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Archives: November 8, 2010

The future speaker weeper has a couple of other nicknames...

Oil Spill Investigation A 'High Priority' For Justice

Do you think Countdown will get good ratings on Tuesday night?

Mid-terms 2010: "Rise of the crazies"

Obama: Weak economy drove U.S. election outcome

ZOMG Obama bowing to FOREIGNER!

Out of the Shadows and into the Light: True Love

What do the people in Afghanistan who resist US military domination say? Here is an open letter.

Global protests Monday to halt slaughter of Iraqi Christians - please spread the word!

Robert W. McChesney on the Collapse of American Journalism

The Republicans have issued new guidelines for defense budget cuts

Another Democratic Congress? It could be awhile

A 20 year look at minimum wage

Republicanism vs. Democraticism

This is how you do it.

Today Show Guest : Keith Olbermann

This New FaceBook Page called "Mr Boehner Where Are The Jobs"

Netanyahu presses US for military threat on Iran

Swedish police nab 'quiet loner' suspected of sniper rampage

Dear Canadian neighbors

Obviously, from this statement, Phil Griffin has a power complex

More message-defining with Pelosi

MSNBC says Olbermann will be back on air Tuesday after 2-day suspension for political donation

The Next Campaign - Misleading Drive-by Ads

Fasten those seatbelts ...It's going to be a bumpy ride

"Tom The Dancing Bug" Knocks It Out Of The Park

Boston Globe: In Afghan talks, one demand: schools for women and girls

"Donovan McNabb, the Race Card, and the Giving Tree" By Dave Zirin

The hostess on this morning's edition of Washington Journal, Greta, is the most bias

There is a big difference between now and when the GOP last controlled the House.

Obama's Asia Trip Takes Aim At China

***President Obama about to speak In Indian Parliament

My idea to "fix" Social Security

'Splain somethin' to me."

Pittsfield, MA: A haven for homeless veterans

WikiLeaks: The Doubts

U.S. drones operating in Yemen, foreign minister says

chuck toad the smartass... 'tell me if the sahali's have shown up' at indian state dinner

Since 2001 only one policy has addressed the deficit

Bush: Cheney ‘angry’ I didn’t pardon Libby - leaving "a soldier on the battlefield"

Maneuver Over Copters Is Opposed

Online charter school for grades 7-12! The future is now!

Toles Toon- Front Row Seat

Phil Griffin leaning forward for purity in the news

Gay Spaniards greet Pope Ratz with a big make-out session

Gay Spaniards greet Pope Ratz with a big make-out session

People, continue to leave MSNBC off until Keith's return tomorrow night.

My son has turned into a liberal!

Obama's Biggest Mistake: Selling Out to the Bankers - James K. Galbraith

Obama's Biggest Mistake: Selling Out to the Bankers - James K. Galbraith

Pre Post Mortem (Kunstler)

Pre Post Mortem (Kunstler)

NOW Toronto: 10 lessons for the Left

More misery for the people of Haiti

Bush: Cheney angry Bush did not pardon Libby

Is Your Bank Spying on You?

Olberman, Impartiality and MSNBC --by David Carr - New York Times

US Weathers Calls for Torture Probes at UN Rights Meet ** CONTAINS GRAPHIC PHOTOS **

Did Joe Scarborough Do the EXACT SAME THING Keith did?

Canada Reports Huge Jump in Immigration


Billionaire Astroturf Group Claims Tea Partiers Voted To Give Billionaires Tax Cuts

Economy offers no succor for death-care industry

'Don't ask, don't tell' decision appealed to Supreme Court

Oh boy, Issa will be doing all kinds of investigations for the next two years. So let me understand

Oh boy, Issa will be doing all kinds of investigations for the next two years. So let me understand

one question only for bu$h* tax do the republicans propose to pay for them?

Now I'm really wondering what Jon's response to Keith's situation will be?

Pentagon Finally Bans Interrogations by Private Contractors…Sort Of

Dem lame-duck agenda shrinking fast after Election Day 'shellacking'

Stanley Crouch: Fox News' Rupert Murdoch is distorting the American political process

Of course, this headline wasn't intentional......

GOP: Biting The (Wrinkled) Hand that Fed Them

Keith Olberman is back!

Keith Olberman is back!

Robocall stunt by Ehrlich campaign on election night told Dems to 'relax' because O'Malley would win

Bush confirms: Cheney angry w/ no pardon for Libby

Kos op-ed for CS Monitor: Boehner will fail, and Democrats will pounce in 2012

Democrats are a bunch of wimps

'Toon - Republicans Seize Power in the House

I've been working on some new Republican slogans. Tell me what you think.

Suggestion for Olberman's "Worst Person In The World" - all 3 awards to MSNBC.

Unemployment Update?

I just called and signed up for info from my future repuke rep in congress.

An idea this morning: The Great Commentators Debate, Christmas 2010

Hinkley water tainted by chromium 6 spreading

A New Leader for the Democrats (NY Times editorializes against Pelosi for minority leader)

Another good LTTE, where were these letters before the election?....

New York: Since Chris Christie doesn't want federal infrastructure billions, give it to us

What is the probability of a "sufficiently large" stimulus bill passing Congress ?

What is the probability of a "sufficiently large" stimulus bill passing Congress ?

Crist Mulling Pardon of (wait for it) Jim Morrison Before Leaving Office

Crist Mulling Pardon of (wait for it) Jim Morrison Before Leaving Office

Georgians say uranium 'destined for terrorist group'

Masked man faces detention hearing in B.C.

My next editorial will be on poverty and the uninsured

So the President of the United States spoke live

Balance of power

NYT: Obama’s Indonesian Challenge

Ohio GMAC Foreclosure Case May Set Anti-Wall Street Precedent

Murdoch Hack Inquiry Heats Up - Police Question UK Prime Minister Cameron's Communications Advisor

Canada offers $170 per person dead in Indonesia

Monday Morning Chomsky

High court turns down early health care challenge

Monday Toon roundup part 5

Toomey would consider tea party caucus - Repuke Sen-elect PA

Solidarity with steel workers in Hamilton, Ontario

Monday Toon roundup part 6

Monday Toon roundup part 7

*Can't* be!1 Rethugs DID ambush Dem congressman into taped melt-down

Can anyone Please Suggest a Book about FDR and How He Saved America from the Great Depression?

