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Those Commie Bastards Over At Google...

Let all the cuts laps then reintroduce the tax cuts for the middle and working class on a new bill

Instead of agreeing to taxcuts for the rich, why not let them pick another country to attack?

Regarding tax breaks for the wealthy,

Regarding tax breaks for the wealthy,

shorter Jon

Britain discloses plan to overhaul welfare system

"Countdown with Keith Olbermann" is the most popular TV show among Democratic viewers

"There Is No War on Terrorism" - Omid Memarian interviews author Reese Erlich

Obama panel probes stimulus waste -- at Ritz Carlton

Facebook Page: Beck Wants Progressives Dead

So, ... whaddya think of this toon now that the CatFood Commission has leaked its report?

Two really smart people discuss the media, waterboarding and The Daily Show.

The letter a friend of mine sent to her representatives

Assertive Chinese Held in Mental Wards

McConnell deflects questions on Bush book's revelation ....begs for help with the elections by

Rand Paul explains Republican economic philosophy in 30 seconds:

Rachel vs. Jon: The think Rachel just isn't getting is...

Another victory in the struggle against the Bush/Obama war on schools!!!!!

Guns and Gold

We are NOT the extreme voice of the left

We are NOT the extreme voice of the left

Can someone please explain Joe Trippi to me? I never liked him but I remember....

If you live in a glass house, don't throw stones, throw rocks.

"The Third Way" does not speak for me (re: Catfood)

Fraud, theft, and extortion. The new norms.

Excuse me but WHERE is our President on the Cat Food Commission's recs and

College Republican Arrested, Claims Setup

Veterans Exposed to Carcinogen Shed Light on Secret Iraq KBR Contracting Deal

Morning Duplicity

Delta Airlines conducted 'largest anti-union campaign the nation has ever seen'

Delta Airlines conducted 'largest anti-union campaign the nation has ever seen'

New Game: I give you a quote & you tell me if it's a Republican or Democrat. 1st up: John Shimkus

A Renovated CTA Station for Chicago is the Latest in the Privatization of Infrastructure

Sir! No Sir! A Film About the GI Movement Against the War in Vietnam

Seoul Ford dealer is dealt a lemon as U.S.-South Korea trade agreement stalls

A new James O'Keefe hit - against the NJ teachers' union

Career Politicians...

The truth about the privatization of Social Security

The Gobble Gobble Gobble Bubble

EPA Sued for Allowing Mercury Pollution 900 Times Safe Level (selenium 4000 times above safe levels)

Micheal Steele has a challenger..Saul Anuzis, RNC Chairman? Republican To Challenge Michael Steele


Dan Froomkin: Bush's Waterboarding Admission Prompts Calls For Criminal Probe

IT'S ON: Republican Announces CHALLENGE To Michael Steele RNC Chairmanship

2012. Palin. Mayan Prophesy.

Great post @ Krugman blog -- tie tax cuts to unemployment rate! Pay for Performance like education!

Didn't Bush's big original tax cut include a $600 tax rebate for everyone?

Are you listening?

Soldiers Coming Home .

Obama on the Defensive as He Travels in Asia

Dana Milbank advises Obama to triangulate against his liberal base, & says "So far, so good."

Great GQ Piece Re: Holder "Hope. Change. Reality."

4 reported missing forces lockdown at Kenyon College in Ohio

In Retrospect...2004 House Democrats-From my old stomping grounds,nonetheless

How do we shift the discussion on taxes away from payroll taxes and to...

PM says Canada to remain in Afghanistan

Bill O'Reilly Used His Show To Call for the Murder of An Innocent Man, Dr. Tiller

Bill O'Reilly Used His Show To Call for the Murder of An Innocent Man, Dr. Tiller

Exposure concerns of Iraq/Afghanistan veterans

San Francisco may ban circumcision

Bill O'Reilly Used His Show To Call for the Murder of An Innocent Man, Dr. Tiller

I'm very sad to see that it's so difficult to stand by a Democratic president these days

Framing the Debate: Question for Teabagger/Republicans--What sacrifices are the top 1%

Framing the Debate: Question for Teabagger/Republicans--What sacrifices are the top 1%

Deficit Cutters Reject Gates on Shielding Defense Budget

(POLL) Defining Emotions

Curious...Do congressmen read sites like DU, TPM, Huff Post and others?

This post says nothing new.

Restore "Worst Persons"

Top Palin aide is on Soros' payroll.

General says demand for land forces will increase

first snow of the year. let it snow, let it snow.... huge flakes

first snow of the year. let it snow, let it snow.... huge flakes

Attacks strain trust between US, Afghan forces - We are back to 'Who's the enemy?'

Great paragraph in a David Sirota piece about cheap goods:

I have to give Cindy McCain credit for publicly dissing her husband re: DADT.

Independent UK: Cameron warns of risk of new Great Depression

Here's where I would say Jon Stewart dropped the ball...

I'm so sick of hearing that GEM$NBC is the *LIBERAL* equivalent to Faux! It's NOT!!

i hear what stewart is saying. i agree with what maddow is saying.

"In some ways, this is a war in Washington."

Iran is Safer Without Saddam Hussein. World Isn't.

I would love to see some short-time Dem introduce a bill give the R's what they want

Pentagon Readies New Ship-Killers for Pacific Showdown

National Opt Out Day Wed. Nov. 24

Lovely. Really just lovely.

Lovely. Really just lovely.

FBI charges 17 over '$42m theft' of Holocaust survivor funds

Exactly how many tax shelters are available to a person without

Instead of a money bomb, a 'phone bomb

Philadelphia Bar Tried to Keep Out Black People, Claims Lawsuit

I'm going to read Bush's new book.

Chicago public assets for sale

Santa Clara gives final approval to smoking ban (inside apartments, outdoor eating areas, condos,)

"...kind of makes the "e" on the end look like a sinister Islamic crescent lurking behind the flag"

What about the OBAMA tax cuts?

Why not propose a *flat* tax cut instead?

