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Which would you prefer to see outlawed?

HSBC doubles salaries to beat clampdown on big bankster bonuses -

"Now come eat this cookie that magicially turns into a Jesus McNugget"

Wikipedia and banksters - Charlie Rose tonight

At this point we shouldn't have to be trying to get the President we elected to resist the Right

Jon Stewart on the Bristol Palin/The Situation abstinence ad (ROFL!):

If Sarah Palin was eaten by a Grizzly bear

equal visitation rights via medicare

SEIU agrees to concessionary contract for California government workers: more two-tier pensions

Former British ambassador forecasts 50-year foreign role in Afghanistan

Kenyan Next of Kin Denied Visas After Triple Murder in the US

Another bipartisan panel proposes cuts to Social Security, Medicare

US oil-fields provided 50 percent of world's oil needs in 1950

I saw Rick Scott standing behind the governor's podium on the local news

Get Out of Afghanistan? US and NATO Think They're Just Getting Started

In 'safe' Afghan province, few want NATO forces to depart

Republicans To Tinker With The Expanded GI Bill

Watching Sarah Palin's TLC now, for first time...

US wants tribesmen to fight Taliban in Afghanistan

Republican Creed: Deny, Lie, and Evade nt

U.S. Afghan exit strategy based on uncertain 'conditions'

The Rev. Barry Lynn to Testify at Subcommittee Hearing on Faith-Based Initiatives (TODAY/11-18)

GE To Massachusetts: Give Us $25 Million And We'll Cut Only 150 Jobs

DoD Buzz: Freeze DoD Dough For Five Years

Paranoid Teabaggers out to kill "UN Plots" Smart Growth and Public Transit?

Suppressed Angle quote in praise of Pinochet and dictators belatedly surfaces

AFL-CIO: Another Push To Get Employee Free Choice Act Passed

Mother Jones: Sarah Palin, Wall Street Bailout Hypocrite

Mother Jones: Sarah Palin, Wall Street Bailout Hypocrite

"Sometimes dictators have good ideas."

Chinese mine in Afghanistan threatens ancient find

NY Times: Should You Be Snuggling With Your Cellphone?

To the person who gave me a star, THANK YOU!

The Earmark Sideshow

David Korten: What economic transformation has to do with building stronger, happier communities

21st Century Civil War

War and Hatred...Need to END...NOW.

Afghanistan Could Face 'Eye-Watering Violence' After Troops Leave

Afghanistan Could Face 'Eye-Watering Violence' After Troops Leave

Erin Brockovich Town Faces Unfortunate Real-Life Sequel

(NC) Voters Could Decide To Ban Same Sex Marriage For Good

Two questions about the deficit. Were any politicians, pundits, economists, etc., talking about the

Health insurers' group gave U.S. Chamber $86.2 million in 2009 for lobbying

D-Day in the Class War

A song for the TSA

Simpson-Bowles subtle threat to privatize Medicare made explicit by commission member Rivlin

Senate Republicans Vote Unanimously Against Bill To Help Guarantee Fair Pay For Women

GM IPO biggest ever at $20.1 Billion

Health Care = Big Money

Krugman/Chait: Simpson-Bowles is Regressive

Jon Stewart TDS Rips Palin..

FAILED 1/2 term former Governor, when asked if she could beat Obama in 2012: "I believe so."

The College Tuition Crisis: New ideas about how to make higher education affordable for all

Brooklyn Artist Tallies Troop Suicides

Dumb criminal facepalm......

Dumb criminal facepalm......

Senior Administration Official on Ghailani: We Convicted a Guy the Bush Administration Tortured

Rep. Leo Berman (R-TX) introduces "Birther Bill"

Should creditors be allowed to bundle and sell debts?

Should creditors be allowed to bundle and sell debts?

Soldiers behaving boldly

Can you believe that the teabaggers who loved Bush are now up in arms about loss of their rights?

Minister to couples: Thou shalt not Facebook

Didn't take long for the merchandising to begin.......

Why do they "hate" us? Why haven't we had a national debate on it?

Plastic bag Rap (video)

Anybody from Alabama? How many Republican..........

Anybody from Alabama? How many Republican..........

Huff Po: Blue Dog Dems who say we can't afford unemployment extension want to extend Bush Tax Cuts©

So have Joe Scum et al spoken about the Politico lies

We, and particularly Repubs, suffer stockholm syndrome.

We, and particularly Repubs, suffer stockholm syndrome.

Lou Ferrigno, Steven SEGAL join Arpaio "hunting 'illegals' " in AZ desert

Lou Ferrigno, Steven SEGAL join Arpaio "hunting 'illegals' " in AZ desert

Voters In Military Families Back Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal 58-31%

Murfreesboro mosque can move ahead, judge rules

Rep. Young Aide Helped FBI With Investigations Of Two Congressmen

Shanghai fire probe finds bogus deals, cut corners

the republican governors hate the federal government, so why don't they reject federal money?

A Productive Lame Duck Session??????

Watch This Amazing Daily Show Segment on DADT

A short self test - Moral relativism

Glenn Beck targeted CREDO Action and the groups we support on his evil conspiracy (petition)

The Federalist Society: Where Are They Now?

SEC, NY AG Sue Former Car Czar(under Obama) Steve Rattner

Taiwans Animators Cover TSA Story (Pretty darn funny)

Lewis Black on the TSA's new screening regulations

Cool tool for seeing the agenda each day in Congress. What bills are up for debate, etc.

FBI pressuring Google, Facebook to allow ‘back doors’ for wiretapping

If Sarah Palin was a DU member, would you put her on ignore?

Italian Cardinal Warns Gay Activists Are Persecuting Christians

Palin book knocks Levi Johnston, ‘American Idol’

Palin book knocks Levi Johnston, ‘American Idol’

200 rally for train at Talgo plant

LOL. Now this is my kind of thief.

CERN: Sarah Palin Proof Anti-Matter exists.

CERN: Sarah Palin Proof Anti-Matter exists.

Lawsuit Filed Today Against Department of Homeland Security and the TSA

Obama reduced to pleading to the GOP for treaty on nukes

Hong Kong diagnoses first human bird flu case in 7 years

"A half-assed apology that fails to address the hate speech and results in more trash-talking..."

