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Philippine Floods Test Rescuers

Watching trauma on CBS and I have to give credit where it is due has an amazing Health Care AMAZING ad that targets Baucus

Japan, China to work together on creating 'East Asia community'

Japan, China to work together on creating 'East Asia community'

3.5 million homeless (or more)..and the face of the USA...we are living in tents.

EPA: Aging Caulk in Hundreds of Schools May Pose Cancer Risks

Gen. Stanley McChrystal needs to STFU, quit or be fired

Heard a radio commercial tonight for Sylvester The Cat meets Foghorn Leghorn aka "Ed Schultz"

Anybody Else See the Irony in These Two Headlines from Today?

D.C. Council proposal bans smoking in front of buildings

Will there be any TV adverts for Micheal Moore's Capitalism?

Will there be any TV adverts for Micheal Moore's Capitalism?

Honduran regime imposes state of siege

Sports and the uncivil society

Once again, on the ex-left and Iran

so where does this nugget originate? on Fox or Rush?

They wouldn't dare...would they?

What's the Border Fence Good for? Subsidizing Mexican Scrap Metal Entrepreneurs

The Teabagger and Al Qaeda conspiracy

RIP: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Senate Finance Cmte to Tackle Public Option as Markup Continues Today CSPAN 10 am

Afghan bus bombing kills dozens

The strikes of 1934:The rebellion in Minneapolis

Is Lou Dobbs, CNN's Resident Bigot, on His Way Out?

Senator Kyl -- Why would he need maternity care ?? (cartoon)

The CON meme on health care reform

A note on Drudge Report - please READ!

The U.S. Senate Health Care Bill, brought to you by Aetna, Humana, United Health, Blue Cross......

So I Was Watching House Tonight, And I Thought To Myself: These Are The Luckiest Patients EVER!

This Modern World - Language is a virus: A real-life case study!

Health Insurance Companies are exempted from the Sherman Act?

Annthrax must be jealous that Glenn BecKKK gets all the RW psycho press; She's making a comeback

There is little justice in this world.

US, NATO reach “consensus” to sanction rigged election in Afghanistan

Holy shit Roman Polanski was just arrested

Happy Michaelmas!

Putting a human face on the healthcare crisis....

Senate Finance Committee debate continues on CPAN in 10 minutes.

My Facebook has been down for at least a couple hours. Anybody else?

Link Geography Instruction to Military Bases Overseas

the media is NOW comparing afghanistan/iraq to quagmire in vietnam

the media is NOW comparing afghanistan/iraq to quagmire in vietnam

making a wish...

St. Paul/Minneapolis's RNC 8 trials starting up.. we need your support and to share the news

Taliban Not the Enemy in Afghanistan - Polish Aide

Rockefeller proposing "public option" amendment right now.

(many) Democrats 'false' friends to gays

About Half of Stimulus Money Has Been Spent

AP's MARK SHERMAN Makes Case for Bigotry, Kidnapping, Torture, Totalitarianism

WaPo: 7,000 Gay Men Help Study AIDS; Effort to Beat Disease Began 25 Years Ago

Sen. Bill Nelson just said he was sympathetic to the Rockefeller amendment

Flashback: Students Sang Bush's Praises Too (And For Katrina response!)

National Porn Foundation Wasted Money Surfing for Science!

Man asks to be deported

Part-time census work....

Just now on Senate Finance Committee: Rockefeller reveals fastest growing Health Insurance Product

Remember Iraq?

Andy Williams accuses Barack Obama of following Marxist theory

Fire Adds to Flood Victims' Woes

Terrorist Smuggles Bomb Inside His Body (The AssBomber)

New poll finds public support for health care reform has substantially increased since the summer.

Iran will allow Swiss access to detained Americans

Michael Moore: Why the Current Bills Don't Solve Our Health Care Crisis

So how many insurance companies would not get Federal funds if the Acorn

Man accused of pulling out own teeth with pliers to spook friend...

Senators Plan Bill To Advance Net Neutrality

Ensign just got spanked by Rockefeller when he (Ensign) was giving Menendez shit.

can someone help me understand...

Top 10 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 2008

Conservative media raise ACORN bogeyman to baselessly cast doubt on Franken's campaign victory

Drudge has sunk to a new low.

Senator Conrad is doing an outstanding job! Speaking plainly. Point. By. Point. Complete

Next GOP attack on the right to health care

GOP must repudiate Limbaugh or be defined by him

Spanish embarrassed by Goth daughters of Prime Minister with the Obamas?

Urban rail: new engine for development (Canada)

American Vice: Mapping the 7 Deadly Sins

Schumer Receives $1.65 Million From Wall Street

Ex-Bush Officials Face Lawsuits Over Their Actions

BecKKK is still claiming 1.7M for the Teabaggers' D.C. orgy

The GOP helped the health insurance companies to a bonanza in 2003 when they

Alexander and McCain Tag-Teaming: Want Healthcare Legislation Online for 72 Hours Before Vote.

Personally I think anyone who voted "yes" in that Obama/Facebook poll should be watched too....

Pennsylvania Orders Cabot Oil and Gas to Stop Fracturing in Troubled County

Disturbance Reported At Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, several injured

Anybody listening to spew-mouth Grassley?

Harkin says he has the votes to pass public option bill in the Senate

Rockefeller Blasts ‘Rapacious’ Insurance Companies

Is There a Mod Here Who Can Delete All the FUCKING POLANSKI THREADS?????

Twist a Tuesday's Twinkees . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Progress! - Obama team clears 75 at Guantanamo for release

Schumer tied the PO to the University system

Is there a connection between Atkins death and Polanski arrest?

One for the Lipper . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Information packets made available during a Congressional Health Care Caucus - pic

Baucus health bill would let private group write rules

FDIC won't go bankrupt-at least for now.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton & Vice President Joseph Biden - pics

Give a Day of Volunteer Service in 2010, Get a Day of Disney Theme Park Fun – Free

I bet if you ask rape victims, many will not voice support prison time for the rapist.

I watched "Pinochet's Last Stand" last night

(PICS) Thousands in Berkeley Mobilize to Save Public Education in California

How to deal properly with the Facebook "Should Obama be killed" Polls application

Regardless of your opinion on Polanski...

Dennis Kucinich is being interviewed right now on Thom Hartmann

Sen. Hatch is arguing that PO will lead to Single Payer and Single Payer will destroy America

Thanks Yahoo, for the breathtakingly vapid AP article about FLOTUS

Hannity lies and Dick Morris shills

C-span 3 is playing the health care hearings . .. Sen. Maria Cantwell terrific . ..

Call Senator Bill Nelson of Florida & other members and tell them to vote yes on Schumer amendment

A Passel of Petrified and Pathetic Pinheads

The Rude Pundit: Health Care, the Public, Abortion, and Money

Michael Moore targets Blue Dogs

It's Still Not Too Late To Greet Us As Liberators - The Onion

7.9 quake near Am Samoa..tsunami alert issued for New Zealand

Bunning bleating on about his constituents asking

Controversial Candidate Running Against Rep. Sally Kern

Nelson: Health Care Reform Needs 65 Votes To Be Legitimate

Has the voting on Public Option concluded? Or are they on a break? Thanks! nt

When Ensign finishes talking, he's going to get crucified. Just a guess.

I just want to say that

Random prurient interest thread to distract you from Health Care Public Option vote in Fnc Comittee

Random prurient interest thread to distract you from Health Care Public Option vote in Fnc Comittee

Can we combine ALL threads that mention or reference Polanski?

When Will You Know That An Economic Recovery Is Underway?

Photo Gallery: Police turn Oktoberfest into Beer Fortress

Shep Smith on thin ice at FOX ?

David Swanson from on The Guy JamesShow today.


Ensign (the rich bastard prick)

This Polanski thread is dedicated to all those

Sen. Thad Cochran R (MS) King of Earmarks

Dear Mr. President: With all due respect, I don't need any more "Presidential Proclamations"

You know, it's not just the extreme horror stories that illustrate the health care crisis


What did Reid say the other day about Public Option - for or against??

