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Heavy Thoughts - A lot is riding on his shoulders

Colorado abstinence program with ties to anti-gay groups, Martin Ssempa, receives millions in federa

Soros gives $1M to Calif. pot legalization measure

Letter to the Editor - Example

George Soros Gives $1 Million To Help Legalize Marijuana

LA Times:Q&A with Elizabeth Warren: 'The changes are starting now'

Anti-gay bullying may cost schools U.S. funds

Olberman, Beck, O'Rielly, Maddow, they all gotta go

For the next week, forget the polls and pay no attention to the pundits.

U.S. slips to historic low in global corruption index (= more corrupt than Chile, Barbados)

Storm: Lowest barometric reading ever on mainland US

It's the Occupation, Stupid (FP)

Intellectual Property (IP)

This just in.....Wealthy are doing just fine, thanks.

The Perfect Cup of Tea

Must see - Gorbachev: Nato victory in Afghanistan impossible

Tehadists: "Don't Tread on Me. Tread on That Other Guy."

Arkansas School Board Member Celebrates Gay Suicides And AIDS

Robert Parry: (Sour Grapes) Washington Post Downplays Iraq War Crimes

Borderland: For refugees in China it pays to be Burmese, not North Korean

Gibbs: Insult or ignorance?

Early voting big in Iowa

President Obama is on the line (calling Organizing for America members)

New Study: Combining and Strengthening Current Policies Would Guarantee Decent Wages for Workers

New Study: Combining and Strengthening Current Policies Would Guarantee Decent Wages for Workers

Because Rand Paul Deserves To Be Mocked As Much As Possible...

Report: "Suicide" Soldier & Another Murdered In "Berserk" Rampage In Iraq

Indonesian tsunami kills 272; help finally arrives

Your mind, well and nicely blown, By Mark Morford

Debtors' prisons on the rise in the US

Know anyone personally who was a recipient of Reagan's amnesty for undocumented workers?

7 Days people!!! VOTE!!!!

Headlines at the sludge report......and sorry for even going there.

W.Va. GOP candidate for U.S. House proud of ties to Massey CEO Don Blankenship

Joe Miller Did It In 2008

Lies & Hypocrisy: U.S. State Department Says Iraqi Detainee Abuse Is "An Iraqi Problem"

Winslow T. Wheeler: Is There an Alternative to Phony Defense Savings?

What view does waiting for Superman support?

Nick Mills: Afghanistan: It's in the Bag (Ka Ching!)

Breaking on BBC -Afghanistan delays ban of private security firms

Iowa GOP platform calls for ‘no-activities night on Wednesdays’

New Intrade info......

NY Times: Study Finds Street Stops by N.Y. Police Unjustified

U.S. military campaign to topple resilient Taliban hasn't succeeded

Wikileaks, Torture, And the DoD

NATO invites Russia to join Afghan fray

I Can't Believe That Jack Booted Thug Curb Stomped That Woman- Republicans Are Seriously Messed Up

U.S. Drones Seven More in Pakistan

Liz(ard) Cheney says the TeaParty movement is a good thing for America

UN: Obama Ended Torture, But Bush Probe Still Needed

So I pass by a "news" stand on my way to work....and there he is Speaker Boehner on Newsweek!!

Jim Hightower: Flying the Un-Friendly Skies

New ($1.4 billion dollar) Navy ship to be based in Norfolk

Continued Foibles in Iraq and Afghanistan

Nuclear Missile Equipment Failure Disrupts 50 ICBMs

Why We Need To Support Democrats This Election

Violence Against Women is the New Black

Capitalism doesn't need you

UK interrogation training manuals on detainees: ‘Get them naked,’ search foreskin

Has anyone seen any details about the "step on my foot" incident -

Dumb Letters to the Plain Dealer Part 43: Can it get any dumber? The answer is: None more Dumb.

Nazi Victims Ask European Union to Probe Vatican on Looted Assets

Bill O’Reilly e-mail bombs Mike Thompson

10 ways that one rural ecovillage is building strong foundations for coming times

Greg Palast: The Petroleum Broadcast System Owes Us an Apology

One huge difference: WE ARE NOT HEAD STOMPERS! You want to witness the seeds of fascism?

If every gay soldier just got up, came out and headed home

Republicans' post-Election 2010 challenge: managing expectations

Be advised: Cell phone numbers are going public.

Audit: National Archives At Risk


The Silence of Progressive Sources on WikiLeaks Iraq Release is Shocking!!

"Assaults from both sides of the aisle." Really??

So let's see, 3 repuke candidates, 3 people detained, stomped on or assaulted..

Poll: Has cable news been giving adequate coverage of that Rethug stomping on that woman's neck?

People who are in touch with their virtues and vices

Joe Miller in 2008 Mass Deleted his emails & abused Leave under FMLA

"The Democrats are down three games to none."

"Best way to get things done is to elect people who don't think that anything should get done."

An Argument For Paper Ballots

Funny Toyota cartoon

I'm working at the polling place!

Kentucky Stomper Wants An Apology From Woman He Assaulted (VIDEO)

Unless something dramatically changes within the next week, it looks like Boxer is safe.

Kentucky Stomping Victim: 'Important That Stomper Be Held Accountable' (VIDEO)

Sharon Angle sent Joy Behar flowers and Joy lets her know where she can put them. LOL

Learning the Truth About the Bailouts

Toon "And now I suppose you want health care?"

Does your precinct have a Voter Assist Terminal?

Just as a practical matter, how will you protect what savings you have after the election?

Bob Herbert: The Corrosion of America

Bob Herbert: The Corrosion of America

Danziger on Juan Williams

Battle of the Food Truck Chefs – Miami (the results are in)

Baltimore Hands Out First Trans Fat Citation

Victory in Afghanistan 'impossible': Gorbachev

The Bloomberg Paradox

Video- Kentucky Stomper Wants An Apology From Woman He Assaulted

Obama - What The Hell Are You Reading?

Obama - What The Hell Are You Reading?

Obama - What The Hell Are You Reading?

The rise, fall and rise of John Boehner

From 'Secret Life' To Public Service

Néstor Kirchner, Former Argentine President, Dies

Dems: 'If We're Gonna Lose, Let's Go Down Running Away From Every Legislative Accomplishment We Made

How accurate has Gallup been predicting midterm elections in the past?

Damn. Glenn Greenwald dismantles NYT's John Burns regarding Wikileaks

Damn. Glenn Greenwald dismantles NYT's John Burns regarding Wikileaks

More species slide to extinction

A Wealthy Republican Family Hangs Out Its Dirty Laundry Down South

Are emergency water supplies safe? Fed and states can't tell for sure


Wikileaks Afghanistan files: download the key incidents as a spreadsheet

Rove: "45 Percent Of NPR Listeners Were Saddam Hussein"

It has begun...

Heads up Bernie Sanders on with Hartmann right now.

Rand Paul campaign song

High-tech answer to harassment on Egypt's streets

'Baggers account of the Rand Paul headstomping.

