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Archives: August 9, 2009

Would the 'birthers' have voted for Arnold in 2000?

Republican leaders need more luxury jets for globe trotting vacations

Perhaps kindness is the way we go with health care reform

Energy interests to fund ‘astroturfing’ efforts during congressional break

Tampa blogger says town hall crashers are listening to the "fat man and the crier"

Memo to Democrats: Just do it !!

Congressional Committees Raise Concerns Over Pentagon's Strategic Communications

I know someone who who wasn't breastfed at Olive Garden!

A reader takes Andrew Sullivan to task for underestimating the danger of the fury of the right-wing

Is there a politician in America dumber than Sarah Palin ??

Is there a politician in America dumber than Sarah Palin ??

I am looking forward to the clashes between Sotomayor and Scalia

Do you like spam?

Alaska Governor Parnell calls on the *gasp* FEDS for help!

End of WWII anniversary: Has anyone been to the WWII Museum? And an amazing online find!

How does a right winger get out there and spread the word?

People really do get it.

Senate’s ‘Gang of Six’ key to healthcare reform

Senate’s ‘Gang of Six’ key to healthcare reform

More evidence of US rightward shift: NYT quietly glosses over its previous opposition to Iraq War.

my feedback to the NYTimes (re Sibel Edmonds)

Taliban: Awaiting US Response on Captured Troop

India Says Kills 6 on Kashmir Border,Incursions Rise

Karzai's Pre-Election Deals With Afghan Warlords Worry U.S.

Sorry, please delete this. Wrong forum. I'll repost. n/t

"Socialized medicine is Communistic!" "SO is your Social Security and Medicare, gramps".

I'm on hold on C Span for this guy on WJ

BBC: Ceremony for atomic bomb victims

WJ this morning on CSpan 1 - Have you attended a Healthcare

Has anyone been able to put the same faces at different town hall

Has anyone been able to put the same faces at different town hall

"When they stand up, we'll stand down."

Analysts Expect Long-Term, Costly U.S. Campaign in Afghanistan

Sunday Talking Heads: August 9, 2009

Easy FL poll to unfreep re: birther crap.

What I expect from HC reform, keeping things simple/modest (I think):

US 'biggest' threat, say Pakistanis - according to Gallup survey

US 'biggest' threat, say Pakistanis - according to Gallup survey

Drug Industry to Run Ads Favoring White House Plan

Pay czar quietly meets with rescued companies

Sarah and Eunice.....

“Death Panels” For Dummies by Shannyn Moore

Sarah Palin Update (toon)

U.S. Rep Birther, R-OK

U.S. Rep Birther, R-OK

Dick Cheney, where is he and what is he up to?

Dick Cheney, where is he and what is he up to?

My LTTE - Politicians and healthcare: A 'Modest Proposal'

Anyone hear msnbc giving Marsha Blackburn (Wingnut-TN) an open forum?

Jim Jones talking Afghanistan on Face The Nation ...... blowing sunshine up my ass

3 arrested in YouTube duck killings

Iranian Acknowledges Torture of Some Protesters


Geo.Steppanop' SLAPS DOWN Grinch: "IT'S NOT IN THE BILL!1"

South Sinking GOP - Kathleen Parker

Snack Vendor Evicted Over Huge Rent Bill

Write Congress. There is a simple solution for Healthcare Reform - The Universal Plan

Texas Republican Congressman Culberson on socialized medicine!

How others see our war in Afghanistan, political cartoon Stephane Peray, The Nation, Thailand

Health Insurance Reform Will Benefit All Americans

Two Key Details Emerge about Mob at Now Notorious Lloyd Doggett Town Hall

How "Fail" Went From Verb to Interjection

I have a question about Sibel Edmonds...

Fugg you David Gregory

Newtie got his ass handed to him on This Week.

Frank Rich: Is Obama punking us?

Sen. Webb Tackles US Over Degrading Prison Conditions

Wherein trof meets an actual birther...

Remember when conventional wisdom was if you didn't vote for the IWR or the patriot act you

Why the Prefab Right-Wing Mobs Won't Work

Question Rush..Would Hitler fight for healthcare for all? Black, White, Jewish, Gay, Straight

WTF?!1 O'Loofah praises OBAMA as a model & IS praised as "extremely nice guy"

This is a stupid question...

Billionaires for Bush are now Billionaires for Wealth Care.

Pay Czar Quietly Meets With Rescued Companies

"Video helps clear convict of abuse after 21 years"

How are the wealthy managing to survive without their quarterly Republican tax cut?


LTTE (healthcare) from a Republican businessman

Why our health needs government

Blagojevich shakes, rattles, rolls as party pro

The Consequences of A Conservative 'Victory'

Ugh... Caption This !!!

Ugh... Caption This !!!

Why I worry about the angry crazies: Abraham, Martin, and John.

GOP's Rating with Latinos Falls to Margin of Error

You have to watch this......

The stupid it burns

The Orly Taitz Lawsuit

Republicans love money, so ask them why they want to pay twice as much for healthcare

a change of pace - Will Krakatoa rock the world again? (most likely)

Health Care: Time to fight dirty. This editorial says our side is not fighting hard on health care

WSJ story on new congressional jets criticized

Lou Dobbs' right-wing war on health care reform

Anti-Socials - collective term for the Astro-Terrorists and Teabaggers.

How would someone come to the conclusion that their government

I would like to point out a growing trend

I watched "Bruno" the other day. Here some thoughts. (spoilers inside)

DeMint: Town hall disruptions are ‘unacceptable.’

Townhall meeting with Rep Dan Maffei in Syracuse today (Sat).

