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"Blackstone chief Schwarzman likens Obama to Hitler over tax rises"

On the media and tinfoil

Linda McMahon only three points down in Connecticut

Tonight's averted coup in Ecuador is a reminder that all Democracies have an immune system:

Meg Whitman's $1.3 Billion Net Worth Makes Her #773 On Forbes World List

Must see documentary about Rupert Murdoch from '97! Breaking the Mirror (The Murdoch Effect)

Democrats love a fighter.

The battle ahead after ILA's port shutdown

Conservative Group Uses Stephen Colbert Testimony In W.Va. Attack Ad

3rd gay teenager takes his own life in New York

Hey David, (Skinner), when are we going to get an updated DU?

Hey David, (Skinner), when are we going to get an updated DU?

Joe Scarborough's contract with MSNBC expires in March 2011.

Diane Ravitch Defends Detroit: Organize

Howard Dean, Rick Santorum to discuss politics at Northwestern on Oct. 12

Ecuador seems way more complicated than a coup

Amitai Etzioni: Beware of Generals Carrying Metrics

Due process cleared officers, Army says

Marine's Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle could get cut

The War Addicts: 2016 and Then Some

FBI targets US Palestine activists

Audio message from al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden

Check in here after taking the DU member poll

Art students go door to door asking people about National Security Questions (ABC News)

quote to reflect upon

Stop Loss Payments Extended to December 3, 2010

So, Rouse In, Rahm Out...

US Navy Spends ~$200 Million To Dock Ships In Guam


NATO Supply Trucks Attacked In Pakistan: Suspected Militants Destroy 27 Oil Tankers

Nato tankers torched in Pakistan

Whitman's husband says 'it is possible' handwriting on letter is his

A teacher pushed to the edge

Concert / Rally for Russ Feingold - Oct 30 in Fond du Lac, Wis.

Your crazy aunt & charter schools

Yahoo Front Page : It's Official: The Stimulus Isn't a Waste of Money


Arne Duncan gives $50 million to charter management chains

First World War officially ends -- or the past is never really past.

Friday Chomskyism

Fundy High To Be Investigated?

Americans tread water in gulf between rich, poor

Garrison Kiellor Writes A Letter-discusses a upcoming election.

Tea Party Coloring Book Causes White Crayon Shortage

Conservative Immigration Group: Arrest Meg Whitman, And Her Housekeeper Too

"Nuremberg": A lost war-crimes documentary lives again -See it in NYC and soon on DVD

Regarding the latest O'Keefe scandal, and if any violations of laws occurred.

So...Will Rahm Be Expecting The Support Of Unions & Activists In His Primary For Mayor?

Tea Partier accuses Republican congressional candidate of sexual assault

America Today...class structure graph

Alan Greenspan actually wants to let the tax cuts expire?!

TAKE BUS to Rally to Restore Sanity on 10/30/2010...


Question about TARP? I keep reading about all the

'Toon from the Tulsa world newspaper this morning

Under the bus goes Nate Silver

Pete Rouse, a senior adviser to President Obama, is to replace

Email from Don Siegelman about Rove

How long before Pristeen Christine O'Donnell resigns from the US Senate to spend more time with ...

Hidden Wounds: Military, community not ready for wave of damaged soldiers

This is what my newest Senator has to say about Republicans

The Rude Pundit: Family Research Council: "Pray That God Kills the Lame Ducks"

CNN Video: Michael J. Fox explains why he's elected not to have additional surgeries

Hospital confirms another fatality after medication error

"Clams Dwindle as CO2 Rises"

Did a single trade spark the "Flash Crash" of May 6 2010?

My thought on the Military Industrial Complex

New 3rd Brigade leader: U.S. military should be like Wayne Gretzky

Carl Paladino now admits he really doesn't have any proof of Andrew Cuomo's 'paramours'

The Long And Winding Road

Folks in Arizona please read

It's the hypocrisy, stupid!

Was having a little debate earlier about * Health Provider Conscience Rule which is still in tact

Na na na na, na na na na, hey, hey, hey

I remembered! Currier & Ives

Massachusetts progressives to march on the National Mall Saturday

WHY are the ads with dead baby pigs back?

WHY are the ads with dead baby pigs back?

WHY are the ads with dead baby pigs back?

Illinois senate debate Sunday on MTP (Whoops, it's Oct. 10)

Has anyone read Mary Tillman's Book...

A CEO learns the employees actually have value

Five Ways the Democrats Can Avoid a Catastrophe and Pull Off the Mother of All Upsets ...a letter fr

Judge Stuffed Acorns With Condoms (not a joke)

Judge Stuffed Acorns With Condoms (not a joke)

The Secret PLOT To MURDER David Axelrod

NYC to curb water runoff with blue and green roofs

Maybe Obama could resurrect Leo McGarry to be the next Chief of Staff.

In light of Gliese 581 (ironic pun intended) I am just asking . . . . . do you believe in . . . .

Tales of the Re-Gilded Age: Media Monopolist Murdoch Dumps $1 Million on GOP Front Group

"Fight with one arm, Goad with the other"

Investigators say dean made students do housework for scholarships

President Obama Gives The Speech We've Been Waiting For At Gen44 Summit

Bush working on his rehabilitation: Forms school deform institute to train principals

HCR: Waivers for McDonald's, Concentration, and the "UnitedHealthCare Full Employment Act"

German police violently break up peaceful protest.

German police violently break up peaceful protest.

