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The Democrats in Congress should realize...

Mary Travers will be missed

Election by ballots... owing to flaws in computer election system

Williams asks Hannity why he doesn't "go after Blackwater," defense industry, Wall Street -Video

U.S. Subsidizes Dirty Coal through World Bank's "Clean Technology Fund" Mother Jones

WWE's Linda McMahon is running for US Senator

Oily T*** is suborning perjury.

“California’s Real Death Panels”–Data Reveals California’s Private Insurers Deny 21% of Claims

Blackwater Offers Training to 'Faith Based Organizations'

Update on the racist beatdown of Tasha Hill at Georgia Cracker Barrel by Troy Dale West

If I never have to see the face of that smirking SOB Baucus again...

Baucus and Gang of Six---are they real. How many Americans

Former DOJ Officials Dismissed From Misconduct Suit (Gonzales, Goodling, Elston, McDonald)

food stamps and children

Teacher donates kidney to student

How is the government going to build new prisons for the

A New American Tradition: President's Questions.

The swine flu is rampant in my area -- This is what I've learned

There Have Been A Lot of Celebrity Deaths This Year

I feel so discombobulated, like I am looking at the world through the bottom

GOP's 'leverage' is tantamount to extortion (CA but applies to the entire country)

Today's GOP/conservatives

Peter and Paul say goodbye to Mary

Peter and Paul say goodbye to Mary

A tribute to The Brotherhood of Firefighters.

Scuttle the BAUCUS BOONDOGGLE! Single-Payer was NEVER OFF THE TABLE, for me. HR676 now.

Shipwreck may hold radioactive waste-sunk by mafia off Italian coast

Washington elaborates AfPak strategy amid calls for US troop buildup

Houston Chronicle editorial: Guilt and innocence

What I really don't get is how a single instance of an employee having a hypothetical discussion

Who has more scandals in the past two decades, Congress or ACORN?...

Interracial couples are great. But what we really need, in order to improve race relations...

Latino Groups To CNN: Dump Lou Dobbs Now

Dallas Morning News: Ex-officer pleads guilty to civil rights violation

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has some, interesting, readers. Ck out these Jimmy Carter posts:

Glenn Beck makes me feel stupid: Ex-pat rant

Jamie Rubin, Cruise Missile Liberal, Calls for Hypnotizing Americans About Afghan War

Listening to WJ on CSPan 1 these past few weeks

US military shutting largest prison camp in Iraq - freeing or transfering all prisoners

Glenn Beck: Disinformation Czar

F**k civility

Baucus finally proposes a bipartisan bill !

The racist, antigay, progun, antichoice Xtian nationalist march conservatives don't want you to see

When health reform is passed this year

CNBC is already beginning to panic........

Openly gay female appointed new Tampa police chief

Openly gay female appointed new Tampa police chief

I swear, it's looking like strategy...

m$m: baucus bill getting no republican support.......and, by the way, liberal democrats

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Can You Believe They Claimed The 9-12ers Bigger Than Inaugural!

Lonesome roads & Polygamy?

I just had a small Epiphany

who was the asshole on with Dylan ratigan?

Sherrod Brown and Dennis Kucinich: Time to "trigger" a public option

Limbaugh: We need segregated buses

Deficit neutral Health Care for all

US scrapping Bush's European missile defense plan

NPR = forum for Glenn Beck

Bipartisanship Comedy

Vermont Medicare progam to serve as the model for feds

Any Human Resource Specialists on DU

Pittburgh bans certain items during G-20 summit

Betty White to Receive Lifetime Achievement SAG Award.

Synagogue doubles as mosque during Ramadan

Hey, look over there! Schwarzenegger urges Brown to investigate ACORN

There is no racism in America

Senator Dukakis?

The ultimate Teabagger irony?

The business cycle, and things related.

Poverty makes some people insane

Joseph Goebbels(minus Ph.D) = Glenn Beck : same evil, hatred and message

Joseph Goebbels(minus Ph.D) = Glenn Beck : same evil, hatred and message

"rich and talented" BecKKK on Time'zine's cover. Scab/Mika schizo on him & CARTER

I wonder how many pieces of silver Max got or is going to get

Drug Industry Unleashes Huge Wave Of Health Care Mailings Targeting Seniors

Mary Traver's mother was right about compromises:

25% Oklahoma City Students Know President's Name - Only 3% Could Pass Citizenship Test

My friend sends a letter to Rupert Murdoch

Question: Jackie Robinson rules, what are those ?

Awwwww!! Poor widdle Operation Rescue is broke and may need to shut down

She wore a Green Dress

Mary Travers of Peter Paul and Mary has passed on.

Council favors sidewalk sleep ban (illegal to sleep, sit or lie down on public sidewalks)

Electoral Dysfunction

I see only 3 possible outcomes to Heath Care Reform ( ok, Health Insurance Reform)


so... how does the GOP ever regain legitimacy?

Would you feel comfortable taking a pee in a public bathroom next to Glenn Beck?

Tom Toles on Health Care.

The Thing Most People Don't Understand About Max Baucus

Obama to change Czars To Tsars

Farewell to Mary Travers, Who Never Gave Up

Aravosis: What if you threw a bipartisan bill and nobody came?

Missile defense in Poland scrapped

Democrats and the Great ‘Czar’ Panic

Let Me Show You Another World

Meet the man who changed Glenn Beck's life - Cleon Skousen

Are Republicans Holding Up an Obama Nominee Because He Criticized the Minutemen?

Working Class Zero (Timothy Egan, NY Times)

Maybe The Force Really IS With Him!

News Analysis: Obama, Jimmy Carter, Racial Politics and Immigration Reform

News Analysis: Obama, Jimmy Carter, Racial Politics and Immigration Reform

Help! I have a Repub friend almost ready to switch over but I need some info...

Cheney Spine Surgery: Former VP In Hospital

How I got well in India for $50

Maybe Dubya isn't completely hopeless, supposedly had no idea what conservatism even stood for

ACORN is just one more in the long line of people we are supposed to hate

We is America

Sore loser hits a new record.

Bill Could Block Gitmo Closure

Happy Constitution Day! -- How should we celebrate?


A Recipe for Disaster: School Cops Are Being Armed with 50,000-Volt Tasers

A truism Republicans figured out decades ago and Liberals still don't get.

Unless the left gets tougher with the repugs

Newest (and poorest) members of the EU, Bulgaria and Romania, post 15% and 11% compensation gains,

Mercy me! I woke up this morning and found myself in a country without racism.

Color-Coded Threat Level Advisory Under Attack

Tea Party Protesters Protest D.C. Metro Service

A 'toon - The Great Pumpkin

Why do conservatives think Raygun was so wonderful?

What Meetings for Progressive Causes Do You Attend on a Regular Basis?

Why is the Today Show broadcasting subliminal messages?

Whose opinions on health care reform should count for more?

Phillip Garrido Client Wants Jaycee Dugard To Tell Truth About Ordeal

Tom the Dancing Bug: Hitler's Diabolical Backup Plan

Appeals Court: Indiana Voter ID Law Unconstitutional

Public option supported by Bill O'Reilly?

a week in San Francisco...what should we not miss?

Bush honoured with own creepy-crawly

Another case of daughter imprisoned by father for rape, Australia in uproar

Right now Max Baucus wishes Kanye West would jump on stage and grab the mic

DU legal experts: when does a sealed arrest warrant get "unsealed"?

At hearing, Kucinich harshly criticizes insurance companies

"There's got to be some kind of rebellion btwn people who've got nothing & people who've got it all"

Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck Bad for America?

