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More on the Carnival Cruise Ship

Subversively move George W. Bush's memoir to the crime section in book shops

It's the 'far left's' fault that Glenn Beck's fans are becoming violent and attacking the left

Calgary Social Services: "Anti-racist? We'll take your kids!"


GF *hates* me! Oh wait this belongs in the Lounge, huh?

Web Bot Predictions on the Internet - death of the dollar within days

Can't there be some kind of compromise between Hoyer & Clyburn?

"You're chasing a moment. You're chasing a poof of air. I will emerge then submerge."

Privatizing war and education

Whip: Clyburn v. Hoyer

delete. dupe.

delete. dupe.

delete. dupe.

U.S. Says Holocaust Fund Was Defrauded

The Two-Percent Putsch: Crisis at Pacifica

"The republicans drove the car into the ditch and is complaining about the cost of the tow truck"

On The Good News Front For Bath Iron Works, They Are Building the First $5+ Billion Dollar Destroyer

Unprecedented attacks on Fiat workers

Cuts for emergency utilities assistance coming?

Cholera reaches Port-au-Prince

Pro-Worker Candidates Run the Table in Massachusetts State Election

A tea party for Australia?

A tea party for Australia?

Afghanistan: How Well Is the U.S. Really Doing in Kandahar?

Buchanan(bushie)chided on travel expenses!

Bush urged John Paul II not to waiver on abortion.

Hmmmmmm strange headline -Deadly Attacks Target Iraqi Christians

Bath Iron Works Pissed About Not Building LCS Ships

Google giving ALL employees 10% raises

Nearly 59 million lack health insurance: CDC

Did anyone watch Vietnam: American Holocast the other nite on FSTV?

Cholera warning for h/c professionals in Miami, Fl.

Happy 235th birthday, USMC

Alert!: Area 51 Has Relocated to Just Off the California Coast

Alert!: Area 51 Has Relocated to Just Off the California Coast

Wall Street Takes $4 Billion From Taxpayers as Swaps Backfire

Kansas Family Is Selling Five Year Old's Drawings To Pay For His Chemotherapy

Veterans Day or aka Armistice Day Bell Ringing for Peace and Remembrance In St Paul, MN

Hey W, " Bombs kill 4, wound 19 in Baghdad's Christian areas"

The "$3 trillion on the sidelines" meme - holding America hostage?

Commentary: " Honor veterans, but without glorifying war " by Vet for Peace in Red Wing, MN

Obama Doesn’t Need Congress to Create Millions of Jobs: Jeanne Mirer and Marjorie Cohn

35 years ago today, 29 lives were lost on the Edmund Fitzgerald

Hedge Funders, Wealthy Sent Secret Campaign Cash to Derail Wall Street Regs

APNewsBreak: Ex-Marines arrested in weapons scheme

Bors toon is great today- Money and Ethics inPolitics

Joe Miller, spelling purist

Keith explains the whole Muslim thing.

From Bluegal: "Rand Scissorhands, enjoying one lonely term in the Senate"

exposed: how chicago charter schools "make their numbers" -- they kick out underperformers

Drones Cannot See What Afghan Civilians See

Democrats Trying to Get Snowe to Switch?

'Beyond Madness': Obama's War on Terror Setting Nuclear-Armed Pakistan on Fire

Jon Stewart Sticks Up For Olbermann

It Is What It Is

Underwater: Profits and pay are sky-high, even as bad loans are sinking the megabanks

Looking for drugs, New York man calls cops by mistake

Keep your fingers crossed for Arizona - Medical Marijuana still too close to call.

One of Stephanie Miller's callers just reminded us of Issa's idiotic statements about

Chevron nabs U.S. shale gas acreage

Akron student captures voting booth problem on his iPhone

Thousands of UK students protest tuition fees hike

World War III, no nukes necessary

Raw Story: Multiple independent lab tests confirm oil in Gulf shrimp

The hopes of extending unemployment benefits for the 99er's

Dear Tea Party: You will now get yours

Energy Comm Chair Candidate Says God Promised no More Catastrophic Climate Change after Noah

Poll: Voters Would Rather Tax The Wealthy Than Cut Social Security

Pembroke Pines area schools on lockdown after credible threat

Justice Served in Financial Fraud Case - Cobalt

Allen West chief of staff - If ballots don't work bullets will & hang illegals

A smart ol' mule named Jim...

mods pls delete, posting bug error

Court: No campaign finance limits for small groups

I hereby request some sort of 'trash pile;'

Growing up straight: What families should know about homosexuality by George Alan Rekers

Cheney's statement on Bush's assertion that waterboarding saved lives....

Today's ... Faces in the News.... Aaack...Thi f f t....

What I Learned in New Orleans--Diane Ravitch

First lady’s handshake with conservative Muslim raises Indonesian eyebrows

Obama is out of the country, and Bush

Spanish PM to Pope Ratz: Spain is secular.....and we kinda like it that way.

Students riot at Tory HQ in London

The Bush Tax Cuts and the Republican Cult of Economic Failure (David Fiderer, HuffPo)

"Our theme here is unity and diversity..."

The GOP's Ensign Problem-"a walking political corpse"

Invade a Hospital

tristero from digby's blog: Bush and Co. Are Too Big To Jail

"stop looking for middle ground and start looking for higher ground"

Google Gives All Employees Surprise $1,000 Cash Bonus And 10% Raise

Rescued brown Afghan eagle 'Mitch' settles into new home in upstate NY

A handy health care reform reference (Courier Journal)

As a taxpayer, I demand that all negotiations be televised. We know how important transparency is

Energy Committee Chairman Candidate Says God Promised no More Catastrophic Climate Change after Noah

Executive Orders: Are you for or against?

It's not bad enough yet for revolution

Jim Hightower: Soft Landing for Bankers, Hard Times for Everyone Else

Wednesday TOON roundup #2

GOPeons put D.C.'s future in hand of some Mor(m)on douchebag from Utah...

Guardian UK: Ireland's new toxic loans will spark social conflict, says economist

My 10 Commandments

What the fuck has Obama done so far?

The media is like Arlo's "Group W" bench....

Hero here

Wednesday TOON roundup #5

The Ultimate Irony

Republicans to attack healthcare law funding

I'd almost forgotten the sickness that is GWB

america's native prisoners of war

Exposing some Web Wingnuts: "Jett and Jahn" podcast

Bush tax cuts: a complete economic failure

WTF has Sarah Palin done so far?

WTF has Sarah Palin done so far?

Bush is lying, as usual

Why is any good news about the economy qualified with "but" or "however"?