Bloomberg blasts Tea Party, describes it as often irrational, not

Lebanon's Hizballah Museum: A Theme Park for Martyrdom

Telling the Whole Truth About the "Drug War"

Scared to Death - Julia Serano

Five Ways the Democrats Can Avoid a Catastrophe and Pull Off the Mother of All Upsets ...a letter fr

Palin accuses Rouse of stealing "change" & organizing attacks against her

Sometimes a "not-so" Great Notion

California's Prop 19 Gaining Steam -- Up 52% to 41%

Chris Coons on GLBTQ issues: Repeal DADT and Marriage Equality for all

Chris Coons on GLBTQ issues: Repeal DADT and Marriage Equality for all

Rahm Emanuel: Positive or negative?

Boxer Fiorina debate on the PBS stations in Cali right now

Marijuana clinic in Ann Arbor robbed at gunpoint

Is Howard Dean Smiling?

Is Howard Dean Smiling?

September 30, 2010 Paying Doctors for Patient Performance

Why does MSNBC keep updating us on the latest Jersey Shore episode?

President Obama: Positive or Negative

What an insult Whitman gave to this woman who worked for her!

Iranian hard-liners upset over political prisoners' letters -- torture, forced confessions & abuse

My LTTE on improvements by the VA since 2008 printed today...

My LTTE on improvements by the VA since 2008 printed today...

Bill Maher: When Will Obscenely Rich A**holes Stop Crying About Taxes?

Help - Help....

Pete Rouse....wasnt he that baseball guy who played for the Reds?

Cracks in the American Way, as Labor Stands Strong in Europe

Republican 'Pledge' Would Slash Spending For Education, Cancer Research, Police & Firefighters

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz calls for second federal stimulus

Garrison Keillor may be a shitty singer, but he's got this right...

"Things will get better; people's minds will change. You should be alive to see it."

Five-State Firewall for Senate

Five-State Firewall for Senate

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher: Arianna Huffington, Norah O’Donnell, Cornel West, David Cross

Rahm Emanuel

Gloria Allred press conference.

Chef Nathalie Dupree enters South Carolina race against Sen. DeMint

Congress Abandons Net Neutrality Bill

OMG: texting-while-driving banned in MA

OH NO - Its the attack of the Veggie Socialists!

For those cheering the departure of Mistah Rahm . . . . .

Oil Industry Targets Schwarzenegger

Although I live in Florida, I am more concerned about Russ Feingold losing than Rick Scott winning

‘Did she ask for it?’ (Indian women and an avalance of pink chaddis - panties)

Who is this Rouse guy anyway?

Newsweek states the obvious..."Whitman: It's the Cover-Up, Not the Sin, That Matters"

Charleston CHEF Dupree CHALLENGES DeMint in Write-In Candidacy

Friday Toons, part 4

FoxPAC doubles down: News Corp. gives $1 million to GOP-aligned Chamber

Recession Swells Medicaid Rolls in 2009; One in Six Using the Program

I'm just salivating, thinking about the newest California Governor's race polls.

Friday Toons, part 5

Women's Brains on Steroids: Birth control pills appear to remodel brain structure

New sex ed funding ends decade of abstinence-only

Rick Sanchez: Jon Stewart is a bigot

O’Donnell: God Wants ME To Win So I Can Keep FILIBUSTER Alive

Boy, 4, takes van, kills newborn

The National Agricultural Workers Survey - read this and then complain about Colbert

Tale of a Middle Class Taxpayer

Illegal immigrants deported to Mexico by plane hits a high

weird fish

Take the Pledge: Operation Recovery: Stop the Deployment of Traumatized Troops

Take the Pledge: Operation Recovery: Stop the Deployment of Traumatized Troops

New York Times Magazine Cover Boy: Glenn Beck

Failsafe is on TCM.

New Meaning to 'Onward, Christian Soldiers'

BP to USA: Don't mess with our oil fields or we won't pay you

A Taxpayer Receipt - a great idea

Alan Grayson Explains the Foreclosure Fraud Crisis - FDL

Ahhh... The buried lede. All the way on page 5 from NYTimes article on Linda McMahon's run in CT

Rupert Murdoch Gives Voice to Phil Gramm, the Meyer Lansky of the War Party

Check in here if you are going to be in DC for the One Nation march tomorrow

China using monopoly in rare earth materials to draw manufacturing jobs to China.

Whitman's Housekeeper Placement Service: Don't Blame Us!

Security: A code explodes

Invite to Drop in for some Progressive entertainment and chat

Joe.My.God, "Sen. Saxby Chambliss Just Called Me To Offer His "Sincerest Apologies"

Rank anti-mosque bigotry flops as campaign tactic

Feds Sue Fox News Over Reporter Catherine Herridge's Charges Of Discrimination, Retaliation

Great reader comment after Sacramento Bee story about Meg Whitman's "surprise" at the letter

One Graph Says It All! - GOP pledge reduces deficit less than Obama's budget

Taxpayers Get $1 Billion Profit on U.S. Treasury's Sale of Citigroup Stake

Linda McMahon: I Don’t Know The Minimum Wage, But Lower It

Friday Toons, part 2

Sen. Bernie Sanders will be a guest Sunday morning on CBS's Face the Nation

Harper's man in Washington bids the town a weary (but sharply worded) farewell

Harper's man in Washington bids the town a weary (but sharply worded) farewell

Just a click away: Italian masterpieces go online

Friday Toons, part 3

Dear Jon Stewart: Yes, Dan Webster Really IS That Extreme!

Fiorina Called For Imprisoning ‘Employers Who Knowingly Hired Illegal Imigrants-

Tea Party-backed candidate loses high court appeal over ballot signatures

An interview with Charles Ferguson...

Chronicle Project:: ReDefining the Bible

Ever wonder why so many hate the USA? U.S. infected Guatemalans with STDs 60 Years Ago

Rahm Emanuel: Puppet master or just a bad adviser?

IRS Offers Tax Break for Homeowners With Defective Drywall

IRS Offers Tax Break for Homeowners With Defective Drywall


Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act, or CALM passes HOUSE & SENATE!

