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Tavis has Frank Luntz, GOP vocabulary master, tonight.

Anyone Believe Paul Wolfowitz/John Bolton Were Right To Hate UN, G-20 & World Bank?

Sarah's "Main Street" code for: White.

Allen Stanford Hospitalized After Losing Fight With Fellow Inmate

When was the last documented lynching in the US?

Reuters - "North Korea at brink of new disarmament talks"

Two things, a feature request and a group suggestion

Mother of 12 year old girl turned dominatrix sentenced to 15 years

I have to say that today, I'm really proud of our president.

Something I've been wondering for awhile (re: Campaign Finance Reform)

Hyatt is giving everyone their jobs back

4 bodies found in Maryland home; no suspect sought

Pope visits Czechs - but faith-wise, few are mates

New World Economic Order takes shape at G20

Chavez promotes closer Africa-South America ties

Do you like pizza?

Fox nation has that fake teabag picture up again

YOU LIED! - Music Video

For Kirk, ‘sobering, emotional’

Torture: Inside America's Prisons

Vitter Wants EPA To Delay Rules On Pollutant

Could it be our leaders can't think "big" enough to move us onward? Reaction to Michael Moore

Hey Kids, keep it kosher.

GOP: Dems ignoring public's health care concerns

Army to allow Iraq war objector to resign

Rob Miller-raised almost a million thru Act Blue.

Taken for a Ride

I can see the headlines now

Dennis Kucinich: The Public Option is Dead, Long Live the Public Option

Did They Have Guns? Great blog piece on G-20 protesters!

Gray Matters: An 'un-American' Medicare recipient

Brad Pitt, in Katrina's Wake

Harry Reid: Trigger Happy

I am expecting my son back from Afghanistan today, his 20th birthday, on his mid tour leave.

BREAKING NEWS: Iran nuclear chief says U.N. will be allowed to inspect newly revealed site

Why The U.S. Auto Industry Can't Compete

Hundreds of Korean families separated for more than 50 years reunite

China expects Iran to work with IAEA on nuke site issue

I have not heard anyone talk about how the census worker was Tortured

Syrian rappers hop to controversy

Kennedy successor joins Senate, takes up health reform battle


Won’t Someone Think Of The Children?

Which kind of scandal should force a governor from office?

Wade Henderson, Esq.: States' Rights Belongs in History Books, Not Headlines

Wade Henderson, Esq.: States' Rights Belongs in History Books, Not Headlines

Minnesotans condemn UnitedHealth’s efforts to stop reform

Commander submits plea for more troops in Afghanistan

free enterprise

Rabbi Says Crocs too Comfy for Yom Kippur

NAKED BODY found bound and hanging

Mal=bad and Kin=family.. Put them together and you have..

Health Insurance Employee Apologizes

The Dizzy Chicks - Photo

Republicans: Making Racism work for them.

The Dead Hand

What did Republicans say to people who wanted to investigate Cheney because of his ties to HAL/KBR?

Who really thinks Sarah Palin writes her own postings in facebook?

Time: Gaddafi's Oddest Idea: Abolish Switzerland

Tweeting a miscarriage in Wisconsin

Grocery and oil prices!

Grocery and oil prices!

Sign of the times: Houston hosts free health care clinic for uninsured

Any Seattle area DUers attending the Beck protest (key to city) today in Mount Vernon?

Any Seattle area DUers attending the Beck protest (key to city) today in Mount Vernon?

Any Seattle area DUers attending the Beck protest (key to city) today in Mount Vernon?

My theory is that Gadaffi saw too many spy films in his youth...

EPA gets OK to move Treece, Kansas residents from polluted town

Amazing Sand Animation From (Yes, Really) 'Ukraine's Got Talent'

Iran's Nuclear Status - Where Lies the Truth?

Does Senator Grassley's ammendment unintentionally open the door for state single payer?

Today's Crazy Civics Lesson

Rory Stewart on Bill Moyers for those who want to understand Afghanistan.

In-your-face union tale ‘Lefty’ hits the mark

LA Times - "G-20 leaders set economic action plan"

He Reaped What They Sowed

U.S. Intelligence Budget: $75 Billion, 200,000 Operatives. Fusion Centers to access military intel

Help Maine Protect Marriage Equality

TYT: Companies are legally taking out DEAD PEASANT INSURANCE policies on their employees (OMG!!!)


U.S. Negotiators Endorse Ending Chinese Poultry Ban

U.S. Negotiators Endorse Ending Chinese Poultry Ban

why aren't liberals as loud as rethuglicans?

