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Brown grabs lead over Whitman, poll shows

Resolution to Stop and Reverse the Disappearing of Black and Latino Educators ( UFT Assembly)

Charter school poker night fundraiser: $2500K/seat, $20K/table

Major gains for far-right Freedom Party in Vienna election

Fellow Grayson admirers: where is our guy on federal....

Duplicatre. Sorry

Churches contribute to gay suicides, most Americans believe

DoJ Accused Of Hypocrisy For Appealing DADT While Letting Park Proselytizing Ruling Stand

Juan Williams, You Don't Fit In The Box

U.S. officials, experts: No high-level Afghan peace talks under way

U.S. officials, experts: No high-level Afghan peace talks under way

Another decade of neo-colonial war in Afghanistan

Another decade of neo-colonial war in Afghanistan

Rhee the Union-Buster may be coming to Christie's New Jersey?

Let the games begin. "Early Voting (pro-Murkowski) Hanky-Panky"

There IS an apology owed in the Hill-Thomas issue...but not to Clarence Thomas

Jury awards $18.5 million to man cleared by DNA

US dug in for long haul in Afghanistan (Ka Ching!)

Scientists warn world’s supply of helium close to depletion

House GOP Candidate Says Revolution "On The Table" if far right loses

Ted Olson: ‘It Would Be Appropriate’ For Administration Not To Appeal DADT Injunction

Afghan insurgents say "no hope" for peace talks

Meg Whitman "lashes out," accuses Brown of lying to Latinos about her ("It makes me mad")

What about disgruntled Republicans?

UPDATE 2-US airborne laser fails 2nd shootdown test in row

Costly virtual border fence in tatters

Britain's Budget Cuts - Will the Bell Toll for Us?

AP sources: US to up Pakistani military aid by $2B

Looking for info on my candidates

If you want to ask hard questions about America’s Afghan War, start with those bases

A Fire Burns For Freedom - Bravo Ziggy

German chancellor agitates against immigrants

Chicago Sun-Times: Foreclosures moving into once trendy neighborhoods

American Public Actually Kind Of Endearing In Some Ways

American Public Actually Kind Of Endearing In Some Ways

Guardian UK: How bedbugs invaded New York

Seoul squirms over octopus head war

Why is the Media not asking?? How or Why are the American People

WikiLeaks near release of secret US war documents

Bucking Anti-Immigrant Trend, Some Communities Push for Non-Citizen Voting

Why the U.S. Is Not Winning “Hearts and Minds” in Pakistan

There is one thing we can be sure of about the Nov. 2nd election.....

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

Melancon Closing on Vitter

Radio talker, Angle-backer: Angle shouldn’t apologize for “Asian” remarks Hispanic students racist

GOP Candidate Hartzler Wants ‘Government To Leave Us Alone’ Yet Has Taken $774,325 In Federal Subsid

HMS Astute: world's most advanced nuclear submarine runs aground

Is It O K To Examine Our Own Prejudices Or Are We Better Off Denying Having Them?

Senate hopeful O’Donnell likens Bill Maher, ‘terrorists overseas’

Senate hopeful O’Donnell likens Bill Maher, ‘terrorists overseas’

Great American Apparel Diet: A peer support group for people who mindlessly buy too many clothes

1.2 Million Will Lose Benefits By Year's End Unless Congress Acts

OMG! A Burka! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Retirement plan participation down to 39% in 10-year decline

The "No on 19" onslaught has begun

Happy Birthday, Earth!

Is this why the banks are in a hurry to foreclose??

Video Shows ‘Stealth’ Nuclear Submarine Stuck in Scottish Mud

Obama in backyard: 'Deafening silence' from GOP about cuts

Robocalls from Republicans

Tea Party Plans To Recruit More Coloreds This Fall

Big Gifts to G.O.P. Groups Push Donor to New Level

‘US drone strikes violate international law’

Paladino dragging down other GOPers with him,lagging by 37 points.

T-bagger: "Some people say I’m extreme, but they said the John Birch Society was extreme, too.”

juan williams....the victim

An extraordinary documentary about influence and government

Hey Dragon Lady Angle: Asians love when white people mimic us!

Obama packs them in in Seattle

Tomgram: Nick Turse, Base Desires in Afghanistan

What should Mara Liasson do to get herself a big Fox contract?

Afghanistan for the greater fish

Understanding US political lingo (you will want to see this short video)

Heads up. Elizabeth Warren will be on The View today - nt

Student debt at all-time high

Student debt at all-time high

Yes Men Strike Again! - Chevron Latest (Deserving) Target

British Government releases documents about David Kelly's

as always,please eval my ltte on universal health care

Thank you SO much RW hate media for encouraging your minions to call public radio stations

Continuing our discussion on DADT

m$nbc...harry reid is forced to defend his manhood

Time for Sharron Angle to "women up"

Major regional mall in Northern California burns after standoff

Meanwhile the cost of gas is skyrocketing! It's up to $3.19 and more here!

Senator McCaskill's brother arrested for coke.

Liars embraced by the ignorant

Trenton woman accused of taunting dying 7-year-old loses custody of children - video

Seizure of starving horses sought

The Morning Joe crew doesn't seem quite so perky these days

Honeywell Spending More To Keep Workers Locked Out Than Cost of Their Demands

Congress critter couldn't spare FIVE minutes to answer students' questions

I'm glad gay bullying is finally getting attention in the national media

US announces $2bn military aid package for Pakistan

How To Fight Fred

Please take a minute to sign the Media Matters petition.

Apparently, the unemployed just need to be motivated by reality TV

NYT Chart: CLEARLY Shows - Top Groups Who DON'T Disclose Are Spending On Behalf Of Repukes

Living in an Oligarchic Kleptocracy

GOP congressional candidate Stephen Broden says violent overthrow of government is 'on the table'

Sirota: The Tea Party Test Case (Feingold - Johnson race)

The Reich's forgotten atrocity

Republican majority vs Democratic majority-an illustration

Food Stamp Usage Soars Among Working Families

I heard on MSNBC this AM that Blackwater's Erik Prince Moves to Abu Dhabi ?....

Shirley Sherrod vs. Juan Williams. Outrage disparity much?

