dead - The Black Angels

"Doonesbury" creator Garry Trudeau interview with the BBC:

Slow Down !!!!

Was arrested today for an outstanding ticket I thought I had paid. Cop wrote down my old address

OMG hide me!

God, bless you

Anyone seen The Tourist yet?

This is just an INCREDIBLE story! You have to read about this elephant!

Sorry if posted before - British animal voiceovers

Extended Auto Warranty Question

I am a rash

I'm kind of a big deal.

Heard in the grocery store this evening - Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) Squeeze

My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo

I am really putting myself out by starting this thread.

The Clash - London's Burning

A Little BB King Christmas for the blues inclined among us

Plowing through your bean field, planting my seed

Post a song by,about or with a zombie.

Five most powerful boxing films

Friendly Holiday Advice

Introduction: dude girl

introduction: newt girl

Anyone on ourstage?

Dedicated to FLAMERS: "& who do you think you ARE?!1"

Anybody been watching the Nutcraker play-offs with SarahJessica?!11

introduction: newd girl

Anyone planning to go see "Tron: Legacy?"

(DIAL-UP WARNING!!!) Maybe the absolute CUTEST "Nom-Nom" picture you may EVER see...

Ya ever feel when they say, "There's somebody for everybody", you're THE exception to that rule?

VIDEO: "The Top 100 Videos of 2010 in 170 Seconds" (WARNING: includes XXX monkeys)

Of course, being alone is not ALWAYS a bad thing.

Where exactly is Lala land? I'm trying to find it on the map.

My favorite Light My Fire cover

"See what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps"...Most Ridiculous Edited-for-TV Movie Lines

I now know where the Leg Cramp ended up!

I now know where the Leg Cramp ended up!

Ikue Mori with Robert Quine and Marc Ribot - "Mojave"

Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd - "And Then I Turned Away"

Unicorn this. Unicorn that. Blah-blah-blah... what the HELL is so special about unicorns?

Anybody got Friday on their mind?

You are cocking?

I got a kindle. Now what?

What Are The Hot Toys This Christmas?

By Far the Best Show on Television...

The Lounge is hopping today, and I'm glad to see it...

Dolphins, Racing my bow wave!

Isabella Rosselini on NPR boasting about Green Porn!

America: America: Why R Your Peeps So Dum?

Not all cats and dogs co-exist well.

Add Miley Cyrus to the Looooong list of Celeb Stoners...

Are there any good books about the fall of Rome?

I know now where the Leg Lamp ended up!

Your weekend camo kitteh, dun dun dunnnnnnnnn

Road Report: I almost squished a car the other day and other ramblings

Miley Cyrus smoking a Bong video

I went on a search for something today and found some interesting newspapers

Did you know that chocolate, ginger, olives and cheese are...

Miley Cyrus smoking a Bong video


Has anyone seen the new USA version of Top Gear?

Man this place is dead today. I think what we need is a good sex thread to liven it up.

"The Walking Dead" discussion - with spoilers

Gaaah! Spidermoose!

Landlady came back into the house today./Also proof she used our phone line.

Playing the same game on a PS2 and a XBox 360...holy shit what a difference!

I don't care if there is a war on christmas

introduction: new girl

heh! flying spaghetti monster & cthulhu x-mas ornaments

b-b-b-b-b-b-bliizzard???? oh crap

The new Fiat 500. Whan it comes here, I want one. Thoughts?

And finally: Is everybody aware that there's a "MiddleFingerMom National Park" here in Arizona?

Peter Gabriel & Cocteau Twins - "Downside Up"

If I told you that "Elvis" was an anagram of "Evils", would you not like him as much?

