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Johnny 99

Airport Security Collapses On TSA Democrats After Being Groped By Jeff Gannon At Olive Garden

Dear Barack (a letter from Harry S. Truman)

"Don't touch my junk" vs. "Don't tase me bro"

"Go on ahead, probe my ass, I ain't hidden nothin"

naturally Obama and his family do not have to put up with TSA BUT what about former Presidents?

So if new security measures are tighter, but they turn law abiding people against TSA

Barack Obama: Call to Renewal Keynote Address

Maybe one way to show how totally

Two Reason I Am Willing To See Lesser Security at the Airport...

our View: Time to lance the boil of burgeoning neo-fascism (Cyprus)

Even though the TSA issue is very important, I hope it does not delete the focus from the

Everyone send pictures of the sick and dead in Haiti to Senator Coburn's office.

Judge orders cops to stop harassing superheroes

Rebirth of the Raza Unida Party?

A prediction regarding congressional reaction to Gropegate

You know the cognitive dissonance is full-bore when

No more Handling children's GENITALS

Is the Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform proposing a freeze

Goldman In Insider Trading Probe?

Gay Marriage by Skype - first “digital gay wedding” performed across state lines

Court Says Iowa Cities Can’t Punish Parents for Their Children’s Crimes

Mitt Romney, PAC rat

Breakfast with Chomsky

Are you a centrist/moderate?

toles Toon: ForLoco

toles Toon: ForLoco

toles Toon: ForLoco

This month's global education protests & strikes against neo-liberal deforms

Are you planning to boycott the TSA

Hey Eleanor Clift how come you omit racism as a factor

‘Saturday Night Live’ Sends Up the TSA

Big Brother is going to PROTECT you....

Thanks for the Star. Just got a message this morning that someone

It takes an entire ocean to produce a pound of fish, but it only takes

It takes an entire ocean to produce a pound of fish, but it only takes

Democratic Underground, November 2010

Indian Farmers of Bangalore protest Dupont's open-field GMO rice trials

Breaking: Ireland Will Pursue Aid From Europe, Minister Says

You are what you eat! (funny)

Why are Left Wingers NOT Up in Arms About the War Escalation?

Hillary Clinton: No plans to seek elective office

NIST Rapiscan Secure 1000 Redacted Radiological Safety Report

Good Info & Links on TSA Backscatter X-Ray and Body Search at Schneier on Security

Big Cheese vs. Real Cheese

Cold war era fades further as Russia, NATO agree to 'reset' relations

Tim Bishop (D) Pulls Ahead of Altschuler by 15 Votes in (NY) CD-1 Recount

US v. Ghailani-It Is Important NOT To Lose Sight Of The Root Cause Of The Outcome, i.e. TORTURE

US v. Ghailani-It Is Important NOT To Lose Sight Of The Root Cause Of The Outcome, i.e. TORTURE

Few Afghans know reason for war, new study shows

Mullen Warns Inaction On DADT Would Leave Repeal To The Courts

Hartford Courant: Send Rejected Rail Funds Here

Charlotte’s Once Ambitious Rapid Transit Plan Faces Budget Ax

Color Pics of Imperial Russia

Sec. of State Clinton: GOP Must Go Past Politics, Ratify START

Is there any remaining doubt that the American people's needs and safety are not a priority?

AlterNet: Unavoidable Climate Change: We've Passed the Point of No Return

Sharing Meals, Groceries and Anti-authoritarianism Worldwide: Food Not Bombs Founder Keith McHenry

RATpubliCONs are like Slinkys

From Vacant City Lots to Food On the Table

The Progressive: “Inside Job” Is a Must See

Costa's (D-CA-20) Lead Over Vidak Continues to Grow

For those of you who still don't understand why "some" of us are outrage with the TSA action.

To Keep Us Safe

PUMA in Chief goes balls to the wall...

Kentucky's National Defense Strategy: "Reliance on Almighty God"

Yeah! Cut all services. No more deficit.

GOP budget amendment has Dems eyeing 'hypocrisy' charge on taxes

Saw "Morning Glory" last night...

Why is there an assumption that there is no alternative to groping?