Jean-Luc Nancy Responds to SUNY Albany's Closure of Language Departments

An Open Letter to the White Right, On the Occasion of Your Recent, Successful Temper Tantrum

Krugman: Inflation Delusions

Wednesday TOON roundup #4

Bomb found on board cargo plane last month was on track to explode over eastern seaboard of U.S.

Former Sacramento real estate giant Michael Lyon arrested (for secretly recording people)

Gay rights activist Edith Windsor sues feds over estate taxes

Looking for logic in all the wrong places

Police say US man smoked marijuana at hospital to celebrate baby's birth

Police say US man smoked marijuana at hospital to celebrate baby's birth

Police say US man smoked marijuana at hospital to celebrate baby's birth

This may be a bit late, but has Michael Steele gloated to critics within his party?

One reason many Americans are overweight, I believe, is that so many are on antidepressants.

Sarah Palin pretends to know something about economics and the Fed.

Perhaps the Dem's in the House should demand that the GOP show where they will

Jerrold Nadler: Bring on George W. Bush probe

Republicans: The People You Hated In High School

New Ways Bankers Are Spying on You

Does anyone know whatever happened to this news that was coming?

Virginia Tea Partiers Push Bill For 'Don't Tread On Me' State License Plate

Some Mortgage Servicers Are Buying Costly Insurance For Homeowners Without Their Knowledge

MSNBC has latest Govt shill on declaring the missile was just a plane from Hawaii.

Alvin Greene mulls presidential bid

Gov. Gasbagger doesn't believe humans could cause global warming

The True Measure of Unemployment Should Be

bu$h* lying about taxes on the toady show

Watch the Centist, Blue Dogs and DlC very very closely.

Collin im-moderates her remarks on Palin, Demint: 'They Cost us Two Seats We Could Have Won'

"Certainly the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis are not better off."

A word we should get acquainted with, to define the right wing, tea party esp. Extinguishment.

Right Wingers Getting "Informed"

Hong Kong sets controversial minimum wage

London Calling ........ 52,000 students protest in the Capital

Michele Bachmann is an IGNORANT, ILLITERATE, IDIOT!

Chinese father punished for food safety activism

I am looking for some assistance.

The "missile" over the Pacific was a UFO....

You Didn't Get Mad When...Where was outrage over things before health care?

Graffiti tagger who urinated on transformer gets shock of his life

Run for the Border, Steve King's Coming!

Why the Removal of Iowa Judges Hurts Judicial Independence

Toon: Cleaning up a stinking mess

Toon: Cleaning up a stinking mess

Fly the American flag! To honor those we serve.


Break out the catfood......

G.O.P. Pledge to Profit

EPA Denies Petition that Sought a Ban on Lead in Fishing Gear

U.S. government begins new budget year with $140.4 billion October deficit, third highest on record

The Wall Street TARP Gang Wants to Take Away Your Social S

Boeing Dreamliner is a nightmare

"U.S. Debt Proposal Would Cut Social Security, Medicare"~~Bloomberg news

Thom Hartmann Speaking about Social Security Crisis Myth

MTV "Teen Mom" star under investigation for domestic violence

Electoral vote site has good summary of rethugs for 2012

The new NYC Schools Chancellor wants to open 100 charter schools. That means closing other schools.

Toon: "What if people don't buy my book, Uncle Dick?"

Has anyone seen "Fair Game" with Sean Penn?

"(TX Gov) Perry calls Social Security bankrupt 'Ponzi scheme'"~~~

Wednesday TOON roundup #3

Exclusive: Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito Dismisses His Right-Wing Fundraising As ‘Not Important

Vice President Biden Launches Home Energy Scoring Program

NYT article on Debt Commission makes it sound like pure bullshit

USDA Announces Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Loans and Grants to Help Farmers

Stem cell transplants in mice produce lifelong enhancement of muscle mass

New NYC School Chancellor: How to do Layoffs

One more set of lips meets Junior's ass: Kanye West apologizes for his Katrina remarks

SS: My Pledge.

Just in time for Christmas. The perfect gift for the TeaBagger in your life.

Bivouac Of The Dead @ Wood Nat'l Cemetary, Milwaukee

More federal workers' pay tops $150,000

The Wall Street TARP Gang Wants to Take Away Your Social Security by Dean Baker

Cal State trustees approve two-step tuition increase (15% hike )

New challenge to Nancy Pelosi from liberal Dems

George W. Bush vs. Justin Bieber -- can you pick the author of the memoir?

This dude must think I'm a sucker.

So how did W get to a 44% approval rating?

So the teabaggers want tax reform...

The Family Research Council wants to know what you think of them

Greenspan at Jekyll Island: The banks robbed you (Market Ticker)

Obama officials moving away from 2011 Afghan date

Log Cabin Republicans' leader fights 'don't ask, don't tell'


GOP congressman may go over Bush admin for torture

Colbert: Decision Points

Everyone around the world is upset about the Fed's $600B QE2

Lou Dobbs joins former rival Fox

Dagger statement: Why weren't the "Bush Tax Cuts" made permanent to begin with?

Gomer Pyle is up by 8 points for 2012

Once the Republican tsunami rolls into Washington ...

The attack on Church/State separation will definitely ramp up under the incoming Congress...

Track the tree :)

Americans aren't buying the GOP agenda(Katrina Vanden Heuvel)

Colorado Democrats Call for New 9/11 Investigation: An Insider Tells Us How They Did It

Comment on the proposed new car fuel mileage labels here

FCC Investigating Google Data Collection

George W. Bush vs. Justin Bieber -- can you pick the author of the memoir?

Making an exception now for watching Oprah: Phil Donahue's on!!

Nancy Pelosi Is 'Garbage': Allen West's New Aide

While GOP Sought Exemption For Their Industry, PA Debt Collector Tricked

Straight British couple want "gay" civil partnership

MN Fox News reporter shows her true colors

Report: White House altered drilling safety report

GOP Congressman: I Have ‘ NO Hesitation Whatsoever ’ In PROBING BUSH For TORTURE

GOP Congressman: I Have ‘ NO Hesitation Whatsoever ’ In PROBING BUSH For TORTURE

Stay Thirsty My Fiends

Obama administration moving back Afghan War withdrawal date

Another GOP Civil War Brewing

U.S. deficit commission proposes drastic cost-saving measures, including reducing SS increases

I'd like to propose a bet to those who deny SS will be cut, for "I told you so" rights.

Cuomo says NY can't employ people in unneeded jobs

Collect Them All

WTF has Sarah Palin done so far?