"Liberty Mutual" and other companies that "do all your government paperwork"

35 years ago: Nixon resigns

Who has seen "The Cove" (a documentary about dolphin slaughter in Japan)? I saw it this weekend and

Jesse Jackson: "I want to make it an issue" (claims NFL "colluding against" Michael Vick)

Are you "Liberal"

Is the "war" in Afghanistan winable? What is the goal?

Here's some good news: the next British General predicts "War Will End in about 40 Years" (Hooray!)

Remember: Earl Warren - a great liberal - was a virulent racist toward the Japanese

Health Care Stories for America

US 'Biggest' Threat Say (59%)Pakistanis

Artist & Legal types, a question on using logos in artwork

Terrorists kidnap, torture boy to bully Iraqi policeman

Are you" Liberal"?

Maureen Dowd rips Bill Clinton's ego and jealousy against Barack Obama

Craig’s List Animal Rescue – Tell your friends

Bush Strategist: GOP Playing With Fire On Health Care

Seniors believe Democrats are using Medicare to pay for the Uninsured

Fight them whereever they are. Example: Youtube

National Geographic Channel running "Hitler's Hidden Holocaust"

Holder close to naming prosectuor to investigate alleged CIA torture that went beyond Bush Orders

Health Care or Health Care Insurance

I didn't think is was possible but these birther/turfer nuts have to be taken SERIESLY!

First few lines of our constitution

Mob Boos Repub Congressman About Glenn Beck: "Here's What I Suggest: Turn That Television Off"

Why is Blackwater still getting contracts?

DUers I need recommends on this MSM article blasting health insurers...

Maryland gets H2B visas to fill locally critical jobs tht have gone unfilled

And our tax dollars still fund this company

Is anyone else sick and tired of the Sunday shows?

Republicans Use Chaos as a Shock Doctrine to Create Authoritarian Rule

The Health Insurers Have Already Won: Business Week (re-direct)

CBS, Fox, AP Reports On Town Hall Disruptors Ignore Conservative Strategy


Police told to ignore human rights ruling over DNA database

CNN: Dean on Palin’s health care claims: ‘She made that up’

Do you agree with Nouriel Roubini that Bernanke should be reappointed to the Fed

The Sinning Senator HEARTS the Angry Mobs

Quaker guns

Muhammad Ali to visit Irish ancestral home

Any DUers a plumber? I'm turning a pedestal sink into a fountain...

Sarah Palin's hairdresser attempts to fill the Twitter silence

That death panel bait and switch about health care has Karl Rove written

Can Jazz Be Saved?

I want to ban a "sport." Why am I considered such a bad guy?

Oklahoma Congressman brings the stupid - BIRTHER ALERT!

New 2010 Ford Taurus wins top safety rating

WSJ’s Misleading Story on the Congress’s Jet Set

Check out who is in my town to lend support to workers!

My cell phone periodically interferes with my electrical stuff

Barracks and Burger King: U.S. Builds a Supersized Base in Afghanistan

They hate being called "teabaggers"? Call them teabaggers.

When you argue on the facts, not a single mind is changed.

Marijuana use may have cost Big Island woman a life-saving liver transplant

So they let a bank robber go in Oregon...damned liberals--where is the law and order?

Hillary Clinton on Fareed Zakaria's show on CNN now. Compelling.

Town Hall Proposal

The Bipartisan Road to Single Payer?

Sarah Palin -"Have You No Decency?"

What's with all the defeatism today?

Yosemite's big trees withering away - and global warming is a likely culprit

Thoughts about convicted felons

Who Are The Greatest Threats To The American Way Of Life?

If it wasn't for "evil government healthcare" I could not afford my medication and psychotherapy.

Police chase in Calif. ends with 7 dead

IN HINDSIGHT...remember back in the 90's all the propaganda about the human genome project.....

Both the House and Senate bills have a strong public option. Durbin's comment was just that:

So, the Dixie Chicks make a throwaway comment in England, and the wing-nuts

MyBarackObama email: "Insurance reform". INSURANCE reform???

Fox "News" Crybaby Glenn Beck plays the "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE" card...except "Britney" is Sarah Palin

Town Hall Deathers: Violence Will Not Work

Who started calling the teabaggers "teabaggers" first? The teabaggers themselves, or the left?

We should listen to you because---?

Climate change melting US glaciers at faster rate, study finds

malloy calls for Beck to commit suicide

Which has the largest percent of corrupt employees?

Why I Voted the Socialist Ticket--poem

The Heart of a Hero Beats On

Is something wrong with Time Warner Cable? Or is it just me.

Senator Maria Cantwell: "Yes, I do" support a robust public option

GOP Senator Warns Against Pulling a 'Rumsfeld'

I speak a little German, does that qualify me to be one of Obama's Nazis?

Who Is Gawd?

RW Douchebaggery- A Theory

How did the Democrats, with the WH Senate and Congress, lose the frame?

In W.W.II, Norman Rockwell painted "Freedom Of Speech", things have changed.

Health care is more than a canister on the counter of your local diner

Angry Assholes looking for a job??

Teabaggers Bring Guns To Cohen Health Care Event

How DARE republicans say Obama is into death panels and the other baseless garbage?

GOP has no DECENCY, No Empathy..Foiled at Elections, They resort to Brown Shirt Terrorism

GOP has no DECENCY, No Empathy..Foiled at Elections, They resort to Brown Shirt Terrorism

RW "Obama collecting 'fishy' emails illegal" story?

The weather folks are talking about 99L

Dogs as intelligent as two-year-old children

Why did Obama choose Geithner and Summers for his Cabinet ?

Why did Obama choose Geithner and Summers for his Cabinet ?

I just survived a 7.1 quake off the coast of Tokyo

Does anyone know why since the last Firefox update that I cannot

Article on Yahoo about Consumer Protections - question

Think about this: if Wing Nuts decry the use of the "race card" why do they keep refering to. . .

if they are stupid and greedy enough to gut the public option

David Gregory and the republican hour

It is time to burst the right wing information bubble

Warren, NJ - Ignored In The Healthcare Debate - Bake Sale To Cover Medical Expenses

What's All This About Obama's Megadeth Panel?

