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The ONE Question Every Republican In Amurika Needs To Be Asked By The Media:

-- FBI agents arrest Najibullah Zazi, a Colorado resident recently questioned about an alleged U.S.

So, is it Nixon/Watergate...payback to Carter...payback to Clinton...

The ball is in Congress' court now

I Challenge James O'Keefe & Hannah Giles to show ALL the video footage they shot...

Panama Teens Discover Alien-Like Creature (with video)

Using my turn signal is Socialism. So I'm refusing on to use it on moral grounds.

Why The Fuck did Time Magazine put Beck on the Cover?

Is the liberal urban America destined to eclipse the rural conservative part of America?

Fucking Camille Paglia: ‘Birthers’ Aren’t Racist, and They Have a Point

Open Letter to John Edwards

Modesto Bee: Stanislaus County inmate hit by Taser dies (third Taser death at jail in 5 months)

obama challenges the lock of ME crisis. and again, without europe to support

Is there anything like a "Defend Acorn" website?

Is it just me or do some of tonight's OP's sound more like "Penthouse Forum" than DU?

The importance of keeping your post short.

Values Voters Summit - They Picked Huckabee

If Netanyahu Wants To Expand Isreal's Borders, Why Should We Help Him?

Was in Borders tonight and there was a display of Obama themed books and magazines.

VERY General Discussion

Fox News, please define "highly rated." Or, would Chris Wallace like some cheese with that whine?

FAUX News: Comically Unfair and Unbalanced

Go see "The Informant" - ACORN vs. ADM...

Guilt and Fear Combo

Denial is a river that runs through our financial system.

I'm begining to like Dylan Ratigan a lot

Princeton researcher Alan Krueger concludes that public opinion is a predictor of terrorist activity

US Christian conservatives 'defiant'

Pre-Existing Health "Conditions" --

Dick Armey

The Republican Health Care Reform Plan

Baby Formula aggressively & Illegally Marketed in Viet Nam, exclusive breast feed rate down to 17%

Handy list w/contact info - 14 Dem Senators Who are "Wavering" on HC

Acne, Pregnancy Among Disqualifying Conditions

Steele frames NY Gov flap in racial terms.

FDA approves Depressant Drug for the Annoyingly Cheerful

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is our #1 enemy.

Wille Nelson's Gay Cowboy Song

Roy Blunt (R-MO) Suggests Obama & Democrats Are Like Monkeys on a Golf Course (video)

The Four Legged Stool

Just a really stupid question,but it is raining and I am bored

I'm sure its been posted but its worth repeating: Howard Dean on Baucus bill:

Being born a conservative at heart leads to;

The GOP Healtcare Reform Solution Sandwich:

The GOP Healtcare Reform Solution Sandwich:

Evolution Denier Mike Huckabee Wins Republican "Values Voter" Straw Poll

newest GOP talking point, Tampon Tax

Army Officer Who Said Blacks Were Better Off as Slaves Promoted with Obama's Blessing

I'm watching dances with rove this morning

Wilson/Taitz 2012?

I purchased a copy of Atlas Shrugged...

Dem leaders mull another Nov. recess

Puke alert: Rumors are flying that Rush is returning to TV

Which "roundtable" on cable news do you watch the most?

Not just ACORN:O'Keefe previously taped distribution of "good wife's guide" to women's studies class

Not just ACORN:O'Keefe previously taped distribution of "good wife's guide" to women's studies class

Capuano announces bid for Kennedy seat

Truman on the GOP and Democrats: He was right then and his words ring true today

Health reform's 'gang of 6' reaps political cash

U. of C. researcher dies after exposure to plague bacteria

Gov. Patrick: Obama discussed Kennedy replacement

Gov. Patrick: Obama discussed Kennedy replacement

Kick that Baucus Outta the Caucus!

Kick that Baucus Outta the Caucus!

Our 'liberal' media at it again: Romney taunts Democrats with memories of Carter

Judge-Prosecutor Affair, but No New Trial in Texas Death Penalty Case

5 children, woman found dead in Fla. apartment , husband boarded flight to Haiti

‘The easiest way to get 15 minutes of fame is to be rude to somebody,” president says

Why Are Conservatives Angry? Because Keeping Conservatives Angry Makes Fox News Rich

Noonan: Obama a "boor", but "segregated bus" limbaugh is charming

Oooh. Big bagger announcement coming Monday...