Pittsburgh moves ahead with controversial gas drilling ban

Cat blamed for starting fire with toaster oven

Panel Weighs Deep Cuts in Tax Breaks and Spending

Alan Grayson May Try Again: ‘I Don’t Want to Waste’ Supporter Base

Simpson/Bowles say COLA formula (which says inflation is ZERO) too GENEROUS!!!!!

That's the ticket: Pump $600 billion of paper into banks with 1 hand...& GUT SS with the other....

"The self-awareness of a bison"

On Limbaugh’s Show, Bush Acknowledges That Limbaugh And His Comrades Killed Immigration Reform

How were Keith's ratings on his return Tuesday? I would imagine

I think there's a conspiracy between Dr's just to make ore money!

Republican Study Committee Recommends Cutting Welfare Program That Already Expired

Re: The Fancy Feast Commission; Starting point or Non-starter?

WTF? Key CIA Tapes Witness *Not Questioned* ; Also Yoo - no misconduct. (NBC)

50,000 students taking to the streets in England...

Watch Out: The World Bank Is Quietly Funding a Massive Corporate Water Grab

So I get an email about the cat food commission from my mother-in-law

In 5-dimensional chess, life of pawns to be more brutish, shorter

Run for the Border, Steve King's Coming!

To "celebrate" Bush's new book, let's revisit a couple of classic Onion pieces

Can You Hear Them Now?

Has Alan Grayson been back since the fundraiser?

As the Country Falls Apart, It's Time for Our Revolution

I watch and listen to the reports on the media of how things appear to be shaping up with the Rs

What's all this about Cat Food? Is it cheaper than Dog Food?

Shocking School Achievement Gap for Black Males

Appalachian Human Rights Activist Wins Purpose Prize

Latinos now majority in state schools (California)

C'mon DOWN that blood-red aisle . . .

Bush would have endorsed Obama if asked?

Republican congressman: I have ‘no hesitation whatsoever’ in probing Bush for torture

People Smarter than Me, on the Deficit Commission Report

So, there is a website listing the name and picture of a flasher in my neighborhood but not the...

Brad Friedman: African-American Voter Forced to Swear on Bible Before Casting Ballot in Midterm

I want an Investigaton.

Kristi Noem: CNN crowns her the GOP's new 'it' girl.

Use Citizens United to our advantage...........

CNN crowns Kristi Noem new GOP 'it' girl. Gagme...

the media is hammering Obama/democrats 24/7 on the economy

Migrants from the Near East 'brought farming to Europe'

Please write congress and ask them to pass an unemployment extension. Here is my own letter.

Could eliminating corn subsidies give us enough to fund single payer?

Cutting the deficit with tax cuts is like drilling holes in a sinking ship to let the water out.

Teabaggers tell congressmen..

RW radio host inspires threats against Broward schools, now she's going to Washington!

According to Crooks and Liars, Tucker has admitted he did it.

Do you support the new cigarette labels proposed by the FDA?

Teacher’s Death Exposes Tensions in Los Angeles

White House Taking Questions on Unemployment/Job Creation; Jobless Rally in NYC

French police infiltrated protests against Sarkozy austerity program

Don't worry about Terrorists..... worry about TSA........

We must raise retirement age because we are living longer (Um... "we"?)

Dana Milbank laid down with dogs

STFU Tweety

Seeing some good, angry threads this afternoon on important topics.

Rep Jerry Nadler(D,NY)

Harvard economist: U.S. landmark labor law an 'anachronism'

Lets be real, raising retirement age is the same as raising taxes.

Independent UK: Fury about more than tuition fees

Proficiency of Black Students Is Found to Be Far Lower Than Expected

A quiet rift on DU over inflation

Ray McGovern: ‘Damn Right’: Bush Boasts About Waterboarding

Foreign Policy Magazine: Delusion Points - Bush's foreign policy really was that bad


Guardian UK: 'At last the country is beginning to fight back'

Gov. Rick Perry calls Social Security bankrupt 'Ponzi scheme'

Man seeks Obama, Jesus restraining orders

ABC carrying the Veterans Scam by the RETHUG donor complete with pics with Bush, Rove and Boehner

Am sending the whole msg: Colorado Dems. call for new 9/11 Investigation: An Insider tells us how

Your state needs to cut spending to balance the budget -

I know four conservatives who voted for Obama.

A USA Cheer for the 21st Century: ‘We’re Number 12!’

Local news personalities. WTF?

American Provincialism for all to see

Need help DU

He lost the race for Governor but he's still giving FOX News hell

He lost the race for Governor but he's still giving FOX News hell

Freeze Congressional Pay

How a veil helped keep Elizabeth Smart captive

A bi-partisan example of kneejerk overreaching stupidity

Tucker's quote on why he was a slime ball to Keith O.

Waterboarding: call to indict Bush following his memoirs confession

FDA Wants Your Input on Cigarette Warnings / Where to See the Warnings and Where to Comment

Statement on China Rare Earth Materials Policy (US Outsourced to China)

Sen. Franken Out of Running for DSCC

OK..Please review my next editorial on Poverty and uninsured

Why would the 2 co-chairs of the fiscal commission bother

Put Bush's Book Where It Belongs

Labor Notes: Billionaire Launches Campaign to Slash Social Security

Labor Notes: Billionaire Launches Campaign to Slash Social Security

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Protesters challenge regents on immigration

I have a new rule for pundits on radio or tv - they need to issue a warning when

A civilization is measured by the size of the creatures it renders extinct

So I guess there are no wars going on?

For the Vets...

AlterNet not kosher 'round these parts?

Forest Service makes actress Betty White honorary ranger (w/pic)

If Obama does NOT come out against this debt commision report, someone should challenge him in 2012

Will Wal-Mart Replace the Government in Regulating Farming Practices?

Political Mutual Assured Destruction - Why are we asking for escalation instead of disarmament??

Grijalva:The Fiscal Commission's Proposal Is Bad for America

Health official: 'Obamacare' was once 'Romneycare'

Cat Food Commission Releases Draft Version of 'Shock Doctrine'

The pedophile's guide to love and pleasure


Have you read the draft proposal from the defict commission?

I think Simpson & Bowles released this info today as a con.

Knock me over with a feather! Lou Dobbs gets a job with... wait for it... Fox Bidness Network!

In theory, Obama could use the Chairmen's report as a foil.

Chocolate: Worth Its Weight in Gold?

Dear Tea Party: You will now get yours, By Mark Morford

Research help needed...

