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Jesse Ventura.....Conspiracy Show....Whats your thoughts...



Please give this artist 10 minutes of your time.

Bush Tax Cuts & The Repub Cult Of Affirmative Action (No, The Rich Are Not Paying Their Fair Share)

Study shows growing social divide in Germany

Boston School Committee approves in-district charter schools

Ranks of millionaire college presidents grow

Hawaii: Slom crafts strategy as Senate's sole Republican

President Obama: Time to pick a fight

Tenured teacher fired in chicago's school reform on the eve of starting chemo, dies.

Tenured teacher fired in chicago's school reform on the eve of starting chemo, dies.

Let's make DU a political party

(The US Air Force's) War-Toy Wishes

Berlusconi Ministers Resign in Bid to Force Collapse of Italian Government

Berlusconi Ministers Resign in Bid to Force Collapse of Italian Government

Better Business Bureau selling good ratings (Glenn Beck connection)


ACLU files suit for soldier discharged over "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (separation pay 1/2 for gays)

The Malpractice and Divorce Bubble

Full Frontal Nudity Doesn’t Make Us Safer: Abolish the TSA

U.S. hires firms with questionable pasts for Afghan jobs

aka Fail

Today is the anniversary of the day the Clutter family was murdered.

What America Wants (and Expects) From the Next Two Years

If you pledge to not succumb to the "mind games" of the right, check in here. Stay strong. We can

If Juan Williams, Mika Brzezinski, Alan Colmes, and Joe Lieberman are liberals then Sarah Palin is

Bank screwed me over...advice!?

With cuts to Medicaid, and other social services that help the average middle- or low-income

The Evidence Is Overwhelming: We Aren't Getting Out of Afghanistan or Even Iraq

Retail sales up more than expected in October

Non-intrusive airport searches are basically a waste of time and money.

Manufacturing in New York Region Unexpectedly Contracts as Orders Decrease

More Endless Bush: Brownie, you did a heck of a job, but NATO allies, you let us down, Stretch...

Rep. Lynn Woolsey Vows Democrats Won't Roll Over to the GOP

Breaking News: House panel denies Rep. Charles Rangel's plea for delay in ethics trial

It's Insurance Open Enrollment time at work

I guarantee Bin Laden and the Taliban love the TSA and no public photography stories...

I guarantee Bin Laden and the Taliban love the TSA and no public photography stories...

Teabaggers don't want to spread the w-health?

All Four Mass. Republicans to take taxpayer-funded leadership stipends despite having nobody to lead

Taibbi: the Tea Party Moron Complex

John Boehner, A Profile in Corporatism

John Boehner, A Profile in Corporatism

McCain On DADT- A helfpul summary of his (non)evolution

Pew Research: 55% - Repeal Bush Tax Cuts

"W" leaks some truth: The Fortunes Of Repuke Party=More Important Than Safety Of USA (how quaint...)


Funniest Shirts Ever?

A Sign I Would Like To See At The Airport

The Fear Frame

Prosecutors nearing end in case against Tom DeLay

Prosecutors nearing end in case against Tom DeLay

How bad was it when Obama walked into the White House?

Supporters, Protesters Gear Up For Bush Presidential Center

Obama, Jon Stewart, in awe of their surroundings?

President "Smooth Operator" ("Ruling class, elite establishment, David Brooks's dream President")

Letters: Unemployment Extension, Tier 5, 99ers, and Congressional Letters

Austerity slipknots to throats, most governments will have to jump. But who will survive?

Rubio, Nelson already clash over earmarks

When Bush* asked for his tax cuts virtually every Democrat voted NO

The Rude Pundit: Note to Democrats: Remember Where You Come From

What happens with the child tax credit if/when the tax cuts expire?

What happens with the child tax credit if/when the tax cuts expire?

GOP is urged to avoid social issues .

Chris Wallace Says He Knows How To 'Satisfy A Woman,' Tells Radio Host To Hire An Escort (AUDIO)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Metro foreclosures set record

Do Oompa Loompa's shit orange?

Do Oompa Loompa's shit orange?

Do Oompa Loompa's shit orange?

Do Oompa Loompa's shit orange?

Do Oompa Loompa's shit orange?

About those middle-class tax cuts...

What about People Who Pay No Attention at All?

We should let all the tax cuts expire but send out $300 stimulus checks per person


Don't Tread on Me Snake Yellow Ribbon - Saw a foreign car with one this morning

N.Y. Councilman calls cops on two 13-year-old boys selling cupcakes without a permit

California agriculture relies on illegal immigrants, silence

Taibbi - 'Quantitavive Easing': The Hidden Government Subsidy for Banks

Labor Solidarity !! TSA Employees Move Closer To Union Representation !!

Are providers of medical services hurting now?

Are providers of medical services hurting now?

A Five Step Program for Democrats: How to Win in 2012

WANTED: National Latino Leader

I must say... I am really enjoying the Miller/Murkowski battle

A Win In Louisiana: Textbook Council Backs Bona Fide Biology Books -

Let's try to predict the annoying bill titles the Republicans will use.

Million-dollar college presidents on the rise

Jim Swilley, Georgia Megachurch Pastor, Comes Out To Congregation After Gay Teen Suicides

U.S. Retail Sales Post Biggest Gain in 7 Months in October

Obama's self analysis: Delusion or just some shit to say?

An editorial I wrote 2 years know how we socialists are..Now..with the Medicaid fiasco

Virginia Thomas stepping down as head of Liberty Central

Why framing is important: In politics, sometimes the facts don't matter

Jindal Blames Obama

When referencing unemployment please use the U6 number of 17%

Science fiction:Scariest future dystopias where the Conservatives have won

dupe...told better in another thread

Liberals to Dem leaders: Hold a vote just on extending middle class tax cuts

Gawker's 5 most ridiculous Quitter "reality" moments. Last night I said PATHETIC.