Positive economic news means Trotskyites will never enjoy being guards in re-education camps

Positive economic news means Trotskyites will never enjoy being guards in re-education camps

Honduras' Non-Coup: LA Times' exhaustive explanation of what happened

Honduras' Non-Coup: LA Times' exhaustive explanation of what happened

Homeless Holocaust Survivor Leaves $100,000 Gift

Alaska Governor Parnell calls on the *gasp* FEDS for help!

Since the Repubs aren't participating, the Dems are essentially negotiating against themselves

Hey SARAH you DITZ! Lots of "US Americans" have rationed care & death panels NOW

WP: In the Senate, Small States Wield Outsize Power. Is This What the Founders Had in Mind?

"Glenn Beck is an idiot:", Because 559,000 Google hits on that phrase ain't nearly enough

Which RW media figures really believe what they say?

SC Gov Sanford broke the law and used state aircraft for his kids' games and dentists appointments..

Bill Maher was right. This is a stupid country

Bill Maher was right. This is a stupid country

Bill Maher was right. This is a stupid country

Needed: a list of far-Right "shooter" incidents this year, that resulted in death and/or injuries..

This isn't JUST a (partially)stupid country, it's a (partially) malicious one as well....

"And the winner in the 'Bald-faced Lying Hypocrite' category is---(drumroll)

Aryan Nations gone, but stain remains in Idaho

200-pound python killed in Okeechobee, FL

A health care prescription from Canada

Everybody reaches a time in their life when they have to fight for something.

To me, I saw Sodini as an addict

No tea-bagger disruptors at Pete Seeger's Corn Festival

I liked it better when republicans were too lazy to care about politics

So my parents went to one of those town halls yest. in Memphis...

So my parents went to one of those town halls yest. in Memphis...

Fixed News is providing a list of Dem townhalls for their terrorist viewers.

I caught a monumental teabagger rant on video yesterday in Brighton.

Have you been conned out of your dreams?

Just when you thought the haters couldn't get uglier or more ridiculous

What if all of us with insurance scheduled doctors appointments as a protest?

Try to imagine if in 1993 Democrats had used Reagan's alzheimers to try to sell health reform

flashed a handgun and told Hicks that he had a license to carry the weapon

NFL-Game on

Real or BS?

Afghan War: NATO Builds History's First Global Army

Golf Heads Up: Tune in to Bridgestone Invitational....Tiger vs Harrington...Phenominal

The Fourth Estate is Boosting the GOP on Health Care Debate

Is this amazing or what?

Nadler Warns Holder Not to Limit Torture Probe to CIA Interrogators

born to crave

Do you feel a personal responsibility to spend money to help the economy?

I think I love the Rep from Georgia who told a protester to set up a mtg

David Sirota was just on CNN

Cash for Clunkers .... (cash for WHO?)

looks more and more like these fuckers are gonna walk

Palin-Bachmann 2012

Are we changing our goal from health care reform to health insurance reform? If so, why?

Town Hall Organizers Put Out National Casting Call for Angry Assholes

How to kill real health care reform

Dollars & Sense: A Note on Friday's Employment Report

What do you think of the two-party system ?

BILL MOYERS: Industry insider reveals how insurers hijacked out health care system (VIDEO)

California woman dies in Zion National Park fall

Who do you think will pay a greater electoral price?

Obama Has Cut Taxes for 98.6 Percent of Working Households

August 9, 2009 'Benchmark' glaciers shrinking faster Les Blumenthal: 99% of glaciers in the US have

Corporate Vigilantism: Failing, but still Dangerous

I Could See The Senate Passing A Health Care REform Bill With NO Public Option

The Republicans are inciting crazed behavior...


Here is one talking point for you (first amendment)

NYT: New Endowment Chairman Sees Arts as Economic Engine

This is ego run amok

Dean made a great point on passing health care

"The War Prayer" by Mark Twain

BTW - Hillary Clinton laughing at the mention of John Bolton's name

paid conservative blog disrupters, check in here. Share your favorite techniques.

Death panel members leaked.

May I say that Sibel Edmonds is a true hero and patriot!

May I say that Sibel Edmonds is a true hero and patriot!


Facts fall victim in end of life debate (with photo of the nutters)

Facts fall victim in end of life debate (with photo of the nutters)

Rest In Peace: Jerome John Garcia (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995)

Selling children into prostitution - Christian "Blackwater" values...

"Another Blow To Public Option: Durbin Open To Dropping It"

A simple request for my beloved Congress. Pass this legislation. NOW. (HR 676)

thank president clinton for bringing

Were NC terror suspect's stories an exaggeration?

Question: is a moral man who doubts the existence of a supreme Deity

"All these people never screamed about bombing a country but they yell like healthcare kills Granma"

Note to Older Teabaggers: If a Public Health Plan is Evil, We MUST Privatize Medicare!!!

I Am A Conservative American Shithead....

Boycott Fox News Advertisers

It's Evil, Alright

Two notable Horsey Toons

Remember "Welfare Reform?" Welcome to "Heathcare Reform."

I'm about to sound like a concern troll....

Wal-Mart Takes Aim at Girl Scouts?

Christian Right: Health care reform is bad because our health care system was planned by God

Another Republican Congresscritter questions Obama's nationality

Here is one talking point for you (first amendment)

In memorium.

What are everyone's attitudes towards the war in Afghanistan

Is HR3200 worse than the status quo?

Should Obama Veto a bill with no Public option?

Should Obama Veto a bill with no Public option?

I seem to have lost what little respect I once had for all politicians.