11.5.2010: Army Reports Record Number of Suicides

Mayor Emanuel shoots me down for an interview

Would you let a gay man defend you in combat? (or woman!)

Would you let a gay man defend you in combat? (or woman!)

GOP threats of shutdown = EXTORTION

Orrin Hatch: Not Conservative Enough?

Should those funding false and misleading ads be prosecuted?

"Hey Boehner, Where's My Damned Job!" - January Bumper Stickers

Why in the f*ck was the recent George Bu$h/Matt Lauer interview conducted inside a church??

Why in the f*ck was the recent George Bu$h/Matt Lauer interview conducted inside a church??

Ex-offenders struggle to find work, overcome employers' doubts

Bloomberg -many elected to Congress - "they can't read - don't have passports"

Bloomberg -many elected to Congress - "they can't read - don't have passports"

Demand an on-air apology from Phil Griffin

Defeated dems write Pelosi asking her to step aside

Demand an on-air apology from Phil Griffin

New Aurora home gives veterans a lift



Feel good article: British man makes tiny art out of discarded gum

Okay, Obama is REALLY out of touch now. (LOL!)

delete - posting glitch dupe

My letter disproving Tea party "cutting deficits" was published

Big Business & Arms Deals, Not Poverty, Top Obama’s Agenda in India

William Petit is on CNN.


Report from Athens, OH - Student vote dropped radically from 2008 to 2010

The real reason Keith was reinstated so quickly? Money talks


If you're still hurting from last week's massacre at the polls...

Athens, Ohio - Student vote dropped radically from 2008 to 2010

Remember that few days when DADT wasn't being enforced?

Fox Sources Speak Out On Network's Presidential Candidates And Extremist Coverage

Monday Toon roundup part 4

Homeless in D.C. may face added burden: Proof of residency

Sham charity just a front to siphon money to Republican campaigns?

The GOP is much much better at wielding power than we will ever be!!!

My challenge for ALL Democrats - Taking down the Republicans in 2012!! (One of Five)

Takeover May Cool House Passion for Food Safety

Thousands Gather To Watch Losing Incumbents Marched Out Of Washington

The Rude Pundit: Time for the Next Round of This Fight (Part 2: Beat Them at the Start)

Bill Nelson, Florida Senator, is next.

Cheney angered by Bush decision on Scooter Libby pardon (BBC)

Toles sketch

SAS parachute dogs of war into Taliban bases

What percentage of Republicans in 1936 believed FDR was a secret Jew?

John Nichols, The Nation: Who Won the Olbermann Wrangle? Bold Progressives

Why in the f*ck was the recent George Bu$h/Matt Lauer interview conducted inside a church??

Alleged hit-and-run driver may not face felony

At 9000' -- mastodons

At 9000' -- mastodons

new music video by Jimmy McMillion/ The Rent's too Damn High

David Michael Green: 'Put bluntly, this country’s main problem is old white guys.'

Anybody else notice gas prices jumping since the election?

Revealed: Rand Paul reverses on core campaign pledge before even taking office

Isn't there still a problem with electronic voting machines?

Isn't there still a problem with electronic voting machines?

Now in Power, G.O.P. Vows Cuts in State Budgets

High court turns down early health care challenge

Monday Toon roundup part 1

Jesus, no wonder the Bush Family is so twisted . . . among other reasons.

Oklahoma may have banned Ten Commandments along with Sharia law

The Anti-Teabaggers Speak

The Anti-Teabaggers Speak

Do you think these guys bitched about their taxes?

Glenn Greenwald: The self-absorption of America's ruling class

For the record, Candi Cushman is an idiot

Photo Story: Death of the Colorado River.

Cheney to Bush: "I can't believe you're going to leave a soldier on the battlefield."

Martin Erzinger, Morgan Stanley Wealth Manager, Won't Face Felony Charges For Hit-And-Run

U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan VICTORY over Puke challenger

Why must teabaglicans politicize EVERYTHING?

Something I found in a broadcasting industry column - what MSNBC really did to Olbermann

NYT: For Afghan Wives, a Desperate, Fiery Way Out

RW media conglomerates deceiving the people and distorting our elections...

Switzerland's 'Jetman' pulls another aerial stunt

The Chimp says he was charged with protecting the America...AFTER we were hit on 9/11...

The Chimp says he was charged with protecting the America...AFTER we were hit on 9/11...

Upski Grows Up: No Bombs, Please

Tanzanian rats sniff out mines

Politico's Allen and Vanderhei: Obama doesn't bow and scrape enough for DC's power brokers

Democracy Now!: Big Business & Arms Deals

League of Conservation Voters Applauds Defeat of Seven of the "Dirty Dozen Candidates"

CNN: More than $65 million was spent on 161,203 ads that targeted Pelosi

Jobs for Buck, Perry, Fiorina, Angle, Whitman, Miller O'Donnell Palidino and Trancredo

A hopefully flame-free thread on the trouble with Olbermann

Republicans to people: Give us the Presidency and the Senate in 2012 and we WILL repeal Obamacare

James Carroll: The Prison Boom Comes Home to Roost

TARP Republican Gresham Barrett Booed Off The Stage At Rally (VIDEO)

Obama defends Fed decision

Seniors fled Democrats in midterms

Where President Obama NEEDS to flip/flop

Brave New PacMan -- that's Progressive Against Conservatives Man

Autophiles and amateur design critics bitching about proposed transit-only bridge in Portland

WHAT?? -5th Circuit RULES That High School Cheerleader Is REQUIRED TO CHEER For Her Alleged RAPIST

Boehner will fail, and Democrats will pounce in 2012

Ireland Facing House Price Collapse?

Make sense of this teabagger's rant about taxes...

Pelosi and the Secret Letter

JoeyScar Giving Free Advice Out Again!!!

Obama on 60 Minutes now blames his 'disagreeable tone' for election losses??