I just found this

Mexican drug cartels suspected in area

OK to carry guns in Stone Mtn. Park now. Boy, I feel better...

It's storming again in Marietta Ga

General McChrystal has an interesting history.

The law should NOT incorporate religion, as shown by the Black Eyed Peas/Malaysia controversy

Lawmaker's bill would help poor with broadband costs

More Glenn Beck Day hypocrisy

“We’re getting a recovery but it won’t be fast.” (G-20 summit)

“We’re getting a recovery but it won’t be fast.” (G-20 summit)

What at first amazed me more than anything else

For our friends in Mt. Vernon WA

If you have ever wondered what it looks like to be tombstoned, I can show you.

The RW's Health care plan:

Lord tunderin' jaysus,Gaddafi is staying in Newfoundland for day.

Lord tunderin' jaysus,Gaddafi is staying in Newfoundland for day.

Murder, Spies & Voting Lies (the Clint Curtis story) A Campaign

Will the media ever report about how low in the polling Republicans have sunk?

Read the fourth Paragraph from

Health Reform Video Challenge- Create the Best Vidieo for Obama

I'm thinking the G20 protest tactic is way off in design.

Let's say you saved the world from blowing up, and were thus granted the freedom to slap ONE person

ACORN Implicated in Reagan assassination attempt--

Portfolio - "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Reform"- Kyl Calls HC Reform a "Stunning Assault On Liberty"

Can Eliot Spitzer make a come back?

Yesterday Baucus talked about taxing the users of health insurance.

So is Glenn Beck still being honored today?

So is Glenn Beck still being honored today?

So is Glenn Beck still being honored today?

Just In Case

Md. ban on slot-like devices costly for Allegany schools

Glenn Beck: Back To The Drawing Board

Pittsburgh and the G20 Protests

How incredibly sad. This can't help but make us that much poorer

G20 2009 Police Attack Students at University of Pittsburgh

Even when spelling correctly, their signs pour on the stupid like lotion.


Democrats Join Push to Post Bills Online ( for three days before being considered on the floor)

Town Hall meeting with Sen. Mark Begich - Tales from a Survivor - MUDFLATS

NY Times - "Cryptic Iranian note ignited urgent debate" - "3 dramatic days of diplomacy"

We need the Wyden Free Choice Act in addition to the public option

I'm afraid that we're all guilty...

Why is this site so seemingly addictive ?

Further analysis of Strategic Vision polling data by Nate Silver

Instead of a "pay czar" why don't we just allow the companies to pay the bailout money back

Obama needs a highly placed advisor to coordinate the fight against Right Wing Bullshit

Free Library of Philadelphia Will Stay Open

From Africa to the White House in 50 years...who woulda guessed...

things you didn't know re: Cuba that will surprise the heck out of you

Simple - they want to make sure he is not DEA - Census Worker

David Horowitz's Front Page Mange on the hotseat: his reporter Joe Kaufman under attack.

Friends: Hanging victim devoted his life to kids (Bill Sparkman)

Racially and Politically Motivated Attacks in Minneapolis

The Supreme Court.. the juggernaut that drives the Right crazy..

The Truth About Two Racists—Beck and Limbaugh

I don't want Iran to possess nuclear weapons

Rep. Maloney's husband dies in Tibet

Pete (Pierre) DuPont writes in WSJ: "ObamaCare is hazardous to your health." Grill and eat him.

My wrist watch must be broken

"You want somebody to take that job who has no future.”

Jesus Christ VS Tom Delay

Jesus Christ VS Tom Delay

one of the students in our school is getting expelled because he had a laser pen...saying its a weap

AP refers to Connecticut Governor as "Jodi Rendell"

What to do with Iran?

Taibbi: Grayson, 'who went werewolf on me now spooks Fed officials'

For those who ran with idiot rick perry's secession crap and want to get rid of Texas, were you sad

For those who ran with idiot rick perry's secession crap and want to get rid of Texas, were you sad

Is the FARC-EP a terrorist group or a legitimate military force?

'The Informant!' author Kurt Eichenwald talks about his book,ADM, role with movie

What A Wonderful World This Would Be

Alaska Public Offices Commission played Trust But Don't Verify with Palin - "Took her at her word"

Particularly dumb column today in the Denver Post

America's longest 'wars', same shit, different president?

America's longest 'wars', same shit, different president?

Presented by Halliburton.....

That Flavored Dip Dude Is So Gay

Insurance RIP OFF!! OLD (large) co.: $318/mo, NEW (small) co. $1158/mo!

