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I miss West Wing...who became santo's VP after Leo Died?

article: As a Lesbian Mother, I Have to Pay More For Health Care

10 Lessons for Tea Baggers

Tax rates in advanced economies

HuffPo - "One Year Later: The Lessons of a Failed Economic Philosophy"

Taking a break from the idiocies in D.C. --

What sor ot mocking snark will Meathead LimpBallz spew tomorrow about Pelosi's comments?

Large public venues and the Secret Service

Just so everyone knows, Max Baucus is in the first year of a six year term...

Our Media isn't pushing war again?

The doctors want it, dammit....

Does Glenn Beck know who Jack Abramoff is?

Do horses fly? In Calif, they do..sometimes

Someone needs to introduce a measure to privatize Congressional health care

BREAKING: Baucus Bill to institute debtor's prisons for those unable to pay insurance premiums

Anyone else feel like Congress (both sides) are just trying to 'F' us and

Has there ever, in the history of the republic . . .

Glenn Beck just said this POTUS is plundering America!

AFL-CIO endorses single-payer

Apparently our guys did good. :)

M. Blackwell: Founder, "Leadership Institute" (Acorn vids) & Pinochetista trainer?

How many corporations died at Lexington and Concord?

We shouldn't have to compromise on the public option.


How many asswrenches are gonna think this is real?

'Thank You ACORN': Leno Plays 'Commercial' Featuring Prostitutes Gratitude

Police report filed by ACORN exposes false claims by individuals behind videos

BREAKING: Finally, 2M teabagger estimate explained!

Russia 'suspends missile plans'

Thank you, Mr. Gerard Kennedy. Canada introduces bill supporting war resisters

So, does KBR still get government contracts?

Whenever a wing-nut screws up from now on: This is HUGH!Congress should defund X and investigate it!

Failing at Its "No. 1 Goal" Lack of balance at C-SPAN’s Washington Journal

Seems that Republicans are secretly trying to make bills of attainder OK

Bill O'Reilly Backs Public Health Care Option

Howard Dean's 'kos Diary: America Can't Wait

Republicans are spineless for not reigning in the hateful, bigoted monster that controls the party.

Hmmmmmmmm..a Moran yard sale???

A health care Christmas carol

A headline not seen every day:

GOP Clown College

Florida legislature may do battle with ACORN

Every 12 minutes, 1 American dies due to lack of health insurance (45,000 /year)

ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis was on CSPAN WJ today.

Annie Le and her accused murderer spent their days torturing and killing animals

FIU student's ACORN video inspires fans

Time to apply a little pressure to the Blue Dogs.

Be afraid...Be very afraid...

Mass. House Approves Senate Interim Appointment Bill

A hard ending for housekeepers Uncommon outsourcing eliminates 100 Hyatt jobs

How short the memories are

Europe reacts to Obama dropping missile defence shield

The fumigation -- uh, PERSECUTION -- of Sarah by that horrible old Librul Media!1

Texas Appeals Court: It's OK for a prosecutor and judge to have an affair if they keep it hidden

I am a conservative

Why the ACORN story pisses me off so much

What if the SCOTUS ended "corporate personhood" - what exactly

Just face it ... unless Obama can get Dems in line

ACORN = 2010 Southern Strategy

A Special Prosecutor????????????????????

Don't be a Shmoe

Politico mentions D.U. in Conservatives use liberal playbook article

19 guys fly planes into buildings and all of a sudden everyone's gotta walk thru a metal detector?..

Obesssive Compulsive Bipartisanship: Ben Nelson Says His Health Care Vote Contingent on GOP Votes

Did you know that Fl Dems Kendrick Meek and Debbie Wasserman Schultz voted to cut Acorn funding?

Is it possible to be more hypocritical than conservative media "watchdog" group, Accuracy in Media?

Mary Travers' family request --

If helping prostitutes and pimps

Olympia Snowe is the only Republican with the courage to admit this.

Values Voter Summit no shows--Palin and Newtie.

We have let the health care debate distract us from demanding

HuffPo: Proreform leaders attacked in Tehran

Maternity Leave: The Global Comparison of a Work/Life Benefit

Rush and Foley Meet in West Palm Beach....

Dylan Ratigan is on a roll...

The republican way of using any issue to suit them is amazing..

For an entire week now, Obama continues to keep us Safer Than Bush.

Anyone watching the loons on CSPANs GOP Health Care forum?

Obama as the Red Queen - a depressing observation.

Is this Washington Times hit piece on health care for illegal aliens accurate?

‘You lie’ Wilson shows two faces on illegal immigration

‘You lie’ Wilson shows two faces on illegal immigration

Hitler victim blames LaRouche sign for assault (Obama pic with mustache)

He Said/She Said Who Can Say?

Who's afraid of big black dogs? Mark Morford

Max Baucus - the Senator from K-STREET! n/t

Anybody know if the Dean/Rove debate is available online anywhere?


Dr. Dean steamrolling truth.

Climate change brings lush lawns to Kuujjuaq (northern Canada)

Jenna Bush Hager on Today Show This Morning

45,000 U.S. deaths a year due to lack of health insurance

Acorn 53 million over 15 years vs 1.5 Billion for absinence over 12 years..

US military shuts key jail in Iraq

70 Jack in the Box Restaurants Suddenly Close in Calif. - Owner owes more than $4 mil in back taxes

KRUGMAN: The insurance industry, of course, loves the Baucus plan. Need we say more?

KRUGMAN: The insurance industry, of course, loves the Baucus plan. Need we say more?

Now that the recession is over (Tom Toles)

"Hong Kong is pulling all its physical gold holdings from depositories in London, . . ."

Michelle Obama and what she didn't say

the criminal/traitor Chertoff was on Wash. Journal this a.m.

Key Republican: We can't count on Blue Dogs on healthcare

Baucus Plan: There's something in here for everybody!

TPM: Cutting Off ACORN Funds Would Hurt Foreclosure Prevention Work

Rude Pundit - In Brief: If You're Gonna Ban ACORN Funding, You Oughta Ban Catholic Charities Funding

OK..I'm gonna write an Obama Random Rumor Generator for my website.

Shoe-thrower flown out of Iraq

Were there pro-war songs about Vietnam?

Muntadhar al-Zeidi,Prime Minister of Iraq?

do teabaggers understand what they're protesting? (From Rachel's show, Sept 17)

Investor's Business Daily: 45% of Doctors Would Consider Quitting

Patient dies after catching fire during surgery

Westboro Baptist Cult, I mean Church

ABC Nightline: Texas executed an INNOCENT man! How much more proof is needed?

How does the Census affect House seats exactly?

A little help here regarding Carter Administration and Iraq

If you had to be a Republican ..what kind would you be...

Would higher salaries attract more good people to work for our government?

Obama isn't pushing the public option ... "The public option is dead."