Students Continue to Protest Despite Police Violence

Members of US Congress Get Richer Despite Sour Economy

Palin's Denial Park (Margaret and Helen)

I Dunno About You Guys, But I Feel Safer Now

Got A Reply from Politco, re: GOP January Meeting Lie

Isn't the argument, "How many jobs did Bush create with the tax cut for the wealthy?"

I am keeping a tab on the mean spirited, egotistical things the Repubs have done since their self

What do socialists say about democracy?

How Ted Koppel Could Shut Bill O’Reilly Up For Good

Senate bill S 510 vote imminent - procedural vote passes 74-25

Senate bill S 510 vote imminent - procedural vote passes 74-25

Study: Stranded dolphins often deaf

Report: Unprecedented Number Of Death Threats Against Obama -- And Secret Service Overwhelmed

Train Makers Rail Against China's High-Speed Designs

Lame Duck Round Up - 90 Second Summaries

Yeah, bailing out the auto industry was a really bad idea.

when terrorists are released because they were tortured, will they blame Obama?

Do you REALLY want to know how to deal with bullies?

Palin Rips American Idol

Thanksgiving's a week away. Let's pass it around the table.

Random thoughts from an alternative high school teacher

Obama Administration Should Take Action To Fix ‘Faith-Based’ Initiative, Americans United...

Is this what a psychotic break feels like?

republicans are more interested in bringing down Obama than working toward peace.

House is debating extending Emergency unemployment funding-right now.

At this point we shouldn't have to be trying to get the President we elected to resist the Right

paul ryan

TSA: H.R. 6416 - The American Traveler Dignity Act

I don't fly anyway but if I did I'd rather go nude than allow

DWTS Really Is Becoming An Analogy For America

has anyone started a thread for starless DUers?

Carmakers' next problem: Generation Y (Generation Public Transit?)

NPR Derangement Syndrome

Bush Tax Cut Public Opinion Unchanged Since Election

The GM IPO: Wall Street celebrates impoverishment of auto workers

Is an economic depression in our future ?

President Obama to award George H.W. Bush the Presidential Medal of Freedom

25 years ago today: Calvin and Hobbes debuts on newspapers.

Who Ordered Fox's Hit Job on Sarah Palin This Morning?

Henry Kissinger?

ReTHUGS are having a press conference

Gay couple reportedly ties the knot on commercial flight (in Canadian airspace)

The Rude Pundit: The Ghailani Verdict: You Can't Always Get What You Want

Fed-up fliers protest airport security measures

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner Will `Definitely' Be Postponed, Udvar-Hazy says

Won't the GOP "no compromise" position make them look bad to voters?

Did anyone complain when the Repubs refused to compromise with the Democrats during Bush's term?

Canadian employer requires on-the-job vegetarianism

Roger Ailes predicts that Robert Gibbs "will end up like that little shithead who worked for Bush"

Mark Lilla: 'Beck is the most gifted demagogue America has produced since Father Coughlin'

Obama the Appeaser: Wooing the Economic Royalists

"Relief for the greedy not for the needy" -- President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Anybody here listen to Mike Malloy last night? He said in the 3rd hr.

Here's me thinking Roger Ailes is a steely-eyed enemy of all that's good and true . . .

President Obama will be speaking about GM

Poll: Fewer than half know the GOP won the House

Transportation Security Administrator John Pistole should be removed

Use Your Executive Authority, President Obama

Bristol Palin apologizes for sister Willow's homophobic posts on Facebook, slams 'haters'

Mad As Hell! - a Mark Fiore animation

Does this sound like any non-union places you worked at?

Mitch McConnell, unbearable gasbag

Giving TOO much power back to the states is the same as divide and conquer.

No one has the right to grope passengers

No one has the right to grope passengers

JetBlue flight attendant's awful rapping

A very emotional statement by Charlie Rangel just now...

Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan...Record stores, Mad Men furniture, and pencil skirts,rock 'n' roll

Whats next Poppy Bush and George and Sarah share the Nobel Peace Prize

BREAKING: International Arrest Warrant for George Bush

MSNBC, bottom of screen: "Pres. Obama: Expecting Cooperation from GOP"

Grandma's Superhero Therapy: Hungarian woman conveys message of "hope and joy" in photos.

Ailes: NPR 'Nazi's,' Jon Stewart 'crazy'

Ailes: NPR 'Nazi's,' Jon Stewart 'crazy'

There is still good in this world. A letter to an Haitian amputee.

Republican Push to Defund NPR fails

Where can I find the list of votes for H.R. 6419 - Unemployment Extension?

Social Security Advocates Slam Obama's Cautious Response To Debt Commission Co-Chairs' Proposal

Airport security funnies

How do you unscrew the pooch?

Post here if you would be effected by changes to "birthright citizenship"

Post here if you would be effected by changes to "birthright citizenship"

Did you know that:

Michael Tomasky: Can Obama Rise Again? (or can there be a Green Dog Democrat?)

Nothing to do next Wednesday? Want something interesting

Why not contact the WH and protest Bush Sr.'s Medal of Freedom?

In light of Congress's refusal to help unemployed Americans, my X-mas money will go to charity

Donating to Democratic Underground makes me feel good..

Just want to point out that y'all have 2 years to get yourselves

I heard that Haitians are blaming the United Nations for the cholera epidemic ...

Teach for America teacher argues Seattle schools should avoid "Teach for Awhile"

Sarah Palin is CRAZY

Unemployment Benefits

Congressman admits interrogating Guantánamo detainees

Pittsburgh Bans Natural Gas Drilling

"Can you spell CANIVALISM?"

Uh ..... Excuse me ........ Mr You ...... Hello .......

Uh ..... Excuse me ........ Mr You ...... Hello .......

CBS News: Number of Millionaires in Congress: 261 (almost half)

Hey more lawsuits against the FEDS over these machines

Sweet, yet very sad.

Ethics panel recommends censure for Rep. Rangel

Planet from Another Galaxy Discovered

What is wrong with TSA... systems analysis

The New American Family.

Here's Boehner's So-Called "Scheduling Conflict"

Are young children patted down or not?

Are young children patted down or not?

What is the VAT?

Texas Teen Claims Sexual Advances Caused Him to Beat Fellow Male Student to Death, Burn the Body

I want all Health Insurance companies to be non-profit and tightly regulated

Look how popular Bush's book is in Baghdad

VoteSmart - Good source? Hope so.

