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Attempting to cast my rigged DWTS votes for Jennifer Grey...

Taliban leader in secret talks was an impostor!

"It's what the readers want." My experience with People Magazine

Researchers kick-start ancient DNA

Dunkin' Donuts Allegedly Called Police on Breastfeeding Mothers

A song, timely as ever, on what our veterans come home to.

Dogs are 'smarter than cats'

Glenn Beck Promotes Socialism to West Point Cadets

Report: Nuke weapon drivers got drunk on job

I think unrec is like pins in the vodoo doll - for example

Those Who Orchestrated The Mortgage Scam Get To Walk Away....With Rewards

Do We Need To Re-Label Broadband As Telecommunications So FCC Has More Internet Authority?

Lame-duck Congress's first task: avoid a government shutdown

Lame-duck Congress's first task: avoid a government shutdown

Lockheed Martin Continues Fighting For (very expensive) F-35

Women's distrust of VA hard to shed

BBC News' Live Ticker: Korean Crisis:

Ongoing local and world changing events other than TSA patdowns

President Obama needs Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi as his chief of staff. Get rid of people

What the Brits think about America for even talking about Palin running for President in 2012..

San Mateo DA promises to prosecute overly touchy pat downs

The stench of the police state at US airports

Number of Army suicides already surpasses 2009 total

When Irish eyes are furious........

BREAKING: While the TSA was groping your genitals, all hell is breaking loose in N and S Korea

Man’s urostomy bag damaged during invasive TSA pat-down; forced to fly with urine all over him

Hmmmm. This could turn out poorly

Audit criticizes TSA screener training

Dark Hour

Juan Cole: Scammed in Afghanistan

"Swiss rightwing politicians have much in common with the Tea Party movement ..."

(Al) Franken wants antitrust probe of Comcast

Overused political phrases

Who’s Hiring? Big Companies and U.S. Government

Paul B. Farrell: Kamikaze Capitalism: GOP out to destroy

Relax. The Chaebol will not allow any war in South Korea. Unemployment rate is about 3% there

Scammed in Afghanistan

We get scammed in Afghanistan ...meanwhile on the back porch!!!

Pill shows up to 70% drop in HIV infection risk (LA Times)

This Modern World - Just in time for the holidays: Security Theatre Follies!

Body scanner makers doubled lobbying cash over 5 years (USA Today)

Van Jones' msg to liberals: "You know, we Don't. Have. Enough. Self. Esteem!"

Existing U.S. Home Sales Drop More Than Forecast on Foreclosure Moratorium

US economy grew 'faster-than-thought' (BBC)

India to deploy 36,000 extra troops on Chinese border (BBC)

'Hoarders' Rats Up For Adoption: 1,000 Rats Removed From House On Reality TV Show

'Hoarders' Rats Up For Adoption: 1,000 Rats Removed From House On Reality TV Show

CNN Video: Texan Dan Wallrath is giving free homes to Veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan

You Don’t Need to See His Identification

The narcissism behind teabagger/neocon "thinking".

On a very special "Hannity," the very special personal friendship of two "extraordinary men."

Hugo Chavez bravely advances the cause of political freedom by restricting the use of his likeness

As chances dim for the DREAM Act's passage, college campuses emerge as the latest immigration battle

Gawker is chockful of wit, jabs, whimsy, and real news today

Bruce Springsteen: Why America Is Hurting ("The Climate For Getting Things Done Is Very, Very Ugly")

Church of England bishop suspended over royal wedding comments

Fat Planet: Top 10 Fattest Countries 2010 (US #8)

Does the US have the assets to assist South Korea if we're needed?

Cambodia stampede kills hundreds at festival

Aung San Suu Kyi and son Kim reunited after 10 years (BBC)

Aung San Suu Kyi and son Kim reunited after 10 years (BBC)

Things are looking up for Barack Obama.

Chemical explosion at Windsor high school

Cute play on words

"the only problem is that it is very lonely without the comfort of our illusions."

Airport body-scanner manufacturers armed for K Street battle

The year 2010 now has the most national extreme heat records for a single year--nineteen

There May Be a Problem

Fox Apparently Rejected Ad Calling for DADT Repeal

Conventional Wisdom: Both parties are purging moderates, creating a vacuum at the center

Corporate Profits Were the Highest on Record Last Quarter

Anyone know how to recycle books? Thanks.

Wikileaks promises release 7 times bigger than Iraq War Logs

TSA-style "security" at my son's middle school

The Two Most Essential, Abhorrent, Intolerable Lies Of George W. Bush's Memoir

Gawker -Revolt of the Elites: Junk-Touching Edition

G.W. Bush was at Wal-Mart 's Home Office yesterday to promote his new book.

I would not take it for granted that North Korea is the aggressor.

Poll uncovers potential 2012 pitfall for GOP

Everyone Should Read This Post From Last Nite(See Link Below) And Send Michael Moore An E-mail......

Are TSA agents working around the scanners allowed to wear dosimeters?

Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing's papers auctioned (BBC) {funds needed SOON to donate to museum}

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2 - More junk

Mr. Fish: What's The Confusion?

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3 - The Palin problem

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4

Tuesday TOON Roundup 5

Does anybody know how a State sponsored cyber unit work?

News Corp makes a play into education

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1 - Junk security

TSA: Travel Advice for Tofu Turkeys: You are not real.

Dept of Homeland Security 10 years from now?

The Ten Lessons of RAHMSES: So Let It Be Written

Half in survey say airport patdowns go too far

Barbara Bush Says It Was Housekeeper Who Put Fetus In A Jar (VIDEO)

It is legal to sell fireworks in Az now

GDP report: Economic growth picks up steam

Sick of MSNBC

South Korea warns North of 'enormous retaliation' after attack

NATO is 'mafia' and Obama a 'snake charmer'

Hundreds gather at protest for soldier's funeral

O’Reilly attacks ‘Simpsons’ as ‘pinheads’ after Fox “#1 with racists” jibe

Exclusive: In Letter, Gates Dismissed McCain’s Concerns About DADT Study

When good upstanding white folk start getting searched then it's fucking ON!