I seem to have lost what little respect I once had for all politicians.

Free Manson 'family' members haunted by horror

Gov. Corzine signs new law limiting N.J. gun purchases (one a mo.)

FBI raids NOLA police over Katrina killings

Your dog may be smarter than your toddler

Another rightwingnut email and my responses

HA! Birther's lawsuit dismissed w/o prejudice by 10th Circuit Ct. of Appeals

The Real Reason Why The GOP Is SO Invested In Seeing Obama Fail

Gregory's Roundtable -- Brooks, Burnett, Meecham

LA Times: Holder "poised" to appoint special prosecutor in waterboarding investigation

Krugman: Averting the Worst

Any other disabled DUers offended by the "Obama is gonna euthanize you" RW crap?

HuffPo Investigative Fund: Even Sweeping Health Care Reform Would Leave Some Without Coverage

Ticker: Top Dem willing to give in on public option (motherfu..)

Facebook poll results: Will you vote for Obama in 2012?

How did the party of Lincoln become the Party of John Wilkes Booth?

It won't take long to say this: A) Most people are attached to the status quo.

How About A Campaign - We Can Mail Balls To All The Dems In Congress......

How About A Campaign - We Can Mail Balls To All The Dems In Congress......

A professional Victim comes of age: Unemployed Woman Sues College for Tuition

Alright Republicans, We Give Up.

"Is that what you think of me?" Make the debate personal.

Analysts Expect Long-Term, Costly U.S. Campaign in Afghanistan ($228 billion and counting)

Analysts Expect Long-Term, Costly U.S. Campaign in Afghanistan ($228 billion and counting)

Can the president open the Federal Employees Health Benefit plan to

Have DUers seen pics from the typhoon in Taiwan and

If they really think the government can't do anything, including administer an insurance plan...

The Last Abortion Doctor

digby: Here Doggy!

Why the “Public Option” will not do the job

The bait-and-switch on "public option" -- please K&R if you want single-payer health care

God is not your bitch

3-year-old goes home after 2 years in hospital

EDUCATON(sic) Why Birmingham city schools hired Filipino teachers (Birmingham News AL)

Barbara Boxer will be on Countdown and The Colbert Report Monday, August 10th

The TRUTH about the "death panels" and Republicans are in on it

In-laws came by today and it's usually when I get to know what the wingnuts

Dean: "This is -- this is choice. This is real choice."

Single-payor Medicare came to Canada via Saskatchewan.

Action required. The heart of right wing attacks is constant use of 'the government', 'bureaucrat'.

Katrina Recovery: State Farm Requests 46% Rate Hike on MS Gulf Coast

I've decided we should let the Republicans kill off the damn thing

VIDEO: Scenes From Outside the Stunning Deposition of FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

Have You No Decency?

More pics of my coffee with the teabaggers today

Two Key Details Emerge about Mob at Now Notorious Lloyd Doggett Town Hall

Why aren't more people pissed about the individual mandate on health insurance?

Why aren't more people pissed about the individual mandate on health insurance?

My New Standard Response To Right Wing Emails

The Family and other forms of fundamentalism

I got your "death panel" right here.

Governor "disturbed" by atheist ads on buses

Alleged "Attack Victim" Kenneth Gladney Is Uninsured, Solicits Donations for "Medical Bills"

Just recieved from a bagger-- his letter to the CEO of AARP

Just recieved from a bagger-- his letter to the CEO of AARP

Denied Claims Placed At Health Insurance CEO's Doorstep (VIDEO)

Last Year was my Last Straight Dem Vote

Why, oh WHY doesn't our side in the health care debate

Death Threats Are SOOOOO Unpleasant!

My Rebuttal at Work in Defense of Obama and the Democrats

"Public option/insurance industry bailout": $1 trillion to insurance industry if public option fails

There are "death panels."

Palin's "Death Panels" a gift to terrorists?


Fare = $13.80. Cabbie had insufficient change for $15. NHL star punches him & takes back $15.

US Should Send 45,000 More Troops(100,000 Total) to Afghanistan: Adviser

One simple solution to Obama's issues - FIRE RAHM.

FEMA demanding repayment from elderly Florida disabled woman with disabled son.

Sarah Palin collects the Republican talking points:

I have not attended a Cleveland Indians game since the 1990's because their flagship station

Robert Reich: Obama's Dubya-like Deal with Big Pharma Undermines Democracy

Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin

Call for a massive march on Washington!! A million man, woman, and child show of solidarity on the

Opposition to healthcare

For simplicity, why not just make Medicare the "public option"

"something odd is going on with the healthcare debate"

Today on Waste The Nation: Senators Weigh Need for More Troops Graham and Levin on "Face the Nation.

WHY do the nuts hate ACORN so much?

WHY do the nuts hate ACORN so much?

Another Blow to Public Option--Durbin Open To Dropping It

Brewster Jennings was outed three years before Valerie Plame?!

Can someone please provide a LINK to credible source re organized town hall "disruptions?"

“They arrested a homeless man in a shelter for being homeless.”

I'm a grandmother ... my 1st grandson was born last night

Nagasaki calls on leaders to visit atomic bomb site

This is one of the saddest pictures I have ever seen

Michelle Bachmann, "I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous"

Banks make $38bn from overdraft fees

Wealthy freeper starts no shopping activism....


Trotskyite appreciation thread.

Attorney General Eric Holder -- Is a pattern emerging of Change We Can Believe In?

If a Dem controlled House, Senate and WH can't even succeed on the POS Public Option, I'm out.

If a Dem controlled House, Senate and WH can't even succeed on the POS Public Option, I'm out.

Breaking News: Obama's death panel has decided to let me die

The War The World Forgot

The War The World Forgot

The War The World Forgot

The War The World Forgot

Obama withdraws from Afghanistan. What happens?