Attacker wounds 9 students at German school - with ax

Climate Change: AEP Explains its Stand

One-sixth of the economy?

Judge to Taitz: Unlike in Alice in Wonderland, simply saying something is so does not make it so

If Dems pass the Baucus Health Plan and the president signs it--we deserve to lose in '10

Norman Borlaug believed food was a moral right

I'd like to thank that caller to the Stephanie Miller Show

FreeRepublic Once Again Exposes It's Own Racism (The Beating of Tasha Hill)

Breast cancer group called a "menace to women"

Breast cancer group called a "menace to women"

One Year After Lehman (DER SPIEGEL 09/17/2009)

Ezra Klein: 5 Ways To Improve Max Baucus' Bill....

GOP Rep Who Suggested Bad D.C. Metro Service Hurt 9/12 Turnout Voted Against Metro Funding

Giant Light Canons Can Decorate Entire Mountains From One Kilometer Away

America Can't Wait - by Gov Howard Dean MD: "When we work together, we're unstoppable."

I just heard on Thom Hartmann that the Teabaggers are complaining

Whiney baby Brady (R-teabagger) voted against emergency Metro spending

Puke Alert - Time Magazine Cover this Week - Glenn Beck

We've Won The Health Care Debate.

if i had the money, i would buy a media outlet

Need help finding a career aptitude assessment test

The MSM more or less ignores the inherent insanity of penalizing people for not buying insurance....

Mary Travers Is Gone And I've Got The Blues

Pat Oliphant sums up my feelings on Joe the Heckler

Pat Oliphant sums up my feelings on Joe the Heckler

Some Montana Dems Applaud Max Baucus and His Bill

Presidential Plaque Causes Flap At VA Hospital - Photo of President Obama next to plaque for *

A Quote From George Carlin On "The Invisible Hand"

Inspection order by Toyota linked to Santee crash

Suspect in Le case had an earlier run in with the law.

WH Fact Sheet: A "Phased, Adaptive Approach" for Missile Defense in Europe

Red-Baiting and Racism - Socialism is the New Black Bogeyman

$6.5B to maintain border wall for 20 yrs, plus $2.4 spent now, & NO data on effectiveness

So, Beck loses the majority of his advertisers, but Fox takes no action.

Homeland security temporarily pulled Sanford's security clearance after Argentina trip.

Hannah Giles

The proposed changes to Federal student loans will not forbid private banks from

Ganging up on Baucus: Senator's plan garners bipartisan grumbles

The Unasked question regarding the ACORN crap: Why is prostitution illegal?

Teach Thursday to Tango . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

Update on Cracker Barrel incident: The 7 year old blames herself.

The crosses are gone, replaced by the confederate flag and paeans to John Galt.

Finally a good pro-healthcare reform commercial

Obama Ally: Joe Wilson Won Faceoff with President

Gov. contract for company despite prostitution and sex-ring allegations!!

Please sign the petition for a public option.

John Nichols: Michael Moore on Leno: "Capitalism is Legalized Greed"

Annie Le was killed as a result of

I gargle with warm salt water and take plenty of Vitamin D

Did GOP Presidential Hopeful Tim Pawlenty Request Pardon for Convicted Money Launderer?

Did GOP Presidential Hopeful Tim Pawlenty Request Pardon for Convicted Money Launderer?

More, More, More Moran signs:

Ok folks The Baucus bill is not DONE.

Any Chance the Bauus bill will make it out of Committee?

Sen. Bill Nelson finally emerges, stating his support for..... THE BAUCUS BILL.

House oversight committee hearing on now - with major health

Ahhh That's Why I voted for Obama: Obama shelves Europe missile plan

The Rich have Fox news advocating for them, why can't ACORN advocate on behalf of the poor?

RIP Mary Travers, Peter, Paul & Mary

RIP Mary Travers, Peter, Paul & Mary

US Rep Frank bars Goldman Sachs lobbyist-aide

(R)asmussen VA GOV: McDonnell 48(-3), Deeds 46(+4)

Max Baucus is

"Henry Gibson dies at 73; original cast member of 'Laugh-In'

Carbon offsets are a CROC: Should you be entitled to do something bad to the environment?

MSNBC reports that Snowe & Lieberman and others just issued statement supporting Baucus Bill.

About the cost of health care reform

Taxpayer-funded subway unable to properly transport protesters to rally to protest govt spending

"She's away and Westward bound, far above the clouds she flies..."

Crazy Racist Private Dick Bo Dietl Accused Of Being Crooked Cop

Commuters frustrated with crowding on MARC

Student loan market overhaul approved by House

World Bank spends billions on coal-fired power stations

House votes to de-fund ACORN

Pelosi Warns Of Violence Over Heated Rhetoric, Chokes Up

Fox News Advocates on behalf of the rich, why can't ACORN advocate on behalf of the poor?

Death becomes them: Health care debate suggests the nation suffers from delusions of invincibility

Hite: Vote for bill protecting gays was most difficult decision

IF it's Racist, Call it Racist.

Kucinich with LIVE hearings on Private Health Care Insurance -- and SWORN in CEO's ....

Letter from Bill Nelson (D-FL) on HCR

Michael Moore on Jay Leno: "Capitalism is Legalized Greed"

A Cheez Burger From Demonweed.

What are the chances that the Public option will be in the final bill ?

When Getting Beaten By Your Husband Is A Pre-Existing Condition

Are you ready to commit murder? If you text message while driving you are.

10 Lessons for Tea Baggers - from crooks&liars

This Was The GOP Point-Man On Health Care Reform??

Celtics owner Stephen Pagliuca, a Bush & Rommey supporter, to run for Kennedy's seat - as a Dem.

Time Mag Cover Story: Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck Bad for America?

Tax protesters complain that public transport isn't up to snuff..

Appeals court sends contractor's case to court

No Lie! They are saying the thing which is not.

The summer of celebrity deaths?

"Pelosi Galore" Remember when Republicans got a big kick out of calling her that?

Allison files suit over flyer implying 'crossed lines' with Sanford

Egypt jails US couples for adoption

Back to the Health Care Drawing Board (re: Baucus)

Irony Alert: "Tea Party Protesters Protest D.C. Metro Service" - bwahahaha!!!!

Tax protesters complain that public transport isn't up to snuff..

Tea Party Protesters Protest D.C. Metro Service

While I was watching "Kelly's Heroes" last night, I was struck with this comment...

House to Consider Unemployment Benefits Extension

House to Consider Unemployment Benefits Extension

Great discussion on race on Tweety

Obama wan Kenobi

Insurance company prostitutes caving already!

Thanksgiving Weekend Telethon for Health Insurers

A little tiny measure of justice in the world: Cheney has been in pain

Need the bill #s of all the current health care legislation under consideration

PETA and the Ringling Bros Circus

PETA and the Ringling Bros Circus

Australia father raped daughter for 30 years

Healthcare solved. :)

Healthcare solved. :)

The New Haven Police are on their way to arrest Raymond Clark for the murder of Annie Le.

About the cost of health care reform

I'm giving a speech Sat on health care reform HELP

About that school bus fight

Huffington Post's cutting-edge journalism: "Rihanna's Nipple Ring Visible Through Tank Top"

Maybe Rush has a point, I think we do need segregated buses....

Canadian Aboriginals Receive Body Bags For Flu (After Requesting Assistance for Outbreak)

Yale Psychiatry Resident Faces Weapons Charges

Obama announces push for malpractice reform.

