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Archives: October 9, 2010

Progressive Groups Protest Outside USCOC HQ Over Foreign Money Used in $75M Smear Campaign

Florida Today endorses Governor Crist for US Senate. (Space Coast)

TPM reports Ohio Tea Partier Candidate plays nazi on week-ends

The Top Ten Provably Untrue Things Tea Partiers Believe

Fire Libertarian Breastfeeding Vegan Pitbull Olive Garden Cliques Guns Immigration Depleted Uranium


Local ABC News in LA said the Guy who shot at Kids was yelling some stuff about Obama

Flashback: GOP Recruits Street People To run On Green Ticket In Arizona

Toledo Blade: Iott's Nazi re-enactments gain national attention

My local bookstore is going to print books on demand!

My local bookstore is going to print books on demand!

Pre-Columbian history....

Campaign ad gets Rep. Terry (R-Ne) backers' backs up

Joe Miller...Fiscal conservative owes thousands of credit card debt

Delaware alcohol agency chief quits after DUI arrest

Election in Vienna Sunday; The rise of the far right

THE definitive John Lennon biography:

Know your rights when questioned by police, FBI, custom agents or immigration officers.

DU Burp

Pakistani, European officials charge US manufactured terror scare

A big shout out and thank you to all of you DU nurses and medical professionals

CNN poll...Who was a better President, Obama or bush.....

Two metres to reach the Chilean miners - looks like drill B will reach first

Two metres to reach the Chilean miners - looks like drill B will reach first

Joe Miller Sprung A Leak

Sharron Angle, Jim DeMint, and the New Inquisition

DU Burp

Is anyone experiencing this scam from Brother printers. Old article but I still have the problem

Queen of Gospel' dies at 81

Unpopular and out-of-sight, President Bush not in demand for GOP

2010 Forecast: Can Democrats Hold the House By Winning on the Margins?

When I hear white conservatives say, "I want govt to get out of the way", I wish....

BBC has a feature on the torture of Khalid Shaykh Mohammed

The Beginnings Of A Revolution? Or Something Worse?

Shi$ Hitting Fan: Tavakoli - Biggest Fraud In The History Of Capital Markets

NBC: Trumka: Unions likely outspent 20-to-1

Report: U.S. Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Not Up To Snuff

Do we have a John Lennon thread going on?

The Nation: She Bop

Republicans Out of Step: New Survey Finds Two-Thirds Say Raise the Minimum Wage

An almost short enough Quote to put on a Bumpersticker by P.J. ORourke

Hey Inhofe, put this in your pipe and smoke it.

Fish, Birds and Bats Inspire Navy’s Next-Gen Drones

Fish, Birds and Bats Inspire Navy’s Next-Gen Drones

A Repub House candidate enjoys pretending to be a Nazi.

Oct 7 - General Sez We Are 'winning the fight' In Marjah... Oct 8 - AP Sez "Not So, General"

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

The Soros Syndrome

Wonder what costume Christine Odonnell wil wear on halloween?

File This Under WTF: Americans Among Insurgent Leaders In Somalia

Florida Elections: Hispanics Leaning Towards Crist

Euro defense companies warn against program cuts

Senate Report: Mismanaged US Contractor Money Aids Enemy in Afghanistan

Re: Mexican truckers and NAFTA

Sheriff's police apologize for raiding elderly couple's home

USAF Wants To Spend $11.9 Billion on Refurbishing 77 BUFFs

Suzanne Kosmas gets Orlando Sentinel Endorsement

Immigration Judge to Asylum Seeker: You Don't Look Gay

Bill Maher found Nutmeg's Doppelganger

Report: Fox 5 reporter arrested for ‘digitally penetrating’ 4-year-old girl

Report: Fox 5 reporter arrested for ‘digitally penetrating’ 4-year-old girl

Cool optical illusion!

Fox's Napolitano joins 9-11 Truther Alex Jones to push anti-government conspiracy theories

So, What Was The Maher O'Donnell Clip Of The Week?

