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Life is tough all over . . .

Chris wallace

About to write my Senator (Lincoln) on Public Option. Looking for advice.

Please take this poll: Should sale of sonic weapons be restricted

Richmond Times Dispatch: Court clears inmate in one of two 1984 rapes

Two female firefighters filed grievances after finding racist and sexist graffiti in the firehouse

Women warriors take on domestic violence and sexual assault

Boy, there sure are a lot of judgmental fucks on DU, aren't there? nt

ACORN ,,, Bertha Lewsis, CEO was on C-span today/Wash. Journal . . .

The Scourge Persists - Republicans are trying to ride that dependable steed of bigotry back to power


Seven CIA directors are suborning obstruction of justice.

Behind the right's attack on Obama Don't be fooled by the grass-roots image of the tea partyers

Wj this morning - Preexisting Conditions and the

I hear that America is the only industrialized nation that relies on health insurance companies...

Ok, intoxicated and turned on Beck. Advertisers. Extenze, a catheter company and a scooter with

The Angelides Commission: Tell America What Happened

Why are there so many post-apocalyptic or....

Why are there so many post-apocalyptic or....

When the bar owners in Lynn start turning on you, you're fucked

Men hit, killed while fighting on highway

Star Parker is on CSPAN WJ

Canada anger at 'flu body bags'

Complete POTUS Palin's Cabinet 2013 : 1. VP Bachmann, 2. AG Orly, 3...

Tooting my own horn. Happy birthday to me! 55 and onward!

Moran sign

Minister: Russia won't deploy missiles near Poland

Tim Pawlenty Reads Out Phone Sex Hotline Number On Radio Show

Acorn Sting "Pimp" is Rutgers Alum Who Hates Lucky Charms

Iranian president raises stakes against Israel

NC-Board to admit illegal immigrants

Devastating East Africa Droughts Caused by Volatile Climate

A "must listen"--Bankers on the Brink (BBC's Peter Day interviews Simon Johnson)

The big black President scares Lou Pritchett

Did anybody see the disturbing video from the Family Values

Is the V.A. "bankrupt"?

This is a site that many here may find interesting

This is a site that many here may find interesting

AP: 'Capitalism: A Love Story' "couldn't be more relevant or resonant"

AP: 'Capitalism: A Love Story' "couldn't be more relevant or resonant"

Boner on TV saying Baucus bill amounts to a government takeover of health care

Is Obama "an Orwellian character" who "make[s] people think that war is peace."

Is Obama "an Orwellian character" who "make[s] people think that war is peace."

CNN's Sanchez Slams Fox 'News': 'You Lie!'

When will Democrats in DC learn that there is nothing they can do to sway Republicans?

Are you Progressive or Backward?

This is incredible RW scare message

HELP! Is there a site that posted an array of racial signs used by protestors?

Sorry dumb question. If the ruling class wants capitalism to survive,

US Sending 1,000 More Troops to Iraq- “Combat Enablers”

Pakistan Police Raid US-Contracted Security Firm

Exclusive: Rep. Wilson kept illegal immigrant in US

ALL the sunday morning talk show hosts asked the President about the Carter racism comment

I'm not human

Someday a Voice of Sanity will come out of the Republican/Regressive side

Store wars as Tesco Supermarket bans Jedi Knight

Store wars as Tesco Supermarket bans Jedi Knight

Former CIA heads urge Obama to halt interrogation investigation

Jane Hamsher on Rachel Maddow last night, 80% of Democrats

Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day

Bad News For Unemployment In NY--Worse Than You Think

Bill could block Gitmo closure (somebody kick Inouye)


Mom who shot daughter had complained about care (Murder, suicide at Oakland nursing home)

McCain: Obama Decision on Missile Shield ‘Seriously Misguided’

WOW check out this *great* website from the South Dakota Attorney General

Socialist Candidate: ‘Guarantee Health Care For All’

Boehner: Afghanistan Buildup Needed

The reason for the animosity for Obama

Email from Al Franken- 40 Years Ago

Rep. Keith Ellison: A Public Option is Good Government!

How to Sign Petition to Stop Glenn Beck's Key

oops! pls delete

Roy Blunt's own words: Conservatives "Have to play the ball where the monkey throws it"

AP: Texas group ((Innocence Project) derides scent IDs as junk science

LAT: Revenge by proxy: an L.A. enterprise

Jaycee Dugard case: Search tools find 'disturbance' in ground on Garrido property

Every father's dream- your daughter easily passes as a prostitute

Ex-CIA chiefs seek halt to interrogations probe

Sherrod Brown: “I think some of the animosity against Barack Obama is race-based,”

Online job postings increasing 5%-6% (Monster)

Church Worker Steals Money for Cancer Treatment

Orly Taitz Rambles, Is Yelled At By Dylan Ratigan (VIDEO)

There is no left or right anymore

Michael Moore hands out 300 free lunches in San Francisco. "Bankers love free lunches."