Baucus is not going to vote for any public option ... he just stated that he will not ... nope ...

Frivolous: but I got to say I LOVED Paul Krugman's apology to Stephen Colbert last night

Baucus was all smiles .. ammendment fails 8-15

The usual suspects Lincoln, Nelson and Baucus ... the solid Republican arm of the Democratic Party

FIGHT THE FREEPERS who unrec'd my thread on ACORN

Income gap widens as middle income and poor take hit in recession

Income gap widens as middle income and poor take hit in recession

Rockefeller Amendment goes down 8-15

Wrong Man Swamped By Calif. Sex Scandal Anger (Mike Duvall)

Finance voted down the PO


Rockefeller's ammendment fails

GOP Congressman: Afghanistan is a 'medieval' country

Alternative Titles for Sarah's bleatings

Thank you Senator Rockefeller!

Ricky Gervais Discusses Religion, Atheism, and The Invention of Lying

Bill Nelson - lesser of two weasels?

15 v 8 PO fails in committee. Baucus voted no. .

Grassley: Medicare Is Part Of Our “Social Fabric,” But Government Is A “Predator”

Ignore the bells and the smells the Pope's visit to Britain is nothing to celebrate

Philippine Flood Crisis Deepens

Coming up on Sanchez: "Who's giving what to whom?" in healthcare - He's following the $$$

Everybody: Please un rec and hide non healthcare threads that distract!


Not Enough Rain, Food in Guatemala

Republicans scrape the bottom on public option debate

My call to Grassley's office.

It's outrageous that a president would spend time on the olympics instead of important issues

I will admit it - I am a SOUTH BASHER

Tufts University Cracks Down On Dorm Sex

East Cleveland mayor & his embarrassing photos

After watching Part 2 Of Ken Burns's "National Parks" last night,

I just lit up Bill Nelson's West Palm Beach office. I was going to be polite but about the 3rd word

Earthquake upgraded to 8.3. Tsunami generated.

Michele Bachmann's Poor Performance Defended By Conservative

"Liberals should probably spend less time making fun of dumb Republicans..."

Ensign's plan for improving our hc outcomes to = France

Schumer Amendment falls 10 - 13

Senate Finance Committee rejects Schumer Ammendment 10-13

James Carville: I'd Run for Mayor If I Could

Costa Rican Leader: Honduras Promises to End Crackdown

Why does Baucus still chair a committee in the Democratic Party?

Secret Service Tracks Down Facebook "Should Obama Be Killed?" User

YouTube credit card rant gets results

Just emailed Baucus

Senator Nelson, let me explain health care reform "legitimacy".

Love and Loyalty

Love and Loyalty

question: I posted some Jesus quotes on my FB page

Republicans concerned that the anything the Democrats

Republicans concerned that the anything the Democrats

The Mathematics of Corruption

Et tu, Baucus?

Polanski VS Abolishment of Corporate Taxes in California: Which is more important?

The Smoke Clears: Conrad Is the Anti-PO Leader In The Senate

The Smoke Clears: Conrad Is the Anti-PO Leader In The Senate

Poster of Obama as "Joker" hangs outside strip club

Fingers in the eye

The Blue Dogs' excuses are offensively illogical b/c they have no logical ones.

Typhoon Ketsana Slams Into Vietnam

+++ 5,098 +++

Army Grants Discharge To Officer(Watada) Who Refused Iraq Deployment

Army Grants Discharge To Officer(Watada) Who Refused Iraq Deployment

Army Grants Discharge To Officer(Watada) Who Refused Iraq Deployment

Egypt anger over virginity faking

I do love Ken Burn's work but

Birther moran sign:

Caption Baucus and Grassley

So, had the 3 traitorous Dems voted FOR the PO, it would have passed?

Baucus is voting against the Public Option //

Is Lou Dobbs, CNN's Resident Bigot, on His Way Out?

Health insurance executives: Rejoice!

Berkeley may sign onto U.N. treaties

Anybody know anything about this Lou Dobbs eliminate the...

Senate Finance Committee rejects public option amendment

Michael Moore Stands Up for Single Payer, Tells Blue Dogs 'We Will Remove You From Office.'

Gov. Perry's Web Site Hacked Into - Perry was about to give a live webcast

Democratic Socialists of America -- USA's biggest socialist party -- endorsed Obama in 2008

Walter Mondale endorses Tarryl Clark to challenge Michele Bachmann

"Aren't all secretaries of state girls?"

Is there a website or something that explains this whole mess?

If our elected representative actually give us what we want ( PO) then what will they run

If our elected representative actually give us what we want ( PO) then what will they run

Paging Mister Orwell...CNN calls homeless tent camps "havens"

Schumer PO amendment fails 13-10

The Mathematics of Corruption

Any viable DEM challengers to Baucus' & Conrad's seats?

A note on September 11th and its exploitation...

If Polanski faces the charges he might actually get away with it

US: Income Gap Widest Since 1917

Family Ties: The Other Bill Clinton

I am finally prepared to take a position on the Roman Polanski issue

boy, did this guy pick the wrong place to try to illegally cross the border

BTW...anyone know how Boxer and Feinstein voted on the Schumer Ammendment?

Baucus (Fiscal Conservative) Personal Finances: $40,000 In The Hole - $1 Million DC House Purchase..

the finance committee chairman max baucus (democrat) voted against both public option bills

Leave strip clubs alone, Detroit City Council told

Leave strip clubs alone, Detroit City Council told

Turkish Premier Warns Against Military Strike On Iran

My E-Mail to Senator Menendez:

"It's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers."

BREAKING: Public Option Fails In Senate Committee

Kennedy HELP Health Care Bill WITH Public Option

Calling BS on Cornyn!!


Health care boondoggle: Is it time to just scrap this?

BREAKING:Bill Nelson to Appear on Kabuki Dancing With the Stars...

237 Reasons Why Women Have Sex

Nero's rotating banquet hall unveiled in Rome

Meme of the Day 090929

So now that the Senate finance committee has publicly stabbed "the base" in the back, now what?


Three recent Twitter updates from Arlen Specter

U.S. willing to let go of Icann

If there is no PO

If there is no PO


Just what I needed. A birfer infomercial.

Obama has a lot to learn about racism

The G-20: a guest with an iron fist

The G-20: a guest with an iron fist

maybe stupid question... can the public option be made SEPARATELY from this bill?

Date Rape Drugs, Is there Really Such A Thing?

We should recognize Senators Baucus, Lincoln and Conrad for their integrity.

We should recognize Senators Baucus, Lincoln and Conrad for their integrity.

Kalashnikov Manufacturer Faces Bankruptcy

An idea on how to make these jokers in the Finance Commitee pay attention

An idea on how to make these jokers in the Finance Commitee pay attention

Public Option story not even a story at CNN home page..Google is their lead story

How To Counter The Homosexual Extremist Movement,

Steele criticizes Obama's Olympics pitch: "At a time of war, at a time of recession"

Should the US deploy more troops to Afghanistan?

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center Website is saturated:

I didn't think it was possible.

DO NOT Listen to the Talking Heads on TeeVee!

Blanche Lincoln not only voted against the public option amendments, but she was the only Dem to not

Nelson, Baccus, Carper, Conrad, Lincoln....

A primer on reconciliation

W. Samoa police on tsunami: "Yes there have been deaths". Then they hung up.

W. Samoa police on tsunami: "Yes there have been deaths". Then they hung up.

Should the age of consent in your state be lowered?

Could somebody keep us posted what's going on with the vote in Committee? It's

Intelligence Vets Back Torture Probe

Tsunami Warning cancelled

Tweety STFU and let Michael Moore speak


Polanski was not guilty of 'rape-rape', says Whoopi Goldberg

Any news on whether the SC decided to hear the torture photos case or not?