Paulson in Vanity Fair article praises Pelosi and Barney Frank - calls House GOP "very vulnerable"

Irony Alert -- Caption This -- Tea Party Protest D.C. Metro Service

House votes to defund ACORN

Why does KO call Glenn Beck "Lonesome Roads"?

O’Reilly endorses the public option, which he previously called ‘socialism.’

is the "private mandate" to buy health insurance unconstitutional?

Music Industry Wants Royalties From iTunes and other online music stores' 30 Second SAMPLES

Music Industry Wants Royalties From iTunes and other online music stores' 30 Second SAMPLES

Republicans Criticizing ACORN over Possible Tax Evasion is Funny

I bet the RW freaks loved seeing Speaker Pelosi talk about being

Just in time for the big event

He really is crazy.

Nat Geo's Inside the Vietnam War

Love Stuff Loses Challenge to Sex-Toy Ban in Alabama Supreme Court

Did Karl Rove Setup ACORN

How to confuse large political and economic systems and look good doing it

US to scrap missile defense shield

Teen birth rates highest in most religious states

How Is It Eliot Spitzer Was Forced To Resign Immediately While Sanford Remains Governor?

Q; What are the two main political parties in the US? A: Communist and Republican

Indiana Voter ID Law Ruled Unconstitutional

It's Impossible To Argue The Facts When The Other Guy Doesn't Have A Respect For Facts

NOWToronto: Health care debate (in US) suggests the nation suffers from delusions of invincibility

NOWToronto: Health care debate (in US) suggests the nation suffers from delusions of invincibility


And a child will lead us. Great ltte from an 11 yr. old

Is it illegal to lock out lobbyists from the Capital? Just wondering.

Mark Sanford spent over $63,000 on charter jets for two trips

A notice came in our electric bill the other day.....

President Carter's remarks on race .........

President Carter's remarks on race .........

Teabagger just posted his full name and hometown on Youtube comments.

The Moronic Minority: Democrats need to stop pandering to them

Nancy Pelosi acts like a scared little girl, and shouldn't be

Glenn Beck is a crazy, stupid, evil liar. Bill O'reilly may be an evil liar...

Ok Sen Baucus THANK YOU....

Sign at a church on the way home said something to the effect "Why are you so afraid?"

Harry Reid acts like a scared little boy and shouldn't

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand requests help for Carrier workers

Gimme a break!! Turned on Jeopardy, and who do I see?

Is it possible to have any discussion in which reference to Nazi Germany is required?

Sort of cool and better than a

New TIME Cover on Glenn Beck Ignores Facts, and Worse

If there is no public option why does the healthcare legislation cost anything?

On edit: self delete. Hell, I sounded like one of them.

Suspicious Package found on Disney World Bus, Employees Evacuated

wolf blitzer on "Jeopardy" ha!

Edging Ever Closer...

Bill Moyers' Journal: Has Opportunity Stopped Knocking?

Why No Republican Support for Health Care? Individual Mandates....

The Cracker Barrel racist had his one felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor.

WSJ Editorial: " It's better these days to be a U.S. adversary than its friend "

Limpballs - Nancy Pelosi, tears of a clown

Die Linke Party Wins German Votes by Standing Out from the Crowd

How many tea baggers will be standing in line to get their free H1N1 flu shot next month?

Sappy football story

Birther Orly Taitz Faces California Bar Complaint Over Attack On Judge

Hate Radio Hollows Out America = Jay Diamond

Interesting.Dumb ass AmuriKans who elected Bush vote for talentless chicken catcher

Orly Taitz - Norma Desmond - separated at birth?

Joe Wilson and the racist company you keep

21 year old Houston Man Charged Over Obama 'Joker' Posters

Are We Finally Done With This Bipartisanship BS?

Are We Finally Done With This Bipartisanship BS?

My plan if I ever get cancer or another life threatening illness

The Continuing Lessons of Terror and Tyranny

Lloyd Marcus Gives Tea Party Movement Its Own Anthem (VIDEO)

What past crimes committed by England?

What past crimes committed by England?

LOL! Rush Limbaugh & Norm Woodruff made the "Who Dates Who?" Website!

Countdown will be EXCELLENT tonight

Lamar Alexander should be called out for catering to the village idiots!

Indiana Court Strikes Down Voter ID Law

QUIZ ! who wrote or said the following words....

You've got to give the mother-fucking shit-eating bastards credit.

You've got to give the mother-fucking shit-eating bastards credit.

Domestic surveillance:

Domestic surveillance:

My letter to Obama, Bill Nelson, Alan Grayson and the Orlando Sentinel on HCR

Hispanic group to CNN: rein in Lou Dobbs

Peter Schiff for Senator from Connecticut

"Tammy BRUCE" referring to THE SOVIET UNION, multiple times

Former Interior Secretary Gale Norton target of corruption investigation

Boehner and Cantor ‘wary of the possible damage inflicted on the party’s reputation’ by Bachmann.

Hannity exploiting farmers again

BUSTED: Joe Wilson member of racist Confederate organization

Jerome Corsi on Hartmann yesterday was very revealing re the how the right fires up the base

Here is song for those republicans who oppose national health care.

Frank Schaeffer appreciation thread

What is the best site to get news? Not commentary, news.

Notre Dame tips caterer $29,387 rather an $29.87. Wants $$ back, caterer spent $$

Birther Orly Taitz Faces California Bar Complaint Over Attack On Judge

Cracker Barrel bans hate crime attacker

Joe "You LIE!" Wilson challenger Rob Miller to raise cash in D.C.

What a wonderful family

ACORN Video Sting Guy Also "Targeted" Irish-Bashing Lucky Charms

Oath Keepers organizer sees need to sound an alarm

"How to stop abortions: a new approach (DVD: Maafa 21 & Discussion)"

"How to stop abortions: a new approach (DVD: Maafa 21 & Discussion)"

Senators’ Patriot Act ‘fixes’ would eliminate telecom immunity

This is one hell of a way to treat a WARTIME President

Health Insurers Consider A Caesarean-Section Pregnancy A Pre-Existing Condition

Handy link for those watching Rachel

MSNBC will air a town hall meeting with Bill Cosby & Michelle Bernard. Will you watch it?

Mass. House approves bill that would fill Kennedy seat

ACORN has been a convenient smokescreen and scapegoat for election fraud and mortgage fraud

Senate Judiciary Committee to hold nomination hearing on 4 Obama US District nominees

ACORN - and what it can teach us

Andy Richter whooped Wolf Blitzer's ass on Jeopardy

The Rude Pundit: Regarding Jimmy Carter: Was This Even Up For Discussion?

Just A Coincidence? Major Media Talking Point That RW Activists Are Just Like Left Wing Activists..

Did anybody watch the new episode of "Survivor" tonight?

New Jon Krakauer Book: Pat Tillman & Cover-Up Of His Death (Tillman on Lynch: 'A Big PR Stunt')

It's like they're still in power.How ironic....

Even the constitution we wrote for Iraq guarantees a RIGHT to health care!

Is Mickey Rourke a Wingnut?

Is Mickey Rourke a Wingnut?

TV anchor's flub (F-bomb) turns into catch phrase overnight (Fox affiliate WNYW)

Faux News Puts An (R) By Baucus' name

This is for all of you that pre-emptively pissed and moaned about Obama appointing Sotomayor

The 7 Most Inappropriate Products For Children (PHOTOS)

Woman accused of threatening to claim rape charged with extortion

Thank you, Rachel. Perhaps you even touched some DUers

Sergeant Monti (CMH award today)

ACORN is about race.

Hofstra Rape: Student Lied About Incident: District Attorney

Limbaugh: " We need Segregated buses"

Say Hello to Mr. Baucus & The other Finance Committee Members!