Pelosi, political left rip proposal from debt commission chairmen

Speaker Pelosi: 'In the Name of All Veterans, We Break Ground . . .'

Der Spiegel: Recession Shadows America's Middle Class

"The knife was folded in a closed position", deaf, drinking, carver shot 4 times, killed

Moderator: please delete

Bibi liked the election results

Fiscal Commission Co-Chairs Recommend Draconian cuts to Social Security and Medicare

Read the complete details of the Deficit Commission plans to cut Social Security, Medicare, etc.,

Independent UK: 'W has the self-awareness of a bison'

This is your "Activist" Supreme Court. Sam Alito fundraising for the GOP. Impeach this bastard.

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) calling for prosecution of GW Bush for torture

Economist Paul Krugman envisions a ‘pretty grim’ future in visit to Yale

I can't believe Keith has that scumbag Howie Kurtz on!!!

A Darkening Future: Why Growth Still Feels Like a Recession

Boehner: I’ll Fly Commercial as Speaker

Honestly, can we afford another four trillion dollars in debt?

Honestly, can we afford another four trillion dollars in debt?

'The planet won't be destroyed by global warming because God promised Noah,' says Repulican

Thanks Anthony Weiner

Beck finds his... MORIARTY!!!!

Virtual Tour of the Whitehouse - awesome!

Somebody please fill me in. What did Obama just say that has everyone

Is the religious way of portraying the founding fathers and the constitution a good thing or bad?

The Democrats’ Secret Formula for Winning in 2012

Department of Defense to Service Members: Homos Get Half

Dean Baker on Catfood Comish Recs: Chairs ignore economic reality

President Obama speaks at a Veterans Day event at U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan in Seoul - pics

Reddit's starting a fundraising group to get an ad in the NYT against TSA feel-ups:

Anyone Else Think The Democratic Coalition May Be Falling Apart ???

For Veteran's Day, I'm Posting this Article To Honor And Respect Veterans Everywhere

Catholic archbishop calls AIDS a form of 'justice' / wants no punishment for pedophile priests

Iran hawks step up pressure on Obama — some see echoes of Iraq

Thanks so much, Kanye, for adding legitimacy to that fucker!

Will graphic warning labels on cigarettes lower smoking rates?

UPS plane would have had blown up 2 hours north of Quebec City if the brits had

Union That Helped Torpedo Whitman Now Plans to Press Brown on Workplace Rules, Universal Coverage

Catfood Commission: Include public option

Spam, pop tarts and canned crabmeat.....yum.

It's gotta suck being Tucker Carlson

So I just saw a promo for Rachel Maddow's 'exclusive' interview with Jon Stewart.

So I just saw a promo for Rachel Maddow's 'exclusive' interview with Jon Stewart.

Long John Silvers moving away from Gulf contamination concerns.

The Carnival Splendor is just TWO YEARS OLD

The Carnival Splendor is just TWO YEARS OLD

Anak Krakatau’s (Child of Krakatoa) Crater Expands; Eruption Frequency Increases

Uggh... Cenk is unwatchable

A really funny cartoon that ran in my local paper today

Getting rid of the mortgage interest rate deduction would only further depress home prices.

Sarah Palin attacks another strawman

McCain Goes to Kabul to Criticize the President on Afghanistan?

This will not be popular here, but calm down and wait for discussion on the panel!!!

DU: Help me with this moral dilemma

LaHood turns down Kasich request to keep rail money

Another rumor about a Dem Senator switching parties - Webb (Va.)

Can you name any young Democrats who are being groomed to take political leadership? Our fleet

Why do we talk about *the* SS retirement age?

Why do the rich elites want to create the seeds for radical social upheaval?

They want your retirement...they want it back

Cuba says Castro video game tries to legitimise murder

Putting Tucker Carlson into perspective

Jon is going to be on Rachel tomorrow! Get out! Why didn't you tell me!

McConnell joins health care suit

Several people have asked questions about the legal issues re Bush and torture this week.

Who will be upset by panel's proposal on national debt? Nearly everyone. CS Monitor book defending pedophilia sparks boycott call !

Missle, not plane, swamp gas. Google Link to "Notice to Mariners" PDF

Wonderful commentary on O'Donnell from a Repub in DE

Breitbart's Dana Loesch: Bush "infinitely better than the man who bows to anything with a pulse"

Pierce Arrow & social upheaval

Mariners fans - Breaking that Dave Niehaus has died. No info on how/why. He was 75. nt

Best diagnosis of America

OMG - it's Boehner Jr

Warning: Gruesome Video Footage

Classes Start Soon for Bachmann's Constitutional Conservative Caucus

warning: christine o'donnell on jay leno show

Video: Rand Paul Gets Pissy With Eliot Spitzer for Asking Him to Name Specific Budget Cuts

Video: Rand Paul Gets Pissy With Eliot Spitzer for Asking Him to Name Specific Budget Cuts

interesting facts

I was just elected to the executive board of our county Democratic party

Social Security adds NOTHING to our debt ... it neither increases it nor decreases it ....

Fellow vets, post 'em if you got 'em!

Remember to put out your flag tomorrow morning.

Question the TSA at your own Risk

Emulating Palin, Bachmann quits

Last Remaining Politician Must Rebuild Entire Government Following Bloodiest Midterm Election.."

How REPUBS And BIG BIZ Allies DUPED Millions of Evangelicals Into Voting For A CORPORATE AGENDA

What the hell should I boycott THIS week?

"Over 59 Million Americans Lack Health Care" - "Health insurance corporations profits are SOARING"

DADT STUDY LEAK: Repeal Will Not Undermine Military During Time Of War

Pillow fight breaks out on Continental flight

Something kinda of cool!

Vote for TIME's 2010 Person of the Year

The Rude Pundit: The Impossibility of Truly Changing the Paradigm (or the Revolution Will Not Be)

DEVASTATING Review of W's Book

If there were truth in political advertising... what the Teabaggers' flag would REALLY look like:

Better Uses Of Your Money

Bush wasn't a POTUS, he was a FETUS (Fraudulently Elected Traitor of the United States).

Let's talk more about the morality of cutting Soc. Security AND taxes for corporations and the rich.

Indonesia: President Obama in the Company of Killers by Amy Goodman

I'm a Democrat and I'm okay...

A SIMPLE Tax Plan to REPLACE Bush's tax cuts. Or is this too simple???

Corpses and rotten teeth? Feds propose graphic cigarette labels

Re: Tucker Carlson. Impersonation is a crime in many jurisdictions.

