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what the fuck is up with all these goddamm chris dudley ads on the DU??? who the fuck is in charge

what the fuck is up with all these goddamm chris dudley ads on the DU??? who the fuck is in charge

The "Foreign Money Influence" angle is playing out in a new DSCC ad for Joe Sestak

Help me with this cartoon. I can't draw

Ecuadorian Police Chief Apologizes for Coup Attempt

Pakistan stands up for its sovereignty

Now Goldman (Litton) is halting some of its foreclosures too.

Texas to out rsource the State

"That which you gaze upon you become."

Barack eats a sausage burger in Miami

Obama's National Security Carousel: Recurring Miscalculations

Obama's National Security Carousel: Recurring Miscalculations

Dino Rossi, running against Senator Patty Murray-Dem,

Dino Rossi, running against Senator Patty Murray-Dem,

Berlin city official concerned over wave of anti-Muslim attacks

Federal Bankruptcy Trustee Joins Litigation Against LPS on Behalf of All Chapter 13 Trustees in US

Current CNBC Factoid: "Wall St. Leans Right"

Chinese investment will boost South Texas drilling

The Truth about the Republican Party, in one Toon

Rick Scott's Mom.

Greg Zoeller, Indiana Attorney General, seems to be denying the mortgage problem

Is it the US Chamber of Commerce or is it the International Chamber of Commerce?

WaPo celebrates "National Coming Out Day" by publishing Perkins's anti-gay screed

Never ending war

Liberal Documentary Videos and Commercial Reports

Another GOPer Steers Clear of an Extremist

Obama's Secret Master Plan ... "He took our guns!"

Workers of the world unite

I don't know if to laugh or cry at this toon...

Tea is un-American -- heck plenty of it comes from China, just like CoC $$$

Poll: Tea Party and Health Care Reform

HENNAC selects Chrysler's Fred Diaz for 2010 Chairman's Award


Having a bad day??

DoD Cuts On The Way? I Sure Hope So.

DoD Cuts On The Way? I Sure Hope So.

Help here please-- what is the difference between neo-liberal and

Who's upset over the economy? Everybody, everywhere

Who's upset over the economy? Everybody, everywhere

It's not just the heat, it's the gridlock.

A Rant-This Economy Really Sucks

Parallel universe, six months from now And maybe here, as well? Stay tuned - By Tom Tomorrow

What is interesting

Congratulations Skinner on getting to 50,000 Posts!

Congratulations Skinner on getting to 50,000 Posts!

The "Worst State Legislator in America" Contest is Now Open!

chuck todd says all democrats are playing defense....

Andrew Malcolm: Stupid on Purpose, or Accidentally Stupid

Former Bush UN ambassador: Democracy is ‘not always the answer’

Former Bush UN ambassador: Democracy is ‘not always the answer’

Homeless Women being killed in Houston

The bankruptcy of New Democrat ideology

Robert Reich today on Morning Joe. Talks about gas tax coupled with payroll tax cuts.

Where is Wikileaks?

Where is Wikileaks?

What's Next? Bake Sales To Buy Medical Supplies For Our Troops In Afghanistan?

Would a legitimate THIRD PARTY help the Democrats (& Republicans)?

I have donated some money, But the most common response

Rubber Stamp Act...

The Nightmare: The Iraq Invasion's Atrocities, Unearthing the Unthinkable

IVAW Update: Operation Recovery (dial up warning)

Tuesday TOON Roundup 6

Tuesday TOON Roundup 6

Wall Street Pays Out Billions in Record Compensation: Report

"I went down to the crossroads..."

Everyone watch this video...and do me a favor..

Did GMAC Try to Bury Its Foreclosure Smoking Gun?

Citizen's United - What was of questionable legality before is clearly legal now.

Today, I'm contributing to the employment of 10 people.

Mike Malloy calls Glenn Beck a 'co-conspirator' in the Byron Williams case

Sandoval (R-NV) Accused of Hiring an Undocumented Worker

Whitman In Real Trouble: MSM Sends In Tom Brokaw To Moderate Final Debate

Ken Buck's mouth tells on him again.

Comparing Corporate Media's Defense Of U.S. Chamber Versus Acorn Allegations. Transparency?

Lesbian activist, Gay vet refused admission to DCCC fundraising event with Fierce Advocate

Officials hope to have first Chilean miner out tonight

Wall Street backing Republicans in elections

Woman to become American citizen after 101 years in U.S.

Why business has done so well under Obama?

Digital Inwardness and Digital Intimacy

Whitman: No disconnect between frugality and her record-setting spending...she's smart & strategic!

The Rude Pundit: For GOP Candidates, Having a Past Means Never Having to Say

The Rude Pundit: For GOP Candidates, Having a Past Means Never Having to Say

Nate Silver: Republicans set to gain between 17 and 78 seats

Cops: Staten Island teens tormented Muslim student

Large Swaths of Earth Drying Up, Study Suggests

REPORT: Wall Street Pays Out Billions in Record Compensation

Unfair attacks on Obama aren't the way to go

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2

Tuesday TOON Roundup 5

Corporate America will probably be watching the polls more than any of us will

Zahra Baker Update: Missing Case Turns into Homicide Investigation

Update from Kentucky

All the close polls are a rigged gambit to use e-voting to steal the elections.


RepubliCorp at the Columbus Day Parade in Chicago...

Holy Shit! 'Back to the Future' without Michael J. Fox.

LINKS for live Web streams of tonight's final Brown-Whitman debate (6:30 p.m. Pacific)


Monsanto; an old story, a new ruling.

Letter Exposes Meg Whitman - "How To Stand By Your Nanny"

y activists deliver petition to Mormon church

Oath-Keeper's child taken due to abuse.

