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Kurt Schilling on Joe Buck Live tonight (what an idiot), and I quote:

Test your UN knowledge...

I knew I had seen Sen. Baucus before ...... and now i know where.

Cantor To Constituent With Sick Relative: Fall Back On Gov't Program

Baucus Muzzles Misleading Insurance Companies

Michael Moore smears Senator Dodd...

The job Orly Taitz was born to do...

for curiosities sake

Palin's speech in Hong Kong was live tweeted on Twitter - here's the link to the speech details

LAT: Supreme Court to weigh depictions of animal cruelty

Poor Sawyer on Lost, he has just been injured again.

Lawsuit seeks to tag WGA nagware as spyware

Judging by Republican votes: They're against ACORN, but support murder and terrorism by Blackwater

Please join this anti death penalty group on facebook.

I don't have any answers...

How many people have been on DU since before 2003?

UN set for fireworks at annual assembly

UN set for fireworks at annual assembly

Any link to the Obama appearance on Letterman?

Any link to the Obama appearance on Letterman?

A modest proposal:

Michael Moore is on Howard Stern (Sirius XM) right now.

Obama takes over the Chicago mob,

CIA Experiments on U.S. Soldiers Linked to Torture Program

Freaky New Ghostshark ID’d Off California Coast

“National Thank-A-Vet Day” Bill Petition

Sen James "Global Warming is a Fraud" Inhofe is wasting all of our time on CSPAN

Great quote by Hubert H. Humphrey, Compassion and socialism

An Interesting Article About the Lockerbie Bombing

'Buy puke-rays and we'll donate to police widows & orphans'

Check out the Dust Storm in Sydney, Australia

Why congress can't solve our problems

Rape evidence shelved?

anyone having trouble with link streaming Geithner/House Finan Serv Committee?

WTF?- School shows "Fitna," made by the anti-Islam and anti-immigration Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders

At Pentagon's Request, Post Delayed Story on General's Afghanistan Report


Memphis Mayor Fist-Bumps The Dalai Lama Saying, “Hello Dalai”

The Crazies-"Roots of Right-Wing Populist Rage--Christian Right"

Taitz: That letter firing me? It might be a forgery

Taitz: That letter firing me? It might be a forgery

..."As everyone knows, there's nothing like apocalypse to make a person introspective."

Seeking Afghanistan advice, republicans to huddle privately with former Pakistani dictator Musharraf

That dance that Tom Delay it called the "Skin Crawl"?

Oh Lord! Crime in SC:

NBC/WSJ Poll.. . . Is Chuck Todd looking at the same numbers I am?

In defense of the divinity of property: "One earns the Right to Live, so there is no Right to HC."

Palin and China

GOP foolishly defend the insurance companies right to rip off the American people...

Fifth Grade Election

Scarborough denounces right-wing 'hatred,' launches 'conservative honor roll'

More taser abuse:

More taser abuse:

Obama Leads Letterman to Ratings Win

Little Dubya left the playpen clean.

Preexisting Petition

Jessie Brown, Hope it ends well.



How I see the health care debate ending..

I'm out of the loop (re: Gov. Paterson)

I'm a liberal and I'm OK

Anyone else find it ironic that Palin is attacking the US govt. and Obama on Chinese soil?

Response from Schakowsky's office re Sibel Edmond's allegations

Did G Kafloppy just scratch his balls in the middle of an address to the UN?

Nut shortage leads to squashed squirrels

What is/are the US's biggest problems today?

Kennedy sons want Patrick to appoint Paul Kirk as interim Senator

Health Care Issues: Using Parliamentary Maneuvers

got a thank you letter from my Congressman for coming to town hall

got a thank you letter from my Congressman for coming to town hall

CBS Affiliate in DC just featured "Get a Brain! Morans" guy as 'funniest political sign' of 2009.

Things are getting better? - Asia Times

Whoops: Anti-ACORN Bill Ropes In Defense Contractors, Others Charged With Fraud

Thinking of seeing a Reiki practitioner for some sessions. Experiences and opinions welcome.

Glennliness is NOT next to Godliness!

religiously insane repug Inhofe opened his mouth today

I just figured out what a Centrist is.

Am I missing something here? Do we have to do this song and dance with Baucus's committee?

If the GOP Intended to Stall the Finance Bill, They’re Winning

If you miss The Ed Show,you can watch it the next day at your leisure!

Harvard, NYU Law Students Left Hanging as Big Law Firms Slash Job Offers

Harry Reid Rejects GOP Call for ACORN Hearings

Sibel Edmonds lies.

Sarah Palin Hates on America in Front of Communists

The problem right now appears to be cost.

Frack Fluid Spill in Dimock Contaminates Stream, Killing Fish

Eugene Robinson: Downsize U.S. mission in Afghanistan

Glenn BecKKK to appear on CBS News tonight at 7 on @KatieCouric

Trump Group Says Gadhafi Not Staying On Property - Town Threatens Legal Action Against Tent

Does a woman giving consent to sex necessarily mean she's

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Sibel Edmonds has lied.

Anthem v Szakos

With Pressure From Congress, Big Banks Move to Curb Overdraft Fees

“Funny Or Die” Vid Spoofing Insurance Industry Up To Million And A Half Views

Kadaffy at the UN - do you know what he is talking about?

G20 Social News Website

Show Me The Note - KS Supreme Court Slaps Down MERS Foreclosures

Man is Gaddafi cranky or what!

Man is Gaddafi cranky or what!

Tom Friedman’s idiocy atomique

Anyone else becoming annoyed with Obama's equivocal style of speechmaking?

What time is Pres Obama speaking at the UN today?

What time is Pres Obama speaking at the UN today?

Sad excuse for a review of Michael Moor's new film...

Joe Wilson now has an action figure? OK. I'm going back to bed. I can't go on.

The Patriot Act - promise versus reality


Muammar ...... you crazy fucking loon ......

Do you work for a state/county/city government, and don't have benefits?

TV Medical Dramas and the Health Care Reform Debate

Please read this ad for a roommate very carefully.

A Recipe for Disaster: School Cops Are Being Armed with 50,000-Volt Tasers

Typically, Mika Mouse was SILENT on TheView; today Faux E.D.HILL is shooting off her mouth non-stop

Sen. Harry Reid addresses a Health Care Rally on Capitol Hill - pics

So why don't Hastert, Schakowsky et al. sue Edmonds for slander?

PG&E leaving U.S. Chamber of Commerce

One last plug - I'm running a 5K for ovarian cancer patients and survivors this Saturday

"Produce The Note" Movement Helps Stall Foreclosures

Is it just me, or does Gaddafi look more like an aging rocker than a head of state?

If a plague of locusts were to descend on the US .......

G20 - Greenpeace Activists Hanging from Bridge with Banner in Pittsburgh

G20 - Greenpeace Activists Hanging from Bridge with Banner in Pittsburgh

ACORN: The Most Cost-Effective Investment the Government (and Foundations) Have Ever Made

ahhhh - why DIDN'T we save ourselves while we could??

