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NAZI Times

I hate to say this, but NONE OF OUR PRESIDENTS

America's Wealth

The Mudflats talks about yesterday's Senate debate and Miller's refusal to talk to the media

Has anyone here taken a webinar? If so, could you relate your experience.

The Tea Party's religious roots exposed by Sarah Posner

Zahra Baker...Anyone who knew this child was being abused, and didn't report it should be arrested.

Ken Clarke Reintroduces Slave Trade to Britain

If Obama appeals the DADT resolution, I'll vote for a republican before I'll vote for him again.

New York’s Paladino Declares War on Another Minority

New York’s Paladino Declares War on Another Minority

New Zealand government uses earthquake to enact sweeping new powers

New Zealand government uses earthquake to enact sweeping new powers

Wall Street firms dole out record pay to executives

More of the change President Obama promised AND DELIVERED

This miner rescue scene... are there iconic images, or am I reading too much into it?

The broken mortgage promise (or why GM workers had to take pay & benefit cuts)

Please keep your fingers crossed for my kid, who graduated

Good god! I wondered if the Freepers were responding to the Chile miner rescue...

Other Really Big Things

Now for the discussion on the lack of safety standards

Our 'Vital Airbridge' About To Lose ANG Support

Our 'Vital Airbridge' About To Lose ANG Support

New Labor Party head seems to be up on his Lakoff


GOP goal: 3,000 to keep eyes on voters

Doesn't it sound awfully risky to have oxygen in that rescue capsule?

Sympathy for the wretched politician, By Mark Morford

Pop psychologist on CNN: "They are miners because of good upbringing"

Hey Fred Phelps, I guess God Loves Chile

Hey Fred Phelps, I guess God Loves Chile

Will the squeeze on workers ever end?

The vultures are circling the miner rescue site.

National Guard Bureau to investigate California incentive payment fraud

Is that giant pulley used in the Chilean mine extraction supposed to be hypnotic?

Just want to say thanks to the moderators generally

First world citizens using the lion's share of the world's resources is a major problem in the

While Googling "Bibi" Ayesha , I found this...

dowd: The Unfair Game

Sam Brownback says Lou Engle concerns him; might these be his concerns?

Bachmann Raises Record Sum

so, the california debate was all about the word 'whore' not whitman using illegal aliens

VOTE VETS issuing ads!

WH appeals judges ruling on DOMA

fair & balanced: chuck todd to give scenario that would give boehner the gavel

Student teacher dismissed for discussing gay marriage

Student teacher dismissed for discussing gay marriage

Student teacher dismissed for discussing gay marriage

Student teacher dismissed for discussing gay marriage

Student teacher dismissed for discussing gay marriage

Another $12 Billion Dollars Down The Drain In The 'Stan

Another $12 Billion Dollars Down The Drain In The 'Stan

Another $12 Billion Dollars Down The Drain In The 'Stan

Another $12 Billion Dollars Down The Drain In The 'Stan

Another $12 Billion Dollars Down The Drain In The 'Stan

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

Republican Senate Candidate Worried Black Folks Will Steal Election

Chickens for Col. Sanders, Jews for Hitler, Log Cabin Republicans...

DNC ad I'd like to see: Republicans want to be Nazis and slaveholders

"I need a fix 'cause I'm going down..."

Letterman's top ten video: "Top Ten Entries on Barack Obama's Enemies List."

Nouriel Roubini and Michael Moran: How Obama can save the economy from going back into a tailspin

I'm EXTRA proud of the USA today...

Cartoon idea......

Feminist Majority Foundation: Electing Fiorina or Whitman could be detrimental to women's rights

On a positive note

Deep water drilling ban lifted ahead of schedule

Stinky Book Review: The Rice woman's book will be the literary version of her piano playing

Mayor Newsom, IAVA Launch 311 for Veterans in San Francisco

The trapped miners and the white butterfly

NYC council introduces legislation to make anti-choice 'pregnancy centers' own up, up front

We're all related.....sorta...

We're all related.....sorta...

Morning Scabs pandering to Meg WHITMAN. My scathing e-mail to them

Not to Piss on the success of the Miners being saved

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Visit to Lebanon Seen as Warning to Israel

Across the U.S., Long Recovery Looks Like Recession

Caught On Tape - GOP vote suppression 2010

Chilean Flag On Atascosa Texas Absentee Ballot

Being glued to the rescue operation in Chile, I can't help but be impressed by the

Robert Kennedy, Jr. Endorsement of Crist

GM’s ultimatum: Your paycheck or your job

Chile: 16 up/17 down

Judge rejects plea agreement in illegal immigrants' case

“Waiting for Superman” is a scam and a sham: President Obama and the “Superman” School Predators

“Waiting for Superman” is a scam and a sham: President Obama and the “Superman” School Predators

Reactor ‘renaissance’ flies off another cliff (Calvert Cliffs)

Dems should have set implementation date for HCR ASAP.

Helen Thomas on being called anti-Semitic: ‘Baloney!’

List of 49 states joining together to form a multistate group to Reign in Mortgage Servicers

Ohio groper-in-chief Tom Ganley wants to end legal abortion

Has anyone actually read the DOMA decision that they don't favor Obama appealing?

Offering Donors Secrecy, and Going on Attack

Drunken Wisconsin man needs rescue after chasing one-legged goose

Just Say Now’s Big GOTV Effort for Marijuana

Where is the Payoff for Huge Pentagon Budget Hikes?

Navy Chief: After These Wars End, Come See Us

Mass protests shake French government (3 million)

This new spin that the Obama administration must appeal decisions on DOMA and DADT is bullshit.

The Rude Pundit: Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Appeal

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski: TV Drama Producers

Speculation alert: US Corn prices surge

TOON: Oliphant - Be Scared, Be Very Scared

International Wear A White Shirt Day Is Coming: Oct. 15

WhoreGate Update: California State Law Enforcement Assn gives Whitman $800K

I just have to blurt it out: this rescue is the FEAT OF THE CENTURY.

YES!!! LTTE in my local paper-people are speaking out!

Exclusive: The Chamber Of Commerce Receives At Least $885,000 From Over 80 Foreign Companies

My idea for a bumper sticker


How do we spend $1 million dollars per soldier in Afghanistan??

