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Robin Carnahan Wins First U.S. Senate Debate

Newsweek: Six Things O'Donnell Could Do After the Election

Please delete. dupe ..... sorry.

When Lawrence O'Donell Show first started I wasn't sure I'd like it.

It's Americas turn to say "NO!" to the GOP.

Tom Donohue, president of US Chamber of Money Laundering, claims Dems' attacks "won't work"

CNN report: US Army trying to limit bad publicity over rogue soldiers

Blunt denies comments on Medicare, Carnahan posts the videos

GOP Old Blends resisting New Trends....the old HATE DIVIDE & DOMINATE not working so well

And this, from the Left Coast Sports Babe

Do you believe in aliens?

when was the last time the Defense Department defended us?


email from Reid us DU

Can you think of a better reason to vote for Joe Sestak?

Protests and Speeches Mark Berkeley's "Say No to Torture" Week

"Three dollars (US, Canadian, Australian), one value"

Kudos to the Much Maligned United Nations - Rinderpest eradicated

I just went insane!

Wolfowitz Directive Gave Legal Cover to Detainee Experimentation Program

Thank You Northrop Grumman For That $1.4 Billion Dollar USS San Antonio

Thank You Northrop Grumman For That $1.4 Billion Dollar USS San Antonio

Tony Blair in running for bad sex award

Sen. Fritz Hollings: Money Is a Cancer in Politics

Brigade linked to Afghan civilian deaths had aggressive, divergent war strategy

Why Can't The United States Put Allegations of Secret US Detention Centers Behind Us?

To the teachers/professional pedagogics people here, a question:

Grieving family wants answers in Army slaying

Grieving family wants answers in Army slaying

Personally, I Don't Think Commitment to Principle Is Such a Bad Thing. Ain't That Western Civ?

2K Games is giving $250,000 to charity, and it's asking users how they want to divvy it up.

More weapons cuts, reductions expected

New report paints gloomy picture on Afghan safety

Angle touts Arpaio, blasts Reid/Obama on immigration

Spitzer says the due diligence docs in the MBS fiasco could be the holy grail

America Must Reform Its Economy

Please help me out on some math:

Why It's So Hard to Slash the Bloated Pentagon Budgets

Hillary Clinton says US worried over UK defence budget

Karzai's brother might be indicted for evading U.S. taxes

West Virginia Senate Special Election, Marshall Univ/Orion Strategies, Manchin 48 - Raese 38, +10


New Roy Blunt, Old Roy Blunt

Is there some central coaching center for Teabagger candidates?

Florida GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott was sued for insider trading

Who won the post debate media "spin" Harry or Scary?

m$nbc election results:Tea Party set to win enough races for wide influence

The Mis-Informant! (With Jack Black as Nathan Spewman)

According to bloomberg the gop is pulling money out of the Florida race because they believe that

Glenn Beck Pimps Chamber Of Commerce – Screws Tea Party

Entrepreneur gets a stern lecture from Cal State

Entrepreneur gets a stern lecture from Cal State

The Tea Party has caused me to re-examine my own beliefs.....

A mother-daughter fortune-telling team charged with bilking victims out of $107K in 'cursed' cash

ADL slams Paladino over 'appeals to prejudice and bigotry'

Chevrolet Volt info

Palin back to peddle book and spread her message ...... whatever it is.

Massive WikiLeaks Document Dump Coming - Superbombs & Secret Jails: -By Spencer Ackerman

For a DREAMy, Wartime, National Service Draft

Federal Law GRANTS Health Benefits To PETS But NOT SAME-SEX Partners

god a bigot? (mr. fish)

"We must stop pandering to the pornographers and the perverts". Please exit stage right then Carl.

Deleted (Duplicated In Error) front page:Angle tells Reid: 'Man up!'

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

Forbes: Hey, Secret Big Political Donor, Don’t Forget The 35% Gift Tax

California NOW Chief Says Whitman Still a 'Whore' ("Yes, that's an accurate statement")

ADL welcomes ruling against U.S. military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy

Norman Solomon: Progressive Canaries in a Political Mine

Prop 23 Campaigners ‘Very Thankful’ For Out-Of-State Oil Companies’ Funding

Wisconsin - Russ to speak in Fond du Lac on Tuesday

Churlish Captain Capitalism Saves Miners

Kiss me, I voted today.

I voted this morning on my way home from work.

for a change I'm giving Egypt some props

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace; by ret.FBI Coleen Rowley and Susu. FBI

FCC approves changes to CableCARD rules

West Virginia Senate back in Blue ... For Now

Carly Fiorina's troubling telecom past

Defending Foreign-Funded Chamber, Rand Paul Says It’s ‘More Popular Than Any Politician

Tea Party last night and look who the

Tea Party last night and look who the

Can someone explain the arguments both for and against Charter Schools?

Army Fields $277,000 XM-25 Individual Airburst Weapon Systems

If/When pot is legalized should there be an age requirement like alcohol?

Arnold Schwarzenegger tweets on Meg Whitman: 'It's appalling when anyone sells out'

Fla. pastor wins car for canceling Quran burning

Focus, damn it !!!

Soldier: I was ordered to delete Ft. Hood video

FL Pastor Gets Car For Not Burning the Quran

Framingham, Mass. man facing charges for tossing toilet paper roll

Miss seeing Ted Stevens? You're in luck...

I've eliminated high fructose corn syrup from my life the last several days.

Fiji 'loses' document confirming its independence from Britain

What effect will the absense of ACORN have on this election cycle?

What effect will the absense of ACORN have on this election cycle?

Toles Rant- Muddle America

Toles Rant- Muddle America

Michele Bachmann backs out of Chamber sponsored event

2005: Justice Department Refuses to Defend Congress in Legal Battle Over Law

Welfare recipients pay banks millions in fees (CA)

I have a big 'What if' scenario with the DoJ and DADT

17 NATO deaths in past 3 days in Afghanistan


Where Are The Jobs Going? - written in 2003

Immigration Activists Glad Gutiérrez Won’t Run for Mayor in Chicago

Glenn Beck urges listeners to send money to the US Chamber of Commerce!