Woodstock 40 Years On: The Legend, The Legacy

Atheists expelled from Creation ‘Museum’

Who wants to come to my birthday party?

Beware the Zombies of Reagan...

What would you consider a "living wage" for a single person?

The Battle For Health Care: Between Now and Labor Day, It's Still On

Health care reform myths debunked! This is outstanding!!

If the government was serious about reducing oil consumption, it would _______

Recovery my ass

Recovery my ass

Healthcare Hijacked! U.S. Heads Towards an Enron Style Health Care Price Gouging Disaster

Rumors Flying About Wednesday Healthcare Townhall in Seattle

Obama's brought a spork to a gun fight and we're all bleeding now

Have you noticed that there is a spate of GOOD NEWS from the Obama admin? Just a few headlines...

I have one more quick question.

The Olympus E-510 Most Wanted Black Edition is dead.


Sure, it's a bad day at work, but it is a JELLYFISH bad day?

Bicycle riders: question for you

Anybody else watching Being Human on BBC America.


Mice, anyone? Making a meal out of mice in Malawi

Ultimate car wash (I'm series, and a great way to destroy clunkers)

Family python 'eaten by pet cat' (QED)

Any tips on recharging after a brutal week in politics?

What do cats dream about?

Funniest way to say "boner"?

OMG, Chekov's kid is Boner!!

How often does this happen to you?

I just watched 1.5 hours of Catherine Hicks

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: A small group of DU men prepare themselves for their first date in 13 years.

We are the universe becoming aware of itself.

Congratulations Warpy! 45,000 posts!

I bet he won't do this again to a female

Holy ZEUS!1 Just paid attention to the opening of "History of the World Pt 1"!1

Damn, it's hot outside (Richmond, VA).

Ok a total mommy post.. my 4 year old "singing" boom boom pow

anyone have links to free stock photography sites?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/9/09 (warning: graphic language)

Erik Satie-Trois Gymnopédies

I want to have a discussion off this Pittsburgh tragedy (both gay and straight input requested)

Why didn't you guys tell me about Carl's Jr?

Liquid leggings the in thing for fall?

Guillotine remnants. {quite graphic} [queasy, don't look] (death by slice)

DU Song Of The Day

How come it's illegal to pay someone for sex, but it's legal to pay someone for sex on camera?

Adriano Celentano - Susanna

In honor of the upcoming NFL season, I changed my avatar

DU Office workers, what do you have?

Artist & Legal types, a question on using logos in artwork

I am going to the eye doctor at the end of the month and I may need glasses.

Can't wait for my nifty noodles WINDOWS-FREE HP netbook to show up!!!!

God Bless Jerry Garcia - rip on in heaven my friend!

Little Mermaid on Broadway - anybody seen it? Opinions?

Nap attack!

October DU Meetup EastCoast

Godfather III, 19 years later: Does it rock, suck, or fall somewhere in between?

Do you have any kids going back to school tomorrow?

My little doggie going nutso for a treat

If you're a hitman and an alcoholic, where do you go? ! ! ! !

Anybody here own an Estaban guitar?

WTH? Where did all the kitchen and bathroom curtains go?

Any DUers an embalmer? I'm turning a third cousin into a fountain...

Had my fun, the snark is now out of my system for the time being

Um, excuse me for a moment please

NFL "Hall of Fame" game thread.

Is there a worse household job than cleaning the bathtub/shower?

Man FUCK the bullshit!

Anybody else watching PBS.s rock and roll show.

I just learned of X-Ray Dog...

My firefox has gone bezerk!

News Radio (The TV show)...

I just watched 3.5 hours of Bill Hicks

Just 15 posts till 10,000.

Campaigning For Your Vote In GD, Even If I Don't Deserve It

I heard at Disney Land that they kid nap kids and force them to work in that munchkin place.

best madtv song ever lick my baby back behind

Damn NC Employment Security Commission website is down!

Wtf photo! Funny

cripes, mid-august and still enough baseball games to fill 4 college football seasons

Anybody else on mailing list? : "Diaper blowout: ..." WTF?


Why didn't you guys tell me about Carl Sagan?

Which Doors song are you?

Food poisoning: It sucks

Death or glory?

Just had a couple of these ultimate recyclers fly over my house

Buddy Holly Story on FUSE right now

Some pics from the cardboard boat race.

It's Sunday. 5 am. Where are my LOLCats? I neeeeed humor!

Saw a flock of these in a McDonald's parking lot the other day.

Well, it was a typical day for my birthday-hot AND rainy.

Joan RIVERS Roast!1 w/o Lisa LAMPINELLI. Kathy GRIFFIN roastmistress!1 n/t

Here's a little pick-me-up. The BEST cat video EVER!!!!

The Other Side of Neil Young

My five year old just called my two year old a "butt-ass"

I want to ban a "sport." Why am I considered such a bad guy?

On losing weight...Best way to do it is.???..What works, what doesn't?

Should I play with a band who covers Ted Nugent?

After a death in family, then taking two trips in one week to care for my dad,

have you seen this musical savant on youtube yet?

Why is "Jew me out" an O.K. deal on Southpark?!1 n/t

Are female college students reptiles?

ok , who is misreble tonight

Turtle Humps Shoe

Heart healthy recipes?

Kitten Pictures Happy Birthday To You (huge graphics warning)

Artsy pic time!

10 questions about the dog/dogs presently in your family

Rock concerts sure have changed over the years

There has GOT to be a better way to clean out before a colonsocopy

Sweet dreams, CMW

Goya's Ghosts - Have you seen it?

Bear eats woman, 74

Jimmy Bedford, Jack Daniel's master distiller, passed away

I got a gee-tar for my birthday (one week early) !

Oh, my gawd, it's 12 minutes before dinner and CMW's outta gas.