Foreclosures being investigated in all 50 states

Prediction: Ds Will Do Fine On 11/2; Rs Will Use Their $ To "Pull A Coleman" In All Close Races

Helen Thomas Cries, Denies Anti-Semitism, Calls President Obama 'Reprehensible' (AUDIO)

Where's a Chilean flag avatar when you need one?

Fiorina to receive key endorsement in Fresno

Wow, a robo call from Obama himself !!

Los Angeles porn actor tests positive for HIV

Glenn Beck: ‘I’m not Dying’

Info about the wheel in the mining rescue in Chile

Bad Reporter...

Oy-then there's this editorial on Reflections on GOP Pledge

Reminder: The jury is still out on global warming! Here's the preliminary result:

Virginia Foxx's goose could be cooked. Paper endorses Dem Billy Kennedy

Vote for Crist if you must, but supporting Meek's candidacy helps Grayson and Sink.

mods, can you block posts from people saying they will vote for

Jon Stewart: Republican concept of "limited government" is "limited to the shit they want to do"

Jon Stewart: Republican concept of "limited government" is "limited to the shit they want to do"

Charlie Crist

Tell the DOJ: Investigate the Chamber of Commerce immediately!

Tell the DOJ: Investigate the Chamber of Commerce immediately!

Exposing the GOP's part in the Native American Genocide

Follow the Dollar of the newly paid for GOP

where are the Democrats who are flipping Republican this year?

Lucky Idaho

Shining example of how right wingers "win" arguments

US Catholic bishops declare War on Christmas!

38 years ago today: Uruguayan AF flight 571 crashed in the Andes.

Ha! Alan Grayson points out that outside Repub interests have spent more than his Repub opponent!

A long, long time ago...

Anyone want to help me respond to THIS regarding abortion?Should I even waste my time?

Gap Tosses Revamped Logo After Outcry

Joe Conason, Salon: "No new taxes" for GOP -- except a national sales tax

High levels of lead found in children's products at Wal-Mart, Target

Christine O'Donnell is debating Chris Coons tonight.

Dem closes gap in race for Stupak's seat - Check the new poll's sponsor!

Is anyone else watching the PBS series God in America...

Government is not the enemy, nor is it the solution

POLL: 47% less likely to vote for candidate if aided by ads paid for by anonymous business groups

You know what offends me the most about the administration making the argument for appeal?

Ltte I will submit after the election.

Gates: Courts should not set policy on gays in military

When Eliminationists Get Personal

wop, treehugger, kike, fag, commie,

Miner 21 on way up. The one with a wife and girlfriend

Democrats V. Democrats: A sports analogy.

Battered Democrat Syndrome

Daily Beast election oracle:Senate: 52D,48R;House 215D,220R.

Where are the huge gov't programs to get people back to work & regulate fat cat financial interests?

Charter schools are public like military contractors are "public," like Blackwater is "US military."

First Lady fires up WI voters

How does the rescue of 33 trapped miners turn into a flame war?

Sean Wilentz on Professor 'Recovering Shock Jock' Beck, the 'educator' of the psychobaggers

Sean Wilentz on Professor 'Recovering Shock Jock' Beck, the 'educator' of the psychobaggers

Sean Wilentz on Professor 'Recovering Shock Jock' Beck, the 'educator' of the psychobaggers

Sean Wilentz on Professor 'Recovering Shock Jock' Beck, the 'educator' of the psychobaggers

McDonald's Happy Meal shows no sign of decomposing after 6 months

My bumber sticker

"Things the miners won't talk about to the press".(.the first 17 days)

Leakers, Beware the Corporate Media

DC Schools head Michelle Rhee resigns!

DC Schools head Michelle Rhee resigns!

Police tase naked jogger...

Humpback whale beats long-distance record

"Liberal" MSNBC and their right wing agenda - today's tidbits, with Mrs. Greenspan

Democrats ahead in key California races

Paladino loses support of pseudo-Hasidic Rabbi Teabag for sounding sorry about gay bashing sermon

My faith is in human beings

Culture Evolves Slowly, Falls Apart Quickly

Senate Polling Dump: 10/13 - Featuring Elaine Marshall's Hilarious New "Ad"

DiFi's anti-pot crusade

MSNBC Andrea Mitchell airs only half of "Whore" part of the debate

CA DU Members, do you think Prop 19 will pass??

My patience for humanity is wearing extremely thin these days.

VFW rescinds Boxer, Ron Klein endorsements

Dick Morris' Super PAC Sham?

"Billionaires for Wealthcare" - Where are these folks when you really need them?


Evacuee number 21, Yonni Barrios, is one stylin' guy!

An additional motivation to vote for Crist

DSCC Reserves $2.6M In Nevada For Reid

Jesus' General: Dolly Parton "Played a Whore"

CNN/Time Poll: O'Donnell down 19 points in Delaware Senate battle

Pelosi: I Hope Obama Administration Doesn’t Appeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Ruling

Teabagger billboard in Colorado: There Are Four Obamas - gay, gangster, terrorist, and

Borowitz: Scientists say Darwin was wrong!

Is last night's Brown/Whitman debate video available?

Just stop watching Morning Joe. Stop. Just stop.

If you are anxious to judge a teacher on test scores...

Todays event: Lunch with Michelle and Russ

Greg Sargent, WaPo: Rove, Chamber ads widely debunked as false or misleading

tom brokaw equated the 'w' word with the 'n' word in the brown/whitman debate

Barack and Michelle Obama are having a rally in

When Life Resembles A Monty Python Sketch

Oops looks like copyright issues over the note

Today is Wednesday. The miners should be back to work by Monday.

Judge Phillips' DADT ruling applies to ALL servicemembers WORLDWIDE

Kirk On Secret Tape: We're Keeping Close Eye On Voting In Black Neighborhoods

NPR Bans Employees From Jon Stewart's & Stephen Colbert's Rallies

Russ Feingold is 8 points BEHIND his multimillionaire teabagger opponent.

Has there ever been a popular Speaker of the House or Senate leader?

How do you measure "enthusiasm"?

Chris Matthews declares: "Blumenthal is pompous"...