BACKDOOR BAIL OUT-Tea Party Fakeout: The GOP's Secret $90 Billion Gift to Wall Street

Republican House Candidate Calls For Violent Government Overthrow If GOP Loses Election

French Unions: We Won't Pay For 'Failures of Global Finance'

Canada: Boy Scout exposed at UN

Is the TSA's full body scan requirement at airports constitutional?

again m$nbc: how much time in prison would you be willing to spend in prison for 18.5 million

fuck this clown

The Tea Party's Election Spies

The Palin effect, in 1 cartoon:

The New Know-Nothing Party

Eugene Robinson: Lawyers got it right on the foreclosure mess

Wasn't Quitter gonna go "proudly knock on doors" with COD?

"Hello! If you found out that (Democrat's name) had sex with farm animals, would you vote for him?

Fact check: NPR gets no direct operational funding from the federal government

Fact check: NPR gets no direct operational funding from the federal government

"Muslim garb" and how terrorists dress

An Important Message from Elvira

andrea mitchell 'the Presidents west coast swing to save the senate'

Just got a call from Public Policy Polling here in Kentucky

Rent is Too Damn High Party

If Joe Sestak is elected to the Senate I want to see him run for President in 2016

What If...The Dems Manage To Hold Onto All Senate Seats And Pick Up Ak & La?

Crocodile blamed for Congo air crash-20 people were killed

Another monument to excess (in Dubai) goes bust

arm yourself with this graph...

arm yourself with this graph...

FL Attorney General McCollum office sent me this excellent reply to our Mortgage issues:

Just watched "Capitalism: A Love Story" on netflix

Bielat's ad seeks to portray Frank as 'dancer' on issues

Onward Christian Soldiers!

Columbine-obsessed girls draw up hit list of 90 students


Gulf corals in oil spill zone appear healthy

Gulf corals in oil spill zone appear healthy

Would you rather canvass door-to-door or make phone calls?

Most batshit crazy tea party candidate for US Senate?

Ex-GF breaks her 19-year silence about Justice Clarence Thomas..he was obessed with porn

Ex-GF breaks her 19-year silence about Justice Clarence Thomas..he was obessed with porn

It would be perfectly proper to impeach Clarence Thomas for

Memo to Juan Williams - You are an ass.....

The Rape Accusation Against Meg Whitman's Son That Got Hushed Up

Right-wing publisher rehabilitates Charles Lindbergh-victim of smears by FDR and the left

Chilean workers protest San Jose mine’s closure: No severance pay

I've finally come to the conclusion that Americans despise being happy and secure...

In 1994 the Republicans did well in California and New York

George W. Bush Reveals His Biggest Failure Was Not Privatizing Social Security

Obama's travel schedule and timeline

The World's Jon Stewarts -- The World's Most Influential Political Satirists


Report: Trenton woman accused of taunting dying 7-year-old loses custody of children

Dan Thomasson of Scripps: Anita Hill still craving the spotlight.

Dan Thomasson of Scripps: Anita Hill still craving the spotlight.

Amendment #1 Petition

Teabagger/GOP candidate goes to NAACP forum and makes extremely racist comment. . .

Nothing about Maddow's lie?

Asher Heimermann took his old website down...

Defund “Obamacare”? Not as Easy as it Sounds

What's the Matter with Florida 22?

Dallas republican candidate advocating "violent overthrow of gov't" if election doesn't go his way

wouldn't it be sweet to see rick perry lose

L.A. braces for Obama motorcade - Welcome to Los Angeles President Obama!

Barbara Bush & Jenna Bush Hager Hit Masquerade Ball

The likelihood that the Teabaggerati would prefer a corporatocracy over what we have now?

Is NPR About To Be "Acorned"

In WA, illegal immigrants canvassing for votes

NYT doesn't let their reporters go on talk radio

I have had All I can stand & I can't stand it no more

Obama Administration Settles Native American Farm Loan Case

Obama Administration Settles Native American Farm Loan Case

George W. Bush Says His “Biggest Accomplishment” Was Keeping Us “Safe”

So, Obama's Big Government, Liberal Bailouts with billions of taxpayer dollars...worked?

Waiting for the President - pics

Why can't Harry Reid tell the people of Nevada that the housing collapse is not his fault?

Democrats rebound, Senate races tighten in Colorado, elsewhere

A Flowchart to Determine Which Party You'll Vote For in the next election

Red dust worries residents near US metals plants

Red dust worries residents near US metals plants

Union dock workers will shut down San Francisco Bay area ports on October 23rd !

George W. Bush Says His “Biggest Accomplishment” was Fucking the Nation Hard in the Ass!

No charges for cop who handcuffed stepdaughter's boyfriend

I can't believe even BUSH said this. If this was his biggest failure, it should be evident to

I can't believe even BUSH said this. If this was his biggest failure, it should be evident to

BREAKING NEWS: Shark attack! Shark attack!

Giving credit where credit is due

U.S. foreclosure mess chills investors, clouds market

President Obama in Palo Alto area yesterday - pics

The soft-porn soap opera - Ginny Thomas/Anita Hill - who got the better deal? by Roger Simon

If this doesn't make you feel good

Juan Williams Circa 1991

Daniel Ellsberg will be in London for Wikileaks Press Conference

Everyone donate to their local NPR radio station

A defense system worthy of Wile E Coyote...

A defense system worthy of Wile E Coyote...

Court upheld School boot of Cheerleader.

2010 candidate with the worst past

Women's Voting Expert Sees Last-Minute 'Dramatic Shift' Toward Democrats

News Journal holds Christine O'Donnell to task for her behavior with their Newspaper

Bill Clinton to rally Dems in Columbus

All of the Repub candidates are claiming that they will reduce spending

WikiLeaks Iraq files reveal torture (Al Jazeera)

Why do so many people consistently try to get the things they dislike legally banned?

Democrats closing the 'enthusiasm gap,' Times/USC poll finds

Helen Philpott should be writing ad copy for the Democratic Party

How To Silence the Right when they say "1776-1900 = $3T debt, and Obama = $3T debt"

Dennis Kucinich -Protect Social Security from the Wall Street Gambling Casino


MEDIA ACCOUNTABILITY Beneath Juan Williams' Reality

Fired NPR analyst was disciplined for making ‘inappropriate’ sexual comments to female staffers

FCC demands information from Cablevision, Fox

Rep. Meek Tells Rubio to Strap on His Chin Strap - Asking Democrats to Come Home to Their Party

Anyone use Is it currently down for you?

live stream Boxer / Obama

Guardian: BREAKING - Iraq War Logs Secret Files Show How U.S. Ignored Torture

Why is Pat Puke-Cannon still on MSNBC?

