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Henry Louis Gates Jr. mulls moving over death threats; calls Crowley ‘a nice guy’

If the web was around during the moon landing, imagine the FR threads.

McCain: RECRUIT 'em! ELECT 'em! And not just because they're Hispanics and the GOP needs the votes.

Indiana Rep. Mike Pence (R) Insists Stimulus Has Not Helped - Contradicted By Indiana Gov Website

11/28/06 Axelrod To Obama: "You will never be hotter than you are right now."

Village People populism

Orly-Oily Taitz/Taters/Tits

Was the birth certificate

How to deal with disruption at Town Halls.

Time to take Aiken's advice (Declare victory in Afghanistan and get the hell out)

Now that the GOP is imploding, guess how they're explaining it away?

‘Judicial Activism’ on Campaign Finance Law

Sarah Palin, meet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Howard Dean: How Republican Attack Dogs Plan to Thwart Health Reform

Perhaps This Explains Rush Limbaugh's Reluctance to Leave NYC

FREEPTURDS, where are the certified certificates of birth for the following people?

Monday Morning "Fun at a Wingnut's Expense" Link: E-mail a Malkin sycophant, win valuable prizes!

Dow 10,000

Attorney files motion for authentication of Obama's alleged 1960s birth certificate from Africa

Mother of American arrested in Iran voices concern

The archbishop of westminster criticizes social networks on "friendship". UK teens react.

(UK)Soldier Faces Desertion Court Martial

Report: Obama Considers Iran Gas Cut-Off

videos from Pete Seeger's 90th birthday bash . . .

The price of U.S. recession is paid in jobs

Rove on Twitter: Kenyan birth cert

Pneumonic Plague kills 2nd man; China seals off entire town

Those nutty Freepers really think they have something, don't they?

When will the stock market rebound (rhetorical question)

The perfect summary of the far right, their view, and Jesus...

Nissan unveils electric vehicle "Nissan Leaf".

I'm reading Molly Ivins' "Bushwhacked."

If we get this on a universal health care status.. I will be a happy camper.. flame away


They're Trying To SCARE Democrats From The Public Option!!

The politics of the last 30 years, in a single sentence.

Another authentic birth certifcate found!

Who else watched Dylan Ratigan tell the truth on Morning Joe?

Freepers announcing their attacks.........

Palin surfaces to give "stirring" gun rights speech to NRA Alaska Group

Palin surfaces to give "stirring" gun rights speech to NRA Alaska Group

Are you ready for the month-long battle ?

Cactus commerce boosts Morocco

FOUND!!! John McCain's birth certificate. This is hugh!1! I'm series.

What if the recent impact on Jupiter was an Alien spacecraft

U.S. - Insane Food Bill 2749 Passes House

GOP wants to block "Cash for Clunkers"

Republicans do not trust the "people".

If the economy improves, the Repubs are screwed.

A way to make money off of birthers:

Did anyone see 20/20 last Friday night?

Birther chuckle ala email scam

MSNBC: Woman suing to get college tuition back, because she hasn't gotten a job.

I came across this while googling:

"NY taxpayers to pay donors for stem cell studies"

New book: Secret Service describe Obamas as respectful, McCain as irritable

Ann Coulter, conservative pundits, throw Lou Dobbs under the bus over 'birthers' fallout

Kenyan Birth Certificate: Obama Birthers Latch On To Forgery

an example of class wars/racism

Even the Europeans are amazed by how the Republicans have become the party of knuckledraggers

Malkin is on The View

What are your favorite sites for tracking campaign donations?

Did anyone think of this - HRC vs S. Palin - Resignation reactions

The Rude Pundit- Destroying Obama as Quickly as Possible,Part 2b:Congressional Democrats Are Cowards

Aryan Nations gone, but memory remains in Idaho (interesting article)

"Jewish schools to admit pupils on religion, not race, after high court ruling"

The WPost’s David Ignatius Pens Another Exculpatory Brief for CIA

Google CEO resigns from Apple Board

why isn't there a transaction tax?

Forget Shorter Showers: Why personal change does not equal political change

Markets soar on positive factory reports... DJIA now at highest level since 10/15/2008

Report: Calif. Must Adapt To Climate Change

College Grad Can't Find Job, Wants $$$ Back

"Cash for Clunkers" has been an overwhelming success.. so, of course, GOP senators try to kill it

Repug Sen. Mike Johanns - three times a liar

Why are street drugs so much more in use now than they were in previous decades? nt

Minnesota Star Tribune - Michelle Bachmann Rakes In Insurance Money To Oppose Public Option

Do you get the feeling that the corporate media is trying to help paint Obama as a tax and spender

Angry right harasses Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Tex) with anti-health care chants. *VIDEO*

Advice needed: Our car is a total loss (see below)

Ford U.S. July Sales Rise 2.3% on Clunkers Program

The Florida case where a lesbian was denied the ability to see her partner as she lay dying is

WACKO Chuck Norris writes Obama a letter.. "Release your birth certificate"

In 1993 the USA spent $800 billion on Health Care and Clinton's Reform was shot down

professional douchbaggery at the presser. .

Chuck Todd STFU

"Birthers proven right: Obama's Kenyan birth certificate found"

No More Opium, No More Money for Afghan Villagers

No More Opium, No More Money for Afghan Villagers

Pick the best name for the Kenyan Birth Certificate operation ...

Stop the Race Baiting - Call to advertisers to drop Glenn Beck (x-post from Activist HQ)

The Selective Amnesia of John McCain

If we had a Liberal Media IWHALM 8/3/09

No more TV news for me...

"Apple tried to silence owner of exploding iPod with gagging order" - Timesonline

CONTEST: Where are the photos of he Prez, his Ma and Pa in Kenya???

30 States Blue, 4 Red in 2009 According to Gallup

Boehner and Democrats Feud Over New Health Care Spot

Exclusive: Robert McNamara deceived LBJ on Gulf of Tonkin, documents show

If a Health-Care Bill Passes, Nurse Practitioners Could Be Key

Birthers and Anti-Choicers: One and the Same?

Here comes the Big Dawg, re health care

Email hoax: Michelle Obama Requires More Than 20 Attendants

August 5, 1961 fell on a Saturday

Iran 'Could Build a Nuclear Bomb Within Months'

LA Times Columnist - Shouldn't The Private Option Be On The Defensive?

If you think the GOP is dead or dying, you're deluding yourself.

I don't have a Birth Certificate.. I only have a Certificate of Birth

From the people who brought you the Birthers: Obama is probably the Anti-Christ

Big Canadian Labor Union Writes Obama & Congress Defending Canada’s Healthcare System

What happened to judging Obama's Approval by looking at the markets?

Ford Explorer the most traded-in vehicle under Cas for Clunkers

help help help! need response to rw healthcare bs

"Where's the Birth Certificate?" billboard on Los Angeles 5 freeway

WND's purported "Kenyan certification of birth" for President Obama doesn't hold up to scrutiny

The $100 million dollar man. Should Andrew J. Hall get his Citibank bonus?

Birthers latch on the forged birth certificate

The names of two of the hikers arrested in Iran changed in reports

A Yard Sale in Chernobyl (Joe Bageant)

Word Is—On That Kenyan Birth Certificate

Get ready for the Media "Framing"

Get ready for the Media "Framing"

Anyone in the White House not choosing between food and rent can "rein in" my "expectations"

caller on Thom Hartman's show

DefCon: ‘Credit Hackers’ Win the Credit Card Game … Legally

FAUX Noise is inciting violence against politicians......

