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OK What do we know about this.

APB to the Web: Find My Bike!

better watch out or the communists will get you

New Home Sales, Durable Goods Orders Seen Higher

Only 4 out of every 10,000 viewers watches Fox Business Network

On this day four years ago sweet Sirius died in my arms.

Adam Lambert Teams Up With

See LBN - Senator Kennedy has died.

Terrorists and tea-baggers hate the US government. How are they different?

In your fucking dreams....

Rest In Peace, Teddy

If a health insurance public option becomes a reality, will you sign up for it?

Johnny Cash - 'Hurt"

"The dreams shall never die" - A befitting quote from the late Ted Kennedy himself,

Ted Kennedy Fighting For Our Healthcare v. Tom Coburn Telling A Crying Woman To Beg For It

everyone should watch Kennedy, this "Lion in Winter", endorse Obama. POWERFUL words

No more fucking around - pass real health care reform NOW

Ted Kennedy kicking Mitt Romney's ass

Beck must be having an orgasm right about now

Beck must be having an orgasm right about now

It was one year ago tonight that Senator Kennedy addressed the Democratic national convention

He'll be missed.

Hey Ted? Tell Jack and Bobby how much we've missed them over the years,

All the lads are gone now.....

LAT: Camp Lejeune residents blame rare cancer cluster on the water

We need to stop deluding ourselves that we ever had 60 ambulatory votes in the senate.

I Know It's Too Soon

Apologies to Maria for wishing A.S. misery when MIL died. So sorry for your losses of Eunice & Ted

It's not enough that they have to dance on Senator Kennedy's grave on their own site

I will not stand for a special election in 5 months!

"Promised Land" - A really extraordinary film revolving around the Bali hotel bombings

Im guessing Fox News wont take down the comments about Kennedy

To the rich and priviledged

How classless, FOX has returned to their regularly scheduled Beck rerun.

Let it roll off like water off a ducks back- (The vileness of the right)

So many threads to rec, such a sad day,

Hey Joe Scum

About Joan Bennett Kennedy, his first wife:

Eric Boehlert on MSM: Angry Right-Wingers Are Important; Angry Libs are Annoying

Has a single Rushican Senator or Congressperson

Malaysian court puts caning of woman on hold

Why are all the Morning Jerks saying Teddy would get us to settle for 80% of health care?

"If Obama can stand up to Scotland, why can't he stand up to the Republicans?"

Not to be ghoulish, but can we please pull a Reagan with Teddy Kennedy . . .

Alberto Gonzales was for the Geneva Conventions before he was against them

The Lion lays still, but come September, his roar will echo the Senate halls.

Juan Cole: Ted Kennedy On How America Got Mired In Iraq

I'm guessing that Mike Barnicle is making shit up again

In 2003 when the country was crazy, I remember Kennedy voting against the war

I will miss you, Teddy. Sleep well...

The rich irony of watching Senator Kennedy's civility and respect for others praised

Who else would like to see Rachel Maddow in the US Senate?

How about for the rest of the day we ignore the rightwing hate/attention seekers?

People should stand and point at these disruptor's at Town Halls...

Salon: "It is 2011, and John Boehner is Speaker of the House..."

The Ted Kennedy Universal Healthcare Act 2009, I hope that it is good enough to bear his name

Ted Kennedy on the "four toos" that prevented Washington DC from becoming a state:

Ted Kennedy on Minimum Wage Debate

Live in hour hearts and our hands, Senator Kennedy. We will Never Forget.

I believe that Ted Kennedy will influence the healthcare debate

Does Anyone Have A Ted Kennedy Avatar I Could Use?

I can't name one other person in congress that did as much for the little guy

For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on..

Spread the word: When you drive today - LIGHTS ON!

Palm Beach Post article on Senator Kennedy and the Family..

Danziger On Kennedy's Passing...

FREEPERS, Ted Kennedy wanted universal health care for ALL OF YOU TOO

"Because Senator Kennedy would have wanted it that way. Because he would have wanted it that way..."

CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN running Kennedy stories - FauxNews -runaway Muslim girl, Kennedy on crawler.

For a moment there---I bought Chris Browns apology for beating Rihanna.....

I Understand That Keith Took On United Healthcare Today......

The God awful question that just popped into my head over Ted Kennedy

a less than classy ad during the announcement of Kennedy's dealth on CNN

Can any one help me? I want to send a little back.....

Thank you Ted Kennedy for the Family Leave Act

I just had an idea. Teddy Care!

Anyone else currently infected by the Dion brainworm?

Thank You Ted Kennedy for supporting Civil Rights

Why does GENBC believe that the Kennedy story has to revolve

'Was not fortunate enough to be a Ted Kennedy delegate at the 1980

CNN: Teen offenders find a future in Missouri

Video: Teddy's eulogy for his brother Bobby

Thank you ted Kennedy for supporting title IX

It's time: The Senator Ted Kennedy Health Care Reform Bill

Thank you Ted Kennedy for never selling out the little guy

Thank you Ted Kennedy for being a lion for justice

Thank you for giving Liberals a Champion.

Thank you Ted Kennedy for supporting armored humvees

Thank You Ted Kennedy for supporting women's rights and women's equality

Thank you Ted Kennedy for voting against the Vietnam War and the Iraq War


I just woke up and heard the news. Oh god, I can't stop crying.

Thank You Ted Kennedy for creating the National Teacher Corp

Faux News doesn't even try

Thank you Ted Kennedy for supporting the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The conservative filth is already out in force attacking Ted Kennedy.

Thank you Ted Kennedy for always supporting American workers

The Torture Papers

When Walter Cronkite covered the death of Jack Kennedy .......

I'll be on the Cape tommorrow through Sunday

In honor of Sen. Kennedy, I will call Coburn's office

Congressional Seat up for grabs

Thank you Ted Kennedy for believing that all Americans deserve decent healthcare regardless of incom

We Are Seeing How Vile, Disgusting, And Hateful The Right Is


Thank you Ted Kennedy for helping millions of Americans, myself included.

I don't want to believe that many people are just yahoos.

Is Ted Kennedy the last of his siblings? Or are any of his sisters still living? nt

JFK died and LBJ followed through with Medicare

I am concerned that we've lost the Lion of Health Care reform!

Sen. Kennedy kept fringe-nut Robert Bork off the Supreme Court

Don't let them spoil the memory or works of Senator Kennedy...