5 Evil words

Call your favorite Ex-Airline and tell them why you're not flying anymore

TSA pat downs and global warming have something in common

TSA - Here's the protest I think needs to happen

Kansans blocked lawmakers from denying voting rights to mentally ill

"The sailors couldn't turn the ship into the wind, so they gave up and let it run before the gale"



Ahmadinejad urges girls to marry at 16

EPIC v. DHS (Suspension of Body Scanner Program)

EPIC v. DHS (Suspension of Body Scanner Program)

TSA has met the enemy -- and they are us (video and poll)

Health Care CEOs Earn Top Pay-CEO of UnitedHealth Group, 198% jump

Billy Bragg: Rocking The Cynical World

Billy Bragg: Rocking The Cynical World

Ah so the GOP wants to privatize the evil TSA

WTF- Halliburton had refused to release information on hydraulic fracturing fluids to the EPA

Where is the next Terror Attack??

Has anyone here sat down with their adult children and discussed "peak oil" and the drastic

Admiral Mullen: New START Is ‘Absolutely Critical’ Calls For A Vote In Lame Duck

I have to preface this by saying I'm amazed and pleased about the

Another missile launch

Last person to fly a plane into a building was an anti-government tea bag type named Joe Stack

New police device scans license plates, runs info on the go

How the 'Dancing' vote was hacked (Go back to Alaska Bristol, You Suck!

Megyn Kelly In GQ: Fox News Anchor's Revealing Spread (PHOTO)

Which is the worse crime and the worse criminal????

Remember this? Rep. Dingell Is Forced to Strip After Hip Sets Off Airport Alarm

you really want to stop the TSA nonsense? start using rail or driving

Drunken drivers, wasted lives (Like a missile, it slammed into the Bedients' car)

So, George Bush is autographing books at Costco this weekend

A Way to End the TSA Thuggery

IMO, Another Missed oppurtunity for the Dems............

When It All Falls Down: "Foreclosure King" resigns

if you're unhappy about tsa rules, why not petition for a rule-making?

Anyone here stopped for DWB? Did you get a pat down?

The 29 million who voted for Obama in 2008 and did not vote in the midterms in 2010

Q: How many children fly alone during the holidays due to divorced parents?

Could the TSA solution be simple as having flights

A harvest of failure and bitterness (the failure of black farmers in South Africa)

Life Insurance Companies Increasingly Dispute Claims, Deny Benefits To Thousands

Labor, religious community team up

So in the past 24 hrs. Palin has been elected president and

Christian Right Activist Blasts Medal of Honor as 'Feminized,' Sparks Fury

What happened to CLEAR?. TSA Registered Travellers program?

Someone please drop me a pm when the issue du jour (TSA OMG) gets changed

Things to be concerned about with privacy matters.Microsoft and the home pc is the scariest

Hyperbole and a Half: Dogs Don't Understand Simple Concepts Like Moving

Hyperbole and a Half: Dogs Don't Understand Simple Concepts Like Moving

A question about unemployment and the extension

What if the TSA changed their policy? How would the Right Wing react?

Steve Forbes is a putz. That is all.

Warren Buffett trickles down on the "trickle down theory."

Republicans hand 5,000,000 unemployed their death sentences. Want more TSA scandals instead?

I Am Not A Terrorist. You're Almost Certainly Not, Either.

Give me Liberty, or give me Death.

David Brooks Compares Raising Social Security Retirement Age to Having Wisdom Tooth Removed

No pat downs for the orange clown or any other congress critters...

Rep. Mica (R) is pushing for TSA to be privatized?! So he would rather have

Epilepsy’s Big, Fat Miracle

Thou Shalt Not Facebook

The kids are all right -- Rhodes Scholars Bios

Warren Buffet: "'Trickle Down' Theory Hasn't Worked"

I just went through security at Newark Airport. There was nothing different than past times I have

No Security Pat-Downs for Boehner

HCR Bill Spurs Mergers, Fears of Monopolies, & Higher Health Care Prices

China Plunders Zambia For Minerals....

Another fucking TSA asked we provide...

Warren Buffett: I 'Should Be Paying A Lot More In Taxes' - HuffPo

I didn't see any full body scanners at Jet Blue JFK terminal last Sunday

Bernie Sanders: The billionaires are on the warpath. They want more, more, more

This is fun! So, what should we be pissed off about next week?