The next time you fly, there might be a Boehner in the seat next to you

Facts are a liberals criptanight

Catfood Commission's Initial Recs: Cut Corporate Taxes, Raise SS Retirement Age, Means Testing

So, I make $300,000 a year ....

My statement signing PCCC and Raul Grijalva's letter supporting Social Security

Wounded Warriors...

Which is your FAVORITE part of the Chairmen's proposal?

SS As Your Savings Account

Austerity means you get fucked while the rich dickheads who own you profit.

Catfood Commission? What Catfood Commission? Wut?

About the proposals of Obama's Commission Co-Chairs...

OMG... Who Could Have Foreseen This ??? - 'Debt Commission Report Targets Social Security, Medicare'

Amnesty: US must begin criminal investigation of torture following Bush admission

Do the new TSA scanners worry you?

A nice poem about America for you on Veteran's day.

Krugman on Catfood Commission: Unserious People

On Armistice Day: "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda"

Politics: Will the Pugs rally around the Commission?

I want to start a new right wing anti-Obama whisper smear campaign

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

FBI arrests 18 bankers and 28 Wall Street Traders

How many of the Tea Party supporters are smokers enraged

Supreme Court Justice Alito: My fundraising for conservative causes is ‘not important’

State bans 'blackout in a can' caffeinated alcohol drinks

Nationwide warrant for head of sham veterans' charity: Diverted money to Republican campaigns

Good grief: Pat Sajak apologizes for introducing Keith Olbermann to America.

Falin Palin lies again... imagine that

Falin Palin lies again... imagine that

Bring back the Greatest Generations Tax on the ultra-rich! They knew what they were

"The conservative wing of the Democratic Party just drove it over a cliff." Eskow takes on Matt Bai

"The conservative wing of the Democratic Party just drove it over a cliff." Eskow takes on Matt Bai

Condit's DNA found on Levy's underwear

Toronto Star: Microwave popcorn bags popping out dangerous chemicals

Thank You Keith !!!


Black Voter Forced to Swear on Bible Before Casting Vote in Mid-Term Election

HS Student sues over pink cleats after cut by coach-Wore to honor Family Breast Cancer Survivors

Sign the petition to have an educator in charge of the largest school district in the US

Ezra Klein: There is no report from the fiscal commission

The President doesn't want anything to do with the SS report

God Almighty. The barbarians have reached the gate for our Social Security and Medicare.

Veterans eat free tomorrow at several restaurants...

(Senator) Sanders Statement on Deficit Commission Co-Chairs’ Report

Dieting gets you nowhere

Speaker Pelosi: 'This proposal is simply unacceptable.'

Bush: My conscience is clear on financial crisis

NJ Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights will have Senate and Assembly Hearings on Monday

(HuffPo) Longest-ever study of lesbian families (24 years and counting) shows child abuse rate of 0%

Veterans days always make me feel weird.

President Bush's book seems to be moving very well! (dial up warning)

DU Has New Moderators!

Not looking good for Murkowski

Super loud jet (plane?) just flew low over West Los Angeles

Democrats pressing Pelosi to step aside

We all try to do our part. I try to do my part with my music. Please listen.

Please K&R this DU Election Reform thread and read all about this courageous New York Democrat!

The movie AVATAR's "political" message

Caught on tape: Alito says his fundraising for conservative causes 'not important'

PIC: Nun vs. Muslim girl--what's the diff?


Thank you Rep. Jerry Nadler! Bush Era War Crimes Must Be Investigated

35 Secrets Your Pilot Won't Tell You.

A Thin Raft

If you interviewed Bu$h, what would you ask???

Petition to tell Congress: Don't extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy

Girl Kills Self After Being Bullied Over Rape Allegations


WOW! O'Donnell's editorial about "we're all socialists".

Meet the newest member of the Black Congressional Caucus: Allen West (R-FL)

What Are The Real Issues with Education?

Shame on our party to even consider cutting present SS retirees by 3 to 6 percent.

Colbert Gets Cee Lo Green to alter lyrics of "F You" to "Fox News"

Three Pics That Make Me Wistful

"This is going to be a disaster for the President.The gay community is not gonna take this anymore.'

"It never addresses sin as the root cause of poverty, which means it never addresses Christ as a rem

my nephew was very seriously injured in Afghanistan yesterday (IED)

Where can a working class/working poor American emigrate to?

UPDATE: Tucker Carlson ADMITS he sent the fake Keith Olbermann emails

"Obama Was Used, and Is Now Used Up"

Ted Rall and Dylan Ratigan scare the teabaggers

Divisive Issue: The Mortgage Interest Deduction

Debt Commission Report - Shouldn't Liberals Use It To Attack Republicans? Seize The Narrative!

Wednesday TOON roundup #1 : Shrub's book

Help! I read a really good article a few weeks ago about depression in literature

GF *hates* me! Oh wait this belongs in the Lounge, huh?

Incredible Animated Gifs!

Dear Mad Men writers - pick two or three subplots per episode, please

Oh yes, it's ladies' night and the feeling's right. Oh yes, it's ladies' night, oh what a night!

B-A-D-A-S-S ery!!

Does your SO do anything...unusual...when sleeping?

Games People Play


Going to Berlin tomorrow

Pictures taken at the perfect time

The best song about Bush ever. EVER!11

Bike Helmest Have Never Been More Fun! (Cool pictures)

The following link is for MiddleFingerMom

For you animal lovers out there

The old Tokyo sandblaster!

I just set my neighbors barn on fire and am proud of it....

This dude must think I'm a sucker.

Graffiti tagger who urinated on transformer gets shock of his life

Which is preferable?

Hi people (high people?)

A hypothetical questions for teh Lounge wimminses

How much do you need to water your succulent plants?

10 Geological Wonders you didn't know

It's okay to eat your neighbour's pussy

Robb is a...

Calling Skittles - my s.o needs an ass-kicking

DU sticker sighting, Cola, SC, 11/10/10, 5:40 pm. Green car parked behind the Nickelodeon


My grand daughter

If there were truth in political advertising... what the Teabaggers' flag would REALLY look like:

Have you ever wondered where the term proof for alcoholic beverages comes from?

The word of the day is deliquescent

And NOW, another EXCITING episode of everyone's FAVORITE game show, IS SNOOP WASTED?

A Few Bill Hicks Quotes - It Just Makes the Day Better

Anyone else have the Picassa function on their TV?

I Am Going to See Charlie Pride This Saturday


Sweet geo-cities website

OMG it's Wednesday's kitteh

Is there anything cuter than birdies in a mud puddle?