Thank you Ted Kennedy for keeping that nutso Bork off the Supreme Court

Ted Kennedy died, I'm sooo sad

Claire MacCaskill calls out health care protestors - telling them that if MO's voters don't like her

What do I say to my close friend who loves "24"?

An era ends when the last of the first Kennedys dies

I just made a donation to the American Cancer Society in memory of Teddy....

WE must honor Sen. Kennedy by naming Health Care Bill (with public option) after him

Thank you Senator Kennedy, for voting against The Patriot Act.

Town Halls vs. One-on-one discussions

Deaths by Kennedy at Chappaquiddick - 1. Deaths in Iraq/Afghan from Bush's War - THOUSANDS

LAT: Abortion foes turn on each other over the Operation Rescue name

LAT: Youth's vigor makes a strong impression in environmental hearings

In lieu of flowers, pass health care reform....

May Ted's Passing Have A Galvanizing Effect On Congressional Dem Fighting For Real Health Care

BTW, there is still one of the Kennedy Siblings left - Jean Kennedy Smith

An Idea: All day we should post threads naming the good things Ted Kennedy did

The GOP's Top Chef Starves a Beast and Poisons a Debate

Miserable, shitstain, scumbags at celebrate Teddy's death.

The number of OPs thanking Sen. Kennedy for different things is astounding.

Obama’s Remarks on Kennedy

Sen. John Kerry (D-MA): Kennedy "An Extraordinary Force," "The Best Senator"

Roger Ebert's interesting column about his own alcoholism

Think about how awful it must be to lose 2 of your brothers to an assassin's bullet

"Barack is now the last brother."

Obama mourns Kennedy, greatest senator of our time

Limbaugh to be on Beck's tv program tomorrow

A thought or two about guns at Presidential events

Quick Somebody call Oral Taintz. Video shows MJ still alive. Produce the DEATH CERTIFICATE!!!

Quick Somebody call Oral Taintz. Video shows MJ still alive. Produce the DEATH CERTIFICATE!!!

Delete -- sorry

Blank mind Tony Blankley & Ron Reagan duking it out w. Tweety | Prisoner abuse, and who should pay

Ted Kennedy's family was with him when he was ill and when he died.

What He Did For Us!

The new health care package should be named after Ted Kennedy - the Kennedy Bill - or something of

Sen. Kennedy on healthcare reform: "What we can't afford is to wait another generation."

Must See: Glenn Beck scrawls wild conspiracy theories on a chalk board

Philadelphia Inquirer: CIA reveals rules on harsh tactics

thank you teddy kennedy

My tribute to Ted Kennedy.

maybe Kennedy's death will shame dems into health industry reform at long last

Another clear sign FauxNews is not about news, but an agenda...

MSNBC TV: Interim appointment or full appointment to replace Ted Kennedy off the table.

I wish that John Jr. were still here. He would be a great voice.

Hey freepers, you like the American's with Disabilities Act, thank Ted Kennedy

Want A Constructive Way To Honor Senator Kennedy?

It starts.... my rightwing office mate just said this....

A Technological way to reduce traffic accidents

Ted Kennedy is a murderer, says the right.

Ted Kennedy helped get my President elected.

Who's Paying to Kill Health Reform? (Cool chart!)

Who's Paying to Kill Health Reform? (Cool chart!)

I checked on Rapture Ready, and found this:

Pics of Sen. Kennedy (feel free to add, obviously pic heavy)

I'm calling out this thread

I'm calling out this thread

Boston TV live stream on Teddy Kennedy

Let every thread with a slur against Kennedy drop like a rock

The Ted Kennedy Act

Will the flags fly at half mast for Kennedy?

Mods - any chance we can get the threads posting links to hate sites removed?

Traficant welcome-home dinner a big draw

Thank you mods, I feel much better now

Nancy Reagan and other Republicans pay tribute to Edward M. Kennedy

Thank You Ted Kennedy for the Americans With Disabilities Act

Keep Your Damn Filthy Government Hands Off My Medicare!!!!

Win it for the Lion!

Win it for the Lion!

Help needed in turning Ted Kennedy pic into a DU avatar

Free Republic responses to Ted Kennedy's death

Mystery Donor Gives Millions to Universities

‘Cash for Clunkers’ Yielded Almost 700,000 Sales

Is there an official website where we can leave messages of condolences to the Kennedy family?

I tuned in to Beck just to hear what he would say.


From Senator Kennedy's web site: List of his Accomplishments (54 pages) and more

Thank you Ted Kennedy for fighting Medicare Plan D, he knew that bill was crap

Call your Representatives immediately

S.C. Lieutenant Governor Will Ask Embattled Sanford To Resign

AP: Comments on the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy

Beaking on Sen. Kennedy will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery, official confirms


Is SC Gov. Stanford about to be impeached?

A little humor on a sad day: "Bush Questions Brevity of Obama's Vacation"

Homebuilders Buy Land After Three Years of Selling as U.S. Demand Returns

Went to Health Care Town Hall Forum

Maybe DU needs to offer optional blindfolds. Apparently some here are being forced ...

Study details health risks from TVA’s spilled coal ash

Why do we try to reconcile with the right wing?

Ted Kennedy vs. John Ashcroft

Former top Labor official charged in Abramoff investigation

AAA: Auto Travel Over Labor Day Holiday To Drop 11.8% On Year

Rushbo's first segment today: Playing the victim again.

CNN now: Chris Dodd speaking about Kennedy (oops - they just cut in) but

Got a live one in one of my threads

The Civil Rights Act passed back in 1964 amidst open racism. I think Health Care will pass too.

An idea to get the facts out

Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Food (READ THIS)

Thank CNN for their great coverage of Senator Kennedy.

Just once can you negative magnets IGNORE what the RW and the corporate media are spewing

That's really nice

re: health care reform and a strong public option

Thank you Ted Kennedy for the Family and Medical Leave Act

Thank you Ted Kennedy for voting against DOMA and being a champion for LGBT

Chuck Todd wonders if Graham or McCain could be the next Ted Kennedy

Video link: Biden talks about Kennedy

Willie Geist Just Said If Chappaquiddick Happened Today - Kennedy......

Thank you Ted Kennedy for being a better Christian than George W Bush could ever dream of being

Teddy and his brothers proved that being born rich does not make a person devoid of empathy.

