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Archives: October 11, 2010

Anatomy of a Coverup: BP Contract Worker - "We Were Finding Human Body Parts On Beaches"

Anatomy of a Coverup: BP Contract Worker - "We Were Finding Human Body Parts On Beaches"

DId anyone see tonights 'Couch Gag' on 'The Simpsons'?

Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory"

Hitler finds out Obama vetoed the notarization bill ( this is pretty funny)

Science and religion aren't friends

Why is government NOW halting foreclosures?

Brave New Films: Documentary Takes On Carly Fiorina - Robert Greenwald at work

Another Day With The Company YO-YO....

Obama speech moves millions to vote Democrat.

Another gay suicide - this time in Norman, Oklahoma

This Fire In Tennessee Is Really Pushing My Buttons

Cyclist Raising Money For BP Spill Killed In Crash

Blatant racism (add homophobia recently) in America today, is it going to get even worse?

Link to ActBlue - campaign to defeat John Boehner...(asks for donation, IF you want to...)

Wow! Cool

Wow! Cool

Christopher Columbus is a damn blasted LIAR

Whoa! There's an AEI guy on C-span advocating for international cooperation on interest rates

surge update: UK leader: aid worker may have died at US hands

Teach For America Chews Up, Spits Out Another Ethnic-Studies Major

Wow. I didn't realize only 20% of Democrats support the Afghanistan war

The LA Times really sucks ass

Why We Can't Win the "War on Terror"

Horrible. British Aid worker may have been killed by a grenade thrown by a US soldier.

Gingrich Was Also Once A Proud Member Of The ‘Party Of Food Stamps’

Making Campaign Ads More Honest by Ron Howard

Bank Shot

Aid Worker Linda Norgrove killed by US grenade?

Prejudice Unending or Nearsightedness

"ONE OF the...features of the far right is the exaltation of xenophobia-fear of the poor foreigner."

The polls aren't asking the right question about excitement in this campaign cycle...

Should the media stop reporting gay suicides in order to stop them?

REALLY Big Things

At Tea Party Convention, Lou Dobbs Avoids Immigration Issues

Company Head Arrested Over Sludge Torrent in Hungary...accountability...

Day Four: Minutiae and Clarification

The Curious Case of Raul Grijalva

Despite Army Efforts, Soldier Suicides Continue

Las Vegas Slots vs Electronic Voting Machine

NYT: New Web Code Draws Concern Over Risks to Privacy

It's a delicate one.

Wishing our opponents dead.

Photo: we found Bat Boy from tablot magazine..

Out here in California, in my Congressional District...

Two Brewers: Candidate and governor contradict

Just in case someone needs to feel better about columbus day

Kunstler says US has "cranial rectosis." Great comments on the mortgage swindle.

Petition to Stop Deployments of Injured Veterans...Please Sign.

Toles Toon: Flood-gate

If you were a miner which order would you want to go based on disaster movies

A whole bunch of goofy Christine O'donnell quotes in one handy place;

Australian IMF head believes foreclosure law should dispense with the need to produce documentation!

In need of inspiration?

Chamber of Commerce slams Nobel prize, defends China (parody)

Stop the chamber of commerce from overthrowing America!

"While frail, VP Cheney still has his wit, his intellect and his beautiful wife."

That dam that failed in Hungary and released a flood of toxic sludge?

Happy National Coming Out Day!

...okay, but aside from that what qualifications does he have?

Liberal blogger rooting for Republican candidate

Who is paying for Joe Manchin WV?

Boner here today in West Palm Beach. Very interesting article.

USA Today - Different views on role of govt...

Scott McAdams: The Clear Choice for LGBTA Alaskans

Did Harry Truman give up in 48?

While this might be what it takes to get elected in some states . . . . .

Paladino: "I'm not a homophobic."

Infrastructure Bank

another look at the Intrade Prediction markets......

Late Tuesday or early Thursday, and then regularly for the next 36 to 48 hours . . . .

The Culture That Killed Tyler Clementi

Looks like we killed a lady and blamed the Taliban

The Cabal of Multinational Corporations is pleased to formally announce RepubliCorpTM,

DU posting bug...please delete

Do you have a Faith that you practice (or just believe in) or don't?

Whistle Blower Report: Florida Foreclosure Firm Fudged Forms, Ex-Paralegal Claims

America began as a haven for those seeking freedom from religious persecution

More District by District Polls Show Democrats Well-Positioned for November

What is Columbus day?

Conservatives Push Absurd Lie that Wall Street Hustlers Were Innocent Victims ... of Poor People

If you wanted to create a communication channel to get hard right ideas into the heads of morons . .

Rand Paul At Machine Gun Rally: 'We're Clinging To Our Guns, Our Religions And Our Ammunition'

Imagining a New Politics of the Commons: A fresh way of thinking about life beyond the market

America’s Third World Economy

$200K on flights to space

Director of Hungarian aluminum company arrested for toxic waste spill!

