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Archives: September 1, 2009

Blackwater Director Let 9/11 Hijackers into US, then Killed, Tortured the Remaining Witnesses

Call the waaaahmbulance! Joe Klein calls Glenn Greenwald a "bully," and "dishonorable"

MSNBC Headline - "September is actually worst month for stocks" - Self-Fulfilling Prophresy?

Who Botched the Gender Identity of a D.C. Homicide Victim?

Rachel Maddow on Jimmy Fallon tonight, for anyone who is awake.

What is going on in South Carolina today?

Juan Cole: McChrystal Advises Escalation of Aghan War

What are you streaming?!!!1!1

On this Day

On this Day

YES! finally! 3 people fired over gay bar raid that left a man with a blood clout in his brain.

Silver Palate Cookbook author Sheila Lukins dead at 66

MA: First out black lesbian mayor in the U.S., Denise Simmons, marries partner

Biggest WHINER: Sarah Palin or Carrie Prejean?

Kadhafi blasts Israel over Africa's woes at AU summit

Mary Cheney donates $1,000 to anti-gay Senate candidate

Tom Ridge has moderate aura about him these days.

State police gear up for Hannity's pro-mountaintop removal rally

AP: Justice Dept. seeks stronger civil rights division

Post-mortems for Ted Kennedy: Burying the remains of American liberalism

Cop fired for beating of teen caught on dash cam

LOL Disney Marvel toon...

does anyone have a link

Enter the vultures.

Webcast to be Provided of Karl Rove-Howard Dean Debate

Same-Sex Unions Begin in Vermont

Here is what they are up too. (Via Twitter)

Anyone watching "911: Science and Conspiracy." on National Geographic cable channel?

Attack of the Town Hall Zombies

jennifer dyck.....

CREDO launches petition over Verizon's sponsorship of Hannity's pro-mountaintop removal rally

CREDO launches petition over Verizon's sponsorship of Hannity's pro-mountaintop removal rally

Re: Joe Scab

George Will Calls For U.S. Ground Troops To Leave Afghanistan

Is Charlie Rangel Toast for taxes

BBC: Sam Wanamaker 'monitored by MI5'

MA businesses will also miss Teddy

david brooks is an insulated, ass hat, lying tool.

Bomb Kills US Service Member in Afghanistan

Obama formalizes Bush policy on digital searches and seizures

twinkle toes

Gingrey (R-GA) town hall picture: perfect example of assholishness...

US to crack down on child sex-tourism

Saving lives until HC reform passes

Saving lives until HC reform passes

A cartoon about "enhanced interrogation techniques"...

Steroids, drink and paranoia: the murky world of the private security contractor

Vermont, first State to have civil unions, now the fifth State where same-sex marriages are legal

Cities Brace for a Prolonged Bout of Declining Tax Revenues

A Convenient Memory: New York Times and the Orwellian Big Brother Propaganda Principle

Gov Sanford link to staff still a mystery.

Show this Orlando Sentinel Blog some DU love - it attacks Alan Grayson (D-FL08)

Additiional Avatar Request ...

Iraqi woman fears execution, can't stop thinking of gallows

Is the recent proliferation of insane epithets (Nazi, Stalinist) a sign of the below:

If Scarborough ever spoke to my wife the way he speaks to Mika ...

Please DU this MSNBC Poll

nice pics

Tom Ridge on Morning Jerk backpedaling worse than I have ever seen.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program to reduce benefits - is low on money

cheney must have shown tom ridge the dossier he collected on him

Japan’s Taiji to Resume Annual Dolphin Hunt Amid Criticism (20,000 killed ever year)

Why won't Democrats condemn the Congressman who praised a "right-wing terrorist"?

Auden's Sept. 1st 1939. 70 Years and still true.

Caption Time! Tequila Version!

I am waiting patiently for the day when Mika hauls off and punches Joe in the face,

I am waiting patiently for the day when Mika hauls off and punches Joe in the face,

We need More Ads like This. This is the TRUE Message On Health Care Reform

Gaaaawwwwdddd and College Football

Bachmann's (Health Care Proposal): "What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists"

What is your major malfunction, numbnuts?

After 59 years of life, I have finally reached a final conclusion about Republicans:

Republicans Plan "Vicious Fight" on Senate Floor

Got a robo call from my congressman Chris Van Hollen today

Irony? I want to host/go to a MoveOn Healthcare Vigil... but I am sick!

Dupe - Self Delete

Soldier’s Service Leads to a Custody Battle at Home

Ex-N.Y. gov Eliot Spitzer eyes comeback

Oil lobby shows that it hasn’t given up on the climate-change fight

Banks' Favorite Dem Set To Chair Banking Committee

September 1, 1939 : The Third Reich invades Poland, 70 years since the beginning of World War II

Delivering newspapers while black

Moving Toxic Coal Ash From Tennessee Spill to Impoverished Alabama Town Creates a New Problem

Ted Kennedy: a bright light in the storm

Ha! Tea Party Express begging for warm bodies!

Grassley: Some GOP-ers think Dem defeat best path to health compromise

The fundamental paradigm of health care in the USA is what needs reformed.

George W. Bush: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

When it comes to the BS of "death panels" how many people know.....

AOL "news." A dog hates Obama

bleach, boobs, and a big gold cross

Site: Disney To Track Brainwaves-Company To Measure Guests' Reactions To Attractions

Site: Disney To Track Brainwaves-Company To Measure Guests' Reactions To Attractions

50% in favor of appointing Special Prosecutor to investigate CIA interrogation methods. 38% opposed

John Conyers (D-MI) says bill won't pass House without public option

Video: Secessionists rally at the Texas Capitol

Russia halts reactor after leak at nuclear plant

Teh Irony, It Hurtz...

Rep. Schakowsky predicts public option will pass: "we can do it without the Republican votes"

Cheney’s dark side - and ours

Finally able to listen to Air America radio!!!

Pat isn't this stupid is he?

As Obama Warns of Hazards, the FDA Approves Mercury Dental Fillings


Even monkeys talk back to mirrors . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Mathematicians, engineers, pro or amateur, check in please.

"Why do you watch that crap?"

Oops. Tuesday's turning surly . . . best come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

60th Birthday.......

More shocking news about a provision in the health care bill (Tom Toles)

Get that Damn Spine Back!

Cute Animals (Saccharine-induced shock warning and PIC heavy)

GOP Meme for tomorrow

just a picture...

Is there an injection to grow vertebrae? (Tom Toles)

We Should All Add Up Regressive Taxes

ATL RALLY: Let's Get It Done Event for Health Insurance Reform - Sep. 3 @ 12 Noon

WTF?? NRCC Going After Dems on Whether They Support Pelosi as Speaker

Firefighters work a fire threatening houses in the La Cresenta section of Glendale, Calif - pics

Listen to the "Single Payer" song and "Mad as Hell" healthcare theme song!

