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Archives: October 10, 2010

The f'n UEA, Utah's largest education political action committee, endorses our Repub Gov.

Construction crew heroes take down school shooter

"Texas Golfing Buddies Fund Prop 23" - The Big Oil/Anti-Environment Proposition

The Yankees win! The Yankees win! The Yankees win!

GOP Scrubs Nazi-Reenactor From Young Guns Website TPM

NYT publishes more outright lies about charter school outcomes

Arne Duncan Invokes MLK While Rewarding Apartheid Charters

One Big Voters Block Helped Elect President Obama Was The Black Community......

English Defence League forges links with America's Tea Party

Another reason to make sure we DON'T lose the Senate...if we do, we CAN'T get it back in 2012

California National Guard bonus program riddled with corruption

The Republicans have a lot of money,....

Pakistan Opens Khyber Crossing to NATO Supply Trucks but issues Threats over Hot Pursuit

Outflanked on Right, Coulter Seeks New Image New York Post

Four NATO troops killed in western Afghanistan

Torture victim sues Obama administration over `Kafkaesque nightmare'

Este domingo es diez diez diez ..... Top Ideas For 10/10/10 Events

NZealand TV host resigns after mocking Indian name

£16bn Future Rapid Effects System faces axe in defence cuts

Solomon Burke dies at Amsterdam airport at 70

Pentagon destroys former intelligence officer's memoir

Pentagon destroys former intelligence officer's memoir

Hey I recvd a bumper sticker and the donation letter in the mail today, but

3 ballots 3 votes for dems today.

HE'S BACK!!:CHENEY Calls Anti-Terror Policies Necessary BUT Controversial

HE'S BACK!!:CHENEY Calls Anti-Terror Policies Necessary BUT Controversial

Must-Have Links

Contradictory Views on the Role of Government

Whitman's ex-maid emerges as symbol

I like this t-shirt!

Exports to Asia Wean Europe Off U.S. Consumers

The Horrors Committed

The difference between health insurance companies and the Tenessee fire brigade.

No Social Security COLA expected for 2011

Dem ad accuses GOP-allied groups of 'stealing democracy'

Obama's Speech to Save the Day

It Gets Better: Dan and Terry

It Gets Better: Dan and Terry

Clinton joins Arab/Jewish Childrens Choir in "Imagine" (2006)

Restrepo: Is this the greatest war film ever?

Fox's Republican Candidate Protection Racket

Number of Competitive House Races Doubles from Recent Years (Nate Silver)

Couple strike ‘iDeal’ with Apple, sell home for $1.7 mn

Couple strike ‘iDeal’ with Apple, sell home for $1.7 mn

NYC backdoor deal: Klein took state $$ earmarked for class size reduction -- & increased class sizes

ABC's Good Morning America Weekend Gave Misleading Campaign Information

MSNBC Live-blogging the Illinois Senate debate on MTP

Suspicious Powder Sent To 14 Schools

Bride-to-be discovers she was abducted by her own mother 26 years ago

Cutbacks in taxpayer funded services - this is what we need to be hammering

Revenge against the speed cameras: U.S. man buys police department's website

Revenge against the speed cameras: U.S. man buys police department's website

America voting in Republicans would be like Sully Sullenberger

Social Security is fuel for election-year fight

Re: Foreclosuregate: DO NOT BE SURPRISED if the Republicans turns this around and blame Obama.

7 percent of newborns have e-mail addresses

Get the government off my back!!!

Get the government off my back!!!

Talk like a tea partying full metal wingnut day is coming up..

Talk like a tea partying full metal wingnut day is coming up..

"Obama to rally thousands of voters in Philadelphia"!

Las Vegas Sun endorses Reid

The Secret Big-Money Takeover of America--A Call for Action by Robert Reich!

America voting in Republicans would be like Sully Sullenberger

one week after the One Nation Rally...

This "documentary" opens this week. Note only democratic "voices" are used

Major shift: California leans toward marijuana legalization

Palin introduced as "the next president of the United States" in Bakersfield

Unionbusting, Iraqi-Style

Did the Tea Party peak with Beck's rally in Washington?

Cantor 'repudiates' Young Gun candidate , Debbie Wasserman Schultz

BUSH - Open the door and let the Economy run out

15 Things Christine O'Donnell Will Probably Say Next

C-span Snyder vs Westboro Supreme Court Audio

Our electoral process has been hacked, and untill we can assure....

