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A message for the upcoming lame duck Congress.

In today's economy here's a reason you MUST save your money!

The Kos Pelosi Petition got over 19,000 signatures. I just went to post the

Funky happenings with Hurricane Tomas

Bush created 6 years of surpluses. In Iraq.

Should we have "Take Back The Playground" days to fight school bullies?

Did I get the sub-subtext of "Waiting for Superman" right?

Place your bets, how soon will Lieberman switch to the Rethugs dark side

Randi Rhodes thinks KO's thing is contract-related. We'll see. nt

For a bit, let's grieve over Tues, have our recriminations & then remember who our foes are....

Phil Griffin, MSNBC President: We Want To Be Like Fox News

Who's MSNBC trying to punish here? Let's get real...this is such bullshit...


Election Day robocall

Well, if this doesn't just take the cake................

Compromise? Nope No Way!

In NYC, every day, nearly 1.5 million people face going hungry.

Conviction reversed in microwaved baby case

Palin threatened with lawsuit over invasion of privacy, libel.

Maybe Letterman and Conan will go after NBC over the Olbermann suspension.

A majority of Americans wanted a Public Opinion...

They've been at this shit for a long ass time

Notre Dame president : ‘We failed to keep him safe'

Knee jerk reactions.

FRC accuses the military of doing the DADT survey wrong, soldiers have no problem with scrapping it

FAUX apologist site's lame response to Rachel

Controversial defense contractors Mina and Red Star reveal owners

Democrats -- We must stand for something

Man Uses Elaborate Disguise To Get Into Canada - An 'Unbelieveable Case Of Concealment'

One thing Rachel missed: Fox pimping the teabaggers from day one

End of US carbon trading looms

Deformed cats have a special place in Manitou beer garden

Did they really get a Porn Star to replace Olbermann Today ?

Atlantic bluefin tuna could become extinct unless urgent measures are taken.

Atlantic bluefin tuna could become extinct unless urgent measures are taken.

Here's What Your Tax Dollars (Doesn't) Buy:

Dear Keith: Lean forward.

Moyers: Why isn’t government working for them? Because it’s been bought off.

Philadelphia police inspector charged with extortion, bribery

Single Payer Ballot Questions Pass in All Fourteen Massachusetts Districts!

Lula's address to the UN

Lula's address to the UN

So if MSNBC does decide to go "right"...

Is MSNBC going to be a "Real" News Channel now & "Not like Fox?" as Rachel says or still lean left?

Listen President Obama - take back the stimulus money from

Has it ever been more obvious that that Comcast/NBC merger is anti-competitive?

US News & WR memo: 'December issue will be our last printed monthly sent to subscribers'

US News & WR memo: 'December issue will be our last printed monthly sent to subscribers'

Why has an Australian media mogul been allowed to have a monopoly

Luckovich toon: "And now we deliver" - good one to send to the smug repubs

meet the press...jim demint and gov christie

Watch: Rachel Maddow comments on Olbermann suspension

Boycott MSNBC Until They Bring Keith Back.

What is Eli Lilly up to?

Looks like Alex the Twit had to walk back her BS

IMO Democrats in the House paid a huge price because of Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson.

Iraqi prisoners were abused at 'UK's Abu Ghraib', court hears

Too bad Keith Olbermann wasn't the Senator from Wisconsin...

Woke up and the news on my homepage says "Prepare for

Why should a Company be able to decide if a member of staff wants to donate to a political cause?

Between 2005-2008, Pat Buchanan made five contributions to Republican candidates, totaling $2250.

Divide and Conquer Tactics At Work Among Liberal media personalities

Pelosi to run for Minority leader.

Hear me out, I know how to save the economy

Hear me out, I know how to save the economy

Toon "You have 60 minutes to deliver"

Russell Simmons: If Keith Olbermann Goes, So Do We!

Who is ripping you off? - turns out it is a rich and powerful Govt. contractor not the poor ($70M)

Is there an official statement, article or TV appearance from Keith?


New criminal probe launched at Arlington (National Cemetery)

First of all, the Repubs did not win a mandate.

Deflation danger is real. (Gas and food do not tell the story.)

Tax the Deadbeats, Tax the Banksters

Cops can now kill with relative impunity

Cops can now kill with relative impunity

Cops can now kill with relative impunity

Cops can now kill with relative impunity

Cops can now kill with relative impunity

40% of Outside Campaign Money was Made Possible by Supreme Court Ruling

OFF THE AIR on U-Verse - Food Network, Cooking Channel, DIY, GAC, HDTV - Sign petition for Keith

Toon: The News cycle

What Role Did Comcast Play in Keith Olbermann's Suspension?--UPDATED with Comcast response

Texas Eagle Forum Calls for Banning Muslims From Military, Government Jobs, and Running for Office

They've whisked President Obama away so that he/they don't have feel the KO punch nor

Blue Dog Dems - the official tally

Afghanistan and having "skin in the game"

Justice Department Renews Enforcement of Subpoenas for Antiwar Activists Targeted in FBI Raids

Eliot Spitzer: Olbermann Suspension 'Ridiculous' (VIDEO)

There will be 16 new senators in the next Congress

Dear MSNBC: I DEMAND an expose on political donations made by inmates on "Lockdown"


Keith Olbermann's New Book: WIN A Free, Signed Copy

What if Keith Olbermann was set up?