Was condelezza rice the President..

Malnourished Children Swell Ranks of World's Hungry

California Teachers Paying for Their Own Supplies and More

George Michael released from jail after 4 weeks

MSNBC new ads "Lean Forward"

"I make no apologies, I still think Dick Cheney is handsome. I just wish he were younger..."

Candidate Iott says he dresses up as a Nazi to educate son

IMAGES: North Korea's aniversary parades

For F**K'S SAKE! Virtually no media info re: Brown vs Whitman Debate Tues Oct 12th!

For those who need help figuring out who to vote for - or your friends who do

For those who need help figuring out who to vote for - or your friends who do

Iott Slams Cantor For Disowning Him Over Nazi Reenactments (VIDEO)

John Bolton: Democracy is ‘not always the answer’ (US should have kept Pakistan's dictator in power)

John Bolton: Democracy is ‘not always the answer’ (US should have kept Pakistan's dictator in power)

Carl "Foot in Mouth" Paladino responds to his homophobic remarks

Pranksters toilet-paper disgraced ex-Bell city manager's house - pics

armed intruder beaten in head with golf club

"The Simpson" and Banksy peel back the curtains

Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) thinks she has "a responsibility" to extend Bush Tax Cuts for have-mores

Time's Halperin to Obama: You're not allowed to fight back

I figured Chavez would open his big mouth sooner or later again...

I figured Chavez would open his big mouth sooner or later again...

"Scary immigrant" photo used by Vitter & Angle in ads is a photo of MEXICANS...taken IN MEXICO.

Looks like the 'Obama is gonna take yur guns' rumor was simply the industry drumming up business

GOP Infighting Goes To Another Level

Author throws his book at Obama-How long before he and his book end up on Oprah?

why is the WH defending violation of the 5th Amendment rights?

You want a target for your ire? I got a target for your ire.

"I'm not a nazi.

"Most Blatantly Outrageous Political Comment of the Year" (so far):

Happy 35th Anniversary Bill & Hillary !

Today in History : 10.11.10....1975.....

Yesterday I posted about the wackos boycotting Campbells soups..wait until they hear about McDonalds

New MSNBC primetime promos

The Rude Pundit: It's Columbus Day and We're Still Screwing Over the Natives

If Congress passes a bill that extends all of the Bush tax cuts what WILL Obama do?

Dear America, We think . . . . .

Question about Wall Street Analysts

Bank Shot

Scott Kleeb asks for BIG FAVOR

tweety called rove a 'nasty bugger'

Christians Beware--Yoga Bad for The Soul

The cult of the McRib: Celebrating mystery meat (what is it?)

"Family Values" = code for "Extreme Anti-Gay Bigotry?"

Tropical Storm Paula taking shape

"Obama Taps Food-Industry Exec (Mars) for Top Ag Research Post"

Paladino strikes out against GLBT community once AGAIN!

How to Save American Capitalism, in 809 Words

Certain Republicans Beliefs Are Akin To A Cult

"Bansky's Simpsons" - still up here:

Why business doesn't revolt against employer-based health insurance.

Gays should not teach!

Recession Makes Bosses, Workers More Friendly

Presidents Obama and Bush are Britannic,

It was 15 years ago this month when I came out

Another profitable corporation wants its employees to work for slave wages

Who Are Those "Scary Illegal Aliens"?

If Congress passes a bill that extends all of the Bush tax cuts what SHOULD Obama do?

The “Ground Zero Mosque” of 1785

Stop The Discharges Now - pics

Peter Diamond wins the Nobel Prize, continues being blocked by the Senate

Chief of company behind toxic sludge spill in Hungary arrested

My new tax liability

According to Politico...

Day Four: Minutiae and Clarification

Danziger Toon "The Fred Thompson School of Acting" Straight Talk About Gay Marriage

Foreclosure Moratorium Would Be 'Catastrophic,' SIFMA Says - HuffPo

These Politico hacks disgust me

Glenn Beck's Failing Health(?)

Why is Keith dressed up tonight? nt

Meg Whitman's campaign bus is registered in Tennessee (pics)

Red light cameras replacing cops at stop lights?

Letter I Wrote Bill O'Reilly

Conservatives Push Absurd Lie that Wall Street Hustlers Were Innocent Victims ... of Poor People

Evicted Family Breaks In to Own Home - AOL

Teabaggers: "Obama's a nazi! Just ask Richard Iott!"

carl paladino is 25 points behind his opponent yet the media treats him as equal

Riddle me this. How to replace bluedogs with progressives in states where the voters deny evolution?

Delete. Dupe.

Coming up on Rachel ~~ as her Guest ~~ the DA who prosecuted Dr. Tiller's murderer

Coming up on Rachel ~~ as her Guest ~~ the DA who prosecuted Dr. Tiller's murderer

G.O.P. Widens Targets for Picking Up House Seats

KRUGMAN Gets It & Nails It To The Wall-"Messaging Problem" On $$$ Policy Since 1st Months In Office

Rand Paul: "We don't need a president who flies around the world disparaging America."