US Senate confirms Judge Gerard Lynch to be US Circuit Judge for the 2nd Circuit (on vote of 94-3)

First lady Michelle Obama attends the opening of a new farmers' market near the White House - pics

When will Fox News (cough, cough) and idiots like limbaugh cross a line

Greenwald: "more Republicans involved with prostitution than ACORN employees"

poverty a genetic issue?

poverty a genetic issue?


"California Soda Survey Gives Weight To Health Concerns"...

Are there any successfull countries

Harvard Medical Study Links Lack of Insurance to 45,000 U.S. Deaths a Year (NYT)

Crowd boos Baucus plan, cheers public option at Obama health care rally.

MODEST PROPOSAL: Make CEO pay like pension based on long term performance

The Corporate Charter

The Gay Sons of Allah (DER SPIEGEL 09/17/2009)

A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward

Naked blond storms construction site. Hard hats scatter and hide

One more job lost.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is a great movie.

Videos: Network news largely silent on Fox News' role in hyping, distorting ACORN story

House votes to deny all federal funds for ACORN

Oh My!!!!!Gale Norton at centre of corruption inquiry over oil-shale awards to Shell

REPORT: ‘Duplicitous’ Campaign Of Insurers To Charm The Public While Secretly Killing Reform

Hell has frozen over...

Wolf's Jeopardy

Black man assualts a white man while a crowd cheers. Shocking!

Suspect to cops: I killed cat because it bugged me

Capitalism- Enjoy

Don't Call Them Hermaphrodites

It's Not About ACORN, Per Se, It's About VOTES

Just Got Back From My Post Office & Heard They Are Dropping Insurance for their Employees.

Question About Running For Office

Where is all this going? Our country has had some very hard times, but

Oh yeah....this is gonna end well....

John Dean on Countdown: Watergate Burglars Were Looking For Financial Info To Embarrass Dems

Toon: Bacchus Bill

Animal Farm. How isn't that about government, in general?

ACORN CEO will do FOX NEWS, "journalists" who stage sting will only do FOX NEWS very telling

Definition of Terms: Why teabagger should be synonymous with piece of shit right winger.

Hitler poster provokes Edmonds incident

Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck Bad for America? Time Magazine

Leahy Offers Bill To Strip Antitrust Exemption For Insurance Cos

Does racism play a role in the intense criticism of President Barack Obama ?

Does racism play a role in the intense criticism of President Barack Obama ?

How Corporate PR Works to Kill Health Care Reform (Wendell Potter, formerly of Cigna)

OK, here's what I don't understand. Since congress voted to take away federal funding to ACORN

Sicko Documentary Free Online

Sicko Documentary Free Online

75 Percent of Oklahoma High School Students Can't Name the First President of the U.S.

Sicko Documentary Free Online

Sicko Documentary Free Online

As the South got wealthier, it became more Republican...

Why do southern state reps fight the hardest against Health Care?

If the Nazis were Socialists then....

Olympia Snowe says her Party has left her

Would you support taxes on sugary foods, fatty foods and salty foods?

Would you support taxes on sugary foods, fatty foods and salty foods?

Let's get OBNOXIOUS on Health Care Reform!

47 CZARS under Bush vs 30 CZARS under Obama

Parents sue WalMart & Arizona: (children removed from home after bath photos processed)

Roll call on House vote to defund ACORN:

How many people here think we shouldn't kill animals?

Does anyone know who Ted Dekker is and what are Creation Festivals?

It's Not Just Racism That Is Still Prevelant in America

Right-wing extremism is a greater threat to America than Islamic terrorism

Mennonite father dies in Bolivia after being hung for nine hours

Pelosi chokes up - asked about state of Political Discourse - recalls Milk Assassination.

Catholic church punishes women for supporting female priests

Meet the man who changed Glenn Beck's life

Color of Change needs voices re: Glenn Beck boycott

Were you aware of the use of the term "czar" before Obama took office

REMINDER TO DEM TROOPERS: Help register Dem voters esp. in Arizona, GA, TX, NV, FL, CO


I'm not a "Consumer" I'm a Citizen!

Snowe threatens to quit Republican Party?

Crowd reacts as man shouts during President Obama's speech at University of Maryland -pics (updated)

Huff Post: New TIME Cover on Glenn Beck Ignores Facts, and Worse

Boston Hyatt hotels lay off longtime housekeepers (and lie to them while doing it) to OUTSOURCE.

An Emergency Room story for Medicare recipients. My experience.

Teabagger attacks mom in front of 7 year old at appropriately named Cracker Barrel

8 Repug Members of Congress To Attend Radical Right Wing Conference

Regarding Violence

Do You Have The Stones To Do This?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Happy Birthday SalmonChantedEvening!

Why Is Obama Still Using Blackwater?

Snowe, Nelson, McCaskill, and Lieberman "Commend" Baucus for Health Care Bill

Army Captain Asks Judge To Reconsider; Orly Taitz involved

Limbaugh calls Jimmy Carter the "nation's hemorrhoid". KO responds ...

Help me, here. The Constitution was built to protect "people's" rights. A corporation was,...


" snatching victory from the jaws of defeat"

Rebuttal To False Rape Post: Why Is It That Rape Is Treated As A Matter of Opinion

Rebuttal To False Rape Post: Why Is It That Rape Is Treated As A Matter of Opinion

Zac Moilanen, the latest "crowd expert" that the teabaggers cling to

So. If the recent FBI Denver/NY Terror investigation is "the first real terror issue since 911"

D'OH! Orly Taitz Does It Again! Files For Rehearing Of Rhodes v. MacDonald In Georgia

I'm going to pay possibly up to 5X more because I'm older???

Ya know what?

Dan Savage lays it out raw: 'Getting the president killed is a win-win scenario' for Limbaugh et al.

Rush Limbaugh wants to return to segreated busses

While they try to start a Race War, don't forget about the Class War

so who paid for Cheney's ELECTIVE back surgery? Must be nice

Olbermann: 37 racist incidents prove Carter is right

Health Insurers Consider A Caesarean-Section Pregnancy A Pre-Existing Condition

I stand with Jimmy Carter.

You think insurance companies are awful? Just wait...

False Rape Accuser Recanted Only When The Video Tape Was Presented...

The test of whether or not a word is racist is whether or not it hurts.

Teen birth rates highest in most religious states

Stand With ACORN Petition Launched

TV dance show makes peace with U.S. gay community (So You Think You Can Dance)

Shhhh!!! NEW Census Report - Real Median Household Income Declined Under Bush!

and the Morans work in bakeries too:

St Pete mayoral candidate believes dinosaurs walked the earth with men.

"Option" mortgages to explode, officials warn

Re: Acorn

Why in the world are some people here so upset about animal rights activists?

Re: ACORN... Hey Ms. Lewis, will you put this silliness to bed?

***Vote for the 2010 DU calendar photos-round 1***

Max Cleland Memoir: Former Senator Unloads On Enemies, Dishes Lewinsky Dirt

What makes you feel marginalized?

Socialist Airports for the Rich - this is seriously Fugged up

PHOTOSHOP: on health insurance from a cardboard box

Comic: The Final Option

Howard Dean: America Can't Wait, Sign the Petition

Does anyone believe Rethugs would have

Heads Up! 8:PM ET SNL Update

Inspired by Colbert's recent statement on equal rights for corporations

Gov. Howard Dean on Hate Radio On The Right: "Not Good Human Beings"

Kanye West interrupts the 9/12 Teabagger March

Dear Mary,

Police hand pounds of pot back to guy

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- Incivility

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2- Insanity

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4-Economic recovery is at hand!

