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Archives: August 5, 2009

You're welcome

Will my DFA meeting tomorrow be invaded?

Boston Police Officer Justin Barrett deserves "big brass balls award"

Thanks President Clinton!!

Fallen Antigay Senator Sent Packing (admits affair with 22-year-old intern)

Vote On Sotomayor To Be Last Before Recess

BEST descriptive of these idiots I have read in a long time (borrowed from Texas forum)

Remember the good old days...

Today is Barack Obama's birthday -- that is, if you believe this "documentation"

Glenn Beck's birthday message to Obama

Here's a question to ask Creationists to see how well

Telephone Town Hall meetings in my district.

CEBK: Close Encounters of the Beck Kind...

CEBK: Close Encounters of the Beck Kind...

Just Curious - What Is Fox News Take On The Town Hall Disrupters?.....

BREAKING News: Jim DeMint gets tea bags superglued to his forehead in North Korea by Bill Clinton!

Hey all you Bush losers, want to see how to negotiate like a real ambassador?

How do I fing town Hall meetings in the St. louis area?

*VIDEO* Glenn Beck gives a 9 minute mocking tirade against our President on his birthday.

I'll be posting some video tours of the lookout on YouTube soon.

Bill Clinton's next stop: Iran... to get the three "hikers" out of jail...

FTC May Ease Anti-Trust Laws to Save News

This story leaves me uneasy

What's wrong with DU?

Should Former Prosecutors Be Allowed to Become Judges?

Time is running out for the Jonas Brothers.

Has Google Found a Stairway to Heaven in Brooklyn?

Couldn't find much but maybe 1st Lt Easterling will see his day in court soon

Couldn't find much but maybe 1st Lt Easterling will see his day in court soon

Poll: How many chins does Glenn Beck have?

Vote in the CNN 2nd Hundred Days Report Card

Congress May Ease Law on College Aid for Drug Offenders

If you shit in a bowl, and put a freeper in an identical bowl, could you tell which was which? n/t

If you shit in a bowl, and put a freeper in an identical bowl, could you tell which was which? n/t

Andrew Sullivan (The Daily Dish) has some good questions for conservatives today:

Anyone familiar with Tricare and retired military benefits?

Private company launches rocket in N.M.

BBC: Daughter wades in on Berlusconi

Jesus fears your Facebook profile, Mark Morford

If you just saw that thuglican ad during Morning Jerk

Pharma Lobbying Efforts paying off

Good for you, Bill. Good for us. And mostly, good for them.

Beck implores viewers to not turn violent: "Just one lunatic like Timothy McVeigh could ruin everyth

I don't get it - a rant

Just curious, what's the predominant racial make up of the birther movement, or 'BM'?

"Rec and Unrec"

Freed Journalists Board Plane for Home ---pix--->>>

Private Security Contractors and Mercenaries Come Under Examination for Human Rights Violations

How to increase you golf drive by 30 yards

Toronto - Transit City

John Quincy Adams is gonna tweet!

Senseless slaughters - At least 4 die in gym shooting near Pittsburgh

Medicare to cap payments amid rampant fraud

Alex Koppelman, Salon: "Silence the annoying Birther in your life in just eight easy steps!"

Dollars & Sense: Crime Pays For General Electric

John Bolton is an ignorant Fuckhead

Whatever y'all, God bless Bill Clinton that's part of what I say

Official reception with Clinton, Gore and the journalists

Ex-coach Lou Holtz considering running for Congress in Central Florida

I thought yesterday after hearing the news

Groups Take Health-Reform Debate to Airwaves-$52M Has Been Spent So Far on Ads...

I am SOOO SICK of the anti-healthcare reform ads on the radio.

The GOP doesn't want to stop health care reform, just to slow it down (Tom Toles)

Republicans know they are fucked if good HCR legislation passes

Republicans know they are fucked if good HCR legislation passes

Russian subs patrolling off East Coast of U.S.

Clinton Plane About to Land - 8:45 ET

NYT: New Symbol of Unhealed Congo: Male Rape Victims

If you know any of those seniors who oppose Obama's health care plan --

How does MSNBC rationalize it?

Heads up - Clinton / Gore reunion about to happen on CNN...

Slate's "Choose Your Own Apocalypse" lets you map out the death of the United States.


Beltway Finally Realizing McCain Isn't Bipartisan

Ok DUers just tell them

Parents take their faith to deadly extremes

Afghan Villagers Say 3 Boys Killed in Airstrike

David Obey comes out for strong puboic option

New drinking game (It's in the morning so do shots of Screwdrivers or Bloody Marys)

former inmate compensated for inhuman and degrading treatment due to jail overcrowding

Photoshopped? What Do You All Think?

When the Birthers finally get tired of their game and move on to the next non-issue........

Ultimate WMD: Where Is The OUTRAGE?

12 Pneumonic Plague(Cases) Confirmed in NW China

BO will be in Indiana today.

where's john bolton this morning? i don't hear his pathetic voice anywhere?

There's another great benefit for this "Cash for Clunker" program - Sales tax for the States

Who thinks George Bush(either of them) would have jetted into to North Korea?

George Bush was on the Korean peninsula recently, right?

What is your ultimate nightmare Rethug administration?

Green Bay newspaper reporting on the tactics of disrupting town hall meetings

(WTF!) Ryan O'Neal: I Hit On My Daughter Tatum At Farrah's Funeral

Who else is crying?

Poll: Orly Taitz - what's up with the hair?

The Birthers and the Insurance Industry: The Latest in a Long Line of Conservative Coalition

Help HuffPost Report On Health Care Town Halls And Tea Party-Style Protests (ASSIGNMENT DESK)

Germany: Neo-Nazis Evicted from Village Hotel

Check in if you're proud of our Dear Leaders

From G.O.P. to S.I.D.*

Freepers have to be dying Ling thanks President Clinton, VP Gore, President Obama, Secretary Clinton

Watching Bill and Al up there... seems almost like the nightmare of the past 8 years never happened.

Watching Bill and Al up there... seems almost like the nightmare of the past 8 years never happened.

Democrats Create, Republicans Destroy

Ungrateful Bastards

Big Brother, blogs and minority reports....

Counter right wing health care disinformation with this

Iraq: "three men arrested for 2006 murders of Al Arabiya woman reporter and crew in Samarra" - RSF

Why didn't Poppy Bush parachute into North Korea

Extremist Violence - Fox News Should Display A Graphic For Confirmed Kills

Cash For Clunkers Is Not Working - It Has Not Stopped Climate Change

President Obama faces an increase of 400% in death threats a day

What is with Putey?

Jim Webb on crime - GEM$NBC now n/t

States where most clunker money is being spent

Clearly, We Should Have Bombed North Korea. Real Men Don't Negotiate.

Pinellas County, FL, assistant state attorney defends racist picture of Obama on GOP website

The Madness of “Three Strikes”

So what's up with this Gore/Clinton thing, why is it so significant,

Orly Taitz: "I can prove Obama was born in Kenya - he's black!"

an idea for the Town Hall disruptions ...

GRITtv Live at Noon: Jeremy Scahill: Will Blackwater Founder Face Charges?

Olbermann's New & Conflicting Statements Fan Flames of GE-MSNBC-Fox Controversy

Pat Toomey tries to play the moderate by endorsing Sonia Sotomayer

If Parallels Were Made Between Property Insurance & Health Insurance.........

Were Russian submarines actually "spotted" off the US coast?