Dollar printing feeding China inflation: minister

Could use your help re: GWB admin info, please

Two big burly he-baggers vs. the Liberal Menace

Here is the apology you deserve Mr. Profitt:

Profitt says he fears for his safety and has received numerous death threats

The Road Ahead for Progressives: Back to Basics

Lights up on Doha film festival

Standing on the corner, watching all the Cars go by ---this is an electioneering report

Unreported Iraqi War Deaths Revealed by Wikileaks Are Only the Tip of an Iceberg

Does this give Angle her reason for the Second Amendment Remedies?

It's "The greenest state in the land of the free," but...

"shot herself" while engaged to Charlie Sheen.

The real foreclosure mess: Lack of accountability for banks

Navajos Hope to Shift From Coal to Wind and Sun

Should we let the Republicans make abortion illegal and then sit back and watch them deal with

On the way home, I was listening to NPRs "On Point" and teabaggers were calling in

An Answer To The Energy Crisis

Nate Silver's gloomy forecast for the House election makes you...

Health Insurance is the problem not the solution

Democratic-ish Underground

vintage RW stupidity: Christopher Marlowe a Communist?

Mama Grizzly Attack in Kentucky

SEX and the GOP.....actually GENDER and the GOP

I'm writing a rebuttal in a health care publication, and need some help

Never mind Obama, Tim Profitt is the reason every Democrat must go to the polls

CNN just aired the lying Shona Holmes ad about Canada's health care system again!

Study Documents Chamber of Commerce Takeover Of Supreme Court

Senator Jim Inhofe

Senator Jim Inhofe

Rand Paul's BFF

Taliban resilient against U.S. strikes

Krugman: Right now, a weak dollar is good for America

Montana tea party splinters in two, week before election

female troops die in wars,too.We may never know why,though

LOL Freeper says Bachmann sounds "scared" about the election "needs help"

SHADOW GROUPS Have Spent Nearly A Quarter BILLION DOLLARS On 2010 Election

Voters Complain About GOP Poll Watchers In N.C. County

Election spending by outside groups is concentrated and hidden, new Public Citizen analysis shows

I performed a double blind experiment on DU.

Bagger on why Holder is most anti-gun AG ever: 'I don't have all the facts, but I know that he is.'

Remember when characters on soaps were well-off, but not ultra-rich?

Remember when characters on soaps were well-off, but not ultra-rich?

Remember when characters on soaps were well-off, but not ultra-rich?

What pol (living or dead) has most inspired you, or do you look up too

Rand Paul "head smashing" incident is the "Macaca" moment of this election.

Early voting in North Carolina

Violence is part and parcel of our domestic history

Tim Profitt: "I have issues with my back"

Where do we go from here with this violent political atmosphere?

My suggestion: Arm yourself with facts and reason

Shocker: Fox Newsers Are Supporting Republicans This Election

'Independent' Groups Behind Ads...

Today's "WTF" Moment: "Rand Paul Supporter Wants Stomping Victim To Apologize To Him"

Action alert: Texas televison and radio station asks viewers to respond to this question:

The world views the teabagmania in US with horror and pity

Elect the willfully ignorant!!!!

KY GOPer On GENDER Discrimination: I'll Believe In It WHEN I SEE IT.

Say what?? Stomper wants an apology from the woman who viciously put her head under his foot.

Sachin Chheda, the Chairman of the Milwaukee Democratic Party, will be on with Big Ed tonite

Campaign Song for Ron Johnson (R Gov Candidate in WI)

British dismiss US security checks

British dismiss US security checks

We're going to vote 'early' this week. We want to be part of the Democratic wave in my state.

How Social Security and Medicare prevent poverty:

Editorial in Lexington Herald/Leader about curbstomping

It looks like nixon's southern strategy worked. The country has shifted to the right, and it

It looks like nixon's southern strategy worked. The country has shifted to the right, and it

You have to give credit to the GOP and the ignorance of the American people.

WOOOHOO!! Because of my bum left knee I'm gonna kick the crap out of someone half my size!!

WOOOHOO!! Because of my bum left knee I'm gonna kick the crap out of someone half my size!!

WOOOHOO!! Because of my bum left knee I'm gonna kick the crap out of someone half my size!!

The new Swedish xenophobia, 1991 and now again in 2010

Comment about Bachmann in the Minneapolis Star Tribune

What If Prop 19 Doesn't Pass?

The New Democrats: The Coalition Pharma and Wall Street Love

The New Democrats: The Coalition Pharma and Wall Street Love

Into Africa? Fossils suggest earliest anthropoids colonized Africa

VW set to capture auto lead from Toyota

For US small people-another tool--Source Watch Portal: Corporate Rights

Letter from a DMV worker

People influenced by polls

American Crossroads is Karl Rove and Karl Rove is Bush

Just voted--Chicago (tomorrow last day for early voting in IL!!)

Bennet 43%-Buck 42% (Colorado Pols)

Right wing starts making switch from "We're about freedom" to "People need to be controlled"

The horrible, horrible truth about Claire Lee

I'm only voting for the Democrats because they aren't bigoted scumbags.

I'm only voting for the Democrats because they aren't bigoted scumbags.

California Props 20, 27, and 19

California Props 20, 27, and 19

Wall Street Proprietary Trading Under Cover: Michael Lewis

Working for DNC Voter Protection Hotline Sunday.

Flashback: I wonder if Biden regrets not allowing witnesses who would have corroborated Anita Hill?

If I didn't know any better, I'd say there was a big-ass Hurricane over the Eastern half of the US.

Jim DeMint's PAC Flip

Jim DeMint's PAC Flip

Jim DeMint's PAC Flip

5 Things You didn't Know About Supermarkets

Me vs. Nate Silver: The Dirty Dozen

Who is responsible for the high unemployment?

Who is responsible for the high unemployment?

Is there a Democrat running against Jim DeMint?

Is there a Democrat running against Jim DeMint?

If you get some time call the Rand "the video lies" Paul's campaign office

how much longer

Mikhail Gorbachev: NATO victory in Afghanistan is impossible



MoveOn signing up volunteers for Alan Grayson.

Any sane coverage of the latest O'Keefe anti-union stunt in New Jersey?

Is MSNBC - apart from the nighttime lberal lineup - talking about the "big chance" of a Dem loss?

Should we be afraid of the right wingers?

Kucinich to liberals: Vote or cede to the ‘forces of nihilism’

Charlie just 'Half' a man

Why would a straight couple want a civil partnership? (BBC)

Why would a straight couple want a civil partnership? (BBC)

Citizens United V. FEC: A Conspiracy Half a Century in the Making

Alaska's untapped oil reserves estimate lowered 90 percent

Tony Perkins: Gay Teens Resort To 'Depression Or Suicide' Because They Know They're 'Abnormal'

Federal Court to Arizona: Your Anti-Poor, Anti-Immigrant Voter Law Is Not OK

Rick Scott will support Arizona-style immigration law in FL. Hispanics take note!

Salon: How we know Clarence Thomas did it, and why it's important that we acknowledge it

The biggest losers will be the Blue Dogs

WV-Sen Goes Back To Blue; And a Quick Senate Lay of the Land

*FRONTLINE examines BP's 'safety' record.

GOP's Capitol Hill Club hit with lawsuit alleging racial discrimination

Conservatives Tout New Video Of Kentucky Stomping-Say Proves Assault on Paul

Those going to the "Restore Sanity" Rally

In the unfortunate event Harry loses, who will be the next Dem Majority leader?