On Barbara Bush and what it means about how America thinks of her

The Top Tax Rate is 27% Below US Historical Average

Good ol' conservative "responsibility": Christian Right group blames ACLU for it's bad idea

those opposed to the new tsa procedures "don't care about the greater good"

Good News: DOJ's Whistle-Blower Recruitment Pays Off

GOP Report attacking climate change science was plagiarized

Gibbs: GOP'er on Health Care is "Hypocritical"

IMF proposes Ireland cut taxes, minimum wage, unemployment.

Thank you, Anonymous Donor!

After strike, SK leader calls for 'enormous retaliation' against NK

Thieves rob NYC pizzeria and make off with lots of dough - literally

Charles Whittington, Vet Who Wrote About Addiction To Violence, Barred From College

I just wanted to say thanks to my anonymous donor for this recent pledge drive

Cops investigating whether mutilated teen fell from plane

A New Political Reality Settling in for National Transportation Financing

Politics expires with lack of compromise. Becomes religion, ideology, gridlock


Federal Inmates Learn Salsa Dancing - Eating Pink Salmon And Enjoy E-Mailing

Euro in `Exceptionally Serious' Situation Amid Irish Bailout, Merkel Says

Euro in `Exceptionally Serious' Situation Amid Irish Bailout, Merkel Says

Hidden victims of the mortgage meltdown

Cold War Air Defense Relied on Widespread Dispersal of Nuclear Weapons, Documents Show (The National

I am sad today -

Adam Savage goes through TSA scanner, gets two 12" razor blades on plane anyway..

It's franks & beans time - Obama fan who rapped prez gets fired

Good grief.....Time Warner offers to charge you more for service you should be getting anyway

I was on a walk this afternoon and noticed that an Obama for President

The New York Times Wakes Up to Palin

Support for Body Scanners Dropping

(Iraq) War veteran barred from CCBC campus for frank words on killing

U.S. Bank Profits Climb

Ahem, per CNN, one their people found a loaded gun magazine

Ahem, per CNN, one their people found a loaded gun magazine

Repukes already trying to kill high-speed rail in CA, elsewhere

LMAO.. O'Reilly mad at the Simpsons!

Man Stranded on Roe Island for 5 Days With Only Burritos and a Cellphone

Why the TSA is all gung-ho over groping pat downs

Body Scanner Caught [adults only, please]

Let’s change the name of Thanksgiving

Truman:"There is something about the way the CIA has been functioning that is casting a shadow......

Why should we pay a fee for withdrawing money from a bank ATM machine?

A pill to block out the bad memories:

With Socialists Like These...

Another fine episode of What Digby Said ("Security Theater")

So is Ken Cuccinelli going to go after Edward Wegman for defrauding Virginia taxpayers?

Breaking News: Man Having Package Examined At Airport...

Has anyone started an Obama scorecard of good?

I'm sure Velma Hart will get a new gig with Fox News or something

I'm sure Velma Hart will get a new gig with Fox News or something

When someone robs a bank, a store or their neighbor they are arrested...

The Rude Pundit - Ted Rall and the Rude Pundit Talk Revolution, Part 2 (The Problem as It Stands)

Cargo, not crotches

Location Location Location-Bush's book on sale at the D.C. airport.

Teabagging at the Ballgame

Withers: NJ preacher enjoyed a three-way

With New Power, GOP Takes On Consumer Agency ~ Wall Street Journal

Is the credibility/patriotism of the "security experts" up for review?

I have updated my blog...

Cargo building at Boston airport evacuated

Bush Cheney and the end of the world - nice read

Russia sees 'colossal danger' of Korea escalation

Blast from the past: Bush names Kissinger to head 9/11 probe

Feds STEAL (seize) Camp Zoe (music festival grounds)

CABLE RAT RACE: Palin Drops Big In Week 2; 'Walking Dead' Steady

Corporations Post Record Profits As Republicans Call For Eliminating The ‘Insidious’ Corporate

The War on Christmas has begun!

President Obama, White House, Continue Focus on North Korean Attack

Sen. Franken wants DOJ to probe Comcast on anti-trust violation

Designer turkeys fly off the shelves in anticipation of Thanksgiving - at up to $14 per pound

On torture: I remember back in 2004, during the convention speech thinking, "He should be running."

Feldene. $122 Kroger's. $2 Clinic Pharmacy

Republicans Call Chris Christie A Bully -- for capping school principals' salaries

Salon: Palin's new book name-checks Reagan 33 times, putting him second only to GOD (100 mentions)

It's about personal image & how much we all care about what "other people" will think.

It's about personal image & how much we all care about what "other people" will think.

Why not radio-wave scanners?

Reputation Correction Services

Video: Sea Shepherd zodiac boat training

What's the deal with Assurance Wireless from Virgin Mobile

TSA in violation of OSHA standards

Republicans Could Save $2.4 Million A Year By Forgoing Their Health Care

Think you've read the worst about foreclosures? Read this

Maybe it's time to replace the handshake with the junk grab.

Expansion of Bike Lanes in City Brings Backlash (NY Times)

Expansion of Bike Lanes in City Brings Backlash (NY Times)

Help feed America

Michael Moore & Wendell Potter on Democracy Now

"Going forward, we need your voice"

Obama Needs To Coddle Wall Street Even More Or He's Doomed, Argues Politico

Conservative "comedy" spoofing us liberals

FTC bans advance fees for mortgage relief

Joe Barton, POS

Awesome rant, in front of Congress.. And it got loud applause from the audience. Too bad it was 1960

UP: Panchayat bans mobiles for unmarried girls

OMG!!! Hartsfield TSA worker allegedly abducts, assaults woman

Corporate Profits Hit New Record, U.S. Workers Still Struggling

"HATEFUL DAYS!" Will Pitt has Excellent Post UP at this Link...Truly Excellent!

