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I want to know. Where is the Republican health plan?

Charlie Rose: Remembering Teddy - DKG, Al Hunt, Jon Meachum, Teddy from '05, '08

Five TCU players have swine flu, coach says

Brilliant "Kennedy Shrug Moment of Zen" & Much More From the Daily Show

"What we do in life...echos in eternity."

Is Using Democratic Underground to Pick Up Babes OK?

Joe Bageant hits the nail on the head

Amy Goodman & Democracy Now's tribute to Kennedy

Wikler Moran-Mora ..The middle name says it all..Giganto-FAIL

The Irish say farewell to the last Prince of Camelot

Day 220 in the Age of Obama...and the passing of a great Senator

My personal statement.

Where are these people in the health care debate?

Senator Kennedy's upcoming memoir shoots up amazon charts

Gainesville, Florida, school sends home student with anti-Islam shirt.

So apparently I've pissed off the "RW troll" faction of DU

Less than two minutes after googling Van Jones, I find multiple references to assassinating Obama.

Has there beem any responses from the Bushies abot the death of Ted?

Ted Kennedy was instrumental in bringing Bo Obama to the White House

We. Need. More.

U.S. Citizens Association newspaper ad . . .

Dallas Morning News: Man convicted of attacking gay man in Oak Lawn

The Kennedys' Most Irish Son

Dominick Dunne died.

Bringing America's Real Criminals to Justice

I think it's actually going to happen....that we will finally have health care.

The End Of A Dynasty (DER SPIEGEL on Ted Kennedy)

The End Of A Dynasty (DER SPIEGEL on Ted Kennedy)

Where are we today on the healthcare issue?

Ted Kennedy showed just how far bipartisanship will get you

The Eternal Flame

THE COUNTRY of TEXOARKLA (I wonder if the freepers really think this could happen)

it's not his addiction to pills (i'm recovering myself), and not his weight...

it's not his addiction to pills (i'm recovering myself), and not his weight...

Possible tribute to EMK

So Buchanan says Dems will ty to push through Teddycare

History is on Our Side

August Tied For Deadliest Month in Afghanistan

Do it for Teddy

Are we getting suckered by definitions?

Well Toto, we may have lost our Lion, and the flying monkeys are using scarecrow tactics

Lest we forget...

The buying off of the Blue Dogs

Cyberwar: rogue computer code still lurks

After Diagnosis, Determined to Make a ‘Good Ending’

Portland Progressive Examiner: Domestic Terrorist Randall Terry ejected from town hall

The Original song, in case you don't know it. ( for Teddy)

I'm betting that the new system will be named Erika

The Future of Transportation by Shai Agassi

Memos: CIA pushed limits on sleep deprivation

So all the former presidents will be attending

Obama is an enormous gift to the Empire.

Senator Ensign has been holding unpublicized town hall meetings by telephone

Weeping Byrd wants healthcare bill to honor Kennedy

VIDEO: Senator Ted Kennedy sings "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" at Obama campaign stop

Waxman Gears Up for Health Care Showdown

Unfortunatley Teddy's Death won't alter the Health Care landscape with the opposition

Officials: U.S. Drone Kills 6 in Pakistan

Health Care Fit for Animals - By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

AARP Poll: 8 in 10 Back Public Option

Repulicans need a "great white hope" says U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins .

Who represented MA in the Senate in 1961 and 1962?

Kennedy legacy vs. Bush legacy

Sign the Petition: Name The Healthcare Bill After Its Biggest Advocate, Ted Kennedy

Vocal minority greet Dean at town hall

Toys 'R' Us launches Cash for Clunkers, baby-style

Top Chef shops at WholeFoods

Weather is NOT looking good this weekend for the funeral.....

WTF ??!! Chuck Norris endorses Ala. judge for Governor

Reich: Pass real health care reform for Kennedy

Inglorious Basterds! *spoilers*


The state of Texas moves closer to declaring that they wrongly executed a man in 2004

Of Course the Deficit is High!

How do I handle this?

The Rude Pundit on A Man

Hey American 'news' media...STFU...

Name That Plan!

The Kennedy clan

Health-care reform swamps Jackson City Hall - Rep. Lungren (R)

What Obama needs to do to get dems in his party to support Health Care (public option)

A message to the Blue Dog "moderates" in the Senate.

Database snooping affirmed illegal (Baseball drug test seizure)

Dem HQ vandalism suspect posts bail (The story gets even weirder.)

Rasmussen Games Polling To Suggest Public Opposes Dems Doing Health Care Alone

Come untun a Thursday . . . please CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Come untun a Thursday . . . please CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Can we please, finally, forgive Ted Kennedy?


Nevada officials confirm swine-flu related death

The Deification of Gentle Ben

Americans for Prosperity will be holding a town hall health care meeting today in my city.

Need clarification: Is Best Buy still advertising on FOX at all? How about Home Depot and Rush?

PHOTOS Freedom: A Bear Necessity

Poem to Senator Kennedy

New York Times Piece Brings Perspective to Torture Investigations

What the Hell is 'Fracking' and How Does it Poison Our Groundwater?

Berni_mccoy's thread extensively plugged right now by Thom Hartman

Nutjob With Assault Rifle @ Obama's Town Hall Attends Lunatic "Death To Obama" Pastor's Church

The Scarborough country club set does not understand why the Kennedy's


Perdue signs coastal insurance bill

Help finding a thread about what the Govt. runs well

Real US unemployment rate at 16 pct: Fed official

Lots of signs point to the economy bottoming out..... (US GDP shrinks only 1% in Q2)

What do you call it when you say one thing is to another thing as something else is to ...

Why isn't Kudzu a major raw material for cellulosic ethanol?

NPR's Steve Inskeep takes Michael Steele to task over health care debate

The Democratic Party Already IS Bipartisan

nuke plant event in New Jersey

NYT: Kennedy was determined to make 'good ending'

What is the downside to obstruction for the GOP if they don't have to do a "real" filibuster?

San Luis Obispo (Central Coast, Calif) needs Progressives for Health Care Town Hall Sept 2

The absurd TX primaries system (2 Step) got sent back to court re-hearing -- YAY!1

Well you can see where Ted got his great looks......

Well you can see where Ted got his great looks......

Watch Keith Eviserate United Healhcare........

Have any DUers signed the OFA Health Care Declarations of Support?

Sen. Kennedy Motorcade Leaving Hyannis Port to JFK Library Now Live on C-SPAN

MoveOn: "We Can't Afford to Wait" Healthcare Vigils Wednesday - before congresscritters return..

Rare Auschwitz drawings presented to Netanyahu as he meets German leader in Berlin

Liberal and Proud - liberal is not a bad word

McCain speaks with angry crowd at Ariz. town hall

Teddy now being carried to hearse by honor guard....