Archae is not the ONLY crusty old bird you'll see this weekend.

so my wife took our dumped on our road shi-tzu to the vet


Coming up on TCM, my second favorite version of "A Christmas Carol" - musical "Scrooge" with Finney

Kate Bush - "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" (1979 Christmas Special)

Don't fuck with Burger King

there goes my star again

Pro-WikiLeaks cyber army gains strength; thousands join DDoS attacks

Author Pulls WikiLeaks E-Book from Amazon

Senate Republicans block 9/11 health bill

“Anonymous” Posts Video Describing “Operation Payback” In Defense Of WikiLeaks

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to get limited internet access in jail

Facebook founder Zuckerberg to give away most of wealth

Indonesia captures top terror suspect

Berlusconi battles back from brink in Italy

Sakineh Ashtiani Still At Risk

FAA loses track of 119,000 aircraft

Pro-WikiLeaks protests in Australia

U.S. Trade Gap Drops as Exports Rise to Two-Year High (Update1)

Nobel No-Shows for Award to Dissident Liu Reveal Rising Chinese Influence

Bankers' bonuses to face limits in Europe

Military Bans Disks, Threatens Courts-Martial to Stop New Leaks

C-SPAN2 Live Stream - C-SPAN

E.P.A. Delays Tougher Rules on Emissions

Key bank staff each get bonus of €180,000

Assange accuser may have ceased co-operating (moved to West Bank)

Nigeria: Cheney, Ex-US VP, Not Above Law

Assange Lawyers Prepare for U.S. Spying Indictment

Happening Now: Sen. Sanders' Filibuster Of The Tax Deal

Report: Virginia Tech too slow to spread word about shooter

Mojave Foods Corporation Initiates Recall Due to Possible Health Risk from Walnut Ingredien

Obama: Tax Bill Will Pass, Possibly With Changes

Police: Man molested three young girls over several years

WikiLeaks cables cast Hosni Mubarak as Egypt's ruler for life

Palin's New Memoir Lagging in Sales

Julian Assange protest in Melbourne sparks peak-hour commuter chaos

J&J recalls 13 Million Packages of Rolaids

Obama Worked to Kill Democratic Fight on Tax Cuts

WikiLeaks founder's lawyer claims U.S. prosecutors are poised to charge him with spying Read more:

Palin eyes run for president if she has 'best shot'

Ambassador Richard Holbrooke Collapses, Hospitalized

Wall Street Speculators Seek To Profit from Madoff Victims' Losses

Bernie Sanders: Waste of time or proving a point?

Assange Lawyers Prepare for U.S. Spying Indictment

GM CEO Akerson fears losing managers over pay freeze

Vermont senator talks for hours against tax bill

November federal budget deficit highest on record

Ex-Goldman Programmer Is Convicted

U.S. says did not pressure companies on WikiLeaks

Clinton to meet with Obama Friday

Sen. Bernie Sanders launches filibuster against tax cut for the wealthy

Jury convicts 3 officers in post-Katrina death

Military Bans Disks, Threatens Courts-Martial to Stop New Leaks

US legislator rejects state recognition

WikiLeaks Congressional Hearing Set for Dec. 16

Pennsylvania, Michigan Banks Shut as 2010 Failures Climb to 151

Judge rules against Miller in Alaska Senate race

U.S. Court Denies Attempt to Block EPA Climate Rules

Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper convicted in Utah

Hackers steal Walgreens e-mail list, attack consumers

WikiLeaks: Cables reveal U.S. military role in Muslim world (more than US openly acknowledges)

WikiLeaks cables: Pope wanted Muslim Turkey kept out of EU

Happening Now: Sen. Sanders' Filibuster Of The Tax Deal

WikiLeaks: Scandal caused deep rift in Vatican-Ireland relationship

Records: U.S. Protected Some Nazi Gestapo Agents

DA: Teen found near Boston likely fell from plane

U.S. home-value decline far worse than in 2009

Petraeus Aide Marvin Hill: If Troops Can't Deal With DADT Repeal, They Should Leave The Service

Ron Paul Vigorously Defends WikiLeaks

Bill Clinton Backs Obama on Tax Deal

NASA: 2010 Meteorological Year Warmest Ever

US House likely to pass reworked tax deal-aide

Gas pump prices close in on average $3 a gallon

Americans in Poll Say Cut Deficit With Entitlements Secured as Rich Pay Up

For-Profit Education Stocks Rise as GOP Opposes Tighter Rules

Sanders 'Filibusters' Tax Deal as Key Senate Democrats Join Revolt

Post your pickture :D

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 10

Transgender Woman says DMV Clerk Warned of Hell

Iran state TV 'films new stoning woman confession'

Royal car attack: Cameron calls for 'full force of law'

Royal car attack: Cameron calls for 'full force of law'

Poll: Obama's losing support; Romney would beat him now

Poll: People behind WikiLeaks should be prosecuted

I am just seeing this, maybe am late, Barbara Walters interviewing

Note to President Obama, hang in there, they eating you alive but

Obama stands up to the left

Obama on Nobel Peace Prize Winner: "Mr. Liu Xiaobo is far more deserving of this award than I was."