Freed 8 years after wrongful conviction

The base is leaving the Democrats

Another Post on the Florida Senate Race

The Umpteenth Post On The Florida Senate Race

Honestly if the president of the United States tells you he needs your service in his administration

Florida DUers you may have more to worry about TS Paula

Teacher Removed After Bizarre Incident At McGavock High

Harmonic convergence? Palin and Michael Moore will both be in San Jose CA on Thursday 10/14

Harmonic convergence? Palin and Michael Moore will both be in San Jose CA on Thursday 10/14

Rove visits Greta Von Xenu to snark over lack of job growth, fails to mention Bush's record

Rove visits Greta Von Xenu to snark over lack of job growth, fails to mention Bush's record

Blogger defines Republican strategy

Product Labels that prove a majority is stupid

New DNC TV ad says business group using foreign cash to aid GOP

***Florida Senate debate, C-Span now.

The demarcation lines of the civil cold war will be easier to see after the election

What a different world if John Lennon had lived....

Alex Sink fields press questions post debate; Rick Scott flees, sends in Jeb Bush to answer for him.

Is the FBI Providing Material Support for Terrorists?

Judge won't dismiss courthouse riot charges

WTF is going on with the house/senate races?

***Wisconsin Senate Debate, C-Span now.

Miss USA winner who had title stripped dies in LA

Why is 3808 still on the WH website as pending legislation?

Karl Rove Accuses Obama Of Having An 'Enemies List'

Solidarity Statement from the Labor/Community Strategy Center of FBI raids

Government Had Been Warned For Months About Troubles In Mortgage Servicer Industry - WaPo

Will the Senate filibuster rules change in January?

Conspiracy theorists find validation from Glenn Beck

Durations of America's wars, up until now

FBI Raids Erode First Amendment Statement from Friends for a Non-Violent World

Is Rasmussen good or evil?

No US government takeover of economy: Geithner

Breaking: Americans Don't Know What the F&$k They Want

General McCrystal to Make Comeback???!!!...dear god...

Weird Sunday Dental thread:

Idiot's club appealing to idiots, defending the indefensible, using Palin's made-up words

White House Calls Republican Secret Campaign Donations Threat to Democracy

Amber Alert: North Carolina girl missing from her home

She knew God was calling...

Indy bakery update: Refusal to fill order for gay event not discriminatory

We Desperately Need a Lunatic

Gillespie Claims NY Times And Wash. Post Have ‘Refudiated’ ThinkProgress On Secret

What does TARP stand for?

Buy one pair- Give one pair

Poll: Do you believe Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is guilty of all the crimes he 'confessed', to?

Happy Answer Day!

Sunday Infographic - "Global Arms Trade"

Chile's trapped miners cheer as drill punches in

Failing U.S. transportation system will imperil prosperity, report finds

(Chilean) Miners argue over who's out last

Whitman's mom on young Meg: "If she wasn't at least first or second, she'd be screaming with rage"

Soul Legend Solomon Burke dead at 70

Soul Legend Solomon Burke dead at 70

Pam Geller calls herself a "racist, Islamophobic, anti-Muslim bigot".

Sharron Angle says Dearborn ruled by Islamic law. Dearborn mayor rebuts wild allegation.

Dems Problem is Attention Deficit Disorder on Steroids!

How Hank Paulson's Inaction Helped Goldman Sachs - McClatchy

Anatomy of the political process, USA 2010

WaPo Discussion Board: " My neighbor is ... a tea partier? "

Revealed: the REAL reason behind the (now vetoed) notarization bill.

Shove personal responsibility in their face

What time is the Obama rally in Pennsylvania

My neighbors signs

Sarah v. Mitt 2012 would be really fun!

Europe's nativists can make the world more dangerous

Gov. Rendell at rally: 'Vote like your life depends on it ... because it just might'

"I'm nothing you've heard." ?!?

Tweety thinks GW Bush memoirs...if "warmly received"...could "crack open the door" for JEB 2012...

***Sestak/Obama Philly rally, C-span now.

Pollster Guru Nate Silver's Forecasts of GOP Gains Has Bizzare Margin of Error

Drones kill seven as Afghanistan crossing reopens

Why all the repuke ads on DU?

Hmmm... 'Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) Says No to Foreclosure Moratorium - All247News

White House doubts need to halt all foreclosures

White House doubts need to halt all foreclosures

R.-teabagger Congressional candidate literally plays Nazi as a hobby.

