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Later with Jools Holland is the best show, ever !!!!!111

FT: Liberals Defeated In Key US Healthcare Vote

Paul Volcker on Charlie Rose, fyi.

Do I laugh or cry?

Maybe i missed it, but mandating me to ourchase what will be, at best, a mediocre

Senate Dems Look to Obama to Move Health-Care Votes

Laughing at the late shows

Still Made in America---Wooly Willy!

Michael Moore on Tavis Smiley, fyi.

(Not) Atrios: " It's the Savings Stupid"...

One of those great mysteries...

Papantonio is brilliant in this bash of mainstream media

Republican congressmen meet to discuss flaws in Obama’s health care reform plan

Reuters - "Senate Democrats to offer climate bill" - Tougher Than House Version?


Associate Press: "UN chief: Iran should negotiate with key powers"

Are we going to leave Afganistan

Why am I depressed?

Pass JUSTICE Act: Reform Patriot Act, Repeal Telecomm Immunity

Congratulations Sarah Palin.

The Nation comments....

Aasif Mandvi on the Daily Show is funny

40-50ft. Tsunami Hit American Samoa, Warnings Up for U.S. West Coast and Hawaii

Has the issue of how mandatory insurance would be "enforced"

Sarah's lectures a tough sell

Psychic charged with lying about attack by rivals

The Case of the Missing Torture Documents

More than 100 dead in Samoa

MJ: Public option is dead, I tell you, dead...

Poor Mr. Sparkman/ Latex Gloves

Health Funding for Science, Not Faith

Health Funding for Science, Not Faith

Oscar winning screenwriter of 'Pulp Fiction' sentenced to 1 year in jail for fatal DUI

The Science Indoctrination Inoculation Project: Support Real Math & Science in Red State Schools

I cannot dump my worthless health insurance.

First the candy, then the bullets Mark Morford

US Threatens to Escalate Operations Inside Pakistan

Why is Matthews obsessed with the pronunciation of "Cheney"? nt

Stressing Hardcover Sales, Publisher Delays E-Book of Sarah Palin Memoir

YouTube Wedding Dance Goes Into Helping Domestic Violence Victims

YouTube Wedding Dance Goes Into Helping Domestic Violence Victims

first commissioned military officer to refuse deployment to Iraq, won his battle......

Success Against al-Qaeda Cited-Infiltration of Network Is a Factor

Congress new motto: "Pass it On"

Which is worse:

Dems vs Pubs

Smearing Sen. Franken

13 problems with the current health care bills Michael Moore

Is what Dean said on Maddow tonight feasible? Option c?

Mandatory Health Insurance...

Cornell West to Larry Summers: "You must be losing your cotton picking mind!"

Cornell West to Larry Summers: "You must be losing your cotton picking mind!"

Go figure, the Abstinence girl

Disengagement and Engagement

NY Times: "In dispute with Iran, path to Iraq is in spotlight" - Compares Iran and Iraq WMD Claims

159 Days

AlterNet: Why Are We Lying to Ourselves About Our Catastrophic Economic Meltdown?

Gay Chinese stand up to police sweep of hangout

US Census Bureau Report: 40 Million Living in Poverty

Chicago Purchasing Manager's Index Unexpectedly Fell to 46.1 in September !!! :)

Private insurance mandate + subsidies for poor - P.O. = direct govt payments to insurance co.s

Americans willing to fund healthcare reform: poll

Bowing to the nutjobs again -Feingold To Hold Hearings On Obama's 'Czars'

Obama to Meet w National Security Team. Why isn't a Peace Advisor included?

Senate Dems against public option come from states with near-monopoly insurance markets

ATTENTION: send emails to the 5 dems that did not vote for Puplic Healtn Plan

So Sarah's book ain't comin'out on those whayacallit, Electrical Books pad things...

Son sure Kentucky census worker was slain


2fer: Gov.GOODHAIR starts his own "Anglo ACORN" 2) Doesn't disdain funds from CA & NY

Costa Rica leader Condemns Honduras Crackdown

PFOX: Hate Crimes Laws Are "Anti-Ex-Gay"

AFL-CIO is asking anybody with health insurance to tell that company to get out of way of

Philippine Flood Survivors Told to Pray as Typhoon Looms

Mom Goes Blind So Daughter Can See

Poll: Public Says Voice Not Heard In Health Debate (hardly needed a freakin poll to tell us THIS)

Germany: Incoming government prepares attacks on working class

**HEADS UP** Finance Committee assembling now on CSPAN3

Moran sign: The Geometry of Marriage

Is anti-semitism behind all of the anti-Polanski posts?

a grocery store tale re: Sotomayor

The best part about Palin's book is when a reporter asks her about a specific

Fight Between Turks, Armenians Ends up at Ohio Election Panel

NYT's Friedman on the Facebook poll

What I want to believe....

I discovered yesterday that Steve Harvey is religiously insane

The Democrats' Split Personality Disorder (Mother Jones)

Thousands Feared Trapped in Sumatra Quake

Media Matters for America has NewsMax article which called for military coup against Obama

Time to Call a Dem a Dem

Regarding the coup in Honduras, Obama's policy

Typhoon Kills at Least 41 in Vietnam

Our health insurance premiums are up 12% this year. Last year they tried to raise

Billionaire clown heads for space station

Ex-WellPoint exec helped write health-care bill

Today is National Call-In Day , sponsored by eight peace organizations,

I know there are others out there living with Crohn's how do they function

I know there are others out there living with Crohn's how do they function

An alternative to mandatory insurance, would be to make it more difficult for people to get rid of

I like people who stand their ground and refuse to apologize

Newsmax Yanks Military Coup against Obama Column

I hate rapists

Philippines Government Study Foresaw Flood

Stephen Hawking leaves "Newton's chair" at Cambridge

"Independent World Report" - a new magazine for international stories not getting coverage elsewhere

US Census Bureau report: 40 million living in poverty

Daily Kos' freivogel: What Obama Needs to Do About Samoa

Schumer, Dean, Harkin don't seem to be sweating much about the Public Option

First, my health insurance went up 30% and now homeowners 22%

Senate Finance Committee Pics - not as many smiles today

Senate Finance Committee Pics - not as many smiles today

Medicare Advantage, big windfall for CEO's, ripoff for taxpayers.

Reports: Mysterious, unregistered security firm policing Montana town

US Diplomat 'Forced Out' Over Stance on Afghan Election Fraud

Bob Dylan And Citigroup? New Album Released Early To Citibank Customers

Rosemary's Baby

HuffPo - Obama and China: Vandalism or Vision

The Baucus Excuse - The Imaginary Rule of 60

Pentagon airs criticism of ‘don’t ask’

Interesting Chinese scuplture on TPM..


New Orleans' Federal Flood's Hidden Race War

Just DU it. Online Health care poll.

Bill Ruth has run away - (Texas)

FedEx flies terminally ill girl home

Massachusetts Senate Candidate Advertises on ‘Coup’ Article

just for argument's sake .. what if the Schummer ammendment was adopted?

Polanski Poll - what do you think?

Senators Reject Stronger Abortion Language

Reid cancels October recess to focus lawmakers on healthcare

the sad reality: there was never going to be a victory against big pharma, insurance or banks

Has anyone noticed that the Polanski threads

Grayson’s Right: Under The Republican Plan, ‘Don’t Get Sick’ (Or You Might Have To ‘Die Quickly’)

Just Recs vs Greatest a snapshot in time comparison

The Word - Out of the Closet- Colbert Nails It in one word.