This is ALL that Mr. Paladino is owed:

Unemployment rate for over 25 year old college grads is approx. 4.5 %

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4

Video: Ann Coulter Defends Carl "Great Warrior" Paladino's Anti-Gay Comments

Gay activists deliver petition to Mormon church

Toon: Ann Coulter Remakes Herself

Fed. judge ordered military to STOP ENFORCING DADT immediately!

Do you know about the 2 Vietnam War veterans they're trying to deport? The story has been around

A Plea to the Attorney General: Please Make Voting Rights Act Enforcment a Priority

Final debate tonight, Whitman gets no traction with WhoreGate, Brown leads among women voters @ 47%

Taxing polls

Reality based legislation

Note to teabaggers: Relatively Open Borders -- Not Harsh Immigration Restrictions -- Follow the True

If you get a quiet moment and can stream video, Laura Flanders with John Lewis.

Rand Paul knocks Bill Clinton over Lewinsky scandal

Rand Paul knocks Bill Clinton over Lewinsky scandal

Rand Paul knocks Bill Clinton over Lewinsky scandal

Climate change skeptic cited by Cuccinelli is under investigation

Sexy calendar made for Russian president Putin

MSNBC reporting that Chile's president has arrived at the mine site

If Elena Kagen recused herself from conflicting issues, should Clarence Thomas

Was just listening to rush

BREAKING: Federal judge orders Obama admin. to stop DADT discharges immediately. Will Obama comply,

BREAKING: Federal judge orders Obama admin. to stop DADT discharges immediately. Will Obama comply,

What Happens If 'None Of The Above' Wins In Nevada?

"We don't have any greed in this country"

Who gives a flying, red-rat's ass fuck WHAT Karl Rove says, and

Who gives a flying, red-rat's ass fuck WHAT Karl Rove says, and

Gibbs To Rove: Here's Our 'Enemies List'...Now Show Us Your Donors

Christian Right group: Being pro-gay violates separation of church and state

Can Washington Outsiders Survive Washington?

E-mail from Sherrod Brown

i have a theory. favorite season and bday.

Help,my DU friends.How do you find out who a corporation has contributed to?

"This election is about choosing the direction this country takes." -Obama

Remember the laptop webcam case with the school in PA?

This foreclosure "issue" is Step 2 in the TARP bailout.

Helen Thomas on being anti-Semitic: 'Baloney!'

I agree with James Carville

How many Americans consume marijuana in a year?



Democrat Mitchell Now a Favorite Again in Arizona

BREAKING NEWS: Federal judge orders military to stop discharging gays

Apple stock closing in on $300...

When Karl Rove Squeals, You’re Doing Something Right

Obama and DOJ defy Federal Judge Orders....

Obama is telling us what kind of car to drive?

you have to check this out at Weasil Zippers.a Tea Party Site. -RepubliCorp..>Link> funny

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for:

White separatist pleads guilty to threatening to kill Pres. Obama in letter from Oregon state pen

Son of Homophobic Professor Comes Out, Hoping to Help Others

Rush is a Nazi

Rush is a Nazi

Michelle Bachmann calls Tarryl Clark ad "profanity-laced"

Tweety's got the "independent" Michelle Bernard on. Check out her friends. ...

Claustrophobia... Tweet they will have to deal with it

What if the pollsters and the media are lying to you??

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1- the toxic flood

Will he appeal it?

I will tell you this folks

Rand Paul calls tax code 'disaster,' would replace income tax with sales tax

We like to talk of DNA only in the biological sciences

The Justice Department has 60 days to appeal. Experts say government is under no legal obligation to

Jan Brewer's scumbag campaign manager plays gay card against Terry Goddard.

Jan Brewer's scumbag campaign manager plays gay card against Terry Goddard.

President Obama and Dems

Obama will not ban home repossessions 'fraud'

BANK HOLIDAY... this is exactly what we need

Some people are waking up to the disaster that is the Bush/Obama education agenda.

Any organic chemists out there? It occurred to me that whenever

Lessons of the Obama Debacle: Six Reasons behind the Debacle

Lessons of the Obama Debacle: Six Reasons behind the Debacle

A flavor of the new medical marijuana law in Colorado...

Wait, why are THEY angry? Really?

Gov't: Offshore oil drilling ban to be lifted

Going to vote in November? You might want to seeare going this:

"Cleantech 100" - Are you interested in developing cleantech companies?

For your enjoyment:The Week's Top 5 Funniest Videos: Sanchez, Lynch, Banksy and more

Democratic representative Kathy Castor questions lifting of oil ban.

Meg Whitman scores endorsement of pro-Prop 8 pastor, "The Karl Rove of Latino evangelicals"

How do these numbers jibe with the allegedly looming Republican landslide?

Washington at Work--for the Wealthy: Uncle Sam is concentrating America's wealth, not sharing it

The High and the Mighty: Inside California's Marijuana Politics

Hurricane Paula set a modern record for fastest intensification

Help even out the comments on this article about Mormon gay basher Packer

Deportations at Record High Tuesday, October 12, 2010 Deportations at Record High Just weeks before

Why Foreclosure Fraud Is So Dangerous to Property Rights

Why are companies allowed to discriminate against those whom they see as over-educated?

Federal judge issues worldwide injunction against "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Federal judge orders military to stop enforcing 'don't ask, don't tell'

It is very easy for anyone to find meaningful work.

Coons (D-Del.) Headed for Big Win

Saw killer gets 44-year term

SANITY' RALLIES going global.

Obama town hall on now 7 PM EST link below. please kick

Everyone's running away from Carl Paladino after his anti-gay remarks. Everyone except Ann Coulter.

D.C. Circuit Pick Discloses Income, Political Contacts (she "canvassed voters" for Obama campaign)

This Mine-extraction situation is oddly fascinating

Report: Mexican Investigator Of 'Lake Pirates' Incident Decapitated

Since Americablog seems to be the "Site I Hate" du jour, hate this, why dontcha:

Caption rudy and carly!

I have 100$ left to donate to DEMS. So.... PDA or DFA?