We Won't Fly: national aviation opt-out day in protest of TSA porno scanner/genital grope "security"

We Won't Fly: national aviation opt-out day in protest of TSA porno scanner/genital grope "security"

Sometime back, I asked the question what is progressive about Obama.

New Mexico Gov Elect Doesn’t know what the DREAM Act is

Who does this anti-Semite Beck think he's fooling with his Soros smears?

Now OKC has gone way to far: Lingerie Football League banned in OKC

Amazon’s Bezos Made $152 Million Selling Shares

Clegg – the man who betrayed us all

Why do you think the taxcuts were not voted on before the election??

Is this happening in other states besides Arizona?

Is this happening in other states besides Arizona?

Re-Post: Veterans exposed to Chemicals Need to know

Re-Post: Veterans exposed to Chemicals Need to know

‘Slavery’ in Syracuse, Wage Theft Epidemic, Spur Nationwide Protests

Just a thought...

Obama, Democrats are not in a tough spot on Bush Tax Cuts.

Obama, Democrats are not in a tough spot on Bush Tax Cuts.

Has Politico taken over GEM$NBC

The END OF THE LINE For Holy Joe?

Beck has a problem with the revolutions in Eastern Europe against Stalinists

The Social Security War has Officially Begun...Who's with Me?

Future soldiers may be wearing 'Iron Man' suits

Oy Vey-my latest email from the Tea Party Patriots

I don't have to hate J Stew

Dumb Columnists disguised as Letters to the PD Vol 2 - "It's TYRANNY, I tells ya!!"

The trial balloon on SS cuts is an EPIC FAIL, contact your Congressional delegation

Time to lighten up - Any DUers know the political history of this calypso

Go do something silly today.

The Nation: The Money & Media Election Complex

Seven weeks ago gas by me was $2.35 a gallon for regular, today it's $2.79

What do YOU think of this TSA picture?

Time for Obama to go on the offensive on SS, Medicare, and taxes

Snoop on Pallin go to jail but spy on Americans a la bush/Rove and go free

EPIC vs. DHS - First scanner law suit

Kanye on the Today Show

Obama Twists Own Arm, Says “Uncle” to Extending Bush Tax Cuts

Militant's award raises concerns at UM

Teachers, are you ready for the next assault on our profession?

Feces on the High Seas: What is Your Cruise Ship Dumping?

Feces on the High Seas: What is Your Cruise Ship Dumping?

Tax deductions for charitable giving also on the chop block

The Right will chip away at the social safety net and increase their own wealth

The Right will chip away at the social safety net and increase their own wealth

RE: Tax cuts for rich. What about a signing statement and what about

David Corn: George W. Bush's Omission Points

The hard, cold truth about our political system is.........

A Different Take On The Maddow/Stewart Interview

From a republican

I'm curious. Why is Geoge Soros so bad and yet the people who attack Soros...

Without the lever voting machines, who's gonna pay for New York's hand counts?

My BIL has three kids in school...

Can someone either refute or confirm these fiscal numbers?

'Tis the Season -- Calorie Warning

cnn 'politics' page looks like republicon headquarters

I think its a tough sell for Obama on the SS and medicare cuts

Cats are better drinkers than dogs

...2.....Two months for a DOCTORS office to Issue A Refund....

PETITION to Congress -- PASS the Disclose Act NOW!

PETITION to Congress -- PASS the Disclose Act NOW!

PETITION to Congress -- PASS the Disclose Act NOW!

Sheriff Arpaio used hidden database to misspend up to $80 million

"Mush from the Wimp"

Enough about J stew

John Stewart is right, but we need more real argument.

Caught out a rightie on his "your side does it, too" bullshit.

Friday Toons, part 2 -More Derision

Yet again, the right attacks Obama for honoring veterans

I guess a whole lot more pain and suffering is needed?

Friday Toons, part 5

Friday Toons, part 1- Derision points

Chinese turning to mental wards to break activists

CENK UYGUR: Glenn Beck's Horrific Lie

Friday Toons, part 4

By the way...

Boehner's response to jobs question...I could use some help.

If I Had A Vote: An Exercise in Political Ideology

Sheesh.-Clearly a reminder is in order: Bush tax cuts KILL jobs

Another viral right-wing e-mail.

Good news from the Kentucky 6th district

Glenn Beck is SO misunderstood!

Why aren't the Dems as Creative as the Repubs? They are the ones

Have you read the regular Q&A with Michael Moore on his website? Kind of cool......

i still love jon stewart

i still love jon stewart

I called John Kerry's office today and asked him to protect SS and medicare

Rachel Maddow should get Meet the Press.

Wa Times op-ed contributor: workers need more crushed fingers

George AWOL Bush's new book inspires T-shirt fad that will sweep the Republicon Homeland

Remember, in NETWORK the anarcho-terrorists shot Howard Beale as part of TV show deal

SCOTUS refuses to uphold lower court ruling on DADT.

Obama: Fed action not designed to weaken dollar

DNA Tests Undermine Evidence in Texas Execution

Jon Stewart: This week's antichrist/hitler/devil


Today's LA Times: Will Obama Face A Primary Challenge In 2012?

Today's LA Times: Will Obama Face A Primary Challenge In 2012?

Land Office profits for gun dealers, I"m afraid...

my editorial on the uninsured/impoverished printed today

palin e-mail hacker sentenced to 1 year, 1 day

A British court on Friday threw out the results of a parliamentary election after deciding that the

Underlying all of this is the deeply corrosive, all-out war on liberalism.

Obama Commission debt plan unites liberals & Tea Party in opposition

I need help understanding why Social Security

Sigh...and the beat goes on.Reply in my paper from my "friend"

I was terribly disappointed

John Stewart was absolutely right

Today's Oakland killer cop story: They thought a guy's drug scale was a gun

Allen West won't tap Joyce Kaufman

DREAM Act to get one Last Push During Lame Duck Session

DREAM Act to get one Last Push During Lame Duck Session

Unreported (to Police) Beating of a Middle School Student in Hernando, MS

Good fucking flaming Jesus on a stick, people. Does anyone REALLY think the shrub wrote that crap?