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5- the rest

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3- Wall Street learns its lesson

Guardian UK: America's failed model for the world

The Incredible Shrinking Public Health Insurance Option

Join Michael Moore in beautiful Northern Michigan for "Capitalism: A Love Story" on Saturday

I had an revelation today . . .

Double Standard for Serena Williams (Important reading for all women and people of color)

If ACORN is defunded for what 6 employees did; THEN BLACKWATER should be defunded, as well. nt

American Exceptionalism and the Health Care Debate.

If you are a fan of chicken I have a recipe you may be interested in.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

you're strange but don't change

Warning! Shallow beefcake thread! (Dial up warning)

8'1'' Turk Takes Title of World's Tallest Man

I haven't seen this many fruit flies since biology lab


Vin Diesel...

David Hasselhoff- Hooked On A Feeling: Literal Video Version

Do WHAT with a WHAT?!??!?

Where were you when the Death Star fell?

"You look fat when you cry" - I heard it weeks ago with the claim it's the best insult for a woman.


What's wrong with "Nadja"?

Have you ever taken dunce lessons?

I like this one

It seems as if I am losing all the voices

Woohoo! 6996 posts!

A gripe about some Open Office quirks

Superfriends does Office Space

The 10 Most Obnoxious Cell Phone Callers

Underwear in the window.

Am I the only one here that has the intense urge to copycat Rabrrrrr's

What are the best used car warranties out there?

What will be Rabrrrrr's response to his lock?

Cute Video of a Baby Meeting a Dog

I wish I had a thicker skin.

a week in San Francisco...what should we not miss?

Kanye strikes again

The Haunting (1963 version)

I'm making my debut as a television talking head!

Photo: You can pick your FRIENDS, and you can pick your PRESIDENT, but don't....


What are the best used hoo-hah warranties out there?

I say, orlll this chatter about 'teabaggers' and 'crackers' is making me orfally peckish.

causing a scene at work from laughing so hard...

Ain't it a grand!

How do I get cat pee out of the hoo hah?

Men with high IQ have healthier sperm

Couple having dirty sex in trash dumpster robbed

So there is a girl in my pre-law class named "Seven"...

ok closet (newer) country and Western fans what is your favorite song???

Watched "On the Beach" earlier this evening

It's Thursday night, and I come bearing new podcasts, videos and hugs

I found this anti-Vietnam War video on youtube, times never change.

Picture of my kids and my ex.

How Long?

Have you ever taken dance lessons?

My cat's learned how to hunt so her bell doesn't ring

~*~*~Happy Birthday, SalmonChantedEvening!~*~*~

Love Action

Frivolous comment about KO:

Saddest song ever

20 most bizarre Craigslist adverts of all time

I miss West Wing...who became santo's VP after Leo Died?

Are vampires considered cannibals? Just curious. nt

One of my favorite movie scenes... Tell me what you think and tell me yours...

Sex by the meter costly

The Onion: "U.S. Government Finds $20 Trillion Buried By Absentminded Reagan In 1987"

did you know that on 9-23-2009

You guys! I had Susan Boyle for a third grade teacher! Check this out!

Is 96 too old to play poker?

Guinness World Records 2010 (14 pictures)

Builders flee naked blonde woman

Fringe: Yea or Nay?

Possibly the strangest lick ever.

Tonight's joke:

How many sexual innuendos can you pack in a 30 sec commercial...

I hate to keep doing this, but some of you still are not listening.

Possibly the strangest lock ever.

You know how you once were sorta frisky, then you got old, then you hit middle age, and then

I had a close encounter with a western cottonmouth while out taking pics today (pic heavy)

Let's all sing Big Man by Antibalas

I love punny business names

I can't quit laughing. the visual.

There is a half drunk bottle of gatorade rolling around the floor of my car

LENO's humor has a Mad Magazine immaturity to it, esp. when he 'does' Ahhhnuld's accent

Late night thought Re: Call Me Wesley and Heidi

What is The weirdest named person you have known?

Does any one else have a talking beer bottle opener??

Poor mdmc's right arm no longer straightens out - always bent forever!

Describe in Detail a Deliciously Delectable Dish

Final update on underage drinking charge...

BUSTED: Burglar Arrested After Checking Facebook During Robbery

So this is how I am Totally decorating my Fem Cave

Why is dairy-free ice cream/sorbet so expensive?

I need a good cole slaw recipe on the hoo hah....

Post a line from a Simon and Garfunkel song

Betsy Russell is still extremely hot.

Congratulations graywarrior! 45,000 posts!

Can anyone explain Illustrator to me?

How many rounds of center fire

What makes you say: "My god, it was that long ago?"

Am I wrong to be offended by stares in the workplace?

'Star Trek' team hints that the next film will reflect contemporary war issues

Does your dog watch television?

Heidi got her new "baby," and today I got mine:

What are the best children's book series of all time?

RIP Henry Gibson

Please tell me - Who is your favorite PEANUTS character?

Please tell me - Who is your favorite PEANUTS character?

Ladies of DU, a question. What color should I paint my vintage car?

***Vote for the 2010 DU calendar photos-round 1***

What will happen with the Bush tax cuts?

Perfect response to Limbaugh's comments re: the bus incident from TNC. Must read. Really.

WaPo - "From finance chief, bill that may weather blows"

ABC - "Victims of 'Health Insurance Bureaucracy' Speak Out"

Hagan supports parts of bill

Huffpo: Asia markets at new highs for year; Europe gains

With Democrats like Baucus

More Liberal media - The Hill

Mississippi - Benefit for 25 Year Old Cancer Patient Planned

CBO on Co-ops: "Unlikely to establish a significant market presence in many areas of the country"

could someone point me to a list of all the crazy RW delusions

Report from the NY23rd: McHugh was confirmed as Army Secretary, so IT'S ON!

The Moment All Of America Agreed With the POTUS

The difference between Bush protest and Obama protest

Poll: Big Majorities Call R Wing Health Care Attacks “Scare Tactics”

Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (SAFRA) Headed For House Floor

Ezra Klein: Baucus' $140 Billion Tax

Video of 9/12 March in D.C....

The Baucus Bill was the Repubs.' pony. Now that they REJECTED their pony, we take it back

Ire over Obama speech action draws hundreds to meeting

Help me debunk please.

Enough Already! RECONCILE!

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Ignores Small Business:"Employees rally to help boss with medical expenses"

To the reporters and pundits who still think the Dems. can get some Repubs. on board:

Maria Bartiromo Attacks Co - Worker Erin Burnett

Insurance Company MUST PAY 10 MILLION Dollars For REVOKING Policy Of Teen With HIV

Chuck Todd wants the President to "show frustration" over the Carter remark. He seems to think he

US military shutting largest prison camp in Iraq - freeing or transfering all prisoners

What teabagger signs say vs what the really mean.

HEADS UP-Obama rally at University of MD NOW

Racial Politics and the History of Silent Acceptance

Miss Edith Childs - Our Czar of all things that should be "Fired Up!"

Baucus bill booed at Obama health rally (updated w/video)

Is baucASS a teabagger?

New Name For Teabaggers?

Howard Dean: Congress has the majority votes needed to pass a public option -- TODAY

LIVE NOW-Obama awarding the Medal of Honor

Judge Carter Grants Defendent's Ex Parte Application in Barnett v. Obama

So Barbara Star, The CNN Pentagon Anchor, is always at the Pentagon

Ha ha! Sebelius just chastised Chuck Todd for sneezing into his hand....

