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Archives: November 19, 2010

Professional Idiot Glenn Beck Equates Veterans with Communists

30 New Zealander Miners Trapped

Witness: NOLA cop laughed after burning man’s body

Crooks & Liars: David Duke's new role as white moralist kind of conflicts with his horndog past

Jared the Subway Guy Finishes the NYC Marathon

Economists Say Food Crisis Prediction From Beck's Inflation 'Expert' Is "crazy"

Meet John Boehner, corporate bag man

Some one donated in my name...

Pepe Escobar: Welcome to NATOstan

Nick Turse: Pentagon digs in deeper

Bush Lies, People Die

Watch your own Twittering in China, because Big Brother certainly is

The Most Mismanaged Non-Profits

Looking at Obama on the TV this morning

It's not impossible for millionaires to represent common people...

Europe’s dirty secret:The dictatorship of the financial elite

TSA gets animated.....

Washington cuts funding for emergency utilities assistance

Why the Deficit Is Simply Not an Economic Problem Now, or in Future Decades

What Dick Cavett said about Sarah Palin (funny)

More evidence that the Gulen Movement Runs the Biggest Charter School Network (122 schools) in USA

East Ky. Power abandons plans for coal-fired plant in

Conservative: A person who may or may not have money in his or pocket...

Education Deformers Talk to Students at the Kennedy School

Author Kelly Valen: Why Women Are Their Own Worst Enemy

Horsey Toon: Do you want to say it?

27 miners missing in New Zealand

Palin uses Obama's daugher to attack him

Teach for America, Inc. is in Seattle

NATO ramps up attacks on Taliban in Afghanistan

A fighting leadership for the Washington DC Teachers' Union?

Update; Paul supporter pleads not guilty in stomping case

"Can't Withdraw Troops Because That Will Tell Enemy Our Plans"..

Public Resignation (over torture)

Jon Stewart TDS channels Beck...The Manchurian Lunatic

Federalist Society 2010 National Lawyers Convention

U.S. deploying heavily armored battle tanks for first time in Afghan war

NHS (Britain) fares best on free access to healthcare

Let's say that you're a straight soldier and you found out that your buddy is gay

Everyone wants that new 4G network. Only problem is there is no such thing

It is open day on disrespect to the members of the Obama administration.

Unpopular Afghan war presents challenge to NATO

Pentagon to Review Lockheed's ($243 million dollar) F-35 Jet Program Amid Delays in Development

Cancer cluster: Village waits, worries

Self - Delete

Another example of why access to abortion must be legal and safe......

delicious off-camera cattiness on Palin on (!) Faux news

Sarah Palin's new book goes after talentless singers on AMERICAN IDOL...

German minister: Suspicious ailrline bag was 'U.S. test device'

Senator blasts VA over handling of Lejeune veterans' claims

Why should they "get a spine"?

Republican candidate empathized with domestic suicide bomber and then got elected

American Interventionism/Afghanistan Is Even More Fucked Up Than You Already Knew...

Tom DeLay Begins His Defense With A Big Mistake

GOP lawmaker: Full-body scanners violate Fourth Amendment

Federal Judge Orders CIA to Release Records on Secret Experiments on Soldiers (MKUltra)

Can I share an experience I had yesterday?...with a local. reinforcement-speak out.

US Drones Four More Pakistanis

Congress Threatens to Restore Unequal Tax Treatment between Car Drivers and Transit Users

Hey America! If you like the Tea-baggers, you're going to "love" the deficit commission

Tim Ryan was one of three congressmen who asked house repulicans to give up the

I wonder how the TSA screeners will react when the scanner picks up a Penile Prosthesis ?

DADT is an infringement on personal liberties.

dailykos down? havent got it to work since yesterday nt

Can we have a discussion about 2012

Joe Lieberman's motivations on DADT vote/position...

And WHY is Kyl blocking the START treaty? Follow the money -

Don't kid yourself into believing that President Obama didn't get a PDB very similar to this one

I finished reading "the rise and fall of the third reich" last night and

House Dems Press GOP To Abandon Their Federal Health Benefits

Personification of Evil

Everyone has their own attitudes. I find the current TSA controversies underwhelming.

AFA's 2010 listing of War on Christmas offenders

Ohio Tea Party warns Boehner: don't mess with Pelosi's ethics watchdog

It is time to place Palin's book in the correct places in your local book store. nt

CREW’s Sloan to Partner With Lanny Davis

Sacramento traveler wants TSA screener arrested for security pat-down

Tell the Apple iTunes Store to remove anti-gay, anti-choice iPhone application

Just a reminder to buy "made in the USA" if you're so inclined.....

Have they gone too far? (TSA), from a policy blog for IATA

House bill would give DHS authority over private sector networks

Poo breaks into the Federal Reserve!

It’s time to take a charge.

Fly Me!

Fly Me!

Gawker - Roger Ailes Is No Longer Sane

TSA checkpoint ahead!

Just what everyone wants.. Blackwater pat-downs!

Friday Tom Toles Rant- Spite, nose, face edition

10 Ways How TSA Is Making The World A Better Place

10 Ways How TSA Is Making The World A Better Place

Calisthetics as punishment

Friday Toons, part 5

Austen Goolsby - The Rebirth of the American Auto Industry

Friday Toons, part 4- the guilded rage

Friday Toons, part 3 -Hoping for armageddon

Friday Toons, part 2 -Republicans

Friday Toons, part 2 -Republicans

I, hereby, dub the time that we're all living right now "The Fear Era"

Alan Grayson: Richest Americans could buy $83,000 Mercedes every year if Bush Tax Cuts© are extended

TSA groping won't last much longer, and here's why:

DUers, please contact Jon Kyl's office to tell him to STOP playing politics with the START treaty.