I wonder if pubs were to gain control of one or both Houses of Congress, if pubs will reach out and

Rand Paul Supporter Who Stepped On Activist's Head Wants Apology

Glenn BecKKK Thinks Evolution Is Ridiculous, But He Does Believe God Lives On A Planet Named Kolob

Some of these crazy bastards need to be put in jail...

Al Gore: Tea Party making climate science a ‘political football’

Muslim family kicked off flight for dressing in clothes that indicated "some Muslim-type religion"

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council: "Bullying does not cause suicide"

Youtube version of Olivia Wilde MoveOn ad being freeped?

from Grayson -----My opponent is skipping tonight's debate

Remember - this is how Republican men treat women

Nearly ALL Dems in Florida win!! Crist prevails in Senate race

Stomper IDed

Would Lauren Valle have been justified to shoot Rand Paul's Stompers?

Would Lauren Valle have been justified to shoot Rand Paul's Stompers?

Would Lauren Valle have been justified to shoot Rand Paul's Stompers?

"How Corporatist-Conservative Policy Destroyed The American Economy"

Enroll Now! Classes Starting Soon!

Radio Station: O'Donnell Threatened To Sue Us For...Posting An Interview Online!

What if Dems come out but independents stay home?

Regarding that issue about Alex Sink looking at the I-Pod during the debate.

Big eddy on the story ( stomping) with Papantonio

Hitler wants an apology for the Holocaust and WW2

Hitler wants an apology for the Holocaust and WW2

A completely hypothetical "October Surprise"

Superbug infection in Brazil hospitals kills 18 (A similar outbreak is being reported in hospitals

if you REALLY need an outlet-editorial page of one of my local papers

A Web Of GOP Influence

How mentally deficient or willfully ignorant does one have to be to persist in supporting the

Saddam Hussein was a big fan of "Wait,Wait, Don't Tell Me" or so claims Karl Rove.

Police Consider More Arrests in Rand Paul Heckler Scuffle

Hidden Bases, Secret Raids: WikiLeaks Reveals CIA’s Iraq Ops

The cost of my wife's health care coverage is going up next year. Her republican co-workers are mad

Atrios: Ground Game

So the Tea Party Terrorists want the bible taken literally. So how about Romans 13:1-7?

Dept. of WTF -- AP headline: "Republicans, heading for big gains, ready agenda"

CNN should fire Kathleen Parker: "For Clarence Thomas, an ordeal is renewed"

Just think about it....all this nastiness and division and insanity, money, and violence...

What if the move on gal had been wearing Muslim garb?

Congressional Staffers Profit fr Inside Trading: NO LAW AGAINST IT?

I am so disappointed with John King of CNN

Federal Judge Rules Connecticut Voters Can Wear WWE Garb to Polls

Federal Judge Rules Connecticut Voters Can Wear WWE Garb to Polls

Federal Judge Rules Connecticut Voters Can Wear WWE Garb to Polls

I always like to use Kant's answer to what is enlightenment to explain the teabaggers.

UFW on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report this Thursday

Tens of people show for Birther rally.

Rand Paul's campaign refuses to return Profitt's campaign contributions.

Could the head stomp story give Conway momentum going into last week?

Big Ed just played a CO'D video of a radio interview.

What do you hink of the opinion that the best thing for Obama

What do you hink of the opinion that the best thing for Obama

GOP candidate Rebecca Kleefisch: Gay marriage a slippery slope, like marrying a table or a clock

I just slapped Rush Limbaugh upside the head !

I just slapped Rush Limbaugh upside the head !

Are any Tea Party candidates going to win?

True Blood

True Blood

What Will Tea Party Members Do When Their Politicians Betray Them?

Complaint filed against GOP over campaign mailer

Study: New virus 'jumps' from monkey to scientist

Study: New virus 'jumps' from monkey to scientist

Fox Claims Union Members Are Being Bused in At Gunpoint for Stewart/Colbert Rally

Remember to do a "terrorist fist bump" on your way into the polling station...

Remember to do a "terrorist fist bump" on your way into the polling station...

Fox kicks off GOP GOTV efforts by almost exclusively hosting Republicans

What the Head Stomping Wingers Don't Get is.......

What the Head Stomping Wingers Don't Get is.......

She should apologize.

Schwarzenegger calls members of Congress 'wimps'. failing to stand up from oil companies

Jimmy Carter was on the BBC

Anthony Bourdain talks Medium Raw, Madison dining, food politics, and more

Who is against prop 19?

LOL !!! - Remember The Days When THIS (Anti-Republican Ad) Was Considered Over-The-Top ???

"My Daughter is Scared"

If they get to call it "ObamaCare", then why haven't we called the economic disaster

Rand Paul's campaign won't return money from supporter involved in altercation

Rand Paul Supporter Tim Profitt Wants Victim To Apologize To Him

She's opened the door and is waiting. And I'm fumbling badly.

President Obama Meets with Progressive Bloggers

Have you heard *THIS* one...?

Writer states liberals' present impotent state was created by the liberal elites themselves.

Are You Planning On Watching The World Series?

After many years of Repubs/Conservatives calling Dems/Liberals

Interesting Article About A 1928 Charlie Chaplin Movie

Senate majority leader trivia: Who was Scott Wike Lucas?

House Polling Dump - 10/27/10 - Think Positive!

Getting NORML: A brief history of the movement to legalize marijuana

digby: Compare last summer's Dem town halls with this fall's GOP rallies

Two predictions. One good, one very, very bad.

The Right Wingers' Recent Actions Just Embolden Us

Run racist ads, improve your standing in the polls (Sharron Angle)

Have so many here lost their minds?

Hey Nevada... You Rely On Tourism, Right ???

Unreal: Fox News claims President Obama invoked racial segregation with his car analogy

John Raese (R-W-VA) is a Palm Beacher.... Go figure..

Harold Ford Is the Olive Garden of Sunday Morning Talk Shows

Whitman's "Big Ground Game"...volunteers calling in Farsi, Korean and two Chinese dialects

Abortion Docs Decry "Wanted" Posters as Bait

Abortion Docs Decry "Wanted" Posters as Bait

Obama: Union Members the ‘Backbone’ of Final Election Push (Obama Trumka OS conference call)

Barbara Boxer pulling away from Carly Fiorina

Jimmy Carter with Joy Behar, on Mitch McConnell: 8:02 PM

Jimmy Carter with Joy Behar, on Mitch McConnell: 8:02 PM

Jimmy Carter with Joy Behar, on Mitch McConnell: 8:02 PM

What is your prediction for election day?

DNC Memo: "Republican 'Surge'/'Wave' Has Not Materialized In Early Voting"

Top Democrats Step Up DCCC Giving


Jim DeMint, flip-flopper

A Web Pioneer Profiles Users by Name (link to opt-out info included)

Submachine Guns Drawn, Seattle Police Break Down Door of Medical Marijuana Patient-

Have you personally known someone who was/still is in an arranged marriage?

Religion and Politics

What happened to Olbermann. Disappeared on directv

A question concerning Nancy Pelosi

Considering all of the recent threats/actions of violence...

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood talks about livable communities

Sharon Angle=Joseph Goebbels...