China picks first female astronaut candidates

Vitter too embarrassed to show up for Acorn Vote?

"Gaza. Hamas. Conflict. Facts!"

Obama Seeks National Oversight of Waters

I actually wish that Rick Sanchez borrowed from Cheney

playing for change Awesome show on PBS

Germany tightens security after Al-Queda video threat

What's next on campaign finance reform? Two proposals.

Stop the liberal campus monopoly! Report leftist abuse!

According to Huff Post, there is an insane killer on the loose in my neighborhood.

Wash Post: Health Insurers Have Denied Coverage Due To Acne, Pregnancy, Intention To Adopt

Adam Nagourney of the Times says...

Does Baucus bill prove Huffington Post "memo" detailing White House/Phrma "deal" was accurate?

Unpaid bills mount for top Chrysler executive

The WashPost owes ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN an apology

13 Democratic Politicians on Target List at 'Values Voter Summit'

By the time we get there, are we going to need so many hip replacements?

Rockefeller comes through for us: 543 Amendments and a PUBLIC OPTION is One!

Unpaid bills mount for top Chrysler executive (This will break your heart...)

Republicans steal Barack Obama's internet campaigning tricks

We had the enemy on its knees

Why is the Values Voters Summit excluding Jews

this will be my last post

Is it ever okay to joke about rape?

Missile defense winners and losers

Testing a highlighted version on source of BecKKK's whacked ideas: Thanks to DUer Lorien

Testing a highlighted version on source of BecKKK's whacked ideas: Thanks to DUer Lorien

Testing a highlighted version on source of BecKKK's whacked ideas: Thanks to DUer Lorien

Bloomberg - "Senate Finance Panel Members Seek Health Plan Changes"

The Smoking Gun In Torture Controversy-Implicate CIA DOJ & Bush Admin Officials"

Glenn Beck's Attack On Van Jones: Fantasies and Falsehoods

Glenn Beckerhead goes overboard with negative Brainwashing

Wapo - "How Much the Baucus Bill Costs -- and Why the Numbers Differ"

Got a letter from BofA (took over Countrywide) on my home equity loan

Defense contractor wins dinner w/Palin @ $63.5K. No wonder...

Post modernist rant

African game park safety study: Don't drive fast at night among grazing hippos or annoy hungry lions

Treating transsexual kids: wait for, then delay puberty to treat

Behind the scenes video at 9/12 protest shows Fox News producer coaching crowd

Man's lung ailment caused by fragment of fast food spoon

Man's lung ailment caused by fragment of fast food spoon

Fox News: Narcissistic Flypaper

The Bill O'Reilly Speech Bill O'Reilly Didn't Want You To Hear

What will the Pukes do when Obama

I have a liberal agenda.

The UN Human Rights Council addresses the scourge of modern slavery

US Christian conservatives 'defiant' (disgusting, scary people alert)

Uh-oh. They're on to us

Uh-oh. They're on to us

"Ain't It Cool News" slams FOX

Everybody becomes a hustler

Irving Kristol...Billy's Dad Has Passed...

New Orleans, Seattle Music Festivals Go Green

Wilson debate reopens deep S.C. wounds

CIA Torturers Running Scared - By Ray McGovern

Mountain Miracle: Woman Survives 5 Days Following Crash

Huckabee is tops in conservatives' straw vote

Associated Press - "Russia says it won't deploy missiles near Poland"

The Broad Definition of 'Pre-Existing Condition'

Dinner with Palin? Woman who owns defense contracting company pays $63,500 on eBay

Senate Finance effort to reshape Baucus plan, drafting 564 amendments for consideration

Senate Finance effort to reshape Baucus plan, drafting 564 amendments for consideration

I finally get it: The republicans are going through the five stages of grief.


(another) "High-stakes week confronts Obama" MSNBC

RETHINK Afghanistan: the film in 6 parts.

LAT: Oath Keepers organizer sees need to sound an alarm

An interesting twist on considering health care options

Haha! Look who Hannity had on as a "Republican strategist"

Missouri man kills mother of four children, then himself

The comedy bit clip that SHOULD end Glenn Beck's career

Palin Ebay Dinner Auction RIGGED - Ebay shows on 9/8/09 that the dinner would be in Alabama

It's not a Cadillac plan, it's a Chevy, and it has a few dents!