Lockerbie on Trial

College Republicans to identify liberal professors at the University of Toledo

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Failed Attempts to Humanize a Drooling Bog Monster (Fox "news" Version)

Judge Orders Silence in Courtroom - With Duct Tape

Stupid question, but I don't know.

Rachel Maddow on Jimmy Fallon's Show (She had SWINE FLU!)

NY 2004: Bush vs. Kerry. Padding the "mandate"

I made a Ted Kennedy video that I cannot post at YouTube (Grrrrrrrrr)


Anyone watching Anthony Weiner on MSNBC?

Former boys baseball coach gets jail time for beating rival coach

51 Vote Rules May Force a Public Option "Too Liberal" for Some Dems

Hanford cleanup and archaeology

Health Care Status Quo: Get Sick? You're Advised To Get Divorced...

This is what we're up against:

Why do (some) old white people suck?

I am so calling Grassley's office again and

(Jaycee Lee Dugard) Girl's alleged abductor had rape desire

9/1 Day of Action RNC: 1 yr later, * Solidarity * Call in to Drop charges .

Kennedy Historians: It’s False To Conclude Kennedy Would Have Ditched Public Option For Compromise

Imperial life in the Emerald City: inside Iraq's green zone. By Rajiv Chandrasekaran

CoC admits calling for ‘the Scopes monkey trial of the 21st century’ was inappropriate.

If you are close to a fire, but not too close & you want to help

A personal question, not health care reform related, for medical professionals:

Coakley to run for Kennedy's Senate seat

Reverse Bank Robbery (How taxpayers are financing the banks 'profits')

NYT column: Shrinking Newsrooms Wage Fewer Battles for Public Access to Courtrooms

Request (and petition) for LTTE's on Health Care Reform...

I have a general rule: If you are a functioning adult who treats others with contempt and cruelty,

75 years of Social Security. It provides some context to think about re: health care

The smoke from the California fires is reaching as far as Denver today..

George Will's Afghanistan Moment

Preferred system of governance?

Memo to Obama and Congress...

pledging to the debt - "commercial"

Merkel Cites Eternal Responsibility at WWII Ceremony

Wow... Did Scarborough add an extra shot of asshole to his coffee this morning?

Wow... Did Scarborough add an extra shot of asshole to his coffee this morning?

GOPers say "typical" non-presidential congress elections are gains for minority party -

Cheney for President?

Cheney for President?

Toronto Star: Japan's old boys bite the dust

Mt. Wilson camera

What's the name of the phenomenon that says it's impossible to distinguish between religious parody

A third term as governor for John Kitzhaber?

SC has first H1N1 flu death

Greenwald: Rasmussen has become the "Fox News" of polling outlets

Bartiromo Asks 44 y/o Congressman "If Medicare's So Good, Why Aren't You On It?!"

Bartiromo Asks 44 y/o Congressman "If Medicare's So Good, Why Aren't You On It?!"

"10 Surprising Facts about American Health Care"

Florida Pension Lost $250 Million on New York's Stuyvesant Town Apartments

Is Googlemail down?

Government czar begins pay review for top bailout recipients

Is there a GOP closet case in Va.?

Is there a GOP closet case in Va.?

US, Cuba to start direct mail talks

Man arrested in NM for 22nd drunk driving offense

Has there ever been a federal program/act that was completed on time and under budget?

God Hates Hate! people hold up signs in front of demonstrators from the Westboro Baptist Church-pics

VA GOV Poll: McDonnell 49(-2), Deeds 42(+5)

Reconciliation rules require that health care plan not increase deficit ... link

A Painful Moment Of Cultural Insensitivity Towards Trans People On MTV's America's Best Dance Crew

Is this Maria Bartiromo bimbo really this stupid?


Legendary GOP Bamboozler Hitches Wagon To Tea Party Brand

California fires: My guy pal's sister had to evacuate and take all her sanctuary animals.



Woman has had SEVEN abortions – Still blames everyone else.

Sotomayor ceremony set for Sept 9th

Banks' Favorite Dem Set To Chair Banking Committee

You know how they yell READ THE BILL? Here's a GOP wingnut rep admitting she didn't read it

WATCH: "Great White Hope" Rep. Laughs Off Uninsured Single Mother At Town Hall

Jim Wallis: "My Encounter with [insert scary music] ... Socialized Medicine!"

BREAKING: Freepers Reach Q3 Fundraising Goal!

BREAKING: Freepers Reach Q3 Fundraising Goal!

AFL-CIO: Government Option an Absolute Must

someone help me out

A challenge to lurking freepers and Rush Limpballs

When exactly did our reps stop reading bills

How many here have joined the boycott of faux news???I joined

CNN is all over the crazy preacher

Border war rattles China-Myanmar ties

liz cheney now peddling health reform falsehoods...why is she on teevee?

Olympic gold medalist, 71, fights off attacker

Worldnetdaily posts anothe fake-looking document (Iowa Department of Health)

TV Guide (internet) tells me Tweety is a repeat tonight. Just a heads up...n/t

Congressional Word Count

Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory: Nancy Pelosi Is Banning Patriotic Hold Music On Congressional Phones

Ailing Lockerbie Bomber Is 'Dying Now'

DU this Poll!!!

Ed Schultz to Dems in Congress: "Vote your conscience"

Sorry for interrupting but, is there a "caregiver" forum somewhere in this discussion place?

Bachmann: We should ‘make a covenant, to slit our wrists be blood brothers on this thing.

If the health care bill comes down to pushing the button on nuclear option - will you support it?

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Clark County residents who died over weekend had H1N1 virus

Matt Taibbi: TARP Bailout Reports Are B.S.

Hey Kaleefornia! (Cough Cough!) Stop it! (Wheeze Wheeze!)

bar patron refuses a ride, dies in accident

Teabaggers Rock !

Rep. McDermott Town Hall

Caption this McCain and McConnell pic

Best-selling Bible To Undergo Revision

Best-selling Bible To Undergo Revision

Online cemetery plot

Online cemetery plot

Online cemetery plot

Doctors To Patients: 'We can still get this done because Obamacare's not in place,'...

Kristol on Will. Stand back, give them plenty of room. Wet noodle slap fight!

AP: Final Cash for Clunkers data

Same-sex marriages begin in Vermont

Intensifying cries warn of Obama the dictator

Live coverage of healthcare town hall with Rep. Gary Peters (D-MI)

Heard that some who were for health care bill were banned as "protesters"

Here is why today’s Republicans have earned the hatred of sane human beings:

Philosophical twins?

Intensifying cries warn of Obama the dictator

OK Here it is. Obama -threatening preacher TAZED by Border Patrol

WARNING: The Wackenhut Corporation + Armor Group = Big Time Trouble!

Afghanistan ...... "Right Track" or "Wrong Track"?