Per MSNBC - Ted Kennedy to be buried at Arlington

MSNBC waking up everybody now

A MUST SEE Danziger drawing re Senator Kennedy.

The Ted Kennedy Act, as long as this has the PO in strong form

Ted Kennedy speech on Courage-(Let's get HC passed for him)

Ted Kennedy speech on Courage-(Let's get HC passed for him)

CNN and MSNBC give full coverage to Kennedy - Fox has Jack Ingram singing "Barefoot and Crazy"

CNN and MSNBC give full coverage to Kennedy - Fox has Jack Ingram singing "Barefoot and Crazy"

Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer asks South Carolina Gov. Sanford to resign

O Captain! My Captain!

**Senator Edward M. Kennedy Photo Gallery**

Official website from Sen. Kennedy's PAC, Comm for A Dem Majority.

Think about it - Ted Kennedy never ever had to do one thing to help anyone else in this world

Harvard football team honors former player Kennedy

Byrd and Kennedy: Senators for the ages (June 2009 WV newspaper story on their friendship)

My feedback to CNN re: their ignorant coverage of Senator Kennedy.

How above the fray can we be, and battle effectively?

Flying my flag for Teddy today

I'd like to organize a memorial for Teddy (Irish wake?) and combine it with some activity

Email from Chris Dodd: My friend Ted

Bush, Cheney, and the Republicans have put our country into a terrible situation.

I need to climb up into my attic today and find a letter from 1968....

Health Care Debate Based on Total Lack of Logic

I just want justice

Yahoo's Email Spam Filter favors Repugs

"I say again, as I have before, if health insurance is good enough for the President..."

Who's going to fill his shoes?

Oh Goody

Oh Goody

my tentative ltte on Ted Kennedy

SPCA head's dog dies after being left in hot car

From military service to decades as a public servant....

Ted Kennedy's Legislative Accomplishments

Sen. Barbara Boxer Statement on Passing of Senator Kennedy

Have you ever met a self-loathing capitalist?

Tweety has a whole lot of editing to do now

Thank you, Senator Kennedy.

Our journey continues. . .

Need DU research help. Obama and money for chilren 0-5

Sadly, this seems correct: "Obama, rendition, and the decay of American democracy"

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 4

A eulogy for us in our grief.

The Public Option should be called KennedyCare. Watcha think? n/t

The reason Holder's CIA investigation is a total waste of time (and he knows it)

Thank you Ted Kennedy for helping poor students get Pell Grants to go to college

There is no better dedication for a Champion of Healthcare

Immigration Advocates Mourn Kennedy’s Passing

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2

A "thank you" to Teddy from an American with a disability

A "thank you" to Teddy from an American with a disability

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 1: CIA

Rightwingers don't realize it, but Kennedy did far more for them than Reagan ever did

Rightwingers don't realize it, but Kennedy did far more for them than Reagan ever did

The Goal: "Quality, affordable health care for every American"

"The Edward M. Kennedy Public Health Care Option"

Two Lions: When Ted Kennedy Privately Honored Yitzhak Rabin

CIA memo makes it quite clear, interrogators were looking for "correct" responses

News of Kennedy's generates headlines around the world

News of Kennedy's generates headlines around the world

Rush Limpballs is a big fat idiot! Sorry dittoheads that millionaire doesn't give a shit about you

DU at its best. Never has there been more that is worthy of the Greatest Page

Please Cut the Crap fact checks on abortion in the health care bills

Teddy, your name is Realization.

Have You Noticed That When Repugs Are Asked To Remember Teddy.........

Bible Thumpers ..take this

Senator Byrd & Reconciliation

Senator Byrd & Reconciliation

Funny Teddy anecdote from Patrick Leahy:

We can honor Ted Kennedy's legacy by passing health care reform

Damn. Is there any such thing as a legit online business?

Krugman: Deficits, debt, and the economy

HEADS UP: CNN has EMK historical footage this hour (2 pm central)

Ted Kennedy memorial plans thread. [UPDATED]

Edward M. Kennedy Address at the Public Memorial Service for Robert F. Kennedy

cnn playing just released LBJ Library recordings of LBJ/EMK conversations! nt

In honor of Senator Ted Kennedy, open up MEDICARE TO THOSE 55 AND ABOVE -- ?

I swear to Christ I will "ignore" any Teddy bashers today

Weird: Teabagging incident throws Australian military justice system into limbo

How crass could Blitzer be?

Bobby Jindal would prefer that Louisiana residents get around by horse and buggy

And now there is one ..Jean Kennedy ..(family pics through the years)

And now there is one ..Jean Kennedy ..(family pics through the years)

Are You On the East Coast?

The kennedy's vs. the creeps

Germany OK's gay adoptions

Most red ink ever: $9 trillion over next decade

[Obama] won't be able to do anything with bipartisan cover

Edward Kennedy Avatar Pic

Honoring the Greatest Commitment of Sen. Edward Kennedy's Life

If just one person belives in you...

A new cartoon, with dedication to Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy Haters....SMACK-M Down Quick


If Mitch McConnell's lips are moving..........

Maybe the Health Care nay-sayers should be forced to take this University Course.

Republicans Tricking Democratic Constituents into Asking Democratic Senators to Say No To P.O.

Obama Orders Flags Flown At Half Staff

Sanford coverage on GEM$NBC -responding to calls for his



What Senator Edward Kennedy meant to me.

john stossel exposes himself (Don't Worry, No Pictures)

Today's Top Ten Front Pages

TIME: Ted Kennedy, 1932-2009: The Brother Who Mattered Most

Sanford's hanging out the urine-stained sheets, for all to see. Go GOPeeeee

A Song to express my feelings on Ted Kennedy's Passing...

Are you being TAXED because your neighbor left the iron on &

NOLA levee whistleblower fired

Study demonstrates how we support our false beliefs


My Dad, now deceased, got it.

I wonder if there is something wrong with me?

Mike Huckabee and Congressional leaders to attend conference with hate group

A very nice tribute toon to Ted


Couple to Face Murder Charges for Shooting Death of 7-yr-old Boy

Sen. Robert Byrd: Ted Kennedy, My Friend and Colleague

Teddy: 1st senator with a website. In 1993!

Dear Lord, please save us from universal single-payer....Sincerely, Michele Bachmann

NEED HELP: Best ideas for health care reform protest sign?

Could Chuck Todd be anymore disinterested

The Continuing Horror of Immigrant Ibrahim Parlak

Today is certainly a banner day for cartoonists..