Concerning the misguided attempt to cut Social Security....

Angry white female radio host alludes again to lynching as she bids out of West's staff chief job

dylan ratigan poll results question

USPS losses double for past year to $8.5 Billion

I get it now...

House clearance vase fetches £53m ($85.6m)

Schwarzenegger: Lawmakers, voters get budget blame

Reid asks Michael Bennet to take over DSCC, Bennet turns it down

I used to wonder why so many people are uninformed...

Social Security and Medicare should not even be a part of the deficit discussion.

Just out of curiosity - will this totally harmless OP now

Just out of curiosity - will this totally harmless OP now

1976 Apple I to Sell For Over $200,000

Who do you think is going to be the next former president to pass away?

Apologies if I offended or broke a posting rule.

On Gay Bullying and DADT: Cindy McCain vs. John McCain

Bloomberg chief uses lunch to lobby Genachowski against NBC-Comcast merger

Life After Trading?

Post-Maddow Interview Jon Stewart poll

NO $700 Billion Tax Cut For The Rich!

Net Neutrality, Social Media and corporate image

Support PFAW - requesting

Pain and suffering was stacked floor to ceiling today in Omaha (remember Maria Jimenez died in 2008?

Hardball - JFk's SS agents - "nothing could have been done to prevent

Police recruits screened for digital dirt on Facebook, etc. (demanding private passwords, more)

Police recruits screened for digital dirt on Facebook, etc. (demanding private passwords, more)

"The US Corporatocracy" updated 11/12/10 to include "Debt Commission Report" and other issues

Hensarling Ludicrously Claims Ryan’s Roadmap Will Not Cut

KS rep. equates Muslims, killers

DREAM Act to get one Last Push During Lame Duck Session

The Elite Get AWAY....Hit and RUN dismissed against Bill Gates Sr.

Glenn Beck draws criticism over latest Holocaust comments

OMG: Christine O'Donnell caught with "palm notes" on Leno! (photo)

Why extending the Bush Tax Cuts for Millionaires is such a stupid idea

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!!!.....Oops, Georgia Did It Again

Wealth is what it is. Neither good nor bad, on its own.

World Bank funding anti-gay group

Walmart worker fired for using medical marijuana to appear in federal court in Grand Rapids

Vile Viral Video Star's Raging Past [documents about woman from postal video]

Rachel, could you ask Jon to come back for another hour?

Red ink for post office: $8.5 billion last year

Why is it so hard to say . . . . .

The pilot controls the plane. So what's the point of nudiescanning the pilot?

A Visit to a Site of the Batpocalypse

FB Page: "Does Beck Want Progressives Dead" - the evidence

As we watch the last vestiges of The New Deal fade from view . . . . .

Here Comes NC Dem Bluedog SHULER To Challenge Nancy Pelosi For Minority Leader.

Alexi Giannoulias is not running for mayor

School Money Club

Ariel Sharon, still in a coma, moved from hospital to his ranch

Don't Clamp Umbilical Cords Straight After Birth, Urges Expert

New movie, 'Fair Game'

Why don't they fight back??

Here is a nightmare scenario... well there is a worst case

painful as it is to admit, Jon Stewart was right about this.....

painful as it is to admit, Jon Stewart was right about this.....

Maddow and Stewart discuss Keith Olbermann (11/11/10 )

An oldie but goodie: I'm The Decider (Koo-Koo-Ka-Choo)

katy couric bit on first school integration and angry whites looks and sounds like tea party

Inhof and Cantor should be watched and held for treason

Sorry for the spam. Does anybody have a link to "The True Life Story of Frankie Toussaint"?

I fail to see the logic?

I fail to see the logic?

I fail to see the logic?

Dusty Attic Yields a Qing Dynasty Relic and a Record Price

Horsey Toon: The myopic selfishness of libertarians

Sullenberger opposes airport body scanners

The problems teachers face:

important read.."Businesses Do Not Create Jobs"

I Just Called The White House, My Senators & Congressman To Tell Them......

What is poor Joe Lieberdouche going to do now that his 'party' will lose certification

Nobel-Winning Economists Seek to Aid U.S. Fight Against Health-Care Suit

Relatives of city officials pay only $200 to $400 rent for city owned property

Spanish priest arrested over '21,000 child porn images'

Report: Dogs thrown from NW Georgia overpass

Comatose Ariel Sharon spends weekend at home


Up until this week, I would have thought that Jon Stewart was on to them. Then, Wallace & Maddow

Cindy McCain BLASTS ‘ Don’t Ask ’ As Husband John McLame FIGHTS To Keep It Alive

Question for those who say that Obama must defend DADT in the courts:

Meet my little friend Righthaven Frederick is out at Las Vegas Review Journal

Got my Blue Cross notice today - 11 percent increase for next year

Thank You Rep. Brad Miller - Representative, North Carolina !!!

Who do you blame for the loss of the public option?

A different crusade for Jon Stewart

Yummy alert! Teabaggers Release Personal Phone Numbers, Emails Of Almost 100 Incoming GOP Reps

If Ron Christie wasn't a FUCKING UNCLE TOM he wouldn't have to write a book called "Acting White"

Why don't people sue Fox News for slander when lied about?

Jon Stewart on Rachel reminded me of some kids...

Has Stewart commented on the negative reaction

Bush plagarized passages in his book...

Jon Stewart is now embracing what he once condemned.

Here is a link to Ron Christie's just shameful appearance on the Ed Schultz show

Oakland pigs thought slain man's scale was a gun. Killed over weed!!

Go 'Bama! First state in the nation to have a drive-thru sex-toy store.

Hit and Run driver that killed woman in Los Angeles is 'Girls Gone Wild' distributor

Failure in a righteous cause

Newt. Effin' NEWT. Let's blow a round of "Taps" for his last functioning brain cell.

