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Politicians enjoy cushy prison stay

For something a little bit uplifting - if you get a chance to see Tavis Smiley's show this weekend..

This is the most important election in two years!

Expiration of the Bush Tax Credits will break the backs of the middle class? Really?

We do not like "them" because they are not like "us"...

"Repubican Woman"

A Democrat runs against Two Republicans..

"Few differences emerge in final McKinley-Oliverio Debate"

Hyatt’s Pritzkers out to kill teacher pensions. Why is the Ill. Ed. Assoc. giving them business?

Obama/Perillo (sp?)--something here stinks

Signs from the folks on the HuffPo bus.

350 Teachers, Parents & Administrators Attended a "Race to Where?" forum in Seattle

ABC Taps Andrew Breitbart For Election Night Analysis

Andrew Breitbart: We're Not PC Totalitarianists, You're A Lying Piece Of Shit

Chicago Jewish groups on alert for odd packages

San Bruno explosion victims get some answers

This is Real: "Tea-Party Coloring Book for Kids."

Despite U.S. aid pledge, Pakistan plans no new offensives

What will Christine O'Donnell be doing on 11/3?

Thursday: Millions march in France against pension cuts

Watching America: The Limits of Power

People should be asking if they want Miller and his underhanded tricks to represent them.

Brooke the Immortal

Rush Limpball's Republican Party vision...

Message in Marines' calendar: Breast cancer strikes men, too

Self-Delete (nt)

Megachurch Pastor Comes Out Of Closet

Did I Just See A Feingold Ad Where It Said "The U.S. Chamber Is . . .

Hello in There

On The Trail Of "Anonymous," Christine O'Donnell's Sex-Free Pal (name revealed)

Meek is not giving up Crist is manipulating press - if crist cares about Florida, he should drop out

should this go in sports?? George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush to throw out World Series ceremonial

Lauren Valle, Head-Stomped MoveOn Activist, Responds To Stomper’s Request For Apology

Dean Baker: Why Growth Still Feels Like Recession

Earning Afghans' Trust The 'Big Challenge' For U.S.

You've taken my life, so take my soul, Thats what you said

Toon: A failed Mixture

"From when Prime Minister Berlusconi got into power, Italy changed. It's become a country afraid of

Any live online feeds on the rally for people overseas

Fort Drum soldier gets up to life for killing pals

Conservative editor: WikiLeaks founder should have been murdered with radioactive waste

Beautiful day for a rally here in DC.

Obama: Suspicious packages are a 'credible terrorist threat

sharron angle: 'Shock and awe' coming to Washington

hilarious republikon more Frankens

Big Oil resets its sights on Gulf of Mexico

Visitors pour in to D.C. ahead of Stewart-Colbert rally

About the story KO presented the other night on the Chamber of Commerce purchasing pundits and media

Capitalism and the Chilean miners

Thomas (no, not that one) looks to possibly become a large hurricane.

The Voter Fraud Fraud

In case people have forgotten, there's another angle to the Reid Senate race in Nevada

"A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over..."

Breaking on GEM$NBC -British authorities say the devices were viable

Do you know any infrequent voters who be coming out on Tuesday?

U.S. Military Uses More Oil per Day than the Entire Nation of Pakistan (and 169 other nations)

Fugging hell - I hope Michelle Bachman is counting people

Grizzly versus Bison: the rest of the story (pics of grizzly chasing bison)

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Compares DADT Judge To Al-Qaeda

m$nbc headline - 'pundits forecast 52 seat loss for democrats in the house'

Doing Anything On Veterans Day In Boston?

even luke russert says the crowd is enormous for the sanity rally

Courage, people---

Today I can't watch THE Rally, I'm doorknocking for Tarryl Clark, sooooo

Chicago paper lays off staffer whose job was to spin news of cuts

Average debt for households headed by someone 55 or older doubled between 2000 and 2008

Coal Ash: The Glowing National Security Threat (GLOWING)

If the GOP wins the House on Tuesday

The $243 Million Dollar Question: What Do We Need These Things For?

Make McDonald's Owner Pay for Intimidating Employees' Votes

WHEN THEY LIE - STAND WITH GRAYSON - (powerful new Alan Grayson ad)

Jon Stewart rally - live updates

The train was clearly leaning heavily to the left and then....

NPR exposes another Big Business front organization taking over our country.

RCP moved MO3 from likely to leans Dem - with no new polls

has anyone ever bought an Xbox refurbished. kids have an option

Apparently, there is a tea bagger confab going on in Philadelphia

PHOTO: Giuliani "looks at his portrait during its unveiling at City Hall Tuesday"

Excerpt from ‘Death of the Liberal Class’ by Chris Hedges

Stream from Comedy Central in 11 minutes.

Former AG Bob Butterworth, a Democrat, endorses Crist in Florida

Any bets that the networks give minimal coverage to this rally? /nt

In hindsight, would it have been better to vote on middle-class taxcuts ...?

In hindsight, would it have been better to vote on middle-class taxcuts ...?

okay, time for someone to post the official stewart/colbert rally thread. nt

Ohio McDonald's coercing employees to vote for GOP

Rally Starting!

Here you go: The first "scandal" the GOP will "investigate" Obama with.

Look Who Is Voting

Hardly Anything From The "Librul" Media So Far

Bwhaha! Rich Iott Won't Commit to Backing Boehner for Speaker

Polls. Reliable Polls

They're all important but, which state races concern

The Rude Pundit is twittering live from the rally

Government Changes Course With Chemical Test for Dispersant in Gulf Seafood

Big Banks Told Not To 'Fix' A Fraud

50 million, maybe more!

I voted today in Kansas, but do not think the outcome it going to be very good!

Say Hello to your Tea Party America


Republicans lose ground for second straight day in early voting, maintain turnout percentage edge

U of Michigan student Armstrong, attorney file complaints seeking possible disbarment for Ass't AG

Bill Maher had an old clip of COD saying she never celebrates Halloween

the comments to a local editorial were FANTASTIC! feel free to add yours

the comments to a local editorial were FANTASTIC! feel free to add yours

So this Roots band is pretty cool...