We Have to Be Patient, Progressives - by Milt Shook

Props to Ken Howard the other night on the Emmys:

Props to Ken Howard the other night on the Emmys:

yowzer, khadafi just solved the I/P problem: Isrealtine.

You know, Robert Gibbs is actually a pretty funny guy....

Wingnut Sex

Should Michael Dukakis Replace Kennedy?

Court Rejects Genetically Modified Sugar Beets

As much as I complain sometimes, I've started noticing

Get the hook! Man, Khaddafy keeps going and going and going... nt

Honduran humor: Micheletti says Zelaya can stay in Brazilian Embassy 5-10 years if he wants to!

Will The "All Porn Makes You Gay" Guy Sink Bob McDonnell (R) In Virginia?

Is there anyone here that opposes the Investigations Edmonds has called for, for eight years now?

nytimes dot com front page....why?

Teddy's Seat May Be Filled Today

Former Bush speech writer: Karl Rove had "unchecked power"

Houston Chronicle: Laredo man dies after police use Taser on him

No PUBIC Option!! Signs that scream the stupid!

Watchdog (CREW) files Justice complaint against Rep. Mike Ross

Sums up the unemployment "lifestyle"....

Sums up the unemployment "lifestyle"....

Caption Sen. Kerry and Sen. Baucus

PAUL KIRK Tapped For Kennedy Senate Seat

Man ticketed in dog's death

Mackenzie Phillips says she had sex with her dad

Mackenzie Phillips says she had sex with her dad

Who does Dennis Hastert work for now

Just an exercise rant... and not doing it for a week or so

Patriot Act Renewal Debate Kicks Off-Democrats Not Falling In Line

FBI Reportedly Destroyed Cronkite Records

Mayor bans all pursuits by police to include on foot and in a vehicle

The Baucus boondoggle is really just a protection racket. If you don't pay,

Lawsuit: Debt Collector Harassment Contributed To Man's Death

Mormon Leader: Satan Made You Gay

PA DU'ers (Williamsport area)

H1N1 So, will the shot have squalene adjuvant or not? I've heard both...anybody know for sure?

H1N1 So, will the shot have squalene adjuvant or not? I've heard both...anybody know for sure?

I withdraw any support or indication of such in regards to the mandates in the Baucus bill

Anyone else notice that Fox News covered Ghaddafi's speech at

Wind-up a Wednesday . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Egypt urges UN: Monitor Israel nuclear program

Anyone else find irony in the Right calling us both Socialists and Fascists?

Delegates walk out 'in disgust' at Palin speech

Dweeb from Wash.Post: PALIN "spoke for an AMAZING 90 minutes!1"

What the GOP Learned Over its Summer Vacation: House Republicans Try to Kill Public Option with New

Michael Moore and the evils of free enterprise

OMG! Carlyfornia.....

Nadir Of Western Civilization To Be Reached This Friday At 3:32 P.M.

Palin critter sizes Obama ON FORIEGN SOIL!!!!1 Comfort to the enemy! (Actually people walked out)

Indian ancestry revealed

Don't forget Glenn Beck's new book is out. A quick glance at the cover:

California August Home Sales

Marvel’s X-Men square off against allegorical Proposition 8

Indian Group to Abandon Louisiana Ancestral Home

WP: House Republican investigation never found tangible evidence of misuse of federal funds by ACORN

"You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve?..."

Obama overturns Bush policy on state secrets

Anyone here know a lot about taxation as a science?

Obama should say that the bu$h* afghanistan war is more fucked up than he imagined.

delete, posting bug error

Palin slams Obama's spending

Beck vs. Scarborough

Trailing Indicators: Out of a Job, Some Decide to Take a Hike

Senator Bernie Sanders Survey

Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! So much for a liberal media...

Calling all John Galts in Georgia

A Pro Football Player Speaks out for Gay Marriage

Curfew Extended in Honduras Amid Riots

Some journalists finally focusing on GOP and health care

In These Times: Vendors battle bureaucracy for their place in the Second City

Happy 60th Birthday, Mr. Springsteen!!

Bush on visiting a prison ministry program: ‘Everyone was black, of course.’

The growing ambitions of the food police.

Gaddafi puts everyone to sleep at U.N. (95-minute bedtime story)

Chicago bar enforces identification rule on cross-dressing patrons

Someone get copies of Eds last segment to every Dem on Capitol Hill.

Does anyone have a link to video of Clintons speech today??

Republican BS on Canadian Health Care is Just That---BS!

Olympia Snowe just tried to kill health care reform

Olympia Snowe just tried to kill health care reform

The Rude Pundit: What the Fuck Does Glenn Beck Believe, Why He's Dangerous to the Right ...

I Walked Through Eric Cantors Office Yesterday...What

Female sailors suffer psychological and physical abuse - "Your enemy is your chain of command."

Health Insurance Giant Aetna Paying $80,000 For Health Reform ‘Town Hall’ Moderated By CNN Host Tony

If you hate government, don't have a job in government.

Congressman King (R-Iowa): Same sex marriage part of push for socialism

Hilarious Quote

Rocky Mountain High: US Military Didn't Mean to Grow Marijuana

Jan Schakowsky has not vehemently or otherwise denied having a relationship with a Turkish agent.

McCain hearts Qadhafi

A tale of two countries' libraries

A tale of two countries' libraries

Ed, and the rest of the MSM

Mad As Hell Doctors

Physicians Are Talking About: The Million Med March on Washington

Should flavored food be banned?

Blue Dog Rep. Marshall: Health Care Already "Soviet-Style" With Insurance, Medicare And Medicaid

So Traficant apparently didn't notice all the 4000 incarcerated in his district until

When you get out of jail, they give you your stuff back.

GOP Perfectly Fine with Public Options and Insurance Mandates.... for Property, not People

Punk ASS Glenn Beck BARS the media from ceremony in which he receives key to the city

anyone watching jim traficant on tweety?

Will Reed pull the lever for reconciliation?:

"It's the holiest time of year and we must not be stopped from visiting our own temple."

It`s as easy as blowing up frogs

What about this Massachusetts Pandemic Flu

Ahmadinejad's speech broadcated instead of Dobbs show

ACLU Sues For Bagram Records- "There is growing concern that Bagram has become the new Guantánamo"

FYI- Same-sex marriage is socialist too

As a general rule, do you find Turkish agents sexy?

Irans only AWACS crashes during parade for ahmadinejad -

Seasonal flu shot may increase H1N1 risk: early data

Having a president who speaks well doesn't count for much

"Standing in the Shadow of Big John Hagee"

Former KBR employee: I know I was drugged and raped in Iraql

Watching Traficant on Hardball.

