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Archives: October 4, 2010

Report: Weak Laws Turn a Handful of States Into Shopping Malls for Gun Traffickers

Where in the constitution does it guarantee us a life without risk?

Georgia Voter Alert: Today is the Deadline!

Sharon Angle tries to get official Tea Party candidate to drop out, and gets taped in the process

Man arrested for allegedly peeping into San Gabriel Valley restrooms

Cubans anxious as state moves to fire 500,000 workers

Controversy over Halloween display. Is it racist or in good fun?

Mass. family at center of suit

Prosecutor in Ted Stevens case commits suicide

Blackwater in Afghanistan ‘dissolved,’ Kabul claims

Key NATO Supply Route Hit Again In Pakistan

Key NATO Supply Route Hit Again In Pakistan

Droning Of Pakistanis Pisses Off Pakistanis

Afghan wrestles with protecting NATO supply routes

WaPo - E.J. Dionne - "Health reform's reality vs. its parody"

Shoddy Worksmanship / Materials On US Navy's $2.8 Billion Dollar Submarines

Anyone notice that the closer the mid-term elections come, the more often you hear "terrah" on TV?

Anyone notice that the closer the mid-term elections come, the more often you hear "terrah" on TV?

HuffPost Sanity Bus Official Sign-Up Form

U.S. pays as Prudential invests troop death benefits

Life Insurance Becoming 'Tax Shelter For The Rich'

Accused Atlanta Bishop Eddie Long: I'm Here, Get Used To It

Subpoena power for BP hearings

Resilience of the welfare state flummoxes the free marketeers (best performing economies)

War always creates a resistance movement

A little late, but an addition to the IOKIYAR file:

Toon: That's the problem

Lightning is popping all around the lookout tonight (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Interest-group spending for midterm up fivefold from 2006; many sources secret

Religious Right Opposes Attempts To Prevent Anti-Gay Bullying

Red-hot Brazilian economy running afoul of paperwork

First Monday

So Moe Tucker of the Velvet Underground is now a teabagger...

South Africa sends leaders to study in China; offers African leaders schooling in its economic

South Africa sends leaders to study in China; offers African leaders schooling in its economic

The Teebagger ReTHUGS know as much about American Political History

LA Times: Housekeeper issue casts Whitman as hypocrite

It is beginning to look like the well oiled machine on the right, Angle, Miller and others are

60! Retirement age is 60, in France. Want to raise it to 62?

Forum for Stewart / Colbert Rally ( )

Forum for Stewart / Colbert Rally ( )

Christine and the Tea Party Generation

Christine and the Tea Party Generation

Henry Kissinger "Regrets"

AMERICANS (maybe) UNDER ATTACK IN EUROPE. . . oh wait. . .

The Roberts Court Agenda- Leave No Corporation Behind

39/96 Rep representatives/ 11/26 rep senators are veterans

Sherrod Brown: Tea Partiers 'do not seem to much like America the way we are'

If only we could further entangle religion and government there would be less school violence

Gibbs To Become DNC Head?

terror alerts so who does NPR talk to? michael chertoff

Allowing tax cuts to expire for those over 250K will increase jobs.


Dutch politician on trial on hate speech charges

Denver Post Taking Marijuana Ads

Generation Y Giving Cars a Pass

Jon Stewart, David Letterman Mock Rick Sanchez

From Bernie Sanders

Inside the Flash Crash Report - a Counterpunch special report

$69 million in California welfare money drawn out of state

Joe Miller: Federal Minimum Wage Is Unconstitutional (VIDEO)

Iraqi oil reserves estimated at 143B barrels

The ‘Legal Blackmail’ Business: Inside a P2P-Settlement Factory

Terrorism alerts seem to be stepping up.

Berlusconi's Jewish Joke Falls Flat

Berlusconi's Jewish Joke Falls Flat

Tea/GOP Must HATE our hemp-growing tree-hugging corp-hating deistic-free & free-thinking....Founders

Tea/GOP Must HATE our hemp-growing tree-hugging corp-hating deistic-free & free-thinking....Founders

Happy with your 2ndary insurance?

Happy with your 2ndary insurance?

Handicapping CA governor's race

Mike Pence Absolutely Does NOT Want To Talk About Fiscal Responsibility

Military sees suicide trend grow worse

I frequently see stories of outrage over retirees "double dipping" -

I frequently see stories of outrage over retirees "double dipping" -

Why Many Americans Will Never Retire

TruthOut: Sleazy Xenophobia in Pursuit of Social Security Cuts

The Rude Pundit: Dead Kids, Queer-Bashing, and Denial

Presidents of Venezuela, Bolivia accuse U.S. of coup attempt against Ecuador

Cheap Debt for Corporations Fails to Spur Economy

Senate candidate Ron Johnson likens Social Security to Bernie Madoff style Ponzi scheme

Have you seen this one yet? Any ideas?

Illegal immigrants risk deportation by driving without licenses

Any word on the poll on CO District 1? Fallon signs are popping up like crazy

Toles Toon: Distracted Driving

The Price of Crossing Steve Jobs

Public Washington PA School dismissing early because of Westboro Baptist Protests at School

Britain to cut child benefit payments

A quick word for those manning our airports:

Europe vs. the U.S. - What Working Class?