Ten years of tax cuts to the rich bastards who sent our jobs overseas!

For those watching Rachel Maddow right now...

My e-mail to Rachel about her interview with Jon

TARP 2: No Way To Create Jobs And Help Our Nation’s Economy

What do Mike Huckabee and Michael Moore have in common? Both are on with Bill Maher in half an hour

I see a couple of conspiracies that

'McConnell's True Colors' on Rachel!!!

Frozen dog means jail time (30 days)

Alexi Giannoulias mulling run for Chicago mayor?

Looking too far ahead to 2016: Democratic Nominee

Haven't the wealthy had a decade to save up?

New DNA Test Undermines Evidence For Texas Execution

Weird... I Wasn't Quite Sure Of The Value Of Keith's Thurber Readings

so. From now on Jon STEWART is going to be the filter for Rachel, Keith,

At the risk of invoking Godwin's Law

What alcohol actually does to your brain and body.

Michael Moore will be on Bill Maher's panel tonite

Prince George's County Executive Jack B. Johnson arrested

Fuck Glenn Beck.

Fuck Glenn Beck.

Fuck Glenn Beck.

Prince Georges County (MD) Exec & Councilwoman arrested by FBI (breaking)

Sooo..I guess Glenn Beck found God and figures God hates Jews?

Nancy Pelosi Is Featured In The St.Louis Post Dispatch "Punch Line Caption"...

Media Matters David Brock wins auction for lunch with Rupert Murdoch

Obama seeking compromise on Bush tax cuts (WP)

The Unbearable Unbearableness of Rand Paul

"Cause when they own the information, oh They can bend it all they want "

If I was Soros, I would use all of the wealth at my disposal

Anyone watch Jesse Venture's Conspiracy Theory on Tru TV. Spying and detaining US citizens

NYT's Krugman: The Hijacked Commission

Kucinich to force vote on withdrawing troops from Afghanistan

You're all going to prison

Put your skills to the test! and dare to see how crazy they really are....

I'm a Keynesian. I believe

Reverse Bubbleomics: What If OPEC Figures Out Crude Oil’s Fair Price is $150?

What I would pay a lot to see, or hope I live to see...but probably won't.

Now that WAS wild, a horse in a car

Conyers joins growing chorus calling for Bush torture probe

Nebraska abortion doctor moves practice after state ban

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Tampons. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Are drug companies paying your doctor?

Give your interpretation of President Obama's words regarding the tax cuts.

Well this sucks, one of my cadets, one of the kids i trained

Anyone for a spot of Tea? DU this NBC comment section on VA Teabagger plates

His name's Brian DUBIE and his campaign colour is GREEN. And he was a REPUBLICAN candidate?

I sent an email to Nor about DADT. Iasked him is Obama

I sent an email to Nor about DADT. Iasked him is Obama

Fast Food – Ads vs. Reality

Amy Goodman: A Look at Argentina’s Economic Rebellion and the Social Movements that Led It

Teachers Unions in the Forefront of Education Reform

Teachers Unions in the Forefront of Education Reform

Buy a truck, get a free Kalashnikov: Florida recession antidote

Why S.S. & Medicare will be cut

Cindy McCain reverses herself on gay rights.

How long will it be until Bush blames the American Left for his decision to invade Iraq?

Thought I saw Jon Stewart's point of view last night. "Clowns don't take the field."

Virginia Baptists condemn revisionist History and attacks on Church/State separation

Acid Trip (Taking Woodstock)

Mr. Fish: Ass

Murkowski appears ahead in Senate vote count in Alaska

Bill Clinton gives thumbs-up to Bush's book 'Decision Points'

Two Gosselin Kids Expelled From School: Report (Jon & Kate Plus 8 TV show)

LAT: Postelection White House meeting underscored Obama's diminished sway

Berlusconi on scandal with underage runaway "better than being gay".

Why in hell can't the so called bipartisan commission propose a lifting of the SS cap?

I wish we could retire the N-word.

Johnny Cash - Don't Go Near The Water. Lyrics and video

Nick Clegg is a fraud

Alert: If you have both private/public sector earnings, SS benefits can be reduced or eliminated

Someone posted about getting snow is a picture

Racist Woman attacks US Postal carrier..

32 truths for mature human beings

Naomi Klein speaks at fundraiser on the G20 trials and the war on activism

IF Eric Cantor comes out and condemns Beck

Article in Men's Health about Big Pizza and Big Agriculture. It's really interesting!

Binational Gay Couple to Reunite?

13 Facts About Military Spending That Will Make Your Head Explode

File A Complaint With FCC..........Beckster and the Drugster

Ralph Nader seeks suspension of GM stock offering

Is DU the largest Democratic board out there? Is there another one BIGGER?

I love you.

Social Security Cuts: Early retirement age upped to 64 and half of retirees will see benefits cut!

Bush plundered his lackeys' memoirs, passing off their memories as his own

Postal Work Secretly Films Customer's Racist Rant (Hingham, MA)

Veteran in distress released from VA, dies in cab

Awesome "Palin's Alaska" review in New Yorker

Email I received from Tea party Patriots.."STOP CALLING!"

please help with my next editorial..."Buy American"

A legacy to our job problems: How the Girl Scouts nearly sunk the U.S. economy

The Newtzis are coming after you and me brothers and sisters.

The "Co-Chair's Proposal": Who Wins? Who Loses? A look at the numbers:

I don't think John Stewart was saying the things many of you think he was saying.

What Stewart gets--Bill Moyers is a better advocate journalist than Keith Olbermann

Why I am NOT for the death penalty

The plunder of America: Tax breaks for the rich; Cuts to Social Security; and now More War

How will Glenn Beck's career end?

Will you be willing to see all tax cuts expire rather than giving any cuts to the rich? nt

Will you be willing to see all tax cuts expire rather than giving any cuts to the rich? nt

Friday Toons, part 3 - Aftermath

WOW the WH has no idea of WHERE the compromise will be...