Hungary Toxic Sludge: Cracked Reservoir Wall Will Inevitably Collapse (Second One) - AP/HuffPo

Tea party linking up with Koran-burning British far right: report

Should DU have a DU Hall of Fame section and a Memorial section?

Is this a "David & Goliath" election?

I think I found just the person to nurse Glenn Beck back to health

Flashback: Rove Admitted to Keeping ‘a File’ on Bush Critic in Congress

HuffPo: Eric Cantor Seeks Distance From Rich Iott, GOP Candidate Who Dressed In Nazi Garb

Deficit Spending

Nazis, Rapists, and Felons - Oh My! Welcome to today's Republican Party!

If the Democrats keep the House and Senate...?

I'll lose all respect for Kendrick Meek if he doesn't drop out as he should.

States Lay Off 58,000 Teachers In September Despite $26 Billion Aid Package

I dream a little dream

Is this true??

One-Third of Workers Under 35 Live with Parents

New DNC ad with yuan funding of elections...

New DNC ad with yuan funding of elections...

Is this dancing?

Here's one for the "family values" crowd

So about all of these fraudulent and/or "voluntarily halted" foreclosures...

All you Gloria Allred Haters...did any of you send in these questions to SNL?

Student teacher ousted for gay marriage comments

ME-2 GOP Candidate Has Driver's License Suspended

CIA director under George W. Bush: There has been a "powerful continuity" between W. and Obama

Question I would like answered in a debate

Question I would like answered in a debate


Not waiting for Superman, Waiting for Huberman

DU these freakin' polls. Question: Are you worried about Tea Party takeover of America? No, say 64%

Re: Unemployment rate and elections

Meg Whitman gets campaign assistance from a nice lady in a pink dress from New York

The Facebook Status Update that cost him $20,000

Day Three: Annoyed but supportive, making lists, checkin' twice.

California Democrats bet on bong war

TIME for Obama to PULL a Clinton

Racist slurs in bar land S.F. man in prison

Destroying mortgage docs part of standard operating procedure?

Sister in Pittsburgh is battling stink bugs.....anybody have

Meth, blowtorch, gunpowder -- a bad mix

Does anybody here STILL think Arne Duncan should be Secretary of Education?

Education is a core American value - And so is funding it properly

Now here's a problem: No more beds for male prisoners

Friedman "X-Ray of Dysfunction"

0H08: Speaker Wanna-Be Boehner Viewed Favorably by Just 15% By Voters in Ohio

CNN has a poll up right now on their home page...

K&R for Charlie Crist to get out of the Florida Senate race!

We are headed towards World War 2 style fascism

Who In The Hell Would EVEN Want To?

rove to Obama: How dare you

The Real Problem With Waiting for "Superman"

Hitler Approves This Message

Hitler Approves This Message

Obama Calls the Question on Geithner - Robert Kuttner/HuffPo

Microsoft proposal opens door for government licensing to access internet

The Big Job Swap

Carl Paladino--my meditation on a hater--

2 days after horrific gay-bashing/torture in Bronx, Paladino attacks the "dysfunctional homosexual"

I see it every election cycle. But, when they put in a republican president

Paladine, Republican candidate for New York governor, attacks Gays in Brooklyn speech.

Sherrod Brown on Progressives

Another housing fraud: 'Z sales' keep low prices out of the official stats

Another housing fraud: 'Z sales' keep low prices out of the official stats

Bolton: Democracy Is Not ‘Always The Answer’

60 Minutes has a great feature on Mandela

Jon Stewart wants the Mall restored...

Debunking Banks’ “Procedural Problems” Defense on the Foreclosure Crisis -

Debunking Banks’ “Procedural Problems” Defense on the Foreclosure Crisis -

I got invited to see Kendrick Meet when he comes to St. Petersburg FL October 19th.

Olbermann tweeted @me

Why do Ayn Rand libertarian freaks keep threatening to "Go Galt"?

Wal-Mart ends profit sharing with employees

Meg and Rudy - Caption?


If you REALLY want to make a difference, support Terry Goddard in AZ! Phone from home!

Carl Paladino in BLAST at GAYS: 'Nothing To Be Proud Of In Being A Dysfunctional HOMOSEXUAL'

Carl Paladino: Another Republican Piece Of Shit

Republicans Peak Too Soon, Reach Too Far

Fox "News" cites anonymous "source" in identifying "voice" behind WhoreGate: Jerry Brown's wife

Just wanna say thanks....