It's An Outrage - Derf's Latest

Today I signed up to be a polling place observer. What about you?

LAT: Schwarzenegger tweets endorsement for Florida's Charlie Crist

Chinese Government Buys $2 Billion Share of Texas Oil and Gas Fields Tuesday, October 12, 2010 Chine

At a very basic level, I don't care if the Blue Dogs get elected

In Chile, it is now hours, not days or weeks, until the first of the miners will emerge.

Why has it taken 17 years for DADT to be ruled unconstitutional?

Why has it taken 17 years for DADT to be ruled unconstitutional?

Why has it taken 17 years for DADT to be ruled unconstitutional?

Congressional Races

face the nation headline: Schieffer Smacks Down Axelrod's Foreign Money Accusation

101-Year-Old Woman Becomes Citizen, Finally

Before we get carried away with Alan Grayson joining DU----

question: changing jobs and must COBRA health ins for a month.

NYT Columnist David Brooks Gets Schooled by NYT Readers

Matthews is Mr. Nonsense

Lisa Murkowski polling 33% as write in candidate in Alaska.

Man Says He Lost Custody Newborn Due To Political Ties(OathKeepers)Domestic Abuser RW Cause Celebre

Boston TV station making campaign issue out of Obama's aunt

Gov. O'Malley (MD) is shutting down all foreclosures for 60 days.

Mexican Lake Shooting - Tiffany Hartley - media sensationalism and why

AC: Just a few moments away from capsule being lowered to begin rescue of miners.

AC: Just a few moments away from capsule being lowered to begin rescue of miners.

Now is not the time...

Who do you know personallly who isn't planning to vote?

Worst. Promotion. Ever.

I saw a Bloomberg poll that had Democrats leading Republicans 49-47 among likely voters

Germany's "austerity" program: what does/did it look like? Why does Joey Scar like to talk about it?

Educator calls Ron Johnson on "facts" Johnson cited in debated with Feingold.

AP - "Rand Paul: Medicaid Has Turned Into Welfare"

All your posting does not belong to you/ 'Scrapers' Dig Deep for Data on Web

Check out this Radio flyer

Jack Black is Nathan Spewman - Professional Liar

I know one thing's for sure about Rich Iott

Mine rescue underway (UPDATE)

Dont forget to VOTE

Mr. President: Obey Judge Phillips' order and suspend the discharges

Another Corporate Squeeze: Profitable Kohler Co. Pushes Drastic Concessions

Testimony: Teen ‘went crazy' (update killed pizza delivery man for under $50)

Urgent! We can win this cycle! Voting is NOT enough! We are close but

We need a non-political video forum

¿Como se dice en español "Rev. Wright"?

1 of the 2 cities Sharron Angle cited as being under threat from Sharia Law doesn't really exist!

The GOP says cut spending.

Fix the Broken IRS Code

Fix the Broken IRS Code

A scam from the "USPS Delivery Problem NR295008" that I experienced.

A scam from the "USPS Delivery Problem NR295008" that I experienced.

Alaska couple converts pickup into Radio Flyer Car

McDonald’s Happy Meal resists decomposition for six months +

from Alan Grayson

Have you been refused health insurance coverage and can't afford state coverage?

Midterms- How many House seats did the Repubs lose/gain in Reagan's first midterm?

Rep. Peter King on Byron Williams/Beck Story: 'Words Have Consequences'

Live Video: Chilean Mine Rescue

Florida Won't Appeal Overturn of Gay Adoption Ban

SC Jail Lets Inmates Only Read Bible

Moderators - can we have a temporary GOTV forum? Some of us are actively working to get Dems

Credit where credit is due. Log Cabin Republicans take lead on ending DADT.

On Ko: Teabagger Palodino says "he'd re-open gitmo if Obama closes it."

Should we celebrate Newton's birthday on Dec. 25th or Jesus?

WHISTLEBLOWER: Kaplan University Cheats Low-income Students and the Washington Post Benefits

Gay club burned down, arson.

It looks like the miners are

Rand Paul wants to replace Income Tax with National Sales Tax (A.K.A. "Fair Tax")

DU ad a scam site - caution re: swipe bid

OMG......"Acting White" by Ron Christie????

Now.. right now Rescue on the way!!!

Judge imposes ban on "don't ask, don't tell' policy on gays in the military [Updated- LA Times]

Sharron Angle No Integri-tea! - pics

Brown Whitman debate online

the tax canard

I think it was incredible that the miners are being rescued for this length of time

Pope outlines latest effort revive Christianity

Brokaw: Any reason why you didn't vote or otherwise get involved in public life?

Judge orders military to stop discharging gays: Read the text of the judges order here

Okay, okay, you win, Repukes. We MUST cut government spending.

While clapping the rescue of the miners - please remember these points.

So a Judge Finally calls out DADT for it's Unconstitutionality

BREAKING NEWS: The lead investigator of the Hartley case on Texas/Mexico Lake Falcon loses head...

BREAKING NEWS: The lead investigator of the Hartley case on Texas/Mexico Lake Falcon loses head...

Sign the petition asking AG Holder NOT to defend DADT

Man, why can't this guy be the new North Korean leader?

Capsule at the bottom. Rescuer with miners. Live video. n/t

NY Times Shocked, Shocked Over BloomKlein Claims on Reading Scores

The first miner is on his way up the shaft!!! n/t


make it !!!!!!!!!

The Tea Party: A new slant on whackadoodles

The Tea Party: A new slant on whackadoodles

McDonald's Happy Meal resists decomposition for six months

Frontline - God In America - Has anyone been watching this - interesting

First miner out

July 24, 1992: George Bush tells POW/MIA families to "shut up and sit down!"

Comment of the Day: Don't Worry, President Obama Is Going to Be Just Fine

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Here's a new Kitty gif!

"If you're trying to scare the president by throwing a book,you're one president too late."