Ok. NOW I'm not getting the flu shot

And so it starts: NATO convoy attacked in Pakistan

And so it starts: NATO convoy attacked in Pakistan

BBC: the Obama administration's intervention in the fortunes of Detroit has clearly worked.

Democracy Now's Amy Goodman to be on John King's CNN show tonight

Great takedown of batshit crazy DeMint

One Nation rally tomorrow-175,000 union members to show, for starters...

Oakland police shoot 11 year old arthritic family dog 3 times with glock in his own backyard

Think the GOP is in trouble? Jim DeMint agrees with you (And me..)

Stuxnet Malware Mystery Deepens: Another Hint Of Israeli Origins

Statement from Admiral Allen on the Transfer of Oversight Responsibilities


Rouse was Chief of Staff to Republican Lt Governor Miller of Alaska in early 80's

Shocker! - Top uniformed officer says cuts to Pentagon budget would endanger U.S.- The Hill

Over 100 GOP candidates support forcing women to be pregnant even in cases of rape and incest...

I know it's boring but petitions still work

Legislation would take aim at cell phone 'bill shock' by requiring warnings

Immigration Lawyer: Whitman Failed To Sign Off On Housekeeper's Form

Most Tea Partiers Think Free Trade Agreements That Tea Party Candidates Support Are Bad

Friday Toons, part 1

Free speech T.V. live stream .......(They will cover the One Nation March)

Alan Grayson’s FL Republican Opponent Tied To “Biblical Stoning” Movement, AKA Christian Reconstruct

The TRUTH behind Palin's 'Stalker' - link below

Detroit Free-Press reporting Asst. AG was NOT suspended; he took a leave of absence

Old but live dog in a trash bin

President Obama extends Bush's "State of Emergency". It's the wrong emergency!

Time now for another Friday edition of the Last 24 Hours of Police Misconduct from InjusticeNews

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan releases statement on recent LGBT youth tragedies

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan releases statement on recent LGBT youth tragedies

Have you asked your senators to sign the Sanders letter

Change to 'Bios' will make for PCs that boot in seconds (BBC)

Change to 'Bios' will make for PCs that boot in seconds (BBC)

California creates health benefit exchange, unveils website

Humor from Texas: CECEDE!!! (Pic)

Taiwanese animators take a stab at animating Woodward's book on Obama

Rick Sanchez is missing...

Stephen Colbert destroys Scalia's interpretation of Constitution

Researchers Found 40-Fold Increase In Carcinogenic Compounds In Gulf

GAO Accuses Bush, Obama and Congress of Careless Arms Sales to Persian Gulf

Iraqi government has finally been created... by Maliki joining forces with Sadr and his death squad

For people wanting to write non fiction and get published, Naomi Wolf

Rahm Emanuel never called you a "fucking retard".

Whitman just threw her husband under the bus. Okay EX- husband.

Paging David Shuster! Paging David Shuster! There is a job opening at CNN. Paging David Shuster!

Rahm is gonna rock this town.

CNN's Rick Sanchez: 'Jon Stewart Is A Bigot' -- And The Jews Run CNN

Krugman: Models Versus Slogans

Major Marina del Rey raw sewage spill will keep beach closed for days

Newt Gingrich Living the High-Life on Right-Wing Suckers’ Dime

Is the United States in decline or ascending?

I encountered a Sikh on the 'T' one day.

I just cancelled my ISP for the website

Stiglitz and Bilmes: Wars could cost $4 trillion to $6 trillion

1 of 9 Black Children in U.S. Has a Parent in Prison


Happy Birthday JIMMY CARTER!

About Those Goings-On in Pakistan

McDonald’s ‘Mini-Med’ Health Plans Probed by Senate

Just Say Now Launches Online Phone Banking for Marijuana Reform - FDL

Now the Government is X-Raying You While You Drive

Posts indicate alleged sex-snooping victim e-mailed staff for help before suicide

Posts indicate alleged sex-snooping victim e-mailed staff for help before suicide

Electromagnetic Galaxies

Republican 2010 Promises

Watch MSNBC ignore the Rick Sanchez epsisode..

Repost of a technology that will change the world, sertov....

Lie Detector ALL SET for Meg Whitman - Expert Lined Up, Where's Meg?

Goldman Sachs, the Smartest Theives in the Room, Forced to Up Bonuses or Lose Barbarians

Just saw the new anti-Angle commercial: "Incest victims should turn lemons into lemonade"

Is "because we can" a good enough reason to actually do something?

Do you believe the Republicans will invade Iran if they win the 2012 Presidential election?

Meet the Big Brother Screening Your Social Media for Employers

Feeling calm for the moment??? Not fired up? ...

This was posted earlier in Political Videos. It made my day and changed my outlook. Obama is back!!

Almost 3,000 Millionaires Claim Jobless Benefits, IRS Data Show

"The Cocaine in My Butt is Not Mine" Defense (but the weed is?)

Remember a old DU feature: Ask the Admins?

If Whitman had fired Nicky Diaz because of the mismatch letter she could have been sued.

Cautious Homeowners Not Seduced By Record-Low Interest Rates

Mortgage loans at 110% of the value of the home?

Huh? Pete Rose is going to be Obama's Chief of Staff??

Duke student's thesis on sexual conquests goes viral

Maybe Tyler found out his "partner" was "in on it"

Darth Palin...


Deny this Breitbart. O'Keefe is STILL listed as an "Author" on Big Government.