Lies are not enough!!! . . . Please come CAPTION the fairly unbalanced O'Reilly!!!

San Gabriel mayor arrested for taking woman's purse, driving away with her hanging onto vehicle

Quadriplegic teen gets free healthcare, room and board, cable TV and education for life

It's About Jobs, Stupid !

The Concord Monitor Obtains the Dumbest Libertarian Quote Ever

Delete please.

My dad made me laugh today

I saw this on Facebook today...

LOL! You just know she thought this!

On religion and evolution

New Jersey Guts New Privatized Toxic Clean-up Rules — “Safety Cushion” Extended to Polluters

When will the MSM stop pretending and say "Vote R"?

Sniffing around for the VP spot? "Fiorina says Sarah Palin is qualified to be president"

So, Bernanke wants inflation to rise? Give me a break.

So, Bernanke wants inflation to rise? Give me a break.

Simple Reason Why the Main Stream Media Hates Progressives and Democrats

What Cuomo Wants

What happens to a Federal Law when a Federal Court declares it Unconstitutional?

I keep telling myself, "They don't know what the hell they are talking about".

Facebook works to remove anti-gay hate speech

Woodcarver's shooting by SPD (Seattle) officer ruled not justified in preliminary finding

Author Needed

Oprah Winfrey sending 'Daily Show' audience to DC

It puts a smile on my face to say "welcome home" to our troops

The Chamber Claims Have Been Debunked?

Not even Machiavelli himself could have dreamed up the Tea Party

If the Right wing wins in November, America deserves what it gets

natrixgli kicks butt... again

Gen. Shelton: Clinton Official Suggested Letting U.S. Plane Be Shot Down To Provoke War With Iraq

Gen. Shelton: Clinton Official Suggested Letting U.S. Plane Be Shot Down To Provoke War With Iraq

Day 4: Finally internet access!

"Shut the hell up!!!!" . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!

Holy Shit! Seventeen Nato Soldiers Dead In The Last Three Days In The 'Stan

Sarah Palin's Alaska Trailer: This is Flippin Fun!

"Kids will be kids."

Today's WA poll: Murray up by 8

Assuming we keep both houses of Congress, who would you like to see in leadership?

They're lying to you, you know.

Avalanche from Chris VanHollen

Dem Rep says if banks are forced to take back crappy loans and it blows hole in their balance sheets

. . . . Female foeticide is on the rise as rogue clinics thrive

Mitt Romney's Mischievous Plot To Conquer the Times' Bestseller List

Is it scarying everyone else?

Meet the Elite (Who could care less about you)

Meet the Elite (Who could care less about you)

Florida pastor gets a new car for NOT burning the Quran...

DOJ Declines To Appeal Ruling Allowing Christianists To Proselytize In Parks

DOJ Declines To Appeal Ruling Allowing Christianists To Proselytize In Parks

Candidate for Texas SBoE: If a school board says that dinosaur and man coexisted, it should teach it

Social Security benefit freeze for second year in a row - reason, low INFLATION?

Dallas restaurant turned away WWII vets and POW...not wearing "business casual"

Dallas restaurant turned away WWII vets and POW...not wearing "business casual"

WikiLeaks, The Sequel: Impending Iraq War Leaks Will Be Five Times As Big As Ones On Afghanistan

WikiLeaks, The Sequel: Impending Iraq War Leaks Will Be Five Times As Big As Ones On Afghanistan

5 times we almost nuked ourselves by accident

California NOW Chief: Brown was right, Whitman IS a whore.

Can you help a Dem Brother out?

I get sick of hearing these Rethugs ads blaming

Predictions for November 2nd:

FDA Goes After Popular Alternative Treatments for Autism and Alzheimer's (Chelation)

Denver Post describes Buck to perfection:

Co-Pay Free Birth Control

Senator Dorgan and the BULLSHIT on Ed Schultz show today.

U.S. takes the prize for most infected PCs

What happened to ??

Will you be dressed in costume at the Rally to Restore Sanity?

WTF: Federal law permits adding a pet to one’s health plan, but not a same-sex partner

WTF: Federal law permits adding a pet to one’s health plan, but not a same-sex partner

Vitter And Angle Ads Featuring Race-Baiting Image Removed From YouTube, Photographer

Palin, Brewer, Angle, et al, support policies that are clearly anti-woman. So, let's imagine ...

I am having a difficult time understanding the foreclosure crisis

I was 'push-polled' last night...

Do Debates Matter? I Say No, But Let's Ask Harry Reid in a Week

Chris we did

Who's Zoomin' Who?

Tarryl Clark raises $1.8 million since July

Tarryl Clark raises $1.8 million since July

If you could go back in time or bring the Founding Fathers to present day

Carly Fiorina's TROUBLING Telecom Past

Progressive Canaries

We've found some Republicans President Obama is willing to fight. Log Cabin Republicans

Transgender woman's death ruled homicide.

Delta adding back 1,000 flight attendants

want to read the most convoluted, back handed endorsement ever?

Message going into 11/2: BEAT THE TEA PARTY.

State Official Orders Insurance Company To Sell Insurance To Children

Mark Ames on Ratigan - Billionaire Kochs and the Teaparty

Some of us yelled

Religious fundies want to impose standards they themselves don't meet.

OMG - Rubio and Rudy Noun-Verb-9/11

Gay Councilman's Plea to Bullied Teens Goes Viral

Gay Councilman's Plea to Bullied Teens Goes Viral

GOP candidate tries to explain he wasn’t wearing a NAZI uniform, he was wearing an SS uniform

New acronym: LSIVBSMIP.

As Suburban Poverty Grows, U.S. Fails to Respond Adequately

Statue of Liberty hit by lightning - incredible picture captures the moment

IL State: Muslim family wronged at aquatic center in Lyons-Denied Entry b/c Dress

Soldier says ordered to delete Fort Hood video

Mass. man faces charges for toilet paper assault

"Man up, Harry Reid," .... I hate that it came from Angle but man is it spot on...