Seriously, we all know the birthers are smokin crack laced with shit.

Are blue dogs literally Republicans masquerading as Democrats??

It’s in the details: Chevy Malibu beats competition at every turn

Most important elections the next 2 years are NOT the US House or US Senate

Jones and Davis File Forged "Kenyan" Birth Certificate In Their Federal Case Against Obama

Freepers notice they've been duped. lol


C'mon Senate.... just have the damned vote already

Schumer: Democrats Have 'Contingencies' For Health Bill

Crowd Shouts Out Lloyd Doggett in Austin

Wouldn't it just be simpler to allow cops to taser any living thing any time they wish?

Jesus Christ!? Jesus Wept!

'Earthers', those who believe that Obama is 'not of this Earth'

Gibbs says the top selling car in the Cash-for-Clunkers program has been the Ford Focus

Ford stock is up to $8.50 today; it was $1.50 in November

Cash for Clunkers idea

RE: the GOP Town Hall disruptors, I say, YOU TUBE THEM!

RE: the GOP Town Hall disruptors, I say, YOU TUBE THEM!

John McCain will vote "no"

Add "Screamers" To The List Of Rightwing Nutballs

Judging from the ads on this site

There would be no "controversy" about health care if the uncertainty had not been introduced

6.9 earthquake in Baja California

Does somebody own Lou Dobbs like HL Hunt owned Joe McCarthy?

Quiz: A month of Mondays = How many weeks? . . . Please come CAPTION ol' Rush!!!!!

Va.Foxx comes home dragging Health Insurers bucks behind her. A rally we disrupted. Photos

Is Lou Dobbs vying for a job with Faux News? jw nm

Is Lou Dobbs vying for a job with Faux News? jw nm

Sen. Inhofe rejects "birthers": "He’s elected and he’s there. And I’m not part of those people"

LOL Lou Dobbs is on, does that stand for Where Birthers Mix?

LOL Lou Dobbs is on, does that stand for Where Birthers Mix?

Woman held in Nazi camp survivor's strangling .

Oakland pot tax adds fuel to legalization fire

Just for the record

Microsoft plans to use Windows 7 to raise netbook and PC prices

There could be film....

They Have Their Kenyan Birth Certificate And We Have Our Palin Divorce Rumor

Have you seen the BBC series Century of the Self?

Change your Facbook status

Oily Taters on Schuster now!

McCain feels he was misled by the Bush economic team during the campaign

Ann Coulter says you are a Crank, Karl Rove said its a forgery. . .

Contact the Whitehouse now. Get in the habit.

For the sake of argument, where is Obama's BC?

"Ensuring Stupidity", a short rant.

Want to have fun? (Twitter's only need read)

Baltimore medics mistakenly declare man dead

Baltimore medics mistakenly declare man dead

Want to have fun? (Twitter's only need read)

Orly on a Monday (yikes!) . . . Please come CAPTION!!! (Before it melts.)

Emails between Ensign NRSC lieutenants, Hamptons show affair was known more than year ago

How do you feel about mainstream media coverage of the "Birthers?"

Grassley Admits That GOP Leadership Is Urging Him To Block Public Option

Grassley Admits That GOP Leadership Is Urging Him To Block Public Option

Can we start a ChipIn to buy flowers for Tamron, Shuster, and Kitty?

Crap! I missed the Taitz meltdown on MSNBC.

No matter what Steele says, he loses...

Iran: The Green Brief #47 (August 2-3) Latest news from Iran.

Former reality TV superstar real estate agent now bankrupt and deep in debt

Who can help me make my own Fake Kenyan Birth Certificate?

MSNBC Faceoff will address Birthers - replaying parts of Oily's meltdown!

Boom Goes the Dynamite! Steele disses the bithers!

Boom Goes the Dynamite! Steele disses the bithers!

Should we send Joe Wilson to Kenya?

Why call your congressman about health care?

David Shuster and Tamron Hall Are Gonna Play A Clip Of Oily Taterz AFTER THE BREAK!

Shuster rerunning Oily Tights excerpt.....

Are there are any laws against hate speech ....? Is there some place I can report

"Is Orly Taitz a new character from Sasha Baron Cohen?"

Why do you think the Birther movement has gained so much momentum while the Truthers never did?

Why do you think the Birther movement has gained so much momentum while the Truthers never did?

Orly just called Schuster a "brownshirt".

Until it hits the 'tube, a little more crazy from Taterz on Israel National Radio.

"When Ann Coulter says you're crazy, YOU'RE CRAZY"!!!

Stimulus money pays fishermen to snare lost nets (CNN) {xpost}

How many here would taze another person?

Called CA Cong. Becerra

On my knees begging for forgiveness for daring to inquire about the birth certificate.

If Orly Taitz was a relative or close friend of yours would you be considering an intervention?

Another Faint Sign of Congressional Wariness About Afghanistan

What can we expect now that the anti-Christ finally made it to the White House?

You know the funniest thing about Orly is not that she's

LMFAO at Oily Taters on MSNBC, On right now

The person(s) who created the "Kenyan birth certificate" has/have been identified as "Shirley."

Every African American born in United States

Exhibit A for why we need better mental health services in this country

US = high percent of small businesses & self-employed? No.

WorldNetDaily: We Had ‘Journalistic Responsibility’ to Post Forged Document

For those DU'ers who are between 21-25 (or who have kids that age)...

HUGH1!1 Series!!111..Hawaii wasn't a country in 1961 !!!1

Death, Dishonesty & The GOP

Death, Dishonesty & The GOP

McCain to vote Against Judge Sotomayor

Facebookers: Dr Oz is running a UHC informal poll

Have you heard of Dispute Finder?

Intel: I am a legal person.....respect my "human" rights !!!!!!

This is their proof global warming doesn't exist (photo)>>>

This is their proof global warming doesn't exist (photo)>>>

Keep an eye on this: Prediction of Violence by Karzai Challenger Probed

Transcript - MSNBC vs Orly

I Wish I Was In London Today

Upon McCain claiming Red Dogs barky but not bitey.

I don't know which U.S. Rep. King is the bigger moron, Steve or Peter.....

Democrats solid in 30 states, Republicans solid in 4

2012 GOP Insanity Ticket: Palin/Taters (I can see Russia from my porch, Taters can see Kenya)

Change to program name from Cash for Clunkers to Economy Incentive

MSNBC talking about disrupted town halls. . OMITTING the "memo"

Sen. Ensign's Dad Could Lose Casino Project Over Scandal

need updated msnbc email contact list

Durbin warns other lawmakers of healthcare town hall 'sucker punch'

American grown Coffee Fund Raisers (Ed Schultz etc)

I loves me some Tamron!! "Is Orly Taitz a new character from Sacha Baron Cohen" ?

i have mixed emotions about

World's Largest Beaded Photo Mosaic of U.S. President Obama - pics

Right After Recess, Democrats Should Push a Bill To the Floor Declaring Obama NOT a U.S. Citizen

Found new pics of oily taters!