Reflections on the ‘Godfather’ of Neoconservatism ( Irving Kristol )

ASU's "Network of Enlightened Women" is an embarrassment to humanity...

Former Mayor Gets Probation for FEMA Fraud

Beyond First Aid Kits: 5 Unexpected Survival Kit Essentials

I'm tired of the BS

Towns fight for a train of their own

Let’s ban all flavors of cigarettes

Canadian taxpayers foot hefty bill to protect Bush during speaking tour

5 elected officials are legitimizing extremists: "Taking back America" this weekend

Top Ten Ways to Convince Muslims we are on a Crusade

Oldie but goodie....for all the ones who have never seen this.

Oldie but goodie....for all the ones who have never seen this.

Oldie but goodie....for all the ones who have never seen this.

Just In Case Someone Gets Around To Organizing A Pro-Health Care Rally

Enough of the horrible Bumper Stickers!

Right Wing's obsession over "czars"; driven more by hatred of a Democrat in the WH, or by stupidity?

Woman in Embryo Mix-Up Gives Birth to Boy

Our Senator tries to answer some questions.

Heads Up -Tomorrow night at 9.00pm on National Geographic

Hummer Owners Claim Moral High Ground To Excuse Overconsumption, Study Finds

Nate Silver on a Strategic Vision poll of Oklahoma Students

News report from Mt. Vernon Washington Beck event....

US Lawmakers Told FEMA an "Army of Bureaucrats"

Glenn Becks rotten week hehe

U.S. Military Counterinsurgency manual suggests Afghanistan troop levels should be 672,000 troops

Caption this pic



There's a first time for everything.

There's a first time for everything.

What value, truth?

1045 animals seized from home owner who lost job, was behind on mortgage and child support

Muslim Day of Prayer & Unity at the Capitol interrupted by Guess who?

Welcome to Limbaugh's America

Anyone here heard of the new drug testing - retinal scans?

Capitalism is not democratic


Season Opener For SNL Tonight

New Orleans Area's Mental Health Getting Worse

Ad targeting a little off on some DU threads...

WHAT... percentage of adults in the United States own cars?

Mr. Obama ? on NPR

The War On Christmas comes early - and I may fire the first salvo...

Question on insurance mandates re: LGBTers

So, when do we call for a boycott of Seattle...?

'sleeping with' vs 'having sex with'

"...Getting four suckers to fork over $30 for nothing covers their whole expense..."

My son's encounter with a wingnut today...

This is the first crazy Email ever sent to me

Baby Rhino Rejected By Her Mother, Will Be Brought Up By Zookeepers - pic

I can already see a tax on my HSA coming.

GOP Senators Pull Out of Inquiry Into CIA Program

"Medical Exile" - A CBC interview with a woman who can't return to the US ( Podcast)

Suppose a foreign country were responsible for killing 45,000 Americans per year

Which threads grab your interest first?

I continue to await a thank you note from Perdue, Chambliss and Isakson to the feds aid to Georgia

Is it me or does it seem "unrecs" bring out only trolls? It may be just my impression

More info on Sparkman and Clay County

Let's thank the Fire Fighters

So I'm a Marxist

Georgia Must Abolish Corporal punishment in Schools

Georgia Must Abolish Corporal punishment in Schools

US Seeing More Female Homeless Vets

US Seeing More Female Homeless Vets

Madame Justice takes the mound..(Photos)..

What's a Millennial?

What's a Millennial?

Gay-Straight alliance HS acitvist wants to address Natl'l GLBT March.

I Just "UnFriended" Some Idiot on FB

GOP sinks to new lows and I mean LOW

Did anyone hear the football commentator state that the player's father was

It's all a joke isn't it?

Frank Rich: Obama at the Precipice

When will the US military presence in Iraq end?

I just read some notes from the Aryan Power neo-nazi nuts and others

FARK Photoshop: "Flags of Wasilla"!

Anyone else get an email warning that the swine flu vaccine is being

G20 Cops Dressed In Camo ’Snatch’ Protester

If we mandate people carry health insurance should it be mandated that they use it?

If we mandate people carry health insurance should it be mandated that they use it?

Teabaggers promote Amtrak discounts for travel to regional teabagger event

Medicare Part E – “Everybody”

Medicare Part E – “Everybody”

U.S. Intelligence Budget: $75 Billion, 200,000 Operatives

Help needed with a right-wing e-mail I received

I just saw an ad for the Masonic Lodge on TV

Salon: Joe Wilson turns GOP fundraising star, "has become a hero to many on the right"

Should tofu-flavored cigarettes be banned?