Very moving story about Ted Kennedy

Top Bush Terrorism Adviser Townsend Admits CIA Docs Didn’t Prove Torture Worked

Which political dynasty has done the most to try and destroy this great nation?

Thank God For The Ed Show On Kennedy...


"I hereby order, by the authority vested in my by the Constitution and laws of the United States..."

For Teddy: Lets get this Health Care Bill Passed

I Hope There Are Plans In Place To Keep RW Nuts Away from the Teddy Services

Interview /w/ pro war Republican on how Kennedy protected our troops lives

One year ago today

Anti-Health Care Reform Group Pulls Ads, Citing Respect For Kennedy

Anti-Health Care Reform Group Pulls Ads, Citing Respect For Kennedy

Fucking freepers!

Don't let them Wellstone us this time - I say politicize the hell out of Kennedy's funeral

Making guesses about redactions in the CIA report.

Ted Kennedy's Winning Picture 1/21/2009

In the Words of St. John of the Cross

Kennedy Senate desk draped in black

Microsoft Edits Black Man Out of Photo, Apologizes

Dominick Dunne has died

'Win One for Teddy,' Say Dems Pushing for Health Reform

The Kennedys and The Bushes

Yesterday morning I received a call from:

Texting & driving, reality t.v., happy pills, is stupidity destroying America?

A friend's Facebook status update this morning (re: Kennedy)

Any word from Dean about Kennedy?

Four British soldiers die for the sake of 150 votes

Kudos to MSNBC...

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Kennedy's words should be made into a health care commercial

Kennedy was right about Bork

Thats MY Vice President

The Palinites are saying the most nasty things on the Sarah Palin FB page about Kennedy

5 PM T.S. Danny update moves track to the WEST towards tri-state (NJ/NY/CT) area.

I remember when ole King David died

Katrina, Four Years Later: Expert Fired Who Warned Levees Would Burst

36 - And Climbing?

Limbaugh is talking about DU so his minions will come bomb us with hate

How fuckin stupid do you have to be

For those of us mourning: There's a place for us.

Is there any chance for anything worthwhile coming from the "gang of six"?

Teddy Kennedy (from MoveOn)

Ted's death = no healthcare reform before next year ?

A very good story about Bobby Kennedy.

it's a free country (cartoon)

Limbaugh's Maculinity Very Threatened.

I "heart" Joe Biden...

Thank you Senator Kennedy

5 risky real-estate deals

5 risky real-estate deals

Teddy & Obama Had A Deal?

Enzi: If I Hadn't Been Involved, You Would Already Have National Health Care

A new DUism: PINKO COMMY...

The great California garage sale - help us get out of our budget fix - bring your credit card

Sarah Palin's Facebook 'Friends' Celebrate Ted Kennedy's Death: "One Less Socialist," "Good Riddens"

'Littlest refusenik' on Kennedy: 'He saved my life'

Dear Faux News: The guvmit doesn't send out social security checks. Lockheed- Martin does!

Sen. Ted Kennedy Memorial from Governor Howard Dean, M.D. & Link to leave personal message:

First words out of Bill Kristol's mouth on FOX just now: "I have few nice things to say about Ted."

The forgotten senior swing voters

KO has some great guests including O'Donnell and Sanders

Well, I guess the Freepers are going to have to Go After Nancy Reagan Now

Which Congresspersons are fighting like hell FOR Health Care reform??

The Dream Lives on

Health care isn't the only thing we're getting beat by the rest of the world on.

Keith Is Wearing A Black Suit And Black Tie

Now cracks a noble heart

Fellow Mass. citizen, Emily D., says about Ted:

That Schwenkler dumbass is an anarchist, not a Democrat Mr. Pedojunkie.

Liam Neeson opens up about grief, America & Ted Kennedy

So has W crawled out with a word

Local rw radio displays their version of 'respect' for Ted Kennedy

"Health care industry contributes heavily to Blue Dogs" (and Republicans)

Director at Premier Radio Networks & ABC Radio calls Kennedy "piece of garbage"

Rename HB 676.....

Fellow Designers Revolt! Ikea has switched it's brand font from Futura to Verdana!

Fellow Designers Revolt! Ikea has switched it's brand font from Futura to Verdana!

"The work begins anew. The hope rises again. And the dream lives on."

Mike Enzi: I Am Why Health Care Hasn't Passed

Two petitions for Ted...

Two petitions for Ted...

Thank you dear Ted for voting against FISA Amendment

Thank you dear Ted for voting against FISA Amendment

Styx did a song about Teddy in the 70s.

How do you feel about unions in regards to your personal career?

What a country this has become - we praise him here and the comments

With the death of the Last Lion...

Michael Moore's last film should NOT be about healthcare reform.

Effort to Appoint Kennedy Successor Gains Steam

Anyone else see that anti Health Care reform commercial on KO's show?

I go to a soup kitchen with my Uncle every wendsday..

It Took All Day But I Finally Broke Down And Cried

U.S.(PR Firm)Screening Reporters in Afghanistan

CNN ran "Ted Kennedy in his own words" from HBO on THEIR AIR!

Limbaugh Congratulates Himself On Kennedy Death Prediction

For Teddy.

Heath Care Reform Cartoon that captures the hypocrisy

Health care industry contributes heavily to Blue Dogs

Post your personal memories of Teddy here

Conservative blogger: Loaded guns at anti-Obama rallies are fine

Of all the people to interview about Ted Kennedy....

some amazing words from The Senator

Kennedy "extracted" a promise from Obama that he would push *hard* for healthcare reform .....

Kennedy "extracted" a promise from Obama that he would push *hard* for healthcare reform .....

Thank you Ted Kennedy for supporting SCHIP my children can go to the doctor now.

By tomorrow the hacks will be telling Obama what to say

Thinking about Ted Kennedy's death I keep hearing Obi Wan's line to Darth Vader in my head

In honor of Senator Kennedy

"All this will not be finished..."

In 2005 Ted Kennedy got my union a fair contract

MSNBC to air The Kennedy Brothers documentary tonight at 9 pm EDT

Glenn Beck Inspired Protesters Target Bill Nelson

Glenn Beck Inspired Protesters Target Bill Nelson

Second Blast Strikes Kandahar

Another touching Ted Kennedy story:

Students Sent Home Over 'Devil' Shirts

OVER..HEADS UP: Nancy Reagan to pay tribute to Ted Kennedy on CNN/LKL right after the commercial!