Cong. candidate Kelly calls to eliminate the FDA - "It's our job to protect ourselves" from e coli.

Smerconish on msnbc - bush's bullhorn is an "historical artifact"

I have to question NPR in this Juan Williams issue

Curious - Why the push for early voting?

Victim: MA Repub candidate witnessed strip search of 14-year-old girl, denied it happened

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas 'Obsessed With PORN,' Says Ex

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas 'Obsessed With PORN,' Says Ex

Is Cancer Manmade? New Study Shows Cancer Was a Rarity in Ancient Civilizations

Toon: Whom to blame?

My one and only Juan Williams comment on DU

Alaska Democrats threaten to sue over write-in lists

The shocking trend that NO ONE is reporting on:

The Swift Boaters are back

The Swift Boaters are back

Republicans Expecting Big Wins In Ohio Based On Polls, Prepare To Be Disappointed

Book Recommendation: 'The Conservative Assault on the Constitution' by Erwin Chemerinsky

Assange: WikiLeaks Claims Iraq Documents Show U.S. War Crimes (Expects 40 Wrongful Death Suits)

Right After Calling For Social Security Privatization, GOP Candidate Claims To Oppose

Google says Street View cars got email, passwords

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!!!! Happy Hour edition

Meg Whitman flyer in my mail yesterday!!

Iraq War Logs: Allegations Of Prisoner Abuse By U.S. Troops AFTER Abu Ghraib

A little help here, please?

Latest Poll in West Virginia Shows... Oh, Who The Hell Knows?

Help! I'm looking for O'Donnel transcript link

NPR's Code Of Ethics

Iraq War Logs: 80% Civilian/20% Insurgent Death Rate At Checkpoints

Joe Miller - The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Ghost Bill Board

Ghost Bill Board

Ghost Bill Board

I think the Tea Bagger Candidate's Staff are now fair game.

Toyota recall: Is yours on the list? Here's what to do (740,000 in US this time)

Toyota recall: Is yours on the list? Here's what to do (740,000 in US this time)

Iraq War Logs: Iraqi Civilians Used As Minesweeper By U.S. Soldier

Iraq War Log: U.S. Apache Guns Down 14 Surrendering Insurgents

Iraq War Log: U.S. Apache Guns Down 14 Surrendering Insurgents

Iraq war logs: Apache helicopters kill 14 civilians in hunt for insurgents

Iraq war logs: Apache helicopters kill 14 civilians in hunt for insurgents

WikiLeaks: Remember, even the newspapers that had access only had 24 hours advance.

WikiLeaks: Remember, even the newspapers that had access only had 24 hours advance.

Painfully obvious many in the Far Right have a poor unnerstanding of the Term;;; has

French Unions: We Won't Pay For 'Failures of Global Finance'

French Unions: We Won't Pay For 'Failures of Global Finance'

David Kelly files prove little for campaigners whose fight continues

The Model of a Modern US President

Obama Administration Handed Over Detainees Despite Reports Of Torture

President Obama: "We’ve got to fight for this."

Forget NPR --- End Federal Tax Subsidies to Fox!

Women Up Sharon Angle......

The timing of the Deficit Commission

Frago-242, Dear sweet Jesus, what have we become.

Number one on the Fiction Bestseller List next week

4 kids injured in head-on crash recovering without mom and dad (dad dead, mom deported)

Laptop Thief Considerately Returns Victim’s Data on USB Memory Stick

Wall street will steal our Social Security

Chart Of The Day: Analysis Shows Dramatic Social Security Cuts Under GOP Plan - TPMDC

Why is Hillary Clinton so afraid of Wikileaks

I am sick of hearing the media say ''getting ready for the elections Nov 2nd'' - ppl are voting now!

Nordstrom to employees at burned-out mall: Your pay is docked

Issa: 'Not a chance' of Obama impeachment under GOP

No one has apparently tried to look this up, who are the judges on the 9th circuit Arizona case?

How much of our free time should we spend on the Juan Williams controversy?

Biden: Let’s Make a Deal

The Toadie Party

I'm sick or hearing post-mortems of Democratic losses in Election 2010

WikiLeaks: Absolute Lies by NewsCorp & Pentagon - "No Names In Iraq War Logs"

Iraq war logs: secret files show how US ignored torture

That crazy-ass Dallas pastor on KO reminded me of this piece in The Onion

Juan is kicking ass

Why do you have to register to vote in the USA?

Why do you have to register to vote in the USA?

Spiegel: WikiLeaks logs may reveal war crimes

The shocking trend that NO ONE is reporting on:

Listening to the MSM, you'd think the election ballots read like this:

MSNBC: Gay student teacher gets Oregon job back

Amnesty: US Must Investigate Detainee Abuse Claims in Wikileaks Files (video)

I tend to cut off the Rethug calls as fast as I can, BUT I just realized

US Tea Party Should Keep Its Hands Off Hitler

The shocking trend that NO ONE happens to be reporting.

I am not a bigot,

Friday evening LOL's - lots of pics

BANK BUST FRIDAY UPDATE !!!!!! Misery loves company

RepubliCorp™ -Buying Democracy, One Race At ATime

RepubliCorp™ -Buying Democracy, One Race At ATime

Access To Justice In U.S. At Third-World Levels, Says Survey

Bachmann had name removed from public voter list, only public official in MN to do so

Michael Moore: Juan Williams Is Right: Political Correctness About Terrorists Must End!

Damn I thought Obama was so

Fannie, Freddie want servicers to assume risk

The Founding Fathers and Islam

Could cities take properties under their right to eminent domain in depressed

Could cities take properties under their right to eminent domain in depressed

Dear Penthouse, I never thought I'd be writing to you,

Spiegel: WikiLeaks logs may reveal war crimes

The New Tax Man From Ancient Rome

Pssst... Rick Snyder is a RINO, pass it on

Juan's "fear" makes no sense whatsoever.

Has a Senate majority leader ever lost re-election while his party wins the Senate?