Rand Paul's college group mocked Christians

I have one thing to say to Karl Rove about this Chamber of Commerce stuff...

Michele Rhee - Outta There!

Log Cabin Republicans achieve what Obama and Congress could not or would not achieve

If per chance Democrats do not lose "Big Time" and in fact actually win a seat or two

will we win this election?

Whaaa! Dem candidate (Herron-TN): DCCC canceled ads because I won't support Pelosi

I am still laughing at a comment on the Bill Press show this morning. "The doors of the asylum are

Whitman's throwing the Disasta from Alaska under the bus! She's going to be OUT OF TOWN!

Why the teabaggers love the Palin types

I just want to gripe about -MY- state of dismay

A friend just hacked through the government firewall from within China

Baby Born From 20-Year-Old Frozen Embryo

On Special Diets

Federal Judge rules to bar DADT Enforcement

Limbaugh: "Mammograms are the convenant, the sacred covenant of feminazism"

Oh Goody! Its Bonus Time Again!

What Do You Guys Think About Our New Banner?

The Nation: Dangling logistics of Afghan war!

Forget the birth certificate, these nutjobs want Obama's DNA!

How Do You React When You Hear an Ethnic Slur?

New Mother tests Positive for Drugs after Eating PoppySeed Bagel-Baby Taken from Her

The war on Jobs?


This message looks very suspicious to our SmartScreen filters,

Please do not point and laugh at the delicate creatures; they are most easily upset.

Proposal: Retire Columbus Day. Establish Galileo Day.

City to pay in health plan deal (MY UNION WON, OUR CONTRACT HELD UP IN COURT!!!)

Here it goes! Capsule is in the hole!

Hey American Billionaires.. Do you think of yourselves as Americans?

Toomey just ran an ad about how he created 100s of jobs

Newest Disgusting Sandwich -- Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger

People who are proud that they never vote

Here is how sick some people are

Every week I make a donation to some Dem and/or

The guy who drilled the hole to reach the miners was American

Why is oil $86 a barrel?

Petaluma, Ca veterinarian gives soldier's dog a new lease on life

How do we know that Osama Bin Laden isn't funding Republicans?

Just curious, how much could Social Security costs be up after 2 year of no COLA

Brown just TKOed Whitman on Pete Wilson's "Whore" problem

Director Stone says Michael Douglas' health precarious

Anyone see Jon Stewart destroy Eric Cantor?

Wisconsin GOP chairman refers to "executing Obama"

Whitman moaning and rolling her eyes...Crowd booing her

Ezra Klein defends the US Chamber of Commerce, attacks Dems, doesn't know the word "fungible"

How to act like a commander in chief, and avoid craven passings of the buck

21 Senators urge Obama not to appeal DADT decision

1 out of 3 NY voters aged 18 to 34 prefer Carl Paladino...


The Dean "scream" with a shot of tequila...

List of 10 Most Influential Food Trucks Released

Russ Feingold needs our help

Forgiveness Appreciation Thread

Democrat fights back against Fox News lawsuit

"Obama administration back into sheltering the banking industry from the demands of an angry public"

"Obama administration back into sheltering the banking industry from the demands of an angry public"

NYT Headline 12 years ago today: Gay Man Dies From Attack, Fanning Outrage and Debate

Why Are Bailed-Out Banks Breaking into Struggling Borrowers’ Homes?

Are you a toxic asset?

Rich Iott Defends Nazis He Dresses Up As: 'They Were Doing What They Thought Was Right' AC360

BREAKING: Department of Justice has appealed Mass. rulings against DOMA

This Modern World: Parallel universe, six months from now

Collapse in Living Standards in America

What is the purpose of denying an ex felon the right to vote?

This is the bottom line in the EDUCATION Debate: "Manifesto should be resignation"...

More fallout from the population bomb

CEO arrested and corporation held liable!

Microsoft releases fixes for record number of vulns

I hate to be a downer - I really do. But seeing that miner being rescued made me think

Dan Savage: Confidential to the White House; Fuck you, you pack of co-opting cowards.

Jon Stewart just wished us a happy canadian thanksgiving. And he mentioned

Democrats need to recognize their role in the culture of LGBT suicide

Females were barred from Paladino's appearance at synogogue, female reporters were out on sidewalk

Uh, Oh. GE's Tom Brokaw, Upstaged by Jerry Brown in 1992, Will "Moderate" the Brown/Whitman Debate

Doubt cast on existence of possibly habitable alien planet

The more I research lariam,the angrier I get-I need help from those in the know

Grayson debates without Webster???

Cognitive Dissonance - I haz it.

"If you couldn't find someone in your home who was illegal, how do you expect businesses to do it?"

Paladino: I'm Owed Apology over Anti-Gay Remarks

Posted in Error

THIS is how you deal with right wing sexist attacks on your candidacy:

Before you defend this candidate "reenactment" thing consider this

Digby: Psychobaggers **hate** women to **death**

How to Recycle Tricky Materials: Guide to Recycling

Stewart just ripped the RW over their hypocracy re: foreign funding!

A Smaller Pack of Blue Dogs

Must Read First: 'How A Handful Of Liberal Bloggers Are Bringing Down The Obama Presidency'

Wow..... just WOW

Wow..... just WOW

Wall Street Begins To Fear Nightmare Foreclosure-Gate Scenario Where All Of Housing Finance Is Wreck

It's LGBTQI, not just Gay.

It's LGBTQI, not just Gay.

Attention fellow straight people:

I am officially pissed off.

On the road with DemoTex (DIAL-UP WARNING): What was on THIS pilot's mind?

Finally I think I can put into words what has disturbed me about attacks on "the left."

Finally I think I can put into words what has disturbed me about attacks on "the left."

Oh, chill out, senior citizens. Eating is overrated anyway.

It's really not fair to say the corporations are buying the Government.

Newt awards doctors with "2010 Champions of Medicine". Just pay him $5k to receive it!