Uh Oh !!! - 'Did GMAC Try to Bury Its Foreclosure Smoking Gun?' - MoJo

Wow... I Just Visited A Neighborhood In This Citey... Had NO Idea How Bad It Is...

-TRANSLATOR NEEDED FOR CZECH- This is funny, Virginia Foxx is being mauled and details are needed

Do you think that people's political outlook correlates with the media they choose ?

A New GEM$NBC Documentary "The Assassination of Dr. George Tiller"

i saw an American Revolution scholar talking about this book.. on the Tea Party.>Link>>

Has anyone heard Beck today especially after Media Matters interview?

Foreclosuregate & title problems: a big mill admits it

Foreclosuregate & title problems: a big mill admits it

Foreclosuregate & title problems: a big mill admits it

Foreclosuregate & title problems: a big mill admits it

Bill Clinton Was Brilliant Today Re: The CoC

What's the Vegas betting line as to whether or not Carl Paladino will physically

Why Ben Bernanke Is Smoking A Big Fat Cigar Tonight

Nazi teabagger only did it to be closer to his son...

Kristin Gillibrand (D-NY)

Conflicting standards: license to whine?

If I had the ability to run campaign ads, I would show scenes from the future, with Corporations

Investigator Finds IRAN And CHINA Trying To BREAK INTO Capital's Internet VOTING System

Investigator Finds IRAN And CHINA Trying To BREAK INTO Capital's Internet VOTING System

If Congress passes a bill that extends all of the Bush tax cuts what should Obama do?

Chavez: "Viva China! And its sovereignty, its independence and its greatness."

Giants Beat Braves 3-2, win division series!

White males in the South have historically been on the wrong side of every progressive issue....

got rid of Norton/symantec. running Avast/Zone Alarm. do I need anything else?

Climate change deniers and anti-intellectualism

Climate change deniers and anti-intellectualism

HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY!!!! ... ... ... ... No, really!!!!!

Awesome, NON-PARTISAN Video Explaining the Health Care Law

Rumors Fly About AZ Governor Jan Brewer's health

Ahem... 'Exploding Foreclosure Fraud Issue: An Opportunity for Democrats to Turn the Tide' - HuffPo

Ahem... 'Exploding Foreclosure Fraud Issue: An Opportunity for Democrats to Turn the Tide' - HuffPo

on a lighter note, check this: ''Baked Potatoes: a Pot Smoker's Guide to Film and Video ''

My mom received a letter the other day from the Chrysler pension plan announcing...

People who walk in ditches

Bill Cosby interviews Deborah Kenney

Bill Cosby interviews Deborah Kenney

Alvin Green isn't very bright, is he?

Update: Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Makes First Glide Flight

Now Lawrence O'Donnell is destroying Ron Paul

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Facebook event - "WE LOVE YOU President Boyd K. Packer" rally

Corn , soybeans, oil and---CASH are "fungible". That is why the Chamber or Commerce's "explanation"

|VA5| - Perriello (D) 44 - Hurt (R) 45 --- tea party candidate not included in polls

"Mocks our sacred institution of marriage and family"? Wow, what an idiot!

AC360 interviews the Nazi reenactment repub candidate

Tea Baggers are the new Cossacks. Discuss.

Hypocrite racist Ron Paul on The Last Word.

CNN quick vote:Who will history show was a better president?

Male college student raped by his two roommates

In Sept, federal court found California was placing disproportionate # of interns in poor classrooms

How GM "Lied" About The Electric Car

Over 100 groups have signed on statement of Support condemn FBI raids of Peace Activists

Piers Morgan: I Want To Model Myself On O'Reilly And Beck

Collapse in Living Standards in America

Have Crowbar, Will Teabag

Obama renews push for $50-billion 'roads, railways and runways' program

The British Medical Journal editorial: treat cannabis like alcohol and cigarettes

Jailhouse Confession: How The Right-Wing Media And Glenn Beck's Chalkboard Drove Byron Williams To P

ASPCA Announces Winners of the 2010 Humane Awards - article with pics

Joe the Teabagger is imploding bigtime.

Wisconsinites, how did the Feingold/Johnson debate go tonight. I looked all over and can't find

BBC: Has the American left fizzled out?

Interesting day at my local Democratic HQ in Western NC

Commuters: How often do you see people texting while driving?

Schools track students with same technology used to track cattle

NATIONAL CALL-IN DAY--TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12 (Again we need your help) Stop the FBI

Protect DU: Please be careful about posting copyright-protected material.

Former VP Dick Cheney appears gaunt at California event months after heart procedure

Former VP Dick Cheney appears gaunt at California event months after heart procedure

The eternal internal dilemma of a DU moderator

Christopher Columbus & His Crimes Against Humanity

Iranian, Chinese Computers Also Discovered to Have Been Hacking D.C. Internet Voting System

Rape case haunts Buck in Colo. (audio has him saying rape was a "case of buyer's remorse")

Awww a firefighter with kittens......well actually there is more to it (I should have known)

Supreme Court Changes Law- US to drop Jim Clark corruption conviction in Murkowski bribery scandal


What charges do you think are appropriate for the Rutgers kids?

