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Ellison Adds Support for Ending Broad Use of Military Force

Congratulations Mr Peter Rouse


NRDC - "Texas: What Part of NO Don't You Understand?" - Re CA Proposition 23 - The Big Oil Prop

Iran completes construction of 900 kilometers of gas pipeline to Pakistan

Iran completes construction of 900 kilometers of gas pipeline to Pakistan

I was exxplaining the United America march to my hubby, and he

Bank of America delays foreclosures in 23 states

Political cartoon -- too true to be funny...

How can I get my dog to savor the flavor of his real food...

Who do you think FoxNews will hire first?

Real Time w/Maher: Arianna Huffington On Christine O'Donnell And Carl Paladino's 'Big Tent' (VIDEO)

'Another Democrat for Bush' bumper sticker plastered on my car

Open letter to Rick Sanchez from a Latino Democrat

Like "chicken" nuggets? Better read this . . .

Cheney and Bush on The Revolutionary War - Too Good

See everybody in Washington?

The United States Win Wars, but Can They Win Peace?

Push-button War

CIA Escalates in Pakistan

What time is the One Nation Rally

Beet it: To exercise longer, try beetroot juice

Serious question: what happens when/if the deficit is payed off?

Burning anger

Rick Sanchez fired

Obama appoints junk-food exec to top agriculture position.

GOP/Tea Party "Young Guns" Looking At Serious Legal Problems

My Sis-N-Law Loves Meg Whitman....infact...

U.S. drone strikes kill 18 militants in Pakistan

Two U.S. drone attacks killed 18 in Pakistan

Nevada Democratic Party settles with Righthaven/LVJR; DU shows them some backbone

Repair bill for Navy's troubled ($1.8 billion dollar) San Antonio swells to $39M

About the ads that are being put into our posts:

How are those legislative curbs to the Citizens United ruling coming along?

FreespeechTV will cover OneNation march live

Meat made O'donnell avoid being a Hare Krishna

Kind of confused - Over the years, hasn't Limpball, Beck and O'Lielly said worse?

Kind of confused - Over the years, hasn't Limpball, Beck and O'Lielly said worse?

If you bitched even once, please give Russ Feingold 25 bucks.

Ominous signs in Iran under siege

Oh, boy! Party with Christine O'Donnel at Danny Bonaduce's House!

Do you "loan" someone flowers for a funeral?

“We are not going to be any different than what we’ve been.”

NATO Tankers Set Ablaze in Pakistan

NATO Tankers Set Ablaze in Pakistan

NYTimes OpEd: How Republicans Managed to Rebrand 'Cap and Trade'

Iran Wins Iraqi Elections 7 Months Later (by Juan Cole)

"Punishing" the Dems is akin to cutting off our collective noses to spite our collective faces

"Punishing" the Dems is akin to cutting off our collective noses to spite our collective faces

For those who haven't seen this data clock...

Streaming links to the 10-2-10 rally here. Please post others. Thanks.

So, is bin Laden DU's new hero? Have I awakened to Bizzaroworld today?

One Nation Rally on Twitter....

DC Marchers- weather for today.....High of 71, low 56. Clear, sunny, breezy.

MSNBC is actually covering the One Nation march.

Op Ed from MJ Rosenberg: Poor Rick Sanchez

"To mobilize Hispanic voters, big labor and advocates of liberal efforts at overhauling immigration

Immigration Policy

Immigration Policy

Republic of Men Rather Than Laws: The consequences of giving Bush/Cheney crimes a pass

Gibbs: 'No conversations about the future'

Gibbs: 'No conversations about the future'

Legal Debate Swirls Over Charges in a Student’s Suicide

double rainbow

Rally Pic

"Guatemala should THANK us" and other Freeper responses

Missing the Whitman story

pharma Baron gets fined $422.5M - good!

Does anybody know of a working video stream for One Nation March? Thanks in advance.

American TV?.......Glen Beck or.Jon Stewart Mall coverage?

Gibbs eyed for DNC chair

Kissinger's Regrets

Kissinger's Regrets

Bad taste green commercial causes conservatives to overreact.

Violating the Privacy of Gay College Students: Then and Now

Polling update, from DSCC:

Dem leaders have full campaign schedule to try to keep majority

CIA doubles rate of drone bombings in Pakistan: report

Ed Schultz @ Rally speaking now. nt

Maybe Rick Sanchez' firing will open up an opportunity for David Schuster at CNN /eom

Link for live stream of One Nation March

Ed Schultz

Key senator lashes out at Pakistan government

News Corp. gave $1 million to pro-GOP group (again)

Seriously did those two scumbags really believe

Some 3,000 Millionaires Claim Jobless Benefits, IRS Data Show

Have You Been Radiated Yet?