I think one of the writers for Weeds must read DU

HOF broadcaster Dave Niehaus is gone at 75

What book(s) could you read - and re-read - again and again?

Tomorrow would have been my Mother's birthday and is Veterans Day.

Dinger Is . . . . .

This is a little long, but funny!

Nice post, Xema!

XemaSab Appreciation Thread....

This thread is definately TMI!!!!!

Is P90X even worth attempting if you're not already an athlete?

Couple celebrates 72nd anniversay with bacon bacon and bacon pizza.

Who's your favorite X-man?

NCIS, Modern Family The Big Bang Theory hits with Republicans....

Whatchya Watchin' Tonight?

Sesame Street, MUTHAFUCKA!!!!

If you could go back in time, say, to

The current episodes of South Park suck ass!

damn it people, keep your kitties in!!

You know, it's strange . . . (re my cats who have died)

The new Mr. Peanut: I hate him already

To all of my brothers and sisters who served....

Seriously, is dancing with the stars fixed or something?

Lounge Foodies - may I present your One-Stop Thanksgiving Dinner?

How do you feel about people being used as Sushi tables?

I told my son, "Glenn Beck would call me a latte sipping liberal ...

DUers: Domestic House Cats vs Song Birds?

I'm Baaaack! (again) a TMI post

Join me in a loving memorial tribute to Kali's husband's dear departed half-colon (DIAL-UP WARNING)

oh joy, oh bliss. class action lawsuit against hp!!! yes!!


Okay, shadetree mechanics, I'm on the prowl for some advice

Carrie Prejean is pregnant and has started thinking about names for her baby. Can you help?

11 Nostalgic Activities Kids Today Will Never Experience

'Honeymoon killer' may get temporary visa

Two people hit by LRT train near 82nd Street

Chromium plume spreads in Calif. town's water

Big Pharma to begin microchipping drugs

Protesters disrupt Ravenstruther coal rail terminal

Moroccan raid on Western Sahara camp killed 11: Polisario

Alvin Greene mulls presidential bid

Anak Krakatau’s (Child of Krakatoa) Crater Expands; Eruption Frequency Increases

New York Schools Chancellor Ends 8-Year Run

US soldier in court over alleged Afghan killing spree

3 UK soldiers could face war crimes trial

HCA Plans $2 Billion Dividend Payout to Its Owners

Fox 5 NY reporter faces child porn charge

Inside a $4.5M court award: Lawsuit questions Blue Cross' power

G-20 Unity Born in Crisis Fractures as Leaders Pursue Own Ends

U.K. Students Break Windows at Conservative Party Headquarters Over Fees

Largest Calif. employee union OKs pension changes (and pay cuts)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday November 10

US appeals court judge endorses legal marijuana

Trade Deficit in U.S. Shrinks as Exports Climb to Two-Year High

Watchdog wants probe of Google's 'unusually close' ties to Obama

Lou Dobbs Joining Fox Business Network

(Tucker) Carlson sent fake ‘Olbermann’ emails to Philly columnist

Alaska Senator Close to History as Ballots Checked

Yemen mail bomb 'could have detonated over eastern US'

Black Voter Forced to Swear on Bible Before Casting Vote in Mid-Term Election

House featured in 'Sleeper' movie sold at auction

FCC Investigating Google Data Collection

Chris Christie, while U.S. attorney, often exceeded travel expense budget

Obama officials moving away from 2011 Afghan date

Tentative Deal to End Iraq Impasse Keeps Maliki in Power

Sarkozy signs the law: French retire at 62, not 60

Attacks target Iraq's Christians again, killing 5

Jobless claims fall sharply to 4-month low

Judge denies injunction in Alaska election lawsuit

Fiscal Commission CoChairs' Proposal, Nov. 10, 2010

Utility Official Suspended for an E-Mail Masquerade

Report: White House altered drilling safety report

EU President issues stark warning against nationalism

Federal marshal's description of fatal shooting conflicts with video footage

U.S. military helping Mexican troops battle drug cartels

Bush lying, says ex-German leader

Michele Bachmann's GOP Conference Chair Bid OVER

Cal State approves 15.5 pct tuition hike next fall

Costa (D-Calif.) takes lead in 20th Cong. District

NYC Schools Chancellor Klein Joins News Corp. as Senior Adviser

Sources: Pentagon group finds there is minimal risk to lifting gay ban during war

Air marshal official sidelined for 'culturally insensitive' comment

Joe Miller camp files suit over Alaska write-in ballots

F.D.A. Unveils Graphic Warning Labels for Cigarettes

Congo Republic Declares a Polio Emergency

"Mystery Missile" Was a Plane, Pentagon Says

Tentative Deal to End Iraq Impasse Keeps Maliki in Power

Google to give 10 pct raises to entire work force

Late-term abortions moving (new Nebraska law prevents it here)

Blasted tower falls the wrong way in Ohio

50 Activists Slain in Colombia Under Santos, Opposition Says

Amnesty: prosecute Bush for admitted waterboarding

Thank you Rachael.. thank you thank you...debunking

President Obama: US-Muslim Mistrust Must End

So Sarah Palin Opposes Quantitative Easing

Obama's Every Indonesian Utterance Was Enough To Foster National Pride

MSNBC Headline: "Obama Slams Israel Over Settlement Plans"

Sometimes, We Need Big Government

Times must be getting tough for the top 2%

Matt Bai's False Choices

Alvin Greene considering Presidential bid

What's Howard Dean up to since the election?

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Nancy Pelosi for Minority Leader

Four-week average of jobless claims falls to the lowest level since 9/08

TIme to pack the bags to Canada. Maybe the final nail in Obama's presidency

Note to Republicans: "Killing Expired Program Won’t Save Money"

Alaska Starts Counting Write-In Votes For Senate Seat

Bush Would Have Backed Obama

Senate candidate Ken Buck still has 'no idea' how he lost to Sen. Michael Bennet

TPM: Why Now? Very interesting reactions from debt commission members.

Rasmussen: American people do not support investigations

Damn, Biden is looking hot standing by his firebird...

NYT: Panel Weighs Deep Cuts in Tax Breaks and Spending

Is this any surprise

Dean Baker: The Wall Street TARP Gang Wants to Take Away Your Social Security

Social Contract

"Judicial nominees and the midterm election: Now what?" CHANGE SENATE RULES, THAT'S WHAT!