WikiLeaks: Al Jazeera have broken our embargo by 30 minutes.We release everyone from their (embargo)

Randy Quaid and wife arrested in Canada; bail increased in US to $500k

Recruiting sergeants and how they should be treated.

O’Donnell admits using campaign cash to pay rent

Everyone lay off Juan Williams, he's written BOOKS about Civil Rights

Let's all STOP subsidizing the Deadbeat Rich after January 1st!!!

What closed the 'enthusiasm gap' in California? bad news about GOP candidates!

So which political nugget from this week will Saturday Night Live jump on?

Just suppose Harry Reid had requested Sharon Angle...

If you lied on your Resume to get a job normally you wouldn't get the job.

I visited work today...just when you think you can't make a difference...

Who is the teabaggers greatest statesman?

"Party like it's 1773 on Nov. 2!"- Palin pic

If Obama loses his appeal of the DADT ruling, will he appeal to the Supreme Court?

Sears has been taken over by zombies! I'm not kidding.....

Sears has been taken over by zombies! I'm not kidding.....

Beck to Palin: Alan Grayson is Hot, 'Yum Yum Give Me Some.'

I ring the doorbell, and after a little while he comes to the door: in fact, he comes through

What would have to happen to make you openly resist Islam?

Tancredo Nearly Catches Hickenlooper

Joe Miller Consultant Is Anti-Gay Christian Activist

Bipartisanship Didn’t Die, It Never Existed - FDL

Gold's Gym CEO donates $2 million to Karl Rove's organization

Scarborough retracts claim about

Let California Lead the Way

Did Clarence Thomas know his wife was going to call Anita Hill?

We need to go back to the old days

dimson gives to dimson

Republicans never let truth get in the way, there was an ad

Republicans never let truth get in the way, there was an ad

A lot of luck that another terror attack hasn't been successful here

Women’s Voting Expert Sees Last-Minute ‘Dramatic Shift’ Toward Democrats

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! & here's a new kitty gif

When Juan Williams Said Something Worse on NPR: "Nuke Them!"

You have got to be kidding me.

What are your favorite things about Islam?

President Obama with Sen. Barbara Boxer in L.A. - pics

Early voting Denver: Bet you didn't get to vote on Extraterrestrial Ordinance!

Italian Journalist Injured By Troops In Iraq 2005 "Notified Tips Line Blue Chevy She Was In Was IED"

Miller and active duty troops as part of his security detail

Clarence Thomas was a serial harasser of women - rounding out history for our younger DUers

Bullying blamed for Graham high school student's suicide (16 year old male)

Before it gets too late, I would like to say that

ACLU:Florida's Gay Adoption Ban is Dead

Tigers could be extinct in 12 years: World Wildlife Fund

Wikileaks Iraq war logs: every death mapped

Poll finds 51 percent against Proposition 19 (California Ballot Measure to Legalize MJ)

Prepare For "Nothing New in Wikileak's Leak" Pushback - It's BULLSHIT - PLENTY NEW

Anybody doing any GOTV? Any volunteering going on out there in DU land?

Valerie Plame Wilson by Naomi Wolf

Population Probs...The most important video you will ever see..

Health insurers help GOP after dalliance with Dems

What happened to the perfect being the enemy of the good?

Enrollment in San Francisco's universal health care program booming

Put on your MAN PANTS, Clarence Thomas. Apolgize -- The Petition

Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-ORE)...Raising prospect of impeaching SC Roberts

So, Sen. Blanche is in doubt?

How do you define "social justice" and "The Common Good"?

John Mellencamp on Palin: "You can't be stupid and press the right buttons"

Will DU Become A Friendlier Place after The Election?

CNN Special Comment: NPR Right To Fire Juan Williams

I was looking for where the money was going...

Ugh, I turn on MSNBC and Ron Christie is on...

I don't know about you, but I think hell would freeze over before Americans would get out in the

Even Bill Maher has conceded the House! Says Dems will lose!

Lisa Murkowski is getting really desperate.

French Senate OKs raising retirement age to 62

Umm, Guess What??? That New, AWESOME Newsweek Poll... POLLED CELL PHONES

Are Unions Important to the Middle Class?...

Will ANYONE Apologize To Anita Hill NOW?

Foreclose on the Foreclosure Fraudsters, Part 1: Put Bank of America in Receivership - HuffPo

Yes, Mr. Mellencamp. You can...

Is another shoe about to drop on Clarence Thomas?

George W. Bush: "My biggest accomplishment is that I kept the country safe amidst a real danger" !

Fox News Hit With $5 Million Workplace Racism Suit

Will Obama apply his "new culture of accountability" to our crimes in Iraq?

"The bullies are just jealous because the gay kids will someday have better marriages."

"The bullies are just jealous because the gay kids will someday have better marriages."

Bwah! "Education and Investment Industry Veterans Launch Education Growth Advisors"

Damn, I feel great! Just early voted (in Florida) for the first time!

Barack Obama is trying to unite this country

I think I know why Cindy Sheehan is endorsing a Republican over Nancy Pelosi

Did you see all the cable networks talking about the new Newsweek poll?

What gap? Dem workers have enthusiasm. "In fact, it's beyond enthusiasm--it's anger"

Wow, Bloomberg just reported that Feingold is within 2 points of his opponent!!! /nt

For this ER visit, Mrs. Demtenjeep, it will be a 100 copay how would you like to take care of it

Does this ad by the Citizens against Government Waste have racist/Xenophobic undertones?

Do you think Clarance Thomas could be impeached? If what these women are saying is true, then it

Justices Decline Case on Teacher's Grievance

If you have helped a sister, an uncle, a neighbor...

"Obama invented the deficit reduction commission to subvert Democratic party's entitlement programs"

Is hating the New York Yankees for high salaries a subtle way we're trained to hate workers?

Heads Up: Link To Watch Live Stream Of Al Jazeera English's "The Secret Iraq Files" (Live Show)

Click Here If You’ve Never Seen President Obama Sign An iPad Before

Urgent to Juan Williams: Photos of Muslim garb

People here who remember CorpGovActivist, I have a question.

The Christian Glory Hole

Words I never want to hear on tv, after Nov 2

According to O'Donnell, Darth Vader is not Luke's father

New Shrubery Tome: Decision Pint

Wall Street's attack on public education

K&R If You Support the French Pension Strikes!