What to do with a billion dollars? Convince everyone that Social Security is Broke

How About An Unemployed March On Washington?

Landrieu Still Holding Budget Director Hostage For Big Oil

Pink Shirts Banned at High School For Anti-Bullying Measure

Teachers under attack

About Faith-Based Initiatives...

I wonder if Charles Boustany (R-LA) has the same opinion on unemployment AND Bush Tax Cuts©...

Roger Ailes Is No Longer Sane

If airlines are going to pat me down or xray me - I think first they should read my Miranda rights

REPORT: Fox donates at least $40 million in airtime to potential GOP presidential candidates

SEC, NY AG Sue Former Car Czar Steve Rattner

Steve Wozniak: Android will be the dominant smartphone platform

Oh oh, the National Enquirer is trying to start some SHIT with the Palins now. . .

I think the timing of the New Mail placement is very suspicious...

Turley is tearing Pataki a new one on Tweety

List of U.S. airports using full-body scanners

Missouri voted YES! on Prop B -- don't let them take it away.

Couple Puts Abortion Decision Up to Internet Vote

Michelle Bachmann: Extending Tax Cuts for the Rich While Ending Unemployment Insurance for Jobless

Michelle Bachmann: Extending Tax Cuts for the Rich While Ending Unemployment Insurance for Jobless


Citizens picked to draw political boundaries

UK PM Cameron: Housing benefit payment cuts will STOP social unrest

Dan Froomkin: Second Group Of Deficit Hawks Calls For Regressive National Sales Tax

very sad - dogs attacked my chickens today, one left alive for sure, two missing, three dead...

very sad - dogs attacked my chickens today, one left alive for sure, two missing, three dead...

My wife's work place is in a sense chaining her to her desk now.

my latest Email from the Tea Party Patriots..Re: The DREAM act

Grand Rapids schools will reconsider policy banning felons from volunteering in classrooms

Father of Ga. baby attacked by raccoons charged-he kept as pets

Not that it will help, after all I am NOT a corp

Airports Weigh Congressman's Call To Ditch TSA

Independent UK: A last chance to save the tiger

Independent UK: A last chance to save the tiger

Newt Gingrich Unveils Plans To 'Replace The Left' - HuffPo

'Mission Accomplished' banner could go up in Bush library

Politician who punched her rival during debate comes out fighting

Are the Palin Girls Cyberbullies?

House To Vote To Extend Bush-Era Tax Cuts For The Lower And Middle Classes Only (Updated)

U.S. Generals Moving the "War on Terror" to Africa

Panel Chairmen: Cut $200 Billion From Budget

Oh Carl, how I miss you.

The Tea Party Targets... Sustainable Development? (Mother Jones)

Fox News Interviews 7-Year-Old Boy Who Met Jesus

Roger Ailes: NPR Run By 'Nazis,' Jon Stewart 'Crazy'

Four in 10 say marriage is becoming obsolete

Raising retirement age hurts poor

How much does it cost for a Democrat to win in a district that has only 28% registered Democrats?

Dave Barry has a blurry groin

How much time could reaslistically be spent each week looking for jobs if someone is unemployed?

KO is dealing with the House of Millionaires

Proposal: DU's "A Day without Palins"

Dutch government seeks to ban tourists from cannabis cafes

Orlando Airport kicks out the TSA

CNN Anchor Re. Obama: "Are you surprised by the tone he took?"

Jeremy Irons narrates "The Life of a Plastic Bag"

What Ravitch Told KIPP and TFA (WAPO Valerie Strauss)...

Is Speaker and soon-to-be Leader Pelosi "Controversial?"

"She taught me how to smoke a salmon"

ATTN: President Obama and Democratic Leaders .... do you want to win?

Canceling football and killing jobs? (E-action)

Nevada high court overturns $58 million judgment

BREAKING: International Arrest Warrant for WikiLeaks' Assange

BREAKING: International Arrest Warrant for WikiLeaks' Assange

Here...... Try and Track This Mans Mortgage.....

Pot growers portrayed as terror threat

EQUAL PROBABILITY: Cancer from Scanners vs Terrorist Airplane Attack


"My Daughter's Shirt"..

(UK) Teacher 'forced autistic children to run on a treadmill as a punishment for being naughty'

Sweden Issues Warrant for WikiLeaks Founder

Keith O: Rep. Issa is worth $303 million ...... nt

Forget politics for a moment. As a human, Alan Simpson is an asshole

Forget politics for a moment. As a human, Alan Simpson is an asshole

Court: Teachers can't have sex with any students

"Let's see if the guys can beat you," says Alex Trebek. Really?

Student leader arrested for falsely reporting threats; he resigns

Westboro Baptist Church brings hate to Wayne State, is pwned by counter-protest

Isn't it ironic, dontchathink?: AK Teabagger candidate challenges election because of bad spelling

Try your hand at predictive fiction and write your script: How will Dems cave on Unemployment?

VIDEO: Ann Coulter whines to Hannity "Don't you have a cut button on this, Sean? This is a joke!"

Where's Grovelbot?

GM Bailout Saved Millions of Jobs and Republicans Hate it

Jonathan Turley is killing...

NEW RULES! Say something nice about another DUer.

Ok so the Israelis do silly shit like having

Florida: 1 teacher out of 160k will win (from the State Dept Of Ed)...a $100 Chick-fil-a gift card

So Has Glen Beck Been Fired For a Lie....

Continuing to follow Repub. policies will continue to ruin our economy

There Will Be Fuel

Public Citizen: Tell Congress: Public safety before Toyota profits

Huge freaking success

As Robert Reich just said on KO, who do the democrats stand with in 2012? n/t

The Emergency Unemployment Extension that was defeated today -- when

'Republican governors target public employee unions'...LA Times recap of...

Burlington, Vt., bans smoking in public housing

Which Republican Candidate do you WANT to win the Nomination?

Hey Rockefeller?

Congress' Most Corrupt Republicans Demanding Their Share Of The Spoils

So, after reported lobbying by President Obama, a breakthrough in the Senate on DADT repeal

Lieberman : We Have The DADT Votes

Fantasy Football, How About Fantasy Politics ??? - How About Joe Wilson As Chief Of Staff, And...