Linseed Graham ridicules our Pres on MTP - "He's been on everything but the Food Channel"

How to get rich by peddling crap

Joe Wilson Election: Chances Damaged By Outburst

CNN declares war on Fux

CNN declares war on Fux

What do all these Republicans have in common?

Sociopaths, are the nexus between racists, and CEO's

Vermont's long battle with WalMart

It was in the name of the Lord....

You have to admit: Orly Taitz is a dream of a political enemy

Congressman to unveil cemetery legislation

Things you must believe if you want to be a conservative today

Obama and unions still working it out

Just listened to Ben "Bueller" Stein on CBS....

Labor *IS* Capital. nt

Teabaggers turn violent; Joe the Plumber-Contractor in a fight?

"The Lie Machine: The Plot to Kill Health Care Reform"-Guess who was the tobacco stooge in 1993

OMG McDonalds shifting toward quality food at an affordable price

Would DUers please explain to me how the makers of

Glen Beck at Safeco Field too? WTF!?!?!

Somebody get the plunger! The terlet's overflowing...


How's Obama Doing on Gulf Coast Recovery?

BOA, WellsFargo, Chase now originate 52% of all loans

BECKwash Brigade = Freepers and Tea Baggers...

So how many turned the channel after Pres. Obama spoke on MTP?

Obama favors investigation into ACORN's activities

Kefir is soothing to your stomach and intestinal tract

Noonan chastises Obama: "a boor", "not being a good house Negro"

How many ACORN workers called the police after talking to the conservative scammers?

If we want liberal governmental programs, we need more liberal political ideology in the USA

Heads up Richard Trumka speaking on C-Span n/t

Tell-all book says Bush made cracks at McCain

Report: ‘Death panels’ author worked with big tobacco to scuttle health reform

Republicans: We want our President to be cloistered in the White House!

Want to read all about it online? It may cost you

On the tenth anniversary of the publication of "Dow 36,000"

Bill Moyers is delivering a Gem this a.m.

New Deadly Mosquito-borne Disease Heading for the U.S.

Time bomb set for 2010, average option ARM borrowers owe 126% of home value

AFL-CIO aims to bring young people into unions

George W. Bush merged the worst of two worlds

Every time I try to open Liberal In LA's "Have you ever called 9-11" OP

Toon: A simple test

Loan hysteria: The GOP's fear-mongering moves to student aid!

On Univision - Obama says public option still on the table

E-mail from Al Franken about his wife Franni (40th anniversary)

St. Vincent de Paul Card $30 Charge -- UPDATE

The Three Laws of Republican Hypocrisy

Obama sticks to his guns on CIA torture probe (YIPPPEEEEEE!!!)

David Letterman will Have Bill Clinton & Obama on this Week. Leno Gets Rush Limbaugh

Can you empathize for the other side?

McConnell: Reconciliation on health bill will provoke 'very severe reaction'

NASA Explains Odd Light Flash Over Philadelphia

Video: Old, cheap drug shows great promise in shrinking cancer turmors

Road signs of evil construction: What we see, what they see

Direct TV took off Versus Channel because they think it is an "infomercial" channel! - What is Fox?

Show and Tell Gets Gunman in Trouble

Right Now! TMC Playing A Face in the Crowd

(Remember?) Fieldcrest-Cannon Corporation and Pillowtex Corporation (Killed by Walmart 1997)

Insurance denials pain for all

No Congressional Funding for Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana Levee

Forget Obama being racist toward Whites. Now he's racist toward Blacks!

The bill to restore funding to domestic violence shelters in calif failed

Commentary: America on a collision course

Chris Britt in the State Journal Register is becoming my favorite cartoonist: ACORN

Has anyone tried to track down the "Get a brain, Morans" guy

another Ben Stein lol opinion

What if this were about legislating a public education option instead of a public health one?

Mississippi's Misplaced Priorities Hamper Katrina Recovery

Joe Wilson Voted To Provide Taxpayer Money For Illegal Immigrants' Healthcare

The conservatives love their Medicare....

Detroit Free Press: State seeks $830 million to upgrade rails

GOP plan (H.R. 3356): "Sorry, Granny. If you want that operation you need to OPT OUT of Medicare."

OMFG! We Have An SNL "Orly Taitz" Player!!!