Marco Rubio touts American "exceptionalism" as a dog whistle to extremist elements of GOP

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

Cop wants benefits after killing girls.

Banking at opening time

Toon: Republican Pledge

Conservatives: ‘You’re fired’

Dammit, some days it's just hard not to imagine a huge conspiracy

Now this is a breakfast special you'll want to avoid......

Looks like the Az state legislatures are now the death panels

That was depressing.

That was depressing.

Soviet Collapse Ruined the U.S.

Mystery Merc Group Is Blackwater’s 34th Front Company

One Program to Watch Them All: Darpa’s New Snoop Plan

Christine O'Donnell claimed in 2006 debate that China was planning to take over US

Another Republican Knuckle-dragger on the loose in the 21st century......

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) writes that tea partiers don't like America.

Will we EVER see pot prohibition repealed nationally in our lifetime?

Ain’t No Party Like a Blackwater Party

While You Were Weekending: California Makes Pot an Infraction

It's local daily rag is the worst p.o.s. in the far! They endorsed Angle!!!!

After Bailout, Business Groups Now Turning On Former Allies

HA! "Angle Met With 'Tea Party' Candidate, Trashed GOP - And Offered Him Perks To Drop Out"

Jerry Brown Gains in Poll on Heels of Meg Whitman's Maid Controversy

Midterms: $80M spent so far by outside groups, conservatives outspend Dems 7 to 1

Liquor store manager calls 911 to report robbery, deputy shoots eight rounds in his direction

Glenn Beck is obsessed with Hitler and Woodrow Wilson. (I'm just saying.)

I am confused, in Alaska we actually have a real chance at picking up a Senate seat.

Worst case scenario.

McAdams (D-Alaska) rakes in $650,000 in September

Kentucky files RICO suit against mortgage fiasco

Call in Day to US Attorney Gen. Holder.. stop the FBI repression on Peace activists

U.S Hires Gun-Runner, Coup-Plotter firm to Guard Diplomats

"she's spending like a drunken sailor in the middle of a terrible recession."

America, wake up to your suicide epidemic.

It was lame

Domestic violence up as economy wobbles - Tough times put extra strain on abusive relationship

Congress added more than $1.4T in debt in fiscal year 2010

Study: Racism played a role in foreclosure crisis

A Hug Too Far:Obama-Emanuel embrace is a sign of weakness - Larry Kudlow

This sucks - they need our support

What happened to Rick's List show w/Rick Sanchez on CNN?

The ONLY way I'd believe a Wall Street Urinal Poll is:

Can there be a science of good and evil?

Can there be a science of good and evil?

Good news re: rbGH

Supreme Court rules for Schwarzenegger in furlough matter

15 Things Christine O'Donnell Will Say Before She's Not Elected

One's own beliefs

The death of Digg is not exaggerated

Polls find Majority support for Gay rights

Consumer bankruptcy filings climb 11%

Commonwealth Games 2010 Opening Ceremony (DialUp Warning: Pic Heavy)

And they claim to be informed, a cure for teh Gay.....?

If someone calls for an end to "partisanship", and the call goes to Dems as well as repubs . . . . .

Hey Professional Left: economy improving, corporate profits "near-historic"

When rags like the Washington Compost scream about bi-partisanship, is this what they mean?

Census shows connectedness of world’s marine life

Just tweeted by Diane Ravitch about Rigoberto Ruelas...

New Obama Movie

Frenzy of Rape in Congo Reveals U.N. Weakness

JOey Scar trying to make lemonade today on Morning Joe

The Worst Democracy Money Can Buy

Colorado Springs rolling out the red carpet for 2 unconvicted war criminals today...a "closed forum"

I didn't find one word in the USA Today about the

Do more Americans agree with right-wing Repubs or with centrist Democrats??

Do You Republicans Always Act This Way?

Do You Republicans Always Act This Way?

MTV iPhone App Answers the Question: Was that Over the Line?

*Harry Belafonte in DC,

Conway: Fox News Goes After My Daily Kos and MoveOn Support

Rachel Maddow: Bill O'Reilly is "a race-baiting f*ck."

Angle no longer Obtuse

If I lived in the neighborhood, I would DEFINITELY oppose the new Islamic Community Center.

New poll: 15% give Dems a 'very positive' rating, 8% give GOP a 'very positive' rating

So here we are . . . . . 30 days out . . . . . .

Rachel heading for Delaware!!!

Useless Sanctions on China: Robert Reich Says 'Forget It,' Better to Rebuild American Industry

Some parts of Pompeii haven't been excavated yet. Anyone know

Inside The Institute For Basic Life Principles -- The Organization That Inspired 'Taliban Dan' Ad

we need more like Jimmy...

Shocker! Monsanto’s Transgenic Crops Found to Be Polluting Our Waterways

Oh..she's gonna run...

Here's a tidbit regarding Sex Ed in school:

There are lots of exhortations on DU to get out and vote. At whom are they aimed?

Michelle Bachmann's Fundraising: A Sign of the Apocalypse

Will the Blumenthal./McMahon debate be streamed anywhere? nt

Can't believe the trash that was left on saturday.

from Alan Grayson

paul krugman tells it like it is----faux news

Teabagger newspaper?