Unless we get tougher with the REPUGS NOW ....

morning hoot - carrie prejean is on c-span now.

"Rationing" "Free care for illegals" "Doctors forced to perform abortions"

I know this was posted earlier today, but thought I'd post again, so more

Ronald Reagan was not just wrong, he was a slimy corporate front man liar.

It's Business as Usual Again for Wall Street's Casino Capitalists

Will Bill O'Reilly walk back his endorsement of a public option?

Guess What They're Now Using To Delay The Public Option?

OReilly backing a public option?

Is O'Reilly turning to the left?

Ocean Springs bans dogs on Biloxi Bay bridge

Dodd to Introduce Bill Tackling Overdraft Fees

Does the Baucus plan calls for wealth transfer from employees to employers and requires them to buy

Politico wants you to believe the SC Republican Party is open to gays

If Bush had proposed a healthcare reform bill with a public option, how would the GOP react?

BREAKING: Wolf Blitzer to appear on "Are you smarter than a fifth grader?"

Obama-Wan Kenobi; figures are all the rage in Japan. They sold out really quickly

Ever wonder what would happen if everyone would just refuse

"god would never give us a burden that we could not handle."

The Times They Are A Changin' - This seems apropos today.

"Keep Government Out of My Medicare" -- ? anyone have link for this pic ?

Economic Recovery Picks Up in China as U.S. Still Ails

What do you think today's Republicans would have said if the MKULTRA program was exposed yesterday?

"Health care marketplace thrives on secret prices" by Carla K. Johnson (AP via Guardian)

Spinach Recalled By Calif. Company

State of Michigan asks outdoor enthusiasts to look out for marijuana harvesting

The ACORN video: Why Not Video Tape Predatory Mortgage Lenders?

Who Would Jesus Tweet? How religion is using social media to spread message. Even the pope!

Palm Tran Customers get fare increases. Where's the stimulus???

Connservative Summit (aka teabaggers) does not want

Connservative Summit (aka teabaggers) does not want



Which is the dumbest?

LOL the VALUE VOTERS just mobbed and harrassed the MSNBC reporter live on AIR

Where are the economists on Health Care?

Friday TOON Roundup part 1- Run for Cover(age)

"The Militarization Of American Police"-The Day the SWAT Team Came Crashing Through My Door

Politico: ACORN Suing Fox = Stupid

Politico: ACORN Suing Fox = Stupid

Right Wing Wannabe Terrorist Watch - Community helps man that white supremacists try to murder

Is she bragging or complaining?

Mark Sanford sympathizes with Joe Wilson (critical mass of teh stupid)

Conservative Christians assail Obama agenda

If Germany would vote today Poll

Canadian Parliament introduces bill to allow US war resisters to seek asylum in Canada -AP

Fed to Wall Street: Take a pay cut

Why are the democrats so stupid ?

Acorn May Cut Voter-Registration Work

Acorn May Cut Voter-Registration Work

I Still Have The Feeling That It's All Going To Backfire On Them

I Still Have The Feeling That It's All Going To Backfire On Them

Jay Rockefeller on Charlie Rose- champions public option, explains politics of health care

Former Iraq security contractors say firm bought black market weapons

Cantwell, like Rockefeller, will not back the Baucus bill

Cracker Barrel Bans Beating Suspect For Life

Fox News Newspaper Ad Makes False Claims About Tea Party Coverage

What's Going On With Ashcroft In Relation To Abramoff?......

Get me a government-run health care system — STAT! Interesting comparison.

Get me a government-run health care system — STAT! Interesting comparison.

NPR is covering the Values Voters Forum

The Abscam Scandal and The ACORN Scandal

So I was longboarding through campus today and something caught my attention...

Ex-C.I.A. Chiefs Seek Halt to Interrogations Inquiry......are they afraid of justice?

I have a 30 second tolerance for FOX.

Fifty-two percent of Iowans want Grassley to compromise on health care

Are Sanford, Ensign and Vitter attending the GOP "Values Voters Summit 2009" in Washington, D.C.?


Poppy Bush Not Joining Other DCIs Opposing Investigation of W Bush’s Torture


Beating Of Army Reserve Officer Demonstrates Need For Georgia Hate Crimes Law

Racism & Approval Ratings, Morning Joe -Style

MSNBC reporter just got heckled and kicked out of the Value Voters' Summit.

DOJ Defends Torture Probe

"American Made tee shirt made in Mexico"......

The Nation: Operation Rollback: Wal-Mart's World of Business

Boner says he wants Congress to permanently defund ACORN

As Baucus Unveils Health Plan Absent of Public Option, New Study Finds 45,000 Uninsured Die Every Yr

Let's end this myth...Serena WAS NOT fined a point because she swore

Dollars & Sense: The Populist Moment

The secret service must really have it's hands full.

India Has Its Own 'H-1B' Problem

Open plea to media. JUST SAY NO. Say NO to Ron Christie.

Another case solved! No racist element to the Tea Parties because David Brooks saw racial mingling!

Where the hell is John Kerry on the public option?

Concentrated stupidity at giant tea bagging ceremony in Washington - Get a load of these freaks

Hello Everybody -- the new -- is incredibly cool to scroll through.

What happens to people without health insurance?

Rick Sanchez hands Fox News their asses!

Margaret Atwood fans Rejoice! Her new book is out Sept 22nd

Gandhi and King Were Not Angry

Amid Protests, Iran Leader Calls Holocaust a Myth

My southern conservative dad (with a brain) says "it's" about race.

Ron Christie on "The Ed Show"

2009 Failed Bank Dis-Honor Roll

Palin Snubs Base

Why Is Tweety So Obsessed With Obama's Being Black......

A photo to add to your moran file

Appeals Court deals blow to FEC

Real Time with Bill Maher tonight



I remember when they were hooded...Helen & Margaret...old ladies in power-chairs

Palin-critic just $100 behind in Palin dinner auction; just 2 hours to go

Jindal cuts nonexistent ACORN funding

Oktoberfest debauchery may be censored

Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck vs Osama bin Laden.

What do Burger King and the Marines have in common?

Boehner et al missed Nancy Pelosi's point

Urgent please help

End of the Shield Delusion: A return to rationality in US foreign policy

Canadian Health Care, Even With Queues, Bests U.S.

A couple kids in my hometown run a little GOP site that needs some love

#iranelection is trending again.

To all of our Jewish Du'ers... Shana Tova

Anyone have a link to the story about kids in Dallas cheering on hearing the news that JFK was shot?

Think Progress:Gov. Patrick Should Nominate Dr. Atul Gawande As Interim U.S. Senator

*snicker* Palin Critic is Frontrunner on Ebay for Dinner with Sarah

A Moran lost a dog:

Do you know pirate speak? Tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Could my "lefty history gathering dust" help The Nation in its auction?