Are GD and GD:P forms of self-segregation? I just realized ...

President Obama Zaps East Europe Star Wars Plans

Healthcare reform is over.

SHAME (Video)

"The Obama Revovery" - Housing Starts, Permits Higher; Jobless Claims Post Drop

DUers I need recommends on this MSM article on HC costs outstrip salaries

Pelosi: "A public option will be in the bill that passes the House”

You notice that there is suddenly no discussion of raising taxes for the wealthy?

Finally, maturity and dignity are restored to the White House

The Baucus Debacle: So Democrats Can Win an Election But Can They Govern?

Obama’s Czars and the Bolsheviks at Fox News

Is the Obama Administration Fed Up with Syria?

Robert Reich: Why Olympia Snowe Should Vote Against the Baucus Plan

Rude Pundit: "Regarding Jimmy Carter: Was This Even Up For Discussion?"

The Bill Clinton Tapes

Has the "Fired Up, Ready to Go" lady from SC ever been interviewed

Baucus bill gets some love - from Snowe, McCaskill, Nelson, Lieberman

NYT - "Health care proposal needs to attract at least one Republican for passage" 60 Is The New 50?

Norah O'Donnell-"Obama making his case for the public option at this public university."

Feingold Takes Up 'Czar' Questions with the White House

Crowd cheers public option at Obama health care rally (video) Boos Baucus

Baucuscare: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Progressive Reaction to Baucus: We'll Have a Public Option

Eric Boehlert explains why the WSJ's James Tarranto is an idiot

Household Wealth Increases

Democrats hit proposed new tax on insurance plans

Jesus H. Christ cancels Healing Insurance for the poor

Need audio of Obama saying "I have a dream" or something similar

CBO says co-ops are useless

Remember when the GOP said crowds don't matter?

duplicate post, please ignore

Rep. Slaughter has a diary at Daily Kos discussing a pilot program approach to a public option

Anyone watching SNL

President Obama is a Jedi. I knew this.

Camilla Paglia joins the ranks of the birthers.

House passes "biggest change in U.S. higher education finance in 35 years"

'Even if he isn’t a Clinton appointee, he’s still a *DEMOCRAT* appointee....'

What's the difference between Baucus' health-care "reform" proposal and Obama's speech last week?

Josh Marshall on CNN's attempt to appease racists

MA-Sen: Coakley Has Big Lead in Primary

Democratic Primary Sets Up for Oregon Governor

A little ditty called "We're #37" ...

Mass. lawmakers to debate Kennedy succession bill

When does Tim Kaine say......

Colorado: Romanoff Begins Senate Primary Challenge

Where Congress Stands on a public option

Boston Globe editorial: A compromised health bill

The Daily Dish: Bush Hatred, Obama Hatred

Concessions Baucus Made To Repugs: The List

No, Rachel. DeMint, Wilson and the rest of them really don't care that they

How the Public Option could help the economy and what companies could thrive

FYI Big Dog on The Daily Show Tonight

Michelle Bachman having a conference call right now

Go Rick S. Take these folks to task about ACORN....

Former Bush Official: Obama's Policies Are Like Hitler's and Peron's

Home prices up for 1st time in 3 years

Gibbs response to Faux Snooze Major Garrett on "czars" and other info

PHOTOS 24 Hours

Have we officially entered bizzaro-world? Bill O' Reilly backs Public Option

Michelle Bachman encouraged conservatives to “slit” their “wrists” to oppose health care reform

Government-hating wingnuts complained about inadequate public transportation in DC

PHOTOS: POTUS awards Medal of Honor

Is this a threat?

Kerry's second Afganistan hearing going on now

A poll needing some DU love...

When IS it a good time to discuss race?

Double-standard...ACORN loses funding with out a peep of protest

VIDEO: Rally or Rock Concert? Obama in College Park Md Today

Back to the Health Care Drawing Board (re: Baucus)

Anyone see the Republicans Presser Today on Missile Defense

Who's worse?

Virginia Governor Race now a Tossup?

Can a corporation walk into a voting booth and pull a lever for a candidate?

Looks like Mike Dukaksis will be appointed as Teddy's replacement in Senate

If You Will Not Turn to the Dark Side...

Bouchard set to name Land as running mate

Who took the picture of Joe Wilson? And how?

SNL "Thursday Night Live" on now -- Mocking Joe Wilson!

I predict with confidence that reconciliation will not be used. We should lower our expectations

Why did OFA's website change on the support for the public option?

Facts about the Patriot Act

Glenn Beck would've been a Tory opposing his beloved "founders"

Taitz Files Motion To Reconsider In Rhodes v. MacDonald Birther Case

Baucus = Charlie Brown, Republicans = Lucy

Why the Obama Presidency will historically be one of the most important Presidencies

Former speechwriter: "George W. Bush didn't understand economic problems as president"

Even if posted before: the President will be on all Sunday shows

Sign Howard Dean's Petition: Join President Obama in calling on Congress to get the job done

Ed Gillespie slams "the worst and most vile form of political hate speech"...

Pete Seeger & Bruce Springsteen HQ "This Land is Your Land" "We Are One" Obama Inauguration

Pete Seeger & Bruce Springsteen HQ "This Land is Your Land" "We Are One" Obama Inauguration

Kerry, Rockefeller working on changes to Baucus' bill; voting to begin on Tuesday

Run him out of town on a rail.

The Benefit of the Doubt (or why is it so much worse to be accused of racism than to be a victim of

Argue with me DAMMIT!!!!!!

Conyers, Leahy Introduce Bill To End Anti-Trust Exemption For Health Insurers

House OKs green vehicle research bill

Terror mastermind said among 4 dead in Indonesia raid

Iran: Khamenei Authorized Arrest of Reformist, Rafsanjani Threatens to Resign

U.S. suspends missile defense shield plans

Explosion rocks Afghan capital near US Embassy


Court Okays Halliburton Rape Trial

Mafia 'sank ships of toxic waste'

Obama Wants to Extend Patriot Act Provisions

Law banning gay marriage struck down (Iowa)

News Analysis: Obama, Jimmy Carter, Racial Politics and Immigration Reform

Rush Limbaugh wants to return to segreated busses

Under fire, Napolitano halts projects for review

Indiana court strikes down state's voter ID law

Court overturns firing of New Orleans police officer in beating

Planck telescope's first glimpses

Financial commission starts recession inquiry

Obama scraps Bush's European missile defense plan

Redds dodge prison in artifact sentencing

Soltanieh: Iran's nuclear talks with West are a 'new window of opportunity'

Frank hopes early Nov for financial reform

Salazar says he may wait on offshore drilling plan

Obama to present his first Medal of Honor

Yale lab worker arrested in student's killing, police say

Snowe, Other Moderates Signal Support of Baucus Bill

Russian NATO Envoy Skeptical About New U.S Missile Shield Plans

Court declares voter ID unconstitutional (Indiana)

UPDATE 1-U.S. and Cuba meet on resuming direct mail service

AP NewsBreak: Nuke agency says Iran can make bomb

Leaked emails reveal deadly cover-up of dumped toxic waste

Critics Blast Insurers for Poor Coverage of Eating Disorders

Biden: US will follow Iraq wishes on troop pullout

Former U.S. anti-drug official's arrest 'a complete shock'

Paraguay rejects U.S. military co-operation deal

Health insurers defend coverage decisions at Dennis Kucinich congressional hearing

BILL O'Reilly Back Public Optioon: NOT A JOKE

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 17

Former top Ashcroft aide takes the fifth

Swift Iran Sanctions A 'Serious Mistake': Russia

Brazil to grant amnesty to thousands of illegal foreigners

Barack Obama to abandon European missile-defence shield, say reports

ACORN to retrain workers, sue filmmakers

Insurance Company MUST PAY 10 MILLION Dollars For REVOKING Policy Of Teen With HIV

Johanns (R-Ne) still aiming at ACORN

A Scandal Over Spying Intensifies in Colombia (US Embassy targeted)

Coach found not guilty in death of player(heat related)

House ethics panel investigates Rep. Maxine Waters

Senators’ Patriot Act ‘fixes’ would eliminate telecom immunity

Former Vice President Cheney undergoing back surgery.