Why doesn't the government advertise on the responsibility to vote?

I love One Nation Rally

I love One Nation Rally

We criticized Bush for 8 years and now we need a survey to see if it's OK

CNN home page = tiny mention of today's rally! The KKK rally got top billing

CNN home page = tiny mention of today's rally! The KKK rally got top billing

One Nation Rally on LiveStream: The wingnuts are spamming the commentary.

Meg Whitman answers that age old question, whatz the worst that can happen.

Evidence of the programme for deliberately infecting people in Guatemala

I haven't heard about Charlie Hill

Chalabi: WMDs were "marginal" reason for war, Ahmedinejad a smart man

You know what would be real nice

Bob Woodward's Dark Side -- Famed Reporter Carries Water for the Pentagon

All $243 Million Dollar F-35s Grounded for Software and Hardware Fixes

Dems should "own" patriotism.

MSNBC's Piece On Sex Scandals By Politicians - They Aren't Hurting Them Anymore........

Ed, Ed, Ed, WHY didn't you run for that Senate seat in North Dakota?

Rick Perry's Campaign Caught Astroturfing on Twitter

Thousands gather in DC in support of Dems agenda

Whitman in tough spot on immigration

C-Span will carry ONE NATION RALLY starting NOW. 12:25 PM

C-Span will carry ONE NATION RALLY starting NOW. 12:25 PM

C-Span will carry ONE NATION RALLY starting NOW. 12:25 PM

McCain to NH vets: Won't run for president again

Meg, thanx for playing and be sure to pick up your lovely parting gifts

About the ads that are being put into our posts:

Dead Bodies Captured By Brazil’s Google Street View Debut

Concerning unions: The powerful have the wealth, teams of lawyers & politicians

Harry Belafonte pulls no punches!

Gasp! Wash. State slashes Maternity Care

Did/Will Bill Maher Make or Break Christine O'Donnell?

When your father is Bozo the Clown...

One Nation Rally Live Coverage

Here we go again.....Park51 Design Released. Outrage Follows.

Pa. insists Cabot pay for $11.8M water pipeline for Dimock residents


CSpan streaming live...see link

Animal Nuz covers recent developments at the Whitehouse

Animal Nuz covers recent developments at the Whitehouse

Animal Nuz covers recent developments at the Whitehouse

Betty White's biggest fan

Betty White's biggest fan

Free speech cases at top of Supreme Court's agenda

Bill seeks to create gov internet site blacklist.

Nevada Voter Alert: Today is the Deadline!

One nation rally shows the cable talking heads that the base is fired up and will be at the polls. n

Midnight Shopping On The Brink Of Poverty

Don't forget to watch the "One Nation" Rally today in DC on C-span .... !!!

Michelle is not going to like this.

Is Jesse Jackson ill?

Environmental Campaigners Ax Gory Movie Starring Gillian Anderson (Embedded Link To Disturbing Vid)

Environmental Campaigners Ax Gory Movie Starring Gillian Anderson (Embedded Link To Disturbing Vid)

BBC: Iran arrests 'nuclear spies' accused of cyber attacks

BBC: Iran arrests 'nuclear spies' accused of cyber attacks

Why is Feingold, according to the polls, doing so bad? /nt


Yet another brilliant speech to look for on video......Marian Wright Edelman

Is there any areal view of the One Nation rally?

Beware of one of the most unverified words that exist in the media: "militants"

Wait. What...?

Watch Farm Aid 25 Webcast Live on YouTube!

Obama talks green, GOP talks freeze

Any Photos From the Air of the One Nation Rally

Finishing a report Huffington and Truthout refuses to

Douchebag O'Keefe Still Listed As Author On Big Government

Cornell West,Arianna join Bill Maher discuss Death Of Outed Gay Rutgers Student & Bishop Eddie Long



C-SPAN: 'One Nation Working Together' Rally 12pm (NY time) Sat--PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS

Calls for party loyalty are fine, to a point

Calls for party loyalty are fine, to a point

I smelled fire, and looked around for the source. The big smoke cloud in the valley turned out

I smelled fire, and looked around for the source. The big smoke cloud in the valley turned out

I think there is too much focus on gays in this rally

Christine O'Donnell: I Would Have Become a Hare Krishna but I'm Italian and Love Meatballs

LOL! Goldman Sacks and AIG got an Ig Nobel Prize in economics!