Aren't the repukes all proverbial Bullies? Bullying is their bread and butter, their way of life,

Rachel just made their servers crash... lol

Luxury stores caught out by surging demand

Feingold's opponent says global warming is 'unproven'

Ah-you DUers are "Deranged Idiots" according to a local paper

Rick Sanchez: Jon Stewart A 'Bigot,' Jews Run CNN & All Media

The FBI on an intimidation spree

The cat that came down the chimney

Charting Statistical Fraud At The BLS

Marijuana possession now on par with traffic and littering tickets in California

Marijuana possession now on par with traffic and littering tickets in California

caption bagger rand paul!

"The Most Hated Family in America"

Holy Books of the Tea Party

This is For Rick Sanchez,

This is For Rick Sanchez,

My solution you ask?

Foreclosure Phil Gramm emerges from his hole to lecture the rest of us on the dismal economy

Today is a momentous day in my area-mine and THIS were the editorial page

What Meg was able to buy with $120 million--and why money in elections must be controlled.

An international comparison with US schools:

Michael Moore: Woodward Book Reveals That Civilian Control of the Military Is a Joke

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! & here's a new kitty gif

OMG OMG, I earned .69 cents so far this year....

Actions to Stop FBI Repression Take Place Across the Country Oct 4th and 5th. We Need You!

The count of gay teen suicides do to bullying last month stands at 9+

Pharmacists slam Wal-Mart's new Medicare drug plan

Jon Stewart Says Rallies Satirical, Not Political

British army claims having openly gay soldiers has 'increased productivity'

Fears of Chinese land grab as Beijing's billions buy up resources

in DC

Rush: If Osama bin Laden shaved and changed headwear "he could run as a Democrat ... and get elected

George Galloway returns to Canada this weekend (after being banned from entering by Cdn govt)

Face it--- We hand wring--- they napalm....

I'm sorry everyone. Re: Old but live dog abandoned

Congrats to Blackwater for its fat new State Department contract!!!

Peter DeFazio's Repub opponent Art Robinson: Nuclear waste best stored in foundation of homes

Jim Trafficant was a Democrat

Jim Trafficant was a Democrat

Google offers JPEG alternative for faster Web

Democrats hope organizing will counter voters' apathy

So, who wants to take bets that Fox News will hire Rick Sanchez soon?

Wait.....The Last Word

Maid dispute could hurt Whitman's Latino strategy

I'm pretty pleased with Rouse for CoS.

Pot smoking mom duck taped her toddler son to the wall

50 Cent: Oral Sex Remarks Were Not Anti-Gay

#2 on Dave's Top Ten List tonight:

Statement by U.S. Secretary of Education

Insurer Cuts Health Plans as New Law Takes Hold

DNA ... Remember Rosalind Franklin .. ???

Northrop Grumman’s Shipyards At Avondale, La. Crank Out More Crap

The Hurt Locker (Do people even see the same world?)

“Radio as the Eighth Great Power”: Joseph Goebbels

Alaska / Florida

Half Dollar: Oral Sex Remarks Were Not Anti-Gay


the Moral of the Story: Don't fuck with Jon Stewart!

Crisis in Pakistan: Possible Army Coup in Works, as US and Pakistan Clash

(Good Riddance) Rahm was the force behind the White House's refusal to hire Howard Dean

What's up with this Meg Whitman's hubby?

What's It Like to Be a Gay Teen

What they aren't telling you about McDonald's "Health Insurance"

Ship that was to be a homeless shelter is sunk.

Whitman: Ok, Fine, Maybe My Husband Knew Maid Was Illegal

Please Help! (Sidney, N.Y.)

Garden State Equality: Town meetings in remembrance of Tyler Clementi


On the subject of bullying...

On the subject of bullying...

On the subject of bullying...

On the subject of bullying...

On the subject of bullying...

On the subject of bullying...

Should we make the GOP happy and hand the government over to Mice with Human Brains?

Coup in Ecuador thwarted

Obama can fire up the base if he hires Dean to replace Rahm

That poor kid who killed himself, Tyler Clementi? It was the Internet's fault.

Who's funding (Ohio) governor candidates? Unions & workers behind Strickland....

Whatever you think of the story, "Answering alarm, Oakland police kill family dog"

Whatever you think of the story, "Answering alarm, Oakland police kill family dog"

Should we start a Distraction of the Day thread?

Should we start a Distraction of the Day thread?

Oldies but goodies: Rick "Jews control everything" Sanchez 1991 DUI hit & run leaves man paralyzed

Finally some good news: MSNBC to broadcast One Nation March

iS "Big Brother" WATCHING at DU

iS "Big Brother" WATCHING at DU

Rick Sanchez' Perverted Sex Scandal With A Chinese Pony Exposed!

Joel Klein says PE teachers should earn less than math & science teachers

Joel Klein says PE teachers should earn less than math & science teachers

Rahm's replacement makes perfect sense.

Time-Life: The Nazis

In a world without tenure

The immortal bin Laden leaves another voicemail, why is he still 'out there'?

Michigan AG Cox suspends Assistant AG Shirvell

Michael Moore: Dwight Was Right (beware the military-industrial complex)

The Full Sanchez Interview RE: Jon Stewart's a Bigot is Pretty Stunning.

Tired of Rachel bashing Democrats. She totally doesn't get it re: the M$M!

President Obama is NOT on the ballot.

Glenn Beck: Slavery "started with seemingly innocent ideas"

Top Five Regrets of the Dying

The Friday Afternoon Challenge Question has returned!

The Friday Afternoon Challenge Question has returned!

The Friday Afternoon Challenge Question has returned!

The Friday Afternoon Challenge Question has returned!

Stop freaking out that Pete Rouse once worked for a Republican

10 great science fiction novels that have been banned

Do Right-Wingers deliberately choose people like Palin, O'Donnell, etc

One Nation March: How Big Is America's Heart?