Who thinks Boner will keep Pelosi's 5 day house schedule?

has anyone seen Peter Orszags op ed to us progressives

Immigration: Far-right fringe exploits European coalitions

"I do not believe that this President has a bad bone in his body."

Forget sharks. This is the number one reason I don't like getting into the water at the beach

Forget sharks. This is the number one reason I don't like getting into the water at the beach

Forget sharks. This is the number one reason I don't like getting into the water at the beach

Amnesty International accuses EU of failing to hold members accountable for secret CIA prisons

No, the corporate grab for everything in sight is NOT Machiavellian.

Name those policies

Name those policies


So I tuned in to "The Walking Dead" on Sunday night.....

So I tuned in to "The Walking Dead" on Sunday night.....

BREAKING NEWS: California Supreme Court Rules Undocumented Keep In-State Tuition

I'm an Atheist. And I'm on your side.

Capital's austerity war on the people is a good, not bad, policy. It represents an economic coup.

You know why I laugh when conservatives fail?

New Oxford American Dictionary Names "Refudiate" Word Of the Year

No Breaks for Robo-signing Computer Stamping Mortgage Documents

Oxford American Dictionary's word of the year: 'Refudiate'

A headline that you won't (but probably should) see often

xkcd - Cartoon: Author of Windows file copy dialog vsits some friends

Lender seizes desperate borrowers' homes

Would The Bullets Be Flying Already?

Lender seizes desperate borrowers' homes

Lender seizes desperate borrowers' homes

Lender seizes desperate borrowers' homes

Will alcohol help? Rush wants to send us to Mars.

Will alcohol help? Rush wants to send us to Mars.

xkcd - Cartoon: Author of Windows file copy dialog vsits some friends

Fox News team mocks "Sarah Palin's Alaska." during break..

Kurtz: Vicious Infighting at NBC News (re: Olbermann)

Face it: low taxes on the rich = higher GDP growth

Ohio sheriff: 3 missing may have been killed

Was a Houston energy trader a one-woman Enron?

Cotton subsidies costing west African farmers £155m a year, report reveals

Fox News Turns Obama's Kid Book Into Anti-American War Epic

I didn't even know you had "junk" to touch, Rush

How Do Democrats Expect to Pay for the Tax Cuts for the Middle Class?

Lipless Mitch ushers in new era of GOP fiscal responsibility with $1 BILLION in pork

Lipless Mitch ushers in new era of GOP fiscal responsibility with $1 BILLION in pork

Health INSURANCE Reform Bill

Possibly stupid question about the magical, mythical center

Secretary Clinton Defends Raids from Karzai's Criticism

I had an idea to petition MSNBC to do a history of the Bush family

Rand Paul -- inconsistent, illogical and likely to cause a horrifying result

juggler's fake grenade draws police attention

Cuomo Taps Giuliani For Transition Team

How do you feel about the scans or pat downs when flying?

What would have happened if Democrats had rejected any reliance upon special interest money

the $250,000 bracket. is that

Poor Brian Williams...

Poor Brian Williams...

THis is actually funny to watch and sad

Simply put, taxing the rich will pay off the debt; the commission proves itself to be a farce

Simply put, taxing the rich will pay off the debt; the commission proves itself to be a farce

it's working...all the media is talking about lady blah blah

Do you think people who get a full inspection by TSA each time they fly are doing something wrong?

De-legitimizing public education

This is not from the Onion. I repeat, this is NOT from the Onion. Bachmann wants Hannity to teach

Who plays Jason Leopold in the "Fair Game" film?

Comedian 'Kills': Woman Given Heimlich Maneuver At Comedy Show

great prez - vice prez pic...

British warship greeted by a Cuban Navy band playing “God Save the Queen.”

Lieberman And Collins Urge Pentagon To Release Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Study ‘As Soon

Enhanced Pat Downs. Enhanced Interrogation Techniques. Orwell called it.

On Plouffe replacing Axelrod - a step in the right direction?

Please sign to help stop mountaintop removal

Woman arrested in San Diego on charge of providing money to Somali terrorists

Sarah Palin is finally recognized for her towering contributions to academia

On security theater and effective security

On security theater and effective security

Bush actually made me laugh.

Chicago Sheriff Thomas Dart: 95% of Chicago’s Foreclosures Do Not Have Proper Paperwork

Chicago Sheriff Thomas Dart: 95% of Chicago’s Foreclosures Do Not Have Proper Paperwork

Let me be the first to donate...

Responding to your message (Ben Nelson D-Ne on extending tax cuts)

Republicans' reckless disregard for the economic security of America

Confess: Did you watch Palin's show last night?

The last fighter pilot has already been born.

Airport 'pat-downs' cause growing passenger backlash

Ireland seeks bailout by European Union

Poll Shows Only 17% Think Election Was Mandate For Republicans

Keith Olbermann:Special Comment: Who "killed" tv news? Me? Or

He is so sorry...

BP’s list of unpaid bills growing (VIDEO)

Yes compromise on the tax cuts.

NYPD Arrest Peaceful 99ers at Unemployed Workers Rally

Rachel lectured at Harvard!

Is The Office Of Congressional Ethics On The GOP Chopping Block?

Bwahahahaha. Virginia Thomas Denies Reports She's Leaving Liberty Central

German protesters strip-off in demonstration against full-body airport scanners

Is The Office Of Congressional Ethics On The GOP Chopping Block?

The hire a healthy woman to stomp James O'Keef's ass thread.

Represenative Schuler on Scar says..

Comparing Democratic and Republican tax plans

Hilarious review in The New Yorker on Sarah Palin's Alaska

Get em Sherrod Brown...

TSA wallpaper - disgusting

What is the solution to airline security?