Pot growers portrayed as terror threat

Senate floor vote likely on Providence lawyer John J. McConnell nomination to U.S. District Court

Boehner Has Always Had Serious Ethics Problems-- They're About To Get Worse

Boehner Has Always Had Serious Ethics Problems-- They're About To Get Worse

We've just updated the "New Mail" notification so it appears in more places on DU

Brave New Films' Robert Greenwald: Thank You Alan Grayson! (VIDEO)

terrorist trials.....republicans don't trust our justice system

"A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having."

Train Makers Rail Against China's High-Speed Designs (WSJ)

Voting method questioned after Bristol survived over Brandy

My 15 year old nephew just told me what he would do if he was patted down near his 'junk'....

I'm Feeling a little bit like Sen. Russ Feingold in 2012

Check, Please! Workers, Activists Nationwide Take Action Against Wage Theft

YouCut website

How do you feel about Pres. Obama awarding George H.W. Bush w/ the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Put the Hammer in the Slammer!

These 18 Dems who either voted against unemployment extention or didn't vote at all

This post is for all the people who say the TSA patdown is "no big deal"

Thank you for the star

Pelosi: Congressional Action Bolstered American Auto Industry: Saved Billions

GM (and Capitalism) Dodge a Bullet ... for Now

Rev. to NJ church leaders: Thou shalt not Facebook

Heh. Murdoch's MySpace is still getting SHELLACKED by Facebook

Bush Kept His "Mission Accomplished" Banner

If You Were in Congress: The Food Safety Modernization Act

OK, I get the concerns about the TSA, but when Repugs start screaming 'privatization'.....

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's a new Kitty gif

Colbert has an amazing young American on Sgt. Giunta MOA ...

Washington Hospital Center Agrees to Recognize Nurses’ Union

Who is the greater threat to Liberty: Repuke Extremists or the Muslim kind?

Mike Malloy predicting insurrection, re: unemployment cut-off by rich repugs.

Colbert tonight: CMOH recipient SSgt Salvatore Giunta

Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) "There's a real Democratic/Tea Party Republican alliance to be born" !!??

Dignity. Trading dignity for "security".

Sarah Palin-Rhodes

Paul Krugman: Axis of Depression

Conservatives Worry about Center for American Progress Digging for Donors

TSA Enhanced Screening Procedures Explained

Why do we need airport screening at all?

Jon Stewart about to do another "glenn beck chalkboard"

Airports consider congressman's call to ditch TSA

Airports consider congressman's call to ditch TSA

There's something a bit hypocritical about those complaining about China manipulating its currency.

I voted Republican

Sarah Palin Blackout

Michael Moore on the GM bailout, today: PS, the government isn't going to make money

Treasury Admits It Hasn't Fined Banks For Failing To Comply With Mortgage Modification Program

So GM gets a $45 billion dollar tax break and the unemployed get $0

TSA sees sanitary napkins in naked body scans. Discovery could lead to further TSA probing.

Australian twins had suicide pact at shooting range

Harry Reid Tries To Box GOP In On Tax Cuts Vote

11 Democrats voted no on employment extension. 21 GOP voted yes.

You are right, Bill O'Reilly. There really is a war on Christmas.

Even the Affluent Live Close to Margin: Survey

Whitehouse Gives The OK to use ... Child Soldiers

Keith announces that the average congressman's net worth is $900,000 a year! And they represent US?

Sarah Palin Slams Michelle Obama in Racially Charged Passage From New Book

Have you ever wished you could somehow kick a thread from a couple years back just to tell th OP

The Inventory Boom Is About To End And Crush U.S. GDP

Did anyone see the Medicare Open Enrollment ad on MSNBC tonight?

Iran/contra: 20 Years Later and What It Means

Iran/contra: 20 Years Later and What It Means

How Rush Limbaugh Types Used To Be Dealt With - From '12 Angry Men' Script/Video

Stop thinking of groups...

Overseas jobs we can bring home! Lets' start now!

My 15 year old nephew just told me what he would do if he was patted down near his 'junk'....

When someone tells you that Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are responsible for the housing crisis,

Why Don't We Try The Reverse ??? - Raise Taxes On The Rich Temporarily For The Next Ten Years

ACLU says NO to Israeli style airport behavioral screening.

Okay, y'all: Just what do we want the oil and gas companies to do?

“She touched my private parts"

Levitin Addresses Elephant in the Room: Regulators Don’t Want to Fix the Foreclosure Crisis - FDL

The crimes of George H.W. Bush

Golden Revenge On A Bully

Appalling picture of the day...

Should teachers make "on-the-spot corrections" of verbally/physically abusive students?

China completes world's longest bullet train line

We underestimate the paranoia and hate on the other side at our peril

sarah palin's endorsement of joe miller FAILS and the media loves her

On the Beach starting on TCM right now

Study launched to see if Americans think prayer should be a component of medical care

DA on Lawrence O'Donnell's show carries metal BOR to trigger security.

Here's a suggestion for everyone: don't fly.

At A Business Today, I Turned Off 3 TV's - FOX Was On

Why we MUST fight the re-privatization of Airport security

I would like to say this about the video game

Fidel Castro Happy With Direction Cuba Is Moving

Were the Bush Tax Cuts Good for Growth? ----- NO(with chart to prove it)!!!

George Herbert Walker Bush?

George Herbert Walker Bush?

Treasury Admits It Hasn't Fined Banks For Failing To Comply With Mortgage Modification Program!

NOBODY and I mean NOBODY on these "news" programs EVER, EVER,

There is NO better source of news on the interwebs than DU, none

I NEVER thought the day would come that I'd cheer on Ron Paul

Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn!

breaking...the house failed to pass unemployment extension

The straw that broke the camels back.

Jon Stewart DESTROYED Beck tonight

My Dear California Peggy,

Good News

Good you Bastards! Bring it on...

Breaking on Rachel - Three GOP Senators signal

God forbid raising taxes back to previous levels on millionaires and billionaires

Happy 50th Birthday Arctic National Wildlife Refuge--Sign the Card

Vote on Whether This Couple Gets an Abortion

11 Democrats voted against passage of Emergency Unemployment Compensation Continuation

Homeless man discovers, returns $3,300

School bans children from putting their hands up - "alienates" less intelligent children

Librarian smacks down teabaggers

Can SC ever get a good headline? "Naked man with mouse lodged in rectum tased, arrested..."