Grassley ‘resents’ Obama over healthcare

45,000 excess deaths annually linked to lack of health insurance: study

Obama task force calls for National Ocean Council

3rd UPDATE:US House Passes Sweeping Student Loan Mkt Overhaul

Secret Service probes Nazi flag-flyer

Mass. House gives initial OK to succession bill

Union returning to AFL-CIO

‘Bipartisan’ US Health Bill Fails To Unify; Diluted Measure Angers Liberal Democrats

Former Interior Secretary Gale Norton is focus of corruption probe

Karzai warns West over Afghan vote fraud claims

House votes to defund ACORN

Tiny T. rex fossil discovery startles scientists

Republicans Denounce Pelosi for Warning Against 'Incitement'

AP NewsBreak: Nuke agency says Iran can make bomb

Sotomayor Issues Challenge to a Century of Corporate Law

Mary Travers & Joan Baez

Rowan & Martin Laugh In - Cocktail Party

Peter Paul & Mary - Puff the Magic Dragon

"Dead On Arrival" - Rachel Maddow & Senator Weiner Go After Sen Max Baucus's Health Care "Bill"

Peter, Paul & Mary - Early Morning Rain

Peter, Paul, and Mary: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

Peter, Paul and Mary - The Times They Are a-Changin

Mary Travers- The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Keith Olbermann: "Faux News Actress Punked By ACORN"

Shocking Truth Domestic Violence And Insurance Company Policies

Peter Paul & Mary: A-Soalin'

The Empress.

Visualization Showing the 2009 Ozone Hole

Tea Party Hate: A Month Of Ignorance & Fear

The New Red Scare

Gun Wearing Republicans & Democratic Cow Towing

Underage Prostitute Trafficking?- ACORN- San Diego

They Don't Really Care About Us

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse on CIA Interrogations

Mary Travers - And When I Die

Peter, Paul and Mary -- Three Ravens

USA vs Canadian Health Care

Southern White Males to benefit the most from health care reform

9/12 Rally Fraud

The Age of Stupid (Trailer)

Rep. Issa- Didn't Object to Bush Czars

Health Care Dissatisfaction

Peter, Paul and Mary - And When I Die

President Obama Awards His First Military Medal Of Honor

Mary Travers (1936-2009) RIP - Peter, Paul & Mary - Where Have All The Flowers Gone

Politics violence, health care debate

Scarborough's Memory FAIL On Limbaugh & Beck's Racist Attacks On Obama

Janeane Garofalo & Kai Wright: Racism as Strong as Ever

Pelosi fears violence in health care debate

Only 23% of Oklahoma High School Students know George Washington was the 1st President

Thom Hartmann - Thom goes after Birther Jerome Corsi on immigration

Know Your Insurance Company Executive Committee: The Two-Faced Anti-Reform Strategy

Chuck Todd gets a Sneezing Lesson

Thom Hartmann challenges Minuteman Chris Simcox on the role of

Thom Hartmann & Tom Tancredo

TYT: Next Stupid Conservative Conspiracy Theory -- Czar Takeover Debunked

Every Half Hour Another Nicky Dies! Congressman Grayson

So this is how they do it in Washington - New Bill of Rights

Sneering Republicans

President Obama Awards His First Military Medal Of Honor - To Jared C. Monti

Peter, Paul & Mary On The Smothers Brothers Show - 'Day Is Done'

Rachel Maddow: Nancy Pelosi Invokes Harvey Milk's Murder

Snowe: Obama Willing to Compromise on Health Care Reform

Ernie Anastos: "Keep fucking that chicken" (Fox "News" Channel 5, New York)

Bernie Sanders: Healthcare Bill Worth the Hype?

Nancy Pelosi Warns Of Political Violence, Chokes Up

Cult of Capitalism

Anthony Weiner: This Value - Universal Health Care - Has Gotten Dems Elected

John Legend On AC360: Obama's Opponents "Want This To Be A Race War"

Health Care Reform Support Rally Washington, DC Sept. 13, 2009

Dear GOP: Today He's A Bill

Michael Moore Health Care Reform

Jaun Williams Tells Hannity ACORN Story Is "Minuscule", Asks Why He Doesn't "Go After Blackwater"

TYT: Birther Queen Case Gets Thrown Out Of Court

TYT Interviews: CEO of On Obama's Proposed Regulations For Financial Industry

President Obama: Warm Wishes for Rosh Hashanah - "L'Shanah Tovah"

Lonesome Rhodes...thanks for reminding us, Keith Olbermann

TYT: Dobbs & LImbaugh Turn School Bus Fight Racial

Olbermann: Dean on Limbaugh's Hate Radio Racism - 'Despicable. Not Admirable People'

TYT Interviews: Author Of 'Idiot America' On Stupidity, The MSM & More

Rush Limbaugh Says We Need Segregated Buses

Racist old teabagger acts like a 4 year old!

Rachel Maddow: Hypocrisy of Southern State Reps - Their TERRIBLE Women's Health Care

David Gergen: "It's Important To Remember What Happened To Lincoln In April Of 1865"

Teaching children that dinosaurs were on earth with man.

Senators Deny Insurance Company Money Sways Them

Steven Colbert: Infringing upon the free speech of corporations. They're people, too!!!!!!

Some one stop me before I send this oped to my local paper

ACORN Versus Conservatives' A Battle To The Death?

Britain and US accused of secret pact to protect Pervez Musharraf

Joe Wilson’s Confederate Cronies


Inside Pat Tillman's Life, and the Bush Administration's Cover-Up of His Death

Public Option Endorsed Even by Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber

Blackwater Offers Training to 'Faith Based Organizations' (This is not a story from The Onion.)

Working Class Zero

GOP Demands a 'Czars for Clunkers' Program

Ezra Klein’s Baucus Wish List: One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

PROMISES, PROMISES: Much Lobbyist Help Undisclosed

A platform for racists

Glenn Beck's Mob Rule

Keep the heat on Glenn Beck

Obama gets the Clinton treatment (Gene Lyons)

.The Left Should Reclaim 'Freedom'

Dianne Quest, of Planned Parenthood, re: James O'Keefe

Teabaggers should have health insurance before they start shit!

a few Acorn employess advised on tax evasion? OH MY! How about tax shelters sold by Public Accountng

Howard Dean BLASTS Baucus's Crappy Health Bill!!

W.House sets $25 mln for medical liability project.

Where have all the abductees gone, long time town hall meetings, every one.