Cicular Firing Squad

Cicular Firing Squad

Ed said something like "watch tonight -- let's beat CNN again. They said it couldn't

Ed said something like "watch tonight -- let's beat CNN again. They said it couldn't

harkin was good and now we get Jay

Tony Auth had an interesting cartoon today

Philippines Strains to Respond to Flood

Could a man be morally guilty of rape for having consensual sex with a 30-year-old woman?

Could a man be morally guilty of rape for having consensual sex with a 30-year-old woman?

You're Either With Us or With the Insurance Industry

So you are flying along and your engine sputters and then the wing catches on fire..

Sad day when Orrin Hatch can chuckle on tv (Hardball) regarding PO...

FYI: The difference between a table dance and a lap dance.

Michelle Obama to promote gardening on "Sesame Street"

Senate Finance vote forces the traitors out into the open: Baucus, Conrad, Lincoln.

Mike Ross District-wide Re-Election with special guest President Bill Clinton

Feingold Urging Public Option

Feingold Urging Public Option

Free Money for Republicans

US Attorney's "Convenience Store Initiative" Probed Middle Easterners For Terror Ties

Health care stocks rise after Senate vote

Tsunami watch for state of Hawaii

? COUP: Did Dictator Micheletti end legitimacy by suspending civil liberties?

What's up with Menendez?

Morals Class Is Starting; Please Pass the Popcorn (not RW morals)

Bill Scher: It Doesn't Matter What Harry Reid Does On Public Option

Elevators Full Of Unsold Wheat Amid Fall Harvest

Public 'option': Mad As Hell Doctors front White House for single payer

Iran Put Nuclear Site Near Base In Case Of Attack

September 6, 2009 Report the 9/11 debate honestly: September 11 demo outside the BBC

So I planned on going to a tea party meeting tonight to check out the insanity...

So I planned on going to a tea party meeting tonight to check out the insanity...

So I planned on going to a tea party meeting tonight to check out the insanity...

So I planned on going to a tea party meeting tonight to check out the insanity...

So I planned on going to a tea party meeting tonight to check out the insanity...

So I planned on going to a tea party meeting tonight to check out the insanity...

Orrin Hatch calls for 70 votes on reform -- because it is 1/6 of GDP

dupe nt

dupe nt

buks and pensills

Hey Max Baucus it is not over (video)

Fire Call Hits Close to Home for 911 Dispatcher

Fire Call Hits Close to Home for 911 Dispatcher

Senior official in Bush domestic propaganda program remains Obama’s Pentagon spokesman

Senior official in Bush domestic propaganda program remains Obama’s Pentagon spokesman

Suntrust mortgage- power goes out, generators leak carbon monoxide, 10 in serious condition

Suntrust mortgage- power goes out, generators leak carbon monoxide, 10 in serious condition

Repukes opposed to public option because, EGADS, the people will LIKE IT!

WATCH: Dylan Ratigan Rips Evasive Lobbyist: "All You Did Was Play Cable Dodgeball"

YouTube credit card rant gets results - "You are evil, thieving bastards."

14 Deaths Reported After Samoa Quake

cross posting for GreenBrier

I hope we put Olympia Snowe into retirement and elect a real DEM Sen. from Maine

If an ADULT woman was drugged and raped would you consider that a crime?

Obama Risks a Domestic Military ‘Intervention’ (Attention MUST be paid!)

Judge to Oily Taintz: You're Not Off The Hook On $10K Fine For Frivolous Filings

Now is the time to demand Baucus be removed or resign

Arab media correspondent calls out the White House Press Corps

Grandmother Arrested For Buying Cold Medicine Twice In One Week

Grandmother Arrested For Buying Cold Medicine Twice In One Week

“When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

Chamber Of Commerce Rewrites History: ‘We’ve Never Questioned The Science Behind Global Warming’

A warm thanks to the Dem base today. Thanks for the money, work, and's your shit sandwich

Senior official in Bush domestic propaganda program remains Obama’s Pentagon spokesman

Polanski's biggest detractors here write about his crime almost pornographically!

Lot's of info that need to be put into its own website. Health care whores

Electronic Medical Records Give Early Warning of Domestic Abuse

Sen. David Vitter Subject of Complaint by Ethics Group

I can't listen to Ed today. I just don't need the hollering. It's been a bad day.

Japan May Allow Married Women to Keep Maiden Name, Yomiuri Says

Egypt anger over virginity faking

CNNMoney: The Five Highest Paid, Worst Performing CEOs of 2008 - (Median worker wage is $42,270)

Reasons for Palin's early book release

EPA gives Congress a heads-up on toxic chemicals

EPA gives Congress a heads-up on toxic chemicals

Lou Dobbs reported tonight that President Bush will be flying to Denmark to lobby the IOC ...

Limbaugh, Fox, Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly use the tea-baggers as their little patsies

Roman Polanski is a Junkie Pedophile

Roman Polanski is a Junkie Pedophile

The 5 DEMS against the PUBLIC OPTION

David Sirota: The Mathematics of Corruption

David Sirota: The Mathematics of Corruption

David Sirota: The Mathematics of Corruption

GOP councilor would rather abolish police force than see it unionize

GOP councilor would rather abolish police force than see it unionize

Afghan Girl Killed by RAF Leaflet Drop

Ezra Klein: Will Medicare -- And the Public Option -- Bankrupt Us?

Encouraging article from Robert Creamer on Viability of Public Option

Where is the 'Hide by Keyword' feature?

Cops: Man can't afford U.S., seeks deportation

Morning Schmo recovering from surgery

US to send home 4,000 more troops from Iraq

Bass in the Southeast U.S. showing hormone issue

Amazing thing today. Walmart was OUT of Children's Motrin

Is Todd Palin still employed by BP? anyone know?

Controversial Facebook Bigwig Tied To ACORN Sting Videographer

I hope that these people who oppose healthcare for all can sleep at night

Okay, when I sell stuff on, I clearly say what's included...

Mods, You're Wonderful

Mods, You're Wonderful

Mods, You're Wonderful

Did they kill the public option?

Soldier of Conscience Survives Court-Martial, Goes Free; Lt. Ehren Watada

Trick or Treat

Alaska Bloggapalooza on MSNBC Tonight!

Anyone see Michael Moore on Hardball?


Bwaahaha! Texas Gov. Perry Webcast with Supporters Sabotaged!

Swiss Confirm Visit to U.S. Hikers Held in Iran

Wow. Just wow. American Spectator takes on the Bill Sparkman murder.

A response to Isaac Hayes and the race baiters at “The American Spectator” re: my DU post

delete dupe

delete dupe

Dog runs into traffic to save another dog that got hit in traffic (graphic)

Whoopi On Roman Polanski: It Wasn't 'Rape-Rape'

What is the process from moving the bill past the committee stage to the full senate?

Why is Luis Carriles still walking around in Miami? I understood it

Which should be the NEXT Republican politician on "Dancing With The Stars"?

Fox News had it right.

Judge blocks key parts of new Arizona abortion law

Baucus refers to the LEWIN GROUP (United Health) in rejecting the public option.

Do you want a public option for health care?

Guns Allowed In Arizona Bars Starting Wednesday

George Orwell on Child Raping Artists

msnbc speculating on moosemom's book which will be 400 pages and just in time for christmas

60 doctors took speaker fees from drug giant~Boston

Discouraged - I was thinking today - they got to the WH started living the high life and

Keep your hands off someone else's weiner......

Since people love palin threads - I don't think she has any intention on going for the presidency

Polansky could have turned himself in, served some time, & put it behind him years ago

When millions of people marching on Wash does not make a difference

Does it matter that a PO isn't coming out of the Senate Finance Committee?

Tsunami watch now issued for Hawaii with time of expected impact (Samoa earthquake, now 8.3 mag.):

assassinated Dr. Tiller honored in DC

Wall Street Lining Up Against Rationality

What vote comes up next on the Senate healthcare bills?