ACLU: States Refuse to Give Up Lethal Injection Drug Dealer

CDC Director Talks About the Nation's Biggest (and Winnable?) Health Battles

Woman detained at Moscow airport after 8 live, rare falcons were found in luggage

What do you get when you mix hills, ice, and a bus?

ACLU Cites Walgreens For Refusing Emergency Contraception to Men

Healthcare Reform Challenge Can Proceed, Says Ohio Federal Judge

Changing Face of HIV Shows Disparities in Care, Outcomes

Is your kid wearing a cast and going to's TSA's solution to that!

Fox News gets Sitting Bull history wrong

Take heart in this: a good number of baggers die of old age every year

US Dialysis Mortality Rates High but Vary Widely Between Centers

North Korea fires artillery onto South Korean island, two marines killed

Thanks DU for signing the petition against non-educator Cathie Black becoming NYC Schools Chancellor

Thanks DU for signing the petition against non-educator Cathie Black becoming NYC Schools Chancellor

Top 10 Medical News Stories of 2010

Imprisoned congressman champions prison reform

I've been out and about all day. Did Skeletor come onto

Survey: Americans Unhappy With Health Insurance

Heads-Up: Countrywide's Mortgage Document Errors May Doom Bank of America - DailyFinance

Myth of a Bullet Hole Causing Explosive Decompression in Airliners

If there is a person dumber that Charlie Sheen, I can't imagine who it is.

Republicans Could Save $2.4 Million A Year By Forgoing Their Health Care

'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Ratings Plummet In Week 2

Roid Rage Jesus

NPR Interview with Bruce Springsteen......Just Incredible what Bruce Reveals

An amendment to restrict corporate funding of candidates would be unfair

"The Campaign Against SiCKO"

Attn: Keyboard Warriors: Where is the activism, organizing, protests and

What not to wear? Clothing a security line issue

Health insurers face new federal rules on medical spending ~ Washington Post

Jeopardy - Pass the "URK"-y for 800

In dramatic video, LAPD officials accuse fellow detective of being a killer

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Most fliers bothered or angered by TSA pat-downs

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Had Mental Illness in 2009

Baby girl in China abandoned on the street... because she is BLONDE

Don't touch my junk: TSA workers face a tough job

Well while we navel graze

The good thing about working near the airport

The Vatican "unstiffens" it's stance

finally, a gun is going to be brought to a gunfight

Tom One and Tom Two stay at the W Hotel in Washington, DC before being pardoned - pics

Plane Searched In Denver, 2 Taken Off: airport &Denver Police said they didn't know about incident

Voters Strongly Back Amending Constitution To Restrict Corporate Political Spending - HuffPo

Voters Strongly Back Amending Constitution To Restrict Corporate Political Spending - HuffPo

DoJ Appeals Judge's Order That Lesbian Nurse Margaret Witt, Discharged Under DADT, Be Reinstated

Katie Couric entertains Catfood Commission Co-chairs who spread panic on SocSec - video

OMFG What will the terrorists think of next?!!

First they came for your cell phone conversations, your shoes, then patted you down to keep YOU safe...

They came first for the Muslim’s junk,

So lady Blah Blah said she'd clean up journalism

Reauthorizing the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Reauthorizing the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Off-the-cuff, repeated falsehoods are part of our troubles

BASH THE TEACHERS: Tom Friedman Edition

House Dem dares GOP on healthcare repeal:" put up or sit down"

So South Korea fired first

Lender Processing Services Sued By Stockholders in Securities Fraud Case - FDL

Obama calls Hoeven, briefly delaying turkey pardon

QUITTER who QUIT her public service job "willing to offer myself up in the name of public service"

QUITTER who QUIT her public service job "willing to offer myself up in the name of public service"

A little frontier wisdom for Democrats

Social Security doesn't need "saving". It needs to be *protected*

Suspicous Package At SDSU Trolley Station Ruled Harmless

Catholic Priest Tried to Pay Hitman to Kill Teen He Molested

Police: Priest solicited murder of boy accusing him of sex abuse

Police: Priest solicited murder of boy accusing him of sex abuse

Obama Administration loosens medical-loss ratio rules for "mini-med" health insurance policies!

Security Expert on Public Radio: Until all airports get the body scanners, they are worthless!

Bless Motor Trend and the car of the year!!!

Here come the Warmongers...

Rep. Bishop (D-N.Y.) leads Altschuler (by 235 votes) as absentee count ends

20x the scanner x-ray radiation reported by TSA

Corporate Hell

Democrat Jim Costa re-elected to Congress!

If Palin win for DWTS


the fact that ONE PERSON ever tried a crime does not justify checking EVERYONE for the same thing

WTF....."TSA: Some gov't officials to skip airport security"

Okay we can use some help. We where able to get online and had a dial tone

"Stalin would have been proud"

Willow Palin's boyfriend caught using racial slur - Fucking Raghead who comes off Queer..

Greta Von Xenu discusses Buffet tax remarks with trust fund silver spoon shithead Tucker Carlson

Check in if your getting naked at an airport tommorrow..

If the lobbyists for the body scanners have their way... Service Temporarily Unavailable


Define, "overqualified". You betcha...

Chinese investment in Brazil has ballooned to more than $25 billion this year

Was not aware one has to pay for one's prison time now.

Was not aware one has to pay for one's prison time now.

WATCH: Olbermann, Moore Confront Guy Sent By Big Insurance to Discredit 'Sicko'

Maddow Show: Matt Taibbi on Foreclosure Crisis...

Keith Olbermann w/ Update on Gov. Brewer's Transplant Death Panel Victims:

America's Failed War of Attrition in Afghanistan

Don't Ever Forget: Follow The Money

Dallas airport perimeter fence breached/damaged 20x/5 yrs



'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Ratings Plummet

Invasion of the Land Grabbers: U.S.-based multinationals are buying up massive chunks of Africa

After reshelving some Bush bios today at B&N, I noticed Carl Rove's Fugly face on a stack of books..