Something's up at the One Nation rally

The Daily Show And Colbert Report React To Arianna's 'HuffPost Sanity Bus' Announcement (VIDEO)

Bank of America halts foreclosures in 23 states

I am happy with the "One Nation" rally

The Bush/Obama education shock doctrine: teacher layoffs & the permanent war economy

Colorado Governor's Debate on C-span ....

There was an earlier thread about the motorized scooters

A little tax history

Goldilocks vs Cinderella planets

How does a wingnut view the posters/shirts/slogans from today's rally

How does a wingnut view the posters/shirts/slogans from today's rally

On 8/28, there was rarely a single Beck-free thread on the first pages of GD. Now for one nation

the one nation rally....

Being a Blue Dog means never having to say you're sorry..

Why geeks are tolerant

mcclatchy papers spinning today's rally as "smaller" than beck's.

The Tea Party reminds me of Juana La Loca - the mad queen of Spain

What Do You Think Of "politico"?

Court to review case of Tasered pregnant woman

will you be voting dem in the coming election

I am watching a Canadian station showing the

All these talks about Osama and attacks

Meg: Working People Aren't Garbage! - pics

How strongly do you believe in the Democratic Party philosophy?

3-time drunken driver is charged with slamming into house steps

College professor arrested in student voyeurism investigation

College professor arrested in student voyeurism investigation

Here's a link to Bill Maher's NEW RULES video (that won't be pulled)

10/30/10 Rally

10/30/10 Rally

"Democrats borrowed a page from the tea party movement today."

"Democrats borrowed a page from the tea party movement today."

Sanchez was misunderstood!

Athol Republican owes nearly $1 million in back taxes and penalties

Proof That Meg Whitman Is Lying?


The Real Danger of the Tea Party:

Navy Bombs Guam With Dead Frozen Mice

Fox News: "Invoking Tea Party Anger, Thousands Rally in D.C. in Support of Dems' Agenda"- Tea Party?

Question for D.U. admins: Is it possible?

Answers to the Friday Challenge Question...

Brown Whitman Today's debate in English. Link

Company Stops Insuring Titles in Chase Foreclosures

Another $25M Secretive Right Wing Front Organization Interferes with Political Airwaves

What should the U.S. do about bin Laden?

What should the U.S. do about bin Laden?

What should the U.S. do about bin Laden?

My most sincere thanks to Republican candidate Ron Johnson (WI)

Did anyone see the rightwing ...

To honor of the marchers at 'One Nation Working Together'.. (pic heavy) (NSFW)

A new breed of home marijuana grower (LAT)

How much does it cost to make a penny?

(obligatory election tech question) Is there a consideration of cell phones?

There's a program on cnn called 'Right On The Edge'-I don't

Rank the big 4

I'm Wolf Blitzer and You're in "The Situation Room."

m$nbc "Thousands gather for 'One Nation' rally in D.C."

Capitol Idea: Republican Trouble In Palin Country

DC 10/30/10----- I'm there

USAToday:Thousands gather in D.C. for 'One Nation' rally

Australia's dark heart

PREVIEW-EU and Asia to discuss IMF seats and trade

Debate #2: Brown tells Whitman "Don't run for Governor if you can't say 'I made a mistake'"

British University students could face more than £10,000 a year in fees

Potential Turning Point for Labor as Millions in Service Sector Face Deepening Poverty

"Turn Congress Over to the Republicans and Party Like It's 1929"

Meg Whitman: I Didn't Vote Because I Was Focused On My Family

National Association of Realtors pimping for repub congressman here in so cal

Ellen Degeneres Speaks Out about the recent suicides.

Druidry recognised as religion in Britain

Druidry recognised as religion in Britain

A Fate Worse Than Death

Notice the pointy white hats.

8pm (NY) Saturday C-SPAN rebroadcast SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: 'One Nation Working Together' rally

Garry Trudeau: The Story of a Generation

TARP Uncovered -- the Real Cost of the Government Bailout

Whitman Shining A Light On R Hypocrisy - Why Don't Ds Make It A National Issue?

Republican Pseudo-Christians Blame Hate Victims

Police conduct questioned after raid

Let Us Each Other Tell Happy Tales - Gawker

“Superliar” Meg Blames Brown for Housekeeper Scandal - FDL

Unabomber publishing first book


Some 3,000 Millionaires Claim Jobless Benefits, IRS Data Show

Photos Show US Soldiers Posing With Afghan Corpses

5 trillion dollars a year- the economic cost of destroying rainforests

Farm Aid 25 streaming live NOW on YouTube

Suicide is a major, preventable public health problem.