Col. Wilkerson calls lindsey graham "Leslie" on Countdown

Hastert: Pelosi BLEW IT on health care

So I may have made $5 in traffic on my way to work this morning

Sen. Gregg is going to Kill Reconciliation with Storm of Point of Orders (Forcing Dems to NUKE)

What's the rush? toon

GOP rep facing a hostile crowd at a town hall in Kansas!

What the hell is going on with Olbermann and Kevin Neale?

Bernie Madoff's Sons

Governor’s Sunday helicopter travels have come at taxpayers’ expense

Politico is a plant that gets far too much coverage.

RANT, thy name is ATTICUS!

I am looking for a post from earlier today. Subject included Laura Bush's killing of her boyfriend

She's nuts


Rachel Maddow: I Had The Swine Flu

Is that Moonie suckup Tony Blankley sick or something?

WTF is wrong with this nation? How did it devolve into being so aweful and barbaric?

Tom Ridge can't even look at the camera OR Rachel when he lies.

(here we go) Prelimary info on our "Health Benefits" for next year

Policewomen in UC Berkeley found woman kidnapped 18 years ago

Streaming town hall in Chicago right now.

Why We Need Genuine Campaign Finance Reform

Congressional Sex Scandals Emanating From A House On Capitol Hill Shine Spotlight On ‘The Family’ –

Zogby Poll's Numbers Called into Question by Me

Beck has a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

What Did I Miss On Rachel With This Women's Group .......

This "christian" wants POTUS to die of brain cancer.

Less than 2 days before Obama's HC bus tour stop - Raleigh location has changed! New details here:

Lefty Groups Raise $60,000 — In One Day — For Ad Attacking Grassley

Man says he robbed bank to get away from wife

If you aren't quite ready to let go of Senator Kennedy. Another retrospective.

Dan Savage tells it like it is!

Assault on Harry Reid

We need a good general labor strike.

We said goodbye today, a hearfelt thanks to a person whose name I don't even know.

A good neighbor, a cat lover, a nice guy - all the same person

Is Eric ' Dr. NO ' Cantor The GOP's New GREAT WHITE HOPE For 2012?

Mediterranean Diet Tops Low-Fat Regimen in Study of Diabetics

Ed Schultz Town Hall Meeting Member Asks "Where is Harry Reid? Why hasn't he grown a set"

Cheney made a friendly phone call to Tom Ridge.

Did anybody catch Anthony Bourdain's comment on Sean Hannity last night?

Contractors (Mercenaries too) Outnumber U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

America’s War on the Overweight

So Gonzo turned on Cheney - Tweety and Fein discussing now

A Beck show dramatic reading: Obama's czars -- or our new robot overlords?

OMG! Van Jones is a COMMUNIST! Call Glenn Beck! I have proof!

Health care advocates pressure Iowa Sen. Grassley

You know what I find maddening about the debate over the public option...

Status Quo Healthcare Rationing: "My Sister Died Today WITH Health Care Coverage...

Status Quo Healthcare Rationing: "My Sister Died Today WITH Health Care Coverage...

RNC 2008 Retrospective 1 year later. Many memories are shared.

Question about "Teddy Care"

Amazing time-lapse video of the CA fires..

"Boo louder" - Marjory Stoneman Douglas - She knew how to handle "town halls" years ago

"Boo louder" - Marjory Stoneman Douglas - She knew how to handle "town halls" years ago

C.I.A. Resists Disclosure of Records on Detention

C.I.A. Resists Disclosure of Records on Detention

The Myth That Government Cannot Do Things Correctly

American to cut 921 flight attendants' jobs

Ben & Jerry's Renames Legendary Flavor to Celebrate Freedom to Marry

A 'Little Judge' Who Rejects Foreclosures, Brooklyn Style

so why aren't employers backing a strong public health plan?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

US appeals court upholds Internet gambling ban

Seven Days in May

Our feathered and furry friends and medical care...

Anyone watching Rachel's interview of Tom Rainbow Ridge?

Warning On Possible Pot Growers Called Racial Profiling(Warning signs include tortillas and spanish)

Wingnuts Advocate Truancy because Obama is Giving a Nationwide Speech to Students.

Some final Kennedy funeral photos: Two great pix of two great ladies.

Sigh .. looks like the little guy loses again.,.

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel...

From the Left, a New Fact-Checking Health Care Site

Historic trial for dog rapist

The problem with cable news guests

51 Vote Rules May Force a Public Option Too Liberal for Some Dems

51 Vote Rules May Force a Public Option Too Liberal for Some Dems

Worst of slump yet to come, says economist

Good News and Bad News About Swine Flu

Good News and Bad News About Swine Flu

Good News and Bad News About Swine Flu

Dear Abbey

Pastor Steven Anderson to Signorile: 'I hope you get brain cancer like Ted Kennedy'

"The federal government has failed"

Tom Ridge: Liar? Apologist? Dissembler? Or Scared Shitless Blackmail Victim?

Catholic League president: Atheists ‘out there to get us’

Opera 10: It’s Final. And Worth Trying

American (BUSH Admin) Diplomats Advocated "Nuremberg Defense" 2 Newly Obtained Documents Show How

"Liberal" and "Progressive"

What do you think of Time Magazine's cover pic of Ted Kennedy?

Help David Swanson beat out Glenn Beck on Amazon!!!

Help David Swanson beat out Glenn Beck on Amazon!!!

Fragment from world's oldest Bible found hidden in Egyptian monastery

CNN's Dobbs to rally hate group's troops

Norm Dicks town hall, Port Townsend, and a little rant:

Lefty Groups Raise $60,000 — In One Day — For Ad Attacking Grassley

Manufacturing output expands for first time in 18 months (Recession Likely Over)

Legislative expert: the stronger the public option, the easier it is to pass through reconciliation

Video shows chicks ground up alive at egg hatchery

Video shows chicks ground up alive at egg hatchery

Republicans Disappointed In Holder's Decision To Enforce Civil Rights Laws.

Anyone who thinks private insurers can be part of the solution needs to read this report.

Anyone who thinks private insurers can be part of the solution needs to read this report.

Republican Myths About the Clinton Surplus

White House fears liberal war pressure

BREAKING: Obama to Outline Health Care Demands in Major Speech Next Week

BREAKING: Obama to Outline Health Care Demands in Major Speech Next Week

Palin Punked?

Palin Punked?

President Obama’s Address to Students Across America September 8, 2009

President Obama’s Address to Students Across America September 8, 2009

Why is Palin being offered 6 figures to give a speech, about anything,

California Wildfires as seen from space:

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan invited the Pentagon into Chicago's schools....

Video shows chicks ground up alive at egg hatchery

Larisa Alexandrovna: Torture Apologists - Cowards Have Led Us Here, Other Cowards Protect Them

Larisa Alexandrovna: Torture Apologists - Cowards Have Led Us Here, Other Cowards Protect Them

Conyers: No Public Option, No Passage

Maria Bartiromo Asks 44-Year-Old Congressman : If Medicare Is So Good, Why Aren't You On It? (VIDEO)

LOL! - Hong Kong Broker Pulling A "Borat" On Sarah Palin

Mich. church enlists Satan in advertising campaign

Mich. church enlists Satan in advertising campaign

Mich. church enlists Satan in advertising campaign

Office worker sacked for writing emails in block capitals


Why do some people cling desperately to conspiracy theories?

