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Archives: September 24, 2009

The rightwingosaurus is going extinct. How do I know?

My discussion with my Freeper Fraternity Brother.

Let's convene a death panel for Pandas.

Why do folks ask you questions here on DU when they could google it, etc? An Answer.

There is no "Democrat" Party, DogDammit!!

If anyone here speaks Spanish, I've got a short oral presentation I would like checked

The floods in Georgia made me think of something.

If these nuts hate the Census so much

The latest from the ladies in powerchairs on Michele Bachmann...Margaret and Helen

I just heard that insurance industry has a new money making plan.

Riddle me this: How are Glenn Beck and a used teabag both alike and different?

Meme of the Day 090924

A pictorial survey of American racism.

I'm going to reserve judgement on the death of Bill Sparkman and...

Bravo, Skagit County! Protest Glenn Beck in Mt. Vernon WA

Heart breaking performance by Beyonce

US, France walk out during Ahmadinejad's UN speech

The Pentagon hacks are back on CSPan1

From toxic waste to toxic assets, the same people always get dumped on

Take a lesson away from the flooding in Georgia

It becomes clearer by the day that we need a whole new comprehensive FEDERAL HATE CRIME law.

NJ/Star Ledger today: "Moore's indictment has power but lacks solid reasoning" review . ..

Safe passage, Mr. Yarborough. (Dem reformer ran for Texas governor three times)

Sanford again vows to fight on (He needs to be committed not impeached)

Defeated: Kyl’s Amendment to Let Insurers Frighten Medicare Enrollees

People Working Cooperatively -- a positive story for today

More stupidity & lunacy from Steve King (R-IA)

Hyatt Hotels Corp - A classic example of corporate greed.

Ouch! Kiss my hairy 'glass'?

Huge Anglo-Saxon gold hoard found

Michael Moore on Democracy Now! this morning

Local Teacher Killed (School Knife Violence)

Another Bigot With Imaginary Gay Friends

Walking, Chewing Gum

He needs to be in an "Old Kentucky Home":

Daryl Hannah expected to be tried soon in W.Va. for mountaintop removal protest

Anti-Government Hanging--Product of Rampant Hate Talk?

Chuck Norris: Stop Using The Modern American Flag -- Or Use Tea-Stained Ones

Here's the Whole Damn Article!

Bolton Unhinged: John Bolton on BO's UNGA speech.

ACORN Hidden Camera Scandal Being Probed By Feds, Brooklyn DA

Jobless Claims Lowest Since Week of Obama Inauguration

The Unkindest Flush

Max Baucus regarding any new CBO scoring ... Nothing we want to discuss publicly

Pat Roberts Pleads For Three-Day Delay So Lobbyists Can Read Health Care Legislation

Tulsa World: Officer is arrested in complaint on drugs

Banks' retreat on overdraft fees won't stave off legislation (Frank & Dodd persuing restrictions)

A poll for C-Span Junkies

Brian Williams is a "dittohead?"

Calif. cops use stun gun on wheelchair-bound amputee ... twice

Why is not covering the Census worker's death?

Apparently, Michael Moore and Martha Stewart are friendly! Bizarre reason why (prison)

A video to honor the fireman on the greatest threads and others like him.

Alan Khasei to run for MA Senate seat

Doom Doom Doom. Gloom Gloom Gloom.

Nashville anti-abortion activists plan 40 days of prayer at clinics

Kentucky DUers re the murder of Bill Sparkman

So.....Stating the Truth is Anti-Semitic Now?

So.....Stating the Truth is Anti-Semitic Now?

Sacred Heart Survey: Fox is the most (and least) trusted name in News

Kirk to be named interim senator

Happy Anniversary Al and Frannie!

Max Baucus to Hatch: STFU! (not literally but just cut off discussion and called for a vote)

Sources: Patrick to pick Kirk, GOP threatens suit

Crapo want's to become king of the Senate. He claims he can have jurisdiction over Appropriations

I want tickets to Michael Moore's movie, Flogging Molly's next


Congrats Mass - Teddy Kennedy would be happy

Talking Head Email List (re: Sibel Edmonds)

A question about a possible future AIDS vaccine:

It's apparent that the Republicans are pushing to keep the most expensive parts of Medicade

change - New UN Resolution Aims at Nuclear-Free World

I see we haven't learned a thing about jumping to conclusions

WTF? Unions Against Choice On Healthcare?

Inhofe: I’m Bringing a ‘Truth Squad’ to Copenhagen (UN climate change conference)


Hatch, Crapo, Cornyn using Presidents statement "if you like what you have, you can keep it"

New Mine To Employ 600

The smartest people in the SFC are the staff that explain the details and intentions of the mark

Very cool website showing job growth/contraction over 100+ years

Kent Conrad claims U.S. doesn’t need a public option because France doesn’t have one.

"corporate media is irrelevant to the working man"

CNN - Zazi indicted for conspiracy = Breaking

Has America reached the turning point in Afghanistan? - The Independent UK

Do we need more troops in Afghanistan?

Great news - Vaccine cuts HIV risk by one-third

Joe Wilson's site is miraculously back up. Click here and email him, if you so desire.

Neuse (river N.C.) sees biggest fish kill in years

Louisiana Dems' New Petition: Defund David Vitter For Prostitution Scandal

Help ActBlue run ad urging Sen Lincoln & Rep Ross to support Public Option:

The Rude Pundit - Conservatives: You Can Break the Law If It Accomplishes Our Goals (Part 1)

Whatever happened to repealing the tax cut on the rich?

Michelle Obama debuts as international hostess

So... exactly why isn't gas $5 a gallon right now?

What do you know about ACORN?

What do you know about ACORN?

Chuck Norris -- candidate for imbecile of the year

Spain has a nuclear event

The hanging of Bill Sparkman

Fish kill continues, and questions remain

Does James O'Keefe fancy himself the RW equivalent of Michael Moore?

Speaking of "overexposed" ...

Imagine if:

Imagine if:

'I'm a simple guy' - 'I'll tell you what'

One of youngest Guantánamo prisoner released. (Thank you President Obama)

Erhm, Zeyala claims he is being totured by Israeli mercenaries with sonic weapons and toxic gasses

That was fast! Kirk to be sworn in tomorrow at 3:15pm by Biden

Watching the last 3 hrs of Max Baucus and the SFC ... I'm impressed with Max Baucus

That's the last time the bastards give me a phone call!

Meet the Death Panel, the REAL ONE:

Freeing Fliers Imprisoned on the Tarmac

Taliban Insurgency in Kentucky: Census worker hanged with ‘fed’ on body

Rove: most proud of how the Bush administration "kept the people safe"

Top House Liberal: We’ve Still Got Strong Bloc Of Votes Against Bill Without Public Option

NATO chief asks change of approach in Afghanistan

Oathkeepers admits they're conservatives!