36 Indiana unemployment offices to have armed guards in anticipation of expiration of fed extension

It's a spoof ! the stomper has opened another FB page and is proud of his thuggery

Retire in France at 62? ....In Turkey, it's 45

I don't have all the facts, but I know that he is anti-gun.

First they came for your paycheck. Then your house. What's next?

War Should Be an Election Issue

War Should Be an Election Issue

Keith is giving another special comment

Educator Fired for Shunning Congressman

latest headlines in the local crap paper...gotta love them

Is Harry Reid serious? He apparently thinks Mitch McConnell will work with him after the election.

Keith Olbermann is scaring me

Now THIS Is The Way You Deal With Fox News

Oh Lovely... A Sign Of The Times ???

Abortion doctor: New 'wanted' posters are bait for murder

Where did these CNN/Time polls come from?

Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT: 'If the Tea Party Wins, America Loses' MSNBC LINK & TRANSCRIPT

Howard Dean:What we have left to do

Texan Concepts of Ethnic Food: Breaking It Down, Venn Diagram-Style

How do you manage having local, state, and federal elections at the same time?

Fox Nation’s Backup Plan: Election Fraud Lies

FAUX News viewer life FAIL

GOP candidate who dressed as Nazi will receive some drunken, chain-smoking, VERY orange assistance

New poverty hotspot? The suburbs

Pillar of Fire

Cato expert: Conservatives betraying small-government values by opposing pot legalization

Forgot to mention this but its proves most corporate news hosts are cheering for the

ACK James Dobson Robo Call


I voted against a real Tea Party candidate today!

Update: Arkansas Department Of Education Condemns Anti-Gay Remarks Made By School Board Member

First John Bolton, now Bedbugs !!!!

The Kentucky Senate Race....

Algorithms and Red Wine By Joe Bageant

Who's going to Restore Sanity rally?


What's with all the pro-Repug, pro-life ads on DU?

May we have a Tom Delay GUILTY trial forum?!1

May we have a Tom Delay GUILTY trial forum?!1

Jerry Brown running funny ads now

Iraq Veterans Against the War: Statement on the Iraq War Logs - A Call for Accountability

Q&A with Elizabeth Warren: 'The changes are starting now'-“My Money is on the AG investigation”

Get out your Pitchforks and Torches! Rachel Maddow is actually shooting

Tea Party thugs shocked/outraged that a citizen would wear a wig and engage in political theater

Guess what else the Bush coup was lying about? Alaska's oil!

Obama gave 4 million CHILDREN access to health care?!!!

The Price For Appeasing The RW Hate Machine: NPR HQ Threatened

Democrats give you 33% of what you want, Republicans/Tea Parties take away 100% of what you have

Bill O'Reilly and some of his Fox News fans should take their own advice to heart

Rally Saturday... ride from Yonkers

Does anybody want Progressive Radio?

Phone number for Crossroads GPS (Karl Rove's group)

I love Rachel Maddow!

Fear... Yes that is an understandable response

A musical dedication to all the would-be Tea Nazi face stompers

Angle campaign attorney: Reid “intends to steal this election if he can’t win it outright”

Bat crazy Jean Schmidt talks to 6-year-olds about abortion...

President Obama did a great job on the Daily Show...

President Obama on 'The Daily Show': 'Yes We Can ...But It's Not Going to Happen Overnight'

O’Donnell campaign taking out a $1K bounty on the establishment clause

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

For those of you watching Big Ed...

For those of you watching Big Ed...

My Suggestion: Arm Yourselves

My Suggestion: Arm Yourselves

OUch talk about grovelling! BC premier with a pop rating of less than 10 per cent....

The Rude One: Linda Ronstadt back in vogue?

Argument with Teabagger AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Krugman: Worst Economist in the World 10/27

The President and the 111th Congress has accomplished a historic change

Forecast for next Tuesday in your area

"They called me a whore, they called me a liar, they called me a Nazi..."

Would those Guys who attacked the Girl at Rand Paul event have done the same to another Man ?

Would those Guys who attacked the Girl at Rand Paul event have done the same to another Man ?

You know that stolen election in 2000 and the THUGS

"We thought she was a danger; we didn't know what she was doing."

The Top 20 Craziest Quotes by Tea Party Candidates

The Top 20 Craziest Quotes by Tea Party Candidates

Clarence Thomas is into women's breasts, group sex and bestiality

Hmm? How To Interpret "Obama's Coalition Slipping As Election Nears" in NYT???

Sharron Angle sends Joy Behar flowers

"Recent revelations by WikiLeaks show how top American leaders lied, knowingly..."

Somebody please tell me the "Head-Stomper" is on disability!

Need help in writing an essay: "Why I Want to Stay in the Military".

Does good weather favor Dems

Military wants to scan ALL emails to stop crimes before they happen.

Coming Soon to America: Big Push for Austerity

Don't Tread On Me, Curb Stomping Nazis

Old Dogs, Children, and Watermelon Wine

On Verge of Victory in New York, Cuomo Announces War Against Unions

I'm going to defend liberals/progressives/etc. now.

DNC may have effectively pledged their donor and contact lists to BOA for a loan.

The Alcohol Industry and MADD have teamed up

I've posted some photos from today's Maddow Show

Science fiction and fantasy stories that can help you deal with death

I'm going to defend conservatives now

Tea Partiers have Multiple Personality Disorder

The Timber Mafia Is Killing Borneo's Majestic Rainforest To Meet British Demand For Garden Furniture "Attentiveness Gap" is causing an 'artificially high' lead for Reps. in early polls.

Tea Party Nation Founder Judson Phillips: ‘I, Personally Have A Real Problem With Islam’


I heard WIN on Thom Hartmann today sponsored by AFSCME & NEA

Explaining the crisis

PHOTO: Rand Paul for U.S. Senate 2010

The machines are fixed --- heard it twice in the last two days, right wing radio

Listening to Tony Bennet singing "God Bless America"- that should be our anthem.

Stones and Glass Houses

Are you ready for this? Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?

My Daughter is Scared-Scared enough that she thinks we should move to Canada - by Steven D

Just got a call from Pat Boone telling me to vote for Pat Toomey. He said

three for three !! My 3rd editorial printed this week...homeless female vets

Victoria Jackson pens an open letter to Gloria Estefan for hosting fundraiser for

In Answer To: "It Couldn't Happen Here!"

You remember that Monty Python skit about the elections between the Silly Party and Serious Party?

Conservatives Push Absurd Lie that Wall Street Hustlers Were Innocent Victims ... of Poor People

Conservatives Push Absurd Lie that Wall Street Hustlers Were Innocent Victims ... of Poor People

Conservatives Push Absurd Lie that Wall Street Hustlers Were Innocent Victims ... of Poor People

Conservatives Push Absurd Lie that Wall Street Hustlers Were Innocent Victims ... of Poor People

Conservatives Push Absurd Lie that Wall Street Hustlers Were Innocent Victims ... of Poor People

"Orwell's Boot" picture...

gop candidate killed two unarmed iraqis

China official: dollar printing causing inflation

Seriously, when the f*ck will Democrats fight back against the right wing hate machine?

Seriously, when the f*ck will Democrats fight back against the right wing hate machine?