Bachmann dodges question about murdered Census worker.

Law & Order repeat of last nights "John Yoo" episode-

What Do You Call a Country that “Puts Down” Its Sick Workers Rather Than Treating Them?

Have you been "adopted" by the Liberty Counsel's "Adopt a Liberal" program yet?

Warning to gays: Religious Right going to stop being so darn nice

How to talk to complete idiots Three basic options. Choose wisely, lest you go totally insane ...

Fruit and veg have 'unacceptable' levels of pesticides

wanna help me out? I am taking ESOL classes to better understand my students I have some ?

Army finally accepts Lt. Ehren Watada resignation

Army finally accepts Lt. Ehren Watada resignation

Just got a phone call...BIL will be in Iraq fighting the war within 24 hours

DUers in Germany

My facebook buddy's "Under God" video & my response

I feel that I must say this...

Neo Nazi rally in California today

Media Panel, The Yes Men, Max Blumenthal, and Climate Week NYC » Oops! ACORN Ban could snag Lockheed

KOS's New Poll

If you don't yet understand why the BAUCUS BOONDOGGLE MUST NOT PASS, Read these posts by Leo's Ghost

Marriage Proposal Kills 60 Baby Turtles

Marriage Proposal Kills 60 Baby Turtles

Here is what we are up against ...Sen. Jon Kyl "I don't need maternity care"

Republicans On House Census Subcommittee Rebuke Bachmann's Fearmongering As Illogical And Illegal

Republicans On House Census Subcommittee Rebuke Bachmann's Fearmongering As Illogical And Illegal

Christians flee spread of Islamic law, a run on the banks by people fleeing Sharia Law

ACLU questions police response to G-20 Protest on Pitt Campus

Animal-cruelty charges dropped against Burlington County cop

Dear Christian Teabaggers: Read Romans 13 & STFU!

Glenn Beck attracts a crowd to Seattle talk

Did President Obama just prevent another 9/11??

Before you eat shellfish again, you might want to consider a few things...

Torture Works as an Interrogation Method

Mrs. Obama freezes out hideous little fascist toad Berlusconi

Colo. Charter School head makes highest pay in state

Michele Bachmann: ACORN just the start. "Defunding the left is going to be so easy"

Had to get a tetanus shot last night

Rescued kittens recovering

Hey rush, have you heard of 'Operation Twisted Traveler' you junkie pedophile?

Waterproof Nanotech Sand Could Change Deserts into Farms

Al Gore's Car Company to get $529 Million in taxpayer money...

Mandated Healthcare is NOT a "tax."

FYI about 'tinyurl'. Please don't use tinyurl links.

Bill Bennett on "disloyalty" to Bush: "Satan chews on their bodies"

Krugman: "I Was Kind Of Hoping Obama Might Be FDR, But Maybe Not" (VIDEO)

So the "fed" census taker was not a suicide...horrible details emerge

I am a PROUD card carrying member of:

many think that Protesters are a bunch of crazy anarchists. HOW WRONG THEY ARE

a spider tried to deliver a message of gender equality to the pope

The Louis J. Freeh thread-maybe he's on a par with John Edgar Hoover???

Michele Bachman, my new public enemy #1.

Bachmann Spread Fears Of Scary Stalking Census Workers

Bachmann Spread Fears Of Scary Stalking Census Workers

Dear Mr. President, I love you but I can CHOOSE to have a car; I can't choose to have a body--REPOST

How many must die before we call it terrorism?

US-Initiated WTO Rules Could Undermine Regulatory Overhaul of Global Finance

How to get on the bottom of the list for Education, and stay there.

Our Airport System: A Little Slice of Hell

A photo report on Anchorage's "True Diversity" dinner.

Colombian hitman: 2,500 paramilitary in Venezuela with goal of ‘taking down’ Chavez

Oops -Allen Stanford Hospitalized After Fight With Another Inmate

Australian town in 'world-first' bottled water ban

Corporate Personhood: Let the Other Shoe Drop

What is with the hate of capitalism? Is it due to ignorance?

What is with the hate of capitalism? Is it due to ignorance?

The demeaning of public education began under Reagan. It has worked well.

I'm signed up for an MSF Basic Rider Course and can almost feel the wind in my hair!

The Saga Begins

Anyone else watch "Lock and Load" last night?

I discovered a GREAT RAP song ! hell must have frozen over

What's Goin On

People Get Ready

My 1:30am wake up call...

Suspect in gay hate-crime arrested at airport

I read the online news today...