The Republican Pledge I'D like to read

A new low for the Chamber of Commerce. They run an ad with a Democratic candidates home phone #

The Teapublican women attacking Dems manhood are only proving they are pond scum

Time for another The Last 24hrs of Police Misconduct from the InjusticeNews Twitter feed

Tides: Fox News Advertisers Will Have Blood On Their Hands

Tweety has a Nevada reporter on debunking Angles lies. nt

Do you support the transformation of the United States into a social democracy?

I Think It's Terrible That Sharron Angle Wants Harry Reid To Have An Erection........

liberal m$nbc reporter mike viqueira just made me roll back the dvr when he said it

Remember the movie "Pleasantville"?

Tides Foundation CEO To Fox News Advertisers: Drop Glenn Beck Or Have Blood On Your Hands

The Need for Social Services in pre-Conquista Peru

Despite Image, Union Leader Backs School Change

How do you feel about Joe Lieberman?

The shiftless paperpusher fattened on your tax dollars doesn’t really exist

Injustice for All? US Justice System Failing

So I am listening to Liberal talk radio and everyone can tell me what the right is doing that is

Raese's Wife Loses W.Va. Voter Status

Murdoch says it's "not true" that Beck lost hundreds of advertisers, "maybe four or five"

ReTHUG glee over Campaign Ad Money - they are

Prisoner Abuse at Secret Afghanistan Prison

Carly Fiorina's Stint At Lucent Reveals Troubling Corporate Record

The name on the mailbox is Z. There's a gravel drive leading

Delicious irony! Fox News inadvertently features gay band on homophobe’s show

I put my woman pants on today and completed

Where is the money behind Ray Griggs coming from

Obama team sounds utterly naive about Republican tactics and intentions in NYT mag article

So How Rich Has Politics Made Looney-tunes Angler....

Rubio and Florida

Holder vows to enforce pot laws in California if voters legalize marijuana

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!!!! Heartland Heartache edition

Senate Polling Dump - 10/15

Keep The Senate!--FOCUS ON "THE FIVE"!!

Parents' Banner Praises 'Super-Teachers'...

Damn cowards! Damn cowards!



Clinton aide's idea: Let Iraq shoot down U.S. plane

Black is 5 letters - LGBTIQ is 6.

Truth and Bullshit

I just got a personal note from Vice-President Biden.

Public option effort could be revived if Democrats keep majorities, Clyburn says

Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive Sign Ideas

The inimitable Gawker nails Joementum as the most ANNOYING rat bastard

The inimitable Gawker nails Joementum as the most ANNOYING rat bastard

Bachmann Wants to Restore America to 13 states.

Bachmann Wants to Restore America to 13 states.

"Vote for Harry, not Scary!"

Virginia Foxx (R-NC) screws up big time during debate

New sport called pickleball makes too much noise

Anybody know boo about the national council for media reform???? Links

AUDIO: Murdoch says News Corp. donations were in interest of "shareholders and the country"

Reform of Toxic Chemicals Law Collapses as Industry Flexes Its Muscles

Date change - Russ Feingold to speak in Fond du Lac Wednesday at Noon

I've seen a lot of posts about attempts at intimidation.............

Gingrich Appears to Be Ramping Up For 2012 Run

Why the U.S. Has Launched a New Financial World War

You're gonna like the way you look... on weed!

No Rachel tonight?

The Wall Street Journal is wrong it wasn't capitalism that saved the miners, their families did.

Army finds simple blood test to identify mild brain trauma

Ireland's homeless horses face mass cull

Dems rake in more cash than republicans

Redford man accused of leading moms to assault their kids

US Chamber of Commerce to air $1.25 million in anti-Barbara Boxer ads next week

The Small Business Case for Ending Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

GWTFBBQ Bu$h @ the 7th inning stretch !!!!

I hate to tell you this...

I think the HBO website has crashed. I tried to get onto the

"NO body knows who owns your home or business"

Ron Johnson caught naked.

ExxonMobil Awards Contract to Halliburton for West Qurna (Phase 1) Field in Southern Iraq

Watching Univision

Do you know who Frank Luntz is?

Personally, as a Democratic voter, I want concrete plans for what Dems will do

The uses of hemp are an excellent reason to legalize pot

Those who go down to the sea in ships....

The Nation: Upton Sinclair's EPIC Campaign

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! & here's a new stalking kitty gif

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! & here's a new stalking kitty gif

Horsey Toon: I'm Deeply Offended...

Eugene Robinson: Looney-tunes, and that's not up for debate

"Carl Paladino is in hot water AGAIN after e-mailing friends pornographic images"

Markos is a horrible spokesman for the progressive movement

'Mooning Mom' shocks school children

John Pilger: 50 People Who Matter 2010 | 23. Julian Assange

Could Holders stupid ass comment get some GOP votes for Proposition 19??

Holder: US will enforce marijuana laws despite how Californians may vote

Open letter from China's Communist elders regarding free speech

The Advocate: How Obama Got It Wrong

At risk of starting a fiery inferno of flickering flames: GLBTQI - can this get any longer?

Ron Johnson: Another "self-made" Republican

I had the thought this morning that only republicans can save us.

An Australian media mogul said that he's funding Republicans

Why if Republican's win big this November, the Democrats win big too.

Anyone know anything more about candidates running for Central AZ Water Conservation District than

Someone Inform the Media Sarah Palin is Not Popular

Eric Holder To Prosecute Distribution, Possession If Prop. 19 Passes

Brian Kilmeade (FoxNews, of course): "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but ...

Will there ever be a day when I can choose the cable channels I want?

"President Palin"??!?!?!?

Cops are big fat fucking liars

Boehner laments the loss of the America he grew up in......

Who Saved The Miners?

Holder and legalized marijuana

How You Can Make A Difference In U.S. Political Campaigns

How You Can Make A Difference In U.S. Political Campaigns

I'm not a single issue voter, and every political fight I've cared about

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation Donates Again To The Republican Governors Association: $250,000

Guess What? AK IS IN PLAY!