Now that the GOP has taken the House, it's time to look at GOP solutions toolkit. - w/video

I have it on good authority FOX is going to start a propaganda campaign disputing its racist nature.

Lessons to Be Learned From Paulo Freire as Education Is Being Taken Over by the Mega Rich

Support the troops?

Rush Limbaugh: Obama should have "TSA grope" his 9-year old daughter

Coalition of 45 groups seeks investigation of FBI over peace activist raids

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman

So..public colleges in Texas are a "Non-Essential" service

So..public colleges in Texas are a "Non-Essential" service

Vatican: Condom use less evil than spreading HIV

Voters Strongly Back Amending Constitution To Restrict Corporate Political Spending

Willow Palin's weed dealer has 'really good stuff' (video)

"O.K. who put the fetus in the jar?"

My all-purpose response to anyone voicing support for for Sarah Palin:

I don't have a star, so I can't post a poll, but....I would like everyone

Vick talks to Conn. students about dogfighting

Caption this bankster raid

Gulf oil spill: Offshore drilling firms threaten to go abroad

Security Theater or Security TSA

End of American dream a nightmare for Obama

President Obama & VP Biden tour the Chrysler Indiana Transmission Plant II in Kokomo - pics

Thank you to everyone who donated during our 4th quarter fund drive, and to our monthly subscribers!

So, I see O'Reilly is now going after the Simpsons

Best Political Cartoons of 2010

I believe in holding the President accountable but Ed Schulz is beginning to get on my nerves.

What will happen when all the folks who are on unemployment get cut off?

Ok on security and security theater

Bachmann on her claim about Obama India trip cost: I never said I believed it

I don't have time to submit to a body scan or a pat-down

"They exercised their power with great glee" - TSA groping of 74 year old woman

Why Gate Rape?- Follow the money for TSA Body Scanners

Airport BODY SCANNERS: " Statistically SOMEONE Is Going To GET SKIN CANCER From These X-RAYS

What the TSA Patdown Searches Are Really About

Why does President Obama refer to America

Mike Huckabee To Obama: Have TSA Pat Down FIRST FAMILY!

Body Scanner Companies Poured Cash into Lobbying Efforts

President Obama in Kokomo: "Don't bet against us." (Opening shot of 2012 campaign)

So a federal law enforcement person left their clip to a semiauto on a SW Airline flight.

You CAN do something about TSA. Here is airline toll free phone list

Would a 'Naked Airlines' be able to offer cheaper airfares?

Rep. Marcy Kaptur on Dylan Ratigan's program today - She's understated but gave a clear explanation

How the top 2% spend a tax cut:'Ancient' Apple 1 Sells For $213,000

In GA if a local district rejects a charter school, a state commission can overrule.

Chrysler invests in US plants, more GM jobs -THANK YOU Pres. Obama. Tea Party: How 'bout an apology?

President Obama & VP Biden tour and have lunch at the Kokomo Fire Department - pics

young women commits suicide. Her alleged rapist remains on Notre Dame football team

Debating a New Democrat on cutting Social Security and Medicare

Why Willow Palin drinking and smoking weed matters

Murdoch buys education technology company

It's not the liberals who killed Christmas...

Had either a software failure or a virus....downloaded Ubuntu and it WORKS!

Hey's that "Irish Miracle" working out for ya?

Chris Matthews actually uttered something good tonight...

Low SES people better at reading others' emotions

The Fear Channel (CNN) serving up hot travel-fear porn this morning


Adam Savage: TSA saw my junk, missed 12" razor blades

What Ireland's Massive Financial Bailout Means To You

Stunning image of flamingos gathered as one flamingo the 'holy grail' of wildlife photography

After Condom Remarks, Vatican Confirms Shift

U.S. Intelligence Thwarted Attack on Iran - Ray McGovern

U.S. Intelligence Thwarted Attack on Iran - Ray McGovern

"Next step for body scanners could be trains, boats, metro"---

Peter Funt ("Candid Camera") on the TSA and Obedience to Authority

Jeb Bush killed a woman today, and this is what the GOP is dying to do to Medicare

Does the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy matter anymore?

I don't get why people think Hillary Clinton would have been any better

The official DU Liberal War on Christmas thread.

Al Gore: Votes, not science, led me to back corn ethanol

Corporate profits are up. Whew! I feel lots better now.

Corporate profits are up. Whew! I feel lots better now.

Everybody thinks Sarah is a dead horse because she's nuts, stupid & bull-headed.

Treasury gets $11.7 billion from GM stock sale


How low can Oprah Winfrey go? Promoting faith healer John of God to the masses

Sarah Palin Reportedly Lobbying To Get Christine O'Donnell On 'Dancing With The Stars'

Motor Trend-Win, Rush the Blowhard-Epic Fail

New Evidence Proves First Flag Made By Betsy Ross Actually Shirt For Gay Friend

Oh, You Are Gonna LOVE THIS!!!! Poll: Republicans Want Anti-HCR GOPers To Just Say No To Gov't HC

TSA updated rules for people refusing pat down

Obama administration appeals another DADT ruling (Margaret Witt)

WaPo: Attack on Michelle Obama shows palin's ignorance of history

The right to fly.....

How often do you fly?

Time out-I have to thank you all...I'm going back to work 12/08

George W. Bush Forgets To Mention 9/11 In Memoir.

Remember how flying USED to be?

Woman who told Obama she was 'exhausted' loses job

You know this country is fucked up when. . .

Scientist’s eureka moment that found a ‘cure’ for Alzheimer’s

71% of Democrats oppose giving adults the right to drink alcohol...

Tuesday TOON Roundup 6

The breaking news banner on the cnn website:

3am phone call..."President Palin, North Korea just attacked a remote South Korean outpost"

Daily Pill Greatly Lowers AIDS Risk, Study Finds

Corporations have made the highest profits in history in the last quarter,

Corporations have made the highest profits in history in the last quarter,

Lee Harvey Oswald

Every time they say "Democrat party," you say....