Incoming GA Gov (R-natch) stacks transition team w/lobbyists

Lifetime movie generator with "TSA"

Why I am supporting Joe Miller in his lawsuit over the election results

You May Try to Touch Our Junk

The real reason the TSA won't scan Congress critters

About those "security theater" and "they do it so much better overseas" memes -

Mad Dog Fundie: Medal of Honor 'feminized' because it wasn't awarded for killing somebody

After divisive election cycle, GOP returns to goosestepping to the party line

Repeal health care? Give up your own first!


Flaws can cancel life insurance — after death (we need to pat down insurance co's...)

Please! Stop equating opposition to the new TSA guidelines to...

If you don't let us see it, we will touch it.

Charen Blasts Palin's Possible 2012 Presidential Run..

The Silver Douchebag to the Alaskan Grifter....

Ya know what? I really don't give a shit if they look at my junk.

Operation Gratitude sends toys on a mission

Trouble in the sky right now:Emergency Units Responding to Reports of Fire on Plane at Kennedy Airpo

Listening to CNN: Plane landed safely.

Which is the best liberal/progressive/leftist magazine?

TSA methods 'will kill more Americans on highway'

Today's Business Lesson

Natives' super PAC meant new boost for Murkowski campaign

Time-Lapse Video Of Food Stamp Participation Rates During The "New Normal"

The stark truth is there will always be risk of a terrorist attack

Has Joe Scarbrough been suspended for political contributions?

We've been living in a police state for a long time and it is the CONSERVATIVES creation!

World's Largest Chanukah Menorah by Central Park

EXPLOSIVE |CASE FILE New Jersey Admissions In Testimony NOTES NEVER SENT to Trusts KEMP v. Countrywi

Good Airport news: Plane Safe After Emergency Landing at Kennedy Airport

American citizens should not be subjected to such humiliation...

How about for real life savings, the TSA requires a breath test at every hwy on-ramp?

Norris Church Mailer Dies at 61

Ramp up the training, pay them LOTS more, and get smart about transit (all of it) security.

Hey, everyone say happy birthday to my wife!

164,787 members and only 850 Donations!

Why not just wear an aluminum foil suit to the airport?

Do you blame soldiers for a war? We have soldiers killing innocent civilians

Didn't see any full body scanner at Jet Blue JFK last Sunday

reversing direction on a narrow dirt road with steep dropoff

There really is no reason to accept this notion of global warming.

Yumm... Only Ten More Days 'Til We Get A Taste !!!

Yumm... Only Ten More Days 'Til We Get A Taste !!!

Holy Shite - is New England about to blow this

ROFL: New TSA Bumper Stickers [We Handle More Packages Than the USPS]


TSA Supervisor Busted Stealing From Travelers!

Siberia's Climate Time Bomb: Thawing Permafrost Could Spell Disaster

AP: TSA Has Met the Enemy - and They Are Us ("that line has been crossed")

Hillary Clinton: I Would Not Submit to One of TSA’s Patdowns

The story behind top progressive organizing success of 2010

Just read his column and have to say: Frank Rich is a bloated out of touch millionaire! nt

The Really Strange Story Behind Sunday's Blue Moon

ACLU "Know Your Options at Airport" (Children &Babies X-Rayed or Pat Down Searched)

Veteran Activists Join Congressman Bobby Rush In Statements On Death Of Dr. Margaret Burroughs

60 Minutes tonight: Viktor Bout: Capturing "The Merchant of Death"

Trivia - Golden Oldies - Where are they now?

***Thank You!!!***

***Thank You!!!***

Stifling Creativity - “just stick to the curriculum”


It would help if TSA's "fact vs myth" didn't include a myth of its own

TSA – All Obama’s Fault and the Free Market Will Fix It

Prediction: Obama Gets TSA to Back Down, Terror Event Occurs, Congress Attempt Impeachment

GOP's Gains Ready To Propel Social Issues Back Into National Spotlight - WaPo

Don't be a jackass when dealing with people who have jobs requiring them to deal with the public

Don't be a jackass when dealing with people who have jobs requiring them to deal with the public

The reasonable way to secure airports from terrorists attempting to smuggle explosives on board.

Breaking: 60 Minutes will be interviewing a scientist who doesn't believe in God

SERIOUS QUESTION: Would you rather bail out Ireland or ....

Drinking game!1 Am I *LATE*?!1 Palinski's having a mother-daughter DAY!1 bears, too!1

Yet another reason to hate the Insurance industry......