You know after those war crimes against the Palestinians

Pharma's finger up Baucus' butt just twitched: Nelson amendment fails 13-10: Baucus votes with Reps

Pat Roberts Pleads For Three-Day Delay So Lobbyists Can Read Health Care Legislation

Pat Roberts Pleads For Three-Day Delay So Lobbyists Can Read Health Care Legislation

Trial lawyers group admits role in racially charged election flier

Will Glenn Beck or Michele Bachman be sued for wrongful death?


Hey! Your Freedoms are Under Attack!

The terrorists are going to be attacking the census again...

Live Chat with Katie Couric on Facebook at 2 pm ET (Thu. 9/24)

Italy's Fallen Soldiers

Cool, Refreshing Legislation for Philip Morris.

After long layoff, job seekers return to routine

Raul Castro pushes Cubans to rethink socialism

Sen. Byrd released from hospital

Republican leader Cantor to cancer victim: Beg for charity

Simple Question: Why Are Democrats In the Senate Wasting Time with Republicans In Committee?

Remember back when Bush would give a speech?


Housing Authority Financial Chief Guilty; Money Went for Mansion, Fancy Cars

Ted Kennedy's campaign millions up for grabs: Family to decide who'll get $4.5M

Serena Williams takes aim at "Mother Nature" in Tampax ad

Nelson amendment to negotiate drug prices fails

“Court Ruled That Media Can Legally Lie” - The Steve Wilson/Jane Akre case v. Fox

Sibel Edmonds and the level of rhetoric in recent DU threads

Deaf man wins settlement after denied interpreter

The Raging Grannies Sing About Health Care (and other things) video and pics

The Raging Grannies Sing About Health Care (and other things) video and pics

Amy Goodman: After 20 yrs of filmmaking on US injustices, Michael Moore goes to the source.....

Minister Indicted on 186 Counts

Pratt and Whitney Laying off 1,000 workers......

Is Najibullah Zazi a citizen of the US? Wikipedia says he is.

Check out this ridiculous LTTE regarding the 9/12 Tea Party protest.

Census Taker Death in Clay County, Kentucky, Sparks Rampant Speculation (DU mentioned)

Knowing a little about the area, I don't think it was "anti-government sentiment"

live police, fire, ems feed Pittsburgh G20

Have you registered yet? on to fight climate change also: MoJo on the speech:

Anybody else listening to C-Span1?

when it finally comes to a vote....

Media Licensing and the War on ACORN

My Ongoing Facebook Battle

How many Blue Dogs will switch parties if they survive the 2010

Is there any truth to this?

It's not a REAL party until they bust out the teargas

ACORN Sues Over Damaging Video

Anybody want to email my congressional rep on healthcare?

Someone should remind Ms Bachmann

my wish/prayer for all those opposing real health care reform

my wish/prayer for all those opposing real health care reform

How to Trap a President in a Losing War

For their safety.. and to satisfy Ms. Bachmann and others like her .. I propose that ...

NY POST: Goldman Sachs got $10 bil bailout, gives $16 bil in bonuses--why aren't they in prison?

Measure Submitted To Dump Calif. Gay Marriage Ban

Hartmann has * speech writer - hilarious

Drug industry clout reflected in Senate vote

Rep. King: Obama Is 'The Star of ACORN'

You Have To Be A Schmuck To Vote Against Negotiating Drug Prices

You Have To Be A Schmuck To Vote Against Negotiating Drug Prices

I just watched Be_k boiling frogs on his show. Here's a goodie

Looks like all the rightwing nutjobs are scared of a world reserve currency

A very interesting read on Robert Gates & the Pentagon

Is google trying to tell us something about glenn beck? (See photos on right:)

MSNBC The police are attacking protesters in Pittsburgh.

MSNBC The police are attacking protesters in Pittsburgh.

MSNBC The police are attacking protesters in Pittsburgh.

Fla. 'Romeo' Sex Offender Gets Pardon

CNN's Brian Todd was tear gassed covering the demonstrators in Pittsburgh

Didn't school children bring gifts of jelly beans to Ronald Reagan?

It ain't QUITE over yet, folks.

Scary Email from Teabagger Tactical Firearms Training Institute

Dear Democrats in Congress.. DO NOT HELP THE REPUBLICANS!

Dear Democrats in Congress.. DO NOT HELP THE REPUBLICANS!

There's an active DU group for people that want to impeach the "current administration"

Group Submits Measure to Overturn California Gay Marriage Ban

The Glenn Beck Blackboard Challenge

England Eases Rules on Assisted Suicide

Fun park removes Steve McNair Halloween skeleton display.

We were just talking about this yesterday...

MSNBC - As Dim As Some Of Us - Picks Up The "Obama Indoctrination School Video" Faketroversy...

John Travolta on deceased son Jett: "He was autistic".

A Writer’s Plea: Figure Out How to Preserve Google Books

Mike Stark just did a great job on MSNBC w Norah O'Donnell and some RW hack

Chavez: I hope Obama is not killed

Am I still paranoid even if they really are out to get me?

Drag queen to sing anthem at SF Giants game

Lingerie Football League: Girl Power or Sexist Piggery?

Lingerie Football League: Girl Power or Sexist Piggery?


M$NBC poll needs a ton of help. Should "In God We Trust" be removed from our currency?

Honda shows small light 'personal mobility' device

Honda shows small light 'personal mobility' device

Why am I watching Chavez promote Oliver Stone's film on the floor of the UN?

Suicide Not Ruled Out For Dead Census Worker; He Was In Contact With The Ground

Dr. Ravi Batra, "The bail-out was a mistake" and "Goldman Sachs is propping up the stock market"

Gloria Allred hired by Jaycee Dugard's Biological Father

Caption Sen. Jon Kyl

Sudden death of ecosystem ravages long creek (more environmental disaster from Appalachia)

Rep Steve King (R-IA) says Gay Marriage is the first step on the road to Socialism. I have an idea.

Meteorite impacts turn up nearly pure water ice in Mars's mid-latitudes

Rockefeller calls out this special-interest representation

Pot-TV's Dave Malmo-Levine: Obama and the War on Drugs ((must see video))

Clueless racists shouldn't move to New Mexico

Sitdown Strikers invited to "Capitalism: A Love Story" screening

ED Just Called Eric Cantor Out........One on One Debate

A few thoughts on the murder of Mr. Sparkman.

G-mail is down again today. Anyone having trouble with Explorer?

House Passes Bill to Stop Rise in Medicare Premiums

G20: Us v. Them

Massachusetts GOP Seeking Injunction To Stop Senate Appointment

Vote Fraud in Clay County Should be Considered When Looking at Case of Hanged Census Worker

Vote Fraud in Clay County Should be Considered When Looking at Case of Hanged Census Worker

Good News for Hughes: RNC Backs Away from Mark Kirk

Dems push back on GOP 'scare tactics'

Math, physics and science geeks: Feedback Needed!!!!

Calif. bans high-emission paint thinners, solvents

Which worldview do you think the Democratic Party should embody

Why New York City is Greener Than Vermont

Photo of Sarah Palin from Drudge

DU's fist Google Sidewiki post. This is going to be fun.