Media Matters: "Time's Halperin to Obama: You're not allowed to fight back"

These people really hate Muslims...

The ASS-LICK Heard Around The World: Fiorina: PALIN Is QUALIFIED To Be President

Can anyone help me with some information my brother seems to think is going to happen?

Can anyone help me with some information my brother seems to think is going to happen?

Soros: I Can’t Stop a Republican ‘Avalanche’

President Obama Throws Weight Behind Banks, Housing “Market” Over Borrowers

My gay teacher...

How educational: President Obama falls victim to Chase robsigner

Naked guy throws a book at Obama...


US Drops to 49th in the World for Life Expectancy

SOROS: I'M DONE Donating to Democrats

Landmark Seminar

What Is The Most Important Issue in Education?

Alex Sink's two-minute smack down of Rick Scott debuts today in the Tampa Bay market

Let's talk about Cannabis

Yea! Yea! Jan Brewer is losing ground

Clarence Thomas’ Wife May Have Benefitted from His Vote on Campaign Financing

The Foreclosure Mess Could Last for Years

Biden: "I Challenge The Chamber Of Commerce" --- SHOW US THE $$$

LaHood considering outright phone cell ban in cars

How Hank Paulson's Inaction Helped Goldman Sachs

Tracking devices used in school badges

The Other Lost Generation: folks in their 50s unable to find work

The Other Lost Generation: folks in their 50s unable to find work

Speak Up for Wolves in the Great Lakes Region

President Obama Falls Victim to Chase Robo-Signer

Want to know what local companies have sent jobs overseas?

14-year-old illegal alien to be tried as adult for rape, robbery

If I find out my income is remaing the same, why would I be frantic about cutting back spending?

Robert Reich: "Xenophobia and isolationism are spreading in America; legitimize us-vs.-them thinking

Bill Gates offers another $20 million in Education bribes: this time for "online learning"

Bill Gates Foundation allotted 2 million to advertise Waiting for Superman.

••• Iott's Nazi reenactment recruiting video hastily made unavailable to protect their boy •••

Is Jan Brewer ILL

Glenn Greenwald: Collapsing empire watch - We're # 49!

'Responsible Wealth Project': Take Our Tax Cuts, Please

Abolish Drunk Driving Laws

Oregon county decriminalizes heroin, meth, cocaine and shoplifting, among others

I had the gay talk with my 6-year-old a couple of days ago. It went very well.

Only 11 Democratic Senators oppose cuts in Social Security?

Pres. Obama surprises kids featured in 'Waiting for Superman' with a tour of the Oval Office - pics

Arizona is a Haven for Refugees?

f*ck Columbus and the boat he sailed

Your favorite non-profits

GRAYSON: "I feel so proud! I must be doing something right."

Oregon’s I-5 Becomes EV Charging Mecca

B. Clinton blasts Paul in KY: Paul gets in the gutter.

"How the right-wing media and Glenn Beck's chalkboard drove Byron Williams to plot assassination"

Hypothesis: legalizing marijuana will have seriously bad unintended consequences

Social Security offends me

Corporate America Next Trick To Stifle The Economy....

The mixed legacy of 1492

8th Grader Sues School District. Wins. Who Objects to Settlement? The Teacher's Union.

Pa. school settles 2 webcam spy lawsuits for $610K

Big Business Starting to Spend Hoarded Cash…to Buy Back Own Stock, Not Create Jobs

California, Marijuana Legalization but not Gay Marriage ?

Obama senior adviser tells GLBT's "It gets better": WHEN?

The New York Times defends assassinations

How do you react when you hear: That's gay.

Corporate welfare costs us 3+ times more than welfare for the poor.

Banks Hiring Thugs to Toss Homeowners Out Before Foreclosures !

"Conservatives want to take their country back. Liberals want to take their country forward."

You're Not Wrong to Want to Be Swedish

The Lost Generation: 20-somethings unable to find meaningful work

Veterans Fight for Benefits After Toxic Burn Pit Exposures

I need a little help here. Please.

New 'Green Zone' emerging in Baghdad (for private security people)

If one wanted to be a Nazi reenactor, where would one even go to get the uniform, the ......

Transforming Columbus Day

St.Thomas U. reports on Protesters who protest John Yoo at their University.

We Are #1! #1 in Right-Wing Attacks Against Us!

Nashville mayor to use 10 million of public funds to renovate KIPP charter school.

Ads against Meg Whitman are similar to Boxer's ads against Fiorina on Jobs

Feingold's opponent employees PRISON LABOR

Political cartoonist Tony Auth on 'unlimited anonymous campaign contributions...'