George Miller on Pelosi and Republicans

UK students protest university fees

TPM: Fiscal Commission Co-Chairs Simpson And Bowles Release Eye-Popping Recommendations

Bill O'Reilly Presidential Campaign 2012

Krugman: Unserious People

If the House tries to defund the Health Care bill and Planned Parenthood

Bush's book sells 200K it's first day. BTW, Clinton's book sold 400k on it's first day

Thom Hartmann: The REAL Social Security Crisis

Listening to the news on the debt commission.. these are just a proposal

I am ok with Pelosi as the minority leader although I could be open for her replacement...

Speaker Pelosi on proposal by fiscal commission co-chairs

GOP Sen. Collins: Palin 'Likes Being A Celebrity Commentator' Instead Of Governing

Cable News Ratings for Tuesday, Nov 9; Olbermann Demo Up Nearly 50% On Return

Andrew Sullivan: The Big Lie II

Third Way lauds fiscal commission chairs proposal, real Dems blast it


Obama's Leadership Style (Repost from HP)

Obama's Leadership Style (Repost from HP)

Bush Diaspora

White House White Board: The President in Asia & the National Export Initiative

The President and First Lady in Indonesia (Photos by Pete Souza)

Here's that graph Rachel Maddow had up last night:

This is the one thing that drives me nutsy fagen about President Obama..

Check in with how you think Dems should "frame" what they believe in:

Nancy Pelosi wants DREAM Act vote

Joe Conason: Meet the leader of the Obama witch hunt

Remarks by President Obama in a Toast Honoring his Mother at the State Dinner in Jakarta, Indonesia

White House statement on Bowles/Simpson plan

White House statement on Bowles/Simpson plan

Hilariously brutal review of W's "Decision Points" (The Independent)

I'm glad most of the democrats in Congress are sticking by Pelosi instead of listening to media

Michelle Obama Shines in Indonesia Mosque Visit

The Primary Reason Democrats Were Defeated in Last Election

Debt Plan Would Cut Social Security, Medicare

What If Not?

Breaking: Fiscal Commission Report To Be Released Early. Apparently, this afternoon.

Breaking: Fiscal Commission Report To Be Released Early. Apparently, this afternoon.

There are those on the Left, idealists, who believe Social Security...

Photos: Clearly the President is embarassed about his dancing...

Former Chancellor Schroedar says "Bush lying"....Huf Post..

500 Absentee ballots in Palm Beach County not counted

Tea Party members to 2 Hispanic Congressmen: 'Why don’t you go back to Mexico?'

Martha Coakley won reelection in Massachusetts by 23 points

George Bush: "I'd have endorsed Obama if they'd asked me"

When must they raise the debt ceiling??

I am ready and eager to use the spoils of the Citizen United Decision for our gain

Another DUMB ASS decision by Obama this Debt Commission with mostly republicans

Maureen Dowd has COMPLETELY lost it......

Uh oh... Obama scraps 2011 departure from Afghanistan back to 2014

Can someone remind me? When did the 60 vote rule start?

Bernie Saunders: On making SS strong and solvent for the next 75 yrs, Obama has the right solution.

********Obama speak in South Koera LIVE*****

Kent Conrad on Bowles/Simpson proposal (updated)

1 million reasons why the millionaire tax bailout is a bad idea

U.S. Tweaks Message: Troops Will Still Be in Afghanistan in 2014

rachel maddow just reported obama lowered deficit 20% from last year.

I never thought I would say this but Palin is right and Obama is wrong

What to do about the catfood commission?

Gearing up: David Brock to launch outside group for 2012 (WH sent the message & it's been received)

GM posts $2B 3Q profit

Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito Dismisses His Profligate Right-Wing Fundraising As ‘Not Important’

Emilio Massera, Leader of Brutal Argentine Junta, Dies at 85

Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan 'for blasphemy'

Write-in count shows 98% for Murkowski; most challenges fail - Updated

Flight attendants union upset over new pat-down procedures

Mike Malloy - Republican Legislatures Will Destroy U.S. Safety Net - Part 2

Mike Malloy - Republican Legislatures Will Destroy U.S. Safety Net - Part 1

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Rep. Weiner, Tea Party & Congress

Last Word: Gen. Karpinski on Bush Comments - 'Flabbergasted, Disgusted, Infuriated'

Michael Moore Offers NBC Free Run Of Fahrenheit 9/11 To Balance Out Bush Lies

Eat The Meek

Veterans Day 2010: Honor the Consciences of Our Veterans

Stop the Killing, Stop the War: Pat Scanlon & Vets for Peace

UK students protest against university fees

Hamish and Andy interview Hillary Clinton - The 7pm Project (Australia) : FUNNY

Bush Calls Sean Hannity “My Buddy”

My 2 Year Old Explains the Bush Tax Cuts

Sam Seder Talks About G.W. Bush Book

Berkeley No Torture Week, Author Readings - Andy Worthington, Oct 10, 2010

NYC starves schools of resources then closes them for failing.

GOP Trying To Switch D's To R's

Weird Liberal Head Show #217: The GOP Selling out the Tea Party?

What Would Lincoln Say About Today's Republican Party?

Nov 2nd Special Elections for the Senate affected Unemployment Extensions.

South Korean unions plan G20 protests

TDPS: George W. Bush says Kanye West was the worst moment of his presidency...hmm?

TDPS: George W. Bush Invents 2 New Words: Psychobible & Inyuandated

The concept of currency wars

Rand Paul on his plans as KY senator 11/9/10 - CNN Parker / Spitzer

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is going to cut Unemployment Insurance benefits by 50%

UK students KICK ASS!

Students storm Tory HQ in London to protest cuts

Cenk Uygur To Gays: The GOP ''Just Isn't That Into You''

Climate Denial Crock of the Week/Hollywood Does Climate Change

Hitler on Climate Change

Miami-area: 35-40 large birds "floating in Biscayne Bay"...oil related?

Keith Olbermann: Obama the secret Muslim - FUNNY

Cenk, Sirota & Wolffe on MSNBC: GOP Civil War

Dr. says he's seeing more & more patients with symptoms of toxic exposure to oil and corexit

Americans Get Down With The Sickness,Fear And Hate 24/7

Rachel: W. book revives phony predicates for Iraq war

The final nail in the coffin for Net neutrality?