Would you want this guy for your doctor?

The Difference

If you're looking at the live shot of the main house at Hyannis Port

"The economy is so bad that...."

Remember the Purple Heart Band Aid People?

A world without salmon

Is Glenn Beck having a public psychotic episode??? He is speaking of himself as though he is divine!

Is Glenn Beck having a public psychotic episode??? He is speaking of himself as though he is divine!

Kenton man found with heroin-filled balloons after Union County traffic stop

Judge: Kentucky can not order people to be dependent on God

Blue Dog Democrat to run against Vitter

Obama's apparent lack of outrage and concern over torture/war crime accountability,

Move On: We Can't Afford to Wait Vigil

Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln's Approval Slump Continues

Elderly Have Their Own Worries On Health Overhaul

Determined to "make a good ending"

My humble contribution to the "debate"

My humble contribution to the "debate"

My humble contribution to the "debate"

Airline Pilots Want Ban on Lithium Battery Shipments

RW LTTE today: GW Bush tried to get health care reform through Dem Congress and couldn't!

CDC researchers have found the origin of the Swine Flu virus.

Toyota plans to end production at joint venture (Fremont, CA NUMMI )

Who really owns Operation Rescue?

Boycott Fox News Advertisers

Small fluctuations in solar activity, large influence on the climate

Anyone here going to the JFK Library tomorrow?

NAACP: Kennedy Friend, Ally and Civil rights Champion

The Pastor praying for harm on Obama is an important piece of the Crazy movement ..

Criss Angel Mass Levitation via tv - some of the responses :)

Christopher Hayes: The Secret Government (New Church Committee needed)

Morning Joe: Marsha Blackburn Won't Refute "Death Panel" Charge-- "That Door is Open"

EFCA "off the Senate's radar..." per Harry Reid

Florida Power & Light chief defends executive salaries (40.5 mill)

Secretary Napolitano tells TSA Goons..Keep Checking Laptops at Border..

Landrieu: Under "Very Few, If Any" Circumstances Would I Support A Public Option

The Brats Still Squeal!

Sanford presser coming up shortly on GEM$NBC

Apply for a position as a field organizer for the PO

The Case for Postal-Style Healthcare

Our lender just agreed to admit us to Making Home Affordable

Sign Russ Feingold's petition for a flexible withdrawal from Afghanistan. Please?

Obtained: The RNC’s Health Care Survey

It doesn't matter what Limbaugh the Hut says

Help me answer to a family who

New AIG CEO Slams "Lynch Mob" Attacks, Defends Vacation At His Croatian Villa

Sen. Kennedy Motorcade From Hyannis Port to JFK Library - On Now Cspan

Ted Kennedy we will sorely miss your presence

what's with this Imhofe feller?

I'm on a list and got this from Ted's Family incase anyone is interested

Chemicals Found in Wyo. Drinking Water Might Be From Fracking

I wonder how shocked the Kennedy family is, especially his

Detainee Torture exceeded SERE standards

Can the Democratic Party Deny a ticket to a candidate for violating party rules?

Howard Dean on The Guy James Show this afternoon

FREEPERS, Ted Kennedy was in the Army, how many of you were?

Seriously them Bushes must be wishing they

Not trying to stir anything up, and likely violating some "rule" by posting this. However...

State law's reference to 'Almighty God' struck down

Post-Kennedy Health Care Bill May Be More Sweeping

Teddy's Cortage arriving at JFK Library any moment. Link:

E&P: International Journo Groups and Guild Protest Afghan War 'Vetting' of Reporters

Wednesday Morning, May 30,1984 -- The San Diego Union

Look Who’s Lying About Teddy: Baucus Invokes Kennedy to Push Sham “Compromise”

Michael Beschloss (presidential historian) said something troubling on MSNBC

Karl Rove spreading lies all over Twitter - follow him back and annoy the f%#@ out him!

Mexico: Government Decriminalizes Possession Of Five Grams Of Pot

Guantanamo Allocation Center

Simply Perfect:The Daily Show: Remembering Senator Kennedy

dupe poll running 74% AGAINST health care reform!

Pastor of Hate Sermon: "Why I Hate Barack Obama"

In lieu of flowers the family requests donations/support to:

The Obama Health Care Bus was in Phoenix tonight! Kicking off their tour.

WTF is up with the anti-Obama ads on the main page?

Even More CIA Documents to Be Disclosed Monday

Long-range Taser reignites safety debate

Was that Michael Skakel?...

Kennedy was determined to "make good ending"

Vermont Governor to Retire

Psssssssssst Allen Stanford moves from prison to the hospital

Lies of Mass Destruction

Drivers stop on Route 3 to watch Kennedy motorcade

Scarborough calls Ted Kennedy a garish Irish pol and bumbling.

FUNNY POSTERS FOR health care rallies: grandma & Simpsons Mr. Burns

Override of Anchorage Veto Unlikely

Hah - Meet the Press Ratings Drop with Scarborough after Rachel Maddow High

Girls victimized by Taliban find safe haven to learn.

Here is your answer for rightwing christians who hate the Pres..

World's Last Great Forest Under Threat: New Study

I'm watching Glenn Beck right now, who wants to join me???

What Were The Circumstances Behind The Plane Crash Teddy Was In?.......

If You Are Not Part Of The Solution...

Meet The 13 Senate Dems Holding Out On Public Option

LA Times: California to lose its last major auto plant

LA Times: California to lose its last major auto plant

Is Dianne Feinstein still against the public option?

RNC survey suggests Republicans will be denied medical care (based on party)

I received an email from the Kennedy family about celebrating his life.

If Teddy was the Lion of the Senate, what about those other guys & gals?

WOW: Google has added live traffic updates to its maps

LAT: Obama's job approval rating falls to 50% in Gallup poll

Lawmakers scramble to attend Kennedy funeral

The Media Matters ad that CNN wouldn't let you see

When asked for a statement on Ted Kennedy's death, Sen. Jeff Sessions...

When someone replies in a nice or very respectful way

Kennedy funeral arrangements

Kennedy funeral arrangements

Do you think you are a progressive person??

Kucinich Calls on Insurers to Testify Before Panel

Kennedy procession to stop by Capitol Hill

I think if I saw Beck or Malkin on the street, I'd have to smack them in the mouth...

'Black agenda' memo stirs mayor race

Anyone know if health care spending rose precipitously after Medicare

Who is this alleged Liberal, Pat Caddell?

Meet a Monkey With Two Mothers

USINPAC lauds Ted Kennedy’s legacy of building the American dream for every American

Could smoking pot cut risk of head, neck cancer?