High Fructose Porn Syrup- We were both right- and wrong

Wax On, Wax Off: 1 day after stressing need for GOP to court Hispanics, "McCain to Oppose Sotomayor"

Today in Feminist History Ginsberg was approved to serve as second female on Supreme Court

Couldn't - no - Shouldn't the DU "Activists" become active again?

Freepers Now Even MORE BATSHIT INSANE Over The Fake Kenyan Birth Certificate!!!!

An awful joke: what's the difference between a Liberal and a Conservative?

An awful joke: what's the difference between a Liberal and a Conservative?

TPM: Memo details coordinated anti-reform harrassment strategy

TPM: Memo details coordinated anti-reform harrassment strategy

To Have Been at the WH This Afternoon When Orly Taitz Went BSC on MSNBC

FYI: CPR Administers Bad Facts, Again

Hey Sonia, Get Off My Lawn !!!

Olbermann Responds At DKos On GE/O'Reilly Controversy, Plus Special Comment Tonight On Health Care!

Birther or Not, Here They Come! Rightbloggers Work the Obama Birth Certificate Angle

Birther or Not, Here They Come! Rightbloggers Work the Obama Birth Certificate Angle

Bernie Sanders is on KO tonight to discuss the latest on health care legislation...

NY jobless graduate sues her college for not providing leads and career advise it had promised

PLEASE!! As soon as MSNBC posts the Oily Taterz video

Orly Taitz coming up on MSNBC w/Tamron Hall & David Schuster!

Don't you just love it when some bleached blonde Russian asshole decides what's good for us?

Good Idea? 24 hr In Home CCTV Monitoring Of Behavior (Sin Bins)

‘Birthers’ Latch Onto Forged Kenyan Birth Certificate

‘Birthers’ Latch Onto Forged Kenyan Birth Certificate

Orly Batshit Crazy Taitz & the "Two Birth Certificates" (the Hospital BC is a Keepsake, Orly)


Apparently, the Birthers are no different than the left talking about Bush's National Guard service.

After finally getting a budget, CA resumes review of pesticide

Oh, look who isn't a Natural Born Citizen (according to Freeper rules)

Did Israel play a role in 1979 South Africa nuclear test?

Exposed: White Supremacists Heavily Involved in 'Birther' Movement

Denver Post: Stand up for working women: Pass EFCA

How to not win the Governorship of Texas by K. B. Hutchison

Obama's Empire: Money better spent domestically? Health care? Education? Green transportation?

Let's face it, we LOVE the birther fiasco, because

So ummmmm, Keith and MSNBC

Update: Cable providers push back against anti-birther ad

Lil Obama

Lil Obama

Lil Obama

On Ed Schultz today, a person attending the event had a great line ...

Ad Calling Out Lou Dobbs' Birtherism Won't Run On CNN

Kenyans Place "Poison Pill" Meta Tag in Antichrist's Birth Certificate Photo

Lawrence O'Donnell in for Schultz today - wheee!

Michael Moore: Keith Olbermann to Expose Congressional Opponents of Universal Health Care Tonight!

I found an informative bio on Orly Taitz in June's OC Weekly.

C Street house photos

the triumph of Keith O over Bad Journalism

In kingdom, Saudi prince's coup 'fails'

Olbermann's 2nd Worst Person Tonight Is Bill'O The Clown

Citizens are waiting for leaders to provide public-care option

You know what you are, senator.

What is really the story with Orly Taitz?

did anybody else hear Keith just say Rupert and Billo in Worst Persons????

Today in Labor History: Poland cracks the Iron Curtain


Is a person only eligible for the Presidency if both of his or her parents were citizens?

I sure hope President Obama and his advisors and speechwriters are watching Olbermann tonight ......

Health Care Bill? ABC 123

Sarpy County to open first DEMOCRATIC headquarters (ever)

If you were a congress critter and you were at a town hall and you were getting shouted down .......

Freeper afraid that "Obamacare" will exclude them from obtaining healthcare:

Tipping Point? Glenn Beck Fan Arrested With Guns and Ammo

Tax Revenues Post Biggest Drop Since Depression

I think the Lou Dobbs advertisement lacks content

Which show would you like to see Orly Taitz on next?

Tamiflu-Resistant Swine Flu Found Near US-Mexico Border

Breaking: Big Dawg en route to North Korea to negotiate for release ofthe two captured journos

Breaking: Big Dawg en route to North Korea to negotiate for release ofthe two captured journos

More Troops Heading to Afghanistan?

Boehner: Democrats Will ‘Feel the Heat in August’

How Disingenuous Matthews Is On Hardball.........

So I'm kind of suspicious about ORLY'S citizenship.

This digital TV conversion was frustrating, expensive

No vote on Sotomayor. No progress in the senate on health care. Reid has to

Cash for Clunkers Gains Senators' Support

O'Donnell on the Birthers: "We have a map, the internet & 2 minutes. That's all the time we need."

So much for Keith 'not taking shots at Faux News' n/m

HOPE in the tea leaves for Justice SOTOMAYOR

HOPE in the tea leaves for Justice SOTOMAYOR

Boehner's Office Cheers On Disruption Of House Dems' Town Hall Events

eviction laws in california (foreclosed property) - need help please!

Ensign watchers - more emails

"You were elected to restore this country." Keith Olbermann to...

"You were elected to restore this country." Keith Olbermann to...

The Olberman Comment MUST be sent to the in boxes of ALL blue dogs.

For the first time, the NRA has weighed in against a Supreme Court nominee

Monday Toons, Part 3.

Major Parvo outbreak in Michigan, hundreds of dogs dying

Something I Just Sent To a RWingnut

Olbermann Special Comment advance transcript via Michael Moore -- don't miss this tonite!

Sen. Sherrod Brown responds on health care.

"Tolerance" my ass!

Town Hall Meetings Should Have Rules.......

Draft Rep. Gabrielle Giffords for Arizona U.S. Senate in 2010: Time to send John McCain Packing

Tax Revenues Post Biggest Drop Since Depression

Should someone contact the Australian gentleman whose birth certificate was used as a template?

Keith has me wetting myself from laughing so much

I accidentally listened to Limbaugh for a few minutes this afternoon.

I accidentally listened to Limbaugh for a few minutes this afternoon.

Not meaning to sound like a "concern troll", but I could use some

Forged Kenyan Document Splinters ‘Birther’ Movement

The Screamers and Deathers Are Going To Backfire Like The Teabaggers And Birthers

Let me see if this is correct, Dan Rather supposed forged documents...

A Look at Democrats Targeted by House GOP

I watch alot of British TV (on BCC America)

Desperate Plea for Suffering Dogs Ignored! - Pennsylvania earns another black eye

Sean Hannity and Rick Perry share the stage (and the brain cell)

Pardon my sarcastic bad taste, but this thought went through my mind watching this.

apparently the hadron collider needs

apparently the hadron collider needs

YES!!! The Ted Baxter voice is back!!!

OMG, an Olbermann BOBBLEHEAD?????

Nissan Leaf (electric car) available next year.

Did slanthead really post a poll that says...

Freepers/Birthers, a special message for you all

Hampton to Santorum: Ensign destroyed my family

Should drunk drivers who kill be charged with murder?

Master Rebators!

Mr. Gates vs. the Townhall Screechers.