"Sarah Palin's Alaska" has ruined Sarah Palin's plans to become president

I am sick and tired of the old mantra, "If you haven't done anything wrong, then you have nothing to

The Deficit of Truth and Idea; The Surplus of Lies and Greed

Bed bugs enroll at George Washington University

JMO but I have a deep sense of foreboding that ....

Lawyer: Stripper danced at Detroit mayor's house

Become a TSA Agent? They couldn't pay me enough.

Village Voice: Vatican Insists Condoms Still Suck, Pope Still Prude

Overlooking the real risk of an airline bombing or hijacking.

What would be the best way to stop these body scans and searches?

Sympathizing with oppressors.

Be grateful they have jobs?

Meaningless action...and the USPA and me

My roomate said this..regarding TSA(funny)

Sarah Palin drops 2012 presidency hint with staff visit to Iowa

Former soccer star calls for a collapse of the banking system

You find the coolest things on FARK... (TSA bumper stickers)

Be a patriot! Uncle Sam Needs Your Genitals!

Here's what will happen if you decide to strip down for the TSA agents

How about for real life savings, the TSA requires a breath test at every hwy on-ramp?

Ezra Klein: New 'bipartisan' health reform proposal: States go own way

Can a hernia mesh be detected by a backscatter machine?

So how much is it gonna cost me to charter a private plane to fly to NY round trip

one man caused the groping of americans. absurd.

David Swanson's new book-"War Is A Lie"...highly recommend

TV-Movie topic Bambi Bembenek dead at 52

How many would-be bombers would not be aware of the scans and body searches??

This week's episode of "Outsourced" skewered health care in America

This post is for the D.U.ers who tell the rest of us they're sorry for

An Excellent Article on Barbarbian Practice of Stoning in Iran

Anyone See the Movie Fair Game?

My favorite crazy perennial Presidential minor party candidate

Food Banks and Bank Food-by Texans for Peace

Food Banks and Bank Food-by Texans for Peace

UN countires vote to accept execution of homosexuals.

New word: "infotain". What faux news does to its viewers. Discuss.

OK... So I guess the 2012 election is off then, right? Family Radio sets date for end of the world

"Mississippi Goddam"

How many fucking TSA threads do we need?!?!?!?

What I don't get is that Obama panders more heavily to those

How Unemployment Insurance Helps Families and the Economy

Underwear invention protects privacy at airport

Obama Renews Efforts to Counter Anti-Business Image

XXX Body Heat XXX - The TSA in Editorial Cartoons

XXX Body Heat XXX - The TSA in Editorial Cartoons

A question about electric cars.

Our constitution trumps our "safety".

If I were intent on discrediting a president from the opposition party, one tactic would be . . . .

I'm still laughing at Sarah Palin's insipid remark!

Body scanner CEO accompanied Obama to India

And another thing about these TSA people.

Well Here's Somthing... 'Major Financial Fraud Scandal Nearing Endgame' - FDL

If the TSA wants to get serious about security

Freepers have 4 threads and 612 replies on PalinShouldStayInAlaska-Gate

The more Obama caves, the more crazy the wingers get.

Any suggestions on handling a cyber-stalker?

This weekend we re-watched Fahrenheit 9/11 with a cousin of my wife

The Stimulus Act paid for the new Backscatter machines.

Which of these would you most likely do for your groping experience?

Oops.....Tom DeLay PWNed by his lawyer

TSA confiscates armed soldier's nail clippers, Allowed to keep his M4 Carbine rifle

Right-wing media renew assault on unemployment insurance

Fascistic TSA another reason to reject public transportation

Are there Mother-Son purity balls?

More than half have been cut loose from Obama mortgage-aid program

How effective is "stranger danger" and "inappropriate touching" teaching if

DU this poll - Seattle news station poll on what we think of the new scanners

1 in 3 Americans will have diabetes by 2050, experts say

We were going to fly next spring to Charlotte

From The Class War Front: Dean Baker - 'Why My Center-Left Friends are Wrong' - FDL

Why Are Right-Wingers All Up In Arms About The TSA Searches?

So tomorrow on the 47th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination, a war criminal is coming to my city

Hey L.A. Times, Kiss My Naked Blue Ass!

Why scanners? Follow the money.