The crowd almost looks as large as it was at Obama's

Bill Clinton stumps for Ohio governor, "Their deal sounds good but it doesn't work

Which comes first? The charge or the electric car?

For those of you who can't make it to the rally and don't have cable TV

A query on a Teabagger candidate:

Awesome Signs Thread

Awesome Signs Thread

Oppsss! This has already been posted. Self-Delete

According to the wave, the satellite trucks at the rear are really in the middle

what, no congratulations to Obama administration for thwarting terrorist attack?

Why are right-wingers unhappy that the terror plot was thwarted?

Great Vengeance and Furious Anger - an apropos repost on the day of the Rally for Sanity


Leaving Afghanistan

Girlfriend (Dem) voting for Whitman

Girlfriend (Dem) voting for Whitman

Go Roots !!!!

Here is why I think prop 19 will pass:

I have something to say

Any idea how many people at the rally? /nt

Mythbusters.... preemptively busting the myth of a low crowd turn out!!

Four Troops

Unlike The Tea Party, This Is Not A Rally Of Hate

DC Nooz reporting most Metro lots fiull, delays getting on trains, lots of traffic in area

Limbaugh: "smoke some doobies" and listen to a "couple of half-baked comedians."

Pics of crowd size at the rally in other thread --->

Raise your hand if you went to a rally in DC that didn't have comedians.

Raise your hand if you went to a rally in DC that didn't have comedians.

Schedule For Today's Rally Here:

WTF is wrong with this country?

Screw it. Let's sell the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

"KEEP FEAR ALIVE"...Palin's Facebook page hacked (includes freedom-lovin' screen shot)

brilliant!!! What a way to show the crowd size!!! Love it!!!

Is Obama "home" today? I'm having a fantasy of him coming out on the balcony

I loves me some Ozzy!

oh my GOD!!!! an actual TERRorist performs for Jon Stewart

oh my GOD!!!! an actual TERRorist performs for Jon Stewart

oh my GOD!!!! an actual TERRorist performs for Jon Stewart


Climb aboard the Love Train! n/t

Cat Stevens!!!! Peace Train

Am I the only one who hopes Obama comes onstage at the end of the rally?

The Trifecta Ozzy,The Cat and the OJ.s

The Trifecta Ozzy,The Cat and the OJ.s

Ladies and Gentlemen Yusuf

I'm very disappointed today

I'm very disappointed today

So .... the liberals are on the Mall and MSNBC cuts to Lady Blah Blah at a Raese rally in WV

So .... the liberals are on the Mall and MSNBC cuts to Lady Blah Blah at a Raese rally in WV

The mailbombs also have all the hallmarks of the Unabomber.

Why Can't We Harness All This Enthusiasm At This Rally And Turn It Into A Poliitical Party Like .

Miniature human livers grown in laboratory

I'm just talking out my ass here

Cat Stevens and Ozzy Osbourne on the same stage.

Bucking Anti-Immigrant Trend, Some Communities Push for Non-Citizen Voting

Just donated

Wow! Cat Stevens!


Why are there Sue Myrick ads all over the front page??

The award to Haley was the best!

Jerome Anderson ends hyper-partisan allegiance to the Democratic Party. Radicalize the parties.

Jerome Anderson ends hyper-partisan allegiance to the Democratic Party. Radicalize the parties.

The Republican War on Reality

Lobster supper without the lobster suffering

They finally gave the MSM something to show on their "news"..

Homeowners Get FUCKED While Banks Get BILLIONS

This is about being happy being together regardless, 150,000 happy Americans

This is about being happy being together regardless, 150,000 happy Americans

That crowd is HUGE!!!!

Its The Greatest Strongest Country In The World and.........

Ha!Ha! Koran Dude!

Every time MSNBC does the Clinton-Meek Story today...

CNN Featuring Ted Nugent And Sarah Palin

Dup sorry

Dup sorry


Dup sorry

Is anyone talking about the kinds of machines they use at the critical voting districts?


Look how little them guys look standing next to Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Touch Social Security? Some may REACT WITH Violence: corporations & the rich-finally. 30 years

Holy shit. R2D2???

World's largest cruise liner has a twin

CNN Reporters Completely Baffled By Rally To Restore Fear And/Or Sanity

Watching the rally on CSpan - link below......

Call me cynical, but how long till Fox News runs this banner:

Prep school student commits suicide after accusation of homophobic bullying

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear link on CNN's homepage.

"If we try to amplify everything, we hear nothing."

US per-pupil K-12 spending: 14th of 16 industrialized nations.

C-Span still has the cameras rolling! nt

My Version of Jon Stewart's Closing Argument


Boccieri leaves campaign stage today -- his wife is in labor

That bit with the remote control was brilliant

The Restore Sanity or Fear is forking BRILLIANT!!!! F U Teabaggers!!!!!!

C-SPAN has a number to call in by party to tell what you think the rally was about


Rally Live Stream Up Now:

Pentagon blocking Courage Campaign's voter guide website over seas, but not tea party sites

A C-Span caller just said after watching he's changing his vote from Rep to Dem! nt

A couple of Election season jokes...

If we amplify everything, we hear nothing.......

If we amplify everything, we hear nothing.......

Try to find something about the Sanity rally at FR

National Council of Churches rejects Education Deform

Watching The Rally? What's Your Demographic?

Standing O for everyone involved in the writing, producing, directing of this hugh rally

Indie going democrat!!Every call on CSPAN so far...

Indie going democrat!!Every call on CSPAN so far...

Just had a Dem canvasser come to my door. That was neat.

C SPAN now showing Boner and his friend the NAZI dress up clown Idiot (or whatever his name is)

Borowitz of course has a take on the estimated "seven people" who showed up in Washington

Jon Stewart for PRESIDENT!!!