So now that seasonal cool weather is coming

article in the NY Times on Nell, an AI machine that learns by crawling the Web

U.S. Tax System Favors Wealth Over Work

Does anyone else seem to have a lot of Java Flash player issues with Firefox?

Larry Sabato has good and bad news

Suspect who shot two kids at elementary school yesterday was ranting about the president

Tunnel complete to miners ... NOW comes the rescue ...

China silently seethes over dissident's Nobel Peace Prize

China silently seethes over dissident's Nobel Peace Prize


Unpopular and out-of-sight, President Bush not in demand for GOP

How can any woman, minority, unemployed, or young person sit out or vote republican this November?

How can any woman, minority, unemployed, or young person sit out or vote republican this November?

Looks like some bad news for Nathan Deal (Running for Gov. of Ga.)

"Democrats may come to regret their eager embrace, this spring, of deficit-cutting rhetoric"

"Democrats may come to regret their eager embrace, this spring, of deficit-cutting rhetoric"

Maybe it was media attitude. Maybe it was pure competence. Maybe just good luck. But in Chile . . .

Chamber Of Commerce Airs Democrat's Home Phone Number In Attack Ad

FR plans to "gloat and torment the left" 11/2 - OH BROTHER!

It's diversity day!1 Billionaires, Nazis, & KKK -- oh, my!1

Let's Celebrate Columbus Day

New Federal law funds the Pat Roberts Intelligence Scholars Program.

J. P. Morgan And Friends Tried a Fascist Coup Against The United States In 1933

Add one more Democratic...

Republican Sharron Angle accuses Reid of helping to put Viagra in the hands of child molesters

Clarence Thomas's wife thrills Teabaggers with "call to arms" against Obama's "leftist tyranny"

Scam Alert: "I am writing this with tears in my eyes"

US loses 95,000 jobs in September

NYT paints a morally bankrupt culture among theTribune Company leadership.

GRAPHIC: How The Chamber Gets Its Foreign Money

FDIC ready to sue 50 bank executives

FDIC ready to sue 50 bank executives

What if progressives had put the public option on the ballot in all 50 states

What a sucker I am, eh? I missed a great opportunity!

'Hysteresis': An ugly word for an increasingly ugly economic situation

Track/look up companies in your area sending jobs overseas:

Republicans at War with America

GOP Senate candidate in Illinois plans anti-fraud effort

Dearborn mayor rips the obtuse Angle a new one

Just so there is no doubt...

No, I am not enthused or excited about voting, but I will vote. That's for sure.

Weirdness in Ft Lauderdale

Article: Why Are There So Many Right-Wing Extremist Women?

Crowing about the foreclosure mess is misplaced

President Donald Trump???

You Might Be A Racist If… - FDL

Scientist - Republicans will begin a jihad against climate scientists, and all science

Scientist - Republicans will begin a jihad against climate scientists, and all science

In which state is their IT gig this election

In which state is their IT gig this election

What companies in YOUR neighborhood are guilty of outsourcing?

Who's been in Washington longer than Pat Buchanan?

Sweden has the right idea about reviving economy

Latest Intrade results on key Senate Races

Have an idea to help the mid terms. Get a life size cutout of gWb and put it up next to every GOP

Why is This GOP House Candidate Dressed as a Nazi?

9 accused of torturing 3 in the Bronx for being gay

Laura Bush's article about Afghan women published in the Wash Post


marxism-lennonism: tariq ali interviews lennon

How do you folks heal primary rifts?

We have said it about Beck but it is being covered by the Post

AFL-CIO Unveils Outsourcing Database - TheHill

Activism of Thomas’s Wife Could (make that SHOULD) Raise Judicial Issues

Voting Test Falls Victim to Hackers - NYT

Activism of Thomas’s Wife Could Raise Judicial Issues

Labor Unions a Key to Happiness, New Report Says

Labor Unions a Key to Happiness, New Report Says

The Paranoid Delusions of Sharron Angle. Wolveriiiiiine!