Does Beck want O'Reilly's slot? Is O'Reilly tending a bit toward the moderate

Price Waterhouse Coopers unceremoniously dumps McCain "bundler"

Former Bush Official: Obama's Policies Are Like Hitler's and Peron's (TPMDC)

Hardball....... 23 Percent of Oklahoma High School

Fox caught on tape manufacturing dissent

Cracker Barrel was sole distributor of Kenny Rogers album

Bush's Interior Secy Gale Norton: Gave Shell Oil access to Wildnerness, now works at Shel

Residents Give MPS (Milwaukee) Takeover Plan An F At Hearing

BANK.....BUST.....FRIDAY !!!!!

I thought we had gotten rid of him, but Gordon Smith is back.

Fox News misinformation, now in print

Fundies fight Harvey Milk Day in California

The "Best Health Care System in the World" ... (hey , it only kills 45,000 a year)

I try my best to be a rational, emotionally detached person when it comes to American politics

Fed to Limit Executive Pay of Bank Employees

Fed to Limit Executive Pay of Bank Employees

Today is National POW/MIA Recognition Day.

EXCLUSIVE! Dick Cook Fired From Disney

on MSNBC they just said Obama would be the "SOUL" person on a program for a later interview..

*****the official david gregory blow me thread*****

So, this is how we welcome potentially oppressive bills of attainder into our law? Like it's good?

Media Courage Award’ recipient Bill O’Reilly bans the media from his speech.

Can anyone tell me what happens to employees of non-profits under all the new health care plans

Pray for Glenn Beck


US poverty rate hits 11-year high

"Doctor" Bill Cosby

I admit it.. I'm lazy... no blind links please... please give me at least a snippet

I admit it.. I'm lazy... no blind links please... please give me at least a snippet

Guy Who Had His Penis Krazy Glued To His Stomach Gets Probation (?)

Kanye has something to say

a HANNITY caller ----- TODAY ----- still claimed there were ONE FUCKING MILLION 'baggers at D.C.!1

Any Word On The Sunday Talk Show Lineup?

Pray for Glenn Beck

Almost every Apple ][ and Apple IIgs game ever made, ready to play in your browser.

Jeb Bush changes view on oil drilling in Gulf (Let's get it on, boys!)

U.S. joblessness becoming more permanent: BMO

"The Government can't do that, its against the Constitution"

Blast from the past: Palin as President

Billy Sothern: New Orleans Is Us

Check out LTTE on 'socialism' in Missoula paper. Which one of you MT DUers wrote this gem?

A Corporation is not patriotic, loyal, does not serve in the military, etc.

"He's a jackass".... ... ... . . . thoughts?

The Party of No

Check out the new Sci-Fi movie that the RNC produced!

Where was Drew?

Did anyone else notice Edward Kennedy Jr. say that he has lived in Mass for the past year to be

Citibank layoff kills self and kids

Burning Man fire victim's suit goes up in smoke

Behind the scenes video at 9/12 protest shows Fox "News" producer DIRECTING crowd


New evidence of widespread fraud in Afghanistan election uncovered

Conyers, Leahy Introduce Bill To End Health Insurers' Anti-Trust Exemption

I could walk into Fox News studios

I'm sorry

A Blank Page

Patient dies after catching fire during surgery

Dear Ed Schultz: I resent all the Republicans you allow to have face time on your show

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

I could use a hand

Apple Will Lose Fight to Ban Google Voice in the End

This was Really Depressing..

Friday TOON Roundup part 2 - More light on roaches

When JFK ran for office, many people feared he would be a tool of the Vatican.

What Defines American Evangelicals These Days? by Frank Schaeffer

Are the NJ/PA/DE toll bridges unconstitutional?

For the Jewish DUer: Happy New Year

A fork in the road.

Here is the reason Tom bugman injured himself on DWTS

Rachel played this video again tonight.

"DeFund" The Republican Party

New Orleans' African-Americans' Lifespan Rivals that of North Korea

What If Them Old White Men Are Acting Like Crackers?

Too funny, an idiot just ran over my mail box, the ground is saturated it took him about

TECH: Linux may out fox MSFT

Strippers’ lawsuit challenges independent contractor status

History repeats itself--Check this out from FDR's re-election 1936

SNL Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday -- Full Show -- Video LINKS

Is Bill O'Reilly leaving Fox News?

Fox News Reporter ALSO Heckled At Values Voter Summit

The question is not Are Corporations People? It's Are Corporations Citizens of the USA?

Dr. Tiller's assassin's trial has been postponed

The opposite of "ObamaCare" and...

i'm watching baucus on the ed show....

So, anyone following this China bitching about the USA defense report thing?

I Must Say That I Have Been Very Impressed with Senator Jay Rockefeller in the Past Few Days

Iraqi shot after throwing slipper

Reality check: Any lender would have done what you saw at ACORN

I want to slap the frat boy on Bill Maher right now

Dinner With Sarah Palin Auction closes winning bidder $63500

Judge says protesters don't need proximity

“The Katrina of Recessions” (Welcome to the first edition of the Main Street weekly digest)

Even MORE Wolf Blitzer Jeopardy Humiliation..... (On edit: This has to be staged)

Lawrence O'DOnnell is hosting Countdown tonight

Methinks Tom Tomorrow hath purchased a time chariot!

I believe today was the final episode of "The Guiding Light"

75 years since the San Francisco general strike

Teabaggers Upset That Social Program Didn't Fit Their Needs

Federer fined $1,500 for profanity at US Open

Joe Barton, Environmental Visionary

Friday TOON Roundup part 3- Leadership, Wars, saying goodbye

Friday TOON Roundup part 3- Leadership, Wars, saying goodbye

Friday TOON Roundup part 3- Leadership, Wars, saying goodbye

Michelle Obama calls US health care 'unacceptable,' urges women to get involved in debate

Just got great news about my niece and her fiance

"My right-wing degree"

Why I threw the shoe in the face of the criminal, George Bush-by Muntazer al-Zaidi

Would you pay to have dinner with Sarah Palin?

Antigay Mass. Senate Candidate Posed Nude

Cousin of Cracker Barrel Attacker blames "the blacks"

Football > Politics

The JUSTICE act. Roll back Telecom immunity!

Irving Kristol is dead...

Don't Be a Shmoe

The CIA post 2009 Life Expectancy Est for 2009 - Take That Albania!

Sibel Edmonds Cover Story At 'The American Conservative' By Phil Giraldi

Oh my god... stop talking about taking this country back!

"We is America" - Margaret and Helen are at it again. lol

any smokers here? Did you know they have changed the formula ...FSC

"Identified by law enforcement official on condition of anonymity, not authorized to release name"

Great discussion on the death of Conservatism on Bill Moyers

WaPo column (Eugene Robinson): The Favor Jimmy Carter Did Us All

Proposed Texas amendment allows eminent domain to be wielded by private corporations, churches, etc.