"Trade Gap in U.S. Narrows More Than Estimated as Exports Hit Two-Year High"

Obama campaign advisers to model Deval Patrick's campaign for 2012

Photo: Obama - The Rock Star

Perennial candidate / election spoiler want-to-be Ralph Nader considering another presidential run.

Why Reps hate 9-11 responders, teh gay, the poor, the middle class and the unemployed

Rev. Al Sharpton BLASTS Anthony Weiner and defends Pres. Obama

President Obama has long suffered the underestimation of his critics.

Photo: Team of Rivals?

Economic news

"White House Scrambles To Save Tax Cut Deal"

UK Student voices: 'We'll fight on'

Obama Primary Challenge Talk Comically Innocent Compared To What Clinton Faced

Why is MSNBC PUSHING Sarah (Prom-hair) Palin on us??

If DADT Is Not Repealed This Congress It Will Not Be Repealed This Decade

Peter Orszag joins Citigroup

Kaine calls Dems' bluff:

The Average American

Don't Call it Triangulation

From Jay Inslee petition

House likely to pass reworked tax deal: aide

If this were a dictatorship

Warren Ballentine:Ed Shultz doesn't know what the HELL!!! he is talking about

The Hill: Reid unveils tax plan with green provision to win liberal support

Thune: Unemployment benefits have to be paid for, tax cuts don't

What we Got/What They Got

Obama's Very Good Week

"Pelosi To Senate: Send Me A Stand-alone DADT Repeal And I'll Pass It"

Common sense and the will of the American majority prevail. The compromise will pass next week !

GD: ***** Official LIVE BLOG Senate = Tax Cuts Debate ***** = filibuster LIVE NOW

"Why are they always picking on me?? . . . Please come CAPTION Bernie "The Whiner" Goldberg!!!

Howard Findman: There were Democratic lawmakers on Capital Hill over heard saying FUCK OBAMA!!!

Is Bill (big dog) Clinton advising the President ?

Nader "Obama a con man needs a primary challenger"

Obama administration retreats from environmental regulations

While We Are Mad At Everybody - Repug And Democrat- I Have Something Nice To Say

The story is not the liberal democrats getting mad, it is WHY... i.e. Republicans being greedy, etc.

PICS: If Republicans talked about their bases the way Obama does his...

The attacks on this President by the so-called base are sickening !

The U.S. and the Denver Broncos continue to follow the same trend.

CNN's Ali Velshi "Bill Clinton Will Meet With Pres. Obama To Help Him Get His Groove Back."

Congressional Black Caucus Offers Progressive-Friendly Tax Cut Proposal

I'm Black and I will not be voting for Obama in 2012...Here's Why.

Obviously being a "true" Democrat means wanting the economy to fail...

Bernie filibustering the tax bill - Turn on CSPAN2

Is what Bernie is doing an "actual" filibuster or not? Was the compromise up for a vote?

Is what Bernie is doing an "actual" filibuster or not? Was the compromise up for a vote?

A fighter! We need this fire now. We love you, Bernie Sanders. nt

"Obama won the great tax-cut showdown of 2010 - and House Democrats don't have a clue that he did."

What is the over under on how long Clinton stands at the White House podium. . .he ain't leaving. .

Sales of Palin's book are lackluster

Bill Clinton's Coming To The White House

Why is Clinton meeting with Obama? Not a snarky question, I just missed the

who needs enemies with friends like some of you?

Ezra Klein: How the White House Will Sell Angry House Dems on Tax Cut Deal

Thank you Bill Clinton

Clinton endorses tax deal following Oval Office powwow with Obama

Sock it to 'em Big Dog! Take that 'progressives'. No one has more clout on the economy!