What I Saw (And Heard) At The Revolution: Lessons From The `Values Voter Summit'

Killing a Census worker and writing "Fed" across the body doesn't even rate a mention on CNN!

So who here is up for a celebration of white culture while interned in a FEMA camp?

New Orleans' Jail Conditions Violate Inmates' Rights

Bush's wiretapping goes to court in San Francisco

Patriot Act May Get Renamed, but With a Few Changes

Patriot Act May Get Renamed, but With a Few Changes

AP source: Census worker hanged with 'fed' on body

What would actually make Republicans happy:

Rachel leading with hanging of census worker

It's time to thank those advertisers who dropped Beck and keep them from returning

The Emperor’s New Clothes #2 – Or How To Dress A Dictator

Do you think they are going after Ensign like they are Edwards?

Increasingly Unhinged Repugs: Working on health care reform is endangering the troops

Human Rights Lawyer on Bagram Prison- 'The Obama Administration Has Completely Failed'

Rachel breaks the news on the hanging of the

Khadafy; Some people can't rock the curly hair & some have what it takes

A Pictorial History of Racism in the United States: Context is Everything

Michael Moore on Larry King Live right now.

I wonder if we will look back on the apparently-lynched census worker in Kentucky

Paul Kirk Tapped for Kennedy Senate Seat

Paul Kirk Tapped for Kennedy Senate Seat

I'm watching my Congressman on CSpan right now talk about healthcare.

The effects of hatred

Sign this FUSE Petiton against Glenn Beck's visit to Washington State.

BWAHAHA! Tweety got pwned by loony Traficant...

Pentagon says Afghanistan troop request may have to be revised

If Carter had been a repuke, would rush and the GOP still think he was bad?

David Cay Johnston: GOP Favors Public Option for Property, Not People

The Nation: I'm Not a Racist...I'm a Democrat

You have to love Non Sequitur today...

You have to love Non Sequitur today...

DeMint: Obama ‘Puts Our Troops At Risk’ By Working On Health Reform

Accurate head count as to how many votes we could get on the public option on reconciliation?

CNN Doc catches H1N1 Flu in Afghanistan.. "This Is Disturbing."

"Triggering" a Democratic Civil War: some White House staffers trying to sell Snowe "trigger"

Ahmadinejad has some nerve!

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Our whole life is in that debris”

New UN President: Being Gay Is "Unacceptable"

CNBC Calls Out WellPoint CEO For Lying About How Much Money It Makes Off Its Consumers

Kent Jones did a report on a strip club giving blue hairs flu shots and

Comment on the KY Census worker who was found hung

"I hate seeing that man's (Obama's) face on TV! He just makes me mad!"

Constance Okollet: Climate Change Is Killing Our People

Tea stain your flags! - So sayeth Chuck Norris...

Skidmarks, Yes or No?

Dear Republican Congressman/Senator, I know that you are against universal HC, I understand . . .

Seems like the US will need to budget hundreds of billions for weather related disasters

Miss. police use Taser, handcuffs on wayward emu

change - Obama Makes Gains at U.N. on Iran and Proliferation

Michael Moore on The Colbert Report tonight

Can you drink too much without being an alcoholic?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Cantor really told that lady to turn to charity

Let's get Glen Beck's new book taken off the shelves

Is the GOP becoming like a spree killer?

Democrats Seek to Tighten Oversight of Surveillance Methods

pls twitter: Sept. 28 is National Day of Prayer for safety of census workers

Reclaiming my resurgent optimism for my country.

ZOMG! Carly Fiorina's Website is TEH AWFULZ!

Is it me, or is DU competely overrun by RW apologists and the anti-government

Company's employee performance evaluation program did include a review of rescission activity.

Let the panda die out 'with dignity', says BBC expert Chris Packham

Atlanta-area flooding photo gallery link

Cherce nuggets from Palin's Hong Kong speech, courtesy of WSJ via Wonkette

I think Ed gonna bust a blood vessel.. but he's on a ROLL!

Self-styled preacher and FOX reality star charged with torture and murder

An open apology to "Buying Thyme" and the DU community in general

Question to e-mail to BecKKK: You're ripping off a DISCREDITED whackjob?!1

Falsely imprisoned man is given monthly settlement because "officials want to protect him"

remember the dixie chicks....

Doctors' suit: KFC grilled chicken a danger (dangerous levels of a cancer-causing chemical)

There WAS a time in the past when Americans weren't parochial racist, jingoistic, arrogant fools

Huffintonpost: Census Worker Hanged: Bill Sparkman Found With "Fed" On Body

Stupidity as the new norm

Calling Dr. Strangelove...Turns out, Russia DOES have a Nuclear Doomsday System

50 uninterrupted minutes of Rahm Emanuel? He's the only guest listed for Charlie Rose tonight.

"Personal Beliefs"

Car Repossed With Four-Year-Old Child Inside

IRS severs ties with ACORN over scandal

University of Michigan Bans Purses and Bags from Michigan Staduim this Saturday

Who ARE These People?

Anti government sentiment.... and the lynching of a census worker

Isn't it really nice to have a President who is capable of speaking coherently on the world stage?

Who is more despised this week, Qaddafi or Ahmadinejad?

The (evil) permanent war economy and the USAmerikan Empire

Poverty is still a dirty word in America

Rivals High - Special play: Boy with Down syndrome runs for TD in HS game

Have you or anyone you know contracted H1N1?

Have you or anyone you know contracted H1N1?

Has this effin' nation gone collectively nuts?

Complain to NYt for not including single payer advocates among 'diverse' experts

Complain to NYt for not including single payer advocates among 'diverse' experts

Sunday is Gold Star Mother's Day ( a day we should ALL know)

Saw two "Samaritan's Purse" disaster relief trucks today on the west side of Atlanta..

Rep. Grayson: "The amount of money that ACORN has received in the past 20 years altogether....

Cafferty- When Tom DeLay Goes to Prison They Can Show His Dancing to the General Inmate Population

About the area where the Census worker was killed...

Salon: Fighting against ourselves in Afghanistan

I know the Teabaggers are funny, with their misspelled signs.

Protests against Eid Postage Stamp

Protests against Eid Postage Stamp

Census worker found hanged; 'fed' scrawled on body

Another reason to hate BofA (A=Assholes)

DUers slimeball McConnell is protecting Humana I need a dozen DUs...

My LTTE was published

This is a difficult letter to write, Mark Morford

Indiana's junior Republican Sen. Evan Bayh Sent Me an Email

Wow check out this great quote I just found:

Wow check out this great quote I just found:

Buckle up folks the Crazy is just starting

Olympia Snowe: "I Truly Do Not Understand The Skepticism" About Republican Delaying Tactics...

Bush on visiting a prison ministry program: ‘Everyone was black, of course.’

FDA Mulls Ban of Candy Undergarments

Since I can't think of everything, I would like some suggestions on how to utterly destroy G. Beck

Once this whole healthcare reform deal is over, what should DUers focus on next?