''Brain cells die when you watch Rick Sanchez." Harry Shearer on

Diane Ravitch: Stop Trashing Teachers...

US War Crimes in Fallujah

More great pics from today! (link)

Whither Rick -- to Faux, the Teabaggers, or both or are they the same?!1

Pssst....Hey, Rick! Alot of Americans don't like people named "Sanchez"...

Valero Oil's CEO Hides Behind Employees and Defends CA Proposition 23

New Clues Point to Israel as Possible Author of Blockbuster Worm

MSNBC Video Link: Thousands at 'One Nation' rally in D.C.

California budget deal eliminates virtually all help for poor

Alaska's Murkowski failed bar exam 4 times

People should ask Rick Snyder why it was a good idea to offshore Gateway to the Taiwanese

Chuck Colson Says Afghan War No Longer Justifiable

GENBC keeps the false meme alive in SNL opening sketch.

Democratic Victory on a Shoestring

Not political: BUT A WONDERFUL TOOL to make reading about politics a lot easier

Government wants up to 62 mpg by 2025

Not all freepers are racists.

When Glenn Beck saw the One Nation Rally

What's the difference between the Tea Party and the Republican Party?

Freepers think Gloria Allred should be disbarred for illegally calling Meg Whitman a liar. Er...HUH?

Should Medicaid cover obesity surgery?

Should Medicaid cover obesity surgery?

Remember how "The Clintons Trashed the White House?"

Dispatch from DC – The Rally Now Larger then Glenn Beck’s Travesty

Jon should have Rick Sanchez on his show.

U.S. Judge Asks Vatican To Serve Court Papers To Pope

How many idiots can one village produce?

How many idiots can one village produce?

Outrage in Guatemala over US study on sex diseases

Bravo Harry Belafonte!

Jerry To Meg: "You have blamed her, blamed me, blamed the left, blamed the unions."

Meg Whitman may have employed a second undocumented employee

Sweetest picture from Today's rally

The only thing bigger than Sanchez' massive ego...

Some more DC 10/2 Pictures

NEWSWEEK Poll: Anger Unlikely to Be Deciding Factor in Midterms

Federal funds used to pay for missionaries, church buildings and the salary of a preist.

Exclusive: Blackwater Wins Piece of $10 Billion Mercenary Deal

Orson Scott Card - homophobe. . .

What if Al-Qaeda threatened to develop a delicious, but very high-calorie burger?

Toomey Calls Troop Bonuses "Wasteful"

WTF? Bushonomics DESTROYED Ohio's economy and Bush's trade and OMB director is ahead in the polls?

Like mother, like son? Whitman's Son Was Arrested for Beating Up a Girl

Sunday Talk Shows

OK-I have to share the feud we are having at my paper on health care

Brown, Whitman debate: Housekeeper issue leads to heated exchange (Jerry Brown Rocks!)

Matt Taibbi: Obscene tax break survives again

A disturbing wake-up article by Tom Friedman....

Just now, live, Arianna Huffington said she has 7,000 to bus to DC for Stewart event.

Wellesley Professor Unearths a Horror: 1940's U.S. Medical (Syphilis) Experiments in Guatemala

Preliminary Satellite estimates One Nation Rally:100,000-175,000

Europeans protest anti-austerity measure 9/29 - pictures

Instead of a RickRoll Let's Have A RickTase

It starts: McClatchy "rally in DC in a smaller, diverse counterpoint to Beck, tea party"

Big in Japan? Not likely it is illegal.

Teacher Layoffs and War Spending- It's All Connected

Village Voice: White America Has Lost It's Mind

Americans Waste 40% of Their Food

Axis of Ignorance - pic

Rutgers honors Tyler Clementi at homecoming game - pic

Lessons of the Rick Sanchez firing: Don't take criticism personally...OUCH!

Anyone watch Abbie Boudreau's CNN Documentary "Right on the Edge" ?

Americans tread water in gulf between rich and poor

Full transcript of Sanchez remarks -- from Pete Dominick website

Conservatives Just Killed 240,000 Jobs

••• Over FIFTY videos: Reid ads rip Angle: Why is this F*CKING SHE-NAZI still standing? •••

more people than glenn beck rally

Should a woman who teaches children, and who is unmarried, have sex with a Republican man?

We Are One Nation PIC (Warning Dial up)

Linda McMahon Won't Rule Out Lowering the Minimum Wage

CNN online shows One Nation rally pics from early this morning, with a few hundred people...