San Diego Homeless survey has chilling results

Rachel Maddow's show is far and above the most intellectually advanced news program on TV today

Four US teens bullied for being gay commit suicide in a month. This shit must stop.

Copyright Troll attacks DU

Stephen J. Cannell died...

Bill Donohue bashes victims of pedophilia...

CNN fires Rick Sanchez

Coup Attempt in Ecuador Is a Result of Sec. Clinton's Cowardice in Honduras

Do you favor or oppose an invasion of Pakistan?

Photo: Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Byron Scott's swastika necktie

Meg Whitman's sons

Starvation at home...


The Logical End-Point of Capitalism

I wish I had cached-American Contractors in Iraq . com is no more

The US will apologize to Iraq in 60 years - just ask Guatemala

I had a college professor ask my class if WW2 was worth it...

Whitman bought a 3700 Sq Ft house and expanded it to 15000 sq ft

Drugs found in man's buttocks isn't his.

Drugs found in man's buttocks isn't his.

Obama and Biden Try Scolding Voters to the Polls

Obama and Biden Try Scolding Voters to the Polls

I liked Rick Sanchez

Brown v. Whitman Debate: Meg Does NOT Support Immigration Reform

my partner witnessed something terrible yesterday...

Michael Moore: Five Ways the Democrats Can Avoid a Catastrophe and Pull Off the Mother of All Upsets

James O'Keefe's CNN Stunt Finally Wakes Up Some on the Right

Bob McCarthy Unplugged

Rachel Maddow: "I plan to scream bloody murder" if we go to war against Pakistan

"Herding Donkeys" has some real insight into the problems facing Democrats right now.

LGBT Americans: Act Now to Prevent Painful Tea Party Hangover

Great news for those who signed the EFF petition

A DU collaborative thread: The Bailout aka Troubled Asset Relief Program/TARP

Some extreme anti-smoking advocates need to get a life

I need the link to Rachel Maddow.

Kentucky Senate Rasmussen poll: (R) Rand Paul leads (D) Jack Conway by 11 (September 29 polling)

For Democrats, it's Rove time: rally the base and save Congress

Pres. Bartlett's aid Charlie Young now working for President Obama

Consumer Reports launches health web site

President Obama will be interviewed at 11:00AM on the Warren Ballentine radio show

Andrew Sullivan's Open Challenge to O'lielly: Debate Me

"Pete Rouse is invisible and methodical – the anti-Rahm."

President Obama's statement on California Health Benefits Exchange

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter Released From Hospital

Here's what the media and rethugs are counting on

POTUS to Pelosi: more "campaign events in the works..."

Nate Silver: G.O.P. Stays on Upswing in Senate Forecast

Is that all there is ??

New Chief of the Staff Pete Rouse

Sullivan: Obama's speech to Gen44 knocked my socks off.

Lets put Obama's current political climate into perspective.

S**t happens- even to cops.

In a Computer Worm, a Possible Biblical Clue

Hack the Planet!

Tomorrow (10/1) is World Vegetarian Day (according to my local pizza place, anyway)

For oldtimes sake. Sunrise, Sunset

Now is the time!

This just came up on our radar.. Yet another unknown-to-us California wonder..

MA: Cahill running mate defects to Baker.

Pew: Obama Viewed as Doing Better than GOP Leaders in Explaining Vision

Obama should hire Dean to replace Rahm, THAT will fire up the base

Now It's Rouse's Show

Palin will raise cash for the RNC next month

Rethug candidate Tom Ganley accused of sexual assault

Obama Admin's FTC's New rules for debt relief companies taking effect....

DAMN!!! there are a lot of undecided dem. voters out there according to PPP

Why does this guy Bin Laden pop up just before every election

Raj Date Joins Elizabeth Warren At Treasury.

Quinnipiac Has Scott (R) over Sink (D) for Florida Gov. on 9/23-28

Seven words you can't say on DU

The chief of staff of change

Senator Franken: The importance of the Reocovery Act

PPP: Voters are more angry at Obama than rethugs

Dems seek to intensify efforts against Boehner


Winning Over Your Own

Check out this travel log...

BofA delays foreclosures in 23 states

WAY off topic and superficial, but is anyone watching Ed Schultz right now?

Beinart: Exit Rahm. Left Turn Ahead.

Five Ways the Democrats Can Avoid a Catastrophe and Pull Off the Mother of All Upsets

Gallup: Young Voters Move to Democrats

Heads up: On C-Span tonight, starting 8pm ET, there will be 4 debates:

Son of a gun; Rick just made Rick's List.

Cool Idea Friday-Give taxpayers a receipt

Good Rahm! Bad Rahm! DU having a bipolar moment.

Obama's next big rally:

The Alabamafication of America - Far White Wing Teabaggers Hope So

EPI: Another step towards immigration reform (updated)

Fiorina: imprison employers for hiring illegal immigrants. Conservative group: arrest Whitman

Got a question about web-hosting companies; would appreciate some knowledge

Wisconsin GOP Senate Candidate Ron Johnson Opposed Child Sexual Abuse Victims Act

Herding Donkeys -- A GREAT article!!!

(R)asmussen moves Wisconsin Governor race from lean GOP to toss up as Barrett closes in

Good Maddow! Bad Maddow! DU having a bipolar moment?

'True Blood' most gay-friendly show on TV, officially

Dem Rep. Tom Perriello goes to war--against Survey USA

Good morning Lounge

What do you call two lawyers stranded on a deserted island?

Whitman Saga is Entertaining

Every word Rahm said about Obama today

WGN POLL: IL Gov: Quinn (D): 39% Brady (R) 38%

what's up with Marco and Amber?

How do you know when you have absolutely no more self-respect... no more dignity?

Thank You Rahm and Welcome home! Job well done, it wasn't perfect but it was effective.