Meatless Mondays: Vegetarian – Vegan Food Truck List

GOPer Bachus: Palin Cost Us the Senate

GOPer Bachus: Palin Cost Us the Senate

DADT won't be repealed. Social Security will be cut. Tax cuts will be extended for the rich

PTSD Dealing with the unseen scars of war

Rep Eric Cantor's website where you can suggest an idea to "Cut"...

Unlike for Clinton, Government shutdown may blow up for Obama...

Why Did The Rs Win The House? Because Average Americans Naively Identify with Rich People

From a NY Post article on KO's suspension

Former Gov. Angus King (I-ME): The Democrats Beat Themselves

Former Gov. Angus King (I-ME): The Democrats Beat Themselves

Is Cenk always that fired up for his News Nation hour?

Rich Jerk Hit & Runs Bicyclist - Felony Charges Dropped Cause it Jeopardizes Job

Progressive leaders back Clyburn over Hoyer

Maude Barlow: Advice for Water Warriors

Maude Barlow: Advice for Water Warriors

Teabaggers: Commie Socialist Pinko Trash collection plot in Arizona

Best-selling author-politicians: Democrats or Republicans?

Ah , The Brilliance Of Conservatives!!

It's ON! The end of the Health Insurance Bill - EXCEPT for the mandate to buy worthless insurance!

The teabagging revolution is underway, not.

"I wish he would. And when the man says, 'I'm not running,' he means it. I wish he would run."

Interesting Interactive US Map From The Economist

Some predicted we would be more unified after last Tuesday's ass kicking...

Robert Gibbs Fights With Indian Security Over White House Press Corps Restrictions

Spot, the dog, waits...for his friend who won't be returning.

Gay Brazilian married in US may face deportation

GOP trying to bribe Manchin into switching

Obama's Biggest Mistake: Selling Out to the Bankers - James K. Galbraith


Republican strategy on the tax cut failure on Obama then reinstate in Jan.

The effects of drugs and alcohol on spider webs. This is serious.

The effects of drugs and alcohol on spider webs. This is serious.

Police: Man Using Bathroom Shot Self In Groin

Explaining away a failed coup

Does Obama Really Want to Make Social Security Cuts Even the Tea Party Wouldn't Touch?

"I can't believe you're going to leave a soldier on the battlefield!"

Countdown's Ratings were actually really good Friday night

Did America turn right? (NO)

The breaking point

LOL! Derf channels Rocky and Bullwinkle!

"Apologizing would basically say the decision was a wrong decision..."

Sabotaged Birds Need High Tech Help (birds who have been collared with beer cans)

Bar's fetus in a jar did NOT make Junior "respect life." Just count the dead in Iraq.

'The rights of men and women are not safe in France'

Democracy Now: Big Business & Arms Deals Top Obama's Agenda in India

Big Ed Schultz for White House communications director

george w. bu$h* will spend an hour on nbc selling his book tonight

Hillary on tonight on Inside - National Geo Channel

Bombs in Lillington yard under investigation (Trick or treaters or his support 4 President Obama?)

Ireland's Woes — And Ours?

Oh snap, that was an amusing add from the wireless

Victory! Time to start eating their own...

What In The World Is Going On Inside Bank Of America? - Dan Froomkin/HuffPo

GOP takeovers signal big cuts in state budgets

For every "investigation" the Repuke House pursues, the Dem Senate needs to respond in kind. I am

The Party Game Is Over. Stand And Fight

Sign the National Congrats card to Keith Olbermann

Fareed Zakaria On The Republicans: Fool Me Once, Shame On You. Fool Me Three Times...

Meet the Boehnerists!

Considering all that has happened recently - why should we still have a Democratic Party?

Colorado Democratic Party Calls for Grand Jury Investigation of 9/11

Documentary delves into the life and death of Glenn Burke (first openly gay MLB player)

RE: DADT After watching 300,000 people sign a petition for KO & shut Phil Griffin's phones down. . .

Well none of the usual stand ins took the show

I almost feel bad about Bush as he talks to Matt Lauer...

Should Obama take a hard stance on Sunseting Bush Tax Rates?

Keith Olbermann just released the below "Statement To The Viewers Of Countdown"

Joan Walsh is leaving Salon to write a book.

Now the Obama administration supports vouchers?

rep. jason

Taking responsibility and behaving like Progressives should

Heads up - Elizabeth Warren will be on

Anyone will watch

PA Homeland Security office engaged in domestic surveillance, compared political groups to Al Qaeda

Gibbs Threatens to Pull Obama Out of Meeting Over Press Dispute

Keith Olbermann should do a continuing series on what progressives have stood for.

Bush ruined my night..

"Wind Up" mini car (41 inches high, 51 inches long and only 26 inches wide) - pics

(Presidential) Spill Panel: No Evidence of Saving Money Over Safety

WaPo: Outsourcing U.S. jobs a source of tension on Obama's India trip

WaPo: Outsourcing U.S. jobs a source of tension on Obama's India trip

Ouch! Tweety just tore Cheney a new one

If Ralph Nader had run for president in 2008, would he have won over Barack Obama?

Bill Maher - New Rules - Talk About A False Equivalency

75 years ago: John L. Lewis founds the CIO

Rebuilding the Mesopotamian marshes of Iraq

Congress to be Outsourced to India

This is one reason why I approach prognostications about elections with skepticism.


The DOGS OF WAR Go Airborne in Afghanistan

More evidence that the Republicans are already FAILING

At What Point Do Think It Was Too Late For The Germans To Stop It ???

A bag of cats on the way to the river

A bag of cats on the way to the river

Criticism Runs Deep for Spill Commission Findings

Absolutely Chilling Interview On Maddow

SoS Hillary Clinton on Australia's Hamish and Andy Show *FUNNY!*

Pentagon chiefs: Afghans can manage by 2014 (only four more years)

Stoopid is on

GOP's Keith Fimian to concede to Rep. Gerry Connolly in race for Virginia's 11 District -

PHOTO: Junior & Bar, with their hands over that place where their hearts would normally be

PHOTO: Junior & Bar, with their hands over that place where their hearts would normally be

The BFEE fetus in a Jar? Good gawd almighty.