A poster about leaving pets in hot cars:

digby: Wellstoning

Help me answer to a family who

It's quite clear that Glenn Beck is scared of black people & make his bucks off of fear of them

Obama Requested No Timeline For Easing DADT:

Conservative Filth Warns of Wellstone Effect!

a foretaste of hell for the "Bible Belt"

FTC to ban most telemarketing 'robocalls' Sept. 1

Has Ed Brooke been seen today? Curious.

Debt And Reality Check

Former migrant worker about to blast into space

I hope I'm not being indelicate by asking this question.

MSNBC should NOT be running this piece of shit AHIP ad right now

Clay Shaw's stunning reversal on gun laws (jockeying for Martinez's FL Senate seat)

OpenLeft: The "We Can Do Health Reform Without Taking on the Insurance Industry" Argument

Philadelphia Dog Lovers to Tailgate Elsewhere

Philadelphia Dog Lovers to Tailgate Elsewhere

Oh the irony - Beck thinks that Obama is going to orchestrate a national emergency or disaster

Dr. Dean is perfect for Kennedy's Senate seat....

The Wonk Room:AHIP’s Astrotuf Consulting Firm Also Hosts Anti-EFCA Website For Former AFP Affiliate

Pastor of Gun-Toting Town Hall Protester Prayed for Obama's Death

Was Orly Taitz a student of David Duke?

Would Obama have been better served to pursue immigration reform before health care reform?

Who's the best name caller from M$Greedia

Stossel: Why Obama's Health Plan Gets It Wrong

AARP Survey by PENN, Schoen & Berland "Internet based, causes confusion" says Nate Of 538

HBO Documentry "Which Way Home" I recommend it

Pls help outnumber them at their own events

Star Wars fans, check out this pic I found on

Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) Commissioner Tim Hagen, sitting in front of Sen. Kennedy's

People who groom their dogs to look like pandas and buffalo...

Holbrooke, Karzai Have "Explosive Meeting" Over Afghan Election

Holbrooke, Karzai Have "Explosive Meeting" Over Afghan Election

Daily Kos Diary: Dianne Feinstein to come out for Public Option tomorrow

Rachel is back tonight!! I know that you need to know that!

2 Va. Tech students found slain. Third tragedy in past two years

CREW urges MSNBC to pull misleading and delusional healthcare ad

Anybody just hear Georgie Stepenopolis on FAUX saying not enough votes for Public Option

Ethel Kennedy

This shirt is illegal in 51 countries

Obese People Have Less Brain Tissue

why is it that everytime (it seems)

While Rush Limpballs bloviates, thousands of his co-workers got the axe

Officials: Sex Offender Admits Abduction - re: Tahoe Girl, Missing For 18-Years

Officials: Sex Offender Admits Abduction - re: Tahoe Girl, Missing For 18-Years

In villifying Blue Dogs, please remember 2010....

Republican National Committee Reaches New, Horrifying Low

Ka-BOOM! Call your utilities before digging on your property

The anti-Obama healthcare plan ad that networks are refusing to air:

REPUB Survey Suggests - Obama’s health reform plans might discriminate against Republicans.

Hate Motive Probed in Stabbing of 2 Transgender People

Whose Tour Schedule is this?

Ingraham to Luntz: "Glad to see you AND for MORE bad news..."

I loves me some Rachel Maddow

My experience with Canada's health care today.

Waxman Gears Up for Health Care Showdown

Latest email from FreedomWorks re: 9/12 march on DC - ROFLMAO

When republicans say what they want to happen or want not to happen, remind them

Oh Teddy, we hardly knew ye......God Bless You, rest in peace....

More conservatives deluded that bad things never happen to good people.

Anyone here had trouble with Animal Control in you city?

Lamont On Lieberman: He's Echoing GOP's Health Care Talking Points

Video Captures Teacher Beating Student with Autism

Nader praises Kennedy for passage of FOIA

Boom Icons passing on. Cronkite, Shriver, MJ :yoiks: Teddy... who will be the Future Icons, Gen XYZ?

America's Emerald Kings

Caution Democracy - pic

World faces hi-tech crunch as China eyes ban on rare metal exports

Rachel Maddow Just Now: Kennedy Family Has Informed Line To Pay Respects For Sen. Kennedy...

US cops stunned & upset over Mexico's new lax drug use laws

Swine flu serious for more blacks, Hispanics

Ask the DSCC to Promote Primary Candidates against Landrieu and Bill Nelson (FL)

Just have to share something CrAzY (Glenn Beck)

check out the police sketch from 1991 of the co-kidnapper (re: Duggard kidnapping)

i still expect my page to refresh when i recommend

My Run In With Senator Edward M Kennedy

Alt Med Guru Andrew Weill Says Health Care Reform Is Hopeless Because US Health Care Is Hopeless

So I have a small claims court date tomorrow for a guy who is suing me over a private vehicle sale

So I have a small claims court date tomorrow for a guy who is suing me over a private vehicle sale

Holy crap... Are you watching that Rachel Maddow segment on the new FACES pro-coal group?

Male tortoiseshell cat 'genetically impossible' (pic of one)

Male tortoiseshell cat 'genetically impossible' (pic of one)

Rex Rammell, Idaho GOPer, Jokes About Hunting Obama-? about Obama Hunting Tags

Rex Rammell, Idaho GOPer, Jokes About Hunting Obama-? about Obama Hunting Tags

What is/was the source of the antipathy between Kennedy and Carter?

Conservative media invoke Wellstone memorial smear in predicting politicization of Kennedy's death

A gazillion people are gonna lose their gun rights because of Democrats' healthcare reform

THIS MORNING'S FRONT PAGES: Respects for Sen. Kennedy from around the world

Help me respond to the lies on this blog

Ted Rall nails it- "What a difference white skin makes"

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Kidnap Suspect: I 'Straightened Out' - Phillip Craig Garrido Accused Of Kidnapping Jaycee Lee Dugard

Who will carry the torch left by Ted and continue to fight for Health Care?

Notes from Feingold listening session today~ good session!

WorldNetDaily’s Joseph Farah responds to Kennedy’s passing calling him ‘a rotten man – a wicked man’

Leaked iPhone commercial. They knocked one out of the park

Kennedy's motorcade went by my office

John, Bobby and Ted at the grave of Yitzhak Rabin

PBS Newshour doing a great segment debunking all of the RW spin on Health Care

PBS Newshour doing a great segment debunking all of the RW spin on Health Care

File this under: Disscussions you'll never see in America / American Media:

Website of the nut that kidnapped the girl in CA who just escaped

DU this poll, please, My unfortunate (R) congress critter, Tom Price

Scary spinal cyst only the beginning

The truth is our standard of living will be on a slow decline the next several years

Hey Randi Rhodes Fill In Guy DON'T MAKE US LISTEN TO THIS MFn Shit!! Jeff NeFarius

Anecdotal, but concerning...