Faux inter-network squabbling about Beck - Hired Gun - Hannity not Happy with Beck

AP: Kagan asks questions at first high court argument

Aghanistan's new women army officers

What Restoring America Really Means......funny Mark Fiore animated short

Portman (R) - Fisher (D) debate (Ohio Senate) live on CSPAN.

Just one of a number of little things I've noticed about the Tea-baggers I've talked to

Blumenthal Leads by Double-Digits, First Debate Tonight

Kagan recused herself from 25 of the 51 cases the court has accepted so far

Christine O'Donnell Claims Access To Secret Chinese Takeover Plan

Dave Zirin & Damian Smith: Linda McMahon's Body Count

McMahon Ad Attacks Blumenthal’s Vietnam Claim

Hey Everyone...send $5 Bucks This Guys Way...

Boy trapped in the world of Thomas the Tank Engine

Anti-Climate TV Ads Hit California, Loaded with Lies

After suicides, Mormon leader rants against gays.

***Ohio Senate candidates debate C-Span now.

Non sequitur nails the tea party

BREAKING: Courage staffer assaulted on NOM's new tour

How the Roberts Court disguises its conservatism.

The "Tri-dumb-virate"...

Republicans Should Not Be Paid a wage........

3M will drop retirees from their health care

Blackwater, Changing Name Again, Wins Contract from State Department

New weapon in the great war of the haves vs, the have nots: debtor's prison

Federal judge charged with buying drugs from stripper

Bolivian president knees soccer opponent in the groin

The new GOP plan to generate cash for the gun running Wall Street Banksters.

Glenn Beck Hired Video Crew to Cover ‘One Nation’ Rally

Do you agree with Frank Rich?

Three Iowa judges may face angry voters

You can't make shit up: Birther Orly Taitz supports Joe Heck (or as she calls him, ‘Joe Hack’)

Obama,leadership,and a few other things.

According to Bob Woodward"s "Obama's Wars," Obama wants to end it, but the top military are for it.

How much will Rove et al spend

Democrats Close the Gap

Job killer Fiorina uses Nat'l Repub Party's $2 mil to accuse Boxer of "killing jobs, crushing hopes"

The U.S. media is crawling in the gutter. Andrew Breitbart on CNN as a commenator with Spitzer and

Bush Tax Cuts Actually Helped Foreign Business more than U.S.

GOP spending $2 million in Calif. Senate race (Carly Fiorina vs Boxer)

Amendment 1 on Ga. Ballot is BAD!

this is awful-va has no serum for flu shots

For a country that touts itself as "The Land of Free and the Home of the Brave"...

Great Huffpo article on Education Nation by a 29-year teacher...

In Hospital, In Coma but not good enough to break rental lease

Mass Republican infiltration of Facebook? Has this happened to anyone else?

Rachel - Fake Secret Agents

***Barney Frank will be on Lawrence O'Donnell show tonite.

"Superman Does Not Exist...

Sorry, Christine. You're not me. nt

Which Democratic candidate or organization should I donate to?

Why DUers like Tweety

Texas Attorney General calls for halt to foreclosures!!

You can't call something "free trade" if slave labor is involved in any way.

Yet another radical cleric speaks out



Hackers Inject Univ. of Michigan 'Fight Song' Onto System During D.C. Internet Voting Scheme Tests

***Lawrence O'Donnell great explanation of how the system works.

No bail reduction in 4 crash deaths (repeat DWI 21 years old 4 times over the limit)

American Express sued by U.S.

Mr Fish

10-30 Rally to restore sanity-- some help from DC Duers

Hatred is bad for your health

LOL, geniuses at FR blown away by Christine "I'm YOU!" ad

KRUGMAN: " A note to Tea Party activists: This is not the movie you think it is."

LA Times claims $69 million in California welfare money drawn out of state

Maple Leaf BushCo: The nonstop lies of Stephen Harper's government

Most bizarre Republican?

Jimmy Carter helps build DC homes after illness - pics

I am burned-out on Jobsearching...

Cartoon: Meg Whitman and Latino Voters

"Our constitution doesn't apply to you!"

Some embarrassing moments: Republicans Can’t Name Any Spending They Want To Cut

K&R if you believe Bill Maher should invite Ed Schultz

***Connecticut Senate Debate C-Span now.

"I'm You With Christine O'Donnell" will be on the Fox lineup 2011

Marx's birthday . . .

Why I'm voting republican... a pretty good video

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's a new Maru gif!

Another Missed Opportunity: Anti-Offshoring Bill Could Have Been Boon for Dems

FOX Snooze needs to change it's name, because only fools tune in.

O'Donnell In 2006: I Know 'Classified Information' About Secret Chinese PLOT TO TAKE OVER U.S.!

NEWSWEEK Poll: Anger Unlikely to Be Deciding Factor in Midterms

SANCHEZ is canned for saying racist things stoopidly; LIMBOsevic is smart about it

Christine O'Donnell is Like WHO?

Did the homeowner who's house burnt down have insurance?

Heads Up! Daily Show in 3 Minutes!

Pardon me I am confused, is this DU?