The Latest Economic Indicator: Hot Waitresses Index

Michigan gets Battery Grants

Did I hear correctly that Dick Armey's lobbying firm is linked to the shouters?

Did I hear correctly that Dick Armey's lobbying firm is linked to the shouters?

New stadium is too much - $66 for 12 pack beer, $90 pizza

Rove got 100K to go after Bayh

Federal agents raid Ocala's Taylor, Bean & Whitaker

Pete Hoekstra Award for Shameless Hyperbole goes to NPR's Liasson: CARS program like Katrina!

NY to force all registered car owners to purchase new plates

Stupid can't be fixed.

Pittsburgh Fitness Club Shooter - Another Wingnut Racist His Blog Shows

Pittsburgh Fitness Club Shooter - Another Wingnut Racist His Blog Shows

Nate Silver: On Health Care, Who's Hooked on Special Interest Money?

Offshoring by US companies surges: survey

eric boehlert on Ed Schultz radio now....11:40 AM CDT. talking about astroturfing health care.

eric boehlert on Ed Schultz radio now....11:40 AM CDT. talking about astroturfing health care.


3 cheers for President William Jefferson Clinton, Superhero!

Kim Jong Il holds emergency press conference to deny allegations.

Will somebody in South Carolina kindly tell Jim DeMint to sit the hell down and fut the shuck up..

DUers -- Can anybody show a little love to my "Answer" re: the mobs

DUers -- Can anybody show a little love to my "Answer" re: the mobs

Kent Conrad

Why publicans are against "cash for clunkers"

Facing twelve years hard labor in a North Korean Prison and then...

DPS audit reveals waste.

great pics

great pics

The President is just changing the World again, live on MSNBC

Free Republic is down.

Pentagon plans speeding up 'bunker buster' bomb

"This place prohibits guns"

there was a new, 6 mo., Sen. as a last guest on Wash. Journal this a.m.

Goldman's 42 $100MM+ Trading Days In Q2 - An Absolute, Unprecedented Record

Public plan would allow abortion coverage

White House Reassures Veterans on Healthcare

Modified corn seeds sow doubts

The Health Care Bill

Cuba, Russia Agree To Gulf of Mexico Exploration

LENO sounds like a Fundie in this quote

Paula Abdul leaving American Idol ..Oh the horror of it all

GOP Senate Campaign chief, John Cornyn, "pointedly refused" to support Ensign for reelection

"(César) Chávez is hardly the kind of role model that ought to be held up to our children . . ."

"Saddam Hussein Talks to the FBI" (National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book 279)

It's so refreshing (still) to have an intelligent President...

Heath Ledger's Green Video For Modest Mouse


"This country wasn't built by griping and complaining - it was built by hard work."

How They're Spinning It in South Korea

Did you see the Prom documentary on HBO?

Military Lawyer Claims U.S. Paid Gitmo Prosecution Witnesses

A must see: Grassley ridiculed on The Daily Show

House Orders Up Three Elite Jets

Nasa aims to move Earth

Nasa aims to move Earth

Feingold Set to Oppose Further Troop Boost for Afghanistan

Obama: "President Clinton and Gore." Re: journalist's return

Not sure how I feel about this . . .

CNN National Report Card

Is the GOP still paying people to post on blogs and websites?

France Labor minister: Pope encyclical is "like a ray of light"

Annoying headline at HuffPo:

New "funny" RW email suggests seniors should shoot Democratic members of Congress.

New "funny" RW email suggests seniors should shoot Democratic members of Congress.

I hope a reasonably good healthcare bill is signed soon. Senator Kennedy deserves no less.

Don't train Indonesia's deadly Kopassus!!!

If Dems were disrupting Townhall meetings, Rethugs would be demanding.....

"Mouthpiece Theater", we hardly knew ye

Cash for Clunkers is essentially a TAX CUT for car buyers, the Right supports TAX CUTS don't they?

email: Holding Architects of Illegal Wars and War Crimes Accountable

An interesting aspect of the health care debate.

Colbert: Hippie Replacement - linking 40th Anniv of Woodstock to phony "grassroots" movements.

Regarding the staged & scripted disruptions at town hall meetings by rightists/conservatives/GOPers

So, the GOP are using the astroturfers (Turfers?) to make videos to help insurance syndicates?

Is there a way to find the percentage of Republicans on Medicare?

Insurance Industry Group: Nope, We Won’t Stop Efforts To Get People To Town Hall Rallies

Freeper quote that simply explains everything about them that you need to know:

Current is showing Laura Ling & Euna Lee reports all day

Has anyone ever heard of this goodly man Rush Limbaugh?

Hey! Anyone here a professional forger with access to Australian aliases and birth documents?

BREAKING: A new federal program! "Clunkers for Cash"

LA Fitness shooter's 1994 Usenet sig: "Stop Socialism: Impeach Clinton!"

What's the deal with AOL and Republicans?

Ad denouncing RW mobs

Home at Last! ---pix--->

Don't know whether to laug or cry.... Free Republic National Tea Party Convention Admission Form

I censored myself today

What's with the birthers' obsession with Alinski's "Rules for Radicals"?

The real thing here - raised seal and all that

The 'Welcome Home Soldier' ad DU is posting in threads is offensive. nt

Do You Think The Republicans Will Ever Admit They Are Hypocrites?

Them Disruptors should not be allowed to....Them Town Meeting need POLICING 50 percent back Obama health plan, poll shows

Cornyn promises well-funded challenger for Reid

C-span...HARKING HEARINGS on Autism . . .

AP, other news outlets omit killer’s racist diary rants

Government to seize creationist amusement park...

I miss George - he was funny most of the time

Clinton and Gore, Together Again

Birfermania...Uh Oh Oily...Say It Isn't So....

Conclusion: people read the topic, not the content of the post.

Today's *Bill Clinton joke*

Computer fart: Dupe .

LAPD chief Bratton stepping down to run Altegrity Security Consulting

So apparently the Conservative argument for NOT rescuing the journalists is...

Notice how quickly the Gates/Crowley story faded from the limelight?

Rockefeller Blasts "Gang of Six"

Soldier Gets Month in Jail for Refusing Deployment

No way to stop "The Plan"? Hot debates in town halls across nation.

Breaking News! Fox News is in cahoots with Obama...

UC Davis Breaking New Ground In Treating Schizophrenia

George Sodini, the Pittsburgh murderer, had been a member of a Christian cult

The Unintended Consequences Of Mob Harassment (Redux)

Sorry, repost error

Salon pwns Birthers; Freeper reaction: crickets.

Glenn Greenwald is on The Guy James Show today to discuss Fox GE truce

Grassley using Ted Kennedy's brain tumor to advance his fearmongering...

Greenwald, Sirota and Hamsher Follow-Up On Olbermann's New Statement

Michael Steele Takes Credit for RNC Phone Prank

The family down the street is losing their home due to foreclosure...

For those who have friends or family who are ill...

MSNBC: Uncle Pat puts Bill Clinton in the apologetic, "blame America" group.

"I firmly believe the entire world is caught up in a sinister plot to make me look crazy."

Republicans voting yes on Sotomayor - 7 so far...

Jerry Lewis (R-CA) on Health Care Bill (his generic email)

So, do I have this straight?

BUFFET's Betrayal (Buffett firms got $95 billion of bailout cash)

Liberal Hate

HCAN provides strategy document on how to respond to the disrupters

Have you personally seen any right-wing threats of violence online?

Corporations, Capitalism, and Conservatism - A Few Provocative Questions

Michael Steele: The Stock Market is Rebounding Because Obama Is Failing

What do Dyncorp and African green monkey kidney cells have in common?