"One of These Things is Not Like the Other" (birthers and racism)

Glen Greenwald "surprised" by the Olbermann denial

Well according to Keith, Glen Beck must have been reading DU, he's apparently mentioned

Report: Bill Clinton heading to N. Korea

Tragic Hef takes $10 million hit, sells propery "adjacent to Playboy mansion" for $18 million

3 US Circuit Court judgeships to become vacant this month, as of right now

Time for war. The tea bagger nut jobs are at it again.

so we're in Afganistan for the long haul now, Why?

Which is the more pathetic short-lived Republican hoax?

If the rest of the Senate votes along party lines Sotomayor will be confirmed 64-34

People used to defend Lou Dobbs as not being a racist when he was going after "illegals"

4 Scorned Wisconsin Women Tie Up, Assault Married Ex-Lover

Durbin Responds To Lobbyist-Run Efforts To Harass Town Halls: We ‘Won’t Fall For A Sucker-Punch Like

This Modern World - A clear and compelling vision: Hope for eventual change - By Tom Tomorrow

"Are you oneathem there BIRTHERS?" LOL

Is This the Source of the Forged ‘Kenyan Birth Certificate?’

Awwww, our little ethics chior is going to be sad, jurors can't reach a verdict in third day of

Bill Clinton going to North Korea re: the two incarcerated journalists

Freepers discussing UK Article on huge number of death threats against Obama

Pre-existing Condition

Meet the Birthers

A good question about Health care systems around the globe.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Were the Repubs on the left in the 1800s?

CNN's second 100 day report card poll....Vote

CNN's second 100 day report card poll....Vote

Comcast subscribers: If MSNBC is not available in HD on your teevee, here's the Comcast link...

Olbermann "lying" about reason for his decision to stop criticizing O'reilly, media critic says

Does anybody live near Napa Valley. The tea baggers are going to attack a Dem tonight.

Scorched British Columbia

Holy Shit, The Freepers Are Nuts... (Freeper Classic)

digby: The Village Idiots Fall In Line

Tom Tomorrow: "...when you scratch the surface, most people are out of their fucking minds."

Healthcare Townhall Meeting Report

Healthcare Townhall Meeting Report

Civil political discourse is DEAD

Sodomized to Protect Our Freedoms

Thank YOU For My Star * " In the blazing poetry of the fact we are children of the stars. "

Prediction: FreeRepublic will be shut down before the end of Obama's first term

One of the World's most fascinating cities. Hong Kong.



The Nation: Race, Lies, and Health Scares

Would you be in favor of terminating all guest worker programs and stopping all imports...

Quick ?: How many Americans leave to get healthcare outside the US? (Updated W/ Answer)

Use this to debunk lies about healthcare bill.......

BREAKING NEWS: GOP Releases New Official Seal

I like "Nut Radio" better as a descriptor than "Talk Radio"

A Canadian doctor diagnoses U.S. healthcare by Dr. Michael M. Rachlis (re-direct)

Where are the pro-health care rallies and (loud) voices?

Va.Foxx comes home dragging Health Insurers bucks behind her. A rally we disrupted. Photos

FREEPERS, do YOU have health care? Even living in your moms' basements?

I do not remember this much crazy venom over JFK during his campaign or

Big Three accounted for 47% of clunker sales

Hillary Clinton is on her way to *gasp* KENYA!!!

Man, where were all you presidential legitimacy people eight years ago

Recovering from Media addiction: Does anyone know why I can't get Public TV without cable?

Somewhere out there is a killer joke involving the birthers and hanging chads.

KRUGMAN: "If you aren’t outraged, you haven’t been paying attention."

Has your career path been influenced by health benefits?

WOW!!! Doonesbury visits C Street in Washington DC

The case of John Wilkes Boothe shows why we have to take these right-wing nutjobs seriously

The case of John Wilkes Boothe shows why we have to take these right-wing nutjobs seriously

So the Repub party is sending disruptors to Town Hall

The Birthers Won’t Let It Go

Adm Joe Sestak is rumored to be planning a run against Spector for PA Senate seat.

Was this response too harsh??

Democratic Underground August 2009 T-Shirt Slogan Contest - Enter To Win Free Stuff!

Just in, CNN has made a deal with Faux to trade Lou Dobbs for Megan Kelly and a dipshit

How about a Sarah Palin / Oily Tats ticket? nm

Is anyone else confused by people who distrust government healthcare yet like medicare?

"Thug Life GOP" - Rachel Maddow

Palin divorce blogger about to get sued by Palin attorneys

Rachel Maddow: "Oh my god, did you just hear they found Obama's real birth certificate?!"

Just saw a Pat Toomey (R) ad on DU. WTF? n/t

Right Wingers Wreak Havoc on Philadelphia Town Meeting

Legal Schanuzer & Larisa Alexandrovna: Rove's Efforts To "Spin" Take Him Into Criminal Territory

Schuster/Orly video up on MSNBC;


Finally - my picture of Vice President Joe Biden with me on my porch

Finally - my picture of Vice President Joe Biden with me on my porch

Bernie Sanders I love you

Damn! Keith is pulling NO PUNCHES!

Disbarment of Orly Taitz Sought by California Bar

Monday Toons, Part 1

There is no point to having these town hall meetings for health care

Bonus Pay or Unemployment - Let's flip us a coin:

Rachel is nailing the Insurance companies for inciting Town Hall attacks.

Keith:Special Comment: Health Care Reform, the deal, and Richard Wolff

Say. Bette Midler was born in Hawaii in 1945. Does that mean that she's not an American?

McCain will vote "NO" on Sotomayor. Single handedly destroying himself.

Could we please call Orly Taitz something other than "Tater"?

So NOW do you all get why we LOVE Keith...

Obama 'Joker' Poster Causing a Stir in L.A.

Special message for freepers - NO Kenyan birth certificates AT ALL were issued before 1963.

VIDEO: If you have ANY doubt the "birther" movement is not turning violent

*** BIG NEWS! Video of Kenyan birth certificate forger being arrested!

Two awfully interesting points brought up by a C-Span caller this morning (Health Care)

BLUE DOG DEMOCRATS: (Health care) Industry Is Generous To Influential Bloc

Paul Krugman: Rewarding Bad Actors

Breaking on Maddow - Fmr Prez Bill Clinton heading to N Korea to negotiate release of journalists...

Here is the group that's sponsoring the threat mobs at events.

Harpers Magazine - Great Story On Astroturf/False RW Grassroots Protests Sponsored By Corporations

Clean up on aisle MSNBC...Olbermann spilled blood tonight.kicking ass and taking names.

Amber Ale: Brewing Beer From 45-Million-Year-Old Yeast

August off to deadly start in Afghanistan

If Bill Clinton gets the journos released from N Korea, we should send them right back ......

Worst storm in the history of the world. Into hour 6. Fires abound. Is this on the news?

Compare these two documents

The Nation: Greetings From California: Letter From a State in Crisis

The Nation: Greetings From California: Letter From a State in Crisis

IRS seizes Creationist Theme Park in Pensacola.

Semi annual Let's Just Make Shit Up About Hugo Chavez Thread

Monday Toons, Part 2

Who is Orly Taitz?

What FDR said, and what Obama has not.

CBS revives "Let's Make a Deal!!

Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

Senator Dorgan at a DPC Hearing on the Exposure of Soldiers to Sodium Dichromate

lol, freepers

"Eyes Right!" Little Belgian Boy Saluting Canadian Troops

Hey, Photoshop experts... please look at the fake Kenyan BC

Kenyan Birth Certificate has place for "Christian Name" - But I thought he was a Muslim.

The brutal bottom line on the "birthers" that nobody wants to say out loud

Make your own fake Kenyan birth certificate!

Putting An End to Glenn Beck's Racist Antics And Apocalyptic Rhetoric

LOOK LOOK LOOK - Template Found for Fake Kenyan BC

Britain: Dozens fall victim to side effects of swine flu drug

Referendum 71 backers gather 138,000 signatures (Shame on WA signers) Anti-gay benefits

Referendum 71 backers gather 138,000 signatures (Shame on WA signers) Anti-gay benefits

This thread is about drugs and sex.


I need entertained, and since everyone here is asleep, it is therefore your duty.

Yay or Nay Lord Jim with Peter O'Toole

Goldfrapp - Happiness

Who's up? Roll call!

dupe - please ignore

Pain pain pain pain pain pain

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What else can The Most Interesting Man in the World do?

Nothing nothing

Friendly Reminder - Use Stainless Steel Braided Hose for your washing machine

Where is Chuggo?

PSA: healing sunburn..... itchy as hell

Do you have Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia?

"how are you?, postpone your love bomb's explode"

I'm a happy boy!

Have you ever bought anything from a pop-up ad?

Mark Gormley kicks ass..

I just got a great idea for a new Guinness Book of World Records event.

*******HAPPY 41st ANNIVERSARY to femmocrat!!*******

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So you catch a louse in a glue trap; what do you do next?

If you have the FireFox browser

All you sleepy, droopy people oughta be ashamed of yourselves.

Question: If someone says they will be at your office in 30 minutes, but in fact....

What is this fish thinking?

What's your art-house film director name? Trenton Quarantino, me.

Just remembered that before cancellation, Rory Gilmore went off to work for Obama

Okay, I swear I just saw the "Get a Brain, Morans" guy at the Post Office. I'm not kidding.

Is the sandwich the greatest gift compulsive gambling has given the world?

Learning to play the guitar suggestions....

i think i gots stigmatizm or some 'itis in my left eye

Fer fuck's sake. I asked about the birth certificate in GD.

Serious post (for once). Would it be too much of me to ask...

ITT: memes that make you lulz.

Congratulations Xipe Totec! 20,000 posts!

Today is the day...


Drunk the difference my posts between when I am sober vs. drunk imbibe.


Oh, ferfuxake Hollywood!! An "Alien" prequel??

My fizzgig just had the

Terrifying Giant Versions of Disgusting Critters

I wish I was more mechanically inclined

Don't ya just hate when

I had a grotesque, disturbing dream the other night.

What's your Axis and Allies Strategy?

You can literally feel the extra neuron connections happening in your cerebral cortex while

Amy Winehouse’s Pot Overdose

Earthquake in Baja CA; my sister the only one to feel it

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Posting from train between Chicago and St Louis

Rio-Houston Flight hits massive turbulence

let`s hear for the 13th floor elevators!

Favorite acronym?

Is Merh still here?


Have you ever had your heart broken??

now HERE is a young man who is going places:

3weeks-1month until the start of a new ERA and a new beginning

After bitching a day about it, I now come to realize I love Office 2007

for all your Craigslist lovers:

has anyone ever seen an eastern european version of saturday night fever?

There are pretenders among us...

What is something you have won?

random photos

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/3/09

Some vietnam pics....

Is "profanity" an outdated concept?

I just want you all to know that I am there.

I just want you all to know that I was there.

Today is my birthday: As my birthday wish i demand from the universe, to NEVER

3 Women Charged With Tying Up Married Lover

VANILLA FUDGE: What is the bass player strung out on???

I just want you all to know that I am here.

Post a song...

I cannot explain the reason for this, re: Glenn Beck.

Casper...Catches the bus daily...for the past four years

What if the recent impact on Jupiter was an Alien spacecraft

Nevada court considers releasing O.J. Simpson

I Hate Office 2007

How do you mourn the loss of a living child?

Walter Cronkite/Grateful Dead connection explained!

Toothy raccoon bit off manhood

You just can't take a bad picture of a bulldog.

I want to create a thread that never lives.

So you catch a spouse in a glue trap; what do you do next?

"Let Your Love Flow", Re-Make From the Prius Ads

I just want you all to know that you did not see me, I was not here.

Let us never forget... The Spear!

What Is Your RISK Strategery?


5-year-old's first job

The 15 Creepiest Vintage Ads Of All Time

I just saw the cutest TV ad I've seen in a long time.

So, Anderson COOPER is on vacation or what?!

for all intensive purposes

Why are State Workers so inept?

I Just Got A New Job

Lost --- and found!

Dammit!! I think I have a UTI again!

OMG! They're remaking The Seven Year Itch with William H. Macy and Jessica Simpson

Days Between

Oh crap. "Mr. Political Science Major" is here at Barnes and Noble.

Cabinet bear is watching you masturbate.

I fucking hate everything with a burning passion.

Make up a new word, and give us a definition for it

Absolute BEST Name, ever? D'Alcapone Alpaccino Morris !!2!

Post pone here

I just saw leeroysphitz. n/t

How many siblings do you have?

Were in the hell is "Life in Hell"?

Things you would do to avoid looking at/listening to Orly Taitz

What is your RICKMAN Strategery?

Post Number 10,000!!!!!!!!

I have never in my life met someone who didn't like this song.....

Ugg...I went to the beach with my kids today and ended up sunburned

The Bloop: NOAA detects unknown animal sound from 3000 miles away...

So you catch Alison Krauss in a glue trap; what do you do next?

One of my clients just knocked me the hell OUT with kindness today

If you catch Jessica Alba in a glue trap, what do you do next?

So you catch a mouse in a glue trap; what do you do next?

Products that you like more than the big name brand

You all mocked me.

Holy freakin' crap. Lois! The name "KamaAina" may shortly become obsolete.

I want to create a 2nd thread that never dies

****CONGRATS STRONG ATHEIST!!!! 10,000 POSTS!!!!****

Public Service Announcement: Not every single and childless woman is desperate for a baby.

Does anyone else here dream about something ,and then it happens in real life

What do you like best about DU?

Favorite vinegar-soaked thing

What's your Backgammon Strategy?

Request for those wonderful Lounge vibes - and some hugs

The 2 Best Computer PC Games

more black and white 35mm photos :-) [Dialup warning]

Who is one of your favorite tv gay charactors.

absolute worst name ever?

Tales of WTFery Volume 29: Midlo Strikes Back

Anyone just watch "Defying Gravity" on ABC?

Bailout Banks Buying Treasuries Help Keep Rates Low

Ahmadinejad poised for new term

New Detainee Site In U.S. Considered

Vanishing king salmon in Alaska's Yukon River leave smokehouses empty, economic crisis

Israeli police recommend corruption charges against Avigdor Lieberman

Attorney files motion for authentication of Obama's alleged 1960s birth certificate from Africa

Group urges Burundi to drop new law against homosexuality

Flawed gene link to ovary cancer

Rasmussen faces Afghan challenge as new NATO chief

Bomb Blast in Afghanistan's West Kills 10

Turbulence hurts 26 on US flight

The price of U.S. recession is paid in jobs

Iraq Cop Denies Iran's CIA Claims

Liberians in AZ worry about backlash in rape case

No More Opium, No More Money for Afghan Villagers

Sri Lanka 'facing aid shortfall'

China closes factory after cadmium pollution protest

Floods leave 400,000 homeless in Philippine south

Stimulus cash lifts states, localities

At least 26 hurt as airliner hits turbulence

Pakistan court adjourns leaving Lashkar founder free

Clunker trade-ins boost July U.S. auto sales

Awol accused soldier faces court (in U.K.)