G. I. Combat from DC.

Which of these Herpes do you prefer?

Snuggie wars.

Playoffs, Game Two: Blue Crabs 5, Ducks 4!

MORAN Re-cap - for your Saturday morning chuckle at idiots

Walk This Way: Honda Shows Off U3-X "Personal Mobility" Device

Anyone familiar with gang slang?

Tuesday Afternoon


Refrigerator safety - what foods MUST be at 40 F?

There's a hare in my food

Czars upset by czars

A North and South marathon is on the menu for today

Dog eating peanut butter video.

I've got the shake 'n bake...

Why do we add a 'd' to 'refrigerator' when we shorten it to 'fridge'?

Moe can't be stopped !

Disneyland "Halloween Screams" fireworks show debuts

Happy Together

I had the strangest dream last night - it was a musical. Dubya sang "Lawyers guns and money"

What is your favorite Radiohead album?

Favorite Creedence Clearwater song?

South African Man Marries 4 Women at Same Time

That's the way we get by-Spoon

The Lounge needs more self-satisfied posts typified by narcissism and endless self-validation.


Favorite came-with-the-computer video game.

Forcier is the TRUTH!

7-1/2 Cents - before Norma Rae

Renowned pianist de Larrocha dies

Renowned pianist de Larrocha dies

Oh, dear! The tap-tap-tap of it all. Call Me Wesley is experimenting with his manual typewriter.

I have the weekend off and I will finish watching all 5 seasons of Lost.

Calling all Texans

Well, Sheboygan made to Leno last night.

The Best of the Summer

Saturday. Frosted mug. Beer.

Is Conan's knock on the noggin a portent?!1

Cant wait till Seinfeld reunion

My fish Darwin is sick and I am so sad!

I think it's great that the little kids behind me are having a pool party

I've got my eye on you, babe!

Despite going Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the Trout, the Gumbo RAWKED!

Give me little drink.... from your Lovin' Cup

I just figured what Glee is all about...

BREAKING: Campbell's announces partnership with Soylent Green, new slogan: "Soup...It's People Food"

I just came back from seeing Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs and I'm pissed.

I'm Making Lake Trout Gumbo Tonight, uh hunh!

Have you ever shaved a cute little monkey until he's all pink, and then kissed him on the cheek?

Talking about revolution is what people do

NYCers, I have a request for information.

Republican hatred of Czars explained


check out my new fly ass hoopty


hey lady

Help me remember the name of a song!


What type of shirt material does not show sweat stains around the navel?

I was up early today so it is still only 9 PM, this has been a long day.

I can understand putting Bush or Hitler on the cover of Time magazine but Glenn fucking Beck...

Anybody else not getting The Weather Channel through your cable?

Baby Dancing on Beyonce - Single Ladies

WANTED is about to start on HBO. I've got the comic

October is Niemann Pick awareness Month.

Does anyone listen to "American Routes" on npr?

Commander in Chief VS West Wing

Turkey - Pic Heavy

question for chemistry or physics students

have a question for the lawyer types

i am TRYING so hard to find a video

Have a good weekend guys and gals

Off to the annual Fajita Rita at my SIL's



the greatest generation

This Atheist says: There is a God

Good News...the BUM in the basement got a job. Step one of the out by Jan plan


In the comics, Superman and Lois can't have a kid. Incompatible DNA

i'll be a married woman in about nine hours

Things that just need to have chololate syrup drizzled all over them

In November, hubby and I will celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss

i wanna drizzle some syrup

I missed my 45,000th post

suggestions for Halloween songs... HELP

you dumbass

Check in here: Are you afraid to open the "Man's Penis Saved After Do-it-Yourself" thread?

Today is my precious daughter's wedding

Today is my precious daughter's wedding

How hot is it where you are?

I just bought myself a powder blue tube top, size small.

Okay...this is the most terrifying animal I've ever seen in my life:

Are there many PhD jobs that permit someone to work independently?

Another Cute Baby Video

Today's College Football Thread

The word "data" : is it singular or plural?

any DU ladies want to volunteer their womb for my dataspawn?

Question from a noob, for and about jujubes

Question from a noob, for and about boobs

I've lost 14 pounds in a little over a month.

I just started a second bachelors in IT - what should I take?

Our neighbor died

What was your first comic book?

Please post your current blood alcohol level.

Rotten Tomatoes: The worst 100 movies since 2000


distressed houston retail property

Does anyone wish they had not seen their kids accommodations while at University. We just arrived to

How many degrees of separation do you have with a famous person?

Sneakers tossed over phone wires. What's up with that?