Business majors... help me out....

Andy Borowitz: Bush Publishes Memoir, I Can Has Prezidensy

No charges against Bill Gates' dad in hit-and-run

Barney Frank: Defense bill won't pass House if DADT repeal removed

About Keith...

Ok something that is really bothering me

well ,well rahm has a big problem in his quest for mayor of chicago..

LAST CALL: New moderator term starts in two days -- this is your final chance to sign up

A thread wherein we discuss Mel Brooks' film Blazing Saddles

World Bank chief advocating a return to the gold standard?

Jon is running Keith's comments about him, re the rally

ReTHUGS are fugging crazy

good lord!

How to verify a notary's signature???

Sam Seder is on Countdown

President Obama Leaves Indian Parliament Spellbound

Joy Behar says Keith demanded that Griffin apologize to him.

LA Times: Cal State to call student fees the T-word

Actor Alec Baldwin may be mulling a run for Congress.

Actor Alec Baldwin may be mulling a run for Congress.

Texas GOP Leaders Want to Secede from Medicare, Social Security

From Joe My God : The Family Research Council Wants To Know What You Think Of Them

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 1,000 families forced out by developer's default

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Keith Olbermann Thanks His Supporters via Letter Issued on Bold

McConnell Says Banning 'Earmarks' Is Complicated

Downsizing the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota

"Look out, your medicine is watching you"~~Reuters

Daily Show or Coco?

"What have you learned..."

Obama's Peace Dividend: War Profiteering in the land of Gandhi

Larsen beats Koster in 2nd District

Turn off the TV Monday Nov 8 during the KO Hour..

I just watched the Johnson Civil Rights episode of Decisions That Shook the World...

Conan premieres tonight at 11 Eastern on TBS.

"Joe Manchin is a life-long Democrat and he is not switching parties "

Spill panel: No evidence of saving $ over safety

Ideas about the Bush Tax Cuts

Monday Toon roundup part 3

:Facepalm: Obama On 60 Minutes

Why did Lawrence O'Donnell allow Nicole Wallace to spin and spin?

Anthony Weiner reminds us all, that it is the REPUBLIC PARTY!

Caption THIS ???

Dahmer childhood friend released from jury

Dahmer childhood friend released from jury

Monday Toon roundup part 2

The "Tea Party" Does Not Exist. It has no members, leaders, headquarters, budget ....

Olbermann Apologizes To Viewers -- And Slams NBC Over Political Donations Flap

Anyone catch the end of the Last Word?

Hilarious FR foodfight: re: Bristol not voting

As much as I love Keith Olbermann, Roberts sure make an excellent liberal news cast anchor.

Nationwide school choir programs booming after 'Glee'

Come on! These guys need a tax break!

‘Blindsided’: A President’s Story

Review of prostate cancer drug Provenge renews medical cost-benefit debate

If everybody voted Democratic the way LGBT people do,

John F. Kennedy was elected president 50(!) years ago today

Women hits man, man won't hit a woman so beats to death the next random man who walks by

Homophobic Michigan Assistant Attorney General Suspended

U.S. bans toner cartridges over 16 ounces on domestic and international flights

Michele Bachmann Snubbed, Not Named To GOP Transition Team, But Rival Is

Shame On You Carl Levin

Democrats have nothing to apologize for, nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing to regret

Wow, Gay-bashing fuckstick actually gets what's coming to him from court

Stop the Comcast Merger Petition.

Anybody listening to Thom Hartmann? He is sharing about how

Hey Tea Party People. You've been had.

George W. Bush tries to revise history with more lies

I voted Republican...

1 in 4 children born in Nevada to non-citizen moms

Federal Judge Grants Temporary Order To Block Oklahoma’s Ban On Sharia Law

Federal Judge Grants Temporary Order To Block Oklahoma’s Ban On Sharia Law

Just had some Baptist preacher knocking on my door, drumming up some biz for his new church

Early alert surfaces on a potential head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

American Public Gets Exactly What It Deserves For 112th Straight Election

50 years ago tonight, JFK was elected. Johnny, we hardly knew ye

End of the Age of Obama

End of the Age of Obama

Roosevelt Historian: The Tea Party Movement: Successor to the American Liberty League?

MSNBC "seems to have been caught completely off guard by the magnitude of the backlash" (Olbermann)

People, please stop calling a progressive tax structure a "fair" tax...

What are your favorite purveyors of left-of-center t-shirts & other political gear?

Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds

How come people are so uninformed?

Michigan Asst. AG, Andrew Shirvell fired from job for harassing U-M

The Pukes are making like they ARE in charge, and NO ONE from the Administration

Andrew Shirvell fired for attacks on gay U-M student

I'm seeing a lot of attacks on Seniors here after these last midterms.

Health rates NOT driven up by reform

Bring Back Howard Dean to Head the DNC Movement!

We've had an entire generation of Dem politicians.............

Fool Me Once, Shame On You. Fool Me Three Times...

Thom Hartmann: 'When I walked out of the theatre after watching

Beheaded on the altar--horrors of Iraq church bombing revealed; global protests planned today

What the HELL is wrong with our Government?

Give me $65 million and I'll give you the House back

So the plan was always to be Romneycare? What was all that public option stuff? All the other stuff?

Jim Webb: Why Reagan Dems Still Matter

A "Liberal Democrat" in Salon's comments section is offended by "foolish" Bush photo

Dubya reveals the moment he became pro-life. There's an important lesson here for all of us.

Keith learned of the suspension through the media???????

All hail HopeHoops for pushing for important changes in how DU is run....

Noam Chomsky: Outrage, Misguided

Obama: US must fight protectionism... Indian outsourcing industry to grow to $200 billion

There are conservative actors, singers and athletes but ...

Mother Jones: Weird Findings From 2010's Exit Poll Data

37 arrested, majority charged with "barbering without a license,"

Tea Party largely frozen out of GOP transition team

LMAO-New Facebook Group.....