When will someone react violently to the pat downs ? It will come to that.

Study: Few Afghans know about 9/11, reason for war

Petition: Tell the Apple iTunes Store to remove anti-gay, anti-choice iPhone application

Spanish (RW) party website drops game featuring candidate wiping out illegal immigrants

Why is Congress precluded from conflict of interest?

Cathie Black is prima facie an amazingly insulting choice to lead the NYC public schools.

TSA has determined Hollywood and Porn star Breast implants

TSA sensationalism and fear

Happy World Toilet Day! Give a Shit!

Friday Toons, part 6

A glimpse into the sick, twisted, un-American conservative mind

Nothing wrong with US Health Care

Video Posters, Looking for Olbermann Video

Another dead bill thanks to republicans: Food Safety. Even if it made through, it

Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) Offers Alternative to Simpson-Bowles Deficit Reduction Plan

Dr. Seus Vs. the T-S-A

Well, I guess there "was" at least one decent Pubbie last session.

my latest editorial..another begging for help for the troops

Terror Pot. Far Out, Man.

I don't know what can be done

Sacramento traveler wants TSA screener arrested for security pat-down

Boycott has cost AZ more than $ 140M in convention business (so far)

Patriotic Millionaires Fpr Fiscal Strength

Prosecutors: DeLay money-laundering deal was tied to redistricting

Effort to block NPR funding fails.

Republican politicians are not humans

3 Missing Ohio Bodies Found

3 Missing Ohio Bodies Found

Congressional Hispanic Caucus has New Leadership

Ron Paul....Enough Is Enough......TSA

'Orgasm' political ad draws fire from conventional types in Spain

US religious group blasts START treaty delay

US religious group blasts START treaty delay

US religious group blasts START treaty delay

This is the definition of having no CLASS whatsoever:

Some guy puts a bomb in his pants and we get our junk handled. But the REAL threats remain.

Midterms pull Blue Dogs from power, cutting ranks in half

Heads up - President Obama about to speak in

The rich aren't rich without consumers.

Color of Change posts handy mortgage tracking tool

Here's the Deal. Bush cut taxes on the wealthy. There were 3 million jobs created in 8 years.

NJ Supreme Court rejects Tea Party effort to recall Menendez

We need a Better Business Bureau to keep an eye on the Better Business Bureau

Ethics trial of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), due to start Nov. 29, has been delayed - NBC

Mr. Tan Man, bring us a dream

New Rule: Do not appoint lifelong politicians to government reform commissions.

Why planes?

It's always sad to lose a friend, but I cannot fathom how this happened. . .

Amid Airport-Security Backlash, A Push to Privatize Pat Downs

Governor Christie (NJ) Plans to Steal Gift Card Balances to Pump Up State Coffers

Governor Christie (NJ) Plans to Steal Gift Card Balances to Pump Up State Coffers

Fox & Friends still cherry-picking crime stats to bash immigrants

California gains jobs in October (LA Times)

Thailand police find 2,000 foetuses in temple

Put oldJoe Scar on the DO NOT CALL LIST. Do not call to come to his aid. nt

Cheney and Bush really believe they can reinvent history

Huff Po did not put Old Joe's suspension on the front page. Think there's a little bias? Hidden in

CAll MSNBC and tell them to never bring Joe Scar's Moaning Joe back on the air. nt

CAll MSNBC and tell them to never bring Joe Scar's Moaning Joe back on the air. nt

Happy birthday, Gettysburg address! Seven score and seven years ago!

See John Run. McCain Flees from Hispanic DREAMers

Call Senator Sphinkter! Demand New Start!

Pelosi on Boehner: "He is known to cry"

Last year was among the worst on record for charitable giving. The culprit is Uncle Sam.

Democrats confident in repeal of DADT

Victory for Small Farms! Senate to Exempt From Food Safety Bill

Victory for Small Farms! Senate to Exempt From Food Safety Bill

LAT: For the GOP, California is a deep blue hole

Two for one deal from TSA, go thru the xray machine then get groped too but, wait! There's more!

Why people vote for Stupid ie: the myth of the liberal media (Noam Chomsky)

FRC's Tony Perkins: Allow TEH GAY by repealing DADT and Obama will have to bring back the draft

So I put in about 20 hours this week on a job application.

Alta Sierra woman, 81, takes blue ribbon for 30-year project

Palin bumped from People cover for Kim Kardashian.

Cantor Dismisses Budget Fixing Proposal Because It Sounds Too European

House Dems: Republicans Should Opt Out of Federal Health Care

Brief personal comment about Palin's looming Presidential bid:

MSNBC suspends Scarborough for two days for political contributions

Democrats defeat GOP 'defund NPR' proposal

Everyone email Congress!

TSA says scans are safe....

Rock Stars of Science!

What Democrats owe Latinos: Passing the Dream Act

Which is more urgent: Debt and Deficit or Jobs and Growth?

A no vote for unemployment extension but a demand for extension of tax cuts for the rich. Do the

"Children of the Mines"...a slideshow of what WE lived through 100 years ago.

How about KEITH to fill in for Scabs's suspension?!1 Bwah-ha-HAH !1 n/t

Kentucky Stomper's Attorney: Tape Shows 'My Client Is Justified

Here's something interesting: POPVOX

Obama lawyers oppose suits enforcing separation of church and state

WTF? Reduction of nukes doesn't make us safer?

Maker of Painkiller Pulls It Off Market (Darvon and Darvocet)

Will you allow them into your home? Your bedroom? Your toilet?