CBPP Statement: White House achieved everything it sought for low- and middle-income families.

Barack Obama and the Trojan Horse . . . or is it?!

Manchin Explains His No Vote On DADT

Sanders: "I get upset when I hear extending unemployment for 13 months is a major compromise."

Thank you Bernie Sanders for telling it like it is.

Where was all this liberal anger at Bill Clinton when he supported NAFTA?

Bill Clinton: It's ETHICAL to have bipartisan ship

serious question: What will Obama run on in 2012?

Who Wanted What? - James Kwak

Bernie Sanders is a real fighter for Americans. He is on fire for us. How can we thank him?

2012 challenger or for 'bout Andy Stern?

Kerry bill to help blind pedestrians from silent hazards passes the Senate


Are the Clinton's the REAL Power behind Obama...If it Good or Bad Thing?

Haven't seen a coordinated fit on DU this good since the Carville Matalin theater.

If The Compromise Dies

CEOs find new friend in Obama

This is just like the week in January 1933 when von Papen

Americans in Poll Say Cut Deficit With Entitlements Secured as Rich Pay Up

The Strategic Mistake of a Decade

A return to Bill Clinton is change we can believe in, think again ! ?

A guide for counting to 60.

Only an insane person would truly think the middle class-only tax bill could return from the dead.

In 2012, I would vote for a yellow dog, but not Obama.

Obama Says It Would Be `Irresponsible' to Extend Tax Cuts for Wealthiest

Mark my words - Michael Bloomberg is now being set up by the PTB for a 2012 win.

The dweeb has got a secret. . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

I disagree with Bernie's position, but I thank him for what he did.

Looking past the obvious: Tax cuts and the Rich

Sarah should review this ole Spencer Tracey clip before running for President

Patraeus aide: "If the troops can't deal with DADT repeal, they can leave the military."

Obama Worked to Kill Democratic Fight on Tax Cuts

Orly Taitz, the queen of the Birthers, loses yet again

Would anyone totally against this bill please explain a path to getting a middle class only tax cut

If Obama had stood tall, what do you think would have happened?

Change you can believe in

Lets Third Term Big Dog Clinton NOW!!!!!!

House Dems. don't know how government works.

A Real Filibuster!

No Deal, Mr. President - by Sherrod Brown

This is quite an amazing time, indeed. Members of DU willing to kill a bill that extends

Moran (D-Va.) “I don’t know where the f*** Obama is on this or anything else. They’re AWOL.”

Obama signalling loud and clear he is hostile to Social Security

Does anybody recall Obama on TV repeatedly demanding that the GOP accept the public option?

I am so sorry Bill Clinton is damaging the last of his credibility to save Pres. Obama.

What we got versus What they got. The tax compromise illustrated (again).

Seriously--how did this happen?

What really pisses me off...

GOP to Miners: ‘Drop Dead,’ While MSHA Cracks Down On Black Lung, Scofflaws

Still haven't got a straight answer - why are we not taxing the top 2%?

To Those That Say The Repugs Can Be Shamed I Offer You This

Geithner to have surgery for kidney stones

Does Bill Clinton's appearance at the White House prove that Obama is in over his head?

Motörhead - Get Back In Line

Obama: Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich Won’t Create ‘One Single Job’

Jane Goodall Speaks at the COP 16

Austerity and stimulus - Leo Panitch and Bob Pollin

TYT Cenk commentary: (Bryan Fischer) Anti-Gay Christian Vs. WikiLeaks

A Letter from Anonymous, 9th of December 2010

It's that time of year - my top 10 albums of 2010

DUer David Swanson on The Real News: Scahill on Dem Abandonment of Power of Subpoena

WikiWecaps - Episode 1

Wikileaks keeps on publishing despite arrest

Majority Report is as 'Underground' as it gets

TDPS: We are being bamboozled with the Obama/GOP Tax Cut Compromise

Cost of Wars instead of Social Benefits: Ben Cohen's Oreo Demonstration

LAST WORD: Nader, Grayson, Rabbi -For Obama to take the LEFT Seriously He Needs a Primary Challenger

Celente on WikiLeaks 'Cablegate': They want transparent govt - Let's have It!