Teabagger committing Fraud or Just Highly Unethical?

Organic Farming Yields Far Better Crop Resistance and Resiliance

5 Things the Corporate Media Don't Want You to Know About Cannabis (that's Pot!)

Oh God, the Folsom Street Fair is this weekend.

I just lost some respect for Ed Schultz...

i find this due process dead?

MA Governor Patrick....I LOVE this man!

I wonder if we will look back on the apparently-lynched census worker in Kentucky

I think the banks are scared.... Chase & Bank Of America cut overdraft fees

BREAKING: Census worker found hanged with "FED" scrawled on body

Killing of KY census worker is a Federal death penalty case in the making.

This was gonna be a reply, but it has personal connection so wanted to make it an OP

Why is Sibel Edmonds the most gagged person in US history?

It doesn't matter what President Obama says or what his actions reveal

It doesn't matter what President Obama says or what his actions reveal

U.S. Protests Russian 'Sex Tape' Used to Smear American Diplomat

Pot and the Right to Pursue Happiness: Yes We Cannabis!

Interview with Philip Giraldi and Joe Lauria About The Sibel Edmonds Allegations

I think this has been discussed here before, but who are the two black men in the lynching photo?

Voice mail hell. Share your story

Just a little reminiscing - Seeing the neighborhoods die in front my eyes makes me very sad.

The RW still relies on "wedge" issues to stir up it's base, but now

If you're looking for a parallel to Sibel Edmonds, his name is Daniel Ellsberg.

If you're looking for a parallel to Sibel Edmonds, his name is Daniel Ellsberg.

Tehran Dumps Dollar for Euro

"No tax on 'juice drinks' and sodas."

BREAKING: Democrats Hoping To Take Control Of Congress From Republican Minority In 2010

use Anti-ACORN bill against defense co's >>2 DAYS left to HELP Grayson (D-FL) IDENTIFY companies!!

Ralph is really showing his age.......

Good one on Leno tonight about Palin

GREENPEACE Hangs Gigiantic Banner At G-20 Shindig For The RULING CLASS

Palin on MSNBC

Glen Beck: Sick, Slick and Cruel

Cocaine is being spiked with an anti-parasite drug

"Counting to 60" - getting to the public option by stopping a GOP filibuster

Oliphant nails another one!

Southaven MS ....Proposed Ordinance Would Mandate English Translation

Southaven MS ....Proposed Ordinance Would Mandate English Translation

And Jesus Wept

The Ron Paulers On Moranism

Huffington Post: Junk Removers Find Heartbreaking Wreckage in Foreclosed Homes

It's California all over again (from NO on 1 / Protect Maine Equality)

America armed, but guns not necessarily loaded

Housing Crash Will Resume as Seven Million Foreclosures Hit, Amherst Says

Coming Out in Middle School

Senator Franken Chaired the Judiciary committee today and was quite funny

Some Truths about Health Care Reform

New Progressive / Democrat (New Here!)

Hanging a Census worker is more proof the Right is absolutely stupid

I have H1N1

Photograph - Pregnant mother kisses fireman who saved her life

Photos from Honduras battle today - Why isn't this a bigger issue here?

Should flavored alchohol be banned?

Two amazing videos about Honduras from Real News.

Girl Rejects Gardasil, Loses Path to Citizenship

Al Franken Reads the 4th Amendment to Justice Department Official

Al Franken Reads the 4th Amendment to Justice Department Official

High Speed Rail System

Atlanta flooding claims: “A lot of this is not going to be covered.”

I need to get this off my chest

Damn it! I missed the beginning of the war on Christmas!

Cronkite records destroyed by FBI

My Friend the Unemployed Teabagger Was in a Car Accident

I know many of you hate when freep comments are posted, but regarding the hanged census worker--

Is the French language sexist?

Is the French language sexist?

Uhhh isnt this a little bit toooo far?

So tell me, how does one get sentenced to two years for shooting oneself in the foot

Definitive "Our Crazies Are Less Crazy Than Your Crazies" Proof

Courtland Milloy: If the Redskins Care About Honor . . .

Cash For Clunkers: In The Junkyard **(Report & Pix)**

Something you might not know about that census worker...

I'll say it. Congratulations Michelle Bachmann, you killed a cancer ridden old man

Andrew Card was here last night - this is a wonderful story


Just when you think all decency is lost in this younger generation something changes your mind...see

EXCLUSIVE: Schakowsky Responds to Edmonds Claim, Vehemently Denies Lesbian Tryst With Turkish Agent[

dune-dune-dune-dune dune, Woke up one morning, dune-dune-dune dune...

Three part article on Glenn Beck at Salon... excerpts, one about becoming damaged goods in 1986

I have to tell you what I did with the computer I won

WTF - Mackenzie Phillips: I had sex with musician dad John Phillips

My email to Nancy Pelosi about ACORN

So listening to the media talk about Moore's file, "Capitalism, a love story"

My Friend Saw Michael Moore's Movie Today

The Top 1 Percent

New Yorkers...... Angelenos....... post your "Capitalism: A Love Story" reviews.

Sherrod Brown just said he thinks we will get a good bill with public option

I'm losing track-is Obama doing too much too soon or not enough?

Deaths from Marijuana v. 17 FDA-Approved Drugs

Al Franken has so many layers of awesomeness...

Poll Question: Are you a feminist?

Where do you draw the line? "But, it's the law!"

Too Much Joy - fun song from days past

Thank you, Dove Soap!

Will this past Sunday's game teach the Dallas Cowboys

So my boss handed out a quality award today... :-)

Don't bother me.

I hate the bastards!


Update on my post the other day.

This week has been so horrible that it has to be a joke...

Oh Lord! Crime in SC:

Avocados are Mother Nature's chocolate bunnies.

Teletubbies in Left4Dead

If you haven't seen the GD thread re: Tom Delay check it out!

some jerk gave me SUCH a hard time for backing into a parking space this AM....

Second time in three years I had to pull a broken tooth by hand...

today is my Unbirthday!!!

Birthdays today - John Coltrane, Ray Charles, Bruce Springsteen

A thread in GD needs your love. Seriously


Good morning Lounge

If Product Placement Invaded Everyday Life

Wed. caption this picture

Long-lost sister one of millions of viewers to learn about Waldoboro brothers

Is there a place where a lot of the Kanye West photoshops have been accumulated?

Most controversial DU thread...EVER!

How would you write a letter to probate court to find out . . .

I'm making lunch. Manhattan Clam Chowder or micro burritos?


A very Catholic boy is hitting on me right now.

If anyone cares, I got a flu shot two days ago....

Hey all you GODRIC fans!

Wow! 14 TSed Freepers on my "Buddy List" this week.

Happy 60th birthday, Bruce!

Ahhhh! That cucumber slice will hurt the bunny-spider!!!!!