Sheriff deputy was ambushed. Sign the condolence book for wife and child

Looks Likely That de Blasio & Liu Will Win In NYC

Polanski NOT a pedophile

Roman Polanski: IF he is extradited what are the odds that the other charges

Lucy Vodden, Who Inspired a Beatles Song, Dies at 46

Juan Cole: Is the Media Exaggerating the Iranian Nuke Threat?

Weird message on my Blackberry

What if the concept of "Corporate Personhood" was corrected - Will the politicians still tow the

Interesting topic for the MSM at this time: ABC Nightline is reporting on euthanasia

War criminals walk freely among us and you expect health care?

Today's main DU activity: unrec - hide - repeat

Nero's Rotating Banquet Hall Unveiled

A LOT of Americans are very very ANGRY.....AT BUSH AND THE GOP!

Email Baucus and tell him what you think of his stance on the public option

I've got better health insurance than most people that are fighting against the public option...

Michael Moore is the only guest with Tavis tonight.

Census worker's son: Disrespectful to be still throwing suicide and accident around

How do you write a book for people who don't READ?

Should all jobs be unionized?

Michael Moore's next target MUST be the Media.

Beck is on Faux with Oliely. Classic pukefest. On now.

OMG! Fox News Had An "Expert" Who Called Calif. A Test Case For "Obamanomics" - BULLS%$T!!

Here's why I think that Chicago will get the Olympics

Time to Remove Harry Reid as Leader

GOP Rep. Trent Franks Calls Obama "An Enemy Of Humanity"

What disappoints you most?

Is Newsmax columnist John Perry plagiarizing from the novel "Seven Days in May"??

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Doctors Settle Case for Denying Lesbian Treatment

As of January-February 2009 there are 12,669 untested rape kits in Los Angeles Co.

As of January-February 2009 there are 12,669 untested rape kits in Los Angeles Co.

Note to Grassley, Baucus & other bought & paid for senators: YOU have government-run healthcare

So - no Public Option but we will still be fined for not paying parasitic insurance companies

Young girl is killed by RAF leaflet drop in Afghanistan

One in Three Teenage Girls Got Gardasil Shots to Prevent Cervical Cancer (Hmmmm)

Do we have 53 votes now for the public option?

That time of innocent perusal has slip'd slowly and left us wanting

Isn't it odd how the Republicans are totally down and out and completely in control of our Govt. ?

G20 say you is a Serf, fool

JK Rowling lost out on US medal over Harry Potter 'witchcraft' (UK Guardian)

I don't know whether to laugh or vomit -- The Great Conservative Women Calendar,

quintessential American icon turns 50 . . .

Wellpoint (BCBS) Sues State of Maine Because it Won't Guarantee Them a Profit

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself.

Health Insurance Industry IS NOT The Solution To Our Healthcare Crisis- They Are The CANCER

Tom Carper should have offered a triggered public option

Mass whipping of women to cast away ‘evil spirit’

Senate Panel Votes To Restore Abstinence-Only Education Money

Dylan (MSNBC) just absolutely MURDERED a

PROPOSED: let's form a squad to automatically report to the secret service EVERY pol, pundit, wacko

medical bills stacking up on the TV tuned to Glenn Beck - yet, cheering for the defeat of PO

Dem Party Using Scare Tactics on Us

Questions for DU's self-identified "Socialists"

Breitbart Throws Stones at ACORN from Sun Myung Moon's Glass House

Samantha Geimer, Polanski's victim, doesn't back prison time for the director

I never liked Rudy Giuliani.

Ted Nugent Threatens to Kill Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton During Vicious Onstage Rant

Would our politicians do this? Philippine leaders donate salaries to flood victims

In Non-Polanski News: Rather's CBS lawsuit dismissed.

Family Living in Storage Unit

Does Blanche Lincoln (BlueCross-AR) Have A Primary Challenger?

Gifford Pinchot was an elitist corporate dick who just happened to be friends with Teddy Roosevelt

HELP! Stats On Canadian Health Care Needed

Again, Kudos to Rahm Emannuel for recruiting and defending the Blue Dogs that screwed us!

Another shameless whoring for recs!

Court dismisses suit by lesbian who couldn’t see dying partner at Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital

The real problem with the Polanski case is he doesn't look or act like a monster.

Everyone do this together: Call Sens. Max Baucus, Kent Conrad, and Blanche Lincoln

"We're worth more dead than we are alive..."

Martin Scorsese, David Lynch and Woody Allen : What is common between them ?

The Great Recession's Religious Downsizing

Are the Saudis really crazy enough to let the Israelis across their airspace?

16 Arrested at Aetna for Demanding Healthcare


Did you catch Morning Joe today?

ALL SOUTHERNERS: LBJ, MLK, John Lewis, Rosa Parks, Andrew Young, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton&Al Gore

Micheal Moore & CA Nurse's Association: Why Current Health Bills Won't Solve the Crisis

Ex-Congressman Linked To Corruption Scandal (Rep. John Doolittle (R) linked to Abramoff)

Hey Senate Finance Committee! FUCK YOU!

Would You Support Military Action on Iran if Evidence Shows a Nuclear Weapon Program?

Snake Picnic Celebration

Drinking age of 21 saves lives...

The latest in right wing lunacy ~ "Community Organizers" PRAY to Obama.

Today's photo: The new Supreme Court

How much tolerance do you have for saber rattling?

Generals Accuse Cheneys Of Spreading Scaremongering "Nonsense"

I just hid 14 Polanski threads on the first page of GD.

There is a feature on DU which allows you to hide a thread.

Get Over THERE and WATCH THIS!...

Wisconsin Tourism Federation changes name after internet jokes


All the sentences in "dog" that you'll need to know

Water the New Gold: Nestle Corp. coming to siphon a spring or river near you

If you don't look 30 years old, and I can't verify your age...

How do you feel about vaccines?

Senate Dems against public option come from states with near-monopoly insurance markets

An Ode to the Unrec Feature. (Please unrec, I insist)

My co-worker was shot and killed in our parking lot yesterday.

Do you know what just happened in Guinea? It's about as horrifying as it gets.

Any word on whether Obama is going to re-route to American Samoa from his plans to go to Denmark?

How to lose your Senate majority, 101:

Check in here if you're a proud, small-'s' socialist.

Can the public option be put back in the bill after mark up?

I can't wait to get Sarah Palin's Book!

Vatican: we may be bad, but others are worse

The wailing and gnashing of teeth here shows how poorly Civics is taught in our schools

Feminists, do they make better lovers?

Moore on Matthews show: "Peasants Insurance". No wonder why they hate HCR

Moore on Matthews show: "Peasants Insurance". No wonder why they hate HCR

Fuck you Baucus, Conrad, and Nelson; you bastards are my brother's death panel.

Democrats it's time to learn something!

New flatter tax structure proposed for California: $30,000 and $3,000,000 taxed @ same rate!

Amazing thing today. Walmart was OUT of Children's Motrin

I see a huge march on Washington coming.

I sent a 28-year-old man to prison for statutory rape of my 13-year-old daughter...

Do you think it ok to get a Lap dance at a strip club?

New shopping site - good cheap stuff

Turn a corner on Tuesday . . . please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Photo of Polanski rape victim at age 13

A mighty FUCK YOU to

Vacation Timeshares Plunge at Record Pace as Americans Scale Back Spending

Well as the kabuki theater unfolds

Response to an anti-healthcare reform fearmonger ...

Response to an anti-healthcare reform fearmonger ...

Should Roman Polanski be put on trial?

Senator Franken's campaign email on behalf of Senator Boxer

Roman Polanski - Holocaust Survivor, Spouse of Murder Victim, Great Filmmaker, Child Rapist.

Obama has screwed the pooch by leaving HCR almost entirely to the Senate....

APF In Hardin (this shit is happening and the idiots are thinking this is part of Obama's agenda?)

Why were the militarized cops and LRAD used against unarmed Pitt students but not armed TEABAGGERS?

Raped. Raped-raped. Kinda raped. Half raped.

