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Why are our Christians so powerful, instrusive & generally out of control? I blame Clinton.

URGENT: 10 Days to Fight Fracking

Despite uproar, TSA boss won’t bend on pat-downs

A film that reminds me of Darrel Issa starts on WGN in a few minutes

Don’t Worry About The TSA; Special Underwear Hides Your Junk

Elementary School Handbook EXPOSED for PROMOTING BULLYING

I'll admit it. I enjoy watching "Sarah Palin's Alaska

Your Police Misconduct report from the InjusticeNews Twitter Feed

Sarah Palin....Who Is This Mother Nature.....

Hmm... Justin Bieber doesn't look quite so hot without his makeup on...

TSA! How About, "Bomb Detonating Bunker?"

Guess where Victoria Jackson is ending up.

Roger Waters! Roger Waters alert! The Wall 2010 Live

I've no inclination to donate to DU

TSA now needs false flag security incident to convince Americans to accept obscene pat-downs

Um... why do we give a shit about Michael Vick?

The Sarah Palin effect touted by the twenty four hour cable shows will be just like the

Gates: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Report Will Be Available One Day Early

Motto for contemporary progressives

James Carville says if Hillary gave Obama one of her balls, they'd both have two!

Afghans Losing Patience

Pakistan opens its door to US ops

Jonathan Last Online (Bypass if sick of TSA Threads)

Teabagger rally

LA Times: Flaws can cancel life insurance — after death

Main Stream Media has another foe...

What would JFK say to Obama? (tea party = John Birch Society)

Medals, Medals, Everywhere

NATO, Karzai and the relics of Kabul

Japan is ageing faster than any country in history, with vast consequences for its economy and

Republicans Win the Anger Game ..... A Mark Fiore animated short

Media repeats debunked claim that ending Bush tax cuts on wealthy would harm small businesses

Can this be serious: "End of an American Dream, and a Nightmare for Obama."

Can this be serious: "End of an American Dream, and a Nightmare for Obama."

Warren Buffett Tells ABC Rich People Should Pay Higher Taxes

Matt Taibbi....Please keep covering the Mortgage Mess

With All Disrespect Mr President... I am glad some people get it...

Re: TSA, what happened to people with medical implants PRIOR to new policy. . .

Just watched clips from Palin's serial campaign commercial and came away with a strong impression

30 Years ago there was another drilling accident.

Whistleblower details bribes, fraud in Afghanistan

NY Times: Nations That Debate Coal Use Export It to Feed China’s Need

Mother Jones: Sarah Palin's Mystery Research Firm

A question I'd like to posit.

For Years, Drug Company Paid Top Athletes to Attract Doctors

For Years, Drug Company Paid Top Athletes to Attract Doctors

Steroid use on the rise in the Army

Our family has decided to by food and give it to a food bank for the holidays.

Salon: The War Room's Hack 30

Right-wing media promote call for private security at airports

DC area food banks are overwhelmed by demand

Hitler or not Hitler

A suggestion for some of us

Warren Ballentine:Only in America can a little pregnant white girl become a star

Excellent interview with Chalmers Johnson on Democracy Now!

When the Government takes a holiday for Christmas, does that

MSNBC questions Palin "media saturation" by posting 2 front-page Palin headlines & huge photo

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales: I Was 'Aware' Of Waterboarding

Steve KKKing to take aim at birthright citizenship when GOP assumes control of Congress

Palin aides in Des Moines "looking into office space, other logistical needs for the coming year"

TSA chief: Body scan boycott would be mistake

New Evidence Proves First Flag Made By Betsy Ross Actually Shirt For Gay Friend

A moment of silence, in rememberance of JFK

Yea, lets don't pat down the old folks

After 47 years

Jesus!! why do these girls air there dirty laundry out in public with these famous guys

Letter in my paper today re: The Democratic acceptance of the TSA

It's snowing in Seattle!!!

Inside Sarah Palin's Inner Circle - The Palin Network

Fort Bragg puts drinking offenses on display

Airport odyssey reveals how awful and annoying we are

My Alma Mater is suffering due to shot football players

Why do we remember the things we remember? Sometimes it's easy to see why

Anti-gay groups spent nearly $1 million to oust (Iowa) Supreme Court justices

Meet the Press Uncritically Features Radical Rep Elect Alan West

Anti-Gay Movement Fuels Hate Violence

Wikileaks predicts a world-changing event in a few months.

For-Profit Colleges May Lose Student Aid From U.S. Over Recruiting Abuses

Vow to Repeal Health Care Holds Little Promise

Airport security silliness

Quebec residents overwhelmingly support legalizing euthanasia

Searching for some good liberal literature...

What the Secret Donors Want

House and Senate Dems Out of Sync on Taxcuts

RW Blogger: The real aim of Bristol's Pistols: to expose Democratic hypocrisy on voter fraud

Never rob a doughnut shop while intoxicated

Who would you support in an NFL work stoppage?

Asmall peeve I have with all the Santa Clause shows I have seen lately.

Guandique found Guilty of the murder of Chandra Levy

Um DU admin - shouldn't Boner's head explode when hit with the punching glove?

Okay, who punched the boner?

Did the progressive era start and end with Camelot (1960 - )

Dean Baker: Ireland Should 'Do an Argentina'

US military launches world's largest satellite

Jury Reaches Verdict in Levy Murder Trial

In Ireland, Call for Election and Warning From Moody’s

The right way to honor Ronald Reagan

CBS Poll: Do New TSA Airport Screens Go Too Far?

So the Pope thinks it is okay for male prostitutes to use condoms to prevent spreading of AIDS

Simple solution to TSA scans offered 4 years ago

Simple solution to TSA scans offered 4 years ago

FRC, AFA Among New Organization Designated "Anti-Gay Hate Groups" by SPLC

I like that Representative Oompa-Loompa cries when he gets a little tap BUT

"Nov. 22, 1963: The Death of a President

"Boehner cried"...

FBI Raids Two Hedge Funds Amid Insider-Trading Case

Don't TSA me, bro!!

Making the 1000-pledge goal...

