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Archives: October 18, 2010

Joe Miller continues to behave in a most weird fashion.

Scientific documentation on how those in power use media to manipulate jackasses and the unwary:

The Social Network: “Dot-com” myth-making

Alan Krueger, Top Treasury Economist, Returning To Princeton

Marine wounded in Iraq still fighting - this time for benefits


Writers refuse to face horrors of Afghan war

GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!!!!!!!

Afghan Oficer School Making 'progress', According To The Army Times


Running Against Food Stamps

Cops: 3 Teens Viciously Beat 14-Year-Old On Bus

The WAR On TERROR - Does Anyone Remember This Cakewalk War?

Why call not it a 'Petraeus Village'?

Combat Stress Driving Up Army Crime, Drug Abuse, Suicides

The Jain story of the Blind Men and The Elephant

Easy to remember way to defend Man-Made Climate Change to deniers

former Sec of Def. William Cohen on Cspan hawking outsourcing

If you oppose the death penalty, why not enshrine that sentiment in your will?

Thomas J. Donohue (U.S. Chamber of Commerce): Commentary: Regulations devastate economic growth

Petrol stations in France runout of fuel

Miller Security Team Detains Journalist

Where can I find poll numbers for Georgia U.S. District 4 D (I)-Hank Johnson R-Liz Carter

Bwa-hah!1 BARNICLE stepped on his own "favre"

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

"Outsider" O'Donnell Reduced to Begging for Insider Cash

chuck todd to reporter...'did it look like 35,000 to you?'

Today When You Campaign....Remind Them Who!!!!!!

Okay In Breaking news on the board we see NATO saying Bin laden

Facebook apps leak user information: report

Felon Voting Bans Are Left Intact as U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Bias Claim

Iran brokers behind-the-scenes deal for pro-Tehran government in Iraq

Sharron Angle caught on tape: Latinos in my 'illegal aliens' ad could be terrorists from Canada

Our Health Insurance is not going up next year

Our Health Insurance is not going up next year

Claim: Paladino emailed gay man, told him to 'learn how to read,' asked if he was off his 'meeds'

Protests turn violent

I can't decide if Rand Paul is more shallow than

WaPo: Plan to reduce sprawl will boost health, environment

Chavez heads to Iran on 'diplomatic' tour

Is the Miller campaign "arrest" in Alaska Kidnapping?

(SCOTUS) Justices to Hear Suit of Ashcroft Over Detention

Today's 111th congress = 89th congress. Tons Accomplished, No Respect

Positive AP Article: "A productive Congress gets no respect from voters"

Worst Apology Ever?

The Return of Mad Cow Disease?

A Former GOP Operative, Behind the Nexis of Outside Spending

Pothead behind fireball blast-

Angle Denies Latinos in Ad are Latinos

Angle Denies Latinos in Ad are Latinos


Republicans, Democrats who criticized stimulus wrote letters seeking funds

Prepare to Laugh

Prepare to Laugh

Prepare to Laugh

Afghan news of interest to those of us who value silk material

Big Money Scandal Inevitable

Colorado GOP Senate hopeful stands by gay remark

Joe Miller looks to Eastern Bloc countries

Why buy a house in the next 5 years?

Of O'Donnell's 3.7mil total campaign donations, only $47,361 - or 1.3%

Hell freezes over: NY Post endorses ANDREW CUOMO for Governor

Existence of Tea Party Candidates Casts Doubt on Evolution

GOP candidate: I won’t answer questions from reporters, but I will have them handcuffed and detained

Boehner-Chaired PAC Still Backs Nazi-Reenacting Republican House Candidate

Boehner-Chaired PAC Still Backs Nazi-Reenacting Republican House Candidate

Boehner-Chaired PAC Still Backs Nazi-Reenacting Republican House Candidate

Crumbling America Has a $2.2 Trillion Repair Bill

So I Will Be Voting Early In The Next Few Days

Alan Grayson starts the "Rush Limbaugh, Mind your Own Business" Fund

"The Pinocchio Project: Watching as the Supreme Court turns a corporation into a real live boy."

We've seen this (bad) movie before: Cameron tries to out-Thatcher Margaret Thatcher

So What's The Consensus On The Conway/Paul Debate?

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago is suing B of A and others

The largest donation from Meg Whitman's tax exempt foundation protects land near her condo & ranch

The largest donation from Meg Whitman's tax exempt foundation protects land near her condo & ranch

The Tea Party and the Republican Party wants you to make the important decisions

FBI was told agent Headley was double agent

Rather Than Investigating Foreclosure Fraud, House Republicans Vow To Investigate Loans To Poor Peop

History is written by the winners

Ken Buck's "ethics"

Ken Buck's "ethics"

16 Cents on the Dollar: Doing the Math on Mozilo (Countrywide) Settlement

How Much Embezzlement Is Going On In The Mortgage Business?


Derf has a plan to keep the TP'ers home on election day

USAF Guardsmen: 0 USMC: 1

Xenophobia Is The New Superpower Heroin(e): "It’s hard to keep from joining the outcry about the

Xenophobia Is The New Superpower Heroin(e): "It’s hard to keep from joining the outcry about the

Law Expert: MERS Mess Could Have “a Massive Effect on the Economy. - FDL

FYI - reporter "arrested" by Joe Miller's thugs is coming up on Ed's radio show after a commercial

FYI - reporter "arrested" by Joe Miller's thugs is coming up on Ed's radio show after a commercial

So, who is hoping the judge decides to permit DADT enforcement pending government appeal?

"We will never really be able to change Washington, no matter who is elected president"

I'm sick of this bin Laden bullshit, is he dead or alive, guilty or not, a threat or not?


The "war on terror" is now in its tenth year. What is it really all about?

Could Unsealing Divorce Records Seal GOPer's Electoral Fate In Georgia?