Learn to Speak Tea Bag . . . because other languages are just too hard to learn.

Sarah Palin's "Non-Political" Show Is Still Pretty Political

The bad joke's on us...

The bad joke's on us...

Judge blocks Schwarzenegger bid to kill child-care program

I Love Olbermann, Stewart, Maher and Krugman.

I Love Olbermann, Stewart, Maher and Krugman.

This sounds about right

Saudis warned U.S. 3 weeks before cargo bomb attempt..Obama heeded warning

Steve Cooley (R) takes lead in CA Atty General race

Tealigious Right Gloats, Thanks God for GOP Victories

Toon: Voters send a message

"Thank You" By Russ Feingold - November 4, 2010

Two anniversaries today!!! One Bush. One Reagan!

Is it possible that MSN suspended KO to shine the light on fox?

Excelllent article about the right's recent temper tantrum.

Will Keith Olbermann be on the NBC football panel?

Video: Madagascar’s president linked to illegal logging

In defeat, Sharron Angle finds Nevada not the state she thought

Scientists Find Dead Coral Near Site of BP Oil Spill

Dumpling Davy Vitter's Fright Song

Write Sen. Russ Feingold a thank you message for all his work.

Updated Itinerary for the Wounded Warriors Project Nov 9th (Patriot Guard Riders)

Updated Itinerary for the Wounded Warriors Project Nov 9th (Patriot Guard Riders)

Teahadists to attack science spending........

Toon that sums up the election in a nutshell

How is it that as we get deeper into the 21st Century....

The opportunity we will blow.

Could Suspending K O Be Part Of NBC'S Plan To Move MSNBC Right?

God help us......

Remember This Wonderful Day...

Rachel, you're next. Lawrence, you too......(Pirate Radio's the next thing)

State Says $1.6 Million Per Resident Inadequate For Institutional Care

Boycott NBC TOO!

Scientists find dead and dying coral covered with a brown substance 7 miles from BP oil spill site

Scientists find dead and dying coral covered with a brown substance 7 miles from BP oil spill site

Scientists find dead and dying coral covered with a brown substance 7 miles from BP oil spill site

12 Republicans and 2 Democrats on Sunday Morning Shows

Has Keith Olbermann burnt his last bridge?

If they are going to capitulate on tax cuts at least do it the right way

If they are going to capitulate on tax cuts at least do it the right way

Bhopal survivors appeal to Obama

Toon: The Agenda

A little on contract law

EPOXI flyby of comet Hartley 2 video

Let's look at KO fuss through lens of Means, Motive, Opportunity

Quick Q - point me to the petition

Ok, so the Senate of the 111th Congress...

So How Do We Get Cable TV NEWS REGULATED...

Us and Them And after all we're only ordinary men

Countries with high income inequality have more school bullying among preadolescents & adolescents

Would we be better off under a President Hillary Clinton? (WP)

The lure of Powdermill: Nature reserve vs. gas reserve!

Hey, Republicant majority, what the fuck are you doing?

Then and Now a lesson in FICKLE

Just so you know we used to have a liberal version of Tea Partiers. They were called unions

Tom Donohue: Obama's Tormentor By Devin Leonard

Health of societies affected by political & economic policies, not individual treatments & choices

Free Keith Olbermann! by David Weigel/blog/Slate

Blood-bloated moral cretin, George W. Bush, is grinning like a pig in shit, raking in millions of $$

Toles TOON: "We have a basket of ideas we would like you to fulfill"

David Bender is taking call on "Ring of Fire" discussing Olbermann

While President's abroad, republican Senator calls for war with Iran and confrontation with China

GOP climate deniers vie to run House Energy Committee

Join in Vets for Peace Armistice Day 2010 11 Bells Ring Out Joy for End of Violent Conflict

LOL! "Mr. Boehner behind the wheel"

I DVR'D Rachel Last Night About Keith and something funny happened

Does either party really understand the Anger out in our Country?

MSNBC got told by the R's that if they EVER wanted another elected R

Is this the new banking regulation?

Olbermann book sale blocked on Amazon: coincidence?

Wading Back In... and Suggesting a Shift in Dem Leadership

Former Reagan Speechwriter Peggy Noonan: Sarah Palin A 'Nincompoop' For Reagan Reduction

Obama will need to replace educators from his 2008 coalition. He's going to lose a lot of teachers

If Olbermann is being railroaded, then answer me a question

Should the Democratic Party's Donkey symbol be replaced? It's going up against a 5 ton elephant!

175,000 signatures for Keith Olberman Petition. Would Tweety get the same treatment?

Behind the more gays voted for the GOP numbers

What could FDR have *realistically* done about the economy?

What could FDR have *realistically* done about the economy?

Olbermann’s outrage over the Citizens United Case & His Campaign Donations

The demonization of Democrats: LIHOP or MIHOP?