The orange one is back!

Eight Days -- Last Year's Financial Crisis Revisited

Pardon me, but i don't think not knowing who the first Pres was

My Rabbi called out Joe Wilson @ Rosh Hashana services this morning

Elderly bank robbery suspect in San Diego says mortgage drove him to crime

Obama should create a tea party czar

NY Times 9/20: A Looming Battle Over the Patriot Act

Can we just cut to the chase and call them The Skinhead Party or would Right Wing Jihad be better?

Advice to MY 15 year old son...don't be this guy!

Advice to MY 15 year old son...don't be this guy!

H.S. English Essay Question: "If you knocked your brother down, would you urinate in his mouth?"

H.S. English Essay Question: "If you knocked your brother down, would you urinate in his mouth?"

Welcome to the National Asylum

Roger Ebert adds to health care debate on iPhone, Mac use

Teabaggers = Modern-day Spartans?

Anyone notice the value of your house has begun to creep back upwards?

Not only could he not run a company but his own finances as well...

Palin Critic Frozen Out of Auction After Identity Revealed

Bwahahaha! Ebay seller offers a chance to win "Dinner Without Sarah Palin"!

In Edwards Scandal, a Chapter Winds Down

Marquez vs. Mayweather: Who's gonna win tonight?


Screening of "Capitalism: A Love Story" tomorrow in Detroit, but......

Irving Kristol, a founder of Neo-Conservative movement, dead at 89

Any thoughts on what the best HC bill we could get would contain?

So, what ever happened to...

Wanna see how the far right really thinks?

Fight Heats Up Over Discriminatory Housing Laws in New Orleans Area

Jimmy Carter was's NOT about RACISM in's THIS!

Reusable protest sign:

You can lead a horse to water.............

How Time magazine enables Glenn Beck's lies

It's time for America to pick a direction: Healthcare or warfare.

It's time for America to pick a direction: Healthcare or warfare.

Guess who is in charge of your stay when you are admitted to a hospital?

HuffPost Book Review: Republican Gomorrah

Joe Biden Goes To Baghdad To Hustle CONTRACTS FOR BIG OIL

Shut down the School of the Americas

Did The Leadership Institute fund James O'Keefe in his recent ACORN project?

Taliban Leader Tells 'Invaders' to Study History

I don't want them to take back America...

Teen Stabbed and Beaten “Mom said ‘We need to retaliate,"

Swine flu 'could kill millions unless rich nations give £900m'

Murder victim said Kentucky politician was going to kill her

Rolls-Royce fighting to stop Barack Obama axing $50bn fighter deal

URGENT: For Anyone In The Bakersfield Area Who Wishes To Help Save Dogs From A 4PM Deadline.

A new movement taking place in the online social networking world

If 15 y/o's were capable of rational decisions about sex

Legally insane killer still at large in Washington (state)

United Church of Christ: An urgent call supporting healthcare for all, supports STRONG PUBLIC OPTION

"Our objective is complete freedom, justice and equality by any means necessary."

Can it get any crazier? Dick Armey suing Sebelius with reference to lack of CHOICE with Medicare

I love Al Franken--received this today:


BofAs purchase of Merrill Lynch under criminal investigation by the Feds


We went to Hofstra just to have some fun, and it turned out to be a nightmare.

I'm a leftist. Hell... I'm to the left of Mahatma Gandhi. Barack Obama is no leftist

The silence of the left

The bill to audit the Federal Reserve now has a veto-proof majority

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? Astronaut pee, silly.

Has Mitt Romney always been such a douchey asshole?

UN Reports 1 Billion Of The World’s People Going Hungry

LA Archdiocese (Cardinal Roger Mahony) allegedly covers up sex crimes

The reason Republicans call Obama a Socialist

4 Myths of Katrina and Gulf Coast Recovery

Obama Said to Request That Paterson Drop Campaign

Frank Rich: Even Glenn Beck Is Right Twice a Day

Since there's always a movement to tax the evildoers, whether its cigarettes, alcohol, whatever

Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine

This song hits the nail right on the head about healthcare for many today.

I got mine F.U.

Better Advice to a 15 years old son !

How About A National Sales Tax on Cigarettes, Alcohol, and Sugary Sodas To Help Pay for Health Care

Why does the Catholic Church get Federal Dollars and ACORN does not?