California porn industry hit by HIV crisis

My Democratic candidates did not call the Left any names and Obama is not on the ticket

Nine Reasons Why Democrats Will Keep Control of the House - I desperately hope this is true.

Bachmann and Angle - Hypocrisy, Bigotry, and Lies

*sigh* well the company I work for has frozen payraises

deleted by OP

The Surrealist Vista

So when the Robosigners and bank employees get laid off pretty soon here

What would it be like if Palin was VP?

Eliot Spitzer- "Too Big To Fail Fails Us All"

Angle tells Latino studs. that some look Asian and anti-immig ads could be terrorists from Canada

***Colo, WV + other senate debates tonite on C-Span.

Securitized lending.

Senate candidate Ken Buck (R-CO): Gays are like alcoholics ("basically, you have a choice")

The Commies are coming --- OR --- Did I just wake up in the John Bircher mid-50s?

Clark endorsed by largest daily paper in her district, endorsement takes Bachmann to task

Alan Grayson needs your help DU.. the Orlando Slantinel has pulled out the stops

Former surgeon general calls for marijuana legalization

Former surgeon general calls for marijuana legalization

Gay Councilman: My Plea Has Saved Lives Already

The Rude Pundit - Corporate Funding in Elections: If You Had the Money, You Could Do It, Too

Rand Paul Bailing on 2nd Debate? Method to his madness?

Chicago Sun-Times: Riding the train can save a bundle

A town saved by stimulus

Please help me clarify John Kasich's political history.

Corporate Fucking America....

The vatican has decided Homer Simpson is a secret catholic.

The time has come to stop posting (and reading) poll articles..

Officer Bubbles Sues To Find Out Identity Of Anonymous YouTubers

In Tight Races, Democrats Have Financial Edge, Report Says

Robert Kuttner: Recovery, Please

I need help please on a computer issue

Gene Simmons becomes Lars Ulrich ("Sue everybody. Take their homes.")...4Chan activists respond

Do you think that the security guard incident with the reporter will help McAdams?

Joe Miller's Alaskan Militia - Shannyn Moore/HuffPo

Help me out here folks! What does "Shattered his Glass Jaw" mean?

Bad budgeting

Chamber of Commerce Promotes outsourcing jobs

AP has the 2010 election results already... Alvin Greene wins!

Angle to Hispanic children: “Some of you look a little more Asian to me”

Oh, my gosh, watch this video of Joe Miller's goon squad.

Oh, my gosh, watch this video of Joe Miller's goon squad.

The continuing saga of the Freeper at work

Rand Paul's chain-saw approach to federal regulations, and why it's coming back to bite him

Whose bootstraps are they really?

If sales at my cafepress store are any indication, the Restore Sanity Rally is going to be HUGH!

M.I.A. Wears Burqa On Red Carpet @ Spike TV's Scream 2010, Gives The Finger

Michelle Bernard is full of it--"The Tea Party movement is a feminist movement."

Help, DU'ers! Only 2 hours to raise $400 to get me to Ohio to cover the elections!

Is This Justice For Mortgage Fraud?

Teabagger Christine O'Donnell supporters lunched at "Crabby Dicks"

". . . . and take advantage of increasing global competitiveness of U.S. factories."

What's this about 401ks? This morning I am listening to an

KO: Not all unamerican bastards are Brian Kilmeade, but all Brian Kilmeades are unamerican bastards.

How To Create A Best Seller (when no on cares about your book)

DU's favorite cockroach has been beating up on Jack Conway for the last hour.

Julian Assange: Wired, a single source of misinformation about Wikileaks

ACLU Sues Sheriff's Department On Behalf Of Corrections Officer Fired For Being Gay

Call the Wahhbulance: "New rule could send some insurers packing"

Miller's militia complete with video on Ed Shultz

There has been no jump in government spending. Period.

There has been no jump in government spending. Period.

Best In Class? US Slips To 49th In Global Life Expectancy

Krugman: Rare and Foolish

Dean Baker: Timothy Geithner forecloses on the moratorium debate

Right-wing sexism: Meghan McCain attacked as a "self-indulgent set of mega-breasts"

A Case of Premature Evacuation in Missouri?

The Movie That Made a Supreme Court Justice (and her dissent today)

Joe "Miami Vice Face" Miller Losing Support, Favorability Points in Alaska Senate Race

Why Jack Conway's "Aqua Buddha" Ad Doesn't Help

Question: What Things Can Obama Do Now?

Navajo closer than ever to electing woman leader

More lunacy from the political wing of the Tea Party : - 'Illegal Immigrants should be shot'.

More lunacy from the political wing of the Tea Party : - 'Illegal Immigrants should be shot'.

Crystal Cathedral files for bankruptcy amid mounting debts

Crystal Cathedral files for bankruptcy amid mounting debts

IRS Should Investigate Minnesota Church For Electioneering, Says Americans United

Bay Area DU'ers: Can you reccomend a GOTV campaign I can join?

Lol, "Drop Zone Security Services"

Democrats - A PROMISE BEING KEPT - and ignored by the media

Whoa!!!! Angle to Latino teens: 'You look a little more Asian to me'

Shooting at postal office in TN

Tweety doing his best to help elect Rand Paul

John McCain: I'd 'Absolutely' Filibuster 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal

Why Is It So Acceptable to Lie to Cut Social Security Benefits?

I am really sick of looking at REPUKE FACES on this website...

I am really sick of looking at REPUKE FACES on this website...

One way of "Crporations vs. you and me": Banks share profits but not losses.

Racist Extremist Tancredo Surges in Colorado Governors’ Race

Iowa Republicans denounce stimulus bill, quietly push for funds

Poll: Quayle trails Hulburd

Republican Party Has Become Like Organized Crime

GOP Rep. McClintock: Republicans ‘Don’t Deserve’ A ‘Second Chance,’ Whitman Lacks

Which Clinton Aide Said It? 'Let Iraq shoot down U.S. plane'

Do NOT Believe Repub Hype! Incredible AZ 03 Poll!!!