Law firm releases a "mountain of evidence" proving a massive illegal bank foreclosure scheme!

The Chilean rescue is not a miracle

Unhappycamper appreciation thread-we are so lucky to have him here.

Population growth is a major problem in the world. What are you doing

Population growth is a major problem in the world. What are you doing

I'll be the first to throw my full hearted support for Michelle Obama in 2016

The media is working overtime this election season!!

(R)asmussen Poll: NH Governor: Lynch (D) 53% Stephen (R) 43%

Boehner: A Republican majority would propose spending cuts weekly

Obama's EPA riles Bush's industry hacks

Ken Buck (R-CO) refused to take rape victim's case

Latest Fox Polls: GOP leads in OH, Dems in DE, CT--NV & WA toss-ups

Out of touch Republicans in MA ""Wine,Women and Jewels"

Crocodile tears from Wall Street

What a Democratic win on Nov. 2 would look like

Fire Fighters airing TV ad for Manchin, blast Raese

(R)asmussen Poll--IL Senate: Giannoulias (D) 44% (+3) Kirk (R) -2)

White House doubles down on Chamber criticism

Incredible. Republican WV candidate Raese -- Abolish the Minimum Wage

Bloomberg Generic Congressional Poll - Democrats lead by 42-40.

Ron Johnson Calls On Chamber Of Commerce To Disclose Funding Of Attack Ads

Obama hits road hard for midterms

Survey USA: Paladino's 15-minutes are up--Dems soar to victory in 3 statewide races

Seriously - are we going to retain control of Congress?

PPP Alaska Senate R1 35%, R2 33%, D26%

PPP/Kos: Alaska Senate--Miller (R) 35% Murkowski (R) 33% McAdams (D) 26%

"Teabaggers" in the Senate - Coming in November

New poll has Coons with a 19pt lead over O'Donnell (perhaps she really isn't me!)

Karl Rove Denies GOP Gets Cash From Foreign Sources (VIDEO)

TODAY is the Voter Registration DEADLINE for: steps in to defend the Chamber

I was reading The Kennedys: America's Emerald Kings: A Five-Generation History of the Ultimate Irish

PPP: Nevada Senate--Reid (D) 47% Angle (R) 45%

Poll: Obama more popular in Alaska than the pig wearing lipstick

If you're feeling down... never forget that...

Dumbest Man on Internet: Obama gave GE stimulus cash as reward for MSNBC's coverage

Chamber "speak(s) through Fox News" -- its donor's subsidiary -- to respond to administration

Bank sues Federal Reserve to stop part of Wall Street overhaul

Anyone else read the New Yorker article on Climate Change Legislation?

"It's worth appreciating just how stark raving mad this is."

Bill Clinton, Jerry Brown, and Gavin Newsom to Appear Together at UCLA Campaign Rally

Bill Clinton, Jerry Brown, and Gavin Newsom to Appear Together at UCLA Campaign Rally

Dear Chuck: Awash in secret, outside corporate millions, R's can afford to expand their efforts

IBD/TIPP generic poll 48-43 (rep). Independents prefer reps by 55-31

Corporate American is trying to buy what's left of our Democracy with anonymous donations

Political Animal Video: 'Guess Who's Voting?'

Special Interests Dump $300K More Into Hypocrite Medicare Fraudster Rick Scott Campaign in 4 Days

Obama's road schedule over the next 13-days

Total number of voters in Kentucky by Party affiliation

McCain Tells Tea Partiers: GOP Is ‘Party Of Hell No’ And Fox...Is ‘The Best Place To Get Your News’

GE received $25 Million Stimulus, then shipped thousands of jobs

How much money is Al Queda giving to GOP fronts?

How about some fact-checks of Karl Rove's and right's falsehoods?

AFL-CIO sees path for Dem House majority

(R)asmussen Poll--Wisconsin Senate: Johnson (R) 52% (-2) Feingold (D) 45% (+3)

WI Governor's Poll: Barrett (D): 42% Walker (R) 52% (Reuters/Ipsos)

Angle raises a WHOPPING 14 million dollars in the 3rd quarter

WI Governor's Poll: Barrett (D): 47% Walker (R) 47%

Axelrod: We'll keep pounding outside spending and foreign money

Flashback: 5/08 "Obama: Don't fund independent groups"

California Gubernatorial Debate

Durbin Wants IRS Investigation of Crossroads GPS

Like Carter, Obama is Right But Doesn't Get Credit

Me and my Daughter are waiting...

Trillions in debt? Why give them the credit card again?

Obama-Bloomberg 2012? I am not convinced ...yet.

Wrong answer --I just got a survey call from the republican party and the question

WH reveals 'enemies' list'

This is the best quote I've heard so far in this election

Biden: 2010 election more important than 2008

You know what? I give up...

NYT prints Chamber of Commerce letter: Recent Attacks on the Chamber

George Will claims AFL-CIO receives dues from foreign entities...just like U.S. Chamber of Commerce

PPP--FL Senate--Rubio (R) 44% Crist (I) 33% Meek (I) 21%--Rubio still wins one-on-one

Obama Billboard: More Tea Party Hate Speech

Mark Kirk Sends Poll Monitors To 'Vulnerable,' Largely African-American Neighborhoods

Archived 3rd debate video stream on CSPAN of Jerry Brown vs. Meg Whitman starring Tom Brokaw

Is Ezra Klein the DLC's Gen Y recruit as the "face of today's young liberal"?

**** A Town Hall with Barack Obama, Live 7pm EDT ****

PPP Poll: Manchin (D) reclaims lead in WVA Senate Race!!!

Does anyone know if there will be video of tonight's CT Senate debate?

Why Obama Is Losing the Political War

Nate Silver: Modest Gains for Democrats in Gubernatorial Forecast

Bachmann Claims That The Chamber Is Using A ‘Separate’ PAC To Fund Campaign Attack Ads

Pundits and Republicans agree: Dem attack on Chamber is a flop

The Rev. Joseph Lowery: 'In 2008, we changed the guard. This year, we must guard the change.'