Why The War On Terror Will Fail

Do Charter Schools Widen Race and Class Divide?

I will be relieved when this election is over....

I have a question about the Senate.

Daniel Ellsberg: “I’ve waited forty years for a release of documents on this scale.”

President Obama spoke today before a crowd

Automated Polls Show Prop 19 Winning 56-41: Anti-Marijuana Stigma Could Be Throwing Off Live Polling

"Who Is In Charge...Orwell?" - Kucinich on WikiLeaks: ‘American people have a right to know’

Whitman protests herself at rally?

Massachusetts doctors snub state’s health reform as model for country, pick single-payer system inst

Cholera in Haiti! The 'Christian' republican Tim Colburn stopped aid that could have prevented it.

How useful are air marshals? Maybe worse than useless.

PHOTO: best Wall Street protest sign (WARNING: contains profanity)

Joel Pett,- Drawing the wrong conclusion.

For all of my friends who are fans of the New York Yankees...

Campus e-mail just informed us that a guy's been lurking around the women's dorms around here...

I am so SICK of hearing "testicles", "balls" and "man up" as signs of strength.

Ken Buck Hit Hard On Birth Control, Abortion In New DSCC Ad

Ralph Nader's "Ten Questions For Tea Partiers"

Consultants who designed NYC's teacher rating system warned against using to judge performance.

More On What "Superman" Left Out--SEED attrition rates

Why is DU not outraged at the high number of high school dropouts we have? my 18 yr old didn't register to vote...

My husband was laid off Today

I can't, they turned off the water.

The Bin Laden Family Just Gave Money to the GOP

Juan Williams is not now and never has been a liberal. So there, I said it. n/t

Klan lynching Halloween display is Missouri man's show of 'white pride'

I'm laughing so hard I'm coughing my head off, blowing my nose. Levy Johnson w. Bill Maher

10/22/10 Poles are now showing a change in positions

Florida pastor Terry Jones gets his new car (for canceling plans to burn a Quran) - pics

National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

Teacher takes on challenging kids per supervisor request. Gets poor rating because of it.

College Grads - 85% move back home, average 24K debt,


Should people be allowed to buy cigarettes with food stamps?

When life starts imitating fiction too closely

Toward a 2-tier health system in Germany: employers' share frozen, employees pay

Fuck Juan Williams. Good Riddance. NT.

Man Fired for Wearing Bush Sweatshirt at Obama Rally

Rep. DeFazio Investigating Impeachment For Justice John Roberts (Citizens United)

Single-Payer Health System Could Save Maine $1 Billion a Year

"Manipulation of social consciousness through mass media" by Saida Arifkhanova (10-22-10 Online

I will make a deal with DU. No more polls until election day 2010, if...

US halts aid to some Pakistan military units

As G.O.P. Seeks Spending Cuts, Details Are Scarce

PA-GOV POLL: (R) Corbett 49 (-5) , (D) Onorato 44 (+5)

Obama and Jobs Meeting to Discuss Economy and Technology

Obama is a one term President, Carter had more influence, he did not


PA Tracking Poll--Sestak & Toomey still tied, Onorato gaining ground

How I see the Governor races as of today 10/22

New Poll--LA Senate--Melancon (D) within 3-points of Vitter (R)

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

I predict that the President will go to Pittsburgh in the final weekend of the election

Will Rand Paul 'Man Up'?

Will Rand Paul 'Man Up'?

WSJ article claims AFSCME is biggest outside spender

delete - wrong forum

Chamber of Commerce: The Top Non-Party Spender (NYT Chart)

The enthusiasm gap isn't huring us, it's infrequent voters

Why It Matters (Republican strategy to claim that "voting by minority groups is rife with fraud")

Marist Poll--NY Gov--Cuomo: 60% Paladino: 37%

Dems still lead early voting in Iowa with ballots requested and returned (see figures)

Large, loud crowds cheer Obama at campaign rallies

Dems need to get on the ball with early voting in FL--GOP has big lead

White House reveals travel plans for Obama for final weekend--including joint rally w/ VP in OHIO

Do tea party pranksters have access to your personal information?

More than 10,000 pack hall to see Obama urge on Murray in Washington State

Keith Olbermann: "Not excited about November 2?..."

(R)asmussen moves PA senate race from "solid republican" to "toss-up"

Republican House Candidate Calls For Violent Government Overthrow If GOP Loses Election

Center for Responsive Politics: Chamber spent "$28.2million" more than any other independent group

Rove In 2004: Influence Of ‘Billionaires Who Write The Checks Give Me Some Concern’

DU... Where the squeaky wheel doesn't get the grease; the squeaky wheel gets ridicule and insults.

Franken: 2010 Senate races could be as close as mine in 2008

Clinton: GOP 'banking on you not thinking'

Republicans are regressive. There is nothing foward-thinking about their agenda.

American Crossroads Spends Big Bucks in Hopes of Helping GOP Regain Control of Congress

NY Times uncovers short list of Chamber of Commerce contributions - includes foreign companies

A very impressive two weeks for the federal sustainability partnership

Up to 30,000 expected at Obama's USC rally this afternoon

RepubliCorp buying democracy one election at a time - by

Magellan Poll--CO Governor: Hickenlooper (D) 44% Tancredo (I) 43% Maes (R) 9%

It's probably too late, but why don't the Democrats play up these facts?

American Influence Over Iraqi Government Fading

Get your red hot Friday News Dump: O'Donnell admits to using Campaign funds for rent

O/T-PA Senate debate on NOW

Bush thinks highly of himself, but it requires rewriting history

Men of Troy Prepare to Fight (Obama's SC rally)

Obama Rebuilt the Regulatory State. Now, Republicans Are About To Destroy It.

Dems lead in early voting in OHIO 44-34

NPR is becoming the new Acorn: targeted by the fascists of the Right

White House Plans Campaign Blitz On Final Weekend

Is this true?

A president in the neighbor's backyard

Boston Globe Poll--MA Gov: Patrick (D) 44% Baker (R) 36% Cahill (I) 8%

My Senate Prediction 10/22: Dem: 50 GOP: 43 Toss-up: 7

What's going on in your district? What's being reported?

Loved the Nevada rally! Obama still speaks for me.