Which jobs are Republicans interested in creating?

A history look at the 1978 midterm elections when the economy was in a ditch

"Progressive Hunter" inform from by Glenn Beck

Coming up: President Obama speaks to the press from the Rose Garden at 10:50 AM EDT. Watch live

Obama to Press for Infrastructure

Richard Shelby, The Nobel Committee Is Holding On Line One

Iranian, Chinese Computers Also Discovered to Have Been Hacking D.C. Internet Voting System

**** Heads Up: POTUS Speaks on Infrastructure Investment, Live 10:50am EDT ****

Incumbents Polling Below 50% Often Win Re-Election, Despite Conventional Wisdom

Activism of Thomas’s Wife Could Raise Judicial Issues

FL-Gov: Sink releases tough new ad against Scott's Medicare abuse and golden parachute

President Obama Is Campaigning In South Florida With Zo

** Heads Up: President Clinton Campaigns for Jack Conway, Live **

Dems secret weapon in Iowa? referendum in Iowa City on patrons under 21 allowed in bars

Mark Halperin Still Doesn't Know What He's Talking About.

Back to Deadlock

Linda McMahon gives out nails & hammer for her own coffin - 10% cut to social security

GOP candidate attacked for having killed unarmed prisoners

PPP: Dem challenger within 3-points of GOP incumbent in WA congressional district

PPP--Nevada Senate Sneak Peak

Kos Diary: WI Sen Breaking: Johnson Hired Pedophile Shortly After Child Sexual Assault Conviction

POLL : Which word best describes you this election cycle?

Does anyone know what time Obama will campaign in FL?

Tickets for Coons/O'Donnell debate sell out in ten minutes

Joe Madison: Where is the FREAKIN media on Limbrains statement on some people are born to be slaves

Scarborough retracts false claim about lefty groups' disclosure. Will Rove, other righties do same?

Why the democrats running have not hit the radical rethugs on abortion

Poll--Maine Governor: LePage (R) 30% Mitchell (D) 29% Cutler (I) 11% Moody (I) 5%

Do You Approve Of The Republicans Using Money From Foreign Nations To Finance Their Campaigns?

Lies, damn lies, and stuff Karl Rove says


Brown leads Whitman by 12% among decided voters + leaners in new poll

President Obama's approval rating is better than Reagan and Clinton

Photo of Cheney on Drudge looks like he's dying

NC: Marshall/Burr debate live on wfdd

PHOTOS: President Obama arrives in Miami this afternoon to attend fundraisers

Democrats need to investigate the foreign-money-to-CoC thing the way that Republicans investigated..

Huff Post: NH GOP house candidate scandal

Blanche Lincoln's strategy to come from behind: Extend Bush Tax Cuts

Tweety: The President's policies are terrible

(R)asmussen Poll--Oregon Gov: Kitzhaber (D) 48% (+3) Dudley (R) 46% (-3)

If America thinks its BAD NOW...Just wait till the GOPers take over.. VOTE BLUE

In a statement this morning Chuck Todd called this admin Mccarthyesque

Joe Miller - There's Something Fishy in Alaska...

Basically, Repubs and Teabaggers believe the bad economy and the high unemployment...

The GOPer PEOPLE Say the Craziest things, dress in Nazi outfits, want to lead without knowing how or

Astroturf in high gear: Phony interest groups and this year's elections: what are you seeing?

Iowa Senate: Conlin remains upbeat says dems are up 3 or 4-1 in early voting

What's with Gov Manchin attacking Obama agenda?

The DCCC releases 7 new House polls

Photos: The American Investment (The Obama Presidency, Day 630)

Rocky Mountain Poll: Arizona Governor's Race tightening

New DNC ad 'Stealing Democracy' has Joe S. apoplectic. He rightly thinks it will hurt Republicans.

Biden jabs at Karl Rove on campaign spending

Ride or Die Joe

Update: Man who threw book at President was an "overexhuberant supporter."

Finally, Obama administration is putting Head Start to the test

Two new Generic Congressional polls (Gallup & Rasmussen) - Little change.

Can Reid by replaced even if he wins?

Barack Obama's greatest mistake begins ads Tying Republicans To Chamber's Foreign Funding - Good Ad!

"The party hopes to declare victory by losing less than expected."

if the pentagon purchased one less tank, armored vehicle, ship, plane

"Outsourcing Our Democracy"

Woodward says Hillary's vote was decisive in decision on Afghanistan...

"we may be headed for one of the greatest civilian-military showdowns in decades" - a knife fight

** Heads Up: Jack Conway debates Rand Paul, Live on CSPAN, 7pm EDT **

Pinch me!! New poll shows Goddard within 3 points of.....

ROAR! It's time to be brave, Democrats!

VFW endorses Boxer; Freeper heads explode


MI high risk pool helping those with pre exsisting conditions

CA DUers--a question: Is the Whitman 'whore' controversy getting big play in CA?