Hungry in the world's richest country

Republicans Scrub Nazi-Impersonating House Candidate From Young Guns Website

Republicans Scrub Nazi-Impersonating House Candidate From Young Guns Website

POLL: What color do you hate most?

Had a campaign worker at my door just now...

I just got suppressed. In Travis county (Austin, TX) by flvorful

Companies With Too Few Workers May Do Nothing About It

"The solution is for Americans is to attack Muslims..."

Whitman, Fiorina hammer tequila shots in order to pimp Latino votes


The US Military Sez Health Care Costs For Vets To Soar

All We Are Saying: Three Weeks With John Lennon

If cannibalism were legal would you eat a tea bagger?

If H.R. 3808 is so horrific (and it is!), then why did the entire Senate pass the bill?

Head of troubled charter school company resigns

Ford, UAW reach deal on Focus plant

Dylan Ratigan's interview with Rep. Brad Miller (D, NC)

What would happen if people who had lost homes to foreclosure persuaded a judge to overturn it?

Let's remember a Friend of Peace and our Ideals...

Trickle UP vs Trickle DOWN? Why aren't Corporations paying all the taxes?

Venezuela introduces Cuba-like food card

Helen and Margaret's Pledge to America

BBC: "US healthcare 'to blame' for poor life expectancy rates"

Can anyone reccomend any books about the Desegregation Riots in South Boston in the 70's?

Snuggly the Security State Bear.....a Mark Fiore animated short

Syria: Israel-U.S. Fighter Jet Deal Destabilizes Region

LA Sheriffs Help Drug Companies Maintain Stranglehold on Harmful Drugs Markets

LA Sheriffs Help Drug Companies Maintain Stranglehold on Harmful Drugs Markets

LA Sheriffs Help Drug Companies Maintain Stranglehold on Harmful Drugs Markets

LA Sheriffs Help Drug Companies Maintain Stranglehold on Harmful Drugs Markets

LA Sheriffs Help Drug Companies Maintain Stranglehold on Harmful Drugs Markets

I Angered a Teabagger Yesterday On Facebook

What's the ugliest proposition on you local/state ballots?

Sharron Angle Recasts Position on Public Benefits

Night One, Day Two: Test at home, solutions found.

Clarence Thomas’ Tea Partier Wife Gets Financing For ''Liberty Central''

dupe --- delete

Me & Mom Politicking This Afternoon, Ringle, Wi, 10-9-10

90-Year-Old C-SPAN Caller Wants ‘Coloreds’ To Thank White People For ‘Free Everything’

For your enjoyment: Bielat (winger vs Barney Frank) fund raising blathter (email)

Buyers anxiously await foreclosure deals to go through

NYPD: 7 gang members beat up gay recruit, 2 others

10,000 wait in line at Cal Expo in bid to save their homes

Working Class Hero

Sunday Talk Shows-Two Debates

Revere America headed by George Pataki is trying to overturn HCR...

Ahhhnuld vetoes $1 billion in welfare, child care and special ed funding

3 years ago, an 8 yr old girl was raped

Watching "1968" on History International...

Lost And Found

I know that all of these cases of bullying and the resulting tragedy that

Wisconsin people, please tell me Russ Feingold is going to prevail.

Carl Paladino, welfare queen

'Happy Coffins' Make Funerals Less Grim

Lured Into a Trap, Then Tortured for Being Gay NYT's

The 'pulseless' Dick is back

The vacant house next to mine finally sold!

"60% of our sales are during the Christmas shopping season"

Reid leads Angle by 11 points 43% to 32%


Twittergate: How Internet Jerks Pranked the Tea Party

Gay community pouring hearts out on YouTube over teen suicides: It gets better

I saw "The Tillman Story" today. It just blew me away.