This is the speech Obama should make on the campaign trail in 2012

Did his new chief advisor have anything to do with

first sitting president to sign an iPad

****HEADS UP****Obama campaigning for Reid in NV at 9pm

Congressman Investigating Impeachment for Chief Justice John Roberts

Obama's GBLT accomplishments

FL-GOV POLL: Sink 45, Scott 45. Independents swinging toward Sink.

Can anybody point me to a complete list of Tea Party midterm candidates?

Do you find it "unusual" that all these races are tightening?

In USC speech, President Obama urges 37,500 Democratic voters to 'fight on'

New Chris Coons ad

Latest GOP talking point "Costly changes to 1099 reporting in health care law"

Who here can honestly say that they "don't have a prejudiced bone in their body?"

Newsweek poll Obama approval numbers up and dems close enthusiasm gap

CA-Gov: Meg Whitman spends $163 million--Brown $25.0 million--Brown leads in all polls

Sestak coming up on Toomey like a freight train

I must be dreaming? Did Obama say that the US will be selling $60 million

***HEADS UP*** President Obama at USC

Bush: Sorry I Didnt Privatize Social Security

Dems have a big lead in early voting in West Virginia

Could Thomas now be impeached for perjury?

Citizens Against Government Waste not amused by Campus Progress spoof of its ad

"Ads that tie Republicans to Wall Street are boosting early voting returns for some Democrats "

Awesome Black and White Obama PIcture

Maybe I'm just a hopeless optimist, but...

GOPers keep the discussions on the lowest levels intentionally...they have no answers for the Nation

I wish he wasn't so unpopular

Would President Obama Be Better Off If Democrats Lose Control of Congress?

President Obama: It Gets Better - message of hope and support for LGBT youth (VIDEO)

Witchcraft again - Aiona, Hawaii Candidate For Gov., Tied to Witch-Fighting Evangelicals

O'Donnel had some comments on budget.

Tangled Up In Blue - Jerry Garcia

The Great Pumpkin is in Massachusetts!

Are Tories the crock du jour?

Anyone see/planning on seeing Paranormal Activity 2?

I have a special day I call "NO PANTS WONDER DAY".

"Saudis in Audis"

Experts differ on whether Halloween costumes embarrass dogs

File this video under "Patience is a virtue" or "Karma will bite you in the ass"

This is sad.. I'm actually considering writng an NCIS song parody of Love Shack

Reading Amazon reviews of Finnegans Wake is fun

Why doesn't the news cover the cannibalism from the Chilean mine?

Friday's kitteh (TGIF edition)

I am officially a beer-and-pretzels guy today

De ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne...

I'm dressing up as a wolf tomorrow.

Mel Gibson's Hangover 2 Cameo Canceled

UFO- underrated....

I thought I'd kind of seen it all as far as gymnastics go and...

it tickles

Ok, so sue me

HP ePrinter "Happy Baby" Commercial

Cat fight! Dial up warning (also Big Cats are alot like house cats)

Just saw Paranormal Activity 2

Is a supervisor supposed to share an employee's disciplinary counseling with another worker?

Sometimes all the confidence in the world just isn't ENOUGH.

Contemporary monsters can be... ... ... ... different.

Memories... like the corners of my mind...

We're off to the shelter tomorrow...I'm not looking forward to seeing this pup

What they SAY... ... ... ... ... ... ... What we HEAR...

Who would win in a fight? Gilgamesh or Gargamel?

60-13 Damn

Toonces' garage band!

I Am Not A Number!

Is that "Gang of Four" on the new x-box commercial?


I just put on TBS. I take it that Texas won the game?


For those who thought Massachusetts was a liberal mecca

I Scare Myself

Who are you people. I'm an old folgie here on the Lounge , who was posting here when your....

let`s give it up for Nikka Costa !

VIDEO - Woman donates $20K to charity, and in return, Chris Rock tells off her ex-boyfriend Jeff.

Old photographs

let`s give it up for Nikola Tesla !

Anyone here ever have Minnie Driver?

The Police (the band)

Anyone here fans of early Cliff Richard? Not "Devil Woman" and "We Don't Talk Anymore," but

A Confederacy of Perverts...

Talk About Underrated: Wilson Pickett!

I Breastfed My Circumcised Baby In Olive Garden's Smoking Section Tonight...

So we just dropped our oldest off for her first Rocky Horror Picture Show...

Finnegans Wake

Hopeless half-remembered movie snippet...

UFO - underrated

That's what you get for cheating, New York

ELO- underrated...

I'm in Amarillo, Texas, home of the free 72 ounce steak*

Who would win in a fight? Julia Child or Mister Rogers?


By-pass surgery? Anyone had one or helped someone recover from one

New Poll Questions on Garrison's Website.

My porn name is "Mister Jammer", what's yours?

I finally got a Nook, I wish you could ask me anything

why is Frontline more popular than Advantix ?

How do you like your Gyllenhaal?

5 Friday Questions.

Let's play: If I had my druthers.

To the countless Texas haters on DU

The AWESOMEST fucking Dad in the whole wide world!!!!!!

What's the Greenest Car on the Road?

A leap of faith.

Anyone here ever have a Mini Cooper?

Why do 16 year olds give one headaches?

Top companies donate big to Chamber in policy fights

Reid To Angle: My 'Penthouse' Is A One-Bedroom On The Second Floor

Radio talker, Angle-backer: Angle shouldn’t apologize for “Asian” remarks Hispanic students racist

Man behind ad urging Hispanics not to vote is a longtime GOP operative

Amsterdam Ferry Hit by Freight Ship Capsizes

Knifeman kills three in Philippines school attack

Secret Dr David Kelly Medical Files Released

Whitman: Brown lies about her immigration views

HMS Astute: world's most advanced nuclear submarine runs aground (off the coast of Scotland)

After three days of early voting, Republicans hold edge in Florida

While state-by-state unemployment rates improve; Jobless still need assistance

JFK Requested Bodyguards to Back Off

Obama meets Apple supremo Steve Jobs

Nashville lawyer, Watergate prosecutor Jim Neal has died

AFSCME, Public Employees Union, Is No. 1 Election Spender -- for Now

Jimmy John's workers vote (today) whether to unionize

Whitman's son had previously been charged with assaulting woman; charges were dropped

Vets’ group: 92 percent of ‘D’ or ‘F’ grades on supporting troops go to Republicans