In my humble opinion...this was the greatest speech Ted Kennedy ever made

Patriotism is usually the refuge of the scoundrel. He is the man who talks the loudest.

We pay for Iraq's health care

The Kennedy Family tree

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" - the Tokens on

Progressive news for kids -- any good sources?

Two Americans Die in Afghanistan

I can't find a headline about Michael Jackson anywhere~!

Help, please. Where in HR 3200 can I find a section on reimbursement of

CNN producers just screwed up and cued up music and handed off from LKL to AC a minute early tonight

Serial Seal Slaying Senators Support South African Seal Slaughter by Capt Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd

Video shows style of extra-judicial killings in Sri Lanka

Pet DU Peeve...

"Mr. Romney, the Kennedys are not in public service to make money. We have paid too high a price."

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,335--31,483 Wounded

The Greatest Senator in American History

Who wrote the health care bills?

Okay, the Song you all are it an Irish Drinking song?


How can FOX afford to run play the business-as-usual card and simply gloss over Kennedy's death?

Here's a list of Kennedy tributes

There is a "disturbance in the force".

The H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Manipulating the Data to Justify a Worldwide Public Health Emergency

Dennis Kucinich: Remembering Senator Ted Kennedy

Cuba Travel booth at the travel industry Trade Show

"Patriotism" versus "nationalism"

Senator Edward Kennedy submitted a bill EVERY year to raise minimum wage

Hankie time..

With Teddy's passing, I feel like we've been left in the hands of liars and whores

Democratic Congressional Staffer Equates single-payer with Sarah Palin's Kennedy-haters

Please come back early Mr Stewart

"Saw War, and tried to stop it" E. Kennedy

love that smile


And the dream lives on

Statement: Former President Jimmy Carter

In Robert Bork's America

Still the One, Senator Kennedy, Still the One

God sending his very own version of "Danny Boy" to see Ted Kennedy off??

God sending his very own version of "Danny Boy" to see Ted Kennedy off??

weld county, colo., rancher seeks help executing horses in protest of zoning code

My assault on the town hall screamers got into the newspaper today!1

I didn't always agree with Sen. Kennedy,

In 1988 driving around the South African outback I saw Ted Kennedy pics hanging in villagers' homes

In 1988 driving around the South African outback I saw Ted Kennedy pics hanging in villagers' homes

My sister has a son because of Ted Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy has passed and with him passes the closest thing we had to an effective liberal voice

Senator Byrd wants health bill renamed for Kennedy

Just finished a telephonic town hall with Congressman Mitchell

Great list of some of Ted Kennedy accomplishments

We need a Bella Abzug

Kucinich: "Ted Kennedy was more than a great Senator. He was a great friend."

It truly doesn't matter what the wingnuts say about our beloved Ted

NWS 11PM Update: T.S. Danny still on track to hit Boston 8PM Sat night as a hurricane.

A hurricane Danny on track to hit from NJ to Boston in 48 hours..

Will someone with talent please design a bumpersticker

President Obama to speak at Kennedy funeral mass.

Um, why are the hurricanes in the wrong location this year!?

River Held Hostage: Disgruntled French Workers Threaten to Dump Toxic Waste in Seine

Wondering if T.S. Danny will force an early end to the Obama vacation on Martha's vineyard?

Rember the Alamo?

Why Do Angry, Right-Wing Mobs Get Media Respect?

How many will it take to do the work of one?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Republicans HATE Democracy

Joe Scarborough, you just suck ass

HuffPo - "Unions Join Whole Foods Boycott Fray" Over CEO's Comments Condemning Health Care Reform

Letter from Kuncinich.. remember Senator Kennedy

Joe Biden - finally a Vice President with a HEART...

shit for news....

Sarah Palin says Glenn Beck doing an ‘extraordinary’ job

Microsoft Caught Changing Race Of Person In An Ad from black to white

Media: Angry right-wingers are important; angry libs are annoying

Byrd proposes renaming health care bill after Ted Kennedy.

I wrote to Senator Ted's office once: EVERYbody writes to Senator KENNEDY (when there is NO hope)

SUGGESTION TO MODS: It would be nice to be able to sort posts by number of posts made by the OP

Six days left to save the mustangs! shows it's true hateful, despicable, souless self on the day Kennedy dies...

It'll take an act of Congress to get a State Funeral for Senator Kennedy..

Very moving Kennedy cartoon

My email from President Obama regarding Edward Kennedy

The Jig is up Itunes! Us Government training materials say all music downloads are illegal.

A tribute to Ted Kennedy at Fenway Park tonight

Newsweek - 'The Cause of My Life’ by Ted Kennedy On His Fight For Health Care Reform

Anyone had the courage to go over to Freeperville now?

Wife's fundie ex totally freaked the kids out yesterday

Hey Blue Dog Democrats. Kennedy has died and you are the reason he didn't see healthcare.

Let this be our Battle Cry: Ted Kennedy, 1980.

Medicare Available For All = Healthcare Reform

I'd like to take this moment to say FUCK YOU to every last stinking Blue Balled Coward in Congress

Seven GOP Tools

RIP John, Bobby, Teddy, Jackie and John John.....well done

I've actually been enjoying watching Beck's show the past several days

How To Argue With Conservatives: Throw It Back In Their Faces

Ted Kennedy fulfills the Buddha meme.

A good flow chart:

Neil Boortz was in full sleeze mode today

Ted Kennedy avatars

I don't know about you, but I would love to see Barney Frank run for senator

Share Your Memories and Sympathies for Sen. Ted Kennedy at this link:

FauxNews ignores Kennedy death: Yet another example of the Republican Matrix!

Interesting. AT & T dumps Kevin Mitnick.

Ted Kennedy Rides a Bucking Bronco in a Montana Rodeo, 1960

Lesbian Mayor To Marry In African-American Church (Mass.)

Are there any non-right-wing banks/credit unions?

Challenge: Name one piece of major legislation that Ted Kennedy

Remembering Ted Kennedy: A Lion for Animals, As Well

If it wasn't for Ted Kennedy

I am so fucking sick of the MSM obsessing over Chappaquiddick.

The "Next Teddy"?

Nancy Reagan with Chris Matthews

Judge: Kentucky can't legislate dependence on God

6 years before Chappaquiddick, Laura Bush killed a man.