The Rude Pundit: Regarding the Kentucky Stomping and Juan Williams

Is What's Good for Corporate America Still Good For America?

Grayson: Rep. Klein's opponent has threatened physical violence against him

Grayson: Rep. Klein's opponent has threatened physical violence against him

Tarryl Clark:Bachmann: No one will come to my rally

Louisiana Weekly: "Good schools were simply made by creating bad schools."

Why is there so little discussion of the issues here?

Paula Deen will be grand marshall of Rose Parade???

WSJ - Karl Rove - "Signs of the Democratic Apocalypse" - "Democrats will receive a crushing rebuke"

My son watched Inherit the Wind last night for the first time

Rachel Maddow: "this is the world that fox news has created."

Why Magic Mushrooms Can Be Good for You


Medea Benjamin: The "Rally to Restore Sanity" is Looking Like a Celebration of "Slacktivism."

Toon: The story of the Tea Baggers

You Can't Stomp on Us!

*** Giant's fans! Best of luck to your San Francisco Giants vs. Texas Rangers ***


Warrant: Police Raided Apt. for Two Legal Pot Plants Based Only on Smell of Pot and Fan in Window

(WARNING GRAPHIC) Red Meat: Vanity Fair’s Official 2010–11 Republican Beefcake Calendar

Once again, Glenn Beck struggles to draw a big crowd

tweety took chris cillizza to the woodshed

Voters Complain About GOP Poll Watchers In N.C. County! Intimidating Behavior!

I get the feeling there is some CYA maneuvering going on in the SCOTUS

Have you voted yet?

The $105 Fix That Could Protect You From Copyright-Troll Lawsuits

What percent of your food do you waste?

I have spoken out for justice: Arundhati Roy facing arrest

I am really really afraid of election day.. not because I think we're gonna lose either house...

Seriously, do you trust the voting machines??

No excuse for the stomping, No Way, Under No Circumstances.

Contempt on Karl Rove's face before his turn on Face the Nation when being served with our subpoena

Mike Pezzano (Rand supporter) may be charge with sexual assault on Lauren Valle

The Myth of Charter Schools

Consumer Reports: General Motors makes strides in reliability

Consumer Reports: General Motors makes strides in reliability

How Poppy's Pals Broke the Banks

Sometimes there IS no middle ground.

How will CA Prop 19 effect me? You? (legalize it???)

How will CA Prop 19 effect me? You? (legalize it???)

Germany has reported its lowest unemployment rate in 20yrs (DW-TV)

If you listened to Keith's Special Comment....

Holy Shit

Holy Crap. Nate Silver has Angle @ 76% chance of winning in NV

If Reid loses I hope Dems stop electing Senators from Red/Purple states to lead the party.

CDC survey of Gulf residents finds 50% of households experiencing respiratory issues

Family in Muslim clothing ejected from flight at Memphis International

Is my logic wrong here?

American political discourse, when did it all go wrong?

Do you think it started with this?

Now We Know

Wingers all over the place are saying that Lauren Valle is a contract employee of MoveOn. Is this

Dahr Jamal: Fishermen Report Louisiana Bays Filled With Oil

Senator Reid just made big news on Maddow about changing the filibuster

Senator Reid just made big news on Maddow about changing the filibuster

Today I voted for Kendrick Meek because DU said I should. Now I feel stupid.

Gasoline prices here in NJ are up to $2.75 Gallon .... what was the highest we got under W??

Lexington Police charge Rand Paul supporter with assault

Lexington Police charge Rand Paul supporter with assault

Live MSNBC CNN CNBC online on one screen

Transcript of Q and A with the President about DADT and Same-sex marriage

Angle: I'll talk to press after being elected

The Right Is CHEERING For Tim Proffitt

Roger Ebert's Journal: Hugh Hefner has been good for us

"I'm President and not king"

Obama Decries Domestic Violence (announces HUD rule changes)

Nothing Better to do Tonight? "How Corporations Destroyed American Democracy" & Michael Jackson!

Is anyone else having difficulty composing posts that aren't just streams of profanity, threats of

God Hates Shrimp and Gay People .... but he/she/it really hates shrimp!

Memoir of a gay soldier.

Republican candidate in Wisconsin worries that gay marriage could lead to humans marrying furniture

'Stranger Danger' and the Decline of Halloween by Lenore Skenazy

Rand Paul’s Goons Know - “Curbing” is NO Accident!-Leah Burton

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

Anybody looking at the Rachel Maddow Show? Who is that woman she is interviewing?

Nostradumbasses And Nostradamuses

'Government Doesn't Suck' march planned

I just love this guy,he tells it like it is

Health Care Vote Puts Democrats on Defensive

Survey USA: Democrats Stay in Front in California

Let's hope President Obama and the Stewart/Colbert rallies can get young folks out to vote!

GOP plans for controlling the House: Litmus tests and lobbyists

LA LT. Governor switches parties from Dem to Republican

Links to Two Years of Articles on NAR, Including Aiona, ITN, and Transformation Hawaii

Midterm Elections 2010: An Inside Look At The Outside Group Spending Surge Boosting The GOP

Docs: Miller lied about misconduct

Sharron Angle & The B-2 Stealth Bomber Pilot, Together in the 'Lord's Army'

Study Documents Corporate Takeover Of Supreme Court

Joe Miller: 'I Lied' About Accessing Computers For Political Purposes

Maddow Show in Alaska: Miller supporters in AK are concerned by Eric Holder?

Riches shadow both candidates in Conn. Senate race - Another article that is pretending to be fair

FL Governor Poll: Scott (R) 47% Sink (D) 45%

Iowa Early Voting Results as of 10/27/10

Just a clarification for Scarborough and the bragging Repubs about their balanced budgets...

On The One Year Anniversary Of The Photo of the Day: My Ten Favorites (by Pete Souza)

How Meg Whitman Failed Her Way to the Top at eBay, Collecting Billions While Nearly Destroying CO

Polls: Dem Reps. John Hall And Michael Arcuri Hanging On In New York (Siena Poll)

Mike Pence May well be the smartest of the lot.

Justice Elena Kagan's first vote is against an execution (a 5/4 ruling)

Why some of the arguments about the stimulus miss the point

Christine O'Donnell Threatens To Sue Delaware Radio Station

DCCC Final ad buys in 66 house districts (check it out to see if your district is included)

Burlington Hawk Eye Spanks Grassley, Endorses Conlin

(R)asmussen CYA WV-SEN POLL: Manchin 49 (+6), Raese 46 (-4)

Records: Miller admits to computer use, lying

CNN-Time Poll: California-- Boxer leads by 5; Brown leads by 7

Meg Whitless Is Whining On Fox

CNN-Time Poll: CO Senate--Buck (R) 47% Bennet (D) 46%; Hickenlooper leads by 14

Real Live Voter Fraud?

HI-#1 POLL: (D) Hanabusa 50, (R) Djou 45

Do you think that the current speculation of doom and gloom

10 New House polls out from "The Hill"

You check How is your state?

Voting for the Opposite of What We Want

Grayson Foe Daniel Webster Credits Success To "Hedge of Thorns" Prayer

Are you excited?

CNN/Time Poll: PA Senate--Toomey 49% Sestak 45%

It's insane... It's an alternate universe.