Michael Brea, actor, killed his mother with a samurai sword after religious rant

I don't see how the 'opt-out' can work.

I am sad to say that, IMHO, the only thing that may prevent open rebellion and "blood in the

I see the chickenhawks are poking their heads out (re: North Korea)

Rush attacks 'Car of the Year' Chevy Volt and Moter Trend responds - MUST READ!!

Known 'hate group' met with Pentagon's DADT working group and White House officials

Florida lawmaker calls House ban on hats ‘sexist’

Culture War Brewing Within Tea Party?

New Polls Show Overwhelming Public Opposition to TSA Rapiscans & Enhanced Pat Downs

Ok... I've Decided To Come Clean With You Guys... I'm Affiliated With...

TOON: This Modern World on TSA ogle & grope

More on our "bad" math scores

Our country has been stolen from us. Our lives have been stolen from us.

Lower-Income Families With High-Deductible Health Plans May Delay or Forgo Care

Why is it that "National Security" is the only matter where Obama looks backward rather

Here is an example of the hysteria the TSA molestations is causing

Here is an example of the hysteria the TSA molestations is causing

When One Person Takes a Stand Amazing Things Can Happen

At the onset of the Korean War first thing that was done was all suspected leftists were killed

Bush Gloats Over Dan Rather's Ouster (& Putin Calls Him OUT On It!) -By Robert Parry

ROFL - a pic (and it's caption) is worth a thousand words:

Is a Storm Brewing in Europe? Al Jazeera English Looks at the Growing Islamophobia There (Pic Heavy)

Die for a Tie: How the Korean War Began

It's official: I have a sick twisted mind

In light of all the DWTS Threads,I think a "Bit 'O Nerd" is in order here!

Are You Famous?

Post Your Favorite "Thanks"-giving Song Here!

Dogs are 'smarter than cats'

the war on christmas has officially started for me

AARRGGHH!! It's not even Turkey Day yet.

Finally, a real reason to give thanks - Gonorrhea rates at lowest levels since 1941

Anyone have word about Tobin? I haven't seen any of his posts for way too long. n/t

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria found alive

Bob Dylan Meets the Beatles: GooGooGaJoob

When you post a clip in Political Videos and someone posts I didn't watch it, tell me about it

"Melty"? Really?

Trade mark!

. pizza Mass stiffed by Dylan with parlor pass

Mass. pizza parlor stiffed by man with Dylan pass

What's the perfect length for YOUR man?

What's the perfect length for YOUR man?

Seeking MN DU'ers who've eaten at Galactic Pizza (if any)

I have updated my blog...

Merry Mohammadmas everyone! And Happy Holidays too!

I Had To Tell You- 13th Floor Elevators.

OMG -- i've discoverd pinterest!

World's Craziest Toilet Bowls

Cookie Monster auditons for SNL host spot...

My "CoeLon" is squeaky clean

Dogs are 'smarter than cats'

Just saw a commerical advertising two $2 bills for $10 + shipping and handling

Are you on FacePalm?

I got a star!

found my cell phone btw

My junk has never been touched. Do I need a plane ticket to stand in a TSA line?

Last week in November and it's 83 and humid in Houston today....

Vote for your favorite chicken.

I just watched a genuinely scary film

VIDEO: "Knee Deep In Weasels" (NOT the Palin Thanksgiving celebration...we're talking 89 ferrets).

Poor Pedro

Videogamers...ever want to play on auto-pilot?

NMA News just keeps stepping its game up...

What is the difference between: a henchman, a lackey and minions?


Anyone have a good recipe for cheesy potatoes?

I'll show you My DU if you show me yours.

Thanks, Admins! Nice upgrade to "My DU"!!

I'm really drunk right now...first time in a while, and I got some things on my mind

There are both advantages and disadvantages in being a vegetarian...

THESE are -- by no means -- GOOD days.

Lucky for us that cats are focused on annoyance rather than world domination...

Just bought myself some new hair clippers

Foxnews is trying to blame the latest korea flare up on obama

Here I am with my Father's flag from yesterday's service, he had a full military funeral.

Cats Playing Patty-cake (with audio of their 'dialogue)

I have it on good authority FOX is going to start a propaganda campaign disputing its racist nature.

all you folks holding your breath about the weekend-

Tuesday's crash kitteh

Do your current cats recruit strays to come stay with you?

Hey Deadheads - they demolished the Philadelphia Spectrum today

What do you buy a Canadian for Christmas?


Delete. Duplicate post.

Just call me Sherlock Holmes, And does anyone want to buy an old pick-up?

When I dance...

I took the car into the mechanics to have it looked at. They fixed a few things. I paid and took the

Cowboys & Aliens Trailer (Summer 2011)

All right who else is old enough to remember these fab fashions?

Aubrey Huff resigns!

"Going out there and winning this would mean a lot. It would be like a big middle finger

Did anyone know Skittles once did a short tour as a meter maid (but left a VERY lasting impression)?

Anybody go Elf Themselves?

Are You On Facebook?

Wow - so tempting to travel to Germany next summer to see The Wall there.

50,000 posts!!!!!111!!!

Cat owners; advice please...

Don't look into the eyes!

Hollywood Squares Outtakes

Last night I decided to stream a netflix film and saw that "Human Centipede" flick was available.

Watching Dolly Parton on Larry King now.

My dog/cat is unusual because...

Richard Cohen: Palin cares more about Grizzles than she does black people

"People unworthy of high office are arrogantly on the march."

My cat enjoyed watching Nature this afternoon (YouTube)

Woman Says Pets Can Reincarnate

Most Want to Keep or Expand Health Care Law

Third-quarter growth revised up on spending

So my wife and I had a very nervous conference with my son's high school art teacher.

i got the chicken out last night to thaw about 9 pm. i forgot to put in fridge before bed.

Ok, NOW will you idiots on the right hand side of the aisle ratify the START treaty???!!!