National Grouch Day????

More than 85,000 apply for several hundred Delta flight attendant jobs

More than 85,000 apply for several hundred Delta flight attendant jobs

DNC Member Jon Ausman Wants Former Gov. Bob Graham to Broker Crist-Meek Dropout Deal

Could you ever get elected to office...

Do you support the drug war?

What will the coming tax increase cost you?

Teh Crazy

Teh Crazy

A Public School Teacher’s Manifesto

my LTTE on larium printed today

One Nation, Under Fraud (The Foreclosure Mess Will Affect You, No Matter What)

The Single Truest Political Rant Ever to Appear on Morning Television

G20 protester barred from speaking to press as condition of bail

MSM increasing Democrat bashing as election nears?

Friday Night Funny: Fox News "Ice-Off"!

Stephen "capitalism is more important than democracy" Moore is a f**king moron.....

Democrats "unabashedly using racial-solidarity politics to animate voters"

A Rape in Colorado

Job #1: Keeping the God damned Republicans from returning to power.

"Where's the Note" website sends a legal demand to your bank (by SEIU)

Is it me or do the FAUX & Friends hosts look like the cast of The Drew Carey Show?

Eliot Spitzer on CNN: Stand up to Wall Street President Obama or we're done

Eliot Spitzer on CNN: Stand up to Wall Street President Obama or we're done

Another bankster gets off easy

Yale fraternity pledges pro-rape chant video goes viral: "No means yes, yes means anal!'

CNN National Security Producer Joins Neocon Think Tank’s ‘Future Leaders’ Program

Democrats FUND OWN House Defectors While IGNORING Loyalists

Report: Sidney Town Board Meeting

Maddow/O'Donnel Gone - What the Fuck!

Big Ed just said McAdams is WITHIN 3 POINTS of Miller

Where Are The Damn Jobs?

In Lieu of Attorney General Eric Holder's Statement on California Prop. 19

What percentage of the US population smokes grass?

Stop whining about the goddamned acronym.

Tides Foundation CEO To Fox News Advertisers: Drop Glenn Beck Or Have Blood On Your Hands

Is the Pro-Life Movement a Health Care Racket?

Jack Black and America Ferrera Mock Those Opposed to ObamaCare in New Ad

My home is in foreclosure and something weird happened yesterday.

What can Obama do without 60 votes in the Senate, you ask?

Lieberman could be kingmaker if next Senate is divided 50-50

Eric Holder: Feds Will Crack Down On Marijuana If Prop. 19 Passes

So... Levi Johnston will be on Bill Maher next week.


Any idea what places sell those inception spinning tops?

The owner of the company I work for told us today that if Prop 19 passes, we're all getting tested

How To Fix Congress

Why won't Congress admit NCLB failed?

Yankee Fans' Organized Anti-Gay Chants. With video.

It's over Sarkozy - if you use force you make it worse

Tides Foundation CEO To Fox News Advertisers: Drop Glenn Beck Or Have Blood On Your Hands

Welfare recipients pay banks millions in fees

This Friday Afternoon’s Challenge category: Martyred Women!

Another way to think about ending DADT.

Print more money? What am I missing?

U.S. JOBLESS Claims Unexpectedly RISE

We are all Greeks !

LGBTQI DUrs? Does being bi but married make you less part of the community?

LGBTQI DUrs? Does being bi but married make you less part of the community?

Bill O’Reilly On Joy Behar: ‘She Was Yapping, So I Had To Get Her Attention’

7 year old who was mocked on facebook gets limo & police escort to mega shopping spree

Hand Counted Paper Ballots Now! nt

Obama's half brother in Kenya says he married teen

Have you heard of Christophobia

Today My Wife and I Have Lived 1/2 Our Lives Together


RE: School Assault – PLEASE STOP putting the responsibility on the victims to defend themselves.

50 senators and representatives calling for major defense cuts

I just want to fucking scream...

It makes sense now: Dump Public Schools...

It makes sense now: Dump Public Schools...

It makes sense now: Dump Public Schools...

Maybe I'm clueless, but isn't Eric Holder just DOING HIS JOB?

In conjunction with legalizing marijuana, would you support drug-testing of certain professionals?

Obama administration blasts California's pot legalization measure. Might sue to overturn Prop 19.

Fancy that... DOJ DECLINES TO APPEAL RULING allowing religious proselytizing in National Parks

Alan Grayson to Law Enforcement Officials: 'It's time for handcuffs for greedy Bankers!'

Should the robber barons be doing hard time?

Who else thinks "Obamacare" is a perjorative term?

Airport Security Gone Wild!

Foreclosure Fraud: How MERS blurred the ownership of homes

Governor Crist draws blood at US Senate debate in Tampa.

About a Blue Dog..from for thought..

Banksters Lash Out as Wall Street Comes to Realization About Their Real Estate Fraud Exposure

Bill Maher turns Brett Favre's John Thomas into a larger social commentary

The United States of America 1776-2006: A hypothesis I hope you can disprove

I've largely stayed out of the Obama flame wars here. Prop 19 may change that.

Right Winger Vs Me

Richard Charnin: Proof that Obama Won by Much More than 9.5 Million Recorded Votes

What's going on in France, picture thread

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Sestak Just Locked PA, Bank On It!

The Sorry State of U.S. Health Care "Reform"

Prop. 19: Former Police Chief Strikes Back At U.S. Attorney General

Three Things Every American Should Know About Corporate McPravda

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

NPR Poll Offers Sliver Of Hope For Democrats

Mc Adams only 6 points behind in one poll, 7 in another.

Mitch Daniels screwed himself badly last night

Why doesn't Russ Feingold ask Bill Clinton to help him and Campaign with Him ?

Why doesn't Russ Feingold ask Bill Clinton to help him and Campaign with Him ?