Congress acts swiftly to regulate ACORN, Wall Street Billionaires, not so much.

All the farms in California have been shut down by Obama!


Today's Angry White Paranoid Loser Story

TIME arrived in the mail, and without missing a bit I tore away the cover

Orly's client Rhodes fires Orly, claims she never authorized various motions, etc.

The most disgusting thing I have heard in my life.

Can we please stop calling members of the opposition names?

Birth control could help combat climate change

Goddess Durga, Swayze, Mandela and Asia's Paris

Two Docs Sittin' Around Talking (Dean, Snyderman)

Two Docs Sittin' Around Talking (Dean, Snyderman)

Two Docs Sittin' Around Talking (Dean, Snyderman)

just an FYI...all Humans originated from Africa

just an FYI...all Humans originated from Africa

If I were to say, "Hello, I'm a media scholar..."

Author of Time's Beck profile digs a deeper hole

The LIBERAL MAJORITY and How to WIN With It.

My tour-of-duty winds down, but not the awesome vistas (PIC HEAVY)

Caribou Barbie chow down goes for $63,500!

Keith's gone (again) tonight. Those who would like to see Michael Moore guest host - weigh in here.

Fuck Olympia Snowe, bipartisanship, and the 60 vote myth! (And, btw, FUCK insurance profits)!

How much would heath care costs be reduced if we were to deregulate pharmaceuticals?

Hyatt Fires Housekeepers to Avoid Paying Health Insurance

from "I’mma Let You"

On Rachel. Contractor, Triple Canopy....

Cloud of suspicion hangs over Saudi prince's Cowboys-colored airplane

Cloud of suspicion hangs over Saudi prince's Cowboys-colored airplane

America's failed model for the world

America's failed model for the world

I am a racist.

Can America Be Salvaged? Does it deserve to be? Do we care enough?

Shocking News! Bush Suicide Drama

Biden Plans Move to Health Care Frontlines Next Week

Irving Kristol, Godfather of Neoconservatism, is Dead

"We Have The Best Health Care System In The World!"

German Cabinet Approves Massive Expansion of Offshore Wind Farms

Does anyone else feel like maybe we've been had? We've been conned? We've been sold a bill of goods

The Fool on the Hill

Let Hyatt Hotels know what you think of what they just did in Boston:

Fan pays $63,500 for dinner with Palin - Cathy Maples of AL owns a defense contracting company

Racism and classism go together

Comanche teen charged with raping 6-year -old

How Do You Find Out How Many unrecs There Are In A Thread?

Dan Rather's Legal Battle With CBS Takes Nasty New Turn

My Mixed Victory Today Against fox "News".

Just saw 'Capitalism: A Love Story'. Michael Moore is a friggin genius!!!

What if Colin Powell had become president?

The missile shield and the “grand bargain” on Afghanistan and Pakistan

CNN Hosts Who Suck at 'Jeopardy' for $500

CNN Hosts Who Suck at 'Jeopardy' for $500

'Explosive' Sibel Edmonds Cover Story at 'The American Conservative'

CIA Mobsters Raise Pressure on Obama to Exonerate War Crimes

15 Most Toxic Places to Live

"The War of Southern Treason" - raised a few eyebrows when calling the Civil War this

The Teabagger Socialist-Free Purity Pledge

I think this is scary: My brother just received a citation in the mail from

As a Hofstra student, I'm sick of people mentioning the now-false rape.

I hate to ask this but if something happens to our President or others near him, can

GF is a Racist

Charter school director blames too-hard tests and pupils tired of test-taking for poor test scores.

My email to my Senators regarding ACORN.

will anyone in the south ever get a break?

"Monopoly Looms on Electronic Voting" by Lisa Pease (9-16-09 Consortium News)

Jay Leno had fun with a recent photo from the Oval Office

Boston Hyatt fires housekeeping staff

Please help a friend of mine get a scholarship - (DU this scholarship)

Getting ready for snow, I decided to do a comparison animation

Hamsher: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, semifinalist, Member Who Just Won’t “Walk the Talk" contest

Y'all act like you DESERVE MORE than what you all ready have.

Roy Blunt (R): "Play The Ball Where The Monkey Throws It"

Media Matters: Fox News' incomplete, misleading ACORN coverage is just nuts

Veggie Trader: A Craigslist for Local Produce

Summer in the air, Sweet fragrances everywhere, Dow closing in on 10,000. Recession ending,

My Health Care Story.

Capitalist Health Insurance for All

A brief and discerning analysis of Jimmy Carter's insights on tea-bagger racism

If this isn't one of the prettiest pictures I've seen I'll eat my hat

The Death Penalty.

Of the seven former CIA directors clamoring to stop Holder's investigation, start with Porter Goss.

The evidence against ACORN is overwhelming

ACORN --> The ONE question: "Which side are you on?" Many replies, sadly,

Joe Conason: Right-Wing Attack On ACORN Is The Far Bigger Fraud

In defense of ACORN (from Salon)

Meanwhile, down Nevada way (ACM in the MOA?) .. PIC HEAVY

No, Bill Maher: Dr. Regina Benjamin's "claim to fame" is not advising Burger King;

Funny Toon Of The Day...

Something seems very suspect about the latest ACORN video. See here >>>>>>

Bernie Sanders: We have the votes to pass a bill with the public option.

Rolling Stone: The Ted Offensive (reprint of Kennedy Q&A from May 19, 2004)

The War On Drugs.

AM New York: Attack on ACORN is political (as if it isn't obvious!)

You can't get romantic on a subway line

My eyes are fucked up, and I took Ambien over an hour and a half ago.

Recently discovered mysteries by Nevada Barr (the Anna Pigeon series)

Tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day


Damn! What football team needs a good tackler?

I got salty biscuits

*Deep breath* OK...I've been putting off this post, but here goes nothing...

Today is the thirtieth anniversary of the last day that I every picked up a tennis racket

I just saw the trailer for "Fantastic Mr. Fox" the movie based on my favorite childhood book

Man confesses to throwing 3,000 balls into Joshua Tree National Park to honor dead golfers

Hey, it isn't MY fault that my Republican neighbor left his garage door open.

cole slaw recipe

I'm running another 5K to "Break the Silence" on ovarian cancer

Some insightful, sensible advice for those thinking of tourism in South Africa

So my wife informed me yesterday that they made a move of "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs".

About "Not Safe For Work" subject lines


Made a kick ass spinach & feta pita thing last night!

Toll booth alert! Toll booth alert! In tha GD!

William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day, Special "Peanuts" Edition.

Freaky Panama creature on video.

39 years ago today

OK, all this talk about Carolina BBQ sauce, cole slaw, and hoo-hahs

Should I feel bad because I'm underwhelmed by the new Phish Album, Joy?

What's your favorite HOMONYM?