Actors you were bummed to find out were Republican...

Ridge endorses Corbett for governor

Paul Krugman and Elliot Spitzer on Bill Maher....a MUST watch

Top Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before Spending $63,500 On Dinner With Sarah Palin

An Update on Health Care Reform‏ via Brad Ellsworth (D-IN)

Gore urges Democrats in to reelect Corzine

U.N. Threatens To Observe The S*&t Out Of Iran

NY Times: Obama the tortoise?

Colin Powell visited WH, expressed skepticism more troops would guarantee success in Afghanistan NYT

What convinced Obama that forcing people to buy private health insurance was a good idea?

Associated Press - "Obama offers Iran `serious, meaningful dialogue'"

Hell froze over today. I actually felt sorry for Blue Dog Jim Marshall

ABC - "EPA's Greenhouse Gas Mandate Causes Both Joy and Concern"

Outrageous! - LA County Imposes Mandated Water Use Restrictions In Response to Drought!

Barack Obama's amazingly consistent smile

Does Joe Wilson seem a little "Slow" to anyone else?

Obama Administration Frees Three More Gitmo Detainees

AirHead Reduction Center for GOP and Minions is not fully Funded resulting in too many

Iran to allow IAEA visit nuclear site

"Obama's unplanned Iran news " as revealed on TPM by Laura Rozen

I wonder how long their list of "outrages" is..

Leading article: President Obama's sound nuclear statesmanship (UK Independent)

I am watching FOOTBALL, but POTUS is on C-SPAN speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus

Goldstein:, Eerie how Obama is tracking Kennedy's Path

Fixing the Patriot Act, Restoring the Constitution By Sen. RUSSELL FEINGOLD

Who would you pick

FEMA Earns Plaudits In Georgia

President Surrender Monkey’s cunning plan...but his wily foreign policy is paying off (UK Times)

VIDEO: Father in Chief

Isn't this just darling?

Next Right Wing Anti-Mandate Talking Point - "Fuel Standards Are To Blame For GM!"

Hilarious clip of Glenn Beck twisting on the hook

The case for a strong public option: forget bipartisanship

Rec/Unrec war!

Will the media ever report about how low in the polling Republicans have sunk?

Closing Guantanamo behind schedule - 3 more leave today

A Very Radical Way of Dealing with the Corrupt and Problematic Banks

Article on the split among Obama's advisors on Afghanistan

I can't get a vault copy of my birth certificate!

When Wingnut Worlds Collide: The Craziest TownHall Ever - Bachmann and Paul

First Ladies Take In Day of Culture

Obama wins praise for orchestrating response to Iran

Cool PHOTOS of the FLOTUS walking Bo

Greenwald warns the media to be skeptical about accusations against Iran

I feel like I've just seen the ending of "The 6th Sense."

Its knowin' what to throw away and knowing what to keep. The Obama strategy

PHOTOS The President & First Lady at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's dinner (Sept 26)

I am appalled by the Spitzer thread a ways down this board.

A non hysterical explanation of mandates

I just feel so positive about the direction the country is headed.

PHOTOS: Justice Sotomayor throws out first pitch at Yankee game

Iran "shocked" by reaction to nuclear facility. They disclosed it "a year earlier than required"

Really cool graphic with the latest poll results. So much for a "center right" country.

PHOTO Caption it? (Barack, Nicolas & Gordon)

UA student busted after chalk is used to mark sidewalks

Sonic Warfare Erupts in Pittsburgh, Honduras

Gaddafi in Lockerbie family talks

Suicide bombs kill 14, wound scores in Pakistan

Iran to allow UN inspectors at its new nuke site

Marine who built Gitmo: U.S. lost moral high ground

More tax cases vs wealthy, U.S. banks: U.S. prosecutor

Atlanta Judge Rules Dialysis Unit Can Be Closed

3 Gitmo prisoners transferred to Ireland, Yemen

Justice Ginsburg released

Honduran businessmen at center of coup dispute

U.S. Job Seekers Exceed Openings by Record Ratio

U.N.'s Ban voices "grave concern" over Iran facility

U.S. drone crashes into Iraq political party office

Brazilian Delegation to Visit Honduras Amid Impasse

Afghan report stirs Pakistan debate (US accuses Pakistan of helping groups)