Rudolph (You Don't Have To Put On The Red Light)

Thom Hartmann: Human Rights Hit Reverse?

Thom Hartmann: Faux News Performers caught in the Act!

Thom Hartmann: The new McCarthyism?

Robert Zoellick President of the World Bank Speaking at COP16

Thom Hartmann - Rep. Peter DeFazio is leading the rebellion.

Countdown: IAM Pres. Tom Buffenbarger - Obama's legacy of aversion to conflict

Lying is Not Patriotic

Bernie Sanders FILIBUSTER: Economy's Winners and Losers

Thom Hartmann: Why does the FBI only entrap Muslims and not White Supremacists?

Weird Liberal Head Show #245: Me vs. Fake Liberals/DINOs!

Papantonio: Sarah Palin's Cukoo Moments

TYT: Fox News Bias Exposed By Leaked Memos

Mike Malloy - The Greatest Lie Glenn Beck Ever Told

This doesn't really effect you directly ..

Young Turks: People Will Die - EPA Cave By Obama Admin

Bernie Sanders

Some of Senator Bernie Sanders filibuster

10/21/09: Ed Schultz tells us how President Obama isn't afraid to take on the party of obstruction

Mike Malloy - Republicans Block 9/11 Workers Aid Bill

(In Honor Of Bernie Sanders): Mr. Smith Goes To Washington -

Supernews: The Glenn Beck Apocalypse

Hackers Unite!

Fireside: GOP Has No Decency

If I Had a Trillion Dollars

Palin: Assange Un-American, DUH

At Obama's Side, Clinton Backs Tax Deal

Wikileaks releases info on Colombia and Sudan (MUST watch)

WikiRebels - The Documentary (1/4)

Trends in Income Inequality

Defending WikiLeaks on the House floor / Some things to consider

MRN: Do Your Duty, Gays!

Sen. Bernie Sanders Filibuster Begins... first twelve minutes

Ron Paul, Walter Jones Write Letter Opposing Obama’s NAFTA-Style Korea Free Trade Deal

Ed Schultz: Obama is in Denial About Liberal Anger

Predecessor to Fox News made propaganda for Hitler

Rep. Peter DeFazio is leading the rebellion

Colombia: Uribe's Presidential Legacy Haunted by Scandals

Report: Assange's Swedish Sex Crimes Accuser Flees to Middle East, May Not Be Cooperating w/ Police

The Senate Stands for Injustice..Editorial NYTimes..

Obama tax-cut deal upsets major donors

The U.S. (in)Justice System Doesn't Work. The Alternative Just Might

Cold War vs. Modern Day US Propaganda

Europeans Criticize Fierce U.S. Response to Leaks

Culture Before Politics -- American Prospect

Obama Learns What's NOT a 'Myth' on 'Mythbusters'

WP: Max Baucus, the Democrats' dud

Obama tax deal with GOP marks fast turn

How Religious Fundamentalism Enables Sadists Like Elizabeth Smart's Kidnapper

Will Obama policy look like Reaganomics? (Jesse Jackson Jr./CNN)

Halliburton may pay $500 mil to keep Cheney out of prison

Operation Payback is Becoming a Miserable Failure

University of Puerto Rico students resume strikes

You Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em and Know When to Fold 'Em -- Obama Doesn't

Drawing the line on tax breaks = Sen. Bernie Sanders

Wall St Bonuses show..."We still have a problem..." (Warren)

Playing with fire: Street politics

They bombed al-Jazeera's reporters. Now the US is after our integrity

Tortured FBI whistleblower warns WikiLeaks fans

Remember when Bush Sr. labeled it as "Voodoo Economics"?

Secret GOP plan: Push states to declare bankruptcy and smash unions

US State Dept. republished WikiLeaks document from Feb 2009

WikiLeaks persists despite massive, multifaceted attacks

"God Bless Bernie Sanders" by Jacob Heilbrunn

The media's authoritarianism and WikiLeaks

How I met Julian Assange and secured the American embassy cables

Weird Tax Myths #2 - Recessions, Depressions and Tax Policy

How much do you know about the 1917 Espionage Act Lieberman and Feinstein champion?