Tell Obama not to cave to Big Oil in the Arctic

Housing’s ‘shadow inventory’ rose in August

GET TO WORK EarlG!!!!!!

GOP insiders - Sharron Angle's incompetent and dysfunctional campaign

Is TSA head John Pistole an Obama appointee?

Why nearly a year for "nudie scanner or grope or else" to take effect after the panty bomber?

TRIVIA: which US airport did the underwear bomber's flight originate from?

OHIO: Bowling Green Voters Approve Sweeping LGBT Rights Ordinances

PHOTOSHOP: Statue of Liberty in TSA T&A scanner

Ridiculous Amounts Of Lead, Other Crap, Found On Decorative Glasses

Dalai Lama's possible retirement fuels succession fears

Let the CHANDRA LEVY Thread ORGY Begin!

Victoria Jackson has found diamonds. And they know FACTS!!!

If Hillary Clinton Ever Flies Commercial, She’ll Murder TSA

In honor of America's first collectivist commune...

I miss Grey Warrior

The Truly WTF Meaning of Christmas:

Election Analysis Looking At Who Didn't Turn Out?

$300 vs $58,000

ANALYSIS: GM's return may help Obama in Midwest

So what will be in the George W. Bush Presidential Library?

Any civil engineers out there care to offer advice to a young person in school?

Has anyone ever heard of Anderson University? Here's a story about one of their own who made good.

NPR talks with Charlie LeDuff about Detroit, Aiyana, the media, more - mp3, transcript

Ok, somebody's gotta do it. What were you doing when you heard JFK had been shot?

1 Leaf demo per Nissan dealer (and only 20,000 TOTAL for the year)

L.A. Times: Obama Still Futilely Pursuing Compromises with Republicans

Method to erase traumatic memories may be on the horizon

DeMint still raising funds to defeat Murkowski election.

the TSA will kill several over the holiday weekend

What are the health risks of these new scanners?

Damnit, we need 46 more donations so we can have Hate Mail Bag!!!

United States Navy To Put Contractors On Combat Ships To Avoid Personnel Costs

"Republicans and the White House both seem determined to make the recession worse .... "

Scientists revive ancient bacteria

CAPTION the Half-Baked Alaskan...

From HealthCare Now - Sign the Count on Me pledge to tell Congress NOT to cut Social Security....

Does existing federal law provide for expedited citizenship for non-citizens in the US military?

Islamic community center developer seeks federal funding

If you think the TSA is about a Blackwater-esque security firm?

Whoops, I just ran out of star.

Harley Davidson's ad agency fires its customer...

Southern Poverty Law Center names 5 new anti-gay hate groups

So do you think TSA will be responsible for more traffic fatalities this holiday?

Underwear Invention Protects Privacy at Airport

The French would stage a huge demonstration and shut down the airlines on T'giving

BREAKING: New video of TSA inspection that goes too far!

Why do we fear "death by terror" more than all the things that are really likely to kill us?

The great Constitution-loving patriots' first order of business: denying birthright citizenship


Levin: 'Don't ask' hearings will 'boost' passage of defense authorization bill

Rick Perry: Soon, Gov Of TX Will Be More Powerful Than POTUS

Obama beats all potential GOP rivals by 5-11 points in Virginia

Injustice (The Murder of Riley Fox & How the Police Framed Her Father for the Crime.)

Bryan Fischer of the AFA: Adolescence is a myth created by liberals to hurt marriage and capitalism

German Nazi suspect Samuel Kunz dies ahead of trial

Neff: Will the televised Prop 8 trial change everything?

Neff: Will the televised Prop 8 trial change everything?

Would you agree with this statement.

2 yr old girl probably murdered

If someone, say, Jon Stewart decided to re-enact a TSA search on TV,

JFK's Secret Service agents reflect on loss of a president (first time ever)

Should TSA procedures be used at State lines?

I wonder what they are talking about.

Michael Moore and Wendell Potter on with Keith tonight

Pi**ing me off AGAIN! Dems switch parties!

Why the TSA has ruled out body cavity searches for you, your mom, and your 13-year-old daughter:

Why the TSA has ruled out body cavity searches for you, your mom, and your 13-year-old daughter:

Fox News: They Decide & Everyone Else Reports

US nuclear transport agents seen 'in drunken incidents'

FBI RAIDS Hedge Funds:

National Health Care for the Homeless Council

Was there any discussion this morning on MoJoe re his suspension?..n/t

If birthright citizenship is revoked:

Leaking Siberian ice raises a tricky climate issue

Wackadoodle Wis. Republicans take control

Palin's PAC Reportedly Paid Big Money To Mysterious Company

Gonzales once again implicates self in Bush torture program

it's the incompetence, stupid!

Tweety calls Huckabee "Huckle-chuckle"

Al Qaeda Promises U.S. Death By A 'Thousand Cuts'

Secretary of Transportation LaHood: We’re Looking Into Technology To Disable Cell Phones In Vehicles

The Good, The Bad, And The Insignificant: Shadow Foreclosures Surge

Afghanistan - Troubling Poll Results

Afghanistan - Troubling Poll Results

TSA chief rules out body cavity searches

Has anybody here seen my old friend John?

Niwdog's Law (a poll)

As a Catholic, I think the pope's proclamation re condoms does not compute.

Over 330 die in stampede at Cambodian festival

Guess Who's More Trusted On Social Security Now? by digby

Frank blasts GOP for siding with China against Bernanke

Cavity searches have not been ruled out. They simply have said they have no plans for them.

Cavity searches have not been ruled out. They simply have said they have no plans for them.

TSA workers should Unionize and then strike because of deplorable working conditions...

My doctor molested me!

My doctor molested me!

Rep. Holt: TSA's full-body obsession is 'misguided, counterproductive and potentialy dangerous'

Important Heads up: Michael Moore and Whistleblower Wendell Potter on Olbermann Tonight

Bush's book. How much bullshit are we expected to eat?

Where Evolution Went Wrong

LOL- The man renting Rahm Emanuel's house filed to run for mayor of Chicago

A solution for HCR *and* TSA, it's a two-fer!

