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Obama's eulogy is on YouTube

One seriously "lucky" cop...

A lighter moment

Today's demonstrations in front of the Congresswoman

"There are a lot of people who try to collect me as a kind of trophy," she added.

See Senator Byrd on the Hill?

Interesting how great men in our history are named (nicknamed)Teddy.

Reading Rainbow aired its last show on Friday

NYT: A Dispute Over Unionizing at Montana Hair Salons

"AP: Chances of health compromise continue to fade." Enzi, Repug, Wyo.

Does anyone have a link to a video of Ted's burial?

George Stephanopoulos: Death Panels and the Politics of Death

Katrina four years later

The Afghanistan Gap: Press vs. Public

Not really a big fan of Ted Kennedy until.....

Washington Post has some great photos up

"Make Tea, Not War"

The Lunatic Fringe (oldie but goodie)

The Lunatic Fringe (oldie but goodie)

Health Care Reform Costs: Real, Potential, & Imaginary

Requiem for a Man: In Honor of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy

Durham desribed as "relentless":

MTP remembers Teddy

I don't understand why people were "shocked" over the tortures at Abu Ghraib

Torture memos contradicted Cheney's assurance they were in "full compliance with the nation’s laws"

just wrote to all my congress critters

just wrote to all my congress critters

Who stands to make the most money with the swine flu vaccine?

Is Bush in Obamaland?

5 Myths About Health Care Around the World

This is really strange.

I'm so glad the the republicans are out of power

Where has Robert Kennedy Jr. been? I haven't seen him in any of the shots from

A.C.L.U. Lawyers Mine Documents for Truth

the Italian Federation of Pediatricians may ask the government to close schools to tackle A/H1N1

Former ambassador to Ireland, Richard Egan, kills himself in Boston

CNN: Secret Service Interviewed Pastor Who Prays For Obama's Death

It's time to Go After Fox Advertisers In General (and I think we can succeed, here's why)

Havasupai Gather to Halt Uranium Mining in the Grand Canyon

Blackwater Tapped Foreigners on Secret CIA Program

FAIR TRADE: - Which way is Obama going to go

NYT: A.C.L.U. Lawyers Mine Documents for Truth

health care reform- fixed fight analogy

Found At Democratic Headquarters

Calif. man convicted of abusing son for 18 years

A Baseball Team Named The Winguts

IPCC Chair Says 350ppm Is the Number

Witness recants in Pa. man's child abuse appeal

Cheney is afraid of the DoJ torture investigation

U.S. is 15 years behind South Korea in Internet speed

Privatized Medicare Advantage plans are rationing health care for seniors

Majority Rule on Health Care Reform - Whoa... NYT Is Onboard For Reconciliation

Naomi Klein disowns "Shock Doctrine" film

I'm still upset: Tablers for Lyndon LaRouche with Obama/Hitler pictures outside my Trader Joe's...

Japanese election upends long-ruling party

Coach Airs Parental Annoyances

WALLACE: And what do you think of the healthcare reform issue?-CHENEY: I don't

"There Has Been MORE Than Enough Debate" - Majority Rule on Health Care Reform-NYT Editorial

So Cheney's Offended By The Torture Investigations? ...Tough!

I would like to say MSNBC had the most coverage the last 4 days

Yesterday, Orrin Hatch attended the funeral of a close friend.

The Iraqi Who Saved Norway From Oil

ARTS/CULTURE | LAT: Should whites direct black plays, and vice versa?

India's generation of children crippled by uranium waste

Washington Post's Cheney-ite defense of torture - Glenn Greenwald

Post a picture that best describes corpo-republicans:

Japanese govenment crushed in election rout

Report: British government caved to Big Oil for terrorist release

Bernanke personal bank account struck by ID theft

Christopher Hedges, author of Empire of Illusion, visits Media Matters with Bob McChesney - 2pm EDT

Afterbirthers Demand To See Obama's Placenta

Let's set the record straight on Kennedy's wishes, in his own words.

Who put the youth in euthanasia? . . . Please come CAPTION ol' Head Wreck!!!

We are about to witness the greatest public mass blow job marathon in history

Family experiences pain of cancer, death and insurance

We'd be better off pooling our health care premiums and playing the slots:

Harry Reid..Hopes paper goes out of business.....sigh

Across US, activists hail their advocate, recall a vast legacy

Are you a loose lady?