Friday Talking Points (149) -- Making Holiday Sausage

Americans in Poll Say Cut Deficit With Entitlements Secured as Rich Pay Up (Bloomberg)

Detroit mayor plans to end services to one-third of city

The Week's Best Late-Night Jokes

Fight the Paddle Texas State Capital Dec 3rd, 2010

Being kettled was a shocking experience

WSJ: Clinton and Obama for Bush ("He might as well invoke the oracle himself")

"I Got Plenty o' Nothin' Weekend Economists December 10-12, 2010

Guardian UK: After tuition fees vote, students will ensure politicians are the biggest losers

Steve King Outlines GOP Legislative Strategy: Defund Health Care Reform In ‘Every Appropriations Bil

Return Fire: House Dems Attempt to Block Obama's Ability to Close Git'mo

Nearly almost quite at the brink's furtherest edge!!! . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

What now?

Jon Stewart shut your dumb ass up

Drumbeat: December 10, 2010

Feds pull high-speed rail funds from Wisconsin, Ohio

Trailer for Chris Paine's "Who Killed the Electric Car?" followup

Age of sail boats inspires green solutions

WikiLeaks cables suggest Burma is building secret nuclear sites (LBN xpost)

N.Y. Objects to Release of Multistate Fracking Rules

Alpha particles in city tap water, what should I do?

Greenland Ice Sheet Flow Driven by Short-Term Weather Extremes, Not Gradual Warming, Research Reveal

FL HB 45 a good thing

Atlanta Allows Guns in Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Someone didn't properly kneel to the "Authorities".

Obama Backs Gun Rights

OK, answer me this....

Colombia: Uribe's Presidential Legacy Haunted by Scandals

Disappearances in Colombia on a Scale Never Imagined

Concern at Chile's approach to Rapa Nui conflict

2010 most violent year since paramilitary demobilization: Report

Peru: Resistance to Increasing Mining Royalties

2 Colombians convicted in cocaine smuggling plot

Justice for Colombia conference and vigil

US cable: Cuba to be insolvent within 2-3 years

US legislator rejects state recognition

Venezuela oil chiefs told US data falsified -report

Paraguay's Lugo Will Have `Normal Life' After Chemotherapy Treatment Ends

Nice video of Evo speaking on DemocracyNow! today.

Group: Near 14,000 murders in Venezuela last year

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Thursday, December 9)

Great play in a rugby game

Since joeybee12 has just passed 30,000 posts, I think a GREAT BIG

Navratilova hospitalized after Kilimanjaro attempt

Birther Orly Taitz comments on Baltimore's Luke Scott,

Kentucky QB arrested for alcohol intoxication, disorderly conduct, possible assault

Hawaii to join Mountain West

The Twelve Days of Manningfacemas

Must be nice to be Cliff Lee right now; Rangers/Yankees are in a bidding war

For a Sports forum.....

Transgender woman says DMV clerk warned of hell

LPGA Removes ‘female at birth’ clause From constitution

Bathroom Monologue: I Hate Gay

Carrie Fisher outs a top Celebrity Scientologist in the Advocate interview

Who Is a Real Jew?

Bitter, evil atheists join Xmas parade...

Jesus' Great-Grandmother Identified

Atheist tells transgender woman she's going to hell

How Religious Fundamentalism Enables Sadists Like Elizabeth Smart's Kidnapper

The GFAJ-1 microbe: Not quite ready for prime time?

Stars so weird that they make black holes look boring

Fascinating New Theory: "The Universe Could Have Been Created from Nothing"

Mars Odyssey Spacecraft -Longest Mission in History

Navy’s Mach 8 Railgun Obliterates Record

A 75,000-year-old human settlement may lurk beneath the Persian Gulf

Politics and Eye Movement: Liberals Process 'Gaze Cues' Much Differently Than Conseervatives

New Species of Rust-Eating Bacteria Destroying the Titanic

December Contest "Frames"

I got my calendar today

Dems with cameras...

Biltmore Company building

Yesterday in Frankfurt, Germany

Am I going to be reduced to posting

Final choices for white theme. Can't decide. 7 choices. :o)

Variations on "White"

Looking up at the Grocery Store - Layers of action

Some possibilities for the photo contest.