Irish general election looms amid economic crisis

If The Economy Were To Collapse

Landline-only polls produce Republican bias, study confirms

Impossible to defeat "Strategy of a thousand cuts"

Does George H.W. Bush suffer from amnesia?

Huffington Post: Stop Promoting Palin

You be the Rep: The Combating Online Infringements and Counterfeits Act

You be the Rep: The Combating Online Infringements and Counterfeits Act

Some people say that Airline travelers have been groped by....

'Suburban' north Fulton County (GA) wants to break from 'urban' south Fulton county

Did you know that the TSA searches cars, trains, and bus passengers too?

AFL-CIO warns about recount fundraising scam

Military Leaders, Newspapers, And Republicans Criticize Kyl And Senate GOP

Toddler dies after falling 50 feet from Staples Center luxury suite after LA Lakers game

****Throughout the Underground 11-20 thru 21-2010****

Barbara Bush; 'I Hope Palin Stays In Alaska'

According to Nadler Heathrow rejected these machines

Arrogance PLUS: Comcast publicly names their new management staff while still negotiating merger

If a Republican were President that was somewhat like Bush*

Alaska moving into new era as federal earmarking fades

Proposal: Offer Sarah Palin, Barbara Bush, GWB, GWHB

A thought on intrusive Government (TSA) searches

Should stories about Palin be banned on DU?

Should stories about Palin be banned on DU?

Hundreds killed in Cambodian festival stampede

Lots of people want Vick forgiven. How about Gary Condit?

(FDL): Flyer's rights and petition for congress to investigate TSA

MSNBC: Tell the TSA 'Don't touch my junk' – here's how

Barbara Bush to Sara Plain - "Stay in Alaska"


Suspicious Mail- 'Death Threats' for Bristol Palin at DWTS

"more than eight in ten Democrats saying that the president does deserve a second term"

Chandra Levy murderer guilty, should the Puke talking heads that ruined Gary Condit's career

My solution to the TSA problem... get rid of them altogether...

Dear god, shoot me now...Linda McMahon will be running a series of

On December 7, Take Your Money and Run! Show the Banks (and Politicians) Who's Boss

Kabul 'safer for children than many Western cities'

Stampede in Cambodia kills hundreds, government says

RE: TSA Screenings. On a tech show I listen to, the men on the show were asked

Report: The Real Story Behind Disney Toys Not Suited for Children


WOW, Poppy Bush, you oughta listen to yourself when you speak.

Should I put a sweater on the two conures?

Harris has AGAIN widened her lead over Cooley in the CA AG race

A small treasure

Question to ask righties: What rights are more important than property rights and private profits?

Palin "speaks through Fox," says she'll "clean up journalism," won't "waste time with biased Couric"

Medical marijuana: what happens when someone shows up to work high

Consumer Risks Feared as Health Care Law Spurs Mergers

People who like their junk touched by strangers the TSA is here to help

If TSA screeners had any dignity

Pics from Dealey Plaza today (dial up warning)

Why do I see rightwingers' faces in all ads on facebook? Ann Coulter? Really?

John F. Kennedy: One more Sarah Palin villain

New U.S. security rules not common elsewhere (MSNBC)

NY Post Wants a Walmart in NYC Very Badly

Those lucky poor people.

JET PACKS!! *Yes* we have jet packs .. but they could offshore if IPO fails

Stupidest Xian Fundie RW Conservative post ever!!!!

Coed Naked Flying: Public Approves of Full Body Scans 2:1

Fear of Foreclosure Fraud Driving Down REO Sales, Home Prices - FDL

Don't want to be groped by the TSA? Take off your clothes!

Westboro Baptist Church returns, protests Jews

Michael Moore and Wendell Potter coming up on KO

This poll needs attention: Are the Repubs trying to sabotage Obama

Study: Non-Smoking Women At Greater Risk For Lung Cancer Than Men

Car lot visitor puts pedal to much metal (blood-alcohol level of .194 got 20 cars)

Washington Head Start Bans Breastfeeding Violating Discrimination Law

Osama bin Laden's planned State of The Jihad speech for 2010.

Banksters Gone Wild !!!!

Palin's dance tonight shows little improvement. I am just keeping it real. nt

Palin's dance tonight shows little improvement. I am just keeping it real. nt

I posted the BBC interview with Michelle Bachmann

Car thief yells at mom for leaving toddler unattended

I wonder if Jon Kyle of Az understands that the US

Did Christine O'Donnell do us a favor by ousting Mike Castle?

Did Christine O'Donnell do us a favor by ousting Mike Castle?

If Pakistan won't let us attack them with drones, let's declare a religious war against them

Treasure Of Quotes On Politics Here:

Messing with the Right Wing mind.......

The End of Marriage in America?

I have someone here who (I think) has the final word on TSA pat-downs...

Hearts for CaliforniaPeggy

Does anyone realize you can bypass security by flying in from a small airport?

Resentment Myth News-"Nothing Ever Changes In Foxland"

Obama is, at worst, the second-best president America has had for 30 years.

TSA Work Slowdown On "Opt Out" Day ?

Franken wants antitrust probe of Comcast

Franken wants antitrust probe of Comcast

YOO cuts Shrub loose, Can somebody arrest these creeps now?!1

If some of us have "body odors" from med problems or are "overweight" should TSA Complain About us?

President Palin?

Ex-AIPAC Official Threatens To Uncover Mass Spying At Israel Lobby

Airport body-scanner manufacturers armed for K Street battle

Heads-Up !!! - This Documentary Should Be Supported !!! - 'Inside Job'

America's Emerald Prince

16G WiFi iPad $399 @ TjMaxx/Marshalls

FBI RAIDS Hedge Funds:

Rahm Bam Thank-You Mam...His Renter Is Running For Mayor...

November 22, 1963 the United States of America had a President with Vision

Velma Hart laid off (Woman who said to Pres Obama she is exhausted of defending him)

Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Think Scanners and Patdowns Are a Big Deal?

(self delete)

What’s the Confusion?

Supreme Court to Decide if AT&T Has Personal Privacy Rights

DemocraticUnderground's favorite McCain wants to "kick Obama's ass"

Ireland should 'do an Argentina'

Are dog owners more hardnosed about "forgiving" Michael Vick?