NBC asked Conan O'Brien to book a certain celebrity during his "Tonight Show" tenure ...he refused

NBC asked Conan O'Brien to book a certain celebrity during his "Tonight Show" tenure ...he refused

Has Sarah Palin Spoke Up About Bristol and Willow Gay Slurs

TSA Theater - EVERYBODY FREEZE! NO MOVEMENT! - audience applauds

Special Underwear Makes Your Privates Invisible to TSA Scanners

What Is In Our Future When The Enema Bomber Strikes?

It's time for another Justice Sunday to get the ball rolling on judicial confirmations

After All Those Years Of Cold War Crap... "The Communists, The Socialists..."

Tonight's Episode of 'The Simpsons' -- SPOILER!!!!

I am not worried so much about terrorists as I am corporations:

What... The... L.A. Times: Obama Still Futilely Pursuing Compromises with Republicans - FDL

They need to start training TSA agents like they do in Israel

The claim is Israel (El Al) does RACIAL profiling. Is that really true?

12/08 John Aravosis: “There don't seem to be any liberals in Obama's cabinet,”

I have a plan! Let's abandon screening air travelers until the next terrorist incident.

I do not believe in the Constitution

GATS Agreement: The blueprint for global privatization of education & ed deform

The TSA controversy is legitimate but over sensationalized & about to be outrageously politicized

How many planes would blow up?

People really should be careful with their language. Calling TSA workers child molesters

Perhaps it's those so scared of the terraists that they are willing to see all our rights in the...

The New War Congress: An Obama-Republican Alliance

I am going to scan through GD today, and give stars to everyone who is currently starless.

Cathie Black and dead union activists. Should I be worried?

Where Is Four Loko Banned?

"I caved, I caved, I caved...," echoing in my mind.

The pat down issue is sophomoric

Save the Tiger--please

Parting Shots: A Verbal Gunslinger Exits The House:ALAN GRAYSON interview on NPR

I went Through Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam in 2005 and 2006

Absolutely shocking: "Get the flag in the shot!"

Paul Krugman: Obama Has 'Largely Accepted Conservative View Of The World'

High IQ link to being vegetarian

No "Green Shoots" in the Evergreen State - Take 2

Why don't we use the boycotting-air-travel idea to push for high-speed rail in the US?

A timely quote I ran into:

I am neither rich nor famous. (Warning: Bypass if you are sick of TSA threads)

What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Current caretaker of Michael Vick's surviving dogs releases a statement

Mr. President, being groped by government agents is not "frustrating".

11,023 tell GOP: "Repeal your OWN health care, hypocrites!"

Holy Shit !!! - Deposition: Countrywide Never Sent Mortgage Notes to Trust - FDL

Over 100 U.S. charter schools now officially tied to Turkish Gulen movement.

Over 100 U.S. charter schools now officially tied to Turkish Gulen movement.

OK, here we go again, and our numbers dwindle: But where were you 11/22/63?

"Grandmama, they touched you on your special girl parts"

Doonesbury on Mr. 'Justice' and Mrs. Teabagger:

US Ivory Towers are Built on Foundations - Which are Cracking

55th Anniversary of Campbell's Soup Introducing Green Bean Casserole Recipe

What does the consumer economy look like where you live?

Will Michael Vick ever be forgiven?

"You Can Say Merry Christmas to Me"

Sunday Dental Thread: Planning for the last catastrophe...

After helping feds, whistleblower details bribes, fraud in Afghanistan

Parting Shots: A Verbal Gunslinger Exits The House:ALAN GRAYSON interview on NPR

Phil Ochs: What are you fighting for? (And still voting and paying for.)

This country is split so badly now along blue - red that one side is endangering





*Sigh* -- It's gonna be a looooooooong Thanksgiving holiday

Florence and the Machine makes me yearn for...

Johnny 99

"A Nightmare on Elm Street": Disappointing series

I went to Politics and Prose last night...

Fun reviews

Fun reviews

It's Sunday Morning. What are you drinking?


Thank you, secret donor, for the star

I have another question.

Is it safe to sprinkle boric acid inside my computer tower?

Last night, i was the target of a drive-by egging...

Count Cornelius Bombolbí and Baron Joaquin von Tainitom

famous phrases heard at the thanksgiving table

cold nose?

Instinctive kids. I was at the beach when I was 4. One of my grandmothers told

Another missile launch

My McRib really IS like eating a Dr. Scholl's insert smothered in corn syrup BBQ sauce.