'I'm too rich to go to jail'

Goldman Sachs, Dirty Money and the Harlem Children's Zone

LOL...Mozilo's Facebook page.

Oh, man, Scott McAdams is GOOD!

Obama: 15 Senate seats 'up for grabs'

I attended the rally in Columbus yesterday it was beautiful fall

Anyone know the scoop on "Center for Individual Freedom"? Is it one of the Rove funded groups?

Did the Tea Party Terrorists Kidnap a Reporter?

a theory on Dems backing DLC & Blue Dogs who are useless for progressive legislation

Cops: Female mafia informant dissolved in acid (Milan Italy)

The Rand Paul/tea party fraud girl on Hardball

Senate Polling Dump 10/18

Tweety has Conway on with him - Rand Paul refused to

Fact That Needs Solution: 'We're Destroying Life on Earth'


Senator Pays for a Dozen Law Firms (Ensign - $551,000 in payments

••• Alaska prepares for chad city •••

Michele Bachmann was for the stimulus while she was against it

Missouri Senate race is getting closer (Carnahan now within the margin of error)

Keith is going there! The reporter Miller had "kidnapped" will be on.

Simple Question: Is Obama On The Ballot This Year ???

Duplicate post. Please delete.

Why is a person more likely to be "Superman" if they're privately employed without a union?

Finemen Trashed Conway Ad Now Comments THRASH Fineman

The former Alaska governor kicks off a nationwide Tea Party Express tour

Orange Alert: Boehner supports Nazi wannabe

Link to NY Gubernatorial stream here....

DOJ Files Brief In Favor Of Tenn. Mosque

California police find missing 3-year-old boy

Sharron Angle: "Those aren't Latinos in the campaign ad. I've been called

CBS Evening News led with Sarah and the Tbaggers, Facebook un-privacy, and the new CPR

A NY Mailer tells voters to "Vote Republican." contains legal ballot...

One-Third of Gay Middle Schoolers In S.F. Have Attempted Suicide, Study Claims

Bwaaaaaaaah hahahahahahaha Jon Ralston

Reporter Detained By Joe Miller's Security Guards, Speaks Out About Ordeal (VIDEO)

Mildly reassuring sign for Democrats in NC

I admire the French

A Lounge thread I think most of you will enjoy. {link inside} EDIT: Iconic photos

Meghan McCain calls Christine O'Donnell 'A Nut Job'

Birthers gone wild - email from my loony conspiracybrained cousin

WTF !!! - 'The New Tax Man: Big Banks And Hedge Funds' - HuffPo

Grayson on Rush

Riverside water board candidate believed to be Nazi

Propaganda Tool Sarah Palin Uses Pat Tillman to Glorify War

Why I'm sick of hearing about "protecting taxpayers".

John King a fool

Judge Unlikely To Grant Stay On DADT Ruling

rachel maddow calling out the m$m on their gop victory claims.

Ex-eBay boss Meg Whitman lags in polls for California governor despite spending fortune

I must say, I'm impressed.

Bow Down to Aqua Buddha, Pt.2

Bank of America to resume foreclosures next week. Will submit documents with new signatures!

Bank of America to resume foreclosures next week. Will submit documents with new signatures!

Socialist Schools

Will Olberman and Maddow defend Conway's Ad or condemn it?

Church of the Aqua Buddha Website

Barack Obama says 15 Senate seats up for grabs

Ex-NFL Star Junior Seau Drives Off Cliff After Being Arrested

I support the right to build all kinds of religious structures Fighting the Christian Coalition, FRC to make LGBT discrimination illegal

The ACLU is a Great Organization!

Are americans in general allergic to hIstory?

"arrested" journalist coming up on larry o'donnell. nt

Question to pet owners re Global Weather Change...

House Polling Dump - 10/18/10

National Right-to-Be Hypocrites Committee infects my mailbox

Meet the Brown Widow Spider, coming to your area soon from Southern California!

Lawrence is showing a clip of Chris Wallace

ADN has NEW video of Joe Miller's jack booted thugs bullying OTHER journalists. Video link below

Do you think Crist will caucus with Dems or Repubs?

Alive & Well: Republican War on Democracy 2010 (ACORN COMING TO STEAL THE ELECTIONS!!!)

6 months for hitting pregnant wife in stomach on plane

McAdams and Murkowski debate starting now. Here is the link:

Rand Paul is a "Muslim"....??

The AP mangled its celebrated Obama polling results claiming Democratic defections

In case you were wondering,diseases(not injuries) I/A vets are coming back with

Bah-bwah-wah-wah reveals why she is such a WEASEL

I am almost certain I saw one of my images on a TV spot tonight.

Minneapolis police sued over strip search on street

Tribune Board Said Ready to Oust Chief Executive

Just watched the debate. Paladino is done.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

We've seen blood in the streets in other nations when people rebelled against a

Report Shows Drones Strikes Based on Scant Evidence

Early Voting In Texas Starts today! Here's some info:

ABC Nightline: Sex on campus, SuperMario the Chilean miner, and an interview w/John McCain

New Poll: Republicans Win 447 House Seats, 113 Senate Seats

Angle To Latino Students: 'Some Of You Look A Little More Asian To Me'

Shhh there is a...national strike in France

Wow... 'The Battle Bam (Obama) Refuses To Wage' - Stanley Crouch

Rachel is having an absolute ball destroying both

NATO official: Bin Laden, deputy hiding in northwest Pakistan

I apologize. I inadvertently stated I would vote straight"R" when I meant

I'll question Rand Paul's faith

Fred Phelps asks God for a favor: Kill Kansas Attorney General Steve Six

Decades of tricky stealing the money; including charter schools

NPR poll: Republican midterm tide has crested

Megachurch Crystal Cathedral Ministries seeks bankruptcy protection

I Early Voted today....