What do Dyncorp and African green monkey kidney cells have in common?

Uighurs Working at Bermuda Golf Course

Uighurs Working at Bermuda Golf Course

Amnesty International slams Nicaragua. I'm with them

Hillary Clinton demands accountability for war crimes

VR: Calls on Whitehouse to reverse Iran election statement

Senate Boosts Food Stamps..1 in 9 Americans on Stamps... 17 vote against increase..

My apologies to members of DU.

Husband convicted of having bombs, guns, knives, handcuffs

My mother is a birther. Anyone else with birther relatives?

Leahy blocks report on Mexico human rights

Do you generally attribute the term "whining" w/rightward types?

you cannot play 'nice' with the 'right wing mob'

Dems See Backlash In Town Hall Protests

Grassley Uses Kennedy’s Brain Tumor To Spread Fear Of Rationing

CEO Urges Employees To Send Emails Against Health-Care Reform

M. Steele: Market is rebounding because Obama is failing.

Boston cop who sent 'jungle monkey' e-mail sues city of Boston

Farmington man accused of making bombs

"Suddenly, we were told we were going to a meeting..."

Sarah Palin fan's LTE Fail:

Freepers would rather be "angry" than admit they bought all that BS for the last 12+ years

Southern Rednecks Killing GOP: Parker

Putin: Man of Action/Adventure!

Mechanics ensure (clunker) trade-ins will never hit the road again

I Believe Warren Buffet Was Involved as Well as President Clinton

Fighting Town-Hall Bullying with Information. A REAL possibility!

The Advocate asks; Obama, Hope or Nope?

Pa. health club shooting gunman identified, hated women and was a racist

Let me see here.. We rescued a captain caught by pirates... got back the 2 journalists...

Obama told Senate Democrats he wished "left-wing groups" would back off attacking Blue Dogs


Movie Warning..FUNNY PEOPLE IS NOT FUNNY...Wife and I walked out 1/2 way through

Tweety Provides Cover For C Street House Residents.....

AP omits Penn's killer racist diary rants

Who are the real villains, insurance companies, or the Senators they buy?

Obama, MObama, Bubba, Hillary, Al, John Kerry, JoeB, the Dems are the A Team.

Senate Health Negotiators to Waste Obama's Time Thursday

William Jefferson Convicted in Bribery Case, Guilty On 11 Of 16 Counts

1984: Is this for REAL? $668MM to Install Thot Police in UK

Gov't Insurance Would Allow Coverage for Abortion

Self delete due to lack of humor on the birth non-issue.

Is the world fundamentally fair or fundamentally scary?

Why exacerbating problems is important to the GOP:

If you haven't read this yet, it's a MUST read: "Why Conservatives Are Always Wrong"

Planned obsolescence. 99% of stuff is thrown out within 6 months of purchase.

even more birther crap from the wnd

from Democracy for America, re: the townhall shouting agenda -

Glenn Beck says it is different when Obama uses "vicious" terms than when he uses them.

"America's Health Insurance Plans has stationed employees in 30 states who are tracking where local

And these freepers and right wingers are calling us "socialists" at these town hall meetings now?

Know why I call the people disrupting Town Hall Meetings "Hooters"?

Sotomayor picks up more GOP support with vote near

WH reporter Ann (compton?) says what now, will we send Paula Abdul to negotiate?

Oh yay! Michael Steele finally opens his mouth on these berserkers at the town hall meetings.

The Journal of a Racist Mass Murder: Bridgeville, PA

Inhofe: Sotomayor Is a ‘Racist,’ But Strom Thurmond Is A ‘Great American’

Down Memory Lane with Ray McGovern and Rumsfeld

"We need to know what you're up against"

Die, Republican Party, Die!

Iowans (and others) please listen to Grassley on Newshour,

Newlyweds from infamous J & K wedding dance video user their star power for good

Remember that time that Republicans supported legislation that helped the working man?

Remember this? Ann Coulter suggested physically assaulting Palin hecklers

CNN: Conspiracy Nuts Network (some blogger citing

‘Squeaky’ Fromme to go free

Fox News spin on Clinton and he Journalists

Richard Nixon: ‘This is the future of this party, right here in the South.'

Birthers, Remember GW Bush's "Free Speech" zones?

I thought Lawrence O'Donnell gave congressman Doggett a hard time.

Finally : the official birth(er) certificate

***paging CINCINNATI DUers***

Court ends Bush-era road-building in forests

The Birthers are passing around the Media Matters video on Dobbs.

Marines Ban Facebook and MySpace, Pentagon Considers It

American Psychological Association strongly reiterates 'ex-gay' therapy doesn't work

O. M. G. "Attempt to debunk Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate debunked" - By Geoff Linsley

Re: Jefferson - We always have a better class of crooks than they do

National park checkpoints at entrances upheld (9th Circuit)

National park checkpoints at entrances upheld (9th Circuit)

NC city wants voting rights exemption

The best way to watch Fox.

It is time to start giving progressive activists as much attention as we give the Teabaggers

It is time to start giving progressive activists as much attention as we give the Teabaggers


NJ DUers

Former patient of Dr. Phil claims he sexually abused her during treatment

Former patient of Dr. Phil claims he sexually abused her during treatment

Parties cry foul over spate of homestate showdowns

"Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid

What happens when 95% of a society's political knowledge is imparted by Stalinists and ultramontanes

Fluor Names Ex-KBR Exec to Run Government Division(Fluor Just Got a $7.5 Bln Afghan Deal)

Michael Steele: we're not encouraging people to be "nasty, brutish and ugly"

Which is worse?

"Obama administration attempting citizen confrontations? Force a Revolution?"

Umm, GOP? You got a second? I want to show you something.

Afghan Voters Turn to Warlords for Help in Picking Candidates

Is it just a coincidence that both the "Christian" bunch on C Street and Charles Manson's group

Here come Doctors that tell it like it is!

There is no Republican Party

"Democrats get hostages released.....Republicans do business with the people holding the hostages."

What should be done with Eric Prince

I am so disgusted with what the Remoblicans are doing

My Daily Report To Obama Of Health Care Opposers

My Daily Report To Obama Of Health Care Opposers

Rachel Maddow exposing "recess rally" promoters

I only see one problem with cash for clunkers

Americans For Prosperity "bus tour" will be here tomorrow.

Do you think the "mob" really, truly believes that health care reform will KILL granny?

Republicans: Some of Our Best Friends Are Brown

Hamas sponsors mass wedding in Gaza

Exactly how man blue dogs are in the senate?

Analysis: Clunker cash won't drive true recovery

A Poem to Paul Tibbets, by Nora Nickerson

Murdoch to charge for all news sites "Quality journalism isn't cheap," he says.

I need information on Obama's healthcare vs. Oregon's.

My advice to the birthers (other than 'get a life')

Doctors baffled by Indian village of over 200 sets of twins

A Glide Path to Disaster: The Incredible, Shrinking Health Care Plan

FAILED GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE Mike Huckabee compares Obama spending to his own weight issues

DCCC ups August campaign against GOP lawmakers

Wyoming police Taser 76-year-old tractor driver

Mass. bashers take note: Health reform is working

US Faces Huge Bill for Afghan Security($20 Bil for Security Alone)

Joseph Farah of Whirled Nuts Daily promising FR BIG STORY TODAY!

It's time the Democratic party admit they agree with Sean Hannity on Medical care.