Good news, everyone! (Futurama)

Once in tonight's blue moon I am most thankful!

Anyone here ever grow their own tobacco?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Stray Cat Strut Edition

Here comes Cracker's insanely infectious earworm "Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now)"...

A question for the ladies about airport body scans and pat downs

DOC channel..."Festival Express 1970" is airing..(for music lovers)

Lindsay Lohan Loses Lead Role in Linda Lovelace Biopic

Cats -- the soundtrack of love.

Tell me about Twitter. Do you have a Twitter account?

Funky Fanfare

Tiny chihuahua set to join Japan police

If you are,or know,a John Prine fan-great t-shirt offers

Seriously need help. I have been sneezing my head off all day


Are you going to watch the last episode of "The Next Iron Chef" tonight?

Eva Longoria divorces Tony Parker (NMA animated news parody)

Ok, which Lounger was at the airport?

Viking and Favre fans!

"Mein lieber 3-hund."

Where do you fit in on this chart?

You are what you eat! (funny)

Ya know what? I really don't give a shit if they look at my junk.

So, I was facebook-friended by a European cutie I have never met.

My father died on my birthday, it feels so strange now with both of my parents gone.

Sex and the City 2 was one of the worst movies I've seen

Where is my cellphone?

Some dude who I follow on Twitter tweeted that he was having dinner

Whoever got me that anonymous star... thank you very much.

Just watched "Kick Ass"

Drinking game!1 Am I *LATE*?!1 Palinski's having a mother-daughter DAY!1 bears, too!1

Did anyone figure out today's "Perals Before Swine" pun?

Stick a fork in Favre.

Frying pan rolling!

I decided not to go into work tomorrow..Whose's with me?

Ouch, ouch, ouch...

Fifty Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years

Rules of The Blues

Harry Potter DH Part I

Where is my cellophane?

The walking Dead is starting now. AMC not C Span

Droid 2 or HTC Incredible?

Fuck snow and cold.

Hey, everyone say happy birthday to my wife!

91 year old Pete Seeger's latest song.

I did a bit of proper re-shelving at Borders....

Stuff I miss about Europe: Quaker Cruesli

Tomorrow morning I get to shave!

welcome and question for all the new members...

It's not Thanksgiving without...

The entire Bucky Life Story (a tribute to Middle Finger Mom)

Who told Garrison Keillor he could sing? Do the women he has duets with ever...

Your oh crap and it's a holiday week too Monday kitteh

anybody else watch that John Lennon story on PBS tonight?

New picture of Lilya.

Boy's best friend ~ Dog mourns loss of owner, 15

For my daughter's 21st birthday

Alright, got my ticket for Roger Waters tonight

My friend died this morning.

European allies back President Obama on START

Photo: Obama Doesn't Love Me

Patriotic Millionaires Explain That Tax Cuts for the Rich Don't Grow the Economy

What should I take to Thanksgiving dinner at someone's house?

Feed The Future

Mullen: Marines will comply with 'don't ask, don't tell' repealBy the CNN Wire Staff

Robert Reich again makes case for $500,000 tax cut threshold (it's where the money is)

What Landslide? "The American People" have clearly spoken" Narrative - Is BULLSHIT!

Let me offer a less invasive alternative to the TSA body scanners and airport pat-downs

Perhaps Obama is not a Democrat or Republican??

TSA chief: Screening may evolve

Senate Democrats rip into Obama during private meeting

How many people who object to the TSA screening have defended racial profiling?

The Pigs are squealing!

26 people arrested in Columbus GA at SOA Vigil

Idiot Wind

Seriously. Why do you think the TSA strip search/fondle/backscatter rules are in place.

Pentagon officials to meet to address F-35 program's problems

This needed to be said...