NC Plastic bottle ban begins Thursday

So we should we start burning "health insurance" policies in public, like draft cards

Dean Is Wrong

This place has become dominated with the "glass half empty"

Latest Birther Adds.....and Tax Exempt Status

Latest Birther Adds.....and Tax Exempt Status

Floor amendments. Why can't the Baucrap Bill be re-written on the floor?

U.K. Labour Party Slips to Third Place

Breaking MSNBC: Discovery of Secret Iranian Nuclear Facility an Obama Admin Success

Baltimore: proposed bill to ban the sale of single cigars

Blanche Lincoln lags in early poll

'Cops' TV Crew Injured In Police Car Crash

They have me by the balls

I'm looking at Mika B.'s Twitter page. Does everyone's have this "Garfield minus Garfield" feel?

HuffPo: Other Palin book promises to be twice as Rogue-y

HuffPo: Other Palin book promises to be twice as Rogue-y

Is this a major Freudian Slip on Huffington Post?

JUST GREAT!!! ANOTHER day of unrec'ing and hiding polanksi threads

Homes for Sale; Veterans Need Not Apply

Anti-Public Option Blue Dog Dem complains about his own health benefits!

Election finance question..

anybody else ready to march on FUX new HQ

LIMBOsevic steals his content from Heritage Fnd, "Secret Plan to Ram Through Health Care Reform"

The Party that cried "Health Care Reform"...

US Cedes Control ICANN, Internet

IAEA: Iran broke law by not revealing nuclear facility

Beware, Arizona: Jeb Bush to pitch education reform to your legislators on October 1.

Why do you belong to a political Party??

hey, what was the name of that guy

rediculous. just rediculous.

rediculous. just rediculous.

Email from Democracy for America today

Every $1 We Spend On Unnecessary Healthcare Costs Is $1 WE ARE NOT SPENDING on .....

My totally useless and irrelevant evaluation of President Obama up to this point ----> .

Fancy buying "an exceptional fisherman's cottage" in Kent, England?


GOP has passed bills without 60 votes more often than Dems

Debt collectors

School police carry Tasers, told no one

US relaxes grip on the internet

How much money to vote 'NO' - coming up on Sanchez

Failin'PALIN to flop at for-profit lectures for many reasons (idiot; uninteresting; nothing to say)

Want to finish off Glenn Beck? More you can do in 1 minute.

Poll: Huge Majority Of Mainers Wants Snowe To Break Ranks With GOP

Poll: Huge Majority Of Mainers Wants Snowe To Break Ranks With GOP

OK, there's a video on claiming the SS has identifed the creator of the 'Kill Obama'

What was it that Bush got enacted because he put it under the budget instead

Arrest Warrant Out for USAID Contractor in Afghanistan

Columnist Solves "Obama Problem"

Fox crossing yet another line

Welcome to the Walmart Wedding/LINK

Trumka Scheduled To Meet With Rahm Today To Cut Deal on Public Option

Cheney flies in briefly (2nd update)(too late for lbn)

Meme of the Day 090930

Meme of the Day 090930

Federal employees' health insurance premiums to rise 8.8 percent

The traitorous and criminal activities against our President and our country.

$388 million patent verdict against Microsoft overturned

Dennis Hopper goes to hospital

DU This Poll! Support Alan Grayson (D-FL08) who said the GOP HCR plan was "Die Quickly"

Obama Drafts Health Care Fallback Plan

Everything's Fine. In Fact, Everything's WONDERFUL!!!!

Everything's Wonderful!

Contact info for Alan Grayson (D - FL/8th): call to thank him for telling it the way it is

Chicagoans for Rio? Wonder who is backing this group

Crazy Idea about Congress

Suddenly, The Republicans Have Time

Max Baucus took over $3,970,000 from health & insurance interests.

Want to help Alan Grayson? Want more guys like him in Congress? Donate to his campaign here:

Dennis Hopper goes to hospital

My friend is about to lose his leg & having a problem getting a referral

Make them filibuster

I wonder if the Democratic Party realizes what is at stake here?

He's a real FECK!

Steele Dismisses Report That Obama Has Received 400 Percent More Threats Than Bush

Warren G. shows the hypocrisy/homophobia of rap music

Update..No deal!! AFL-CIO stands strong for Public Option!

Gore Vidal: ‘We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US’

Karl Rove: "the world is a safer place for having that bastard gone"

Breaking MSNBC 6.4 earthquake in Peru

Can you guys donate a few bucks to Joe Sestak?

Steele: Tom Friedman a 'nut job'

Happy Translator's Day! Thank you St. Jerome, Sibel Edmonds, Sir Richard Burton...

NJ Gov Poll: Christie 43 (-4), Corzine 39 (+2)

Obama announcing $5 BILLION in research grants for cures for diseases

Now Fox News Is Sponsoring Protests Against The Media

The Dutch are busy today.

What political/news/commentary channels on YouTube do you recommend?

Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) facing primary challenge - where does Johnson stand on public option?

Alan Grayson's Candor and Honesty Irks GOP Obstructionists... Again

Defend Alan Grayson

Is this how morans learn to spell??

Project Censored: Top 25 Censored Stories for 2010

Michael Moore Mocks "Whiney" Democrats (and I don't blame him)

Liberals count Dem votes for public option

'Froot' Is Not Fruit, San Francisco Lawsuit Alleges

Contact info for Rep. Larson (D - CT-1st district) who wants Alan Grayson to apologize to the Repubs

MediaMatters: Military coup fantasy is latest in trend of extremist right-wing rhetoric

You're about as likely to get a progressive dem Senator out of Arkansas

THE NATION- "Democrats Don't Deliver Healthcare Reform... Again"

Vandal(s) LITERALLY throws shit at Obama

Jane Hamsher wants us to call out the Democrats who would

Jane Hamsher wants us to call out the Democrats who would

What is your view of the Polanski thing (looking for the female perspective)

just turned down health insurance from my employer

If Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck had raped a 13 year old decades ago,

Conservative Media Echo Chamber Dominates, Steers Democratic Party

Earthquakes & Tsunamis = A Teachable Moment

The Obama Recovery, Part II: Jobless rate declined in 60% of metro areas in August

Dear Dystopians, if it's all so pre-ordained, if we're

Escaping Child Marriage in Ethiopia

Escaping Child Marriage in Ethiopia

The Religious Right Would Like to Wish You a Happy Halloween With Their Latest Misogynistic, Xenopho

My head is still spinning over Vatican response.

Huffington Post: White House Uses Jindal as Ally on Health Care

What would you do if *they* really start coming to get us?

Dems: Boehner, Who Criticized Obama Olympics Bid, Took World Tour In August

Send your congress critter a post card! I just heard this on the radio.

If by any reason that Public Option does not pass - then Obama has to keep his promise

Relax, CO2 is Good for You!

Rick Scott profits off the uninsured A leading foe of healthcare reform owns a chain of clinics

Rick Scott profits off the uninsured A leading foe of healthcare reform owns a chain of clinics

Attention senators: Whatever they're giving you, we'll double it.

How will the HealthCare Bill/Plan play out?

Filipinos Document Own "Katrina" Online

No joke! New RW "border watch" group claims it found AK-47 wielding ninjas crossing the border.