Homeowners who 'strategically default' on loans a growing problem

George W. Bush and wife Laura to attend Cowboys game tomorrow night.

Why does the Right continue to control political dialog in this country?

The anti abortion movement is the biggest ruse in American history

March Against Violence 9/19/09 Cocoa, FL (dial-up warning)

Glenn Beck is a weenie

The top aide to the Chimp's attorney general is taking the Fifth and ACORN gets the headlines.

Man Arrested For Asking Anthem Blue Cross/Shield About His Rate Increase

Asked to Denounce Language of Incitement, Boehner Calls for "Rebellion"

How much would "they" have to pay you to eat dinner w/ S. Palin?

Ah fresh scabs of wars gone long ago

BREAKING: Russia Withdraws Missle Deployment Near Poland

Katrina's Lessons as Important as 9-11's

Note to freepers who constantly say government cannot do anything right:

This is HUGH!

Email from Carol Shea-Porter, Congresswoman NH who is under attack by...well read it.

Email from Carol Shea-Porter, Congresswoman NH who is under attack by...well read it.

Ya know, these computer cameras are so small that

Carl Jung's Red Book to be published

Seattle cops club sea gull to Death and no charges

History Lesson for you lurking reich-wingers because I am sick of your ignorance.

History Lesson for you lurking reich-wingers because I am sick of your ignorance.

I'm listening to a BBC commentator choking up at...

Police profiling for institutional profit./authoritarian predation

Thomas Jefferson Quote

France proves socialized medicine too expensive

Glen Beck wants to make Yom Kippur a day of prayer and fasting.

Cops found some good old boy with guns altered into automatic versions in the next town from mine

My Experience With Acorn

My Experience With Acorn

Mississippi Lt. Gov. tells girls to be good abstinent Christians

Bush-era official's appointment to declassification panel draws fire

CNBC's Medicare expert, Maria Bartiromo, shows her skills as a celeb 'Jeopardy' contestant

SF Mayor wants to charge stores that sell sodas

SF Mayor wants to charge stores that sell sodas

NY Times: New John Edwards News - It Ain't The Crime -- It's The COVER-UP! -nt

In the check out line my wife and I were discussing a friend's divorce, so we used Spanish. A woman

GOP lawmaker warns against health care changes (refers to her own breast cancer)

Best advice to a 15 year old female:

Westchester Man Busted With Massive Weapons Cache - Got another one

Juanes (Hispanic Bono) peace concert, non-political , raises hackles on all sides (not 2 sides)

OMG! You Know That Joke "Everyone Is Part Gay Because They Masturbate"?

So my significant other went to buy her prescriptions today, without health insurance. 3 = $900.

Advice to my 15 year old son---stay away from Gang Bangs.

The Cynic in me say the Republic is lost

"We Can Quote the Bible Too!" HAHAHAHAAHAHA - I want to make a bumper sticker out of this!

"Did Bush Continue to Secretly Operate Total Information Awareness?" by Jason Leopold (9-19-09

Too much radiation for astronauts to make it to Mars

The Causes of Racism

Karl Marx on "The North American Civil War" (1861 article)

Man Falsely Accused Of Rape: "Thank God I Filmed It"

Man Falsely Accused Of Rape: "Thank God I Filmed It"

Man Falsely Accused Of Rape: "Thank God I Filmed It"

An American Dies Every 12 Minutes Due To Lack Of Healthcare (Harvard Medical School Study)

SNL is back with Will Ferrell tonight

Upstate NY was once Indian Land

McCain was the keynote speaker at 2006 ACORN convention

Why Ned Lamont may be the Most Important Name in 2009 Politics

Who was it who very recently said Afghanistan can't be won militarily? It was someone of note....

What socialism means to the masses

"I've never done anything wrong in my life." "They destroyed my family." ~ a tearful Juan Vera

"I've never done anything wrong in my life." "They destroyed my family." ~ a tearful Juan Vera

I went into my mother's room at the nursing home last week...

I will never forget my tour of NASA as a kid...

Enough about you...

This morning a United States Congressman gave me his business card.

Don't Let Me Down

A Song For You

Yikes! I might have to take back my vote for worst zombie movie ever.

In the spring/summer of 2006, I was addicted to Guiding Light.

Which shows actually deserve to be on five nights a week?

Keep fucking that chicken...

Anybody play YoVille on Facebook?