US Considers Remaking Fannie and Freddie

Holdout jurors in the Jefferson trial got what from the US Attorney?

Bug Spray

Reagan Admin. Economist: ‘Just Wait Until You See Medicare and Medicaid Done…By the Government’

GOP shills are claiming that the crowds showing up to shout

Lieberman: "I think there is only one choice" (military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities)


Two Important Lessons from today: Dems can work as a team 2) This prez knows how to pick his fights

Now on DVD: Townhalls Gone Wild and Teabaggers Gone Wild!

CREW Continues to Fight for Cheney Interview Regarding Plame Wilson Leak

Have you ever "unrecommended" a thread (OP)?

I just conquered 900! BOO-Yah! (shut your mouth) !!

Michael Moore's new film on the schedule at the Toronto International Film Festival

Ya know what I enjoyed seeing today? I enjoyed seeing ........

"Treasury Plans to Sell Record $75 Billion in Debt next Week" (8-5-09 AP via CNBC)

Inclusive ENDA Introduced in the Senate

Inclusive ENDA Introduced in the Senate

A coworker said she and her church had 'cured' a member who was gay

Dear Kathleen Parker: You Could Have Stopped It Anytime

Dem Congressman's Office: His Life Has Been Threatened Over Health Care Bill

Analysts: Half of Mortgages Underwater By 2011

Not quite Oscar-worthy: Hitman-hiring woman is told her husband is dead

"Turfer" tactic

Jesus on Healthcare: "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me also"

Posit on the latest Tea Bagger meme about killing granny through....

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Dupe - go see my sister - babylonsister

Demand At Food Banks Up, Even In Well-Off D.C. Suburbs

Poll needs some DU love

The Rude Pundit: Yes, We Do Want to Kill You, Old People

"Americans For Prosperity" website(s)

Our new blog is live at!

What conspiracy theory will drive the news this fall?

Carnahan for Senate campaign spruces up web site (MO Senate Race)

Bill Clinton ... The most interesting man in the world....

There is a system of interlocking memes at work here

Bill Clinton--A true American Patriot

Cash-for-Clunkers is a very EFFICIENT Keynesian Stimulus program

-Laura Ling The Quote

New Rule: Not Everything in America Has to Make a Profit

HuffPo: "Keith Olbermann Playing Viewers For Fools On O'Reilly Truce"

Iowa Republican Cribs Bogus Health Care Claim From Chain Email

Are people who TWD (text while driving) too stupid to live anyway?

First Black Supermodel dies

The tangled web of deception John Ensign wove

2000 school employees march in CA to protest cuts to education - pics

Bill Clinton lives vicariously through himself!

BC Forest Fire (In Canada)

I just read the Pittsburgh shooters blog, it is VERY LIKELY he was a poster on FreeRepublic

Morris and Krauthammer volunteer to remain as prisoners in North Korea

Bolton Decries Release Of Euna Lee And Laura Ling

I've had it.

Just another example of why the GOP can't do anything correctly.

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1- More-On!

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2: Unhealthy

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 3- random bits

Erik Prince did have a neo-crusader agenda. Does it tie into "the family"?

Ok I had this repuke singer on one of my flights awhile back

CNN Refusing To Run Health Care Ad Critical Of Insurance Industry

Can I brag about my boss for a moment?

OOOOOOOH!!! Yosemite Sam's mad now!!!

How to deal with the hecklers: "Don't tase me bro!"...

A comparison of a state single payer proposal, HR 3200, and the government-regulated private insuran

Banks using bailout money to speculate in OIL MARKET

APA: Gay-to-straight therapy doesn't work and may actually be harmful to patients

GREAT Health Care cartoon....

Elderly man resisting eviction shot by Detroit police

Hey you slackers! My 85 year old mother had to tell me about this:

Remember, they impeached him

Congress needs to make the Bicycle Commuter Act retroactive to when I started working

We are in the middle of a teachable moment in our history

I don't watch CNN anymore (prefer MSNBC) but was wondering are they now as biased as Fox News?

Who here thinks that the Mohammed cartoons...

Kit Bond (R-Idiot): Clinton's trip was “half a bad step instead of a full bad step.”

Barack Obama was born in Kenya. How do I know?

And another sign by morans:

I hate this picture

Is Keith O. having a stroke?

Greenpeace Wins Campaign Against Kimberly-Clark!

Let's call the reich-wing bluff on the "Kill Grandma" fearmongering.

Holy Shit, Bill Clinton just gave us the Political PR win of our generation.

The Wyden/Bennet option is not being explained properly

Giving Birth And Covered By Health Insurance? $22,000, Please

re: Blackwater/XE Are our tax dollars

Go on with yo bad self, BIGDOG!!!

Two fugging glock killing machines - are you hearing Governor Rendell DUers

Rupert Murdoch said quality journalism is not cheap!

KO has some new info on GITMO

Racial Justice Act clears NC Senate

Dear idiot freepers, NO you do not need a "LONG FORM" BC to get a passport

John Bolton can go fuck himself.


The problem is that the US doesn't have a good word for "entrepreneur"

Clunker for Clunker

Freshman Congressman physically assaulted

Would you attend a town hall meeting if you knew a gang of thugs planned to disrupt it?

Which Senator would you least like to fight?

...But If You Must Shoot Somebody, Please Ditch Your “I 'heart' Glenn Beck” Button First

...But If You Must Shoot Somebody, Please Ditch Your “I 'heart' Glenn Beck” Button First

I know it sounds corny, but I DO have hope...


LOL! Freepers are turning on Ann Coulter in a major way

Meanwhile in Australia: "Business fat cats lashed over pay."

It's called the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch"

Now cnn's Michael Ware is scaring up fears about Mexico? How did we

Now cnn's Michael Ware is scaring up fears about Mexico? How did we

I knew the day would come - no cash allowed!

I knew the day would come - no cash allowed!

The free market *does* have the solution to health care

Democratic Underground Has New Moderators!


RNC Routes Angry Phone Calls to DNC

why CASH for CLUNKERS is super-green and saves consumers BIG $$$$

WaPo Cuts "Mouthpiece Theatre" After Milbank Makes Hilary/Bitch Joke...

Jon Stewart just Kicked Faux News to the curb....

Why The Public Option SUCKS!!

Geez, I guess I must really be out of step around here

Pensacola creationism theme park "Dinosaur Adventure Land" being seized over tax fraud

Bush's Version Of Cash For Clunkers

When Repugs Say To Me "Just Show Me One Government Program That Works" I Tell Them This.......

When Repugs Say To Me "Just Show Me One Government Program That Works" I Tell Them This.......

I'm concerned that Bill Clinton's successful use of diplomacy will prevent future wars.

I have a confession: I am not a progressive..

Must see video about the troops greeters

If you go to a townhall, don't forget to play Turfer Parrot Bingo!

Call to Action... go to this link, change the message to "YES TO HEALTHCARE REFORM"

Chirac: Bush Said Invasion Of Iraq Was Biblical Mission To Stop Armageddon!

The Wisconsin guy who was "gang glued"? He's been arrested

Jay Bookman, AJC calls DADT nonsensical, unjust. Fehrenbach set to lose 50,000 a year pension.

Hospital: "Sorry - we no longer accept cash"

Der Spiegel: Muslims Angered by Verse in German Soccer Club Song

Reflections on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Our World- 64 Years Too Late and Not a Moment Too Soon

Apparently North Korea throws Hillary under the bus...

Why do the female right wing Christians always sound so perky and cheery?