Can SC ever get a good headline? "Naked man with mouse lodged in rectum tased, arrested..."

Mayor Of London Warns George W Bush-War Criminal: 'Bring Book Tour To Britain & Never See TX Again'

Intellect vs gut

Wishadoo! makes Beck's blackboard -- Can you please help me?

Holder and Issa, Investigate former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff over those scanners

News Gleaned from DU 11/18/2010

Montreal shop owner forbids eating meat at work

Airlines Are Starting to Take a Hit over TouchMyJunkGate

STUNNING article-It's "D-day in class war-You're either on the oligarchy's side or people's side'

"Kevin Bacon wants to give you $10 to donate"

How many of you are dreading Thanksgiving with RW relatives?

Passenger: “I didn’t expect her to touch my vagina through my pants” (NYT)

'Birthright citizenship' will be target of House GOP majority

'Birthright citizenship' will be target of House GOP majority

McCaskill: "I'm wildly excited ..I can walk thru a machine instead of getting my dose of love pats."

The 7 Creepiest Things About the TSA's "Porno Scanners"

UN votes to accept execution of gays

Republicans Vote Against Fair Pay for Women Bill

Republican's had a great week!

Excessive Loyalty and Obedience to Malevolent Authority

AlterNet: Republicans Vote Against Equal Pay for Women–Unanimously

Cartoon: GOP Negotiation Tactics

Mental Illness Hit 1 in 5 U.S. Adults in Past Year

****need a star/donate to a starless member matchmaker thread***

How About Some GOOD NEWS!!!

Bush Sr. and El Salvador

Dean says Obama ran as reformer, then surrounded himself with DC insiders.

President Obama to award George H.W. Bush the Presidential Medal of Freedom

I saw "the social network" last night

Those who want security over freedom deserve neither.

Watched Aliens movie on TV again.

Most over-rated singer, pre-1960

Prince William needs a pug.

If Sarah Palin was eaten by a Grizzly bear

I saw 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I' on Tuesday night.

Bittersweet Symphony

Good deal? A hardly used 07 Acer 5920 laptop, w/XP, for $200 (for mom)...

Lucky Man

"Lord, grant me chastity... but not yet" -- St Augustine

Still not a sex thread... but Breakfast Sex II

She blinded me with SCIENCE!!!


17 years ago today....

PNAS: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences PNAS PNAS PNAS!

Did you see THIS?

A stranger gave me 48 cents the other day. I have been going to the

First Green Lantern Trailer....

Comments on Yahoo news articles. Just wow!

I'm retroactive. Tell me anything!

Love Is Noise

The Drugs Don't Work

Supposubly? Huh?

Boy, did I screw up.

I put Ovaltine in my coffee- Am I an outlaw?

How To F*** Up A FOX Newscast

How much does making thanksgiving dinner usually cost at your house?

ThanksGiving Dinner: Buy Or Cook?

Anyone here like 'Ariel Pink'?

Can I get a ruling on a social etiquette question?

Introducing the Purity Collar for pets:

Caption this photo:

Any sheet metal workers here?

There ARE performance-enhancing drugs. I've taken them -- and they WORK!!!!

OK I have a food idea

Star Wars vacation packages

And finally: You will never be as cool as this monkey.

Any cranium experts in here?

If you are willing to move to Southwestern Indiana and want a good union job...

Sunflower encore, from summers past. {dial-up warning}

Anyone here like 'Areola Pink'

Fuck. Sometimes this library job sucks.

The oldest bar pickup line in the world... or is it?


Any geranium experts in here?

I never heard anything more stupid that a school could do than this

I just watched the movie "Temple Grandin" Wow! What a great movie about autism.

Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving

calling my Fashionista shopping Sistahs!

Calvin & Hobbes 25th anniversay is today.

Any Germanium experts in here?

Kreacher WON'T! (Everybody sing along...)

I'm off to the midnight showing of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS

The only thing I like about it getting colder: slow-cooking meals in the oven all day.

Most dramatic eagle ever. EVER!!!!!!!!

Boo... "Medium" Cancelled.

In honor of People's Sexiest Man alive - post your nomination here for DU's Sexiest Man Alive

Well...obviously..the charge of patronizing a prostitute is now an act of civil disobedience

35 pictures of cat hugs! Squeee!

I need help with a cover letter, and I need it quick.

OK. You get to incinerate ANYONE. Who is it?

There are a lot of beautiful songs in this world

So dog starts barking about the same time doorbell goes off Sat. morning

very sad - dogs attacked my chickens today, one left alive for sure, two missing, three dead...

Any uranium experts in here?

A great way to cop a feel off of a teabagger

I'm ignorant, loud, and opinionated. Ask me anything!

Anderson Cooper is not a Furry.

Any adamantium experts in here?

Asking For Good Vibes For My Mom

Considered by many to be the 1st rock-n-roll performance on national television -- The Treniers...

Need the opinion of some of the younger duers

I am on a mission to make the world's greatest Burger

flvegan and Forkboy...

"A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having."

I Miss Doggie Diner and Clown Alley!!!!

Novel you were assigned to read in HS and/or college that you MOST enjoyed

It's eggnog season!

PSA: Artificial Sweeteners

Does ATT have some kind of lost iPhone insurance?

Chess Players Ticketed by NYPD for Using Inwood Hill Park Chess Tables

What's your favorite chill-out album?

Bristol Palin apologizes for sister Willow's homophobic posts on Facebook, slams 'haters'

Le kitteh de Thursday

Nigeria: 19 oil hostages released in military raid

Funding Cuts on Horizon for Global Health, AIDS

So who's psyched about the new Harry Potter movie? Any folks going tonight?

White House honors Holocaust survivor with highest U.S. civilian award

There Will Be Fuel

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report - {11/18/2010}

Sweden seeks detention of WikiLeaks founder

Kristallnacht memorial stolen from Jewish cemetery in Germany

Nobel Committee May Not Hand Over Peace Prize

Bad things you did as a kid. I once wanted to play with my friend lisanne. She said she couldn't

You are given a giant laser that would wipe the existance of one person off the face of earth...