Bill Maher was amazing tonight.

Photo: Justice Kagan

Replacing Rick Sanchez with Stephanie Miller... yea or nay?

I'm ready for the Big Weather:

**** Heads Up: POTUS Makes a Personnel Announcement, Live 11:05am EDT ****

I tense/ill? YOU tense/ill !!!!!!!

Facepalm x 2

Photoshop Disaster! Or, Dismemberment Is the New Black

In Midterms, Dems Gain With Young Voters, Slip With Hispanics

Is MSNBC hoping for a failure-of-a-rally tomorrow?

I took the survey.

Friday Stumper: What ties these three songs together?

Anyone ever been the proud human parent of a Bengal Cat?

Photos: "Rahm-a-done." (The Obama Presidency, Day 620)


I just changed my voters i can vote in Novembra

Cats and Vegans

If you ever make a movie about World War II in Europe,

My mother has been a life-long R, this did not come easy for her...

Krugman on "one of the few policy options for tackling unemployment available "

GOP pledge reduces deficit less than Obama's budget

Rahm, the Left, and Reality...

Switching to Glide


Friday, October 1. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

"The turban is not for sale."

Pete Rouse....wasnt he that baseball guy who played for the Reds?

We dodged the bullet, yet again.

How hard is it to strip paint?

I am over cyber bullying; there are some horrid people walking this earth

Crist's strange answer in interview (see video)

Crist's strange answer in interview (see video)

CNN survey: "Would you buy gold from an ATM?" - FUCK NO!

Street Art

The new United-Continental Airlines - The 'Continental' is silent. (pic)

Fight Club: Vader Vs. Harry Potter

Let it Ride..


Anybody had snow yet? I dreamed last night it was snowing where

"Punch the Clock" is Elvis Costello's best album.........

The Rules vs. The Game

So, I found this in my wife's desk

Friday Drinkin' Song!

It's MLB playoff time!

Tell me this isn't going to happen here at DU. Please?

just to keep it straigh in the florida senate race is getting better based in part on your feedback.

A question for those ere that may be well versed in herb lore.

And finally: Never, EVER eat here.

Rich Sanchez fired by CNN, blames the Jews.

My homeboy will be back on DU on 10-28-2010

A confession: I used the ''whiner'' talking point in a job interview a few years ago

greatest cover I ever heard of any song

DUers in the Carolinas, Virginia, PA, MD, DE, NJ, report in:

A Day In The Life

Shit - I'm at least an hour behind on my Martini drinking.

Draw The Line Aerosmith

If Sauron, Gandalf, Palpatine, Galactus, Muad'Dib, Dr. Doom, Q, Merlin, and all the Aliens teamed up

My wife said one of the most prescient things I've heard lately:

Huh? Pete Rose is going to be Obama's Chief of Staff??

Third Way has a great idea, a tax receipt, except a closer look and it's disturbing (updated)

Rodentini carbonara -- m-m-m-m-m-m... a-w-w-w-w-w.

don't know if this one has made it 'round here yet...

I'm going on a date tonight!


Rouse hailed as first Asian American chief of staff

I am SO over this "Werewolf" thing...

PPP: Rahm has a 50/30 favorability rating in Chicago--he's strongest with Liberals!? 59/19

did you see tears?

Now... ... ... ... ... ... THESE shoes would tempt me to learn how to walk in heels...

If DU went POOF or you got the pizza, where would you go?

Mobile Cuisine

And FINALLY - When'll you folks LISTEN to me.. there's some CREEPY things going on at Kali's ranch!

Starbucks. Subliminal advertising you might REALLY come to appreciate!!!!!

How hard is it to strip joints?

I hope you like fruits and vegetables...

Let's talk about Duct Tape, Shall We?

Love em or Hate em Rock bands

Timing! It's all about TIMING.

RIP Stephen J. Cannell, TV Producer

Post an offensive t-shirt image that you don't find offensive

Why are car rentals more popular than shoe rentals?

HEY!!!!!... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...Let's be safe out there.

PHOTOS - Bad Ass Chief of Staff - Rahm Tells the GOP to Make Joe Wilson Apologize - Sept 2009

I ate octopus at the local sushi bar this afternoon.

I know the calendar says it is fall

I admit it. I'm 58. I just discovered "The Verve" and I like the music. Am I a lost cause?

How do you tweet to a person to get it onto the their page?

Top Five Regrets of Dying Cats

So, I caught my ornery white calico cat - Clarisse - peeing in the bathroom sink last night


Why do some poster post with lots of blank lines with dots in them,

I was at the pharmacy today. The cashier said I had a gentle face and that

Any FUNNY menopause stories?... ... ... ... Anyone?... ... ... ...Anyone?... ... ... ... Bueller?

New cat problem

Heaven got a new puppy today.

Hey guys - I love you all!!!

who started this msnbc is just like Fox News???????

Friday's kitteh

Tell us your amazing story of how duct tape saved the day!

Introducing my new furry baby

Anybody know where I can buy MP3's?

If you only had a day or two to be in London, what would you do?

RIP 160g Ipod - you have served me well

Amazing electronica from Ulrich Schnauss

Newsweek Generic Congressional Poll. Democrats lead 48-43

Since Jews control the media...

The One Big Issue That Would Benefit Obama Immediately and Put The GOP on the Defensive: Outsourcing

Fuck ups in "Smokey And The Bandit"

The police, fire department and doctors say I'm a very luck man. What do you think?