Boycotting NPR

I just got an anti-Crist robo call from Rove's Crossroads GPS

One GOPer's Proposal To Save The World: '1,000 Lasers' -WV Raese

Internal e-mails reveal Joe Miller campaign distancing itself from the Tea Party - MUDFLATS

Exclusive: Chamber Receives At Least $885,000 From Over 80 Foreign Companies In Disclosed Donations

Hurricane Paula is stationary

South Carolina mosque defaced with bacon slices

Is Cell Phone Bias Skewing Polls?

Is Cell Phone Bias Skewing Polls?

When I look at McDonnell, I expect

News Corporation Shareholders Rebel Against Company’s Political Donations

Oregon County to Stop Prosecuting Arrests for Heroin, Shoplifting, Hit and Run, Prostitution

RE: Jon Stewart interview with Eric Cantor: Is there anyone more slimy, and hateful looking

My State embarrasses .... me sometimes.

Holy crap, Brendan Steinhauser on Colbert, this is hilarious

Mike Malloy - Byron Williams Blames Glenn Beck for Tides Foundation Attack - Part 2

Elizabeth Warren Heads to Ohio, Hotbed for the Foreclosure Fraud Crisis

ms o'donnell IS a witch

I'm curious about the make up of people who object

Xenophobia takes root in German mainstream

The Nation's Chris Hayes: "Make lemonade out of lemons. Make

O'Donnell is getting her arse kicked!

The Roots of the Enthusiasm Gap Go Back to 1992

Democrats back on top on

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Dog gets new leash on life after euthanasia flub

Zombie Lie: Obama "Must" Defend/Appeal DADT, DOMA

this debate is like watching a Nascar race

Michael Moore on Larry King Live Tonight

Driver in newlywed (killed) wreck arrested (underage DWI)

Haiti volunteer gets 35K mobile phone bill from T-mobile

House Polling Dump: 10/13/10

First you must REGISTER to vote


'Robo-Signers' Add To Foreclosure Fraud Mess ("industrywide scheme designed to defraud") - MSNBC

anybody brave enough to see how the freepers are viewing the Coons/O'Donnell debate?

christine o'donnell....'what i think is irrelevant'

The REAL law-enforcement group in Calif. is backing Brown, not Whitman

Proposed New Jersey Law Would Penalize Employers For Discriminating Against Unemployed - HuffPo

Chris Coons just plain *sounds* like a senator

4th-Grade Girl: Teacher Threatened Me

Botched euthanasia leaves dog owner in quandary

Screwed in Florida

Is this legit?

A fable

Did the National Dems'

33rd Miner has been rescued!

Tea Party

Obama and the “Superman” School Predators

Micheal Moore on Larry King to talk about miners

Googling topics seems to not turn up progressive points of

O'Donnell says we need to 'finish the job' against the Soviets in Afghanistan

Citigroup used recession to fire women: lawsuit

About the new MSNBC promo spots...

Help the Teabaggers craft a new foreign policy

You can Watch the O'Donnell/Coons Debate live on C-Span beginning at 7:30PM Eastern

If it means anything she's only lived in Delaware for 6 years and the rest from New Jersey

Telegraph UK: Ahmadinejad calls for 9/11 investigation

Meg Whitman said that Calif's Prop 8 (anti-gay marriage) is part of the US Constitution

Wolf Blitzer fed an answer to McDonnell?

Proof that Christine O'Donnell Has Hit The Turnip Truck

I can help it. I can't look at Meg Whitman without wondering if her maiden name was "Dobbs".

Talk of Impeachment?

RED DAWN!!!..... Christine O'Donnell's "fighting against the Soviets"

Oh my goodness, Chris Coons is composed, well-spoken, smart, quick and a winner!

32 down and one more to go

I can't believe what I'm watching (the DE debate)

I'm really sad

General Atomics

All 33 miners will be rescued in less than 24 hours

All 33 miners will be rescued in less than 24 hours

You just know someone will split screen this---Palin -O'Donnell Supreme Court question

Pat Sajak's Coming to Take Your Vote Away

Is RFK, Jr. a pragmatic idealist, or an idealistic pragmatist?

Wealth Consolidation In The USA Is Going To Put A Lot Of People Out Of Business

Christine O'Donnell Says U.S. Hasn't Finished Job Of Fighting 'Soviets' In Afghanistan

Dear "presidents" (of Chile, or ANYWHERE), can you shut up and get off the air and just let the

i pledge allegiance.....

Surprise! Beckerhead defends Rich Iott's dressing up as a nazi!

The public’s lack of attention to detail, and Mr. Johnson’s willingness to exploit it, could end the

Wooo-hoooo, Christine O'Donnell is getting ROASTED by the

Hair Stylists, Teens, and Walmart Workers Were Robo-Signers

Board of Directors, US Chamber of Commerce...

Yesterday a rock band parked across 4 los angeles freeway lanes & performed on the roof of bus

Proposed Teabagger Sign

Almost too emotional...

Lockstep and barrel?

Did O'Donnell say small business owners would be taxed on income BEFORE they pay their payroll?

I can imagine extreme sports enthusiasts around the world

Good looking polling data from WA Senate race today

Good looking polling data from WA Senate race today

Lawrence O'Donnell will interview Chris Coon in a few minutes

"Lockstep and Barrel"---glassware and home furnishings for those

I can predict the number of votes Christine O'Donnell will get in the election

“Every now and then in history, the human race takes a collective step forward in its evolution..."

What if the Chilean miners (all up!) had been libertarians?

Foreclosure Fraud: Raters Ignored Proof of Unsafe Loans, Panel Is Told - NYT

(Good News For Dems) Pew: Growing Cell Phone Poll Bias Favors Republicans - HuffPo

144 billion in wall street bonuses, 50 billion in stimulus to workers

Michigan teabagger Tim Wahlberg pledges to impeach Obama

The God Delusion

CNN:Analysis: A Sarah Palin moment (O'Donnell)

"Lockstep & Barrel" was NOT a slip of the tongue. She thinks that's the saying.

Are All The Miners rescued yet......I bet It was getting a little chile down there.........

Arrested man tells police he weighs 625 pounds

Daily Beast talks to Christine O'Donnell's neighbours.

Democrat becomes first to attack opponent on health care repeal

A $3,741 Paperwork Problem.

Deleted Duplicate: Deleted means the content of the post has been deleted. So don't click here!

Obama will APPEAL the DADT ruling?

I just cannot stop smiling...