Somali pirates free Malaysian tug after ransom

India to enforce energy efficiency in climate fight

Former Guantanamo Bay detainee (David Hicks) weds in Australia

Ex-Khmer Rouge medic testifies in Cambodia trial

Indonesia's drug fight pushes prison AIDS explosion

Myanmar activist awarded Asia's Nobel prize

Criticism grows over Colombia's U.S. military plan

U.K. to Review and Tighten Requirements for Citizenship

Wis. same-sex couples sign up as domestic partners

Stimulus cash lifts states, localities

China Detains 319 People Citing Links to Rioting in Xinjiang

Car bombings target Sunnis, Shiites in Iraq

Iraqi government seeks to block pornographic websites

Cambodia bans 'Miss Landmine' beauty pageant (amputee contest)

Sestak (finally) to kick off Senate campaign (PA)

Construction spending rises unexpectedly

Henry Louis Gates Jr. mulls moving over death threats

(Obama) Administration: ‘Clunkers’ improving mileage

Gates, Mullen went to Belgium for Afghan war talk

Google CEO leaves Apple board as companies compete

House members take recess cue to leave the country

Sanford staffers used private e-mail to talk state business

Dozens of Gitmo cases referred to US prosecutors

Ruining Coral Draws Fines in Hawaii

Marcos seeks peace as Philippines mourns Aquino

In Experiment, 'Muncie Star Press' Replacing Biz News With 'Good News'

U.S. condemns eviction of Arab families from East Jerusalem

Jackson's mother granted custody

China seals off NW town as plague kills 2nd man

US Senate Democrats seek to extend cash for clunkers

Boy drowns at largest U.S. indoor water park

Pa. high court: Save records of judicial scandal

Case of Alleged North Carolina Jihadist May Involve Classified Material

In kingdom, Saudi prince's coup 'fails'

Tenn. senator has affair with intern, resigns

quake 6.0 mag off Baja

About 200 arrested in violence against Christians in Pakistan

DJ axed after radio stunt reveals girl’s rape

First origin of malaria may have been found

White House steadfast on pledge of no middle-class tax increase

Lawmakers want inquiry into UK complicity in torture

Australia: Police swoop on Melbourne homes after Somali Islamists' terror plot exposed

Insecurity and Fears of Fraud Cast Pall Over Afghan Election

AP NewsBreak: Feds name 8th NC terror suspect

Studies: Millions of U.S. kids lacking Vitamin D

Plague kills 2nd man; China seals off entire town

Former President Bill Clinton is going to North Korea to negotiate for the release of 2 U.S. journal

SEC Charges Bank of America With Lying to Investors

Tax receipts are on pace to drop 18 percent this year

Lou Dobbs challenges his own CNN network

5 rockets hit Afghan capital, 1 near US Embassy

Al Qaeda Offers 'Truce' to President Obama

Oil jumps above $70 on optimism demand to recover

Bill Clinton Off to N. Korea to Discuss U.S. Journalists (To Negotiate Release)

GM's China Car Sales Rise 78%

Minnesotans detained in and deported from Israel return home and speak out

Post Office Looking at Closing up to 1,000 Offices

Unveiled: The honour code for Taliban fighters

Historic (SF) Muni streetcars, vehicle collide

Nevada court considers releasing O.J. Simpson

Apple tried to silence owner of exploding iPod with gagging order

Series of earthquakes hit Baja California (5.8 / 6.9 / 5.0 / 5.9)

Palin got on short list because McCain had gender gap in polls?

Another supporter of Zelaya killed in Honduras

Bush Speechwriter Sows Panic With Memoir

Fla. football coach Urban Meyer gets raise to $4 million annually

Chavez Supporters Ramp Up Attacks On Venezuela's Globovision

Plaxico Burris Indicted on Gun Charges

Venezuela takes control of 2 coffee plants

Correa: Ecuador to take over radio, TV stations

U.S. condemns eviction of Arab families from East Jerusalem

Barack Obama faces 30 death threats a day, stretching US Secret Service

Biden "Jesus Christ" Called "Hate Speech" By Conservative

Former sex slave seeks help as 4-year-old found in brothel

Warning: Oil supplies are running out fast

Obama 'Joker' Poster Causing a Stir in L.A.


Video Essay: Opium's Grip on Villagers in Afghanistan

The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.

Is Barac Obama Doing Too Much? ....(The Daily Show has to address this RW blowhard)

America is under attack!

"CNN's Lou Dobbs Problem" - Media Matters' TV Ad

Greenspan: Recession close to being over, fire bad, bread good

TYT: What Minorities Go Through in Racial Profiling

Sen. Durbin: Congress Can't Get Sucker Punched By Astroturf Campaigns

a message to those who think obama wasn't born in the united states

Taking a Stand on Healthcare

Jeff Sharlet - The Family (The Christian Mafia) working link


TYT: Video Says Cenk Is 1 of 5 Liberals Trying To 'Destroy America'. Who Are The Other 4?

Olbermann: Bernie Sanders on Town Hall Disruptors "Opposite of Freedom of Discussion"

GRITtv: Interview with Chris Hedges (1/2)

AMERICAN HEALTH CARE: Woman Dies on Hospital Floor

Liz Cheney: “America needs a commander in chief, not a global community organizer”

Olbermann: Keith Debunks Forged "Kenyan" Birth Certificate

Olbermann Special Comment Health Care - Unedited PT. 2 (w/ Conclusion)

TYT: Cenk Praises Rep. Weiner For 'Double Daring' Republicans on Healthcare & More

Young Turks: Conservative Pundits Stoke 'Black Obama' Fear

Demolition in Turkey Goes Wrong

Headzup: Ben Nelson Threatens To Kill Health Care Reform

Michelle Malkin on The View: Let me respond to Joy, then we'll get to the friendlier side...

[ ] Inside the White House: Letters to the President

MSNBC Screaming Interview With Birther Orly Taitz Over Fake Kenyan Birth Certificate

Former Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks has married his girlfriend

Frank Schaeffer: Far Right Evangelicals And The Campaign Against Obama

Chris Hedges: ‘Personal Responsibility’ Is the New Racism

Cops Tase Pregnant Mother & Grandpa At Kids Baptism Party In Virginia!

Obama and the Cunning Micheletti

Obama and the Cunning Micheletti

The Real Battle for the Federal Judiciary

Olbermann: Worst Persons 8/3 - Bill O'Reilly, Rupert Murdoch

Jeff Huber (@ at-largely): Wham, Bam Bananastan

Defending and debunking = losing the perception battle

Putting an End to Glenn Beck's Racist Antics and Apocalyptic Rhetoric

Finally the Feds Crack Down on Right-Wing Terrorists

And the pursuit of happiness - NYT Maira Kalman

Rachel Maddow Show: Corporate Lobbyists Inciting Town Hall Hooliganism

Howard Dean: How Republican Attack Dogs Plan to Thwart Health Reform

To Protest Health Care Reform, Right Wingers to Organize 'Colostomy Bag' Parties

Grateful Dead/Walter Cronkite Connection explained....