Bank(ster) of America's foreclosure freeze is already over

Dear Rachel, I LOVE you, but please . . . . . .

*GASP* Muslim soup!!! *OMG* Canadian Muslim soup!! ...well it is Campbell's

Rachel to Palin: Science segment next, you probably won't like it

English Researchers Find Virtually No Cancer Traces in Ancient Humans

"Waiting for Superman" funder Phil Anschutz: evangelical fundie, anti-gay winger

SCARY! - New Video of Miller security and handcuffed editor

Was out canvassing in Virginia CD10 for Jeff Barnett and ran into disgruntled millionaires

LOL... Nuff Said...

Wind Power Without the Blades

Republicans Are Crazy

elliott spitzer's madam is running for governor of new york

Can Angle be any more insulting?

Can Angle be any more insulting?

Can Angle be any more insulting?

Michigan, U.S. sue Blue Cross, charge anticompetitive pricing

Sarah Palin is a ghoul, a stinking demagogue with no honour

Judge rejects Obama adminstration's request for stay of injunction that bans DADT discrimination

The only and easy way out of the gridlock in DC is even a LARGER Democratic majority!!!

Veterans Group Files FEC Complaint Against The Chamber: Foreign Funds Pose 'Clear And Present Danger

"What person in their right mind would spend $140 million to run for governor to save $15 million?"

Most people getting around $50.00 from Ameriquest Settlement while Countrywide CEO gets Millions!

I got a live telephone report from the Phillipines on the super typhoon...

Junior Seau, former football star, drives off cliff after arrest for alleged domestic violence

Junior Seau, former football star, drives off cliff after arrest for alleged domestic violence

Obama to Appear on “Mythbusters”

White County Tea Party

I am officially convinced that Sharron Angle is mentally ill

Colombia: SOA graduate charged in massacres (Ft. Benning, Ga.)

Paladino appears two weeks away from a landslide defeat.

Federal Employee Health Benefits: Dogs, Yes; Gay Partners, No

Shh! Don’t Tell The Media…But Something’s Happening Out There

How A Pilot Refused A Full Body Scan And Now May Lose His Job

Chuck Todd just did an hour of cheerleading for the republicans.

Anybody else here with an AARP Medicare supplemental health insurance plan?

Life is unfair if we choose to let it be so

Are you watching Keith O. list all the stimulus moneys being sought by Republicans?

I Wish Democrats Would Listen To Bill Clinton

I Wish Democrats Would Listen To Bill Clinton

Queer and Loathing: Does the Foster Care System Bully Gay Kids?

Reminder - Action and Call-in day Tues. Oct 19 to stop FBI repression


Young conservative book panel becomes awkward confrontation between exes

Young conservative book panel becomes awkward confrontation between exes

AquaBuddhaGate UPDATE: Yarmuth (D-KY) & McCaskill (D-MO) Slam Jack Conway

Do you know of anyone who committed suicide due to foreclosure?

Link to report on Phillipine typhoon - great damage, 1 dead - communications down...

Islamic court, United Arab Emirates: OK to beat wife and kids if no marks left

Woman stabbed during anger management class

I know a lot of people here love the fact that Megan McCain has come

After 19 months of unemployment,

U.S. Trying to "Kill Its Way Out" of Afghan War?

Full Frontal MSM Assault To Depress D Voters Now Under Way

Just when I thought I saw the craziest freeper thread, I ran across this one. Wow.

Just when I thought I saw the craziest freeper thread, I ran across this one. Wow.

White House Science Fair Hosted by President Obama - pics

White House Science Fair Hosted by President Obama - pics

Eight Ben Chandler (D-Ky) debate welcoming crowd images.

Need help on info on Ilario Pantano in NC..

I don't get the Democrats

School "Reform" is Disappearing Black & Hispanic Educators in NYC.

Watching the clips of the soldiers patrolling in Paris . . . .

Meghan McCain... fascinating

Alright, This Media Bias Is Getting REALLY FUCKING BAD (AP: Dems Up 5 Pts In Generic Ballot)

Alright, This Media Bias Is Getting REALLY FUCKING BAD (AP: Dems Up 5 Pts In Generic Ballot)

Why Does "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Still Exist?

A Public Service Announcement

Mathews lost me tonight. As he grilled Jack Conway about a bare-knuckle

"Sometimes naked and shackled, but was never charged with a crime"

Is there (Should there be) a Progressive Purity Test?

Remember , wear purple on October 20th

David Gregory Carries Water for Karl Rove and US Chamber of Commerce

Too Disabled To Fly?

Too Disabled To Fly?

The Polling Scam slouches on: Charnin reports the MSM Preparing the Cover for Nov GOP Election Fraud

The Polling Scam slouches on: Charnin reports the MSM Preparing the Cover for Nov GOP Election Fraud

Why doesn't Rachel have Chuck Todd on to explain the media message he pushes

How did American politics cross over into insanity?

usury: when banks make you pay the interest first so the principal never goes down

Cleveland Symphony players support striking Detroit Symphony musicians

Port-a-Potty Sex... The Latest Craze !

Port-a-Potty Sex... The Latest Craze !

The Great Financial Crisis - Three Years On

The Obama signed health bill made sure...


A cloud of neighborhood children has its collective eye on me from the moment I park.

Keith Olbermann is reading a list of letters from republickers praising

Is it wrong for a liberal to be against American companies

world's largest toddler banned from some preschools

so I just started a new job today... Glad I am employed, scared s*less nonetheless.

FL's biggest, fastest foreclosure mill (David Stern) is Chinese-owned

Holder is now defending John Ashcroft?? - KO with Turley

Oh, boy thousands at the Palin rally

Holy Shite that McCain attack on Barbara Boxer

Today, a jury will start the process of deciding if a man should be put to death by the state

How the Common Good Is Transforming Our World

Hope Fades for China's Trapped Miners (30 confirmed dead, 7 more trapped)

Clean coal is a scam.