Interesting findings from Pew poll released November 11

Voters Strongly Back Amending Constitution To Restrict Corporate Political Spending

Defending the Fed against GOP sabotage

N. Y. Dem might vote Boehner for Speaker

Effort for Liberal Balance to G.O.P. Groups Begins

New Poll undercuts GOP claim of a midterm mandate

Barbara Bush: You Can't dislike Bill Clinton

Wednesday's 'what's for breakfast' kitteh.

BREAKING: CaliforniaPeggy's publisher DENIES leaked title of her upcoming coffee table book

House Republicans Take Aim At Elizabeth Warren To Slow Down Financial Reform

Torture Chamber (on President Obama and the Chamber of Commerce)

Post your favorite Thanksgiving movies

Poll: Republicans Want Anti-HCR GOPers To Just Say No To Gov't Health Care

Poll: Republicans Want Anti-HCR GOPers To Just Say No To Gov't Health Care

"I cannot fathom why they are doing what they are doing. "

Air Force official: Pentagon's 'Don't ask' study 'healthy' and 'informative'

Hate to be kind of gross, but have you ever noticed Tom Brokaw...

Sarah Palin is getting boring!

I am liking the President's Kokomo speech. . .

Dems need to show they're out there actually fighting for working people -Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

Gates to McCain: No troop referendum needed on 'Don't ask, don't tell'

What It Means To Be A Liberal -by President John Fitzgerald Kennedy-

**** Heads Up: POTUS and VPOTUS Discuss Success of the "Auto Bailout," live 1:35pm EST ****

Dancing with The Stars is about to announce the winner. Please let it be Bristol.

House Dem dares GOP on healthcare repeal

Richard Cohen, on the real meaning of Sarah Palin's attack on Michelle Obama

Photos: "Dont Bet Against the American Worker." (The Obama Presidency, Day 673)

Former FBI agent says government allowed JFK assassination

Jennifer Grey named 'Dancing' champ

Student fees: Liberal Democrat MPs braced for 'doorstep' protests

Obama Administration’s Achievements (Thus Far)

Atomic damages case due for trial

Obama touts Chrysler rebound during Indiana visit

Where's the outrage over the fetus in the jar?

Helping The World's Poor Save A Bit At A Time

"The president, speaking to ABC News, would not speculate when asked about military options."

Kittens and their canine babysitters.... Love Meow

Park51 developers apply for $5M federal grant, outraging opponents of mosque near Ground Zero

Study: The missing mid-term Obama voters .... were the MODERATES.

Palin is the cheerleader who swears that she simply forgot to put on panties prior to her handstand.

Obama better not go soft on this

Voters Would Change Constitution To Limit Corporate Spending In Elections

Stunning image of flamingos gathered as one flamingo the 'holy grail' of wildlife photography

Third-quarter growth revised up on spending

Taliban commander in secret talks was a fake

Rand Paul Compared Obama's Rise To Power To Hitler's In 2009

No offense to woman on DU but whats up with these white republican woman challenging Obama's manhood

Assembly Pushes to Oust Iran President

Sen. Mitch McConnell's earmark power credited for revitalizing Louisville

Best compilation of President Obama's "conservative" accomplishments yet

Just heard a "Democratic Strategist" on Fox News say Obama could unite the country by NOT running...

I agree with Tweety's let me finish segment on TSA searches

DIA debunks conspiracy theories

IMF: Greece Needs More Reforms .

Spain Won’t Seek Further Austerity as Deficit Halves

Federal Inmates Learn Salsa Dancing - Eating Pink Salmon And Enjoy E-Mailing

GOP Judges Write Senators Asking Them To Stop Obstructing President Obama’s Judges

Obama Administration Paves Way for Offshore Wind Power to Take Flight Off Atlantic Coast

Czech president approves austerity measures

Pakistan's president will pardon Christian woman, official says

Fraud Inquiries Focus on Construction Hiring

Flashback from July 2008: "Why Obama can't possibly win in the South"

My response to a rape, friends involved...

Pentagon says progress 'uneven' in Afghanistan conflict

Videos show Williams' numerous encounters with police

Drill breaks through to New Zealand miners but rescuers 'cannot go in'

Tea partiers' views far from others

Prosecutors: Man Had Bomb Factory in Home (Largest ... in U.S. History)

W. Va. mine blast: Coal firm had worst safety record

Pakistan will not repeal blasphemy law - minister

Sex-Trafficking Charges Stun Minneapolis Somalis

PROMISES, PROMISES: GOP leader reaps $200 million

Obama, Biden celebrate US auto industry renewal

Obama wants Congress to have a busy December

Holocaust-denying bishop threatened with expulsion

Sarah Palin will be as valid as Joe Miller and Sharon Angle by next June

Saudi's Kingdom, Alwaleed buy $500 million of GM IPO

Janus leads financials down on probe fears

Can you be too afraid of gluten?

Democrat concedes close House race in NY to GOP

Juárez police officer asks for asylum in US

DOJ appeals lesbian's reinstatement to Air Force

Charges dropped in Obama e-mail threat case

Air Force plans for low-altitude flight training run into civilian turbulence

Media Matters: Beck tells audience to ruin Thanksgiving dinner with misinformation about inflation

Polygamy laws aimed at men, court told

Dalai Lama wants to give up ceremonial duties

I have a novel suggestion.

I just read "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee." Someone talk me up here.

Polar bears losing out to grizzlies, study foresees

Whole Foods CEO: Yes, We Have No Obamacare

Whole Foods CEO: Yes, We Have No Obamacare

Okay, this is pretty funny....