10/02 Richard Charnin's House & Senate RV/LV Polling Forecast Model (w latest Newsweek Generic poll)

Watch 'Real Time with Bill Maher' online?

the whole Rally was fantastic.The part that moved my partner and I the most...

Would you like to see a Democrat challenge Obama in the 2012 primary election?

Would you like to see a Democrat challenge Obama in the 2012 primary election?

Jim DeMint: Gays and sexually-active single women should not be allowed to teach children

Child nutrition bill stalls in House after 106 Democrats revolt

What horrible things would happen if the prohibition on marijuana were repealed?

Elderly drunken Yalie at Yale football game today...

Elderly drunken Yalie at Yale football game today...

New study out of Buenes Aires shows Monsanto's Glyphosate causes Birth Defects

When was the Golden Age?

As gay youth suicides increase, Focus on the Family attacks anti-bullying report

As gay youth suicides increase, Focus on the Family attacks anti-bullying report

Elderly white people in Medicare-paid scooters, railing against government spending..

Divergent paths to the same goal, Gandhi and Bose

'One Nation Working Together' (Thread #2) - more pics

'One Nation Working Together' - lots of pics

Jon Stewart’s "Rally to Restore Sanity": Bigger than Woodstock?

White America Has Lost Its Mind

White America Has Lost Its Mind

This Country is Awash in Political Theater

One Nation rally energizing liberals

I just looked at my teen's playlist on his mp3 player

Hissyspit's "One Nation" Rally PHOTO Thread (Home-made, Eyewitness, First-Person & All)

Guess Numbers for One Nation Rally

Mother 'drugged healthy son, 12, and shaved his head to convince him he was dying of cancer - to get

Why sloppy foreclosure process could ruin Florida; Grayson: "This is a factory of fraud."

You people are just sooooo superior aren't you.

Ok. Bill Mahr convinced me.

When Republicans controlled the Senate with only 50 votes they got everything they wanted.

Meg Whitman - You Said What?

Dick Durbin throwing $1 Billion down the drain for clean coal scams

just back from rally on the Mall (pics-different take)

So I was watching a special on Jonestown...

The Oligarchy

Here's to the Jerry Brown that I have admired for decades.

Oh, God No - Gibbs eyed for DNC chair

Oppose S.3804!

I hate to say this, but this 'One Nation Rally' is a disaster.

San Francisco considers banning Happy Meals toys

Silly me .. I thought fire season was over (DIAL UP WARNING)

Why are people gay?

Harlem charter school spent $1.3 million to advertise itself to the community.

Whitman just blew the election: Debate on Hispanic TV

Real teabagger could derail Angle's campaign

Turning A Policy Into A Story

Obama admin continues to push jobs offensive

Five new McClatchy/Marist polls (2xPA,2xCO,WI) - no surprises.

OH SHIT is it true Rich Sanchez of CNN got fired

LIVE feed of One Nation Rally

where's the official "one nation"rally thread? nt?


OneNation Rally on C-SPAN

Ohio House candidate (used car salesman) sued for sexual harassment

Meat made O'Donnell avoid being Hare Krishna (AP) (VIDEO)

The BP-Spill Baby-Turtle Brigade

Look what this jackass had to say on twitter about the Rally and look at how the others respond

I don't care what anyone says, Democrats kick ass!

New York Times: Liberal Groups Rally in Washington, Offering Challenge to Tea Party

BYE!!! Rick LOL!!!!!

Big crowd gathers for liberal rally in Washington

AFL-CIO: ‘America is One Nation and We Signify that Nation’ (updated)

President Obama Extends Stop-Loss Benefits


Nevada Voter Alert: Today is the Deadline!

Democrats Trusted on Nearly Every Issue

10/30/10 Rally

In Richmond, Obama chides McDonnell on Chesapeake Bay

Newsweek poll: The Angry Voter Is Overrated

The One Nation Rally

Pelosi ATTACKS: Republicans want an American Oligarchy. FIRED UP!

Are Democrats Waking Up? (Charlie Cook)

The Very Useful Idiocy of Christine O’Donnell (the "marvelous gift out of nowhere"), By FRANK RICH

“Obama’s Wars”: The Real Story Bob Woodward Won’t Tell

Feingold back by only 2% among registered voters

Obama hires Blackwater, again

Sen. Jim DeMint: Gays And Unmarried, Pregnant Women Should Not Teach Public School

UNOFFICIAL Rally count

Republicans now not so certain they are going to take House...