Future Republican Congressman....

Relative to Barack Obama . . . . .

Comic relief: LOL, FR fight re: Palin TV show

TSA DADT policy?

So now they are back to calling this the Largest Tax Increase in History...


November 20, 1910 - The battle for Effective Suffrage

Ezra you and I cannot get it at a policy stand point

An experiment..list all the Bush* policies you hated the most

Gay Rights Activists Accuse Obama Of Silent Homophobia (VIDEO)

X-ray technology used in the scanners poses a cancer risk

Urge Your Senators to Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act

The reason Republicans have the upper hand on the tax cut issue


Breaking: Abramoff Associate Kevin Ring found guilty of 5 counts in bribery case

The Republican power is in control of the message

Do you think the media will make Lady Blah Blah smarter between now and mid 2011?

Do you think the media will make Lady Blah Blah smarter between now and mid 2011?

Do you think the media will make Lady Blah Blah smarter between now and mid 2011?

Do you think the media will make Lady Blah Blah smarter between now and mid 2011?

Do you think the media will make Lady Blah Blah smarter between now and mid 2011?

Do you think the media will make Lady Blah Blah smarter between now and mid 2011?

Do you think the media will make Lady Blah Blah smarter between now and mid 2011?

Sixty Lame Minutes (Kunstler)

To the C Streeters, Christianity is all about elites

About "The Democrats"

Karzai's attack on Petraeus puts in doubt US exit strategy

Have the plans for this years' WAR ON CHRISTMAS been worked up yet?

Today in climate change: Less snow, more floods in Tahoe's future

This week's selection for the DU book club

President Obama to hold second Native American conference

Rachel on John McCain's Worst Enemy=...

Guantánamo Bay detainees to be paid compensation by UK government

Have you heard about "Diversifying for National Security"?

The Senate is empowered to hold trials. The House is not.

67% of historians surveyed say Obama presidency will be regarded as Bush presidency's "little buddy"

Toronto Star: Britain cleggs its way to destruction

Aim for the Heart, not the Head.

KO's going to respond to Koppel in a Special Commentary

Transgender candidate wins East Bay judge race

America's Eggshell Nukes

Court OKs NH law allowing 'God' pledge in schools

"The Run for the Orange"

There is a strange vibe in DU

Is it time for the Tree of Liberty be watered by members of the Supreme Court?

Should Circumcision of young male children be banned?

McCaskill could face a fight for re-election to Senate in 2012

Use Reconciliation Again To Extend Tax Cuts In The EXACT Form Obama Wishes Them To Be

Insurance Roulette...Which One Do You Keep?

in the Red partner and I met another Democrat

How many gynecologists are ex-sex offenders, registered or unregistered?

'Sarah Palin's Alaska' draws big ratings - Almost 5 Million

MSNBC President Phil Griffin Threatened To Fire Keith Olbermann

We Democrats are finding ourselves between a rock and a hard place.

How many TSA screeners are ex-sex offenders, registered or unregistered?

42 killed after building collapses in India: Police

The Butchers Covered

Would you be willing to make a one way trip to another planet?

Sorry About The McGlaughlin Type Poll/Question, But...

Just because Drudge Is Against TSA

Video of the he 14 y.o. gay kid in Ann Arbor has officially gone viral

They seem to have renewed their vows and retaken the Hipocritic Oath.

I just saw "Inside Job" this afternoon.

Anyone else watching O'Donnell discussing "Beyond Borderlines" .....

Kagan offers practicality to arguments, settles in as new justice

Let's crunch the #s: FIVE f-ing M watched Quitter's TLC ridiculous/PATHETIC crap last night?!1

"Have you no intelligence, sir? At long last, have you no intelligence left?"

Nike Rapes Muhammed Ali

The tacky, scripted "No Boys Upstairs" scene was SO obviously

What did FDR do to get us out of the Great Depression?

To win in MO Dems have to carry more than 3 counties

The Problem With Not Being Able To Tolerate The Words Of Republicans...

OK..I'll just ask...will someone adopt me this quarter?

Sen. Murkowski: Palin lacks leadership qualities, intellectual curiosity to be president

A very fundamental difference.....

Keith Olbermann: Ted Koppel And The Real Death Of "Real News"

Keith Olbermann: Ted Koppel And The Real Death Of "Real News"

Muckraker James O'Keefe's 'Teachers Unions Gone Wild' Video Stirs N.J. Controversy

When Murkowski wins, does it mean anything for us?

Harris has widened her lead over Cooley in the CA AG race

Manchester (UK) police dept. intends to cut 1/4 of its workforce

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's back

Fall weather - By Tom Toles

9 more arrested in Prince George's corruption probe

Sixty Lame Minutes

The first 3 active female Justices, ever

Have the frogs noticed the boiling water?

OKLAHOMA: Westboro Church Gets Tires Slashed, Locals Refuse To Perform Repairs

Fox News just called him "Mister Obama"

Someone sent this to me: Rachel Maddow tells an extremist lie

GOP leaders are gearing up to kill the fledgling Office of Congressional Ethics, fill w/K Street ers

Check out my new 2012 graphic

Meet Tim Walberg of Michigan: The Birthers’ Man in Washington

Palin's 'Refudiate' Is Oxford American Dictionary's Word Of The Year

Oh snap---where's my health care....

Zero Hedge: The CATO Institute Finds That The Fed Must Be Abolished

Associate of Abramoff Kevin Ring found guilty of 5 counts in bribery case

Yes, President Obama Broke His Promise On Gitmo

Disabled shouldn't run for office?

Humbling question-anyone here Knowledgeable about Social security disability?

The Five Most Ridiculous Moments from the Sarah Palin's Alaska Premiere

It's only $89,000 a round but . . .