The monumental collapse of the left

The Real “Death Panel” HMOs Killed The Real “Norma Rae”

America Can't Wait by Gov Howard Dean MD

When You See Malkin on TV, You Can Thank James Dobson

Why I Write So Much Against Fringe Conservatives

GOP Senator To Go 'Under Cover' on Acorn Prostitution Investigation

Dodd Seen Staying On Banking Panel

Elderly man charged in assault says poster of Obama as Hitler sparked incident

Released: Rep. Kevin Brady’s Complaint to DC Metro

The rich still run the US

In Portland’s (Maine) Restaurants, a Down East Banquet

Joe Conason: Joe Wilson’s Confederate Cronies

Hate Radio Hollows Out America

Deval Patrick: Massachusetts Is a Health-Reform Model

AlterNet: Anti-Choice Floridians Peddling Constitutional Amendment to Criminalize Birth Control Pill

Unregulated Capitalism and Christian Fervor: Report from the 9/12 Rally at the Capitol

Philosopher Grace Lee Boggs and Sociologist, Monthly Review Editor John Bellamy Foster on the Financ

Diesel Exhaust Causes Cancer to Grow

Limbaugh's Racist Shocker: "We Need Segregated Buses"

The Bill Clinton Tapes

Anti-Abortion Provocateur Neal Horsley Takes Aim at Obama

DNC Web Ad: Dancing With The Czars

Orly Taitz Deserves Your Comments on Her Web Site

Red Snow Warning: The End of Welfare Water and the Drying of the West

Peak oil notes - Sept 17

Drumbeat: September 17, 2009

Nature - Greenland Sheet Could Melt Much More Quickly Than Expected, Paleo Data Show - AFP

Atlantic Sturgeon May Have Resumed Spawning In Delaware River - Philly Inquirer

Polar bears run riot as ice melts

As Arctic Ice Vanishes, Polar Bear Problems W. Humans Spike, Despite 22% Decline In W. Hudson Bay #s

Survey Suggests Scottish Public "Bored" With Climate Change

Life Without Bumblebees?

Toyota plans $1 billion marketing, more hybrids

World Bank spends billions on coal-fired power stations

Hundreds Of Dead Walruses Spotted Along NW Alaska Coast By Wildlife Researchers

Solar Decathlon Teams Prepare to Compete

Bees in a Bell Jar

Derivatives Bill May Raise Electric, Gas Rates, Industry Says

‘Green Clean:’ Researchers Determining Natural Ways To Clean Contaminated Soil

China's growth unsustainable

NSF:Solar Cycle Driven by More than Sunspots—Sun also bombards Earth with high-speed streams of wind

Measures to protect Mediterranean tuna are failing

Lib Dem Report Slams UK Govt. Figures For 3rd Heathrow Runway As "Sham" - Guardian

NSF: Invasive Species on the March: Variable Rates of Spread Set Current Limits to Predictability

With 3 Months Until Copenhagen, Reid Suggesting No Cap-And-Trade Bill Until 2010

The archdruid lays down the Dharma of peak oil

Worldwatch Institute: Population Growth Steady in Recent Years

June-August Global Ocean Temperatures Warmest Ever Recorded - Bloomberg

Grist: The fallacy of climate activism London trial to allow cyclists to pedal the 'wrong' way on one-way streets

New study suggest that scientists also give in to magical thinking

Hmmm. The smallmen are getting shut-out tonight. The Rockies

Derek Jeter Honored For Having Fewer Hits Than Harold Baines

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, September 16)

NFL Power Rankings, Week 2

RedHawks, Buffs reach point break(Bottom 10 College Football)

Hey tru! Are you going to post some pictures tonight??

Is It Just Me, Or Does The Miami QB Have VERY Good Touch And General QB Ability?

VERY Premature Poll: Who will the 2009 World Series?

How did Eastern New England's Beloved Team do tonight??

I finally found a photo of it!

Ex-Lions coach Monte Clark dies

Horse trainer 'Cowboy' Larry Jones to be honored...

Press Release: Cuban Artists to Perform in US and PR, visas granted, last time was 2003

Law professor Carozza travels to Honduras

Bolivia: Victims of the Pando massacre still await justice - Amnesty International

Paraguay rejects U.S. military co-operation deal

Arnold August Interviewed about Honduras: Clinton, Zelaya and Hondurans

Honduras Photos: 188 Years of Independence on the 80th Day of Resistance

Honduran Teachers Begin 48-Hour Strike


Honduras and Iran: Essay Requirement for the School of Authentic Journalism

'No change' from Obama, says Cuba

Brazil to grant amnesty to thousands of illegal foreigners

My father has been punished for helping Honduras

A Scandal Over Spying Intensifies in Colombia

Former Handgun Control Inc. president defeated in Manhattan ..

Carrying guns on Virginia Railway Express Trains...

Egypt: Meeting between journalist, Israeli ambassador stirs storm

Israel starts removing 100 West Bank roadblocks: army

Justice in Gaza - Richard Goldstone

UK's Trades Union Congress (TUC) votes Yes to Israeli boycott

Dupe. nt

Ari Shavit / UN must hold Obama to same standard as Israel

Goldstone’s Gambit: The Man Behind U.N. Report

How is the handgun ammunition availability in

More IAEA nations back non-nuclear Mideast in vote

Rattling the Cage: A wake-up call from Judge Goldstone

Israeli Arabs deserve better

Today in Labor History Sept 17 The Pittston strike became one of the few labor victories of the 80s

Workers Chant “Bullshit” About Baucus Bill At AFL-CIO Convention

Teamsters Oppose Baucus Plan to Tax Health Insurance Companies


four up close images. The first is a potato flower. The third is a lipstick plant

***Vote for the calendar photos-round 1***

Hubble Goes Deep, Finds Farthest Galaxies Yet

Swift Makes Best-ever Ultraviolet Portrait of Andromeda Galaxy

Gene therapy fixes colorblindness in monkeys, Seattle scientists report.

Video of Ares rocket test

Law banning gay marriage struck down (Iowa)

I Am Thy Creature; I Ought to be Thy Adam (Translation: It’s Over. I’m Done. I Quit.)

Outrage the movie is coming to HBO on Oct 5

Snake with foot found in China

Stop the Sex Scare in Sports (Dave Zirin & Sherry Wolf)

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/15/09

Green energy on a roll but experts warn of bubbles

Toyota plans $1 billion marketing, more hybrids

Oil at $80/barrel=recession

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/16/09

Integrating 999, Preparing for the 6th Night by Lauren Gorgo

Okay, who else is cranky?

Health Reform’s Missing Ingredient - By RON WYDEN

Placebo - Healing the Body with the Mind

How to read articles about health and healthcare

"Never yell at your ex-boyfriend during a Mercury Retrograde," and other astro aphorisms to live by.

Google Health

whoa! things are a'flyin' now...

Origins of the Swine Flu

Using food to battle inflammation

Make your own flu vaccine!

'Safe' lead levels harm children

Handle With Care: 9 Potentially Harmful House Plants

Pulmonary Hypertension

Young Christian Murdered in Pakistan

I fluctuate between militant anti-religion and moderate endorsement.

I found this article today, and just wanted to share it

In remembrance

I'm still bugged by that restaurant meal...

In Portland’s (Maine) Restaurants, a Down East Banquet

Best gluten free bed recipe? Anyone?

Hank for Governor

Why were Bush and Cheney allowed to 'testify' together behind closed doors?

Rasmussen: Hutchison catches up to Perry

TFN live blogging SBOE Social Studies Hearing today

Texas Democratic Party has a new look to the website.

"Fake Video Dramatically Alters Eyewitness Accounts"

The IHOP pancaking theory discarded, replaced by the sledgehammer theory


Defeat of Indiana Voter ID is good news for Texas Democrats

Letter from Dr Cannell: "Vitamin D is incredibly protective against H1N1"-- New Evidence, 9/17/09 -x

Mulroney supports Obama's health-care fight

Residency faked for citizenship seekers

Liberal MP introduces war resisters bill (this one would be binding)