A Wednesday evening guilty pleasure

For Sen. Kennedy, I'm getting right back to Work. If The Dems go the Reconciliation route

Mary Morris Lawrence, one of the first female photographers at The Associated Press, has died at 95.

Re: School Supplies

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 3-Health

To Honor Ted Kennedy -- help get heathcare reform passed!

Single Payer for Teddy!

Stars and Stripes disputes the Pentagon. Says they ARE profiling reporters.

I concede that Torture "works"..not sure how well but it does work

The Rude Pundit: A Message on Ted Kennedy to Conservatives Who Hated Him

Progressive Caucus Finds Itself In A Strange Place: Power

Can we agree to not talk about the political ramifications of Sen. Kennedy's death...

A shout out to the Mods - I'm very impressed. You are doing a great job!

Los Angeles Unified School District faces Privatization

the price of a Blue Dog Democrat's conscience? $62,250

Sibel speaks. And the MSM is mum.

My Response to a few freepers on another Message Board

Remembering Senator Kennedy

I hope Senator Kennedy did not see the recent town halls.

Closing In on the Torturers = by Ray McGovern

The housing bottom has clearly been reached... new home sales surged in July

Any good proposals for who should succeed Senator Kennedy . . .

If you hear any asshole talking about Kennedy's one mistake, you remind them of this

Teddy Kennedy’s Faith, Active in Love

Here's the Health Care Reform Bill Ted Kennedy was working on...

Edward 'Ted' Kennedy, symbole d'une Amérique ouverte sur le monde

Rush Limbaugh - alleged pedophile junkie


Which so called political dynasty has had the more positive effect on America? Kennedys or Bushes?

Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food

Bob Dylan Christmas Album - All Future U.S. Royalties Go to 'Feeding America' in Perpetuity!

'Kennedy Curse' Claims Life Of 77-Year-Old Tumor-Riddled Binge-Drinker

Paul Krugman: Ted Kennedy

Compiling A Right-Wing Dictionary/Thesaurus

Just throwing this one out here re: Senator Kennedy: Why did you expect any different from FR?

"Did Judge Kevin Fine cross the line questioning a rape victim? Your answer may say a lot about you"

I cried in front of my students today...they asked me why over a man I never met

Dont go to an English Soccer game if you want to feel Safe

Together again....

Goodnight Liberal Lion

Today's New York TIMES piece on Ted Kennedy:

Something Sen. Kennedy once said

To Honor Sen. Kennedy - Attend Town halls , Rallies,

Kennedy was 1 of only 14 Senators to vote against the so-called Defense of Marriage Act in 1996

All right, fellow DUers of Irish descent, it's time.

A little Teddy Levity.. His republican "troubles" started early

VIDEO: Ted Kennedy tells why health care was focus of his life's work - let his words inspire you

CA Governor Schwarzenegger Statement on Kennedy Death

Thank you Teddy Kennedy. We are fortunate to have been blessed with your wisdom.

The last of the Liberals has left the building. The Great Lion is silenced

Dems: Pass REAL health care reform in Kennedy's memory, DAMMIT!!

It is time to roar...

I'm in shock about Ted Kennedy, no tears yet, only a sinking feeling in my stomach.

If Orrin Hatch really was close to Ted Kennedy

RIP Kennedy brothers

This is what our lion said about his brother. The words are only truer today.

Front page of Kennedy's website

Teddy Kennedy's death:

I'm crying beause we will never have another Ted.

Sad beyond words- his death marks the end of an era.

Nancy Reagan on Senator Kennedy's passing:

How do I make this my avatar?

We need to pass health care reform for Teddy


SCHIP families should be thanking Senator Kennedy

I was a PROUD Ted Kennedy delegate in 1980

They're having a hooley in Heaven today!


Scarborough: Kennedy the greatest senator in country's history.

Does Kennedy get a state funeral

Don't Mourn Ted Kennedy's Death -- Fight Like He Fought

Don't Mourn Ted Kennedy's Death -- Fight Like He Fought

. . . and now we are the elders

I have a deep sense of mortality this morning...

202-224-3121: Call your Senator and ask them to remember Ted Kennedy in their prayers and pass P.O.

Has Bush or Cheney been asked to comment about Sen. Kennedy

The 101 Days of Fox News Idiocracy Collection

The 101 Days of Fox News Idiocracy Collection

McCain Speaks With Angry Crowd at Ariz. Town Hall

Anyone have a Teddy Kennedy Avatar image I can borrow.

High, Fat & Crazy....

Raw Story: Videos of US homeless beatings spike online

If We're Going To Name The Health Care Bill After Senator Kennedy, Then USE Sen. Kennedy's BILL!

Yo, Freeptards! Wanna hear a joke?

Time to rename Reagan International Airport

Mexican economy in free-fall

private enterprise is great because my business sinks or swims on its own, without government help!

Here's your comeback for "TK's car has killed more people than my gun" rw meme.

For more than 45 years Senator Edward M. "Teddy" Kennedy fought for our rights...

This story will get lost today but FINALLY, something about the guns...

Unbelievable chart on who's killing health care reform (large graphic)

Memo says: Torture isn't torture if the CIA does it.

"The Cause of My Life" by Senator Ted Kennedy

Number of atheists on the rise in the USA?

The C4C program replaced three TENTHS of ONE PERCENT of cars on of the road.

Prescott Bush, Prescott Bush, Prescott Bush, Prescott Bush

Oh man. Joe Biden is NOT phoning it in.

My name is lightningandsnow, and I take "happy pills".

Four Brothers

Greg Palast: "Katrina, Four Years Later: Expert Fired Who Warned Levees Would Burst"

Greg Palast: "Katrina, Four Years Later: Expert Fired Who Warned Levees Would Burst"

Kennedy on opposing Iraq war: “the best vote I’ve made in my 44 years in the United States Senate.”

Thank You Ted Kennedy for creating the Mental Health Parity Act


A Sailor's Song

Not a Kennedy post... Are people listening to Sibel Edmonds Deposition???? Explosive world changing.

OK, I'm a little slow but have there been any right wing, evil, hateful wacko's assasinated lately?

Was T.Kennedy's brain cancer caused by cell phone use?

GOP Congresswoman: Party Looking For "Great White Hope"

Ted Kennedy was a REAL Christian.

Bill Nelson D FL says go slow on health care.

Tearjerker Alert: Do *NOT* listen to "Abraham, Martin and John" while driving.