I will not state my opinion on Polanski. It's nuanced, complex and not a sound byte

The Secret Effort to Kill Health Care Reform (Rolling Stone Obtains Docs-Rt Wing Coordinating Mobs)

Cheerleaders’ religious signs draw fire

Is It Time To Increase the Minimum Age for a Driver's Liscense

What the hell is going on in Hardin, MT and who is the American Police Force?

Reverend accused of attacking Clay County, Alabama Sheriff with an axe

Michael Moore to Blue Dogs: "We will come to your district and we will work against you"

More about problems at Cesar Chavez charter schools in Colorado

Odd duo worked together to form faith-based prisons..Doug Coe and Chuck Colson.

We are a nation of candy asses

Jerry Brown Files Paperwork For Run For Governor (California)

Revised: My head count on a public option bill on reconciliation (we still have the votes)

The G-20 Announces the "New World Order"

CIA Vet on 'Hartmann Program' Today: FBI Whistleblower Edmonds 'Very Credible'

Iran’s Not in Violation of Anything

Newsmax columnist: Military coup "to resolve the 'Obama problem' " is not "unrealistic"

The 111th Cat Congress Delays acting yet again...



OMG! Heidi!!! I saw an unedited "Nighthawks" photo in a movie!!

Nancy... Boots

You know those lyrics websites that sell dial tones? Sometimes they get the lyrics wrong.

Anyone Else Play Wizards 101?

Here is my attempt at a productive, civil, mature discussion...

Any It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans on here?

Come on people now, smile on your brother

What is the differnce between Bird Flu and Swine Flu...

Flooded meadow in Austria

BREAKING: Ravi Shankar punches shit out of reporter who asks "Do you eat RAGA-muffins?"

When adults remember what it's like to be a kid...

Good morning Lounge

This song has enough cowbell

Revenge--for the wicked only?

Mr. Lipschitz, new in Miami, is lonely. He wonders how to make friends.

Right now the blinds guy is in my office...

I have decided nine of my children may eat French Fries

dream intepretation for wierdness?

Bragging your team beat the Panthers is like bragging you climbed Mt Everest....

I just had the FUCKING SCORPIONs crawling on my foot

An exceptional video on YouTube

you may think you have fiancée problems, but you don't wanna be THIS guy:

I'm going to Facebook to post a poll on Roman Polanski's favorite french fries.

Do you know Joe Lieberman's middle name? It was a clue in one of my daily crossword

delete please this was a dupe Roman Polanski thread


agh never mind. nt

What's this instrument, Du musicians? at the beginning of

Trying to find an e-mail address for an old college friend.

The music in the Geico ad, what is it?

Just renewed my gym membership


Palin should let that idiot beauty pageant contestant from South Carolina edit her book.

Sheboygan teen accused of trying to eat marijuana

Wahoo, I'm an energy tycoon!

Pat Buchannan said that Roman Polanski was responsible for starting WWII

What is Your Favorite Alternative Instrument?

For dinner tonight: fresh, wild parasol mushrooms with onion, wild rice, garden salad.

Stoopid tatoo, here:

At this point, I'd rather a word by word narration of The View than more Polanski threads.

Bill Maher and Jay read politicians' sexy emails.

It was Sofia Milos' birthday two days ago and NONE of you guys reminded me

What can one do to improve one's memory?

Someone say something funny

Did you know? NASCAR had a race in Delaware this past weekend!

unblock stops posting over ringing phone....

Nana-nana-na... hah

Windows 7

Is Insomnia part of old age?

I Don't Want To Go To Work Today

For The Ladies...

Tell Me

Cool optical effect

SNL Newcomer Won't Be Fired for Dropping the F-Bomb

Is this the sickest Halloween costume idea ever?

The cymbal crash when Miles starts in on "So What" always gives me goosebumps

Star Chasers

Dead Kitty

To those who get the "Boomerang" network, an 11pm Eastern treat...

Is this thread about Polanski?

Last weekend, I got some pussy!

ONLY in New Jersey....

...And dream of a girl I used to know, I closed my eyes and she slipped away

A Stunning Announcement: Jon Gosselin Dropped from Jon & Kate Plus 8!!1!

I'm off to be a super secret under cover special agent reporter for DU...

"Cold Case" last night. How did it end? Tivo cut it off due to stupid "Amazing Race"

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

You're all gettting a copy of Sarah Palin's new memoir, "Going Rogue." What

Polar Bear Knut Smacked on First Date (But That's a Good Thing!)

Phooey, I have jury duty and I don't want to go. I just called and

for our freeper friends--too funny

Times sure have changed!

Please don't post for a few minutes. I'm cutting my nails. n/t

I am a terrible person

We can still argue about whether Rush is good or not

I still can't get over this whole Randy Quaid thing

Tuesday caption this picture

I am sad. Local Sheriff deputy shot and killed in our town. Sign condolence book at link

Score more fucking runs!

I want to be a pig for Halloween.

A word about friendships

Duers, you wuss!

DUers you would like to kiss

Two most epic videos ever (Feat. Sham Wow Guy and Brimley MC)

DUers who would like to swear fealty to me

I'm watching the Ken Burns National Parks documentary and it occurs to me

If you were wondering, it is wonderful having my son home.

I've had Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) playing constantly for 15 years now

M.E.T.H.O.D Man

So this neighborhood cat adopted us a few months ago

Is the DU Lounge a Roman Polanski free zone?

Post movie or TV scenes that are relatively inconsequential but brilliant

pure self-congratulatory post

1,400-pound bull drags officers down NJ street

There's been an arrest in the murder of my friend.

The Nine Circles of MMO (Gaming) Hell

Since GD is acting crazier than usual right about now, I'm back in the Lounge

Do you give to "United Way" thru your work?

Post your favorite Lap Dance song!

Nobody loves me!

Almost got beat up by an emotionally disturbed coworker today. :-(

8 Harsh Truths That Will Improve Your Life

Was there ever a time when you were right, in spite of many others who thought otherwise?

DUers you kiss

Check in here if you are going "Commando" today!!

Are there other TV streaming sites like

If you were to start a line of eco-friendly alternative energy adult "toys",

I've had Coltrane's "Love Supreme" playing constantly for 2 days now

Has anyone been watching the series Hoarders on A&E

Post cute or funny *safe-for-work* pictures and stories!

Hugh Jackman stops Broadway Show and asks audience member to answer their cell phone

Thanks to Creekdog, everyone thinks I am a female.

I just had a FUCKING SCORPION crawling on my foot

I have finished watching all 5 seasons of Lost.

How y'all doin?

I ain't been around because Adobe Illustrator CS3 has me in the fetal position on the floor

Your Favorite Cold Cereal?

Bar To Burn Favre Memorabilia

CSI-Miama can't fool me

Anybody here who has German has your first language?

Tomorrow, September 30th, is International Blasphemy Day. What are your plans?

I must tell you guys about the worst service ever: COSI at union square

I found the greatest truck stop today

Give Birds a Break. Lock Up the Cat.

DUers you miss

A new female kitten will join the family this weekend. Help Name Her!

If R2D2 Could Hack Into The Death Star's Computer Network, Then

I just got asked out by a cute girl I am currently smitten with.

Favorite Roman Polanski movie

Consumer Watchdog: Blunt Outpacing DC Colleagues In Health Industry Fundraisers

'Not Whether We Can End Hunger, It's Whether We Will'; Aid Group Endorses Admin. Plan

In February or March, the President said that Al Qaeda was our goal in Afghanistan, an end in sight?

Better Health Through Better Information

Debate on Public Health Insurance Plan Poised to Explode in Senate

Crist like Casper? How spooky is that?

Why Would We Let Them Rig the Game?

Washington Times publishes ugly hit piece on Kevin Jennings

Is Charlie Crist dissing Jeb Bush's legacy?

How many times do we have to tell the GOP - we have some good 'socialized' health system already!