What if the Republicans do the "right" thing for the wrong reasons?

"Make Awkward Sexual Advances, Not War"

Your Tax dollars At Work - Police Misconduct News from the InjusticeNews Twitter feed

The young generation has the power to change history.

Ever notice that when a Dem leads in a poll

If you can read this subject line...

Obama Administration Ignored Torture Warnings and Transferred Detainees to Iraqi Authorities

Prediction: John Stewartwill say something "bad" about the professional left and

Jerry Brown Rally THIS morning, Stockton, Victory Park Rose Garden, 10:00 am

sign at the Stewart Rally

Ozzy vs Cat Stevens??

Video of Jon's speech for those retunning from the rally, please!

Is the Tea-Party movement racist in character?

I just lost it...

We are sooooo ****ing lucky that MSNBC is actually doing news this weekend.

"If we amplify everything, we hear nothing."

"If we amplify everything, we hear nothing."

Borowitz: Fox News Estimates Jon Stewart’s Crowd at Seven People

This rally is a LILY WHITE!

They just pulled Colbert up from under the stage in a Chile miner's rescue tube.

Meg Whitman: "We have the momentum now," predicts Nov. 2 victory during visit to Visalia

Obama with killer speech on CNN...awesome

Clinton rallies base, slams 'fact-free' GOP midterm campaign, warns of investigations

How are the News Channels spinning the Rally? How many switched to something

OK, yeah. This is really fucking funny.

OH THIS IS BRILLIANT dueling music stars... They are soo cool for doing this

Kendrick Meek Refused To Endorse Three Fellow Democrats In 2008

Conservative Halloween costume ideas (photos)

Begging - Please - does anyone know if the Rally

Brown needles Meg Whitman, invokes the Giants, rejects 'message discipline'

Alaska's Supreme Court has virtually guaranteed a court battle over Alaska's election results

Some Screen Shots of the Enormous Restoring Sanity Crowd



So Its Time To Fire Tim Kaine......

No matter what they say about it

Tsunami Risk Higher in Los Angeles, Other Major Cities Than Thought, Haiti Study Suggests

One Criticism of Rally: Keith/Ed Don't Belong Next to Beck, etc.

"We’ve got the chance to make some history here don’t we?" YES! Most expensive failed campaign EVAH.

OK just got home from work, did we win? Who was crowned king of the MSM.

is it just me or do stewart and colbert look EXTREMELY well fed?

Google Maps introduces directions for public transit, walking, and biking ...

Panoramic shot and stitched on the iPhone of the Rally4Sanity

One rally is playing Love Train,the other Ted Nugent is talking raising an army.

Panoramic shot and stitched on the iPhone of the Rally4Sanity

This is a question for the politically savvy in Florida elections

Koch Brothers are Determined to Buy the United States Government

Bill Maher's final montage of Christine O'Donnell's craziest statements (video)

A fifty million-year-old ant, whose existence could change the history of India

Freepers in denial

I just had a very good reason not to vote for the Democrats...

A pair of very 'meta' signs (from HissySpit's pic thread ...)

My Florida sister, her husband and I were talking

IVAW Statement on the Iraq War Logs - A Call for Accountability

Can We Save America’s Crumbling Water System?

Why are most people who are super concerned about the deficit also racists?


Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear (Thread #2) - pics

Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear (Thread #2) - pics

I wish Ms. Dean had had a lot more kids! Just listened to jim Dean on

Why can't I watch the Stewart rally on Comcast? It's listed on the guide,

Angle: 'Shock and awe' coming to Washington (WARNING: Graphic Image)

I just watched the entire three hours over the net. WHOA! My youngest daughter joined me.

Let's see the Pukes try to spin the rally, it should be fun

CSpan taking calls - today's Rally - political or entertainment

Cat Stevens Appearance Rankles Right winger

Try (Just a Little Bit Harder) by Alexander Cockburn

Try (Just a Little Bit Harder) by Alexander Cockburn

At Rally, Thousands — Billions? — Respond.

Debt collection agency had agents dress up like police officers, threaten victims with arrest

19 Robo-Calls In One Day........Today

McCain brings prior experience campaigning with another crazed, delusional woman to the Angle camp

Kelly's death 'was NOT caused by an overdose': Drugs expert dismisses theory on weapons inspector

i'd like to thank jon stewart and steven colbert for fighting insanity with comedy

Our Metro station counted over 100,000 people today

Are We Going to Get the Silent Treatment Again?

Are We Going to Get the Silent Treatment Again?

Want to get a darn good look at the honest size of the crowd

In the spirit of the Rally to Restore Fear: Jesus Was a Goody-Two-Shoes Brownnoser

If you are in the Florida Retirement System, you need to read this (Rick Scott related).

Generic complaint about the rally.

Frank Rich: The Grand Old Plot Against the Tea Party

Listen up, you lazy slackers, cuz this is the last time I'm gonna tell you for the last time, so

Listen up, you lazy slackers, cuz this is the last time I'm gonna tell you for the last time, so

Listen up, you lazy slackers, cuz this is the last time I'm gonna tell you for the last time, so

Do you know a Dem that's not voting or worse? If yes, WTF is their explanation?

Toronto Sun says 200K at the "Restore Sanity" rally - National Park Service says 300K

CNN Boiling Point documentary...boils on Saturday and Sunday

Share your stories at WaPo:

As race tightens, Baker hits Patrick on welfare program; Patrick says Baker 'wrong again'

The press covered the rally, that would be the...

Where are Bush, Cheney as election nears?

Delusion and capitulation: the price of unity?

I'll Take You There.....

Sharron Angle camp bans TV stations from election party

Hannity & Coulter Use The Gawker's Lowbrow Attack on O'Donnell to Claim They Represent All Democrats

Message in Marines' calendar: Breast cancer strikes men, too

Keith Olbermann: Vote Backward! Vote Tea Party!



Why do the Republicans keep running these airheads? Seriously, it's a disturbing pattern. Why?