Breaking: Gibbs may replace Kaine as DNC Chair

Road Report

Side note on Knights Tale.

How do I invite people to join me on facebook? All I have now is a stream of tea party bullshit.

Call it a guilty pleasure, but I like techno remixes.

Holy shit! What a concert!

Jane Lynch speaking at HRC National Dinner

No on one but me, can't save myself, oh it's too late. Death greets me warm, now i will just say

Aw, cute little rabbit stranded in a flood...

I'm Bad

T-shirt I saw last night: "Homophobia Is Gay"

Well, so long summer '10.

Ween fans: R.I.P. James A Lemons, aka 'Big Jilm'.

Wow. Owl City. Not bad. Seems like I'd get tired of them real quick, though.

double rainbow

Ulrich Schnauss - Wherever You Are

The English language in 24 accents

Comment on A Rachel comment.

Emerson,Lake & Palmer - Lucky man

My LATEST Haiku - "Sun Tzu Underoos"

I came back to DU to post on a couple news items, and my avatar is gone. WTF?


I was looking for LOL Cats...

One Nation Pics (Sorry dial-uppers)

How can I get my dog to savor the flavor of his real food...

Are you a Hater? Is there someone you feel hatred for?

Something Fishy Going on Here: 600 Pounds of Trout Scooped From Pond

PHOTO: Kevin Bacon statue made entirely from Bacon Bits is being auctioned for charity

Bonnie and Clyde is about to start on TCM

Question about Facebook.........

Do you think Nancy Pelosi is an effective Speaker of the House?

(Video) A Bajan Firefighter earns his pay - rescues motorist trapped by floodwater on car roof

I'm going for a few beers...if something exciting happens, somebody yell for me

If you only had a day or two to be in Lounge, what would you do?

Are you ready ...

Cha-CHING! New 3-DVD Michael Jackson set coming 11/22 contains ONE new video. ONE! Cha-CHING!

Where are the threads that tickle the funny bone?

I'm the greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen man

Peanuts turned 60 this weekend. So which one is your favorite character?

Why can't GD and GDP get along?

What was the turn out in Washington today? n/t

lol...why did "Men Who Stare at Goats" get such bad reviews?

Just won $200 on a PA Lottery scratch off!

Aircraft safety dance.

well, he's finally getting better.

What kind of change do you want?


Say hello to mechanically separated chicken.

Pic of Jersey Shores DJ Pauly D and me lol

Warning: Cute Baby Pic

Who would win a gang fight between the 7 Dwarfs and The Smurfs ?

Favorite(s) pre-1960 American movies

You want cats? Here's 50 of them...this is from my feral colony

Songs of autumn

Today is Don McLean's birthday.

Today's College Football Tailgate Thread (Red River Rivalry Edition)

Busty Heart performs karate with her massive breasts, stuns viewers


I found this paper clip...what should I do with it?

Have you ever picked up something and didn't know what it was but put it in your mouth anyway?

Songs of love and inebriation

Betty White's biggest fan

Dear SyFy Channel - Wrestling? WTF?!


I kicked butt today

Anyone seen the movie shadowlands about C.S. Lewis? Is it any good? It was both

I have finally been left speechless by a post on DU...

South Koreans ridicule 'fat' Kim Jong-un

The Life & So-Called Times of MiddleFingerMom -- Chapter 2 (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Post a wacky conspiracy theory about a DUer.

if we know that household pets don't have souls

Is (are) your kitty(ies) standoffish or standonish?

Thank you to whoever gave me a star. I've fallen upon hard times

Saturday post a picture thread

What movie has the best gallery of characters?

Democrats hope organizing will counter voters' apathy

Nigeria: Death Toll in Bombings Rises to 12

Agreement Reached in Anti-Counterfeiting Talks

Peanuts turned 60 this weekend. So which one is your favorite character?

C-Span will carry ONE NATION RALLY starting NOW. 12:25 PM

Serbia Turns Back on Virulent Nationalism

Chrissy the Pooh and Bozo the Clown: The 'Brady Bunch' upbringing of a Tea Party maverick

Watch the One Nation March Live TODAY

President Obama attacks GOP over clean energy

'One Nation' rally draws thousands to Mall to counter conservatives

Problems Seen in Process for BP Oil Spill Fund

Justices’ Term Offers Hot Issues and Future Hints

'Taliban' Out of Medal of Honor Game

Australian Locust Plague 'Of Biblical Proportions'

Dutch coalition embraces Wilders' (anti-Islam Freedom party)