Just to Be Clear: Paladino Compared Gay Marriage to Evil Nazi Horrors

All 33 miners have been rescued.

LA Times Editorial - "The political chamber: U.S. Chamber of Commerce's campaign spending ..."

Drill Baby Drill: Obama To END Offshore Drilling Moratorium

Rapper T.I. helps Atlanta police stop a man from jumping off hotel roof

Lock your car...or pay a fine

Abandoned By The Media, The Fisherman Of The Gulf Coast Struggle Along

Capitalism Is Not Working

It's done (mine rescue)

here's the audio that jerry brown apologized meg whitman

I give Christine O'Donnell credit for not lying

Seattle Times - "'Grassroots' -- rooted in Washington, D.C." - Calls Out The Astroturf! - Must Read!

The last miner is finally out of that hole


my hat is off to the Chilean mine rescue workers, they deserve the world's respect

"Mission Cumplida Chile"

"Mission Cumplida Chile"

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Our surreal California governor's race:

NPR bans its journalists from attending Colbert and Stewart rallies

NY Times - "Big Spending by Republican-Friendly Groups"

Who are you to tell me I can't use that word in my subject line? More censorship?

The banks say they were overwhelmed by the number of foreclosures

There are dominant views in the US

About those "Attacks on the Left"

What was your favorite Christine O'Donnell's quote?

What was your favorite Christine O'Donnell's quote?

Last Rescuer OUT!

Pelosi To Progressives, Pundits: Don't Blame Us For Senate's Shortcomings

Girls force fed

Nan Hunter, first recepient of National LGBT Bar's highest honor defends appeal by DoJ

DADT ruling: ".... the Justice Department is preparing to appeal ..."

Why Did Meg Whitman Suddenly Become Interested In Politics?

Illinois Democrat: Mark Kirk's 'Voter Integrity' Effort Is 'Karl Rove Politics'

Borowitz: Palin’s Evolution into O’Donnell Proves Darwin Was Wrong

O'Donnell is getting her arse kicked!

We're #1!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

Gay Rights groups file official complaint with IRS against anti-gay front groups (NOM)

hey,anyone want to come to Dallas on 11/16-we are celebrating Bush's lie-brary opening!

WHY is CNN interviewing Bear Grylls regarding the mine rescue?

On the Road Day 2: Good thing its a Test Run

Gates says ending DADT would have "enormous consequences" U.S. Afghan General isn't worried!

So, which would YOU choose?

Freepers thought Chileans at rescue site were waving the Texas flag

Why Christine O'Donnell Could Be More Dangerous Than Sarah Palin

Are We Giving Our Soldiers Drugs That May Make Them Kill Themselves?

Anyone care to bet that O'Donnell's poll numbers go UP tomorrow...?

In South Carolina, we have three senatorial candidates:

What The Hell Is Wrong With Minnesota?

Iott: Do NOT Judge The Nazis- "They were doing what they thought was right"

Democracy in Sidney, NY!

How can we know how many Democratic leaning voters will actually show?

Osteoporosis drug may increace chance of unusual thigh fractures..yikes!

Delaware: two questions . . . .

The ENTIRE Jon Stewart- Eric Cantor discussion -- excellent watch

What would you do if you were buried under 2,000 feet of rock for 70 days with 32 Republicans?

NOW calls for firing of Jerry Brown staffer who used Meg Whitman slur

Morn the Loss of Civility

Michelle, would you please pass the salt?

AFL-CIO job tracker -- please add your numbers here!!

Biden: "Why can't Karl Rove tell us where the contributions are coming from?"

Doing a little research on some political polls and

Do you think those miners are going to get over-time for all that time they were down there?

California budget cuts billions from social programs, spares charter schools

This has to be one of the most hilarious ads I've ever seen. . .

Gitmo Ruling Altered to Hide Evidence of Dead, Tortured Witnesses

I said "no" to subscribing to the newspaper

The Unraveling of the Empire of Finance Capital

The cluelessness of this administration in regards to gays is nothing short of astonishing

cnn didn't cover the california debate, but they are covering delaware

The Nation - "Multinational Corporations Try to Buy an Election"

Olympian in '68 Black Power Salute- Tommie Smith Selling '68 Gold Medal

Conservative Pat Sajak: Should Public Employees Always Be Allowed To Vote?

Did you know there are two sides to Gay suicide?

The University of California does not have to give credit for classes taught with fundie "textbooks"

There is a lot of confusion about the jurisdiction of federal courts, I want to clear it up

Doctor Condi Rice LOVED Aretha Franklin and "the whole Motown scene!"

A fee to pay your bill? Yep

Christo-Fundie FAIL - Bob Jones U. Freshman Pin

Mark Twain's last story debuts in gold country


$142 million to buy a job paying $212,000. No one would do that right?


Scott McAdams: AK-SEN-We have McMentum - thank you!

They are all out, thank goodness for engineering

Mike (Dirty Jobs) Rowe's letter to the POTUS 1/30/2009

FOX News announces a new buddy sitcom; Lockstep and Barrel!

The Ask The Administrators forum is back.

Mike Thompson's toon today - Priceless!

This is why I've been giving articles from Fire Dog Lake an automatic unrecommend.

Last rescuer is left alone . How spooky would that be?

Sestak Takes The Lead


Inflexibility and denial

Inflexibility and denial

Michelangelo Painting Found Behind Couch in New York

Al Gore: Stand With Me To Fight Prop 23 And The Oil Lobby

China lands multi-billion dollar deal in Texas oil and gas fields

tom the Dancing Bug- Tea Party taken over by Tea Party®

tom the Dancing Bug- Tea Party taken over by Tea Party®

It's harvest time, I have seen the choppers

Introducing the next US Senator from Delaware - Chris Coons!!!

O'Donnell attacks then stumbles in debate

My letter as I read it to the school board

The US electrical grid is too crappy to be vulnerable to terrorist attack, say physicists

Driver kicks 7 year old special needs kid out of taxi, leaves him on street corner alone

O'Donnell, when pressed, couldn't identify a single Supreme Court Case

White House: 'Don't ask' will end soon

Lighting Strikes the Statue of Liberty

Last week I attended a luncheon and sat across from a man who has a bachelor's and a law

Jack Black’s new project: Lie about Obama to school children

Citizens United Case: What are the flaws in the argument given by the Supreme Court?