The Hill predicts "political disaster" for Obama if DADT repeal is abandoned

Leave terms like "caring" and "supportive colleague" the hell OUT of your resume

If you, like me, was wondering why the teacher that the 14 year old stood up for, got suspended

Strengthen Social Security's LTE tool

Every time I hear "public charter" I will say "you mean semi-private school."

None flew over the cuckoo's nest: A world without birds

Sarah Palin's true reality: 'Free' Alaska is a welfare state that enjoys generous federal subsidies

Voters Don't Want Congress To Cut Extended Unemployment Benefits: Poll

The Destruction Of Social Security Is The Endgame

Has anyone here "opted out" of TSA e-strip search? Is anyone planning to? Is anyone brave enough?

The Ricketts family is against “wasteful government spending” unless it helps make them rich

This is a very disturbing story about TSA

An interesting note on the TSA scanners

Please DU this poll/Would you approve medical marijuana in your state?

Is it just me ...

WTF-Florida truck dealership gives free AK-47s with every purchase

L.A. food stylist pulled from flight for 'Atom Bomb' tattoo

Sarah Palin: "Tonight Bristol will dance a 'Passion of the Christ' PasoDoble"

Erasing the stigma of mental illness -- Short-lived campaigns are not enough

One EMP burst and the world goes dark

One EMP burst and the world goes dark

As more people living in RVs, RV parks banning older "trashy" looking RVs

Going to see "Inside Job" the movie tonight-

My health insurance stopped paying for part of my prescription,

"Once again, the [election] Portrait appears to be a fake."

Jon Stewart "naming and shaming" McCain on DADT

Even Ivory Towers are Built on Foundations - what the US Corporatocracy Forgot

Reid Tasks Schumer With Top Dem Messaging Job

Can't donate this quarter. Sorry.

BREAKING: 3 generations of advocates, vets fighting for repeal of DADT facing arrest at White House

Obama says he "neglected" what was important: Not policies, but having a bi-partisan tone.

I lived in Alaska for two years....

There's something amusing about hearing that so many men

Boy..for the life of me, I just can't figure out why the USA has so little money for infrastructure.

Boy..for the life of me, I just can't figure out why the USA has so little money for infrastructure.

Mich. teacher ejects student for anti-gay remarks

Mich. teacher ejects student for anti-gay remarks

My dentist told my boss that I have developed a heart condition.

There must be a subset of travelers who won't object to enhanced TSA screenings

A DU salute to an unsung hero.

BREAKING NEWS: California Supreme Court Rules Undocumented Keep In-State Tuition

Colin Powell admits he supported torture

After Suu Kyi, Dalai Lama hopes for Liu Xiaobo freedom

If tax cuts for the top 1% pass

Not going to be popular...but TSA "techniques" are not decided at the local level

DADT: A Political Disaster Entirely of Obama’s Making

To Obama: "With all due respect, please take off your pink tutu..."

Hey Progressives, what happened to our "Fierce Urgency of NOW?"

My largely conservative, Republican class essentially admitted to me that the media is NOT liberal..

Some of the things I never thought I would read

Dr. Strangecorp or: How the ACLU Learned to Stop Worrying and Enable the US Chamber of China

Dr. Strangecorp or: How the ACLU Learned to Stop Worrying and Enable the US Chamber of China

The last fighter pilot has already been born: Version II


Remember back at the dawn of DU???? Remember being called "the fringe" by *?

Blog calls for men to wear kilts, sans underpants, to protest TSA screenings

Heartless bastard post of the week: poverty expert thinks hungry are faking it

Bigots in Arizona mistakenly target church they thought was a mosque because it has a dome

Holy Moley! I just researched Darrell Issa on Wikipedia!!!

Why is it not OK for FOX to call the Presdent "Mr. Obama" but

Are you kidding me? Are you KIDDING me? This WAS possible, the WHOLE TIME??

one of my editorials printed today-"Shop American"

Please kick to support the protesters at the Bush Lie-brary groundbreaking tomorrow!

Joining the ranks of the uninsured

96% in poll say they'd change travel plans to avoid TSA gropings

Bush LIE-Bury Lacks Shovels

CNN: Striking Photo Exhibition of Gay U.S. Military Members

Half-term, President Obama has fulfilled many of his environmental promises

Things Not To Say To A TSA Screener During A Pat Down Search

This immigration forum is amazing

I dont follow the logic... over half the blue dogs in the house not re-elected yet the blue dogs are

Homeland "security" Secretary Napolitano - "It's all about everybody recognizing their role"

WOW!!!! Keith Is Ripping Koppel A New One

Old woman pushed to death from LA train platform

Old woman pushed to death from LA train platform

What is a "bully pulpit"?

Pensacola: BP targets submerged oil

The most important video you'll ever see.

New Castle councilman calls cops on boys' cupcake sale

Peter Orszag, Obama's former director of OMB, defends proposal to cut social security benefits!

New Orleans school district can no longer restrain and handcuff students under age 10.

I just had the most outrageously rude call from the DCCC demanding money.

Women have been getting their breasts patted down for years now

So what are you going to do?

Afghanistan dog hero accidentally euthanized

Afghanistan dog hero accidentally euthanized

Health Care Law Gives 'Notable Improvement' To Debt Outlook If Implemented: GAO

Paul Krugman: President Obama is not prepared to deal with the world as he finds it.

Paul Krugman: President Obama is not prepared to deal with the world as he finds it.

White House Says Child Soldiers Are Ok, if They Fight Terrorists

White House Says Child Soldiers Are Ok, If They Fight Terrorists

LGBT Civil Rights: I Will Now Be a "Single Issue" Activist.

what socialist wrote this?

Sam Seder nails it. It doesn't matter if Obama is on "our side" or not.

An important announcement about the DU rules, and how we enforce them.