Deadly 'cholera' outbreak in Haiti (at least 138 dead & 1,500 infected so far - inc. disturbing pic)

GOP's Cantor: Tea Party Not Extremists, Dems Are

Costly virtual border fence in tatters

Tancredo Nearly Catches Hickenlooper

Unemployment rate drops in 23 states in September

Dispute over New Black Panthers case causes deep divisions

WikiLeaks: Al Jazeera have broken our embargo by 30 minutes.We release everyone from their (embargo)

Pakistani Student Sentenced to Prison for Conspiring to Support the Taliban and Unlawful Possession

Reynolds' racial remarks stun forum audience (black men prefer drugs to education)

NEWSWEEK Poll: Obama Approval Rating Jumps, Democrats Close ‘Enthusiasm Gap’

Perdue's campaign under federal investigation

NRCC takes out $20M line of credit

U.S. Offers Pakistan Army $2 Billion Aid Package

Randy Quaid and wife arrested in Canada; bail increased in US to $500k

Automated Polls Show Prop 19 Winning 56-41: Anti-Marijuana Stigma Could Be Throwing Off Live Polling

Beck to Palin: Alan Grayson is Hot, 'Yum Yum Give Me Some.'

Conservative groups have spent up to $75 million in undisclosed funds, dwarfing left

DCCC Carries Significant Cash Advantage Into Final Leg of Campaign

Ex-US football player faces caning in Singapore

NPR Defends Firing Williams as Criticism Mounts

GOP criticizes Dollarway students attending Lincoln rally

l School prayer ban ignites backlash

Jim DeMint vows to cut NPR funding over Juan Williams' firing (Williams calls for defunding NPR too)

Court rejects suit over S.F.'s blast at Vatican

Racist Gunman Stalks Swedish City of Malmo

Plants Clean Up More Air Pollution Than Previously Thought

Virginia Thomas' group backs off on calling healthcare law unconstitutional

Tea Party Fear: GOP (MGM Resorts) CEO Runs to Reid

Google Admits Scooping Passwords, Emails In Street View Privacy Breach

Jimmy John's union push fails in Minneapolis investor sues company for lack of profit

Health insurers help GOP after dalliance with Dems

US: Iran Took Hikers on Iraq Side of Border

Video Shows Touch-Screen Voting Machine Purportedly Flipping Vote From GOP's Perry to Green Party

Rep. Peter DeFazio Investigating Impeachment For Chief Justice John Roberts

Minn. Driver (Koua Fong Lee) Freed After Crash to Sue Toyota

NEWSWEEK Poll: Obama Approval Rating Jumps, Democrats Close ‘Enthusiasm Gap’

AP-GfK Poll: Americans split on health care repeal

Bill McCollum drops gay adoption case, so Florida's ban is no more

French Senate Passes Sarkozy Bill to Raise Retirement Age to 62

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 22

Shark kills Calif. surfer off Santa Barbara

BREAKING - Wikileaks: Iraq War Logs (Military Gave Secret Order Not to Investigate Torture)

Lillian McEwen breaks her 19-year silence about Justice Clarence Thomas

Pilot Refuses Full Body Scan, Says He's Fighting for Rights

GOP says compromise not on the agenda if they retake the House

Why should I ask you anything?

Update: NPR exec says Juan Williams crossed the line before

I need a Halloween Playlist. The Creepier the Better.

GOP congressional candidate Stephen Broden says violent overthrow of government is 'on the table'

Mormon Parents Rejected For Scout Leadership Post

Cindy Sheehan supports a Republican over Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco

Students pray before Soddy-Daisy game

Wikileaks Hacked By “Very Skilled” Attackers

CNN: White House deputy Valerie Jarrett dismisses scolding from DADT victim Lt. Dan Choi

TNGA Sen. Mae Beavers introduces special interest legislation for rich campaign contributor

Fugitive TNGOP poster boy and TNGA House nominee captured in Guatemala (Spanish video)

Randi Rhodes Explains Virginia Thomas, Anita Hill Dust Up


Hensarling Uses Google's Tax Dodging To Call for Cutting Corporate Taxes

The Last Word-Rachel Maddow- Examining Dr.Tillers murder

The Chicken is Bok!

Juan Williams on Good Morning America

Foreclosure Mess More Shoes to Drop Money Talks News

DSCC: Middle-class can't afford Rand Paul's 23% tax increase-on everything!

Tom Emmer's Mortgage Mystery.

TYT Flashback: Mara Liasson makes a stupid point

Vote Naked Illinois

BOOOO! THE BIG SCARE, Dillon Ratigan mocks Palin

Watch This Voting Machine Change Someone's Vote!?!

Mr. President, sign my iPad…

Amy Goodman: Homeland Security agents want Gulf organizer to back off

Stonewall: Angle Shushes Reporter, Makes Blocked Getaway

Enghdahl on France: Cutting pensions instead of military spending

Do You Know What A Mugwump Is?

Mike Kelly defending corporate tax loopholes

That's RepubliCorp!

Die Banker Die by J Glenn Lowe - A Tribute to Wall Street Banksters and Fraudgate

Chris Barock

Olbermann Discusses the US Chamber, Mark Kirk and Outsourcing -

Young Turks: Cenk Mocks Limbaugh For Stupid Obama 'Demonic' Comments

Rachel Maddow: Suppression of Black Vote Emerges as Tactic

Harry Jackson: Christians Need Tax Cuts So They Can Give More To Their Church

Young Turks: Fox News Vs George Soros

BBC reporter loses it, grabs and destroys anti-war protest sign

Top Hip Hop Producer Exposes Corporate American Infiltration of Music

Turn off the Hate. Get out the Vote.

Sharron Angle Should Reject American Crossroads -

Weird Liberal Head Show #199: Tea Party Threatens Violent "Revolution" Against Our Government

Caution - religion is dangerous to your health!!

Kelly Ayotte Should Reject Karl Rove's Dirty Money and Dirty Politics!

Karl Rove: A Warning to Republicans from Don Siegleman- AmericanCrossroadsWatch.Org

TYT: College Student Wants Refund (due to unemployment)

Kieth Olberman Discusses Chamber of Commerce and Secret Funding -

TYT: "Religious Right Anti-Birth Control Amendment" (in Colorado)

Juan Williams: "NPR is worse that Nixon"

Twilight (Chris Coon Ad)

Janet Porter Prays for Control of Government

Robert Hurt, "Why Are You So Scared of Janitors and Nurses?"