Unusual phrase of the day: "Pole of inaccessibility".

damnit i was down to twenty minutes on my eq2 update

Please recommend this thread

Just heard from an ex-student. He's working for a top secret DoD project training killer wasps.

Things to put in oatmeal

I have to give Glenn Beck props for his honesty on his most recent book:

Gawd, I'm sick of asshats who have to back into parking spots

NEVER say a friendly "hi" to coworkers, strangers, or anybody.

Ode to (kitty) Goldmine:

MONK TV series: If Trudy was so normal and popular, why in

Make any current thread title into a sex thread through the use of quotes

Thanks for sharing some star shine !

You know, ignore is a wonderful feature

Man DiesTeaching Gun Safety

Breaking: Bat Loose in the House of Representatives

one of those songs :)

Anyone here like Jessica Simpson accesories?

My meds cost $90 per gram. Cocaine (I'm told) costs $100 per gram

Cats and hairballs..

You know those cheesy poof things called "Jax"?

Anyone travel around Sea Tac in the morning??

Cop shoot cop

It's John Coltrane's birthday.


I made it to Mass

Cat massage: Cat turns into tiger. And back again

For those who remember the '70s. New Manassas cd released

News reporter loses composure reporting from the field (pardon the pun)

I really NEED to vent,...

hometown heroes and heroines

A word about message board etiquette

Caption this photo!

I've been banned from commenting on Sarah Palin's Facebook page

I had to share a music was years after their time but my Mom and Dad danced to this song

Today is a bad brain day.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/23/09

Is Dora the Explorer a misogynist?

We need a Pet Forum

FWD: FW: Fw: Forward: Fw: FWD: Fwd: Forwarding:

Some Velvet Morning (featuring Kate Moss)

Palin on Asia: It is a region where America needs to assist with right mix of hard and soft power.

Let's all play "Whack Taverner with a Stick!"

Advice please!! I've got "inappropriate" links in my referers list to my little kid cheering website

I just wanna buy the biggest tub of junk food I can find and EAT ALL OF IT!

Poor Sawyer on Lost, he has just been injured again.

Palin on Asia: they weren't as good after Steve Howe left the band.

Loose Fit - Happy Mondays

We are in the market for a small toaster oven. Ours looked like this:

Well, wait a minute. It's hard to be an FBI man.

There'z a 55 lb cat bath going on on my desk

My last night at the open mic*...with pics!

So what exactly does an average "normal" man look like?


DirecTV question.

Most Controversial Magazine Covers of All Time

Any fans of Cronenberg's "The Dead Zone"?

Is this blackmail?

Thinking of seeing a Reiki practitioner for some sessions. Experiences and opinions welcome.

Do people simply have mucho reading comprehension problems?

Eye of the tiger? Post the song YOU would play when stepping in the ring to VAPORIZE your opponent.

Anyone else have a cat that likes eating something weird?

The only Twitter site worth reading: "Shitmydadsays"

How many people have been on DU since before 2003?

If you had to eat one culture's cuisine for an entire year, which one would you chose?

I made fun of Air Supply and now their songs are stuck in my head

GD has been running a sex thread for more than 17 hours.

I am going shopping for new and healthier cat and dog food . Any Suggestions?

What is the Best Zombie Movie Ever?

Save Are Country! Make English Are Offical Lanaguage!

Older DUers - Need help with song titles

OMG, it's been almost 25 years since...


Venting On Leash Law Incident In My Local Park

Mackenzie Phillips. Too much info?

Caption this!

When I was a kid I liked Wesley Crusher

So what exactly does an average "normal" woman look like?

I need decorating tips for our new house the fucking a fucking wasp.......hurts

Good news everyone, Midlo and her family have left for the OC. PARTY AT MIDLO'S HOUSE!!

IKEA flooring. what says the lounge?

How hot is your local music scene?

Best Bass player

Child is afraid of church buildings

Did anyone else watch the YANKS kick ass??

What's your favorite current crime show?

"Sydney looks good in orange"

So Jimmy Carter is appearing on Letterman tomorrow, right?

MD-Gov: First Poll of the Race Shows O'Malley Ahead

Mr. President, those generals in the 'Stan just want to get in touch with their inner Westmorelands

Obama Plans Stern Speech to World's Leaders at U.N. (WaPo)

Joe and Barnacle really don't want the President to speak to the people anymore.

PROOF Obama is nothing but a corporate whore

Our doofus media HATES it when the President bypasses their filter and goes directly to the people!

Fred Kaplan: It's Not About the Troops; Only a legitimate Afghan government can beat the Taliban

Lawmakers regrouping to seek bipartisan healthcare deal (The Hill)

Obama to world: Don't expect America to fix it all

This is who the White house is relaying on ?

All I want is the same health insurance my Congresspeople have, for the same amount that they pay!

Palin Goes To Hong Kong, Bashes Obama and US Economy. Two US delegates walk out: "it was awful."

Showdown: Senate Dems Take on Obama, Baucus Over $80 Billion PhRMA Deal

Budget Chief Contradicts Obama On Medicare Costs

Obama to Set Higher Bar For Keeping State Secrets

CNN - President Obama Promoted Multi-National Cooperation Just Like Bush?

Transportation Secretary (Republican LaHood) slams political 'trash talk'

a tax goes into a public pot. mandate for insurance buys something for YOU

correct me if I'm wrong......but I think our Prez is sportin' a moustache...seriously!

Republicans trying to use bogus arguments to delay health reform

Orszag: Health Care Reform Will Be Done in Six Weeks

President Obama must be a tough act to follow, because Khaddafy


Obama drops demand that Israel freeze settlements

Who thinks Obama' delivery was a little flat compared to his own lofty standards..

People LAUGH @ GOP Healthcare lies! In KANSAS! Video included.

Meet Cantor's 2010 Democratic challenger!

Republican can't do shit to stop Congressional action to save Americans more on drug costs

MO-Sen: Rasmussen Sees Tie


Grassley doesn't seem to think Obama is President of the entire United States

Glenn Greenwald, on the new State Secrets rule

***HEADS UP*** President Obama to address United Nations at 10:00 (ET)

Geithner urges consumer watchdog

The President is the elected representative of the entire nation to the rest of the world

The Queen of Quit, Sarah Palin, made her speech in China to mixed reviews


Next time a right winger compares Obama with Hitler, keep these minor facts in mind:

Argument for Obama getting involved in state politics

Important (to us) question: Was Letterman's top ten list cut Monday night (Obama interview)?

WH caves once again=this time on financial reform!!

"The public option is not dead" * "I am not a crook"

General Denies Rift With Obama Over Afghan Strategy

Paul Kirk may take Ted Kennedy's seat

Watchdog files Justice complaint against Rep. Mike Ross

Obama to U.N.: Drop 'reflexive anti-Americanism'

SC's Campbell announces congressional candidacy

What Faux highlighted after 90 minutes of Qaddafi's rambling (Calling Obama "our son")

Virginia Rep. Nye Gets Sixth GOP Challenger


Schilling passes on Senate bid

Bank Bailout Recipients Spent to Defeat Labor - Employee Free Choice Act (

WH to Qadhafi: "Thanks, but no Thanks on Being President Forever."