CA-03: Ami Bera needs your help!

Good mid-term election discussion on The Newshour tonight

Good mid-term election discussion on The Newshour tonight

Chamber of Commerce wants to update anti-bribery law (updated)

How do the senate, governor & house races look in your state...

I screw you all

The Fat Lady Can Wait to Sing, This Election Is Not Over

Tea Party Blasts Congressman for Being Muslim

How will Obama govern AFTER the election?

Media manipulating likely voter data to support GOP?

Meet today's Republican Party: kooks and kooks who resort to violence

While both men may have the brains to be governor,only one has the heart to lead Massachusetts

As expected, News Journal Endorses Chris Coons

Is Emanuel Cleaver in trouble?

Oil Industry Blasts Obama EPA for Upcoming Climate, Ozone Regulations

Brewer suspected of DUI in 1988 crash; case not pursued

Democrats Are Conflicted Over Black Vote, Obama

Miami Herald's Carl Hiaasen: Scott is Either Incompetent or a Lying Crook

Transcript of Q and A with the President about DADT and Same-sex marriage


Obama to “Daily Show” As Campaign Nears End

Frame: Why hasn't John Boehner and the GOP crowd given up their government-run healthcare?

Both Obama and Harry Reid talked of changing the filibuster

Why Does DU Continually Listen to the Media Pundits Tell Them What Happened Before it Happens?

In terms of voters, what is the biggest single factor in the 2010 election

Our Families Can’t Afford to Stay Home on Election Day

Interesting: Final AP poll in '94 had Dems up by 7-points on congressional ballot

My surprise prediction for election night...

Obama supporters tell Caprio to "Shove It"? Falls to third place in latest poll.

HOW do we get rid of the 60 vote requirement? It always

John Boehner To Campaign With Rich Iott, Candidate Who Dressed As SS Officer

Oh HELLS NAW, Michelle needs to check the President, he got a little too fresh with my girl!

Obama on Verge of Shift on Marriage Equality?

Just saw POTUS on the DS, wow he has aged.

****HEADS UP****Obama speaking at violence against women event at WH:

"Democrats' game plan to hold the House: Divide and conquer"

Let's just make clear what the definition of a GOP victory is on November 2nd

Can somebody from Nevada explain to me why Harry Reid is so hated?

The REAL Swing Voters of American Politics--The Jobless

"Obama as a kind of philosopher president" like Adams, Jefferson, Madison, JQA, Lincoln & Wilson

Obama tells blogger he’s a progressive

Nate Silver: For Democrats, Losing the House Is Not Inevitable. (Just Very Likely.)

Rove says Palin lacks 'gravitas' for presidential run

Talk about a well-rounded man, who just happens to be President!

Could Obama have done things differently

I can't believe Nevada is seriously thinking about electing Angle over Reid.

if an 88 yr old woman can get out in the rain and vote

African American voters are fired up about 2010 elections as they were in 08

What was the most revolting political ad you have seen or heard this election?

CNN/Time Poll--Nevada Senate: Angle 49% Reid 45%

Jon Stewart to Obama: Your Legislative Agenda Felt Timid

I need some good vibes.

THE WALKING DEAD - AMC "Opening Titles"

The Cat and the Crow.

Forget the painkillers, I'll deal with the pain instead of the demons

Ultimate DU Lounge Poll: Who rocks the rolls better - Olive Garden or Red Lobster?


1977-78 Commercials: Hersheys, Clobber, Sew Perfect, Hippos

I usually try to go local vs. chain restaurant, but NOBODY serves up baby lobster like Red Lobster!!

One of the biggest obstacles we face here on Democratic Underground

Today was just a good day for Led Zeppelin's "Fool in the Rain"

Scariest movie monster? Tuesday's kitteh

I have a wiener with some of you guys

That oughta take about an hour...

The creator has a master plan

Which one is Kiki, which one is Booba...

One less reason for you to hate Linux...

Tweet It

Anybody ever been this character for Halloween?

Any suggestions for a hallucinogenic kitty litter?

Why did the ghost go into the bar?

Wednesday's alien laser kitteh

There are only TWO types of people in this world...

Scariest movie monster?

God Bless Ford Escorts

Lifelike paintings



Help! Flea!

Official GO GIGANTES Thread!

Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

One of two 1964 Aston Martin DB5s used in early James Bond films sells for $4.6 million

This is why you probably shouldn't text and drive...

Well Gang Boogers Nite Is Tomorrow Nite

I have a chicken with some of you guys.

Goethe: "Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean"

Yep... I just turned 49 today

Rally to Restore Sanity?

I have a ham with some of you guys.

I have a beef with some of you guys.

Just got back from the Mongolian BBQ

Ninjas of the Caribbean?

None of you will ever know how much your support has meant

It is Mr. Scorpio's birthday!

This is the spider that bit me:

Well gang, Begger's Night is tomorrow here so I give you

Bad weather here yesterday

Today, everyone is my buddy

True Blood

What kind of bees give milk?

Animal rescues, tho done with the best of intentions, aren't absolutely ALWAYS a good idea.

And finally: In honor of the World Series starting tonight...

BATMAN 3 has a title!!!

On the road going past Kali's ranch -- this is almost a DAILY occurence...

PSA: Tuba City is not

The lighter side of how our children demonstrate their education:

Kimberly-Clark rolling out tube-free toilet paper

The house my dad, his father, 8 siblings and a dog grew up in. Think Ma and Pa Kettle

Hey, did you guys know that the WORLD SERIES is tonight???

Weird horror movies...



a nyd u druvyffyr zron um umdaqiy fumt hwo kuat: "dho vukd umt drimcfykk fyjk oz kdomy

I wonder what Minnie Driver is doing these days.

12 Bad Habits That Make You Look Old

Congrats to the SF Giants.

As a Rocky Horror fan, I have to say, I thought "Glee"s production of RHPS was pretty lame.

Thay had a good trip.all home safe and sound {pic heavy}

We certainly did our best -- though I just wish we had thought of THIS one...

Did I tell this (military) joke here before? (NOT a put-down of Branch; a put-down of officers)

The Greatest Toy Car Track Ever

Perhaps it's time to admit it - I've not read anything by Evelyn Waugh.

Need some famous Lounge vibes, please!

Any suggestions for a hypoallergenic kitty litter?

Was there ever a better muscle car than a 72 AMC Gremlin?

Serious discussion. What was the best CCR song of all time?


Spanish prostitutes ordered to wear reflective vests for their own safety


Have you eaten Schwan's?

Ruling strikes down part of Arizona Voter ID law

Educator Fired for Shunning Congressman

Sharron Angle ad: Is it racist?