Investigators: Fire Officers Involved in Black Man’s Shooting

Schwarzenegger: ready to work for Obama, go green

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

David Letterman's top ten

Calif. Pilot Arrested For Alleged Low-Fly Stalking

Shouldn't Michele Bachmann be censured for advocating Census avoidment?

A Pro Football Player Speaks out for Gay Marriage

Is anyone else going to vote in the next two months?

LOL! Media Matters for America uncovers connections between ACORN and conservatives

Guess Who

What about Sibel Edmonds?

I just sat on a committee to evaluate end of course test questions in US history.

Is It Free Speech to Tell Another Person To Kill Somone?

Schumer And Rockefeller: We WILL Get Public Option

H1N1? Pshaw! GOP to block HHS confirmations

Kos: Rep. Steve King's Insanity Continues: Gay Marriage a Path to Socialism

House Dems Whining They Might Actually Have To Take A Position On An Issue

I had an MRI this morning.

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- Quagmire

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2- Republican "Ideas"

Rockefeller gives tonites KO montage kudos and

thursday TOON Roundup part 4- the Circus at the UN

Michael Moore coming up on Countdown after the break.

“Should sponsors of Values Voter Summit lose their tax-exempt status?”

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3 Health and other politics

if insurance companies win, we lose.

Heroin addiction spreads like wildfire in Russia

Bill Sparkman was slain

The People Fight for Freedom. Must-see photos from Honduras, part 2: Tegucigalpa, 23 September 2009

Cell Phone Ban For Bus, Truck Drivers Weighed - Obama admin to act on issue left hanging by * admin

Let's start a rumor

Well,al qaida was alive in a small Texas town,y'all

Well,al qaida was alive in a small Texas town,y'all

What a boob. I saw

censorship (gasp! oh noes!)

Remember the good old days at the Whitehouse?


Carrie Prejean Wants You To Have a Conservative Halloween

I love Michael Moore!

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5- the rest

Remember the GOP rep who thinks hunger is a motivator? She's now saying there is no more racism!

Senate Judiciary delays vote on Judge Greenaway

How Right-Wing is Congress?

My friend bought a really cool used Aston Martin for 1000 bucks and sold it for almost 9 grand

CHAVEZ: U.N. "doesn't smell of sulfur anymore"

Pres. Zelaya in Honduras, in the Brazilian embassy. Police Kill Two Anti-Coup Protesters

dupe delete

At Some Point, Victims of the Holocaust Need To Speak Out

The Baucus Boondoggle is COERCION - DEFINITION

Republican leader to cancer victim: Beg for charity

RIP "Big Russ"

Michael Moore is on KO tonight

MUST READ! - Top 10 Ways We Are Convincing Muslims We Are On a Crusade

MUST READ! - Top 10 Ways We Are Convincing Muslims We Are On a Crusade

BBC reports that negotiations between the coup leaders and Zelaya

1 Million Spiders Make Golden Silk for Rare Cloth

isn't "too big too fail" by definition an antitrust violation?

Rachel corrects the record on BULLSHIT ACORN reporting: 80% of stories false.

For those who might be interested, I was on The Perez Notes radio show last night

It looks like Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been hospitalized. Thank goodness we won the election /nt

Well I'll Be Damned - Turns Out Saddam Really DID Have WMDs!!!

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized after falling ill

Hugo Chavez on Larry King tonight.

Happy 250th birthday, Guinness. So...

Iranian President Ahmadinejad Booted From Third New York Hotel

Michael Moore on The Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer NOW

Youth Still Working Through Katrina Trauma

Dr. Juan Almendares’ Open Letter to President of the UN General Assembly (Honduras)

Breaking on Rachel Maddow: Sen. Schumer To Insist On Roll Call Vote Tomorrow On Public Option

REPORT: ACORN OBSESSION: Beck, Hannity obsess over ACORN while virtually ignoring major corruption

We saw the funniest thing at the hardware store this morning

Does anybody care that a Russian Gangster capitalist is taking over the New Jersey Nets NBA team?

Inmates use alcoholic hand gel to make "hooch"

Area where census worker died has troubled history

What happened to Iraq? Why is everybody suddenly focusing on Afghanistan?

Help me get the counterpoint re: ACORN issues

Edmonds Issues Formal Response to Schakowsky's Denial of Lesbian Affair with Turkish Operative

LENO's audience was LOUDLY cheering LIMBOsevic attacking the OBAMA agenda

Kentucky goes after 'Marijuana Belt' growers

The Economy

Questions About Sibel Edmonds

Did Debt Collection Calls Kill This Man?

Oklahoma news anchor advocates censorship

Obesity May Become Women's Top Cancer Cause

What was behind the financial crisis last year according to Rush? ACORN and sub-prime mortgages

A McDonald's Is Never More Than 107 Miles Away

US Senate Passes Bill to Triple Aid to Pak(to 1.5 Bil per year)

Federal Reserve Admits Hiding Gold Swap Arrangements, GATA Says

General McChrystal's 'Initial Assessment' (LINK)

Verify or debunk?

I just found out my cube mates cousin was killed in Afghanistan

Gawker reasons to hate wingnuts:"restrict rights, propel hatred, nasty jerks" (cf., Steve KING)

Congressional Research Service: House ACORN ban may be unconstitutional

Congressional Research Service: House ACORN ban may be unconstitutional

(The Onion) BREAKING: Democrats Hoping To Take Control Of Congress From Republican Minority In 2010

It would take an amendment to the Constitution for this..

HC System's in Ten Developed Countries: U.S. System Is Most Unpopular and Dutch System most popular

The Conyers-Bybee Love Story

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Let's propose a bill allowing Congressmen to opt their districts out of The Census.

Blogojevich on Jon Stewart tonight

Is McCain Risking ‘Overexposure’?

Did our bomber arrest in Dallas make national news?

Festival Wingnuts

Netanyahu's flight to the UN cost $1.3m

Is the CBO's Study on Single-Payer Out Yet?

So Justice Ginsberg was in hiospital tonight ......

Decatur man charged for trying to blow up Springfield federal building

Wired: Obama Stands Behind State Secrets in Spy Case

ACORN Files Suit Against Conservative 'Pimp' - And May Give Us A Look At His Funding

LA Times: "Fed" written across Sparkman's chest in felt-tip marker.

60 Votes for Procedural Issues = Public Option and Health Care Reform are going to pass

Justice Ginsburg Hospitalized After Feeling Faint

Justice Ginsburg Hospitalized After Feeling Faint

NY Times Magazine: Coming Out in Middle School

Ladies and gentlemen, census worker Bill Sparkman was LYNCHED.

Chuck Grassley, call your office

BREAKING ON MSNBC: Violence in Pittsburgh at the G20 summit. Protesters clashing with Police.

CBO Tells Blue Dogs That The Public Option Will Save $$$$$

Just how is a progressive politician supposed to deny being gay when they aren't gay?

