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News Corp bans Cablevision users from Hulu

Frank Rich: The Rage Won’t End on Election Day

Lame Duck

GOP presidential candidate that scares the shit out of me....

I ran across Oscar winning documentarian Alex Gibney's "The Human Behavior Experiments" video online

Shock Therapy for California?

The Counterfeit Recovery

10/17 NYC Meeting: Public Education Under Attack (Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats)

Another in a series of unfortunate pictures.

Wealthy financier is mysterious funder of ads attacking DeFazio

It's not easy being me. It's just not. Dozens of things go wrong in my life every single week.

COLOMBIA: Groups rally to free imprisoned professor

LOL. Merit pay at Microsoft "promotes politics over fair reviews - a popularity contest" (2006)

NY Times - "Week in Review: Return of the Secret Donors"- Growth of Campaign Corruption Since Nixon!

I SO t hink this is a perfect time for screen name amnesty... time for a change.

GM's goal: All 2nd-tier pay for workers at Orion plant

Critical Assault by Allies Begins Near Kandahar

Barbara Billingsley, mother on 'Leave It to Beaver,' dies at 94

The fund-raising practices that earned people convictions in Watergate are back in a different, lega

Nevada AG candidate doesn't regret arrest for harassing women at abortion clinic

U.S. military, civilian officials claim progress in Afghan war

United States Military Pleased Economic Draft Is Working As Planned

Redneck LTTE to Columbus Dispatch parrots Fox "News" (big surprise).

New Toys For The DoD

Wisconsin - Russ Feingold to speak in Fond du Lac on Wednesday.

In Afghan South, U.S. Faces Frustrated Residents

In Afghanistan, the Exit Plan Starts With ‘If’

Non Sequitur TOON: Still Deciding...

Heckler arrested at McCain press conference

How many Teabagger candidates are also side-by-side Creationism advocates?

No debate among Wis Lt Gov candidates cuz Dems are liars

Reps. Driehaus And Kilroy Join Call For Investigation Into Chamber Of Commerce’s Foreign Funding

Sued over Toxic Burn Pits in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pentagon Keeps Using Them

frank rich: The Rage Won’t End on Election Day

Military Scientists Breathe Sigh of Relief: No Budget Crunch Ahead

Look at the image for Mafia Wars's "Masked Robbery" event

Swedish man gets sick benefits for heavy metal addiction


Jiu Jitsu helps bully-proof victims

Spokane Police arrested a man waving a meat cleaver at Sen. Patty Murray's supporters

I think it's time to fire a few paint balls at that sacred cow: Democracy

US reopens vast expanse of Gulf for fishing, but experts stress caution on seafood

m$ fair & balanced headline: As Democrats' message lags, GOP awaits wins

Seven Years of War and Still No Power to the Iraqi People

One step away from leaving the party: Democrats abandon House progressives

just got my sample ballot here in tennessee....16 candidates running for governor

So Bushco ignored the warnings about the Mumbai bombing

Belgian strike cripples Eurostar service

Gibbs reverses House election prediction

California Tea Bag candidate advocates the abolition of public schools

Locals resent"pirates"label,claim"safest lake in nation," amid fewer but jaunty tourists (jet ski)

New Hampshire Chamber Leaves U.S. Chamber, Says It Can’t Find ‘One Positive Thing To Say’

Howard Dean opposite Liz Cheney coming up on "Face the Nation".

I see the media is in full "abandon your Dem party....everyone else is" mode.

How Countrywide Covered The Cracks ... and Mozilo got away

Unless We Get Our Military House In Order, This Is What We Are Facing:

Axelrod continues Democrats' offensive on Chamber donations

WP puff piece pushes hard for Wasilla Quitta

Whoa, Mrs Ahhhnuld was on same yakker show with Meagan Mc5PLANEs, after Mc5's Manchurian episode

Maybe I just haven't had enough coffee yet,


MasterCard wants the Indian government to issue welfare benefits electronically...using MasterCard

Anybody know boo about the "National Council for Media Reform"????

Wisconsin - Russ Feingold to speak in Fond du Lac on Wednesday

FUBAR In Afghanistan

Georgia 'Democrat' campaigns against Nancy Pelosi and those dreaded San Francisco values

Joe Conason: NPR poll: Republican midterm tide has crested

Arrest made in Missoula pumpkin patch slaughter

High Times Writer Nabbed in Pot Bust

Modesto Bee issues 'hope-filled but cautious' endorsement for Meg - Fresno Bee endorses Jerry Brown

America: Rebuild it or fix it?

Did you guys see Horsey the other day?

Did you guys see Horsey the other day?