Ex Kentucky Gov. Nunn accused murder-suspect son of abuse

Why couldn't we have done a "Cash for Clunkers" type program directly for jobs

When the republiCONS say American People...

LAT: Republicans rally against charges of racism

Just gotta say....that there is a musician in my neighborhood.....don't know

"Cut Taxes. Save Jobs. Freedom Isn't FREE."

US might have been involved in 2002 Chavez coup: Carter

can we have our flag back?

By going out for a nice pizza we avoided two frauds


Panel Set To Recommend Calif. Tax Overhaul / California Tax Proposals At A Glance

That Chimp flipped the coin at the Cowboys/Giants game in Dallas

If YOU Are Going To San Francisco... On Or About Octodber 25th...

Happy Birthday Guinness. The Black Stuff At 250

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah Sarah Silverman is wearing a Hitler

"Selling Health care".. WTF is wrong with our media?

One of the best interview / background shows on TV: Fareed Kakaria (CNN). Today - Pres. Medvedev

Family Values!

Melinda Gopher: Misplaced Loyalties in Montana

Anyone notice what is going on with the Baucus Plan roll out?

Anyone have a link debunking "loopholes"?

I was in the checkout line today. I decided to stare at the people

In South Florida: Cuban Neo-Cons gathering to protest Juanes "Peace without borders" concert in Cuba

What reason could anyone have to care about someone else talking about them?

"A Face in the Crowd" on TCM. What a great film.

I've seen two "Capitalism: A Love Story" commercials in the last hour......


If you didn't see this article on health care in Newsweek last week,

Patience and Wisdom

Fox News Producer Caught Rallying 9/12 Protest Crowd In Behind-The-Scenes Video

Rep. Grijalva (D-Ariz.): : Medical Security Is The Name Of The Game

pResident Idiot is at Texas Stadium next to John Madden

It's a really bad idea to make it mandatory and require people to buy into health insurance.

Welcome to the Death Panel - The Mudflats

Sports fatcats (Cowboys) kissed Shrub-ass, so I'm watching the Emmys

GOP shill Mark McKinnon thinks President Obama "fears" Glenn Beck

Need tv watching help for emmy's tonight - no tv - any suggestions

WH:"We figured Fox would rather show So You Think You Can Dance than broadcast an honest discussion"

In pictures: Cuban peace concert

Remember John and Alice Martin?

The Age of Stupid - Mon. Sept 21st @ 6:30

And now for something completely.. umm.. different: Classical Muddley, The Portsmouth Symphonia

T -Mobile to start billing you for receiving their bills

ACLU Condemns Former CIA Directors' Attempt To Derail Justice Department Investigation Into Torture

Protests and marches have started at the G20 ! March for Jobs, Healthcare. in Pittsburg

Hundreds attend rally for fired Hyatt housekeepers

That which is mandated must be provided

Single Payer and the 'Slacker Liberals'

Economic recovery with continued job losses?

Priest criticizes Bishop for opposition to health-care reform


What Does News Corp (Fox News) Own or Control? What Is The Reach of Rupert Murdoch?

Rolling Stone Finds A Smoking Gun: Betsy McCaughey Lied About Healthcare Reform For Tobacco Lobby

Obey THE LAW- Ripping people off left and right is not a crime

I just heard what happens to Green Party petitioners in Chicago on WCPT.

this is unnerving - Arctic Geese Skip Migration

What mental illness does Orly Taitz have?

Mandatory private insurance--the biggest conceivable anti-stimulus policy possible

The ACORN Kids - Starring in a BIG PIC!

Best revenge for ACORN entrapment: video camera+mens room+Repub pol+someone in tap shoes

I just dreamed the President died.

This just in from my Blackfoot friend. ( Flu Vaccinations and meds in Canada)

New FEMA story...Camp Greyhound

Has anyone used hypnosis to quit smoking.

Rigid views of US religious right toward sexual behavior are being noticed worldwide.

Chocolate, Whiskey and More at the Union Store

Death becomes them: Health care debate suggests the nation suffers from delusions of invincibility

Cover Up For God And Country


Your Sunday Morning crazy: Mary Matalin "Bill Clinton arguably had a more authentic black American

Project ‘Gaydar’ MIT, experiment identifies which students are gay, raising questions about privacy

The United State was always " A Grand Experiment"

Poll: Regarding Health Coverage, What in your opinion is Affordable?