13 people arrested in demonstration outside UC regents meeting in San Francisco

India lost $462bn in illegal capital flows, says report

First conviction unlikely to help Obama shut Gitmo

Ensign played Reid in Angle debate prep; Angle once said dictators can have “good ideas”

President Obama to award George H.W. Bush the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Scientists capture antimatter atoms in particle breakthrough

'Antimatter' discovery: how physicists explore science fiction frontier

How do you convince an 80 year old man to accept the help of female

German Flight Delayed From Namibia After Fuse Found

If Congress puts off deciding on the tax cuts, that just pushes the problem to the 2012 election

India Microcredit Faces Collapse From Defaults

Forty Rolls Royce Airbus A380 engines 'need replacing'

Justice Dept. to reverse Bush-era policy on DNA tests

A Different Non-Knee-Jerk Take On What Soros Said: Obama Shouldn't Compromise

Is Bobby Jindal one Rethug we could CONCEIVABLY all get behind?

NY Times Op-Ed - Warren Buffet - "Pretty Good for Government Work" - Compared To Soros?

Clinton’s Role as a Lobbyist (for the Administration) Expands

Murkowski win a blow to Palin's influence

Freddy Mercury's best performance?

Romney Watch: Early opposition to New Start missile treaty

Banks Aim To Repeal Dodd-Frank Provision Requiring Them To Own A Portion Of Their Risky Loans

Roger Ailes: NPR Run By 'Nazis,' Jon Stewart 'Crazy'

Hail To The Chiefs

Holder to reverse Bush policy on DNA waivers

Attorney General Eric Holder to reverse Bush policy on DNA waivers


Anti-UN clashes spread to Haitian capital

Ex-auto czar paying $6.2M in SEC settlement

Seniors' drug coverage(plan costs) soaring

Here's me thinking Roger Ailes is a steely-eyed enemy of all that's good and true . . .

Read the 20th Amendment: New Republican Senators Violating US Constitution

(Iraq) President Talabani has no objection to form Christian province

Dems to Obama: Let's NOT cave on Bush tax cuts!


Lawmakers hit banks, regulators on foreclosures

Harkin: GOP stand on tax cuts creating 'class warfare'

"Ohhh, America, you're so strong" - Let's talk American Exceptionalism

Fox News attacks Barack Obama for giving props to Sitting Bull

Dumb ass rethugs push to de fund NPR and at the same time refuse to extend Unemployment benefits

FLASHBACK: Republicans Warned That GM Rescue Was ‘Road Toward Socialism,’ ‘Predictable’ Disaster

I have a simple question for DU'ers

House and Senate General Speeches vs. J. Vernon McGee

Sarah Palin: I believe I can beat Obama

Oh crap.. see that pictures

Ok, now I'm getting annoyed with General Speeches in both House and Senate

Naked sleepwalker wins €10m in record-breaking Irish libel case

Obama will speak about GM today!

Dems will vote on just middle class tax cuts, Hoyer says

Texas Gov. Perry Open To U.S. Military Going Into Mexico

McConnell Effectively Scuttles Omnibus Plan

Deal Reached to Postpone Doctors' Medicare Cut

Leo Berman, Texas State Legislator, Introduces 'Birther' Bill

Lieberman on DADT: We Have 60

Feds probe salaries at bankrupt megachurch

Scandals plague Geert Wilders' anti-Islam PVV party

Politician who punched her rival during debate comes out fighting

Will any Democrats create an alternative to You Cut?

Robert Gates To Attend Defense Ministers Meeting In Bolivia

No Democratic agenda items will pass this lame-duck session:

Arizona Budget Cuts Put Some Organ Transplants Out of Reach

DOD Spokesperson: Pentagon Is ‘Pushing For’ Repeal Of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell In Lame Duck Session

Grim end For Ohio Family: 3 bodies Found in hollow tree

Who will smack down all the lies?

NY mayor orders more than 6,000 layoffs over 18 months

Schakowsky's Plan to Save Social Security, Reduce Debt, Grow the Economy

Alaska tea party historic FAIL

New Rules Require Equal Visitation Rights For All Patients

Smerconish: The new GOP Governors are diversity

Traders On NYSE Floor Cheer Return Of General Motors

Indigenous leader Pizango launches candidacy for Peru president

I think I'm running for POTUS. I'm willing to give my life for what is right.

'"Good reason to believe these scanners will increase the risk of cancer to children and..."

I have a question about gender equity pay bill.

Rev. to NJ church leaders: Thou shalt not Facebook

Fla. gov. wants The Doors' Jim Morrison pardoned

Flashback, July 2009: Obama vows that HCR bill MUST have public option for him to sign it

Let's Put a Racist in Charge of Immigration

Bernanke Takes Aim at China .

Lew confirmed as budget director

Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims increase slightly

Evan Bayh has spoken

President Obama should do what candidate Obama did in 2008--hold firm, go against the tide

True To His Word

Scientists find new seismic fault in Rocky Mountains

Heads up: Obama speaks on GM at 4:15 EST

House to Vote on Extending Cuts for Middle Class Only

Photo: Somebody made a funny...

The Republicans are right...

Bagels are best in NYC. Sourdough is best in SF.

Unemployment Insurance Bill Fails in House; Needed 2/3 Vote Under Suspension

Washington Hospital Center Agrees to Recognize Nurses’ Union

World Comparison Shows U.S. Healthcare Lacking (1/3 of Americans Have Gone Without Care)

Top governors turn against Michael Steele

Senate Dems claim enough votes to repeal 'Don't ask' policy

Grim end to Ohio mystery: 3 bodies in hollow tree

Here's John Boehner's "scheduling conflict"

U.S. Aid to the Auto Industry Averts Loss of More Than 1 Million Jobs, New Study Finds

U.S. Chamber of Commerce won’t seek Obama defeat in 2012

A fascinating look at why the House could swing back towards Dems in only two years.

I am seeing that Republicans are AGAINST people having jobs!