Cheney says politics behind CIA probe at Justice

Hypothetical question for the legal beagles

OK so why are we still in Afghanistan

The Republican Plan To Let Medicare Die

Bill Clinton to Canadians: Help Us in Health Care Fight

Tourists at CA park rerouted due to pot garden - funds increased to battle pot growing

SoCal wildfire surges in size, threatens thousands

Kentucky Judge says Homeland Security isn't Dependent on God

Pet welfare crisis in Germany

Toronto Star: How Canadian lawyer unearthed U.S. torture documents

Funny, Scary Video

Support the RNC's Patient's Bill of Rights

Edward Kennedy III announces run for U.S. Senate

Japanese men obsessed with pubescent female anime figures

Ray McGovern: EXTRA! Read all about it in the Washington Post: Torture worked; Cheney vindicated.

Palin Twitter Updates For Teeth Whitener and Weight Loss Products.

Universal Health Care Message to Americans From Canadian Doctors & Health Care Experts

McCain Whacks Cheney

Until Medical Bills Do Us Part (Kristof: NYT) (ie: for-profit death panel makes ruling...)

A Message to The Corporate Wing of the Democratic Party

Are there any photos of the Kennedy lightning?

I don't know about anyone else, but today's Meet The Press about Ted Kennedy

Michael Jackson...homicide?

‘Soul’ of Party Is Memorialized by Nation

I thought I had no tears left after this weekend; but then, I watched Maria Shriver--Meet the Press

Toyota accused of hiding evidence

John McCain, Orrin Hatch and other world-class pricks

Until Medical Bills Do Us Part

If only we could somehow paint PRO-TORTURE as ANTI-HEALTH CARE.

Need DU's help: I need the most repugnant photo showing the ....

I'm Depressed on This Anniversary.......

Need help debunking ridiculous swine flu policy rumor:

Deja vu

Carville and Matalin disgust me.

Cheney: No, I Won’t Cooperate with a Torture Prosecutor

cheney Slams Obama's 'Politicized' Probe of CIA Interrogations...the dick returns

Principles for allocation of scarce medical interventions by Ezekiel J Emanuel

Climate trouble may be bubbling up in far north

Edward Kennedy, the Media and Republican complaining about Coverage of Edward Kennedy

Poll needs help .. ASAP

Cryptome:The Pentagon might be monitoring your health. Seriously

My Post 1000: The path of fear.

Dems backtrack on single-payer bill

Does "reconciliation" apply to the public option?

A Viking on horseback mid-aria. . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Moon rock at Dutch museum is just petrified wood - Claimed from U.S Astronauts

Man Lives 2nd Nightmare as His Molester Fakes Lawsuit

Christian Organizations Shame and Coerce Women into Giving up Their Children

Town Hall Face

LAT: Fear of gun limits fuels a burst of demand for bullets

One example of German Healthcare from my sister.

How do you feel about "grunting" in professional tennis?

If only we could somehow paint PRO-TORTURE as ANTI-HEALTH CARE.

Why The FU*K is Google allowing that Video Game Spam to advertise

Calif bill bans novelty lighters that attract kids

Damn, another new fire in So Cal. in the area of Oak Glen, northeast of Yucaipa

Social worker knocks up client, then takes the kid.

NZ schoolgirls find Vitamin C fruit drink lacks C - GlaxoSmithKline faces $3 million fine

Has anyone heard of this professor Karen Hunter..


NY largely bans use of shackles during childbirth

You think right-wingers can't get any crazier?

Dick Cheney interview on FOX TV this morning.

just in case you haven't seen Ted's Memorial, Funeral, and Burial....

Jenna Bush parlays her intellect and news experience into a job as correspondent for Today show

NBC's Wakefield interview

Did anyone see Ted Kennedy in His Own Words on CNN yesterday?

"Liberal" media strikes again: Jenna Bush is now employed by NBC

Please tell me that this is NOT true.

What George Will said on "This Week" this morning re: the morality of torture .... ARRRGGGGG!

Erwin Chemerinsky on SCOTUS trends: "Moving to the Right, Perhaps Sharply to the Right"

Sam Donaldson Spars With Liz Cheney Over CIA Torture Investigation (VIDEO)

A man the U.S. didn't want

Is Ted Kennedy the first senator from Massachusetts to die in office?

Is Ted Kennedy the first senator from Massachusetts to die in office?

A quote from the Wizard of Oz just came to me as being perfectly appropriate for Senator Kennedy

Fox Wont Fire Glenn Beck (Best article I Have Ever Read on Faux News)

Remember when the crazies at Fox news and the Cato Institute went hysterical over West Nile Virus?

To celebrate the first annual "Sarah Palin Day", John McCain would like you to ...