As media's message intensifies, GOP hopes we stay home

In light of all the mortgage fiasco including missing payments,

Hilton workers in Chicago start 3-day strike

I don't think Condi has much respect for President Obama

The Beav's Mom has Died

US trade deficit widened sharply in August - Bye, bye jobs

Russia reveals detailed data on defense spending until 2013

Is concern for the deficit a phoney issue?

Candidate (R-TX) Blames Headache for Gaffe

Rubio: US has God-given status. Independent UK calls him arrogant, simplistic.

Would you please ignore the damned polls and get to work?

Cat in the Hat has howler monkies howling.

SAG settles with Eddie Haskell

NM man cleaning gun accidentally shoots mom, son

Just maybe they are wrong??

Alexi Giannoulias: Where's The Note?

Health Care article that makes a good point--share it

I finally figured out who Mr. Paladino reminds me of!

I finally figured out who Mr. Paladino reminds me of!

The Dog Graduate

"Disconnect": Why cellphones may be killing us

Clinton Cabinet Member Sought Iraq Provocation - But W. Himself Proposed Ruse (Juan Cole)

Should the Obama taxcuts expire or be extended?

Sci-Fi Writer Iain Banks Talks Surface Detail’s Hell, Creationist Heresy

A.B Stoddard On MSNBC - Jesus fucking christ

I LOVE Autumn and yet part of it, I abhor.

An hypothetical: Liz Cheney is on fire in your driveway ...

Since the Carter/Reagan fiasco, have the aggregate of polls ever been wrong?

I can think of 4 words from the President that would win us this and future elections

Would Eric Cantor or Paul Ryan (let alone Rand Paul or Glen Beck) have saved the Chilean miners?

Alien world view

Fox calling into question absent ballots. Why? I'll tell ya.


Pope Ratz wants to 're-evangelize' the secular world

Coons on O'Donnell: 'I'm not sure why she's running' for Senate

Three-quarters of Australians do not care whether political leaders believe in God or not

Republicans, Democrats who criticized stimulus wrote letters seeking funds

TV blackout raises net-neutrality concerns

After anti-gay rant, Paladino says Cuomo not supportive enough of gays

420 Bills Passed by House Got No Senate Attention

May I draw on your experience and vision please? What language should I learn?

Viewing Recommendation

Steelworkers Applaud Obama Administration Acceptance of Trade Case

It's after 11am on a Sunday, and still no FOX on Cablevision, News Corp = greed

Lesbian couple ejected from mall meet with property managers

I guess it's official.

FAKE Saudi terror alert to help Sarkozy stop strikes!

B.Krystol: " By making this concession, Obama is saying NO

Trade Unionists Speak Out Against FBI Attacks on Civil Liberties

US autoworkers’ union protest rattles investors (taipei times)

In Houston, Diane Ravitch Challenges School Reformers Face to Face...

A new union movement starts Saturday, 10/16: NYC teachers organizing reform caucus on Chicago model

US hiker killed in rare attack by mountain goat: officials

In Houston, Diane Ravitch challenges school reformers face to face

Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown cling to narrow lead in lastest poll

Please remind all of your republican family and friends to vote..

France's fuel supply shut down in government austerity protests

Beware of Loan Modifications!

The DU Survey results?

The DU Survey results?

Did anyone else....

HuffPo now joining Yahoo in posting the worst

What sort of opinion do people have on Jerry Brown regarding women's issues?

So, how many will participate in the national temper tantrum being encouraged by the MSM?

Mercury News editorial: Vote Boxer for another term

Memo to the Obama Team: The Recent Rolling Stone Essay

If people who voted for Obama in 2008 are now voting republican in 2010, without a doubt those folks

Explaining about Walmart to my son

Immigrants Find Voting Can Come at a Cost

A serious question about DADT

Nevada Could End Up Being the Dumbest State in the Union!

Okay, I'm all done voting for the year.

Bill Maher Tells Joke After Joke About Brett Favre's Cock

Meghan McCain: Christine O'Donnell 'Seen as Nutjob'

We live in a country where people are free to think as they will...

Stimulating Hypocrisy: Scores of Recovery Act Opponents Sought Money Out of Public View

LA Times: For the elderly, poverty level doesn't cut it

McCain would filibuster on "Don't Ask"

2010: The year of politicking insanely

2010: The year of politicking insanely

Been a while for me, so Question: Are the polls right?

Republicans Struggle To Say How They Would Pay For Tax Cuts

Proof positive that many were underwater the minute they signed a mortgage/loan on their homes.

Liz Cheney criticizing Obama & Democrats for saying Chamber of Commerce...

Early Grades Become the New Front in Absenteeism Wars

Tax-Cut Decision Would Jumpstart U.S. Economy, Coons Says

Obama, first lady hit campaign trail together

The "Big Picture" doesn't matter to those

My crystal ball: The foreclosure crisis will make headlines on November 3rd

Homophobic study that says gay parents more likely to have gay children...