Rachel Maddow nails the Chamber of Commerce on outsourcing jobs

CT-GOV POLL: Malloy 49 (+4), Foley 42 (-)

Either Michael Steele is lying or clueless: refers to "Karl's group" as a 527

Vermont Public Radio Poll--VT Governor: Dubie (R) 44% Shumlin (D) 43%

Polling round-up for Thursday, 10/14/10

From a Maine House, a National Foreclosure Freeze - how it all began

Sept. retail sales rise, third monthly increase

Media-Always Distractable

Sunshine State News - Sink Retakes Lead in Florida - (D) Sink 48% (+4) v. (R) Scott 45% (-5)

Bill Clinton: Beware Karl Rove Politics

Where I see the Governor's races as of today, 10/15

Photos: Messages to President Obama (The Obama Presidency, Day 633)

The Best Analysis Of Obama's Dilemma

Wrong place.

Obama! A Modern U.S. President (musical spoof)

Japan protests against US nuclear test (thank goodness!)

General Shelton: Rumsfeld was the devil in the form of a defense secretary

Nuclear Testing and the Rise of Thyroid Cancers

'We either get the money out of politics or we lose the democracy.' - Molly Ivins

Eugene Robinson: Looney, and That’s No Debate

Survey USA--MN Gov--Dayton (D): 42% (+4) Emmer 37% (+1) Horner (I) 14% (-4)

Man arrested with meat cleaver near WA Senate debate, making chopping motions at Murray supporters

Local Chamber of Commerce Won’t Endorse U.S. Chamber Ads

Rand Paul defends foreign-funded Chamber: "More Popular Than Any Politician Running For Office"

Rachel: Untangling DADT from US Law

For Pete's Sake, just being FLOTUS in a polling area can be construed as electioneering!

DSCC Has Record-Breaking Month - $15.5 million in September, its largest one-month haul ever.

Yet another poll gives Murray the lead in WA Senate race

So, none of the three candidates running for MA governors want to be like a Democrat.

"The President has to fire someone because of their race. The constitution demands it!"

Something I heard on Thom Hartmann's show today Re: DADT

"The single best decision that I have made is selecting Joe Biden as my running mate."

Rob Redding trying to play GOTCHA journalism about the President

Press claims Chamber of Commerce story's too "convoluted." Like Whitewater wasn't?

Why does Red always Grumpy.. I can answer for you (Pic)

Early Voting: Something is afoot in Iowa and Ohio (favoring Dems)

The pro-Teabagger media neglects one thing at their peril

This poll could use some DU love.....please help Harry Reid! Thanks.

Coons lead O'Donnell by 11 points according to Rasmussen

Let's KICK some Corporate Media ASS!

"You're mad at me"?

More defense of the Chamber and Rove by claiming Dems do it too

**** Heads Up: POTUS and VPOTUS Stump for DE Sen. Candidate Coons, Live 1:30pm EDT ****

(R)asmussen POLL: Brown 50 (+1), Whitman 44

NH CD2: Dem Kuster 43% (+5) v. Repub Bass 36% (-7) - a +13 Dem swing in a month

"Obama's 26-pt avg lead in approval compared to Congress is high versus past presidents' margins"

Photo: "My Friend" (The Obama Presidency, Day 634)

Democratic opponent tells TX Gov. Perry "Show respect to the President"

"Oh, and here's those matches we took from you. Sorry for the inconvenience."

How long has it been since Lewinsky blew Clinton? Rand Paul knocks Clinton...

When asked in the debate to name a current or former SC Justice he admires, Reid picks...Scalia!

Joe Klein: Ignorance as Authenticity

Palins TLC Reality Show Should Be Held Off Until...

Last night Drudge implied Michelle Obama broke campaign law, now Chicago's NBC affliate. . .

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! & here's a new stalking kitty gif

Two questions: 1. If the DADT repeal fails, does President Obama deserve the blame?

Republican 'Contender' Dons Duckie Pajamas, Parties With Scantily Clad Women

Mark Kirk Accused Of Hiring 'Voter Intimidation Specialist' For Voter Integrity Squad (VIDEO)

North Dakota is trying to suppress the vote in the indian community that favors dems

AUDIO: Murdoch says News Corp. donations were in interest of "shareholders and the country"

The Nevada Senate Debate: The Debacle in Nevada

President Obama has praise for Biden

WV-SEN POLL: Manchin 48, Raese 38

Politico goes all out to shill for Republicans

Message from Kendrick Meek (FL - DEMOCRAT)

Republican Allen West FL-22 tied to gang and criminal activities

Seriously, what is with the media and shilling for the GOP? (Updated)

President Obama Meets With Condi Rice

Barack Obama: "I want everyone to hear this..."



Al Sharpton knocked it out of the park on Bill Maher tonight.

Check in if you are someone who isn't accessible to phone polls!

Post your Senate predictions here.

Obama backs boosting revenue for Social Security

Why Not Just Give Up?

Harry Reid Quietly, Confidently Destroyed Sharon Angle in the Nevada Debate.

CREW Joins Complaint Against U.S. Chamber Of Commerce For Misusing Funds For Political Activities

Continue the Unemployment Benefits Program--Sign the Petition!

Chris Hayes made a great point. If Barack Obama is in the pocket of corporations, why are

In relation to some of the Valerie Jarrett comments...

Pundits claim foreign money charge a non-issue, but media reports continue to defend Chamber, Rove.

What's happening in the Black community

If these teabaggers and GOPers take control of the country...

today in the supermarket a woman had a large nerd on her hand

Our Kitty is sick, I am trying to decided if I should take him to the vet tomorrow.

posted this in the wrong place n/t

posted this in the wrong place n/t

Last Pic Standing

Woo hoo! I feel, like, so "Mr Government" today! In the last 24 hours,

A new person on the unemployment roles: My mother.

Batman 3 possible villian has been cast

Annie Lennox - Dark Road

Ekseption Peace Planet

Blinking Pigs

Buddy Rich vs Animal Drum Battle


DUers in the West--question for you:

Straight No Chaser

I guess "Little Johnny" is all grown up now

The Drug

Check out the band Real Estate on my music blog

Barbra Streisand

Teenage Crime


White Knuckles


Grouch Anthem

Anyone catch Fringe last night?