Krugman: A note on the Bush fiscal legacy

Case of abducted Jaycee Dugard (almost 20 years ago) and some thoughts.

'Would you like the option of buying into Medicare before you turn 65?'

that poor sailor standing in the sun.

Loyal dog tried to save drowning owner

The Energizer "D" rechargable battery is actually just a AA battery and air

I think Glen Beck may be

Rush Limbaugh Demonizing Kennedy

Gee I didn't see this coming: Westboro Baptist Church to pickett Ted Kennedy's funeral

I count my blessings

Eulogy for Ted Kennedy, who loved his dogs

Ron Reagan Jr. interviews his mother Nancy about Ted Kennedy

In the Obama box, I couldn't treat you because you're over 70." Dr tells patient

Now I'm gettin' tired of hearing everybody go on about what some of us said for 30 years

Rep. Jerrold Nadler: My Open Letter on the Public Option

Congress Deadlocked Over How To Not Provide Health Care

I'm pretty sure that lack of affordable healthcare helped kill my wife

Center-right Dems helped Bush trash economy and fund unnecessary wars. Now they WON'T help clean up

Swine Flu Infects Children 14 Times More Than Elderly

Tahoe Girl, Missing For 18-Years, Identifies Herself to Bay Area Police As Girl Missing Since Age 11

Another face of "domestic terrorism"

Outrage over 'terrorist' is purely political


The 2010 jobs outlook

Can a Woman Lose Her Child Because She Doesn't Speak English?

Dear Sen. Reid - if any Senator votes for filibuster of HC - strip their committee chmnship

Madonna booed in Bucharest for defending Gypsies

Hundreds of people are gathered on the road for Teddy's motorcade.

Rex Rammell, Idaho GOPer, Jokes About Hunting Obama

ACORN is after me regarding the census!!!!!

More than 800 gun buyers on terrorist list - NRA counters some suspects might be innocent

KFC has created a sandwich without bread. The KFC Double Down.

Why Teddy's Health Care Vision must pass - 33 year-old woman kicked out of hospital in Houston TX

'Moon rock' in Dutch museum is just petrified wood

Ted Kennedy V. Nixon on Healthcare

Who Are the 13 Senate Democrats Holding Out On the Public Option?

Could Smoking Pot Cut Risk Of Head, Neck Cancer?

Is access to health care more determined by policy or location?

Beautiful Kennedy tribute picture

Do you want Ted Kennedy's seat replaced now or later...for health care reform?

The Rude Pundit: Ted Kennedy: There Went a Man

Explaining a funeral to a Republican:

FOX News has spent the entirety of today actively slamming the CIA report.

What Health Care Can Do For Your District (Find the data for your congressional district)

Anyone watching the coverge of the wake for EMK on C-Span

Small Midwestern States To Be Hit Hardest By Climate Change

Inhofe admits he’ll vote against health care bill without even reading it.

Educational "reform" in NYS: read this and weep.

Whoops! RNC Admits Screwing Up...

Florida, where it's legal to beat your kids as long as you aren't gay.

"Kennedy liked to get drunk in his basement and look at pictures of his brothers..."

"Kennedy liked to get drunk in his basement and look at pictures of his brothers..."

Palin needs a non-polarizing running mate for 2012 - someone like Fred Phelps

I'm so sick of having discussions with dining room tables.

Mary Landrieu is now a Republican

An open letter to Glenn Beck:

Think Progress: Health Insurance Lobby’s Stealth Astroturf Campaign Revealed

Just got a tweet from Sibel Edmonds. Here is an article about her depositions from of all places

Closing In on the Torturers-By Ray McGovern

O'Donnell about to skewer McGramps

MSNBC on the "Coming Tsunami "...1.5 million expected to exhaust unemployment benefits by year’s end

Fox News funnies. This, in the words of Frank Zappa is "Cheepnis."

Firing woman for taking unauthorized breaks to pump breast milk OK, Ohio top court rules

Anyone else following the Kennedys on Twitter?

Labor Secretary on NPR sidesteps part time faculty abuse question

Help take this essential health care link to everyone you know.

Tourists Rerouted Around Pot Garden - Sequoia National Park

Hey!!! Norm Dicks sent me a nice letter and an invite to a TOWN HALL!!!!

Reading Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free

Damn it to hell, more sickness

Muslims Banned from Black Eyed Peas Concert!

This poll needs a little DU love.

Solar panel prices fall sharply

Torture Team Trading Cards from The Center for Constitutional Rights

ACLU Warning on Facebook Quizzes

Argentina Supreme Court Legalizes Marijuana

Gov. Siegelman: Fire Rove's Prosecutors

Government contractor provides detailed photos of sensitive locations on social networking site.

Health Care Charts ------------>

Oops. Cop wrongfully tazes city councilman's daughter

Ted Kennedy at Liberty Baptist College: Tolerance and Truth In America

Do parents read their children's textbooks?

The best tribute to Ted...

Rats and Hogs Won't Even Eat GMO foods.

Tomorrow is the day Beck lays out his plan

Oh geez, the Bushes are going to be at the funeral

"He's gone to the funeral of every soldier who's come home from Iraq in a casket"

Great Depression 2

"Happy Pills", Environmental factors and Thyroid disorder

I'm sorry, I don't get why these folks aren't getting arrested or

If people were as outraged about the skyrocketing cost of healthcare

Best argument yet for what we're up against on the public option

Senator Kennedy on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre

If you think corporate power is bad now, you ain't seen nothing yet

Thom Hartmann persists to endorse a Medicare-for-all system

Ed just played a couple of clips of Boortz calling the victims of Katrina

Glenn Beck is toast

My Yard signs were vandalized and got Hate letter in the mail

I know we like to call the others Freeptards

Teddy Kennedy's death underscores Martin Luther King's legacy, also

WOOHOO! TEN MORE Advertisers Drop Beck! DAYUM!

There's the Kennedy Family & Then There's the Bush Family.

Police found girl, missing since 1991, while quizzing rapist

Springtime for Inglorious Basterds

my ltte praising Ted Kennedy printed today in my right wing paper

Democracy for America is hiring!

Ian Walsh: Road to Ruin: Bernanke's Reappointment is just the status quo

FCC Diversity Chief Asked Liberals to Copy FDR, Take on Limbaugh, Murdoch, Supreme Court

Sibel Edmonds has a question for you all

Everyone we hate is not gay. Stop saying so.