SCOTUS' new term: Jeff Toobin (CNN) and Adam Liptak (NYT) with Charlie Rose

Glenn Beck claims slavery was not really bad until government got involved

Glenn Beck claims slavery was not really bad until government got involved

As CNN Unveils New Show: Kathleen Parker's Controversial Obama Column

GPS directs driver to death in Spain's largest reservoir

Who's most to blame for the house burning down in the TN fire?

Since rich people dodge taxes, should their mansions be allowed to burn to the ground?

Why won't Military dishonorably discharge man who shot his Navy girlfriend in the back of the head?

I did not buy car insurance and wrecked my car today. Then I called State Farm and offered....

Guatemalan President: United States medical tests 'crime against humanity'

Pair of violent homophobic attacks rock New York City

I just watched Spitzer's show for the first time. Elizabeth Warren was on

Friends of Trash at Rutgers who secretly taped Tyler Defend Them

Rachel Maddow: Bill O'Reilly A "Race-Baiting Fuck." PLUS: Tweety got Phil Donahue fired.

If a structure is on fire it needs to be put out because it's a danger to everything around it.

Poll--FL Senate: Rubio (R) 40% Crist (I) 33% Meek (D) 16%

Dahr Jamail: Evidence Refutes BP's and Fed's Deceptions "Your search returned zero results."

Deficit unrelated to Social Security, or to China's trade surplus

One Nation, National Mall-- trash, recycling, and the sun: comments and questions

One Nation, National Mall-- trash, recycling, and the sun: comments and questions

Corporate Profits 'Near-Historic' In Second Quarter, Thanks To Cost-Cutting & Layoffs

Ban on Texting while Driving Leads to More Crashes, Not Less

The Crab in The Mussel...

cnn: Sarah Palin an Oprah-like kingmaker?

Executive Order 9981

What me worry??? Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!

Down with violence. Up with Beck . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Any good (but short) vid links out there of Teabagger anger/racism/etc?

Keith interviewing Jim Craik the man who lose his home

Death Squads, Porn, Hashish And Killing For Kicks … It’s Not Just A Few “Bad Apples”

Bill O'Reilly, blowhard Ted Baxter - Says Richard Mellon Scaife's RW Newspaper

US Court Denies Justice To Men Who Died At Guantanamo

Tomorrow night on PBS - The Most Dangerous Man in America

Three bumper stickers I just saw on an old truck.

Google CEO: Our Policy - 'Get Right Up To The Creepy Line'..We know where you are, where you've been

The real clash of cultures is between Progressives and Libertarians

Salon: The populist uprising against free trade

US Air Force Wants To Replace Our $2.1 Billion Dollar B-2 Bombers

Obama Administration Wants New Law to Wiretap the Internet

I'm watching the Connecticut Senate Debate

Sweden banned advertising to children a decade ago. Is this bad?

Christine O'Donnell Ad: "I'm Not a Witch"

Christine O'Donnell Ad: "I'm Not a Witch"

every thug running for congress in tennessee hates congress and the government

Army embeds active-duty PSYOPS soldiers at local TV stations

Special Report: The ties that bind at the Federal Reserve (9-30-10 Reuters article)

Oh, hello, giraffes.

The Iraq War--Part III: Shaping the Debate (10-4-10 The National Security Archive)

Rahm's run for mayor may be in violation of election laws

For-pay fire department lets man's house burn

Now that several gay kids are dead, the Mormons arrive to rub salt in the wounds

Day 16 of sit-in for school library. School official says 160 Chicago schools have no library.

The financial networks are all saying if the republicans win, the market will go up. I suspect just

Diebold anyone?

Whoa, did Linda McMahon look pissed in her debate with Blumenthal or what?

Has anyone thought about getting the unemployed to vote?

I believe republicans are just plain dumb

What it looks like to have Tiger Woods hit a ball right at you

Heartbreaking message I received from my dh--

Elizabeth Warren is "at best a placeholder". Evidence against her succeeding mounts.

How do you guys feel about the tea bagger who taped Angle?

quick note about trash bags...

I love this guy who's challenging Boehner!

Can you stand anymore photos of the Oct 2 march?(dial up warning)

I got this in an email (I doubt I'll get anything from him again)

I got this in an email (I doubt I'll get anything from him again)

Who gloats over those struck by disaster, however ignorant or irresponsible?

Let us be dissatisfied until this health injustice ends, the grassroots speak

what I heard in the grocery store (you wont believe THIS)

And ANOTHER great article on Waiting for Superman...

Jailed Over an Old Debt

My pictures from One Nation rally on Sat

••• "Bozo the spokesman" Gibbs to head DNC -- Never has our party been so clueless. •••

Onorato is in attack mode.

So what did the DU think of Elliot Spitzer's new show on CNN. I give it

Health insurers throw support behind Republican candidates

One thing we are missing in all of these discussions about bullying of gay students: self-defense

Bottom line: You shouldn't have to pay a fee for the fire department

PHOTO: one mocking Bush I somehow missed during his presidency:

Who's running against Rahm?

Surveillance, America's Pastime

White House to shine deserved spotlight on community colleges

Where Would You Rather Live?