CIA doesn't confirm or deny having plotted to kill Julian Assange

Veterans Day is soon. (Formerly Armistice Day)

The Audacity© of "Room For Us To Compromise" with the GOP on extending Bush Tax Cuts

Coincidence? I Think Not! Comcast/NBC Universal Restructuring Coming November 15th

KO Petition now over 214,000

Coalition Launched To Oppose NBC-Comcast Merger

2010 election map (roughly population adjusted)

Was mono-lingual polling an issue?

KO could turn lemon into ade AND save the country from CU

Alex Sink Calls White House tone-deaf.

It's November 6th, One Day Since the Unfair Suspension of Keith Olbermann.

"In Oakland, Defeat Of Marijuana Measure Isn’t the End"

President Obama Remembers Gandhi, and King, in Mumbai

Ahhh, so this is what Boehner is after...

Microsoft CEO Ballmer sells $1.3 billion of shares

Seeing poverty up close

Grijalva on Olbermann Suspension ( and credit taken by Arizona thugs)

What could Obama have *realistically* done about the economy?

Bush: The Katrina AF1 photo a "huge mistake." I guess the cake & gee-tar pics were A-OK.

Now let's keep the new Republican House busy

Rachel Maddow Stands Up on Keith being suspended

I want to take our country back

Here's my theory re: Olbermann

VT governor-elect to ask Obama for a waiver to implement single payer

Might this be Keith's replacement??

Suggestions please! Who do you use for an online news page? I was using, good format.

How do we create change? By we, I mean the entire population

Where is the deficiency in the Democratic message?

Keith Rachel Maher Stewart Sarah Tweets Colbert Anderson Randi Mandatory Malloy DU This Poll Now

I think many DU members are feeling too down about Dems. having

Bob Herbert: Tone-Deaf in D.C.

Help me pick a bumper sticker slogan

New sinkhole lowers North Florida's Lake Miccosukee

Olbermann Suspension Is Lunacy By Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

The Power of the Boycott - Max Keiser on Economics 101

When Bush Makes More Sense than Obama...give me a drink.........

We Couldn't Stay Fired Up for 2 Years & They Won't Either!!

A Time Before Microwave Ovens

A Time Before Microwave Ovens

(Self Delete)

I urge you to watch the clip of Bill Maher destroying Bill O'Reilly.

Bush Admits Katrina Air Force One Photo Was 'Huge Mistake'

Good Government: The Time to Reform the Senate's Filibuster is Now

I used Cat Medicine for a medical problem today...

Your Weekend Police Misconduct Thread Courtesy of the InjusticeNews Twitter Feed

Please do not lose sight of the fact that the Repukes took over the House

Zenyatta the beautiful goes for #20

Cop Caught on Tape Beating, Tasing Man -- Gets Off

Grayson should have run for the Florida U.S. Senate seat

I am rooting for Obama to have a successful trip.

MSNBC: Stupid Blunder or Deliberate "Going Out of Business" Sale?

Olbermann fiasco points out why we lose

Olbermann fiasco points out why we lose

You know it felt good to sign a petition

Ballots and election materials stolen in San Francisco on election day (Then dumped in a lake)

Do You Think If Keith Olbermann Donations Had been Made To....

How F#cking Hard is it to Frame the Debate? Seriously!

warning: graphic

Will the pugs shut the government down for Christmas?

If Bernie Sanders can align himself with Democrats,

I tried to take my country back...

I sent this to 2 local news channels and not even a reply

Happy Carl Sagan Day!

Colombian healer held as a dealer in Houston cell

Colombian healer held as a dealer in Houston cell

Kill Moloch. The Urgency of Campaign Finance Reform: A Meditation on Election Day 2010

Obama's Position on the Bush Tax Cuts IS the Compromise Position

just left voice mail at felt really good

Why it's OK, but ridiculous, to be disappointed with Olbermann but not the Democratic Party

Why extending the Bush tax-cuts for folks over $250K cannot be "paid for"

Why extending the Bush tax-cuts for folks over $250K cannot be "paid for"

Keith Olbermann has found solace in the McRib

Keith Olbermann has found solace in the McRib

We will never restore the damage done to our country by Dumb S. Bush.

Might the KO controversy be a gift for us...?

Pharmaceutical Chicanery: Snake Oil Vendors of the Modern Era

Thought about about encouraging voter turnout

What do the Republicans wish we would do?

Oklahoma Voters May Have Accidentally Voted Against Ten Commandments, Too

so who will Phil Griffin get rid of next?

Is this why the US is in the shape it is today?

Democrats And Republicans Find Common Ground On ‘Tweaking’ Health Reform’s 1099 Provision

Defense chief Gates backs push to end "don't ask, don't tell"

Deleted all my MSNBC timers, I'm done with them

Ex-Clinton strategist: Obama needs event ‘similar’ to OKC to ‘reconnect’ with voters

First Lady of Fabulous - Michelle Obama cushions by Delhi-based designer Arpita Kalra - pics

What is our vision for the future of America and how do we get there? nt

About unemployment

It was Republicans. I mean the people, not just their politicians.

"I don't care if you fuck the elephants, as long as you're not covering the circus."