Bad picture, bad headline.... The "Librul Media" in full swing.

Great toon

The Real Heroes of the Chile Mine according to the Media

Democratic leaders support their more conservative members to retain control

After 9 years and Condit's fall, Levy trial begins

Anyone in NYC catch Bozell the Clown's Teabagger protest at the Times?

British National Health Service cuts 15,000 jobs. Conservatives strike again!

Tea Party in congress: tissue or pop corn?

Bobb's New Plan: Two Systems (Detroit and New Orleans school systems discussed)

Chimpanzees Go to War

Congress to retroactively legalize mortgage fraud?

Congress to retroactively legalize mortgage fraud?

If We Hold the Senate, We Still Lose It, 'Cause We Never Had It

Detroit Free Press: Halt-foreclosures group growing

If Harry Reid had offered up a sexist, arrogant, confrontational reply to Angle's MAN UP spew

If Harry Reid had offered up a sexist, arrogant, confrontational reply to Angle's MAN UP spew

Take a stupid ignorant Reagan deregulation republican to a movie -

Well exCUUUUUUse ME! Fiorina gets pissed off at Chris Wallace for asking a "political question."

What Happens When You Email Carl Paladino?

Wow. Germany has its own Teabaggers...

FL Teabagger candidate Allen West's ties to biker gang and drugs, arson, homicide, prostitution...

Top 400 Charities See Billions Less In Donations, Biggest Percentage Drop Ever Recorded

O'Malley (D) just two points ahead of Ehrlich (R). What the hell is going on in Maryland?!?

Fox Cancels The Future Of All Civilization

now that I have my BALLOT in hand - I am less unenthusiastic

Why is the South more conservative?

Brent Musburger called a game over...and guess wasn't over.

DARN, waited all day for something decent on tv, and NOW,

Meg Whitman's Personal Stimulus .... a Mark Fiore animated short

L.A. Sheriff: Pot Legalization ‘Not Going To Pass, Even If It Passes’

America 7.0

Hey Rocky! Watch Me Pull a Rabbit out of My Hat!

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama greet a small boy at Cleveland Airport - pics

There are no dumb questions,just dumb answers.

Meghan McCain Calls O'Donnell 'Nut Job'

Meghan McCain Calls O'Donnell 'Nut Job'

Will the Democrats get rid of the filibuster?

John McCain: I'd 'Absolutely' Filibuster 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

America's super rich step up the pressure on Obama

Dee Dee Myers versus Liz(ard) Cheney

Recognizing capabilities

What lesson did your generation or Dem sub-group learn the hard way?

please help me reply coherently to this editorial..."‘It’s all about the Benjamins’

The enthusiasm gap is the Democrats' fault, not ours

Oregon Trooper tickets 82 year old woman going 110 mph

Blowin' in the Wind

WikiLeaks' Biggest Document Dump Coming Monday

More Sexual Legal Trouble For Eddie Long; Woman Sues New Birth

To that guy from NJ with the gas guzzling SUV who questioned why I would vote for Chris Coons...

Holy crap, a Cat5 typhoon is heading right for the Philippines!

North and South divide in Electoral Votes -- just sayin'.

Response to :Are you willing to defend Democratic Party principles against Republican principles..?

Heard someone on the Bill Press show make

Opinion Polls: Getting the results you want

Russia's inflatable army...

Cheney secrecy continue

Who saw the 60 Minutes segment on homeless vets? Did anyone else get pissed?

Man to give $1,000 for each jobless worker hired

SF Examiner: Whitman’s money came "in enormous chunks from wealthy individuals near her power base"

Hiker killed by mountain goat in Olympic National Park

Where did the meme that Condi Rice is a "Reasonable Republican" come from?

New Hampshire Chamber Leaves U.S. Chamber, Says It Can’t Find ‘One Positive Thing To Say’

If you were no longer going to DU, what would you do?

Don't Ask Don't Tell has now been officially dead for four long days

Obama Targets Core Constituencies In Midterms Home Stretch (crowd of 35,000!!!!!!)

Stimulating Hypocrisy: Scores of Recovery Act Opponents Sought Money Out of Public View

Oil change reignites debate over GPS trackers

Wal-Mart mulling options after Canada union ruling

Why is Vermont Progressive?

Why is Vermont Progressive?

Teabagger vows to "re-educate" Americans

Teabagger vows to "re-educate" Americans

Joe Miller (R-AK) Up to His Eyeballs in Hypocritical Ethics Mess

Judge Phillips' order killing Don't Ask Don't Tell is a bird in the hand

Tree-sus: Man Sees Jesus Christ in Tree Branch

Say it loud, say it with me:

Newsweek: Tea Party evangelists claim the Constitution as their sacred text. Why that’s wrong.