US sick of asking Australia for troops

Steny Hoyer blasts Republicans for postponing meeting with Obama

President Obama: GM stock sale a success for his policy

Ireland take hardline stance on corporate tax as bailout talks begin

McConnell Skips Obama Dinner, Eats With Federalist Society

Sen. Lisa Murkowski Tells Local TV She Will Vote For Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal

"Obama Saved Michigan and My Family"

Righthaven Says It Will Stop Suing Over News Excerpts

House fails to eliminate NPR funding

Please contact these senators for voting against fair pay (contact info. included)

Obama to visit Kokomo

Miller seeks to stop election certification

'Detonator' in Germany-bound Namibia plane

Six nations decline invitation to Liu Nobel gala

-A Little Historical Perspective-In FDR's 1st year unemployment grew from 23.6% to 24.9%

Rand Paul Supporter Tim Profitt Pleads Not Guilty In Stomping Incident

Sweden seeks Wikileaks' Julian Assange over rape case

One big reason Donald Trump will NEVER be the Republican nominee for President

Medicare drug costs soar (Obama's deal with Big Pharma)

Trump is not going to run for President the establishment would EXPOSE him

Donald Trump considers taking on Palin in presidential bid

Republican Push To Defund NPR Fails

This whole Willow Palin fiasco makes me even more thankful for these two families.

San Jose man says federal agents roughed him up in mistaken identity case

Roger Waters!! Roger Waters!! Is Roger Waters coming to a town near you?

Republican governors target public employee unions

Iraq vet convicted in slaying of college student

GOP Majority in House will push to end "Birthright Citizenship"

This is it.

How GM IPO Proves the Tea Party Wrong

Sheriff: 3 Missing Family Members Found Dead

Older retirees may not save Social Security

GM will be no longer as Government

Perry: Troops May Be Needed In Mexico

Britian's NHS fares best (in the industrial world) on free access to healthcare, study finds

Carville on Obama: “If Hillary Gave Him One of Her Balls They’d Both Have Two”

1 in 5 Americans had mental illness in 2009

State Supreme Court Rules Against Menendez Recall Effort

Obama Recruits Baker, Kissinger to Push Senate on Arms Treaty Ratification

13 Senate Democrats Express Confidence on (60) Votes to Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Fox News chief Roger Ailes apologises after describing NPR as 'Nazis'

Murkowski: "I would not vote against a bill that had the (DADT) repeal in it."

City Councilors Move to Ban 'Porno Scanners' from NYC Airports

House GOP blocks bill to extend jobless benefits

Pew Poll: Fewer Than Half Know GOP Won the House

(Orlando) Sanford Airport to opt out of TSA screening

Speaker Pelosi has promised a vote on the Fair Elections Now Act

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday November 18

Facebookers...personal favor:

DeLay defense opens with a misstep over evidence

Hope (Mr. Fish)

Representative Democracy IS NOT Democracy

Questions on Private Property

Pornography and the Military

GOP Blocking START Treaty - MSNBC w/ Cenk

Alan Grayson: "The Reason Republicans Hate Government Is Because They're So Bad At It"

If the TSA ran security at the Capitol

Unemployment Extensions November 18 2010 update

Wendell Potter on the Anti-SiCKO Smear Campaign on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

[HD] Roger Waters - Goodbye Blue Sky/Empty Spaces/What Shall We Do Now? - Chicago 9/20/10

Faux News Performers

Exclusive Video of Baby Sarah Palin Mugging For The Camera!

Coffee, tea or TSA groin grope?

Rep. Alan Grayson: This is class warfare.

Ed Schultz: GOP is Party of Disrespect

Republican Welfare Queens - MSNBC Cenk Attack

Students at university in Thessaloniki protest government officials

PLASTIC STATE OF MIND - Parody with Purpose

Obama's Bipartisanship

Larry And Sarah Get Real About Healthcare and Socialism

How Unemployment Insurance Helps the Economy

It Gets Better: Vice President Joe Biden

American woman talk politics :-)

Monday's Nov 15 unaired video about being called a lazy bum by GOP Trolls

Weird Liberal Head Show #225: Gather the Left, Attack the Right!

FOX Attacks Palin and Make Fun Of Her Show During Off-Air Commercial Break

Porn addict applies at TSA

IBEW Makes Hollywood Magic

Alan Grayson: "Thank You Republicans!"

Sheriff Joe Hires "The Hulk" For Border Security

MRN: Twisted Sisters: Bristol and Willow Palin

H.R.6419 - Emergency Unemployment Compensation Continuation Act BLOCKED!

Mike Pence, cut Social Security and Medicare.


Anderson Cooper Dresses Up As Bunny Wearing A Bib To Take Treats To Endangered Bonobos (Hilarious!)

Rachel Maddow: Senate Ready To Repeal Don't Ask Don't

Family Waits to See if Mother Will Be Hanged for Blasphemy

Rachel Maddow: How Pure Republican b.s. About Obama Became Story Of The Day At Politico

Grovelbot's theme song!

Grayson: What Republicans Can Do With Their Tax Cuts For The Rich

MSNBC w/ Cenk: The Rich Get Richer

Fox's Gretchen Carlson Says Palin Is "Self Defecating"

Joy Behar & Guests On Willow Palin's Gay Slurs & Her Mother's Terrible Parenting Skills

Alan Grayson: MORE Things Republicans Can Do With Their Tax Cuts For The Rich

Military Spending Will Ruin Us

All out class warfare! Cat food commission to destroy middle class and poor

Mike Malloy - Cantor The Traitor

Bunch of buddies of mine breaking out with "staph" -- "It's something out of the water" say doctors takes on American Family Association

Alec Baldwin: The Tea Party and 'The Ballad of Booth'

Colombia: Doing business, killing workers

Funding Cuts on Horizon for Global Health, AIDS

Rep Kucinich to challenge Rep, Issa:@ Govt. Operations Cmte..

Alaska Speaks. Finally.

Justices Are Long on Words but Short on Guidance

Is the Tea Party out to banish Bush-style conservatism?