1959 Chevy Bel Air vs 2009 Chevy Malibu

"If I don't see you tomorrow, hope you have a good weekend"

Hummingbirds hum, why do they hum, little girls wearing

What the fuck is this?


dreamt I was Glenn Beck's chauffeur: sympathy please

10 Ten Famous but Unknown Atheists - and a slew of other Top 10 lists

Speaking of Alan Rickman (aren't we always?) Have you seen

Would you rather be a great lover or have one?

Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day

Yaaay! Poetry spam has returned to my inbox!!

Gasp!1 I broke into the DU secret programming site!1

Redneck Lawnmower repair - AGAIN!

Shotgun-wielding man Tasered after manure dispute

Post a video from a band that may very well suck in 2009, but at one time, was considered great

YouTube: Glen Campbell performing Paul Westerberg's "Sadly Beautiful"

AAAARRRRRRR!!! Where be your buccaneers?

Showtime. Got my show on!

Bill Nelson on Pandora!

Check in if you've left a comment at supernova's website!

Anybody listen to Atmosphere?

PSA: When you really need a chocolate fix, Trader Joe's 100 calorie milk or dark chocolate.

Where's that darn cartoon?????


Kitteh dwinks fwom phauwset - pretteh epic acksualy

Anybody have any experience with Green AV (computer virus)

Sir Elton John Denied Request to Adopt HIV-Positive Ukrainian Child


Some guy ate 33 1/2 burritos in 10 minutes yesterday at the NM State Fair.

Stop me!

Dialing 911? That'll Be $200, Please

How do you do a screen capture of a YouTube video?

How to shut up Glenn Beck:

We Are The Robots (Kraftwerk at their best)

Roc Raida has died at age 37.

Police: Dad tells 4-year-old cocaine is candy

Police: Dad tells 4-year-old cocaine is candy

Why do I watch UFC?

What is the difference between a burglar and a peeping-tom?

Black Widow Spiders

Why do I watch UPC?

John Denver speaking truth in 1977, his words still need to be heard in 2009

We signed the lease for our new apt. today.

My Bro-in-law just saw a ufo.

Your moment of.... AWWWWWWWWWWW


Oktoberfest started today (I am excited!)

I've decided I want a dual quad core cuda machine. But I don't have $20,000

The ultimate iPhone case -->>

She and I

The Corn Won't Grow, So Rock n' Roll


In Hundreds Of Cities, Parking Spaces Become Parks

What am I going to do with *16* acorn squash?

Watching "Road House."

People of Walmart...

Please don't go out without your fashion helmet

Kansas couple robbed at knifepoint while having sex in dumpster

How many pages of Dickens, Faulkner, Twain, or Steinbeck (fill in author preference)...

Panama Teens Discover Alien-Like Creature (with video)

Lego house!!! No, really--a LIFE-SIZE Lego house

Today's College Football Thread

I would like to publicly thank Taverner for the thread he has posted

If you suspect someone is lying about military service

Please let us share our neighborhoods -

Soundtrack, Ladies And Gentlemen, For 'Talk Like A Pirate Day'

Cakes for today's party!

Leonard Cohen Recovering From Onstage Collapse

Anyone out there remember the old radio show called

I am... Dracula.

Is it just me?

WHIPPING POST - Allman Brothers Band

Leon Russell / Delta Lady

How do I get melted metal off of a glass cooktop? Please help!

Somebody just tried to have online sex with me at Facebook's "Farm Town."

Why are we taking an insane killer to the county fair?

Skinner, I implore you to create an Alan Rickman group?

Ralph Fiennes.

You know what's the saddest thing in the world? People don't seem to read for pleasure anymore.

Says here "17 people (Ohio) walk around engulfed in fire" to break World Record

I love a strong, smart president! Every volley they get, they volley back, graciously.

McClatchy: There's no denying Obama's race plays a role in protests

Senator Brown predicts Strong Public Option and Republican Support for Health Care

ME-Gov: Still Mostly a Question Mark

Latest Obama Facebook feed.

Is there a march in Wash DC on October 11th?

Shoq Value: Dear Republicans

NC-Sen: Burr Leads by 10 or More

Democrats: the strategy of "now or never" is failing.

Russia has scrapped a plan to deploy missiles

ccharles000 Appreciation Thread

Baucus is not Charlie Brown, he's Lucy

August Was Not So Bad for the White House

Obama rejects notion that racism is the main cause of opposition (excerpts from Sunday interviews)

Senator Sherrod Brown: “I think some of the animosity against Barack Obama is race-based."

The Heritage Foundation has a FB page, it needs a lot of DU love.......join in and have some fun!