Who's Gonna Save My Soul

Joy Fantastic

Lovely Bloodflow

Cross-post from Political Videos - Teabaggers: The Webseries - Episode 1

Settle Down

Dame Lo


If California does finally legalize it, somone better do this:

Meet my new kitten...Oberon.

Post somehting to make me less grouchy today!

Pistolero...I hate robbing banks

Gormy Cuss is a poopy head.

TOON: Superman's mom on Facebook:

Friday Kitteh (best ever)

Sister Curare- Kid Loco

Do any of these phases annoy you?

delete me, accidentally posted new thread instead of a reply

Alan! ALAN!! ALAN!!! ALAN!!!

Alan! ALAN!! ALAN!!! ALAN!!!

Massive Attack

Well,I posted a lounge thread in the ATA forum.

My Aunt Wilma passed away last night.

Dawn In The Night

Trick Of The Light

Steve Nash and Landon Donovan in a limo hot tub

Teh Lounge really needs to come up with a list of 500 or 1000 questions for the ATA forum


Eddie Izzard

The Raah Project on Art Nation

All Of Your Things


Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuesday's Goooooooooooooooooooone

African Walk

Oh Zone

OMG - I'm watching this week's "Jersey Shore" themed South Park - awesome!! And so perfectly done.

Anyone have a Passive/Aggressive person in their live? How do you deal with it?

Fink - Sort Of Revolution

ATA vs. The DU Lounge

What Topic Forums, Places & Groups are in your favorites?

Waiting for Godot

I just bought the movie "How To Train Your Dragon."


I have a question as a professional psychologist

Contemporary bands who sound like they're from the '80s

Let's talk capital punishment, who deserves to die more?

Heard at the First DU Campout...

Wow these TJ's salmon & spinach crepes are YUMMY!

Now here's a pretty scam:

Let Him Be - trailer

Have you heard of Ailurophobia?

High Times magazine was featured this morning on CNN.

Ask MrScorpio anything

Had my teeth cleaned at the dentist a couple days ago - feels so wonderful!

Had my teeth cleaned at the dentist a couple days ago - feels so wonderful!

Dead or Alive? Bradford Dillman

Friday music - Mott The Hoople's Ian Hunter, live in NYC, 1981 - once bitten, twice shy...

ALCS Thread

Shit! Both snow shovels and safety salt arrived at the store today

Shit! Both snow shovels and safety salt arrived at the store today

Need good vibes - daughter very sick

Can I ask you two more questions? One is about D.C. sushi restaurants, the other is about

I'm not really a cute baby photo kind of guy, but this is awesome

Brilliant debuts: post some and samples

When it comes to family, trust no one.

Is there a way to download YouTube videos?

Life of Surprises

What a fucking waste!

I am watching The Holiday....

I knew it -- "Historians Admit To Inventing Ancient Greeks"

Do any of these phrases annoy you?

I need a new drug (No, this is NOT a Huey Lewis & the News post)

Ask The Lounge.

I just found out my "real" bra size!

Which is better? Belle and Sebastian or God Help the Girl?

Are you afraid of bridges? Maryland's Bay Bridge makes list of scariest bridges in the world....

I was just treated to a fashion disaster here in AZ at Walgreens....

China lands multi-billion dollar deal in Texas oil and gas fields

"War on terror" psychologist gets giant no-bid contract

NATO backs Taliban talks: Sign of a shift in Afghanistan war?

Two Save the Children workers kidnapped in Somalia

Rapturous welcome for Iran's Ahmadinejad in Lebanon

China's leaders meet to plan economic future

Chinese Dissidents Sign Letter Supporting Nobel Winner

Anti-Islam U.K. Group Forging Tea Party Links

Yes, voters do care about secret cash funding elections (84 percent say they have a "right to know")

Carly Fiorina's troubling telecom past

Palestinians: Netanyahu foiling chance for peace by approving East Jerusalem construction

Early Voting Off to a Fast Start in Democratic Areas of Ohio

Santa Clara cop arrested, charged with supplying confidential info to Hells Angel

Mass. man faces charges for toilet paper assault

Restrictions eased for groups gathering at national parks

Union-Backed Critic of U.S. Chamber Asks IRS to Probe Political Funding

Reid and Angle disagree - on everything

Government to report on $1 trillion-plus deficit

Government troops accused of rapes in Congo

Gov't: No increase for Social Security next year

Immigration agents raid Otay Mesa bakery

House, Senate Democrats Retain Cash Edge

President Obama to seek $250 payment to Social Security recipients

SEC investigating $70 million in bonds issued by Bell

US launches inquiry on China green technology subsidies

Prosecutor Seeks (Geert) Wilders Acquittal on Muslim Comments

Justice Department appeals 'don't ask, don't tell' ruling

Pentagon cautions gays about revealing identity

Disfiguring tropical disease surges in Afghanistan

Top donors accused of sending 'substandard' food to poor

Obama calls for cash to seniors

World's longest tunnel 'complete' (Swiss Alps)

Fuel to Paris reduced as French protests escalate

Fla. pastor wins car for not burning Quran

NATO allowed Taliban official to Kabul: Petraeus

Obama Fills In G.O.P.’s Blanks

Four miners trapped underground in Ecuador

'GMA' Gets Answers: Newborn Baby With Pre-Existing Condition?