Berlusconi ally 'was link to Mafia'

To those in the media who oppose TSA security measures-I say this

Pentagon Moves Up Release Of DADT Study To November 30th

Report shows Nazis given safe haven in US

Hillary was on Fox News

The "out of control spending" myth

Clinton: Make airport pat-downs be less intrusive

"Tens" of Afghan election winners disqualified

'Maoist rebel bomb' kills seven in India's Bihar state

Flood traps 28 in China mine

Human rights groups slam death squad suspect release

Contract talks extended for some postal workers (apx 300,000 total)

Dang that Sarah Palin knows how to "man up"

TSA will work to make pat-downs less invasive

Obama seems to be showing some courage on the TSA pat-downs

Reports of Fire on Plane at Kennedy Airport

EXPLOSIVE |CASE FILE New Jersey Admissions In Testimony NOTES NEVER SENT to Trusts KEMP v. Countrywi

I'm inspired

Clinton: 'Vast majority' of detainees should get civilian trials

Saving Progressivism From Obama

Ireland confirms reports it will seek bailout

Body scanner CEO accompanied Obama to India

Clinton says (again) she's through with politics

"Website: Media magnate Murdoch preps digital newspaper for iPad" And the propaganda grows and grows

Engine fire on JFK-bound plane investigated by authorities, wing on fire as plane dumps fuel: report

OK: now what? Do you have any fight left?

Groups call on safety regulator to reject radioactive shipment

Ahmadinejad urges girls to marry at 16

Pope Benedict edges away from total ban on use of condoms

US drone strike kills six in Pakistan: Security officials Read more: US drone strike kills six in P

To paraphrase [a la "Krugman on Krugman"]:

Looking into the crystal ball for 2012, how do you think your state is going to go?

I'm not a Republican or a troublemaker for complaining about TSA and holding Obama accountable

Mullen: End policy on gays as soon as possible

Okay I'll go there.. exactly what would you do to find people hell bent on using planes as weapons

U.S. nearing end of major Wall Street insider-trading probe

Jobs and Murdoch Prepping iPad-only Daily Newspaper

Banks in Ireland 'on brink of collapse'

US firms warn Irish over tax move

Gunmen slay former Mexico state governor

Chavez demands action against owner of TV channel

Shouldn't Obama insist that he and Congress be subject to the same TSA standards as everyone else?

Boston Globe editorial: Obama wisely holds his ground

St. Louis tops list of most dangerous US cities

Road spanning South America to open after delays

Venezuela to Request Extraditions in Danilo Anderson Case

TSA chief: Screening may evolve

Jindal blasts Obama administration, calls TSA searches excessive

AP IMPACT: Cadmium, lead found in drinking glasses

Carter: Fox commentators have ‘deliberately distorted’ news

Analyst: TSA Methods 'Will Kill More Americans on Highway'

Top U.S. military officer: North Korea 'very dangerous' country

"Sarah Palin's Alaska" has ruined Sarah Palin's plans to become president

U.S. Has No Plans to Retreat from Traveler Patdown

Chalmers Johnson has died

I am sorry. I can't support any President who requires naked pictures or groping of my genitals to--

Is anyone still inspired by Obama?

Gates speeds up delivery of 'Don't ask, don't tell' report

Buffett Tells ABC Rich Americans Should Be Paying `a Lot' More in Taxes

Nugget Man

Eve of Destruction

Studs Terkel interview with Isaac Bashevis Singer

On President Obama, Krugman is wrong, again

Meg McLain Singled out by the TSA, Cuffed to a Chair, Her Ticket Ripped up

Young Boy Strip Searched by TSA before boarding FLIGHT!

Michelle Obama: We need your help

Sam Harris at Idea CIty '05

Food Stamp Map (VIDEO): Usage Increased Almost 60% Since 2007

The Real Price of Soy

Thom Hartmann: Feminization of Medal of Honor

Quantitative Easing II and Lost Sarah Palin Interview

Conan's had Palin on his show before.

Bush Event Disrupted

The new homeless

New Hampshirites protest judicial abuse

Real Quotes From Sarah Palin's facebook Fans!

Hillary Clinton Laughs Off Running for President

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - Watts Up With Sea Ice?

A Tribute To Obama Before The Hate

MSNBC: Cenk's Message To President Obama

SNL's Sexy TSA Ad

Young Turks: Study - Men Leave Sick Wives

RT crew arrested in US filming at 'School of Assassins'

Pray to God I'm not that guy you meet on the street: Paddled Student

Star Trek DS9 - Past Tense (commentaries)

The Story of Electronics (2010)

Thom Hartmann's election day interview with David Bossie of Citizens United

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"Peel and Feel: Bad Policy Never Stops Getting Worse" (What's next Enemas?)