China's Sinopec to Invest $7.1 Billion in Repsol Brazil (oil and natural gas deal)

Cuccinelli donates funds to veterans

Seven Die In Explosions During Nigeria Celebrations

U.S. government funds may have gone to Taliban

Militants set fire to NATO supply tankers in Pakistan

A Single Sale Worth $4.1 Billion Led to the ‘Flash Crash’

France Scores An F in Education

Four suicides last week at Fort Hood

Iraq breaks record for longest time with no government

Wall Street flash crash sparked by computer algorithm

CNN's Rick Sanchez: 'Jon Stewart Is A Bigot' -- And The Jews Run CNN

1,200 NASA workers to be laid off

Google offers JPEG alternative for faster Web

Shinnecock win federal recognition

Osama Bin Laden Still Talking Despite Rain of Drone Strikes

One large trader led to May 6 stock market plunge

SEC, CFTC blame algorithm for flash crash

U.S. to apologize for STD experiments in Guatemala

US judge asks Vatican to serve court paper to Pope

U.S. hunter not guilty in husband's death

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 1

Blackwater Wins Piece of $10 Billion Mercenary Deal

Dozens killed in Indonesian train crash

Meg Whitman's Husband: It's "Possible" I Saw Letter

Fears of Chinese land grab as Beijing's billions buy up resources

Exclusive: Blackwater Wins Piece of $10 Billion Merc Deal

Net neutrality bill blocked by Republicans

Murdoch doubles News Corp support for Republicans• News Corporation gives $1m to anti-Democrat campa

Data shows balloon descended rapidly; survival 'unlikely'

Consumer spending up, inflation muted in August

(Burmese pro-democracy leader) Aung San Suu Kyi to be 'freed' (on November 13) after polls

Americans tread water in gulf between rich, poor

Senate candidate Ron Johnson says global warming 'unproven'

Burma's Election: Bomb blast in election office

China launches Moon mission

Officials think bin Laden involved in Europe plot

Delayed UN report links Rwanda to Congo genocide

FBI says cyber-thieves stole $70 million

U.S. puts health insurance prices online

Federal loan money heading to small businesses

Breaking News: Bank of America to halt foreclosures in 23 states because of document problems

E.U. Ministers Agree on Proposal to Overhaul I.M.F. Board

Prolific TV producer Stephen J. Cannell dies

Bias crime charges weighed after NJ teen's suicide

CDC: Nearly 1 in 10 U.S. adults depressed

U.S. power plants at risk of attack by computer virus like Stuxnet

NJ student's suicide resonates on campus, beyond

Ecuador's president promises to punish his enemies after day of chaos

Second attack on NATO convoy in Pakistan

Iceland's politicians forced to flee from angry protesters.

Photos Show U.S. Soldiers Posing With Afghan Corpses

A Teary Emanuel Gets Dead Fish At White House Send-off

Assistant AG takes leave amid gay-bashing controversy (update: not suspension)

Assistant AG suspended over gay-bashing blog

Abstinence Only programs take back seat

'Austrian tax evasion whistleblower' dies in Swiss jail

My family's in need of some of those righteously reknown DU good things, please.

Postal Service anticipates $6 billion year-end loss

NEWSWEEK Poll: Anger Unlikely to Be Deciding Factor in Midterms

Rahm Emanuel Steps Down, Pete Rouse Will Be Interim Chief Of Staff

" Herding Donkeys!" ......... Ari Berman--The Nation

"Curiously, the only thing to go through the bowl of petunias' mind was "Not again."

CNN Fires Rick Sanchez After Comments About Jews, Jon Stewart

Victims bound during robbery at medical marijuana clinic in downtown Ann Arbor

Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Bill to Reduce Marijuana Penalties in California

Mexico Seeks to Unify Police to Curb Graft and Fight Drugs

Ellen DeGeneres - "Be an Ally & a Friend"

Abbie Hoffman remembers John Lennon - 1981 interview

Michigan's Attorney General Mike Cox comments on Assistant AG Andrew Shirvell. PLUS Toobin & Turley

Why Not Extend ALL of the Bush Tax Cuts?

Whitman follows Palin's advice for O'Donnell and SPEAKS THROUGH FOX on HousekeeperGate

Sarah Palin welcomes Sean Duffy to her Pretty Boys Club

Hold On

DN! Progressive Groups to Hold One Nation Working Together Rally in DC

An Important Message from Ellen About Bullying LGBT Suicides

Ecuador president dares crowd to kill him

Wealth Gap in 2009 Highest Ever

Fox Business Channel changes name to Fox Batshit Crazy Business Channel in honor of current guest

Israel Seizes ANOTHER Gaza Aid Boat

Iran sanctions = US hypocrisy?

Weird Liberal Head Show #179: Attend the One Nation Rally

Fiorina: Send Meg Whitman to Jail for Employing Undocumented Immigrant

TYT: Tea Party Coloring Book For Kids!

Hemp Farmer (Support Prop.19 Ca.)

Papantonio and Ed Schultz Expose the US Chamber and News Corp

Papantonio and Ed Schultz Expose the US Chamber and News Corp

Gogol Bordello: Immigraniada (We Comin' Rougher)

Radio Ad: "Hypocrisy" (Reid ad)

Great New Campaign Ad by Scott McAdams (D-AK)

TYT Update: Grayson's Taliban Dan Ad

Taking cop misconduct to chambers of commerce?

NOAA investigating husband & wife that were sprayed with dispersant while sleeping on boat

CNN Rick Sanchez Audio - Comments Got Him Fired...

Vote for the Democrat!