Jennifer Petkov Has Been Arrested For Allegedly Trying to Run Over Another Neighbor With Her Car

Hopes fade for trapped Boyaca miners

Berkshire Billionaire’s Son Battles Soros on California Ballot

Liberal Groups Lag in Late Efforts to Raise Cash; Less Money for Key Races

UPDATE: US Bank Stocks Fall Over Unquantified Mortgage Risks

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 15

Obama, Rice huddle on arms treaty, other issues

Pentagon warns gay troops to stay silent for now

Straight-talking engineer was behind Chile rescue

Holder Says U.S. Would Enforce Ban on Pot in California

Pentagon braces for WikiLeaks release of secret Iraq reports

Countrywide Co-Founder (Mozilo) Settles With SEC

Christine O'Donnell Tells GOPers: 'I've Got Sean Hannity In My Back Pocket'

How Wall Street Shafted Main Street - (Mortgage/Securities Fraud)

Family Guy - Undecided Voters

Christine O'Donnell VS Chris Coons Delaware Senate Debate pt.1

Keith Olbermann & Matt Taibbi Discuss How The Koch Brothers Are Behind the 'Tea Party' Scam

The Real Tea Party Pledge

Young Turks: Secret Illegal Donors Funding GOP In 2010?

Republicans Myth vs. Truth

Red & Blue: Tea For Two

Hannity hopes health care reform law bankrupts America

Rand Paul wants businesses, not workers, to decide whether unions are allowed

How Dummies Countdown To Judgment Day

FCKH8 - (warning deliberately provocative and offensive)

Harry Reid ad: "Nothing"

The Top Vlog: Rush Limbaugh Tea Party BS Debunked (Sam Seder)


Cashin In IBM offers smart incentive to employees to get healthy. GOP suggests this negates HCR need

My Left Foot (Giannoulias Ad )

My Left Foot (Giannoulias Ad )

Rossi wants to put bankers back between students and their loans

Art Robinson Followup Interview: Rachel Maddow Attacked Me, Smeared Me

Kooky Carl campaigns from the fringe (Apple Net Daily)

Follow the Money - Almost 3000 Millionaires are getting unemployment

Bestsy Markey campaign ad: Cory Gardner Blows

Massive Attack (Music, Noise and Gitmo Detainees)

TYT: Cenk's Take On Bill O'Reilly's View Appearance

Barbara Boxer campaign ad: "Carly Fiorina: Out of Touch"

Russ Feingold on Atlas Shrugged and Wisconsin

‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Funded By Top Offshoring Companies (works to send jobs overseas)

Weird Liberal Head Show #193: Rice, Iraq, and 2010

Ed Schultz Discusses The Chamber and Foreign Money -

Teabaggers: The Webseries - Episode 1 (Contains NSFW language)

Fox News' 5 Minute Terrorist Attack

Young Turks: Middle School Sex Survey Sparks Outrage

This ad not paid for by anybody (Climate Change Deniers)

Joy Baher Interviews Jesse Ventura After The O'Reilly Blowup!

Why This MIGHT Be the Last Recession

Naomi Wolf PWNS Military-Industrial Complex Water Carriers

TYT: Racist Obama Billboard In Colorado

Carl Paladino's Porno Email Extravaganza

Video of France riots, burning tires as pension protestors clash with police

Glenn Beck Attacks Tides Foundation For Protecting Earth

Libertarian vs. Socialist heated debate ensues

When Did You Choose To Be Straight?

Belle (Sestak Compares Republicans to His Dog)

Michael Moore: 'Refuse to Leave Your Home'

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

Dylan Ratigan's epic "Morning Joe" rant

clean-up workers done: Pensacola Beach Large Mats Of Oil And Tar (a rant from GO included!)

TYT: Tea Party Astroturf Funders Caught On Tape

Harry Reid Vs Sharron Angle - Nevada Senate Debate (Part 1)

John Orzel -

SwiftCanoeIndians: Dino Rossi: The Fairweather Indian

*****Songs with Numbers******

(3 years) Before '08 Mumbai attacks, U.S. was warned key figure in plot had terror ties

The Tide Has Changed: A Musical Essay and a Lesson in Humanity (Ramzy Baroud)

"We do not live in an economy, we live in a Ponzi scheme."

Time: Will Online Voting Turn Into an Election Day Debacle?

Banks hired hair stylists, teens to process foreclosure documents, workers' testimony shows

Yes, voters do care about secret cash funding elections (84 percent say they have a "right to know")

Eugene Robinson: Looney, and That’s No Debate

BOOKS: The Witch Of Hebron And The Myth Of Post-Peak Uniformity (Carolyn Baker)

News Analysis: NATO seeks new strategy to tackle crisis

Wall Street's Naked Swindle. Taibbi nails it again.

"The Bank of America Mortgage Settlement Fiasco" (Investigation by Nation Foundation)

Friday Talking Points (143) -- Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Appeal?

David Sirota: The Imperial Defense of Pentagon Bloat

The List: 101 Examples of Why Republicans Should Not Be Allowed to Regain Control of Congress

Silver Lining in Corporate Attack on Democrats (Cenk @ Huffington Post)

Weekend Economists "Let Them Eat Cake!" October 15-17, 2010

Germans Build New Press For AP1000 Nuclear Reactor Components.

Drumbeat: October 15, 2010

OPEC Members Seek $100 Oil to Counter Dollar Weakness

Shale gas development could threaten Canada's water supplies

Brookings embraces American Enterprise Institute’s climate head fake along with right-wing myths

Spanish Salmon Populations "Losing Distinct Genetic Characteristics" - Thanks To Farming, Warming

Science - This Year's Caribbean Coral Bleaching May Be Worst Die-Off Ever Seen

AFP - Canada First Nation In World To Classify Bisphenol As A Toxic Chemical

First Solar Announces Plans for Two New Manufacturing Facilities (600 US jobs - AZ)

Solarbuzz Reports Soaring PV Demand Drives Record Levels of Manufacturing Equipment Spending

Suntech Power Opens US Module Assembly Plant - 75 new jobs (AZ)

AEP Signs MOU for 49.9 MW PV Project (600 jobs - OH)

Denmark's Rødsand II 207 MW Offshore Wind Farm Now On Line

US Solar Industry Grows Despite Economy

E.P.A. Urges Revoking W. Virginia Mining Permit.