Faux News website: Outrage Over Obama Sing-Along

Anybody else watching The Senate Finance Markup?

I think his wife and her boyfriend killed that census taker, and wrote "fed"

Pot, moonshine still & explosives found at man's home

Need a recession proof job? Become a plumber

Remember when federal employees were refused service in restaurants and motel rooms?

Have there ever been so many absolute, blatant, crazy-as-a-shithouse rat assholes

Colbert: "Every time a racist criticizes the President, someone cries 'racism!'"


U of M tightens security for Saturday's game, No bags allowed in Big House

Water galore on Moon and Mars

How Could Anyone Criticize the President During a Time of War?

A Moran sign and some truly subversive people.

Should there not be an official ceremony to launch the annual War on Christmas?

Vote Fraud in Clay County and the Hanged Census Worker

My '59' avatar has been replaced with a 60

Beck Faces Backlash - - From The Right

What the hell is going on? THREE different bomb plots broken up by authorities.

Rush Limbaugh is on the Jay Leno show right now.

PBS special report on health care reform starting now

Why did the G20 Summit protesters have to go nuts just as Pres and Mrs Obama showed up?

Why did the G20 Summit protesters have to go nuts just as Pres and Mrs Obama showed up?

New Bush book: Bush WH rejected idea of giving Kennedy Medal of Freedom because he was a liberal

I'm thinking we ought to number the pro and anti-gun arguments..

iPhone Reception Problems?

Calvin Coolidge's Progressive Elements

President Barack Obama shares a moment with first lady Michelle Obama's shoulders (real caption)pics

Bill Sparkman's death; a thread for skeptics.

Welcome to

My Young Bike/Women's Rights Activist Cousin was killed riding her bike to work

WH elected to block emails from the Oregon "Mad As Hell Doctors" as SPAM . . .!!!

I Hope Everyone Will Read This Article

Ark. Player Ends Game With Noble Gesture

The Racist Truth About Beck and Limbaugh

Classified McChrystal Report: 500,000 Troops Will Be Required Over Five Years in Afghanistan

Like Savages, Freepers Celebrate the Hanging of Census Taker Bill Sparkman

I’d like to ask the “good ol’ boys” of Alabama: Just what is “socialism”...

Again?! Another Admin Member Resigns Over Con Yelping

Egypt urges UN: Monitor Israel nuclear program

PA Pool Report: What The Obamas are doing while Police use piercing noise, pepper spray as G20

Human rights activist finds noose on porch

Tylenol recalls some children's and infants' formulas

I'm becoming more optimistic re: Public Option -- but I have a question:


Michele Bachmann is ranting about NWO conspiracies on the house floor.

My email in support of ACORN to my Senators

The "Census Worker" Has a Name. 51 year old Bill Sparkman was also a Substitute Teacher.

PHOTOS: G20 Protests (Greenpeace Banner, Tear Gas, Acoustic Crowd Control)

Elementary School Students Reportedly Taught Songs Praising President Obama

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized after falling ill

TeaBaggers: It Is Time to Turn Up the Heat!

With regard to MacKenzie Phillips, Christina Crawford was also hissed at and booed.

Huffington Post: Landlord Goes Back to Work to Let Unemployed Tenants Live Rent-Free

When child ejected in auto collision, mom sues car dealership

When child ejected in auto collision, mom sues car dealership

When child ejected in auto collision, mom sues car dealership

One way to get the city to enforce the codes on housing neglect.. Put up a blog about it.

More faux outage from the wingnuts. Have you seen the video they are all upset about?

I can understand distrust of a big government. GWB showed us good.

Doug Wilder whacks Deeds

World's oldest man (113) says diet is the key to his longevity

President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel - pics

Man Arrested For Arranging Sex Tryst With Baby

Looks like a real life "Mississippi Burning" story going on re the slain census worker...

Senator Rockefeller Finds A Huge Loophole In The Baucus Bill

The Mess Left Behind

REPORT: Manipulating the Public Agenda (details lies in ACORN reporting)

Michelle Malkin loves our country so much, she posed for a picture with this guy holding a swastika

Freeper Encounter Just Now at My Local Walgreen's!

Anyone w/ mortgage, foreclosure problems should read this diary from DKos

I have two black students that absolutely HATE Obama

Police are firing pepper spray canisters on University of Pittsburgh students



I can find no evidence that anyone in KY was hanged by drug dealers/manufacturers.

I can find no evidence that anyone in KY was hanged by drug dealers/manufacturers.

Ken Burns w/ Rachel Maddow

At UN, Venezuela's Chavez smells hope, not sulfur

Leaked memo: California could face major lawsuits if Schwarzenegger closes state parks

Leaked memo: California could face major lawsuits if Schwarzenegger closes state parks

Mount Vernon City Council Rejects "Glenn Beck Day"

Speech to the UN- shame on you for sitting with the Holocaust denier

From Glenn Beck's book: Olbermann, FDR are worse than Hitler

Sibel has responded. Inviting Congresswoman Schakowsky

Top 10 States in terms of poverty rates:

A new faulty argument by Glen Beck

Wow, the Hyatt in Boston is getting what they deserve

DoJ Official Blows Cover Off PATRIOT ACT- Only 3 of 763 Patriot Act wiretaps in 2008 were terrorism

Reuters: Stun-gun maker Taser blogs to beat bad buzz

"Why I Threw My Shoes At Bush" (Alternet)

Hey Jobseekers.... Phone interviews like em or hate em?

Are female students 'a perk of the job'?

'Homeless' doll costs $95 (hairstyling extra)

Has anyone infiltrated a teabag like right wing gang?

What is the US mission in Afghanistan?

Senator Carper Publicly Defends Secret PhRMA Deal In Exchange For Support Ads

Latest political sex scandal!

Will the current subsidy of COBRA in the stimulus package be extended?

Edmonds Issues Formal Response to Schakowsky's Denial of Lesbian Affair with Turkish Operative

Poll Question: Do you like police officers?

School Children Sing Praises To Obama

Congratulation Massachusetts... for acting quickly to fill Senator Kennedy's seat

Remember my career change post from last Spring?

Remember my career change post from last Spring?

Origin Of Stupidity: Smart, beautiful Romanian woman rips Kirk Cameron a new one.. hilarious..

Dads and their concern for their daughters.

Full Letterman interview with the President. Commercial free. On late Show site. Link below:

Al Franken lovers*** Franni sent out this email today

Florida among 10 worst states for tap water

A marijuana tale from Appalachia..

History shifted, did you notice? Brazil is now leading The Coalition.

Fired Acorn workers plan to file criminal complaint against creators of controversial videos

Fired Acorn workers plan to file criminal complaint against creators of controversial videos

Congress needs to put up an bill or an amendment REVOKING corporate personhood PERMANENTLY

Dean says Senate is like a club. Says they do not understand that people are angry with them.

So what exactly does an "Abby normal" brain look like?