Quinnipiac Poll: FL Governor--Scott (R) 45% (-4) Sink (D) 44% (+1)

Elway Poll--WA Senate: Murray (D) 55% Rossi (R) 40%

AFL-CIO Expands Targets, Hopes To Be Dem "Firewall"

Who do you know personallly who isn't planning to vote?

Republicans Are Almost Always Wrong

White House action to prevent bullying and suicide among LGBT youth.

Obama administration appeals ruling that threw out anti-gay law (DOMA)

I've written this before, but it needs to be said again...I am a straight vet

I sat next to an AZ Republican today

Photo: The Obama and.....

This is all you need to know about Mark Halperin and why his BS should be BANNED from DU.

Jerry just kicked Meg's ass again

Bless his heart..The President just sent me another letter telling

Rep. Alan Grayson posts on DU

''Baked Potatoes: a Pot Smoker's Guide to Film and Video ''

So, what's Lucky Luciano's reaction going to be when he realizes that he's boffing Jimmy's mom?

The Caboodle Ranch

Anyone know if I can get a word count on a bunch of word docs...without

I have a double

I bet he's not laughing now...

For those that live in a single family apartment, do you actually have more than one door?

Marathon Jesus

Got snow? nt

I get to go to the quack today...

The truth points to itself.

Tuesday morning picture thread

I can't be the only one here really excited for Jackass 3-D.

Why I am not going to see "The Social Network"

I'm Going Trick-or-Treating!

Something about these two just doesn't look right.

I know that someday, I will have to call 911 with this:

Who would win in a cook-off? Iron Chef or Iron Man?

Back from the doctor...

Today was National Coming Out Day. So, I have something to tell you.

if chewbacca was my friend


I gain a daughter in law next summer

One Day

What was that Tom Cruise movie in which he went to Japan in 1800s? God that was a piece of shit.

Why can't I have a pet Red Panda?

How did your family treat Meth?

How did your family treat Beth?

Disgraced former Miss California Carrie Prejean to be a part of the next Survivor?

Why don't they combine Survivor with The Biggest Loser?

Are there too many foreigners?

Belle and Sebastian Write About Love - your thoughts?

Normally I can't stand movies like 'Taken' but just watched it for the first time and I can say this

A Single Sheet of Paper - Peter Callesen art

Circle contacts for Halloween - anybody know about these?


Anyone ever buy one of those automatic litter boxes?

I run into these people WAY too often on the bus. I ALWAYS wish I had a squirtgun... a FULL one!

This is true... SO true. And why are you women cruel like dat?

Anyone here have bottled water delivered to their home?

Should you be close to a coastal area before ordering sushi. OBVIOUSLY, the answer is YES!!!!!!!

There is one person to whom mathematics means absolutely NOTHING!!!!

Man develops power to rip holes in the fabric of reality


And finally: How many moms consider that children could negatively affect your vagina?

I am so excited for Fallout: New Vegas!


Good news, everybody! (McDonald's Happy Meal)

How did your family cheat death?

Late Tuesday early Wednesday kitteh (day off fun)

Need movie recs for an 85-yo guy

If I ever have a son, how should I bond with him?

For a dog, life is HARD... ... ... ... but sometimes, life is HARDER.

OMG they did it! RANGERS!!!

Has anyone here taken a webinar? If so, could you relate your experience.

litter robot - is this too much technology for a litter box?

4-year-old playing and singing "What a Wonderful World" on the ukulele

I know zero of baseball, but when channel surfing I became aware SF beat Atlanta out of the playoffs

Jury duty this morning for the first time ever.

Please share one picture...

"Feynman, I know why all electrons have the same charge and the same mass"

Really tired of co workers who will find any loophole to get out of work

Saturday Night Live Presents the Best of Chris Kattan... What bullshit.

2 bunnies, 2 cups...

Gag, the tea party motherfuckers are holding a rally in my town this week.

Sweet - the new World of Warcraft patch is almost 5GB in size! Exciting!

If I never hear another Springsteen tune, I will recover.

Random Questions

So my floor lamp just burst into flames

Vibes and prayers requested for my step-father, please


I found a pottery shard in the mountains.

LOL Some of the Freepers enjoying Bristol's "dancing" TOO MUCH!

Oh good, here's my drink order. What are you all having?

Oregon county decriminalizes heroin, meth, cocaine and shoplifting, among others

Currency wars are necessary if all else fails

Five new rotating members to be elected for UN Security Council

Ecuadorian Police Chief Apologizes for Coup Attempt

Police, family say Belding area soldier took her own life

Former VP Dick Cheney appears gaunt at California event months after heart procedure

Rebel Leader Wanted By ICC for Alleged War Crimes Arrested in France

Effort stalls to cover Tricare dependents up to age 26

Who's upset over the economy? Everybody, everywhere

Clinton urges reform in Bosnia

Paladino: I'm Owed Apology over Anti-Gay Remarks

Oil moratorium could be lifted soon

Wall Street backing Republicans in elections

Obama Criticizes Tax-Exempt Pro-Republican Groups

Should my neighbor prosecute brutal teenage prank?