US might have been involved in 2002 Chavez coup: Carter

O'Keefe said he went after ACORN because it registers minorities likely to vote against Republicans

Cheney: “Deficits don’t matter”

Wow, I'm a television pundit!

Go ahead, Brits, laugh

Anti-Healthcare Rally in Milwaukee Turns Violent!

Jason Linkins on Glenn Beck's Time cover (warning: graphic image)

Jason Linkins on Glenn Beck's Time cover (warning: graphic image)

A friend of mine: "The GOP is made up of smart rich people and stupid poor people."

An interesting thing today. Conservatives, healthcare.

Paul Krugman:Reform or Bust

If "life" is so precious to conservatives...

Beck couldn't find his ass with both hands.

People on the left often make a fundamental error in thinking about the right.

Gay Marriage Is Fading as 'Values' Focal Point

Teabaggers - Moran Collection

Teabaggers - Moran Collection

CNN is not Conservative - they are a business

change - Barack Obama ready to slash US nuclear arsenal

"Young, relatively inexperienced" Fox News associate producer caught on film rallying 9/12 crowd

Minn. Health Care experts to examine German Health Care System

Mandatory Paid Maternity Leave - In every country but the US

"Due to the high cost of medical services in the United States, it is mandatory that you have..."

Chart Of The Day From Mother Jones: Republican Party Just Flat Dead Everywhere Outside South

Have you ever regretted a 911 call on your behalf or cancelled one?

ACORN Sting Videographer, James O'Keefe, has been accused of Dishonest Editing in the Past.

All the "Moran" signs in one location

Does Tucker Max promote a "culture of rape"?

Reader to Hyatt Hotels: "Shame on you" for outsourcing housekeepers

The global jobs crisis

I love the fact that Keith Olbermann does football,and Rush doesn't.

For anyone who would stoop to defend Faux News' right to free speech and a Halloween costume idea:

Obama on "This Week"- "My critics would say that THE plan is just THE WRONG ONE" / Hey- he's talking

umm...OK so who lets criminally insane killers go to the county fair on a field trip?

Regarding John Edwards: stop it. Just stop it.

Watching the Emmys tonight highlights just how far broadcast TV has fallen

In light of O'Keefe's real reason for going after ACORN, you should remember Vernon Dahmer

Do you not find what the President said disturbing?

What No One Is Telling You: 100,000,000 Americans Already Use Government Health Care

Al Gore should have won comfortably in 2000, enough so that Bush couldn't steal the election...

CIA Expanding Presence in Afghanistan- AMONG LARGEST CIA STATION IN HISTORY

The challenge of financial re-regulation is that there NEVER WAS deregulation

Dem's asking Patterson not to run isn't a message of confidence or

Unity-hispanic Juanes pulls off peace concert in Cuba, braves chip-on-shoulder "activists"!1

Orly Taitz to Continue Battle with Judge Land

The history channel and nostradamus

What a great day!

Are people getting meaner and angrier?

Shoe thrower shot by US troops dies

Surface Area Required To Power The World Using Only Solar Power

New Details: Dog Attack Victim Could Lose Leg (takes action to stop a Pit Bull from attacking a boy)

"I don't understand you Americans."

"I don't understand you Americans."

10 Most Faudulent Ideas Being Sold to America

Neil Armstrong not worthy of Texas Textbooks?

Karl Rove's dirtiest smear yet -- Potential Obama VP beat his first wife..

What Can Individuals Do to Oppose Warfare State?

Have We Got a Deal for You: Take a Look at Union-Made Vehicles

Affordable mandated private insurance - the BIG lie - A look at the actual numbers on a MA site

No wonder republicans are so obsessed with ACORN......

Poster/bumper sticker idea: If you don't believe in evolution...

... & Mary

How many of you use algebra in your current job?

Childbirth and 8 days hospital stay for my wife & kid was about $2,000, what's the cost in America?

Farmers sell wives after crops fail

Michael Moore: GM Banned Me From Premiere - Screening Goes On Without Moore Present

If being disgusted by gay sex makes one homophobic...

O'Keefe & Giles hide from media as false claims about Acorn are exposed!

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ABC's coverage of Texas vs. Texas Tech was for shit!