"Not a real event like Glenn Beck did w/a real & legit theme" - Bill Carter NY Times on CSpan3

Guy on CNN reporting from Restore Sanity/Fear rally

Rally Crowd---pssst, did you notice something????

Stewart, Colbert hold post rally press conference

Chris Matthew's special "Rise of the New Right" is on

I'm watching local programming for the first time in a while

Is sanity a Liberal position?

Replay Of Rally On C-Span1 Tonight (5:00 PDT/8:00 EDT)

After watching "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" on MSNBC

Pennsylvania Attorney General, Republican Candidate for Governor, Encourages Voter Suppression

Bumpersticker I saw yesterday...

Replay of the Restore Stanity Rall coming up right now on C-Span

Lot of nuclear power plant deals being signed

Please K&R: WaPo OpEd on the Dangers of Internet Voting in DU Election Reform Forum!

Protest works

Protest works

Why not, might as well, who cares. The rally will give fodder & comfort to wingnuts

I am predicting Tuesday will not end well for the GOP

Fox News, the Wall Street Bankers of Reportage.

TODAY show news report: Saudi tip about suspicious packages included TRACKING NUMBERS

A dog born without eyes is finding his way in life after teaching himself to ‘see’ like a BAT

Courageous Cat Scares Off Coyote in O.C. Backyard (w/pic)

Stewart said calling the Tea Party racist is insulting to racists that are actually racist.

The biggest advance in gay rights in the USA in the past two years.

A handy link for people curious about how the Senate race in Alaska

Heads up Florida.. soon to be Hurricane Tomas


I try to imagine what it must be like to be a gay student at Midland (Ark) High School

President's Speaking at Illinois Rally - MSNBC

Are Left and Right cable talkers the Same?

Memo to the Democrats: our vote is not our mandate.

Rally Includes Lesson in Media Criticism 301

Rally Includes Lesson in Media Criticism 301

Will we run last minute ads against Murkowski from the Right?

The shiniest of all objects

Is there a replay of the Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive rallies available online?

LOL, a Teabagger claims rapid intensification of Hurricane Tomas is a socialist plot!

Finally back from the Restore Sanity, had front row seats since we got there at 5am

Politico is a Fox News

Is anyone else tired of this both sides bull!

Ugh...a political candidate in Missouri is "spoofing" my phone number!!!

"Fear, Hate, Racism and the Pain of 9/11" a last minute plea from Dennis Kucinich

"Fiorina goes Boxer-bashing at Halloween-themed candy store" can't make this shit up, folks.

Obama to GOP: You can't have the keys back -- YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE!

Oh no they didn't. Right wing displays pop culture ignorance, features NAMBLA sign...

Hilarious line on Family Guy just now.

E-cigarette seller accepts California marketing limits

House Polling Dump: 10/30/10 - Limping Towards the Finish

Uh....Nope. USA Today: Sanity Rally draws "tens of thousands"

big turnout in early voting today in Riverside CA...

Kareem Adbul Jabaar !

It's saturday night-latest news in the local crap paper-Feel Free to Comment at site

Shona Holmes lying ad on CNN again re Canadian health care!

Would YOU eat this??

Are they going to replay the Restore Sanity rally tonight or tomorrow?

No middle-ground, just right and wrong..

Today Stewart and Colbert facilitated an emergency intervention for America


What Is This CNN Ticker About O'Donnell Surging in Polls?

OH I hope someone posts this speech from Stewart at this rally this

'Sopranos' actress Denise Borino-Quinn (A.K.A. "Ginny Sacramoni") dies of cancer at 46

The 4th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Conservative Evil: Candidate Category phone banking--Easy, Fun, & Effective

The 4th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Conservative Evil: The Usual Suspects

Rally4Sanity - sign poll

MASSIVE - just back to Richmond from the rally.

Anyone have any numbers for how big the rally was? Any estimates?

Obama Prepares to Triangulate Himself by Glen Ford

"Tens of Thousands"

Credit card fraud: My Juniper MC got charged $2000 today at Air France. Juniper called to alert me,

Right wing blog fails at comparison pic between Beck and Stewart crowds

HuffPost's Sanity Bus brought nearly 10,000 people from New York to DC

HuffPost's Sanity Bus brought nearly 10,000 people from New York to DC

Hey Teaboogers- So, you're pissed off now, eh? Well, where were you during the last 8 when GWBush:.

CNN waits until tonight to expose Tea Party Funding sources !!!!!

The Daily Show, estimated the crowd at 250,000.

The Daily Show, estimated the crowd at 250,000.

nytimes b.s. - Obama Walks Fine Political Line on Terror Threat

Born Again Christian calling C-Span saying Christians do not have to vote Republican,

Met six 20-somethings in a local bar Thursday

Kos:IL Dems optimistic with early voting, GOP pissy

The Year of the Screwball (Donald Kaul column)

Share pics at WaPo:

"Today we live in hard times, not end times" - Jon Stewart

Boiling Point on CNN. Documentary about the tea party. Know your enemies.

ABC says breitbart will appear only online -- not in its broadcast coverage---after heavy criticism

Voice-mail from Crist to Meek surfaces

Voice-mail from Crist to Meek surfaces

Murdoch-Owned Wall Street Journal Silences Economist, Former Editor

Murdoch-Owned Wall Street Journal Silences Economist, Former Editor

"The Worst Obsession in the World" By Susan J. Douglas

Fox News Estimates Jon Stewart’s Crowd at Seven People

What was the best sign you saw today?

Is there a text of Jon Stewart's speech?

Dems Send More Cash to State Parties For Final 72 Hours

Sometimes you feel like a nut.... sometimes you don't - a few more rally pics

Michael Moores advice to you "Obama let us down" -ers

As another Halloween approaches, at the stroke of Midnight

What's the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

Which DUer is this?? Get a Brian, Morans!!...

I'm watching the replay of the rally, and no fucking way was

Stewart is already proving a point. Media heads are exploding.