The MEDIA v. QUALIFIED Candidates

Geithner urges greater IMF role in currencies

"Fiscal Conservatives" - fail.

Voting Democratic is the BEST way to fight the DINO's and the Beltway

Happy Birthday John Lennon

Obama Is Going To Tour India And Asia

Moving Jobs Overseas--Will Elections Matter?

I'm not a violent person, but these people make me angry enough to kill.

Let's have your favorite John Lennon song

I don't blame Obama, I blame Congress, the same Congress that changed the rules

Public Letter to President Obama: - President Obama: Veto Yes; Pocket Veto, No on HR 3808 !

Death by Palin – Demand for Private Jet Bankrupts Republican Campaign

RE: Death threat email. Who should I report this to

Caption this * pic

Obama meets Duncan meets Gingrich meets Demint.

Final deadline approaches for stoplossed vets

Was Bill Maher any good tonight?

Was Bill Maher any good tonight?

SOA Graduate Involved in Coup Attempt in Ecuador

Spying and lying about the left: surveillance now being done by private spies

Tea Party "Logic"

Does violence underpin the American way of life?

Breaking News: France makes the buying or selling of old growth vineyards illegal...

Wal-Mart Now Selling Anti-Gay Children’s Books

If there's a rock and roll heaven . . . .

Sharron Angle uses phrase "favor buying whores" at rally

President Obama needs to do a "Martin, Barton and Fish" speech now

RECORD COMPANIES LOSE, ARTISTS GAIN (sorry if this is a repost)

China is willing to spend whatever it takes to make John Boehner Speaker

Boiler Rooms, Foreclosure Mills: The Story of America's Mortgage Industry

Fucking Bullshit- Courtesy of U.S. Taxpayers

Fox News "Democrat" Schoen to do fundraiser ... for a Republican

" Lennon's music helped others to see pure light."

Stranger stabs 8 year old boy repeatedly in restaurant (boy recovering)

'We have reached Peak Oil.' - Bianca Jagger

Naomi Watts plays Valerie Plame in 'Fair Game,' coming out Nov. 5.

8-Year-Old Stabbed at New York (Long Island) Dave & Busters

Sleazy Real Estate Developers' Latest Scam Could Skim 5 Percent Off Your Home's Value

A suggestion to DU's admins regarding the 'rec' feature.

I am so sick of hearing that peoples personal budget can not be in deficit like the countries

Clarence Thomas's Wife Calls Obama A Tyrant

POLL : How long before our economy recovers??

"I just feel like punching some hippies"

President Obama asks China to free Nobel Prize winner

What the veto episode tells me about DU...

Surprise -- The Very Dark Side of U.S. History

Torture victim sues Obama administration over `Kafkaesque nightmare'

Kucinich Opens Inquiry into Kent State Shootings

a thread in breaking news has me totally upset

Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney Says Congress Needs TO Pass Mandatory Loan Modification Legislation

The Race to Buy Up the World's Water--Newsweek

GRAPHIC: How The Chamber Gets Its Foreign Money

What If It Doesn’t Get Better? Queer and Aboriginal Youth Suicide

ReTHUG woman in a Hot Air Balloon - priceless

Judge to US: Yes, Really, Torture is Illegal.

American Taliban attempts to ban yoga

Bill Maher on Michael Vick

Pot Smoking Radicals Are Using the Internet to Turn America Into a Socialist Sex Utopia

Pot Smoking Radicals Are Using the Internet to Turn America Into a Socialist Sex Utopia

Foreclosuregate: here's the other shoe to drop

Sarah Palin: Is the bloom off her rose?

Foreclosure Fraud Destroys Claim of TARP Success - FDL

Can you all tolerate yet another thread on school bullying?

Can you all tolerate yet another thread on school bullying?

Charter school docks teacher 2 months pay for missing 2 days of school.

Miss Phil Donahue? Wonder why he lost his show? Thank Tweety.