So now President Obama is abandoning Health Care for the Olympics

Senate climate bill tougher than House version

Sen. Bingaman from New Mexico is obviously bought and paid for by the

PHOTO Caption it? (Sept 29)

AZ-Gov: Goddard Leads Second Poll; SSP Changes to Tossup

Ayotte, testing political waters, wants neutral legacy

Arizona: Former State Senate Leader Eyes Kirkpatrick

In Pennsylvania, a September State Senate Showdown

Bill Nelson to vote for Schumer PO amendment

Bill Nelson said he would vote for Schumer's Amendment!

Senate Finance panel rejects govt insurance option

Senate Finance panel rejects govt insurance option

Grassley currently talking about 'single-payer' like it's an unpopular idea.

NC-Fight begins for legislative control

Orly Taitz Reveals Priveleged Client Information On Her Public Blog

The amendment failed!

Conrad blathering about G Washington being bled

New MAGNIFICENT Obama photos

Brave New Films: 'Sick for Profit'

You can watch the live Senate Finance Committee mark-up on healthcare on your computer at:

Retired Generals, Admirals Back Obama’s GTMO Closure

Conrad, Lincoln, and Baucus just voted against Schumer's amendment.

Max Baucus is a complete and utter failure

GOP Lawmaker Clarifies Remarks Critical Of Obama; called President Obama an "enemy of humanity"...

Sen. Stabenow rebuts Sen. Bingaman's argument against tying a public option to Medicare

Andy Williams: Obama Wants The Country To Fail

Senator Nelson's New Demands

Robert Gates needs to be fired

Baucus: The public option doesn't have 60 votes in Senate, so he will vote against it in committee.

Stutzman to challenge Bayh for U.S. Senate seat in 2010

Baucus, Lincoln, Bill Nelson, Carper and Conrad just voted "no" on Rockefeller's amendment.

Kent Conrad is the biggest tool on the planet

Health Care: The Case for the Status Quo

John Kyl is an embarrassment to our nation.!

What should we do with the Facebook poll guy who had the Obama poll?

Obama to Visit New Orleans in Mid-October

The President's trip to Copenhagen...

Reid: So why hasn't reform been done by now? Here are the new faces of obstruction

Baucus is a liar! Harkin: Senate Can Pass a Public Option

Obama and fighting the last war on health care

Are baucus & his ilk Democrats?

Want to get really pissed at the Dem sellouts? Watch Rick Scott Gloat About Public Option Defeat

Spkr Pelosi: The Public Option Remains The Best Way to Control Costs, Promote Competition

Apple rejects iSinglePayer iPhone app for being 'politically charged'

Fox News, "Obama travels to see a naked younger women."

Blanche Lincoln is awful! She's owned by Wal-Mart and the insurance

Do officeholders have an obligation to advance proposals they made as candidates and got elected on?

I dont get how the Baucus bill keeps cost down w/o a public option.

Ensign just unwittingly made a case against gun ownership: "If you take out...gun deaths,

Who Supports John Boehner's Call To "Start Over" and Hit The "Reset Button" On Health Care'?

Iran giving Swiss access to hikers

digby: Up Or Down Vote

PHOTOS: The New Supreme Court

White House response to Senate Finance Committee's vote

Homophobia and Scares of Child Sex - The Next "Big" Rethug Scandal

Al-Qaida No. 2 Calls Obama A 'Fraud'

Now I have a question.. and I hope I am not seeing things that are not there..

Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks said President Obama was 'an enemy of humanity.'

One thing you have to say: the Republicrats are brazen

Sheriff was ambushed. Shot in the back. Add condolences for family at link

Does baucASS Think he's President?

Transgendered attorney to oppose Kern

Think Progress: state-based proposal would lack clout to lower spending or hold insurers accountable

GOP: Health Care is like Ketchup

US to send home 4,000 more troops from Iraq

This will make RW heads explode: Support for health care reform substantially increased in September

"government of the people, by the people, for the people" is a joke at this point!

Developer of Facebook App Now Taking Questions on That Poll

Confirmed: Blanche Lincoln is tool for the insurance companies (Updated)

Dems need to be like Clay Davis

How about a Health Insurance Boycott ?

Kerry dismantling all the Repub/strawman/timid arguments of the day. (updated)

Sen. Baucus Does Not Care About You

Baucus = scum

Let's face it folks, the proletariat in this country are essentially an

Use of Federal Health Clinics Soars

Alan Colmes reports Andy Williams thinks Obama is a Marxist!

Michelle Obama To Launch Sesame Street With Gardening Tips

Why the Current Bills Don't Solve Our Health Care Crisis by Rose Ann DeMoro & Michael Moore

I have never laughed at a "news" headline harder in my entire life:

Will losing the public option hurt Democrats in the election?

PHOTOS New Official Photos (Sept 29)

Senator Reid: "No one shows me how to get to 60 votes with a public option," Here's how!

These DemoWeasels are going to screw the pooch

Are there ANY legitimate progressive primary candidates capable of beating Lincoln in AR?

New Democratic alternative to a Public Opttion may be emerging,

Michael Steele: “The first lady should have been the lead here...Let her go and sell Chicago.”

The murder of the 16 year old honor roll student in Chicago has

Do you think Chicago's Olympic bid has, well, already won?

Where Congress Stands on a public option

Ezra Klein: A Tale of Two Public Options

Newsmax columnist: Military coup "to resolve the 'Obama problem' " is not "unrealistic" (MM)

VA-Gov: PPP Says Race Tightening, SUSA Does Not Concur

Today was the last day Max Baucus held any power in the Healthcare Reform debate

How can BAUCUS possibly sleep at night?

Hey Everyone

Obama to honor India with his first state dinner

Why Obama is Ideology's Enemy

I abhor the taste of hats , I really do

Huckabee attends wingnut conference - get guns ready for "Bloody Battle" with Nazi Obama

I'm sick of this shit "Obama should have done more"

Sen. Harkin just now on Ed Schultz's show: "Well, here's one thing I will guarantee you, Ed...

PHOTOS Rascals.

We don't want the Games

Buy health insurance or face up to a year in jail

Blanche Lincoln voted against Schumer's public option admendment by proxy

BNP Paribas to repay state aid

Even in Capitalists’ Bad Times, Europe’s Socialists Suffer

U.N. group: Gaza acts amounted to war crimes

Fatal Overdose Caught on Webcam and IRC

Religious life won’t be the same after downturn

Religious life won’t be the same after downturn

Gordon Brown targeted in hate mail campaign

US income gap widens as poor take hit in recession

Man asks to be deported

Why didn't Obama come out and support the Schumer and Rockefeller Amendments?

More About the National Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

Home Prices Hit Six-Months of Gains; S&P/Case-Shiller

US soldiers killed in Philippines

Could it have been different if Obama had exercised strong leadership?

Iran May Quit Nuclear Non-Proliferation Pact If Talks Fail, Lawmaker Says

Zazi Pleads Not Guilty to Terror Charges

GOP Congressman: Afghanistan is a 'medieval' country

National Archives and Announce New Digital Holocaust Collection

Israel: New Iranian Reactor Requires New Sanctions

Military Anthrax Vaccine Mandate is Upheld

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 struck in the Samoan Islands

River restoration: Ready for dry run (San Joaquin River)

Key Senate panel rejects public health plan

Kalashnikov Manufacturer Faces Bankruptcy

Senate Finance Panel Rejects Insurance Option

Sex abuse rife in other religions, says Vatican

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 29

U.S. willing to let go of Icann

Senate Panel Rejects Divisive 'Public Option'

YouTube credit card rant gets results - "You are evil, thieving bastards."