Please give this artist 10 minutes of your time.

What you reading this week DU? Me I'm going to start reading "The Groin Check"

Epic Duck March


Justice Department Censors Nazi-Hunting History (11-13-10 The National Security Archive)


The Bastard Fairies - Rollerskate Song Ukulele Group

ok, just a mindless little question for a monday am

It's too fricking early for the Xmas music. A local station (102.5 FM) started it up

Android, WinPhone7, iPhone4... What Grills Faster?

Map: The United States of Television

Hypothetically speaking, if you were Skinner, and received a PM from me...

So, we;ve had Watchmen, Kick-Ass, the Marvel Universe flicks...

Is this where I should be posting this?

I’ve spent the last 48 hours administering fever reducer and cleaning up vomit – ask me anything!

Stay tuned: Big announcement from Apple Tuesday

Most embarrassing fall down EVER

I regret not going to see Kick-Ass when it came out in the theater.

48 ads that would never be allowed today

Someone to be explaining what is meaning by odd syntax and spelling...

What are being the actual purposes to having wimminses on earth is for?

How did Jonathan Harker escape from Castle Dracula?

Vegetarians FAIL

Monday Morning Photo

Has anyone played Sims 3?

Du'ers, the nicest thing just happened!

You Look Like Shit

How do I edit my journal?

When someone says "Can I see it?"

If owner's could read their pets diaries -

Attn. UI/UX Nerds: An update to my online Button Designer =)

I was going to start a topic

LKJ - Dread Beat an' Blood

Does one tip furniture delivery men?

KFC Double Down, meet Double Kill (fried chicken, cheese, bacon, mac & cheese, beef, onion rings)

Remember when we were young and couldn't wait to grow up?

Unfortunate sign placement

Have you ever experienced shooting pains in your index toe?

I just did the most heroic action for my Mom.

Those fighting green monsters are real sticklers about parking violations

The word of the day is "vomit". Replace any word in a thread title with "vomit".

Not stupid

Uh-oh. Once again, I'm asked the question with only one (IMMEDIATE) answer...

Financial Problems are like having a large obelisk lodged in your ass

This dog is way beyond sit, shake, and roll over.

Pick a state (three questions in one.)

National holiday in Upper Michigan today

Have you ever said "I love you" to the wrong person?


Soldier's heroic dog, brought from Afghanistan, mistakenly euthanized.

Please send good vibes, prayers & well-wishes my Dad's way

Why does everyone believe turkeys can't fly?

Semi-whenever reminder about The Animal Rescue Site

Banning of "I love Boobies" bracelet triggers free speech lawsuit

Favorite tutus

Why I answer the door naked:

It only got up to 71 degrees in Tucson today. What is this...

This is not a sex thread. It's a BREAKFAST sex thread.

This ain't no 'fraidy cat!

Some of you may have seen that recently, I have been deeply... DEEPLY obsessed with butts...

Bad news for Max (aka Stinker Pot)

Keep Discover card, or get rid of it?

PSA: The Mc Rib is back.

The stages of life of breast appreciation:

Name the 4th quarter fund drive contest

These new hearing aids are something else

What is the "fitness comfort index" as now seen on some online weather reports?

The king of cool...Steve McQueen

Ladies (and guys who like guys), is an obvious rug a deal-breaker?

What is your favourite Tv show that plays regularly these days? Mine

Someone tell me a joke

Are there threads you just can't open? Like the one now about the hero dog accidentally euthanized?

Does anyone else Haggis Hunt?

Paula Deen Is Trying to Kill Us, Part 4: Bacon, Doughnut, & Fried Egg Burger

Gulf Oil Spill: Tracking the Claims -- 'Kind of like going to battle'

Catholic bishops say more exorcists are needed

Financial reform law offers look at lobbyists' efforts to shape it

After Suu Kyi, Dalai Lama hopes for Chinese dissident's freedom

North and South Sudan reach framework agreement

If you could see any band do a live performance of one of their albums from start to finish...

Berlusconi Ministers to Quit Today in Move That May Speed Early Elections

Campaigners urge US and Europe to cut cotton subsidies

Petraeus warns Afghans about Karzai's criticism of U.S. war strategy

US wants China to reciprocate green energy subsidies

Taliban prisoners 'would be freed from Guantánamo to join Afghan peace negotiations’

EPA Sets Water Pollution Limits for Florida

Taliban chief Mullah Omar rules out Afghan peace talks

Treasury yields hit 3-month high

Amnesty says EU should force US to probe renditions

Brad Pitt Seeks Rights to the Chilean Miners Story

Death toll in skyscraper blaze hits 42

Paychecks for CEOs Climb

Exclusive: Ensign Privately Lobbied Obama Admin For Nearly $1 Million In Health Reform Money

Holbrooke: US Combat Troops to be Phased Out of Afghanistan by 2014

House panel denies N.Y. congressman's plea to postpone ethics hearing

Mitch McConnell Backs Earmarks Ban

Haitians protest UN base over cholera claim

17 Celebrity Cruises Passengers Robbed at Gunpoint in St. Kitts

Katrina victims get more federal money for housing

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 15

Transgender candidate wins East Bay judge race

Ring Found Guilty of 5 Counts in Bribery Case (Abramoff associate)

Rep. Charles Rangel walks out of his own ethics hearing

How tea party senators stared down Mitch McConnell on earmark ban

EDF Puts U.S. Nuclear Expansion Plans on Hold, Increases French Production

Scientists witness the apparent birth of a black hole

Three in four Americans support extension of federal unemployment benefits

Ohio sheriff: Missing mom, 2 others may be dead

(UK) Guantanamo Bay detainees set for government payout

Paraguay cancels British science expedition

Virginia Thomas stepping down as head of Liberty Central

Sarah Palin's Alaska was the highest rated

Colleagues deny Rangel's plea for delay in trial (Charlie walks out)

Harkin says health overhaul won't be repealed

'Sky's the limit': Drug smugglers buy cargo jets

The Preamble to the US Declaration of Independence, 1776

Presidents and other politicians should start listening

Romney Watch: A journal of opposition research

David Plouffe To Reportedly Join White House Next Year

Retail sales jump 1.2% in October, 4th Straight Month

How long did it take you to figure out Kevin Spacey was Keyser Soze in The Usual Suspects?