America moves on, Gulf coast feels abandoned

No cost-of-living hike for Social Security again

No cost-of-living hike for Social Security again

Proof Obama Goes to DC and turns into a Freakin Centrist

Sarah Palin is a Moron: and doesn't say anything, She's an Andy Griffith character

Gallup Places Obama in Positive Territory for first time in 2 Months

60 Minutes. This story about stock trading is scary.

This is crunch time .Forget the polls. GOTV for all you are worth.

I am not religious but will pray that Palin runs for president!

Limbaugh: ‘Some people are just born to be slaves’

Rove hasn't won an election for ReTHUGS since

Just because they think they're the law doesn’t make it legal.

Axelrod hopes GOP gains will bring cooperation

Axelrod hopes GOP gains will bring cooperation

Axelrod hopes GOP gains will bring cooperation

Let's Make It Clear Here Just Who "F--d" You Over!

Too-Big-For-Paperwork: Fixing Wall Street’s Foreclosure Fraud Disaster - AlterNet

What's This About The Tea Bag Republican Dressed Up As A NAZI?

Blanche Lincoln may support extending tax cuts for the wealthy in light of 'circumstances'

"How can anyone who gets a paycheck be a liberal?"

David Gregory just lied

Just some charts everyone needs to be familiar with.

I have knocked on 100 doors in the past 4 weeks. What have you done to GOTV for your Democrats?

One of the Greatest if not THE Greatest site for Mortgage Fraud Information - Check it out!

Hah. Paladino is a big "school reformer".

Do you think Corporate America is keeping unemployment high to hurt Obama and Democrats?

Douglas Coupland: "A radical pessimist's guide to the next 10 years"

The NUTcases on the right are going to boycott Campbell's soup!

The NUTcases on the right are going to boycott Campbell's soup!

More On Foreclusure Fraud: 'Remember Cramdown?' - Emptywheel

President Obama and VP Biden: Moving America Forward Rally - pics

Lunatic shooter at Kelly School was a rabid racist

Book thrown at President Obama

Double-Cross at GM Lake Orion: No, we didn't vote for 50% wage cuts!

The bankrupt 'school reform manifesto' of Rhee, Klein, etc.

What do you call the economic situation of 2010?

Bikini Graph - Private Sector Job Gain/Loss thru to the end of September

Check Out This Letter From Pelosi To Holder

Check Out This Letter From Pelosi To Holder

Check Out This Letter From Pelosi To Holder

Opie has a very good idea.

FL vouchers send 30,000 students to over 1,000 private Florida schools..80 percent are religious.

FL vouchers send 30,000 students to over 1,000 private Florida schools..80 percent are religious.

FL vouchers send 30,000 students to over 1,000 private Florida schools..80 percent are religious.

FL vouchers send 30,000 students to over 1,000 private Florida schools..80 percent are religious.

FL vouchers send 30,000 students to over 1,000 private Florida schools..80 percent are religious.

Question of the Day-Is It Demeaning To Women To Order Them To 'Get On Your Knees And Bark Like A Dog

Young, Educated, and Unemployed: Lost Generation

Miners argue over who's out last

Not Poor Enough

'PREDICTIVE BEHAVIOR'- 'Pre-Crime' Comes to the Human Resources Department

The U.S. is a failed State

I am deeply concerned.

Cop had tape recording rolling the night NYPD dragged him to Psych ward

States put pressure on mortgage lenders to halt foreclosures

The yard is nicely maintained: the lawn is mowed, the shrubs roundly trimmed. On the porch steps,

If everyone hates Wal-Mart, why love Amazon? Neither of them are all that...

Anyone see Darth Cheney on MSNBC this morning? He looks like death warmed over.

Fortuneteller says ban on business left her broke

Republicans’ ‘scary’ immigrant photo depicts Mexicans in Mexico, photographer reveals

If Rove is whining indignantly, then Obama hit a nerve

On soldiers, patriotism and propaganda.

Being foreclosed upon? Challenge it in court. Already foreclosed upon? Contact your attorney

Sadly, another LGBT suicide (Norman, Oklahoma)

Obama administration wants to work more closely with business leaders following midterm elections !

Obama administration wants to work more closely with business leaders following midterm elections !

American People Hire High-Powered Lobbyist to Push Interests in Congress

American People Hire High-Powered Lobbyist to Push Interests in Congress

Obama urges crowd to show him the energy of '08 campaign

Rightwing Violence? It Surely Can’t Be Obama Haters’ Fault

Why do we still celebrate Columbus day?