H1N1 - and down they go..........

"The Force is strong with this President..."

Armadillo Cam

What is your favorite FEMA camp activity?

What's the "Day of Rest" Shit?

The Platonic ideal popular music single of all time.

How many people have been on DU since before 6:30 AM ?

So this 3-legged dog walks into the saloon and says...

Oh, fuck-a-duck. n/t

The monotonous word fight slowly drives my political mind insane...

I screwed up the new remote for our new cable tv and my husband

Everyone knows the Borg cube was a giant brick oven for space pizzas.

One thing you gotta admit about Fox viewers... they're well infromed.

Forum on Rolling Stones official site discusses the Beatles releases. Interesting!

From the latest issue of the Onion: U.S. Government finds

MacKenzie Phillips to Star in "Cougar Town"

Woot! Experimental HIV Vaccine Raises Hopes

Good morning Lounge

! ; : - () ' " , .

Any hispanohablantes around tonight? I've got a super-short oral presentation here

A pirate goes into a bar with a boat wheel stuck in his pants

sitting in second day of S Corp Tax Issues & Update

My mind told me "Wake yourself up!" from this dream I had last night.

A new variation of the Nigerian scam

Today I get the "we didn't lay anybody off but you all get a pay cut" speech

I'm up before the dogs!

Heather Locklear

It's too early for this shit

The neighborhood cat reminds me a lot of Wile E. Coyote

sappy earworm of the day

DU Song Of The Day

Why is "the house on the hill" considered so desirable? Hank Williams


DVD of 1969 Big Sur Folk Festival

What's this I hear about Baucus having a drug record?

The ultimate in deep frying: Deep Fried Kudzu Leaves

There's actually been a TV series called "Crash"? WTF? What was it?

Kiss, Genesis, Chili Peppers, LL Cool J among Rock hall contenders

NO more Bodily Function Threads!!!

Famed Polar Bear Knut Enters Dating World

Youtube of Baby dancing to Beyonce

none of you are talking to me today.... why the hell not?

Anyone have recommendations re: facial moisturizers?

Anyone have recommendations re: facial moisturizers?

Everybody have a great shit day

19-lb Indonesian baby terrorizes nursery

Weird light in the sky I saw recently.

I don't care what this website says...

So I googled "playing hooky from work" to verify my spelling & this is what I found:

I'm heavily sedated! Aske me anythinging!

The house is really quiet with the ac's turned off, yes we have some real fall weather.

Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding

'Been talking to Peachy Peach about Kissy Kiss....

2009 London Fashion Week (image heavy)

These are not the droids we are looking for

"Say hello to my new puppet!"

Anybody read the new Dexter book? ("Dexter by Design")

"Best of the Left" podcast

Cheap Trick is opening for Def Leppard

Could the Bride of Frankenstein kick zombie butt?

I need the help of the DU mechanics/car gurus out there...

Why can't I just hop on a plane and fly to N'Awlins for lunch?

What song best describes your mood right now?

Y'know "Penny Lane" from Almost Famous was more Edie Sedgewick than Penny...

I should go to Pittsburgh for dinner tonight

Curse you, Keith Olbermann!

Today is National Punctuation Day! Promise to do your part to wipe out apostrophe abuse.


If this story was any cuter, I would EXPLODE from the cuteness

I paid 50 dollars for a painting that should be worth 500-1000 dollars...

1 pt Diet Sprite + 1 pt Orange Juice = your thoughts?

Do I need to rent Honeysuckle Rose?

Anybody make their own cat food?

It's hard to articulate one's own fears as a perpetual advocate for others.

Oktober fest in Munich

Mutant baby alert! WOW!

New TV Shows - Meh.

I'm feeling like it is time for this song again.

I dont like CWYDRO for introducing me to my new addiction

I got a job!!

I have come down with a new allergy

My son, just turned 15 and went over 6'2." He's a head taller than my wife and I.

In a daydream

I can't sleep

I'm going to say this about Dracula (1931).

My job interview didn't go so good.

Nerdgasm: D&D soda

Every day I say to myself "Things could be worse"

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/24/09

I have very sad news to report...

using words is insensitive to non-verbal expression

I had a $1 burger king coupon

hope you're fucking happy with yourselves -- kudzu finally has gone somewhere

hope you're fucking happy with yourselves -- kudzu finally has gone somewhere

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to rurallib!!*******

"Cousin Eddie" REALLY effs up: Randy & Evi Quaid To Be Charged with 3 Felony Counts Each

Prisoner 'drunk on swine flu gel'

Why doesn't alcohol have to have nutritional information on the labels?

Playoffs, Game One: Blue Crabs 1, Ducks 0!

Cross posted from Pets- I need some Serious advice on training and disciplining a puppy

Best Underground Music Dive in History

How do I make "real" NOLA Style Gumbo?

Anyone watch FlashFoward and is it as good as L O S T?

Today would have been Jim Henson's 73rd birthday

What is the best age to die ?

Dear Lounge: Please Advise!

What if Frank Miller had written "Peanuts"?

Why is Tide so much more expensive than other laundry detergents?

The baby pit bull has bad gas.

Having a philosophical moment here... In what way was Frankenstein's creature not a zombie?

Please wish me luck, my newly re-discovered online pals.

If someone asks a person who enjoys smoking to quit because they want them to live longer

Who is your favorite Unknown Guitarist(s) ...

I Have A Dilemma...Someone Help

I've seen Women in some Beautiful dresses but this is not one of them.

Do "dog people" have difficulty getting along with "cat people"?

Flash Forward is cool so far....

Who....Besides Rabrrrrrr Likes the Oilers?

Not a pit bull fan; found a pit bull puppy; now what?

A plea for civility & factual argument in the Sibel Edmonds matter.

Charlie Rose interviews Rahm Emanuel (Again)

I'm watching Ken Burns American Stories, the one about the Statue of Liberty...

Republican Leaders Rush to Defend Insurer Humana from "Gag Order"

Obama accuses world of being "anti-American"

Obama to chair historic U.N. council nuclear meeting

Obama TV: How the President Revived Health Care

AZ-Gov: Goddard Leads Brewer, Other GOPers

Patrick likely to name new Mass. senator today

Dems Ramp Up Push For Colleagues To Block Filibuster

Tempers flare at Senate Finance - Republicans in total asshattery mode

Paul Kirk? I was hoping for a Senator Dukakis, personally.

Bipartisan Greybeards Unite To Praise New Security Council Nuke Resolution

The Obama Recovery: Weekly Claims Drop Points to Better Climate for Jobs

Kent Conrad claims U.S. doesn’t need a public option because France doesn’t have one. (updated)

Jim Miklaszewski (MSNBC) is a complete stooge

Hawk Down: Why Biden flipped on Afghanistan.

Paul Kirk is a fine interim choice. Dukakis would have seen RW cannon fodder.