Goldman Forecasts `Substantially Higher Prices' for Crude in 2011, 2012

Interesting approach being used in UK to influence energy policy

China's Wind Power Forecast at 230 GW by 2020

Scientist - N. Pacific Garbage Gyre "A Confetti Of Waste Spread Over The Entire Ocean Surface"

Human Monorail System Receives Google Dollars [Video]

Science - Atmospheric CO2: Principal Control Knob Governing Earth’s Temperature (not H2O vapor)

HSBC Cuts U.S. Wind Power Forecast, Says Vestas `Best Positioned' in Slump

Germany Adds Nearly 1% of Electricity Supply with Solar in Eight Months

German power bills to rise on surge in renewables

E.P.A. Urges Revoking W. Virginia Mining (Mountaintop Removal) Permit

Germany plans to build 26 new coal plants

Mike Danton, David Frost, And The Return Of The Unkillable Hockey Svengali

Sources: Two More Women Who Worked With Jets Received Lewd Texts From Favre

Sources: Pac-10 talks title game

Serbian hooligans succeed in getting Italy match called off

Girardi Unsure If CC Sabathia Can Walk Out To Mound On 3 Days' Rest

Ex-Rangers owner Hicks regrets A-Rod contract

Oh, C.C...

Brett Favre hit in crotch during practice

Texas Rangers Greats through the years:

Can't wait to see the next P.O.S. they bring in

I'm outta booze.

New sport called pickleball makes too much noise

Bonds trial witness list includes former players, ex-personal trainer

Now HERE'S a REAL sports fan

Just seeing Bush's smug face makes the Yankees 8th inning bearable.

I can't believe this..

I can't believe The Shrub is sitting next to Nolan Ryan!!!

Who do you want to see win the NLCS?

Russia and Venezuela strike nuclear power station deal

Colombian soccer federation linked to paramilitaries .

Students scramble to get to school without getting shot in Colombia's second-largest city

Sources: Nicaraguan Diplomat's Death Ruled A Suicide

Letter: Dilma Rousseff defends the family and says she is anti-abortion

Four miners trapped underground in Ecuador

Hopes fade for trapped Boyaca miners

Gay group releases letter to Dilma Rousseff and Jose Serra

Man guilty in slaying of neighbor over puppy urinating on lawn

City police receive federal grant for gun suppression ...

Missing Teen Hunter Found Dead in Michigan From Apparent Accident

NRA endorsements by state

Toles Toon Sexual Disorientation

G4 Sessler's Soapbox - Stop Being A Dick!

IT GETS BETTER: Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire

Hey JoeyBee!!!! Win a 2011 Ben Cohen calendar

My idea of a 'Fierce Advocate' - Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns

Seventh-Grader Protests Bullying

Former NFL player Brett Miller is for gay equality

Luckovich on DADT speech

Pentagon working on guidance for gays in military

Year Of Decision - Definitive Mix - The Dream Girls (mp3)

Lunch and learn how some worried progressives want teh gay to STFU -- Pam Spaulding

Quote Of The Day - Andrew Cuomo on Marriage Equality

Trevor’s Life Goes On

How fucked up? Fed Employees can get health insurance for pets but not partners!

Gay Robot Has Eyes for Phillippe

Family Embraces "Princess Boy"

Let the spin begin: DOJ Declines To Appeal Ruling Allowing Christianists To Proselytize in parks

Townhall's Mike Adams: Eight Christian Suicides Over LGBT Bullying

Lawyers: NYC gay hate crime suspects are innocent

Laura Bush: It Wasn't My Responsibility To Defend Gays From The GOP

I need to say this: Fuck Vince Vaughn - Vince Vaughn Wants to Have His Gay Cake and Eat it Too

The Tide Has Changed: A Musical Essay and a Lesson in Humanity (Ramzy Baroud)

Kahane's vision for loyalty oath was not so different than Barak's

Israel provokes Palestinians and US by going ahead with new settlements

Lattes, beach barbecues (and dodging missiles) in the world's biggest prison camp

U.S. 'disappointed' by approval of new settlement construction

An End to Israel’s Invisibility

Palestinians: Netanyahu foiling chance for peace by approving East Jerusalem construction

Israel provokes Palestinians and US by going ahead with new settlements

An unworthy oath

Palestine says it will never recognize a Jewish state

Some shots from our vacation in San Francisco and Colorado

Even on the dreariest of days...

This doesn't fit into the kitty/puppy category but

Astronomy Posters by Jayme Derrah, Saint Mary's University

How to Make a White Hole in Your Kitchen Sink

Oct. 14, 1985: C++ Adds to Programming

New fish species found deep below ocean surface

Can you support the Palestinians when you live on their stolen land?

Remember this every time someone accuses an atheist of being arrogant

There is a trap in some learning.

Why does the Coexist bumper sticker not include non-believers?

On religion and evolution

There has been a lot of "strife" concerning atheists lately

Religious fundies want to impose standards they themselves don't meet.

For theists: do you believe God has simultaneous knowledge of the whole universe?

SAF Sues Eric Holder, FBI Over Misdemeanor Gun Rights Denial

Court upholds deputy's firing

Today in Labor History Oct 15 U.S. House of Representatives passed the Clayton Anti-Trust Act

Voting underway for Delta Air Lines ground workers

GreenPOWER trains workers for new energy economy

An old farm rule rules out overtime

Week after week, DU ignores the Labor forum

I have a suggestion. Maybe two.

Term limits for Moderators, why not?

Non-political video forum

I volunteer to respond to the hate mail if EarlG doesn't want to.

ok here is a question ...

question from swampg8r

Could we have some sort of action taken or a "rule" regarding those

Is this forum your new full time job?

Well since I did screw up

Are the changes to deleted posts still on the way?

Could you make it so we could block forums we don't like from out Latest page?

We used to be able to post the name of tombstoned posters

Why aren't we required to refer to "America's Team" as The Dallas Cowboys?

Can we have some kind of symbol next to a thread title...

Can you make the pinned threads collapsible?

I'm afraid that I have a multi-faceted set of questions. I hope you're ok with it. Here we go...

Posting for help in finding a "lost" object!

Wishadoo and DU

Astrologers: Foreclosure nightmare?

Hi you wonderful insightful peeps.....need some help.