Bill Maher on Real Time Discusses US Chamber of Commerce w/ Rob Reiner -

(Al Jazeera WikiLeaks Iraq Secrets) US Forces Turn a Blind Eye to Torture

Dan Choi: I am not gonna vote for Barack Obama after what he did yesterday

CampusProgressAction Ad: Chinese Professor on US Elections

DU's David Swanson: About That Falling U.S. Life Expectancy

He's Bill Hedrick, not Nancy Pelosi

Plutocrats, populists and voter confusion

How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Bankers Fleeced America

Joe Conason: Thugs on the Right

Tech News World: "Fiorina & Whitman - Leading a Tech Business Does Not a Great Politician Make"

Schools Chancellor Joel Klein wants nothing more than to release data on more than 12,000 teachers

Alarming Amendment: Fundamentalists Use `Personhood' Proposal To Invade America's Bedrooms

Lillian McEwen breaks her 19-year silence about Justice Clarence Thomas

Dollar Stores Reap 'Super-Profits' By Exploiting Their Own Workers

George Bush reveals biggest failure,"Not Privatizing Social Security"

"Making IGNORANCE Cheap!......

Health insurers help GOP after dalliance with Dems

Best Late-Night Jokes Mocking Right-Wingers

Michael Moore: Juan Williams Is Right: Political Correctness About Terrorists Must End!

Friday Talking Points (144) -- Midterm Home Stretch

Alan Grayson debates himself at Tiger Bay!

Mystery man in terror plots points at Miami exiles

BLACK THURSDAY REMEMBERED Weekend Economists October 22-24, 2010

Drumbeat: October 22, 2010

New Campaign Promises Death To Lionfish; 'They're Easy To Catch And Great To Eat'

UN Report - Arable Land Equal In Size To Italy Lost Each Year To Deserts, Cities, Degredation

Along Lochsa & Clearwater Rivers, Oil Cos Covet Narrow Road For Gigantic Tar-Sands Tech Loads - NYT

NCAR - 2/3 Of Western US "Significantly Drier" By 2030 - Prolonged Droughts More Likely Worldwide

NY Times uncovers short list of Chamber of Commerce contributions - includes foreign companies

Human impact revisited

After Praising Inhofe On Proving Global Warming "Hoax", Ken Buck-Buck Chickens Out, Walks It Back

New Records From Arctic - Warmest Greenland Air Temps Ever, Permafrost Warming Across Continents

NOAA - Warmer Arctic Now Probably Permanent - Reuters

Bill Gates Joins California’s Prop 23 Battle

Joys of Socialism in China

IPFM releases research report "The Uncertain Future of Nuclear Energy"

Three answers // 5 reactors started 1 completed // largest municipal bond default in history

Actually, I can hardly believe it, but the Ducks

Tony Romo Asks Doctors To X-Ray His Stuffed Animal's Hand Too

Do you think * will not attend the game tonight and not jinx the Rangers again?

Duke Blue Devils No. 1 in preseason men's ESPN/USA Today coaches' poll

NLCS Game 5: Phillies 4, Giants 2

I wonder if the Yanks can hear Dandy Don Meredith singing...


Tiny Minority here

Old Man Steinbrenner would have fired Girardi before the end of the night...

oh bullshit, Umps pretend Swisher wasn't hit by the ball

OJ Simpson appeal denied by Nevada Supreme Court


I don't pray to saints. But for those who do, please recite this:

The tyranny of the Wall Street Yankees has come to an end

How fitting that AROD strikes out LOOKING to end the ALCS

Mystery man in terror plots points at Miami exiles

Cuba Confident Of Majority Support Of UN Members Against Embargo

President Chávez to meet with Gaddafi

Citigroup Tops Venezuela Bond Ranks With PDVSA Deal

Syria joins ALBA as guest country

Chavista Unions ask Chavez to stop expropriating (es)

I was anti-gun, until I got stalked

"Right to guns only in the home is an 'odd reading of the right' "

over 14,000 weapons permits issued

DADT Is Back, But Decisions All Go To Obama Civilian Appointees

Toon: Working on my DADT policy...

Here you go XChrom! Some good news as promised. UW gets a free supply of “Legalize Gay” tees.

Wow...Majority Of Americans Agree: Churches Contribute To LGBT Suicides

Gray to amend bias proposal (request of the Omaha Archdiocese exempt religious organizations)

Dan Savage's Reaction To President Obama's "It Gets Better" Video

10/21/10 Gates narrows who can OK discharges under 'don't ask, don't tell'

Florida AG Bill McCollum: I Won't Be Appealing Overturn Of Adoption Ban

President Obama's GLBT accomplishments

Obama 's "It Gets Better" video.

Facebook outs gay users to advertisers. Dislike

One thing Obama could do to win back some cred on gay civil rights

From Rabbi Yosef to Marx

Just knock it off

PCHR Calls for Seriously Investigating the Circumstances of Internal Explosion in Rafah

At Japan biodiversity meeting, access to resources divides rich and poor

U.S. Must Be Ready to Meet Asteroid Threat, White House Science Adviser Says

Oct. 22, 4004 B.C.: Universe Usshered In

Malaria fears escalate as most dangerous mosquito mutates into two species

A question about virtual particles

Check out these 3-D rotatable molecules.

Life in a remote Mennonite community continues in the aftermath of a scandal

Today in Labor History Oct 22 Bank robber Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd is killed by FBI agents

Would You Like a Union With That, Comrade? (says IWW is communist)

200 Jimmy John's workers to vote in union election today


Black Labor Union Teaches Members about HIV/AIDS

'We have also had to lock some of your threads that we believe were posted as flamebait.'

YouTube embedding

The column widths of the "MY DU", as I see it on my screen, have changed.

Shouldn't there be a "Duplicate thread" checkbox in the alert screen?

Does copy-pasting the same thing in many responses violate the "content" rule?

I've asked people to weigh in re: definitions for "social justice" and "The Common Good"

Starcodes Oct 22 2010 Heather Roan Robbins


"This (November 2010) election is about choosing the direction this country takes." -Obama

Anyone a fan of "Community"? Great episode on religion this week!

Does anyone else feel like they're in battle?

Would you please do me a favor?