Moore is on Eds at the moment.

welcome home Capt. Beau Biden

"Against Corporations Organizing to Rip-Off the Nation Act of 2009" introduced (aka the ACORN Act)

Help Wednesday wend its baleful way homeward . . . come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

important shit, DU ignores or is flip about, but Roman Polanski, DU goes nuts

Man Circumcises His Own Children And Self...

Where can I get the numbers on House and Senate control for the last several years?

I Am A Realist

Time to End ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ Official Writes

Time to End ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ Official Writes

New Intelligence Squared U.S. debate - Will 'Buy American' Policies Backfire?

So...are motivational speaking seminars just right-wing bullshit?

Local teabbaggers are "outraged"...

Every night on both Rachel Maddow and Countdown

Church is destroyed by fire

N.Y. Judge: CIA Can Keep 'Torture' Info Secret (re: 2005 Destruction Of Tapes Of Interrogations)

John Wellington Ennis: The Lynching of ACORN

ROSEMARY'S BABY and Roe v. Wade

State to mom: Stop baby-sitting neighbors' kids

Whistleblower's Letter Reveals Corruption in Siegelman Prosectution

President Obama tours the oncology lab at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda - pics

do this poll on grayson - I am so glad he is my representative

Looking to drop my landline. Do you need your landline to have DSL?

Woman fried, ate goldfish amid fight with ex

Anyone know of a somewhat affordable health insurance plan for someone young?

Michael Moore coming up soonish on Lou Dobbs

I've got big...BIG! news for Tweety...

I am so proud of my Congressman, ALAN GRAYSON

Voter group challenges Diebold voting machine sale

A case In support of watchdog groups like the FCC....

Political Sparring Practice Offer

Groups Raise Over $100,000 Since Yesterday Off Vote Against Public Option

No one is above the law, not Roman Polanski-but certainly not Richard Bruce Cheney et al

Has anyone seen the NewsMax subscription ad on

The Rude Pundit-Note to Mainstream News Media:You're Not Blogs and Everything Is Not Legitimate News

Keith is back!

Upton Sinclair's Race for Governor of California and the Birth of Media Politics

The security situation in Iraq continues to improve. My tin foil hat explanation?

The security situation in Iraq continues to improve. My tin foil hat explanation?

Call congress - support HR 874 Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act

KOs about to give Grayson well earned kudos

In July two Republicans said *this* about health care (Grayson related)

Former Guantanamo detainees begin Irish integration

"Suspicious" fax sent to FBI regarding Sparkman: link to story, image of fax

TEXT of Grayson's apology speech

Obama Official Regrets Advice to Gay Student

Poll: Is it better to have a Republican than a DINO?

Letter from Rep. Jay Inslee (D-Washington) re: health care reform. He says "thank

The only way out of this mess is a third party that refuses corporate funding in any form

Amex bill: $53.00 + $35.00 late charge

Grayson coming up on Rachel Maddow

topless support to UK troops (or boobs and boots) - pics and video

Ousted: the US diplomat who wanted inquiry into Afghan vote

Grayson's by-line and resume: Repubs read it and weep!

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4

Everything's fine. There is no problem

Population Control?- Stop Blaming The Poor, It's The Rich Who Are Burning The Planet

I think Keith just made a mistake.

The Real Housewives of Goldman Sachs- hilarious short read

Garrido Says Dugard's Rights Violated -Phillip Garrido Writes Jailhouse Letter To KCRA in Sacramento

Is this the same as when the Dixie Chicks verbally bashed Bush on foreign soil?

CREW: Sen. David Vitter is a Hypocrite, Should be Investigated

Banking on Speculation

Grayson has just shifted the debate

All those in favor of making Alan Grayson Speaker of The House say AYE!

Bank of America’s Chief Executive Ken Lewis to Retire Dec. 31 (updated)

Psychiatrist: Prohibition makes pot more harmful

Is the Pope considered, by his followers, to be infallible?

watching Grayson on the situation room made me sick. The MSM is in full Faux Outrage mode.

Federal Reserve: Card issuers can't market credit cards within 1,000 feet of a college campus

coulter is on joy behar now

How to Kill Progressive Legislation

Senate Panel Rejects Tightening of Abortion Restrictions

Wingnut druggie Kelsey GRAMMER sez new show for "family = man, woman, kids"

Help raise some money for Alan Grayson!

i just got a call for $$ from the

The ABSOLUTE Difference Between Democrats And Republicans

Poll: Public Says Voice Not Heard In Health Debate

Anybody going to Austin City Limits this weekend?

We need a Rep Alan Grayson avatar

George Bush hearts Chicago for the Olympics

Papers: Stain in Casey Anthony's Trunk Looks Like Child Outline

Will Imus Affect 'Morning Joe?

Great Sibel Edmonds discussion

Hey Marxists, question (a real one, for a reason).

Wonderful slide show of the return of the 261st National Guards (which includes Beau Biden)

Shameless whoring for rec;s: If you support Polanski, recommend this thread!

Rep. Grayson: Obstruction or Catalyst?

Anybody Interested In A Grayson Avatar, Feel Free To Use This One....

Lollapolanski Festival 2009 is now over.

Trent Franks official website will not permit emails from non-constituents.

Lou "where are my teeth?" Dobbs. KO is killing me. I think I love his Dobbs

If you admire Grayson, the way I do....

sumatra just got two strong aftershocks

Seasonal flu shots suspended in Canada (B.C.)

What is Medicare?

Fake Republican Marty Eisenstadt scores big: Palin's book title taken from his comment.

Hotel Bel-Air closes for renovations, laying off 250 union workers, refusing to commit to rehire

repost by popular demand: $20.10 for Congressman Alan Grayson

So I was watching CNBC earlier today at work.... Expect TONS of new jobs come 4th quarter!

Open Letter to Sen. Blanche Lincoln

Open Letter to Sen. Blanche Lincoln

Rupert Murdoch was appalled that a politician watched 'Brokeback Mountain'

Greyson for Prez!

An email saying our star is about to run out would be nice.

Does Ken Burns have it in for Douglas Brinkley?

Polanski's sentence is only 90 days?

everybody likes a circus (but it stinks real bad behind the tent!) re: fox news

Today I saw about six of these in a rack next to the dog license applications.

Daily Kos' Verdun: Coup Talk

Judge orders condo owner: Pay Comcast bill

Congress and the Pending Comprehensive Judgeships Legislation (63 additional federal judgeships)

Senate Blue Dogs

It's getting embarrassing to be a democrat with the way things went in the Finance

Send Your Medical Bills to Max Baucus!

Kent Conrad, Blanche Lincoln vote to restore 50 million yearly in abstinence only funds.

A five yr. old shoots and kills the alligator?

Rep. Grayson: Whose Side Are You On?

Universal and Mattel extend 'Barbie' deal; 10-picture, four-year worldwide marketing/distro

Oh My! A Pro Marijuana Segment On The Today Show!

LOL some fan on Tom Delay's performance

Grayson was not out of line in using the word "holocaust"

Anybody seeing an increased amount of health insurance ads where you are?

Help me out, who was that crazed Right-wing Congressman from California

Palin not a big draw on the lecture circuit

President Obama, will your extended school year teach my kid his granddad's culture too?

Dallas woman fuming over smoking neighbor at complex (Will this ban smoking in apts?)

John L Perry (Newsmax): Obama Risks a Domestic Military ‘Intervention’

My Congressman, Alan Grayson for US Senate! He'd beat down mealy mouthed Charlie Crist

Grayson, right on!!

Do we have to minimize the Constitution to avoid "minimizing" rape?