Lori Drew Opinion Handed Down- DISMISSED (thankfully)

Economic Hit Men and the Next Drowning of New Orleans

Op-Ed: Celebrate Labor Day by supporting a new law

Kennedy 'expected more of us' on health care, Dodd says

Israel has Iran in its sights

Rest In Peace, Sheba.

Rest In Peace, Sheba.

Let banks fail, says Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz

Kennedy answers to Vanity Fair Questionnaire - 2006. Cool.

Liars and Teabaggers and Astroturfers, Oh My!!

Bloggers accuse Washington Post of aiding, abetting Cheney

America was stolen 50 years ago. We just never noticed.

Dollars & Sense: Indicators That Fell Through The Cracks...

The most surprising thing I found out about Ted Kennedy this week...

So Cheney says the DOJ torture investigation is "political"...

What Wingnuts Thiink Obama Has Accomplished

American Commander: US on the Road Out of Iraq

So, the NRA pours millions into advertising because "Obama will take the guns away"

Get the hankies. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington now on TCM.

Be warned about the dangers of Prozac like drugs (SSRI anti-depression medications)

rant Dear All who Stand in the Way of Health Insurance Reform,

Mike Dukakis for interim Massachusetts Senator

I survived concealed carry class

bu$h* Daughter Jenna Hager Becomes 'Today' Reporter

Doesn't Rachel Maddow live in Mass.

Laptop Reported Stolen from Brunner Campaign Office (Ohio Secretary of State)

CHEENEE: "They should be asking US, 'How did you DO it?!1' " (instead of investigating)

CHEENEE: "They should be asking US, 'How did you DO it?!1' " (instead of investigating)

I just saw an ad for "the Institute for Human Continuity" on TV...weird

When they say "Torture Was Necessary" We Say.....

Katrina four years later

RNC:Era of Responsibility?‏

McCain Clears Pelosi- Says CIA LIED About HIS Briefings

Medical debt to those with insurance said increasing

Watching VP Biden at the Little League World Series

2 residents burned while protecting home had thought hot tub could protect them

"Do we need a Black Man in the White House asking for change".

Selfdelete.....I'm sorry I ever posted this.

Doesn't Rachel Maddow live in Mass.

Lizard Cheney - what a harridan!

The Republicans hate our government. They love our country.

Delete Dupe

Let's "Fisk" a FReeper: Need facts and sources to debunk a Screed to the Editor

Credit Discrimination Bill Being Introduced By A Wisconsin Legislator

Biggest cause of U.S. bankruptcies? Medical bills

Biggest cause of U.S. bankruptcies? Medical bills

Dear Bill,I came to this black wall again,to see and touch your name.....

CAT 4 Hurricane headed for Mexico (Baja California)

Democratic lawmaker questions probe of CIA interrogations (Dianne Feinstein)

1 in 6 health workers unlikely to respond in pandemic flu emergency and other flu news

When Palmetto bugs fly.

Paranoia and the death of Larry Frankel of the ACLU leadership

Freeps: "If Dick Cheney had hair and a reliable ticker he would be the successor to RR"

Freeps: "If Dick Cheney had hair and a reliable ticker he would be the successor to RR"

The Sentate is chock full of childish, obstinate small-minded stooges..

Nation's Unemployment Outlook Improves Drastically After Fifth Beer

THIS is why we love Firefox and AdBlock!

Terri Schiavo's father dies in Fla. at 71

New Twist on Wing-Nut Delusions: the 'Birther with an Explanation' Arrives

The Today Show hires Jenna Bush as new correspondent

$250 per year health care solution: Move to Mexico!!!!

$250 per year health care solution: Move to Mexico!!!!

Meet the world's heaviest cockroach...and it's NOT Karl Rove

Miami covers 55 sq. mi. ...54.6875 sq.mi. is on fire in So Cal

Reps Kucinich and Weiner! One more amendment, please!

On healthcare why not have a national vote

I was doing fine this morning. Then I saw this photo:

C-span WJ just ran the Shona Holmes commercial. They need to apologize!

Chris Wallace - A Teenage Girl Interviewing The Jonas Brothers

The Lion's Last Laugh

City Removes Vick-Choking-Puppy Mural From Philly Store

How did Edward Kennedy get the nickname Ted?

Ask Joe Lieberman your healthcare questions

Volunteers List - Carry the Torch (crosspost from Activist HQ)

Okay, so here is what there seems to be consensus on in the health care policy debate

John Voight is quite the nutter, isn't he?

2 residents burned while protecting home had thought hot tub could protect them

Hey lurking Wingers...yeah YOU!