Pelosi shoots down public option 'trigger'

Dead Census Worker Had Beaten Cancer, Was Contemplating New Career

White House Denies Pushing Trigger Option, Dem Groups Concur

Jedi ejected from Tesco for wearing hood

Can someone give me the Cliff notes on this? I have the impression that General Stanley McChrystal

Will Dems vote with Republicans to support filibuster?

Mondale: Racial "edge" to Obama foes

The Obama Gambit

Brewer Caught on Camera Calling Phoenix a "Hell Hole;" Has The Lady Finally Snapped?

The Washington Post editorial board opposes a move that would help the Senate to pass a decent

Handy Guide to how Republicans and Fox News are responsible for Census worker being hanged

Republicans threatening to hold up Obama nominees to protect insurance companies

Phuck Pharma

Please help debunk!

Baucus' Senate Finance Committee markup now on C-Span.

Republicans need to STFU with their hypocrisy on free speech

Former aide to Kennedy, Sestak to run in PA-7

Boxer, Kerry will introduce Senate climate bill next week

NV-Sen, WI-Gov: Porter, Kind Not Running

The continuing attacks on Kevin Jennings - now Fox News gets involved

House Blue Dogs about to cave... to US PROGRESSIVES... on public option?

President Obama Meets the Peacekeepers

President Barack Obama and First lady Michelle arriving at Phipps Conservatory in Schenley Park.

President Barack Obama and First lady Michelle arriving at Phipps Conservatory in Schenley Park.

Does anyone here think Castro and Chavez are praising Obama to weaken him at home?

Senate passes Kerry-Lugar, increasing non-military aid to Pakistan

Oh looky here . . Blue Dog opposition to Public Option fades!

BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized after feeling ill at work.

Cox and Hoekstra lead in GOP race for governor, poll shows

NY Times Praises Massachusetts Model (single payer model):

Ignoring All Facts, Hatch Makes Up Stats To Scare Seniors In Medicare Advantage

NYTimes/CBS Poll...President approval 56%, public option 65% favored

Building a world without nukes- "Obama has brought the world together"

PHOTO Caption it? (Hillary & Rahm, Sept 24)

A few thoughts on the murder of Bill Sparkman.

Senators Baucus, Carper and Menendez side with drug industry to kill the Nelson amendment (updated)

PHOTO Caption it? (Barack & Michelle, Sept 24)

Mrs. Obama treats G-20 spouses to dinner on a farm

Anyone watch SNL Weekday Update?

Missouri Legislator Kicks Off Bid to Beat Rep. Skelton

Let's Not Forget Gen. McChrystal's Connection to Pat Tillman's Death

Michelle's Time to Shine

VA Governor POLL: Race Tightening. Deeds Trails McDonnell By Four Points

"Obama and ACORN" ~ guilt by association begins!

CBO deals blow to Blue Dogs - tethering public option to Medicare would save $110 billion (politico)

The New York Times can kiss my ass..

PHOTO Caption it? (Timothy and a French woman)

Pelosi: “I don't even want to talk about a trigger...a trigger is an excuse for not doing anything."

I sent an e-mail to Obama

Sen. Byrd released from hospital

I would rather see Obama go down in flames fighting for a public option...

Obama's former personal physician wants a single-payer system

Sherrod Brown: Rahm's 'Wrong' On Public Option Chances In Senate

POLL: Obama leads 2012 foes - beats Huck by 7, Romney by 9, Palin by 15.

RNC Cites John Bolton Who Assesses President Obama's UN Speech As Signalling "Weakness"

PHOTO Caption it? (Henry & George)

Michelle's Gift to G20 Spouses (iPods for everyone!)

It's about Michelle, sorry Mr. President (video)

PHOTOS The opening reception of the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh


Schumer (and Rockefeller): Final Health Bill Will Have a ‘Robust’ Public Option

One year ago today...

Robert Fisk 'witnesses the carnage as Alaska's former mom-in-chief touches down in Hong Kong'

CNN BREAKING: 2 separate terrorists plots disrupted at time of "detonation"

****Live: POTUS & FLOTUS Greet G20 Leaders****

VP Biden: “Mom, It's Hokum. It's a Bunch of Malarkey.”

Love that teal dress Michelle had on coming off of the plane.

What do you think the Obama Administration will do in and about Afghanistan?

PHOTOS The opening reception of the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh (Part 2)

Tally of Obama slurs so far

Lawyer who ran for Texas governor 3 times has died

Taliban Widen Afghan Attacks From Base in Pakistan

Iraqi city locked down after prison break

Dubious Afghan Vote Drove U.S. to Revisit Strategy

US commander denies Afghan rift

White House: Official ‘misspoke’ on Goldstone report

Venezuela's Chavez say ousted Honduran president returned home with help from military

Administration Won't Seek New Detention System (Will continue to detain people indefinitely)

At U.N., Obama to Push for New Nuclear Weapons Treaty

Bernice Young Elementary School (Video): Children Obama Chant

Elementary School Students Reportedly Taught Songs Praising President Obama

Iraqi city under curfew after prison break

Iranian Leader Offers U.S. Access To the Country's Nuclear Scientists

Dallas Cowboys Release Jerry Jones

Denver man indicted in alleged al-Qaida plot

Cardinals refuse to pay prospect $3.1 million

Afghan Envoy Calls for More Troops as U.S. Prepares Options

Obama Donating 10 percent of H1N1 Vaccines to Poor Countries

Read the statement: Wilder declines to back Deeds for governor

Five bikini baristas accused of prostitution (Wash.)

Mass. Gov. to Name Paul Kirk to Replace Kennedy

G20 leaders to call for banker pay curbs

Special forces soldier's book causes storm in Denmark

Rights educator finds noose on porch of Spokane home

ACORN nemesis once targeted Planned Parenthood

Like Madoff, Stanford Targeted Jews

Protesters march on G-20 summit in Pittsburgh

F.D.A. Admits Error in Approving Knee Device

Ousted Honduran president says he has met with interim government official and begun dialogue

PA Pool Report: What The Obamas are doing while Police use piercing noise, pepper spray as G20

Russian leader open to new Iran nukes sanctions

Vacaville toddler fatally shot by boy playing with gun

Justice Ginsburg at Washington Hospital Center

Ring Trial Is Fraught With Complex Issues

IMF Says It Will Recognize Zelaya’s Government in Honduras

Jury rejects claim that FEMA trailer was hazardous

(Senator) Byrd released from hospital

Congressional Research Service: House ACORN ban may be unconstitutional

'Homeless' doll costs $95 (hairstyling extra)

Greenpeace protesters dangle from Pittsburgh bridge

Iranians Blanket Brooklyn Bridge in Green

Man Charged in Ill. Courthouse Bomb Plot

House passes bill stopping Medicare premium hikes

Paul Kirk named to Kennedy's seat

FBI: Man Arrested Trying To Bomb Dallas Building

Drug industry clout reflected in Senate vote

Timothy "Big Russ" Russert Passes Away

Will House "De-Fund ACORN Bill" De-Fund Military Contractors?