Mother Jones: Can You Live Without Money For a Year?

I had my election observer training. So very important-pls do this if you can.

Some say the South trends conservative

Some say the South trends conservative

Now even Justin Beiber is being targeted by homophobic abuse.

Now even Justin Beiber is being targeted by homophobic abuse.

Thoughts from a Florida teacher and parent about the school reform.

Get ready for a big red blotch right in the middle of the country.

Chandra Levy Murder Trial Begins

Albino girl, 11, killed and beheaded in Swaziland ’for witchcraft’

Foreclosure mess shameful: Housing Secretary

Practicing For Theocracy - US Theocrats let their repressive destructive flag fly in other countries

FYI: Nick and I are safe and sound back home in SC!

WSJ article.."Why Liberals Don't Get The Tea Party Movement"...we are poorly educated, 'baggers

Does anyone know anyone who is unhappy at having gone from private insurance to Medicare?

Does anyone know anyone who is unhappy at having gone from private insurance to Medicare?

Couldn't people like Ann Coulter, Limbaugh, Beck, Buchanan, etc. be considered as TROLLS?

Merkel says German multi-cultural society has failed

How about this for a new rule:

Frantic search underway for missing 3-year-old boy "lost" by allegedly drunk father in Pasadena

Police chief who sent ‘shoot Obama’ email fired over vacation time

The “teach-the-Dems-a-lesson” strategy not only doesn’t work, it’s extremely dangerous.

Pics - What Enthusiasm Gap?

The List: 101 Examples of Why Republicans Should Not Be Allowed to Regain Control of Congress

from Bernie Sanders, Kidding Ourselves

from Bernie Sanders, Kidding Ourselves

from Bernie Sanders, Kidding Ourselves

from Bernie Sanders, Kidding Ourselves

Mad Teaparty (Group Photo) Please take a peek!!

Rand Paul refused to shake hands with Jack Conway

Secretary of Defense Gates says the military has to consider segregated barracks for gay soldiers!

Bilo on the view: Something that no one called out Bill for.

Did I miss the results of the DU 2010 Survey?

Fox Cancels The Future Of All Civilization

Minnesota Paper endorses Tarryl Clark over Bachmann

Me And Tom Barrett At Today's Packer Game:

Unlike other Canadians, he's not allowed to speak to the press (G-20)

I get a kick that one of DU's best and most entertaining writers is named Stinky the Clown.

RNC 8 case set to end with plea deal on October 19 (Terrorists from Republican National Convention )

Justin Bieber -- Homophobic Bullying Victim

Education: Follow the Money

NATO Official To CNN On WikiLeaks: "Not Been A Single Case Of Afghans Needing Protection Or Moved"

Koch Industries awaits Venezuela takeover

Secret FBI tracking ignites legal firestorm

Poll: Many 2008 Obama supporters defecting to GOP. This anger has reached the pt. of self-destruct,

Am I an asshole if I defriend people on facebook for supporting freeper politicians?

DADT will not be overturned in the lame duck session.

They want to take away my right to vote, Obamacare, and more

Don't Let Karl Rove Steal Another Election!

Reaping what you sow.

C-SPAN coverage of Debate for US Senate KY begins in 13 minutes



Don't forget: The 4th Ann. Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Republican Evil is this Halloween

If the 'publicans had their way, what would this country be like?

Did DUers hear that smack down at the Conway v Paul debate

Maureen Dowd on the Republican Mean Girls

Choking On Its Contrived Objectivity, The Media Refuses To Take A Stand On Sanity - HuffPo

Just read a really disgusting article about Palin.

Segregated Barracks

Joe Miller (R-AK) has reporter arrested or asking questions in 'public' building

Monsanto Now Owns Blackwater (Xe)

The Way We Forget

German Chancellor Merkel Says 'Be A Good German, Adopt Christian Values Or Leave'

LOL's for the week-end - pics

I love our president.

••• Back on YouTube - Rich Iott's (for Congress in Ohio) Nazi Recruitment Video - How to be a Nazi!

•••• GOP casts spell on country - to take over on Election Day, install nuts, Nazis & witches ••••

Big shit coming....


NASA: Carbon Dioxide Controls Earth's Temperature

There is no plan B on DADT and that is worrying

KIPP Schools are featured in Waiting for Superman: What is Wrong with their Success?

President Obama is Wrong, the Republicans are Right

If you thought Peak OIL was a problem, check out the dwindling "Rare Earth" supply.

Elementary student brings pot to school to turn in his parents

BP attorney suggests that the oil giant might seek to cap spill claims at $75 million

Blind mustang needs cataract surgery.