Nat'l. Park Svc.: One Nation Rally no messier than other rallies

Tyler Clementi Suicide: Rutgers Student Apparently Sought Room Change

What do you think of the new MSNBC tagline

If An Agent Knocks (the booklet) What to do if you or your organization are targeted by federal law

90 yr old racist on C-Span! Wow!

More Americans Die of Poverty than Terrorism

President Obama has the authority to suspend discharges under DADT immediately.

A New Silent Majority Exists in America. And It Is Sick of the Noise & Clamor from the Tea-Baggers.

Jon Stewart Mocks Rick Sanchez At Comedy Central Autism Fundraiser

Citizens: learn about the pre-election polling scam unfolding now:

uh oh, Raese(R WV)candidate for Senate isn't a residence of West Virginia!

Jaguar Electric hybrid car 200mph 560 mile range 1,800ft/lb torque

An Email from Sen. Bernie Sanders

City has ordered gas turned off at parent sit-in for library.

Georgia Voter Alert: Today is the Deadline!

Pelosi: "Tattoo the practices of big insurance, big oil, big banks and the rest” onto GOP

E. J. Dionne: Health Care’s Second Wind

FL Senate: Dem commissioner nears decision on whether to stick with Meek

One Nation: pony-wanting whiners and loyalist shills unite!

3rd Party on the raise?

Steve Benen - The year of the NutJob

Dems turn fire on conservative third-party groups' advertising

Colorado Senate polling it ain't good

Meg Whitman doesn't like voting

U.N. Report finds Israel "summarily executed" U.S. citizen on flotilla

Survey USA: GOP House district (WA-08) Dem gaining ground on GOP incumbent

Republicans' racist dogwhistling

Don't Count Democrats Out Yet

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

DNC rakes in $16 million in September

Survey USA--VA-09 house race: Dem Boucher leads by 15-points

If the Democrats lose in November, we lose and the country loses.

State Dept. tried to hide Blackwater’s piece of $10 billion contract: report

First post-illegal-housekeeper poll in CA shows Brown up by 5 (Rasmussen)

Is the Dem base awakening?

(R)asmussen Poll--CA Governor--Brown (D) 49% Whitman (R) 44%

CA-03: Lungren exploits lobbyist loophole.

Biden, 5 Supreme Court justices attend controversial 'Red Mass'

Rendell wants Rahm's job as Chief Of Staff

Inside The Shadow GOP

If elections were held in September, President McCain would be presiding over a GOP congress now....

Wonkette: Weak and Girly Obama-Emanuel Hug Will Provoke Nuclear Holocaust

Wonkette: Weak and Girly Obama-Emanuel Hug Will Provoke Nuclear Holocaust

Poll--FL Senate: Rubio (R) 40% Crist (I) 33% Meek (D) 16%

PPP/Daily Kos: LA-02: Dems poised for pickup

SFGate: Big Brown-Whitman debate on KGO radio Tuesday cancelled

Can CNN's new hour of politics succeed if the hosts won't bicker?

Suffolk Poll--IL Governor--Quinn (D) opens 6-point lead--Senate race--dead heat

I need help posting this picture of my daughter and Obama

Rasmussen Generic Ballot: GOP 45%, Democrats 42%

PPP - CT - Blumenthal up by double digits

CT-SEN POLL: Blumenthal 53, McMahon 41

What Can I Do To Make Sure the Dems Win in November?

Sen. Jim DeMint: Gays And Unmarried, Pregnant Women Should Not Teach Public School


Whats the difference on what Sharron Angle did and Blogo accused and found guilty of?

Could Latino Voters Tip the Scales Toward Dems in November?

Republicans can't be happy that Christine O'Donnell is their candidate

So much for The Weekly Standard and "Youth Vote Shifts Right"

Tea Bagger Express : Wheels came off....not moving....lost the load of WIT

Greg Sargent: Is overall liberal dissatisfaction with Obama overstated?

These goatfuckers are now trying to beat us at our own game.

Good TARP News Doesn't Fit; Media Are Flummoxed (NPR)

Great quote from Aaron Sorkin on Spitzer/Parker show

Rasmussen Poll--Arkansas Senate: Blanche Lincoln (D) closes gap by 20-points since last poll

Fox employs every leading potential Republican candidate for President except Mitt Romney.

Obama derangement syndrome - Larry Kudlow: Obama should not hug

Elizabeth Warren: It's Time To Simplify Financial Regulation

Nate Silver: "Are the Polls Getting Worse?"

A Monday Night Raw (Debate) In CT-SEN

Crazy conservative Gen X women! Ahhhhh!

President Obama's average approval for September by demographics

President to Announce Jobs Training Partnership Today

Does anyone know if the CT Senate debate will be covered live in a few minutes?

Bravo Ed Shultz!!

Christine O'Donnell "I'm not a witch" video ad (yikes!)

Experts say Rahm Emanuel not a legal resident of city

Gallup applies their likely voter screen and it's a massive adjustment (R+13 to +18%).

Bookmark this: The Republicans peaked on October 1, 2010

Another annoying "helpful" feature from Google

Teabaggers as described by today's Non-Sequitur.