Paul Krugman - The World as He Finds It

A Lame and Spineless Duck?

Joe calls 2% small business truth from Frank Rich a 'red herring,' but likes Schumer's $1M threshold

HLN has mentioned the Bush tax cuts, but nothing about the Obama tax cuts...

Experts weigh in: Can the economy be saved?

Krugman: Liquidationists of the World, Unite!

Lieberman, Collins seek earlier release of Pentagon 'don't ask, don't tell' report

Murkowski passes Miller in vote count

Just a little reminder for Democrats who think being SPINELESS will get them anything but HELL!

Taxes and a leaky roof...

Does anyone know how well Blue Dogs that did win do?

Paul Krugman: Obama Didn't Fight Hard Enough Against Tax Cuts For The Rich

Liberals to Dem leaders: Hold a vote just on extending middle class tax cuts

WaPo: "'Soul-searching' inside the White House" - (Do they get it yet??)

Apple Finally Snares Beatles

Let the Bonus Tax Cuts for the Top 2 Percent Fade into the Sunset

Universities vie for Obama's presidential library

President's press conference yesterday

Republicans seek Democratic Allies in Healthcare fight

Republicans seek Democratic Allies in Healthcare fight

Boehner/GOP to dismantle Office of Congressional Ethics!

7 NATO troops die after attacks in Afghanistan

DeMint: It's Michael Steele's fault GOP didn't win Senate

Fox continues to suggest ending Bush tax cuts for wealthy would hurt small businesses

Photos of gay service members make statement about policy

Dear Madam Speaker

Democrats Who Disagree With President Obama Are . . . .

Democrats Who Disagree With President Obama Are . . . .

On Bush tax cuts, Democrats have to man up, not give in

"Progressives Press -- Lightly -- For Ending Tax Cuts For Wealthy"

Swingy Or Clingy?

You want to see some caving? McConnell already caving to the President & the Teabaggers

Obama Blames Himself for Partisan Tone

"CNN Poll: Election not a mandate for GOP"

"DADT Vigil Held at Matlovich Gravesite"

Swamp gas blamed for deadly Mexico hotel blast

Virginia Thomas attempts to un-teabag herself.

What part of "We did not/do not/will not have the votes" does the left not understand?

Obama to GOP: How do you pay for tax cut extensions?

I believe Newt is running for President...I think he may have a chance to

This board needs an enema.

Bobbie Holsclaw explains her interest in running for governor (KY)

Progressive Lawmakers Want To Make GOP 'Put Up Or Shut Up' On Bush Tax Cuts

What will happen when Darrell Issa subponeas the President to testify?

Gossip bloggers fix federal budget simply by reversing everything Bush

OH BOY Joan Walsh and Smerconish drinking the Palin cool aid

We Aren't Getting Out of Afghanistan or Even Iraq!

Guess the president

Schuler the bluedog says along with Scar...`

Small Biz. Owners thank Obama & Dems for Stimulus; Biden Demands Ice Cream

Maybe the Political Pundit Perpetual Panic Conflictinator doesn't really know what it wants?

Obama is the PRESIDENT, yet he got less coverage than both W and Palin last week.

Fed’s Raskin: Mortgage Servicing Needs Serious Reform.

Romney Watch: 2012 Republican hopefuls agree on earmarks ban

Netanyahu agrees to Obama plan of 90 day settlement freeze.

Maddow Show: About Ginny Thomas

Darryl Issa has his own dark past

Hey Obama - when life gives you lemons, make

Why Dennis Kucinich Has a Target on His Back

Eight official White House Twitter accounts

Teabaggers urging members to call Sens and ask them to vote against Food Safety Modernization Act

Plouffe to replace Axelrod at the White House

Crist promised to vote with rethugs if elected

Action Alert: Call-In to Congress for the Jobless

Blog-A-Thon for the Jobless! Calling all bloggers!

Simple Math: 48 House Dems Represented Districts that voted for John McCain

Senate Democrats feel boxed in on tax deal

"I've never seen a party so afraid of doing the obvious, popular thing..."

Tom Udall = Hero

Tearing down the President doesn't help. (updated)

Kay Bailey Hutchison weighs reelection, could face real primary

Out tomorrow: Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters by Barack Obama.

The myth of the Obama supporter voting GOP in 2010

Donna Brazile: Democrats Need Pelosi's Toughness

Obama on "60 Minutes": 15.2 million viewers; "Sarah Palin's Alaska" 5 million viewers.

Barack Obama preemptively shuts down Government to appease GOP

Record number of Chinese students flock to US colleges

ooh, what fun - a book about NASTY OL' RAHM!

Something very sad. Hillary Clinton as is she is, away from

The Wash. Post and Fox's "leading Democratic political analysts"

Palin Loses Alaska

Obama's Kid's Book Praises Indian chief who killed U.S. general - RW Outrage

Welcome to DC Senator Chris Coons. Sworn in today and ready to work

Keith O: The democrats have SCREWED!!!! this up strategically

Will The Democrats Finally Change the Senate Filibuster Rule?

Koppel Laments 'The Death Of Real News'

Scalia Jumps On The Anti-Seventeenth Amendment Bandwagon

Proof of Extra Dimensions Possible Next Year: CERN

Have you ever been to a wedding where the wedding vows said "love, honor and obey"?