Any DUers a plumber? I'm turning a pedestal sink into a fountain...

DU Meetup in Columbus - Labor Day Weekend

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Pleesd Tu Meechu Edition

DU women: five questions for you

What does Syfy mean?

What household chore do you hate doing the most?

Fela Kuti - Teacher Don't teach Me No Nonsense

Which do you like best? Maruchan or Top Ramen?

*******HAPPY 62nd BIRTHDAY to old mark*******

DU Shop Rats, what do you have?

"Joan Rivers face has been lifted more times than Bristol Palin's prom dress."

She's reproduced!!! "''The View' star Hasselbeck has 3rd child, a boy"

Monkees singer’s wife guilty in $137,000 fraud

Malagasy leaders agree transition

Police: Indonesian president was targeted

Dozens feared dead in India mudslide

Obama in first summit with Mexico, Canada leaders

Israel recalls diplomat over memo

Strong earthquake shakes Tokyo area [preliminary magnitude at 6.9]

IRS places liens on Nicolas Cage's New Orleans homes

Allies may torture terror suspects, top UK ministers say

One million in China flee typhoon

DOT report warned about lax safety oversight

Isotope shortage means a healthcare crisis

French workers pull few punches in fight to keep jobs

AP INVESTIGATION: SC gov's plane use questioned

Obama in Mexico to Attend North American Leaders' Summit

Ministers deny torture collusion

Majorca bar 'hit by bomb blast'

Army Corps pulls helicopter wreckage from Hudson

Another Blow to Public Option--Durbin Open To Dropping It

duplicate, to original given here.

N.Korea using Clinton visit 'to promote Kim's son'

Iran admits election demonstrators were tortured

States End Up Losers in Gambling Pullback

(Wall Street) Rally's fate up to shoppers, Fed

Homeless NYC Holocaust survivor leaves $100,000 gift

Gov. Dean Debunks Gingrich’s Health Care Falsehoods: ‘Nobody Is Forcing You In To The Public Option’

Conservative Protesters Prepping For Obama N.H. Town Hall

Honduras prohibits visit of OAS crisis negotiators

Kepler telescope makes quick discovery

British Contractor Shoots Two Colleagues in Iraq

Satellites uncover North Korea

Colombia's Uribe defends U.S. military role in South America

40 inmates hospitalized after California prison riot

Typhoon forces evacuation of 1 million Chinese

47 trapped on 'nightmare' flight to the Twin Cities(9 hours on the Tarmac)

U.S. Seeks to Pursue Afghan Drug Lords Tied to Taliban

Nagasaki mayor urges worldwide nuclear arms ban

Saudis shut TV offices in sex row

Car fleeing Calif. police hits pickup, killing 7

Mexico and Canada Tussle Over Immigration

Israeli shooting vigil in Dupont Circle

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy - Language Of Violence

The End of the World

Living Under the Shadow of the Nuclear

Dean vs. Gingrich On Health Care Reform

maxkeiser, On The Edge no. 13 'Hank Paulson is a financial suicide bomber' + Gordon Brown's Bottom

Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice says John Bolton's criticisms are "ridiculous."

The Week In Cartoons 8/08/09

SOS Clinton Dancing With Members of a South African Township Choir & Helping Out a Housing Project

Pakistani Taleban leader 'killed in shootout'

UNGAGGED - Sibel Edmonds Talks 2/5

Taking Woodstock

Not all empires die in Afghanistan?

UNGAGGED - Sibel Edmonds Talks 5/5

Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds Finally Testifies Under Oath

The Patriot Hour...Town Meetings = Uncivilized Republicans

Fake Republican Healthcare Reform Disruptors commit Assault on Police Officer

Palin Speechwriter on Obama Death Panels

UNGAGGED - Sibel Edmonds Talks 4/5

The Republican Stategy will Destroy the US

Newt Gingrich Defends Palin's "Death Panels" Claim


GOP Against Public Health Care Option @

20,000 gather in Rabin Square over gay center shooting

UNGAGGED - Sibel Edmonds Talks 3/5

China's Andy Rooney Has Funny Opinions On How Great China Is

Independent: Secret deal to keep Karzai in power

We're Not Racist (LIVE) by RSU

Motörhead's Lemmy: Talks about the Iraq wart

Cosmo scientists have finally cataloged every single way to satisfy your man's carnal cravings

Cosmo scientists have finally cataloged every single way to satisfy your man's carnal cravings

Sen. Durbin: Town Hall Protests "Clearly Orchestrated"

Independent UK: Britain's food revolution

Nixon resigns 35 years ago today (August 9, 1974)

Newt Makes An Ass of Himself Defending Palin's 'Death Panel' Crap

Bachmann From 2006 - "People Are Happy"

35 Years After Nixon

Deathers: The birthers of health care reform

The Difference Between a “Protest” And a “Riot” Is Skin Color

The Huffington Post Investigative Fund: Gaps in the American Health Care System on Vivid Display

Analysts Expect Long-Term, Costly U.S. Campaign in Afghanistan

Hugh O'Shaughnessy: Unasur will be Lula's show

TYT: Townhall Fights - What Are They So Angry About?

Survivors Of Gas Station Explosion Mourn Tragic Loss Of Gas

Teabagger lady goes on incoherent rant on how Obama's a terrorist who hates America.

Dear Opponents of Socialized Healthcare

On These Protests

Who Says GOP's Against Health Reform: Supports Expanded Coverage for Venereal Disease

Obama's doctor an advocate of single-payer, barred from attending healthcare forum

Bill Clinton to Be Dispatched to Town Halls, to Rescue Congressmen

Young Turks: Sarah Palin - Obama Wants To Kill My Baby

Lowering the bar on health care reform?