Kennedy Speech In 1980 "The Dream Shall Never Die" - Video Of Complete Speech!

In honor of Ted Kennedy

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

AUDIO: Nancy Reagan talks to Ron Jr. on AAR about Kennedy

For any and all Kennedy Catholics on this page

Mad as Hell Doctors first event in Sequim was a rousing success!

The Kennedys understood discrimination ..("Black Irish")

Ethel Kennedy?

So many drivers today with their headlights on

Danziger Toon- Boy does this one bring tears to my eyes

A simple story about Ted

I want to create a Sioux Falls

Post a picture of your favorite company sign or logo

Who wants to get stoned with me and talk about stupid stuff? nt

Breaking news, Loungers... Sen. Ted Kennedy has died

Thanks Ted

Yay! A poll! Anybody else dig listening to Shoutcast radio thru WinAmp?


Good night Liberal Lion........

Watching Taxi Driver on TMC....

Mr. Rickman talks about life, love and loss

Avatar trailer is up (the next step after Matrix and Star Wars)

I am grossly unprepared for my Intro to law class...

Do you Walk on the phone while talking?

Do you mock on the phone while diving?

For Ted Kennedy, my dear Senator

Last night, I saw Data snap the bridge crew out of some daze with a strobe light.

Blaxploitation making a comeback? Black Dynamite looks hilarious

A question about Front Page & Greatest Threads

When is the last time you had to give a speech

Post your musical tribute to Teddy here:

Official Teddy wake page:

Paper Bag Kittehs

can any one help me?

Good morning Lounge

Can some one please give me something to smile abut?

What is SEO web copy?

Flags out at half-staff everyone.

What is the plural of the computer mouse?

If it were a movie the story arc would go something like this: 1st they take

Three Cheers For Teddy!!!!

On a hot summer afternoon while walking through the parking lot of a large store/mall

What do I say to my close friend who loves "24"?

Let’s say you book a tour with some touring company, Globus, Trafalgar, etc.,

The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Video of DMX -"Stay the fuck out of Arizona"

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rhythm!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Amaya!!*******

My only hope now is that I die of the swine flu before I get shitcanned in a blaze of glory.

I want to create a Ted that never dies.

Nude plus-sized man barely noticeable.

Free love...and coffee. Thanks pot smoking hippie manager of Dutch Bros coffee...

Is this the BEST MUSIC VIDEO of all time?

Horse owner's flyer asks for help with executions

Favorite Kennedy!

What football team would you like to see take part in a cross country motor car endurance race?

Someone gave me a star?!?

And the next Catwoman is...

I want to create a dream that never dies

Tom Cruise rocks!! (at least in one movie, anyway)

Just took a screen shot from Google Maps Street View -- does anything look amiss to you?

WOOHOO! I just won the Spanish Lottery!1!

Godric from True Blood: NOT the last we see of him???

It's raining cats and dogs, and maybe a few elephants.

The dream lives

I'm about to lose a Facebook friend over Kennedy.

Anyone hear an update from Matcom about his dad?

You'd think I'd be happy - my dryer repair cost half as much as they quoted me....

Watch "Teddy: In His Own Words" at 7 on CNN

I Cant Stop The Tears In My Eyes

I Just heard the news RIP Senator Kennedy

DU Song Of The Day 'In Memory Of Senator Kennedy'

hey , spider fans....

Suggestions on affordable international vacation

Suggestions on affordable international vacation

What do you call a deer with no eyes?

woman finds Jesus in a rock

Congratulations PVnRT! 10,000 posts!

Does the sentence, "Quit telling other people what to do." tell other people what to do?

Scorned wife exacts revenge entertains Washington DC rush hour...

Anyone with needs to be prayed over, come forward

Congratulations JeffR! 15,000 posts!

If i buy a "dvd to dvd" transfer of "To Sir With Love"

Snif...SNIF...why, is that PIZZA I smell in the oven? A 116 post pizza?

Don't ever criticize your dog in public! It's humiliating.

Bob Dylan xmas album to benefit "Feeding America"

Font gurus..

Sh*t my dad says

Phony Forums

I want to create a souffle that never falls

Yankees.... Rangers.... Giants....

What does B/E mean?

I will continue on as Democratic precinct judge, thank you Ted for helping be make up my mind.

some good heavy metal fun :)

Anyone else one here like watching Man v. Food?

Math question re: total length of wire

Max update: need funds for his blood blister treatment tomorrow

sad posts in the lounge tonight

I just ate a watermelon

Not a Judas Priest fan nor a Dio fan either but....

Drunk driver sentenced to death in China...

Am I a bad person for defending Rush Limbaugh?

The number of cats here has more than doubled.

Laser pointer + Cat = Endless hours of fun!

Why is marinara sauce called that?

I saw a strange thing tonight, I was at an outdoor concert

OMNI was a such a great magazine.

MST3K fans: "Cinematic Titanic" is having a 25% off sale on their DVDs

R. Crumb is coming to Richmond, Va

Cash for Cribs? Toys 'R Us Takes Aim at Old Baby Gear

I know I'm going to be sorry I asked, but I need a gag gift idea.

woohoo. i am a student again!

Why was Edward Kennedy Called Teddy?

Anyone here had experience with Atlanta airport?

What United Football League team do you most want to see win the UFL championship?

I could go for a cupcake.

Do you talk on the phone while driving?

Nude plus-sized model in Glamour causes stir

The Accidental Muskie -- A fishing story...

Attn: Austin Duers


BREAKING: Model-slash-actress Kelly Brook seems to prefer spray-on sunscreen (cross-posted to LBN)

Well! The open mic was a bust. No electricity tonight...

Bella Italia - my vacation pictures ****VERY PIC HEAVY****

The best music festival in the US IS FREE IN SF!

I want to create a thread that never dies... while I'm in school.

I want to create a thread that never dies... while I'm in school.

What a crappy day! My buddy Hatchet Head is getting put down.

My second day at kindergarten.

Separation surgery set for conjoined rattlers found in Tucson (w/video)GRAPHIC !!1!11!!11!

A bird just died in my hand.

I think for those of us who can remember John and Robert Kennedy, Ted's passing is extra sad.

I want to create a Kennedy who never dies

Would you date somebody with a terminal illness?

I'm eating fried green tomatoes, any suggestions

Mom's in the hospital with pnuemonia...