Bad timing for Obama on any troop buildup in Afghanistan

If I was a betting man I would bet that there won't be a healthcare bill

Would privatized fire departments do a better job with the wildfires?

Batshit crazy born again weight loss program and wild eyed guru

List Of Guests For White House Ramadan Dinner

The Democrats don't have a majority in Congress

The Truth Of Iraq's City Of Deformed Babies

Evolution T-Shirts Banned for High School Marching Band

Worst yet from Pat Buchanan: "Did Hitler Want War?" His answer: No.

Day Is Breaking

And another moran sign:

GOP Congresswoman Tells Uninsured To 'Be A Grown Up' And Get Insurance

These people are ten thousand times the role models the Duggars are

Prosecutors Resort to Fabrications in Siegelman Case

If you make over $125,000 a year you don't have FICA taken from your paycheck

It doesn't take a major defection of Dems to the Greens to sink Congress in 2010

Desperate Interior Dept. Threatens Owners in a 1,395 Acre Land Grab for 9/11 Monument.

Who's still advertising on the Beck Hatefest .... Latest Update.

Dallas Morning News: Kinky's back, and this time he's a Democrat

Handing you a LAUGH

How many uninsured people will DIE from H1N1 flu this year?

Open Carry Firearms at Political Events -- Misuse of Tools

"I'm a rock star!!!!!".....caption necessary

Blaze took her home but not her cat - pic

I'm not sure what to make of this.

Why are so many of the teabaggers older and white?

Rachel can't get a statement from the Independent Women's Forum regarding their scare tactics ......

Activist Releases Archive of Suppressed News Videos

Insurance Companies Are The Mafia

Michelle Duggar Pregnant: How Long Until The Duggars Take Over The World?

Video shows chicks ground up alive at egg hatchery

Mount Vernon, WA to award Glenn Beck key to city (stupid mayor)

Come clean, Glenn, just come clean.

Yet another "Let-Burn" mistake!!

Rep. Lynn Jenkins Laughs Off Uninsured Single Mother (VIDEO)

Watching Ridge and Maddow for the first time, somebody has gotten to him

Can animals be suicidal?

Inglourious Basterds: Quentin Tarantino goes to war

2September, 1945 USS Missouri

Spending Collapses In All Generation Groups

For those who may have missed Rachel Maddow tonight: Who knew?

David Brooks' mis-analysis on Obama's drop in the polls.


Something Big Is About To Happen

Cheney - Palin 2012

Astroturf mailer from insurance companies

Canadians are dying in the hallways! (Or what I learned at my local town hall)

Language Observation "people of color"

Look, I find the Duggars decisions and lifestyle as mindboggling as anyone else here...

Democratic Underground September 2009 T-Shirt Slogan Contest - Enter To Win Free Stuff!

What if there had been no Gulf War?

Wow, I cant stop shaking........

The Duggars are pregnant again.

"Angle of Repose" violations on road up to the lookout tower, and other musings (PIC HEAVY!)

Healthcare question : I hate to ask

Healthcare question : I hate to ask

Err, when you first sign up to Facebook how does it know who you know?!

Rep. Jenkins Laughs at Uninsured Single Mother, Son

Taser to challenge Braidwood Inquiry

Anyone else kinda sick of being right about everything regarding BushCo?

Olbermann v Maddow

OMFG !!! - American Diplomats Advocated "Nuremberg Defense" - Scott Horton\HuffPo

Gov. Schwarzenegger Issues Dire H1N1 Flu Warning (1 in 4 in CA might get it, thousands might die)

Virginia Republican nominee Bob McDonnell REPUDIATES SOME OF '89 THESIS

2010 Chevrolet Camaro outsells the Mustang for a 3rd straight month!

The Fox Is On The RUN! Fox Buckling Under Loss of Advertisers

When Cocaine and Monsanto's Roundup Collide, . . . .

A wonderful letter about Senator Kennedy

If people were pets, we'd have healthcare reform-By Garrison Keillor

Woman tries to shoot down plane for being too noisy

Tropical Storm Erika

Principal, teacher say JROTC student lied about a Muslim student.

Films I want to see Robert Rodriquez remake.

Films I want to see Peter Jackson remake.


How many loungers do you know flatulently?

Spatula Madness: The greatest flash video EVER...

Epic battle, brave kitten.

Another epic battle, little dog vs. big, big dog.

I just found out there is a TV show called Moar Gardening.

Where do you post sex threads?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12...


If you could produce your own movie

I wish I wasn't such a warrior

I wish I wasn't such a worrier

Here is another one for all the dog people here.

i just found the perfect porn name!

Does anyone else here cringe at the words "Man's" and "Peni" ?

SF fans are stereotyped as socially challenged nerds. I'm sure not ALL of them are,

Good morning Lounge

Wow, the ASU quiz bowl team is full of a bunch of freaks (awesome photos)...

All About Ronnie

My new hero.

Boil water, add humans, season to taste?

My favorite band just kind of...broke up?

Anybody seen LeftyFingerPop?

Congratulate me: I am the newest member of the Chesapeake Choral Arts Society.

Hey, since I can't post it on YouTube, if anyone wants to see my Ted/Greenday video, PM me

Recommendations for best way to get second phone line?

If only this is true

i'm bored.

I'm lighting a candle today, for all those who feel unsafe

Can someone help me find a silent video on youtube showing Ozzy Osborne ripping his own face off?

Any California kitties out there?

My sister cut her bangs.

Has Anyone Else Enjoyed/is Enjoying BBC's "Being Human"?

Tonight, a very special guest appears on the Glenn Beck show.

Who would win in this special Olympics wrestling match:

Hey squirrel you're not from around here are ya?

Hey squirrel you're not from around here are ya?

10 Best TV Robots

Disney buying Marvel may have a catastrophic effect on jokes

Universal New York Lunch-on-a-Budget Truisms:

When you've had 19 kids, is there really any reason trying to make the 20th?

So, it seems like there is only 4 people awake here.

now accepting proposals for the "Politically Incorrect Guide to WWII"

Abby Normal

there's going to be a battle here at work

Acck! Fear & Loathing is on HULU!

The season is changing.. a story by Longfellow

Thanks for letting me vent

Does anyone else here cringe at the words "manis" and "pedis"?

Skipping Spouse to Spouse Isn’t Just a Man’s Game

Cute Animals (Saccharine-induced shock warning and PIC heavy)

What should I make for dinner?

Alrighty then....Mr Gray just "complimented" me by saying I look like Ozzie Osborne today.