Spoiler alert

Howl, by Alpo Gainsburger

It Has Come To This: O'Donnell Family Straightens Out Father's Bozo The Clown Career

O'Donnell claimed to have classified information, said China plotting to take over US

Mondale: Obama needs to ditch the "Idiot Boards" Teleprompters - Prevent him connecting with voters

Gibson makes limited edition ($4,700 - $15,000) guitars to honor John Lennon's 70th birthday

Jack Abbott on Y&R must be using Cialis. nt

Jack Abbott on Y&R must be using Cialis. nt

OMG --- size DOES matter!!!!! And my wiener just seems so fucking inadequate now...

Anyone here playing Starcraft I


Mantrackers. Stupid show?

Monday kitteh

Anyone eaten at a bustaurant?

Cantor on GOP: "We screwed up when we were in the majority"

There can't be enough John Lennon news, so here's something about his sons.

Lou Dobbs coming up on Lawrence O'Donnell's show

My gnu poem

No Gnus

Keith O exposes American Future Fund hit GOP ads as regurgitated templates with same lies

Sea Song - Doves

Save Your Logo

FORE!! incredible photo of a Tiger Woods golf shot

Anyone here playing Starcraft II

I'm thinking of buying a car

True Grit trailer looks good.

Which car should we look at?

To all conservatives trolling this site

The new Wallander series kicks ass.

Many people consider Opeth a death metal band

What are YOUR plans for the Zombie Apocalypse?

Can you make shadowpuppets?

Spidercan... Spidercan...

EAT COW!!!!!!

And finally... PB&J... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... For Adults Only.

Every time I come home I leave with more stuff to put in my truck

Any suggestions for Halloween costumes? My husband and I

I am not a witch

More states allowing anus in bars and restaurants...

I need some help with an Aircraft flight (Reasoning)

Favorite Chinese takeout!!???

I've been off of work for 2 weeks without pay

Corporate America's spending unprecedented millions to put their lackeys back in charge in Congress

Old Pop Music Quiz - Can you Answer this Question?

Who wants a John Lennon-model Gibson?

I read the Rolling Stone Obama interview and realize many have been unfair to Obama!

Microsoft Confirms Oct. 11 Launch of Windows Phone 7

Save Your Lego

Agony and Ecstasy of Phil Spector (Trailer) OMG....creepy!

I love poems with this theme. This by William Ernest Henley.

Question regarding 3D for home theater.

My new poem: 7 a.m.

What will happen after the Democrats keep both houses of Congress?

Baseball: Pennant Race or Playoffs?

Name This Artist

please tell me to stop feeling guilty about having migraine, please

Laser printer toner cartridges: where do you buy yours?

Man v Food

What's your most recent earworm?

More states allowing gnus in bars and restaurants.

Just got back from walking the dog.

Well, the comic strip "Cathy" has ended.

I feel really bad for the ex-Mr. Susan Sarandon.

Drivin' on 9

Who tells BETTER stories... men or women?

Have you been helped by "self-help" books?

I just saw a dog on the loose. I stopped my car and read its tag. Then

Today is my birthday

Anybody here have a Honda Fit and a kid (in a carseat)?

What's 4 months old and weighs 100 pounds ?

puns I haven't seen before...

Democrats surging in midterm congressional ballot preference?-Rasmusen now shows 3 points-45/42 R

The crusade against passive voice

If you could have any accent in the world, what would it be?

US terror warning could hurt Europe's economy (Alert Draws Shrugs From US Travelers)

Nazi foreign minister planned to own Cornwall (the English county) as his retirement home

Latest picture of Charlotte...

Polls tighten as elections approach. Good news for Democrats? Maybe.

Single Payer Coming

Senate candidate Ron Johnson likens Social Security to Bernie Madoff style Ponzi scheme

Prosecutor in Ted Stevens case commits suicide

Taliban claim attacks on Nato supply convoys in Pakistan (and threaten to carry out more)

Sharron Angle on Secretly Recorded Tape: GOP Leaders Should "Leave Me Alone"

Peru's capital set to have its first female mayor

U.S. Capital Goods Orders Climb More Than Previously Estimated

Schumer audit: Changes needed to make nuke plants secure

New Fund-raising Record Gives Democrats Hope for Midterms

M 6.4 - SOUTHWESTERN RYUKYU ISL., JAPAN - 2010-10-04 13:28 UTC

Pending U.S. Sales of Existing Homes Increased 4.3% in August

Conservatives: ‘You’re fired’

Japan warns about terror in Europe

Kagan recused herself from 25 of the 51 cases the court has accepted so far

Kagan recused herself from 25 of the 51 cases the court has accepted so far

European right deplores Dutch deal with anti-Islam MP

Thousands line up at L.A. Convention Center for chance to avoid foreclosure

VA extends Gulf War vets coverage

Germany equips ministerial planes with anti-missile lasers

Interest-group spending for midterm up fivefold from 2006; many sources secret

State issues record fine in deadly Tesoro refinery blast

Iran: Nuclear delay due to leak, not computer worm

US Court Denies Justice To Men Who Died At Guantanamo

Hackers Inject Univ. of Michigan 'Fight Song' Onto System During D.C. Internet Voting Scheme Tests

California Supreme Court upholds furlough order for state workers

Thousands protest Swedish far-right party as Parliament reconvenes following election