Senate panel votes down public option for health care bill

U.S., Allies Seek New Ways to Sanction Iran

Tsunami Hits American Samoa

Tsunami Hits American Samoa

Son sure Ky. census taker was slain

US income gap widens as poor take hit in recession

Afghanistan starting to look like Obama's Vietnam

Cops: Man can't afford U.S., seeks deportation

Study Indicates Higher Rate of Dementia in Former N.F.L. Players

U.S. attorney targeted N. Miss. store owners (Middle Eastern Convenience Store Owners)

(GOP) Senators try to block funding to close Gitmo

Guinea massacre toll put at 157

GOP lawmaker clarifies remarks critical of Obama ("enemy of humanity")

Canada far outranks U.S. in healthcare report card

S.D. ghostwriter mum on Sarah Palin memoir

Lucy Vodden, Who Inspired a Beatles Song, Dies at 46

U.S. firms oppose rules to curb short selling

Marine Accused Of Killing Detainee Gets Plea Deal

Newsmax columnist: Military coup "to resolve the 'Obama problem' " is not "unrealistic"

Johanns (R-Ne) keeps aim on ACORN

Quake triggers tsunami in the Samoas, killing 34

Army to discharge officer who refused to go to Iraq

US: No `Snap Judgment' This Week On Iran Nukes

Retired Military Officers Push to Close Guantanamo Prison

Buy American exemption deal in the works

Coke, bottler launching campaign against soda tax

Casa Grande call center used illegal child labor, U.S. alleges

Bank of America, 3 Other Banks’ FDIC Fees May Top $10 Billion

Gibbs warns Congress not to soften consumer financial protection plan

Voter group challenges Diebold voting machine sale

'40 Taliban killed' in western Afghanistan

Consumer Confidence Dip Is Bad Holiday Omen

Hoyer Cool To Repealing Wiretap Immunity

U.S., Cuba hold unannounced talks

CREW Files Bar Complaint Against Sen. Vitter

Tonga earthquake triggers tsunami threatening Tonga, Samoa and Fiji

Activists protest Va. strip club's Obama banner

Michael Moore Tells Democrats: 'Find Your Spine' on Health Care

Man surrenders after eight-hour standoff (Army Ranger, 2 tours in Iraq)

Immigration Crackdown With Firings, Not Raids

US panic at China's new ship killer

US Senate climate bill seeks airplane emissions cuts

Breaking: Appellate court dismisses Dan Rather's lawsuit against CBS; Rather vows to appeal [updated

Toyota recalls vehicles over acceleration problem

US Senate Panel Rejects Adding Public Plan To Health Bill

Grassley seeks proof of jobs from H-1B applicants

Ottawa seeks to gag Afghan prisoner probe witnesses

Tsunami advisory issued for West Coast

I got an email from Senator Schumer

Shots in the Dark

TYT: Do NFL Teams Give More to Republicans or Democrats?


O'Reilly: "Obama Should Provoke A Military Incident With Iran"

Facebook Poll Threatens President Obama's Life

TYT: Dems Propose Corporate Death Penalty


President Obama addresses the 2009 Phoenix Awards Dinner (Black Caucus)

Papantonio- Lunatic Villagers and Their Pitchforks

Mad as Hell Doctors Day 12 + 13

MSNBC features PCCC/DFA Baucus accountability ad

CNN Anchor Challenges GOP Pollster For Role In Right Wing Anger

Chase bank caught in a lie (mortgage modification process)

Bill Maher I'm Not: Jenny Slate, NBC and YouTube

Right-wing icon Schlafly: Feminism ‘the most dangerous, destructive force in our society today.’

Max Keiser, f24; What do Polanski, Republicans, Catholic Priests and Dick Cheney have in common?

Tim Pawlenty Gets Challenged On His Extreme Views

Hannity lies and Dick Morris shills

Police manhandle arrested student for group police photo op Unbelievable

TYT: Bob McDonnell Gets Challenged On FNS

Michael Moore w/ 'Talking Pictures': 'It's a Scam.' The Banks Want Land. 'Why Are We So Gullible?'

Police Militarization

Thousands Of Uninsured Texans Flock To Dr Oz Free Clinic

Yvette Lewis and the Rapid Response Team's Call to Action

Press Sec Gibbs Slams RNC's Michael Steele Over Olympics Comment

Max Baucus Talks About Screwing Over The American Public

Secret Service Tracks Down Facebook "Should Obama Be Killed?" User

Obama Negotiates: Iran, Olympics, Afghanistan

Introducing the Survivaball

Harkin: If Public Option Can't Get 60 Votes, Do With 51

Sit-in today at Aetna office in New York to demand an end to insurance company abuse

US Govt. Guarantees Monopoly for Health Insurance Industry (Ratigan shuts shill down)

Rachel Maddow: The Public Option is Dead, Long Live the Public Option

You Need To Turn The Light On

Corruption In State Dept - Blackwater Brotherly-Influence Questions Resurface

Howard Dean on Rachel Maddow's show about the Conservadems and public option

Rachel Maddow & Bernie Sanders Discuss The Republicans' "Off The Charts Hypocrisy" About Medicare

Papantonio: Our Frenzied Focus on Fox

Fox Host Argues That "Illegal Immigrants" Should Be Eligible For Insurance

Don't Ruin American Healthcare1!1!1!11!!

Rachel Maddow mocks the Birthermercial

The Truth About The Baucus Health Care Bill

Pittsburgh Police Use Nazi StyleTactics at G20

Health Care Public Option Fails In Senate Finance Committee (Rick Sanchez & Anthony Weiner D-NY)

Why the Banks are Winning

Glenn Beck Guest: I Am No Longer African American

'Bernie Goldberg Has Issues With Some Fox News Hosts!'

FOX Anchor "You Can't Say Pledge Of Allegiance In School Anymore"

Alan Grayson on the GOP Health Care Plan: "Don't Get Sick! And if You Do Get Sick, Die Quickly!"'

Bernie Goldberg Criticizes Fox News On "O'Reilly Factor"

Rick Sanchez mocks the Birthermercial

Flashmob protests Whole Foods' CEO in Oakland branch

Hardball: Michael Moore on 'Dead Peasants Insurance'

Glenn Greenwald and A. Huffington discuss Iran w/Ratigan

Rep. Trent Franks Declares President Obama an "Enemy of Humanity"

Michael Moore 9/29 Message to Obama & Blue Dogs ('The Pre-Existing Condition Was Rape')

TYT: Insane Conservatives & Republican Politicians At "Take Back America" Conference

TYT: Why Do Republican Politicians Love The Blatantly Racist/Homophobic "Fox Nation" Message Board?

Friends Defend Polanski

Debunking Christian Apologetics: Prophecy

Afghanistan’s Other Front

For Nixon in-law, GOP Post, and Guiliani Clash

4 Degrees Celsius Warming by 2060 (Michael Greenwell)

SEN. TOM HARKIN: Why health reform will succeed

Eric Boehlert: Wash. Times and Fox News now unleashing mobs on private citizens (including kids)

Wall Street's Near-Meltdown Gave Rise to New Lies About the Economy

Non-Profit News Ventures Go Big Time

Gareth Porter: Obama looks escalation in the eye (Asia Times)

WallStreet's Near-Meltdown = New Lies About the Economy, Designed to Blame All But those Responsible

John Kerry: Testing Afghanistan Assumptions (WSJ)

How About a Civil War Over Universal Health Care?

Why the right wing hates and wants to smash ACORN

Honduran government hires fiction writer to hawk coup regime

Iran May Quit Nuclear Non-Proliferation Pact If Talks Fail, Lawmaker Says

Europe’s Socialists Suffering Even in Downturn

US income gap widens as poor take hit in recession

SIGN MY PETITION: Public Option MUST be available to ANYBODY if you want to control costs!

"If the U.S. doesn't get serious, China's going to own this industry," (solar energy)

Fed pursues tough new U.S. credit card rules

Who do Right Wing Bloggers Like to Read?

If ACORN Disappeared, Who Would Aid the Poorest of Us?