Hell with the election, it's time to fire up "The War on Christmas".

George Bush blasts Palin as 'unqualified' for President... and McCain as being 'less of a man' .....

If I were to start a new political party

Michael Steele - "Voting is a risk"...

So,Can Keith Olberman Sue MSNBC?

No Felony Charges For Wealthy Hit & Run Driver

So does "November sweeps" include cable news channels

Allen West shows a lack of class and declares he will join the Congressional Black Caucus

Has Keith said a word? Has he tweeted? Any Facebook communication?

This is Politically Incorrect, is it not?

GOP senator: Consider neutering Iran's 'ability to wage war'

Remember when Dem congressman Bob Etheridge went berserk on two kids who were harassing him in DC?

A song for the end of a long week...

Who ratted on Keith Olbermann? Hey media! There is part of your story ! KO's

Who ratted on Keith Olbermann? Hey media! There is part of your story ! KO's

Here is what I think KO may have done. The checks did come from Keith Olbermann the employee.

Help me get through this day!

"A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk

Rep.-elect West plans to join Congressional Black Caucus

One birthday, spent at work

Talk about your collapsing infrastructure.

Best Tom the Dancing Bug ever....

Charlie Chaplin was precognitive

I want to unleash a string of curse words, but I need to cut that out

Is Nancy Pelosi the only "progressive choice" for Minority Leader?

Get pissed off all over again.....Go see 'Inside Job'

Is Nancy Pelosi the only "progressive choice" for Minority Leader?

Emergency petition for Keith reaches 200,000

Time Magazine arrived today - with Boehner's mug on the front.

Does congress have the power to change the laws regarding gerrymandering?

Should Obama move to the Left or to the Right?

Media Matters: UPDATED: "AL records: $5k Joe Scarborough contrib to campaign in April

Media Matters: UPDATED: "AL records: $5k Joe Scarborough contrib to campaign in April

Last week, Scarborough kept going on and on about how he's " not a

Limp-dicked Darrell Isn't says the President must answer....

If Keith Olbermann Goes, So Do WE!

I just emailed MSNBC.

Republican Senator urges Obama to support war with Iran, ‘confrontation’ with China

Haven't glenn beck,Slannity,O'lielly ...

It was a beautiful day in the Springs today, about 75 degrees..

Was talking to some republican friends last night

Rep. Larsen (D) increases margin in WA 2nd District

An email I got today:


Is it OK to be disappointed in Obama/Democrats, but not Keith Olbermann?

Updated with October - Job Loss/Gain 'Bikini' Graph

I'm getting sick of Obama's moving the goalposts routine, which he's now using with the tax cuts.

Scott Walker's (R) first temper tantrum and his first walkback as gov elect

The US computer industry employs only 166,000—fewer than in 1975

Who can help me make a stand against some nasty Repugs on another forum?

KO is a hero of mine. That is why I think he should resign.

The Nazi Hydra of America: The Suppressed History of a Century

Huge midterm losses for the incumbent, economic collapse

I think that maybe I'm dreaming. Certainly tired of pretending.

Krugman: Thoughts on Pelosi

FAIR action alert on Olbermann:

"The Propheteer" ad is making me go blind.

Texas Considers Medicaid Withdrawal

Hear ye, Here ye, the GOP civil war has begun.

Pitchforks and Torches!

Pitchforks and Torches!

More Keith Avatars

Another (very) Air Force Project Contemplated

I need the answer to two questions (any help would be appreciated)

Great PHOTO From Obama India Visit...

GOP's job killing slogan..."That Train is Dead"

Media Matters: The GOP civil war will be televised

What's next for defense of Social Security--timeline from national coalition

Toon 'What Now, Boner?"

DU Fox's poll - about Olbermann

Keith Olbermann, victim of the new fascist state?

WaPo: How Pelosi's determination could hamper Obama

Now that Alex Sink of Florida Can Speak Freely...

Republicans will have the power to gerrymander districts to keep the House for a decade

Republicans will have the power to gerrymander districts to keep the House for a decade

I was musing on the Air Force tanker deal one fine day...

With over 200,000 people signing his petition, which network would we prefer seeing KO?

Nice Job OHIO unemployed who voted for fuckstick Governor Elect kkkasich...

If you didn't read about it, the Pukes get to redistrict America again

How an obscure provision in the health care law turned small business against Obama and the Democrat

Flashback: Bush in India (massive protests)

Democrats hold on to Arizona congressional seat (Tea Party favorite concedes)

While the tea party/GOP puts the target on Obama and other Democrats backs. . .

Do you think Keith would accept a position at Fox ?

We'll take that 1.26 billion in transit funds: Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo

PROPOSAL 'House Watch', a DU Topics: House of Representatives Forum

What Kind Of Democratic Party Do You Want?

Martin Luther King's Photographer was an FBI Informant - NY Times

How the US Occupation forces made Japan the healthiest country in the world

Sunday Talk Shows:President Obama on 60 Minutes

Origin of Fake Election-Night Robo-Calls Confirmed

"How the Hippies Saved Physics"

*Tonight* -- Fall Back and CHECK YOUR SMOKE DETECTORs

MIXED ANIMAL is on the loose again . . .