Congress' own Healthcare Benefits

Another Faint Sign of Congressional Wariness About Afghanistan

Do Computers Make Planes Less or More Safe?

Birthers and Neo-Confederates, Obama's safety

Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT: Health Care Obstructionists 'You Were Elected to Restore This Country'

WTF!!! Woman drags kid through Verizon Store

Financial Times: The Republican healthcare paradox

Cop Taser Dog Twice For a Very Long Time For No Reason

Poll: Half Of Israelis Feel Those Born Elsewhere Can't Be 'True Israelis'

GOP Sends Obama Birthday Greetings: 'Happy Kumbaya'

More Townhall Madness- Philly Aug 2nd

The Coup in Honduras: A Set Back for both Democracy and U.S.-Latin American Unity

What's so great about private health insurance?

Eight Great birthday gifts for President Obama

David Sirota: Taboo Alert: The Real - And Most Disturbing - News In the Olbermann-O'Reilly Feud

Sodomized to Protect Our Freedoms

Schwarzenegger cuts funding for all California Domestic Violence Programs

Leave Swiss Banks Alone - NYT op-ed

Rednecks Claim the Gummint is Trying to Take Away Their 'Clunkers'

Now they're smearing Michelle Obama

Hillary v. Sarah 2012

McCain Is A Clunker, Can I Trade Him In?

A Yard Sale in Chernobyl (Joe Bageant)

Military Fatigues and Guns Optional At Church-Held Political Rally

Republicans' Prescription for Health Insurance....

Comparative Effectiveness Research will NOT Ration care

Glenn Greenwald: The Scope -- and Dangers -- of GE's Control of NBC and MSNBC

Taboo Alert: The Real - And Most Disturbing - News In the Olbermann-O'Reilly Feud

The United States does not have the best health care system in the world

Olbermann Special Comment Unedited PT. 1 (w/ Triangle Shirtwaist Disaster Intro)

AMERICAN HEALTH CARE: Skid Row patient dumping

Freedomworks - Dick Armey's Corporate Astroturf Activist Group Rallies In Support Of Insurers

WH shoots down talk of middle-class tax rise

From Talking Points Memo, a perfect snapshot of today's GOP

A Canadian doctor diagnoses U.S. healthcare by Dr. Michael M. Rachlis

Unmasked! The folks behind the fake birth certificate! I got pictures!!

New Gallup Poll - Bad News, TERRIBLE News, for The Republican Party

So Richard Wolffe is now a bad guy.

Paul Krugman Defends Michelle Malkin

I contacted both Senators to urge them to approve additional funding for "Cash

Happy birthday, Mr President

Bill Clinton to N Korea re: deal in the works for the release of the two journalists n North Korea

"Barack Obama has created the best opportunity to enact universal health care with a public option "

Chuck Norris asks probing questions about the... BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

Orly Taitz Melts Down On MSNBC, Blames MSM "Brownshirts" (VIDEO)

President Obama receives 30 Death Threats A Day - 400% More than Bush Did

"public option that might have roared like a lion is becoming, at most, a mouse that barely squeaks"

Offensive poster of Obama found on Drudge Report 8/03

Zawahri Tells Obama Truce Offer Still Stands

Bill Clinton: GOP 'at it again' in health care debate

Keith Olbermann to Expose Congressional Opponents of Universal Health Care Tonight!

Taxes on Middle Class may go up to pay for health reform, no MENTION of taxing wealthy

DU this poll: CNN's 2nd 100 days poll

White House says no to tax hike for middle class

OMG!!! Biden said "Jesus Christ"

Let me get this straight, because Ann Durham was a US Citizen, even if Obama was born on Pluto....

Does birtherism potentially pose a threat to Obama's presidency?


Estúpido John McCain Ataca a Sotomayor: Will Oppose Sonia and Smears her as "Judicial Activist"

Hold the Presses... Could there be an upside to the crazy birthers and town hall maulers

The real McCain

Health Insurers Spent $173 Million To Defeat Public Option, Affordability Measures

"I'm surprised you haven't stabbed me with a steak knife here."

Glenn Beck's advertisers

PA-Sen: Sestak to Enter Race Tomorrow

Is This the Source of the Forged ‘Kenyan Birth Certificate?’

Pat Buchanan railing against global warming on msnbc. What a nutjob.

Aren't the Birthers probably the same people who talk about "anchor babies"?

Obama's "Read my lips, NO NEW TAXES" coming back to haunt him?

August Recess: An Breakdown Of The Health Care Fight Ahead

Olbermann to call out Blue Dogs tonight.

April 19, 1995

Rachel's calling out the Town Hall Hooligans!!!!!

Damn! Schuster and Hall are smacking down Orly Taitz

Obama Trims Sails On Health Reform: He Seeks to Rally Support by Promising Less

I have some questions for the birthers

Jared Polis -- on our team? (Bait and Switch on Healthcare)

Are you unhappy that some progressives are unhappy with Obama?

What do you think would happen if Obama were harassed at one of his town meetings by a birther?

Local Rush clone said that health bill would pay for bike paths.

Instead of putting all his efforts into mandated health insurance for all, why

Sorting out the facts in Obama-Joker 'socialist' posters around L.A.

Have a good laugh--do a Google Image search on David Jeffrey Bomford.

I Got An Invitation To Go To Arlen Specter's "Town Meeting" Next Week

So did Michael Steele ever issue a comment on Orly?

Panetta Pleads for No CIA Punishment

"Would you like another piping hot cup of batshit crazy?"

I am mildly torqued that my clunker does not qualify

Birthers busted!

BusinessWeek: CEOs Rate President Obama

Louisiana Atty. General investigating Bobby Jindal's blog

General Electric - NBC/MSNBC Parent - Do They Sell Health Insurance or Products?

**HELP NEEDED**anybody have info specific to education plans

Orly Taitz -- A Racist Lunatic

Paul McCartney Dedicates Beatles' 'Michelle' To The First Lady

Obama gets thumbs up from focus group "Don't give up, we haven't": msg NOT from M$M talking heads.

New Mexico Gov Field at Two With More Likely

CO-Sen: Beauprez "Leaning Towards" Challenging Bennet

2010 is 2010

I personally enjoy it when Republicans rejoice at the President's lower approval ratings.

2010 is NOT 1994

Teamsters Union Member: "The life has been sucked out of the public option"

Randi Rhodes right now...

^^^^^^ POISON CHALICE ! ^^^^^^^

Big Canadian Labor Union Writes Obama & Congress Defending Canada’s Healthcare System !

Will the senate approve funding the "cash for clunkers" program? Make your predictions

Fired Up? Ready to GO!

***President Obama to Speak on Post 9/11 GI Bill at 11:05 am (eastern)***

"Public Option" Reform? (if you could do it all over again)

The Party of No.

Obama shuts down radio stations, nationlizes internet, car companies, banks, manufacturing

Remember When Candidate Obama Got Attacked In The Primaries?

Here's my reply to Oily Taint and the birfers....