National Hispanic Heritage Month Misinformation

Justice Sotomayor Throws Out First Pitch

Army to discharge Hawaii soldier who took stand against Iraq war

NY congresswoman's [Maloney] husband dies on Tibet trip

Colombian mass graves discovered

Citi sues Morgan Stanley over CDS, claims $245 million

Chavez, Gaddafi seek new world order

'Grandma Bandit' Robs Two Houston Banks Hours Apart

Beck speaks to 7,000 at Seattle

US, allies seek 'unfettered access' to Iran site

TYT: Obama Is Going In The Wrong Direction On Finance Regulations

President's Weekly Address: Progress with the G-20 in Pittsburgh

Bill Clinton Explains Why He Now Supports Same-Sex Marriage


Secretary Chung and President Obama Auto-Tune Health Care

Boehner At CPAC calling All of Obama's Policies Socialist


Rush Limbaugh On The Jay Leno Show: Part 1 + Part 2

Town Employees with Republican Campaign Signs

Paul Krugman and Eliot Spitzer | Real Time With Bill Maher | September 25

Big Insurance. Duluth is Sick of it.

Male Marines Get Breast Cancer Due To Military & Government

ABC News: Congress' PAC Money Used In "Pay To Play" (Chambliss Spent $225,000 On Golf Last Year!)

Crazy Christians teaching kids to Praise Mr Bush

Best Speech from The Peoples March Against the G20

UnitedHealth Group: How much profit is enough?

Another photo of LRAD used on G-20 Crowd (eerie)

Parents Approved Of Obama Song Lyrics: Courier Post Editor

Dylan Ratigan Exposes the Fed on MSNBC

Maher: NEW RULES - Sept. 25th - NEW RULES - Watch it quick before it's gone!

G20 2009 Police Attack Students at University of Pittsburgh

Flu Vaccine Exposed

Sen. Kirk Sworn In, Teary eyed outside of Teddy Kennedy's Office

"Taryn Simon photographs secret sites"

UNITE-HERE stages civil disobedience (Solidarity @ Chicago Hyatt HQ)

Baby Dancing on Beyonce - Single Ladies

Beware!!! - OBAMA Indoctrination VIDEO

Mark Brewer Blasts GOP for Partying on Mackinac Island

A slippery slope of stupidity

TYT: Limbaugh Goes On Leno And Spreads His Lies

Honor the Earth

"Profits Before Patients" - A REAL Grassroots Protest That Hasn't Been Covered By Any Of The MSM

Bill Maher New Rules 09 25 2009

Michael Moore and Bill Maher | Real Time | September 25, 2009

Glenn Beck's twisted populism

Protesting Birth Control

Lawrence O'Donnell: More Republicans Support The Public Option Than Are Against It

Welcome to the Private Police Force

Instant Runoff Voting - Every Vote Counts!

A white guy named Tim Jones on 9.12 stalks and badgers 3 black people selling flags

Colombian contract killer detailing an alleged $25 million plot to kill Hugo Chavez

RNs and Obama Say NO to Forced Health INSURANCE!

Rachel Maddow On The G-20 Sound Cannons & Obama's "Shock And Awe Diplomacy"

Rep. Steve King Falsely Claimed ACORN Helped Cause The Mortgage Crisis

Military arrest at G20 - very scary!

LETTERMAN: Top Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before Spending $63,000 On Dinner With Sarah Palin

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Throws First Pitch - Local Girl Makes Good

Meg Whitman Did Not Vote For 28 Years

What Does the G20 Do?

TYT: Socialism For The Rich

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Drinking Games

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Study details mainstream media's biased reporting on ACORN

Celebreality?: Hollywood drama will never be breaking news (student echos call of retired Justices)

Right-Wing Corporate Lies about Water

It Takes a Pillage:

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Conservatives must stop demonizing the census

Zelaya Supporters Plan Mass Protests in Honduras

Honduran Coup Regime Mocks UN Security Council with Embassy Attacks

ACORN is a handy substitute for the 'n word': At 912 event, black teens harassed by teabaggers

Saving Corporate Ryan

Calling liars to account - `Thou shalt not bear false witness. . .'' -- Exodus 20:16

Deserving elderly vs. not-so-deserving kids

Fuck American sovereignty.

Iran Claims Alleged Nuclear Facility is Really a Beauty Parlor

New Orleans Ladder's Editilla: Say It Ain't So, Joe!

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ES&S for Dummies, 2009: Did Obama really win in 2008? Or did Obama win really, really big?

The dark secrets of the trillion-dollar oil trade

Joseph Stiglitz - quit relying on GDP, include "daily life" factors when evaluating growth

Bachmann: The wheel might be spinning but the hamster is dead


Electric, hybrid cars run quiet: That's bad for blind people

Glenn Beck's New Book: Dishonesty, Arrogance, And Racism At Their Finest

Freaky nanotech sand discussion in GD

My goodness! Europe Actually Has Laws Against Exporting Its Dangerous Electronic Waste!!!