What is the evolutionary history of cancer?

top secret "redacted" cartoon

Mary Landrieu is a sack of crap

Blue Chip, White Cotton: What Underwear Says About the Economy

Who is the Lion now? Is there one?

Images taken from RFK's funeral train:

Captured on film: dolphin bloodbath Japan tries to hide

Captured on film: dolphin bloodbath Japan tries to hide

What I love most about my insurance company?

Lies to cover up the lies...

It's not drought, it's climate change, say scientists

McCain Whacks Cheney: Torture Violated Law And Helped The Terrorists

Over the counter drug arrests

Whirlpool to send 1,100 jobs to MEXICO, shut plant in Indiana - Wake Up America!

Screwing the self employed out of health insurance

4 Years ago: Navy chopper pilots who rescued Katrina victims reprimanded, 1 assigned to kennels

4 Years ago: Navy chopper pilots who rescued Katrina victims reprimanded, 1 assigned to kennels

Kerry: Cheney has shown through the years...a disrespect for the Constitution

Why Fox "News" and the GOP have HITCHED THEIR WAGON to Glenn "One Letter Is Missing" Beck:

Anyone else suffering from ragweed-induced allergy misery?

We should start withdrawing all of our troops from Afghanistan immediately.

Apparently, in Sedalia Missouri evolution is an anti-God religion

Jenna Bush to be part of the morning show Today...after reading article...she needs to learn grammar

does anybody know anything about a Cyber Security Act, SB 773?

The New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811/1812 in Missouri:

One Head Wreck is too much, but never quite enough. . . . Please come CAPTION!!!

Responding to RW email ends up being homage to my racist dad....

Reconciliation was used in 2001 to pass the Bush Tax Cuts

Terri Schiavo's father Robert Schindler has died from heart failure

Meth's 'shake-and-bake' method spreads in South

My sister isn't going to have her shot.

When Laura Bush dies, I want all the networks to speculate about her boyfriend's death

Fear-mongers attack Education Reform in Venezuela, Healthcare Reform in the US

Ya know what? I want Rush Limbaugh to get off of our military's airwaves.

KATRINA was NOT the "worst natural disaster in the history of the U.S."

Marijuana's new high life-Cannabis is moving into the mainstream

Marijuana's new high life-Cannabis is moving into the mainstream

Tort reform? Give me a one line answer. Need to make a sign.

Sadly, the King Fish is still correct today.

Sadly, the King Fish is still correct today.

Sadly, the King Fish is still correct today.

"Saved by the love of a good woman" you think it really happens?

The Bush Family,... Putting the "nasty" in Dynasty

Top 10 Signs You Might Not Be A Libertarian

Angeles Crest Fire--Pics from across the LA basin

Pro-choice religious leaders urge Congress to maintain abortion access in health care reform

My NC Democratic Party sent me this SHIT to get me to come to FINRA EVENT!

So what is this morning's Sunday talk show drivel?

I have an idea...

When my kids were toddlers going through their "terrible" phase, they said NO all the time

Recapping what Nevada's John Ensign promised as a Promise Keeper

Recapping what Nevada's John Ensign promised as a Promise Keeper

Researchers find association between household chemicals and childhood leukemia

From the Kennedy Funeral: Matthew 25:31-46 -Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers..

Shame on you Senator Hatch

11-year old Kennedy announces for Senate

what the creep Neal Boortz said about N.O.

'We hate the United States': Secessionists rally in Texas (Get the Fuck out then!)

You just gotta laugh at Wonkette's treasury of old people who might die under new health plans.

Looking for a pic @ Arlington of the bugler silhouetted in front of the Custis-Lee

This is a silent thread in support of Joan Kennedy.

4 Years Ago: "Are you coming, son? Is somebody coming?" She drowned Friday night. Nobody's coming..

Justifiable homicide defense considered in abortion doctor murder case

Latest RNC Lie: Dems Will Cut Off Your Healthcare if You Register to Vote

Thomas Jefferson's advice on how to lessen the inequality between

Internet Social Networking and the "New Literacy"

A trip to the hospital in Ontario

ACLU Lobbyist Larry Frankel Found Dead in Washington

Ted's service was beautiful but it was wrong the way Joan Kennedy wasn't acknowledged.

Obama does the unheard-of--passes a rule everyone likes

$1500 randomly deposited into our bank account, what do we do?

Catholic priest during his homily today called Ted Kennedy "not a good Catholic"

CMS may cut up to 44% of Medicare payments for cancer treatments....

Computer problem....can anyone tell me how to get rid of a Green

Computer problem....can anyone tell me how to get rid of a Green

Yesterday I took my sister to the local ER at her request. At about

Spencer Wells: "According to DNA, race does not exist."