Teabaggers Training Their Dogs To Hate Obama

King salmon vanishing in Alaska, smokehouses empty

Asian giants (China & India) put the West’s targets for solar energy in the shade

500 Fires In BC So Far This Summer Have Led To 2,700 Evacuations; 1,600+ Firefighters On Scene - AFP

Mongabay/GRL - Per-Hectare Amazon GHG Emissions Up 10.2% In 6 Years As Logging Hits Wetter Regions

USGS Study - Number Of Large-Diameter Trees In Yosemite Down 24% Since 1932 - ENS

Self-Cloning Seaweed Species Moving W. "Unparalleled Speed" Through Baltic Sea - WP

After 2 Cadmium-Related Deaths, China Closes Plant: 100s Of Residents W. Elevated Cadmium Levels

IEA Chief Economist: Oil supplies are running out fast

Startup's stickers identify the source of food

Living on Earth: Eco-Islam

Re-Engineering the Earth

Higher carbon dioxide may give pines competitive edge

Near term business model for biodiesel?

The seven terrors of the world ("2009 State Of The Future" report released)

New El Niño threatens world with weather woe

Deforestation is 'key climate issue' (responsible for up to 20% of GHG emissions worldwide)

Predatory snakes become prey in Florida Everglades (CNN)

Stimulus money pays fishermen to snare lost nets (CNN)

Membrane Breaks Through Performance Barrier (Could be 50x as efficient separating chemicals)

First Comes Global Warming, Then An Evolutionary Explosion

Gasoline-diesel cocktail: a potent recipe for cleaner, more efficient engines

Prospects for increasing our complement of nuclear chemists are improving.

Sahara Desert Greening Due to Climate Change?

Questions on American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009(H.R.2454)

Cycle Law: Should Bikes Be Treated Like Cars?

Science Ocean Study Authors: "All Bets Are Off W. Climate Change, Particularly Ocean Acidification"

McKinsey: U.S. can meet entire 2020 emissions target while lowering the nation’s energy bill $700B

A Conservation Manifesto for the Venezuelan Revolution.

ESPN: English and Scottish Premier League broadcaster

Woods wins Buick Open; trails Nicklaus in career wins by four

Big raise for coach Urban Meyer

Should the Rockies have won the World Series in 2007? >>

Schilling Invokes Clinton/Lewinsky In Response to Ortiz Steroid Scandal

A very simple fact of baseball


Report: Sharks want to deal for Heatley

The Rox are 1/2 game ahead of the Gnats in the Wil...Wa...

Eagles off to a bad start

Sorry to be late with the nightly Natinal v. Pirates thread.

Very interesting...and difficult. Shit.

Plaxico Burress indicted on 3 weapons counts -- faces 3 1/2 years if convicted.

It has come to my attention that a certain poster has been tombstoned

Here are some important points you may want to check from the Honduran constitution

Obama and the Cunning Micheletti


Correa: Ecuador to take over radio, TV stations

Machetera: the Toppling of a President (Part Two)

AFP in Honduras Hung By Its Own Photograph

Posted to GD: Time for another LJMSUAC thread:

Criticism grows over Colombia's U.S. military plan

FARC found to have weapons from at least 20 countries

Israeli foreign minister to resign if charged

Knesset Speaker: Establishment of Israel caused Arabs real trauma

Stop the brutalization of the State of Israel

Buying a firearm as a gift ... how to know if the person is allowed to own one?

Fatah: Mediation failed, Hamas won't let delegates leave Gaza

Clinton slams Israel for evicting Arab families from East Jerusalem

A graph I thought folks here might be interested in.

Atlanta PD looks at going full auto

Israel defends Jerusalem evictions

Where To Now For Jewish America?

Poll: 77% of 'Soviet' olim support Arab transfer

Today in Labor History Aug 3 13,000 strikers defied orders to return to work and were fired by Reaga

Struggling Through Tough Times

Big Canadian Labor Union Writes Obama & Congress Defending Canada’s Healthcare System

my iron worker buddy relayed this to me ...

Articles Needed For American Middle Class Labor E-Magazine

Take Action Today to Save Bargaining Rights for Postal Workers

Some Idled General Motors Workers in Ohio Get Back to Work

Unions budget up to $15 million for August campaign (to lobby on healthcare)

NYT: Income Loss Persists Long After Layoffs

Labor's heavy hitters in the city (Health Care Rally)

Worker electrocuted, not trained, $29 billion firm should know better

Thousands Rally in PA to End ‘Payless Paydays’

Eastern Yosemite

Sebastian turns two.

Healthcare Roundup--What's Ahead?

What’s Not to Like?

Another Health Care Scare "Fact Sheet", and this one is LONG!

Big Canadian Labor Union Writes Obama & Congress Defending Canada’s Healthcare System

"public option that might have roared like a lion is becoming, at most, a mouse that barely squeaks"

A Canadian doctor diagnoses U.S. healthcare by Dr. Michael M. Rachlis (re-direct)

Pls help me pick some healthcare related one liners for freeway blogging...

acid reflux, heart burn, My daughter has been complaining of this for

Vanishing king salmon in Alaska's Yukon River leave smokehouses empty, economic crisis

U.S. Economic Contraction Slowed in Quarter (-1% vs -6.4% Qtr 1)(stimulus = 20% of county's output)

Stimulus cash lifts states, localities - Has offset big drop in tax collections

Porn: Pleasure of the Financial TV News Business

Obama gets thumbs up from focus group

Geithner loses his cool at regulators meeting: report

Hunky Dory

Saving the gems of the Stone Age (Scotland)

Researchers say they found malaria's origin: In chimps

Dark energy may disguise shape of universe

Is The FDIC Broke And Covering It Up?

Got excess CEO pay? Then make the company ineligible for tax deductions.

Episcopalians nominate gay clergy for bishop in LA

Research Undermines Dog Domestication Theory

Afterelton's coverage of the Tel Aviv attack

Finally, the Spleen Gets Some Respect

Victory Fund mourns loss of Allen Thornell

I am meeting with my Senator (State not Federal) next week to discuss Marriage Equality

They are updating The Laramie Project

I listened to "The Story" tonight on NPR: Rights beyond marriage

Prop 8 $1M Donor John Templeton Foundation >> C Street...

Geithner Won’t Rule Out New Taxes for Middle Class

OOPS! We didn't mean to do it!

Weird dream

HYPOCRISY FILES: Catholic Bank Invests In Birth Control Pill Shares

pastor ordered held in custody (10,000 images and 5,000 videos of child pornography)

Which is a greater stepping stone for personal growth?

"Quakers to perform 'gay marriage' ceremonies" - Uk.

Where dreams become heart attacks.

Alumna sues college because she hasn't found a job

Pike's Peak Roast.

Naturally decaffeinating tea.......

Low Carb Pasta??? Diet Pasta??? Heart Healthy Pasta????? Diabetic Pasta????? ....... YES!!!!!!

Laredo judge likely to fill McAllen's newest federal judicial post

Subject: Lloyd Doggett needs some support

Brad Friedman talking to Mike Malloy on Sibel Edmonds tonight


Fellow Texans, lets blow up Cornyn's office on a daily basis...

Question for De-bunkers and Truthers about the official account and the subsequent Pentagon cover-up

Ridley Scott to direct ‘Alien’ prequel