Heads Up: Complete Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear Has Been Posted in the Videos Forum

"Tax is not why your life sucks"

The GOP didn't give a shit about McCain/Palin (or any of their would-be candidates) in 2008.

CBS' headline: Stewart rally "attracts moderates"

The War That Dares Not Speak Its Name: Class War in America

The War That Dares Not Speak Its Name: Class War in America

It seems that my heighten awareness of my “delicate condition” may have saved me from a trip to the

Whoa - HuffPo Bus gathering 6am NYC (linked pic)

I hope you won't think me a meddling Canadian for what I am about to say....

Special Halloween request going out to Swamp Rat.. please, I beg you.

Woody Allen on using sarcasm to fight fascists...

"Two Billion People At Stewart/Colbert Rally"

has anyone else seen this insane commercial? what appears to be a roomful of oriental people is

The 4th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Conservative Evil: Group Category

Dubai is a caricature of the excesses and downfall of capitalism

Why are people so thrilled about Cat Stevens

Why are people so thrilled about Cat Stevens

no hispanics? no hispanics!

Homeless Shelters Suggested As Option For Adults With Disabilities, Parents Say

O'Donnell: Maher apperances were a "ministry opportunity," God wants me in Congress, "Help me here."


LOL Freeper disturbed to find kinfolk attending Sanity Rally

Blitzer is covering the Sanity rally now

Seattle sanity rally draws between 2,000 and 3,000

The Rally Picture from facebook

The Rally Picture from facebook

SNL just said it doesn't matter if you go to the polls.

SNL just said it doesn't matter if you go to the polls.

I went on birth control when I was 14.

Very important poll

A few of my own rally pics. Hope they work. I think they're pretty good; you decide.

People gather for the Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear (Great Signs & Costumes) *Updated* pics

Rally to Restore the Sanity and/or Fear (Thread #4) - pics

Rally to Restore the Sanity and/or Fear (Thread #4) - pics

On behalf of citizens my age, Thank you Tony Bennett

I didn't realize Glen Greenwald was gay and married to a foreign national

"On the 7th day, He teabagged"

Matt Taibbi: Rand Paul's college fraternity really loved to joke about Hispanics and "Negroids"

Obama primary challenge? Nearly half of Dems want 2012 fight.

How Republican money influences the news

Sunday Talk shows

What's the definition of misogynist?

WholeFoods' Prepared Food Rides Elevator With Overflowing Trash

Resurgent GOP closes in on House win, eyes Senate

Researchers engineer miniature human livers in the lab

Now can we get some sanity in AZ? Why are people voting to put innocent people in pens here?

"Cat Stevens" got a visa for America?!?! But Bush is pissed.

"Cat Stevens" got a visa for America?!?! But Bush is pissed.

What percentage of social support for a law is needed?

What percentage of social support for a law is needed?

What percentage of social support for a law is needed?

Zach Galifianakis smokes pot live on Real Time with Bill Maher

Rally To Restore Sanity - Jon Stewart's Closing Speech (Full Text) -

I have to confess, I'm envious of anyone who went to the DC rally today

One of the better signs from the rally.

Woman Receives Death Threats Days After Beck Targets Her On His Show

That is a Fuckload of people at the Sanity/Fear rally. Updated with Pics!

Just heard on the radio that California is warning parents about pot candy...

Just heard on the radio that California is warning parents about pot candy...

Just heard on the radio that California is warning parents about pot candy...

Just heard on the radio that California is warning parents about pot candy...

Just heard on the radio that California is warning parents about pot candy...

GREAT speech by Jon Stewart!

The Education Manifesto By MICHELLE RHEE and ADRIAN FENTY

Ft. Wayne Gazette: Indiana set to hand control of struggling schools to for-profit groups.

The MSM RIGHT NOW Is Proving Stewart RIGHT

How would the media report it if Dems kept both House and Senate?


Diaper Boy David Vitter refuses to answer whether he broke the law..

John G. Roberts vs. The United States of America

Where are the poor supposed to go?

Oh, yeah! Here's my president with his big beautiful smile back on his handsome face!

The Fear is Real: A New View of Halloween “Hell Houses” - with an 'Obama-like Antichrist'

Jon Stewart's 'Rally to Restore Sanity' goes global, sparking events all the way to Mt. Everest

You know, it was very PATRIOTIC and AMERICAN for Stewart and Colbert to host today's rally

Stewart Rally vs Teabaggers in KC - pictures

"Kiss Me I'm Muslim"

Media Matters: The Real Story of the 2010 Election

Father Guido Sarducci benediction prayer - Rally for Restoring Sanity And/Or Fear

Father Guido Sarducci benediction prayer - Rally for Restoring Sanity And/Or Fear

New Rule: Ds Will Call Boehner "Boner" As Long As He Calls Us the "Democrat" Party

SHOUT OUT! to our Beloved DUers who posted pics from the rally and made us ALL

Gay Activists Heckle at Obama Connecticut Rally

Ralph Nader: The Road to Corporate Serfdom

No More ‘Yabbadabadoo!’ in the U.S.

Could the Government or Workers Produce Consumer Goods as Well as the Private Sector?

This Rally IS The Most Brilliant Indictment Of The MSM That We've Ever Seen

Christine O'Donnell: Halloween Is a Satanic Holiday about Human Sacrifice

Christine O'Donnell: Halloween Is a Satanic Holiday about Human Sacrifice

Christine O'Donnell: Halloween Is a Satanic Holiday about Human Sacrifice

Appreciation thread for Keith, Ed and Congressman Alan Grayson...

Beck Glenn vs Rally Stewart/Colbert Rally PIC

I was in an accident earlier this week. I'm OK.

I was in an accident earlier this week. I'm OK.

A sanity rally shouldn't have John "charter school" Legend performing.

A sanity rally shouldn't have John "charter school" Legend performing.

Bush League: Poppy & Smirko star in the World Series instead of rot inside prison where they belong.