Coloradan runs drill that reaches Chilean miners

My college roommate committed suicide last week

Consumer advocates warned White House and Treasury Dept. that home foreclosure system was broken

“Consumer-driven” health care no better than “consumer-driven” fire dept.

School tries to clean up dirty dancing (not kidding)

Why is Judd Gregg so angry?

(10-9) Sidney Update

SNL doesn't much care for Gloria Allred

Chilean Miners - better off in Chile or USA?

Is there any real concrete evidence that the Federal Government's action actually creates jobs?

Can I say something about bullying?

The BBC is too liberal according to NPR

Former paralegal in deposition: Florida foreclosure firm regularly forged document signatures

Osama Bin Laden happy when Bush was elected, his son, Omar, says

When Seeing Ain't Believing, Somebody's Lying! America's White Underclass

"I'm having the time of my life not being your president"

Is Meg Whitman A Whore? A Whore? A WHORE?

Woman is the Nigger of the World - John Lennon

HR 4646 - help

Pasadena gardener becomes a one woman food bank

Since pot is decriminalized in California, shouldn't the pot offenders be released from jail?

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

Obama Signs Bill Replacing ‘Mental Retardation’ With ‘Intellectual Disability’ - story with pics

Activism of Thomas’s Wife Could Raise Judicial Issues

The Halloween Coalition

Democrats see glimmers of hope in election gloom

Gallop-Likely Voters Demographically Typical, but SKEW Conservative

Bobby "Not Too" Bright..

The expectations game

Gallup's likely voter screen is insane. It's EFFIN INSANE.

Come Saturday Morning: Shades of Jim Crow and Bill Rehnquist

GRAPHIC: How The Chamber Gets Its Foreign Money

Targeted robocalls I'd like to see around election day

Obama hits GOP proposal to cut education spending

VP Biden's schedule for this week

Does more campaign money really equal more votes?

Daily Kos: Why Gallup's LV screen is the way it is

Why I Love Early Voting (An Early Voter Thread)

So Meg likes her Tequila, does she?

This is some SICK!!! shit hear

Political geeks... Race rating tracking with Google Maps (House, Senate, and Governors)

President Obama and Vice President Biden to go to Delaware to campaign

Biden joins Obama in Pa. for rally in Philadelphia

Manchin Hits Raese in new ad for Using "Hicky" Actors

Democrat Feingold runs ad touting health care vote

Remember EVERYBODY had the Obama vs.Hillary NH race wrong

President Obama to campaign in Minn. for Dayton

For those who want to take America forward, not back.

GOP House Candidate Pretends To Be A Nazi

Another great Dem pick up opportunity in a house race

CA Gov & Senate Poll: Brown (D) 53% Whitman (R) 41%; Boxer up 55/39 over Fiorina

Obama Has Samurai Swords...

Here are the Senate seats I see the Repubs winning...

Christine O'Donnell wants Foreign Relations seat

I feel a change in the air - I think we are going to win this November!

New Poll--KY Senate race--Paul (R) 43% Conway (D) 40%

New Poll--KY Senate race--Paul (R) 43% Conway (D) 40%

China Makes Its Big Move Into U.S. Politics Through The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce

This week's CNN Poll re: Reid v. Angle Didn't Poll ANYONE Under Age 35

Confused-President Obama has a relatively good approval rating so why r R's doing well in '10 polls

The President is in a very, very tough situation.

In some places in California you get to vote for ranked choices for each local office

Solar activity in 2012 could be an election issue believe it or not

GRAPHIC: How The Chamber Gets Its Foreign Money

I voted absentee today (California)

I just spent three hours calling Republicans.

Great Read On The Tea Party

Here's what I don't get about the hippie punching

Democrats And Progressives Will Rue The Day They Didn't Prevent Marco Rubio's Election In Florida

Should we really be shocked that the Dems are about to go down?