Fiorina says Palin "qualified to be President of USA"

"The 2010 election is turning into a class war. The wealthy and the powerful started it."

The Dems Have DRAWN BLOOD With The Foreign Money In Elections Charge

Feingold-Johnson debate TONIGHT 7PM CST (streaming video)

Anyone else receiving Robo-calls from the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce!

Why is it

And finally: Who'da thunk Batman was such an ice cream hater?

ok so heres a question

LOL, I just discovered that "oatmeal" is just the American term for oat porridge!

Camels are meat eaters!

Are we "Loungers" or are we "Lounge Lizards"?

Armless Pianist wins "China's Got Talent"

The Proliferation of gourmet food trucks on city streets

Monday's kitteh

The miners in Chile

Wow... I Just Visited A Neighborhood In This Citey... Had NO Idea How Bad It Is...

A ? for the cat people here about grooming a long haired cat to get out the matts.

Nancy Sinatra's "You Only Live Twice": Greatest Bond theme EVER!!

I'm cleaning out some manila folders from years gone by. From 1965, a friend

He was sure cute back then

Who had today off? (besides the unemployed, governemt and bank employees and postal workers)?

C'mon... tell me what you REALLY think!!!

Are your pets BFF? Mortal enemies? Co-existors? FWB?

And finally: I don't like to brag or nothin', but I usually make it to Day 6 or Day 7 of my diet...

Check in if you'd like to give me $8000

The game that never... EVER gets old. Not NEVER!!!!!

For those that live in a single family house, do you actually use your front door?

Has anyone told Old Yeller what happened to taterguy?

I just finished reading the crucible. Please use the term poppets in a sentence.

CSS 3 Gradients are very cool! Checkout my online gradient code generator

Wow... I Just Visited A Neighborhood In This Citey... Had NO Idea How Bad It Is...

HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY!!!!! ... ... ... ... ... ... No, really!!!!

Iris Dement - Wasteland Of The Free (mp3)

Tim Lincecum

SCI FI movie you are most looking forward to

Is this a face only a mother could love?

So, I just brought the new kitten home, and current cat does not like her.

Holy shit, these mosquito bites are itchy as hell.

Today's epic, epic FAIL (this one hurts)

So everyone and their mother has a laser pointer

One year ago today...

I am making an emergency trip to India this Thursday

Don't know which is worse - the vuvuzela or the Braves war moan.

How did your family treat death?

List people who portrayed themselves in movies

What new shows are you guys enjoying?

Has anyone told taterguy what happened to Old Yeller?

Herschel Walker eats only salads and bread, and sometimes not even that.

Any foods whose names dare not be spoken?

serif or sans-serif font for a resume?

Minka Kelly named Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive

Inquests begin for July 7 bombing victims

Gov't won't appeal decision to ban witness in NY

Dingo baby case re-opens in Australia with new inquest

(Chinese govt. company) CNOOC tests U.S. with $1.1 billion Chesapeake bid

British hostage may have been killed by U.S. grenade, PM says

At Tea Party Convention, Lou Dobbs Avoids Immigration Issues

Officer given life for boy's murder in Greek riot case

Hearing set to begin into Ft. Hood shootings

Global Finance Chiefs Fail to Resolve Currency Spat

Schwarzenegger leads U.S. tech investors to Russia

State snatches baby when dad accused of being 'Oath Keeper'

Israel offers building halt if Jewish state recognised

California spent nearly half a billion on college freshmen who later dropped out, study finds

U.S. Rescuers May Have Killed Briton Held by Taliban

Russian Pres. Medvedev offers Schwarzenegger 'post of Moscow mayor'

GOP hopes for breakthroughs in Northeast

Informant testifies about his role in perjury-tainted drug bust case

Bombs kill three Afghan civilians, NATO soldier

Tight budgets lead to more civilians used for policing

DISINFORMATION: Colombia uses witchcraft to ensure Republican victory

DISINFORMATION: Colombia uses witchcraft to ensure Republican victory

Iraqis kill clan members for informing on al Qaeda

Iranian Officials Warn of Unrest Tied to Subsidy Cuts

Iranian Officials Warn of Unrest Tied to Subsidy Cuts

Hedge fund agreement eludes European parliament

Banks Resist as Regulators Say Basel Is Just a Start

FL Attorney General files Motion for Rehearing in Judge's Ruling in Shapiro & Fishman Investigation

Hungary Arrests Company Director in Sludge Case

Hungary toxic spill boss arrested

Iranian, Chinese Computers Also Discovered to Have Been Hacking D.C. Internet Voting System

Aid worker Linda Norgrove may have been killed by US troops

Americans' Image of "Federal Government" Mostly Negative

State Capitol workers, families benefit from BP's largess at Arco Arena

Obama to Press for Infrastructure

Soros: I Can’t Stop a Republican ‘Avalanche’

Joan Sutherland, "Stupendous" Soprano, Dies at 83

German journalists held in Iran after 'stoning' interview

(GOP) Gubernatorial Candidate Denies Employing Illegal Immigrant (NV)

Gunmen Ambush Mexican Officers, Killing 8

US treats first patient with human embryonic stem cells

Joe Miller vows silence on (personal) background until election

Stalled Obama nominee wins share of Nobel Prize in economics

British media join forces against Murdoch takeover of BSkyB

UAE banishes Canada from base, blocks (Defence Minister) MacKay from its airspace

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 11

Nursing home caregivers take stand for quality care

Carl Paladino: I'm not Homophobic

Carla Cohen, Owner of Washington Bookstore, Dies at 74

Axelrod to US Chamber: What Are You Hiding That You Don’t Want the American People to See?