Rep. Kucinich to hold hearing on Fed effort to boost economy

Rush suggests Obama should "take his daughter to the airport and have a TSA grope her" (AUDIO)

Breaking: New Zealand Police Say All 29 Miners Are Dead

After Condom Remarks, Vatican Confirms Shift

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 23

US condemns North Korean attack on South Korea (& Reactions from S. Korea, Russia, China & Japan)

DOJ Appeals Witt’s Reinstatement, But Will Not Prevent Her From Serving During Process

Logan Airport Cargo Area Evacuated

Tea Party Group To Corporations: Support Obama And We'll Take You Down

Government to speed up offshore wind energy development

Texas jurors deliberating fate of Tom DeLay

Corporate Profits Were the Highest on Record Last Quarter

Alaska official: Miller election claims baseless

Eugene Robinson: Why Granny Gets Searched

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan accused of pocketing millions

Poll: GOPers Want Anti-Reform Reps To Forgo Gov't Health Care

Treasury gets $11.7 billion from GM stock sale

What do you think a Huckabee presidency would be like?

J&J issues wholesale, retail recall of Benadryl

Obama Kids Book Sells 50,000 Copies in 5 Days

Arizona road trip short video - Sleep While I drive

Bristol Palin wants to give 'big middle finger' to haters by winning 'Dancing With the Stars'

Passenger Hauled Off Plane For Too Many Bathroom Breaks

Freed student Steve Li returns to S.F.

Passenger Finds Ammo Clip on Flight to Phoenix

North Korea artillery fire hits South island / South Korea sending Jets

DLC Is KAPUT???? (Oh, And Harold Ford Is A Douche)

Hey, Steve King, Bring It On

Van Jones' msg to liberals: Don't give in to despair!

Incoming GOP House not interested in jobs

Obama: U.S. must extend tax cuts for middle class, can't do same for wealthy

UK imposes new permanent immigration quota

Destroying the Village

"Attack on Michelle Obama shows Palin's ignorance of history"

Democratic Rep. Jim Costa holds on to Calif. seat

Chris Matthews beleives the right-wing ginning up TSA wars

email from Barack We Miss You

Effort for Liberal Balance to G.O.P. Groups Begins

Ratings Drop for "Sarah Palin's Alaska"

Arkansas man sues over new TSA full-body scans

How to Stuff Your Parrot on Thanksgiving

Cheech and Chong - your thoughts?

New doozie of a website...

Escondido bomb-maker had largest stash of home-made explosives ever found in U.S.

Howard Kurtz calls out the media on the TSA junk journalism stories

San Francisco overrides mayoral veto, bans Happy Meals with toys

"Buffy" fans are not going to be happy...

Where do you shop for paintings? My walls are too bare, and I love to look at paintings.

George Bush - Kim Jong Il Love Letters: Jim Ward (Stephanie Miller Show)

Buffy Saint Marie reads poem "The War Racket"

If Harry Shearer tried this today he'd be Gitmo'd

What They Won't Tell You about the National Debt

In The Wealthiest County In The U.S., Food Banks Strain To Keep Up With Demand

Garbage infests Croatia coast

TSA. Are KY Jelly and plastic gloves next?

Papantonio: Mr. Obama, The Chamber of Commerce Hates You - Get Over It!

Tell me why you want to become a trader

Young Turks: Pathetic Dem Sucks Up To Hannity On Fox News

Michael Moore and Wendell Potter on Democracy Now, Part 1 -- 11/23/10

John Pistole gets honest about Porno Scanners and pat downs.

Ed Schultz Blasts the Unpatriotic Millionaire Members of Congress

The Ad Fox News Doesn't Want You To See!!!

TDPS: Tax cuts for the rich compromise will HURT Obama & Dems in 2012

Senator Menendez Champions New Law For Small Business Lending

Al Sharpton: Time For FCC To CENSOR RUSH Limbaugh's Speech

Greece austerity programme 'on track'

TSA - Top 10 Reasons to Opt Out Nov 24

Weird Liberal Head Show #229: The Korean Violence, the TSA, and the Boycott

The Rothschild Empire

Papantonio: US Chamber Gets a New President – OBAMA

Palin - Prior to the debate with Biden, Lieberman prayed with me and told me to hand it over to God

UN General Assembly Votes To Allow Gays To Be Executed Without Cause

MRN: South Korea FARTS On Kim Jong-Il

MSNBC w/ Cenk Beats Fox News In Friday Ratings

Thanksgiving 2010 style

Republicans Put Politics Over Policy! - MSNBC w/ Cenk

President Bartlet on the Butterball Hotline (LOL!)

Falafel Boy Fires Back At The Simpsons

We Need MORE Airport Security!

BBC: Violence in Afghanistan at Highest Levels Since War Began

Simpsons Have A History Of Slamming Fox News

Hitler Demands Enhanced Pat Down by TSA Officers

RT: US Police Disregard Civil Liberties

Chertoff and the Underwear Bomber Cover Up- The Body Scanner Scam

No Home for the Holidays

Keith Olbermann - Wendell Potter Apologizes To Michael Moore

CNN: Loaded Gun Magazine Seen on Passenger Plane

Adam Savage: TSA Scanners Missed My 12in Long Weapon

Akin On Thanksgiving: Pilgrims Fled Socialism To Come To America

So Why DO We Fight Wars?

Rachel maddow high school speech (her own from 1990)--AMAZING

Olbermann: Pilot/Blogger - "Do You Want to FEEL Safe or Do You Want to BE Safe?"

Democrats' 1982 election commercial on 'trickle-down' economics

Father Loses Custody of His Children for Being Agnostic

"TSA (Touching Small Asses)"

Rural Poverty in America circa.1965 (1/2)

AlterNet: Exposing the Insurance Industry's Vast Conspiracy to Smear Michael Moore

Be wary of guys in black hats

Rush to Judgment

"We Are at War": How Militias, Racists and Anti-Semites Found a Home in the Tea Party

What the patdowns are really about.

Robert Kuttner: Saving Progressivism from Obama

The era of magical thinking

Fighting Finance from Below

The Shock Doctrine Push to Gut Social Security and Middle Class

Net Neutrality to be Killed by House Republicans

Connecting Folks, One Bomb at a Time

New Tea Party Strategy: Target Companies That Appear to Support White House

A Gift From Long Ago - Bob Herbert on JFK's election 50 years ago.