LOOK ----> Be sure to sign the National Congrats Card -- and tell Keith what he means to you.

Deficit Commission Plots to Overhaul Social Security Behind Voters' Backs

Top 10 Excuses for Ignoring Unemployment.....cartoon

Top 10 Excuses for Ignoring Unemployment.....cartoon

Bob Herbert: "The Democrats are in disarray because it’s a party that lacks a spine."

Can the working class unite?

Joe Wilson reacts to Bush memoirs

New Big Lie from Weiss Research/Money&Markets: Obama wants to confiscate your gold

Morgan Stanley Broker not charged with felony hit and run because it might jeapordize his JOB???

Morgan Stanley Broker not charged with felony hit and run because it might jeapordize his JOB???

Psst. It's dixiegrrrrl's birthday today. Pass it on.

I figured out why teabaggers hate Pelosi and Hillary but love Palin and her ilk.

Pacifist group starts campaign to move Bush memoirs to True Crime section of bookstores

OK..At least I admit when I'm ignorant.What companies have outsourced

Please Mr. President, STAND AND FIGHT. No compromise. Nothing is worth giving up your self respect

James K. Galbraith: Obama's Biggest Mistake...

German parliament approves billions in welfare cuts

A really cute kitty

I think Romney is going to have a hard time getting the nom because Obama used his Health-care plan

The GOP is imploding. The GOP is imploding. The GOP is imploding. Ha hahahaha

Can someone tell me how the Indian purchase of Boeing 737s will create 50,000 jobs?

Is 14 years old too young to go out for the day without Mommy coming?

They are now creating computer programs to debate the crazies

Bad news: Sharia law continues to creep closer to taking over Oklahoma

How self-sufficient are you?

••• Obama will not let the GOP implode in the next 2 years. He will bail them out. •••

Boy’s $12 monster drawings help fund his chemo (he's 5 years old)

BREAKING: White House Opposes Any Effort to Strip Out DADT Repeal

BREAKING: White House Opposes Any Effort to Strip Out DADT Repeal

British education minister critical of high stakes testing

Don't have MSNBC? A DUer sent me a live stream link.

New Aurora home gives veterans a lift

The judges on the 5th Circuit that ruled that children must cheer for their rapists

And so it begins......

$93,000 cancer drug treatment that extends lives by only 4 it worth it?

"I mean, we’re gonna have to, you know, tackle some big issues like ENTITLEMENTS that

Drive to Repeal 'Don't Ask' Policy "ALL BUT LOST"....thanks for nothing, Obama & Congress

At what age is it okay for a kid to have a cell phone?

Failure of pseudo centrism? Blurring distinctions in the name of bipartisanship.

The Myth of the Self-Made American: Why Progressives Get No Respect

President Obama Can Create Millions of Infrastructure/Public Works Jobs by Executive Order!

Residents of Missouri Town Block Protesters From Picketing Soldier's Funeral

Administration Claims Unchecked Authority to Kill Americans Outside Combat Zones/ACLU and CCR Stmnt

Wealthy fund manager avoids felony charges after running over cyclist because of… wealth

Remember the 92 torture tapes destroyed by Bush's CIA? The statute of limitations expires today.

FULL LETTER: Here's a link to Keith Olbermann's FULL LETTER to viewers of Countdown

Keith Olbermann Demanded MSNBC Apology (and got it)

Social Security and the Deficit

Kitty Delenn's update

Bernie Sanders:The Olbermann Suspension and Corporate Media

Dear President Obama: Please learn from your mistakes.

Should pedophiles/sex offenders be allowed back into society?

I'm amazed at how many here watch television

I'm amazed at how many here watch television

Wow. Succinct and unflinching Op-Ed by an Emory psychologist on Obama.

For all those that say that Obama should have "knocked some heads together" and passed single payer

US-born cleric calls for death of all Americans

“Jesus Christ on a Trailer Hitch!”: I've been here since '02 and that's my legacy as I gbcw....

Carnival ship dead in the water after fire in engine room

America is a fascist state.

Killer Gets Death Penalty in CT

Rape Survivor Devastated by TSA Enhanced Pat Down

"stop pretending the new health reform law is some great progressive victory. It is not."


I'm watching the Roots' performance from the Rally To Restore Sanity

Sweet football trick play

I want all of you to know that from now on, if you disagree with me

Poland town completes giant Jesus statue

Gee, I wonder what target audience this videogame is aimed at?

Monday Morning Photo

posted twice - sorry

What kind of name is "Alsiri?" Someone on our help desk responded with the name. nt

Please help me out--I need a word as strong as, but more socially acceptable, than

How many people with so called SMART phones have any clue what upper/lower case means?

Nothing stops them

McDonald's introduces "Deep Fried Curried Pork Hummus Gefilte Fish Wrap" for southern Jewish Muslims

I could use some good Lounge vibes now...had an interview yesterday

For those who missed it: Obama's phone call to the S.F. Giants

The rebirth of the flying car?

How about them COWBOYS!!!....

My ATM Card Was Hacked

Wheel of Fortune solved with one letter.


Check out Fellow DUer, Jdp349's new movie

I want to legally change my name...

I think Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday...

Wade Phillips fired.

Take another look at today's Google Doodle

I have a request: Can you turn me on?

Trailer For Every Oscar-Winning Movie Ever

For all the Lions fans I have this to say:

Harry Potter 7, part 1 starts next week

Well, I got my elderly kitty settled into her new home..

Brave New Pacman (from I Heart Grayson on Facebook)

Today's puppy (I know, kitteh has a headache)

When does UPS make truck deliveries?

Fuck... local greasy spoon burned...

BrewDog Paradox: Isle of Arran Stout. Yum. If you love Scotch, this is your beer.

The Waterboys

INspired by "Angry French Canadian" AN American feat of Sandwich engineering...

Do you have any friends with double middle names?

A Perfect day... from Susan Boyle

Cat Bossed Me Around Yesterday

Kitty vibes

Yay! Finally a GD post I can be proud of

Boner to commute to House on Metro

I've seen that Betty White/Snickers commercial a hundred times, and something

lou reed makes amends--directs susan boyles interpretation of his "perfect day"

Anybody want to take a shot at explaining Russell Brand's inexplicable "appeal?"