Is it customary

You Want to Fly On An Airplane With Me for 6 Hours?

Fun at the airport with ..... --- oh how sweet it could have been

Annual dubious city crime rankings by CQ Press aka Morgan Quitno Press

CNS STORY Pope, church leaders call for guaranteed health care for all people

Palin: Family life at the time of the founding was a lot like family life for Americans today..

An Appropriate Portrait Of The Bushco Criminal Gang?

Did you see this Poem by Calvin Trillin in "The Nation?"

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Michelle Obama helps launch a new initiative to make fresh salad available during school lunch -pics

I know I'm a bit late to the party...

Derision Points: The Bush Memoir Prank

President set to compromise on Slavery

Could ordering federal agents to grope your genitals without cause

US Transportation Authority is Paid by our Tax Dollars and is Government Entity..Groping & X Raying!

Are there really that many people wanting to hurt us? Where are they?

The Michael Vick dogs - then and now

Why oh why?

Photo: Looks like Poppy Bush is getting his suits from David Byrne's tailor

Delta may consider refunds over screening issue

Well, well, a pattern is emerging with TSA

Wendell Potter is apologizing to Michael Moore on "Countdown."

A TPM reader w/hip replacement's experience with the "pat down" at Reagan Airport on Friday

Bruce Turnidge and his son loved their guns, hated President Obama, so they blew up a bank

I hit the Daily Double today (TSA)

Teen girl dies in freak car-deer-van accident in west Michigan

Teen girl dies in freak car-deer-van accident in west Michigan

What's the honorable way to live your life?

About the 2 types of new airport scanners. One with radiation,

don't forget Project votesmart lets you see a politician's voting record...for years

Can you spot the terrorist in this picture?

Preparing our Youth for Adulthood...

Meghan McCain: "I want to go get a Republican elected. I want to kick Obama's ass the next election"

Senator Olympia Snowe supports lawsuit against health care reform law

Elsewhere, profiling is preferred method of airport security

As much as it is security theatre, it's also all about corporate profits

Pentagon officials to meet to address ($243 million dollar) F-35 program's problems

Passenger Chooses Strip-Down Over Pat-Down, Gets Arrested

There is only one way to honor Reagan's legacy on his 100th birthday

Interesting comments by a Roger Ebert reader on radiation risks of TSA scanners

can someone help me with this SB 510 food safety bill

Flew out of LAX and ATL this weekend and no xray scanners or pat-downs

HEADLINE: TSA chief warns against boycott of airport scans

This is a disgrace

''Free men... standing up to their responsibilities.''

Props to Motortrend for slamming back at Limbaugh

Toon- The hard truth slowly dawning on a conservative

A close look at the 3 plans to cut budget deficits on the backs of working people and the elderly


Lawrence O’Donnell Close To Catching Greta In Tight Thursday Night Ratings

The TSA bashing first started on RW media (Rush, Fox) as an issued talking point

‘Simpsons’ invents new Fox News motto: "Not Racist, But #1 With Racists"

I watch America Master on PBS..

Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments 1848

Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments 1848

Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments 1848

Auth toon on GM

Obama should remember these words of Dr. King

What Is Kyl Trying To Prove?.......

President Obama has a problem, 49 percent of voters say he doesn't deserve a second term

Does Tweety really not know that

Life & Style Mag: Willow Palin took part in 1 AM drug deal

You probably haven't heard this from the 'liberal' media: Republican could be ousted over vote fraud

I really think there is a super credible threat now and that is why

Today is anniversary of assassination of President John F. Kennedy ... any thoughts?

Vote for ABB (Anyone But Bristol) on DWTS.

A tragic end to 70 years of marriage

ROFL the Mooselini Cult was swooning at Sarah's second episode

Have the Dems learned nothing from their mistakes? Steve Israel, conservative D, to lead 2012 DCCC

What's up with this? We've always hit 1000 donations by Sunday night!

One blogger's TSA encounter

3 Women Say TSA Screeners Groped Vaginas During Pat-Down

Article read on Randi Rhodes last week?

Joe & Jill Biden host a Thanksgiving meal for Wounded Warriors - pics

Don't question authority.

More Concern After Shrimp Boat Hauls in Oil with its Catch

Do you know what's good about Patdowngate?

Comparing what doctors do to what the TSA does is fucking idiotic.

Actual Liberals have been opposed to TSA groping and xrays, etc., since before Obama was a Senator

Countdown - Interesting and horrifying thought

A San Diego Man at Lindbergh Field Chooses ''Strip-Down'' Over Pat-Down - then was ARRESTED

Is anybody else ready for a General Boycott yet?

Sharron Angle, still decoupled from reality

I think things did change after 9/11, Americans lost their collective minds.

I think things did change after 9/11, Americans lost their collective minds.

Wait until the ass bomber strikes.

Forget the Carter Comparisons, Obama Is Following in the Footsteps of Harry Truman

Principal makes unannounced visit to absentee student home..

Record bear killed by hunter had been fed by resort worker/restaurant for 17 years

The party of NO and the crisis

I am finishing my BA tonight!

"Roll Back the Reagan Tax Cuts" Thom Hartmann

Amazing New President Obama Website !!

WikiLeaks: "Next Release Is 7x The Size Of The Iraq War Logs"

Bishop (D) takes 206-vote lead as count winds down

I have always wanted to give the republicans the benefit of the doubt...

We Lost a Great Advocate for a Decent World with the Death of Chalmers Johnson

3 Year Old Mandy's Bear was Taken by TSA for Screening then they Body Searched Her!

Stranded man was too embarrassed to use cell phone, lived on deserted island for 5 days

Walk away from ALL Opinion based news!

We welcomed Dubya to Kansas City tonight

cop kicks teen with his hands up

Southern Poverty Law Center Gays are most likely victims of hate crimes

Consensus forming in among Washington politicians for cuts in "entitlements".

Just What Do They Want?