China's New Drones Raise Eyebrows

'Intactivists' to San Francisco: Ban circumcision

NYC Mayor Bloomberg calls for 6,100 Teacher Layoffs in His New Austerity Budget

One Boehner TSA won't be touching

TSA confiscates heavily armed soldiers nail clippers

Seasonal Compassion on Small Businesses

Balance the budget......Hahahahahahaha

Balance the budget......Hahahahahahaha

TSA security has "kept us safe."

What you need to tell your critter regarding TSA

Bob Etheridge lost


Local psy-ops in a global world (George H W Bush edition)

We are Being Enslaved by a Debtcropper Society

Rivlin/Domenici plan: No socialist paradise but far better than Simpson/Bowles

Krugman: no reason economy had to suffer a large loss of output and employment

Congress Urged to Pass DREAM Act During Lame-Duck Session

False Equivalency Solution for MSNBC

So repubs worried about 18 billion but not 700 billion?

Obama is not bringing a knife to the gunfight with the Republicans.

Just traveled Columbus-JFK-Columbus. Only had the usual scanner you walk through and

Ailes Apologizes to Foxman; Controversy Is Over; ADL director eagerly accepts grudging ‘I’m sorry’

GOP political strategy 2008-2012 (and probably beyond)

Because it worked so brilliantly the first time

Photo: TSA all up in your shit.

Is that a turkey in your pants?

Cholera has reached the largest prison in Port-au-Prince

By a show of hands, who thinks that immigration, and not SS cuts are the new third rail?

Facebook & Google Privacy: What you don't know.

At the risk of a buzzkill: Marijuana Smokers Who Start Early Are at Greatest Risk, Study Finds

FEC won't punish Ensign for cash to mistress

FAILED 1/2 term former Governor adds "racist piece of shit" to her resume

Bill O'Reilly details the demographic make-up of his audience in his new book

The New Red Email Alert Line, love it or hate it?

Bernie Sanders is on Ed Shultz

Abe Vigoda is.....

NATO has agreed for first time to missile defense system covering all NATO and US, Obama says

Did anyone hear Ed?

Alan Grayson up next on Ed (MSNBC)

What's the difference between a convict and an airline passenger?

More Alan Simpson Crap. The Evil is Terrifying.

We suffered losses in the midterms, but did we "get our asses kicked?" I don't think we did. Do you?

How are you spending World Toilet Day?

Our government is terrorizing us in order to keep us safe from "terror".

Pup gets vodka (nearly killing it); Man gets jail

The TSA mess is a test, what do they take next?

If having the wealthy have lower tax rates helps the economy then why not eliminate all taxes?

Cancer surviving flight attendant forced to remove prosthetic breast during pat-down

Middle Class Americans Discover Outrage At Being Treated Like, Y'know, Them...

How the Insurance Industry Tried to Discredit Michael Moore

The super patriots once again decry the use of civilian courts

2 Rialto police officers resign, 4 disciplined amid sex scandal investigation

2 Rialto police officers resign, 4 disciplined amid sex scandal investigation

Ed's text (push)polls crack me up. Today: Are you happy that the Dems are

WTF - West Point Cadets and Faculty in Glenn Beck audience

please delete; hoax story

" ...the other side is close to playing with its poop."

The smarts of Speaker-To-Be Boner . . . . .

What happens when you get to one thousand posts?

Tawdry scandal at AIPAC


The truth is that America has mostly rewarded its high ranking war criminals

Oregon Senator Wyden effectively kills Internet censorship bill (It's too early to say for sure)

Joe Scar suspened by MSNBC for making campaign donations

A note to John Pistole (TSA): Serving the American people is a priviledge, not a right.

Edit *found what i was looking for*

Prominent foreclosure defense attorney faces losing his own home

Biden's response to Palin saying that she thinks she could beat Obama

Important: How Corporate America Is Pushing Us All Off a Cliff ...a letter from Michael Moore

A docile public can only tolerate only so much idiocy at airports.

Wells Fargo to pay Citi $100 million over Wachovia

World's Power Brokers Hold Annual Summit Where They Show Each Other Their Penises

But don't worry, the deficit commission also recommends cuts to military spending!

'Patriotic Millionaires' issue plea to Obama

Report Finds Fox News Gives Free Publicity to 2012 GOP Candidates--$40 Million Worth

Are members of the Military, Police, etc. patted down with little love pats?

Holy Shite - Brewer cuts organ transplants for lower income patients

Check in here if you have something positive to say about the TSA feel-ups

The airlines are reacting to the PSA controversy.

Australian far-right leader cancels move to UK (too many immigrants)

Starting early next year, TSA says, pilots will not have to go through the new body scanners and pat


Soft Drinks Companies Push Their Products as a Solution to Childhood Malnutrition

$hitibank: We did nothing improper with our foreclosures. Trust us.

Mobil backscatter van coming to your neighborhood?

Republican Death Panels Being Discussed On KO Right Now !!!

So if Palin beats Obama

Study: Few Afghans know about 9/11, reason for war

MSNBC actually IS "fair and balanced"! MSNBC suspends Joe Scarborough for campaign donations

MSNBC actually IS "fair and balanced"! MSNBC suspends Joe Scarborough for campaign donations

How many?

HaHa! MSNBC suspends Scarborough for campaign donations

Bush branded a ‘war criminal‘ at Rocky’s (Mayor Rocky Anderson) Salt Lake rally

Thank you, anonymous Star donor!

Alright, I know you just watched KO -- Now let's take action (NTAF related)

Are TSA agents changing gloves between gropings?

Global Climate Change -- Global Warming -- C-span -- House Hearings --

An Exercise in Scare Tactics - The Food Safety Modernization Act

THREE More Year .... of War ! -- White House Cancels July 2011 Pull Out Date

Rumor has it that Willow Palin is pregnant.