Helen Thomas on being anti-Semitic: 'Baloney'

US bankers set for record pay and bonuses for second year

Impacts of training flights questioned

Oil industry looks to Iraq after Gulf spill

Thirteen-year old rapes 2, walks free

GOP Angle rewrites policy positions in Nev. race

BREAKING: Federal judge orders Obama admin. to stop DADT discharges immediately. Will Obama comply,

Child Abuse Investigations Didn’t Reduce Risk, a Study Finds

French Strikes Disrupt Travel

Declassified docs show U.S. officials urged Clinton, Bush to strike al-Qaida

Saw killer gets 44-year term

Researcher: Suicide terrorism linked to military occupation

Obama administration appeals ruling backing gay marriage

Toyota probe on schedule, US car safety unit says

Half of Colombian men admit to abusing partner

Kim Jong-il's oldest son against North Korea dynastic succession

Canada's role in Thailand arrests queried

Hungary moves to seize company connected to red sludge spill

Robo-signers: Mortgage experience not necessary

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 12

Civilian Cargo Plane Crashes in Mountains East of Kabul

Elite Colombian soldiers guilty of killing civilian

U.S. Alarmed by Harsh Tone of China’s Military

Nevada Woman Says Republican Candidate Brian Sandoval Hired Her Before she had Legal Status

Chile official: 1st miner to surface today

Iceland 'best country for gender equality'

Al-Qaeda affiliate calls for strikes on U.S. targets such as D.C. restaurants

France faces major disruption as workers threaten open-ended strikes

GM offers stock deal to employees, retirees, dealers

Trial of Gitmo detainee charged in Tanzania bombing moves forward

A Latter-Day Happy Warrior Tries to Energize Democrats

Obama administration lifts deep-water drilling moratorium

Sarah Palin says if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, it could lead to Armageddon or World War III

Sarah Palin says if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, it could lead to Armageddon or World War III

Arizona Immigration Law: Judge denies bid to stop lawsuit

Paladino Apologizes for Remarks About Gays

Dropped rape case dogs GOP Senate candidate

Defiant chamber vows to spend more on election

Wall Street Pay: A Record $144 Billion

Mexican Investigator Searching for Killers of American David Hartley Is Decapitated

Rhee is Out...

Next of Kim: North Korean propaganda machine gears up to anoint next leader

Obama Backs State Foreclosure Probe, Against Nationwide Freeze, Gibbs Says

Chile starts rescue of miners

Google to Invest in Major Offshore Wind Power Line Project

Expelled From Bush Speech, Pair Now Rebuffed by Supreme Court

Italy's crackdown on Gypsies reflects rising anti-immigrant tide in Europe

Chevron Hit With $19 Million Judgment After Jury Rejects John Connor’s Testimony

BREAKING NEWS: Federal judge orders military to stop discharging gays

Feds appeal Mass. rulings against US marriage law

Belle and Sebastian Write About Love - your thoughts?

Ad from Paladino's Youtube channel - two people insult New York City and downstate.

Rescue workers wash off Hungarian hedgehog

Russ Feingold and Ron Johnson talk about their closeness to the Tea Party

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Matt Taibi of Rolling Stone - Magic Money Printing Machine Dangerous

A Red State Update Ad: Jim Pratt for School Board (Howell, MI)

Can I Get Some Yard Signs

The Ballad of Christine O'Donnell

Prop 23 - The Dark Truth...where did this money come from?

Weird Liberal Head Show #190: RepubliCorp

MSNBC w/ Cenk: Should Politicians Be Like You (Or Your Neighbor)?

Healthcare For America: The Mis-Informant with Jack Black as Nathan Spewman

Ha, it works! Finally! Weird Liberal Head Show #190: RepubliCorp

Rachel Maddow Show: Republicans new crazy ideology

Jay-Z "Vote Again 2010" PSA from

Judge: Stop Enforcing DADT

Really: New Windows Phone Ad

One Penny More

Christine O'Donnell NMA TV Style

MRN: Carl Paladino and Adam Lambert's Big GAY Problem

Chancellor of CUNY defends open admissions (1982)


Ed Schultz - The Hardest Working Progressive in America

INN News: Reagan Admin. crackdown on porn (1986)

President Kennedy defends increasing minimum wage (1962)

Pat Sajak Show: Keith Olbermann's first network app. (1989)

We Are Family - The Ahmadinnerjacket Quintet

Assassination without a Trial???

US Rep. Lewis (D, GA-5) Speaks at Atlanta Pride Festival

Ron Paul is FOR Term Limits (Except His Own Or Like-Minded People) - 'Last Word'

MRN: Ohio Congressional Race Goes NAZI

Raise the Social Security Retirement Age? All tricks, no treats

Evans & Novack: Mario Cuomo on anti-Italian slurs (1986)

US refuses to acknowledge its failures and mistakes in the Balkans

How to Fight Republican Front Groups

POLICE BRUTALITY - Cop Shoots And Kills Unarmed Man & The Family Dog

Corporate Reform Action Pack (for education) CRAP

JFK calls out greedy steel execs (1962)

Dr. Riki Ott: Orange Beach Public Health Forum

Avoid the Double Dip (Nouriel Roubini)

When Karl Rove Squeals, You’re Doing Something Right

Book Exposes the Dirty Truth Behind Coca-Cola: Accusations of Murder and Environmental Destruction

Their Own Facts-How basic misunderstandings about government benefit the right

Chris Hedges on Aristophanes, Lysistrata, and the present moment

Cat Food v. Caviar: Wall St. Salaries UP, SS to Seniors DOWN

Angle rewrites policy positions in NV race - a new angle for candidate off on a tangent

Are We Giving Our Soldiers Drugs That May Make Them Kill Themselves?

Herr Rove is angry. If WH is wrong, show him to be a liar by showing us your records!

Best Bill Maher Quotes

Supreme Court won't take case of pair ejected from Bush speech

Canadians, Americans drifting apart on shared security since 9/11

Rich Iott Defends Nazis He Dresses Up As: 'They Were Doing What They Thought Was Right'

Collapsing empire watch

Boehner’s “job creation” plan would result in a loss of one million jobs nationwide

Nobel Winner Liu, Quiet Literary Critic, Terrifies Beijing

Boehner handed out checks from Tobacco lobby to Congressmen BEFORE a vote on subsidies for Tobacco

President Obama: "I can only succeed if I've got help" ....