Obama, Dems to meet on DREAM Act

Haiti Cholera Protest Turns Violent (Clashes & Gunfire Between Protesters & UN Troops)

Murkowski was the truth, not crist

If its made in China.. I am not buying it if there is any other way!

Defending Obama against Krugman

sigh...Obama vows to ‘redouble’ efforts toward bipartisanship

Chavez Creates `Socialist' Bourse With `High Yields'

Palin's 'refudiate' named a Word of the Year

Lisa Murkowski: Sarah Palin Lacks "Intellectual Curiosity" to be President

John Harwood just set the record straight to Cenk Uygur.

Rattner: Taxpayers' loss from auto bailouts likely to be less than $10B

Q: What do squirrels eat when they run out of acorns?

Michael Moore message to Obama: 'Take off your pink tutu'

I hope Darrell Issa goes off the deep end with all of these 'investigations'

I hope Darrell Issa goes off the deep end with all of these 'investigations'

There is a BIG difference between "criticism" and "bashing".

There is a BIG difference between "criticism" and "bashing".

America - He's Your President for Goodness Sake!

Big Win for the Obama Administration

What's the fraidest you've ever been on a motorcycle?

Poll: 4 in 5 Support Full-Body Airport Scanners

US Military Fear Mongering

Damn it, Mr. President. With all due respect, be a DEMOCRAT...

Haiti cholera toll tops 900 with six provinces affected

S01E11- Americans Want to Work Act

Capitol Hill Agenda: Nov. 15, 2010

Pap and David - Is Obama Being Too Nice to GOP?

The Bastard Fairies-We're All Going To Hell

LOL Old Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann Promo

Unemployed waiting to die.

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Game Show Hosts Love Republicans?

Matt Taibbi discusses his new book 'Griftopia'

Republican Debt Commission Member Rules Tax Increases 'Off The Table'

Obama iPad Commercial Spoof

Openly Gay Student Defends Teacher at School Board Meeting

Awkward Moment for Obama

Cenk Uygur to host MSNBC Live 3-4PM ET all of November

TYT: Top 10 Hottest Coworkers List Investigation (PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Ireland)

Rachel Maddow: Bush throws McConnell under the bus on cynical Iraq strategy

CNBC Helps Rep. Ryan Spread Bogus Tax Cut Arguments

It Gets Better President Barack Obama - FUNNY

Mario Savio Memorial Lecture - Elizabeth Warren

50,000 on streets as UK students fury descends in fire & smashed glass

A Red State Update Ad: Aleister Crowley For President 2012


Cash-hungry US war Ind stays armed as schools & clinics close

New Hampshire residents fed up with libertarian

TDPS: Cartoonist Ted Rall Interviewed, Says We Need Violence to Impact Change


"Like 'The Sound of Music" without Nazis, romance and music": Fox News about "Sarah Palin's Alaska"

Rep. Rangel Walks Out On Ethics Hearing

Coming Soon to an Airport Near You: Prison-style strip searches?

I am running for Congress in 2012

Bush to Lauer RE 9/11: We just didn't have any solid intelligence that gave us a warning

Water Boarding is NOT Torture!

During station break Fox News team mocks ''Sarah Palin's Alaska''

Moore To Obama: "With all due respect, please take off your pink tutu..."

Bill Moyers explains it all to you - economic & worker conditions in the US today

Daddy, I Do - documentary on the personal and social implications of the growing Abstinence Movement

Film Festival to feature New Hampshire's far-right libertarians

Bush executed innocent man! DNA proves it - Rachel Maddow

2010 Election Cycle in 4:44 to Radiohead's Electioneering

Keith Olbermann Special Comment: False Promise Of 'Objectivity'

Janeane Garofalo, Sam Seder & Gore Vidal - 06/04/04 [Part1of2]

Janeane Garofalo, Sam Seder & Gore Vidal - 06/04/04 [Part2of2]

Fox News: 'Heaven Is For Real'

Progressives Have To Realize Obama Is NOT On Our Side

The Real News: Helen Thomas on Her Resignation

Libertarian author: sexual harassment in the workplace is okay

# Do Boys in Tutus Break God’s ‘Chain of Command’? by Candace Chellew-Hodge

The Budget ‘Waste’ Deficit Hawks Never Seem to See

Republicans triumph w/ fake populism: A mass anti-capitalist movement is needed to defeat the right

George Bush's Memoir Skyrockets to No. 1 In THE Amazon

AlterNet: Big Pharma Shamelessly Shills Dangerous Bone Drugs You Don't Need

American Style Free Trade

Banks expecting easy ride with GOP Congress

Push to opt out of Medicaid alarms Texas health providers

Korean 'free trade' deal duplicates NAFTA

One Million Reasons the Millionaire Bailout is a Bad Idea

The disingenuous advice of Fox News Democrats

Woman out of Prison after repeatedly threatening Presidents - Desperate cries for help

Ted Koppel: Olbermann, O'Reilly and the death of real news

Understanding consumer behavior: Make them think it was their idea or decision?

Some pablum, and a cogent retort

Google growth online reflected by expansion...(Googletown)

Palin PWND! Red States are FREELOADERS who depend on HANDOUTS

Euro Under Siege as Portugal hits Panic Button

Counterpunch: America's Eggshell Nukes

(Mc)Facebook@it again: unveils email addresses,msging

The "Free" Market - Myth and Reality - Taking on Blue Cross - USA Today

Plagiarism charges fly in Bush memoir controversy

Ted Koppel, Bad Reporter

Stepping Up Propaganda Bush Tax Cuts Heritage Foundation

Better Business Bureau accused of" Pay for Play Scheme"..High Ratings to Payers. Low to Non Payers.