Any of them 24X7 christmas music stations on the radio yet?

Woman Utters Line Never Previously Recorded In A Police Report

Something for nerds...within the limit Se^x as x goes to UofC = Zero.

Conan's beard?


Too late for Christmas shopping, but . . .

I can't play videos on my new droid

An excellent list of items hazrdous to cats. I came across after reading post about

Evidence in favor of using a comma before the 'and' in a series

Vegetarians, don't look

Has anyone seen CallMeWesley today?

Parents and kids as Facebook friends?

"Drunk and naked" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include " drunk and naked".

Lou Reed directs Susan Boyle's Perfect Day video

If you don't like Cats..You are JUST LIKE HITLER!!!11111!!!

Got the gig

Wheel of Fortune - solves with one letter on board (and a ')

Movies make me feel old. :(

Need some advice here.

Need some peppy kid friendly songs

A bucket full of kittens.... AWWWW!!!

I made popcorn soup and I liked it

The cop and the blonde

This,,, Trick play... Whoa....

Mayo or Miracle Whip?

My youngest sister has a new kitten...

Songs that mean (or meant) a lot to you...

Post a pic of your first wheels.

Breaking: Abe Vigoda....

Does this baseball player's body look like a woman's?

At first look, Conan's set looks like an updated Johnny Carson set.

I Truly Need A DU Hug!

Olbermann Greets and Thanks Supporters on Twitter

Oil Spill Investigation A 'High Priority' For Justice

Republicans wanna be like Roy

Car Bomb Kills 7, Including Iranians, in Iraq City Kerbala

For Family of Slain Activist, No End in Sight for Case

Breaking: MSNBC Reinstates Olbermann

SKorean police arrest 4 people over G-20 protests

Mental Health Visits Seen Rising as Parent Deploys

Georgians say uranium 'destined for terrorist group'

US Rejects Israel Call For Military Threat Against Iran

Alleged hit-and-run driver may not face felony

Senator Lindsey Graham: U.S. Should Launch Pre-emptive Strike to ‘Sink and Destroy’ Iran

Martin concedes but is still worried about voter integrity

Climate scientists plan campaign against global warming skeptics

Health Care Reform Challenge REJECTED By Supreme Court

Pot legalization advocates are undeterred by the defeat of Prop. 19

U.S. bans some toner, ink cartridges from flights

Poll: Hillary Would Crush Obama

Comcast: We Weren't Involved In Olbermann Decision

Tom Foley concedes to Dan Malloy

Navy Veterans used phony names to send cash to campaigns, inquiry finds

Kagan, Thomas Take Part as Top Court Rejects Health-Care Appeal

Vt. nuke plant closes after radioactive water leak

U.S. Consulate General in Matamoros Encourages Tougher Travel Restrictions for Americans

Write-In Candidate Murkowski Leads Big in Alaska

Gibbs defends reporters

Active Uruguayan General Imprisoned in 1974 Murder

Workers exposed to 9/11 dust face pay deal deadline

Firefighter, coach among arrested in alleged cocaine ring

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 8

Pataki Won't Rule Out 2012 Presidential Run

UC board to weigh more fee increases

Violence Erupts As Burma Awaits Vote Result/Up to 5000 refugees flee into Thailand

Obama backs India on permanent UN Security Council seat

Political TV Ad Spending Sets Record

Cholera spreads to Haitian capital

GE to invest over $2 billion in China through 2012

'Like that movie 2012': Terrified crowds flee erupting volcano

Several kidnapped in Nigeria oil rig attack: sources

Martin Erzinger, Morgan Stanley Wealth Manager, Won't Face Felony Charges for Hit & Run

Town in India hails victory by Haley

Oil spill: BP 'did not sacrifice safety to save money'

Italian court indicts American Amanda Knox for slander against Italian police

U.S. blocks air cargo from Somalia-New security rules also limit ink toner, cartridges given Yemen m

US rejects Israel's Iranian military threat

US trade deals recast India as job growth engine

US trade deals recast India as job growth engine

Christians in Michigan plan rally about Iraq violence

Sanders wants halt to Comcast-NBC deal after Olbermann suspension

Over 10,000 unidentified bodies found in Colombia

Transgender youth leader charged with murder

Today's Power Play: GOP Sweetens its Offer to Manchin

Court order blocks Okla. amendment on Islamic law

Report: Failed Al Qaeda Plot Involving Sewing Bombs Inside Dogs

Senior PG&E director admits snooping on Smart Meter critics

Bush: Cheney ‘angry’ I didn’t pardon Libby

Doctors urge Congress to halt Medicare pay cuts

White House Opposes DADT Deal

(Mich. asst. AG) Andrew Shirvell fired for attacks on gay U-M student

It's not about Obama ...

Natural History Museum expedition could be "disaster" for indigenous people

Drive to Repeal 'Don't Ask' Policy All but Lost for Now

"The White House Teams Up With to Reach Out to Job Seekers"

Convictions upheld for medical pot-growing couple

Politico's latest fiction: Obama isolated ahead of 2012

the republicans

" Democratic handwringing in the wake of the midterm "

Sarah Palin to Ben Bernanke: "Cease and Desist"

Hendrik Hertzberg: Electoral Dissonance

Politico already on the job: "Obama isolated ahead 0f 2012"

Front Page of the Boston Herald: Run, Scott, Run.

"Nearly half of all Americans think President Clinton should not seek re-election"

"Japan does away with 'silly shirt' photo for APEC"

After Sudan, at Obama's request, Senator Kerry is in Lebanon - is likely to go to Syria and Israel

"Preserving tax cuts for rich comes 2nd to the Republicans' primary goal, which is to destroy Obama"

This is no time to jump ship...

Political cartoonist Tony Auth: 'The Tea Leaves Are Clear'

Why Republicans are So Intent on Killing Health Care Reform

First Eric Cantor and now Fox Noise on who should lead House Democrats.