Perpetual War for Perpetual War; Get ready for a “lasting military presence” in Iraq

Geraldo Rivera Calls Sarah Palin's Obama "Death Panel" Bullshit

Elderly woman slammed hard by police at Walmart (caught on video)

Doonesbury looks at the C Street Family

Is Obama Punking Us?

Israel planned Iran strike during unrest: Report

GOP Claims Obama Will Take Away Your Favorite Actor Who Plays a Dr. on TV

The Massachusetts Model as Whipping Boy for Healthcare Model

Honduras Coup: A Template for Hemispheric Assault on Democracy

Republican Autoerotic Asphyxiation

Eleanor Clift: "Why the Democrats need to fight back against right-wing mob tactics -- quickly"

Ten Years of “Plan Colombia”: Bogotá Leases Military Real Estate to the Obama Administration

Real Time with Bill Maher AUGUST 7 2009 Part 6 new rules

Yale Professor/ The Character of Barack Obama--a pattern of accomodation?

Are We A Country of Idiots?

Progressive activists are being "f^cking stupid"? Hey Rahm, kiss my f^cking uninsured ass

Is the US on the Brink of Fascism?

Is It Now a Crime to Be Poor?

2 Minutes Of Right Wing Media Hate

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Worst single terror attacks in history

UNGAGGED - Sibel Edmonds Talks 1/5

So, Now Drug Companies Are Good Guys In The Health Care Battle?

How to Recharge Your Soul

Dan Rather: The News Americans Need

Poverty in Venezuela Decreased by 22.6% over Past Decade

End Of Life Section: Republican Sponsored - Let's Look Back a Bit

Honduras Supreme Court to Decide If Zelaya’s Ouster Illegal

The Insurance Industry and Drug Cartel Protection Act of 2009

Should the US release all photos and information on detainee abuse?

POLL:How Dangerous is Glenn Beck to America and President Obama?

Look in your crystal ball: Who's the GOP nominee in 2012?

I just got called a Socialist!

Economic 'Stabilization' - The Middle Class as the new working poor

The latest right-wing mass email and my response.

MSNBC - U.S. Chamber of Commerce Serves Notice, If Public Option, Democrats Will Lose In 2010

Howard Dean: "If you're not going to have a public option, don't pretend you're doing health reform"

Never Forget: It Took Obama Nearly A YEAR To Change Enough Minds

Krugman: “What we’re seeing is stabilization...the great freefall and the nosedive seems to be over"

As Cash for Clunkers ramps up new cars sell out

By The People - Obama documentary - NY or LA go watch it now

Robert Reich on the alleged secret deal: extortion

Tonight's Top Story


Photos: POTUS in Mexico showing stress

GOP governors meeting this weekend: Sarah Palin is our inevitable 2012 presidential nominee!!

Senator Durbin declares he's "open" to a healthcare bill without a public option.

Dyersburg, Tennessee - Bake Sale To Aid Local Man In Need Of New Kidney

Jessica Yellin on Obama sending more troops to Afghanistan: "This is not the man they (on the left)

John Adams and growing Republican Un Americanism..

Wingnuts getting ready to infiltrate Obama's N.H. Townhall

John King:People at the townhalls are expressing Democracy

Hey Media.....We Democrats Won the Election! So get them fucking Republicans off of my TeeVee!

One of the most important jobs of the Military is to protect the economic interests of the world...

I don't understand why it's ok to be an asshole in the name of freedom of speech.

As Economy Turns, Washington Looks Better (Roubini praises Bernanke)

Pelosi/Hoyer op-ed in Monday USATODAY calls townhall protesters 'un-American'

The Health Insurers Have Already Won: Business Week

What health care reform is acceptable other than single payer because single payer

I Just Heard That Senator Durbin(IL) Is Open To Cutting The Public Option........

Sarah Palin needs to 'quit making things up'

I had to talk down my aunt who thought Obama was going to mess with her Medicare

Ignored By Cable News:"We shouldn’t have to hold a bake sale in this society to pay for healthcare."

Cops continue to lose their damn minds!!

How the White House's Deal With Big Pharma Undermines Democracy by Robert Reich

President Barack Obama - Sunday August 9, 2009

Howard Dean on the Politics of Health-Care Reform

GOP Credibility Credentials in the TOILET....9 Years + of consistent LYING

It's Oval-Office Time, Mr. President

What's good for Fox News is bad for the GOP. Great graph.

It's not all President Obama - It's our failed Congress - again they bow to their corporate owners

Daily Kos Diary: Alleged St. Louis "attack victim" has no health insurance

Organizing for America (of the DNC) have cooked up something called Office Visits for Health Reform.

Obama plans to discuss immigration, drug cartels and trade with Mexico, Canada

Obama supporters organize free showings of ‘Sicko’

so now that dem congressmembers are being mobbed by right-wing media fans...

Anti-Birther Song: Barack Was Born In The USA

Dean on Palin’s health care claims: ‘She made that up’

Rep. Tim Murphy (R), Pittsburgh area backtracks; now says Obama is a citizen. In a letter to the

Alright Republicans, We Give Up. (Warning snark)

Schumer is holding Office Visits for Health Reform

Obama's Department of Justice Chose to Drop Gags on Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

Just do NOT throw in the towel again.. for the Love of God..

Top 5 Ways the 'Birthers' Are Like the Global Warming Deniers

Since It's Sunday, Here's A Jesus Picture:

The Birther Song

Series of small wins buoys Obama agenda

Who do you trust more to overhaul the U.S. health care system?Democrats or Republicans?..cnn poll

Quotes - please respond, discussing individual quotes before I do

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Criminal investigation into CIA treatment of detainees expected (LA Times)

I bet he won't do this again to a female

Something to think about how the town halls disruptions "may" be used by the right.

How do we deal with the new republican screed.. and their town hall disruptions..