France: Hamburger Chains Decision (To Serve Halal Burgers) Sparking Tensions Over Islam

Regarding The Burger “Experiments” ... by Steven Novella

10/15 Richard Charnin Midterms Forecast: MSM's Likely Voter Polls Preparing the Cover for GOP Fraud

Alan Grayson: 'Rush Limbaugh Says I am Certifiably Insane'.

How the Right Wing Caused Your Father's Heart Attack (and Your Mom's Stroke)

California Prop 19

Joe Miller's Alaska Militia -- by Shannyn Moore at The Mudflats

War’s Hidden Death Toll: After Service, Veteran Deaths & Suicides Surge

Food Trucks Continue to Draw Large Crowds

Here's to Bill Clinton

D'oh! Crystal Cathedral megachurch files for bankruptcy

Can you tell me more about this new religion - Aqua-Buddhism ??

Can you tell me more about this new religion - Aqua-Buddhism ??

"Access To Justice In U.S. At Third-World Levels", Says Survey

I just had a mortgage epiphany...

Are There Free Homes?

“Likely Voter” samples over-represent the GOP (MUST-READ) -- from Jonathan Simon

Krugman: Epitaph for an Administration

Charter schools that boast high test scores should reveal their attrition rates as well.

Welcome to Freedom of the Press: Teabagger Style! (Miller's flunkies handcuff a reporter)

Hawaii Senate: Inouye (D) 53% Cavasso (R) 40%

This should be fun tonight in the debate in NY

MA-10 Keating (D) 46 Perry (R-yuk) 43

The Nation: Corporate Power Is Buying Our Elections

Fiorina - a typical political question.

CBS's Lesley Stahl, on Morning Joe, understands our campaign finance system is broken.

AFL-CIO is making a difference...

deleted dupe. n/t

Regarding all this talk about 'the media'...

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

Joe Conason: NPR Poll: Republican Midterm Tide Has Crested

SC-2 POLL: (R) Joe "You Lie" Wilson 46, (D) Miller 39.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch endorses Dems Giannoulias for IL Senate & Quinn for Governor of IL

Over 200 Democrats show 'what it looks like when Democrats go on offense'

Don’t Let the Chamber and Big Biz Gut Workers’ Say on CEO Pay

Americans prefer tax increases to benefit cuts

Concerned Taxpayers of America Represents Exactly Two Taxpayers

Anyone visit their local Chamber of Commerce's Website lately? Maybe you should....

Racist anti Barack Obama billboard taken down

Outside Groups Dominate Campaign Ad Spending In 2010 (CHARTS)

TRUTH: In terms of legislative successes, the current session of Congress rivals 1965-66. (AP)

35,000 greet the Obama's at Ohio State

"Fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice......won't get fooled again".

"I love ya": Huckabee promotes "dear friend" Kasich

Florida Sued Rick Scott For Insider Trading

Siena College Poll--NY-25: Maffei (D) 51% Buerkle (R) 39%

Miller (R) of Alaska has editor of Alaska Dispatch detained and handcuffed by thugs

DNC announces big cash infusion into Midterms

Two Weeks Out -- Nine Reasons Why Democrats Will Keep Control of the House

The Stakes of the 2010 Election & Texas Democrats' Massive Field Program

Republican Lawyers Group Calls Their Election Education Efforts 'Unprecedented'

Celebrating Science-Today Is Geek Day At The White House

Christine O'Donnell: GOP Establishment Isn't Giving Me Enough Help

MA Governor - Patrick (D) 47- Baker (R) 42 - Cahill (6) - Other 3

California and 'left coast' bucking the pro-GOP election trend?

Mike Luckovich nails the state of our utterly corrupted campaign finance system!

Sarah's Talking 'Cojones': Palin Comment Gets Plush Toy Tribute (PHOTO)

Many Chamber ads attacking House Dems contain debunked falsehoods, distortions

Some of these folks in the media are frigging hilarious!

Here's another BULLSHIT poll on who's more extreme your not going to believe the results

Palin's endorsement of Angle could help Reid

NY Post Endorses Cuomo over Paladino

Obama and Biden head west to bolster the Democratic base

Over 200 Democrats show 'what it looks like when Democrats go on offense'

President Obama to appear on episode of 'Mythbusters'

Obama Justice Dept. defends Tennessee mosque

Business Outsider: The Deficit You've (Tea Party, Not DU!) Been Freaking Out About is Bush's Fault

Boston Globe- Stimulus letter - Wasserman

Gallup generic congressional narrows slightly.

Gallup generic congressional narrows slightly.

Ken Langone's Persecution Fantasy

Call the Corporate Media on their Bullshit!

All dem candidates better take a lesson from Al Franken and NOT give up if it is close.

Obama administration to defend John Ashcroft at Supreme Court

Three Women to Watch in Obama 2.0

I'm Not A Parasite, Tea Party Pigs Slopping At the Teat Of the US Taxpayer

LA Times: Behind the attack ads

Suffolk University Poll--FL Governor: Sink (D) 45% Scott (R) 38%

GOP Legislator Who Crusaded Against College Sex Ed Classes Owns Company That Sells Kinky Sex Gadgets

Judge: inclined to nix delay of gay troops order

The Best Analysis Of Obama's Dilemma

The 2010 Conservative - What to look forward to when you test drive this year's model!

I am watching the NY Gubernatorial debate...

Rasmussen- Obama's job approval at 49.

AP's poll story was misleading not only in its claim, but also what it didn't reveal

Michael Bennet is all over YouTube tonight. :)

What's GOP Lawyers Group Up To?-"unprecedented" series of pre-election law training seminars

joel pollak- “President Obama has made it ok to hate Israel.”