Sometimes it feels like pitting a Golden Retriever against a Velociraptor

Schumer warns against nonpartisan redistricting

Susan Crawford sees hints of Comcast in Olbermann suspension

Joan Walsh: How the Democrats Shellacked Themselves

Could We Have Predicted What Happened Last Tuesday?

Blind Partisanship is a form of Denial

To all those fiscal teaparty people who want to go back to the 1950's.. okay you win.. I join you..

Will there be an investigation that will satisfy Birthers?

Barack Obama, Phone Home ~ By FRANK RICH

Gibbs frees "The White House Eight"

Wrong forum.

Gulf spill panel wants Congress to approve subpoena power

The GOP Tries to Buy Democratic Senator’s Loyalties With Coal (Manchin)

The biggest Democratic loser: Steny Hoyer

Large Hadron Collider (LHC) generates a 'mini-Big Bang'

Bullshit hit piece on Pelosi

Barack Obama joined Muslim prayers at school, teacher says-Newscorp Attack

Gay lawmakers back Pelosi’s leadership bid

Hey Guys!... Have you heard the Good News from the Financial Community via CNBC

Reid Reaffirms Commitment To Ending DADT, But Also Slams GOP For Opposing The Measure

Cantor: Unless millionaires get tax cuts--nobody gets tax cuts

FUCK YOU, Darrell ISSA!!!

When you lose an election, change course—but only if you're a Democrat.

Ed Snider, CEO of Comcast, future owners of MSNBC. Wonder who he supports

Billionaire Astroturf Group Claims Tea Partiers Voted To Give Billionaires Tax Cuts

Link to live coverage of Obama in Indonesia:

Keith Olbermann will be back tomorrow!

Anti-Pelosi ads break records

Redistricting Could Give GOP Ten More Seats

"Minority leader Nancy Pelosi will play rough with GOP"

Why is the subject of "trade" verboten?

Cognitive Messaging within the Democratic Party

Amanda Knox faces trial for 'slandering' Kercher police

By 2-1,Americans predict Obama will make a sincere effort to reach common ground.Most doubt GOP will

I love Obama

LAST CALL: New moderator term starts in two days -- this is your final chance to sign up

Texas with bigger budget gap than California

What's in Obamacare?

Yes Virginia, there really is a problem with 2012 (R - Presidential) nominees.

TDS: Gov. Perry

"60 Minutes Taped Interview with President Obama about the Election" (Transcript snip & link)

Don't Cave on DADT

President Elect Palin demands Bernake 'cease and desist'.

CT Governor--Foley (R) finally concedes to Malloy

5th Circuit Rules That High School Cheerleader Is Required To Cheer For Her Alleged Rapist

Politico: Joe Biden agrees to Issa sit-down

Palin talks tough to kids on quantitative easing

"I don't think the typical American has any idea how drastic a mistake the country made last week."

Let Obama be Obama.

Photos: "Have you lost your MoJo Mr. President?" (The Obama Presidency Days 655-657)

Michelle the Maharani

Why it's difficult for the President to make any strategic argument to counter Republicans

Can we get a thread of support for our President without someone crapping on it?

Reality kicking in for Republicans

Latino voters came out big for Dems in CA, CO & NV

For reason. Obama is a great man!

Killer of mom, 2 daughters gets death sentence

2010: An Aligning Election (Nate Silver)

"That train is dead."

President Obama Signs Executive Order Widening Government Transparency

White House Opposes DADT Deal

End Bush Tax Cuts PETITION - More Important Than KO

Heads up - Jon Stewart addressing the Olbermann story tonite + Obama's 5 trillion dollar trip.

I haved lived long enough to know.. Democrats always pay the price.

Obama's 47% approval is freaking amazing.

PHOTOS: President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the state dinner in New Delhi

Things like this are why I think I need to take a break from all things political. For life.

Looking at '12, I think Obama has to be considered the favorite

Bush Book Comedy Gold!

ACLU: Obama Adm. Claims Unchecked Authority To Kill Americans It Designates An Enemy of the State

Kucinich agrees with Obama on having to compromise with the Repubs.

Unprecedented bounce for President Obama in Gallup tracking polling after midterms

Obama Administration Backs Religious School Aid, Opposes Right To Sue

Jack Cafferty question on Monday: "Isn't it time for Nancy Pelosi to just go away?"

Okay, Obama is REALLY out of touch with ordinary people. (LOL!)

MSA 2009 Slam Poetry

Creation Science Investigates: Proof for Intelligent Design

Know Your Enemy: Douglas Feith

Naked Torture: Sex main tool of British interrogation in Iraq?

A Civil Dialogue Between Chris Matthews & Glenn Beck

Toxic 'Nuclear Train' reaches destination as cops clear blockade

Garda Attack Student Protest, Dublin, November 3rd, 2010

Weird Liberal Head Show #215: Keith Olbermann is Back! We are Victorious! (Right)?

Ultimatum to Obama and all Hostiles, Surrender or Die!

Richard Eskow, Fox News

TDPS: Democrats & Obama should not even think of bipartisanship for 2 years...

NO MORE Deficit Spending on Unemployment Benefits but lets spend on DEFENSE. WTF?

Raging Grannies WOWW protests Tea Party

New Hampshire: Ayotte has support from white supremacists

Another Victim of America's Deplorable Healthcare System

Glenn Greenwald Vs Lawrence O'Donnell

Origin of Fake Election-Night Robo-Calls Confirmed


Both Obamas Dance with Children in Mumbai - Cute

Fareed Zakaria: 'Republican Revolution' Is Nothing New

Cenk Hosting Ed Show: What Do The Democrats Stand For? (Alan Grayson Cameo)

Pacman vs. Palin? You Betcha!

BANNED USA Interview with W.Bush

Bill Maher on The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

Online Execution? Artist straps himself to electric chair, users decide his fate (Warning: GRAPHIC)

Roll up, roll up! The laws of the United States are now officially for sale!

Republicans wanna be like Roy

Chris Hedges: A Recipe For Fascism

The dish on what’s eating populists

Pre Post Mortem (James Howard Kunstler)

The Tea Party is not new, or coherent. It's merely old whine in new bottles

Pelosi, Reid May Have Passed Their Sell-By Date: Albert R. Hunt

Can You Believe This?