Visa-free privileges for EU expected soon: foreign minister (Taiwan)

Whitman courts Latinos in bid to defuse controversy over maid

China's Wen offers to buy Greek debt

Dutch party gives nod to coalition deal with Wilders

Linda McMahon Won't Rule Out Lowering the Minimum Wage

Ex-policeman who supplied Tasers fired at Raoul Moat siege kills himself

Xenophobic attacks result in 23 deaths within a year in Russia

Of the Speakers of the House you actually remember please answer the following questions:

Whitman: Brown to blame for controversy over her illegal-immigrant housekeeper

O'Donnell denies misrepresenting education

House Majority Still Uncertain, Republicans Say

Grenades explode near U.S. consulate in Mexico

China calls on Japan to 'maintain relations'

US officials: US considering an alert to Americans in Europe to stay away from public places

CIA Escalates in Pakistan

Obama: GOP Wants Return to Failed Energy Polices

(20) Tourists 'kidnapped' in Mexico

Iran Says It Arrested Suspects Linked to a Computer Worm

SAS (British Special Forces) officers warn that Britain is unprepared for a Mumbai-style attack

Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller tried to block Palin-Troopergate probe

High levels of cancer-causing chemicals recorded since BP spill

Pact Ends California Budget Impasse

Details emerge on no-tax California budget pact

Some 3,000 Millionaires Claim Jobless Benefits, IRS Data Show

Schwarzenegger Signs Sweeping Health Reforms

Thousands gather in DC in support of Dems agenda

Contender for Nobel Peace Prize is a jailed Chinese dissident who called for political reform

Druidry recognised as religion in Britain for first time

Ecuador U-turn on controversial austerity law

Group says Gandhi racist, plans to protest statue

Buck leads Bennet by 8 points in new poll; Hickenlooper far ahead for governor

Anyone know of cheap hotels in Rome, Florence, and Venice?

Bill Maher on Bishop Eddie Long Part 1 & 2

BP stops Coast Guard contracted research vessel from taking SAMPLES -- crew delayed for 3 weeks

Howard Dean: Join One Nation Working Together!

Real Time with Bill Maher - Opening Monologue

Young Turks on CNN Rick Sanchez Comments That Led To Firing

Protest at the Home of Flaum Owner Moshe Grudhut

Anderson Cooper AC360 - Andrew Shirvell - Gone But Not Fired 10/01/10

Man(on Jet Ski) Killed by Mexican Pirates on Texas Lake

Governor Candidate Paladino Threatens Reporter

News Corp Gives ANOTHER Million Dollars To The Republicans

Weird Liberal Head Show #180: Go to the One Nation Rally

New Barbara Boxer ad: 30,000 workers gone while Fiorina took $100 million for herself

This W.Va. ad may be the ugliest of the political season so far

From 2008 - Meg Whitman on California jobs: I am a HUGE fan of increasing the number of H-1B Visas!

WSVN 7, Miami - Crime Check with Rick Sanchez promo

WSVN Fox Miami Rick Sanchez Goodbye (2001)

Rick Sanchez' Most Absurd Moments on CNN Compilation

Weekly Address: Solar Power & a Clean Energy Economy

Christine O'Donnell: I Would Have Become a Hare Krishna But I Love Meatballs

It Gets Better Project

Al Sharpton at One Nation Rally

Maher - New Rules October 1, 2010

Interview with Richard Trumka at 10.2.10 One Nation Rally

How to Get Free Stuff From CRAZY People: FED Comics, Scientology, Fundie Books, and MORE!

Glenn Beck & Guest Said "NAZIS" 134 Times In The First 14 Months Of His Show

Alan Grayson Truth Teller - Taliban Daniel Webster

Whitman's spellcheck-challenged campaign office warns that you're under 24 hour SURVELLAINCE!

Ed Schultz at One Nation Working Together Rally in DC

Touchdown after the ban: George Galloway arrives in Canada

TYT Interviews: How Religion Evolved & Research On Suicide Attacks

War Is The Obscenity - Anti-War Vets Drop Banner at Newseum

Rachel Maddow: I'm Mad Too, Carl!

BP workers: We were sprayed with dispersant at night by plane with no lights -- Skin lesions

Bill Maher releases a new Christine O'donnell clip - ''MeatBalls''

One Nation Working Together

TYT: X-Ray Van Sees Through Homes

Amazing British Kid Can Speak English In 24 Accents

Rick Sanchez' Most Absurd Moments on CNN Compilation *ACTUAL VIDEO*

Fraud Factories many Mortgages are involved Rep Alan Grayson Explains the Foreclosure

Unbelievably racist comments by C-Span caller.