WOW, I just "googled" myself and found this. :)

Cornyn, Freepers all bent out of shape over Obama email plan.

URGENT: Tommorrow Stop Them in Denver.

So it seems the people who could afford to drive a car worth under $5000 are now going to

Just saw a TV ad warning of Obama's *socialism takeover of health care*

Should we form up volunteer security teams for each district town hall?

Mass. bashers take note: Health reform is working

Anti-Whaling video created by Heath Ledger, completed after his death by Seattle band Modest Mouse

Fox News urged left-wing hecklers be "Tased" or "beaten to a pulp"

***Post your ideas here*** to combat the TURFERS (astroturfers)

The biggest hollow rabbit of all to me is the American people.

We were not allowed in to bushco's town hall meetings

Playing Christian Radio station at city pool??

Alabama city destroying ancient Indian mound for Sam's Club "Fill Dirt"

a question about disrupting public meetings and freedom of speech

a question about disrupting public meetings and freedom of speech

Are you guys noticing that the media, at least MSNBC, is not mentioning the shooters Obama comments?

Cash for clunkers a bad deal, hurts the poor, and some other notes.

Cash for clunkers a bad deal, hurts the poor, and some other notes.

Action for August, Single Payer

Sick man lookin' for a Doctor's Cure

Journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling arrive back home - lots of pics

Blatant Hypocrisy in the Effort to Destroy Universal Health Care

"Top Secret" CNN Memo (re: Lou Dobbs)

??? Cash for Clunkers and the Auto Bailouts

List of townhalls that Rs hope to disrupt

Fascism Is as Fascism Does

Why Are People So Afraid of Bisexuals?

Lawyer of DUI victim: "Any person who was aware she was drinking is an accomplice."

a couple weeks ago I had pancreatitis brought on by crohn's ...or so they thought

Health Debate: Costs and Benefits

Health Debate: Costs and Benefits

The Pittsburgh shooter killed those women because he hated women.

WSJ: "North Korea Asked for Bill Clinton." Why didn't they ask for former president George W. Bush?

Rachel Maddow brings to its knees.

A new Net Neutrality bill was just introduced in Congress.

This is just too cool! A book written in symbols by our own Symbolman!

My son and I were just recipients of a random act of kindness...

Is it theft to break off the broccoli stalk before buying it?

Is it theft to break off the broccoli stalk before buying it?

Kunstler digs Crumb..."Robert Crumb's View of America"

Kunstler digs Crumb..."Robert Crumb's View of America"

The Angry Right Has Become Extremely Dangerous

Read about a test that would cost $86,000 in the USA and cost NOTHING in Canada!

This is why prostitution should be legalized (Sodini shootings)

You're welcome

Any one dig on FRISKY DINGO?

A great song but an epic failure of lip syncing

You sneaky SOB.


I'm an idiot, how do I change my thread view back - Well problem solved, this can sink now

I'll place the sky within your eyes.

"Rec and Unrec"

The new Dallas Cowboys Stadium will offer $90 pizzas

Social Networking faux pas

I'm having a problem feeding the correct parameters into Google . . .

How often to write a post and not post it?

Why doesn't anyone ever complain about the British taking American jobs?


Good morning Lounge

Mike Hunt's a big winner!

What are some songs with a calypso beat?

When was the last time you faught with a friend?

Delightful, gorgeous photo essay

Lovin Spoonful - Summer In The City

Can someone explain how you post pictures in a thread?

Funny things overheard:

How to increase you golf drive by 30 yards

Just Bought A Netbook

(WTF!) Ryan O'Neal: I Hit On My Daughter Tatum At Farrah's Funeral

You know, I've been on DU for quite a long time...

Summer Rain - Johnny Rivers

Damn travelling sales people....

Birthday card for Obama as seen by the Birthers

Put Jim James of My Morning Jacket under the list of genuine Good Guys.

I posted this on GD, but I think the Lounge will like it too. Sarah Palin LTE fail:

The Carton Family is losing its kitty today.

I don't know about you, but I'm fucking proud of Bill Clinton and of Obama for sending him.

If I wanted the bible read to me, I'd buy a CD.

I'm an ambush reporter at the local TV station. Ask me anything.

*******HAPPY 37th BIRTHDAY to Pithlet!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to moosedog!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Elidor!!*******

Disney star Vanessa Hudgens proves once again that cell phones can be used for more than phone calls

I just made an even more awful discovery about a co-worker..

OMG this is going to be the best movie evars.

I need something truly ridiculous to make me laugh.

Best language software?

Which Travel Channel host would you rather tag along with on their show?

The winners of an international pun contest

Have you ever smoked parsley?

Have you ever stolen anything?

** 2009 NFL / NCAA FOOTBALL POOL ** (Posted in Sports Forum)

The Dance - Garth Brooks

GD is having a fit over broccoli stalks

"Some evil kitteh threw up on your stress test instructions."

I've been gone a while, has there been any news on the Olive Garden search expedition?

I am SICK of the sinus crap!!!!

You know who my favorit Jonas brother is?

The customer is not always right. Lots of times the customer is a fucking moron.

The quick brown fox

Go to your room.

anyone? anyone?

"The Dalai Lama, himself. Twelfth son of the Lama. The flowing robes, the grace, bald... striking."

The Boxer -Simon and Garfunkle

Is there some way to know if I may be Kenyan?

An early science fiction short story I thought my fellow sci-fi fans in the Lounge might like...

Exactly one week after the hottest day on record, and I had to wear a jacket.

Do you know the difference....

Firefox 3.5 "the fastest Firefox ever"

Create your own Kenyan birth certificate!

*******HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY to Hayabusa!!*******

I have created the single greatest thread of all time

I offer here evidence of the end of the Republic.

Apparitions- Matthew Good

manic RP decorates

The Funeral - Band of Horse

self delete nt

Starry starry night

Why I love my new therapist

an observatory or two

Janine - Trooper

DU Song Of the Day


time heals all wounds

How right was my prediction?


This Sucks I Have A Summer Flu


Okay. Does this shit ever happen to you?

I just had a coworker tell me I remind her of House.

everyday my family asks me "what is new on DU?"

PBS. Begathon. Pink Floyd. Concert. Dark Side Of The Moon.

Co-ed drunken naked twister.

In today's mail, from NetFlix: "25 & Alive: Boneshaker" by Motörhead. YEAH!

Mainers are just the best people on earth

I am going to sketch soon

Recommend free discussion board utility for a very small group?

OK I am going home now, having soup, and watch movie: A Few Good Men



The new Dallas Cowboys Stadium will offer $90 pizzas

Question to the mods or the DU powers that be.

I'm feeding two cats strawberry ice cream and they keep popping up for more.

Remember when you were a kid and there would be TV ads for the cleaning product "Janitor in a Drum"?

How often do you bathe/shower?

Router settings

I've been banned from every Burger King within a 50 mile radius.

I'm giving up republican friends....

Life is good: Just found out I do not qualify for tuition aid

I'm so disgusted. My neighbor is passed out drunk in his underwear, face down, on his front lawn.

Post the best joke(s) you've heard lately.

I just bought some music on ITUNES

Holding back the Tears - Simply Red

I am curled up in bed with my laptop on my lap.

Please send some good vibes to my 6 year old niece who is in surgery.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/5/09

Insurance company: "We don't like to have to pay anything."

Which of the Watchmen do you most identify with?

Can someone please tell me ASAP which state Houston, Texas is in?

What's the best way to reattach an earlobe?

vogue... post your strike a pose pics here

Need ideas for games that adults can play at a blockparty.....