The corporate message:

Would You Support A Single-Pay(triot) Act?

I'm an atheist but I believe that Teddy Kennedy's

Bill Clinton - Corporate Democrat, death-dealer to America's blue-collar and middle classes

Newsweek: The Five Biggest Lies in the Health Care Debate

'I would tend not to' support the public option, says Landrieu

Any Kindle users? Talk me into/or out of it. I am being snowed under by

Florida county may receive 100 million from the Gates Foundation for merit pay for teachers.

I'm glad Starfleet finally decided on Obriens rank

Batman is a Jedi, the Big Lebowski is his mentor and they hang with Obi Wan and Keyser Soze!?!

oh crap, I just poured another Heiniken & then left it downstairs

It's midnight here...


Petition to boycott Fox News advertisers: sign it now!

What's this about Noel Gallagher killing Michael Jackson?

See you in a couple of hours

I have two kittehs asleep at my side.


Asking for vibes for my daughter. At 12:30 p.m. today she

*******HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY to Courtesy Flush!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Glorfindel !!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY To dodger501 !!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to asjr !!*******

Facebookers, I need your expertise...

Any professional photographers in the house?

Were you aware that there are non-Double-Stuf Oreos? For what possible reason?

I know a lot of people out of work and getting by doing oddjobs..

Possibly the most unexpected photo I've seen in months

OK so why are we still in Afghanistan

I just saw Herman's head! It's so big!!

Sometimes I get a good picture. Oil and Water #1 and #1b {dial-up warning}

for fucks sake, UMP breaks up perfecto because pitcher TOUCHED HIS MOUTH!

I might be skipping normal frosh and going to "Radical Frosh" instead

I just had a static emergency in my truck.

how many remember the song lump

DU Song Of The Day

I know the Preparations A-G gag, but what happened to Vitamins F-J?

Is there some rule that says I've got to wait until noon to start drinking on Sunday?

Woman to wed amusement park ride

Elvis Presley ...not a musician?

Just got back from 6,300 mile Amtrak trip!

Jack Nicholson Was At Senator Kennedys Funeral

We Have Red Alert here at the Libree

Goddamnit to fucking hell: Another HP laptop issue...

Anyone else enjoying the Bond marathon on the USA channel?

Gawd I am glad I don't date anymore!!

Men with ponytails

Give me your thoughts on this

Flag at half staff

"That's enough of your 'voting' bullshit, Carol."

Shit! This can't be good...

greetings from the land of which end is up? i know i should be doing

Working on a dance playlist ... Anyone know a catchy Bollywood-type dance song?

I will not attend my 20 year HS reunion in 2014 unless I am married or in a serious relationship

Remembering The Two Jewish Guys Who Saved Jefferson's Monticello from Ruin - Twice

Back brace appreciation thread!

Gonna wash that man right out of my hair

I'm BACK!!! (finally got the virus wiped off our computer)

Cross-posted from GD

Another Wit Among Lords


Is Our Summer Almost Over?

It's dinnertime. Should I go out for Chinese food?

Sunday Night Football -- Jay Cutler comes back to Denver

My friends mother passed away a few weeks ago, Friday would have been her birthday.

Freeze out. two weeks worth of food

Get back, Jack. I did it again

One week from now, I will be spending my first night in residence at university.

Have you ever just wanted to f$%^#$% s#@%$ the...

Daytime Emmys thread ***Spoilers***

Post # 1957

Kennedy announces senate run

Irony? A guy lost by broken arm in a MMA production called "Unbreakable"?

For those who like John Denver...

"Cindy Goes to a Party"

Anybody in the Reno, Nv. area? Whats with Fitzgeralds?


Why is the Lounge so freaking clicky lately? I swear it's worse now than ever.

You just got your ass squeezed by sexy Cupid. You would characterize the experience as:

Cinderella Arabella

Are there camels in Afghanistan? An e-mail joke.

What a country. Cheezits Scrabble,

Wanna loaf around?

A Wit Among Lords.

A Wit Among Lords.

I'm so bored today that I named all the fingers on my right hand.

New Shit Coming to Light at the Dudespaper

I just finished Cosmos by Carl Sagan

George Carlin once asked, "Why is there no blue food?"

Just saw "The Wrestler", and I really loved it - I think it was well done all around

Have fruit flies ever driven anyone to suicide before?

Okay. I need help picking out a Mac Book Pro...

Marriage is an institution,And those that want to be married should be...