This Ad Is So Dumb It's Funny

Janeane Garofalo ~ Teabaggers Don't Know That They Are Racist

Immigration Lawyer: Whitman Failed To Sign Off On Housekeeper's Immigration Form

Republican urges Obama to crack down on Cuban drilling plan

Fraud Factories: Rep. Alan Grayson Explains the Foreclosure Fraud Crisis

‘Did she ask for it?’

Glenn Beck is obsessed with Hitler and Woodrow Wilson

Why has Germany taken so long to pay off its WWI debt?

Turkey and Russia: Cleaning up the mess in the Middle East

Arming the Saudis

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Bob Woodward's Dark Side -- Famed Reporter Carries Water for the Pentagon

Beyond the Trust Horizon

David Brooks: Meg Whitman and the GOP's emerging austerity caucus


Your lie detector test is ready when you are, Meg

The Week's Best Late-Night Jokes

Hey Tea Party-Republicans: The Founders Are Not Your Guys

The Very Useful Idiocy of Christine O’Donnell Frank Rich

Missing the Whitman story - treating people as dehumanized, undocumented and disposable

Steve Lopez, L.A. Times: "Your lie detector test is ready when you are, Meg"

M.Moore: 5 Things Dems Can Do to Turn It Around by November 2nd

Growing Anti-Immigrant Sentiments in an Unlikely State

Latin America Goes Left

Tea Party vs. War Party? By Patrick J. Buchanan

Life flows back into the Coorong and Lower Lakes (Murray River flowing into the sea again)

10:10 Campaign pulls mini-movie No Pressure

The disappearing world of the last of the Arctic hunters

Tyre-oil conversion a real revolution

Sacramento Valley: A haven for birds – and birders

Tesla workers start arriving at Nummi plant

Untramarathoner attributes success to beetroot juice -- proven in research

Michael Lewis walks out on 49ers..

Great news for Tim Lincecum!

that second half sucked (Bama/Florida)

During last night's Giants Padres game

NKorean gymnast investigated for three birthdates

Chad Reed confirmed for SuperX - Drops Corporate Sponsors

Americans are getting hammered in the Ryder Cup......

Most overrated unbreakable sports records?

Ecuador's Correa haunted by Honduras

Former Daily Post journalist caught up in Ecuador coup attempt

Dutch guerrilla is 'missing'

Golpistas thinking of suing Correa's government

daughter and cousin of Gutierrez participated in Rafa's rescue

Are British taxpayers helping to fund civil war killings in Colombia?

Correa relates what happened yesterday.

Body Shop drops supplier after report of peasant evictions in Colombia

Cuba to add new docks, terminal at Cienfuegos port

Paraguay's Lugo being treated again in Brazil

An excellent analysis of the situation in Ecuador!

Ecuador: Arrest of 3 top police officers charged with attempt to kill President Correa

holy crap!!!! another coup attempt this time in Colombia!!!!

Interesting article on the effect of gun control in Mexico ...

After the accident today I was so disappointed...

"It Gets Better" Channel

19-year-old gay college student commits suicide

Dan Savage to xtian whose feelings got hurt by his comments: "Fuck your feelings"

This is what I was talking about the other day: bullied for not being sufficiently "masculine"

Great Blue Heron (with a nod to Celebration for the subject matter)

Birthday kitteh.

Lebanon row over Ahmadinejad visit

I'm posting this just because I like it!

Last months entry? LOL!

A little whimsy?

Say hello to Samantha.

Lurking (dial-up warning)

Jeff said to keep trying, so...

A Double Rainbow I Saw In Front Of Our House

Took this from my deck before sunrise this morning

Got this while driving along the autobahn. (A5)

Turkey, the flotilla and Israel: UN report deserves calm reading

Today in Labor History Oct 2 FDR asserted the right of all workers to join unions & more

Researchers engineer adult stem cells that do not age

One Nation March: AFL-CIO Leads Nation’s Biggest Grassroots Political Mobilization This Weekend

Beautiful new wallpaper-worthy image of Earth

At Jimmy Johns, Allegations of Illegal Union-Busting as NLRB Election Approaches

Connecticut Republican Senate Candidate Doesn’t Know Her State’s Minimum Wage, but could cut it

Religion is killing the world.

Faeries at it again? This time it wasn't fun.

Ugh. I had really bad vertigo last night.

Can you feel it?


New guidelines for depression treatment: ECT OK, longterm antidepressants acceptable