Loretta Lynn Jack White "Portland, Oregon"

The Pointer Sisters: Fire - Live on Midnight Special 1979

BOB SEGER - Sunspot Baby

Meaningless confession time!

I'm drunk and

Bob Seger, please create an Alien Hoo Hah group

Skinner, I implore you to create an Alien Rickshaw group?

Naked breakfast porkchops

I spent today a work, at the work site taking care of a major mess someone else made.

Chat room show

My Sunday paper stinks!

is there a site that tracks official '(fill in the blank) days'.

Damn, now I am going to have to watch all the Lost episodes.

Augmented Reality Pool

Dire Straits - So Far Away

i dont like ham

Automated delusion.

A what on a bicycle?



Pain Killers by Jerry Stahl

Oh says Red Molly to James "That's a fine motorbike....

Seeking lawn term relationship?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/20/09

"Because we separate, like ripples on a blank shore."

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones - Big Country

The atonal synth solo on "Mass Production"

Grandma Vs The Crusher Reverend Billy C Wirtz

Yes, this is for you!


I'm getting a promotion at work!

Probably the first time I've posted this song while sober...

It's a good day for the Grateful Dead...

Joan Armatrading - (I Love It When You) Call Me Names


The Dylan Thomas Do Not Go Gentle Test. Do you pass or fail?

A backwoods boy who rears a cub to an 9 ft tall grizzly

Southern Culture on the Skids 8 Piece Box & Run Chicken Run

Fish eggs and ham!

Pavement Reunion Confirmed for 2010

Why would Robb say everything is not about me?

Cursive screaming is a fading skill, but so what?

If you want to read about vampires read They Thirst. by Bob MaCammon

LMAO!!!! Glenn Beck's new "book" is called "Arguing With Idiots"

Green Eggs and SPAM

My momma talkin' to me tryin' to tell me how to live ...

20 most bizarre Craigslist adverts of all time

You can DO IT Tom Brady!!!

Congratulations BlooInBloo! 50,000 posts!

Congratulations Avalux! 25,000 posts!

Congratulations ProSense! 45,000 posts!

Congratulations blondeatlast! 45,000 posts!

The importance of keeping your post short.

I love you, Sarah Silverman!

Aldi has French tarts for $5

Our local state university has a new 'spirit' song: Cowboys4ever

Has Anyone Here Ever Had Dermabrassion Done?

I found a half drunk bottle of water under my bed

SoxFan's Adventures In Television Punditry

Transferring 8mm Film to DVD. Need Advice!


I havn't been in the lounge for a bit.

Going to be fun watching the Bungles lose...

A thread for all the monkey lovers out there

need votes for my fave charity. i'm not too proud to beg...

Congratulations WinkyDink! 20,000 posts!

Being "like a brother" is the shittiest thing ever...

The History Channel is determined to show straight shit this whole weekend.


Damn, that woman standing behind Tina Fey looks like an Ommpa Loompa...

Congratulations Odin2005! 15,000 posts!

Help. I disabled "images" and can't get them back. Ideas? Is it bec. I'm on a Mac?

I found a half drunk carton of milk under my bed.

Thread titles which

Just watched "Cradle Will Rock" prompted by Glenn Beck's recent Rockefeller Center rants

Coffee appreciation thread.

Life can change in a hurry

Is it not silly to use an apostrophe when you write "cause" instead of "because"

I saw Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs last night...

Most cynical genre of music

Michael Emerson wins Emmy for Best Supporting Actor!

The Name of the Game

How did the Philadelphia Eaglets do this afternoon??

I don't know about you but Neil Patrick Harris needs to host EVERY awards show

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Pop Tart For Your Soul Edition

Fresh figs and ham!

Do you facebook?

Perversion for Profit!

Who is dying to see HOUSE?

LADIES this is for YOU...(OMG)

Cursive writing is fading skill, but so what?

Marshall Tucker Band / This Ol' Cowboy

Pears! (pic heavy)

Bengals Win!

* * * * Weekly appliance appreciation thread -- stove -- * * * *

When does LOST start?

I see the Mac People are lying and distorting the truth again. Maybe they should join with Fox...

If you are on FB, do you play any of the FB games? Like Farmville or Mafia Wars?


Man to 911: bar won't serve me


I'm going to NYC!!! (first time)

What is the purpose of non alcoholic beer?