Canary claims warnings of imminent ‘puddy-tat’ attacks were ignored

You can either be right or you can be friends


"Doctor Who" fans - audio was recorded by a fan and is posted online for you to enjoy

Hitler's Reaction to the Oasis Split

Take any thread title in Late Breaking News and add "with sexy results" to the end.

Anyone else having trouble with gmail today?

People are saying that Glenn Beck has a Photoshopped Hitler nude for his computer wallpaper.

Friend Has Been to 3 Doctors Who Have No Idea Whats Wrong w/him (No Insurance)

Someone broke Gmail, dag nabbit!

Are you good at recognizing people's writing style?

This picture has the job interview about right

A video to smile at!

The title of one of my kitties' autobiography: "I, Warp Drive"

Anyone read "Blood Meridian" by Cormac McCarthy?

Old Swingers Pete & Beulah May

This is a message to Danger Mouse...among others....

Tell your horror stories of - holidays - weddings - first day of job -

Free Association is fun!

lounge, I have a question......

Elvis and MJ found alive in Kentucky ( Pic)

Would this be unethical?

My Republican sister sent me this...typical false right wing propaganda

DJ AM aka Adam Goldstein died??

DJ AM aka Adam Goldstein died??

DJ AM aka Adam Goldstein died??

DU Song Of The Day

*face palm*

Friends I will remember you... think of you (you tube)

I took a risk and it turned out OK...

The Pekar Project: Harvey Pekar’s First Ongoing Webcomics Series

Seriously- am I the only one who reuses those paper toilet seat covers?

Only 18 more shopping days left until "Talk like a LynneSin Day"

Remember what Bob Barker always says...

KFC For Dinner Tonight

On the subject of college textbooks...

DU computer gurus! Need help changing type of file.

Anyone have experience with Priceline, good or bad?

I just bought a Macbook...

Seriously - am I the only one who USES those paper toilet seat covers?

Osprey nest Cam at sunset

Only 18 more shopping days left until "Talk like a Pirate Day"

I've been perfecting some awesome recipes

I just saw the Boone and Baby episode of Lost from Season One

My girlfriend says I tend to sigh a lot.

and our boy has crossed the bridge

Alright, I've got a Star trek question re: Vulcans

During a job interview, the hiring manager wrote "OK" on my resume...

Wow, I cant stop shaking........

OH GOOD GRIEF. The Duggars are having ANOTHER one.

A Green Bay PBS station is showing a preview of Ken Burns' latest show.


Have you ever witnessed a crime?

Worst Romero Zombie Movie?

Best Romero Zombie Movie?

Really cool juke box has different eras of music from 1950 to 1989

Really cool juke box has different eras of music from 1950 to 1989

Tomorrow I leave for a month-long sabbatical in Spain

we have to help our boy cross the rainbow bridge today

Watching "Who's Minding the Mint" on VHS

Quentin Tarantino or The Coen Brothers?

We had a very late night lounge party last night, hope nobody minded the mess we left.

Amazing what 1 1/2 hours of private time can do for a girl and her dog.

Isn't it amazing how handy men are such good cooks?

I'm going to Ireland tomorrow. Wooooo!

Check in here if your team has never won a Super Bowl in either millenia...

Her last post was two years ago today:

OOOPS. The Togo's Meatball Sandwich is $3.99 on Mondays and I FORGOT THAT TODAY IS TUESDAY

Seriously - am I the only one who refuses to use those paper toilet seat covers?

Why do college text books ram you up the ass with their cost?

Four words Nostradamus warned would signal the Apocalypse: "Lindsay Lohan considering Playboy"

Do Zombies Live in your Neighborhood?

DU NYC Meetup 23-25Octobra PM Thomcat if you are attending

I think the closing theme from Red Dwarf is my favorite tv show theme just about ever...

Help! We ate out tonight and the food was extremely salty

That's it. I'm leaving DU.

N.E. Patriots QB, Tom Brady, Has Been Replaced!!!

A cute e-card for the kitteh lovers

Just saw "No Country for Old Men"

AT what point will Valleygirl be classified as a California accent?

How long does it take alcohol to exit your system?

Help! Science geeks and music lovers.

Is America Ferrera a dog? Or is she hot?

OK question for car/truck people.

DU Fantasy Football League -- Any interest?

DU Fantasy Football League -- Any interest?

We need some new couches in the lounge, what colors, styles

Congratulations flvegan! 50,000 posts!

Time again for the yearly DU NFL smackdown thread - go ahead and insult away

Homeowners frustrated by mortgage assistance program

It Has Been Suggested ...

Single-Pay Is PATRIOTIC!

Insurance Companies Are The Mafia

Duck! Here comes the gauntlet! (Obama to Deliver Major Health Care Speech)

Clinton kept us safe for 8 years and then we were attacked in the first year of the Bush admin.

Jack Bauer does TV ad in favor of healthcare reform. His grandfather ,

So I hear this on CNBC this morning. The US spends about 14%

Piling on to defeat Obama now, Democrats in 2010, and the majority of Americans forever.......

First Dog Bo sports a new leash. Of course he loves Obama

Classic Kennedy:

Palin Punk'd

I was under the impression, the war is over?

CNN Poll: Independents disapprove of Obama

51 Vote Rules May Force a Public Option Too Liberal for Some Dems

Obama: "Don't think for a moment that power will concede without a fight."

NOT BREAKING: SF's Public Option Plan Rates 94% Satisfaction

How did Blagojevich do business?

We Can't Afford to Wait Vigil for Health Care; Get Your ass to one!!!

AACCKKK! Cheney for Prez 2012?

Just curious: when the MA legislators passed the law that a vacancy be filled

Are you still out there? Obama can't....

Ironically - Republican intransigence on Health Care Reform strengthens Progressive Caucus

Will Obama decline to extend the Trading with the Enemy Act (i.e., will he end the Cuban embargo)?

Good townhall comeback


Obama To Hold Ramadan Dinner At White House

Thinking about the incredible angst coming from those who

Rachel Maddow just ripped into Tom Ridge. The whole exchange was

Yeah!!!! Deeds closing the gap in Va race

Obama’s Political Operation Escalates Attack On Media; Raises Money Off Failure To Debunk “Lies”

Cheney, Bush, and "Keeping America Safe"

Is Obama Playing This Exactly Right?

Passive party seeks activists

Anyone against a robust public option is not a progressive.

Just got a robo call from my congressman, Chris Van Hollen

NJ-Gov: Christie Maintains His Lead in New Polls

You promised.

"It is an old strategy of tyrants to delude their victims into fighting their battles for them."

Obama White House Hosts Ramadan Dinner Tonight

Response from my Congressman, Jay Inslee, to my e-mail expressing support for

Conyers: No Public Option, No Passage

Who is attending the Healthcare Rally in DC on Sept. 13th?

Fighting the Republicans means fighting the Media.....

Crazy Michael Steele holding town hall meeting at Howard University now

Did anyone see Bruce Fein on Hardball?