Landing sites on Europa identified

Charter school principals fired after questioning taxpayer money spent on school's real estate arm.

More insurrection talk in Freeperville

Man dies after being Tasered at L.A. subway station -

I'm so glad I don't live in Canada. I wouldn't want to wait to see a doctor!

Can we stop calling them "blue dogs?"

Bobby Jindal would love the latest equipment at my lookout tower!

Mad as Hell Doctors

On the Freeing of the Lockerbie Bomber

Justice Sotomayor's first Church and State decision: Salazar v. Buono (orals begin 10/07/2009)

Whats Rove afraid of?

KS GOP rep Lynn Jenkins: "GOP is searching for "great white hope"

Ted Kennedy on Republicans and Minimum wage

When does history "stop" being relevant? Is "cultural heritage" okay for some groups and not others?

Ed Shultz calling out the freemarket death panels

Ed Shultz calling out the freemarket death panels

Celebrating Senator Kennedy

McCain's case against public option - it would be the eventual end of private insurers in US

Food police. Do you want them?

Chinese abortion ad: Is it crossing the line?

Chinese abortion ad: Is it crossing the line?

TOONS honoring Ted

I'm going to see my stepmother on Friday.

Woo Hoo! 1000 posts with this one!

Safe to keep frozen TV dinners in regular refrigerator?

I've decided that I'm going to start editing my posts after the editing period has expired.

What's a strange occurrence you've observed but, until now,

Aah! I made it to the greatest page!

Aah! I made it to the greatest page!

Camera Obscura - "French Navy"

Did you ever date someone who made you feel as if you were terminally ill?

Good morning Lounge

woah i'm a freakin out man

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to nradisic!!*******

What, no Top Chef thread?

Is Using Democratic Underground to Pick On Babies OK?

God Dammit.

The 5 Ballsiest Lies Ever Passed Off As Journalism

What is the statute of limitations of posting movie spoilers without warning?

"When there is no underbrush, the tree looks taller."

"When there is no underbrush, the tree looks taller."

The three cats I'm cat-sitting for.

well they found Jesus in the Kudzu....


Praise Alethia it is going be mid 70s next week.

Venture Bros. season 4 trailer is out.

True story...


Any Day Now For The New Beginning And A New Life

DU Song Of The day

The International Noise Conspiracy - Communist Moon

How not to fill out your dating service application

Heracleum mantegazzianum

The Venture Bros. season 4 trailer

If Someone Says...

How do you cope with an anxiety attack at work?

At what point do you think the simpsons jumped the shark?


The movie 'Ass' from Idiocracy is actually a remake.

The Squirrels of Valley Forge.


In Honor of "Inglourious Basterds"

Well, that whiled away two hours:

*******HAPPY 47th BIRTHDAY to DeposeTheBoyKing!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SPKrazy!!*******

Is Using Democratic Underground to Pick Up Babes OK?

KFC opens first-ever float-thru restaurant

Wanna see a $1000 book?

True Blood picture from upcoming episode **** spoilers ****

How many brands of pork rinds should a grocery store carry?

My teacher is a ringer.

Ah hell, another one bites the dust. (NUMMI Plant Closure)

My teacher is a swinger.

Humanity Healing's Twelve Keys of Spiritual Activism-brought me a lot of peace..


My teacher is a finger.

My teacher is a clinger.

Respect on Helium

RIP Scottsdale Video. (casualty of recession/technology)

My teacher is Debra Winger.

I don't care what these dudes on Maury say...

Heh, you know that free chocolate lava cake you get at Dominos with the pasta?

I wish we had a Congressional Cash for Clunkers program when Santorum was our senator

My teacher is Winger.

My teacher is a winger.

I'm so pissed off I can't even articulate it

If you jump up high does the spinning Earth's momentum keep you in a geosynchronous location..

Generally speaking, at what point do we become smarter than our parents?

My teacher is Klinger.

Pure evil exists (even the happy ending to this news story doesn't end the anger)

I swear, if Burger King offered "Fried Roadkill On A Stick", it would be a hit.

HAAAALP:My computer just gave me the blue screen of death...

What boobs have made a big impact on you?

Model arrested for posing nude at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

I need help naming this drink I just invented

Two-Time Tony Winner Lauren Bacall On 'TWILIGHT' Vamps: 'Watch Nosferatu Instead!'

Ever wish they had plus-sized models modeling plus-sized dresses?

My neighbor grills out for lunch almost every day

I'm making French Onion Soup

I hosted an open mic poetry reading last night. It ran to 12 and I'm dog tired now

Fact: Continuously watching cat videos on YouTube makes you more obsessed about cats

I just put the baby down for a nap

What boob has made a big impact on you?

An open letter to Glenn Beck

Kitteh Loves Vacuum!

Have you ever Twittered?


Why are Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston treated so differently?

Why are Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston treated so differently?


Madonna booed in Bucharest for defending Gypsies

It's a wonder dogs don't just bite people in the nads after these contests!

So I figured out which greedy cat is eating all of the cat food from our porch each night:

So I play "SNAFU" in an online scrabble game.

For those who can watch C-Span the wake for Ted Kennedy is on.

I'm an Amendment to Be, yes an amendment to be...and I'm hoping that they'll ratify me

Wal*Mart sells a "fixed utility bar"

Our apologies to the copycat posts "My teacher is a singer" and "My teacher is a stinger"

"It's A Man Man's World"- James Brown/Luciano Pavarotti

This happens every time I log into DU

Have You Ever Eaten Pigs Feet?

Post the anthem of your g-g-g-g-generation

I need personal advice.


DU Draft starting in10 minutes

What is THE Las Vegas, casino?

There's only one answer to "When did Styx jump the shark?": Kilroy Was Here

Best wishes and good luck tomorrow to: CaliforniaPeggy!

A strange story about my cat today.

Can we all just finally admit that Dennis Leary isn't funny?

Paradoxical response

I need a swift kick in the ass to get me writing again.

I just got a VD in GD!

Soo is anyone here????

Can anyone here read German - need to translate title page from 1798 book

Sometimes I feel like such a freak.

11 Famous People Who Were in the Completely Wrong Career at Age 30

11 Famous People Who Were in the Completely Wrong Career at Age 30

My tribute to Teddy - the most intense 2 1/2 minutes of Bagpipes I can find

42 year old bachelor saddened to discover that he's not the target demographic of "iCarly"

The new yahoo homepage is ugly

After years of thought, I have decided: my first-born shall be named "Heater of Baskets"

Someday all of us will be dead for a long time, so do not hurry to die. Graves are boring places:

Teh Twilight Sequel looks awesome!

Once more into the breach with me, my dear friends...