Wikileaks: MoD Releases Details of Attacks on Afghan Civilians

Rahall, Maynard blast each other in debate

Fed Won’t Join Appeal to Keep Its Loans Secret

Pentagon suspects WikiLeaks has more documents

Thai Flood Death Toll Rises to 59; Bangkok Escapes Damage as Defenses Hold

U.S. Violated Human Rights in Iraq, UN Leader Says (Statement on WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs)

Bucyrus adding 515 jobs in Milwaukee

France pension reform bill set for final vote

Obama campaigning quietly from the White House

Judge refuses to nullify Blagojevich conviction

Shadowy Groups Have Poured Nearly $227 Million Into 2010 Elections

Amidst record unemployment, US companies hoard $1 trillion of cash

Miller Admitted Lies, Deleted Official Borough E-mails

David Vitter holds 12-point lead in latest U.S. Senate poll (Vs Melancon)

Afghanistan: Russia steps in to help Nato

Model Now Has Whitman as Big Underdog in California

British police receive SAS training to combat Mumbai-style terror attacks

Swedish far right not welcome at Nobel dinner

Israel's right wing starts their own Tea Party

Afghan Wedding Roof Collapse Kills Dozens (65 Dead, Mostly Women & Children)

Calif. candidate mails scratch-and-sniff attack ad

FBI links shots fired at Pentagon, Marine museum

San Francisco Minimum Wage To Hit Nearly $10 an Hour

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 27

* Happy Hour Roundup: Rand Paul camp flip-flops on returning stomper's campaign cash

When vital drugs run out, patients pay the price-150 medications in short supply so far this year

Indonesia volcano eruption death toll hits 25 (Includes Disturbing Picture)

Feds investigate plot to attack Metro

Bat plague still stymies researchers

Judge denies Blago motion on guilty count

(Nevada) Election officials say fraud allegations unsubstantiated, reckless

Meg Whitman booed for refusing to stop attack ads against Brown

Democrats Ask Pentagon for Info on Potential Obama Challengers

Former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner dies

State prison guard arrested in drug sting

Brazil air controller convicted over 2006 crash

Dodges, decoys flummox those seeking Sharron

Croatia Can Wrap Up EU Talks Next Year, Enter Bloc in 2012, Ministry Says

Santa Clara pot dispensary raided for second time in two weeks

Terrified Mexican police force resigns

US acts against alleged front companies for Iran

Senator Inhofe lands plane on closed runway

Feds create ‘no-go zone’ around Deepwater Horizon wreckage

US Chamber Of Commerce Presses For Changes To FCPA.

O'Donnell threatened to sue radio station

Bin Laden in warning to France

Sarah Palin endorses Rob Steele; Congressman Dingell leads in 15th District race

Indiana Parents Told Drop Disabled Kids At Shelters

Domestic demand, balanced growth prioritized in China's next five-year plan

One less rival for Rahm in mayoral race

Alaska judge blocks distribution of write-in names

New Jersey governor kills rail tunnel project

Indonesia tsunami: Death toll soars to 282 (& "hundreds still missing")

Serious Obama Defends His Policies on "The Daily Show"

Police Consider More Arrests in Rand Paul Heckler Scuffle

Rand Paul Supporter Tim Profitt Wants Stomping Victim To Apologize To HIM

Soldier at Miller campaign incident didn't have permission to be there

Khadr should be returned to Canada: UN official

Iran, Bolivia sign agreements, call for closer relations

Protestors greet Aznar and Uribe in Madrid

U.S. companies hoarding almost $1 trillion cash: Moody's

REPORT: More than 30 Fox Newsers support GOP in 600-plus instances during midterms

Young Turks: Racist Ads From Tea Party Candidate Sharron Angle

Second video confirms that protester didn't get anywhere close to Rand Paul

Rachel Maddow: Tank Jones of AK 'Quote of the Day' - 'I Hate to Even Hear That Crap'

Backstage with Barack

Al Reynolds, tea party Republican: "minority men find it more lucrative to be able to do drugs"

Media Matters Calls On Sarah Palin To Stop Violence Coming From Tea Party

Keith Olbermann Interviews Victim Of Rand Paul Thugs

Olbermann: Interview w/ Paul Campaign Assault Victim Lauren Valle

Vote You Lazy @#*%

Are Public Sector Workers Overpaid?

Mei Mei Huff wants you to know that people just LOVE Meg Whitman, you know?

Meg Whitman Won't Pledge to Stop Running Negative Ads


GOP Candidate Todd Lally Doesn't Believe GENDER BARRIERS EXIST

Ed Schultz: Tea Party Violence is a Threat to Democracy

It Gets Better: DNC Staff

Maddow Interviews Joe Miller! (kinda) or Walk Joe walk!

Rachel Maddow makes Murkowski EAT all of her anti-Social Security votes

A Red State Update Ad: Rent Is Too Damn High Guy For Governor

GOP Congr.Candidate Popaditch: Living On 21 Dollars A Week In Food Stamps Is 'TOO DARN COMFORTABLE'

A Red State Update Ad: TN Hunting Rights Amendment

A Red State Update Attack Ad: Ilario Pantano

TYT: (R) Candidate - No Church & State Separation

Vets Against Sharron Angle

Rick Scott

Racist American Taliban filth trains for poll watching in Waco TX

DNC ad: "Single Thing"

Faux Noise gets their viewers softened up to think this election will be stolen

Expect Violence November 3rd

Joy Behar: "This Bitch Sharron Angle Is Going To Hell"

Weird Liberal Head Show #203: the Kentucky Stomping

The Root of America's Anger: Racism or Unemployment?

Actroid-F: the angel of death robot coming to a hospital near you (video)

Real Time with Bill Maher 2010 10 22 - Overtime

Kentucky Stomper Wants An Apology From Woman He Assaulted

Campaign Update with David Plouffe: The Final Weekend

TYT: Woman's Head Stomped By Rand Paul Supporter - Cenk's Take

Rand Paul and Lauren Valle (What Conservatives are claiming is smoking gun)

Democracy Now: WikiLeaks War Logs 1

AP: Content of Jon Stewart D.C. Rally a Secret

New TV Ad: Close the Gun Show Loophole ft. Omar Samaha

Nancy Skinner discussing Periello and Obama with Megyn Kelly Fox News 102710


Jerry Brown's latest ad, Positive Finish, features Queen Meg's well-aimed shot at her own foot

Expect Violence November 3rd

Teabaggers: The Webseries - Episode 5 (Contains NSFW language)

Just ask Peter Sagal: How to be mayor of Chicago

Fox News Paints Lauren Valle as the Aggressor! Unbelieveable... -

Rachel Maddow finds two Joe Miller supporters who have no clue about anything

Ratigan Show - Cenk Uygur's Daily Rant: Tea Partier Hypocrisy on Church & State

Texas NBC Station Asks Viewers: Will Acceptance Of Gays Destroy America?

Is "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Constitutional?

Why charity wouldn't work in a free-market capitalist society

Limbaugh : Stewart and Colbert are Working for Republicans

Rachel Maddow talks w/ progressive Alaskans about Miller, Murkowski, Palin

AssH***s at Fox News Tries To Educate Obama On Racial Tolerance

Televangelist Oral Roberts' gay grandson says

Christine O'Donnell Loses It On Radio Show!

Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT: 'If the Tea Party Wins, America Loses' (TRANSCRIPT)

WikiLeaks ready to drop a bombshell on Russia. But will Russians get to read about it?

Tim Profitt, Rand Paul Supporter, Recruited by Linda McMahon

The Wilson You Never Knew

Rand Paul volunteer faces charge after scuffle outside debate


Robert Scheer: Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main St.

Top 20 Craziest Quotes by Tea Party Candidates

Will Next Tuesday Be More Like The 1934 Midterms Or The November, 1933 German Elections?