Newsmax Columnist: Military Coup May Be Needed 'To Resolve The Obama Problem' - ARTICLE REMOVED

A remarkable story...

Need to drive home the rate of death

Local News here in Billings leading with "Criminal Background of Hardin's 'American Police Force"

Dear DSCCC, DCCCC & other Worthless Beggars

US secretly tried to make deal with Goldman Sachs in wake of financial crisis

TOONS: Blue Dogs-- whose hand do they lick and whose lawn do they crap on?

Distracted US drivers 'a menace'

The Return Of American Literacy

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

Meg Whitman: I Didn't Vote Because I Was Focused On My Family

Hypocrisy Squared: The Scooter Store still advertises on Glen Beck

So, who got the better of whom? A facebook discussion with a RWer who

The next chapter of the Rep. Grayson affair will be

Whack A Wingnut

Vidal now believes, Clinton would be the better president.

I have come to the conclusion that I don't think Obama is in charge

I have come to the conclusion that I don't think Obama is in charge

FL: Fed court dismisses lawsuit of woman kept apart from dying partner by hospital

Private security company named AMERICAN POLICE FORCE takes over Montana jail

Governor Perry shakes up commission investigating whether or not an innocent man was executed

Tweety's having trouble keeping his "Cheenies" and "Chainees" straight.

To everyone calling their fellow DU'ers rapist apologists and child

We are in this fix because...

The Obama Recovery: Dow logs best quarter in 11 years

Senators: Give up YOUR free healthcare!

proposal to adopt a resolution to require Congress members use the proper grammar

"Right Wing" blogger calls out the "lunacy" behind Obama hate

Colbert just had a great idea.... Send our medical bills to the five democrats

Baby Jesus cries each time a Polanski thread appears at DU

Re Grayson and the Republics - Bullies just HATE being bullied, don't they!

Netflix: George W Bush sings "If I Only Had a Brain"

CNN -47% will pay no federal income tax (not the whole story - surprise)

Insurance Industry Whistleblower Wendell Potter Blasts Senate Panel Rejection of Public Option

The media is in bed with the Republican Party.

Senate Finance Committee Approves Amendment Providing Millions for Abstinence Education

Should John L. Perry of NewsMax be tried for Sedition?

Just Received: Official Transcript of Alan Grayson's apology to the dead!

"I got mine" A veteran's story about health care

Craigslist...What does this mean?

Sarah Palin not wanted on lecture circuit

Woman’s Body Found Burning on Street in Arkansas

Grayson for President!

K&R if you support the people who got arrested pushing for REAL health reform: single-payer

13---I say 13---- say it with me---13..... 13 years old....

"Death from above!": Mom rains billiard balls from rooftop on burglars' heads

These people are truly, truly, sick.

Democratic or Third Party?

Eek! Sarah Palin's book #1 on Amazon & Barnes&Noble - I know what to do

Roman the Rapist

Gov. Perry dismisses 3 people on the board investigating (alleged) arsonist execution

AMAZING!!! A Democrat with Balls!

Ban handguns? Supreme Court taking a new look

this is why the fucker Polanski ran. 48 days. the reneging on deal, 48 fuckin days.

The Obamas inside the eye of a needle

Obsessive loyalty?

Alan Grayson's new Kos diary: "Whose side are you on"

Grayson on Maddow Show: "These Are Foot-Dragging, Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthals"!!!

This practice fries my ass - school admins pre-check military forms

Rep. Alan Grayson: "Let's remember we should care about people even after they're born."

baucus - like shaking the hand of a cadaver

MoveOn Unleashes Ads Hitting Dem Senators Who Voted Against Public Option

White House lashes out at Glenn Beck, Fox News ‘lies’

My friends and I are now putting together a list of people...

Capt. Beau Biden & son after an official welcome home for members of the Delaware Nat. Guard - pics

Sarah Palin headed for the bargain bin

Dear Democrats: Use it or lose it.

Dear Democrats: Use it or lose it.

Terror in Kentucky: Census Worker's Murder

Terror in Kentucky: Census Worker's Murder

$20.10 for Congressman Alan Grayson via Darcy Burner's Act Blue: I'm unemployed, foreclosed and

One of these things is not like the others,

One of these things is not like the others,

I think we are jealous.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Full Text of Scrubbed Newsmax column suggesting a military coup might be needed to scrub Obama

‘Sticky’ the duct-taped cat is with her new family

"There's nothing civil or right about using the 'n' word"...

One of DU's own nominated for Best National Blog - Florida...

The Healthcare Holocaust Of The United States of America

Suburbs: Where Dreams Go To Die (Agree/Disagree)

Sarah Palin's ghost writer pallies around with White Supermacists and Neo-Nazi's..

Let's just finance Universal coverage by taxing the PROFIT of the Insurers

Mysterious, unregistered security firm policing Montana town

Farmer's daughter hits home-invading militant with an axe, kills him with his own AK47

Kirstie Alley on Roman Polanski: Don't Celebrate or Defend Him, Hollywood!

Nat'l Review and Political Cesspool's Derbyshire says women should not have the right to vote

Woody Allen speaks out on Roman Polanski

Let's talk about helmets...

Watch the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China on your computer!

GM to shut down Saturn

'First they came for ACORN.'.... SEIU is next! Prof. Dreier warns Dems about not fighting back!

Most of these Polanski threads aren't really about the Polanski case.

Most of these Polanski threads aren't really about the Polanski case.

Sick Fuck Dies, Leaves his last abode in a box.

UK vaccine progam in chaos after 14yr old vaccine death, US defers decison on using Cervarix

No Health Care for Anyone in Congress until The American People get Health Care Reform

Never thought I'd say it, but I don't care if dems lose seats in 2010

Anyone else notice GRASSLEY and other Repubs Are Saying 70-75 Votes Needed In Senate To Pass HCR?

What is the primary purpose of prison?

If you suddenly find your accelerator stuck, keep calm and put your car in Neutral

Breaking on CNN - another massive earthquake 7.9 - this time

Is anyone else as pissed as me?

I'm so mad I'll never support another Dem---Really?

My brother's laptop and iphone were just seized at customs

My brother's laptop and iphone were just seized at customs

Is vengeance unjust?

Bachmann to raise funds for controversial Christian punk ministry

FINALLY! A Democrat With A Spine Calls It Like It Is and Refuses To Apologize!

On the CNN grilling of Grayson - I have just one thing to say.

What is your definition of "creepy"?

When I was 13, I thought Harrison Ford was the HOTTEST GUY EVER

Can Alan Grayson pass some of his gray matter around?

Gore Vidal: ‘We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US’

Dead Peasant Insurance

Dear Michael Moore

Media Matters ~ Breitbart burns R/W media with false claim "Community Organizers Pray TO Obama"

The mysterious police organization in Montana is not likely Blackwater -- it's more likely a scam

Grayson apologizes

Thank you Ken Burns ..... The National Parks America's Best Idea

Thank you Ken Burns ..... The National Parks America's Best Idea

Ken Burns' Nat Parks - I Just Can't Get Past The Burnsisms

Elad and EarlG put together a new function based on recs/unrecs: The Top Tens Page

Polanski: "Everyone Wants to Fuck Young Girls!"

MasterCard: 7-Eleven 'Misleading' Customers on Credit Card Fees

UPDATE: The 'Mysterious' Firm Policing Montana & hired to fill its empty jail is BLACKWATER

Tate Modern to display nude picture of 10-year-old Brooke Shields Alongside Pornographic Images

Tate Modern to display nude picture of 10-year-old Brooke Shields Alongside Pornographic Images

Eat your garnish!

talkative cop on power trip while the cameras roll. This one is kind a of funny

Should bars have parking lots?