'Unprecedented' number of failures on ill-fated Qantas A380 flight

Health care -- USA compared to Costa Rica

18 year old lets 14 year old drive father's car. Two dead in crash

Media Matters: Pope Benedict v. Glenn Beck on the inalienable right of healthcare

Which TSA security option would you prefer?

Former Hillary Clinton Aide, Calls Sarah Palin 'Extraordinary Ass' (Video)

Rep. Brad Miller: “Protecting Bank Solvency Has Been A Goal Of Treasury That I Do Not Share” - FDL

"Nearly one in five Americans mentally ill" ... I believe I finally understand ...

empire in decline, please help...

How does stating, "He's doing what he said he'd do", excuse the fiasco in Afghanistan?

Look at that face. My guess is he carries 10 lbs. of disgusting fat in his face alone.

If EVERYONE would post this in their windows, maybe the Teabaggers would just stay home.

Body Scanner toons

I think I'll do something like this during my security pat-down...

Is Arizona’s Sheriff Arpaio Creating the “INjustice League”?

Thank you to the DUer who was generous and gave me a star. There is no place like Democratic

Professor freaks out after student yawns

Not trying to give anyone ideas, but what happens when

How do you feel when you hear "happy holidays" instead of "merry Christmas?"

Bogus Bias Battle: Federal Court Rules Against Christian Legal Society – Again (LINK FIXED)

NATO to turn Afghan security control over by 2014

Thank you ...

Who Wants To Market The New TSA Uniform For Travelers Who Don't Want Extra Screening?

Federal judge paid stripper to buy cocaine & marijuana, which they frequently used together

Link to the NTAFUND. ORG

Student puts out hit on bus driver

iPhone app asks if you believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman

6,200 Farmers Markets and Counting: Find your local farmers market, even design an app.

New word guys: Mossback

Woman found dead in foreclosed Florida home

I've got a way to fix this whole TSA groping mess

Salon: Palin outraged that the press is contributing to her publisher's marketing campaign

Fascism - and some other words the right doesn't understand...

LOL Gawker: Nancy Pelosi Calls John Boehner a Crybaby

In new 'book,' Palin slams Johnston for exploiting new-found celebrity

Florida Gov elect tied to playboy. Christian group upset.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! & smokey nj's sponsoring an

Well, well, this is amusing, RE TSA

Reading DU now makes me angrier more often than it provides me comfort

Reading DU now makes me angrier more often than it provides me comfort

TSA - watching an issue of the left hijacked by the right

Report Finds Fox News Gives Free Publicity to 2012 GOP Candidates--

Report Finds Fox News Gives Free Publicity to 2012 GOP Candidates--

News Alert: General Motors is surviving and thriving, and thank you, Pres. Obama and the Dems!

Italy PM replaces penis on statue, angers experts

The Gay War on Christmas Begins!

The Gay War on Christmas Begins!

What, If Anything, Would Convince You to Give Up TV?

Johann Hari: The religious excuse for barbarity

Remember the federal cop who shot that dog near Annaplis, MD? He was found guilty today.

Don't Touch My Junk

I am now worried that my transsexual spouse will be sexually assaulted at the airport.

On the fuckers who own us, austerity, and qualified decision making.

Does he have to look like he's ENJOYING his job?

Peddling War to Children

If TSA just spent all this money on full body scanners...

When the Boss Went Moral

"If I offended anybody, I am not sorry and I do not apologize,"

Have you seen this site? ProPublica (real investigative journalism!)

So Joe Scarborough suspended for two days?

'60s folk icon Joan Baez hurt in fall from treehouse

Jon Stewart labels Glenn Beck ‘the manchurian lunatic’

If you put Sarah Palin's brain in a matchbox....

Question, for those who have gone through the new scanning machines.

Palin book takes aim at some new targets

View a video of Joan Baez performing the song, "Joe Hill,"

There was a Glenn Beck commercial before the Harry Potter movie started at midnight.

Welcome, Testicle Searchers of America!

Fight back against TSA groping. Well at least cost them some MONEY. Next time they want to grope ya

Justice Scalia: The State Of The Union Address Is A 'Juvenile Spectacle'

"Charles Krauthammer" and "Don't touch my junk"...

****Throughout the Underground****

Millionaires to Obama: Tax us

When will the MSM follow the dollar on airport scan scandal?

When will the MSM follow the dollar on airport scan scandal?

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene

The time to say "FU Vick!"

Take a stand...if we don't stop them now

I think I hate Rick Perry more than Sarah Palin

'Don't touch my junk!'

These are NOT "pat downs".... (TSA)

"She's always underestimated, so, uh...I think I shouldn't say any more."

Keith Olbermann makes $7,500,000 a year! And he speaks for US?

Study: Few Afghans know about 9/11, reason for war

I certainly hope the TSA Agents are wearing disposable, nonlatex hospital gloves

I certainly hope the TSA Agents are wearing disposable, nonlatex hospital gloves

Arizona Animal Care employee fired for wrongfully euthanizing war-hero dog

The 19 Senators Who Voted to Censor the Internet

AP: Raising S.S. retirement age hurts poor, minorities, and Social Security itself

Keep trying

ENOUGH "Remove the TSA!", already! We're feeding a GOP meme by demanding they stop using scanners

Vice President Joe Biden: Airport screening pat-downs a "necessary policy"

Biden: Airport screening pat-downs a 'necessary policy'

I could be wrong, but I don't think many of the super rich are getting their "junk" touched...

I could be wrong, but I don't think many of the super rich are getting their "junk" touched...

Israel and a lot of other countries don't have this TSA crap

More customers drop cable TV; is Internet or cost to blame?

Mike Thompson's toon on extending the Bush taxcuts for the rich

Friday Toons, part 1- insecurity

"Just Found DECISION POINTS Moved Into Fiction By Customer & This Inside"

"Just Found DECISION POINTS Moved Into Fiction By Customer & This Inside"

Palin v. Obama 2012- Easily unfreep-able poll on WSJ!