CBS Poll: Most Americans Don't Care That Much About The Deficit

Eugene Robinson:Trimming a bloated defense budget

Who Will Stand Up to the Superrich?

Sixty Lame Minutes (James Howard Kunstler)

Chris Hedges: The Origin of America’s Intellectual Vacuum

Nazis Were Given ‘Safe Haven’ in U.S., Report Says

Ireland's young flee abroad as economic meltdown looms

Matt Taibbi: the Tea Party Moron Complex

Glen Becks Lies of The Week Summarizing! Rant Rave and Lies of the week.

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: November 15, 2010

D For "Duh" - Mexico's Calderon Notes Cancun Talks Will Not Produce Binding Climate Treaty - AFP

Study Rates Peruvian Tropical Ecotourism As 2nd-Most-Profitable Use Of Tambopata Region - Mongabay

Alexandria's Beaches Gone - Up To 1M Sea Level Rise Faces Nile Delta, World's #1 Wheat Importer

Fast Food, Supermarket, Soft Drink Firms Busily "Assisting" UK Gov. Draw Up Health Policy

AGU - Narwhal Studies Confirm Warming Of Baffin Bay Winter Water Temperatures

Less Than 10% Of Articles Surveyed Re. Copenhagen Conference Dealt With Climate Science

Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power to Reduce Solar Rebates

Russia seeks to unfreeze nuclear plant project in Bulgaria

delete wrong forum

Across Europe, Insectivorous Bird Species Have Crashed Since 1990s - Are Neonicotinoids The Reason?

2 Of 3 Worst Amazon Basin Droughts Ever Have Occurred In Past 5 Years - Rivers Still Dropping - NYT

5-Year Drought Triggers Biggest Internal Migration In Syrian History - 85% Of Livestock In E. Dead

Whales in México Are Getting Sunburn by Exposure to UV Rays

It's official: peak oil is inevitable

On Saturday, I test drove a Nissan Leaf ...

Amory Lovins Misleads with Numbers

LTE Guardian UK - Nuclear Threat

Toxic Algae Blooms Thought Specific To Coasts - UCSC Team Finds Them In Mid-Ocean

wanna see something?

Suspected intruder shot, killed by resident in San Marcos

Ohio man shoots self in foot

Dealership: Buy Truck, Get Free AK-47

KC police fire at backfiring van (Open fire on innocent driver)

PA State House approves 'stand your ground' self-defense bill

Chavez: New Cuba-Venezuela Relations Model Created

Chavez admits faults in metro system, appeals to the 'decent' Venezuela

Nicaragua Considers Leaving the OAS

Cuba frees political prisoner who refused exile deal

Colombia: Doing business, killing workers

Drug Cartel Violence Costing Oil Industry $350,000/Day in Lost Revenue

'Tijuana Tornado’ Lost the Fight to Pacquiao but Wins Big Money Thanks to Latino Fans (VIDEO)

Peru Spending $100 Million to Combat Poverty

Patriots win showdown against Steelers 39-26

Brand-new General-in-Chief has been accused of drug trafficking

Mexico protests against Nicaraguan president's remarks

US: Colonel Wilkerson Censures "Amateurish Foreign Policy"

Belarus thanks Venezuela's support to overcome the crisis

Texas High School Football Playoffs

ESPN: Source says Redskins sign McNabb to a 5yr 78million deal

This story duplicates the exumation of Simon Bolivar's body in Venezuela:

Paraguay cancels British science expedition

Saint Louis Art Museum Announces Fiery Pool: The Maya and the Mythic Sea

wtf? Redskins edition

For Nicaraguans, International Women’s Day Marks a Step Back

Sportsmanship >>

At what point does a Skins Fan turn the game off?

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Sunday, November 14)

Venezuela in the dock of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Troy Smith to remain 49ers starting QB..

Will the Eagles score 70 tonight?

OAS Permanent Council Approves Resolution on Costa Rica-Nicaragua Situation

In Cuba, Dancing With a Full Heart

World Series Rookies Buster Posey and Neftali Feliz win ROYs

John McCain wants study of DADT study

MUST-VIEW CNN: Photographs of Gay U.S. Military Members

BRITAIN: Adoption Panel Advisor Fired For Refusing To Recommend Gay Couples

GOProud Begs Anti-Gay Teabaggers They Helped Elect To Not Be Anti-Gay

Barak: Israel must reach deal with U.S. before Palestinians do

What exactly does Obama expect from Netanyahu?

The Palestinians of Israel are poised to take centre stage

Oklahoma Surprise: Islam as an Election Issue

Religions are Socialistic?

Religious people are "better neighbors"

Retinal Implant Restores Vision in Blind Mice

T-minus 24m 00s until NASA's 'Exceptional Object in Our Cosmic Neighborhood' news conference!

CERN News - Nov 10, 2010: First Heavy Ions in the LHC

Proof of Extra Dimensions from the LHC and CERN

NASA'S Chandra Finds Youngest Nearby Black Hole

Prehistoric Winged Reptiles 'Pole-Vaulted' Into Flight

Brain Organizes Itself for Introspection as Children Age

Poll: Would you volunteer for a trip to Mars if you knew you could never come back?

Should I change my entry?

at St. Mary's lake in Maryland. Any comments/critiques?

I have learned how to scan!

Henry Clay's Legacy.

Jumping on the "should I change entry?" bandwagon

The Camera and I hung out at the mall for a short while

National Nurses United will battle deficit commission austerity proposals

SEIU: We Cannot Balance Budget on the Backs of Workers and Seniors

Picketers to Face Replacement Workers at 'Biggest Loser' on Monday (today)

Tell Congress: Extend Unemployment Help, Not Tax Cuts for the Rich

Today in Labor History Nov 15 It urges enactment of employer liability, compulsory education, & mor

Union volunteers renovate home for returning veterans


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