Relatives Tell of Civilians Killed by U.S. Soldiers

Colorado residents attending CSU could pay 20 percent more annually under plan

Colombia metes out sanctions in spy scandal

AACCLA Honors Former Colombian President Uribe with ‘Eagle of the Americas’ Award

DA to look into suicide of bullied teen Asher Brown (Gay AND Buddhist)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 4

Banks May Dole Out Bonuses Early

Banks May Dole Out Bonuses Early

Ex-congressmen urge end to partisanship

Federal judge (appointed by Reagan) charged with buying drugs from stripper

Antigay Attacks Reported at Stonewall and in Chelsea

Plan to Expand Rail Service Imperiled at State Level (by R Governor possible wins)

Brazil election sees breakthrough for Greens and environmental agenda

Voting System Pwned by Michigan Wolverines

IVF pioneer Edwards wins Nobel medicine prize

Alaska's Joe Miller Wants to Abolish Federal Minimum Wage

Two held as man is badly beaten in restroom at bar that launched gay-rights movement

Experts say Rahm Emanuel not a legal resident of city

MasterCard, Visa Settle Antitrust Case as American Express Fights Lawsuit

O'Donnell said China plotting to take over US

Court: NSA doesn't have to say if it has records (of warrantless wiretaps)

Geert Wilders trial suspended after he attacks judge

Dick Cheney Gives Speech in Colorado

Two new polls show Brown ahead of Whitman in governor's race

Del. Senate candidate O'Donnell: 'I'm not a witch'

Iraq Lifts Oil Reserves Estimate to 143 Billion Barrels, Overtakes Iran

Angle urges Nevada candidate to pull out, criticizes Republicans

Assistant AG Andrew Shirvell case delayed 3 weeks

Outlook poor for long-term unemployed

Consumer bankruptcy filings climb 11%

BP interfered in rig fire, contractor says

11 charged in Alabama corruption federal case

Big Brown-Whitman debate on KGO radio Tuesday cancelled

GM's Lake Orion plant set to use lower wage - Facility to make another vehicle (Aveo)

US midterms set to become most expensive elections in country's history -- $5 Billion

Allan Grayson is in SERIOUS trouble in Florida

Hamburg cell at heart of terrorist plot against Europe

Jack Camp, Senior Federal Judge, Arrested On Drug, Gun Charges

Chile miners' rescue is imminent, say experts

Ladies - have you had your eyeliner tattooed on? How much did it cost. Was it worth it?

(Chancellor Angela) Merkel demands Muslims conform to German values

Jon Stewart Responds To Rick Sanchez At 'Night Of Too Many Stars'

Disturbed Another Way to Die

S01E06 - Debt, Deficits & Defense: A Way Forward

RFK, Jr. and Senator Whitehouse Expose Republican Obstructionists

Tea Party Exposed in new documentary: [Astro] Turf Wars

Young Turks: Right Wing Christian Pol Loves Porn Websites

Turning the Tide on the Tea Party

Papantonio: Tea Party Agenda Mirrors McCarthyism

Jon Stewart Responds To Rick Sanchez At 'Night Of Too Many Stars'

Weird Liberal Head Show #182: Donald Trump for President?

VerticalBlu "I'm Voting Democrat"

Young Turks: Fox News - Immoral To Tax The Rich More

Truth To Power: Guerilla Projection on FBI Headquarters Highlighting Suppression of Dissent

TYT: Should This Art Be Censored?

Citlalli Citlalmina Anahuac's "Pledge of resistance" poem

Homeless Man Under

Governor Jan Brewer Arizona Anti-Christ

Gosh! It's a lotta folks in a hot tent but I'm delighted to be here! Whitman gets grilled in Fresno.

Message from Ellen DeGeneres on gay suicide

Caught: Glenn Beck Has Been Stealing Talking Points From Alex Jones' Radio Show

European Workers Distance from US Through Action

Papantonio: DeMint & his "Family" of Neocon Nuts

Bekkk Gets Wee Wee Pants Over Donald Duck Cartoon

How Does Christine O'Donnell Get In YOUR Pants?

Christine O'Donnell AD: " I AM NOT A WITCH, I'M YOU! "

Olbermann Interviews Man Whose House Burned as Fire Department Watched

AP: Nothing alive above 35 feet -- Gets worse closer to shore

BP Oil Leak And Toxic Minefields

Libertopia Extended Trailer - EXCLUSIVE (New Hampshirites, what do you think?)

Rep. Matthew Hill Show: United Methodist Church in Forefront of Communist Movements

Hacker infiltration ends D.C. online voting trial

Single Payer Coming

Will the People Come to the Rescue of Rafael Correa? Ecuador Between Three Wagers

Surveillance, America’s Pastime: A Hall of Shame of State Snooping, Prying, and Informing

AlterNet: The Strange, Obsessively Anti-Government Sovereign Citizen Movement Makes a Comeback

Rand Paul trying to sound more like a Republican

Progressive groups making strong push...

Homophobia, Religion, And The Collapse Of Industrial Civilization (Carolyn Baker)

The Terrible Election Race Race

What's Dumb, Really?