She is a NUT CASE! Judge ready to slap Orly Taitz with $10,000 fine

Misplaced Fears About the 'Czars' - Former Reagan And Bush Aides Defend Obama's Use Of 'Czars'

Conservatives for Truth to Tony Perkins: Mitt Romney isn't anti-gay enough

Committee gets first crack at amending Baucus bill - some details on priorities (Politico)

Families 'cross over' to the smaller side of SUVs..The Obama plan is working

Military growing impatient with Obama on Afghanistan

Values Voter Summit -- Bring on the Clowns -- Huckabee and Romney reprise bitter feud

The Last Time Right-Wing Hatred Ran Wild Like This a President Was killed

Roy Blunt compares Obama and Dems to monkeys on a golf course

Obama: Change, not race, heats debate

Conservative Christians assail Obama agenda

Scientists: Obama's election may reduce terrorism

Bob Herbert LIGHTS UP the Republicans over race "It’s disgusting, and it’s dangerous."

However weak-assed the HELP bill is. It has to be reported out of committee.,

Russia says it won't deploy missiles near Poland

Baucus Bill Sticks To Pharma Deal That Supposedly Wasn't Struck

Obama Should Create A "Death Panel" Czar...

CNN Hits Back At Fox News: "Fox News: Distorting, Not Reporting" (VIDEO)

All 543 amendments to Baucus bill will be posted online today.

Odd things I've learned from the health care debate, add your observations

Chris Wallace (FauxNews Hack) On White House: “Biggest Bunch Of Crybabies I’ve Seen”

Rep. Roy Blunt's 'Monkey Joke' at Value Voters Summit. Don't tell me it ain't racism.

"I wanted him (the current President of the United States of America)to fail from the get-go."

Obama extends greetings on Muslim holiday

All the President's Soundbites (From Sunday's Shows)

Check out the Heritage Foundation page on Facebook, the crazies are all in there...needs DU love.

The single greatest freeper quote in the history of

Obama Approval Ratings Steady, Personal Image Remains Positive

Baucus' bill gets more than 550 amendments

McCaskill's moving goalposts - predicts nothing on health care reform until Christmas

My rabbi made a statement about how the comparisons of Obama to Hitler are in danger of diluting the

Michelle Obama Says Women Are “Crushed” by Health-Care System

Racism is not the cause-it is a tool used by the corporations/owners

The Media Picks Its Preferred Story

Capitalism vs. Communism

Huckleberry Wins "Values Voter" Straw Poll. Poor Caribou Barbie Comes In Fourth!

who finances Star Parker?

"Get the government out of my life!"

Why doesn't a Rabbi, take Rush/Beck etc.apart for Hitler/Obama comparisons?

Obama to Host Netanyahu, Abbas on Tuesday

What to say to Republican "Socialists"

Pssst. ABC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, MSNBC and NBC....

A President Was KILLED The Last Time RIGHT-WING HATRED Ran Wild Like This.

Here is a question I have been meant to ask DUers..

Mad As Hell Doctors Tour in D.C.

Don Lemon on CNN is doing a great job

Politico: "The White House is leaning on New York Gov. Paterson to drop his reelection campaign."

CNN sure seems to care when Fox news lies about it

If there's no Public Insurance, I am with the Teabaggers on Mandates

President Obama is an extremely gracious man.

Only Obama, it seems, fails to get the message that we’re losing Afghanistan

In Edwards Scandal, a Chapter Winds Down

In Edwards Scandal, a Chapter Winds Down

The GOP and FOX are trying to get Obama assassinated

Elizabeth and John Edwards Open Furniture Store in Chapel Hill, NC..."The Red Window."

"Unleashing a race war on President Barack Obama," By Andrew Sullivan

I smell the death of the modern Republican Party.

He Wasn't Born In The USA! Yet, He Dominates Our Politics and Media With His Extremist Views!

Edwards promised Hunter a rooftop wedding as soon as wife Elizabeth died

Rival Rallies Turn Violent in Tehran

Power firms to grab £3.4bn extra profit

Russia says it won't deploy missiles near Poland

'Explosive' Sibel Edmonds Cover Story at 'The American Conservative'

26 outlaw bikers crash on Oregon freeway

Low expectations for new loan help program

Former Cleveland law director Subodh Chandra sues challenger of Barack Obama birth site