Ribbon In The Sky...

tonights art

Thank you for the vibes. Update: Uncle Marty's Funeral is this Friday.

Carrie is on Retro and I can't watch it

How to respond to this?

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to KamaAina!!*******

If you mutilate you ears with those disk thingies do they ever get back to normal ?

Which "Bat-Shit Crazy" picture is the best...

Can I just say that my cousin is one of the greatest people on the planet?

They won't be on time.

they thought I had crohn's disease...but now it could be colon cancer

Any ideas for FREE things to do with kids?

got my hair done

Democratic Underground Has New Moderators!

Can you Buy Cable Boxes?

Thru Hikers, True Heroes

an observation or two

Has Anyone here ever read The Italian Secretary by Caleb Carr

WTF did people do before A/C?.

I just made an awful discovery about a co-worker

I brought my cats to the vet yesterday for their shots

Pics of my 3 Chihuahuas...And some of their friends.

Movie Warning..FUNNY PEOPLE IS NOT FUNNY...Wife and I walked out 1/2 way through

Susan Boyle does photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar

Please send good vibes, love, whatever you've got for Lily.

What would happen to a sheet of paper if you heated it to 452° F in a vacuum?

My freeper Mother keeps sending me right wing emails

Does anybody know of any good plays, books, or movies about a woman having an affair

I just made the worst-yet discovery about a coworker.

CIA Domestic Operations Division: DU thread #3

CIA Domestic Operations Division: DU thread #3

CIA Domestic Operations Division: DU thread #3

More Sydney terror plot charges

New York Seeks Millions in Tax From Lehman

Pittsburgh gunman kills 4 in health club

Russia backs EU, not U.S., role in Georgia

Stress because of economy blamed on surge in calls to suicide prevention centers

Pay Rises at UBS Despite Net Loss

BUFFET's Betrayal (Buffett firms got $95 billion of bailout cash)

On TV, Honduran Generals Explain Their Role in Coup

Hillary visit over, U.S. says it backs ENR ban on India

Afghan Civilian Deaths Continue Before Election

Freed journalists home in US after NKorea pardon

Iran 'cannot confirm' US arrests

Labour unrest grips New Caledonia

Service Industries in U.S. Contracted at Faster Pace in July on Job Losses

W.House reverses statement on Iran election

Clinton tells Africa investors want good governance

Democrats run health care attack ad against Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (& 25 others)

Consumer Bankruptcies Soar 34% In July From A Year Ago

(Former Rep. Tom) Feeney says Justice has ended ethics investigation (dropping charges)

Russians move 2 SS-21 Tactical Nuke Ballistic Missile Launchers into South Ossetia


Commandos tackle S Korea strikers

Report on Afghan war will not ask for more troops: US (Delay)

Democratic senators lambaste health-care opponents

Obama says economy has stabilized

Goldman made 100 million record number days

Factory Orders in U.S. Unexpectedly Increase 0.4% in Third Monthly Advance

US Military Base in Colombia? I Don't Like It, Says Lula of Brazil

Cash-for-clunkers leaves car lots looking markedly empty

53-year-old man charged with attempting to stalk Miley Cyrus

(Rep. Roy) Blunt among (Obama) birth certificate skeptics in online interview

New NATO chief makes surprise visit to Afghanistan

Marines ban social network sites

‘Underwater’ Mortgages to Hit 48%, Deutsche Bank Says (Update1)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday August 5

Washington Post Kills 'Mouthpiece' Video Series (for calling Hillary a Mad Bitch)

Tax concerns to push Microsoft Azure cloud hosting out of Washington state

Soldier Who Didn’t Obey Orders Is Jailed

U.S. Trustee, unions question Tribune Co. bonus plan ($70m to top management)

GE to Pay $50 Million to Settle SEC Fraud Charges

Boston Cop sues citing first amendment

U.S. asks Israel for one-year settlement freeze

Senate reaches deal on $2B 'clunkers' refill

Bill Clinton's Connections: Special Contacts Aided Release

William Jefferson verdict: Guilty on 11 of 16 counts

In a first, UNC-CH researchers unravel HIV genome

Attitudes shift on abortion, same-sex marriage (Calif. Field Poll)

Court Restores Road Ban in Forests

Clashes at Honduras student protest

CNN Purportedly Refuses Ad Critical of Insurance Industry

Baghdad blast walls to come down

'On the Waterfront' screenwriter dies in NY at 95

For Health Insurers ' Lobbyist, Good Will Is Tested

Psychologists repudiate gay-to-straight therapy

Iran confirms U.S. hikers arrested for 'illegal entry'

News Corp records £2bn loss

Murdoch: We will charge for all news sites

Gov't insurance would allow coverage for abortion

Soldier gets month in jail for refusing deployment

About half of U.S. mortgages seen underwater by 2011

Senate reaches deal on extending ‘clunkers’

Ford Explorer, Other SUVs Lead 'Clunkers'

Report: Leahy blocks report on Mexico human rights

Dust exposure after 9/11 linked to high asthma rates

Gunman at Pa. health club was bitter over women

White House - US has pulled far back from depression

"U.S. drone" hits a family home of Pakistan Taliban chief

Chavez: Venezuela to buy more tanks over US threat

Freshman Democratic lawmaker ‘physically assaulted at a local event’ by right-wing activists

Democrats accuse GOP of inciting mobs

Obama promises health overhaul with or without GOP

'Squeaky' Fromme to go free after 34 years

18-year-old woman enslaved for 13 years freed in Bolivia

helvítis fokking fokk

TYT: Republicans Backpeddle on Cash for Clunkers

Remembering Marilyn Clement

Rachel Maddow & Rep. Tom Perriello On Big Coal's Dirty Front Group & "Dishonest Tactics" Of Corps.

Rachel Maddow fan builds her a little Iraqi baseball stadium.

Honduras: Where does Washington stand?

Reporting From Honduras (2 of 2)

TYT: Hawaii Football Coach Apologizes

Rep. Steny Hoyer shouted at- Utica Townhall Aug 4th

Rachel Maddow: History Of The Republican's Thugs

max keiser 'american workers should confront the banks...Goldman's NYSE toll booth'

Rachel Maddow: Texas Is Technically A Swing State - Democrats Have 37 Solid/Leaning States

DNC Goes All In Takes On Birthers, Conservative Mob In New Web Ad

Journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling arrive home with President Bill Clinton

AH HA! The NWO is being run by SPACE ALIENS! lol

YWAM watch: Mexico

Dems rally for Sotomayor

GOP Rx: Wanna Be Healthy? Just Be Wealthy! Like Insurance Execs!