The stench of the police state at US airports

Fear Pays: Chertoff, Ex-Security Officials Slammed For Cashing In On Government Experience

A Holiday Letter from the Family of an Air Force Academy Graduate

Right-Wing Nutjob Quote-O-Matic

America: Night of the Living Dead

A Festival of Greed in a Sea of Pain and Suffering

Republicans Criticizing Elizabeth Warren's Lack Of Transparency Had No Problems With Dick Cheney

The Private Prison Industrial Complex

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the Guide to Command of Negro Naval Personnel

Peak oil review - Nov 22

Drumbeat: November 23, 2010

New Zealand mine: Second robot to resume search (BBC)

Wi-Fi Makes Trees Sick, Study Says

Changes In Water Policies, Treaties Force Egypt's Rice Cultivation Area Down By Half - AFP

Florida Bonefish Count Puts Numbers 25% Below Eight-Year Average - AFP

Michigan Facing Potential 50% Cut In Road Construction Budget By 2012

November Temperatures 6-10C Above Averages Across Eastern Arctic Canada

I have updated my blog...

NZ mine bore hole shows high gas levels (BBC)

So Far In 2010, 19 Nations Have Matched Or Set All-Time High Temperature Records - 0 Hit Low Record

Poverty And Energy Prices Soaring In Tandem In California

Russia's AtomStroyExport wins contract to build Tianwan nuclear power plant's units 3 and 4.

City to Solicit Proposals on Bike Sharing (NY Times)

UN/IPCC - Expect Far Darker 2014 Climate Report - "That's Where All The Data Is Pointing"

Indonesia Plans To Eliminate "Degraded" Forests, Receive $1B To "Restore" Them With Oil Palms

The latest denier document being circulated

China Officially Admits Status As Top GHG Emitter, Defends Right To Keep Emitting More In Future

The golden but dirty state of California

What do environmental groups say about nuclear power? Union of Concerned Scientists

Climate pledges fall short, says UN (BBC) {4C/7 F increase}

At Least 1.3 Million Atlantic Sharks Killed Annually; Whitetip Pops. Down 70%, Hammerheads Down 99%

Crazy person goes crazy

Lawsuit Filed Against Post Office Gun Ban

In U.S., Continuing Record-Low Support for Stricter Gun Control...

Texas college president lies about concealed carry legislation

Honduras: Repression Must Stop

Stunning image of flamingos gathered as one flamingo the 'holy grail' of wildlife photography

48 deaths (homicides) registered over the weekend in Caracas (Spanish)

Venezuela Bans Unauthorized Use Of President Chavez's Image

NATO, the World Police Force - by Fidel Castro

xpost from GD. "... first thing that was done was all suspected leftists were killed"

Hugo Chavez bravely advances the cause of political freedom by restricting the use of his likeness

AI: "Venezuela is a safe haven for foreigners who are responsible for genocide"

Spain frees ex-Guatemalan minister wanted by UN-backed investigator

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Monday, November 22)

Report: Scott Boras' firm made loans

Hey, Michigan fans! Doing anything special for RichRod's last game??

Welcome to the Big Ten, Nebraska. Enjoy your schedule...

Giants resign Aubrey Huff..

NCAAF Power Rankings - Week 12

MVP Josh Hamilton!

Duke vs Kansas State @ 10pm eastern tonight... This could be fun.

Duke Doing Something Indicates College Basketball Season Either Starting, Ending, Or Ongoing

Reports: Victor Martinez to Tigers

well hell john

ENI signs $17bn Venezuela oil deal

Joe Paterno, 83, plans to coach in 2011

The Hurricane

Dolts figure out how to cheat on the road

*************College Football: Week 13*************

Freshman Terrence Jones scores 29 as Kentucky stops

+++ NFL Week 12 Picks +++

Arkansas school board member officially resigns over anti-gay post

Ashburn Earns Highest Score for Republican (Higher than some Democrats)

3 Westboro 'church' members met by 150 counter protestors

Has anyone read "Hero" by Perry Moore?

I loves me some Anne Hathaway! Anne Hathaway as Kurt's Gay Aunt?

Gates Dismissed McCain's Repeal Concerns

Joint Chiefs Chair Mullen: U.S. 'Clearly Not Leading' on Civil Rights

Daily Pill Greatly Lowers AIDS Risk, Study Finds

Islamic textbooks instruct students to teach gays a lesson

HHS Finishes Hospital Visitation Rules

Out, out damn gays! NOM & Liberty Counsel Join CPAC 2011 Boycott Threat Over GOProud's Presence

Exclusive: Fox News said to reject ad on ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

Oscar-winning director defends anti-bullying message in films


Access Hollywood Live: Max Adler ‘Proud’ Of His ‘Glee’ Gay Kiss

"It Gets Better" — Love, Pixar

Israel says tourism to break record in 2010

Palestinian family evicted from East Jerusalem home claimed by Israeli rightists

IRS Asked to Revoke AIPAC's Tax Exemption

Barak: Israel's enemies will use referendum law against us

Thanksgiving, Tikkun Olam, and U.S. Jews breaking the Israel barrier

A new way to embitter Palestinian lives (Ha'aretz editorial)

Letter from a war criminal

US letter on freeze deal has been completed, 'Post' learns

PLAME/EDMONDS/AIPACGATE UPDATE: Rosen Threatens to Open Pandora's Box

Dalai Lama wants to give up ceremonial duties

Priest In Sex Case Now Charged With Trying To Hire Hitman

Get your Hitchens-Dembski debate here...

My views on morality and the cosmos.

How Snakes Can "Fly"

Pterosaurs' wings 'key to their size' (BBC)

Reptile’s Pet-Store Looks Belie Its Triassic Appeal

Five minutes, maybe less - that's all I had to approach and circle around an old barn in Eastern NC

Workers Need More Government Spending Because Our Jobs Problem Is Demand, Not The Deficit