Fear and Favor

A Footnote on Quirin by Scott Horton

Rush Limbaugh on Family Guy shows Fox News election agenda rules the day

The 2010 Commonwealth Games – A Systemic Indicator of India’s Democracy

Truthout - "Obama's Wars" and the Importance of Reportage

Tea Partiers Rediscover Their Nautical Roots

Business people do not necessarily make great elected officials; see George Bush.

This Isn’t ‘Entourage’: Hollywood’s Talented, Ambitious and Broke

The Campaign Disconnect

A fitting little item for what was St Francis of Assisi's feast day. Though

Nazi foreign minister planned to own Cornwall (the English county) as his retirement home

"Everyone just wants to kill people at any cost"

Surveillance State: Government Snooping, Prying, and Informing Worse Than You Think

Boxer for U.S. Senate, "contrast couldn't be starker" (LA Times endorsement)

When Political Photo Ops Go Horribly Awry

Full Bore to the Vanishing Point (James Howard Kunstler)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 382

Stuxnet “spies” arrested in Iran

In defense of right-wing hucksters like Robert Bryce

S.Africa *will not* sign S.Korea nuclear power deal: official

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: October 4, 2010

Iraq raises oil reserve estimate 24 pct

G.E.’s Latest Maneuver

President Obama Tells American People, Republicans, Lobbyists: Clean Energy is the Future [Video]

Please help me formulate a reply-"air study released"-from my local paper

Midwest Indian Tribe's Wind Turbine Completes Successful Year

(Joule Unlimited) Banking on Fuel-Sweating Flora - NYT May 2010

Cost of clearing Suffolk nuclear plant set to soar to nearly £1bn

Recall all the nukies saying solar is dead in Germany? Germany installed 4.8GW Jan-Aug 2010

China Commences Construction on Ningde 4 Nuclear Power Plant.

Another example of how the CANDU can't

7 Great Lakes States' U.S. Senators object to radioactive steam generator shipment from Canada to Sw

Rational, Logical Europeans defeat a group of Fundie Americans and a Serial Adulterer!

The Mets and Pirates have something in common...

Twins slugger Morneau out of playoffs with concussion

Mets fire Manuel; GM Minaya out too

Hey Pitt! Avatars!

A song for the Yankees

32,218 in the stands in Oakland.....for an NFL game !!!

Ryder Cup going down to the wire


Who is going to cheat more this postseason?

41-14?? AT HOME????

BP to furnish Chávez assets sales plan

Colombia metes out sanctions in spy scandal

Ecuador Between Three Wagers - Will the People Come to the Rescue of Rafael Correa?

No emails found on computers 'Raul Reyes': IG

Julia Sweig on the radical new phase in Cuba going largely unnoticed

Evidence emerges of links between Venezuela and ETA

The official narrative of the corporati: he brought it on himself.

Gun homicide inside Christian college dormitory.

The El Paso (tx) miracle vs New York City surge in violent crime and murder

Elderly Gunman Kills Two

Police: 7 Shot, 2 Dead In Gainesville

NJ: Man shot brother, neighbor then self, authorities say with AR-15

What ever happened to Obama's "civilian national security force?"

MEXICO: State Of Baja California Moves To Ban Recognizing Same-Sex Marriage

How to kill a kid

NOM Attacks NH Gov. John Lynch

Pastor accused of sex abuse says he won’t be pulled into ’street fight’

we had our annual suicide awareness presentation at our faculty meeting today

Courage Campaign staffer assaulted at NOM bus tour event

DU this poll on Same Sex Marriage

New Survey: 8% Gay, 7% Lesbian

How To Find A Masculine Halloween Costume For Your Effeminate Son

Larry King's show tonight is on the bullying against GLBT. Kathy Griffen, Wanda Sykes.

Teacher Reassigned For Coming Out

Sen. Jim DeMint: Gays And Unmarried Women Should Not Be Teachers

Finally, Israel Lobby Gets Challenged

U.N. Report finds Israel "summarily executed" U.S. citizen on flotilla

Israeli PM ignoring all real issues in talks, sources say

Netanyahu trying to convince top ministers to extend settlement freeze

Arsonists Vandalize Palestinian Mosque

A Special Place in Hell / Leftists who love Israel: A self-help guide

4 more final filming images

Narrowing it down

A pink rose

Waterfront tour, part 5: Canada's Sugar Beach (dial-up warning)

Irish Nobel laureate faces top Israeli court

Biggest sealife survey: Most ocean life is unknown

You can afford to treat your workers well if you have good stuff to sell

Suppose some wine from the first century AD was found. Would it by

Today in Labor History Oct 4 President Truman orders the U.S. Navy to seize oil refineries & more

National Nurses United Jumps Into Nev. Race With Biggest Ever Union Campaign Expenditure

Lawsuit Targets Census for Shutting Doors on Workers of Color

SEIU Members from 23 States to Join 'One Nation' March to Put America Back to Work and Pull America

US Auto Workers’ Pull Money from Bank over Home Foreclosures

A peek at how unions “kick ass” in an election

One Nation Comes Together for Historic March

S&M for Jesus!

Is the struggle for gun rights like the one for civil rights? ...

Wish me luck!

Canadian Paediatric Society recommends rotavirus vaccination for all babies

Hey, Vitamin D fans -- try some Vitamin D-emocracy... Give a REC to this thread

Walnuts, walnut oil, improve reaction to stress