Grayson for DNC Chair-Facebook page available

Was MSNBC Already Backing Down Friday Night?

WTF?? The Sunday Morning Talk Shows Lineup - wait until you see this!

Voltaire: Those who can make people believe absurdities can make them commit atrocities.

YOUR wish for George W. Bush as he embarks on his book tour

Did Keith Olbermann even violate NBC policy?

WE can still STOP the Comcast/NBC merger!!!!! (well, maybe)

Bill Maher's Harsh Critique of the Stewart/Colbert Rally


History Channel: 'Marijuana - A Chronic History'

Ok let's play a WORST case scenario, shall we?

We ought to be very careful to not let right wing crap get posted as fact on DU

Boehner under fire: First cut should be lawmakers' salaries

Boehner under fire: First cut should be lawmakers' salaries

Gallup: Americans want new stimulus and not tax cuts or healthcare repeal

Well this is disturbing...

Death of the Free Press

President Proposes Permanent Tax Cuts For Middle Class

Would you like living in a country where you did not have to pay any taxes?

Toon :Rand Paul's new God

In the wake of the 2010 losses, the attention paid to the Olberman affair is stunning.

Lawrence O'Donnell: "I am a Socialist"

The Democrats Prepare to Move Right

We owe KO - DU is strongest when one of ours is attacked.

We owe KO - DU is strongest when one of ours is attacked.

Why are DU members so down about having lost the House?

If we focus on just one goal, can we effect change?

I have been e-mailing Phil Griffins every hour demanding

5300 people earn 10% of all US income, top 0.8% earn 27%, median income falls

Need a link to complain to MSNBC

Hey Eric Cantor is asking for ideas on what to cut

Outsourcing has hurt the US: Obama. What Obama ACTUALLY Said Re:Outsourcing.

Frank Schaeffer: Bad Theology and Crazy Politics (Why the Republicans Won)

What do you call it when your property goes down in value and you work harder than ever for less*?


Facebook group to get Keith back on the air,

While you miscreants are busy fighting the War on Christmas, please remember one important thing:

MSNBC is hearing our message!

I'm DONE with hearing about the Stewart/Colbert Rally for Sanity perpetuating false equivalencies!!

House- Progressive Caucus is now the plurality. How the Blue Dogs and New Dems did (badly)

House- Progressive Caucus is now the plurality. How the Blue Dogs and New Dems did (badly)

Bloomberg: Congress members ‘can’t read,’ ‘don’t have passports,’ may start trade war

What if Lisa Murkowski Caucuses with the Dems?

What if Lisa Murkowski Caucuses with the Dems?

Keith, we here at Democratic Underground love ya! We hope to see you on TV again soon!

Keith, we here at Democratic Underground love ya! We hope to see you on TV again soon!

Keith, we here at Democratic Underground love ya! We hope to see you on TV again soon!

41% of US children born to unwed mothers.

Red State Political do we do it? How do we get people to show up?

The annual time change poll

2012 Senate Races: 25 Democrats up and 10 Republicans... How do we hold on to the Senate?

•••The Phil Griffin (who fired Keith) gratitude thread. Stop the candlelight vigil at Rock Ctr!•••

We were already headed there

"Remember, Remember" By Cindy Sheehan

Renamed Olbermann's Worst Person's the the World

List of MSNBC sponsors with contact info

Tipping point being reached in the Amazon.

Obama Goes To India To Create More American Jobs Yet Some Prefer The Bullshit

Hey, at least DU has a cause

I, for One, Welcome Our Superhuman Overlords

I, for One, Welcome Our Superhuman Overlords

Far and away the most likely scenario with Olbermann

Thom said last week that this election was a test for CorpAmerica flexing their new muscles.

'Lesson 1: If you’re going to let yourself be characterized as liberal, you damn well better be one'

The Tea Party -- A Nazi Party in search of a Reichstag Fire?

Hit and run fund manager not charged for felony "because it could hurt his job"


Olbermann was fired because he's a sick puppy

Ralph Nader: "A key Democratic election failure was not to keep on Howard Dean, as DNC Chairman"

Do you know how big the universe is?

OFF THE AIR on U-Verse - Food Network, Cooking Channel, DIY, GAC, HDTV -

Obama: Offshoring Fears Are Outdated, Unwarranted

Bill Maher Disses The Daily Show Rally: It’s Better To Have A Rally That’s “About Something” (Video)

First Lady Michelle Obama dances and plays with underprivileged children in Mumbai - pics

Robert Reich: "The middle is a fiction"

Bill Maher blasts false equivalencies in amazing New Rule

Joseph E. Stiglitz: "What has become of the rule of law in the US?"

27 signs that standard of living for America's middle class is dropping like rock

NYT's Bob Herbert: 'The Democrats are in disarray because it’s a party that lacks a spine'

A better idea: Trying 2boost demand+job growth by extending income tax breaks 4the wealthy is like

U.S. Banks Failing At Fastest Pace In 2 Decades

The banks are 'To big to fail' and the media is 'To big to tell the truth'

The banks are 'To big to fail' and the media is 'To big to tell the truth'

Here are the answers to this week's Friday Afternoon Challenge!