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- Repuking

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Vagina Exposed On 'So You Think You Can Dance' (NSFW VIDEO) Fox TV

By this time next Tuesday, what will be the most watched Youtube video ever?

Ensign's healthcare plan


Winger Definitions - "Hamadan"

I can't resist this..... Bomb scare on Seth Rogen movie set...

The Invention of Lying


Good morning Lounge

"RIP you ice cream abusing, Alan Rickman loving, Beyonce hating little redhead."

'iSnack2.0'? Kraft learns not to screw with cultural icons like Vegemite

oh...damn... thanks for this:

Historical Figures in Modern Times

I have some kind of head cold or flu

I am glad I was carying the bat phone today!!

I survived my first tea party meeting...

My, but 'robust' is robust lately!

a mariachi band to follow me around all day.

Psychic charged with lying about attack by rivals

‘Sticky’ the duct-taped cat is with her new family

I haven't seen a site this disgusting since

The right button on my mouse is dying on me

Is the term "necks" derrogatory?

Oh snap....GhostBusters III....

anybody got an idea of how much road paving costs?

It is so cold this morning.

Question for the day: Why do all of the "Wisconsin" sitcoms have so many Italian characters?

I want the recommend feature for the Lounge

Who here leaves tips in the drive-thru?

Check out this Sondre Lerche tube..

need votes for my favorite charity (*this is me begging!*)

High Urinals

Warner and Youtube have come to an agreement.

Won't You Take A Ride Ride Ride Ride......

Disney Giving A Free Day to Volunteers

How do you pronounce the word "meme"?

Does anyone else following the twitter trending topics

The C compiler is the STUPIDEST thing created by man , EVER !!!!

Am I a bad person for wishing Guy Fieri would be eviscerated by rabid badgers?

You must choose a band, part three

You MUST choose between these two bands part 2

Total Cuteness Warning!






Can you tell Arial from Helvetica?

Boston people: a little help re hotels?

1 out of every 25 Americans is a sociopath


Here's where I always trip up. If alcoholism/drug addiction is a disease,

Can anyone estimate how much it'll be to get the alternator on my car replaced?

DU Achievements. There are many...


Spencer Pratt 'barely having sex' with Heidi Montag ("I'm scared that she's gonna have a baby")

The Sound of Music in ten minutes.

We are all Nate Fisher Jr. - Just (re)watched his passing on Six Feet Under


What's your favorite movie that was set/shot in Paris?

Tomorrow I become a foliage freak, a leafer

If this is real, this dude needs some serious help!

All-Time box office top 30 movies (out of 589)

rug, this is for you.

Cross promotion....

Heads-Up to Professor?

"get that fuck`n stick in his side"....yes it`s-

Is it wrong that I LOVE the gay couple in Modern Family?

Anyone have experience with CarMax? Nissan?

If History's Greatest Minds Lived in the Modern World

Any mods around?

Do I have to look?

Two whistleblowers independently reporting Teleporting...

Ensign's healthcare plan

Three Games UP!

If anyone has interest

James Cameron Avatar

So I'm watching probably the worst sit com in the last decade...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/30/09

My dog STINKS.

Funky Town

Richard Dawkins on Colbert Report tonight

When I watch TV shows and movies I notice the people who've had parts in Star Trek episodes

If I were the president of the US, I'd be very tempted to abuse my power to solve three problems:

How come no one told me how great "Mad Men" is??

Rescue Ink

What do you do about a dog owner that won't use a leash?

Passed the CUA exam!

You MUST choose between these two bands part whatever

Most immoral member of the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast?

Happy October, everyone


Hey Philadelphia Phillies

The boss is out to lunch so I can ask -> Who has sjogren's syndrome?


Live one

You MUST pick one of these two bands. ONE!!!!

Derrion Albert. RIP

The word "tons" should not be used except to describe mass/weight.

Well, I just sent my Master's project off to the printer

EMERGENCY - Computer assistance needed immediately

You fill up my senses...

East Coast/West Coast Feud...Sam Adams or Sierra Nevada?

First no "So You Think You Can Dance" and now no "Glee." *disappointed*

Throw up your hands up. It's a ROBBERY!!

Peter Coyote or Peter Wolf

I thought of Skittles and her kitty when I saw this...

Incident while waiting for a car repair at the dealer.

You MUST pick one of these two glands. ONE!!!!

Kidney Stones (horror stories anyone?)

I'm drinking a beautiful Imperial Stout - Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel's Peche Mortel

Happy Birthday to me!

Leaf Blowers- The devil's wind instrument or a great labor saving device

Does anyone need any good vibes? I got 'em right here!

Stupid video guaranteed to make you smile: corgi puppy with a floppy left ear



It's still a secret.


Tomorrow I might go as far a suuuuu-icide

Whatever you do, don't watch The Middle tonight

What's your favorite board game?

Dead rock music cult icon

Only 90 degrees for the next week. Fall has arrived in Phoenix!

My Nephew's Psychiatrist Is An Asshole (at the least)

The local Ice Cream truck just passed my house...

Name a book, a TV show, and a movie set in your state

Match Game Story: "Moody Millie ran up and down the street emo-ing loudly about ___ neighbors."

In a desperate act of hunger, what is the worst thing you have ever eaten?

Something's on my mind (and it doesn't involve french fries)...

What's your view of animal research solely for human benefit?

I sang tonight. And playd the guitar (although sloppily). Gol dang, 15+years of

Looks like Conrad and Lincoln are determined to vote with Repubs, this time abstinence-only funding

The Presidency Problem: High Crimes

Poll: Blanche Lincoln Trails Republican Challengers


Let Cong. Kevin Brady know how you feel

Fools and their money shall soon be parted: New Birther Infomercial

is there a more thankless job than mom?

Biden commemorates Violence Against Women Act

"Jindal to GOP: Work with Obama"

Re: Ritter is wrong on IAEA and Iran: IAEA charges Iran "on the wrong side of the law"

Yesterday's vote proves that we ALREADY have a three party system.

Health Insurance companies should be forced to submit all complaints to the Government

Obama's reluctance...

Something just popped into my head re: cablecritters ridiculous memes

Beyond The Pale -- The Treasonous Bloodlust of the GOP's Reichwing Lunatic Fringe

Breitbart burns Beck, Dobbs, right-wing media with claim of Community Organizers Pray[ing] to Obama

Nobody is afraid of Barack Obama (except a few Beck watchers)

Michelle Obama arrives in Copenhagen for IOC vote PHOTOS

Newsmax column advocates a military coup in US

When is Conrad for reelection? Because he seems the worse in the Senate Finance Committee

PHOTO Caption it? (Sept 30)

My sister has to have a breast biopsy..

Economy shrank less than expected in 2nd quarter

Feingold To Hold Hearings On Obama's 'Czars'

Is it Time to Start Cutting the Funding of Obstructionist Senators?

Roses are red, so are Virginia creepers

New alternative names for the Public Option

Elad and EarlG put together a new function based on recs/unrecs: The Top Tens Page

Democrats crafting bill to shield big banks from tougher state laws

Altmire, Murphy get Republican opponents

The Imaginary Rule of 60 Senate Votes To Pass Anything

Threat to president causes man to lose CPA licence

It seems that it doesn't matter how wrong the repukes are on just about everything.