Pentagon blows up thousands of homes in Afghanistan Repeating the horrors of the Vietnam War

A summary of what Catfood Commission members have proposed so far

A Sensible Approach to Developing a Federal Budget

This is funny...

Union's rat protest upsets Joliet church using scab labor

If You Know the GOP Just Won the House, You'll Beat the Average American Poll

Grover Norquist: This Time, Gov't Shutdown Will Help The GOP

So, have President Obama and the Democrats in Congress "caved" yet

Beyond Vietnam

Michael Vick, Dave's Killer Bread, and repentance

Where do you draw the line in sand?

Where do you draw the line in sand?

Listen young Russert

The "ban on buying insurance across state lines" thing the 'pugs keep bringing up...

When "prince" Charlie asks Brian WILLIAMS, "Are we SUSTAINABLE?!1" is he an environmentalist?!1

What to Do When You Can’t Retire

Lightbulbgate: GOP works on picking head of House Energy and Commerce Committee

I just talked to a retired analyst with the CIA and he described Americans in 3 words.

(Made in USA) sale, free shipping on orders over $50, new products & more

Animal shelter employee who euthanized hero dog fired

A few suggestions for those who are flying for Thanksgiving:

Woman says her TSA screening was sexual assault: agent inserted her hands between my underwear...

Dell knew about computer failures, hid info from customers

Black farmer settlement moves forward

Turns out an aquaintance is getting hired by the Heritage Foundation,

First place I encountered mandatory screening or full pat-down was Paris/CDG

Big Brother in Your Car To Determine your premium via device

Big Brother in Your Car To Determine your premium via device

"Cancer surviving flight attendant told to remove prosthetic breast during pat-down"

My hero,Dr. Cornel West,on Bush,and current Obama administration

Democratic Donors Set To Go Rogue On Obama - HuffPo

Democratic Donors Set To Go Rogue On Obama - HuffPo

Hateful Days

AP 'buries the lead': Bernanke calls for fiscal stimulus, warns of 'many years' of high unemployment

Palin Attacks John Kennedy's 'Catholic' Speech

Bill Gates says lower teacher salaries, raise class sizes

This Friday Afternoon’s Challenge: The "re-interpreted image"

Chair of the DNC process or How do we Bring Back Howard Dean!

Less than 1% of cargo scanned for bombs

Patti Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe... 'Becanse the night.' Rachel Corrie, Bruce Springsteen,

What if I just whipped it out while being screened by TSA?

All is not lost

An e-mail from Alan Grayson

Obama mulls big speech to U.S. Chamber of Commerce ('dramatic peace offering' to CEO)

TSA Agents Absolutely Hate New Pat Downs, Find Them Disgusting And Morale Breaking

Arne still following Gates' school agenda...larger classes, no pay for teachers' higher education.

Arne still following Gates' school agenda...larger classes, no pay for teachers' higher education.

Oh, for god's sake...

Unemployment Rate Set to Magically Drop

Time to forgive Vick is here

Hey, Poppy! I got your medal right here!

Thank You

Federal minimum wage is worth less than in 1968

Another Day in the Trenches of “The Best Health Care System on Earth”

I was searching for...

You're still f***ing peasents as far as I can see.


I just heard Kate Smith sing "God Bless America'" on an oldies

a question for those who watch the Smoking Gun's World's Dumbest

There'll be a short wait for your food.

Does this taste funny to you?

Love is blind.

TMI? TMI. Definitely TMI.


If they gotta touch my junk, can I choose...

Cougar Cruise gets ready to roar again

How to steam clean your kitchen counter first thing in the morning.

The Sarah Palin dog wig

I've got a "Veterans Against the War" bumper sticker on my car.


I have a girlfriend!

Why is there

Moon Pie

Man Gets Asthma When Logging Into Facebook

Bill Clinton is the meaning of life.

Weekend kitteh

Cool new music group: Avi Buffalo

Cool Of The Day: Newsreel of the first ever Formula One championship race -- 1950 British Grand Prix

You say you love Celine Dion AND the McRib? Then THIS video is for YOU.


Give a Star / Get a Star

Ultimate Spinach - Mind Flowers

Bwahahaha! Don't dial 800-Netflix to query your bill

Man Gets Nausea When Logging Into Facebook

Touched by the TSA? Win an iPod

I have an idea. Now what?

NH: "Live Free or Die"

Snow coming!

CBS cancels "Medium"

CBS cancels "Medium rare"

Thread to cheer me up because I didn't get nominated in LynneSin's Sexiest Man Alive Poll

MY EARS! Oh, FUCK, my EARS! "Jersey Shore" actress "raps" EARS! My fucking EARS!

"The Gettysburg Address -- by George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin"

Cannabis fed to ducks by French farmer for 'deworming'

Drinking Rum and Eggnog and PWI someone stop me.

That's what I like about lounge lizards;


Pigeon toad.

Brother, can you spare a really, REALLY BIG dime?

This will not end well.

Did your city have any really, really, REALLY crazy cable access stars?

Anybody else find this to be true... when you're a kid, you KNOW you're in deep shit when...

Check out this site, it's like a Chinese onion

If EVERYONE would post this in their window, maybe the Teabaggers would just stay home.

Friday is World Toilet Day ...

viral video: Adorable hidden sleeping kitten

I've just spent most of the last day with my neighbor's wife.

Paella Tonight. Chicken and Chorizo, with some Spanish-sized Llamas, fresh GWB and Condi Rice

You know I thought Weeds was going downhill during season 5 but I just watched season 6....

Am I being prickly?

Another really BAD version of a bad Christmas song.