Florida chapter of National Organization for Women endorses Alan Grayson

Florida chapter of National Organization for Women endorses Alan Grayson

Why is the WH letting this happen?? Why can't "real" young people be asked to participate?

Why is the WH letting this happen?? Why can't "real" young people be asked to participate?

"There He Goes Again." Reagan said. Well, Today, I Sure Wish I Could Say "There He Went Again"

Need names of people who has passed on during DU's lifetime....

One thing I think the entire Meek/Crist/Rubio fiasco has illustrated is that...

USS Wahoo 11 October, 1943 In Memory

As soon as the election is over, legislation "fixing" Foreclosuregate will be passed

Those of you who are calling for Meek to drop out of the race in FL have really crossed the line.


How Lovely... 'White House: No Need For National Foreclosure Moratorium' - AP/HuffPo

Dry Humping Is Not Dancing.

LOL... Perfect !!! - 'The Foreclosure Crisis Explained – As Sausage Making' - FDL

Friend: Charged Rutgers Student Molly Wei Feels Attacked

Did I see an ad for some ReTHUG movie

The Obama factor should be interesting in this midterm election

Bob Herbert: Policy at Its Worst

February, 2002: "I want America to be an ownership society..." ---George W. Bush

PA politics: Lackawanna County (includes Scranton) maintains 2-1 Dem registration

Ron Johnson: We have the best health care in the world without Obama care

I'm coming out... After years of posting here, I'm going to accept popular belief... I'm a troll.

Big Obama - Biden "Moving America Forward" Rally Scheduled for Today, in Germantown, PA.

You just can't trust the GOP on the economy

Florida Senate Debate - Meek, Rubio, Crist live now! (LINK to Cspan)

Florida Senate Debate - Meek, Rubio, Crist live now! (LINK to Cspan)

Poll: Anti-government fervor up

Poll firm polling rasising questions

Corporations and large companies are sitting on capital...

Why Senator Collins' op-ed on divisiveness is the height of hypocrisy

President Obama to speak in Philly Sunday - but when and who is covering it?

Dem ad accuses GOP-allied groups of 'stealing democracy' (VIDEO)

Robert Reich: The Secret Big-Money Takeover of Government

Let's blame the president. Come jump on the train!

Nazi rethug 'young gun' dropped without a trace

2010-midterms will be 2008 redux

Philadelphia Presidential Rally LIVE NOW on C-Span. Joe Sestak just finished speaking.


Great speech by the President in Philly

Kid at Obama rally yells out your a lier and is escorted out

Photo: The Only One That Really Matters

I wonder if the 62% of old people who would rather have smaller government and fewer services...

Clinton Deploys to Senate Races Nationwide

Do we need corporate money super millionaires running US

18,500 turn out to see Obama at GOTV rally in Philadelphia

What have you been doing to defeat the rotten radical RePukes and help Dems?

CSPAN Airing today's Philly rally with POTUS & VPOTUS at 10pm EDT

Karl Rove is upset at the President and Democrats

Gingrich: Obama 'absolutely' a citizen and Christian, but may confuse people

In defense of government.

Video of rally speech?

WSJ: Shutting Up Business (updated)

Hahaha hahahahaha - would you like some seasoning with that CROW Rasmussen???

Dead People Getting Stimulus Checks and the Making of a Right-Wing Meme

The Democrats need a desperate gambit

The Repubs. have quite a racket going on...

Obama's tanking approval numbers...

LA Times: Embattled House Dems beginning to turn the tide

Its NOT about which candidate is best....ITS ABOUT WHICH PARTY IS BEST..

Patty Murray can win, needs help..Senate Washington..

"Message to John Boehner and the House Republican leadership"

Eighteen months ago...

Is this for real? Book thrown at the President.

CA-House race--Targeted Dem leading in two polls

Maybe we should all do negative political ads on ourselves. Here's me...

If you voted for Obama in 2008 get your ass out to vote and make sure ...

NYT editorial: Clean and Open American Elections

Rove (Turd Blossom): Obama 'beyond the pale' on campaign remarks, "How dare the president do this."

Photos: Obama's quiet Sunday with Joe..... (The Obama Presidency, Day 629)

Maybe Peggy Noonan serviced Joe Klein for pimping the Big Lie on Meet The Press

We Need To Get Out There!