America's new poor: the end of the middle-class dream

Peak Oil Review - Oct 11

Drumbeat: October 12, 2010

Brazil eyes microchips in trees

The Current Approach to Climate Politics Is Not Working

Offshore Wind Power Line Wins Praise, and Backing

Paula Now Cat II Hurricane 140 SSE Cozumel Max Sust 100 - 9th Hurricane Of Season

Google helps finance 'superhighway' for wind power - WaPo

Xpost: Book Exposes the Dirty Truth Behind Coca-Cola

Brazil To Auction 1 Million Ha Of Rain Forest - Will Be "Privately Managed" By Timber Companies

CBD Conference In Nagoya To Face Collapse In Funding, Continuing Drumbeat Of Extinctions - Nature

Tianjin Talks Stumbling - China, Brazil Refusing To Even Discuss Legal Framework For Emisssions Cuts

New Study Finds Wind Energy Could Power 20% of the Globe by 2030

New Campaign Ad - Senate Candidate Shoots Rifle Into "Cap & Trade" Target - He's The Democrat

Scrapping the Safe Nuke?

Solar Installer’s Death Points to Job Hazards in a Growing, Green Industry

Want to see all the pronuke arguments used on DU gathered in one place?

Shifting the world to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2030 – here are the numbers

India-Japan nuclear talks inconclusive

GAO Warns Of Threat To Tritium Stockpile

Want to see all the antinuke arguments used on DU gathered in one place?

Why electric cars are more efficient than gas cars, regardless of the power source.

Peak Oil founder M. King Hubbert became anti-nuclear and pro-solar

Halladay vs. Lincecum on Saturday, right?

Another error for MLB: NLCS starts Saturday...

Public Funding of stadiums

Incredible shot from the upper deck!

Halladay vs. Lincecum on many innings before someone scores?

Congrats to the Smallmen! The Ginats looked good!

Chris Bosh meets President Obama


Here we go Rangers! Here we go!

Fredi Gonzalez will be new Atlanta Braves manager.

Strange NFL season this time

I'm torn over tonight's game...I will root for whichever team you can convince me has the

Sources: Pac-10 divisions could hinge on California, Stanford compromises

Islanders Wisniewski Obscene Gesture Towards Sean Avery

Colt McCoy Likely to Start for Battered Browns in Pittsburgh

*******College Football: Week Seven*******

Ecuador's CONAIE and Defamation by “Journalism of the State”

Ecuador Police apologized to the people and Rafael Correa

Protesters Stage Mock Cleanup At Chevron Station

Guatemalan president's move to veto death penalty legislation welcomed

American Science’s Racist History Still Haunts the World

Colombia: Bullets fly and dropouts rise in Medellin

Elite Colombian soldiers guilty of killing civilian

Half of Colombian men admit to abusing partner

Saw killer gets 44-year term

Colombia: Disciplinary charges for 2 ex-ministers

Colombia elected to U.N. Security Council

Venezuela Nationalizes Lubricant and Fertilizer Companies

Chevron Hit With $19 Million Judgment After Jury Rejects John Connor’s Testimony

Colombia: Disciplinary charges for 2 ex-ministers

Padre de Chile

I just ate an authentic Colombian almojábana.

Venezuela New Public Schools Equipped w Laptops, and some stats on education in Venezuela

Undersea Venezuela-Cuba fiber optic cable delayed

Gaston man shot, then charged with assault

What would you consider to be a reasonable set of gun laws?

Pro and Con on Pennsylvania's "Stand Your Ground" law ...

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: I was bullied, too

Will DOJ respond today in appeal of DOMA? (Must be filed by today)

National Resource Center on LGBT Aging

Study: Gay Sex vs. Straight Sex - gays not more promiscuous than straights

I know this will shock no one: Evangelical Pastor Arrested For Molesting Teenage Boys

Carlsbad Elementary Gunman: “Kill Obama and kill all the little f*gs!”

Department Of Justice Appeals [MA] DOMA Ruling

Child, somebody done brought it:

McLaughlin & Associates National Survey Oct 5th 2010 (USA)

Helen Thomas on being anti-Semitic: 'Baloney!'

PA adopts textbook, banned in Israel, offering both sides' narratives

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah and the looming showdown in Lebanon

Human rights groups founded by IDF veterans nominated for EU prize

Top 10 worst errors Israel is about to make - Bradley Burston

If I knew it was going to be in the lounge

Heeere's Charlie

On my way home from work tonight

It's 20 minutes too late

Choices I didn't make

Nightfall in Little India

Brazil eyes microchips in trees

Unweaving the cosmic web: Relativity goes large

Scientists Turn Snails Into Slug-Like Creatures

BBC alters link guidelines for online (science) articles

Universe 'Likes' to Form Galaxies Similar to the Milky Way

The first step toward building a mouse from synthetic DNA

Conan O'Brien does your astronomy homework

Red Square at night, and a few more from the Russia tour...

Cosmic strings are super-massive, ultra-thin cracks in the universe

Some of my BLACK rejects

Robots are now guarding nuclear stockpiles

I am appalled that the thread on superstition was locked

Locked Threads

Study Shows Nearly 60% Of Chicago Parishes Had Pedophile Priests

IBM criticised heavily as US website attacks corporates that offshore jobs

Today in Labor History Oct 12, 14 miners killed, 22 wounded, Miners Day & “Virden Riot”

Maryland - Home Care Providers Win Historic 1st Contract

Do ‘Mini-Med’ Insurers Gouge Low-Wage Workers?

Paycheck Fairness Act Poised to Beef Up Women’s Rights at Work

Tomato Workers’ Struggle for Justice Moves to Supermarket Aisles

Helen Thomas on being anti-Semitic: 'Baloney'

Alliance For American Manufacturing Launches Keep It Made In America Tour

Whoa... 10/10/10.

All of a sudden my beads are *selling*!

On bullying

Words to describe your spiritual path or beliefs?

10/10/10 10:10am ritual

Blast from the past--didja ever just...KNOW how to do something?

Anybody read the Fourth Turning?