"Breakin' my heart into a million pieces, like you always do, and you...don't mean to be cruel..."

I just found out you can't buy CaliforniaPeggy's new coffee table book unless you OWN a coffee table

And finally: If Kali'd FEED those damn critters a lil more often, she wouldn't have to post these...

And finally: Does it? ... ... ... ... Well... DOES IT?!?!?!?!?

Serendipity or paranormal?

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene

Professor freaks out after student yawns

I was listening to Neil Young today, Natural Beauty

Is timecube the greatest thing on the internet, or just the greatest thing ever?

Help with 16 yo kitty problem, please. He's lost a ton of weight and

Well, to be fair, socialism IS kind of sexy...

I'm taking the GRE tomorrow.

Imagine meeting this guy at the grocery store...

My Father died tonight at the nursing home in his sleep.

OMG! I have to decide between my sister and my daughter for Thanksgiving.

Opinions on antivirus software?

New TSA checkpoint sign

I was waiting in line at the drive through of a famous canadian fast food outlet.

e-cigarette advice? Buying a kit as a gift.

What's the best part of your day?

Alone again. Naturally.

Old CAD Drafters:

So, they're going to ban Four Loko.

Guam groups sue military over live firing range

Guess What I'm Trying To Say with Pictures -- DU Pictionary!!

Obama Forces Showdown With G.O.P. on Arms Pact

What have they done to the OREO?

Is there a link to all of Obama's accomplishments so far? Or is there a DUer who has a list?

This one took me the longest time to figure out -- very subtle... very good.

Lew Is Confirmed as White House Budget Director After Objections Dropped

White Britons to become minority by 2066

Democratic donors and tacticians independently plotting their political recovery

"House Democrats" On Fox-LOL

Ethics committee recommends censure for Rangel

GQ: $#!% Joe Biden Says

Repukes Demonstrate How To "Grapple With Deficit Pork"

Krugman: Axis of Depression

Messaging Doesn't Matter.

Another 1995-style government shutdown? Grover Norquist would be delighted

Biden: I like Sarah Palin

Lockheed to close Minnesota plant by 2013

Fidel Castro Happy With Direction Cuba Is Moving

Topics we aren't talking about while discussing TSA pat-downs:

This is the momentus day that everyone on DU has long been awaiting...

New Zealand miners missing after explosion

Reid tries to box in Republicans on tax cuts vote...

EPI: Huge Return on Taxpayer Investment

Congressional Letter Urges Obama To Release Pollard

Wyden-Brown - Repeal and Replace ACA.

UN committee denounces Myanmar human rights record

Place for Politics: Cenk had John Harwood from CNBC on about the Democratic Senators.

At Terror Trial, Big Questions Were Avoided

Democratic Donors Set To Go Rogue On Obama

Pelosi appoints Rep. Steve Israel as chair of DCCC

* How Obama can take charge and become "the Decider": Eugene Robinson

* How Obama can take charge and become "the Decider": Eugene Robinson

Will you give up your constitutional rights for Thanksgiving travel?

Obama can still end up becoming one of the best presidents in history

House Dem leadership memo crystallizing Dem message and debunking GOP arguments on tax cuts

Twenty-one civilians 'killed by shelling in Mogadishu'

I have just run out of things to say and things to think about..I just don't care!

Congressional Hispanic Caucus has New Leadership

Irish bank blocked in 11-building foreclosure case

Sri Lanka's President Rajapaksa sworn in for new term

Cantor Dismisses Budget Fixing Proposal Because It Sounds Too European

Time to change channels. That irritable loud mouth louse Ratigan will be on. /nt

MSNBC: Cenk Uygur Should have his Own Show

U.S. deficit report will emerge regardless of vote

Rumor has it that Willow Palin is pregnant.

Sherrod Brown: Obama needs to fight harder and "sharpen message"

This is why I will never again go to anymore....

Lord Young (senior adviser to David Cameron) forced into grovelling apology over recession commments

Report Finds Fox News Gives Free Publicity to 2012 GOP Candidates--

Gay Couple Weds as Flight Veers Over Canadian Airspace

Breaking MSNNBC: President Obama Seen Feasting on Entrails of Republican leadership

Just started watching "Dexter".

WTF? Reduction of nukes doesn't make us safer?

Murdoch website hacked by Iranian Cyber Army

Sick Sept 11 Workers Agree to $712 Million Settlement

Biden on Afghanistan: begin moving troops out next summer with eyes on a total withdrawal by 2014

Palin book takes aim at some new targets

Does the WH have a war room?

I don't trust Lieberman in the DADT repeal. His partner McCain will tell him to

About the House leadership vote, what were 43 Democrats thinking?

Judge halts certification of Murkowski win (Politico)

Former China nuclear head jailed for life over bribes

The Repubs wish to repeal healthcare reform but they say they want to make it better...

Howard Dean ’71 talks Tea Party, Obama

"Contrary to the expert opinion, Obama is still very much in the driver’s seat"

With All Disrespect, Mr. President

WH "Outraged" At Carville, He Responds "if they're offended, let 'em be offended"

Breaking: Maxine Waters' November 29 Ethics Trial Canceled

Why does D.C. care so much more about Pelosi than about Reid?

Today Biden was asked on Morning Joe if he thinks Palin could beat Obama. Joe's response?

Federal judge pleads guilty to 2 drug charges

House panel calls off Waters ethics trial (due to the discovery of new evidence )

MSNBC suspends host Scarborough for GOP donations

Wow! Norah O'Donnell on Morning Joe: Unemployment benefits are more stimulative than tax cuts?