Whos your favorite Star Trek alien?

If you like 3 chord power punk pop with a sense of humor-

Anorexia is a horrible thing.

Is it better to look dead broke on your FAFSA?

Canada won't let you in with a DUI

Bread (the band)

Mad Men

1. "It's not always about you."

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Mitch McConnell//GOP leadership

A view of the wicked attacking the just.

Dave wasn't a good employee.

Curd May Run In U.S. House Race

O'Brien Preps For Primary Against Kanjorski

Alex Witt is worried about the President's exposure and if he's got too much on his plate.

VA-Gov: Two Polls Show Deeds Closing In, One Doesn't

Has anyone ventured over to FReeperland to see how

President Obama On Face The Nation: I Haven't 'Promised Too Much' On Health Care

Obama Said to Request That Paterson Drop Campaign

President Obama Defends Health Care, refuses to halt CIA probe

Corporate Media Gave The GOP A Free Pass On False Claims That Reform Must Result In Higher Taxes

Andrew Sullivan: Unleashing a race war on President Barack Obama

New privacy warnings on WH social media pages


The objective of the Right Wing Propagandists is Obama's assassination.

Article about H1N1 but applies to HCR - "humans actually fear uncertainty more than physical pain"

Delete; sorry...I guess this had already gotten enough attention.

Obama on Afghanistan

The only thing Gov. Patterson did wrong in the state of NY was be black

Whaaa! Promised one-on-one time with Obama hard to come by for GOP

One year ago today...

Dear President Obama,

And As Of Last Saturday....

President Obama's Interviews - Who Was The Best Interviewer? The Worst?

Fox New's Chris Wallace Gave Totally Softball Questions To The President!

Should the U.S. stop torture investigations?

Who is the biggest 'gift that keeps on giving' in 2009 to the progessive movement?

Want to talk about Race? Welcome to the Afrosphere

Coincidence? WSJ (Owned By Rupert Murdoch) Complains About FCC Media Ownership Restrictions

Boner is a Dickhead

Somebody tackle the drunk in the middle of the field!

Look what insanity I stumbled across on the Intertubes

Michael Steele: "I found that to be stunning that the White House would send word to 1 of only 2

God I hate David Gregory nm

White House: "Fox is an ideological outlet...not that whining particularly stengthens their case..."

You Know, Under Stephanopoulos's Logic, The Speed Limit Is A Type of Tax

Four public option admendments offered to Baucus bill

Obama 'Skeptical' About More Troops

Senator doesn't expect health care vote this year

It's time to face the fact that our Democratic majorities count includes fake Democrats

In autumn of America's discontent, Obama's race emerges as an issue

RepubliCONS say we are spending too much money do you think that..

Actress/dancer Victoria Rowell at the Emmys

There once was a lawyer named Orly who practiced her legal skills poorly

There once was a lawyer named Orly who practiced her legal skills poorly

I hate the GOP "Born Again Deficit Haters"

Media Overexposes 'Obama Is Overexposed' Complaint

Obama Schools Stephanopoulos on Individual Mandates

Peggy Noonan in rare form on ABC: Obama is "boorish" and "too in your face"

What Will Be The Straw That Breaks The Camel's Back & We See President Obama Get Really Pissed Off..

Should Obama, et al. really be dictating who can run for GOV in NYS?

Obama on the public option: ‘I absolutely do not believe that it’s dead.’

"a deep-seated hatred for white people"

Obama's worldwide Star Power finds Limits

Obama Asks Paterson to Quit New York Governor's Race

Acne, Pregnancy Among Disqualifying Conditions

Health reform's 'gang of 6' reaps political cash

FBI stop men with guns at terror suspect's apartment complex

Can Homer Simpson solve the Mideast conflict?