10 War Photographs That Changed the World Forever

The Big Enchilada (The real motive behind school "choice")

The Big Enchilada (The real motive behind school "choice")

The Big Enchilada (The real motive behind school "choice")

CNBC predicts Congress will retroactively legalize foreclosure fraud

Holy Crap !!! - Super Typhoon Megi Has Sustained Winds Of 180 & Gusts Of 220 MPH !!!

The Consequences of Allowing Gays to Serve Openly: Check out the reported incidents clock

Anthem Approved For Health Insurance Rate Hikes As High As 47 Percent

Traitors in the Supreme Court Erased Our Most Precious Security

Someone else "gets it" regarding teachers. Stop blaming them.

Any advice for dealing with Prom Queen banksters?

Pakistani victims of U.S. drone strikes speak out in a new report

It's time to talk honestly about collapse–no matter how others may respond

Special Ops/DIA Prison in Afghanistan Denies Red Cross Access to Detainees

Feds Confirm Mumbai Plotter Trained With Terrorists While Working for DEA

2.5 Million Protest in France

The Democrats and Obama are not perfect

The Democrats and Obama are not perfect

The Confederacy: America's Worst Idea

John Kerry fires at GOP Senate nominees

Clinton , Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom Campaign Pics

Thanks for giving the republicans their easiest campaign season ever (RANT)

Obama, first lady hit campaign trail together today

Lawyers Group With Close Ties To RNC Features Parade Of Vote Fraud Fearmongers

Bill Clinton IN THE HOUSE!!!! at UCLA campaigning for Brown and Newsome

DUers, any ideas as to why the Meek/Crist/Rubio debate is not anywhere online?

Flashback vid of a man with a spine: Just who is our opposition?

The Rage Won’t End on Election Day, By FRANK RICH

Biden: GOP on deficits is like an arsonist becoming fire marshal

If bumper stickers reflected the way people really think

The #1 priority for the Republicans is renewing the Bush taxcuts...

Axelrod on elections, tax cuts

Another BULLSHIT poll about Obama

If the Dems lose the House in '10, they'll regain it in '12.

The democrats SHRUNKED!!!! the deficit something the media and teaKKKbaggers not talking about

New Hampshire Chamber Leaves U.S. Chamber, Says It Can’t Find ‘One Positive Thing To Say’

Repubs: "Spending has really gotten out of control in the last two years".

Hey, Small Spender (Krugman analyzes Government spending Surge)

What we must learn!!

Buck (Teabagger-CO) says being gay is a "choice" (VIDEO), Conservative GJ DS endorses Bennet.

Can someone please direct me to ...

Asked If He Will Engage Shareholders Before Doling Out...Political Contributions, Murdoch Says ‘No’

WH House AGAIN Makes a Point of Saying "We will retain control of Congress."

WH House AGAIN Makes a Point of Saying "We will retain control of Congress."

NYT Magazine Article must read

Some early voting statistics from North Carolina, Iowa and Maine

this is the photo of Obama that my ISP (Cablevision) is showing on its home page . . .

Local Business Groups Seek Distance From US Chamber of Commerce

Pres. Obama / Dem rally in Ohio - Live stream :

President Obama's rally in Columbus (Live video link)

So none of the cable stations or C-SPAN carrying President Obama's rally in Columbus?

Good article on the African American vote this election

Obama may be on his own if he wants big changes

No Enthusiasm Gap - Yet

Obama Rocked the Joint Tonight @ Ohio State University

Regarding the Deficit Hawks, Democrats are driving me fucking crazy (PAYGO)

Stupid Democrats

I just saw Jonathan Alter on CSPAN2

White House estimates tonight's crowd was 35,000 - largest crowd for POTUS since Inauguration Day

Rand Paul acting like a classless asshole, refuses to shake Conway's hand after debate (AP)

Live streaming of Ohio rally has started:

The day the MSM declared full war on Barack Obama

Yeah.. To the best stump speech in this election cycle!!

Krugman Rebuts Right-Wing Charge of 'Surge' in Government Spending

Breaking: Democrats more willing to vote for their candidates than Republicans.

"WH officials may have fumbled when they picked the campus of Ohio State University..."

Video of President's Ohio Rally Speech

On campaign trail, President Obama urges against disillusionment (pics)

Cleveland TV news on Columbus rally -

Rand Paul Attacked Over Secret Society Connection, 'Aqua Buddha' Controversy In Conway Ad (VIDEO)

Awww, brace yourselves....

I Hope Jerry Brown Wins

Palin Takes Cheap Shot at Michelle Obama

Latinoaview: Vote Republican? Not Hardly

Did anyone catch Lizzy McCain on Face the Nation

Yet more evidence of "Dems in Disarray " --> NY-GOV POLL: Cuomo 59, Paladino 24.