After 30 years of Reaganomics our infrastructure has fallen behind and we are not competitive in the

Taxation, Privatization and Porno Scanners

Congress' Median Household Net Worth: One Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

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The Pilgrims Were ... Socialists?

TV dramas give misleading view of mental illness, claims report

For white Americans, things aren't what they used to be

As the US spirals downward, a growing percentage of Americans seem too willing to turn a blind eye

Flood at China coal pit traps 28 (BBC)

First Uranium mine to reopen after fatal accident

Tiger summit aims to double numbers (BBC)

Town of Telluride protests uranium mill

Palmolive® Eco+® Lemon Splash® Free of Phosphate (thoughts?)

Christie (R- Dumbass -NJ) and global warming - What's driving his skepticism?

Cotter's defunct uranium mine could draw new slaps for contamination (Colorado)

So, I'm planning yet another local, homegrown organic Thanksgiving

NZ mine rescue efforts stymied by unsafe gas levels (BBC) {29 miners trapped}

Farms to harvest rare animal parts 'are not the answer' (BBC)

2009 carbon emissions fall smaller than expected (BBC)

Whackjobs cheer N.Korea's nuclear weapons program

Spreading Temptation: Proliferation and Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation Agreements

Water Consumption of Energy Resource Extraction, Processing, and Conversion

Two views on new ATF director, Brady Campaign and NRA-ILA...

When even gun controllers doubt the existence of the "gun show loophole"....

2010 the most unsafe states to live in.

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Saturday, November 20)

Brian St. Pierre's greatest hits (long version)

Johnson Captures 5th Straight NASCAR

Jeff Fisher: Vince Young no longer Titans starter

What the hell Raiders?

49ers held scoreless at home; first time in 33 years

Holy Shite - is New England about to blow this

ICC begins preliminary investigations in Honduras and Nigeria

Yale University to return Machu Picchu artefacts

A startling stat for Packer fans

Road spanning South America to open after delays

****Bowl Projections - Week 12****

Israeli wanted in Colombia for training paramilitary groups evades extradition, returns home

No.8 North Carolina loses 2nd straight game in Puerto Rico

Cowboys pull it out!

Chavez demands action against owner of TV channel

Human rights groups slam death squad suspect release

Argentina, South Africa sign defence pact

8 arrested in Venezuela housing probe

Venezuela to Request Extraditions in Danilo Anderson Case

To add insult to injury, the Viqueens become the Washington Natinals of the NFL

If you could, would you visit Cuba?

BCS: Week Six

Suppose Vick was signed by your team and turned it into a contender... would you still follow them?

If there's a bigger asshole than Bo Pellini, could someone bring it up.

Pageant Crown Dedicated to Antibullying Campaign

Kansas: Not as Bigoted as You Think

"Openly Gay" Students more likely to receive school corporal punishment.

(United Nations) Countries vote to accept execution of gays

Abbas: no talks without east Jerusalem building freeze

Hamas: Resistance our legitimate right

Israeli soldiers walk free in Gaza human shield case

Notre Dame silent on teen's death

Facebook-Banning Pastor Admits To Threesome With Wife And Male Church Assistant

Imagine If All Atheists Left America

New book examines diverse views of God

Why are our Christians so powerful, instrusive & generally out of control? I blame Clinton.

Popular NIV Bible Trims Gender-inclusive Language

What's the Matter with the Higgs Boson?

An APOD wallpaper for Ubuntu fans

Exotic Plant's Once-a-Century Bloom in Pictures

Key word: goof


A last glimpse of autumn


More black and white images from downtown.

Atomic Power Plant

Today in Labor History Nov 21, 6 killed and many wounded in the Columbine Massacre at Lafayette, Co.

Democrats push to pass state worker contracts

Steelers' Art Rooney: NFL labor deal will come, but timetable can't be predicted

Statement by Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on expanded Trade Adjustment Assistance program

THE INFLUENCE GAME: NFL union seeks Congress' help

Protests outside City Hall over labor law violations

Baseball owners, GMs see no labor strife on horizon

A Call to Action from the Friends and Families of ILA Local 1291 (Del Monte foods)

Behind the Layoffs at KPFA Radio

Grocery stores, workers reach tentative labor agreement

Workers Fired Because of Accent. Help Get Their Jobs Back!

W Post: Expanding nurses union steps up strikes

NBA labor deal uncertainty has players on edge