Ok, enough of the TSA crap. Its a distraction! How about some outrage about blocking unemployment

This isn't about safety, it's about obedience

TSA pat down demo makes white house staffers 'avert their eyes'

This week, Obama has an 85% approval rating among liberal Democrats, and 81% among Democrats overall

In the coming week, it's going to be hard for lots of people to find something to be thankful for...

Hospitals in Massachusetts ban the hiring of employees who smoke

Hospitals in Massachusetts ban the hiring of employees who smoke

RE: Micheal Vick, any ex con who has done his time, then is able to contribute to society . . .

RE: Micheal Vick, any ex con who has done his time, then is able to contribute to society . . .

Paul Krugman: There Will Be Blood ("My Sense Is Most Americans Still Don’t Understand This Reality")

Ralph Nader : " MY FRIEND BARACK "

Are they really stupid? My conversation with a convenience store clerk

Gov. Rick Perry’s Drug Problem

New Jersey Passes Landmark Anti-Bullying Legislation With Veto-Proof Majority

I just closed on a refinancing.

Eleanor Clift: 'Part of Obama’s problem is that there’s too much hero worship around him'

Names for Boehner & McConnell

This Thanksgiving Week, Remember Those That History Foresakes

Do you approve of the job Obama is doing as president?

So, the equal pay for women bill didn't pass. Who here cares?

John Lennon Documentary To Air On PBS (tonight) (YAY!)

Watching John Lennon story on PBS last night made me think, if John were alive, I wonder what he'd

Afghanistan's disheartened

Ms. hart lost her job. The one Maher made fun of and some of you here.

ouch (from Canada)

Senator Lautenberg is giving Napolitano the business right now

Argument I'm Currently Having Re: Deregulation

The Rude Pundit: Ted Rall and the Rude Pundit Talk Revolution, Part 1 (We've Been Here Before)

The Rude Pundit: Ted Rall and the Rude Pundit Talk Revolution, Part 1 (We've Been Here Before)

TSA Readies for Unionization = Repubican Assault on TSA & Gov't Employees

Oh, in case someone tells you the new TSA procedures are necessary because of the Xmas bomber...

Democrats can say what they want about President Obama, but they won't beat him.

Looks like I'll be here for T-Day.

Jesus Fuck, all these newbie assholes in GD are making my head explode. Please, tell me that some

For those who watch Extreme Home Makeover: The first episode in Jan will have a friend's relatives.

I know that you've been told, hep,hep,hep, It's not fair to tease...

Winter's Here!!!

Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery

Hmm... Justin Bieber doesn't look quite so hot without his makeup on...

Once again a TV show thinks giving away plastic surgery is a fun thing to do

Venture Brother's season finale rocked. (no spoilers)

Mythbuster's Thanksgiving!

Monday Morning Photo: Big BIG Pizza

My theory about where earworms come from. I came up with this yesterday,

COMIC-CON 2011 tickets went on sale for a lucky 25 or so people who managed to get up early enough

I won't read some posters posts

That was odd... Not so stupid cat trick..

So, this pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel shoved down his pants.

I can thank my damn cats for the BO was sporting earlier today.

John Hawkes in Winter's Bone....Great job...

Boner just got his shiner!

The graphics for the fund drive?

A new beer is born.

Childress has been fired

Seriously, is there a better album than "Aladdin Sane" by David Bowie

HAHAHAHA! Boehner is a GIRLY MAN! (TM Ahnuld)

George W. Bush: Miss me yet? (warning! graphic smugness!)

A punctuation question (any real geeks here?)

From Gary Moore's 2005 Phil Lynott tribute concert: "Whiskey In The Jar"

Metallica - "Whiskey In The Jar," live in Dublin, 2006

Thin Lizzy - "The Boys Are Back In Town" LIVE

electricity question

How to make an 8 and 10 year old make you feel dumb!

Girl with amazing basketball shooting skills

Does anyone know when the War on Christmas begins? Is it Black Friday??

2 yr old girl probably murdered

Bobby Womack - "Across 110th Street"

Clip of last night's The Simpsons' shot at Fox News

Some nice late-80s alt-jangle-pop: The Mighty Lemon Drops - "Crystal Clear (World Without End)"

Let's keep janglin'...Ian Thornley, formerly with Big Wreck, "That Song"

From Echo & the Bunnymen, Ian McCulloch & Will Sergeant's band Electrafixion, "Lowdown"

HEADS UP, Zappa fans: New 3-CD set in honor of his 70th birthday, 1978 Live @ Hammersmith Odeon

11/22 - The Day I Celebrate The Effectiveness Of DU's "Ignore This User" Button

So, I've decided to make Thanksgiving dinner at home, just for me.

What do you think of faux pas vs real pas?

Update on my old Pretzel kitteh.

How do people who are home all day not weigh 500lbs?

I have someone here who (I think) has the final word on TSA pat-downs...

What's your opinion on feral cats?

This is not a photoshop!

What do you think of faux fur vs real fur?

More FAILblog funnies.....

"Los Angeles Vikings..."

I like what the Military Channel is doing Thursday.

Altered States soundtrack. Cacophonic genius? Atonal masterpiece?

I love an Arizona Road trip. Where's Ptah[05]? {large picture}

So, I'm getting married on Wednesday

I love an Arizona Road trip. Where's Ptah[03]? {large picture}

Mike Mills (REM) Regis and Kathie Lee-video

WOOHOOO! I'm #1000! nt

2 topics: 1) sweet potatos SOLVED and 2) Where'ever You Walk

Back from Africa Again...

I love an Arizona Road trip. Where's Ptah[04]? {large picture}

What are you reading tonight DU? Me? "Notes from A Small Island" by Bill

What are you reading tonight DU? Me? "Notes from A Small Island" by Bill

Anyone doing Nanowrimo this year?

Would you like to go viral?

Brett Favre - who cares? nt.

What do you think of faux hair vs real hair?

Why I Hate The Movie, "The Social Network"

Palin's dance tonight shows little improvement. I am just keeping it real. nt

More REM-style, angst-ridden jangle pop: The Refreshments, "Don't Wanna Know"

How about Merle Haggard's new song..Wishing All These Old Things Were New...

I'm going to go work for the salvation army tomorrow.