Michelle Obama was a hit on Broadway: Gets standing ovation by 'Fela' audience

Study: Few Afghans know about 9/11, reason for war

Palin takes ANOTHER cheap shot at First Lady Obama

How the 'Dancing' vote was hacked (for Bristol)

Marines Receive Extra Firepower; US Tanks Headed to Afghanistan

Courtroom romance threatens child sex case (of former Marine captain)

(Florida) Job market is not likely to improve with recession recovery

"The Democrats have picked the wrong strategy on the Bush tax cuts"

Report: Ohio stimulus work outsourced due to foul-ups

"The only truly coherent principle behind the current GOP"

White House White Board: The Rebirth of the American Auto Industry

Germany Says Plane Bomb (Found In A Namibian Airport) Was Security Test

I am offended that the WH is offended at Carville's statement.

Senator Sanders: "The billionaires are on the warpath. They want more, more, more"

Worm Was Perfect for Sabotaging Centrifuges

For the GOP, California is a deep blue hole

Photos: It's quite possible the world now has too MUCH love. (The Obama Presidency, Day 669)

Air Force Mixup: Military sends Boeing's tanker bid info to rival EADS and EADS' info to Boeing

Joe Biden: 2014 Afghanistan Pullout Is 'Drop Dead Date'

Congress Bans 'Crush' Videos

Canadians overuse ER after hours: survey

Senate approves $4.6B for black farmers, Indians

2,000 foetuses found at Thai Buddhist temple

Sarah Palin Slams Michelle Obama in Racially Charged Passage From New Book

Cantor: GOP opposes vote on extending middle-class tax cuts

Texas businessman settles military food fraud case for $15 million

Critics Slam Obama Administration for 'Hiding' Massive Saudi Arms Deal

Pope, church leaders call for guaranteed health care for all people

An Unsealed Lawsuit Indicates Dell Hid Faults of Computers

James Carville told a joke. Ha, Ha, Ha.

How should Obama handle new, emboldened GOP?

We Should Have Dumped Pelosi

Alan Simpson eagerly awaits the "blood bath" in April. That sob

Right up front, if Barack Obama runs for a second term, I will not support a primary challenge

I Feel Bad For Charlie Rangel

TSA agrees to allow airline pilots to skip security checks

U.S. Taxpayers Recover Billions in Sale of G.M. Stock

Barack Obama's response to Carville the first time he uttered his moronic remark was classic

Raising retirement age will hurt poor, GAO says

Schakowsky (D-IL) Offers Alternative to Simpson-Bowles Deficit Reduction Plan

No Security Pat-Downs for Boehner

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 19

Pelosi: Boehner is 'known to cry'

Joe Scarborough suspended from MSNBC for campaign donations

Far right demonstrations 'fuel Islamic extremism'

Want a quiz on your political IQ? 12 question quiz here:

Cancer surviving flight attendant forced to remove prosthetic breast during pat-down

U.S. deploying heavily armored battle tanks for first time in Afghan war

Obama rejects 2 'mediocre' terms

Denver Airport Mobile Command Used for Sex Romps

How about a round of Song Alphabet? 1st up - Little Bit of Sympathy

Eric Cantona: "Kill the banks" (bank strike Dec. 7th)

Rachel Maddow- Spine makes rare appearance in Congressional Dem

The Blues Brothers - Nazis Scene

What a Coincidence!

US democracy promotion creates puppets worldwide

SenatorSanders: Responsible Efforts to Reduce the Deficit

Go After A REAL Criminal - George W. Bush

House reps (Republicans) BLOCK BILL: 99er's FORGOTTEN

Rachel Maddow: Democrats Seem To Be Growing A Spine In Congress


Corinna West spoken word poetry, 'The Grassroots Manifesto'

US Empire ambition undermines country

Your Heartless Lawmakers At Work!

Bush tax cuts = con job in new ad


Seattle Cop Attacks 2nd Person After Kicking 17 yr old In The Face!

TDPS: Conservative Hypocrisy on TSA Patdowns and Body Scanners

Are The Banks ROBBING YOU Bankrupt? : Forclosure Hearing 2010-11-17

Republicans attack on the middle class...

Who Benefits From Deflation?

Transport Canada PSA for Canadians travelling by air to the USA.

Democracy Promotion Hoax

The Church of Fox

MSNBC w/ Cenk: US Justice System, Obama & Gitmo

Matt Taibbi Talks About Congressional Ethics

Most unparliamentary language in Irish parliament: "Fuck you, Deputy Stagg!"

Don't Let Obama Ruin Christmas

Don't Let Obama Ruin Christmas

New penis for statue in Berlusconi's office

Midterm Elections Demonstrate Need for Revolution

Is Senator Scott Brown in trouble?

Weird Liberal Head Show #226: Liberals- Rise!

The Party Of No - after the election

Majority Report interviews Tina Dupuy

MRN: Tea Partier Mark Williams Can Go Both Ways

Spanish socialist voting ad: Votar es un placer (Voting is a pleasure)

You can End the Beatings, George Miller!

Florida vs. New Hampshire

Senator Brown On Efforts To Extend Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Thom Hartmann - If you're hungry, are you free?

NPR, you are an appeaser just like Obama

Joe Biden on Sarah Palin's 2012 run for Prez

King's Plan To Overturn Birthright Citizenship

James Carville on Obama's Testicular Fortitude!

Fault Lines: Fast Food, Fat Profits - How Did The Situation Get So Out Of Hand?

The Top Vlog: Keep your mitts off my 'Suspicious Package' (Daily Show Co-Creator Lizz Winstead)

The Democrats' Magic Box! Use It!