Report: ‘Death panels’ author worked with big tobacco to scuttle health reform

U.S. conservative Christians target 16 Democrats

Paterson Says He Will Run, Rejecting Call From Obama

Moore Screens Film for Fundraiser

(Colorado) 3 arrested for false statements in terror probe

Obama: Family 'will stand in line like everybody else' for vaccine

Judge: HI man accused in fire must quit smoking

Obama: Economy probably won't produce enough jobs until 2010

Obama's media blitz: The public option absolutely is not dead

Havana gears up for huge concert

Number of failed US banks hits 94

Cubans Flock to Iconic Plaza for 'Peace Concert'

Cuban 'Peace' concert riles some exiles

Obama refuses to stop torture investigations

Clegg: Hit the rich with a new tax on big homes (UK)

Escaped insane killer arrested in Washington

Swine flu 'could kill millions unless rich nations give £900m'

Democrats Target Bank Overdraft Charges

Barack Obama ready to slash US nuclear arsenal

Hormone therapy nearly doubles risk of death from lung cancer, study says

Obama: Health insurance mandate no tax increase

Obama favors investigation into ACORN's activities

Mad ad Hell Doctors Tour

VoterValuesSummit - Lila Rose Says Abortions Ought To Be Done In Public

Billionaires For Wealthcare Honor "Americans For Prosperity" & Donate Big Money!

Stormtroopers Reflect on 9/11

Obama On CBS: "Rambunctious" Outbursts Are "Catnip To The Media"

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

TYT: 09/18/09 - German Sex Doll

The Week In Cartoons 09/12/09

Rinku Sen How She Confronts Post Racialism Netroots Nation 2009

MAHD Day 7 Denver Fear of Government

How Weed Won the West -- Official Trailer #1

Young Turks Episode 9/17/09: Obama, O'Reilly, Health Care, Pot...

Keith Olbermann-- Worst Person, September 17, 2009

Boom boom boom.....

Behind The Scenes Video At 9/12 Protest Shows Faux News Producer Coaching Crowd

Obama knocks down Stephanopoulos's stupid claim that an insurance mandate is a tax increase

Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent 1 of 9

Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent 1 of 9

Rep. Mike Quigley on Afghanistan: "Has the people's House gone on autopilot?"

Councilman Foster endorsed by Glen Beck!!

Richard Feynman on doubt,uncertainty and religion

President Obama on Meet the Press

Michael Moore Rallies the Troops in San Francisco's Financial District

Michael Moore Takes Audience Questions After 'Capitalism: A Love Story'

David Swanson at Benefit for Under the Hood Cafe

Carter: Chavez Becoming Authoritarian

CAUTION: Monetary System Collapse

Boehner About To Get Kicked Out of the Teabagger Club - Admits Obama Isn't A Socialist

Rachel Maddow : The South Dying for Health Care

The Return of McCarthyism

CNN's Howard Kurtz Slams Faux News Over Producer "Whipping Up The Crowd" At 9/12 Protest

Bill O'Reilly shouts down Jeremy Glick who lost his father on 9/11


Cindy Sheehan at Benefit for Under the Hood Cafe

Human Countdown: A Climate Wake-Up Call

CNN: Obama Refuses To Halt CIA Torture Investigation - "No-one Is Above The Law"

Celente: Revolution next for U.S.

Michael Moore on WXYZ-ABC Detroit - 'Would Jesus Sell Derivatives on Wall St.?'

Howard Kurtz: Fox News Choreographed Tea Paty Coverage

Teabaggers Untie

Young Turks: Wolf Blitzer's Epic Fail on Jeopardy!!!

TYT Interviews: Ret. Police Chief Makes Case For Legalizing Marijuna (w/ New #'s)

Gerald Celente: Obamageddon is coming!

We've got get ourselves back to the garden.....oh, our once hopeful nation.....

Romney taunts Democrats with memories of Carter


Obama's worldwide Star Power finds Limits

Washington's selective deficit disorder

Washington is a war capital, and the United States is a war state

GOP Recruits Seinfeld's 'Kramer' for Further ACORN Investigations

Obama Does 'The Full Colbert' – Interviews Himself!

Real Men Tax Gas

The Health Insurers Have Already Won

Breaking on Sunday Night Football : Obama Takes Over Dallas Cowboys’ Giant Jumbotron

The Nightmare of Christianity (Holy Moly!)

Civility protects everyone's right to expression

Obama as organizer

The World is Ending Monday

Can Homer Simpson solve the Mideast conflict?

Chicago Trib columnist Steve Chapman: Race and opposition to Obama

We will be FORCED to buy health insurance?

U.S. subsidises fossil fuels 2.5x more than renewables

World's river deltas (24 of 33) sinking due to human activity, says new study led by CU-Boulder

The Observer: UN plans 'shock therapy' for world leaders on environment

NY Times: No Climate Change Leader as Nations Meet

(Australian Prime Minister) Rudd fears climate progress too slow

Beetle attack will change our world (cutting a swath through the national forests of CO and WY)

Premise: Global climate change caused by human activity cannot be stopped.