Testing testing

Clean jokes. A bit hokey.

If you put a tribble on the grill...

A challenging question.

I found Fantastic Planet on youtube, haven't seen it in a long time.

Which one would you rather face, a Terminator apocalypse or a Zombie Apocalypse?

I told my doc I was planning on having a few beers tonight.

I don't know what to think about this: Down Syndrome Last Supper

OK, this cartoon made me literally LOL at lunch.

Future Teabagger Science Fair Project......

Okay, who on television has the worst hairpiece?

COMCAST is Really Dumb when it Comes to Their Bundle Deals!

I want to create a hoo-hah that never dies.

I wish you all subho mahalaya, L'shannah tovah, eid mubarak!!

I'm going to Chabad tonight for Rosh Hashana dinner.

Phagey Bear. Skirmish the Frog.

Lawsuit filed today in L.A. Superior Court: Man claims Michael Jackson stole his "herpes cure"

This is by Eugene Vardanyan


Pittsburgh Pirates to celebrate Roberto Clemente tonight

acid trip in space

Keep fucking that chicken

Take a break. This will give you a big smile.

exclusive peek of r crumbs "the book of genesis illustrated"

It's The Evil Anti-Magistrate!

OMFG! CaliforniaPeggy's latest poem, "To Serve Man"...IT'S A RECIPE!

Tuperware is stackable, why not cars

What the fuck does this shit mean?

STP / Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland Has Seizure on an Airplane

Spiny King Crabs are HUGE

I wish you all Tova Borgnine!

My third day at kindergarten.

It's my 30th high school reunion AND our anniversary today

I'm giving away some gently used, low milage KITTENS!

Megan Fox

Does your god watch television?

Mirror, by Sylvia Plath

Does your dog watch television?

I just purchased 12 dozen rolling eye smilies from DU.


DU Song Of The Day (In Celebration 2 Weeks From Today)





Daily Lounge Earworm 1-hit Wonder from the 70s - "Hooked on a Feeling" by Blue Suede

Would I EVER call out a moderator?

Hunting Space Invaders

Most patient cat that ever lived:

What's the best way to serve man?

100 songs that defined the Noughties

OK, LFP, here is one just for you.

Sometimes the most SHOCKING phrase you can say is "rat shit piss fuck ass shit"

Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!!!

Was Anniston singing "I've got a crush on you" to Ellen the HOTTEST thing since Marilyn to JFK?!1


There is not enough baby shaving going on

Who sings most like Daffy Duck?

John Bonham died so early because he was too much man for such an ordinary heart

Beer makes you tipsy, la-la, and po. Don't ask what Tinky Winky does.

Anyone else looking forward to the Georgia O'Keeffe movie on Lifetime on Saturday?

Hey ya'll, Plaid Adder's back!

BREAKING: Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono & surviving ex-Rolling Stones members to form "The New Beatles"

Hello in there

My high school just snapped their 66 game losing streak! Ask me anything!

I wrote a song.

Was Eric Clapton's "Cocaine" really about cocaine? {edited}

Was Eric Clapton's "Cocaine" really about cocaine? {edited}

For your amusement...

Was Frampton's song "White Sugar" really about cocaine?


Cant believe Im typing this...5 months no cigarettes

Why are we at level two tonight?

Why are we at level two tonight?


OH JOY!!!!

So I'm a wonderin', watching these commercials for JayZ's new album...

Guess who this hansome young man grew up to be.


My poem "Cold Explosion" along with my audio!

I have impetigo.


Okay, it's official in my book. The Gosselins suck!

Do you like "breakfast" for dinner?

Couch Kitteh watching TV...

Hrmm, both my older cats...

Leno or Conan?

I have an important announcement to make

≤ ¿¿¿¿¿ ≥

Fresh strawberries stuffed with gorgonzola

what is the best way you can serve me?

Doc says, "You're crazy!" so I ask him for a second opinion... (Seriously, thyroid UPDATE)

Takin' a drink. Ur doin' it wrong

Just so you know...


God dammit. I was fucking suckered. And this is embarrassing.

Ya know - sometimes reality is overrated

Your favoirite TV shows from north of the border.

Tooting my own horn. Happy birthday to me! 55 and onward!

ccharles000 Appreciation Thread

The first novel you ever read was...

Store wars as Tesco Supermarket bans Jedi Knight

Stolen from the Fiction Books forum: If you could be any fictional character from a book,

Check Out Ths Sentence from a Texbook That I am Reading

September 19, 2009... is.... TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!!!

What's the difference between a truss hanger and a joist hanger

The Breakfast Club

Afghanistan: It's chief exports are heroin and vengeance.

Question regarding elderly parents

Barack Obama is essentially Jackie Robinson. He's certainly behaving that way.

Why do some downloaded music files sound like crap?

My BF says I'm too passive

I've become obsessed. I have to talk about this with SOMEBODY. "Lebanon", the film.

The Most Ridiculously Awful Computers Ever Made

What Book are you reading now?

Rockefeller Stands Up for Liberals on Health Care

SMEARBUSTERS: New MediaMatters Site Defending Progressives Against Witch Hunts

Study Faults Bush's Emphasis On Daily Intelligence Brief

Can anyone tell me why libel and slander are no longer serious crimes?

Photo from the 9/16 White House event supporting Chicago 2016

Joe Conason: In Defense of ACORN

Pssst. Finance Isn't the Only Relevant Committee.

CT-Sen: Dodd Trails Simmons by 5 in New Q-Poll

Glenn Beck’s Witch Hunt Of The Day Deceptively Edits Obama’s Remarks About Constitution

Krugman: Baucus proposal is currently unworkable and unacceptable...but may serve as baseline.

the Public Option is in 4 out of the 5 bills, clearly it's NOT going to be in the final bill

TOON: The Final Option

Glenn Beck gets told by Murdoch to stop losing advertisers, so he will air with this

Phone numbers that really get answered! Limbaugh and hannity

They whine about ACORN but our leaders don't whine about say, Blue Cross Blue Shield

NEW American Journal of Public Health shocker: 45,000 deaths among uninsured Americans each year!

Hell has frozen over! Bill O'Reilly backs the Public Option! I know

Will Republicans permit illegals from getting health care in prisons?

UN Ambassador Susan Rice at WH briefing to discuss President Obama's schedule at UN next week

Krugman: "enough wrong with the Baucus proposal as it stands to make it unworkable and unacceptable"

The head of HHS, Kathleen Sebelius

Some Friday Humor: What History Textbooks Will Say 50 Years From Now

White House sends signals to Senate Dems: Get Snowe on board, Get 60 votes. (FirstRead)

The Pollyanna Closing: a mandatory Op-Ed compromise (Krugman v. Baucus)

Why does the media keep giving nuts like this a forum on TV

Jobless rate tops 12% in 5 states

The most surprising part of Ezra Klein's interview with Sen. Rockefeller this morning

HEADS UP-Michelle Obama about to speak

Did Baucus Unwittingly Help The Cause for a Public Option?