A global warming contrarian at the EPA with poor scholarship now a conservative martyr

Victory! Court Finds USDA Violated Federal Law by Allowing Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets

aircraft CO2 emissions

Can Nuclear Power Save Our Cars? High Temperature Syn Gas Via Electrolysis.

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Friday, September 25)

Tate Forcier is the real deal

Roy Jones Jr.: 'Yep' to Hopkins fight

Matt Cain wins 2009 Willie Mac Award

Uh-oh. Jacobair's team got pounded 42-3 against the Oregon Ducks!

Harvey Unga

Boise State or TCU or both

Georgia makes last second field goal to win the game

As the Small Men's season slowly circles the drain

Tim Tebow out for the game

I like Mark Martin - I've decided that just seconds ago.

Agent Provocateur, Robert Carmona-Borjas, Resurfaces on Honduras Issue

Tegucigalpa, City of Fury

Venezuela to fine networks that air 'Family Guy'

Chavez, Morales Attend NY Film Premiere

Yehuda Leitner, toxic gas and other connections

Chavez announces creation of South Bank

Repression at Embassy

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update – 9/26


Perú Official Threatens “Legal Action” Over Honduran Tear Gas Story

Honduras puts off OAS delegation

Colombian mass graves discovered

Guardian: Coup leader defies ex-premier's demands in Honduras standoff

Morales: China will build Bolivia a satellite

Jennifer Moore: Lawyers Question Basis of Zelaya Ouster

Colombian contract killer detailing an alleged $25 million plot to kill Hugo Chavez

found 1000 rounds of .300 wsm today

OK to carry guns in Stone Mtn. Park now. Boy, I feel better...

Thank goodness for the Assault Weapons Ban.

Behind the Boycott

Is Ahmadinejad a ‘Gift’ for Israel?

Hotel staffing company (Atlanta firm that the Hyatt hired) faced wage complaints

Puerto Rico Considers Laying Off 17,000 Workers

Detroit’s Mayor Lays Off 230 More City Workers

Activists Protest "Bailout Bandits"

Today in labor history Sept 26 shut down the court system to prevent judges from foreclosing on farm

Union women’s luncheon will focus on health care

Labor Leader Slain in 1907 Honored in Massachusetts

Workers rally at NYC’s Tavern on the Green (cut employee wages, benefits and pension funds Jan 1,10)

You’ve Been Laid Off…Now What? (Job hunting tax breaks & more info)

Hotel workers stage sit-in at Hyatt (solidarity in Chicago)

Fall colors coming to your area yet?

Promises kept - Revisiting Lucas the fish catching Dog

Help with a Nikon CoolPix 5600

Mr. Blue Eyes

Taking flight in a tiny plane - from Key West to Ft, Myers

South of the Border

Feathered dinosaur fossils find has Chinese scientists all aflutter

7500-line seL4 microkernel proven bug-free

Jewish Priesthood Has Multiple Lineages, New Genetic Research Indicates

Giovanni's Room changed my life

Please Help Protect Marriage Equality In Maine

A report from Anchorage's "True Diversity" dinner with photos

Gay-Straight Alliance activist wants to address DC March.

Antigay Reggae Singer's Miami Concert Sparks Protests

Spain Tips Into Depression.

Remember this Dream?

air conditioner broken again - I keep thinking of Louise Hays

George Noory and Glenn Beck

Why do you dislike me?

holy. freakin'. moly.

OK! I've "jumped the shark"

What's the next astro. aspect after the merc retrograde?


Should I get a flu shot if I am taking an antibiotic - amoxicillin?

Pendemrix, Swine Flu Vaccine, Gets Positive Opinion From European Regulators

With Flu Threat, Schools Rethink Perfect Attendance Awards

I've had the swine flu - should I also get the vaccine?

Phase III trial recruiting, beneficial effects of CoQ10 for early

Regular flu shots may make you more susceptible to Swine Flu?

Swine flu moonshine: Alcoholic hand gel removed from jail after inmates use it to make 'hooch'

Witness to Honduran Atrocities Warns of Escalation (Pastors for Peace)

American Nazis on National Geographic

How Ed Reform Is Done

*** 60,000 Post Milestone for TX DU Forum!!!! ***

Why propaganda trumps truth

Conspiracy Theory or Hidden Truth?

Building 7 , Gone in 7.

Why propaganda trumps truth