Add another Senator for the public option: Bennet (updated)

Etheridge Blasts Burr on Health Care But Mum on 2010

Reid clarifies public option comments

Rick Sanchez on CNN now covering the hateful pastor who wants Obama to die.

Justice Department to Recharge Civil Rights Enforcement

AFL-CIO won't back healthcare reform without public option

South Carolina Lawmaker Won't Challenge DeMint

Groups file lawsuit against WH for 'fishy' emails they are collecting..

AR-Sen: Baker To Enter the Race for GOP

New York's Ball Added to NRCC's 'Young Guns' Program

Andy Card once said ''From a marketing point of view, you don't introduce new products in August.''

Need some research help, DUers

Senator Feingold Gets Afghanistan Right by Katrina vanden Heuvel

OR-Gov: Kitzhaber Poised to Run

CA-10, IA-HD90: Special Elections Tonight

Obama envisions two years until Mideast peace deal

Obama brings the heat ....... calls in Elmo.

NTY: Obama's Justice Dept. to Recharge Enforcement of Civil Rights

Robert Reich: On healthcare, Democrats need to be like GOP

One of the ways that the Health Care plan will save money is

Good Bye, Obama, From A Progressive

Political Power Ted Kennedy....A "comic" no less

Rep. Pete Olson Booed For Suggesting Baby Would Die Under Public Option (VIDEO)

Gates: Report details highs, lows of Afghan fight

White House to shift efforts on civil rights

Brazil oil reforms aim to help the poor

West faces losing battle over Afghan poll fraud

Carrie Prejean Sues Pageant For Religious Discrimination

Great days in space history, 7/20/1969, 8/31/2009

Do women make better riot police?

New Birthday/Anniversary procedures.

Please DU this MSNBC Poll

Watching the start of World War II

U.S. ethanol group wants origin labeling for oil

U.N. chief calls for urgent action on climate

Poland remembers World War start

Michelle Duggar Pregnant: How Long Until The Duggars Take Over The World?

White House fears liberal war pressure

Nasscom (India IT body) proposes new service visa to replace H-1B to end abuse

Is Afghan Gov't Coming to Aid of Bombers?

Animal preserves act fast as flames close in

Chevron Offers Evidence of Bribery Scheme in Ecuador Lawsuit

GOP Congresswoman Tells Uninsured To 'Be A Grown Up' And Get Insurance

GOP senators to hold `frank discussion' on healthcare in Hialeah (FL)

Both parties rally supporters for (Rep. Gary) Peters' (D-MI) health care forum

Former boys baseball coach gets jail time for beating rival coach

(Jaycee Lee Dugard) Girl's alleged abductor had rape desire

HMO rates for thousands who buy own insurance continue to soar

(Alberto) Gonzales defends Holder's decision on CIA

U.S. credit card satisfaction down amid higher rates: poll

Opera 10: It’s Final. And Worth Trying

(Former CIA Dir) Hayden: CIA assassination program 'would be valuable'

Zogby: Obama down to 42% approval Rating

Banks' Favorite Dem Set To Chair Banking Committee

Lefty Groups Raise $60,000 — In One Day — For Ad Attacking Grassley

Intensifying cries warn of Obama the dictator

Canadian Politics: Liberals push for fall election

Mexico evacuates thousands ahead of hurricane

Former Cabinet Minister charged in Courier Cyclists death

Historic trial for dog rapist

Video shows chicks ground up alive at egg hatchery

Canton judge orders silence in the court — with duct tape

Iraq Death toll in August Highest in 13 Months

Video shows chicks ground up alive at egg hatchery

Dodd Leans Toward One Agency for All Banks

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 1

University of Texas pulls out of National Merit Scholarship program to focus on need-based aid

Rachel Maddow: I Had The Swine Flu

KidsCare parents to lose state-run health insurance

Government Withholds Key Torture Documents In ACLU Lawsuit-CIA Defends Interrogations Tactics

51 Vote Rules May Force a Public Option Too Liberal for Some Dems

China Tightens Grip on Rare Minerals

Remarks About Hunting Tags For President Obama Good For Campaign, Says Idaho Politician

Iran says ready for nuclear talks with world powers

Mountaintop-removal activists arrested after ending tree vigil

White House: Obama may detail health plans soon

Health firms pour millions into campaign funds

Contractor Accused of Death Threats

CIA: No more interrogation secrets to be disclosed

Community Stands Against Anti-Gay Group

Engineering Earth 'is feasible'

End immoral Cuba embargo, US told

Group: US Embassy Security in Kabul Risky ("Lord of the Flies environment")

US Fares Poorly In Child Welfare Survey (4th Worst Infant Mortality Rate)

DTE program encourages solar energy in homes ($$$ & discounts for early adopters)

N.J. Governor Corzine Trails Christie in Two Polls

FDA Study: Lead Levels in Lipstick Much Higher Than Previously Reported

Agent accused of holding people at gunpoint

Mexico's health care lures Americans (Thousands)

US and Cuba set to begin talks on resuming direct mail service

Police identify 8 people killed in Georgia

Mass. attorney general is 1st to seek Kennedy seat

Petition seeks apology for Enigma code-breaker Turing

Slaughterhouse Trial Moved and Delayed

Guatemala sees landmark sentence

H1N1 unlikely to mutate into 'superbug': U.S. study

Obama Calls Islam Part of America at White House Ramadan Dinner

Labor Draws a Line in the Sand On Public Option

Pinochet purges arrests ordered

How Garrido got out the first time

CBS News Survey Poll: Two-Thirds Confused by Health Reform

Mercury Marine says union can vote again

Clinton to meet Zelaya, US mulls cutting off aid

Gray wolf hunting to begin again in Idaho

Hugs from Chavez as Gaddafi's Libya reaches 40

Virginia seeks to privatize rest areas

Ministers publish Lockerbie files

ObamaCare One Single Payer System THE MUSICAL

Al Gore: "We Have A Moral Duty To Pass Health Care Reform" (Nashville, TN, 8/29)

TYT: GOP Nominee Is Against Dirty Fornicators

Sesame Street's Elmo and Gordon, White House flu fighters

Rachel Maddow: Bipartisanship On Health Reform Is Over

Los Angeles is Burning

GRITtv: Bill Christison: No Change in US Palestine Policy

Chris Matthews & Debbie W-S vs. Duncan 'Two Pieces of Fruit' Hunter on waterboarding

After pledging no cuts in Medicare, Steele says they are

Great National Healthcare Systems: Germany, Japan, Taiwan

A Republican Homeland

Obama wants to kill Sarah Palin's baby with a death panel and probably mine too.

Republicans say trust us to President Obama

Olbermann Mocks Beck's Oligarhy Did Obama Steal the Letter 'C'?

Republican Bob McDonnell Working Women Destroy Family Values ?