Really, isn't it irrelevant what the Baucass bill had in it? Isn' the goal to get it out to mold the

The Feds know who put that post up about the President being killed on Facebook

Here are the Five Idiots Phone Numbers DU!!! Call early and often!!

Finance Committee rejects two key Republican amendments

Health-care Predictions Thread...

Daily Kos -Cenk Uygur : Howard Dean vs. Rahm Emanuel

Statement from the President on the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act

A White House Back-Up Plan on Health Reform?

Michael Moore, The "Blue Cross Blue Dogs" and the Useful Primary Process

self-delete. dupe.

PHOTO Eh, nice effigy.

EPA Will Begin Regulating Industrial Global Warming Pollution In March, 2010

FOX Propaganda Channel pushing Teabagger marches on other corporate conservative media

AFL-CIO Leader Richard Trumka Meets With Emmanuel At The WH, Pushing For Public Option!

Obama should learn from Grayson! Go Grayson!

Hey Rahm Emanuel: Twist An Arm in Support of the Public Option, Not Against It

Obama says $5B in grants will aid medical research

Gibbs: White House not drafting its own health bill


BREAKING: Just got the inside word: Alan Grayson will be a guest on Rachel Maddow show tonight at 9!

Gibbs calls out Cantor on Afghanistan

Liberals count Dem votes for public option

PHOTO Is this woman just worried about swine flu, or what?

Roses are red, violets are blue

The Democratic Party doesn't look after my interests

Pres. Obama was correct when he said we are NOT just a Christian nation

Snowe's Constituents Back Obama Plan

PHOTO - Presidential Ballin' - POTUS Goes Airborn! (Caption if you like)

Alan Grayson on Rush Limbaugh (earlier this year)

AR-Sen: GOP Smurfs Beating Lincoln in New Poll

PHOTO: Afghanistan Meeting Today

Barack Obama has done everything humanly possible and then some

TPM: Obama's Polls Improving, Solidifying

bradblog in for malloy... just gave a shout-out to du!

HEADS UP-Alan Grayson will be on Rachel Maddow's show tonight

Barack Obama's Amazingly Consistent Smile

Michael Steele's RNC tied to web site that promoted military coup against the President

False equivalence strikes again

Newsmax Distances Itself From Coup-Plugging Columnist (FAIL)

Kerry, Boxer Introduce "Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act"

what is getting lost in this "Scary Criticism of the President" topic -

Florida's Rep. Alan Grayson: 'I apologize to the dead' not the GOP

It's time to turn the tide.

Schakowsky just gave Boehner a smackdown on the Ed Show.

I never thought 9 months ago we would be fighting Dems for Health Care!

Gore Vidal- "(Obama) doesn’t realise how dim-witted and ignorant his audience is.”

If Obama gets 2016 Games, Daley will be king, not mayor

Foreclosures up 17%; Obama's refusal to push for mortgage cram-down is biting homeowners

VA-Gov: Rasmussen Poll Has McDonnell Bouncing Back

Nike resigns from the US Chamber of Commerce over climate change denial

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FLA)

Franken has been more laid back than I hoped, maybe just getting his feet wet!

what is all the hate for Emanuel really about?

What doesn't Air Force One have that the Oval Office does?

Support for a public option has climb from 37 to 52 Senators

OMG check out this billboard some wingnuts put up in Kansas City!!

White House: Reality Check: Fox News Trying to Turn a Point of Pride into a Moment of Shame

Dead Peasant Insurance - You're worth more to your company dead

Special Health Care for Congress: Lawmakers' Health Care Perks

Howard Dean's 50-state strategy has failed

PHOTOS Meanwhile, over in Copenhagen.... (Sept 30)

Alan M. Grayson's patented spine stiffener and knee supports for the rest of our Congressional Dems:

Rep. Alan Grayson's district is in (((gasp))) Florida!

Sean Hannity Discussion Board Encourages Terrorism

Alan Grayson Doubles Down - Apologizes to the Dead, not Republicans

KO's Lou Dobs impression,

Al Gore's statement on the Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act

Rep McGovern says Kerry helps give Obama breathing room to decide policy and strategy in Afghanistan

Senator Ensign Makes Great Argument for a Public Option… Oops

Obama's main man in the White House, Rahm Emanuel: A ultra-rich conservative Wall Street operative

Iraq: U.S. closed 100 bases, reduced contractors by 34,000 since Jan., pulling 4,000 more troops out

Orly Taitz is a fraud!

Walking in our fellow leftists shoes

So Why Exactly Do These WingNuts Always Think That the Military Will Be on Their Side?

It might suck, but the Democratic Party is the ONLY way forward

You would prefer THIS, Mr. Steele? (A Photo Essay.)

Sen. Cornyn "Most insurance companies are honorable."

Stunning anti-Obama letters to the editor from students at a Florida Christian school.

Just so everyone knows.... Blanche Lincoln is the only No Senator up in 2010...

Foot-dragging, Knuckle-dragging, Neandrethals... Rep. Grayson on Rachel Maddow

I believe I have made a big breakthrough in why the right is so anti-intellectual

When a Political Party will not defend my interests I will not defend that Party

U.S., Cuba hold unannounced talks

Gore Vidal: 'We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US'

Obama to meet high-powered aides for Afghan review

TLC drops Jon and keeps Kate

Shoals man wins in whistleblower case

Poll: Iowans have health cost issues

Powerful earthquake in South Pacific hurls massive tsunami at Samoas, killing nearly 100

U.S. Story on Iran Nuke Facility Doesn't Add Up

Prosecutor: Italy kidnapping too grave to cover up (CIA extraodinary renditions trial)

Report: Georgia Triggered War With Russia

Judge blocks key parts of new Arizona abortion law

U.S. Coast Guard Brings Help From McClellan to American Samoa

Ex-Congressman Linked To Corruption Scandal (Doolittle named as co-conspirator)

SC candidate raffles off AK-47 at campaign rally

Number of Iraq attacks drops 85%

US diplomat 'forced out' over stance on Afghan election fraud

White House drafting fallback healthcare bill, report says

Dallas woman fuming over smoking neighbor at complex (Will this ban smoking in apts?)

Houston Woman Fries and Eats Pet Goldfish After Fight With Husband

Italy seeks jail for US spies in rendition trial

Supreme Court to decide terrorism support law

Executive Decree gives green light to increased abuses in Honduras

UnitedHealth 2Q Profit More Than Doubles On 2008 Charge

Cleveland is selected to be host of the 2014 Gay Games

Distracted US drivers 'a menace'

GM's top electric car exec quits

Economy In U.S. Shrank At 0.7% Rate In Second Quarter, Less Than Estimated

Cheneys Offering "Nonsense" On Gitmo, Generals Say

Warner Music Videos Heading Back to YouTube

Palin not a big draw on the lecture circuit

Pentagon to investigate troops exposure to hexavalent chromium in Iraq

VP Biden Welcomes Home Son's National Guard Brigade, Thanks Troops for Service

Aussie inventor's $445m judgment against Microsoft wiped out

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 30

Nike leaves U.S. Chamber of Commerce over climate policy

Where Did ‘We’ Go?