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Single Payer - Capitol Hill Rally

MoveOn: The Movie (Trailer)

The Garbage Patch

Rick Rowley and Sandra Cuffe: Reporting From Honduras (1 of 2)

TYT: Olbermann Returns From Vacation On Fire

David Shuster & Freaky Birther Orly Taitz

Kit Bond Will Vote For Sotomayor

Iranian Candlelight Vigil in Freedom Plaza July 30 2009

Ahmadinejad's Inauguration Protested in Washington, DC

"Enough of the Mob"

NPR's Mara Liasson calls 'Cash for Clunkers' Obama's 'mini-Katrina'

President Obama's Wakarusa Visit - 2009-08-05

How To Fake A Protest: Right-Wing Media & Corporate Lobbyists Pretend To Be Grassroots

Hampstead, NH, Health Reform Protest, August 5, 2009, Part I

Meet the Vaxers

Iranian Singer Shamim sings at Candlelight Vigil 7/30/2009

[barelypolitical] Race Debate! Auto-Tune the News #7

Fucktard Glenn Beck ''exposes'' Obama administration healthcare ''lies''

Jimmy Carter vs Punk (Jello Biafra)

Rachel Maddow - outrageous corporate thuggery behind anti-health care 'activists'

Keith Olbermann: Sick And Tired Of GOP Health Scare Tactics

Israel must allow evicted Arab families to return home

This Sporting Life: Asterisky Business (Hawaii Football Coach suspended for gay slur)

AlterNet: How We Became a Society of Gluttonous Junk Food Addicts

Behind The Forged Letters: Jack Bonner's "White-Collar Sweatshop"

Federal Agency Plans Distracted Driving Forum

Maureen Dowd: Let The Big Dog Run

Peter Ferarra drops the "S" bomb.

TYT: Cenk On MSNBC W/ David Shuster & T. Hall (Also Breaks Down His Appearance)

The Bastards Never Die (Joe Bageant)

In Pictures: Laura Ling and Euna Lee come home

Obama: a symbol of excellence, triumph, hope and dignity

Bill O'Reilly To Birther ''Nobody Cares'' - (The Implosion of the Republican Party)

Seceding from sanity Them dang Southerners

The Crisis in Honduras and the Bolivarian Dynamic

Feingold Set to Oppose Further Troop Boost for Afghanistan

AlterNet: Why Are People So Afraid of Bisexuals?

Health co-ops emerge as weak substitute (for Public Option) - USA Today

Keeping the Patient in the Equation — Humanism and Health Care Reform (New Eng Jour Med)

CNN Refusing To Run Health Care Ad Critical Of Insurance Industry

Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder (Nation)

Andrew Sullivan: The Crusader Prince

Blackwater Responds to Murder Allegations

Right-Wingers Livid Over Clinton's 'Charms for Hostages'

Angry spoiled brat tells Democrats what to do! LOL

Chris Floyd: The Real World: Mercenaries, Murder and the American Way

Laura Ling: "When We Walked in Through the Doors, We Saw Standing Before Us President Bill Clinton."

Wealthy Hollywood Producer Paid for NKorea Flight

The Health Care Reform Sell-Out -- Why Barack Obama and the Democrats are Either Shysters or Idiots

TYT: Cenk's Take On Crazy Birther Orly Taitz's MSNBC Appearance

Lost generation? U.S. grads work for free, look abroad

Dylan Ratigan's Excellent Rant against Bailouts while Scarborough Accuses him of Doing Coke!

Eugene Robinson: The Nut Job as Political Force

Murdoch says news sites will charge for content

Inside the Right-Wing Lie Machine About Health Care

Free press? Venezuela beats the US

William Blum: Keeping Track of the Empire's Crimes

World Breastfeeding Week, starring Angelina Jolie

Pa. shooter’s blog mixed racism, sexism, despair

Michael Collins: Corporate Tantrums - Can We Trust These Companies With Our Health?

New twist on the birther theory

Rachel Maddow Exposes Who's Pulling The Strings Of The Health Care Town Hall Hooligans

Republican Party Has Become 'Cash for Clunkers' (Cenk @ Huffington Post)


Is NRA part of the problem in counting the shootings? (NRA undermining accurate gun violence stats)

The Color of Fear: the Paradox of Race and Oppression in the new Millennium

Rachel Maddow - guest Chris Hayes on the Town Hall disrupters

I wish Al Gore would have gotten the chance to be President.

Extremist Outbursts At Town Halls Put GOP In Tough Spot

A question asked to me: why don't Americans fight back?

Big Dawg, Al Gore and the Ladies

President Obama, if you are going to pass health reform without 'bipartisan support' - do it RIGHT

Wonder how a Maxine Waters townhall meeting would go?

Obama- "...I want you to argue with them and get in their face,..."

Democratic Underground Has New Moderators!

Health Care Reform LTTE I just sent in

Where's all the INDIVIDUAL STORIES of suffering under our health care??!


The conscience of a conservative

Steele, RNC Ad: Obama presidency a "failed experiment -- Count the dog whistles.

NY Times: Clinton and Gore, Together Again.

Freepers now trying to debunk the authenticity of the Aussie BC that the Taintz scam was based on

Is Obama Less Popular Than on Election Day?

The Incredible, Shrinking Health Care Plan

Bill Clinton and Journalists in Emotional Return to U.S.

The Story So Far ...

rep.Brad Miller receives death threat on health care reform

The "birther" argument settled - what I received

The Supreme Court has Already Ruled on Birther Idiocy

Chuck Grassley is an ass turd. Says that President Obama doesn't have the experience

Anti-Healthcare Mobs = ALL SOUR GRAPES (& here's how to respond):

THis is a bullshit column from Huffington Post.

Grassley: Obama too inexperienced to understand how Congress works

AP: "Ark. crowd mocks lawmakers over Obama health plan"

Obama's not doing it right: first, he didn't horn in on the

Some of the best things about the Clinton N. Korean mission story

Senators introduce bill to ban gender identity and sexual orientation discrimination

Steele: Don't Send Angry Liberals Our Way - RNC redirects calls concerning "angry mobs" to DNC.

look at the pretty picture

Note to Jon Stewart about the 1200 page health care bill

The President returned to Elkhart, IN today. What has Evan Bayh done

Get your own Kenyan birth certificate

Lawrence O'Donnell on for Big Ed. Next guest? MoDo

Photo: Obama and world leaders

Huff Post: DNC Goes All In: Takes On Birthers, Conservative "Mob" In New Web Ad

Just FYI, Obama isn't really even the president

Poll needs some DU love

Obama Critics NOT HAPPY Today! Clinton!Gore!Obama! All 3 Getting Praise!

Here is a list of upcoming townhall meetings--we must show up!

Barack Obama : This is the moment

Please help me pitch Obama's health care plan

I wouldn't be surprised if the News Media "wants" something untowardly to happen to this President.

rachel maddow doing an excellent expose on fake grass-roots organizations. nt

I'm looking for Bush's Report Card in his 2nd 100 Days by CNN. Can you help me?

FL-16: Chris Craft Launches Bid Against Rooney

President Obama is headed next week to Montana

Bluedogs get torch and pitchfork mob treatment:: "An unruly Little Rock crowd heckled and shouted"

Hope this works...Bill O'Really's BC

Could humanitarian mission pave way for nuclear deal?

Please check out my turfer thread ...

America’s Complacency About Climate Change

Message from the President: "This is the moment our movement was built for."

Steele Distances Himself From Town Hall Mobs: ‘We’re Not Encouraging People To Be Angry’ -- LOL!

The Stimulus Programs are Already Working

Let's just remember most medical colleges teach best practices but insurance companies...

Obama promises health overhaul with or without GOP

Obama to Meet with "Gang of Six" Tomorrow

A Freeper fights back against the birthers with a strange weapon - logic

Consumer Confidence: Increased Optimism in All States

Young Adults Ask Congress for Aid

Add this to the list of things Bush and Cheney would NEVER do....

Krugman: False equivalences

Dear RW Cretins Criticizing How Obama and Clinton Handled Things in NK.

Idea for a Republican shirt. "Latinas are for Fucking--Not for Judging"

***HEADS UP*** Freed Journalists and Bill Clinton Return Home

Hillary in Kenya

Is Orly Taitz actually Sash Baron Cohen? Could this be a big Dem plot?