Capitalism and alienation

The Tao of Moonbeam

Mystery of who funded right-wing "radical Islam" campaign deepens

A Hedge Fund Republic? (must read)

Senate not scheduled to vote on extending jobless benefits

Shadow Elite: Truthiness, Porn and the Real Problem With Reality TV

Obama Saved Michigan and My Family

Torture Fan Cliff Stearns (R-FL) Wants to Kill Net Neutrality

Unemployment Extension Crisis -- It's November

Stoller: A Debtcropper Society

Ensign played Reid in Angle debate prep; Angle once said dictators can have “good ideas”

AIDS is 'forgotten epidemic,' Koop says

Hearings: Foreclosures hit homeowners not in default

There's No Democratic Culture in America -- We Live in an Era of Imposed Amnesia

Guilty Until Proven Guilty: Threatening the Presumption of Innocence

The Religion of Politics

Fox News Decoded


New energy: climate change and sustainability shape a new era (CS Monitor)

Torture to Collect Evidence OK with Republican Peter King

Catholic Church to Amp-Up the Culture Wars

The Tao of Moonbeam

GOP on START Treaty: Combust and Vilify

Eugene Robinson: Obama's opportunity to be the decider

The Verdict on Ghailani by Scott Horton

Funny Bumper Stickers Mocking Right-Wingers

Low incomes make poor more conservative, study finds

House GOP blocks bill to extend jobless benefits

Proposed food safety bill good for 'everyone who eats'

The First Victory Against The Police State May Come Against The TSA

D-Day in the Class War

GOP Crank Up The Hate Against Omama, America is 'no longer Christian'

Roger Ailes Is No Longer Sane (Gawker)

GOP win puts the brakes on energy, climate bills

GOP win puts the brakes on energy, climate bills

AEH CEO Don Gillispie Predicts Resurgence for Nuclear Power Following National Election

Largest car charging network in the U.S. rolls out in Houston

Drumbeat: November 18, 2010

GOP victory in Pennsylvania could boost natural gas drilling

Los Angeles Auto Show: a frenzy of EV action

Wind industry trade newspaper interview with Sen Baucus (D)

Swiss Gov't Agencies Clear Three Sites for New Nuclear Reactors.

NYT: "G.O.P. Gains on Capitol Hill May Not Advance Nuclear Power"

Activists target LSU prof's global warming lecture

Oil prices and Food prices

Chu Appoints Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Advisory Committee

NZ warns Japan its whalers will be watched

2009 FBI's UCR LEOKA numbers are out..

Anti gun extremist named as new head of BATFE

Police: Homeowner fired at intruders who broke into home-appears justified

Colombia: Doing business, killing workers

Mexico: Allegations Catholic church laundered drug cartel's funds

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, November 17)

Larry Evans, Chess Champ, Dies at 78

3rd fatality in anti-UN riots in Haiti

UN rights chief says Bolivia indigenous people facing continued discrimination

Dog owner can't forgive Michael Vick

NFL Sends Thousands Of Volunteers To Help Clean Up NFC West

Fidel Castro Addresses Cuban University Students

A Book Fair without bodice-rippers, vampires, serial killer mysteries or blivet's 'auto'-biography!

Middle school trick play is no laughing matter...

BCV (Central Bank) Chair: Venezuela's economy is to enter an expansion cycle

Vigils for Cuban 5 in El Salvador, USA, Canada

Venezuela Deports 3 Suspected Rebels to Colombia

got this e-mail from the AFL-CIO....regarding the NFL labor contract....

Politician who punched her rival during debate comes out fighting

Venezuelan drug kingpin's ring was infiltrated by DEA agents

GM executive: "General Motors is back and is here to stay"

Robert Gates To Attend Defense Ministers Meeting In Bolivia

A few pictures from one of last weekend's most important college games (dialup warning)

Chicago Bears' Devin Hester to Make History in Miami?

Resolved: If you beat Alabama, Georgia and Florida you deserve a shot at the National Championship

Colombian man shot dead in Medellin church

Fidel Castro Happy With Direction Cuba Is Moving

Varela expresses interest in strengthening Panama-Cuba relations

Indigenous leader Pizango launches candidacy for Peru president

Bolivia Bets on State-Run Lithium Industry

King Felix is your 2010 AL Cy Young Winner

1989 Nov 16

Chávez determined to conquer Venezuelan middle class

+++ NFL Week 11 Picks +++

Chicago Tribune: Is it time to tear down Wrigley Field?

Venezuelan Government Begins Distribution of 350,000 Laptop Computers to School Children

Crazed drifter Jeromie Cancel convicted of murder in Pace student 'Saw' strangling

Conservative leader: Draft may have to be reinstated if gay ban is repealed

United Church of Christ activates their Justice & Witness Ministries for DADT repeal

Michael Winship: Don't Ask, Don't Care

9th Circuit Prop 8 hearing will be televised LIVE on C-SPAN

Salon: Anti-gay group targets gay TSA workers

TEXAS: Possible Gay Panic Defense In Murder Of 18 Year-Old Student

Lieberman on DADT: We Have 60

U.S. official: Israel must refrain from East Jerusalem construction during freeze

Residents of Lebanon border town protest Israel decision to withdraw unilaterally

U.S. official: Israel must refrain from East Jerusalem construction during freeze

Building In East Jerusalem To Continue Regardless Of Any New Moratorium On Settlements

Website reveals details of hundreds of IDF 'war criminals

The Rev. Barry Lynn to Testify at Subcommittee Hearing on Faith-Based Initiatives (TODAY/11-18)

Executive Order Regarding White House Office of Faith-Based Partnerships Strikes Right Balance

Obama Administration Should Take Action to Fix 'Faith-Based' Initiative, Americans United Tells Cong

Endangered frog bred in captivity for the first time

Galactic cannibalism brings an exoplanet of extragalactic origin within astronomers' reach

How to cloak a crime in a beam of light

Sisters of the Dusty Sky

To anyone who understands (even passingly) the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser experiment:

'Alien' planet detected circling dying star

Antimatter Breakthrough Could Lead to Starships, Says Scientist

"...that a single photon can be in as many as four places at the same time — has now been ...

Strange Double Posting ~ Ignore

Turkey (the country, not the bird) ~ Part 1

Was invited to participate in a photo shoot

color bookended my day

color or b/w?

Loyola University Chicago Dining Workers Join UNITEHERE!

The Revolutionary BlackBerry® Torch™ Now at a New Low Price for Union Members!

Express Scripts (NASDAQ: ESRX) Suspends Union Activists (despite $8M in concessions from workers)

Would You Lend this Dairy $13 Million?

Prison guard lawsuit alleges (racially hostile) bias

Today in Labor History Nov 18 Workers at the GM plant in Atlanta engaged in a sitdown strike & more

National Day Of Action Targets Growing Wage Theft Across America

Question on recs