So, Why Doesn't Linda McMahon Have her Husband or Kids in Her Ads?

We can be glad that Ken Buck is slow on his feet

We can be glad that Ken Buck is slow on his feet

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has a new site attacking regulations

Sitting out the elections? Think again

“The deal we understand was made between Obama & Sec. Gates was that it would be a 2 year process,”

"A prediction: The U.S. is due for a huge scandal involving big money, bribery and politicians."

"A prediction: The U.S. is due for a huge scandal involving big money, bribery and politicians."

NYT editorial: Stealth Money

Huge, huge, crowd in Ohio

From as early as the primary season in 08, the US media has had the knives out for Barack Obama-Why?

The media calls this Palin and Steel crowd huge while ignoring Obama's larger crowds

The Ohio State rally is on C-span NOW.

AIDS Activists In Boston Heckle An Angry President Obama

AIDS Activists In Boston Heckle An Angry President Obama

Who is going to fight for Medicare, Social Security, and the minimum wage?

Photos: "She's kinda cute isn't she?" (The Obama Presidency, Day 636)

Media still trying to cover for the Chamber of Commerce

Finally it's boiled down. The Tea Party is really a White Nationalist "Christian" Movement

Moving America Forward - Mr. & Mrs. Obama rally Ohio (photos)

Will there be a runoff in Florida

Through the Chamber of Commerce, India would like to thank you for your outsourced jobs.

Emoticon / Animated-gif Testing Thread

oh well.....YAWWWN

To anybody and EVERYBODY who's having a birthday on October 16th:

Barbara Billingsley still dead at 94

Some Sunday music - Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings-Odetta singing - I Put A Spell On You..

Any apt dwellers have somewhat annoying neighbors?

What (Duck who trucks!)

"Hurting people hurt people."

Question: What was your kid doing at 20 months old?

One night in Bangkok makes a hard man crumble

Halloween is coming...


Crowded by Infinity

Isn't "The Matrix" exactly the kind of movie The Matrix would make?

I Love My Hair

Sunday. Rainy. Kids off. I am listening to Belle and Sebastian.

Anyone here ever use a cobbler?

Guy with funny hair cut collects vcrs.

VIKES WIN! Cowbabies go DOWN!

Wait a Minute....

Has anyone here lived in Panama? The Cat in the Hat thread reminded

Note To Teachers of Writing Everywhere

How much baggage do you put up with..

Canonsburg, PA. Need help identifying

Oh.. SNAP!

Landlord says I have one dog too many

The weekend consists of...

One of our horse babies died Saturday morning

Really, how magnificent was "That Other BOLEYN Girl" thing

Really, how magnificent was "That Other BOLEYN Girl" thing

American or Canadian? Conrad Bain

Anyone seen Robin Hood? He owes me 50 bucks.

"at one time it was forbidden to mention chickens in the lounge "

Saw the new Woody Allen movie today: "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger"

The spelling crowd got a hold of me tonight in GD

Cat in the Hat has howler monkies howling.

Boy called Justin Bieber "faggot" Bieber pushes him away.

Football players raise car over injured teammate

Monday's kitteh

Hey, you dang woodchucks...

Anybody watching Desperate Housewives??

Oregon Ducks number 1

What kind of lameass poltergeist tosses around potpourri?

found a DVD set of The Thing, They Live, Village of the Damned, and Prince of Darkness for 14 bucks!

I need to make a business decision.

What are your go-to links for when you're bored, and want to kill some time on-line?

San Diego!

The Hobbit to start filming next year, Peter Jackson to direct

Hell is Other People, or Why We Talk

My 50 cent piece of happiness

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Aww-Toberfest 2010 Edition

WTF was the latest South Park about?

Anyone seen Robin Hood? I need to thank him for that $50 he gave me.

"60 Minutes" shows San Francisco's Market Street, in 1906.

Did you know the Post Office has "adopt a shelter pet" stamps?

Study: Women Always Answer Their Phones Unless They're Having Great Sex With Someone Else

Do your cats ever give themselves "big tail"?

Let's play a game: Fun with Wikipedia

What if famous people had Jewish mothers?

Helping someone move sucks! Moving sucks in general.

On "mocktails". (A contest of sorts)

The White Stripes

10 Most Famous Failed Predictions of all Time

Mike Wallace Ayn Rand interview

If you could show someone only one "Monty Python" episode....

Cowboys lose again...Dallas fans feel the pull as suckage continues...

Cowboys lose again...Dallas fans feel the pull as suckage continues...

Post an iconic photograph.

So I saw a murder scene while coming back from the grocery store.

Love at first sight.

Let's start an herbal tea party!