President's '$2 billion dollar' trip to India turns into $10 billion dollar deal for American jobs

Frank Rich: 'Barack Obama, Phone Home'

UN body accuses US of rights abuses

Veterans for Peace - (Boston) Veterans Day Parade followed by Peace Event

is there an alternative to limewire?

is there an alternative to limewire?

A year ago, I had a bittersweet month.

Music for a wierd weekend; the 5,6,7,8's - "Bomb The Twist"

Ten years late and a dollar short:

Paths that cross, will cross again

joel mchale mocks kathie lee and hoda to their faces

I think my sweet Harry is dying.

I just cleaned out three years worth

See, the problem was that voters didn't realize that "Fall back" just refers to the clocks--

This month, I've been on DU nine years

I must be effing stupid...

Who is going to cancel Comcast? (poll)

Will poor American die? Just watch!

A reminder for all of we

The Anschluss - Alice In Wonderland.

I'm at the Doh Whisperer Cesar Milan Pack Leader show

dont forget to change your clocks ....

Dedication songs

Score! That's My Bush is on Netflix Instant.

the judds..why not me

You'll never know what you'll catch...

5 seminal bands of yer yut

Liar Liar

Nation Taking No Joy in Cowbows' Pathetic Collapse-The Onion

And another thing

Have you ever tried Poutine before?

i've had two over poured glasses of wine...

I just got a bunch of beer in my eye

Dear Forum,

Well, if this doesn't just take the cake................

Dod you get or get someone else a gift for Halloween? I got a gift for my wife -

Kitties play patty-cake

DFW area - I rescued a dog I saw get hit by a car last night

Echo and The Bunnymen - Over The Wall (live)

Need help identifying a ceramic maker's mark.

Help me name my new cocktail

A Netflix streaming rec: "Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him?)

I don't need a XBox 360 memory card!

Best cover song ever (I know this has been posted several

When did French green beans become haricot vert?

My Puppies

So I am now again needing more answers from teh wimminses of teh Lounge. You know

MIXED ANIMAL is on the loose again . . .

Gonna Watch Precious Tonight

I'm there.

What did the cannibal to his bud say while eating a clown?

My cat is sick :(

Nova Scotia. Heaven on earth. (pictures)

Harry le Roi is gone. July 20 1994 - November 6 2010

Today's College Football Tailgate Thread

A webcam image from Glacier National Park.

Are there any Thanksgiving songs?

Watch: Rachel Maddow comments on Olbermann suspension

Protests erupt in Oakland, Calif., after ex-transit cop sentenced

65 (more) die after volcano erupts in Indonesia (Graphic Read More)

IMF grants China-India greater say (along with Brazil and Russia)

OFF THE AIR on U-Verse - Food Network, Cooking Channel, DIY, GAC, HDTV -

Justice Dept. strikes back against Alaska gov on drilling lawsuit

..Obama signals may compromise on tax cuts

Obama signals may compromise on tax cuts

Geithner Says U.S. Won't Use Dollar to Gain Competitive Advantage in Trade

In Japan, U.S. Defends Fed Actions

Obama signals tough stance on prickly India issues

The Bums

I'm glad he has her...

Obama pays homage to Gandhi

Colombian healer held as a dealer in Houston cell

Colombian healer held as a dealer in Houston cell

Could Suspending K O Be Part Of NBC'S Plan To Take MSNBC Right?

First Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop to Retire in 2013

GOP Comeback Strategy Factored in Lagging Recovery

NYT Op-Ed by President Obama :Exporting Our Way to Stability

Olbermann story doesn't reinforce the lazy media assumptions about the two networks, it debunks them

I can guarantee you, Obama WILL keep this promise on tax cuts

Lindsey Graham Makes The Case For Strike On Iran

Lindsey Graham Makes The Case For Strike On Iran

WH Announces $10B in Trade Deals With India

WaPost: Former Gitmo prisoners, turned spies, provided tip about last week's mail bombs.

Hundreds Were Raped on Congo-Angola Border

Should President Obama be acting as a salesman for Walmart in India?

U.S. Banks Failing At Fastest Pace In 2 Decades

President Obama calls for compromise, won't budge on tax cuts

Somali pirates receive record ransom for ships' release

My prediction is in about a year Pelosi job approval will be about 55%

Iraqi prisoners were abused at 'UK's Abu Ghraib', court hears (incl. starvation & electric shocks)

Why the whole Olbermann thing is a burr under my saddle.

Senator Kerry is back in Sudan trying to follow up on work done in October

Gasoline Prices In Central Michigan Rose Past The $3 Per Gallon Mark

I just realized.. I have gone over 10,000 posts

Gov. Mitch Daniels (IN-R) ready to revive past legislation

What, if anything, did Rachel say last night?????

Weekly Address: President Obama Calls for Compromise and Explains his Priorities on Taxes

'Neuter' Iran over nukes, U.S. senator tells Halifax security conference

So, Mr Obama is taking Walmart execs to India to get Walmart expansion in India

Blue Dogs and 'Ideological Myopia'....