In Praise of Political Compromise (Applebaum on Slate)

In its biggest foreign market, BMW gets skilled workers for less(U.S.)

Social media and politics make strange bedfellows

Kucinich to liberals: Vote or surrender to the ‘forces of nihilism’

Ari Berman: Boot the Blue Dogs

Amy Goodman: War Should Be an Election Issue

Andrew Sullivan: Should Liberals Appear On Fox News? Ctd

'missing candidates': Politicians duck the press, try to avoid accountability -USA Today

Police Consider More Arrests in Rand Paul Heckler Scuffle

Arundhati Roy: The debater of big things


When Is Your Midterm Election?

Would Prop.19 curtail Mexican drug violence?

Aziz's story will remain untold

In praise of … George Soros

Angle: Social Security, Welfare And Legal Divorce Are Nation's 'Wicked Ways'

Néstor Kirchner: Argentina's independence hero

Why Facebook is selling you out -- and won't stop

What Will Tea Party Members Do When Their Politicians Betray Them?

Getting Out the Vote

Women! They do have this whistle-blowing hang-up about anarchic incompetence and homicidal

Kucinich: Vote or surrender to the ‘forces of nihilism’

ROBERT REICH: Obama & Dems--DON'T move right after election

Kentucky Police Consider Charging More Paul Supporters In Stomping Case

Brazil's Rio Negro Hits Lowest Level Since Record-Keeping Began In 1902 - Guardian

Cairn Energy's Greenland Wells Fail To Find Commercial Quanttities Of Oil - Guardian

Drumbeat: October 27, 2010

Extreme Weather Changes Russian Attitudes on Climate Change

French Power Workers to Resume Strike; Prices Jump on Expected Output Cut

Alaska's untapped oil reserves estimate lowered by about 90 percent

Scavenging, Starving Bears In Siberian Arctic Find New Food Source - Graveyards - Guardian

Impact Of Rising Shipping Costs Will Likely Reach Vending Supplies Soon

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood talks about livable communities

Kimberly-Clark rolls out tube-free Scott toilet paper

More species slide to extinction (BBC)

First real-world range test of 2011 Nissan Leaf covers 116.1 miles

I'll help you build coal if you help me build nukes, they said.

Nuclear industry wants another $100B subsidies with less responsibility for failures

Programmable Magnets that are printed. No, really. Printed!

In Case You Wondered Why: Illegal Malagasay Rosewood Beds Sell In China For $1 Million Each

Scientists to CARB: There is No "Indirect Land Use Change" With Ethanol

USGS: Less oil in Alaska reserve than once thought

Argentina begins enriching its own uranium, plans to add two more reactors.

America's Team's number one fan speaks out after the loss to the Giants

I'd like to know what the television ratings were for last night's Boston beat-down of Miami...

25 years ago today!

Cowboy's Romo won't need surgery for break; likely out for the season

A most excellent rant on Favre from Deadspin

Rangers video "It's Time"

Alex Smith out..Troy Smith to start for 49ers..

Cross-Post for H2O Man!

Okay now I have gone and done it. Bought the Package deal...

This video has gone viral. For our Giants fans >>

Will the Celtics get a standing O in Cleveland tonight?

Jeffrey Landrigan's Last Words before Execution: "Boomer Sooner"

Giants 11, Rangers 7


Cliff who?...Giants win game one 11-7

I'm rooting for the Giants, but I'm wondering if they blew their wad tonight.

Notre Dame student dies while filming team practice...

Protestors greet Aznar and Uribe in Madrid

Former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner dies

Politicians rewarding campaign contributors with contracts

Rousseff Increases Lead to 15 Points in Brazil

Brazil Set to Meet Low-Carbon Targets Four Years Early

Ecuadorian authorities arrest hospital director where President Correa was held during coup attempt

Chavez calls Venezuela-owned Citgo "bad business"

Police: Man Likely Shot Himself While Sleepwalking

Entire police force in Los Ramones, Mexico quits after gunmen attack headquarters

Bad Driver? In Debt? Proposed NYC Law Would Ban You From Owning a Gun

Mike Ditka, Joe Paterno think facemasks do more harm than good

Wanted to share this video.

Council rejects ordinance on gays

Shirvell Threatens to Sue Univ. of Mich. (If they do not lift ban against him)

DADT: A WWII Vet's View

Teacher Suspended for Spirit Day Incident (Can someone explain this to me?)

Texas NBC Station Asks Viewers: Will Acceptance Of Gays Destroy America?

Gold's "Antigay" Donor Responds - "We are apolitical"

What A Fucking Surprise (NOT)

Bad Lieutenant, Dan Choi

Arkansas Department Of Education Condemns Anti-Gay Remarks Made By School Board Member Clint McCance

I don't understand

Facebook Group: Fire Clint McCance (more than 5,000 members)

Anti-Gay Christian Hate Groups Issue Joint Statement Denouncing Bullying Education

Simple question: do folk here really want SCOTUS to decide DADT?

Hamas to step up executions of collaborators

Knesset committee approves controversial bill allowing towns to reject residents

Settlers say Israel is withholding construction approval for 4,300 West Bank apartments

Knesset softens title of motion on 'U.S. war crimes' to avoid altercation with Obama

General lays out plan for reviving Gaza

Want to weaken Hamas? Open Gaza's gates

Tutu urges South African opera not to tour Israel

Palestine should recognize Israel as a Jewish state for two months

Life goes on... caution DEAD thing

I've posted a link to my Maddow Show photos

Have you heard we had bad rains in NC? Can you stand a few more shots of leaves?

*** Reminder...Autumn Seasonal Contest submissions begin next Monday! ***

Morning Sky

Starry La Silla

Spiral Galaxies Stripped Bare

Space Telescope Listens In on Stellar Symphony

Hubble data used to look 10,000 years into the future (w/ Video)

Star Trek Cited by Texas Supreme Court

Sam Harris @ Big Think 3 - Sam Answers Criticisms about Atheists' Interpretation of Religion

Anti-sharia initiative to 'save' Oklahoma

Lost Apollo 11 Moonwalk Tapes Restored (VIDEO)

1000 Genomes project maps 95% of all gene variations (BBC)

Milky Way's Core: New Theory Says It's a "Massive Dark-Matter Collider"

New York State Law Will Punish Employers Who Misclassify Workers

Lech Walesa Urges American Worker Solidarity At NYC Construction Trades Rally

New UAW Contract At Abrams Battle Tank Maker Improves Pay And Pensions

Detroit Three Automakers Plan On Investing As Much As $2 Billion In Michigan

Blind workers sue nonprofit (Outlook Nebraska promotes employment for the blind )

Anti-Union Ballot Measures Target Workers’ Rights

Iowa RNs fighting to join Minnesota Nurses Association

After one year, Sky Chefs workers want action on contract

It’s all about jobs: Coalition spotlights candidates’ records on trade

Take Rec/Unrec out of the GLBT Forum.

A suggestion on your favorite subject.

Could you explain what was "inflammatory" about a piece from The Advocate?

Question about how you envision business/organization structures

Please accept my apologies....

Ack. Just had a VERY stressful day. Can you help me find the lesson?

Curious about something....

And HE wants an apology....

Please share your thoughts on ZOMBIES