Sharron Angle: 'Don't say anything' to press

Police find C4 explosives in lower Manhattan cemetery

Ohio candidate defends wearing Nazi uniform

Corn crunch means costliest beef since 1980s

Gunman Cites Glenn Beck as Inspiration for Plot Against ACLU & Tides

Chamber Argued That Public Skepticism Was Proper Price To Pay For Donor Secrecy

Officials release man who tossed book near Obama

Venezuela approves China's stake in Orinoco Oil Belt

Short of death...

Paladino & Bestiality Emails -Admits 'I re-sent emails...'

TYT: Cenk talks to David Cay Johnston about Bush Tax Cut FAIL

S01E07: S. 510, FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

ANIMATION: The Tea Party Made Simple by Ted Rall

President Obama For Pat Quinn Radio Ad - Quinn For Illinois

AL State Senate Candidate Wants To Castrate Democrats

Would-be Tides shooter: 'It was the things (Glenn Beck) did, it was the things he exposed, that blew

Sherry Wolf on LGBT: Where Do We Go From Here?

How to make a Negative Political Ad

"Keiser Report" teaser - Live from NYC!

School let boy make KKK-style mask

DN! Paladino - Stop Brainwashing Children about Homosexuality

Red State Update Will Make Your Campaign Ad

Weird Liberal Head Show #189: the Grand Chinese Republican Tea Party

Official says Fed's Oil Spill Commission are "Damn Liars"

Dead Aim - Joe Manchin for West Virginia TV Ad

Young Turks: Who Says Yoga Is Anti-Christian & Anti-Islam?!

California dreaming of pot legalization

GOPer Slams Cantor For Disowning Him Over Nazi Reenactments

Feeble Dick - Cheney Makes First Outing Since Heart Surgery, 10/9/10, Bakersfield CA

NBA JAM (Wii Game) - Democrats vs Republicans

Mark Kirk, Connect the Dots

NYC Wealth Gap Bigger Than India

TYT: Tea Party Candidate Wants To Drug Test Unemployed People

Sharron Angle, And Her Two Faces

Legalizing Marijuana Will Be A Bigger Blow To Drug Cartels Than Law Enforcement Could EVER Be!

Billo The Clown Hates Dems Acting like Fox News

Book Thrown At Obama's Head in Philly - Video & Images International Get To Work Day ~ Austin TX

Tests of rainwater showed "aluminum, magnesium, chloride, copper, nickel"

Young Turks: Glenn Beck's Mormon Code Words Exposed In New Book!

Papantonio: US Chamber Hates Small Businesses

Banksy Simpsons Opener REPOSTED (Watch it while you can)

Escambia County Commissioners Know Oil On Pensacola Beach Below No Dig Zone

Pro-Harry Reid group out with radio ad touting Scott Ashjian (Tea-NV)

'Tea Party Creation of Billionaires'

Medicare Advantage

Hey, Small Spender

Conservatives Push Absurd Lie that Wall Street Hustlers Were Innocent Victims ... of Poor People

Changing the Status Quo: Congressional Oversight of the CIA

MMFA: "Progressive Hunter"

300 economists, civic leaders warn "Don't kill growth and jobs in the name of austerity."

Job creation trumps deficit reduction in poll (64% to 30%) - July 22

San Jose Mercury News Editorial - "Jerry Brown is the right choice for governor"

Gore Vidal on America: heading toward "a kind of dictatorship"

Carl Paladino Knocks Same-Sex Marriage, at Same-Sex Event

Bank Shot (James Howard Kunstler)

Mark Halperin: Obama Is in the Jaws of Political Death: Can He Survive?

By Clint C. Gold - Republicans name one bill that helps the working man?