Meet The Speaker From K Street: John Boehner

Obama: Fighter, Conciliator, or Scold? - American Prospect

How to Lose Over a Million Jobs: Sacrifice Investments to Cut Taxes for the Rich

Even with tax cuts, GOP appears willing to shoot the hostage

Senator-Elect Rand Paul Breaks Tea Party Pledge, Now Vows To ‘Fight’ For Earmarks

Obama, the street kid from Jakarta, knows US dominance of Asia is over

Bring On The Death Panels, Cut Social Security

In Matt Lauer Interview, Bush Cites 'Seinfeld'

The Lies of Islamophobia: The Three Unfinished Wars of the West against the Rest

Obama's Biggest Mistake: Selling Out to the Bankers

Why are Democrats the only ones making concessions on the Bush tax cuts?

Robert Scheer's new book, "Appetites for Wealth" is featured (and a Great Watch)

Was Kanye West's Comment Really George W. Bush's Lowest Point?

George Monbiot: Yes, Britain's open for business – the sort of business that doesn't pay tax

China's Quarantine U.S. Corn Cargo Refused Entry into China

Massachusetts doctors snub state’s HCR as model for country, pick single-payer system instead

Restoring Mayberry

send them [liberals] to ovens

"On 60 Minutes, President Obama apologizes to America for being a Democrat"

Vt. nuke plant for sale; gov.-elect not impressed

Explosion, fire knock Indian Point 2 offline

Vt. nuke plant closes after radioactive water leak

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: November 8, 2010

Hinkley water tainted by chromium 6 spreading (Town in the movie Erin Brockovich)

Where's the Gulf oil? In the food web, study says

Vt. nuclear plant shuts down to repair leaky pipe

Cost of Green Power Makes Projects Tougher Sell

Entergy Nuclear: the Nuclear Renaissance in Reverse - Greenpeace

When a Rig Moves In Next Door

Life after Climategate

World's Largest Solar PV Facility Now In Canada

Risk assessment of energy sources - Deaths per TWh

What predicts support for nuclear power? (Hint: it isn't concern about environment)

Nuclear smuggling: large rewards tempt desperate and poor into trade

Brady campaign watch: How is the Brady campaign responding to the 2010 elections? You can predict

Being a "member" of the Brady Campaign has its perks...

Missouri Group Supports Open Gun Carry (At Starbucks - Video at link)

Natural History Museum expedition could be "disaster" for indigenous people

T.Italia settles Bolivia claim for $100 mln

Over 10,000 unidentified bodies found in Colombia

Letter to Miami Herald from the wife of Alan Gross, being held in Cuba

Canary Island Gov''t Studies Cuba 5 Case

3.5 Million Children Exploited in Mexico

Accused drug kingpin will go to Venezuela: Chavez

New York must modify tough gun laws to make it less vulnerable to legal assault ...

UNHCHR: 446 unidentified bodies buried in Meta graveyard .

Tipoff A 7:00 FSS/ @ Rupp Arena Kentucky v East Tenn St

Let the Wade Phillips Deathwatch begin.

And now for the most important sports news of the day...

Sources: Wilf still contemplating firing Childress

This week in kicking

Wade Phillips Fired, Jason Garrett New Head Coach, According To Multiple Reports

And now for the most important sports news of the day...

People are going to SUFFER! Jerry Jones warns!

Why are there NO threads about how the Cleveland Browns kicked the Cheatriots asses??

Video: Texas Middle School Pulls Off Miraculous Touchdown

Packers 45, Cowboys 7

Joe Morgan and Joe Miller canned from Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN..

Cleveland gave up _____ _____ for Peyton Hillis (and got a 6th round pick)

What NFL team do you root for? And agaisnt?And why

Toon: "Of course..."

Hypocrisy shrouds the gay marriage debate

Archbishop Andre Leonard Hit With Pie Following AIDS Remarks

What does NOT get you thrown out of the Dallas Cowboys stadium

ARKANSAS: Westboro To Picket High School Over Clint McCance's Apology

Homophobic Michigan Assistant Attorney General Suspended

SCOTUS Rejects Lisa Miller Case

Michigan Asst AG Andrew Shirvell Fired for Anti-Gay Cyber-bullying of Chris Armstrong

Help Wanted.

Republicans Force Democrats To Likely Abandon DADT Repeal

Brazilian married in US faces deportation – (Judge says man wasnt physically harmed by rape)

For Family of Slain Activist, No End in Sight for Case

US "Deeply Disappointed" With Israel's New Settlement Plan: Spokesman

UNRWA and the code of silence

After GOP Victory, Emboldened Israel Declares New Building In East Jerusalem

Leftists filmed torching Gush Etzion land

Hecklers disrupt Netanyahu's speech at U.S. Jewish conference

Supreme Court backs Jews-only housing in Jaffa neighborhood

My grandmother passed away last week.

GD xpost: Beheaded on the altar--horrors of Iraq church bombing revealed; global protests planned

Google Celebrates the 115th Anniversary of the X-Ray

Large Hadron Collider generates a 'mini-Big Bang'

I am an atheist but I went to church yesterday

Human, Neanderthal brains only differ after birth

2 more spots open in the Autumn contest. Just in case...

two different pictures of the same train..

Photo of the Gettysburg Battlefield I took yesterday with my iphone

My Home Town

After dinner she asked me: "Do you have a pillow please"

Closed for the season


Will the New Congress Heed the Clarion Call for Jobs Creation?

Paul Taps Longtime Anti-Union Group Exec. as Top Aide

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms injunction sought by NLRB

Today in Labor History Nov 8 FDR announces plans for the Civil Works Administration & more

GAO Reveals Employer Abuse of H-2B Visa Program

Seriously what the heck is this message and why the heck do I get it....

What happened to the post questioning the phantom jobs in October's BLS data

Do you allow non-US DUers to serve as mods?

This is something DU'ers have been aching to ask, but are deathly afraid to do so.

Well, I'm grateful.