Photo. Fascist brown shirts

First Lady hits NYC to defend President Obama -- and raises $1M for Democrats

Robert Reich on campaign money: "Hundreds of millions" being "laundered through a handful of groups"

TV networks aren't going to bite the hand that feeds them. Follow the money

Yet more proof of media calls John Boehner Speaker Boehner!

Media Matters: The Hill does its best to confuse the Chamber of Commerce issue

The media and the art of the possible

Hannity: An RNC fundraiser disguised as a TV show

Hannity: An RNC fundraiser disguised as a TV show

PPP: AZ-03 open GOP seat: Jon Hulburd (D) 46% Ben Quayle (R) 44%

Hold your hats, folks! PPP has MO Senate race tightening Blunt 46% Carnahan 41%

McCaskill (D-MO) thinks that Jack Conway attack ad on Rand Paul is "very dangerous"

The Hill: Dems take swing at Muhammad Ali strategy to keep the House

Credit to Democrats despite Republican hypocrisy

Any Poll Results After Conway/Paul Debate?

NEW VIDEO Miller's guard arrest Tony Hopfinger

Honestly, I think the 2010 elections will only make us stronger in the long run

Gallup "Obama Performing Well Relative to Congress' Low Ratings"

This is why you need to vote, because these people are!

How I see the Senate as of Today: D=50 R=45 5=toss-ups

Does Tweety use meds to control his mental condition?

(R)asmussen Poll--WA Senate--Murray (D) 49% (+3) Rossi 46%(-3)

Angle to Hispanic children: “Some of you look a little more Asian to me”

What the FUCK is Elisabeth Hasselbeck talking about blaming Obama by claiming. . .

Alaska Race May Make for Long Election Night

It's Called Propaganda.

It's Called Propaganda.

How good are the public polls? (Feingold is not a fan)

Two Weeks Out - Nine Reasons Why Democrats Will Keep Control of the House

Suffolk University Poll--FL Senate: Rubio (R) 39% Crist (I) 31% Meek (D) 22%

Buck's reprimand was no youthful indiscretion

¡Adelánte Con Tancredo!*

Well back from the farm and ready for early voting to start tomorrow, hope we get Gov. Bill White.

Third job all done!


Japanese or Swedish? Yukimi Nagano

All right, it's past 8:30 on Monday morning. Get to work. You already slacked off all weekend.

Now this is Poetry that gives you goosebumps

"Daddy's in a lot trouble,mommie's in a lot of trouble"

I am trying to post a photo,this is a test

Lola the amazing handstand cat!

This dude collects VHS VCRs (WTF video)

S.S.D.D. -- Once again, a Republican candidate stands accused of being involved with big fat ones!!!

Road Trip - Silent Forest

Anyone good at calculating odds? Israel lottery draws same numbers twice

I wonder if discussions about "Rubicon" will end up in the dungeon?

Fucking Papa Johns and their lying ass meal deals!!!

A MOB President.

I have a question about writing a resume.

Don't click this.

I'm dreaming of a Summer BBQ....

Dog and Elephant Friends - Maybe my favorite youtube video

The Firm - a song from 1985 - "Radioactive"... live great guitar by Jimmy Page,

On the IFC channel, "Monty Python at the Hollywood Bowl"

What do you think? That clothes grow on trees? *** Edit for resize*** is down Thanks, Anonymous!

Ohio girl's field goal believed to be longest by female in a game

Click this.

Woman stabs classmate in anger-management class

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon

Just called the cops on the douchebag next door

A kitty stays a kitty

This is awesome (sorry for screaming)

Could we impeach the Supreme Court justices

Would "Rocky Horror" count as Glam Culture?

I cruised through Pennsylvania today for the first time in 4 years

I am thinking about

You're Not Alone

Danger Mouse recommends....10 of my favorite horror movies!

Gods Vs Robots

"...and the next thing you know you've got a homosexual for a child."

Falling Into

The Nine Most Ridiculous Tabloid Headlines About Cats

Wolves attack Russian traffic cops on M23 highway

Posting while intoxicated....

Any other Gleeks in the Lounge?

Question For Those Who Sell on Craigslist

Most Adorable Puppy Video of Forever!

So I watched "The Notebook" for the first time - talk about a really corny movie...

Is it time for me to buy an i-pad?

Question for football experts: Why was the old Raiders tightend Dave Casper nicknamed The Ghost?

Just what we need - Overpriced burnt wine and overpriced stale cheese from $tarbuck$

I'm Not In Love

If life were like NCIS, who would you be?

Firefox adblocker help?

Mad Men season finale (OP has no spoilers, but great advice for those about to watch)

A firend of mine's girlfriend has recently purchased an accordion and...

For those of you who've noticed and wondered about Kali's absence...

Most favorite dinner ever

Post an iconic photoshop.

Koch Industries awaits Venezuela takeover

Alaskan reporter detained by security at Joe Miller event

Truck drivers join French pension protests

NPR poll: Republican midterm tide has crested

Leaning on the at-risk

Luxury sales back at record levels in 2011: study

Over thousand fuel stations out of stock in France

RNC 8 case set to end with plea deal on October 19 (Terrorists from Republican National Convention )

Halliburton 3Q profit up on natural gas drilling

FBI was told of suspicious activities 3 years before Mumbai attacks

The New Tax Man: Big Banks And Hedge Funds

France Asks Airlines to Cut Flights Ahead of Strikes

Another Kirk 'exaggeration'?