Ghost Town Blues

Christmas Flash Mob!!!

Have you ever had ToFurkey?

Dorito-Shaped UFOS Spotted Over Britain

Someone explain to me the appeal of Justin Bieber because I just don't get it

Besides, where's a good place to find out-of-print books?

I miss Grey Warrior

I love an Arizona Road trip. Where's Ptah[01]? {large picture}

What charitable event in your life are you most proud of DU?

A little "Daddy bragging time", here...

Hey, I just wanted to thank you lounge residents.

No Smoking Policy Sends Man Into Rage

CONFESS!!!! What is your claim to fame???

Roger Waters! Roger Waters alert! The Wall 2010 Live

Meanwhile, in World of Warcraft....supposedly tomorrow, Azeroth changes forever

Black ice! Black ice! Blackiceblackiceblackice!!!!

I love an Arizona Road trip. Where's Ptah[02]? {large picture}

Post Something that CRACKS YOU UP!

Asking DUers who served in the Military - what was the reason that made you decide to join?

I'm a totally self-serving, manipulative wife and I'm not sorry

It's snowing in Seattle!!!

Desperately need suggestions for books to read to kid!

Do any of you have ex's who show up at family get togethers?

I just tried to force-feed my ailing old cat. It didn't go very well.

Apologies if this is a recent repeat, but post recipes for your favorite T-day side dishes!

The Ice Hole

Who is leading a prominent progressive movement?

For President Obama, a Little Help From His Friends

We all know that the US leads the way and most countries follow, when

Wohoo, I think DU will make its goal for donations!

President and Mrs. Obama to attend the Royal Wedding?

"Counter-programming the U.S. Chamber of Commerce"

OK, enough . . . Palin's supposed to be a valid presidential contender at this time.

Good Housekeeping rates best frozen, pre-made & mix pie crusts

TSA Chief said today, "In the short-term there will not be any changes.”

Imagine if Pistole (TSA Chief) gets fired or resigns...what's his next gig, how much will it pay?

No matter what this President does, it will never be good enough

JFK and RW Cubano exilio Miami today

USA Today headline claims Obama is the problem on START Treaty while republicans

Eleanor Clift: It is time for President Obama to take courageous stands on behalf of working people

The Coming Battles over the Defense Budget

Be really honest, would you vote for a quitter who has a TV show?

Listen up, China and India will never get together, they too stupid to

Big Ed and Mark Papantonio BASHING President Obama on air

Krugman expects the worst.

The invisible hand of the free market will save the economy (no, seriously!)

Quinnipiac '12 Poll: Obama tied or leading all major GOP candidates

Obama's Failures... and Ours

"Where Were You" - 2006 DU JFK post deserves a re-read:

Walking Dead last night (spoilers)

Expect Bingaman to announce 2012 plans in March

I've been monitoring MSNBC all day and almost every show had a segment on Palin for President

TV dramas give misleading view of mental illness, claims report

GOP said Health Care reform violate constitutional..

RUH ROH!! FBI raids 3 hedge funds in insider case

Second U.S. company gets stem cell go-ahead

Second U.S. company gets stem cell go-ahead

Could Pete Hoekstra mount a challenge for Sen. Debbie Stabenow's seat in 2012?

David Axelrod talks to Fox News about his daughter's epilepsy

Norris Church Mailer, Artist and Ally, Dies at 61

Philadephia Libertarian calls for civil disobedience to disrupt airline security this holiday

Time for House Republicans to govern, but Boehner can't find adults in his party

Joe Barton's (R-TX) climate report was plagiarized

Involuntary, multiple X-rays from TSA

"House And Senate Dems Out Of Sync On Tax Cut Strategy"

Senate Extends TANF, But Fails To Renew Popular, Job-Creating TANF Emergency Fund

Huckabee: "When the executive and the legislative branches fight, the executive always wins."

Alaska Senate candidate McAdams returns to quieter life in Sitka

Underwear invention protects privacy at airport

Look people, we need you to submit to TSA policies because Obama's political future depends on it

Plouffe to White House, Axelrod may exit sooner

BP says it won't fight cap waiver on spill damages Reuters ...They blinked !

Kabul 'safer for children than many Western cities'

The Two Most Essential, Abhorrent, Intolerable Lies Of George W. Bush's Memoir

How dark is our future?

29 escape barefoot from flooded Chinese coal mine

Woman who questioned Obama on jobs, loses hers

Anybody want a smidgeon of good news? Here in NY 1 where...

Ireland crisis: Ruling coalition partner urges election

Presidential wannabe Mike Huckabee shamelessly wooing social conservatives in Iowa this weekend.

Lieberman to Push for Iran War Resolution?

Those that work in customer service, What is the strangest thing you've ever seen a customer do?

If the media loved this country...

mtp..."fair and balanced" - - not!

The US is collateral damage in the GOP's war on our president

O ye gurus of DU: Is there a relationship between Perot, Paul, and the Tea Party?

You're the President.

"Michelle Obama hires gay marriage advocate in communications post."

Since the Repubs. are having their convention in FL...

Tweety Nailed It Re: Republican Obstructionism

Egypt denies Mubarak swayed Bush on grounds to invade Iraq

Obama seeks approach to counter anti-business image

For-Profit Colleges May Lose Access to U.S. Aid Over Violations

Haiti cholera death toll rises to 1,344

Jury convicts Salvadoran immigrant Ingmar Guandique of murdering D.C. intern Chandra Levy

Germany Closes Reichstag Dome to Tourists Amid Heightened Terrorism Alert

"Psst: DADT repeal is still not quite dead"

3 Kids Critical, Mom Dead After Shooting Rampage

U.S., European Officials Scramble To Stop Expected Terror Attack

US launches giant eavesdropping satellite

Resolution in US Congress backs India's UNSC bid Read more: Resolution in US Congress backs India's

All but 1 SOA Watch protester found guilty

Who is your favourite *fictional* POTUS?

Velma Hart- Woman who told Obama her financial fears has been fired

FBI raids offices of three hedge funds

TSA chief admits he withheld information on pat-downs

Bolivian Leader Lectures Gates About US Behavior

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 22

Circus lions rescued from inhumane conditions

Pistole the latest official to send mixed messages

Who is exempt from airport security?