I was told to 'go away' from here yesterday. It shouldn't have bothered me, I was on a tear

39 of the new TP Congresscritters have NEVER held or served in any elective office...

Jon Stewart joined the media lynching of ACORN

Jon Stewart joined the media lynching of ACORN

How do you feel about the ongoing deficits and the national debt?

Randi Rhodes was knocking Rachel and Kieth on her show

The top 400 taxpayers..

DISGUSTING!!! Ron Christie defending Rush Limbaugh

Better Business Bureau accused of running 'pay for play' scheme ($400 gets you an A rating)

Remember when Al Gore talked about putting Social Security into a ''Lock Box''?

Obama sends out robots that murder children in Pakistan

At the risk of some bringing up Goodwin's law

Whistleblower accuses HSBC and JP Morgan of silver futures scam

Kudos are in order, no?

what if Prez Obama said he will veto any bill with tax cuts for top 2%

Caucasian, Europid, or White?

DC Centrists Unite Against the Middle Class - Mike Lux/HuffPo

Paul Krugman: The Hijacked Commission

The "Two Party" System And The Public Option... From David Sirota... What Say You, Fellow Dems ???

Here's what really pisses me off about America - "Sarah Palin's Alaska"...

Obama softens his tone on offshoring

New poll : Tax the rich and save Social Security

Pelosi for President.

Racism returns with a vengeance -- "It made me feel small".

MOMENTUM on tax cuts! more than 100,000 people have signed petition.


Fellow woodchuck action liberals: do you agree with me about this general take on strategy?

Whiners and cheerleaders unite in criticism of Stewart! Yet they're both completely wrong

11/12/10: (New) UN special rapporteur says waterboarding is torture

Black Hingham Postal Worker Fired, Abusive White Woman Gets Away Scott-Free

Black Hingham Postal Worker Fired, Abusive White Woman Gets Away Scott-Free

You know when liberals turned on Obama? December 15, 2009.

Sanders Calls For Progressive Meeting, Alternative To Fiscal Commission

NYC pays company almost $100,000 to rid 3 schools of bedbugs. Clean-up could cost $250,000.

Az news on that too close to call Prop 203 - Medical Marijuana....

I have just seen the lowest down most sleazy car commercial ever (Toyota)

So Apparently I'm Late To The Party... GW's Mom Puts Her Miscarried Fetus In A Jar And...

Man says he was forced to eat beard in mower spat

Catfood commission co-chair Erskine Bowles says Obama administration didn't listen enough to GOP

Ten Reasons the Social Security Proposal of the Fiscal Commission Co-Chairs Should be DOA (Dead on A

Is the President supposed to be regarded as the opposition now?

The Maddow interview of Stewart was impressive.

First Jon Stewart, now Ted Koppel

3 Dem policy think tanks urge more "bipartisanship", say we lost because...

Warner: Eliminate Tax Cuts For The Wealthy, Give Them To Businesses

This Friday’s Afternoon Challenge: 20th century writers and their portraitists!

Dean Baker: "the country really has no near-term or even mid-term deficit problem."

Has DU gone crazy? Obama is a coward and Stewart is the enemy? What's next, Nancy Pelosi is a

Regarding Glenn Beck's description of George Soros as puppet master.

True inflation numbers - ignore manipulated government numbers

Clinton gives thumbs-up to new Bush memoir

Your Social Security

I just watched the Maddow interview of Jon Stewart.

The other shoe drops: Full Tilt bans Washington residents

Minimum hourly wages in Canada

So, THIS is why many progressive sites have gotten more conservative in the past year!

So, THIS is why many progressive sites have gotten more conservative in the past year!

So, THIS is why many progressive sites have gotten more conservative in the past year!

So, THIS is why many progressive sites have gotten more conservative in the past year!

"We didn't need a Democratic President to go after Social Security. But we sure got one."

Chinese goods to cost more

What SHOULD G. W. Bush have named his memoirs?

Dusty Attic Yields a Qing Dynasty Relic and a Record Price

Dusty Attic Yields a Qing Dynasty Relic and a Record Price

Cenk Uygur @ HuffPo: Glenn Beck's Horrific Lie - He Must Be Fired

Cenk Uygur @ HuffPo: Glenn Beck's Horrific Lie - He Must Be Fired

WTF? Squatters Take Over $2.6MM Home In OC. Owner - And Police - Can't Get Them Out.

So, I see Jon Stewart is now officially persona non grata at good old DU.

School Lets Kids Wear "Straight Pride" Shirts

Poll conducted for DFA finds 85% of voters opposed to Social Security cuts.

12 Year-Old Girl Beaten By Kids Over Her "Male" Name (And guess where they were before the attack?)

What prevents America from becoming a totally left-leaning social democracy?

What prevents America from becoming a totally left-leaning social democracy?

Today's Safety Warning!

Man Lights Joint To Celebrate Child's Birth

I just saw Roger Water's "The Wall". What a fitting thing to do on Veteran's Day *spoilers*

Animated Dancing John McCain!

Well , that was strange! I'm having trouble with the timing on an

Spam Jerky...

'Tis the Season -- Calorie Warning

The Rolling People


This comic pretty much sums it up

I'll bet no one's heard of the musician Olafur Arnalds!

They Call Me Naughty Lola


On today's House Lunch Menu

first snow of the year. let it snow, let it snow.... huge flakes

Anyone else watching "Terriers?"

Vertigo. Not the movie, the dizzy. Advice?

Song identification

Cats are better drinkers than dogs

Two of the Gosselin sextuplets expelled from school for rage, name-calling & bullying

two cool piano songs

The United States of Television

Number of minutes on a first date in which Captain Hook can avoid discussing his hook

No sleep- kitty Conspiracy

Well, I did it. I finished LOST.

Seriously, cats are capable of learning and troubleshooting problems

I know Halloween's over, but I have a question about werewolves.

I'm listening to classical music right now, however, earlier

Grammar question: what's the name of the "-er" forms of adjectives?