VIDEO: Rep. Jenkins Laughs at Uninsured Single Mother, Son

Playboy Cover Girl Asks Sean Hannity About Masturbation

President and Mrs. Obama Open White House Poetry Jam

Rep. Carson (IN-7) says Health Care protesters are paid actors

Young Turks: Carrie Prejean Sues For Religious Discrimination

Headzup: Bachmann Says We Should Slit Our Wrists To Fight Health Care

Town Hall Protesters - Aug 29 2009 Healthcare Debate

David Letterman's Top Ten Ways To Irritate Dick Cheney

The First Lady Introduces the White House Jazz Studio

Nadler Calls For Cheney Investigation

Bartiromo Asks 45-Year-Old Rep. Anthony Weiner Why He Isn't On Medicare

Ed Shultz Furiously Lays Into Ron Christie: "We Were Hit BIG TIME On Cheney's Watch!"

CNN Rick Sanchez' NEW REPORT On Pastor Who 'Wants Obama To Die'

Rep. Anthony Weiner - Discusses Healthcare Reform on MSNBC (w/ M. Bartiromo) - 09/01/2009 - Part 1/2

Rachel Maddow's Interview w/ Tom Ridge - PART ONE

No Public Option? Not so fast. The best motivation video

TYT: Republican Booed For Lying About Healthcare

Cheney's 2012 TV Ad - Keith Olbermann & Chris Kofinis Discuss The GOP's Warped Logic

If Saturday Night Live did a tea bagger skit, this is what it would look like

Jon Voight's New Political Prostitute Role

Generation M: Misogyny in Media & Culture - Trailer

Bartiromo asks 44 yr old Congressman: 'If Medicare is so good, why aren't you on it?'

Tango Dancing at the Ambassadors Reception at the WH

Do You Think We Can Get Congresswoman Bachmann To SLIT Her Wrist On The Ed Show?

Young Turks: Maria Bartiromo Does Not Understand Medicare

ESPERANZA SPALDING - "Overjoyed" (performed at the WH)

Rachel Maddow: ASTOUNDING Final Moments of Her Interview of Tom Ridge

Dan Savage On Countdown: Michele Bachmann & Glenn Beck Are Trying To Get Obama Killed!

Michael Bennet is proud to support a public option

KO & Jeremy Scahill kick Cheney's lying ass up hill and down.

CNN Poll: Afghanistan War opposition at all-time high

President Obama and family head home from Martha's Vineyard (Slideshow)

Bill Moyers: Money-Driven Medicine - The Real Reason Health Care Costs So Much

Obama to Expand Public Option, to Include 'Head-Out-of-Ass' Procedures

Dollars & Sense: (Economic) Freedom’s Just Another Word for...Crisis-Prone

War on Saying “God” While Dressed in Skimpy Outfits

Eugene Robinson: A Good Idea, Up in Flames

Toronto Star: Farmer suicides blight India

Spineless Dems or a Dem-Trifecta Driven Filibuster-Proof Congress and a Media Carrot

Will President Obama give up on getting bipartisan support for health care reform?

Is Afghan Gov't Coming to Aid of Bombers?

Newt Gingrich lies in an Atlanta Journal Constitution editorial

Poland remembers World War start

Senior Groups Reject Health Care 'Scare Tactics'

The truth about Republicans

Kathleen Parker: ''...even in death, it's all politics."

Change We Can't Hope For: Obama's Narrowing Window of Opportunity

Vytorin Marketing is Back

Bank's favorite Dem set to chair Banking Committee

Not Even Obama Will Give Up The Illegal War Powers Seized By Bush Unless Congress Makes Him Do It

Whose Recovery, and at Whose Cost?

Antiestablishmentarianism (ddjango)

Licensing laws hamper health clinics

GOP to Attack Elmo in 5. . .4. . .3. . .2. . .

A Few Good Kids?

SC Lt. Gov. Bauer Gay? Apes a Larry Craig in Denial Statement

Something Seems Strangely Familiar Here: Town Hall “Protests”

Watching the start of World War II

The New Third World

Let Them East Coal Ash: OSM Nominee Pizarchik Must be...

Health Insurance Premium Rises 29 Percent

The Dirtier The Pulpits, The Dirtier The Politics

Matthew Rothschild: Cheney Mimics Pinochet in Rationalizing Torture

Guardian UK: Give it up, Dick

Give it up, Dick

Independent UK: Lies, damned lies... and the double-speak I would expunge

Michelle Bachman Endorses a Public Option, For Faith Healing

Michelle Bachman Endorses a Public Option, For Faith Healing

Military Coup Reverses Honduran Women's Gains in Human Rights

End these bogus parallels. We are fighting no Nazis now

When George Will and I agree I know it is a momentous occasion

Indian Trade Group Proposes New H-1B Visa Approach

Jeremy Scahill: Rebuking Cheney's Torture Propaganda in 7 Easy Steps

"Frankly, dear Democrats, we just might not give a damn"

Guardian UK: Don't let Murdoch smash this jewel. The BBC must act to save itself

Lockerbie Part of a Bigger Story By Eric Margolis "Toronto Sun"

The Next Evolution in Economics: Rethinking Growth

5 Ways to Build a Fascist-Proof America

And now I'm crying.

Twenty-six Lies About H.R. 3200 ( - Annenberg Public Policy Center)

Mormons Become Victims in $50 Million Scam to Sell Gold Bullion

WaPo: Virginia Governor's Race Erupts Over Candidate's Anti-Gay, Sexist Graduate Thesis

Zogby: Obama down to 42% approval Rating

Conservatives Discuss Max Blumenthal's Republican Gomorrah

F*** you Blue Cross/Blue Shield!!!!!

'Sovereignty or secession' movement sweeps Texas capitol

SC Board of Ed Chair by Day, Internet Porn Author by Night


Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College-Aged Kids

South African white man granted refugee status

Drumbeat: August 31, 2009

Some Buildings Not Living Up to Green Label

A New End: A New Beginning

Recession helps cut EU greenhouse gas levels: agency

Catastrophe bonds: a financial symptom of climate change?

Mobile phone towers a threat to honey bees: study

First Climate Meeting Of Himalayan Nations Kicks Off In Kathmandu - AFP

NASA/Goddard Updates Computer - 8,256 New Nehalem Processors @ 3 MB Each By Fall - AFP

No Help For BC Firefighters Battling 400 Blazes At Hot, Dry Weather Continues - Star

Norwegian oil output to fall more than expected

Green Production Guidelines Give 'Road Map' for New Administration

Hydrogen Storage Gets New Hope—Economical hydrogen-based vehicles…rechargeable ‘chemical fuel tank’

NASA: Satellites and Submarines Give the Skinny on Sea Ice Thickness

…Climate Change Mitigation Strategies…Ignoring Significant Carbon Cycling Processes of Inland Waters

US Chamber: "Scopes Monkey Analogy Was Inappropriate": Backs Off While Insulting EPA, Scientists

The Sermilik fjord in Greenland: a chilling view of a warming world

Shifting Baselines Confound River Restoration

Today is a good day for dolphins!