Hillary Clinton Says She Won’t Run Again for Elective Office

Report: Drivers Transporting Nuclear Material Arrested For Public Intoxication, Bar Fights

Pentagon: No Gays Were Discharged in Past Month

Woman who told Obama she was 'exhausted' loses job

Under New Rules, Insurers Will Spend More on Patient Care

Glenn Beck Declares War On The Bushes

Age of innocence died right there

Minn. justices deny GOP effort to change gov tally

Solomon Ortiz concedes Texas House race (TX-27)

I am 100% convinced after watching Sarah Palin on Hannity tonight that she IS going to run for

What are you Thankfull for this Thanksgiving?

Stampede (at water festival) in Cambodia's capital city Phnom Penh kills hundreds, government says

"Yoo: I Said Torture Was Legal, But It Doesn't Mean They Should've Done It"

Remembering President Kennedy's Assassination

Barney Frank mum on 2012 Senate race

Poll: Sarah Palin can't beat Obama. But Mitt Romney can.

Stampede at Cambodia festival kills 105: police

Report: Cell Phone Photo Helped Plug BP Well

'Uribe advised aide to seek asylum over wiretap scandal'

Pitt students, professor get Medicare funding for 81-year-old

New poll undercuts GOP claims of a midterm mandate

Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Americans support full-body scanners at airports

TSA chief apologizes to traveler with ostomy

GOP ready to fight over global warming

Body-scanner makers spent millions on lobbying

Tea party newsletter disseminates misleading information on the DREAM Act

Former Don Young aide sentenced in Abramoff scandal

Steve Buscemi is America's greatest living actor

Extending Tax Cuts Will Create Jobs: George W. Bush

Jury convicts Guandique of murdering Chandra Levy

Taliban Leader in Secret Talks Was an Impostor

Gonzales: I Was 'Aware' Of Waterboarding

WikiLeaks: New release 7 times size of Iraq logs

Health plans must spend premiums on medical care

Franken wants antitrust probe of Comcast

U.S. corn ethanol "was not a good policy" - Gore

Official: Pakistani Christian woman falsely accused of blasphemy

Protest staged at Government Buildings

Utah man posts video of TSA searching shirtless boy

Report: Nuclear weapon drivers sometimes got drunk

Unheralded rock goddesses and gods

Canada’s oilsands strategy includes lobbying against global-warming measures: documents

UK students taught how to chop off hands: BBC

A Forecast That Obama Could Love (economist predicts 2012 landslide)

If push comes to shove, can Obama declare a state of emergency

Number of Army suicides already surpasses 2009 total

Do you feel an opportunity was squandered after the election of 2008?

Matt Taibbi: "Our leaders know we're turning into a giant ghetto"

US, China, Russia Resist Weapons Pact: Report

White House: Terrorists Have Discussed Use of Prosthetics to Conceal Explosives

Scientists say they have solution to TSA scanner objections

The 2010 electorate: Old, white, rich and Republican

Patriot group seeks Arizona-style immigration law in Iowa

Kid-Free sections in restaurants?

The most progressive President in 40 years.

Some pictures from Berlin *Pic heavy*

TSA: Pilots’ Junk Off Limits, Flight Attendants’ Fair Game

Right Wing Talking Point Straight From Eric Cantor And George Will Constantly Used On DU (UE Cap 8%)

Ireland in political chaos as bailout triggers election (after Green Party calls for it)

.It’s On: The Insider Trading Raids Have Started.

What is it with Republicans, Teabaggers, & Conservatives and their love for world class idiots?

I have just about had it up to my eyebrows... can we at least get straight who is to blame

Things you learned at school that aren't so anymore?

Yoo: I Said Torture Was Legal, But It Doesn't Mean They Should've Done Itl

Yoo: I Said Torture Was Legal, But It Doesn't Mean They Should've Done Itl

Thom Hartmann challenges Fox News Pundit Judge Andrew Napolitano

bad link- sorry

Advice for Young People (R rating)

JFK and the UNSPEAKABLE: James Douglass, Oliver Stone, Lisa Pease (Ep. 1 of 5)

clip shows a shirtless boy receiving a pat-down from a Transportation Security Administration agent.

Kindra Arnesen: More around Gulf with bruising on torso & internal bleeding

Hillary Clinton Would Avoid TSA Pat Down

Max Has a Plan: To Crash JP Morgan

Is This a Conspiracy Theory?

Adam Levitin @ Congressional hearing: Prime directive coming out of Treasury is protect the banks

Medical Studies 90% WRONG

Oliver Stone’s conversation with Robert Greenwald!

Majority Report, Male Prostitution , Pope Benedict

Crash JP Morgan With A Boot in The Ball's - Buy Silver!!!

FLASH MOBS FOR JOBS: Unemployment Extensions Fails In Congress

The new Republican majority; who's in charge now? new link

Let's crash JPMorgan / Colapsemos o JPMorgan

Mike Malloy - What Have Republicans Ever Done For Anyone But Themselves?

S01E12- Tester Amendment to S. 510 the Food Safety Bill

Weird Liberal Head Show #228: Fire John "Annoying Orange" Boner!

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And the Very, Very Ugly. Sarah, pick one racist attack and move on

It gets better

Keiser Report: 'Crash JP Morgan' Special

Thom Hartmann - Conversations with Great Minds with Michael Ratner, Part 2

Cavity Searches Ruled Out, Says TSA Chief Pistole

MSNBC: Cenk w/ Bill Press & David Sirota on Obama and Progressives

Chomsky on U.S. Global Policy

Thom Hartmann - Conversations with Great Minds with Michael Ratner, Part 1

Keith Olbermann's Worst Person: Newt Gingrich

Young Turks: Passengers Push For Kid-Free Section On Flights

The Most Powerful Person in America

MRN: Barbara Bush KNOCKS OUT Sarah Palin

Author Russ Baker talks about George HW Bush, the CIA and November 22nd

TSA PSA via SNL: "Feeling lonely this holiday season?"