US signals major policy shift towards Burma

President Barack Obama presides over a Historic (& Unanimous) UN Vote over Nuclear Disarmament

Largest-ever Anglo-Saxon gold hoard unearthed in England

British Government 'frantic' over Obama talks

Pelosi shoots down public option 'trigger'

Mass. GOP seeks injunction, hearing at 8 a.m. Friday

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 24

Democrats Soften Financial Bill

Six civilians dead in Kandahar air strike by foreign forces

A world first: Vaccine helps prevent HIV infection

Census Worker Death Investigation Update (Police say AP report "riddled with inaccuracies")

Yosi Sergant Resigns from NEA

Public Option Headed For Vote Tomorrow

Jurors: FEMA trailer didn't expose family to fumes

Justice Ginsburg hospitalized

Mount Vernon faces financial boycott over Glenn Beck

Feds: N.C. terrorism suspects targeted military

'Last Ottoman' dies in Istanbul

U.N. 'doesn't smell of sulfur anymore,' says Chavez

Measure submitted to dump Calif. gay marriage ban

They're torturing me, Honduras' Manuel Zelaya claims

Repower America Rally at G20

Murder Hanging of Census Worker in Kentucky

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) On ACORN And The Census

OUTRAGE — ReThink Review

A Singing Solution for Health Care

Hey FBI why don't you talk to these guys about the census worker murder!

TYT: Sarah Palin Slams Obama

Papantonio & Blumenthal on Republican Gommorah

Glenn Beck Utah Congressman on Census

AFL-CIO Trumka Energizes G20 Crowd

Mad as Hell Doctors day 10

Congrats! Your Doublespeak has Killed a Man. Are you proud?

Michael Moore Interviewed by CNN at Wall Street's

BraveNewFilms: Cancer? Heart Attack? CIGNA Says Walk It Off

LRAD: Long Range Acoustic Device

TYT: 'Gang Of Six' Are in Serious Political Trouble


GOP Nuts Throw ACORN From a Glass House

TYT: Census Worker Found Dead

Climate Denial Crock of the Week/ All Wet on Sea Level - Remixed!

Hey... don't I know you?

Today's White House H1N1 Conference Call with Media

Pelosi: Public Option 'Trigger' an Excuse

Tear gas/sonic used on G20 Pittsburgh protesters - begins around one minute mark

Anthem v Szakos

Michele Bachmann on Census

Olbermann: Michael Moore Interview - 'Psychotic People Creating Betting Schemes on Wall St.

Sydney turns red in huge dust storm

Countdown: Jay Rockefeller Shames Repubs for Health Care Delay Tactics

TYT: Trent Lott's _RETROACTIVE_ public option for HIS OWN property insurance

Olbermann: Slavery Proponent Glenn Beck is "Dumbest Man on Planet"

Michael Moore Talks To Keith Olbermann About His New Film, "Capitalism"

Michael Moore on Democracy Now discusses Democracy: A Love Story


David Letterman - New Zealand Top Ten List

Michael Moore & Wolf Blitzer "A Special Kind Of Love" (Full Interview)

George Galloway spaeks to an insane Texan

Rockefeller To Cornyn: You're In The Insurance Industry's Pocket

FOX's Bill O'Reilly vs Barney Frank Over Acorn Controversy

Breast cancer kills titties (women? what women?)

Hugo Chavez "Attacks" Faux News After UN Speech

Hugo Chavez: "Some People Refer to 'the Stupid People from Fox News'"

White House Conference Call: Obama Donating 10 Percent of H1N1 Vaccines to Poor Countries

Rachel Maddow Unveils The Truth About The Lies About ACORN

Eric Cantor's insane rant at a Town Hall meeting.

'A Glorious Dawn' Carl Sagan & Stephen Hawking (Cosmos Remixed)

TYT: Feingold and Franken Go to Work On the Patriot Act

Michael Moore has his way with Wolf Blitzer again

Glenn Beck refuses to define white culture

Rep. Alan Grayson: The "Defund-ACORN" Law Should Apply To Corrupt Defense Contractors, Too!

It's Official: Water Found on the Moon

Michael Moore Calls Out ABC Labor Practices On "Good Morning America"

TYT: Reviews Michael Moore's New Movie - Capitalism

U.S. invokes jurisdiction in CIA kidnap case

Joe Conason: The Truth About Two Racists—Beck and Limbaugh

Italy Completing Probe of $116 Billion of Fake U.S. Securities

Two Elderly Aunts, Two Health Care Systems

Religious Right Mobilizes to Counter Muslim Prayer Rally's "Dark Spiritual Intent"

Commentary: Calling out the liars and their lies about health care reform

GOP Demands That Health Reform Bill Be Put Into Olde English

Honduras: Citizen Videos from a Country Under Curfew

Poor Substitutes — Why Cooperatives and Triggers Can’t Achieve the Goals of a Public Option (NEJM)

The Way We Die Now

Discussion Of Dead Census Worker Highlights Right-Wing Paranoia

Getting Out the Anti-Globalization Message

ACORN nemesis once targeted Planned Parenthood

Afghanistan Options - toon>>

InfoWorld: An open letter to the enemies of Net neutrality

The public knows the GOP is fibbing

Iowa Rep. Steve King Is Heartless and Proud of It

Justice This Time Around: Will Goldstone's Report Deliver? (Ramzy Baroud)

Michele Bachmann and the census worker murder

ACORN’s Advocacy for Poor Fuels Attacks from Right

Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit against HUD to Obtain ACORN Documents

What Some US Reporters Don't Get About Brazil and the Honduras Crisis

Drudge, other sites flooded with malicious ads

Talk About Lack of Freedom: Local Government Bans STARFUCKS!

10 Ways the U.S. Military Has Shoved Christianity Down Muslims' Throats

Ted Kennedy's Senate Seat To Be Filled by Captain Kirk

Victory on preventive detention law: in context (Glenn Greenwald)

Newsweek: The Afghan War Comes Home (terra terra terra! More troops, more treasure, more death)

Gary Hart on the National Security state - The President in Chains

45,000 American deaths associated with lack of insurance

Roots of Right-Wing Populist Rage -- Reds to Beds by Chip Berlet

Study: Bush Tax Cuts Cost More Than Twice As Much As Dems' Health-Care Bill

Israel's Gaza Vindication

FDR's Forgotten Man Speech

Secret Transcript Reveals Sarah Palin's Faux Pas in Hong Kong

Fox News, Drudge and Limbaugh Get Their White Supremacist Rally

The latest from the ladies in powerchairs on Michele Bachmann...Margaret and Helen

My Heroes Have Always Been Eagles, Except for Michael Vick

Ring Trial Is Fraught With Complex Issues

If Tax Cuts don't help, why do they preach it then? An enlightening article....