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 383

Univ. of the Pacific "The Pacifican" op/ed: "Meg Whitman: Increased Spending, Decreased Popularity"

Body Shop deserves respect for putting human values above a quick buck

Banks are readying a massive PR pushback on the foreclosure fraud crisis

Exclusive: British Novelist John le Carré on the Iraq War, Corporate Power, the Exploitation of Afri

Chris Hedges: How Democracy Dies: Lessons From a Master

Currency wars are necessary if all else fails

10:45 The most complete discussion of the Tea Party yet - good watch

Marijuana, Once Divisive, Brings Some Families Closer

It goes against our nature; but the left has to start asserting its own values

A new study shows that Americans are Idiots

Panhandle tourism officials blame losses on spill

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: October 11, 2010

U.S., Chinese firms enter shale deal

September 2010 Atmospheric CO2 Content 386.80; September 2009 384.77; September 2008 383.07

The moment when a Volt runs down

Those CNN poll results in full:

GM admits that the Volt is not an electric vehicle

Feds offer $1.3 billion loan guarantee for major Ore. wind farm


Jed York reveals himself to be the Christine O'Donnell of football

Upton- I also saw Willie Mays-Eat your heart out again

On MNF...The Forces of Evil take on...

Giants beat the Braves 3-2, win the NLDS 3-1

Andrew Luck makes like a linebacker

Bye bye Bobby Cox

This Braves chant is driving me crazy -- adults actually do this?

Smith still (the 0-5) 49ers' starting quarterback...

Vikings-Jets delayed due to lightning in metro NYC area

Favre situation makes us confront sexism

Boise State projected as BCS No. 1

Look out come the Giants!!

Wow....tons of $$$ and no roof.....

Giants Beat Braves 3-2, win division series!

Texas Longhorns gird for third loss this season

Colombia: 'Current DAS director knew of wiretaps'

Authorities nab 'El Cuchillo' finance chief

Interpol issues international warning against drug lord 'Sebastian' .

Body Shop deserves respect for putting human values above a quick buck

DISINFORMATION: Colombia uses witchcraft to ensure Republican victory

Diplomat confirms Mario Uribe's 'ties' with AUC

Venezuela approves China's stake in Orinoco Oil Belt

IG to charge Arias over agriculture subsidy scandal

In Havana, Jam Sessions With a Master Trumpeter

Criminal bill gives green light to euthanasia in Venezuela

Rand Paul At Machine Gun Rally: 'We're Clinging To Our Guns, Our Religions And Our Ammunition'

Chadron considers changing firearms ordinance (Nebraska)

Rabbit hunter shot dead by own gun

"Shall issue" concealed carry in New Jersey???

Wisconsin Carry files a federal lawsuit Against City of Brookfield

Looks like the 'Obama is gonna take yur guns' rumor was simply the industry drumming up business

Rand Paul At Machine Gun Rally: 'We're Clinging To Our Guns, Our Religions And Our Ammunition'

Mormon leader’s speech on gays modified on website

Anyone see SNL's Weekend Update?

North grad took own life after week of 'toxic' comments - Vile, hateful, disgusting people

Mexican governor: Gay marriage ‘grosses me out’

BREAKING: GetEqual protesting Obama high-$$$ fundraiser in Miami; sending weather balloons over NBA

Mr Fish Toon "Tell Me about it..."

Was "fierce advocate" a slang thing?

French, Spanish FMs: Lieberman violated every rule of diplomacy

Ministerial panel decides: Territorial concessions only by referendum

Israel, The Good Enemy

Israel offers building halt if Jewish state recognised

Report: France 'won't rule out' UN creation of Palestinian state

Israeli PM offers conditional settlements freeze

Abbas to Arab League: Israel has violated all agreements

Coldly considering the unthinkable

Train trip Moscow-Saint Petersburg

Oops, wrong place

Power to the People


Twilight Bridge


Non-entries for Black

Under the Bridge

need some gear advice: macro lens for nikon DSLR -- what focal length?

More Dawn Photos--North, South, East and West (this AM)

Non-entry for the Photography Group

COMMENT THREAD for the October photo contest. Theme: BLACK

Can someone

SUBMISSION THREAD for the October Photo Contest. Theme: BLACK

Near-miss scheduled for tomorrow morning

New Deep-Sea Hot Springs Discovered in Atlantic

Nice looking galaxy (today's APOD)

Provocative Image of Christ Sets Off a Debate Punctuated With a Crowbar

So what do you feel is the difference between Christianity and superstition?

Christian Side Hug

Do you have a Faith that you practice (or just believe in) or don't?

Science and religion aren't friends

Chicago Union Steward Targeted In FBI Raid Says It's Effort To Intimidate Anti-War Movement

New report slams Euro firms for union-busting in US

80 NYC Congregations Advocate Living Wage In Weekend Services

City Council committee gives its support to Stop & Shop union

Labor cartoon for the week of October 11, 2010

Today in Labor History Oct 11 Miners’ National Association is formed in Youngstown, Ohio

Delta Air Line workers plan major organizing rally

NYT: Violinist Cancels Recital Over Detroit Strike Tension

Equality and Rights for Immigrants—the Key to Organizing Unions

Young Workers in Free Fall: 1/3 Under 35 Live with Parents (my daughter included)

Got my 10-year pin at the union meeting tonight

SEIU, Community Groups Demand Home Foreclosure Freeze

The facts support law on ‘campus carry’

Ooooo-kay. I'm officially freaked out.(FB friends...check this out)

Matthew's Message for October is here