James Hansen on Obama, climate legislation, and the scourge of coal

Senate Finance panel rejects govt insurance option

'I Love Guantanamo' Billboards Hit US Capital

Controversial Facebook Bigwig Tied To ACORN Sting Videographer

Public option beaten back, but not dead

Growing Momentum for Public Option

Afghanistan starting to look like Obama's Vietnam

ACORN Chief Executive: "We're Not Afraid"

An Inside Look at How Goldman Sachs Lobbies the Senate

U.S. attorney targeted N. Miss. store owners (Middle Eastern Convenience Store Owners)

New Website Zero Hedge has Sharp Sticks for Financial Community (NY Magazine Expose)

Huckabee Reveals the REAL Reason For His U.N. Bashing

Conservatives Spent Weekend Plotting Against Us In St. Louis (Gawker)

Olympics in Chicago: 'Obama's Folly'?

AlterNet: Is Lou Dobbs, CNN's Resident Bigot, on His Way Out?

Time: Philippine Floods: Why Wasn't Manila Prepared?

Robocops Employ Scary Crowd-Stopping Technology at Pittsburgh Protests

We don't want the Games

Catastrophic climate change, 13-18°F over most of U.S. & 27°F in the Arctic, could happen in 50 yrs

Other Voices: Californian-Canadian troubled by health care lies

Californian-Canadian troubled by health care lies

Jeff Huber (at-Largely): McChrystal's Myth

Commentary: Drinking age of 21 saves lives

Single payer system would save enough to more than pay for insuring all the uninsured.

Dude, I Want My Party Back!

Shocker, Polanski to be extradited by Swiss Govt...The Swiss respect other countries LAWS? IRS did

DOE grant to help establish a market for corn cobs

Drumbeat: September 29, 2009

Air Pollutants From Abroad a Growing Concern, Says New Report

Schlumberger Presses for Shale-Gas Openness as Regulation Looms

I posted an article about the San Joaquin river restoration in LBN

Is trash the solution to tackling climate change? (cellulosic ethanol from landfill waste)

Senators' Climate Draft Mirrors House Bill, With Some Exceptions

News Release : Mystery Solved: Marine Microbe (Trichodesmium) Is Source of Rare Nutrient

Germany Has Installed Around 2 GW Of Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaics Annually Since 2007

Superconductor technologies are increasingly making their way into electricity grids

Zenn Ditches Car Production Plans to Focus on EEStor Drive Train

Goodchild - Systemic Collapse: The Basics

Sugar + weed killer = potential clean energy source (glucose fuel cells)

Giant fish 'verges on extinction' (BBC)

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Monday, September 28)

NFL Rookie of the Month (September)

Crushing loss - Twins 3, Tiges 2

He Breaches!!!

Brewers just tied in the 9th

America's Most Beloved All-Wise and Knowing Team better not

There Are A Lot of Awful and Mediocre Teams in the NFL This Year

Yankee Stadium to host bowl game

Tiges take (barely) Game 2 of the DH!

Stafon Johnson surgery update

Study Indicates Higher Rate of Dementia in Former N.F.L. Players


I'm really not a Broncos fan

Guatemala condemns attacks on journalists in Honduras

Brazil Calls on Honduras to Restore Ousted President (Update1)

U.S. to Honduras: End emergency decree now


Dr. Juan Almendares: The Biggest Embrace in History

Peru ex-president pleads guilty in trial for alleged illegal wiretaps, bribes

Workers are being illegally forced to keep working overtime ( US-based companies)

Democracy Now!'s Andres Contreris reports from inside the Brazilian Embasssy.

US Ambassador Lew Amselem: A Ghoul from Horror Films Past

Military asks Hondurans to find peaceful solution

Cops: Guatemalan man can't afford U.S., seeks deportation

Business Leader, Adolfo Facusse, Has Plan to End Crisis Which Includes Multinational Troops

Overturning Cuba Travel Ban May Pass House This Year, Farr Says

I'm trying to find contact information for Dr. Luther Castillo for an interview.

The sordid history of Lewis Amselem, Deputy U.S. Permanent Representative to the OAS

U.S. Won't Recognize Honduras Election Without End to Crisis

Fewer Cubans are migrating to U.S

Thread on LBN about secret talks between US and Cuba

9th CA: Gun case on hold

BBC: Kashmir girl fights off militants

Sheriff's deputy dies after being shot by suspect

Ten minutes is a long, long time

Guns Allowed In Arizona Bars Starting Wednesday

Knox Commission OKs guns in parks.

6 year old IPSC shooter using a 1911.

U.N. group: Gaza acts amounted to war crimes

U.S. urges Israel to probe Gaza crimes to boost peace

A world W/ out guns

War Crimes Impunity Impedes Mideast Peace - Goldstone

Palestinians in U.K. seek arrest warrant for Ehud Barak

Israeli Arabs to launch strike against discriminatory policies

Israel: New Iranian Reactor Requires New Sanctions

Hamas expects unity pact with Fatah in mid-October

B'tselem: Goldstone report is wrong

Obama's peace effort has failed but our struggle continues

The Goldstone Disconnect (Yossi Alpher)

'Hizbullah had better intel than Israel in 2006'

Report: Abbas drops demand for settlement freeze under US pressure

Netanyahu’s UN Speech - The Pathology of Evil

Gloating that your team beat the Carolina Panthers is like bragging you climb a mountain

A Cozy Night:

first bunch o pumpkins

some more cozy

Today in Labor History Sept 29, 3 members of the United Mine Workers of America were shot to death

A year later, DeWitt still reeling (Vise Grip moved to China)

AFL-CIO petition to Congress on Health Care Reform

Free prescription card--our way of saying thanks

What's Joe "You Lie!" Wilson up to now?

ILRF Issues Freedom at Work Toolkit

How you can help Giumarra workers get a contract

Will UP worker get day in court?

1,000s Of NYC Transit Workers Rally Demanding That Binding Arbitration Contract Be Honored

Tell Lance to keep Stella D'oro production in the Bronx!

Woo-hoo, I just sold some more Iditarod pictures

I have a question concerning conduct during contract negotiations.

3 New York Politicians Are Fighting Efforts To Move Factory Machinery Bought With Taxpayer Money

I just ordered a Lensbaby Composer, has anyone else fiddled around with one?

Prehistoric Shark Nursery Spawned Giants

City Council votes to expand Reading's anti-discrimination law to sexual orientation, expression

Homophobia and Scares of Child Sex - The Next "Big" Rethug Scandal

Daily Kos' drudolph: Injustice for Florida Lesbian and Family

Does the Roman Catholic Church have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy?

Monday's Movers: Healthy Gains in the Healthcare Sector

BNP Paribas to repay state aid

Home Prices Hit Six-Months of Gains; S&P/Case-Shiller

Federal Reserve Buys More Than 100% of Mortgages Issued in 2009

National Geographic Wallpapers


CPAK 2009

Losing your job and "transformation"

Yea, Mercury is Direct


Evolutionary Origins Of Prion Disease Gene Uncovered

Increasing Clostridium difficile infections due to genetic changes rather than dirty hospitals

Anyone here ever dislocate a thumb? I'm not asking for advice please don't post any.

Do you want a public option for health care?

NGOs and Faith Groups Call on Honduran Government: Respect Civil Liberties and Human Rights

Christians tempted to emigrate as Lebanon grows increasingly 'Islamized'

In the published case studies of Freud, are there any people who were Roman Catholic priests?

Liberal Areas Greedier, Bible Belt Excels in Envy, Wrath, Lust and Pride ?

Why Pope Ratso Sucks

Too Many `Nones'?: Religious Right Bothered By `Do-It-Yourself' Spirituality

Sex abuse rife in other religions, says Vatican

Religious life won’t be the same after downturn

Christianity is plummeting in America,

Tomorrow is International Blasphemy Day

What should I write down to make the case that Teacher Unions are not the problem ...

Food and Travel!


what do they do to peaches to make them keep? bought some in michigan

need help identifying apples from my trees

While searching for info about a new (old) cast iron pan, I found this

French Toast Fans?

Should we form a coalition of Southern States to combat the bashing threads?

Perry campaign recruiters getting paid per head

Does anyone here know what is going on with

Osama Bin Laden could have destroyed America

Dr. Laurie interview w/ Daniel Sunjata...

New Investigation - What Do We Have to Lose?