Do those of you who hang out in the lounge all the time get irritated or offended

My Dinner Menu Tonight (I Was In A Cooking Mood)

Why is the Lounge so freaking clerky lately? I swear it's worse now than ever.

So I'm at some restaurant, leering at a hot young woman who seems angry at her much older boyfriend

Oasis will never play Carnagie Hall. NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!

Some movie help, please. What movie is this dialog from?

Would you prefer a stormy relationship with your parents

Why is the Lounge so freaking clucky lately? I swear it's worse now than ever.

"I'm Peggy Olson and I want to smoke some marijuana."

Please, people...wear more than boxer shorts when riding your motorcycle.

Better movie: The Night of the Living Dead or The Return of the Living Dead?

I have YouTube account and they list responses to my comments

It's never too early to plan for Thanksgiving. From the Holy Shit! WTF category . . .

Dropping off the kids at college horror story

How Do You Give A Cat A Bath?

Why Can't I Commit?

The cutest thing my kitteh does is sleep curled up in a ball.

I saw inglorious basterds last night.

I learned two important things this weekend.

Would you let someone's attire influence in any way your impressions of them?

Thanks for the vibes. Kira did her jump with a yell, and no hesitation

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Damnit Bob! Edition

Time for a 90's music thread!

Best on line way to find someone to date in LA area?

Did You Go to your 20th High School Reunion?

Japanese men obsessed with pubescent female anime figures

Doc: I 'got rid of' patient after Katrina

Gordon Brown in new Afghan plan: talk to the Taliban

Shuttle steers closer to space station for hookup

Iranian parliament starts debating new cabinet

Bill Clinton, Al Gore speak to Tennessee Democrats about health care, energy

Police: Health care reform used as NY crime ploy

Bill Clinton to Canadians: Help Us in Health Care Fight

Arafat arms smuggler imprisoned

Bernanke personal bank account struck by ID theft

Truth or Dare?

A High Cost to Deal With Climate Shift

The Republican Plan To Let Medicare Die

What Voters Meant........................

Pakistan: Border blast sets NATO fuel trucks afire

Kennedy 'expected more of us' on health care, Dodd says

General Motors expands in China

'I would tend not to' support the public option, says Landrieu

La Crescenta homeowners defy evacuation order, band together to fight flames

Israeli former PM Olmert charged

Kerry: "Teddy was in favor of a public plan and...would've fought for a public plan on the floor..."

Health-Care Reform, One Stop at a time: Obama Supporters Organize Bus Tour

John Kerry claims Ted Kennedy would have been ready to compromise on health care public option

Kerry's statement on Kennedy has put the Republicans on the spot

I missed the chapter in the Art of War by Sun Tzu

Robert Reich is worse than Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh put together

We're Going To Get There

What Did landrieu(DINO) Just Say On CNN?

Who does this look like, and why would we want to see it again?

VA gov race: extremist Bob McDonnell - Pat Robertson's pick also supported by BET founder

Kerry: Holder is ‘not pursuing a political agenda’; he’s ‘doing what he believes the law requires...

What's the purpose of insisting the public option is dead?

Chris Wallace: "Torture must work - we haven't been attacked here since 9-11"

Need DU help here! What's the REAL story about the "covered up crucifixes at Georgetown Univ."

Senator John Kerry. A Final Farewell

Eight months on, what's your mood?

Former Sen. Bill Bradley offers a compromise on health care reform

Obama team prepared for another Katrina-like storm

PHOTOS Do you think they were tempted to salute?

I just don't see it, Public option

I will not watch the Sunday talking heads...

There is a lot of room to negotiate a health care bill, and Democrats are holding all the cards.

American commander: US on the road out of Iraq

I Just Do See It, The Kennedy Option

GE hires new generation of BFEE, member to get a spot on a media sideshow.

Do the ends justify the means?

Why is PNHP using fear of the RW as an excuse?

Kennedys paid for GOP congressional candidate's healthcare

AND THEN WHAT?. - (Concerning This Week interview this morning).

Addressing a talking point used against a public option: CB0 estimates 10 million would be covered

Senator Cantwell counters Senator Hatch on a public option

I can't stand when the Repubs. are talking fondly about Ted Kennedy & using "Democrat" instead of

Luckovich: Senator, what do you think about the public option?

The Mendacity of Dopes

Are All Likely Voters Republicans?

Some question private Medicare plans' advantage

WaPo/ABC poll: On Energy, Obama Finds Broad Support

LA-SD20: Dems Hold Tough Open Seat

Sunday Show Preview (MTP all about Teddy)

All you need to know about the news business in two headlines

Michael Jackson...homicide?