DOJ likely to challende the DADT repeal!

Waking the Giant

Who is the most formidable 2012 primary challenger to Obama?

who likes the unrecommended. who wants it outta here.

Should all political ads be elminated, instead, televised debates and campaigning only?

Any fuckin body who is thinking of not voting this election

I know: I suck.

FAUX News declares open season on its next target, public workers

Florida Senate Race

Some are saying Jarrett's "lifestyle choice" comment was a dog whistle.

End of Unrec?!

Official Chilean Miner Order of Rescue List

If you don't understand why the words lifestyle choice are offensive

We're not doomed! (On DoJ appeals of DADT/DOMA)

10 Reasons Why Ordinary Hard-Working Americans Are About To Really Start Feeling The Squeeze

I cannot believe this response to bullying;

Unbefreakinglievable: Industrywide scheme designed to steal homes!

We Are All Greeks

Obama 2.0 -- "common cause w/Republicans" on education reform, trade and energy

Vampire Capitalism

Band jams LA freeway to jam on behalf of homeless kids

Jennifer Petkov Apologizes for Taunting Terminally Ill Child

CREW: CREW'S Most Corrupt: Unfinished Business (10-13-10 CREW)

what would you do about a situation like this...

Religious wackos check in.........

Build many small, community schools and reduce all class sizes.

Of Lost Cats and Communities

You know it's sad when the Log Cabin Republicans are doing more to end DADT than Dems are.

Excommunicated Over Abortion

"Majority of Voters Would like to See Emergence of a Viable Third Party"

Do you agree with Rhee, Klein, et al. on this?

Why are we at war?

Ka BOOM!!! JPMorgan exits electronic mortgage tracking system (MERS)

White House's Jarrett: Dead Gay Bully Victim Made 'Lifestyle Choice'

Robo-signers: Banks hired hair stylists, teens to process foreclosure documents

Entire Housing Market Based on Fraud - FDL

Councilman Joel Burns of Fort Worth,Texas: "It gets better".

President Obama to Highlight Benefits of College Tax Credit

You know, we can all push for our own agenda to be enacted before the election

Just a reminder to pass along to folks you know

The Hill Poll - Week Two (Open Seats).

(R)asmussen Poll--OH Gov--Kasich (R) 48% Strickland (D) 45%--Ras moves race to "toss-up"

This is a good essay about Donilon.:

(R)asmussen Poll--ME Gov--LePage (R) 35% (-10) Mitchell (D) 32% (+5) Cutler (I) 21%

Senators to Attn. General: Don't Appeal DADT Ruling

Good Ad, using President Obama in HI Gov race

I lied on a Harris poll today

Mark Kirk Sends Poll Monitors To 'Vulnerable,' Largely African-American Neighborhoods

FRAME: All Democrats running in close elections need to call GOP opponents "the Bush Crowd"

(R)asmussen Poll--NV Senate--Angle up by 1--had led by 4 a week ago

Survey USA: Obama approval rating up to 52% in WA state (up 12-points in one month)

What's in the Butts Obama is Smoking???

The Power Of Clinton, The Invisibility Of Obama - Howard Fineman

Our elections are NOT free or fair

Nice round up of the polls from yesterday which were, on the whole, better than usual for Dems

Joe Conason: 'No new taxes' for GOP--Except a National Sales Tax

Even (R)asmussen is showing movement towards Manchin in WVA--though of course the GOP lead

Elaine Marshall vs Richard Burr in North Carolina ?

More evidence of Harry-MO! NV-SEN POLL: Reid 46, Angle 43

How the Gulf of Mexico was Sold for ONE VOTE

fyi ATA is back

Survey USA Poll--DE Senate: Coons (D) 54% I'm You (R) 33%

Biden Says Obama Asked Him to Run Again

PPP--FL Governor: Sink (D) 46% Scott (R) 41%

First Lady Michelle Obama Hits Campaign Trail With Soft-Sell Message

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Another poll shows Manchin taking lead in West Virginia Senate race

Siena College Polls of 3 NY congressional races (2 good, 1 not so good)

Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, George W. Bush all related to President Obama, reports

House GOP campaign chief is feeling confident, sets expectations at "mid-40s and above"

Sorry. Dupe!

So much in DC is about pushing Obama to the right (or making his outcomes look more conservative)

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

Corporate funded groups going all out to put their GOP lackeys back in control of Congress

When In Doubt, Suppress The Vote

CA-Gov: Brown (D) 50%, Whitman (R) 43%

It's time to skin the Tea Baggers and Repubs like an onion...

Rove, Chamber ads widely debunked as false or misleading

Report: Rove's GOP slush fund aired 17,360 ads in less than three months

"Hanoi Jane" Meg? Really? "Hanoi Jane"

Exclusive: Chamber Receives At Least $885,000 From Over 80 Foreign Companies In Disclosed Donations

Poll--Rhode Island Governor--Caprio (D) 37% Chafee (I) 33% Robitaille (R) 22%

DSCC email: Sestak up - 47-44; Reid up 47-45; Manchin up 49-44

Karl Rove squeals: I Am No Threat to Democracy

DE Senatorial debate tonight at 7:30 ET.

Tweety has a serious problem with Blumenthal

A campaign talking point I would like to see the Pres. and all Dems. use

India Loves The US Chamber of Commerce

war criminal condi rice on daily show now. nt

In Debate, O’Donnell Likens Open Service In Military To Adultery

Reuters/Ipsos Generic Congressional poll. R48 -D44

"You can either end it, or stop saying that you will"

Robert K. Kennedy, Jr. Endorses Charlie Crist

Pew: cellphone bias may be bigger than in '08

Christine O'Donnell Says U.S. Hasn't Finished Job Of Fighting 'Soviets' In Afghanistan (VIDEO)

Public Citizen: FEC Should Investigate Crossroads GPS for Campaign Finance Law Violations

Think Progress v. Chamber of Commerce

Anyone know if there is a pdf of this VOTE 2010 sign handed out at Obama's rallies

The Coming Impeachment of President Obama

Republicans Warped Logic

This picture finally looks better:

News Corporation Shareholders Rebel Against Company’s Political Donations

A teabagger judge has found SS unconstitutional

New Polls Show Senate Control Rests On Four Toss-Up States

What can Feingold do to get back in the race?