Dollar Drops Most in Four Weeks as Federal Reserve to Buy Bonds

The Perriello Way

Barack Obama defiant at Mumbai's Taj Hotel

Phil Griffin: MSNBC’s Embedded Fox News Groupie

Officials: Saudis warned 3 weeks before attack

It was nice having Obama remember we existed

Was it worth it?

Rasmussen Polls Were Biased and Inaccurate; Quinnipiac, SurveyUSA Performed Strongly

Let Cher's exposed buttocks on the battleship USS Missouri remind you of what you need to do @ 2 AM

FLOTUS dances with disadvantaged Mumbai kids

Rick Perry Proposes Letting States Opt Out of Social Security

Peggy Noonan To Sarah Palin "...He (Reagan) Was A Great Man And You Are A Nimcompoop."

The Blue Dog Caucus needs to call themselves the fascist caucus.

Indonesia's Merapi volcano causes (international) flight cancellations (may affect Obama's visit)

NYT: Pres. Obama supports "extending only tax rates that apply to incomes below $250,000"

Texas Considers Medicaid Withdrawal

What is presidential leadership? Why is it necessary?



The President wants to "compromise" on the Bush taxcuts...

Share the Petition: Tell Congress to Continue Federal Unemployment Benefits

The real reason the Right are making up lies about India. 53,670 U.S. jobs. $10 billion order

President Obama holds a Town Hall with Students, Mumbai

VP heads to Texas for staffer's wedding...Cost To Taxpayers 55 million dollars????????

How Obama should deal with the extension of the Bush tax cuts.

"Talking to sex workers" what is so new about that???

Wash. Times: "Like a substance abuser," Obama must "admit he has...addiction to government solutions

You have to go all the way to India to find fruity, positive coverage of Obama.

John Boehner's links to lobbyists could be the chink in his political armour

Chess or Checkers?

Was Keith Olbermann done in by jealous colleagues at MSNBC?

(UK) Unemployed told: do four weeks of unpaid work or lose your benefits

Eric Alterman: You Are Only Coming Through in Waves

Republicans Backtrack After Proposal on Aid to Israel Draws Heavy Criticism

Republican establishment takes on Sarah Palin

President Obama calls for compromise, won't budge on tax cuts

Anyone remember when W went to India in 2006? -- great pic inside

Sick F**k's Rule Our Discourse

Obama Needs To Be "Captain Kirk" going forward and not "Mr. Spock."

The dismantling of Palin has begun from the right. Here is Peggy Noonan's

CNN video: "Michelle Obama gets down in India"

Do Democrats have a strategy to counter Repubs for next two years?

G.O.P. Plans to Use Purse Strings to Fight Health Law

Ducking Tea Bags

Sweden says US has carried out secret surveillance

Error in tally upends NY congressional election (bad)

In Schools’ Efforts to End Bullying, Some See Agenda

Unemployment payouts push California deeper into debt

Is Michelle Obama going to talk to some sex workers in India

The sad tale of the Democrats who hated the unemployed

Pelosi Urges Unity and Says She Will Work Toward Democratic Rebound

In Whitman and Fiorina, Candidacies That Did Not Compute

Leadership is not just legislation. It’s a matter of persuading people.

In Preparation for Obama Appearance on 60 Minutes, The Media is FIRED UP!


Oklahoma voters may have accidentally outlawed the 10 Commandments?

New GOP Governors Kill $1.2 Billion In High-Speed Rail Jobs

"Obama announces trade deals with India worth billions."

Link to a non-stop coverage of Obama in India. Unbelievable:

I still love Obama. Love. Love. Love.

53,670 jobs and a way forward for America with Asia and the BRIC Nations

It's < 8 % Unemployment Or Bust In 012

A Question that caused me Great Sadness in my Response

A Question that caused me Great Sadness in my Response

Obama calls India creator, not poacher, of US jobs

It appears that there is no way Obama will get the Start Treaty ratified. What now?

Alex Sink: meet the mirror. You lost because of YOU, and your state party

AP: U.S. Army Reports Record Suicides

TYT: Is "Sarah Palin's Alaska" Real?

Weekly Address: Priorities on Taxes

Obama kicks off India trip with appeal for more trade

RT America: Police Brutality in Oscar Grant Case w/Ruling

Keiser Report №92: Fake Markets! Fake Finance!


Thom Hartmann: Is the Employee Free Choice Act Bad for Women?

Protect Kaho'olawe 'Ohana 20 Years

Ed Show w/ Cenk: Anti-Obama India Trip Lies

Weird Liberal Head Show #213: Boycott MSNBC, Until Keith Olbermann is Reinstated

Real Time: Maher interview with Billo

Keith Olbermann's Greatest Hit: 8 Years of Bush

TYT: Lies About Cost of Obama's India Trip

In the spirit of Kumbaya, a tribute to our friends across the aisle

Eugene V. Debs: An American Revolutionary

Thom Hartmann: Why Is The Media Lying About Job Creation?