Tomgram: A Military That Wants Its Way; How to Trap a President in a Losing War

Desperately Seeking Snowe: It's Not About Healthcare, It's About Corporate $ (Cenk @ HuffPo)

Words Have Consequences: Henry II to Clay County Kentucky?

more stats on The Crime Scene They Call "Health Care"

A 21st Century Depression

Online Conspiracy Theories Latch Onto Census GPS Units

We have seen the future, and it is Australia — and it isn’t pretty

Peak oil notes - Sept 24

Drumbeat: September 24, 2009

Spain's Answer to Unemployment: Go Greener—Leader in Renewable Energy Considers Subsidies, Mandates…

Canada Acquires Subs To Chart Arctic Claims

German army stops wind turbines as security threat


Big Business Wants 85% CO2 Cuts: Now Who Do We Blame?

Tipping towards the unknown—Researchers propose critical planetary boundaries, … But there is hope.

1F Rise In Past 100 Years Produces Manifold Changes In Idaho - Growing Season, Crops, Water Flow

Japanese Cabinet Minister Visits Site Of Gunma Pref. Dam Targeted For Defunding - Japan Times

Bonneville Env. Foundation Pays OR Water-Rights Holders To Return Flows While Retaining Rights

Der Spiegel - Changes Of Success In Copenhagen "Headed Towards Zero" Per FT Deutschland

Driving nuclear energy with proton accelerators GM to sell cheap (“competitive and affordable”) electric cars in India

Think again, G20 sceptics—The world's leaders can give Pittsburgh a truly global vision – if…

California sets biggest energy efficiency plan

Al Gore: "We have all the tools we need to solve 3 or 4 climate crises"

Hazards of the nuclear fuel cycle By John P. Holdren

The Final Word On Climate : "Texans Just Aren't Wrong" Says Ag. Commissioner , Dismissing Warming

About the "make your own solar panels" ads pervading the 'net lately

Why Economists Fail

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, September 23)

Giants victory assures them of first winning season since 2004

Holyfield has new opponent: global warming

Dallas Cowboys Release Jerry Jones

Cardinals refuse to pay prospect $3.1 million

Gretzky steps down as Coyotes coach

(Week 3 Bottom 10 College Football)Lane Meyer's language lessons

The New Orleans Saints Versus the State of New York

Dallas Cowboys Release Jerry Jones

U-M bans bags following terror arrest

Only in San Francisco! Drag queen to sing anthem at AT&T Park on the 29th.

3,000 Diehard fans brave all of the security blockades to attend the Pirates

Holy fucking shit...Sean Salisbury delivers the meltdown of all meltdowns...via email.

LIdstrom named NHL player of the decade by the Sporting News

Ole Miss goes down


Klitschko vs Arreola

Loud explosion heard, torture, tear gas, TWITTER posts from Honduras

State Dept. Briefing 9-23, Golpistas Invite Foreign Ministers to Honduras and US Says “Groovy”

Zelaya Denounces De Facto Government’s Plan to Assassinate Him TONITE

Venezuela's Chavez say ousted Honduran president returned home with help from military

Magbana: Honduras National Resistance Running Update – September 24

Stage being set for possible clashes today

Sorry, dupe. Please delete. n/t

IMF Says It Will Recognize Zelaya’s Government in Honduras

FAIR: USA Today, AP Mislead on Honduran Coup

Ousted Honduran president says he has met with interim government official and begun dialogue

UE pide respeto por la vida de Zelaya - US asks that Zelaya's life is respected (okay -!)

Dr. Juan Almendares’ Open Letter to President of the UN General Assembly Regarding Honduras

Actions to take regarding Zelaya + Honduras from LAWG - Latin American Working Group

Hugo Chavez is on Larry King tonight.

Bloody Tuesday and Wednesday – Chronicle from Feminists in Resistance

Former VA Governor refuses to endorse fellow Democrat Creigh Deeds, cites gun laws as a reason

Firearms and Alcohol

Appeal filed against Spain's shelving of Gaza probe

US, France walk out during Ahmadinejad's UN speech

At UN, Gadhafi offers solution to Mideast conflict - 'Isratine'

On Obama's block

Gender not frontline issue in Israel

UN marks 60th year of helping Palestinian refugees

Israel's Gaza Vindication

ICC may try IDF officer in wake of Goldstone Gaza report

Abbas: no return to peace talks at this time

Justice This Time Around: Will Goldstone's Report Deliver? (Ramzy Baroud)

How I'm losing my love for Israel...

Parent to Child

Today in Labor History Sept 24 Canada declares the Wobblies illegal

Rep. Joe "You Lie!" Wilson: New Face of Corporate Opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act

To my friends here that work for a living

Sun and butterfly in Atlanta yesterday. What a rarity!

For friends of St. Francis

Lava Flowing Over Things 2009 (Mount St. Helens)

At a falconry centre

newbie lurker taking the plunge

Pointless research: top 10 Ig Nobel award winners for silly science

High School Student Discovers Strange Pulsar-Like Object

'A Glorious Dawn' Carl Sagan & Stephen Hawking (Cosmos Remixed)

International Cometary Explorer- hard working, iron man satellite, unsung hero

Evolution Can't Go Backward

NY: HRC volunteer collecting post cards for my state senator this morning supporting "equality"

"Gay rights advocates urge passage of bill to protect gays, transsexuals from bias at work"

Deval Patrick is polling as poorly as Gov. Paterson

Dufty aims to become first gay mayor of San Francisco; hires Hildebrand as advisor

Need some advice from the GLBT community please.

Poll: Parker leading Houston mayoral race

Measure submitted to dump Calif. gay marriage ban - Some say it's too soon

Der Spiegel interviews Goldman CEO: the man has no clue

American companies are bankrupting America

Why the Dow is Hitting 10,000 Even When Consumers Can't Buy And Business Cries "Socialism

After long layoff, job seekers return to routine

Happy Belated Birthday Matariki !!!

Has anyone here ever tried Maca for balancing hormones?

2012 -- Return to Camelot - David Wilcock

Went to my Mexican dentist in Algdones, BC today. For $320 I

WHO probes study seasonal shot may raise H1N1 risk

Obesity could become top cancer cause

Daily Kos' Dadanation: Health Care a Fundamental Right

State Fair of Texas® aka Fried Food Capital of Texas

Vatican knew of Holocaust denier before pardon.

GD X-Post: M$NBC poll needs a ton of help. Should "In God We Trust" be removed from our currency?

Atheists the Most Hated and Distrusted Minority in America?

Race to tthe bottom more likely

What do you think about "Gifted Education ?"

Impromtu quinoa lunch

I have been scarce around here, but I did put up a post in DIY in case

Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Red Pepper Salsa

So, I bought these beans at the farmers market...

No Fairrr !

Don Yarborough - Progressive Texas Leader (obit)

FBI: Man Arrested Trying To Bomb Dallas Building

From: The Texas Democratic Party

You will not want to miss Black Op Radio tonight 9/24/09 because...

AARP Warning: Telephone Scam Operation! - Texas

My 1000th post

United Airlines tracked a different Flight 93 than the FAA