Libertarian activists arrested for chalking outside NH state house

Dems Vow To Push Filibuster Reform

Rachel Maddow Annihilates Glenn Beck For His Disgusting Rant About Veterans

Don't Touch My Junk (the TSA Hustle)

Rep. Donna Edwards' Floor Speech on Importance of Unemployment Benefits and Her Own

Axis Of Depression

David Sirota: To Deter Crime, Get Tough on Wall Street

AlterNet: 15 Dangerous Drugs Big Pharma Shoves Down Our Throats

Oh, Roger, What Ailes You?

It's World Toilet Day: Celebrate with Squats

“The Manchurian Lunatic" Jon Stewart vs. Glenn Beck

Do Hispanics Want to Leave the U.S. because Bristol is Poised to Win Dancing with the Stars?

Let's Build the New Economy

Alternet: Women Are Dying From Hormone Therapy; Why Is Pharma Still Allowed to Push It?

Don't touch my junk - Charles Kruathammer.

Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm (D-MI): A Mighty Wind

Gates Urges School Budget Overhauls

Freshman GOP Congressman Who Bashed Auto Bailout: 'Where's My Car!'

The TSA search policy is unwarranted, unjust, and humiliating (Boston Globe)

USA Today parrots GOP talking point in "Search for civility grows in Washington after midterms"

Friday Talking Points (147) -- Democrats Fighting The Good Fight

Weekend Economists on the Trail of Tears November 19-21, 2010

Funny Pictures Mocking Sarah Palin

Drumbeat: November 19, 2010

Alaskan Tundra Fires Likely Already Beyond Mean 10C Tipping Point - Expect More, Bigger Burns - AFP

US Embassy Website Describes Beijing Air Quality As "Crazy Bad" - Hazardous For All By US Standards

India's Rat "Armies" - Tied To Bamboo Seeding Events - Likely To Worsen As Climate Warms - BBC

Delay In Hudson Bay Sea Ice Formation Putting 100s Of Polar Bears At Starvation Risk - AFP

In Freakish Warm Spell, Flock Of African Pink Pelicans Arrives In Siberia - Reuters

The Chinese Coal Monster - running out of puff

Leading climate change economist warns U.S. of trade boycott

XPOST fm LBN: Former China nuclear head jailed for life over bribes

Tiger Summit aims to save big cats

Welcome to Farm School

RW facebook friend tells me that renewable energy destroys more jobs than it creates.

XPost from a place called "reality." Anti-nuke REWARDED for taking bribes.

Should we be planning for the end of cheap coal?

U.S. Proposes Electric-Transmission Rule to Help Boost Wind, Solar Power

Local gun range accused of putting customers, employees

WOW! 30 days in jail if you are a juvenile gun offender caught carrying a gun in public...

Atlanta police charge man in Halloween-night shooting over egg-splattered Mercedes

How's the decision to take Brandon Marshall working out in Miami??

Hawaii discussing joining Mountain West

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Thursday, November 18)

Former NHL Coach Pat Burns Dies Of Cancer At The Age Of 58.

Brett Favre Claims He's One Loss Away From Career-Ending Injury

They're only going to be using one end zone at Wrigley Field

Venezuela's oil GDP down 3 percent so far this year (drop in production)

Housing starts by the public sector decline 57 percent

Venezuela-Colombia relations improving big-time under new Colombian president

Do Hispanics Want to Leave the U.S. because Bristol is Poised to Win Dancing with the Stars?

Rick Reilly: "Time to forgive Vick is here"

Congratulations to Félix Hernández, 2010’s Cy Young Award Laureate!

It Takes One to Know One: Castro Sees Tea Party as “Facism”

The Venezuelan Economy: Media Sources Get It Wrong, Again

First Georgetown, now Harvard invites uribito

Kristof apologizes to Argentina (which he didn't dis), not to Venezuela (which he did)...

Pdvsa and ENI (Italy) set up joint venture to build a refinery

Former DAS chief (Hurtado) flees Colombia

Finally! A good story: Gay Couple Reportedly Marries On Flight

Dan Savage: My marriage has lasted longer than Reagan's 1st, almost all of Newt's and all of Rush's.

Proposed anti-harassment bill named for Tyler Clementi

Harvard pres: ROTC return if gays can openly serve

Gay people should die alone without their loved ones by their sides: AFA

Petition: Tell the Apple iTunes Store to remove anti-gay, anti-choice iPhone application

NOM thinks you're mentally ill

I got my national board certification today (12% raise) and sing with Margaret Cho tonight

Anyone thought of this ?(TSA)..

A Follow Up on My Fifth Grade Essay: Education at Gunpoint (Ramzy Baroud)

Exclusive: Gazans shocked at how many neighbors, coworkers, officials are 'spying' for Israel

Gaza militants fire long-range Grad rocket into western Negev

US report: Religious coercion, violence in Israel rising

Attorney: Yair Klein released from prison

Free Bible app hits 10 million downloads

Cosmic Blizzard During NASA Flyby of Comet Hartley 2

Hubble Captures New Life in an Ancient Galaxy

Gangster Birds Running Protection Racket Give Insight Into Coevolution

The Danger of Cosmic Genius

New evidence that weird quantum supersolid exists

Surprise Link Between Weird Quantum Phenomena

Now That's what I call an old meal

Scientists Discover How Estrogen Works on the Brain

Extreme Life is Found in Deepest Layer of Earth's Crust Living on Methane and Benzene

Vikings possibly carried Native American to Europe

Rock Stars of Science!

Should You Be Snuggling With Your Cellphone?

Adieu to Autumn


I saw this flash of red


Los Angeles hotel settles NLRB case with $1.3 million payment

Information about the US unemployment benefits

Today in Labor History Nov 19 Joe Hill was executed by a Utah firing squad on trumped-up charges

Iowa gov, union back new pact; gov-elect objects

If I donate in someone else's name, does the "I donated..." appear beside my name?

Is there any thoughts of bringing back the DU Activist Corps?