Disappointing Turnout, Fox News Channel Says

Do you vote in DU polls?

Do you vote in DU polls?

Do you vote in DU polls?

Who's the most right-wing Senate candidate this year?

Who's the most right-wing Senate candidate this year?

Pentagon blocking Courage Campaign's voter guide website over seas, but not tea party sites

favorite rally sign

Hissyspit's "Sanity And/Or Fear" Rally PHOTO Thread (Home-made, Eyewitness, First-Person & All!!!)

Hissyspit's "Sanity And/Or Fear" Rally PHOTO Thread (Home-made, Eyewitness, First-Person & All!!!)

Do you want this man to be THIRD in line to the Presidency?

More photos from the DC rally... it was HUGE!!!

It's really looking scary for Feingold

Our Rally - Their Rally

ABC News Backs Away From Breitbart - TPM

"Obama is worse than Chaplin" ??? A sign at the Rally - I don't understand what

We want to be optimistic...

Minor's Right to Medical Privacy WITHOUT parents knowing, includes contraceptives, mental health,std

Minor's Right to Medical Privacy WITHOUT parents knowing, includes contraceptives, mental health,std

I saw Senator Feingold this afternoon.

Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear (Thread #3) - pics

Forced abortions in China, 8 months into pregnancy

Democrats take Corbett(r Pa) to task over comment on vote turnout!

Gettin' down there, Complain as you will, or pass on praises...BUT VOTE!

Illinois Dems Optimistic: DNC early voting analysis suggests Democratic edge

Civil rights commissioner blasts conservative panel's "hatchet job" attack on DOJ

Final Marist/McClatchy Polls for CO, WA, PA & WI

I am so fed up with the pissing and the moaning and the dancing in the end zone.. before

"Hi, I'm a tea partier!"

Best Sign ever

It's The Economy Stupid

'Me and Lee' - a book every Democrat should own!

Joe Conason: Can"Vote Sanity" stop the madness?

Anyone know if there is a GOTV effort at this rally by either side

The misuse of polling by Republicans will continue after E-day.

Another BULLSHIT poll on Obama for 2012, where do they get these polling numbers

Wow! Look at that crowd! Awesome doing the wave! Found one pic!

ABC to bring on Andrew Breitbart for Election Night Analysis

***Rally For Sanity Signs!***

I Was Just Looking At The Latest Batch Of Polls

***Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear*** LIVE THREAD

Since 8 AM this Morning Our Phone Has RUng 6 times so far, All GOP Candidates

Self-funded Candidates Face Tough Odds in Election 2010

Anyone listening toC-SPAN some of the nut jobs calling on the caller lines

Boehner sure knows how to choose his allies.

I would like to think that this rally is not merely a flash in the pan. That it's meaningful...

WTF, Ted Kennedy Jr comes to Baker(R)'s rescue. by penning an editorial against Cape Wind in

Miami Herald's Naked Politics: Bill Clinton Coming to Orlando Election Eve to rally with Meek, Sink

MSNBC's Luke Russert says 220,000 RSPV'd to Rally for Sanity/Fear and even more may show up!

George McGovern: Voters, beware a bum's rush

NYT: Is the rally just a fun way to spend an afternoon with...and 200,000 of your closest...friends?

stewart/colbert news conference coming up soon on msnbc. nt

ABC News Backs Away From Breitbart - "Mr. Breitbart is not an ABC News analyst."

Holy Shit - CT Rally

"If a free soceity cannot help the many who are poor..."


I got Blue Tix to Obama's Chicago rally and I'm right behind his podium

GOTV today: How many of you had Chicken at your HQ delivered to you by the VP's son (and state AG)?

Watch Live President Obama tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern Time

Anybody know anything about this Dem in nevada

Source: ABC's newsroom upset with decision to tap Andrew Breitbart

Obama urges 'steps' after election, calls GOP stance 'troubling'

National Dems must see something happen: they are launching first TV ad of campaign in Alaska

Am I Wrong About This?

Sharron Angle promises "shock and awe" in Washington

At Rally, Thousands — Billions? — Respond

NEXT on CNN (or so they announced) - Obama rally in CT

If there is an "enthusiasm gap"

Frank Newport: These's no evidence in polling that democrats are enthusiastic about this election

Talkingpointsmemo Rally Pics Slideshow!

Dems Signup Volunteers Outside Stewart Rally

Boxer Manny Pacquiao energizes crowd at Harry Reid rally

The gradual evolution of the modern-day Democratic Party

Huckabee and Palin robocalling in Missouri

Obama appears with Onorato and Sestak in Philadelphia!

Final PPP Ohio Poll reveals tight race

My parents were married

IF the Repubs take the house, how long do you think it will take before

Those 2 polls that contradict each other for how O'Donnell is doing against Coons - here's why....

Why no threads about Obama's Hyde Park rally?

The Rally to Restore Sanity: Nonpartisan, but political

PPPpolls: "Strickland's gained 9 points since our last poll by bringing the base home" It's 49%-48%

The Buzz: Listen to the voicemail Crist left Meek

The clumsy, beautiful Rally to Restore Sanity

How OFA's GOTV operation will change this election

Boner's "rally" was held at the Spread Eagle Tavern!

how many more Black people are Stewart

politico being politico

So,Apparently the John Boehner Affair was Not True

The media is forgetting the President was a Community Organizer

150,000 my ass there are at least 500,000 people at this rally

PPP--MN Governor: Dayton (D) 43% Emmer (R) 40% Horner (I) 15%

Marco Rubio's presidential bid begins Tuesday. Lets thank Kendrick Meek

Poor GOP shills Politico: Democrats can’t ride Jon Stewart’s wave (Rebuttal photos inside)

AK SEN: Is Joe Miller done?

Seriously? Why do people hate Obama Why?

Floridians, print out this YES on 'Fair Districts' Amendments 5 and 6 sign for your yard, car!

Any video of the Stewart/Colbert press conference following the rally?