When you express an opinion that goes against "the group,"

i think my boy is nearing the rainbow bridge and my heart is breaking

Looking for midpoint between Super Califragilistic Expialidocious and Severe Clinical Depression

Write the first and last lines to your novel

Does anyone have a birther in the family?

Anybody else see those Capital One "pillager" commercials?

New Tattoo

I just got alerted in GD!

Yosemite Rockfall Forces Hotel Evacuation


I just realized that I don't know what generation I fall under...

This will make elshiva's day!

What books have made a big impact on you?

Max goes in for surgery Monday morning!

Something I noticed about "The Shining"

Insert Inane Question Here...

Madonna booed while performing

Who should do the voice for your GPS?

Anyone read Elizabeth Peters' books featuring Egyptologist Amelia Peabody?

"The Time Traveller's Wife" movie

Play Taboo.

Cancer drugs fail to win NHS funding

City [UK] regulator seeks to deflate financial sector with global tax

Mali family law to be reviewed

Agency that insures bank deposits may need help

Cash for Cribs? Toys 'R Us Takes Aim at Old Baby Gear

Arizona cops find 97 migrants in refrigerated truck

Afghan Guantanamo detainee to sue US: lawyer

War in Sudan's Darfur 'is over'

China opposes Dalai Lama's Taiwan visit

Video shows purported atrocities in Sri Lanka conflict

Myanmar activist says China ignores junta's graft

More fighting feared as thousands flee Myanmar: activists

US senator lashes Myanmar sanctions

U.S. Navy: Pirates fire on U.S. helicopter

Delay Further Muddies Afghan Vote Count

Mercury Marine union considers do over vote

SKorea seeks to curb missionary travel to Mideast

Koreas discuss reuniting divided families

Group that opposes gay marriage now targeting Iowa

U.S.-Colombia Deal Prompts Questions

Cambodia pulls back troops from disputed temple

Indonesia terror network 'larger than thought'

Indonesia terror network 'larger than thought'

50,000 U.S. soldiers in Iraq by August 2010 – source

Nato attack on Afghanistan clinic

California Turns to JPMorgan for $1.5 Billion Loan

China Approves Law Governing Armed Police Force

Man indicted for threatening Boulder abortion doctor Warren Hern

Canadian (cold-water survival) research aided CIA torture techniques

Cyber-gangs are raiding U.S. companies' bank accounts

Kennedy Shaped Modern-Day Immigration System

Sen. Kennedy Motorcade From Hyannis Port to JFK Library - On Now Cspan

Sen. Kennedy Motorcade From Hyannis Port to JFK Library - On Now Cspan

Palin comes out in support of Fox's Beck over boycott

NM Gov. Richardson said to be clear of fed probe

F.D.I.C. Says Banking Industry Lost $3.7 Billion

Sanford rejects lieutenant governor's call for his resignation

NM Gov. Richardson said to be clear of fed probe

Dominick Dunne, author and former Hollywood producer, dies at 83

Concert ban for Malaysian Muslims

China urges U.S. to halt surveillance near its shores

Palin no show at fundraiser, denies accepting invitation

(California) State taxes going up because of deflation

Madonna booed in Bucharest for defending Gypsies

Dem HQ vandalism suspect posts bail (The story gets even weirder.)

Pennsylvania Mother Accused of Faking Abduction Pleads Guilty, Gets Jail Time

McCain Evicts Angry Woman From Town Hall

Hit 60's songwriter Ellie Greenwich dies

Government went too far in Balco sports drug case, says court

Idaho GOP Hopeful Jokes About 'Obama Tags' (To Hunt President)

Chinese Solar Firm Revises Price Remark

U.N. Rights Boss: CIA Probe Must Go to Highest Level

Judge's order challenges executive branch secrecy

Judge denies group's bid to block flu vaccine

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 27

Mohammed Jawad to sue US Government over seven years in Guantánamo

PROMISES, PROMISES: Obama wins praise for Katrina

Pentagon caught lying about profiling journalists

(Chris) Christie ticketed in '05

US Seen Easing Israeli Settlement Demands

A Million And A Half U.S. Workers Will Exhaust Unemployment Benefits By Year's End

FAA flags possible parts violation by Southwest

CIA contractors will be a focus of interrogation investigation

Regulators(FCC) open inquiry into wireless industry

Memos: CIA pushed limits on sleep deprivation

Facebook to make privacy changes

CIA probe must go to highest level-UN rights boss

Tijuana men arrested in border fence theft

Judge Strikes Reference to God in Ky. Law

U.S. moves toward formal cutoff of aid to Honduras

August tied for deadliest month in Afghanistan

ABC, NBC Won't Air Ad Critical of Obama's Health Care Plan

Pastor Of Gun-Toter At Obama Event Prayed For Obama To Die

US envoy 'in angry Karzai talks'

Rep. Jenkins: GOP looking for `great white hope'

Idaho GOP hopeful jokes about 'Obama (Hunting) Tags'

Toyota to halt production at Nummi

Democrat Landrieu does not support public option in health-care proposal

International Tribunal Takes Up Case Of Innocent Victim Of CIA Extraordinary Rendition Program

Military chief rips U.S. message to Muslims

Federal Reserve Seeks Delay in Disclosing Recipients of Emergency Lending

Ford To Add Shifts At Plants In Michigan, Missouri

Union Leaders Say No Revote of Mercury Contract

As boycott continues, Glenn Beck's audience swells

Warner: I'll Vote For Public Option

Group that opposes gay marriage now targeting Iowa

Kidnapping Victim Found After 18 Years, Police Say

Key Democrat Suggests Party Moderates 'Brain Dead'

Rep. Charlie Melancon to run for Senate against David Vitter

Obama's August Surprise...

PHOTO Caption it? (August 27)

Obama approval in Gallup tracking hits lowest point so far

Would Ted Kennedy have been a better candidate in '80 against Reagan?

Glenn Greenwald 8.27., on Obama...

The administration's concession will end any hope of peace in the Middle East.

"None of the healthcare bills guarantee that you can keep your employer based healthcare benefits"

PHOTO Paying Respect

Alabama: Chuck Norris endorses Roy 'Ten Commandments' Moore for governor

Steele Confused, Overwhelmed By NPR Interview...

John McCain: 'Revolution' on health care

"...RNC Poll Says Health Bill May Deny Care To Republicans"

Kennedy 'wanted to go to heaven' says priest who stayed at Kennedy's bedside

PHOTOS Official White House Photos: Ted Kennedy (August 27) (Some are reissues)

OK-01, OK-05: Dems Hoping to Test Pair of Deep Red GOP Seats

AR15 Toting Christopher Broughton's Pastor Steven Anderson Prays for President Barack Obama's Death

Do you wish Ted had been president, and

I'd just like to say: Thank you Rose and Joe...