Paterson Hires Campaign Manager for 2010 N.Y. Governor's Race

Brown-Waite endorses Rubio in Senate race

John Thune scares me. Should he?

Here is a health care story for you...

Malkin stays classy. Refers to "First Crony" Michelle Obama.

45,000 American deaths associated with lack of insurance

Why Jimmy Carter was right, Joe Scarborough is a miserable a-hole & Mika is an ignorant sycophant

In this case, the details really do not matter. Otto Raddatz was recissioned

Pat Bagley is my hero.

Poor Amanda Carpenter twisted herself in knots trying to explain why Obama is "over-exposed"

Democrats have a 13 to 10 majority on the Finance Committee

The DU Archives have been updated. Go read threads from 8/29/08 & 11/4/08

If public health insurance option is socialism, there's a simple solution

Why the PO is so necessary.. To be a referee for the free market system

Senators Introduce PATRIOT Act, FISA Fixes

Dear Republicans YOU have been spending too much on HealthCare

Obama Endorses Colorado's Appointed Senator

Bush enablers trying to stop torture investigation

Clinton rejects idea that Obama will suffer from health debate

Obama should say "What we want to do is to stop the death panels we have in place right now"

I love how the wealthy religious right ignore this portion of the

Joe Wilson about to have a presser

President Obama to be first president to appear on Univision’s Sunday public affairs show

and now... highlights from the ever-nutty and hypocritical Values Voter Summit...

What is a pre-existing condition anyway?

"Fifty years from now, Americans will revere the name 'Obama'"

Would the union be worth fighting for to keep together again?

We're repeating the Big Mistake of Clinton Health Care -- It's way too complicated

Hysterically funny...MSNBC (and even Faux) yelled at for reporting at the Values Voters Conference

What would the GOP have done with Terri Schiavo if she would not have had insurance???

MUST READ - "What does the rest of the world know that we don't?" Lessons In Health Care

Senator Snowe wants more subsidies in Baucus bill. (NYT)

FCC To Introduce Net Neutrality Rule Monday

Rockefeller: GOP Leadership Is “Bringing The Hammer” Down On Snowe

What the Birthers Actually Believe

Do Mormon church leaders have anything to say about Beck?

Blunt (Racist-MO) advice for conservatives - "You have to play the ball where the monkey throws it."

Obama faces trial by ‘angry white seniors’

Elizabeth Warren For Senate? (for Teddy's seat)

Birther Orly Taitz Faces California Bar Complaint Over Attack On Judge

CNN Sanchez calling out Faux...with two words...You Lie...

The Drudge Report Goes After First Lady Michelle Obama's Outfit, Targets Her "Bondage Belt," Misses

Clinton: If You Support Missile Defense, You Have to Support Obama

Bill Clinton on the Daily Show : video link

August Was Not So Bad for the White House

White House Farmers Market a Success.

Why are we afraid to REGULATE health Insurance prices?

So what bill has the Blue Dog coalition endorsed so far?

Don't even try to make this about racism!

The Root Causes Of America's Health Care Catastrophe, In Pictures

CAMILLE PAGLIA (alleged intellectual, notorious attention seeker) SUPPORTS THE BIRTHERS!

President Obama shuns Dalai Lama and Tibet

Barack Obama refuses to be their n$%%@#. And it's driving them crazy

On Obama, and the DLC, Supporting Sen. Michael Bennett

Just on Rachel: Political donations by the NFL

What the media isn't showing you...

This Agnostic is Praying for the President's Safety

Bill Maher is an Ignorant Asshole

Abraham Lincoln defines "conservatism"

Dating and mental illness

Federal Judge Clay Land Hits Orly Taitz With $10,000 Fine For Misconduct

Carnage in Pakistan market attack

Bad habits take a decade off life: study

NATO urges link with Russia's missile defense

Health Ills Abound as Farm Runoff Fouls Wells

Escapee may have carjacked vehicle in Hoffman Estates

Exclusive: 'You lie' Wilson kept illegal immigrant in the US

‘You lie’ Wilson shows two faces on illegal immigration

U.S. judge orders Kuwaiti held at Guantanamo freed

(Harvard) Study finds lack of insurance can be lethal

Shoe-thrower flown out of Iraq

Amid Protests, Iran Leader Calls Holocaust a Myth

UBS Warns US Clients that IRS May Get Their Data

Iraq rush hour market bomb kills 7, hurts 21

Patient dies after catching fire during surgery

Conservative Christians assail Obama agenda

Secretary of State Clinton Counters Critics Of Obama Missile Defense

Mennonite father dies in Bolivia after being hung for nine hours

Fed Considers Limits on Bank Pay

Sean Hannity Farm Show Attracts Anti-Obama Crowd

Ex-DEA agent enters plea in shredding case

Thousands march in Iran opposition protests

Brazil eyes Amazon sugar cane ban

45,000 American deaths associated with lack of insurance

Clashes erupt at Iran mass rally

IAEA Denies Report It Is Sure Iran Seeking Atom Bomb

Qaeda tells Germany to change government

5 states' jobless rates top 12%

Fox News Newspaper Ad Makes False Claims About Tea Party Coverage

Khatami reportedly attacked with knife

Scowcroft Agrees With Obama on Missile Defense Shift

Former Iraq Security Contractors Say Firm Bought Black Market Weapons, Swapped Booze for Rockets

Incomes of young in 8-year nose dive (Especially men)

Israel Assembles Advanced Missile Defense Systems

Nuclear Conference Criticizes Israeli Nukes

Venezuela considers shooting down drug planes

Failed Bank List

Poles, Czechs: US missile defense shift a betrayal

San Diego ACORN officials fire worker over video

Nickels: Ban guns in places where kids go

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday September 18

Dinner With Sarah Palin Auction closes winning bidder $63500

Former Iraq Security Contractors Say Firm Bought Black Market Weapons, Swapped Booze for Rockets

Nadler: Cutting Off Federal Funds to ACORN "Flatly Unconstitutional"

House to vote on extending unemployment benefits

Pennsylvania Budget Deal Ends 80-Day Impasse

Remembering late mother-in-law, Schwarzenegger intervenes to stop Monrovia evictions

National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area- Pursuing Ethics Complaint Against Torture Lawyer

Cracker Barrel bans Poulan, Ga. man for life

Former Interior Secretary Gale Norton is focus of corruption probe

Texas group derides scent IDs as junk science

Massive water main break floods Dundalk neighborhoods (Baltimore)

Lockerbie bomber disputes conviction with new dossier

Student in ax attacks vowed 'apocalypse'

Student in ax attacks vowed 'apocalypse'