Kendrick Meek refused to endorse 3 fellow Democrats in 2008.

YouGov releases Final Senate Polls: Dems take lead in IL and WA/NV dead heat

PPP--CT Governor: Foley (R) 49% Malloy (D) 47%; Blumenthal up by 11 in senate race

Who thinks the "enthusiasm gap" is real?

The Buzz: Crist offered Meek a cross and asked him to 'pray' about whether to stay in the race

On our side, where does most of the fault lie?

New Cook Report is bad news for Republicans.

Fox News calls Obama our former president

Gloria Borger (CNN) just asked the most idiotic question I've heard yet about the rally

If you could reverse the outcome of ONE presidential election in US history

Keith Olbermann whining on Twitter and proving Stewart's point.

What state are you from, and what anecdotal evidence do you have about this election?

just finished watching Che - longest movie ever?

I need some suggestions for a housewarming gift

I just love arguing politics with my brother on my Facebook page

Shows you thought you'd never get into but find enjoyable...

Have you heard about "Trunk or Treating" or "Trick or Trunking"?

Know what we need?

Is anyone else watching Pit Boss? They just demonstrated dog cpr!

Handmade sign at the DC rally

"The Royal Fuse has just blown !"

This is a baby's "onesie", but if I were going out this Halloween...

I was born under a bad sign...

Reached a milestone today.

Wonder why the movie "Help!" didn't win an oscar

UK issuing a John Lennon commemorative 5 pound coin...

Higher and Higher!

Why is MSNBC so obsessed with jails?

it tickles

Technical (computer) Question

The Guild - Halloween Special

I posted all of my annual Halloween Conservative Evil award polls in GD

here's something for Tobin since he's on the road

i got trucks on the brain

wham bam thank you ma'am

i'm fixin' to hit the likra sto'

My littlest bro (he's 13) is making campaign calls for Anthony Weiner (D-NY).

Workplace solution.

Need help finding a game

i want MY country back

Saturday night pic thread. Post 'em if ya' got 'em

patty cake Kitties

why are so many people little nancy pee pee pants nowadays?

The light of my life:

Thanks for all the pics of the rally

A great song from the 80's

HELP! Clever DUers! Need help with a response...

Thank you Iowa!



Help me identify a film. I haven't seen it, but I've read about it.

Here is Night of the Living Dead. Barbra...

orrex reminded me. this is very vague. a movie... evil or demon would jump in to a person

I squirted essence of bacon up my nose, and......I LIKED IT!

Disturbed - "Another Way To Die" (my favorite Metal band goes Enviromentalist)

Saw my first episode of "Outsourced" tonight , and it was really funny !!! not PC , but funny

So, this zombie and werewolf go into a bar....

Today is my birthday...

Ladies and Gentlemen...I give you The Turtle Burger.

Giants vs. Rangers (Game 3)

good ol' buck owens and his buckaroos

jesus fucking christ

all the little piece of shit gangbangers are "holding it down"

Seattle's "Rally To Restore Sanity" totally rocked!

Sometimes CATS are not HELPING half as much as they THINK they're helping

i can't keep fucking track

The world's most generic news report

I HATE to ask for directions. I was at the rally; have pics. How to convert to html for DU?

The latest HORRIFYING news smuggled out to me by my informant at Kali's ranch...

GO PBS!!!!

HEY! Today is OCTOBER 30th! And you know what THAT means!

My 15-year old and I watched "Annie Hall" last night.

Scared Shrekless repeats in about 10 minutes

Anyone have experience with Roomba vacuum cleaners?

I was offered two jobs yesterday

Call me crazy - I've been trying to see a satellite for about a week

My 84 year old Russian mother-in-law cracks me up. This morning she asked me how to turn on the hot

So how does Ash rev his chainsaw, exactly?'s Top 100 Scary Movies


Question for the adults you like Legos?

I may have a winner in the fridge for tomorrow.

Ideas for a seasonal job?

Today's College Football Tailgate Thread

My cat is nuts.

Looking for the advice from your experiences - kitten declawing - yay or nay?

Cupholders on shopping carts.......really?

Politicians enjoy cushy prison stay

Post a picture of someone you had a crush on when you were younger...

A Surge in Democratic Spending

New York child sued for woman's death after bike crash

Clinton says US has a stake in Asian security

Cargo plane bomb plot: David Cameron not informed of terror threat for 16 hours

Terror investigators look for more packages

UN deal struck to 'save ecosystems'

Altered documents allow Carroll's firm into city contract program

Dubai cops: Bomb plot was a 'professional' job with 'hallmarks' of al-Qaida

The New Face of the G.O.P.? Grizzled Veterans

Thousands expected at Stewart-Colbert rally in DC

U.S. Civil Rights Commission sidetracked by member's protest

Angle: 'Shock and Awe' in Washington on Nov. 3

Cargo Plane Bomb Plot In Pictures

Bomb was designed to explode on cargo plane - UK PM

Cuomo, Paladino make last pitch to voters

Judge orders additional instruction for touchscreen voters (NC GOP suit)

Yemen official says forces detain parcel suspect

LGBT-friendly synagogue a target of intercepted packages, leader says

Big Banks Told Not To 'Fix' A Fraud

Karzai demands investigation into NATO-led drug bust in Afghanistan

President Obama says troubled by comments of top Republicans

Cablevision, Fox End Stalemate

Jon Stewart Rally Attracts Estimated 215,000 (CBS commissioned estimate)

U.S. Says Genes Should Not Be Eligible for Patents

China reassures US on key 'rare earth' minerals

Creator of the ‘Don’t Vote’ Ads Decides to Vote

At Least 250,000 Attend Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity

Kentucky Stomper Charged With Fourth-Degree Assault

Wyoming Rep. Lummis: Estate tax rise has some planning death

Obama deals with protests in Connecticut

Ray charles sings America

A Stack of Lies

Weird Liberal Head Show #206: Vote Democratic, Reject Dummies and Puppets

Weekly Address: Working Together on the Economy

March of the Puppets

Young Turks: Hateful Anti-Gay Facebook Comments By School Board Member

Immigrant communities: take the Protest to the Polls

Look Who's Voting (PSA)

Sheena may be a punk rocker, but FIORINA is a JOB's Brave New Films' 2 minute version.