In which the enthusiasm gap is shocked! Shocked!!

Two very large groups that are never questioned in a poll...or asked anything

White House staff exodus exposes Obama to charges of disarray

I can't wait to see the egg on the faces of the pundits and pollsters on 11/2 when...

If you are interviewing someome to work for your company

Obama is taking the entire party on his skinny shoulders

Obama Derangement Syndrome

Good night

You know what.... John Denver was the shit.

we'll take whatever the humans are having.

Can a great-horned owl snatch a 17 pound dog?

A Facebook/Twitter app I wish someone would make

Happy World Zombie Day!!

We just watched Batman/Superman 'Public Enemies'...

I'm looking for a good recent comedy album to purchase with an iTunes giftcard I won...

David Cross on Coors Light:

Dino Rossi's reach for the Senate

what is this called?

Has anyone noticed the massive conservative ads?

Can someone explain what is happening to the guy in the middle of this picture...

What song are you listening to right now?

Guy goes on wild goose chase. Literally!

Netflix has enabled movie watching. Now up: resident evil

Home network security question

my big shepp just took on a bobcat

Anyone notice most of the Sunday comics are pink?

do lemurs have opposable thumbs?

I would like to publicly thank my dog

Hitler Puppy...

An infestation of skunks....anyone else got this problem where you live?

Churchill Puppy...

My parents are coming for Christmas

About thirty years ago my buddies and I were wondering through the streets of Barcelona.

Cute you-tube video of a commercial...

Physics puts the whole wide world in perspective.

Check... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...and check.

In ten minutes it'll be 10-10-10 at 10:10

I'm watching "Clash Of The Titans" on BBC America.

Pet advice

Come Go With Me

Why did Bruce Springsteen get the nickname "The Boss?"

BRILLIANT work... even if derivative from "the but-tucher"...

Life wasn't ALL loaves & fishes for this alleged Jesus fellow... (minor to moderate dial-up warning)

Okay I just cooked my first Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't do it all from scratch

Why I'm glad I ALWAYS listened to MiddleFingerMomMom...

Okay, puzzle time: topic--cell phones

A 1960 movie filmed in a nudist camp where a bank robber gets killed by a COBRA? Count me IN!

Come Live With Me

"I Want Your Money" will be out in theaters this week - - someone please tell me

Hey, Little Missy...How's that dog workin' out?

This passage from "The Bell Jar" is just so insightful, and so close to home for me.

Why did George W. Bush get the nickname "A.W.O.L. Oedipal Dry Drunk Cokehead War Criminal P.O.S.?"

Cigar Guy - Identified!!

I like this t-shirt!

And finally: Who'da thunk Superman was such a social conservative?

Missing You.....

I live in a very historical neighborhood in denver

Need good/ thoughts/ prayers for some kittens tonight...

So my cat decides to go missing... for now

Eat ya lazy bastid's.. Anyone else worm composting?

And now, the Mike McCarthy firing pool!

The Case of the Missing POTUS Bully Pulpit!


DId anyone see tonights 'Couch Gag' on 'The Simpsons'?

10:10 10-10-10

Any suggestions for hosting a very special visitor?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Everything's A Couch Edition

Pics from the HIV/AIDS Lifewalk today (dialup warning)

I need advice on buying a new TV.

Favorite cookie? Store bought and homemade:

Stories from the Road: The Short Order Cook

Photos from Washington DC, Labor Day weekend.

Musician jokes

Anybody else as sick of the NY Yankees in post-season play as I am?

Bad moods

peeling and cubing butternut squash is a bitch

What kind of celebrity did you get crushes on as a kid?

Pictures of the progress out at my place (extreme dial-up)

Iran may be ready for nuclear talks by late October

In Arizona, an illegal immigrant and her family face a stark choice

SOA Graduate Involved in Coup Attempt in Ecuador

Number of Competitive House Races Doubles from Recent Years (Nate Silver)

Scores arrested in Belgrade after anti-gay riot

White House staff exodus exposes Obama to charges of disarray

Red Cap murders: Baghdad court clears Iraqi pair

China Emerges as a Scapegoat in Campaign Advertisements

Prop 23 Opponents Take To The Streets

Up to 40 states plan inquiry into foreclosure data

California Democrats bet on bong war

Iran Rebels Say Kidnap Nuclear Expert

Toxic coal sludge pollutes Ky. town 10 years later (Massey Energy)

Immigration advocacy goes local

True or Not, GOP and Dems Say Races Are Tightening

Democrats criticize GOP over House nominee who dressed as Nazi during battle reenactments

Despite new fame, O'Donnell faces skepticism

Angle shifts position on public benefits

Teen who killed family on (Sam) Donaldson ranch goes free

Soul Singer Solomon Burke Dies Aged 70

More black people jailed in England and Wales proportionally than in US

Paladino Attacks Gays in Brooklyn Speech - children should not be “brainwashed”...