10 Surprisingly Sexy Brutal Dictators

Don't give us none of your aggravation. We've had it with your discipline

Kentucky man says his former friends forced him to eat his beard over lawn mower dispute

Mike Huckabee appeared on Bill Maher. It's a friday night.

Home Improvement - Privacy Fencing

With your silicone hump and your ten inch stump...

A great song.

Kukla, Fran and Ollie-The First Episodes on DVD Nov. 20

It's snowing in Omaha

What sort of intelligent critters bear grudges?

Who do you love?

I need some help with a song.

Is a 47-yr-old woman too old to be playing in a revolving door?

LOL- I just love spam emails sometimes... check out what just showed up in my inbox's junk folder

Why does my dual-tuner DVR keep rebooting itself?

Why do people play favourites?

What is the best pen to use to sign the back of my replacement credit card?

Carolyn McCormick - Star Trek TNG (Minuet)

Weekend kitteh (in memory of SoCalDem's Bubby)

Seriously "Wayne's World"???!!!! Is that the best they could come up with for Delaware???!!!


The $83 Million Vase?!?!

Friday night music - Stones, "Time Waits For No One" amazing guitar work

My new workplace is right above Victoria's Secret

Look at those cavemen go...

Hot damn. Nothing like a good circumcision thread

Anyone else here listen to songs from foreign countries?

I'm very proud of my daughter tonight.

Leonardo DiCaprio will star as Americas first serial killer, Dr. HH Holmes

What animal(s) do you fear the most eating you alive?

Has "classic rock" always been called "classic rock"?

Colombia gay rights groups protest after court's gay marriage

Obama opposes permanent extension of tax cuts for rich

Wall Street Firms Find Volcker Loophole: Report

Deficit Panel Leader Tweaks White House

Obama: Pelosi an “Outstanding Partner”

Obama hails Iraqi power-sharing deal

G-20 steers clear of endorsing US push on China

Poll: Disenchantment Remains After Midterms

AP-GfK Poll: Public mixed on GOP tax, health plans

Report Cautions Obama on High Cost of Afghan War

Military gay ban intact (SCOTUS Refuses To Stop Enforcement Of DADT During Review)

Palin e-mail hacker sentenced to a year in custody

Newt Gingrich urges conservatives to end democracy with a long range effort

DREAM Act to get one Last Push During Lame Duck Session

Dusty Attic Yields a Qing Dynasty Relic and a Record Price

Sullenberger opposes airport body scanners

Europe's Growth Slows as Deficit Cuts Dent Recovery

Polish Composer Henryk Górecki Dies, Aged 76 ('Symphony of Sorrowful Songs')

Lesbian educator's marriage leads to exit

Berlusconi days numbered with no-confidence motion

Bush: Mubarak Informed US that Iraq Had Biological Weapons

Nissan To Recall More Than 600,000 Vehicles, Mostly In The U.S.

Nissan To Recall More Than 600,000 Vehicles, Mostly In The U.S.

(Las Vegas) Review-Journal publisher Sherman Frederick, editor Thomas Mitchell out

Republican election win fails to excite public: poll

Supreme Court Declines to Lift Military Ban on Gays

Pentagon Investigates Leak on Gay Study

ooooo.mmmmm.ggggggggg what a day!!

Remains could be missing Zahra

Burma generals 'sign Aung San Suu Kyi release order'

MSNBC's 'Countdown' sees a 25 percent boost

Economists Ask to Help U.S. Fight Health-Care Lawsuit

UK to develop offensive cyber capability

Christine O'Donnell's campaign finances scrutinized (U.S. Attorney, FEC investigate complaints)

Well, the hits just keep on coming. I got hurt really bad this time.

Top Palin aide is on Soros' payroll

Women in Congress Endorse Pelosi for Leader.

Liberals plan to push Obama not to compromise with GOP

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 12

(R-Ne) Hagel: Too early to judge Obama

Social Security reforms could be bombshell for House GOP

State cools threat to blogger over food stamp post

Chilean government supports Muslim school girl use of ‘hijab’

Radio host resigns from Congress job after lockdown

Arizona Sheriff used hidden database to misspend up to $80 million, officials claim

Turkey Prices Hit Record Before Thanksgiving on Feed Costs

Turkey Prices Hit Record Before Thanksgiving on Feed Costs

President Obama says he's not caving on tax cuts

George Bush Book 'Decision Points' Lifted Passages From Advisers' Books

(UK) Single parents should 'prepare for work' when child is a year old

Hollywood Legend, Zsa Zsa Gabor, rushed to the hospital with massive blood clot

Pelosi won't budge on expiring Bush tax cuts

Conyers Joins Growing Chorus Calling For Bush Torture Probe

I do believe this is an important moment in the Obama Presidency.

Is Glenn Beck an anti-Semite? Fox host slammed by Anti-Defamation League for attack on George Soros

Labor Days.

Mark Fiore on compromise - about nails it

Peggy Noonan makes some sense.

Remember Clyburn voted against NAFTA Hoyer voted for it

Will tax cuts for the rich be extended?

Great commentary from a conservative who thinks rail projects are a good thing

'U.S. Chamber of Commerce played a central strategic role in a coordinated effort to elect Repubs'

Obama lauds Pelosi as an 'outstanding partner'

Take action: Where Do You Think Bush's Memoir Belongs?

Deficit Reduction Plan Draws Scorn From Left and Right (updated)

Rep. Todd: Illegal immigrants multiplying like rats

How the GOP, with Obama's help, might succeed in cutting Social Security and raising retirement age

Is this the speech President Obama needs to give?

Is this the speech President Obama needs to give?