Snowe's True Colors

Obama Complained, "Jesus, I Wish They'd Stop Grabbing My Ass": New Book

Can the Market Cure Health Care?

I thought the US was against (and fighting) those who give a "safe haven" to terrorists...

Meg Whitman launches ads in campaign for governor

Remember how nasty the Pukes were to John Kerry?

How is the Obama/Baucus insurance mandate proposal not a government-approved protection racket?

Mercy for Madoff

lol Liz Cheney dosn't think the President spoke of "Freedom & Democracy" enough during UN speech.

Michelle Paterson Rips Obama: "Unfair and Inappropriate"

Watchdog seeks probe into sale of (bluedog Dem) Ross drug store

Bunning falls asleep during health care bill mark-up.

Ed Kilgore and Mike Lux on a public option, triggers and reconciliation

The great deceivers: The forces of darkness are trying to distract us from real health care reform !

Sarah Palin's CLSA US-China relations speech in Hong Kong released!

what would it take for you to actually pay $5,600 for a hamburger?

If reconciliation is such a messy undesirable procedure, how is that Republicans

First Lady of New York Seems to attack Obama for not Supporting her Husband, because he too is Black

Letterman Gets Huge Audience

Today is distort Democrats' efforts on health reform day at AP

How in the world could it be a statistical tie when it comes to which party people want to control

Repubs' big FAIL: Grassley now trying to find accomplices to try to kill health bill on Senate floor

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Baucus Bill Hearings Day 1: Heroes--Cantwell, Kerry, Nelson, Wyden. Grumpy Old Men--Republicans...

Wow, Ammo Shortage!!! These gun nuts are crazy!!!

Netanyahu reacts positively to UN address: Obama sent message to Arabs that Israel is a Jewish state

When Ahmadinejad speaks about the holocaust not being true it gets

DeMint: Obama ‘Puts Our Troops At Risk’ By Working On Health Reform

Ezra Klein: Why We Can't Have Bipartisanship In Two Easy Quotes

FREE Sarah Palin-Queen of Quit desktop for your enjoyment

Hard-Hitting White House Talking Points Blast GOP For Lying About Medicare

I think the Republic is lost

It's funny Amtrak will now allow people to have guns on the train. Peace train anyone?

"just keep wearing your Obama '08 shirt and you can have a free pass on racial politics."

Roy Blunt called the President a monkey.

Meet the "slow-learners on the Dem side" and their Repub allies: the "Seven Senate centrists"

Americans Pessimistic About War in Afghanistan (NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll)

Why won't they call it racism?

Who is this charming lad?

Governor Sanford confirms that he will not be a candidate for President

Wash Post: G20 Conference: Old, sexist traditions die hard for political wives...

The Obama Revolution: Robert Scheer: The Nation

Sen. McCain just wants to remind everbody he's still committing treason...

The Snowe Trigger - A catch-22 to kill the public health insurance option

Soooooo my niece called me and asked "...who's Gadaffi..."?

Ezra Klein: Glenn Beck Throws a Frog into Boiling Water

Under the radar President Obama advances long term prospects for peace.

Democrats Spar Among Themselves Over PhRMA Deal (NYTimes)

Check out this poll from Gallup on Obama

Sarah Palin is now an international idiot

"The Rare Political Party That Is a Movement"

Census worker hanged with 'fed' on body

Palin makes a 100K without taking her shirt off. Plus 60K for an eBay dinner.

"Gaddafi is a dictator, a very entertaining dictator."

FULL VIDEO President Obama on Letterman

C-SPAN not covering Pres. at UN? Strange....n/t

Rep. Steve (Fuc)King Says Gay Marriage is Path to Socialism

Castro praises Obama on climate

H.R. 676 (Single Payer) will get a CBO score

Latest Reich-wing propaganda: Obama was a Black Panther!

You do realize that almost all of the professional Sports Arenas are, at best,

Why the Bush Administration ‘Watergated’ Eliot Spitzer

Police Taser Amputee in Wheelchair... Twice

Harper makes donut run

Venezuela captures drug suspect wanted by US

Lawyers want to ask Kerik jurors about Giuliani

Iran arrests top woman reformist: report

EXCLUSIVE: Schakowsky Responds to Edmonds Claim, Vehemently Denies Lesbian Tryst With Turkish Agent[

San Jose council votes to ban most plastic and paper bags beginning in 2011

Cash for Clunkers, 1997 Bentley Continental R

Mackenzie Phillips: I had sex with musician dad John Phillips

Senate Democrats propose surveillance law changes

Gaddafi Tent: Bedford Orders Work To Be Stopped On Lybian Dictator's Tent At Donald Trump Estate

Brazil asks for emergency U.N. meeting on Honduras, report says

Sydney dust blanket causes highest air pollution on record

Deere union receives authority to strike

Passport-Waving Socialist Challenges London’s Power in Europe

Turlock puts 'trust in God'

Let the panda die out 'with dignity', says BBC expert Chris Packham

Stockholm cash depot hit by helicopter heist

Palin Attacks Fed on Hong Kong Visit, Wants ‘Responsible China’

Obama Is Considering Strategy Shift in Afghan War

The Republicans' Deaf Ear Is a Preexisting Condition (Republican Senator from Ky. falls asleep)

Fed: Economic activity has 'picked up'

Fed: Economic activity has 'picked up'

Continued W.Bank settlements not legitimate: Obama

India launches seven satellites

Brazil's Lula urges reform of global economy

Attorney General Holder announces limits on ’state secrets’ defense

Census worker hanged with "fed" on body

Card Defaults Surge to Record 11.49% in August, Moody’s Says

Pilot arrested over Argentina 'death flights'

Father: Iraqi perhaps slain in UK revenge attack

Press to be limited for Glenn Beck's city visit

SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica Sold?