Marriott Directs Cash to Republicans for Rules He May Not Get

Angle to Hispanic children: “Some of you look a little more Asian to me”

Lockheed-to-Tenet Drop Shows Election Spending Peril

Ashcroft to Get High Court Review of Lawsuit by Man Held as Terror Witness

Train strike paralyses Belgium

(Fort Hood shooting trial) Witness: Police shouted 'put the gun down,' then more shooting

US is executing a genocide in Somalia: deputy Speaker

(European) Socialists call for isolation of extremist parties

Meghan McCain calls Christine O'Donnell 'A Nut Job'

Federal judge says he'll rule on Virginia's health care challenge by Jan. 1

US parties aim big guns at knife-edge California

Nato official: Bin Laden, deputy hiding in northwest Pakistan

Junior Seau arrested, drives car off cliff

Your favorite movie that is set in the Middle Ages

Two people killed in shooting at Henning post office


Simultaneous attacks in Juárez kill 9

Justice Dept. Sues Michigan Blue Cross Over Pricing Deals

Judge tosses Mont. corporate campaign finance ban

Arkansas: Faulkner County Hit With 15 Quakes over Four Days

Tea Party activist sues election board in Ohio

Iran tells Iraqi prime minister 'get rid of America'

Obama pleads with Democrats in Ohio, warns against GOP gains

2010 Tied With 1998 as Hottest Year

A productive Congress gets no respect from voters

First lady leads protest march against mass rape (Congo)

First lady leads protest march against mass rape (Congo)

Megachurch Crystal Cathedral Ministries seeks bankruptcy protection

Republicans Pledge to Probe Home Loans for the Poor

Walgreens CFO nabbed for 2nd time on DUI charge

Long Beach Rep. Laura Richardson's Sacramento house up for short sale

Bank of America to restart foreclosures in 23 states

Super typhoon slams Philippines at 155 mph

Lawyers: Gay marriage ban aim was to deny stature

Citing 'Cost Pressure' From New Health Care Law, Boeing Co. Asks Employees To Pay More

GE to invest $432M to revamp appliance business

Rand Paul Won't Shake Opponent Jack Conway's Hand

Brown, Whitman tangle over capital gains tax cut

Banks Face Mortgage Scrutiny as $49 Billion Vanishes

Judge Rejects Govt. DADT Stay

Security for G-20 Summit in Seoul Will be Unprecedented

Crystal Cathedral files for bankruptcy amid mounting debts

4 men are convicted in synagogue-bombing plot

(AL) Workers Say Boss Gave Them Marked (Republican) Ballots

Witness: Foreclosure firm owner gave gifts for altering documents

Miller on CNN: "I'll admit I'm a man of many flaws"

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 18

Canadian Commander Pleads Guilty to Murders

Veterans Group Files FEC Complaint Against The Chamber: Foreign Funds Pose 'Clear And Present Danger

Condoleezza Rice admits mistakes in Iraq

Obama to Appear on TV Science Show "Mythbusters"

Albany Governor Debate Verges on Farce

Sarah Palin to GOP: "Man Up" and Support Tea Party Candidates

BofA plans to refile papers on 102K foreclosures

Combat Stress Driving Up Army Crime, Drug Abuse, Suicides

Angle To Latino Students: 'Some Of You Look A Little More Asian To Me'

Mailer causing confusion among voters :( tells you to"Vote Republican")

Federal judge may rule on 'don't ask, don't tell'

Group urges Nevada Hispanics not to vote

Group urges Nevada Hispanics not to vote

Miller Cites Communist East Germany as Effective in Dealing with Border Security

We just watched Dreamworks "How To Train Your Dragon". Ask me anything!

U.S., Cuban diplomats meet about jailed U.S. man

Former surgeon general calls for marijuana legalization

Clinton rallies Democrats for Brown, Newsom

Advice to Yankee fans.

Young Turks: Help Elect Strong Progressives - Turk Out The Vote!

Jesse Ventura Supports California Legalizing Marijuana

Helen Thomas Retracts Apology

Sharron Angle's Private, Free Market Solutions

Colorful Christine electrifies Delaware Electorate: Taiwan’s Take On O’Donnell, US Political System

Jesse Ventura Slams Sarah Palin Because "SHE'S A QUITTER!" Must See!

The Big Business Wall Street Won't Discuss

Tony Hopfinger, editor of Alaska Dispatch, gets arrested at event of AK Senate candidate Joe Miller

DN! RepubliFascist Joe Miller detained and handcuffed a journalist in Alaska

Glaxo's Avandia Cover Up

Vitter: Border Jumping Limo Style!

COLT JACKSON on Prop 19 (I Love Weed)

The Top Vlog: Bill O'Reilly's Offensive Comments on The View (David Pakman)

Bubbles Make Rich Richer and Others Unemployed

Cash War: China's Kung Fu stronger than America's?

Americans for Prosperity Pushes Prop. 23 At California RNC Rally

Kurt Schrader - Not Our Congressman

The Ronny Horror Show part 1 of 2

The Ronny Horror Show part 2 of 2

Fox: 'All Terrorists are Muslims'

Palin in Anaheim - Part 2 - We got a president who's gettin' pretty good at apologizin'

TYT: Government Spying on Neighbors

PAY 2 PLAY: Democracy's High Stakes (Trailer)

TYT: Marwencol - ReThink Review & Discussion (Mental Illness, The Homeless & More)

Rand Paul refuses to shake hands (eyesroll)

Given two chances, Rossi can't name anything he would cut from the budget

S01E08 - The Expiring Bush Tax Cuts

Palin in Anaheim - Part 1 - It's SOOOOO good to be here, Orange County...Do ya LUV ya FREEDOMS?

CSPAN Caller's Brain Fried on Glenn Beck, Plus Brit Hume Nonsense

Weird Liberal Head Show #195: Power to the People!

Fuck your Jobs!

BREAKING NEWS: Media Exxagerates Truth

Harry Reid "Danke Schoen" To Wayne Newton

Election 2010: Just Say No (to the Party of No)

TYT: Attack Ad on Rand Paul: Fair or Unfair?