FCC to Propose 'Net Neutrality' Rules

Obama tackles race questions

Bill O'Reilly Backs Public Option (and there's video)

Pasco (WA) commission votes against women's clinic

(Seven) Former CIA chiefs call on president to stop interrogation probe

Activists Angry With Cracker Barrel

(Muslim) Teen alleges discrimination by Abercrombie & Fitch

$10,000 Sanction Proposed Against “Birther” Lawyer(Orly Taitz)

Inquiry Into CIA Practices Narrows Ex-Agency Directors Urge Administration To Drop Investigation

Leaked: Obama will ask G-20 to end fossil fuel subsidy hypocrisy

CDC Unveils Distribution Plan for H1N1 Influenza Vaccine

NBA Star Delonte West Arrested on Weapons Charges(Carrying 3 Guns)

Irving Kristol, conservative thinker, dies at 89

ACLU Asks Court to Order Government to Reveal Transcripts of Prisoner Abuse

ACLU Asks Court to Order Government to Reveal Transcripts of Prisoner Abuse

UBS warns U.S. clients as tax amnesty nears end

California faces prisons deadline

Teen charged with setting 2,100-acre LA wildfire

China seizes 53,000 guns as National Day celebration nears

Obama: Health care anger not race-based

Supreme Court asked to stop 2nd Ohio execution try

Insane Killer Escapes During Mental Institution's Field Trip

Hofstra Student Could Face Criminal Charges for Rape Allegations(Video shows consent)

Hip Hopping Poetry Against Weapons Plant in Kansas City

Mad As Hell Doctors Tour in Madison, WI

O'Reilly: "The Conservative Media Is Winning..

Merkley fights the good fight on healthcare

Republican Fake Outrage Over Czars

New Ad Showcases Ted Kennedy’s True “Progressive” Legacy

Swedish anti-Semitism satire clip a hit

Senator Rockefeller Rips 'Gang of Six' on PBS's Charlie Rose

The Right-Wing Propaganda Machines Advances CEI Attacks on Cap-and-Trade

Faces of Racism in America - New Republican Ku Klux Klowns

Rep. King Thanks Sen. Grassley for Obstructing Health Reform

DN! Story of Daniel Ellsberg (3\3)

DN! Story of Daniel Ellsberg (1\3)

Michelle Obama on Health Reform - PT. 1 'Women Being Crushed by Current Form of Health Care'

Celebrity Jeopardy 2009 part 1

The Listening Post: Health Care Reform and the Media

David Swanson on Daybreak in Kansas City

Finest governmental system?

Peace Is Non Theistic - Statistical Data

George W. Bush gives his thoughts on Indian Sovereignty

DN! Story of Daniel Ellsberg (2\3)

Headzup: Blackwater's Faith Based Warfare

Carrie Prejean Defends Her Homophobia to "Values Voters": "God chose me for that moment"

Dupe - Delete

Sebelius teaches Chuck Todd to sneeze into his elbow instead of his hands

Dean On MSNBC Today: Baucus Bill 'Is Nuts'; Public Option Will Happen

Voter Values Summit - Rep. Mike Pence Declares Washington a Czar Free Zone

MSNBC reporter harassed at "Values Voters Summit" - Guess freedom of press is not a "value"

The Real Story behind TABOR

Tell Blanche Lincoln and Mike Ross to Act Like Democrats

STOP stealing my music!!!!!!!!!!!

Little girl Somewhere Over The Rainbow

TYT: Do You Agree With Bill O'Reilly?!

Young Turks: Conservatives Claim They Never Criticized Obama On Race!!!

More Rudeness at "Values Voters" Summit - FauxNews Reporter Harassed and Told To Leave.

Don't FearThe Reaper!

Countdown: Bernie Sanders - 'All Over This Country People Want A Public Option...'

Anti-equality activists ask elderly and childless couples "why are you getting a marriage license?"

ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis says "Where finally, people were thrown out in dozens of our offices."

Dear Mr. President-"Please Cover Me"

Jack Rice interviews Howard Dean on AAR..Part 1

HateTalk Express

Blanche Lincoln and Mike Ross Stand with Insurance Industry

Jane Hamsher - If No Public Option, It's Because Conservadems 'Decided To Sell It'

Kids In The Hall - Communism (15 year old skit gives uncanny Beck imitation)

The Young Turks: Clip From Michael Moore's New Movie Gets Leaked

TYT: Why Do So Many Conservatives In NJ Think Obama is the Anti-Christ?

Dylan Ratigan Loses It on Brad Blakeman & Party of No Health Care


Report: Growing Ranks Of Nouveau Poor Facing Discrimination From Old Poor

Zazi Admits Al-Qaeda Ties, May Plead Guilty(NYC/Denver Raids)

Leno Makes Fun Of "APORN"

Raw Video: Obama Heckled By Loony Joe Wilson Wannabe @ Health Care Rally

Wolf Blitzer Bombs on Jeopardy

SNL Thursday Night Weekend Update Special Report

TYT: Obama is Killing Off A Lot of Terrorists - and (foolishly?) not taking credit for it

Dennis Kucinich Nails America's Death Panel To The Wall

Teabag hippies

Chertoff Gets Pounded With 9/11 Questions By C-SPAN Callers

CNN's Rick Sanchez Destroys Fox News.

Public Option: San Francisco's Got One And It Works

Will Obama's lobbying for the insurance industry be the undoing of the Democratic party?

Joe Conason: Right-wing crusade against ACORN is a sham

I love old ladies in power-chairs who tell it like it is...Helen & Margaret

Baucus and the Threshold (Article by Krugman)

Obama to Redeploy Missile Defense Along the Mason-Dixon Line

Obama, remove your racial blinders

Obama's Many Policy 'Czars' Draw Ire From Conservatives


Mass. Senate delays debate on Kennedy interim bill

Why Isn't There a Left-wing Conspiracy?

Neal Horsley Calls for Assassination


In Defense of ACORN

FCC To Introduce Net Neutrality Rule.

Editorial on the difficulty of applying for government jobs

Health care and the young "right now" generation

The D Generation?

The REAL STORY of Bill O’Reilly's Backing of the Public Option

Guardian UK: Shrinking white men

ACORN - the truth

David Sirota: Selective Deficit Disorder

Liars in America

ACORN - 1-1.5% fraudulent registrations, Calif Republican Party - up to 60%

Miss California may be mean, but you may be worse

US asks court to dismiss challenge to marriage law

US asks court to dismiss challenge to marriage law

Some White People Have Simply Lost Their Minds

Book Review: In the Graveyard of Empires: America's War in Afghanistan

Hendrik Hertzberg: Lies

Friday Talking Points (94) -- Two Years Of FTP

Weekend Economists' "If We Had a Hammer" Edition, September 18-20, 2009

Quick, which is funnier? Brown racism or black racism?