2 residents burned while protecting home had thought hot tub could protect them

Health insurance up by double digits in Oregon

Marijuana's new high life-Cannabis is moving into the mainstream

Cheney says cooperation with CIA probe "will depend"

Medical debt to those with insurance said increasing

DPJ to take over govt after crushing victory at polls

10,000 homes are threatened [in California fire]

Families Bury Dead From Military Massacre in Peru

Japanese election upends long-ruling party

As Big Banks Repay Bailout Money, U.S. Sees a Profit

Jaycee Lee Dugard police expand evidence hunt to neighbour's property

Powerful group pushing for legislative approval of oil drilling off Florida

Powerful group pushing for legislative approval of oil drilling off Florida

Blackwater tapped foreigners on secret CIA program

Military terminates Rendon contract

Cheney: Politics driving CIA interrogation probe

U.S. Says Pakistan Altered Missiles Sold for Defense

Goodyear, Steelworkers get tentative national agreement hours before contract expiration

Vets Demand Apology From GOP and FOX For Lies About VA

Rep. Frank seeks compromise on Fed audit bill

Colombia says president has swine flu

Toyota Accused of Hiding Evidence

Media: Opposition wins landslide in Japan election

Nasscom proposes new service visa to replace H-1B to end abuse

Surge of new election fraud complaints in Afghanistan

"Today Show" Hires Jenna Bush

Venezuelan Authorities Arrest Opposition Leader

Remnants of Iraq Air Force Are Found

American commander: US on the road out of Iraq The public option is open to everybody

Feinstein: Holder should have waited

Kerry Slams Cheney on 'This Week' (Cheney has shown a disrespect for the constitution)

Taiwan controversially allows Dalai Lama visit

Health Care Overhaul Summarized Via MASSIVE PIG

The Week In Cartoons 08/29/09

President Obama's eulogy for Senator Edward Kennedy

TYT: Could This Be The Cutest Animal Ever??

Beyond Pathetic: Glenn Beck Implies Spelling Fail Was Planned

Obama Admin. Continues Rendition

500 Days of Sanford

Hatch: Vicki "Ought To Be Considered" For Senate Seat

Bill Moyers-It would be a tragedy for this Young, Bright President to get involved in Endless Wars

Young Turks: 'Islam Is Of The Devil' Shirt Gets Girl Kicked Out Of School

Interview - David Neiwert - How Hate Talk Radicalized the American Right

"Mock The Week" - Sarah Palin and the NHS

False arrest of Irish Friends of Palestine Against Lisbon activist in Galway

Fox selectively edits Duckworth comment then calls her a liar.

Ted Kennedy III for Senate (in 2044)

Pierce Bush In 2024

TYT: Pastor Of 'Islam Is Of The Devil' Message Explains His Stand

2 Prime Ministers, 1 Speech on Iraq War - We need Leaders not Readers

Lobbyists Impersonate Groups to Fight Climate Bill

Jon Voight's Delusional Hate Filled Rant About Obama On Faux's Huckabee Show

Why Bush and his buddies deserve to be in Prison!!!

Cheney: outrageous political act offends the hell out of me

Young Turks: Limbaugh - Kennedy Screwed Up Everything He Touched

Supreme Court to Revisit ‘Hillary’ Documentary

Majority Rule on Health Care Reform

Japan Has a CHANGE Election. Big Business gets the Boot!

Prison reform, actual prison reform from a repugnantcan!

Filipinos want US out of Mindanao

Obama’s AfPak war intensifies on both sides of border

Insurers Poised To Gain From From Health Care Reform

"I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door" by Maira Kalman

How McNamara Lost World War II by Greg Palast

Binyam Mohamed: I will fight for other prisoners

Cheney Claims Detainee Torture Was Merely 'End-of-Life Counseling'

The picture on NY Times obit of Ted Kennedy (from Wednesday) a classic

They're Still Dangerous While They're Dying-- But They ARE Dying

What Voters Meant........................

Rise of Mercenary Armies Imperil World, Peace Movement

Blackwater trains mercenaries in Philippines

Who Won The Ideology Wars?

The Problem isn't Big Brother. It's Big Brother, Inc."

Malalai Joya: Don't be fooled by Afghanistan's democratic façade - the people are betrayed

Victory at the Cost of Sanity in Obama’s Forever War

We Have the Hope. Now Where's the Audacity?