Rep. Alan Grayson: The Progressive Appeals to People With a Good Heart

Ralph Nader: Corporate takeover of America. Pt. 2

Thom confronts former Tea Party Express Mark Williams

JUSTICE ALITO at a political FUNDRAISER headlined by Michele Bachmann, RNC Chairman

Mumia Abu-Jamal fights for life, justice

Alan Greenspan ADMITS That it Was All A SCAM and FRAUD

The Turkey Votes for Thanksgiving

Berkeley No Torture Week, Forum on Torture and the Law, Oct 14, 2010 Pt1

MSNBC: Cenk Slams OK Sharia Law Ban

Ralph Nader: Corporate takeover of America. Pt. 1

Bush v. Baker: Battle of the Books & Truth

MRN: Rand Paul Cuts Eliot Spitzer

Climate Change Science 1958: The Bell Telephone Science Hour

Glenn Greenwald DEBATES Lawrence O'Donnell on BLUE DOGS

Obama's India Trip, Corn, condoms and that giant sucking sound

Will Social Security be cut while Obama is President?

Face Columbia's Dispaced: Interview with Afro-Columbian Activist Daira Quinones Preciado

Thom Hartmann and AFA's Bryan Fischer debate

(not quite) Nude Protest: Airport Body Scanners in Germany

Now begins the spin

NY Schools Chief Leaves to Work for Rupert Murdoch, As Another Ex-Murdoch Employee Replaces Him

Earmark debate another example of Republican fiscal fraudulence

NAFTA Fueling Drug Trade

Flight Attendants Union Upset over New Pat-down procedures

Uninsured Rise to 59 Million in 2010

As the Country Falls Apart, It's Time for Our Revolution

Could Wall Street's Favorite Dem Head Obama's Consumer Bureau?

When Campaigns Manipulate Social Media

To what shrinking extent do the rich any longer need the rest of us?

Dominic Lawson: What the Germans can teach America

Liberals balk at fiscal panel's plan

Glen Beck Found the Devil, George Soros Vs. Rupert Murdoch

The White Backlash Has Arrived – Bring on the Black Is Back Coalition!

David Sirota: Thank You, Dick Cheney, For Giving Me the Proper Words

Government perilously close to calling in IMF, report warns

Ten Flash Points In The Fiscal Commission Chairmen's Proposal

The new politics: Student riot marks end of Coalition's era of consensus

Inside Karl Rove's Diary: Back to Permanent Political War

Galbraith's Scathing Testimony to the Deficit Commission Sham

Robert Scheer: The Life and Times of Bush the Clueless

Paul Krugman: Unserious People

Watch Out: The World Bank Is Quietly Funding a Massive Corporate Water Grab

Money concerns didn't drive Deepwater Horizon decisions, panel counsel says

Health Insurance Profits Soar, Dem Calls For Rebates

Cable Companies' $46+ Billion Robbery -- Subscribers Have Been Ripped off for $5 a Month Since 2000

Drumbeat: November 10, 2010

U.S. EPA Sets Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Requirements

The end of the world. That is, the end of the world we’ve known since WWII

First Energy can't do anything right

US regulator says Westinghouse AP1000 reactor impact study is inadequate

Two tidbits about nuclear power that caught my attention today.

Does working for the government give workers a free pass to carry a gun?

Remember that BART shooting back on New Years Day in 09?

Uribe's VP knew about wiretaps: Ex-DAS offical .

Pastor arrested for multiple child abuse in El Salvador

16 Teachers Slain This Year in Colombia

Emilio Massera, Leader of Brutal Argentine Junta, Dies at 85

Colombia displaces and Ecuador receives refugees by violence

Garcia jumps on the gender wagon (Peru)

Green Party backs 80% Santos policies

Chavez: Santos is 'new best friend'

50 Activists Slain in Colombia Under Santos, Opposition Says

Venezuela, Saudi Arabia: Two OPEC giants strengthen relations

The "virtual assassination" of Fidel Castro

Nibia Sabalsagaray (Uruguay) -- couple graphic fotos

Cuba says Castro video game tries to legitimise murder

The Miami Heat blow a TWENTY-TWO point lead and LOSE at home

East Coast bias? These days sports is all about the West Coast...

East Coast bias? These days sports is all about the West Coast...

A Tu-Car Family!

SF Giant fans: Is Aubrey Huff a free agent?

Dayum! The Jazz has humiliated the state of Florida in basketball in their own backyard.

Seattle sports radio just reported that Dave Niehaus died.

Chad Pennington to start for Miami

Pacquiao vs Margarito

Indiana University hosts LGBT Appreciation Day at football game

Girls interrupted: same-sex couple banned from ball

Croatian Coach: No Gay Footballers "Luckily, only normal people play football"

Soundtrack - The Crying Game - Stand By Your Man - Lyle Lovette (mp3)

Mexico House votes for same-sex couple benefits

ABC's Nightline Covers The "Ex-Gay" Retreat "Journey Into Manhood"

What can Brown do for Massachusetts?

Remarkable Statistic on Teens Raised by Lesbian Mothers

Disgusting! Better a ward of the state than adopted by gays: Lutheran Group Denies Gay Adoption

DOJ Asks Supreme Court to Deny Log Cabin Request

It's time to rock the boat ,,,

Why did anyone buy his line about being a "fierce advocate"?

Bibi liked the election results

US Announces Additional Palestinian Aid

The Family Research Council wants to know what you think of them

CNN: Unbelief More Common

Tough (Fundie) Room!

Whales showing more sun damage

L.A.’s Mystery ‘Missile’ Is Probably a Jet

All Life on Earth Could Have Come From Alien Zombies

New Sharp Image of Violent Galactic Collision

Scientists discover unknown lizard species at lunch buffet

World's Oldest Dinosaur Embryos Found

Energy and science in America are in big, big trouble

World's 1st Moon Photo from China's Chang'e 2 Lunar Probe

Hawai'iki Nui Vaa 2010 (Not Dial Up Friendly)

Too late for the photo contest. Did any of these pics from around my house come out decent?

Enchanted Rock

Walking to work . . . walking home! LOL



Detroit symphony cancels more concerts amid strike

UMWA’s Cecil Roberts Says Angry Workers Should Remember Who Brought Them Major Advances

Blackstone surfs government Hilton subsidy to demand massive concessions from hotel workers

Hyatt Hotel Workers File First Of Its Kind Multi-State Injury Claim With OSHA

Trumka: Catfood Commission Co-Chairs Just Told Working Americans to “Drop Dead”

1.2 Million Jobless U.S. Workers Have Dropped Out Of Job Market

Briefs received, posted on cases involving successor employers and voluntary recognition agreements

My thread was locked.

Does equating Democrats and Republicans count as arguing in favor of voting against Democrats?

On deleted posts.

You guys do know that Alternet is on your front page blogroll, don't you?

Why are baseless conspiracy theories allowed to be spread on LBN, GD, etc...?