Pakistan police raid US-employed security firm

Republicans steal Barack Obama's internet campaigning tricks

Senate jockeying begins on Baucus bill

U.S. Afghanistan commander's troops request ready

Senate Finance Panel Members Seek Health Plan Changes

California's unemployment rate hits 12.2% in August

Federal Appeals Court Voids Campaign Finance Reform Rules

Cops: Child Brings Cocaine to Day Care After Dad Tells Him It's Candy

President Obama to host Israeli-Palestinian talks

Ahmadinejad Holocaust jibe 'totally unacceptable': Moscow

Russia says it won't deploy missiles near Poland

Taliban leader Mullah Omar takes aim at Obama

Leading Senator Pushes New Plan to Oversee Banks

US objects to Google book deal

Fallen soldier thought Afghan mission 'useless': family

Military growing impatient with Obama on Afghanistan

North Korea Shuts Market in a Reach for Control

Serbian gay parade is called off

Obama to meet with Netanyahu, Abbas

Elderly Bank Bandit: I Robbed to Pay Off My Mortgage

Terror Suspect's Computer Said to Show Sports Stadiums, Fashion Sites

Obama Requests That Paterson Drop Campaign

Pa. lawmaker sees gay agenda in a resolution(Domestic Violence Awareness Month)

Minister: Russia won't deploy missiles near Poland

Man, Facing 90 Charges of Child Porn Possession, Blames Cat


Edwards May Admit to Paternity of Child

U.S. Condemned For Pre-Emptive Use Of Hillary Clinton Against Pakistan

Representative Tammy Baldwin on LGBT-inclusive health care reform

Homeowners who 'strategically default' on loans a growing problem

O'Reilly calls Dean a pinhead, ridicules Acorn.

Tim Wise: Race is a factor

President's Weekly Address: Progress in the Global Economy

CBN News: 'What Do You Believe America' Tour Hits 25 States

Father Morris: Obama's Health Care Policy Does Not Reflect God's Will

Bill Maher: NEW RULES - 9/18/09 - NEW RULES - Catch it before it's gone!

RFK, Jr. and Barton Gellman on Dick Cheney

Bill Maher 9/18/09 Opening Monologue, Wendell Potter, & Panel - Watch 'em before they're gone!

BBC Newsnight: The Rise of Israel's Military Rabbis (Part 1 of 2)

Young Turks: Tea Baggers Angry w/ Public Transit System (Ironic)

San Diego ACORN Employee Fired After Offering to Aid in the Smuggling of Child Sex Slaves

Economics 101 - Canadian Economist on the Banker Bailouts

Atheism for Kids

Young Turks Episode 9/16/09 w/ Cenk and Ben!!!

Roy Blunt's Monkey Joke

Misrepresenting Atheism

CNN hits back at Fox

VoterValuesSummit - Only Congress is Bound to Separation of Church & State

Man Arrested For Asking Anthem Blue Cross/Shield About His Rate Increase

TX Board Of Ed Member: Minorities Must Be Thankful To 'The Majority' For Giving Them Rights!

Max Keiser ON THE EDGE; Health Care trolls; guest Steve Keen world's top 'deflationist.'

Rachel Maddow Show: You Can't Handle Evolution

Bill O'Reilly Backs Public Option (VIDEO) - 9/17/2009

Hitler is informed that he didn't win the eBay auction to have dinner with Sarah Palin

O'Reilly: The power shift in the media is now with Fox, Obama Administration doesn't understand that

Landrieu gives a "Come to Jesus" Speech to the Senate and esp. Vitter About Their "Amendments"

Texas Congressman gets called out at town hall. Police called in.

Mark Williams: American Halfwit

Germany boosts terrorism alert level

Gov Rick Perry gaffe on Recession: "We're in one?"

Tea Party Organizer Is Epitome Of Privilege - Bill Moyers Exposes Dick Armey and FreedomWorks:

Should the Baucus bill be defeated outright in committee?

Our Small World - Amazing & Breathtaking Video!! - Holy crap...those stars are monstrous!!!!

New CNN AD: FOX News Distorting Not Reporting!!!!!

Coburn's chief of staff: "All pornography is homosexual pornography."

Obama, in Media Blitz, Snubs 'Whining' Fox

Hell Care

It's now known as the Grumpy Old Party

Meet the man who changed Glenn Beck's life (a rightwing crank that outdoes them all)

Drugs fuel the City's high

Low expectations for new loan help program

Baucus and the Threshold

Values Voters Riot, DEVALUE Host Hotel

The health care swindler

Inverting the Economic Order

Jane Smiley Reviews "Republican Gommorah"...