*Awesome* Cartoon Explains Public Plan

Universal single payer health care will stimulate the growth of small businesses and create jobs

The RR folks have it all figured out

Sen. Sanders - You only need 51 Senators and you don't need reconciliation

Obama girls fly under the radar -- but how long will it last?

john stossel, (FA) At Town hall Meeting In Wisconsin

Howard Fineman on appointment of Senator to replace Kennedy-"I think it's gonna happen."

Idaho Republican says he was joking about Obama hunting tags

How do you feel about naming the public option "KennedyCare"?

VA Is Right to Help You Consider End-of-Life Choices

Dick Lugars response to my Health Care Reform inquiry.

Joe Conason: Ted Kennedy wanted the public option

Only a Kennedy.....

Help Please DU: I Need An E-Mail So I Can Send Something To Teddy's Family

Rep Lynn Jenkins (KS): "Republicans are struggling right now to find the great white hope"

Stephanie Miller: "Let's win one for the Skipper"

Republicans Who Opposed The Stimulus Line Up To Criticize It Publicly, Request More Money Privately

MA-Sen: What's Next

Val Kilmer: 'I'm not running' for governor

McCain: "Really? I didn't know that."

Where Have All the Washington Deal Makers Gone?

Over Half of Blue Dogs’ 2009 Campaign Contributions from Health Care Industry

Nation blog: To properly honor Teddy, Obama needs to talk about health reform in eulogy

PHOTOS Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

VT-Gov: Douglas Won't Seek Re-Election

Two wonderful photos of Senator Kennedy, one with President Obama

Klein “not quite there yet” on supporting Dem health care bill, public option

Kansas U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins - the GOP needs a 'great white hope'

McCain tangles with angry crowd

can President Obama issue an executive order that the US government will not conduct any business

The Obama Recovery: GDP declines 1 percent, better than expected, Jobless claims decrease

"Hopemonger" up and ready to begin a new day... First-time jobless claims expected to drop

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Healthcare, History and Kennedy

Biden: Kennedy's death could be 'catalyst' for reform

Peter Roff (US News): Romney for Senate? Succeeding Kennedy Could Help in 2012

3 admit cover-up of campaign violations from 2004

You know what? I don't care WHAT you call it, as long as it's KENNEDY'S PLAN

McCain evicts angry woman from town hall (AP)

Health Care Fit for Animals, By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

Deal accused of ethics breach in watchdog group complaint

Toyota to close domestic line

Toyota to close domestic line

Stop the Massive Removal of Cloud's Herd

Obama: Kennedy 'One of the Great Senators of Our Time'

VP Biden Remembers Sen. Kennedy: 'Teddy Spent a Lifetime Working for a Fairer & More Just America'

School Sends Out "Eduction" Coasters...

Gov. Schwarzenegger Garage Sale

Chris Matthews interviews Nancy Reagan about Sen. Kennedy

Former Health Care Exec @ Rep. McCarthy's Town Hall: "We Do NOT Have The Greatest Health Care!"

Teen Worked With Kennedy To Improve Health Care

Charlie Melancon's Senate Announcement

Thom Hartmann w/Jeremy Scahill - Did he sully Chuck Todd's reputation?

Senator John McCain spills water on himself during town hall meeting in Sun City

NE Wingnuts Cheer Defender of Socialism

God save us from history as it strives to repeat itself

McCain confronted: Why don’t I have the health insurance you’ve got!

Bill O'Reilly Not Feelin' Jay-Z's New Song

Thom Hartmann w/ Jeremy Scahill - Blackwater: CIA assassins for hire?

Health Care Reform

Outfoxed: The Fox News internal memos

Bulworth (Warren Beatty) : the luncheon rap

Wingnut With Assault Rifle @ Obama's Town Hall Linked To Lunatic Pastor Calling For Obama's Death

Thom Hartmann - Why should private health insurance companies exist?

A Tribute to Sen. Ted Kennedy

CNN: Public Farewell to Sen. Kenndy at JFK Library

Kennedy A Champion Of Rights For The Disabled

The Kelly Affair - UK

Glenn Beck Talks To Sarah Palin About Obama's Secret Army

TYT: Hateful, Disgusting Pastor Incites Gun Toting Obama Protesters

Fox's Glenn Beck Comes Clean On Blacks, Mexicans & Arabs


Alan Colmbes Takes On Lunatic Pastor Steve Anderson's Insane Homophobic/Anti-Obama Arguments

AP: Sen. Kennedy's Body Begins Final Poignant Tour

Thom Hartmann - Should you get a flu shot?

U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Drop to 570,000 in Sign Recession Is Abating

Rick Sanchez Exposes Health Care Fraud Behind Tea Bagger Lunacy

Carter pays tribute to Edward Kennedy

Senator Conrad Town Hall Meeting 08/20/09 in Center, ND (part 1 of 4)

A Photo tribute to the memory of Senator Ted Kennedy

Jeff Huber (at-Largely): Thugs of Fortune. "Doesn’t all this make you proud to be an American?"

Whole Foods Boycott Spreads to 'Poppy' from Seinfeld

Kennedy Death Adds Volatile Element to Health Fight

The media can't handle the truth-Media sheep facing truth-hungry Internet wolves

The Dear Friends of Glenn Beck

The media can't handle the truth

Bush Redux? Did Obama Also Ignore 'Urgent Warning' Memo Before Leaving for Vacation?

Whistleblowers Spiritual Strength Tested

Raising Astroturf

In Pictures: President Obama and family at Martha's Vineyard

How the Media Reports Debate and Why Single Payer Advocacy Matters

Private Health Insurance Companies Increase Healthcare Costs and Reduce Care

Utah's 4-day week experiment shows benefits

National Day of Service on 9/11 (thank you Ted Kennedy)

The Survivor

Kennedy's dream is our inspiration-Health care for all would make a more just society, he believed

Bloggers trounce pros (Gene Lyons)

Message to Muslim World Gets a Critique.

GOP: We’d Do Health Reform if Lincoln's Mythical Secretary Named 'Kennedy' Was Still Alive

Fascist America III: Resistance for the Long Haul

Fire Rove's Prosecutors

From dust to bust, America's poor take on a new type of monster

Is Paul Wolfowitz for Real? (On the Realist/Idealist divide)

The Kennedy women covered up their husbands' excesses (The Guardian)

Four years on, Katrina remains cursed by rumour, cliche, lies and racism

Latin America Weighs Less Punitive Path to Curb Drug Use

Misogyny, up close and personal

President's Approval Sunk To 35%! Unemployment Over 10%! But, Some Say Greatest POTUS Ever???