O’Donnell’s Palin Moment? -- "I will put it up on our Web site".

CA Gov--Whitman pumps in another $20 million of her own $$--up to $141.5 million


GOP getting worried about...South Carolina? New RGA ad morphs Obama into gaining Dem candidate.

PA-Sen: Sestak takes the lead! (DSCC poll)

Cenk Uygur made a great case for public financing today--'It would be best investment we ever made.'

Thank you Sarah Palin....

My dad is a hard-core RWer who loves Christine O'Donnell

Nate: GOP senate takeover odds are down to 18% this week; they had been 24% last week.

"The Case For Obama" - Rolling Stone

Bill Clinton is a political WARRIOR!

Obama's New York Times Interview

Make sure to tell Freepers to donate money to this O'Donnell site!

Contact White House: Don't appeal DADT ruling.

CNN/TIME SENATE POLLS: Coons +19, Murray +8, Manchin tied, Feingold -8

New Clip Shows-How Corporate America & Koch Brothers Faked A Grassroots Revolution=The Tea Party

My name is Jerry.

I'm high or drunk.. here is The Band

Happiness is...

Shit my Pets Ruined...

Obi-wan Kenobi: full of tit or no?

Truck runs into power lines, closes Evans

Tim Burton's upcoming "Dark Shadows" movie, with Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins

Has anyone moved their pets to Europe?

The second week in October is pet peeve week.

Epic fail on the set of Transformers 3

I just downloaded the Distant Suns app for my iPhone

Oklahoma man told cops he "desired prosecution for the theft of his donut"...wait, there's MORE.

Christians speak out about the suicides of LGBTQ youth

I wasn't the first post in Ask the Adminstrators, but I was #2, and the first to ask important ???s

"Scientists learn why sex beats cloning "

If they remake Star Wars, Obi Wan should be a Vulcan.

How would this rug look in the Lounge?

It's the Return of ATA!

I failed.

AAAAaarrggghh!!! FUCKING TAX FORMS!!!!

Best "Good day, sir!" ever

Prayers and good vibes for my daughter

To DUers, Democrats, Americans and the rest of the human world from Delaware

I have a full time job interview tomorrow

Schnappi Das Kleine Krokodil

Ask the Administrators is back!

I can only think of one thing that's positive about colorblindness...

Waddya MEAN... get on the couch?

Stupid product alert: Anal Bum Covers for your cat or dog!

By the way... if you're having trouble thinking of something to be truly grateful for...

Simon's Cat - videos for cat lovers

It seems that all people from Jersey do is hump and punch each other

weird glowing objects over NYC

Is there any group more smokin' than Celtic Woman?

Obi-wan Kenobi: full of shit or no?

And finally: YOU... ...SHALL......NOT... ... PASS!!!!!!!!

I phone Otterbox testamonial.

If you could sum up your ENTIRE LIFE in the context of ONE member of The Village People...

Name this song...

I didn't know Edgar Winter had a musician brother.

What do you think of Will Arnett?

K & R if you would like to see a Chilean Mine Survivor Calendar

At the zoo *PIC HEAVY*

Possibly moving to NorCal...

What are you reading tonight DU? I'm reading "Loving frank" by Nancy Horan.

The list of things that don't make sense

10 classic SF books that were originally considered failures

Alien prequel in the works - Ridley Scott to direct

What do you put on your resume when you just want a job to pay the

The Female TV Character Flowchart

What do you think of James Arness?

Overheard in New York - The voice of NYC

Paul Simon is 69 today? Thanks for the music, Paul!

Someday, should someone re-make the Star Wars Saga

The printed format -- deceased or prematurely pronounced dead?

Starship Troopers 2 is significantly worse than whatever movie you just watched...

My big cat started getting sick at the end of a bag of cat food. I bought

Family friend committed suicide 2 nights ago

The classics of science fiction

Happy Birthday to the United States Navy

I bought a cheap Cabernet at the discount wine store...

Interesting Star Wars trivia

Best final line for any character in fiction (movies, TV, etc.)?

Help! My puppy is eating his poop!

Opera fans: post a favorite aria

Another Goddamn Job Rejection

What if one of the miners in Chile had been a woman?

Colombia: Disciplinary charges for 2 ex-ministers

My name is Jerry.

If Darth Vader can sense Luke on passing shuttle because of The Force

Democrat fights back against Fox News lawsuit

Six foreign troops killed in Afghanistan attacks

Plea against China free speech laws

PLO chief: We will recognize Israel in return for 1967 borders

Woman becomes American citizen after 101 years in US

Charges to be dismissed against police officer in Midwest shootings

Candidate in California governor's race arrested

Obama wants tax break for college students extended

NATO Helping Afghan-Taliban Talks, Official Says

Baker quietly accepts endorsement by Mass. State Police

RFK, Jr. Endorses Charlie Crist's Senate Campaign

(Robert) Gates says courts should not set policy on gays

(Robert) Gates says courts should not set policy on gays

Police investigate as man dies while being deported from UK

GOP groups plan wave of spending on House races

German train makes first Channel tunnel test trip

Fears of Sharia Law in America Grow Among Conservatives

BPA (plastic-making compound) is toxic, Canada rules

U.S. Attorneys General Announce Multi-State Probe into Mortgage Foreclosure Practice

Oakland to seek Fruitvale anti-gang injunction

Proposed Air Force training area may bring conflict with ranchers

Obama administration appeals gay marriage ruling

GM chairman predicts $20 to $25 share price in IPO

FEC Should Investigate Crossroads (Rove's Group) for Campaign Finance Law Violations-Watchdogs Say

Mental health groups call on President Obama to recognize military personnel who commit suicide

Police: Sharron Angle supporter cited for pepper spray incident outside Harry Reid rally