Beyond the tea party: What Americans really think of government

Whitman wants personal apology for 'whore' comment

Far right makes large gains in Vienna vote

Whitman and Fiorina court key Latino vote in rare joint appearance

Same-Sex Marriage Law an Economic Boon for State

Status change means Dutch Antilles no longer exists

Serbia gay pride march attacked with bombs, stones

Axelrod: Chamber must prove foreign money allegations false

Wife visits jailed Chinese Nobel winner Liu Xiaobo

LA teachers union will challenge layoff pact

Obama continues attack on Chamber of Commerce

Axelrod signals White House opposition to foreclosure moratorium

Chavez backs China over Nobel for jailed dissident

Borderline News: episode #2

Brunner on the Foreclosure Crisis

Valerie Jarrett speaks at the 2010 HRC Dinner - part 1 of 2

Valerie Jarrett speaks at the 2010 HRC Dinner part 2 of 2

The Dynamic of Global Capitalism (World For Sale)

Truth in Campaign Ads?

The Real US Chamber of Commerce

Classic Yes Men HOAX - US Chamber of Comm. CNBC

Obama: John Boehner Is a Person of Color - Although Not a Natural Color

The Yes Men Get Busted By Chamber of Commerce

Weird Liberal Head Show #188: GOTV, Israeli Theocracy, and My "Little Helper"

Respect My Vote! Hip Hop Caucus and Women of Labor United for the Vote

Michael Steele: It doesn't matter to me what I think. USA! USA! USA! USA!

The Truth About What's Happening in Foreclosure Courtrooms in Florida

Robin Speaks Directly to Missourians About Her Priorities (MO Senate race)

'Start the Clock!' (that can mean only one thing...)

Advice from Julia Sugarbaker (if only this show was around today.)

GRITtv: John Fugelsang: Stop Calling it Bullying

The Fleecing of America (talking sheep!)

Sister Mary Megyn Kelly does some slut-shaming on Fox News

Cantor opposes foreclosure moratorium

Child Labor Ok w/ Tea Party Candidate?

"Saying you're a fiscal hawk doesn't necessarily make it true"

"Stealing Democracy" ( DNC Ad) Straight Talk on Gay Marriage

The Tea Party (cute!)

Does capitalism help the third world develop?

Hitler learns about Rich Iott's SS photos

Young Turks: Companies Using Money To Buy Stock, NOT Hire Employees!

I'm Not A Witcch - Christine O'Donnell - DE Senate Candidate (SNL Parody)

Simpsons opening directed by British street artist Banksy

1950 Family Date, Dinner In A 1950's Home

Banks using fake documents for forclosures

In Arizona, an illegal immigrant and her family face a stark choice

Leafing Through The Past - Part Chyetirye

Christine O'Donnell Comes Out Against Mental Masturbation

Spreading the disease (LA Times Op Ed - The ballot initiative process)

Commentary: Incarceration's impact on society is shameful

Tea Party's Faux Populism - Sen. Sherrod Brown (OH) - a great article. A must read (& print) article

Eric Alterman: Barbarians at the Gate

Orange County (Santa Ana Examiner) worship op/ed on Fiorina that may very well leave you speechless.

Christine O'Donnell To Continue The 'Blare No Witch' Project

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Class warfare

White Men With Guns--Reconstruction Redux

Earthquake experts see the 'Big One' getting bigger LA Times

Climate Change Will Cause Greatest Warming in the North, but Biggest Impact on Life in Tropics,

Huge Parts of World Are Drying Up: Land 'Evapotranspiration' Taking Unexpected Turn

Crop Failures Set to Increase Under Climate Change

"Green Drinks" and other environmental groups being monitored as terrorists

Pollution Solution: Reduce Harmful Emissions At Coal-Fired Power Plant

Another retaining wall at Hungarian aluminum plant "will inevitably collapse"

HooRah Huskers - The Number One team in the nation

Tony Gwynn diagnosed with cancer

Tony Gwynn diagnosed with cancer

Stinky (not the Clown)??