Sharron Angle Tells Latino Students They Look Asian

"Shoulder to Shoulder": President Obama's Radio Ad for Barbara Boxer

NEED TO KNOW | Nate Silver on why the polls don't always add up

Citizens Arrest of Condi Rice, War Criminal in San Francisco

What You Can't Say on Campus: Greg Lukianoff on Free Expression in Higher Education

Teabaggers: The Webseries - Episode 2 (Contains NSFW language)

Conservatives Are Traitors: Bonus Episode - Stupidnomics

U.S. Surgeon Gen Supports the Legalization of Marijuana

Joe Miller's brownshirts

Tea Party 'Obama' Billboard Causes Controversy

Young conservative book panel becomes awkard confrontation between exes (on C-span2)

Joe Miller's security goons in action! After the arrest of Tony Hopfinger, Alaska Dispatch editor

Tales of the Tea Party

A Whole New 'Green' Deal

11 Freedoms that Drunks, Slackers, Prostitutes & Pirates Pioneered and The Founding Fathers Opposed

Insiders Reveal Racism, Virulent Anti-Immigrant Attitudes and Homophobia @ Prominent Religious Group

Get ready for yet another jobless benefits fight

The Difference More Global Equality Could Make

The New Tax Man: Big Banks And Hedge Funds

New Wikileaks Docs Expected; Same Lies About “Blood on Their Hands” Sure to Ensue

How JPMorgan Ripped Off Its Customers Through Securities Lending

A 10th Amendment Drama Fit for Daytime TV

The Surrealist Vista (James Howard Kunstler)

U.S. Had Warnings on Plotter (and former D.E.A. informant) of Mumbai Attack

200+ Dems Sign PCCC Pledge to Protect Social Security

Chris Hedges: Heroes for the Beaten, Foreclosed on, Imprisoned Masses

America’s Holy Writ: Tea Party evangelists claim the Constitution as their sacred text.

Mortgage Time Bomb: Reporting From The Epicenter Of Fraudclosures

Only If We Let It

Psychologists and Torture by Scott Horton

Law Expert: MERS Mess Could Have “a Massive Effect on the Economy.”

Congress eyes Fox-Cablevision fight.

MERS-y, Mercy Me: The Sewer Drain at the Bottom of the Housing Market

M$M remain dumb on the great (and obvious) story of these mid-term elections: Tea Party Incoherence

I Can Afford Higher Taxes. But They’ll Make Me Work Less.

The Perfect Storm That Threatens American Democracy

Funny Signs For the Rally to Restore Sanity

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 384

U.N. environment chief: 'We are destroying life on Earth'

Researchers use drilling data to find a geothermal hot spot in West Virginia

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: October 18, 2010

NRC: ‘70s to blame for tritium

John Baez is writing about technology and the global ecological crisis

Dams = habitat loss. Err, or not.

Constellation partner EDF wants to go forward with third Calvert Cliffs reactor

Climate Change Confuses Most Americans, Study Says

Russia and Venezuela Announce Plan For Russia to Build "Turnkey" Nuclear Reactors in Venezuela.

SUN DAY Campaign reads EIA renewables numbers

A challenge for the nuclear "environmentalists" frequenting DU EE

Who will win the SEC East??


Vikings 24, Cowboys 21

Big Oswalt led win for the Phils

Report: Seau drives off cliff

F%*K! The Buckeyes and ON WISCONSIN

Is TBS using a severe sound filter or is Yankee Stadium unusually quiet?

longest ever fg by hs female kicker

So when does Jerry Jones fire Wade Phillips and who does he replace him with?

U.S., Cuban diplomats meet about jailed U.S. man

Colombia: SOA graduate charged in massacres

The Policy of the US Blockade takes it out on a Cuban Children’s Hospital

Baltimore off duty police officer killed over a parking space.

Economic Blockade Attempts to Turn Cuba into US Colony

Psych tests for gun owners recommended (Australia)

Who is in charge of the well regulated militia, and who wrote the rules?

Darren Criss hopes Blaine will serve as a positive role model on Glee

UW-Eau Claire adminstration flunks professor for sending anti-gay e-mail to student

IOWA: Christianists Launch Ad Comparing Gay Marriage To Legalized Incest

Student rally around woman punched for ‘Legalize gay’ shirt

Queer and Loathing: Does the Foster Care System Bully Gay Kids?

LA Times: Fighting gay bullying: The only 'agenda' is respect

Judge Skeptical of Govt. Arguments Phillips issued tentative ruling rejecting government stay


Would the gay community demobilize politically if DADT and DOMA were ended?

‘Glee’s’ Girl On Girl Action Called ‘Disgusting Gay Teen Sex Romp!’

Israel invites Gaza flotilla Turks to testify in inquiry

Gaza factions slam Abed Rabbo comments

Edelstein Confirms Pollard Release Discussions Underway

Egypt seizes Gaza-bound weapons

Netanyahu wants loyalty oath bill to include Jews as well

Robinson criticises Israel for continued blockade on Gaza

A kitty stays a kitty

For night photographers and everyone else!

It's October and time for


forget macro, this stuff is waaaaay beyond that

Extraordinary silver beetle snapped in Costa Rica

Russian Nuclear Weapons Experts Create James Bond Super-Villain

A fuel bringing Mars within range?

Countdown to oblivion: Why time itself could end

What to do if we find extraterrestrial life

Robot arm punches human to obey Asimov's rules

'Job delusion' There are people that see the Job Book in the Bible in a certain way.

So I've recently discarded what was left of my religious beliefs. Ask me anything.

Shooting at Tennessee post office leaves 2 employees dead.

Today in Labor History Oct 18 NYC agrees to pay women school teachers a rate equal to that of men

It is not my forum, it is DU's Labor Forum

Would there be a possibility

Question about the "ignore" function

Could we have a list or explanation of what sites we can't link to?

If there's a thread in the Lounge that is deserving of attention, is it OK to

Why do I keep getting "WARNING! Your post was not successful."

Does the DU administration support the was in Afghanistan?

Posting externally written inflammatory material

Anne Ortelee -- Week of 10/18

How long will "gruesome footage" ad run?