ACORN Rule May Trap Defense Contractors in Defunding Web

FBI: U.S. CENSUS WORKER HANGED, "FED" SCRAWLED ON CHEST AP , September 23, 2009 | 5:45:34 PM (EST)

Death for Tanzania albino killers

Dog Fighting Ring Busted At Day Care In Ill.(Caution Graphic Description)

Orszag Sees Health-Care Law in Six Weeks, Praises Baucus Plan

White supremacist groups call for protests in bus attack

San Ysidro border crossing closes after shooting

Obama To U.N.: I Prohibit 'Torture' By U.S. Without Exception

President Obama to Set Higher Bar For Keeping State Secrets

Oil tumbles below $69 per barrel; supplies jump

Micheletti Willing to Meet With Zelaya to End Honduras Crisis

Effort to replace Kennedy hits snag

Castro praises Obama on climate

White House will block U.N. action against Israel

UN suspends support to Honduran electoral court; says elections there likely won't be credible

Spanish parliament rejects legalization of prostitution

Immigrants Cling to Fragile Lifeline at Safety-Net Hospital

W.H. hails Russia/Iran breakthrough

White House Pivots in Mideast Peace Bid

Zelaya Says Honduras Government Plans Embassy Attack (Update1)

Schilling opts not to run for Senate

Gadhafi Slams UN Security Council

Obama to world: Don't expect America to fix it all

EU and OAS pull ambassadors from Honduras

Secret Service Tells Bedford Cops to Protect Gadhafi

Paul Kirk Tapped For Kennedy Senate Seat

Study shows U.S. bank CEO pay dwarfs rest of world

Canada to Boycott Ahmadinejad at U.N., Unclear if U.S. Will Join

Administration Won't Seek New Detention System

Man indicted on Cracker Barrel beating

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 23

HONG KONG: Delegates walk out ‘in disgust’ at Palin speech

Cash for Clunkers, 1997 Bentley Continental R

Study: ‘Runaway’ melt on Antarctica, Greenland

At UN, Brazil's Lula demands Zelaya reinstatement

ACORN sues hidden-camera filmmakers

Census worker found with "fed" on body

Republicans ask Senate to slow down on healthcare

Seasonal flu shot may increase H1N1 risk

[California] OKs petition drive for pot legalization

Flu Nightmare: In Severe Pandemic, Officials Ponder Disconnecting Ventilators From Some Patients

House To Vote To Eliminate Medicare Premium Hikes

ANYBODY Over Age 50??? Get Ready For A Baucus 'Screwjob" On Health Care! AGE Discrimination!!!

America armed, but guns not necessarily loaded

Governor: U of Illinois president to resign

U.S. pledges to quash Goldstone recommendations

Dennis Kucinich Gives A Live Phone Address To "Mad As Hell Doctors" Event @ Minnesota State Capitol

Change Congress shames Mike Ross

The Ed Show - Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) says Mayo supports the Public Option

Mad as Hell Doctors Day 9

McCotter, Our Pharmaceutical Republican Rep In Congress

New Jersey for Health Care

William McNary at MoveOn / Healthcare For America Now Rally Chicago

Tammy Baldwin on "The Importance of Health Care Reform for the LGBT Community "

Health Care Reform Rally

Papantonio: They Hate Their Emancipated President

Breakfast with Peter Phillips of Project Censored

Young Turks: Glenn Becks' Crazy Zoo Antics From His DJ Days

The 56 Year Old Virgin

Sep 22 Sick of It Rally at United Health Care

G20 AIDS Funeral March

Protect Insurance Agencies PSA

Thom Hartmann - Dispelling the right wing's health care reform myths

Obama To U.N.: Embrace a New Era of Mutual Engagement

Bill Maher I'm Not: Letterman, Olympics and Sarah Palin

Thom Hartmann - Why Our Health Matters w/ Andrew Weil

Will Ferrell Stands Up For The Real Health Care Victims

Bachmann Coins Fox News Slogan: "The Factor" Is The Factor

Finance debates procedure

Rachel Maddow & Sam Stein SLAM Condi Rice giving Obama advice about terrorism

G20 Harassment Continues

Thom Hartmann - Is President Carter right...racism is alive and well in America?

Are the Bumblebees Next?

Bernie Sanders Holding Wall Street Accountable

Voices4Equality - Frank Reifsnyder -

New Study Finds 45,000 Uninsured Americans Die Every Year

Glenn Beck discovers 'The Story of Stuff', hilarity ensues

Carper Publicly Defends Secret PhRMA Pact; Deal Made in Exchange for Support Ads

A prominent astrologer attempts an astrological reading of actor Hugh Laurie

Senator Sanders Unfiltered: It's Still a Recession, Stupid

Is It Racist To Hate Obama? by RSU

Sen Roberts wants 72 hours for health insurance lobbyists to review bill

The Ed Show - Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) discusses his amendment and the public option

CNN Reporting On 'Blue Dog' Mike Ross' Ties To Pharmacy Chain USA Drug

Rachel Maddow presents Tom Delay on DWTS. It pisses me off to see this felon prancing around

CNBC: Haines (yes Haines) busts Wellpoint CEO, Bartiromo shills her best --2:20

Obama Uses Word 'Torture' Before U.N. Assembly

Headzup: Eric Cantor Reveals The Republican Health Care Plan

TYT Interviews: Is Capitalism The Answer To Issues In The Middle East?

Frank Scaheffer Interview - New Campaign: "Stop Domestic Terror" by VR

Young Turks: Cops Busted For Playing Wii

Rachel Maddow's Pizza Parable on trying to get the GOP to do healthcare

Denouncing Hatred: Conservatives Appalled At Glenn Beck

Traficant on Hardball:

Glenn Beck KILLS frog on his show, then tries to cover it up! Go get him PETA!

FLASHBACK: Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann fan flames of fear over US Census (VIDEO from June 2009)

George Carlin~ They own you......

Ron Paul pretends to fight corporations and bashes health care reform

Sweet Video Being Passed Around As Proof Of Indoctrination

The Origin Of Stupidity

President Obama is exploring

Has A MERShole Opened Up?

So What About Credit Risk, Bernanke?

5 Things the Corporate Media Don't Want You to Know About Cannabis

Republicans Invented the Race Card


Pressure Intensifies on Justice Department in Siegelman Case

More Crazy Gringos : Joe Wilson, Newt Gingrich and Yes, More Lou Dobbs

Seven Million Hondurans Under House Arrest as Micheletti Writes of "Democracy"

How the Cold War was won... by the French

The Right's Middle-Finger spirit of contrarianism - Garrison Keillor

‘Nice 67 y.o. male' has brush with mortality - Garrison Keillor

Health Net workers get aid as jobs are exported

Perhaps Curt Schilling Didn’t Want to Associate with GOP Whackjobs?

Afghan Pivot? Obama to Replace Gen. McChyrstal with Billy Crystal

Will Michael Moore's Capitalism Be A Game Changer?

Mass. Governor Appoints Dukakis' Tank to Senate Seat

Jews in Westchester Seek Freeze of Gaddafi Settlement

The Republicans' Deaf Ear Is a Preexisting Condition (Republican Senator from Ky. falls asleep)

understanding the state of our current health care system: Experts compared to general public.

Gay Boys in Oil City

ACORN: The Most Cost-Effective Investment the Government (and Foundations) Have Ever Made

No Country for Sick Men

Voting machine monopoly seen in Florida

Democracy is dead ... lobbyists rule America

Watch That Thesis! (FOMC Announcement)

Can Obama Help Forge A Global Consensus for Deep Economic Change?