Big Donors Help Republican Governors’ Group

Berlusconi 'vendetta' takes Italy's Paxman off air again

Japan death penalty case for alleged killer a first

COLOMBIA: Groups rally to free imprisoned professor

Hermann Scheer (1944-2010): German Lawmaker, Leading Advocate for Solar Energy ... in One of His Fin

Japan, once dynamic, is disheartened by decline

Sunnis in Iraq Allied With U.S. Quitting to Rejoin Rebels

US budget deficit falls to $1.3tr

Iran releases American held for 2 years in Tehran

Axelrod continues Democrats' offensive on Chamber donations

U.S. Had Warnings About Plotter of Mumbai Attack

Hilton workers in Chicago start 3-day strike

Oil change reignites debate over GPS trackers

Meghan McCain Calls O'Donnell 'Nut Job'

U.S. Trying to Assess Foreclosure Crisis Scope: FDIC

Fraud May Void a Quarter of Afghan Votes, Officials Say

PACs linked to foreign companies legally donate millions to U.S. campaigns

Kabul backs off private contractor ban

Associate of disgraced lobbyist Abramoff back on trial

Hawker Beechcraft machinists vote against contract (a 10 percent pay cut and other concessions)

Ahmadinejad: Iran ready for talks, won't yield nuclear rights

French Fos-Lavera strike blocks 61 ships

Outside political money floods into Colorado races

Iran brokers behind-the-scenes deal for pro-Tehran government in Iraq

Nun whose order fought abuse becomes saint

Facebook in Privacy Breach Top-Ranked Applications Transmit Personal IDs...

GOP tries to seize opportunity with Stupak gone

'Racist' UK policies blamed for deaths of 77 asylum seekers and migrants

After 9 years and Condit's fall, Levy trial begins

France faces further disruption after weekend protests

Microsoft Moves to Help Nonprofits Avoid Piracy-Linked Crackdowns

Gates: No sensitive info in Wikileaks Afghan papers

Foreclosure problems "shameful": Housing Secretary

Poll: Many Obama 2008 supporters defecting to GOP

Miller (R-AK) security guards handcuff editor

CIA paid Liverpool buyout tycoon use his jet for 'torture' flights

Colorado Senate Debate: Ken Buck Compares Being Gay To Alcoholism

Colorado Senate Debate: Ken Buck Compares Being Gay To Alcoholism

Hudson breaking from U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Alex Gibney's "The Human Behavior Experiments" part 1 of 6

Investigative Reporter: Chavez/Venezuela not the enemy

Jamie Kilsteins ANTI-WAR Rant

Anti-War Protest at Obama Rally-Boston 10-16-10.

Learn how renegades shaped the nation from the gutters up -- from Thaddeus Russell

It Get's Better

Mom Raps About Foreclosure


Buck Compares Being Gay to Alcoholism

Local official: We're finding oil on seafloor, but no one will help clean it up

Rick Perry - "Money On My Mansion"

Carly Fiorina Exposed for Having No Plan to Cut Spending on Fox News Sunday

Jamie Oliver - Nugget experiment epic failure

Gary Bauer won't reveal donors of his Israel ads

Palin Takes Cheap Shot at First Lady Michelle Obama

Carly Fiorina FLUMMOXED On Spending CUTS

Money Can't Buy My Vote

Norman City Council Chamber: Gay, Lesbian Motion (Teen committed suicide after this meeting)

Money Can't Buy My Vote

Rep. Matthew Hill: Wanting Ballot Access for Neo-Nazi and Communist Political Parties

Rhymes with Orange: A Word for the Dems

Obama: Republicans Counting on Voter Amnesia

Rand Paul's new religious Christian ad

Obama: We want less Gordon Brown and more James Brown

Boondoggle in the Motor City: Detroit's Train to Nowhere

Bill Maher - Education (5:09)

Kark Rove's Brain - Exclusive

Foreign Special Interest Groups back Sean Duffy for Congress

Joel Burns tells Gay Teens The 'IGB' Testimony of all 'It Gets Better' Testimonies

Jesse Ventura "I Think Religion Is The Root Of ALL Evil!"

BP stops cleaning : what Pensacola Beach looks like 10/17 !!!

POLICE BRUTALITY - Louisiana Cop Taunts & Tortures Man To Death

One More Vote: My Day of Registering Latino Voters

Leafing Through The Past - Part Funf

AP: Obama is losing it all for Dems

Roger Ebert's Journal - What do you mean by a miracle?

Special report: Flipping, flopping and booming mortgage fraud

Taking Advantage of Chile's Moment in the Sun to Commemorate Letelier and Moffitt

How propaganda is disseminated: WikiLeaks Edition

Traitors in the Supreme Court Erased Our Most Precious Security

Shock and awe finances

Merkel's own goal

Barry Ritholtz hands Greg Mankiw the latter's ass.