Obama says he's not caving on tax cuts

Top Palin aide is on Soros' payroll

Jon Stewart - Facts matter MOST (Facts-Facts-Facts)

WTF is Jon Stewart talking about

A Transformational Election? Not Likely

Pelosi won't budge on expiring Bush tax cuts

I have a proposal for Boner/Rethugs and the Bush Tax cuts for the richest

The Scar folks were in classic form this morning

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on The Bush Tax Cuts for Millionaires

If Obama can separate the tax cuts into two parts

GOP tax cuts for the rich = payback to corporate sponsors

2012 GOP primary poll: Palin leads field in TX, WI, WVA, ME; Romney up in FL, NH, CA, CO

Democratic sources push "nonsensical" tax cut compromise

NY Post's Big Fat Lie About Obama Veterans Day

Are there no liberal billionaires that care enough to start a network?

Progressive Income Tax Reform in Fiscal Commission Co-Chairs' Proposal

Joe Wilson, On Ed Schultz's show just now, poked a sharp verbal stick in W's butt

Suicide Bombers Attack Afghan Airport

By the way, guys, there is a new Facebook group called...

"I am 'The Capitulator'; I don't do take-a-stand-and-fight for what's right."

Let Them Expire

'Sarah Palin's Alaska': Reality show or campaign ad?

Could Stealth Spending Decide the Presidential Race?

Could Stealth Spending Decide the Presidential Race?

Anyone notice there is almost no coverage of Obama's trip

Mark "OCB" Penn's pal Doug "Fox Contributor" Schoen on why President Obama shouldn't run in 2012

Handling the Nutters

French launch bid to rewrite history books with claim that Lindbergh was NOT first to fly across the

Sanders Calls For Progressive Meeting, Alternative To Fiscal Commission

Josh Green: How TPM Got Started (love the descriptions of Josh Marshall back then)

Lame Duck Actions

There's one issue that I support the tea party on.

The Books GWB "wrote"...

Clearly a reminder is in order: Bush tax cuts KILL jobs

How are we even having this discussion about the bush tax cut???

The resulting deficit from extending the tax cuts for the rich will be hung around Obama's neck

Female House members strongly support Nancy Pelosi

The Tax Cuts for the rich are a gift for the Democratic Party.

Nancy Pelosi: 'We Don't Let Republicans Choose Our Leaders'-Gives Bush Tax Cut Compromise Big NO!

Why would Obama give up all the leverage he and the Democrats have on the Bush tax cuts issue?

All Nancy has to do is pass a Middle Class Tax Cut in the House and send it to the Senate

Is it asking to much for those on DU to stop looking for a replacement

Some successes at G20 for Obama (tomorrow's WPost)

So if defeating the Catfood Commission's recommendations is all up to Pelosi -

George Bush is so dumb (how dumb is he?). He's so dumb he

How can our Kenyan communist president be THIS good for business?

LIBERALS aren't going to shut up and take it this time!

Obama seeks more market access, jobs for Americans

Somewhere over time, basically we've lost the ability to call "bullshit".

Bluntly put, Obama needs to learn hardball.

Since when does "Shared Sacrifice" = "Cut Social Security?"

Al From of the DLC and the Far Center WON. Stop saying the far center does not win!

38 Colombian unionists killed this year .

(50,000) TSA employees can vote on union representation, labor board rules

Threatened into Nationalism

Bear chases Bison (not political)

F is for FOX

Correcting Chevron's Greenwashing "We Agree" Ad Campaign

Thom Hartmann - $100,000 cap on Social Security?

Thom Hartmann - Is Justice blind or available if the price is right?

The Rent is Too Damn High Song

Thom Hartmann - Is Food the Next Bubble?

'Multiply Like Rats' - Rep. On Pregnant Undocumented Women

Veterans For Peace Forced Again To March Behind Boston Veterans Day Parade-Nov. 11, 2010

Wolf Blitzer learns how to do the Dougie

The Ongoing Obama Fraud: More Evidence from His Asia Trip

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Debt Commission Crazy Cuts

Cenk: National Archives Wants Investigation Into Who Destroyed CIA

Thom Hartmann - Dirty little secret about Social Security

Tonight On MRN: Huffington Post

Gerald Celente: "Scenario set up for next war"

Weird Liberal Head Show #219: Democrats- Move to the Left!

Bill O'Reilly Farts Interviewing Bush

SKATEISTAN - To live and skate in Kabul

Differences in reactions of park-goers when a white, then black man attempt to "steal" a bike.

Thom Hartmann - Crazy Alert: France edition!

Discussing Axelrod and Extending Tax Cuts for the Wealthy on MSNBC

NBC Special: We Are All Policemen (Crime in New York circa 1968)

Sonali Kolhatkar Interviews Matt Taibbi - Part 1

Sonali Kolhatkar Interviews Matt Taibbi - Part 2

An Art Show, Minus the Artist: Alec Monopoly vs. NYPD

MTV News: Russian images in film (1985)

Debt Collector tricked consumers with phony courtroom

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Obama Tax Cut Compromise? - Joan Walsh and Michael Scherer of Time

Dennis Kucinich: Flawed US economy works against people.

Thom Hartmann - Start learning Chinese

Papantonio: Obama Has Lost His Backbone

How Dummies Show Off Their Boehner

Whoops! Edison Tower demolition - falls the wrong way

Olbermann: Justice Alito Fund-Raises for Republicans

Inside Job

Thank You Alan Grayson

Hillary Clinton Turning New Zealand Against China

MRN: Obama CAVES On Bush Tax Cuts Hysteria

Racist abuses postal worker, and get HIM fired! (offensive language warning)

Bush Defends Torture!

ANIMATION: Bankrupting the U.S.A the Ben Bernanke Way.

TSA screener accosts a very unhappy 3 year old.

An Anti-Bullying Message From the NOH8 Campaign

Mr. President , even a TEMPORARY extension of Tax Cuts for the rich will cost you a lot of your base

Eugene Robinson: Rank-and-File Frustration

We can help build a resilient financial system that will serve real people in real communities

Eight Myths of Justice

What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones?

David Sirota: The High Cost of Low Prices

Spending cuts – the fightback begins

Matt Taibbi: Courts Helping Banks Screw Over Homeowners

WikiLeaks Ban or Global Secrecy Act?