Dutch Scientists Report Electrocatalytic Fischer-Tropsch (Gasoline-like) Fuels From CO2.

Women In Nuclear, South Africa.

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, September 19)

UFC 103: Rich Franklin vs Vitor Belfort

#8 California 35, Minnesota 21

Dodgers pound Penny

49ers crush Seahawks 23-10..go to 2-0

I told my wife I love her and to prove it I would not watch my Phins play today...

And now, a word from our sponsor . . .

The new AP top 25

DirecTV drops Versus...

The smallmen and the Freak get pounded again by the Dodgers.


It's spelled J.E.T.S.

The color and pageantry of a College Football Saturday

It's spelled G-I-A-N-T-S!

Dallas Cowboys LOSE!!!!

Redskins win...just barely....the offensive line sucks.

In the 2010 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns are now on the clock.


Heh! The Packers at home Bungle one against the Bengles!

#1 Florida 23, Tennessee 13

The Colombian Public Opinion Industry is Álvaro Uribe’s Biggest Ally

Brazil's Lula defends South America arms buildup

The Honduran Coup: Was it a Matter of Behind-the-Scenes Finagling by State Department Stonewallers?

Is South America in an Arms Race?

Racist coup government: Shut down the Garífuna Community Hospital of Ciriboya.

Pope nixes Honduras coup

Apartheid protesters got it right (simply absurd Lincoln Diaz Balart op/ed)

Why Brazil landed on its feet after the Bushwhack Financial 9/11

What's your plan?

So, I just got a late night call

Couple goes out drinking. Hilarity ensues.

Obama to hold joint meeting with Netanyahu, Abbas

Settling for Failure in the Middle East - Stephen M. Walt

Uri Avnery on the Goldstone report on the Gaza war

George Jonas: Judge Goldstone — "peace criminal"

Gaza militants launch Qassams into southern Israel

Israel rebuffs Palestinian request to allow new goods into Gaza

Brzezinski: Obama Admn. Should Tell Israel U.S. Will Attack Israeli Jets if They Try to Attack Iran

'Protecting' Jewish girls from Arabs

10,000 Goodyear union members ratify four-year labor deal

Obama, Labor And FDR

AP: NBA: Referees' union expects a lockout by the league

Labor Dept wants exemption for GM health care plan

Specter and Labor: Deal or No Deal?

Amerijet Pilots Approve First Teamsters Contract

Today in Labor History Sept 20 Upton Sinclair was born in Baltimore, Md

Where Obama Learned his Labor History

100 Hyatt Housekeepers Fired, Outsourced in Boston

VIDEO President Obama rocks 'House of Labor' at AFL-CIO convention

Landmark Verdict: Jury Slaps ADM With $6.7M Wrongful Death Judgment

Baucus, Under Fire From Fellow Dems and Unions, Signals Minor Compromises

How to override image stabilization

I have some technical questions about a digital video.

New photo page. Maybe there's an image I will submit in the Oct contest

The fall colors of the magnolia

three images from Saturday

Two winged creatures--one perching on the head of another

4in of rain in the last 12 hours

***Vote for the 2010 DU calendar photos-Final Round***

Water Falling Over Things 2009: Part IX (The Unexpected End of a Rainier Summer)


I come with good news!

Watermelon 'has same effect as Viagra'

I also come bearing good news

Have you seen this? It's so sad, but beautiful!

Whatever else you may think of the man, Paterson has stood resolutely with the LGBT community

What ever became of those Japanese bond smugglers?

DRY MOUTH/ THRUSH...does anyone have any

"Cross Border Pharmacy"

'Facts on Cinnamon and Honey' - Wih the price of script drugs way beyond the reach of the average

cpap users- a question

FDA Attacks Natural Thyroid Millions Depend On

Holy Crap! The rapture is tomorrow!!!

Teen pregnancy, religion.

Are many US churches just "jerk factories?"

Just a really stupid question,but it is raining and I am bored

Is there a rule of thumb for converting

Sunday Kitchen! New record time edition.

London Review of Books: The Framing of al-Megrahi (Lockerbie Bombing)

Let them eat chili