What Enthusiasm Gap? President Obama Speaks to Gen44

Preview of Rush Limbaugh Family Guy episode

Rachel Maddow- DeFazio fights faceless power money

Worst Person In The World: Rick Sanchez, Rupert Murdoch

Rachel Maddow MUST-VIEW: 'To Take Over Congress, No Ceiling on What You Can Spend'

Unprecedented Manufacturing Strikes & Protests Gain Momentum In China

Rahm Emanuel's Goodbye to Obama White House

Giggling shithead Rick Sanchez shows you how to lose a cable news job in 2 minutes

Fraud Factories, MERS, LPS, Forgeries: Rep. Alan Grayson Explains the Foreclosure Fraud Crisis

Press TV's Kaneez Fatima discusses Austerity Measures with Max Keiser

CNN - Abbie Boudreau "Punk" 09 29 10

Protest At Seattle FBI Office 9/30/10

Everywhere (Blumenthal ad)

Spreading Democracy Dust & Jesus Juice 'over there'??

New Brown ad hits Whitman on Goldman Sachs, eBay

Facebook Videos Posted by The Ellen DeGeneres Show An Important Message

Special interview with Lenore Skenazy on Free Range Kids

Hillary Clinton Funding War Against Filipino People

Rachel Maddow: We are beginning a war AGAINST Pakistan!!

Calif. Governor's Race Upended by Immigrant Maid

Pot smoking duck duct taped her mom to the wall...

"Vote Republican" by Roy Zimmerman

Forget Oxford, Christine O'Donnell's Resume Cites 'CameBridge'

It's Official: The Stimulus Isn't a Waste of Money

The BBC is on Murdoch's side

The extremism destroying the Internet's content promise

Eugene Robinson: Who Really Thinks We’ll Win in Afghanistan?

“If you want to kill the president, here he is,” he said. “Kill him, if you want to. Kill him if you

France Scores An F in Education

Feds 'radiating' Americans?

Homophobic bullying takes another child’s life

Rare Earth Metals: China's Death Grip on the Trade War (China Owns The MIC's Key Ingredients)

Best Jon Stewart Quotes Ever

Majority think ending tax cuts for those over $250 K is a good idea _CBS news poll

Obama In Command: The Rolling Stone Interview

Newsweek Poll: Angry Unlikely to Be Deciding Factor in Midterms

Taking On China (Krugman)

'Obama's Wars': The gang that couldn't shoot straight -- or shut up

US Admits It Infected Guatemalans With Syphilis in 1940s

Obama Replaces Rahm Emanuel with a 'Middle Finger'

Did SEC Hide Botched Stanford Probe? I.G. Says Timing Is "Suspicious"

Friday Talking Points (141) -- Rahm's Exit Contest Winner Announced

"Some Like It Hotter" Weekend Economists October 1-3, 2010

Bill Clinton’s Doctors Talk To Wolf Blitzer On Reversing Heart Disease (Video)

South Africa Metals Report Q4 2010 - New Market Report Published

Drumbeat: October 1, 2010

New rules take effect for Colorado uranium mines

Potomac Conservancy Petitions Congress for Intersex Fish Research

How Warm Was This Summer?

U.S. aims to end China's rare earth metals monopoly

A spherical power-harvesting solar cell that imitates the way trees collect sunlight

Aquamation: A Greener Alternative to Cremation?

LUMENHAUS: the responsive architecture, zero energy house

Is Albert Haynesworth just an idiot or THE biggest idiot in the NFL?

UNC Football scandal video

Another reason I hate three divisions in baseball. Look at these complicated scenarios:

NBA Players asked about tax cuts on Fox Business, there to talk about VG NBA 2K11

Cincinnati Reds' celebration cigars bring smoking complaints

Tomorrow's another day for the history books!

"We're not going to let happen here what happened in Honduras" Correa on Telesur

Coup Attempt in Ecuador Is a Result of Sec. Clinton's Cowardice in Honduras

Chile's Pinera Backs Ecuador's Correa, Calls For Unasur Meeting

Today's Democracy Now show covers the Ecuador situation.

Hillary Clintons calls Correa to express support Spanish

UNASUR sends a strong message

Ecuador coup death toll rises to four

More than a coup -- a deliberate attempt to kill Correa

Quito’s Police: CIA breeding ground

Ecuador revolt: Attempted coup or uprising?

Ecuador: Attempted Coup or Not?

Ecuadorian Ambassador rules out coup d'état against President Correa

Prosecutors are still trying to determine what caused the shootings.

Columbus Ohio mayor wants to change gun laws ...

"Wisconsin EYE" has round table discussion of Madison 5 w/police chief !

Not Mine - LTTE “Legality of open carry undisputed” Montgomery Advertiser - Alabama

Pelosi: DADT "will be gone by the end of the year"

Theodore Beale: Tyler Clementi's death was his own fault

Cyberbullying? Homophobia? Tyler Clementi's Death Highlights Online Lawlessness

Palestinians building Jewish settlements

Israel-bound submarines banned from testing in Norway's waters

Minor Details of a Maid

Stepped outside with my camera, looking for black, the absence of all color.

UN: Israelis "Executed" US Citizen Furkan Dogan

Only biologists appreciate creationist horror films (SMBC)

Today in Labor History Oct 1 Trail of Tears (OS is 1/4 Cherokee I lost family) & much more

Three Solid-State Qubits Entangled: Big Step Toward Quantum Error Correction

This is a news website article about a scientific paper

Knot in the Ribbon at the Edge of the Solar System 'Unties'

China launches second lunar exploration probe

Fossil shows tall, reddish penguin once roamed Peru

New Meaning to 'Onward, Christian Soldiers'

Did Jesus REALLY sacrifice anything?

"Did Knives and Forks Cut Murders?" The NY Times on murder rates through history

Okay, where's Rick?

I don't want to attract any bad karma

Dream interpretation?

Visits/messages from the Animal Kingdom?

U.S. apologizes for Guatemala STD experiments

FDA Report: Miracle Mineral Solution 'Miracle’ Treatment Turns into Potent Bleach

CDC Boss Picks 6 'Winnable Battles': smoking, AIDS, obesity, teen pregnancy, health care infections