What does a ‘Hispanic Heart’, Speedy Gonzales & the Tea Party Have in Common?

Brewing Up Trouble - Chip Berlet On The Tea Party And The Rise Of Right-Wing Populism

The Truthiness Comes Out in Rachel Maddow Interview: Jon Stewart Only 'Plays' A Liberal on TV

The Hijacked Commission

He was a Baptist pastor, not a priest

Sarkozy, G20 aiming to 'update' monetary system

Friday Talking Points (146) -- Clowning Around

Gulf hero doctor testing patients: Poisoning worsening, cancer

Businesses Do Not Create Jobs

WAPO OpEd by Ted Koppel: Olbermann, O'Reilly and the death of real news

Ky.editorial : McConnell's true colors

Angry Voters of a Decaying Empire

Weekend Economists "Give Me Your Tired" November 12-14, 2010

Wash Post Op-Ed: Obama Should Not Seek Re-Election

Centrica to Raise Domestic Gas, Electricity Prices for U.K. Households 7%

Peak oil notes

Drumbeat: November 12, 2010

Eggs and Baskets

A witch hunt against climate scientists?

Worst Sri Lankan Rains In 18 Years - Lower Floor Of Parliament Under 3 Feet Of Water - AFP

G20 Nations Will "Spare No Effort" At Cancun Climate Talks Blahblah "Urgent Priority" Blahblah

October 2010 Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations 387.18; October 2009 384.36; October 2008 382.98

Beijing to melt snow to address water shortage

33% - 100% Of Largemouth Bass Sampled In Delmarva Counties Show Intersex Characteristics

TVA could take lead for 'mini nuke' plants (Chattanooga Times Free Press)

Colorado Forests Already Net Carbon Source - Intermountain West Forests On Sink/Source Edge - NYT

NREL report: Big opportunity in offshore wind

‘Cool’ Climate Film Takes On ‘Truth’ (climate denier - Bjorn Lomborg)


Extent Of Medusahead - Latest Invasive Threat To Western Rangelands - Growing 12%/Yr In 17 States

Some questions on firearms registration

Gunman shoots 4 Texas policemen serving warrant

Why do you all post about the deaths of people you know nothing about

Robber shot in self defense by Church's Chicken customer

Has anybody had any experience with the new .327 Federal Magnum?

Pistol-packing store owner thwarts machete-wielding robber..

Mexico uses robot to explore ancient tunnel

38 Colombian unionists killed this year .

Colombia gay rights groups protest after court's gay marriage

Brazil's VP has heart attack Bradley Brooks

Bolivia, Japan sign agreement on lithium research

Colombian key in Guatemala forced disappearance case

'Drummond congratulated paramilitaries on unionist murders'

Major Mexican Drug Cartel Offers to Dissolve,"and return to our daily productive activities

Brazil’s Favorite Clown and Deputy “Tiririca” Not Illiterate After All

Meet Tlaloque I, Mexico’s High Tech Archeologist Exploring 2000 Year Old Tunnels in Teotihuacán

Former Peru president to run for top job again

Chilean government supports Muslim school girl use of ‘hijab’

Colombia's consul general in Miami resigns

A Team not in the BCS Top 20 should not be allowed into the BCS (I'm looking at you Big East)

Justin Morneau is no fan of Target Field

Oklahoma City says no to Lingerie league franchise.

Page 2's midseason NFL logo makeover

Idaho Vandals?

It's my birthday today! And as a present could you all please...

Moscow, Idaho

The JR Chess Report (November 12): Three Tied at the Top of the Tal

Barclays to Reimburse Gay Workers for Taxes on U.S. Benefits

Video: NFL players discuss gay players

Come out. Or don't. Make the choice.

GERMANY: Top Footballer Mario Gomez Urges Gay Players To Come Out

Tonight I worked with a calculus student

Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber Accuses Courts Of "Kidnapping" Isabella Miller

Wells Fargo Gives $150K to AIDS Program

DADT Discharges Can Continue For Now, Supreme Court Rules

World Bank funding anti-gay group!

" It was a nightmare "....fugging cops

Students Wear "Straight Pride" T-Shirts (includes passage advocating death for gays)

Christian Group Calls For Nickelodeon Boycott Over Trans Character (Degrassi)

GLBT - check in please!

NC GOP hopes to pass anti-marriage amendment

‘Social Suitability’ Nears OK as Israeli Housing Criterion

Column One: Addressing our homegrown enemies

Senator Bernie Sanders- a Progressive Profile in Courage

Prisoner Speaks Out From Israeli Jail

Barack Obama: The Most Anti-Israel President!

In Coma, Ariel Sharon Is Moved Home

Could you live with Islam?

For Catholics, Interest in Exorcism Is Revived

U.S. Catholic bishops holding a national conference/training on how to properly conduct exorcisms!

Once Again Another Priest Is Arrested

Psychotropics and the Nature of Reality

Muslim Man Faces Life In Prison For ''Insulting The Divine Essence''

an atheist Christmas coloring book

Learning with TuxMath (free open source)

Animation of Heavy-Ion Collisions in Atlas Experiment

Earth's Dust Tail Points to Alien Planets

By a friend:

interesting blog post on sensor size

Square Tower House

No reason

Possible entries for November

Hanging my head - begging for help - stairways poll

Today in Labor History Nov 12 “Chainsaw Al” Dunlap lays off 6,000 workers, half the workforce & more

AFL-CIO Welcomes NFL Players Association To State Feds And Central Labor Councils (It's about time!)

200,000 New Yorkers to begin Exhausting Unemployment in 3 weeks

Hi! What ever became of that questionnaire "thingy?"

Are you keeping an eye on rec/unrec patterns?

Apologies for stirring the pot about unrecs - I understand

A suggestion that new Mods not over-do policy against medical advice.

The GUNS forum is consistently used for the posting of news about people killed by guns

Regarding siglines and unreccers

Why do the mods allow bigotry against the mentally ill in complaints about bigotry