Global Systemic Crisis: LEAP/E2020’s analysis of 39 countries’ risks 2010-2014

Japan, once dynamic, is disheartened by decline

BOOKS: Empire for Liberty. By Richard H. Immerman (Jim Miles)

Education of a President -LONG NY Times magazine article (surely will be all the talk tomorrow)

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Don't make the teachers scapegoats


America’s Holy Writ: How Tea Partiers get the Constitution wrong

Mortgage foreclosure uproar sweeps up Northeast Ohioans

Dean: Tea Partiers a Lot Like My Supporters

Enthusiasm in, Gap out!

Texas architects/developers setting the bar high for sustainable urban revitalization projects.

The impact one person can have on the planet

Another right wing German ijit...

NOAA Establishes Supercomputing Center in West Virginia

Wind turbines wrong colour for wildlife

Giants 4, Phillies 3

Rangers 7, Yankees 2

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it is Number One...

Praise Grilled Cheesus!

Does this begin the Coach Cremepuff Countdown?

Boomer Sooners???????

St. Tebow of Denver scores his first NFL touchdown. Against the Jetskis!!

Oh, those Phillies fans...

First BCS rankings .....

Jerry Jones won't fire coach midseason

You want to bitch about bad football refereeing, go to a High School football game

Aaron Rodgers is one big ass crybaby...

Brent Musburger called a game over...and guess wasn't over.

COLOMBIA: Groups rally to free imprisoned professor

UN: Detention of Venezuelan judge violates three agreements on human rights

Russia to help Venezuela build nuclear power station

Brazilian scientists turning nation into an agro-power

Cuba, Panama assess bilateral agenda

Taking Advantage of Chile's Moment in the Sun to Commemorate Letelier and Moffitt

Bolivia to start Lithium production in October

Ex-Official of Colombia’s DAS Implicates Uribe in Wiretap Scandal

Brazil's Green Party to remain neutral in run-off vote

Koch Industries awaits Venezuela takeover

Ninety dollar fine and ten dollar court costs enough to lose vet his second amendment rights say FBI

Man robbed outside gun store

Ed Peruta v. County of San Diego

Whoops, they did it again. ( I must be shopping at the wrong gun shops)

NM man cleaning gun accidentally shoots mom, son

A Little Fun- Music Video-Mozart: Birthday - Nederlands Dans Theater celebrates Jiri Kylian

Toon: "What Do We Want?"

The Raleigh, rally, in response to the Cameron Village mall banning kissing lesbians

Joel Burns Says Conservative Councilor Moved By 'It Gets Better' Speech

Does anyone have any stats on this?

Another Video... Chase - Hard Candy

The Elders visit Gaza; call for lifting of blockade

Five myths about Middle East peace

Documentary Probes Death of a Peace Activist

Non-Touristy shots for you guys ----Reflections in Las Vegas glass structures

For Celebration especially: Photos of Mirrors in Vegas

Water Falling Over Things 2010: Part IV (Introducing...)

The Mountain in autumn...

Additional shots of the peeps...b/ to choose?

Don't click if you think I'm hogging - there are a few more coming - These are B/W Casino shots

For Mira and other fans of the red-headed grandson.

rode (on bike) back to TR Island Park today

Close to done now, here are a few more about ways people find to make money

Sleeping Beauty

I am thinking of buying the Sony Nex3. Any experience

The next few nights are the best time to see Comet Hartley

Prague Astronomical Clock - 600th Anniversary Show

A puzzling logic puzzle.

Questions About Antidepressants are Growing

What do they mean by the 'graininess' of space-time? It's referred to in

Why I don't believe in gods.

The New Prophets: "We Can Do The Same or Greater Things Than Jesus"

Today in Labor History Oct 17 Warren Billings released from Prison, "Salt of the Earth" strike began

AFL-CIO Officers Hit The Road As Labor's Get Out The Vote Efforts Hit The Home Stretch

European Workers Sick Of Attacks On Their Pensions And Economic Security Are Taking It To The Street

The Pension Pinch: Public-Sector Unions Grapple With Rhetoric and Rollbacks

Trade Issues Are Central In Campaigns Nationwide - 69% Of Americans Know 'Free Trade' Has Cost Jobs

Minneapolis AFL-CIO Endorses Jimmy John's Workers Union (Rally Planned for Monday 10-18-2010)

Union Activists Counter Unprecedented Election Cash from Corporations, Front Groups

Black Chicago Teachers Win Discrimination Lawsuit Against Arne Duncan's Mass Firings

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Can we discuss restoring my sigline privilege?

Beautiful music about Family.

Starting up a venture... non-profit? i think maybe....

I am so embarrassed but must

Gratuitous kitty post

Children and Healing

Can we talk about that ugly four letter word?