Robert Reich: Republicans will not defeat healthcare reform

“I promise you, we will pass reform by the end of this year because the American people need it.”

Now resume dialogue on Korean denuclearisation: Kerry

Trade-In Program Tunes Up Economic Engine

OH-12: Brooks Will Challenge Tiberi

Cornyn won't commit to endorsing Ensign

A few political analysts - and we - are concentrating too much on Republican protests...

Check out Murdoch's NY Post on Bill Clinton's success:

Very funny birthday card for Obama for the Birthers Hahahah!

Anyone seen Jackeens lately?

Hey, everybody who is unrec'ing threads on the journalists return because Bill Clinton is involved!

Gibbs backs off statement on Iranian election

NOW Cornyn is worried about data collection by the government?

You know what else is cool about the release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee...

The hidden truth behind drug company profits

***Heads up-Live interview of President Obama by chuck todd on msnbc with viewer questions up next*

Any idea of when the Senate is planning to vote on the Clunkers

The simple trigonometry of international diplomatic success:

Erik Prince Murder Charge: In Troubled 'Blackwaters?

"Gravediggers For ObamaCare" Outside Loretta Sanchez Event Today

So Obama is in McCain/Palin terroritory so expect disruptors and watch him handle them

Inside Clinton's Trip to North Korea

**** Heads Up! POTUS Live in Elkhart, IN! ****

You all do realize you're getting asses kicked on healthcare?


So why was Jessie Jackson trying so very hard to diminish BC's role in release?

Richard Wolffe Plans New Book on Obama White House

"Bold Action - Or Compromise" New Shepard Fairey Obama Print.

The 6th Poorest State in the Nation May Call in National Guard due to Cuts to Law Enforcement

Does Obama Want 'Left-wing Groups' To Back Off?

I am a proud DEMOCRAT today

The Coalition Of The Willing

Obama gives powerful drug lobby a seat at healthcare table

A Modest Proposal: Common Sense for Birthers

Climate change poker: the barriers which are preventing a global agreement

Water Embodied in Bioethanol in the United States (Bioethanol requires ~3x water estimated)

A Scrap of Decency - helping the world’s recyclers survive the fall in the price of trash.

Hunting & Fishing Activists File Challenge To Utah BLM Lease Sale - Demand More Planning - NYT

Facing Vanishing Catch, Massive Pollution, India's Village Fishermen Barely Holding On

Three Deaths In Six Months Prompt Fed Raid On TX Waste Processor - AP

3 Former NW Governors Urge Obama To Ditch Bush-Era Plan For Columbia Basin Salmon

200 New Forest Fires In British Columbia Just This Week - Crews Holding Their Own So Far

Laurel Wilt Killing Florida Avocado Trees - Carried By (All Together Now!) Invasive Insect - AFP

Beyond Renewable Energy--Crossing the Event Horizon With Nassim Haramein & The Resonance Project

"AEHI is not who you think they are; project designed for sale"

Energy and entropy: we need to keep dancing as fast as we can

The Real Estate Industry Quietly Removes a Label Showing Energy Use of Older Buildings

Obama to unveil $2.4 billion for electric cars

Coal Group Reveals 6 More Forged Lobbying Letters

Dying Seagrass, Vanishing Bonefish, Algae Blooms - Florida Bay Failing As Talk Goes On And On - AP

I'm looking into building some solar panels.

Climate bill may fall by the wayside

Global warming will see 'billions at war'

We're either about to see the biggest comeback in baseball history...

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, August 4)

Michael Irvin is going into the NFL HoF! Retrospect on the NFL Network.

NYDN: 25 years later, Thurman Munson's last words remain a symbol of his life

After fractured skull, the Giants Joe Martinez is back

October 27

Injuries keep mounting for the Mets

The hits just keep coming for the Eagles

Looks Like Williams Is Off The Hook Again

What will the Cowboys do with revenue from selling $90 pizzas?

The 20 All-Time Best ESPN GameDay Signs

Eli Manning, yes ELI Manning, to sign record NFL deal...

Giants pound Astros poised to take back Wild Card lead

Giants Have Most Expensive Beer in Baseball

Did DU crash??

Furious Fielder charges LA clubhouse

** Official 2009 NFL / NCAA Football Pool ** (SUBMISSIONS ONLY)

Free press? Venezuela beats the US

US Military Base in Colombia? I Don't Like It, Says Lula of Brazil

** Official 2009 NFL / NCAA Football Pool ** (COMMENT / SMACK THREAD)

Radio Globo ordered shutdown.

On TV, Honduran Generals Explain Their Role in Coup

Radio Globo Defies New Military Tribunal Order to Close Its 15 Stations

Report: Leahy blocks report on Mexico human rights

Chavez backer held over TV attack

83 children murdered in Caracas so far this year


18-year-old woman enslaved for 13 years freed in Bolivia

Why the U.S. Government Hates Venezuela

Cuban media makes unusual mention of '94 protest

Nicaragua rejects aid request by interim Honduran gov't

The Crisis in Honduras and the Bolivarian Dynamic

On Radio Globo right now: students vs. police (Honduras)

Venezuelan will expropriate the country's two largest coffee processing companies, President Hugo Ch

Clashes at Honduras student protest

Chavez: Venezuela to buy more tanks over US threat

Rec'd email about Tricare for Life -- do you have any info?

Abbas Urges ‘New Start’ at Fatah Conference

Green Shoots in Palestine

J Street, ADL launch war of words over Obama Israel policy

"This place prohibits guns"

Haaretz survey: Half of public thinks gays are deviants

Hamas sponsors mass wedding in Gaza

South Africa Urged to Prosecute Soldiers Over Gaza, SAPA Says

Do you think Obama still plans to ban "Assault Weapons"?

NRA lobbying skews gun violence data

Asshole Can't Get Laid, So He Murders 3 Women

Toy guns

OSHA seeks fine in forklift death of 17 year old ($16,000)

Today in Labor History Aug 5 FMLA took effect today, PATCO, 1,500 jobless men stormed the plant

Trying to get a union..... the rub...

Wisconsin Rep. Tammy Baldwin Helps Advance Reform, Will Bring Up Single Payer Health Amendment

*** IMPORTANT NOTE about Seasonal Contest Prelminaries ***

California road trip



Blackbird Fly

Repugs' plan for Health Care reform ...

Republicans LOVE Their Government Run Healthcare

Medical Papers by Ghostwriters Pushed Therapy

Medical Papers by Ghostwriters Pushed Therapy

The hidden truth behind drug company profits (re-direct)

Toward Earlier Detection of Ovarian Cancer

The Incredible, Shrinking Health Care Plan (re-direct)

Why not have a simple (less than 1,000 page) plan that is single-payer? It seems to me that

My health insurance premiums are going up over 75%

Men with livelier, more plentiful sperm live longer

To Nap, Perchance to Dream

Take A Deep Breath And Try To Relax

Canadian Terrorist!

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/05/09

Obama's Science Adviser Called for "Zero Economic Growth"

Object With Magnetic Field 100 Trillion times Stronger Than Earth's

Witchcraft Job Draws 3,000 Applicants

Betting on hurricanes

Touchable holography

Can Culture Be Encoded in DNA? New Research Says "Yes"

This Economic Depression is Just Beginning

Suppose you're stuck somewhere in the wilderness

Possible Perseid Outburst

Could cold-blooded animals, in theory, develop intelligence? nt

Why Are People So Afraid of Bisexuals? (re-direct)

Psychologists repudiate gay-to-straight therapy

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