Britain differs from U.S. view on Iran bomb design

Honduras army chief urges talks

Americans willing to fund healthcare reform: poll

US relinquishes control of the internet

US relaxes grip on the internet

Dow Hits Top Quarterly Result in 11 Years

Illegal drug purchases lasted years at USDA lab

Illegal drug purchases lasted years at USDA lab

E.P.A. Moves to Curtail Greenhouse Gas Emissions

U.S. senators reject stronger abortion restrictions

Without Bush, media lose interest in war caskets

Deadly attack in Philippines sparks alarm

Report: Colombian paramilitaries killed 25,000 people

Obama to announce $5 billion in research grants

US speeds Iraq withdrawal; 4,000 more headed home

Fujimori sentenced for corruption

Fight between Turks, Armenians lands at Ohio elections panel

Jerry Brown files papers to explore a run for governor

Murdoch's Sun eclipses British PM Brown

Ken Lewis Retiring: Bank Of America CEO To Step Down By End Of 2009

IAEA: Iran broke law by not revealing nuclear facility

Obama threat costs CPA his license

Were ArmorGroup Allegations Quashed? (Inspector Gen.'s Office "Lost" Complaint in 2007)

Earthquake strikes off Sumatra

BREAKING: John Couey dies in prison

Video Of Asheville Students Stirs Controversy ("Liberal Indoctrination Camp")

UN official ousted after Afghan vote fraud dispute

Venezuela asks Interpol to capture ex-president

(American Police Force) head Hilton has criminal past

LA Times, Washington Post breaking up news service

Democrats Crafting Bill To Shield Big Banks From Tougher State Laws

Empire State Building to honor China in lights ("to go red for China")

New quake hits stricken Sumatra

Alan Grayson: People Like a Democrat with Guts

6,000 people died crossing US-Mexico border: rights group

Agent: Michael Vick reaches endorsement deal with Nike

Obama Drafts Health Care Fallback Plan

Dem congressman refuses to apologize for comment (GOP wants sick Americans to 'die quickly')

Plane intercepted by F-16s crashes (Muncie, Indiana)

Bachmann to raise funds for controversial Christian punk ministry

GM to shut down Saturn after Penske ends talks

Ex-bishop in Nova Scotia facing child porn charges

White House Calls Out Fox By Name For Lying

Majority (2/3)of U.S. Parents Wary of H1N1 Vaccine: Poll

EU report: Georgian attack started war with Russia

French drop Polanski release call

Big Business Gets Behind Cap and Trade

Inside the Value Voters Summit

Censorship for Opinion on Racism

Media Matters Fox News is exploiting our nation's children

Kent Conrad Killed Public Option

Rachel Maddow-Next target for right-wing smear machine

Dr. Quentin Young, Mad as Hell Doctors Chicago Pwns Baucus

Germany's Health Care : Quality Care for All

Aetna Sit-In for Single Payer, Medicare for All, September 29, 2009

Young Republican Moran Lying About Healthcare

Fred tries to wake the sheep


Letterman - Top Ten Sarah Palin Tips For Writing a Book

TYT: Rep. Franks: Obama Is Enemy Of Humanity

Sting sends his Rainforests SOS for The Prince's Rainforests Project-SAVE the Rainforests!!

Doctor Admits Swine Flu Vaccine is more Deadly Than Swine Flu Itself

Grassley praises Medicare as part of ‘social fabric’ of America, but also criticizes it as a ‘predat

TYT: Which Country Has the Worst Lovers?

The Public Option at Risk

Alan Grayson Which Foreigners Got the Fed's $500,000,000,000 Bernanke I Don't Know

High Court To Look At Local Gun Control Laws

The Invasion of The Pod People

Rachel Maddow: Public Option Is Dead - Long Live Public Option!

DN! Insurance Industry Whistleblower Wendell Potter (1\2)

Republican faux outrage: John Boehner, Virginia Foxx, Eric Cantor, Jean Schmidt

Alan Grayson's Apology is the best one since Capt. Sheridan's

Rep. DeGette Discusses Repealing Antitrust Exemption on MSNBC

Vague on Public Option

Hardball: Rep. Wasserman Schultz Supports Rep Grayson's Attack On The Republicans

Rush On Alan Grayson & Nobody Dying From Lack Of Health Insurance

Rep. Weiner To Ed Schultz: The GOP "Are A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of The Insurance Industry!"

CNN Micheal Moore on Anderson Cooper

TYT: Who Have TYT Interviewed??

(202) 224-4623 Call With Your Questions

Children Singing Praises To President Nixon In 1972

Rep. Alan Grayson's apology

Rachel Maddow-A rogues tale, on Sarah Palin and the people she smeared

Capitalism: a Love Story, DC Premiere

When & Why Did Journalists Sell Out?

Truth Movement Tribute

Rep Alan Grayson: Republicans Are "Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthals"

Rick Sanchez Calls Out Whoopi Goldberg For Defending Roman Polanski

HLN: Joy Behar & Bill Maher Discuss Rep Alan Grayson, Health Care, Obama, Glenn BecKKK & Polanski

Keith Olbermann & Arianna Huffington: Rep Grayson's Anatomy

Glenn Beck blames godlessness for America's problems

I Apologize To The DEAD! For Not Voting To End Holocaust In America Sooner! Rep Grayson

Republicans call for overthrow of U.S. government

VIDEO FLASHBACK: GOP Lawmakers Repeatedly Said Americans Would ‘Die’ Under Democratic Health Plans

Honduras: Protesters Defy Dictator Suspending Rights

Honduras: Coup Troops Dismantle Liberal Media Outlets

Rep. Alan Grayson's Truly AWESOME Appearance On The Situation Room

President Zelaya -100 assassinated by Micheletti dictatorship

Hitler is informed about the title of Sarah Palin's book

The View's Whoopi Goldberg on Polanski 'It Wasn't Rape Rape'

Everything is Okay!

Rachel Maddow Interviews Rep Alan "Straightshooter" Grayson

Were ArmorGroup Allegations Quashed?

Government Should Hire Stupid People

Senior official in Bush domestic propaganda program remains Obama’s Pentagon spokesman

U.S. Story on Iran Nuke Facility Doesn't Add Up

NewsMax Columnist Calls for US Banana Republic

Maxed Out: Insured, but not covered

One man's response on Gay Equality...

Liberals And Left To War Over Iran?

GOP Seeks to 'Eliminate' the Public Option for Restrooms

Gore (V): We'll Have a Dictatorship soon in the U.S.

Honduran military coup needs stronger response from U.S.

Senior official in Bush domestic propaganda program remains Obama’s Pentagon spokesman

Potential Deal in Roman Polanski Case Could Break New Legal Ground

The BAE files (Guardian articles and docs) for those that have an interest in such things

The Lynching of ACORN

"Banning a Book Near You" by Connie Schultz (9-30-09 Truthout)

JK Rowling denied Presidential Medal of Freedom because writing “encouraged witchcraft”

Stop blaming the poor. It's the wally yachters who are burning the planet

Poll: U.S. Jews Back Iran Strike, Denominations Split On Obama

Dem congressman refuses to apologize for comment (GOP wants sick Americans to 'die quickly')

High Cost of Death Row

US secretly tried to make deal w/Gold Sachs in Finan Crisis

Harkin Hangs Tough: We Still Can Get 60 Votes For A Public Option

Why the Public Option is a MUST with insurance company subsidies.

The U.S. and Europe Have Propped Up So Many Corrupt "Democracies" That the Word Is Losing Meaning

Not Another Damn Dime!!!!!! Get the Hell out of Here!!!!!