Check in here if you think that all these polls showing a Republican sweep is a buncha bullshit

Treated like a rubber ball

Treated like a rubber ball

This is really good, and worth checking out. Barbra and Judy. Spectaular.

Treated like a flubber ball

You know , sometimes I miss the idiot box

"You like head brother makes it real good" (full "Hitchhiker in the van" scene from TCM)

Pencil Factory

Latest one-hit wonder I'm recording...

what do you give your sick friends?

No costume?..No candy!!

what is your favorite caribbean island?

War on Christmas...

This poor pound pup is doing his best Gene Simmons imitation.

For those of you who only know Tina Turner as the "What's Love Got To Do With It" singer:

I didn't know public sex was legal in Merrie Olde England...

From deep inside the tears that I'm forced to cry...

Hey. I'm a moron, and I don't live in Salt Lake City.

Hey. I'm a moron, and I don't live in Salt Lake City.

CNN Video: Paula Deen: The most "romantical" meal includes "bone sucking"

Songs about Gambling. Post them here.

Screamie Cat...

Hey! It's what we train for (snicker)

Mind Guerilla check in. Happy 70th Birthday, John.

Awesome. Totally awesome. Beatles animated vid. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Full screen necessary

College Football Fans -- what's up this weekend?

We have reached pink oil.


48 stories totaling just shy of 40,000 words

I always feel like, somebody's watching me........

for the zeppelen fans

what speakers do you use on your main stereo?

Awesome Video

Starting Over


Watching The Wheels

What does the Mark/MarkAll function do?


Strawberry Fields Forever

PHOTOS: Rosari-OMFG Dawson in German GQ


HEADS UP! Today's "Amazon MP3 Free Song of the Day" is by Buddy Guy, featuring B.B. King!

goddamnit, three deer ran in front of us on the way home...

Thats nature for ya

A dating site for us!

Ladies, give me your opinion...

Come On

NC Woman Arrested After Boyfriend Is Found in Freezer

Latest album I recorded...

Rival for the cute kittens here...

Today's College Football Tailgate Thread

Paula Deen on ludes or had been hitting the cooking Sherry

Cougar alert

Stories from the Road: Demons

Who died in an oil spill because of BP?

At my 30 year college reunion (dialup warning)

Craft beer drinkers -- please give me some dark beer/stout/porter recommendations.

Nate Silver: Projected Republican Gains Approach 50 House Seats

Physical immortality - would you want if if it were available?

Ok, I get it; you've got a good friend who's a bullfrog. What I want to know is...

Have you ever wondered what a saddle horn is used for?

Feeling pretty blue. I just had my cat put to sleep.

I'm OFFICALLY old. My daughter has no idea who John Lennon is.

Off to the Urgent Care Clinic

One great day!

Big Apple Comic Con!

12 weeks and 1 day ago

A shiny new work of fractal art.

The foreign phrase--useful and necessary?

Let's write a story. I'll write the first line...

The Life & So-Called Times of MiddleFingerMom -- (Chapter 3) (HUGE Dial-up Warning)

Who here likes cider?

Any Loungers in the Pittsburgh area tomorrow?

Dear John Lennon

Turning 43. When am I supposed to start becoming conservative?

Facebook question for the experts:

POLL: What color do you hate most?

Insane Clown Posse come out as Christian rockers

What have you learned about people in your lifetime?

District 9 is significantly better than whatever movie you just watched

Daughter In Laws, a question for you (and for the Men out there)

Knock, knock. ATF.Open up.