GOP Already Goes After Paul Kirk, JFK Librarian, With Library Cop

Why nations rich in oil are often plagued by poverty and corruption.

"Saving the Obama Revolution".........Robert Scheer

Why won't they call it racism?

Smart Grid Project Cuts Electricity Usage 20%

David Cay Johnston: GOP Favors Public Option for Property, Not People

Hell and High Water hits Georgia

PFAW: Why Are GOP Officials Embracing Extremists at Upcoming ‘How to Take Back America’ Conference?

Rep. Mike Ross, Opponent of Public Option, Raises Eyebrows

New Report Shows Schools Increasingly Hiring Foreign Teachers Over Americans

Mexico: the Model Country for Today's Republicans

Israel and the Trouble With International Law

GOP Rushes To Defend Insurance Companies From Dem Attack

"Is there something wrong with majority rules? I don't think so."

You're insured? but are you covered? ...USA Today

Siegleman facing MORE YEARS IN PRISON while Obama admin stands mute.

NFL, the Mafia and fixed games - Pat Sajak Show

Drumbeat: September 23, 2009

Dust storm envelopes south Australia

Panda extinction discussions

Colombia Expected To Lose All Andean Glaciers In 25 Years - Reuters

Community Organizations step in to save Florida Panther

Record Levels Of Toxic Cyanobacteria In Racoon River Force Des Moines To Turn Elsewhere For Water

Dust storm covers Sydney in red

BC Forestry Minister Pronounces Pine Beetle Epidemic Over - Beetles Have Run Out Of Trees To Eat

Please delete......dupe

Along With Burmese Species, African Rock Pythons Becoming Established In W. Miami-Dade

Nature News: Climate summit fails to address key challenges

The Nation: Climate Change: Off the G-20 Agenda?

'Green' roofs may help put lid on global warming

Carl Pope: Water, Water, Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink

Let pandas die out, says noted naturalist

PG&E Quits US Chamber Of Commerce Over Climate Stance - NYT

Are Chinese emissions pledges a game changer for Senate action?

Multidrug-Resistant Staph Found on Puget Sound Beaches

Speaking of triage, I hope we can even save the plankton.

Austin Climate Law Hearing Highlights: Rick Perry, Heritage Foundation, Refiners, Manufacturers

NASA Study Shows Greenland, Antarctic Melt Accelerating Rapidly - Some Ice Sheets Already In Runaway

Silicon Valley reinvents the lowly brick

Electric Vehicles or Compressed Air Vehicles?

Senator David Vitter of Katrina-ravaged Louisiana tries to block climate change response centers

Jessie Brown, Hope it ends well.

Disgruntled football fan asks Oregon Coach for refund -- and gets it

Islanders staying on Long Island? Not looking good at all

Predictions: How far will the Rox go in the playoffs

Dodgers score 2 TDs against Natinals!

Saudi Arabia's Team tickets are the most expensive in professional sports

NFL Power Rankings

Kolzig retires after 14 NHL seasons

So umm about Ochocinco's Lambeau leap

Giants win the pennant! Giants win the pennant!

The state of Florida is 0-6 in the NFL, and the state of New Jersey is 4-0.

Schilling Won't Run for Kennedy's Seat in Senate

Bobby Cox to retire after 2010

If Zack Greinke doesn't win the AL Cy Young, I'm gonna start smokin crack.

LOL, does Russian Billionaire have a name?

HONDURAN NATIONAL RESISTANCE Running Updates for September 23Rd

The One-Sided War on the Streets of Honduras

The Miami Herald prints an op/ed by Micheletti.

Cubans tell of capture and torture on Mexican journey (tortured by Miami Cubans)

Pilot arrested over Argentina 'death flights'

UN suspends support to Honduran electoral court; says elections there likely won't be credible

U.S. Soccer Match May Be Moved From Honduras

What Some US Reporters Don't Get About Brazil and the Honduras Crisis

Two amazing videos about Honduras from Real News.

This piece of spin is so bad, it's good. (CSM)

EU and OAS pull ambassadors from Honduras

Magbana: Honduras Update (9/22, 11PM edt): Insurrection, UN Security Council, One More Dead

Hialeah a hot spot of uninsured. (Highest level in state)

How to reduce violence in the big cities...

CBS - Ammo Companies Can't Keep Up With Demand

Vacaville toddler fatally shot by boy playing with gun

Wow, Ammo Shortage!!! These gun nuts are crazy!!!

Egypt minister says 'world's Jews' cost him top UNESCO post

Obama says settlement building illegitimate

US drops demand for settlement freeze after tripartite meeting

Should I sell some guns now to buy a guitar? Guitar prices - used and vintage -

Here is a BIG reason why we need organized labor

It's Impossible to Start a Union and Organize Workers - Its all Bull

The Social Service System is Almost Completely Privatized - corporate welfare

Photo taken by a friend of a friend ... I wish I'd taken.

So that's what hiking in Italy can look like

In for a Penny...

Flew to Amsterdam yesterday

Satellite to begin gravity quest

How far could you travel in a spaceship?

Three Separate Spacecraft Have Detected Significant Water On the Moon

Black holes may devour stars from the inside

Thirsty Bat!

ISS: The real work up there can begin

Anti-gay leader Michael Heath resigns from Maine Family Policy Council

Must watch video in video forum

Nightclub Guard Killed In Hit-And-Run - Man Struck In Midtown Sacramento

It’s Not a Gay Thing... Why the debate over same-sex marriage misses the point

Happy Bisexual Pride Day!

Prosecutors Seek 'Maximum' Term in Assault Outside Gay Bar

How Quantum Probability Theory Could Explain Your Logical Fallacies

Coming Out in Middle School

Did anyone catch that new show "Modern family"

Time to junk AIG

Time to junk AIG

Buffet's Big Bet on Goldman Reaps huge payoff

Zombie stocks: Speculators gamble in shares of dead co.

Delayed Foreclosures Stalk Market

GM senior preferred stock holders, any news? Are we totally finished off?

Happiness, Sustainability, and Economic Success (GDP Reform)

Self-Employed Workers Are Happy Workers

Paul Craig Roberts: The Economy is a Lie, Too

You Are More Powerful Than You Know

Are Your Needs Being Served? - Uriel Heals

Spiritual Stimulation

New Way To Calculate Body's 'Maximum Weight Limit'

Heat helps in cancer treatment

Six Percent Increase in English Hospital Mortality Rates In August With New Interns

Any sources or links?

Sleeping less than seven hours a night triples the likelihood of getting a cold

ATREYU found....? No way!

The rest of the story.....

Turlock puts 'trust in God'

Meet k-rina, who goes where angels fear to tread

The War on Halloween will not be won by a round of todger honking

Analysis: Blocking the truth behind the Gaza war

Too Much Joy - fun song from days past

Is there a pumpkin shortage in your area?

The Canadian doughnut invasion has begun.

Dallas Corruption trial goes to jury