Fox TV's Bizarre New Cartoon Comedy Is a Minstrel Show, Pure and Simple

Glenn Beck Divining the Future

Chris Floyd: Obama Fires Diplomat for Urging Fraud Probe in Afghan Vote

GOP Attacks Rep. Grayson with Cult - Blue Oyster Cult

Living with PTSD: A former sergeant’s personal hell

If Obama gets 2016 Games, Daley will be king, not mayor

Right-Wing Media Send Their Mobs of Crazy Fans to Go After Private Citizens

For G-20, Pittsburgh became a police state Philadelphia Enquirer 9/30

Chicago's Olympic bid: An expensive proposition

Here's a thought: "no public option?..then, NO SUBSIDIES for insurance companies."

Without Bush, media lose interest in war caskets

Swiss Health Care Thrives Without Public Option.

Imagine No Religion? Atheist Movement Gains Momentum

Cheneys Offering "Nonsense" On Gitmo, Generals Say

Polanski's defenders lose sight of the true victim

Gore Vidal: 'We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US'

Where Did ‘We’ Go?

Morford: First the candy, then the bullets

The Mean Country

Drumbeat: September 30, 2009

Reuters: More Corporations Are "Greening" Supply Chains

Getting plants to rid themselves of pesticide residues

U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2009

Alternative Energy Projects Stumble on a Need for Water

Many (world leaders) support $100 billion a year on climate change (but not $250 billion)

New Brunswick Power Announces Closure Of Depression-Era Coal Plant When License Expires In 2010

Typhoon Ketsana Pushing Vietnamese Rivers Past Flood Records - Hue Palace Flooded

3 Gorges Gift That Keeps On Giving - Summer Drawdowns Release Methane From Marshes - Nature

Kenyan Farmers Assist Govt. In Cutting Down Thirsty Eucalypts Near Water Sources - ENN

Reuters: Rift at U.S. Chamber of Commerce over climate change

Whales watch us with old eyes

US ethanol output rose nearly 5 pct in July-EIA

Nippon Oil & Kyocera Announce Home-Scale Fuel Cells Go On Sale FY 2011 - Bloomberg

Obama Administration Moves to Curb Carbon Emissions

EPA sued over prairie dog poison

Bicycle-powered concert stage

Potsdam Institue Climate Director - US "Climate Illiterate", Planet "Not Even Near" Needed GHG Cuts

Pacificorp Announces Agreement To Remove Four Klamath River Dams, But No Action Until 2020 - AP

Toyota's Two-Faced Stance on Climate Change

2.4 megawatt energy recycling system for New York subway

Potsdam Institute Study - Minimum Two-Meter Sea-Level Rise Now Almost Unstoppable - Reuters India plans to cut carbon and fuel poverty with untested nuclear power

Living with PTSD: A former sergeant’s personal hell

Uh-oh! A Picture of joeybee in his SUV going to a Red Sox game...

I Love Fish!

Tigers-Twins: SPOILER

If I were Mad, I'd be scared, very scared.


MLB Players who've thrived for losing teams in 2009

And in Sports News No One Cares About: Cleveland to Fire Eric Wedge.

Angels in 4....


Vick, Nike sign new deal

Micheletti’s intransigence

Pressure mounts on Honduras to end coup crisis

Executive Decree gives green light to increased abuses in Honduras

State of Siege in Honduras (Brookings Institute)

Zelaya: Honduran businessmen's plan is 'good sign'

There is real DU ignorance over the potential for US/Cuba normalization (Obama can't do it.)

Juan Almendares: Stop the Unconventional War in Honduras

Video: S.O.S. Honduras

So many people trying to FLEE from Mexico, using mentally impaired winger logic!

Costa Rican leader blasts Honduran civil rights decree

Recent killings linked to Canadian-owned nickel mine in Guatemala

Report: Colombian paramilitaries killed 25,000 people

Honduras army chief urges talks

Honduras Supreme Electoral Tribunal Comes Out Against Coup Decree

Nicaragua Warns UN about Plan to Assassinate Zelaya

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update – 9/30

Resistance "bullaranga" coming up in Honduras.

Photos of repression from San Pedro Sula in Honduras

Gustavo Dudamel arrives to L.A.

Brazil asks Zelaya to reduce number of followers at embassy

Ros-Lehtinen to Visit Honduras for Meetings with Top Officials

Venezuela asks Interpol to capture ex-president

High court to look at local gun control laws

No license for Tacoma (WA) gun shop linked to DC snipers

Top court to decide how far gun rights extend...

Who here has ever had a defensive display?

Penn Study Asks, Protection or Peril? Gun Possession of Questionable Value in an Assault

Hamas expects unity pact with Fatah in mid-October

Israel to free 20 for Shalit film

Israeli Firms Sell Toxins to Honduras Putschists

Cape Girardeau woman shoots, kills would-be rapist at her home

From perfect Camouflage to being Busted

Yay! I have my greenhouse!

Goofing off today - chasing Shadows and a little Wabi-Sabi

Redneck Riviera in the Off Season--Part I dial up warning

What is this??

Fire Escape Series

Civilian Workers At Fort Dix And McGuire Air Force Base Are Getting Raises

A little wabi, a little sabi, and a bunch of whatever (dial-up warning)

Argentine Police Attack Workers Occupying Kraft Plant

Today in Labor History Sept 30, 29 strike leaders are charged with treason & 100s of blacks dead

Peterbilt closes Madison, TN, plant (Moving work to nonunion TX plant)

Auburn hit by plant closing

"Glorious Dawn" Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking Remix Tribute

Physics Proves the Mall is the Best Zombie Hideout After All

Tests on skull fragment cast doubt on Adolf Hitler Suicide Story

Nature: A Scientist (Virologist) Quits Science Because Of, Um, The Patriot Act.

Essay in official military journal: Time to End ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’


What's up with the stock market today?

Ken Lewis: Grizzled, Frazzled And Soon Gone

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/29/09

Still lying to ourselves about the economy

ToysRUs to hire 35,000 seasonal employees

Rep. Dennis Kucinich asks Obama to create new federal jobs program

11 Red Tailed Hawks

Atlantis Rising?

Florida Woman Critical After Spa Treatment

A view from the inside, former health insurance cos senior exec.

Only 1/3 in U.S. Plan to Get Swine Flu Vaccine

Got seasonal flu shot two days ago...

I know there are others out there living with Crohn's how do they function

High-heels, pumps and sandals cause long term foot pain

Smoking during pregnancy increases psychosis rates up to 84%

corporatethink vs. new paradigm

October 2009 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

Cartoonist R. Crumb zaps the Bible

Student punished for spaghetti beliefs

Why is the Catholic Church considered to be a bigoted organization?

Why is the Klu Klux Klan considered to be a bigoted organization?

Orange Co. pastor arrested in molesting of 4 teens ages 13 to 17

Why are some Atheists considered to be intolerant?

Why do many atheists consider religionists to be intolerant?

So, who's right about tomato skins, me or DH?

Whipped Lightening - hooch in a can - aerosol booze - creamy amaretto .....

Are you looking for unique food pairing ideas?

Anyone up for a thread of ethnic recipes? I've been cooking Salvadoran

You have one chance (one question/statement) to make an R/T opponent change his/her mind.

The Last Supper (Happy International Blasphemy Day!)

More Texas school Obama stories

Houston Woman Fries and Eats Pet Goldfish After Fight With Husband

depressed as hell after getting a telephone town hall meeting

Teardrop in the Rain

Truthers Bowman and Jameson on TVNL Radio tonite

A Rick Perry Stunner - Forensic Science Commission