BofA Wins Dismissal of Suit Seeking Mortgage Buybacks

Female Candidate Finds a Tough Audience: Women

EPA OKs higher ethanol blends

Officials in 50 states launch foreclosure probe

Court: Reporter can't sue S.F. cops for arrest

Obama's related to WHO? You betcha

Mercury leaked into Columbia River by smelter

Tribune Suspends Lee Abrams Over Racy Email

As campaign money pours in, so do complaints

Iraqi child saved in Israel

Over A Million Jobs Lost In Districts Where Pro-Outsourcing Chamber Advertises

George Clooney Meets with President Obama

Chile miners: sunglasses men will wear to see the light

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 13

Half a Million Americans Denied Health Coverage

American Crossroads to expand fundraising juggernaut to House GOP

Regents ban illegal immigrants from some Ga. colleges

Magnitude 4.5 earthquake shook Oklahoma this morning

Gen. Shelton (III): Iraq went so wrong because of Bush administration 'lies'

Iceland Set to Present Bill to Wipe Out Personal Debt to Relieve Turmoil

Colombia's Congress investigates ex-president Uribe

21 Senators to Attn. General: Don't Appeal DADT Ruling

All 33 Chile miners freed in flawless rescue

Exclusive: Chamber Receives At Least $885,000 From Over 80 Foreign Companies In Disclosed Donations

Maintenance work caused gas pressure to rise just before San Bruno explosion, report finds

Porn star tests positive for HIV, two studios close down

Female Candidate Finds a Tough Audience: Women

Dozens charged with largest Medicare scam ever

Landrieu Not Lifting OMB Hold Yet.

Obama administration expected to appeal ruling on gays in military (as soon as tomorrow)

Legal Heat On Robo-Signing Stokes Foreclosure Fiasco

TYTInterviews: The Great American Stickup - Robert Scheer

Watchdog: Rove-Backed Group Violating Tax Laws

Teabagger Warns About American Crossroads

TYT: 4 Billionares Fund GOP 'Grassroots' Org

TYT: Cenk on MSNBC on why 'anti-government' stances (and anti-regulation) are nonsensical

YesOn19 Tele-Town Hall - Question About Treatment And How Cannabis Tax Money Gets Spent

FDA Fails on DePuy Hip Replacement

Michael Moore: Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry - Fun With Iraqi Detainees 1-3

Bill Brady's Dog Plan

Record Bonuses On Wall Street After Financial 'Reform': MSNBC w/ Cenk

Off the Table

Pre-Debate Web AD: "Angle v, Angle"

Rove & Friends Attack CAP For Not Revealing Donors

Is America committing nation-acide

David Pakman: Atheists and agnostics know the most about religion...and global warming?

After spending $140 M, Whitman says she'll be the Governor who will say NO to wasteful spending

Mike Malloy - Byron Williams Blames Glenn Beck for Tides Foundation Attack - Part 1

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Tea Party Candidates Will Flop

Nancy Skinner on Fox News with Megyn Kelly discussing job creation

Boxer hits Fiorina on immigration in a new Spanish-language ad

Weird Liberal Head Show #191: Delaware Senate Debate, Chris Coons vs. Christine O'Donnell

Bobblehead meg

Mike Malloy - Byron Williams Blames Glenn Beck for Tides Foundation Attack - Part 2

Urgent message to the Pope!!

Meg Whitman Debate Audience Mocks Her Hypocrisy

JFK Commencement Address at American U. (06-10-63)

Dick Armey Cites Dubya for "Conception " of the Teabaggers

O'Donnell Can't Name a SCOTUS Ruling In Debate On C-Span

Reality (Scott Murphy Ad)

Video Disputes Billionaire Koch's Tea Party Claims

FOX Gets F****D In NYC!!

Ten Democrats Getting Chamber of Commerce's Help, and Happy to Have It

Al Franken's SUPPLY SIDE JESUS... animated - by Wes Ball

Homophobia Literally Kills: Yankees Game

Jerry Brown ad: "Endorsement"

Joel Burns, Gay Texas Councilman, Gives Emotional Testimony Against Bullying

GOP governor hopeful Carl Paladino cashed in on Buffalo gay clubs - Cobalt, Buddies II

Anti-Gay Rabbi Handling Carl Paladino’s Visits to Synagogues

Cast of Jersey Shore: 'Carl Paladino Giving Italians a Bad Name'

Our selective curiosity on sex scandals

Stop the Anonymous Hit Men: Make Shadowy Campaign Money the Issue

Best Political Cartoons of 2010 (So Far)

How 1950s Extremist Ideology Influenced Glenn Beck

Police seek public's help in locating three suspects in decapitation homicide

Pelosi Elaborates On The Risks Of GOP House Takeover

GOP Senate Candidate" Absolutely Favors Eliminating the Federal Minimum Wage"

American Crossroads, GOP-Allied Groups Planning $50 Million House Offensive

"Education of a President"...(long Peter Baker/NYT Interview with Obama)

Chilean Miners: 'We Were LESS Claustrophobic Underground'

Banks Looking Further Than Robo Signers; “Lost Note” Affidavits a Point of Failure

Pew: Growing Cell Phone Poll Bias Favors Republicans

Uphill in Wisconsin

Money Talks: Corporations Become Humans and Curse Their Creator

Confounding Fathers The Tea Party’s Cold War roots.

Chile's Ghosts Are Not Being Rescued

Appointment of Colombian Ex-President Sparks Controversy at Georgetown

TPM Generic Congressional ballot - average of polls 6 pts difference betw Repubs and Dems

" The Road Ahead for Progressives: Back to Basics!"... (Human Rights/Social Justice)

Michele Bachmann Raises Record $5.4 Million In Three Months

Robert Scheer: Invasion of the Robot Home Snatchers

John LeCarre Fans will find this Interview with Him FASCINATING!

Who does the US Chamber work for?

We Are #1! #1 in Right-Wing Attacks Against Us! (xpost)

Smithsonian Study - Rapid Ocean Temp Rise & Major Coral Bleaching In W. Caribbean

Iowa State Study - Corn, Soy Farming Have Moved Rapidly Into Dakotas As 50-Yr Rainfall Avgs. Rise

Obama’s Haste On Resumed Offshore Drilling

Silicon Valley’s Solar Innovators Retool to Catch Up to China

Hungarian Government Seizes & Nationalizes Aluminum Company Behind Massive Toxic Spill - AFP

France taps into emergency stock

Drumbeat: October 13, 2010

Former Rep. Pete McCloskey receives Sierra Club award

Build It Yourself - Earthbag House Plans.

Billionaires Battle in California Energy Fight

NRC Approves Medical and Industrial Isotope Production At New Jersey Nuclear Power Plant.