Grant Hill And Reggie Evans Ejected For Game Of Slap Ass

Heh, the Phillies just got a nice assist from the Reds' fans

Titans 34, Cowboys 27

Smirky McSmirk jinxed us!

Skweeeeee!!!! Phillies!!!!

Giants 3, Braves 2

Is this a headline from The Onion? "Lions roll past Rams 44-6 for 1st win this season"

The JR Chess Report (October 10): Magnus in a slump; Bundesliga begins

Just like Favre to throw a INT when the game is on the line...

Can you imagine the mised emotions? Your college team does well, next day your NFL team

One of the miners in Chile is Bolivian. Pinera invited Evo to be there when as they are brought up.

Adelante Cubanos -1959 (Parts 1 and 2)

Xpost from Editorials & Other Articles: A Long History of America's Dark Side

Ecuador extends state of emergency in capital

Business groups want Cuba vote in the lame-duck

Poll gives Rousseff lead in Brazil president race

Chavez backs China govt

Let struggling teens hear something louder than the hate

Serb police clash with anti-gay rioters

I found this on Facebook

UK Rugby Player Ben Cohen Tells Gay Teens "You Have the Right To Be Happy"

Carl Paladino: Children Shouldn't Be Brainwashed Into Homosexuality

Let's face it, the so-called Christian conservatives do not object to bullying of gay students

OECD protests tourism minister's remarks about recognizing Jerusalem

Two Israeli soldiers ‘take fall’ for Gaza offensive

Israeli Cabinet approves loyalty oath for new citizens

AWU (Australian Workers' Union) National Secretary slams BDS

The Jewish Republic of Israel (Gideon Levy)

Israel minister warning over loyalty oath

Pink Floyd Bassist Roger Waters Changes Concert Video After ADL Raises Concerns

Netanyahu tells cabinet: Democracy is the soul of Israel


Self-portrait, ad infinitum...

rode my bike to the National Mall this morning

Please help--have narrowed it down to two

Back with more Black

Black and Blue

Because you like it: The full untouched version of the tiles in Sarasota

Okay, so how much black is black

Iowa Bearing Co.

fifteen seconds, a street, cars, and a camera

Sunrise over the Mississsippi at Davenport 101010

Footprint Fossils Offer Earliest Evidence of Dinosaurs’ Ancestors

Claim: White flower has world's longest genome -- fifty times a big as a human's

Volcanoes Wiped out Neanderthals, New Study Suggests

U.S. Steel sued for discrimination (ADA)

Today in Labor History Oct 10, 4 strikers are killed and 6 wounded (We want food) finally won!

Boeing, Airbus Face Labor Pressure as Unions Flex Muscle (as production shifts to China and Mexico)

Labor and Hip Hop Come Together for ‘Respect My Vote’ Campaign

Washington Post: Washington Hospital Center nurses' labor dispute reflects tensions across U.S.

Republican ‘Pledge’ Would Make Life Worse for People of Color

Overall cut in pay adds to nurses' outrage

How Meditation Reshapes Your Brain

Age discrimination on the job from an older person

Amgraph hit with 60 OSHA violations

Fall kills construction worker in San Mateo

Worker’s death to bring fine by OSHA ($75,000)

NLRB Asks Federal Court to Award Raises and Full Retro Pay to NUHW Members at Kaiser

NFL Labor Talks: What Does Union Decertification Mean for the NFL and NFLPA?

Ford, union reach deal on small-car plant

Labor Dept. eyes reports of advisers exploiting retirees

United, Continental Pilots Extend Talks on Joint Labor Accord After Merger

Jesus had two dads

Company locks out Phoenix bus workers, routes not affected yet

Miami Beach and CWA union shake hands on a tentative agreement

Updated: Teamsters fall short in Atlanta-area labor vote at Coca-Cola facilities

150 Red Cross workers vote in Teamsters

Kanjur, Tanjur online free? Body of Light method online?

10,500 State employees union tentatively agrees to wage freeze next year

So it seems to me that THE JOB MARKET SUCKS

Design to Win: Labor Unions Need More Professional-Looking Web Sites

J Street Board Sticks With Ben-Ami After Soros Flap

10-10-10 What's the story today? rick? anyone?

Judge signs restraining order banning a ban on "fortune telling."

Haven't posted for a long time. Prayer light request. Mr. Saracat

Baby born at 10:10:10 a.m. on 10/10/10