GOP wanted $1,000,000 bond for access to Ayotte (New Hampshire)

Obama Wants Tax Cut For 98% Of America

Mexico drug kingpin slain in fierce gun battle with military

President Obama calls to congratulate World Series champs

Michael Moore Discusses the Midterms

Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York

Thom Hartmann: Conservativism Kills

Maher 11.05.10 (updated with more links)

Will Fed's 600 Billion Jumpstart Economy?

We Want Keith Olbermann back on the air.

Rendlesham Forest UFO - CLASSIFIED Military Tape Release Part 1

George Carlin on the "pro-life" lobby

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Will The GOP Compromise With President Obama?

Meg Whitman builds a video shrine to her epic fail: A New California

Maher takes on Rally to restore sanity

Little Obama (11 Year Old Boy Gives Speech On The "N" Word )

Obama Greeted by Angry Demonstrators in India

Use The Force Barack!

William Rivers Pitt: Another Hard November

Coral Die-Off Took Scientist by Surprise!

Exporting Our Way to Stability by Barack Obama

The Last Gasp of Aging White Power: But Time Is Not on Your Side -- Tim Wise

Did FOX Finally 'Get Smart' About Obama's Indian Trip?

I voted, Ed Stein

The Week's Best Late-Night Jokes

Endorse India for permanent UNSC seat: USIBC asks Obama

Barack Obama, Phone Home

Nouriel Roubini: Is American spirit stifled because of big government? Not at all,

Gallup predicted 15% pts win by GOP Inc. actual was 7%. Their margin was only twice the actual.

Obama Asia trip expensive, but not as pricey as some say

NY Daily News: Olbermann Suspension Was Right

What will tea party members do when their politicians betray them?

Our Banana Republic

Social Liberalism – “The People's Republic of San Francisco” By Guy Adams

5 myths about George W. Bush

Pipestone wind-turbine factory idled; 110 layoffs

Bloomberg to promote electric taxis in cities

Yearlong warm-up a meteorological milestone for state (Maine)

What the Elections Mean for Wind Power in the US

What the election means for renewable energy (GOP job killers)

Newly Elected Climate Change Denying Teahadist Governors Kill $1.2Billion In High-Speed Rail Jobs

50% of the New Congressmen Deny the Existence of Man-made Climate Change

Bush Was Considering An Attack On Nuclear Sites In Syria

Florida Republicans prepare to disburse (Obama stimulus) solar rebates

Goats Scale Dam in Italy

An 80-Year Run for Nuclear Reactors?

Green party rides Germany's anti-nuclear wave

Vestas (wind turbine manufacturer) to lay off 3,000 workers as profit slides

Mass Rally Against Germany's Nuclear Plans

Nuclear Power Benefits From Republican Wins, NRG Says

Allow ethanol subsidies, to expire -$30 Billion

Solar Energy Can Provide 4.2% of U.S. Power by 2020

French EPR Nuclear Reactor Design is 'In Crisis' Globally

Starbucks proves the Brady Bunch wrong... again.

13 violent deaths in Caracas last night (Spanish)

Colombian Drug Cartel's Parrot Arrested in Colombia for Alerting Traffickers

Delegation to investigate US involvement in 2011 Nicaragual elections

US embassies deny visas to SOA Watch Vigil speakers

What is it about guns that drives this unreasoning hatred ?

short term accompaniment needed in Honduras

Cuba Inside Out Cuban airline pilot died as hero to villagers

Google Maps Error Causes Nicaraguan Invasion

Scalabrine's a funny dude.

Don't look at this uniform! >>

Uribe’s post-retirement blues

The biggest comeback in KU's history!

Breeder's Cup Classic-ESPN-Now=======Go Zenyatta

The JR Chess Report (November 6): Magnus Drops Out of Championship Cycle

Michigan 67, Illinois 65, in triple overtime.

Not Your Father's Cuba - Rubio, La Loba and the new Cuban-Americans

Ex-Gay Convention Draws Protesters in Penn

Ex-Gay Convention Draws Protesters in Penn

Hawaii positioned to pass same-sex civil unions

Gene Robinson to Retire

Movie recommendation: La Mission

Zahar: Jews will soon be expelled from Palestine

Israel fires two rockets into Gaza

Gene Robinson, first openly gay Episcopal bishop, announces his retirement

Orbis has republished Cardenal's Gospel in Solentiname, all four volumes bound as one, paperback

Moved by religion: Mexican cavefish develop resistance to toxin

Protein-Template Typos Confront Core Idea of Genetics

Space Photos of the week

Happy Carl Sagan Day!

Cosmic Curiosity Reveals Ghostly Glow of Dead Quasar

Evolution by Religious Selection: Mexican Cavefish Develop Resistance to Toxin

Money for Scientific Research May Be Scarce With a Republican-Led House

Food Bacteria Can Hijack Sexual Behavior of Flies

Here's another panorama

bird identification

North Broadway

Today in Labor History Nov 6 A coal mine explosion kills 79 & Susan B. Anthony was fined $100 voting

Today in Labor History Nov 5, 7 Wobblies killed, 50 wounded and an indeterminate number missing & mo

Maybe it was a bug, but I liked that bug.

It's not 2001 anymore, so why is there still a 'house' avatar for Dick effin' Gephardt?

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