SNL Opening Skit Of Rachel Maddow

Queen Meg Bye Bye

Sharia in School - U.K.

What We Must Do for Iraq Now Joe Biden, V.P.

Der Spiegel: Fears of a Mumbai Redux - The Story Behind Germany's Terror Threat

Michael Ventura: "Letters at 3AM: The Palin-Obama Convergence"

Gross All Over (James Howard Kunstler)

Unemployment Extension Tier 5: Will There Be Relief By Years End

The Two Most Essential, Abhorrent, Intolerable Lies Of George W. Bush's Memoir

Destructive Neoliberal Austerity

The Culture War Majority of the Catholic Bishops Seize the Day

Repression of British students presages explosive class struggles

Chris Hedges: Power and the Tiny Acts of Rebellion

So Sarah Palin Wrote Another Book?

HP: Forget the Carter Comparisons, Obama Is Following in the Footsteps of Harry Truman -- and That's

Some States Weigh Unthinkable Option: Ending Medicaid .

A Do-It-Yourself Kit for Probing Plutocracy

State's GOP is sinking fast (California)

Krugman - There Will Be Blood

R Murdoch creates iNewspaper with help from Steve Jobs

Why do we trust certain people instantly?

Dean Baker: Ireland Should 'Do an Argentina'

Can't make it up: Feds hold "Marijuana Terror Training Drill".

Adding Insult To Injury, TSA Scans Being Outsourced to India

New TSA Bumper Stickers: 'We Handle More Packages Than the USPS '

To Hell With Student Loans -- It's Time for College to be Free

For Russia’s Poor, Blond Hair Is Snippet of Gold

#22 on Salon's "Hack 30" list: Tucker Carlson, "consumed by his essential dickishness"

Economic History Shows Clearly That Tax Cuts for Rich Hurt the Economy

Bitter Disappointment for Progressive Cuba Policy

Tim Berners-Lee: Facebook threatens Web, Beware

TSA Pat-Downs Prove It - Americans are Whiners

David Frum wants taxpayers to bankroll "The Ronald Reagan Museum of the Victims of Communism"

Leaking Siberian ice raises a tricky climate issue

What Good Is Wall Street?

China's natural gas demand to exceed supply by over one-third in 2011

Nations That Debate Coal Use Export It to Feed China’s Need

The Best of The Oil Drum 2005-2010

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: November 22, 2010

Standard Fisheries Health Yardstick Flawed - Multiple Populations May Be Much Worse Off Than Thought

Pine Beetle-Killed Conifer Forests Reach Now From Colorado To BC, Alberta

Cholera Death Toll In Haiti Hits 1,250 - Debate Swirls On Whether To Hold Elections Next Week - AFP

NZ mine explosion: Test shaft nearing completion (BBC)

Boeing to Mass-Produce Industry's Most Efficient Terrestrial Solar Cell

Nature Geoscience - Global GHG Emissions Likely Grew In 2010 After Drop In Recession - AFP

Please Don't Go: Says the U.S. Will Just Get In the Way of The U.N. Climate Talks

"Leaking Siberian Ice Raises Tricky Climate Issue" (methane)

India pours first concrete on Kakrapar Reactors 3 and 4.

If nuclear power is so green, why aren't environmental organizations supporting it?

Al Gore Says Supporting Corn Ethanol Was a Mistake

Wi-Fi Makes Trees Sick, Study Says

Guardsman accidentally kills self cleaning gun

Two for one on a Monday night

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Sunday, November 21)

Shopping at the Palermo mall in Buenos Aires

“All Elements of Society Are Participating” – Impressions of Cap Haitien’s Movement Against the UN

Robert Gates gets an earful from Evo

Xpost: All but 1 SOA Watch protester found guilty

Yikes. Check this Mika post on JFK's murder anniversary at the Versailles.

Toddler dies after fall at Lakers game

Joey Votto is your 2010 NL Most Valuable Player

Nica-Costa Rica Conflict Goes to The Hague

Thank you Richard Seymour

One of the toughest to play the game.

am I missing the thread where Aaron Rodgers finally got rid of

Titans place Vince Young on IR...

Bitter Disappointment for Progressive Cuba Policy

Childress out in Minnesota

Elementary School Handbook EXPOSED for PROMOTING BULLYING

That's It, I Give Up On Humanity

Thank you for whoever gave me the star!

Yolanda - You and I (Marry Me) - mp3

Southern Poverty Law Center Updates List of Anti-Gay Hate Groups

Yes, they said fuck off, but they still love us!

Ladies' Home Journal Tackles Gay Suicide

DOJ Official: Defending DADT, DOMA 'Difficult' For Administration

The real reason some oppose lifting DADT

Salvation Army Uses Homeless To Fight Gay Benefits

Judge: Court to approve kosher buses

Palestinian faction accuses rival over arrests

Settlers make water sources a tourist site and bar Palestinians from entering

Poll: Most Palestinians view talks as precursor to 1 state

Nashville Church Fights $425,000 Tax Bill

More Christians show us the true path of morality

'Rockstars of Science' should be 'Scientists of Rock'

RIP:Allan Sandage: Astronomer widely acknowledged as among the most outstanding of the 20th century

The Galactic Center

An Ancient Cluster of Stars

Study suggests precognition may be possible

Aiman in Paradise

National Geographic Photography Contest

Okay. Why not... Alphabet game

Alcoa hiring in Davenport, Iowa

Cuts to SS and Medicare will hit women especially hard

Huffington Post: Honeywell Bosses Coached Scabs Through Safety Test at Uranium Plant

Job openings: MAPE seeks Business Manager

Union Steward’s Guide Is Survival Manual for Labor’s Front Line

Today in Labor History Nov 22, 3 white men are shot and killed in Al. unionizing African-Americans


With Help From Friends, Unpaid Worker Demands Car Wash Clean Up Its Act

Housekeepers Won’t Let Hyatt Sweep Safety Record Under the Rug (quarterly profits that jumped 600%)

Canadian Auto Parts Workers Say ‘Enough Is Enough!’

Minnesotan John Kline (R) to head U.S. House (Anti) Labor Committee (opposes tougher penalties etc)