TYT Interviews: Dan Gross of Newsweek calls Michael Steele 'Stupid' & More

Progressive proposal for a “true” flat tax

Alliance for Nuclear Worker Advocacy Groups mourns loss of Sen. Kennedy

Drumbeat: August 27, 2009

PEMEX Projects Mexico's Oil Output @ 2.5 MBD In 2010 - Agencies Warn Of Downgrade For Govt. Debt

Peak oil notes - Aug 27

(Nature Conservancy) Study Warns of ‘Energy Sprawl’

Drought May Cut India's Summer Crop Yields By 20% - AFP

5,767 Feet - Scientists Set Record For Single-Season Ice Core Sample On Greenland Expedition

After $136 Billion Investment To Date, Kashagan, With Est. 9 BBL EUR, Has Yet To Produce Any Crude

From Lonesone Larry In 1992, Snake River Sockeye Run Rebounds Into The Hundreds This Year

Pollutants May Lay Behind Cancer Outbreaks In Flounder, Catfish, Seals, Multiple Species Worldwide

Northeast bat extinctions looming, with 1.5 Million Dead, white-nose disease to reach West by 2012

Oil Sesquicentennial

Australia government says rainfall needed in the next two weeks to salvage crops

Pollution killing Queensland dolphins

Climate protection 'to cost more'

Debunking the US Chamber of Commerce's Climate Change Court Claim

Should urinals be installed in home bathrooms?

Ocean 'Deserts' Becoming More Lifeless, larger

Entropy gets no respect

Some interesting comments at The Oildrum regarding the history of nuclear energy safety requirements

Mutant bacteria + polyester = more biofuel

Get a free bikini car wash from Angry Green Girls


New Scientist - Svalbard Area Studied In Methane Release Implies Regional Release Of 20 MT/YR

More Sun for Less: Solar Panels Drop in Price

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, August 26)

Trumad and Rush Limbaugh: longtime friends?

Court: Drug list should not have been seized

Champions League group stage draw

Penny's Sox tenure comes to an end

Diamondbacks leading 8-0 over Gnats

Barry Bonds! Lane Kiffin! Eddie DeBartolo!

Rox and Small Men bidding for Bad Penny?

Are you watching tonight's game with Vick?

Boxing!!! (Aug 27 & 28)

VA Continues Gulf War Research, Cancels Contract with UTSW Medical Center

Central American bank freezes Honduras loans

Let’s Put OAS Secretary-General Insulza Under the Lens

Santa Cruz Bolivia native does his hometown proud by kung-fu kicking man in the head:

U.S.-Colombia Deal Prompts Questions

FARC is the best instrument of US empire: Morales

Why should anyone respect this paper's spin?

Report of the Union of Writers and Artists of Honduras

EU embassies visit wife of jailed Cuban dissident

U.S. moves toward formal cutoff of aid to Honduras

NICARAGUA: Literacy Goal Met – Further Education Planned

State Dept. Floating Idea of Declaring Coup in Honduras a “Military” One

Former migrant worker about to blast into space

Human Rights Watch asks for investigation into Awa massacre, army implicated (Spanish)

Continent-wide referendum urged over US bases in Colombia

Four shot dead in Atlanta suburb. 4yo wounded.

Schoolgirls in Hamas-run Gaza told to wear Islamic dress

Hamas men killing Al-Qaida rebels caught on tape

Sweden's Free Speech Tradition Runs Into Israeli Ire

Major increase in number of Arab volunteers for national service

Rattling the Cage: The Zionist Left's red lines

Nazi death camp blueprints given to Israel

First they came for the guns

Israeli Nuclear Weapons and Western Hypocrisy

Today in Labor History Aug 27 14,000 Chicago teachers who have gone without pay collect about $1,400

Caribbean Refinery Closes, Idling A Thousand Workers

Whole Foods gets an earful about CEO's opposition to health care reform (photo too)

U.S. Postal Service Tries To "Buy Out" 30,000 Workers

Embedded with Organized Labor: An Interview with Steve Early

Huffington Post: The Kennedy Legacy vs Glenn Beck's Lies About Reform "Murdering" Small Businesses

More veterans set to return to work soon

Workers forced to strike for health care (cancelled withouit warning)

This Friday: Tell the “Whole” Truth About Whole Foods & Health Care Reform!

One way to fix a problem:

The dogs - a slide show

The photos keep coming....A window in Brittany

I got a pet for my dog.

Another transition species: Tianyuraptor

Suicidal planet seems on death spiral into star

NOAA picture of planet earth. dial up warning

Ex-Gays want protection, too!

The use of the word Gay as an insult runs rampant here on DU.

GLBT: Back off please.

I am sorry.

Desert Stonewall Democrats Action Alert Aug 27

Straight men for gay rights - photo

Deskbound, Romancing the Brick

The real unemployment rate.....

"In the Tank Forever": U.S. Consumers, Retailers in a "Death Spiral," Davidowitz Says

Washington Rewarding All of the Characters That Encouraged the Financial Crisis

Wacko PHX 'pastor' Anderson wife's blog: "Another fag..."

Holy Housing bubble !!!! the house I sold in PHX 3 years ago just sold again

Finding Happiness by Cultivating Positive Emotions

Remembering Ted Kennedy as a Lung Cancer Advocate

Sobering Statistic

Was Ted Kennedy's brain tumor caused by cell phone radiation?

Compassion? Not so much.

Did that UFO Swallow an Airplane?

Join in the Birthday Party: Come on in, Wish OneGrassRoot a Happy B'Day

AMORC: A Special Free Membership Offer, ends August 31

My only child is going off to college tomorrow and I am a "burbling. . .

Rick (ricochetastroman) is back in the hospital. (Thursday, August 27th)

Upcoming Mercury Retrograde 9/7

Taiwan allows Dalai visit for typhoon victims

Judge: Ky. can't legislate dependence on God

Pastor at the Creation Museum: "Is this how Christians treat people?"

Suicide note reveals poor grammar

Anyone have a good salsa recipe to share?

Homemade barbecue sauce question

Quick question regarding basil & fresh tomatoes

Here's what on Black Op Radio Tonight!

Can anyone deal with another snarkless thread here?

So I am listening the Sibel Edmonds testimony... All about Turkish infiltration of US govt.

In theory anyway, can the resolution be found in a mathematical equation?

Go Trek Yourself!

No Mercy. No Escape. No Limits. The Final Destination

Sons of Anarchy season 1 and the upcoming season....Spoilers

Anachronisms in "Mad Men"

Union supports Lakeside bid for Stelco

PM to name taxpayers crusader to media role


Hey Jack, what do you think now about keeping our troops in Afghanistan?