Lifting of Deep-Water Drilling Ban Fails to Win Praise for Obama

Record number of humpback whales found dead in Brazil

How Did an Entire Political Party Decide to Reject Climate Change Science?

New research shows that nuclear industry has been hiding mortality from Chernobyl for decades

Future of Energy Generation

Where are the BCS standings?

I'm getting a new Rangers cap!

Name Sugar Land's baseball team!

Arrrr! I almost forgot. 50 years ago today >>

Typically stupid Cornhuskers. Stealing Longhorn logo.

Meyer Shows True Core Values By Reinstating Rainey

Curt Schilling on ESPN

Funniest. Sports Section. Ever.

Can someone help settle this debate with my wife. Granted this is

Did Mickey Mantle play 17 years with a torn ACL?

Bad Umpiring

Who do you want to see win the ALCS?

Ecuador's CONAIE and Defamation by “Journalism of the State”

Former DAS director convicted in wiretapping scandal

Morales: Colombia safe from US attack

Gables mayor's race attracts retired diplomat and lawyer with political connections

Colombia's Congress investigates ex-president Uribe

Appointment of Colombian Ex-President Sparks Controversy at Georgetown

Chávez to strengthen ties with Russia, Iran and Libya

"I would like to see the world united by love.." --Mario Sepúlveda (one of "the 33")

Argument for keeping the Second Amendment

Amendment allows guns in Amity Township parks (Pennsylvania)

Puerto Rico gun laws to change?

Gay nightclub fire in Tennessee was intentionally set

Judge to military: Stop discharging gays under 'don't ask, don't tell'

Ft. Worth Gay Council Member Says It Get's Better

LGBTQ question

Proud of my sister

Despite Anti-Gay Rant, Paladino Rented To Gay Clubs, Son Ran One

Mens Group

For gay youths, middle school can be toughest time

Bishop Harry Jackson has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn same sex marriage

In West Bank, Peace Symbol Now Signifies Struggle

Helen Thomas Cries, Denies Anti-Semitism, Calls President Obama 'Reprehensible' (AUDIO)

Rapturous welcome for Iran's Ahmadinejad in Lebanon

PLO chief: We will recognize Israel in return for 1967 borders

US backs PM: Israel is Jewish state

Had to take a (mostly) business trip...where am I?

beginning of fall work

Open only if you aren't tired of "Black"

A few pictures I took last weekend

Can I change my entry?

Bacteria can communicate and exchange energy via nanowires

Moonlighting as a Conjurer of Chemicals - Sir Isaac Newton

Planet Earth misses disaster again!

Top 20 Microscope Photos of the Year

X-Shaped Space Thing Is Smashed-Up Asteroid

'World's oldest plants': 472 million-year-old fossils are unearthed in Argentina

Is anyone else watching the PBS series God in America...

How to disprove God's existence, and Hawking's postulation...

13-year-old Canadian girl beaten to death for refusing to pray

How to Know God Exists

When Tony Blair the believer meets Christopher Hitchens the atheist

Christians speak out about the suicides of LGBTQ youth

Close 3-way Deity Tie in Chilean mine rescue...

Monster Galaxy Cluster Found in Distant Universe

More Than 700 Nurses Strike In Oakland California Over Health Care Costs

Interview: Reformer Challenges Hoffa for Teamster Presidency

Thirty Thousand Airlines Workers Are Soon Voting On Whether To Join Unions

LA Teachers: Good Teaching Takes More than Bubble Sheets

UAW Says 100,000 U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Expected To Be Created In DG Consortium Clean Energy Projec

Anti- Meg Whitman Political Ad To Feature Injured Nurse In Vegetative State

IWJ Looking to Hire an Organizing Director (mid 50k)

Today in Labor History Oct 13 The mostly female and minority workers won union recognition and pay

UMass hospitals will cut 350 jobs

Hee Hee Hee! RedState is having a meltdown over the NRA endorsing Democrats.

How do I make a new thread?

Will you please clarify DU's position about supporting Crist in the FL senate election?

Has the Research Forum gone completely?

Awwww, why do you hide all the fun questions???!!!

Am I the FIRST!?!?

Is it really true that there are three of you Administrators?

Regarding the Florida Senate race; is it okay for members to

Will DU still be implementing the change regarding...

Boxers or Briefs?

If two cars arrive at a 4-way stop at the same time

Why is the "Google search DU or the Web" still highlighted as "NEW!"?

I only came here for the

Is there a limit to the number of "r"s one may have in a screen name?

When do you expect to have the results of the survey finished?

Can I ask more than one question per post?

i really wanted to laugh at struggle's post

When I click on a topic, the title disappears.

Dear Admins

Is there any way for me to get the last version of the "Computer Security" thread

Can you please explain the "Mark" function?

Why can't you remember the maximum number of characters that can be used for a username?

How do I post in this forum?

What about that annoying posting bug that's been there for ages?

Why, since any threads in GD about religion are quickly sent to the

Hello. I have a question about anti-choice views on DU.

Is calling a woman "a slut" acceptable discourse on DU if we disagree with her political views?

How do mods distinguish between genuine conflict and posters just kidding with each other?

Why are posts allowed in GD

Do threads ever get moved from GD:P to GD or vice versa?

I was wondering about Version 3...

Why, why, why?

Why is the My Posts section of the My DU page limited to 48 hours?

Any chance of a "Hide threads by keyword" feature?

Does DU officially support any political party outside the US?

RE: WARNING: Gruesome video!

Another question...sorry!

Your "Irruminati Triad" of Skinner, Elad and EarlG is MUCH younger than I would have guessed.

Just curious... How many of our DU store bumper stickers are sold?

Would you consider instructing mods to delete all posts about Unrec?

Can we have a grace period for posts?

Re: Phoonzang suggesting a UFO forum

Please keep the "unrec" feature

Was there a way to prevent zombies and socks from having their survey results posted?

New forum?

Why don't you purge all the unrec whiners?

What's the alert density like around here?

Implementing a Donation Forum would be an excellent way for struggling DU members to help them

Can we build a safeguard prompt for the Recommend /Unrecommend feature?

How do I post a reply to a thread in DU??

I have two questions today a good day for Moving Stuff and Taking Control...?

To astrologers......I think since the miners have a new rebirth

"Yearning for a new way will not produce it."