Boston Globe: "TED KENNEDY was not a great man"

The Guardian: How green socialism can save the UK

Chu announces $300M in grants for clean transportation

Climate change in GD

More Than 1,000 Chilean Sea-Lions Die of Hunger

A High Cost to Deal With Climate Shift

German nuke waste storage site 'dead'

These Solar Researchers Don't Even TRY To Pretend They're Interested In A Fossil Fuel Phaseout.

so stafford looked good in game one

Coghlan (Fl Marlins) makes history with single Sunday

REMINDER- DU fantasy football draft is tonight- Sun 8-30

Does Brett Favre Have to Shoot Someone?

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, August 30)

An Arizona Wildcat retires. Thank you Tedy

Big Unit willing to contribute as a reliever

Giants sweep Rockies; NL Wild Card race knotted

How do you feel about "grunting" in professional tennis?

Northern California's Team 20, America's Team 13

University of Michigan players allege NCAA rules were broken

Bruschi Retiring?!

Matt Cain dishes up back to back jacks to Helton and Tulo

Giants honor Jeff Kent

Honduras: Military Coup Engineered By Two US Companies?

[es] Informe preliminar sobre el Golpe de Estado – por el Gobierno del Presidente Jose Manuel Zelaya

A German “Endowment for Democracy” Coaching Honduran Politicians?

Micheletti Out, Aviles In and President Zelaya Can Return in 2010 to Face Criminal Charges?

How Colombia fits into the Pentagon's global strategy ( with giant C-17 aircraft .)

Families Bury Dead From Military Massacre in Peru

My daughter is getting older, now a qestion....

I survived concealed carry class

LAT: Fear of gun limits fuels a burst of demand for bullets

So, the NRA pours millions into advertising because "Obama will take the guns away"

Return Gilad Shalit, but not at any price - Gideon Levy

Israeli former PM Olmert charged

Hamas slams UN over "Holocaust classes" in Gaza

Israel has Iran in its sights

Olmert charged in three corruption affairs

Arafat arms smuggler imprisoned

Today in Labor History Aug 30 Roosevelt's Wealth Tax Act increases taxes on rich citizens

Goodyear and Union reach tentative agreement

Klis: Bowlen says labor costs big problem for NFL

Can Push for Climate Bill Forge a Lasting Labor-Enviro Alliance?

For Labor, After Health Care Reform Next Goal Is Passing EFCA

Harrahs Casino Hotel deals with economy and UAW labor disputes

Labor Rallies to Support Striking Amerijet Pilots, Flight Engineers

CWA Calls for Labor Unity, Governance Reform at AFL-CIO Convention

Virginia OSHA establishes “Watch List” to strengthen program

Immigrant Workers in Boston Win Unpaid Wages

NYT: A Dispute Over Unionizing at Montana Hair Salons

NYT: Plight of Carmakers Could Upset All Pension Plans

NYT: Decision to Close Plant Casts Toyota in Unfamiliar Role

Protesting Whole Foods: What About a Boycott?

75th anniversary of the Minneapolis truck drivers’ strike 4 PARTS

The Alps - The "happy Wanderer" hikes on

Just to get things cranking....I took a "looking up" picture today, just for the heck of it

my new favorite wild flower and other stuff

I finally have some corals in my tank! Here are some pictures...

Any DV (Digital Video) geeks here? Any notion where I can find them?

Neuroscientists find brain region responsible for our sense of personal space

Ray Kurzweil: "The recession has made no dent in the exponential advancement of technology"

The sad state of school textbooks

An interesting post by Will Hutton in the Guardian, on Adair Turner's proposed

Cerberus clients overwhelmingly want out: report

No Wage Growth; No Economic Recovery

Whirlpool closes Evansville Indiana plant - to move to Mexico

I got my settlement! Yippie!!!


Cousin in Australia r/e Healthcare: "I'm saddened to hear about your situation."

Here's a question for anyone on Medicare/Medicaid/VA healthcare:

"Swine flu is not very different from normal flu

Question about long term care and medicaid

Oriental Medicine or Medical Orientalism?

Rationing spelled out in HR3200? And what if it is?

Be warned about the dangers of Prozac like drugs (SSRI anti-depression medications)

Has anyone here done a chart for Obama

Recurring Dream with more details each time - any thoughts

Whitley Strieber and my dad

I am on strike

So I walk into a sandwich shop....

Being aware of how we think...and what we ask for......

Weekly Healing Project #31 | Aug 30-Sep 5 | Connecting with the Between-Life Self

Volunteering thread needs YOUR LOVE!

Chicory Coffee

Today's projects in the kitchen.

What do I do with pork fat

Honey Glazed Lemon Roast Chicken

Fire Chief Orio Palmer . . .

Kids to leave goodbye notes for their Dad...(thread for MJ haters to AVOID...)