USW president Leo Gerard on Chamber, outsourcing

Turned Her Back, Dems Go On Air In Alaska

Restore the Sanity and/or Fear WAVE!!!!

Jerry Brown in Stockton, CA, Saturday October 30, 2010

"World renowned" scientist says Florida's EAST & WEST coasts under oil threat

Voter's reaction on Meek's low polls

Stewart: These Are "Hard Times, Not End Times"

10,000 pledge "liberty migration" to NH

Who Bombed Abuja, Nigeria Documentary Part 1

Fish organs are not the same color as they used to be says BP/P2S worker

Yusuf Islam at Rally To Restore Sanity

ReasonTV: Stewart-Colbert Rally

Boxer Ad:"Fighting for Jobs" - TV Ad Featuring President Obama

Jessie Kelly (R-AZ) claims Democrats are busing Mexicans in from across the border to vote.

Young Turks: Sarah Palin At War With Karl Rove

Hardball. Why is Decision 2010 getting so physical

Rally to Restore Sanity - Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow - Great Song!

TYT: People Don't Trust Foreign Accents - Study

"Don't Sit This One Out"

Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert's Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear (Complete)

Jon Stewart's Speech at Rally to Restore Sanity

Slammin on Nike and LeBron James

10-29-10 New montage of Christine O'donnell released on Real Time

Smoking Pot Live on RealTime w/Bill Maher - Oh Yes!

Rally To Restore Sanity: Crowd Overwhelms DC - Over 200,000!!

Keith Olbermann (sports anchor in 1990) reports/comments on Roseanne's National Anthem performance

Sad People Stock Footage Library

TYT: Christine O'Donnell Busted (Tries To Have Video Destroyed)

"I remember"

Lawrence Goodwyn: The Great Predicament Facing Obama

Bishop Long talks sex from the pulpit

Women of the Tea Party

As California Votes to Legalize, Pot Is Quickly Turning into Big Business

Charlie Crist: 'I'll Caucus with Dems But Tan With Boehner'

275 Investors Demand U.S. Chamber Disclose Funds And Stop Punitive Campaign Against Health Care Law

MoDo: Keith Richards a snuggle-bunny?

Rally To Restore 'Sanity?' Jon Stewart Jumps the Snark

KRISTINE KAISER: We invite trouble by delegitimizing government

Gulf seafood safe to eat, FDA says Just like Ground Zero was safe right after 9-11

The Myth of the Self-Made American

Our divisive president, redux

Private School Civility Gap

Thousands and Thousands of Sane People

I'll have some of what HE'S smoking: "5 reasons why Whitman will beat Brown" (SF Examiner op/ed)

The Stealth Coup D'Etat: U.S.A. 2008-2010 (October 28, 2010) Charles Hugh Smith

Rap News vs News World Order (Bill O'reilly vs. Wikileaks)

California Agency Licenses 663-MW Calico 'SunCatcher' Solar Plant (4500 MW approved or in review CA)

A question for John the ethanol man.

Construction of Chinese 'Nuclear City' to start

Bear attacks in Japan rise due to climate change

Disturbed - "Another Way To Die" (my favorite Metal band goes Enviromentalist)

GE to buy 'tens of thousands' of electric cars

Cementing, Mainstay of Oil Drilling , Is Prone to Failure

The HighDro Power system converts falling wastewater into energy

Town combats dutch elm disease with public art.

German Nuclear Phase Out Begins It's Own Phase Out: Nuclear Licenses Extended.

Jellyfish 'may benefit from ecosystem instability' (BBC)

Nothing new here.....Brent Favor is starting for the queens...

Syracuse 6-2 for the first time since 2001

Great thing about prime time colllege football.

Interesting photo at the end of the Washington Senators first era...

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Saw Bush and Pickles in the Stands.. (

For your listening enjoyment...

Politicians enjoy cushy prison stay

Brazil set to elect new president

DAS director denies plan to destroy wiretap evidence

Ecuador sees economy growing 5.06 pct in 2011

Hmmm. The Washington Senators look pretty good tonight against the NY Giants.

Transgender woman murdered in Philadelphia.

Ron Howard Defends Gay Joke...

FRC's Tony Perkins: Our Hate Speech Deserves To Be Heard On NPR

Antigay Mich. Asst. AG Could Lose License

I have changed my avatar

Megachurch Pastor Comes Out

Justice, Israeli style By Sherine Tadros in Middle East on October 21st, 2010.

Settlers: Arabs, leftists staged 'price tag' act

Big rally by Islamic Jihad in Gaza, joined by Hamas

dance practice

Especially for Saphire - next best thing to being surrounded by color - is having it sent to you

Dembski grovels for his dinner

Pastoral Message, GLBT, Deaths, Pakachoag Church, October 10, 2010

Catholic bloggers aim to expose dissenters

A few random shots from late October

Halloween Party next door going on now---photo of my neighbors

Your Fingers Know When You Make a Typo

Sunrise Texas

Tracking Evidence of 'The Great Dying'

For those that may be even a little curious about me....a pic

A sunset pic from tonight...

Union closer to representing Bluffs nurses

Please terminate my account

What's the intended difference between GD and GD:P now?

when the mods disappear a post

I'm still uncomfortable about 'alert' -ing on some posts. Advice, please?

Rick DiClemente's November Starself Astrology Newsletter - Neptune on the USA's Moon

(another) Question regarding posts in a deleted subthread

Why lock the In Truth We Trust thread????

What was the justification for tombstoning Touchdown?

clearing ancestral karma

People Who Have Seen Crop Circles Being Formed

New Reality Transmission