The GOP No Longer Represents Interest Groups--Rather, It Has Become One

We is America

Robert Fisk: Everyone Seems to Be Agreeing with Bin Laden These Days

Virginia synagogue doubles as mosque for Ramadan

A President was killed the last time right-wing hatred ran wild like this

The Lost Children

Grand Old Party in danger of being the Game-Over Party

Media War Featuring Fox News Versus CNN & MSNBC Has Begun

Treasury Docs: Enviro Taxes Could Reach $400 Billion A Year

Thin-film producer Global Solar reaches photovoltaic milestones (AZ)

New York Offers 50% Solar Subsidy, as East Coast Pulls Ahead in PV Growth

From LBN: Obama will ask G-20 to end fossil fuel subsidy hypocrisy

U.S. Fossil-Fuel Subsidies Twice That of Renewables (during Bush years)

Orchid Technologies Designs Solar Power System (article on storage)

JCI shows off advanced battery technology for electric driving

'Silicon ink' for solar cells glides toward production

Controversial Mojave solar project abandoned

Northeast Passage Journey Shows How Weak Arctic Ice Has Become

Derelict nets cleared from Puget Sound

Average continuous POWER level of all solar facilities in the United States in 2008.

Severe drought affects 1.3 million in Syria—exacerbated by climate change and rising food prices

Laundry Liberation: Fighting for the Right to Hang Your Clothes Out to Dry

Another Battery IPO on the Way, This Time in China

New gas pipeline completed in Maine.

Trash turns to power in Norridgewock (Maine)

Geo-engineering: Earth's salvation or Forlorn Hope

Vineland Solar One Completes First Phase of 4.1-Megawatt Solar Power System (New Jersey)

Massive spinning flywheels may improve energy efficiency

Nova Scotia looks to tap powerful Bay of Fundy tides for clean energy (pilot project approved)

Hmm. The AA Orioles lose to Forkbee12's favorite team from Eastern

Gloat-Free Baseball Score (Friday, September 18)

So many games on TV!

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! What a comeback by Va Tech!

Hokies skunk Huskers

Wow---FSU destroy's the Mormons...

Thanks to the Pac 10..Utah's 16 game winning streak is history

UFC 103 tonight

Bow down before me! I picked Tennessee!

Is it just me, or does every college team have at least one player

Marquez vs. Mayweather: Who's gonna win tonight?

In case anyone is concerned, the smallmen were pounded by the LA Dodgers

Fantasy football advice.

Washington 16, #3 USC, 13 FINAL SCORE

Justice for Latin America's Disappeared?

Sept. 15th - Central American Independence Day; Neocolonialism meets resistance in Honduras

National opposition to coup becomes a social force

Daggers drawn in Argentine media fight

Honduras Resistance Warns of Provocateurs on the Internet

Shut down the School of the Americas

Evo Morales rocks Leganés

Gorki the punk rock dissident in Miami attempting to take the wind out of Juanes sails...

Indiana applicant blows carry permit application

Israel's Gaza blockade crippling reconstruction

Gazans splurge for Eid despite economic woes

Hezbollah chief vows never to recognize Israel

Swedish tabloid freed over Israel organ claims

sunrise with swan and canoes

How great is it when the weather forecasts are ALL WRONG? :)


Thermal Chemistry of Carbon Dioxide Reduction: An Obscure Point.

Invading Black Holes Explain Cosmic Flashes

Candidate's past comes out in letter

Stephen Hawking Is Making His Comeback

Moon Craters Could Be Coldest Place in Solar System

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/19/09

Treatment for Vaccine Exposure

Steve Nelson newsletter - The 7th Moon A Key to the Mysteries

Chiropractic treatment vs. massage therapy and Reiki?

For those hibernating this weekend: Drunvalo/2012

Words/phrases similar in meaning to Namaste?

Nasty Mosquito-borne Chikungunya Virus is Coming Out of Africa

Caribou Barbie chow down goes for $63,500!

Olympia Snowe Amendment Proposing a Public Health Option as a ‘Safety Net’

Supercats that may still be too wild for a family home

Top Ten Ways to Convince Muslims We're On a Crusade

Can people intentionaly increase their wisdom, and if so, what method(s) would you suggest?

Mastering The Great Divide and the Shift Toward Wholeness.

Muslim teen sues Abercrombie & Fitch

SoCal pastor gets life term for abusing 5 girls

I'm cooking today.....

Just had this great cheesecake at - don't laugh - the hospital

Why does Martha tell me to line a baking pan for scones with parchment paper?

600-lb. Woman Closer to Getting Help

Rick Perry's "what recession' and Kay Bailey's purse boys

Al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar

Dumming Down

I'm sorry, but Mike Harris was right to go after the fucking teacher's unions...