Rep. John Sullivan (OK) formally announces his birther credentials.

An important anniversary today. "Nixon resigns"

Three Amigos summit to focus on trade.

NYT:Coming to terms with Containing North Korea

San Angelo, Texas - Newspaper Page Devoted To Bake Sales and Fundraisers To Cover Medical Expenses

REPORT: GM gets out from under its polluted sites scot-free

A tropical wave off the African coast may become the 1st named storm of 2009

GM gets to dump its polluted sites

Solar industry's promises bring environmental challenges for Tennessee (slanted reporting)

New era may end need for fossil fuel—(Delaware's) Energy goals raise barrier for conventional plants

NYT: Climate Change Seen as Threat to U.S. Security

Sweden develops national biogas strategy

A Missed Opportunity on Climate Change (climate bill may be worse than nothing at all)

Electric cars: A nice jolt for Oregon

Electric car future may power a charging industry (say "hello" to corporate "charging stations")

All of our energy storage problems are solved...

China to unveil plan for "new energy" by year-end ("clean coal" an important part of plan)

A Plea To Obama, "Don't Back Down" On Comprehensive (Legitimate) National Health Care Reform!

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Saturday, August 8)

Bob "Bullet" Hayes inducted into Hall of Fame (finally)

Dodgers lose again...Giants creep closer

Tiger's Giving Everyone The Finger

NFL starts tonight baby!!

My Giants are getting clobbered today

The JR Chess Report (August 9): Arctic Open ends in four-way tie, Mrs. Socko with best tiebreaks

Natinals hotter than the Yankees!!

Natinals hotter than the Yankees!!

Revised new rule! If you're going to start a new thread every time your team wins

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Sunday, August 9)

NFL-Game on

NHL: Patrick Kane Arrested for assaulting & robbing a cabbie (for 20cents)

NFC East News: Injuries Strike Cowboys Camp

We'll find out if Paidraign Harrington can play with a Tiger breathing down his neck.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Honduran taxi drivers joined protests

Peru really picks the winners: "Fujimori to face yet another trial"

Hugh O'Shaughnessy: Unasur will be Lula's show

Honduras Coup Dictator Micheletti Calls Out the Geezer Patrol

A story we did NOT see, for some reason: "U.S. Skeptical of Colombian 'Dirty Bomb' Claims"

Honduras Coup: A Template for Hemispheric Assault on Democracy

Americas Program Report: The How and Why of the Coup d'Etat in Honduras

Honduras: Military Coup Engineered By Two US Companies?

Honduras Supreme Court to Decide If Zelaya’s Ouster Illegal

Castro book instant bestseller

Venezuela: Fact sheet -- The truth about recent media events

Colombia military in bomb scandal

Poverty in Venezuela Decreased by 22.6% over Past Decade

The Wall Street Journal Walls Itself In and Ridiculously Defends the Dictatorship of Roberto Michele

The FARC’s Honduran Friends (WSJ propaganda piece)

Millennium Challenge Corp. poured millions into Honduras in months leading up to putsch

Socialist Feminist Revival in Latin America

Carter planning return trip to Gaza

Israeli PM vows never to evict settlers

Gaza militants fire at Palestinian patients heading into Israel

Dahlan, Qureia vie to succeed Abbas as Fatah chief

Banning guns is like banning gay marriage.

The ‘other Israel’

These illustrate *why* gun ownership by the masses is a progressive idea

Appleton Electric plant to close (220 jobs gone)

Today in Labor History Aug 9 73,000 Bell Atlantic workers end a successful two-day strike over wages

Is there trouble in the House of Mouse?

Danny Glover Walks Picket Line With Striking Terre Haute Factory Workers

Starbucks Workers Union Gains Momentum as Campaign Expands to Canada

Octuplets' mother wins child labor case on appeal

Older workers hang on to jobs longer, often out of necessity

City of Seattle considers furloughs for workers

Summer Contest final round is up in GD

from my new series.....

My diverse GREENS - please tell me what appeals and what does not.,

Another Green Poll--Help! Please (dialup warning)

What is the difference between Medical advice and Health advice?

The Health Insurers Have Already Won: Business Week (re-direct)

Senator Durbin declares he's "open" to a healthcare bill without a public option. (re-direct)

the Toxic teabaggers strike again...toxins and your children

Death Panels Already Exist - At Private Insurance Companies

Howard Dean: "If you're not going to have a public option, don't pretend you're doing health reform"

The Fog of Numbers

Dog Domestication Likely Began in Africa

Krugman on the economy; Roubini on Bernanke

How the White House's Deal With Big Pharma Undermines Democracy by Robert Reich (re-direct)

10 Pins for the Stock Market Bubble

Scientists Track Down Source of Earth’s Hum

I went through with the LASIK procedure, thanks to everyone!

Court extends remand of soldier who threatened to attack Tel Aviv gay solidarity rally

X-posted: 20,000 gather in Rabin Square over gay center shooting

Gay and shafted again.

Finally Saw Milk

U.S. Military Accused of Executing Iraqi Gays

True Blood followers

Fighting to Regain a Sense of Self

Research Shows Human Consciousness Can Live on after Bodily Death

Profound change is coming...

Squares and Oppositions. . . Help!

Who Is Gawd?

Was George Bush a christian?

Damn Good Interview On arne duncan (Democracy Now! :

"The Leader in Me", by Stephen Covey...

So, I bought some vodka, but I don't have any green apples

Who the fuck is stupid enough to buy food from QVC or any of those

I love cooking for our customers with produce from our garden

Any music we all like?

Town Halls in CD-22, FYI

Defying Gravity on ABC

"People loved to hate him and, as long as the media could perpetuate the image of Jackson as "weird"

I'm the father of Jacko's daughter, says Oliver! star Mark Lester

Julie & Julia: A Review