General Motors to continue investing in Venezuela

Gaza flotilla attack: calls for international criminal court to step in

Members of Hamburg group linked to European plot are back in Germany

MI5 hunts terror cell in Britain following al-Qaeda boast

Iran acknowledges espionage at nuclear facilities

Sheriff's lieutenant says FBI probing local case(Man caught w/ bomb materials may have Hutaree link)

UK aid worker Linda Norgrove killed in Afghanistan

Nobel Peace Prize winner's wife has 'disappeared,' lawyer says

It's the breakthrough --- Joy unrestrained as drill reaches Chile's trapped miners

Kucinich Probes Whether FBI Informant Triggered Kent State Massacre

With cash lead, GOP adds to its targets

Nobel Peace Prize winner's wife has 'disappeared,' lawyer says

Sharron Angle signals interest in settling (Righthaven) copyright lawsuit

English Defence League forges links with America's Tea Party

Calls for Healing After Antigay Attacks

Equality report slams divided Britain

San Andreas fault capable of magnitude 8.1 earthquake over 340-miles of California, researchers say

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger used his line-item veto power to cut nearly $1 billion from state budget

Challenge to (Arizona) Immigration Law Is Upheld

Filipino WWII veterans sue over benefits

Breakthrough in Chile mine rescue

Finance Chiefs Seek IMF Role to Avert ‘Currency War’

Scottish aid worker killed in Afghanistan (during rescue attempt)

Four NATO troops killed in western Afghanistan 09 Oct 2010 08:18:13 GMT

Bolivia enacts anti-racism bill opposed by press

Hungary sludge reservoir at risk of collapse

English Defence League forges links with America's Tea Party

Pakistan decides to reopen major supply route for NATO forces

Fiery Musharraf Slams US Assessment of Pakistan

Meek says he has no plans to quit

Feds cite Massey Energy for serious violations after surprise raid

Obama says GOP wants to 'cut education by 20 percent'

AP Source: Grand Jury Probing Anti-Abortion Murder

Revelations from Kent State audio tape prompt congressional inquiry

Google Cars Drive Themselves, in Traffic

China’s Zhou Warns of Sovereign Default Risks, Weak Recovery

Lured Into a Trap, Then Tortured for Being Gay

Evacuation of Chile miners 'likely to start Wednesday'

British hostage 'killed by captors' in Afghanistan as US forces led rescue bid

Young Turks: Thin Women, Big Men Make More Money - Study

Rachel Maddow- When Democrats play to win

American propaganda - Capitalism (1948)

One Nation Working Together 10-2-2010

US economic corruption runs deep

The Top Vlog: Rick Sanchez seeks new employment: A one-act play (Citizen Radio)

Weekly Address: Strengthening Education, Not Cutting It

A. Philip Randolph Institute & Gill Foundation: Together Advocating for LGBT Equality

Weird Liberal Head Show #187: Why Vote for the GOP (made in China)?

John Lennon - Bring on the Lucie (Freeda Peeple)

Meg Whitman Downfall parody

the psychedelic furs - mr jones

We'll Give When We GetEQUAL DNC Response

Could Republicans Become Extinct?

Social Security Senate Hearing (8) Tom Harken, Bernie Sanders

An Interview With Jeff Sharlet About C Street's Continuing Threat To Democracy

Ballad Of The Republicans

Commentary: John Nichols on Russ Feingold's Future

A Day In The Life

Supreme 'Impartiality': Ginni Thomas, Wife of Justice Clarence Thomas - A Tea-Party Activist

Hicks (Manchin Hits Raese for Using "Hicky" Actors)

CBS: Brutally Tortured For Being Gay (2008 Crimes Related to Orientation Up 11%)

Take Glenn Beck Off Air!

Please give Russ Feingold 25 bucks. Please!

The Capitalist System Exposed

Please Post A Picture of Yourself From 20 Years ago.

New Rules (watch it quick before it's gone)

Speaking of 'The Greatest Show on Earth'... Maher Interviews Richard Dawkins

Maddow- Successful jobs programs dies after GOP block

GMA Exclusive - Rick Sanchez: I 'Screwed Up' & Jon Stewart's The 'Classiest Guy In The World'

TYT: Stonewall Uprising (Anti-Gay US History & The Gay Revolution)

Kucinich: Please Be There As You've Been There Before

Carly Fiorina is a Job Killer

At BP, safety vs. cost-saving

Blackwater firm’s embassy dogs not up to speed, audit says (program costs $24 mil a year in Baghdad)


Humane Society Condemns Subscription-Only Firefighters

Currency wars: Another phase in the capitalist breakdown

The Secret Big-Money Takeover of America

'This is the biggest fraud in the history of the capital markets'

The Bigot-Whisperers of the Right

Did U.S. Support for Brutal Honduran Coup Encourage Ecuador Coup?