National Academies: Electricity from Renewable Resources: Status, Prospects, and Impediments

National Academy of Science: Solar Technologies Available Right Now Could Make A Difference!!!!!!

List of 2009 energy tax credits that are available.....

Increasing Residential and Employment Density Could Mean Reductions in Vehicle Travel, Fuel Use…CO2…

(Royal Society report concludes) Stop emitting CO2 or geoengineering could be our only hope

Forbes: Exxon "Green Company Of The Year. WSJ: CFLs "Probably" Save Energy Over Incandescents

Poachers Drug, Kill And Butcher Tiger Inside Indonesian Zoo To Sell On Black Market

Decades On, Chernobyl A Wildlife Haven, But Disease & Reproductive Failure Dog Some Species On Site

A Year of Thermal Pollution from Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant

Institute of Physics: Time to lift the geoengineering taboo

How demagogues operate

Kurzweil sees PV production being able to meet humanities energy needs in 16 years.

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Monday August 31)

UCLA plans to play opener despite L.A. fires

Crimson Tide's Brandon Deaderick hospitalized in "good" condition after being shot (robbery attempt)

Rockies pick up Contreras in late deal

Brett Favre Tries To End Eugene Wilson's Career

"Old and slow Favre"

Pacman close to deal to play in CFL

Is the sole purpose of preseason football just to injure players?

12 NFL teams may face blackouts

Anyone heard anything more on the USC investigation?

Giambi will be in uniform for the Rockies tonight.

David Wright looks like a bobblehead tonight.

Muhammad Ali visits Irish ancestral home

Jim Thome and Jon Garland are now Dodgers

49ers release Damon Huard


Brazil oil reforms aim to help the poor

BRAZIL: New Law Would Put Oil Revenue into Development

Morales named "World Hero of Mother Earth" by UN General Assembly

Brazil oil reforms aim to help the poor

Chevron Offers Evidence of Bribery Scheme in Ecuador Lawsuit

Salvadoran government makes strides towards transparency

UPDATE-Clinton to Meet w/Zelaya Thurs. President Zelaya Meets with OAS Today and Holds Public Meetin

As National Front Declares No Campaign Nor Elections Under Coup, Elvin Santos Hits the Stump

Thought crime gestapo on the march in Mexico, Colombia and Honduras

Pinochet purges arrests ordered

Military Coup Reverses Honduran Women's Gains in Human Rights

I"m pissed off. Why won't they let the wife of Gerardo Hernandez into the US to visit him?

Oliver Stone heads 'South of the Border' to chat up Chavez and others

Poll: Support for Cuban embargo eroding (exiles-the special demo of US 1st class citizens/residents)

I Would Just Like To Thank All The People Who Welcomed Me -NT

Observations from my South Carolina Beach Vacation, re CCW

78 year old man defends himself against 2 pit bulls

Once-legendary Fatah figure makes a comeback

Rights group: Soldiers left wounded teen bleeding for an hour

Missouri Woman Shoots At Plane

Haniyya: "We will not recognize the Zionist entity"

Gov't team to blitz US, explain conflict

Fifteen minutes of hate in Silwan

Girl, 15, seeks justice for Gaza in world court

Amnesty International yanks support for Cohen's peace concert

"Saying guns kill people is like saying spoons made America gain weight"

UNRWA chief: Gaza school curriculum does not include Holocaust

Today in Labor History Sept 1 30,000 women from 26 trades marched in Chicago's Labor Day parade 1903

UE Workers At Quad City Die Casting Demand Wells Fargo Pay Owed Wages

NFLPA confirms U.S. Department Of Labor looking into meetings

Huffington Post: For Labor Day: A Nod to a Woman Who Pushed for Worker Safety

Union: GM agrees to pay $50M more for Delphi retiree health care

'Possibility of major fight' in talks between hotels, union

18,000 Union Members Took Part in More Than 400 Health Care Events in August

Obama to Address AFL-CIO Convention

Washington Post: Labor-Environmental Coalition Targets Wal-Mart

On-Demand Audio Program Examines The New Obama NLRB

Economic Report: One In Four Young U.S. Workers Don’t Earn Enough To Pay Bills

Socialist Kennedy’s Sins Against Labor — Growls From the Wake in Massachusetts

Looking up shots

Looking Up

Looking DOWN

Hooking up?

How do I deal with bright lights?

Looking up - from the deck

Canon announced the new 7D today.


Shooting up - harmless pastime or trend?

So where in the heck did I go today?

After the Transistor, a Leap Into the Microcosm

'Moon rock' in Dutch museum is just petrified wood

Astronomy Photographer of the Year Contest

Game Playing Makes Your Cerebral Cortex Thicker

So I'm searching for background info on a particular claim in a mass transfer patent

CNN: Petition for UK to apologize for treatment of Dr, Turing "gaining momentum".

Dodd Leans Toward One Agency for All Banks

Forbes Polls the Wackosphere and Gets An Earful

Mormons Become Victims in $50 Million Scam to Sell Gold Bullion

Mormons Become Victims in $50 Million Scam to Sell Gold Bullion

Could a Viable Third Party Emerge in the U.S.?

Good spending: The National Institutes of Health resource for stem cell research

WHAT ABOUT BOB? St Augustine's Million Dollar Murray

Bachmann: "Slit our wrists, be blood brothers" to beat health care reform

Whatever passes as health care reform this year may be badly compormised

It was my birthday today.

Starchild Energies for Sept| The Seeds of the New: Compassion, Joy & Service to the Plane

"Held in the Pocket of Protection" - Karen Bishop - September 1, 2009

Rose has passed. Thanks to you all for your prayers for her.

DayKeeperJournal Mercury Retrograde & September Energy Shift

Why would the WHO change it's definition of a pandemic?

Is there a Biblical source for the feminine name "Carina" or "Karina"?

World’s most popular Bible to be revised

We must believe: The philosophy of a video game...

"Bishop Continues Fight Against Same-Sex Marriages in D.C.", calls GLBT tactics "satanic"

Wifely submission..........?????

Top 10 worst Bible passages

Any Zen practitioners here? I'm reading Sekida's translation of and commentaries

Has anybody read Crossan's Historical Jesus: Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant?

The longest staff meeting of the year is history.

My Brita Water Filter unceremoniously blew itself .....

An historical observation, or pastry before refrigeration

WooHoo: 600 New Laws start today

Using geometry to analyze angles of descent of falling debris from WT1 & WT2

Mathematicians, engineers, pro or amateur, check in please.

More TX bashing

Check in for that E Texas Meetup!

and GWB was the biggest affirmative action hire of all...

UFOland to be Built by Raelian sect

MUST LISTEN: Interview with former Sony Execs about Michael Jackson (haters IGNORE this post)

House M.D. Season 5-Spoilers below....

Did Michael pull the old Switch-er-oo on us again?

Liberals will no longer support government: report

Canadian Politics: Liberals push for fall election