Police Report Filed By ACORN Exposes False Claims By Nefarious Individuals Behind "Sting" Videos

ODAC Newsletter - Sept 18

Energy Journal Roundup: September 2009

Oilwatch Monthly September 2009

Drumbeat: September 18, 2009

Study Predicts Effect of Global Warming on Spring Flowers (some may bloom 50 days earlier by 2080)

Impact of renewable energy on our oceans must be investigated, say Exeter scientists

Making Laos more like China has a high environmental cost

Malaysian police tear down Penan tribe's anti-logging blockades

High-tech fishing devices wipe out tuna

"No more cars" vs. "not more cars"

US "Fighting For Credibility" On Climate - EU Ambassador Slams Congressional Paralysis - AP

Feds Embark On 2-Yr Study Of Colorado, Yakima, Milk River Basins To Project Future Flows, Uses

Yay! We're Saved! Arctic Sea Ice Extent Only 3rd-Lowest On Record As Season Turns - BBC

Daily Auto Sales In Beijing Alone Approaching 2,000 - 4 Million On City Streets By Year-End - AFP

Timor Sea Oil Spill At 1,200 Metric Tons And Rising - Damaged Well Flow May Increase - Bloomberg

Partisan Debate Over Climate Change Intensifies in Senate

Hot microbes cause groundwater cleanup rethink

New Orleans wetlands ‘fastest-disappearing land mass on earth’

Cal Net Metering Bill Stalls

Semi-Nomadic "River Gypsies" Of Bangladesh Giving Up - Rivers Increasingly Unnavigable - AFP

Kenyan drought kills cattle

Kenyan drought kills cattle

Solar Roadways™ - Could this ever work!?

BrightSource (solar thermal) Gets Big Brother in Bechtel

TAMU: Mechanical engineering researchers working on materials to convert waste energy to electricity

BBC: Sober exit from the ozone party (the "ozone hole" is "stubbornly resistant to going away")

EPA Releases Reports on Dam Integrity Assessments at 17 Coal Ash Impoundments

Solar energy firm (BrightSource) drops plan for project in Mojave Desert (Broadwell Dry Lake)

Nanosolar Boosts Cells Efficiency, Starts Mass Production

Navigating the Hudson River With Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Utah geothermal plant runs into cold-water problem

Electric bikes start to gain traction

15 Most Toxic Places to Live

TVA: $40M for ash-spill area's image, economy (AP/

Excellent article by a former NRC commissioner: "Nuclear agency needs independent appointees"

Greenhouse gas (methane) leaking from Arctic Ocean floor

German cabinet OKs ambitious offshore wind plans

Dirty detail: Solar panels need water—How much is the question, as developers downplay… cleanings

Triumphs of Renewable Energy in Pakistan: Cooking.

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, September 17)

Does Not-Mayweather Have A Serious Chance Of Winning Tomorrow?

Wow! Prince Bandar, Jenna Bush & The Today Show all at Cowboys Stadium in one article:

Damn Pussies! Can beat the Padres. But the Dodgers, oh no!

Bruins trade Kessel to Leafs for draft picks

Ryan Matthews with 3 touchdown runs over 60+ yards

The "Show and Blow" Approach to Drunken College Fans

BOXING !!! (9-18 & 19)

Oh man, the Sox have one more series against Baltimore

Big Ten suspends Michigan LB

It isn't often that you have a mascot that looks like...

NFL Week Two Picks (with point spreads)

The JR Chess Report (September 18): Coming Attractions

Zelaya Issues Presss Release: Honduran Presidential Candidates (in SP with brief EN summary)


Ex-DEA agent enters plea in shredding case

VIDEO-RNN: The Question on Independence Day – “Is the Coup Inciting Revolution in Honduras?”

What the Drug War Needs is a Debate, Not a Disingenuous Battle Plan


Chavez contemplating shooting down narco-traffickers' planes that overfly Venezuelan territory

Ecuador takes over Manta base; U.S. officials a no-show.

To all those who think that parks are no place for guns.

“THAILAND: Licence to Arm Civilians against Muslim Insurgency” or Why RKBA Matters.

Iranian President Once Again Claims Holocaust A Myth

Former Al-Aqsa fighters granted amnesty by Israel

Goldstone report unfair to Israel

Israel, Jewish groups seek to discredit new U.N. report on Gaza war

Barak Says Nuke - Armed Iran Couldn't Destroy Israel

Nickels: Ban guns in places where kids go

U.S. calls UN Gaza report unfair to Israel

U.S. calls UN Gaza report unfair to Israel

'Dutch Jews suffered tenfold increase in anti-Semitic attacks during Gaza war'

Today in Labor History Sept 18 Forced to fire scabs and fork over tens of millions of dollars

Workday reports from AFL-CIO convention

For fans of Aiman - you know who you are...

human cannonball dude flying

I haven't posted anything in a very long time, except for this one...

Burglars Held Up By Homeowners

Man Shoots Intruder Armed With Bat

Authorities ID intruder killed near Madison

* * * OCTOBER CONTEST THEME - Wabi-Sabi * * *

No, Stanley, this is not how we do science

Vanasco: Is Maine about to lose marriage?

Homophobia on the rise in the Muslim world

Just second class citizens?

A Short History of Fast Times on Wall Street

The Post-Bubble Malaise

Incomes of young in 8-year nose dive

Failed Bank List

Ten Big companies That Are Veering Toward Bankruptcy

42 states unemployment rises some into double digits

How about a weekly healing post

Has Anybody here ever heard of an Author named Diane Stein ??

Poverty Consciousness

The planets are VERY BITCHY right now (which is rare)

Kidney Study Shows Proximity To Uranium Mines Increases Health Risk

South African health industry sees reform coming

Bad habits take a decade off life: study

Michael Moore addressing health reform in CA -must see

African game park safety study: Don't drive fast at night among grazing hippos or annoy hungry lions

Avoid Echinacea with Influenze -- it increases cytokines

Quorn, a protein rich fungus, used in fake chicken is causing allergic reactions

Inhalable swine flu vaccine to be ready soon

Weekly Healing Project #33 | Sep 20-26 | Healing for the Heart (open now)

Saturated fat sabotages a system designed to prevent overeating

Jedi ejected from Tesco for wearing hood, claims religious discrimination

Video: Putting faith in its place.

"State tells schools to teach Bible literacy but not how"

'Viagra cream' could prove safer

Residents Give MPS (Milwaukee) Takeover Plan An F At Hearing

Who was the best Secretary of Education ?

GD thread I started: Veggie Trader

I finally found the perfect biscuit recipe

Need some advice. I'm making stuffed pork loin for a special birthday dinner

Senate special election update

Perry "clearly refusing to face reality"

Proposed Texas amendment allows eminent domain to be wielded by private corporations, churches, etc.

Houston area animal lovers... here is a chance to help

The video had to be phony because....

I'm Tired of the South Bashing!