Sculpture unveiled to honour John Lennon

'Glee' actor trades dancing for politicking (Matthew Morrison)

Did Leo Strauss Get (prominent Canadian columnist) Rick Salutin Fired?

Joseph Stiglitz: America Has Created Two Economies

Bringing Up Boehner

Conspiracy theorists find validation from Glenn Beck

Foreclosure Fraud For Dummies, 1: The Chains and the Stakes

Los Angeles Times election endorsements -

The Week's Best Late-Night Jokes

A Long History of America's Dark Side

Charter schools use non-profit shells run by for-profit McSchools


Industry Front Group Gets Taxpayer Money to Convince You to Eat Pesticide-Laden Food

Solar panels for the White House and large Public Lands project.

IEA and Eight Countries Launch Electric Vehicles Initiative

Major BLUNDER by California Air Resources Board

Constellation Drops Maryland Nuclear Plant Loan, Denting EDF's U.S. Plans

Professor Emiritus Hal Lewis Resigns from American Physical Society

Pablo Sandoval: Playoff liability



Suffering Horney Toads! The number one team in the nation!!

Message to the Minnesota Twins:

Nick Saban Appreciation Thread...

Quack! The number one team in the nation!

The Yankees win! The Yankees win! The Yankees win!

A very unusual football club (soccer)

Heh! THE Number One Team in the Nation!!

Why did Chavez lose in the east of the country (es)...

The refusal against administrative and political nomenklatura in Venezuela (es)

Bolivia enacts anti-racism bill opposed by press

The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism

Court Dismisses Chevron’s Lawsuit Against Human Rights Lawyer

U.S. Base Deal for Colombia: Back to the Status Quo

Debating Issues in Cuba - A public forum for opinions

This is the google translation of an article from CNN en Espanol, on Uribe's wiretaps:

The "jackrabbit" has broken through to the miners (Chile)

SOA Graduate Involved in Coup Attempt in Ecuador

Did U.S. Support for Brutal Honduran Coup Encourage Ecuador Coup?

I am looking for a cartoon clip that is being shown to younger people, to help them understand

Messed up.

To ALL my friends in the GLBT community

Wal-Mart Selling Anti-Gay Kids' Book

What is it with Books-A-Million? Is this the Tea Party bookstore or what?

Worst hate crime since Matthew Shepard...

Livni: Netanyahu should agree to Obama's request for settlement freeze extension

Two states, one Holy Land: A potential framework for Middle East peace

Abbas may circumvent Israel, ask U.S. to recognize Palestinian state

Gaza flotilla attack: calls for international criminal court to step in

Extremist Jews Damage Palestinian Olive Trees

Black hat, big shadow

black self portrait

blacktop stripes

You are SOOOOOO Memphis if you (major dialup warning)

Google Cars Drive Themselves, in Traffic

The prime number S****** Bear

Today in Labor History Oct 8 In Poland, the union Solidarity and all other labor groups banned

Today in Labor History Oct 9 Smith Barney a tentative sexual harassment settlement (never finalized)

Rail workers engage in hazardous-material safety training

Jewish Journal: 30 Years After conference targeted during hotel labor dispute

1,600 Washington Nurses Join National Nurses United (better than 15-1 margin)

The Hill: AFL-CIO slams Northrop for La. shipyard layoffs

Washington Wire: Obama’s N.J. Fund-Raiser: A Compromise or Two?

Wal-Mart ends profit sharing

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