Ted Kennedy Just Died

Obama calls Kennedy 'greatest U.S. senator of our time'

Moran Defends Public Option.

Authorities: Ring stole 'millions' from Publix stores across Central Florida

Did Waterboarding Actually Work?- Just-released CIA documents don't back up Dick Cheney's claims.

Obama Offers Tribute to ‘a Great Leader’

Iraq’s Al-Hakim, Head of Largest Shiite Party, Dies

Gitmo judge bars defense from secret CIA prisons

Tropical Storm Danny Forms In The Atlantic (heads-up U.S. East Coast)

Top Bush Terrorism Adviser Admits CIA Docs Didn’t Prove Torture Worked

Chicago inspector general running for U.S. Senate

Company Cleared To Test Swine Flu Vaccine Fighting Off Liquidation

China admits organs removed from prisoners for transplants

Uruguay supports Unasur to evaluate Colombian bases (U.S. bases)

Tropical Storm Danny forms in the Atlantic

Gay leaders recall Kennedy’s impact

SC Lt. Gov. to ask for Sanford's resignation

LULAC suit against Texas Democrats to proceed

Kennedy to be buried at Arlington

Second blast strikes Kandahar

Gov. (Deval Patrick) would OK law change for Kennedy successor

New Home Sales Blast Past Expectations

Russia vows to protect S Ossetia

Special election likely in January

Argentina rules on marijuana use

President Obama 'heartbroken' on Ted Kennedy news

Gov. Richardson pushes New Mexico exports to Cuba

New Year's Census Count Promises to Rejigger Political Map

'No foreign link' in Iran unrest

Report reveals yet another unapproved CIA interrogation method: The hard takedown

Soviets planned Manchester , UK, invasion

Fla. gay adoption ban goes to state appeals court

Carwash Workers Win Big Victory in NLRB Settlement

President Obama to deliver eulogy at Kennedy's funeral

Kennedy Successor Plan Gains Steam

Anti-animal cruelty CEO's dog dies in hot car

Push to Name Quick Kennedy Successor Intensifies

‘Clunkers’ moved almost 700,000 new cars

US Fed needs shielding from politics: Geithner

Statement from The Kennedy Family

Byrd wants health bill renamed for Kennedy

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday August 26

Mike Enzi, Gang of Six Republican, Admits He's Simply Blocking Health Care Reform

AARP Poll: (79%) 8 in 10 Back Public Option

Society crime writer Dominick Dunne, dies at 83

'08 race worker held in damage to Colorado Democratic HQ

Group: US is monitoring journalists in Afghanistan

Songwriter Ellie Greenwich Dies at 69

USW Condemns Latest in Wave of Colombian Assassinations

Microsoft apologises for racism

Senator Kennedy has died of brain cancer at age 77

Venezuela plans law to ban violent videogames

Durable Goods Orders Surge 4.9% (Biggest Gain In Two Years)

Credit card issuers hike rates in response to Obama's credit card reform law

Obama on brink of deal for Middle East Peace Talks

On Tweety and Torches

What LBJ would do to get a health care bill passed by Congress

Show some spine, Mr. President by Helen Thomas


Farewell, Senator Kennedy By CINDY SHEEHAN

My tribute to Uncle Ted from some personal experiences with him in 2004

The Accomplishments of Senator Edward M. Kennedy 1962-2009

It's Obama's style. Haven't you learned that yet?

Chris Matthews just called President Obama the last Kennedy Brother. . .

Indulge me my fantasy: Howard Dean and wife move to Massachusetts tomorrow

Nancy Reagan, on Hardball, wants healthcare bill.

Will we ever have another political dynasty like the Roosevelts & Kennedys?

Obama’s FCC to enforce ‘net neutrality’

Bloomberg - "‘Cash for Clunkers’ Yielded Almost 700,000 Sales "

My Local ABC Affiliate Is Doing A Story On Me, My Students, And Ted Kennedy

Did the New York Times just demand an investigation of George W. Bush?

Edward M. Kennedy, 1932-2009

AP erroneously reports "A torch extinguished", but I disgress; the torch was passed, and it burns on

The Punahou Freshman Class of 1976

Had Bobby not been killed what might have become of the USA

Yahoo News - "In Kennedy's death, some see hope on health care"

All news pundits saying Kennedy's death will hurt Obama's chances at getting a health reform bill.

Could Caroline fill Ted's seat temporally?

I am so sad...there are no words..."There is no end to that journey, only the next great voyage"...

"As a mark of respect for the memory of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, I hereby order..."

The Blue Dog Coalition has recieved more $$ from the health care industry than any other PAC in 2009

SINGLE PAYER v Public Option v Status-Quo -- The Chances?


North Carolina senators on Kennedy.

Watching the replay on C-Span of Senator Kennedy at the 2008 Dem Convention...

Hank Gilbert says he will run for governor -TX

NYTimes headline calls Ted "Gifted but Flawed" What is the flaw?

Sorry to say...but I am suspicious of the current Media's respect in reporting on Ted Kennedy....

Senator Kerry: Family vigil for Kennedy 'very spiritual'

How 'bout if we write the Repug legislators, and say we're praying for them to see Jesus' way.

Ezra Klein: The Cause of Ted Kennedy's Life

Teddy has a son, Patrick, who is a Congressman from RI

'Fox News on Kennedy: Short Shrift, or Right Coverage for Wrong Reasons?' (Time)

Open up Medicare for All and call it TeddyCare. That would be the most appropriate memorial.

PHOTO Mourning.

Kennedy seat successor plan gains steam

Senator Feingold's statement on the passing of Senator Kennedy

The theme in three speeches

My six degrees of separation from Teddy Kennedy. I was visiting my brother

Thank you Sen. Kennedy for giving us President Obama

Most of all, he persevered

PHOTOS An Enduring Friendship: Kennedy and Kerry

Nurses Leader On Healthcare Proposal: "A massive corporate bailout of health insurance industry"

Media Bias - Economic Recovery (CNN)/Recession (LAT) Will Weaken Obama's Arguments For Reform!?!?

Ted Kennedy Is America's Senator

The U.S. versus Monsanto: Did Obama Just Send a Warning Shot to Big Ag?

Un freep this poll!

This Is How The Right Feels About Ted's Passing

PHOTO A Fond Farewell

Ted Kennedy to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery, near his brothers JFK and RFK

NYT: Kennedy Funeral Arrangements Set

Ted Kennedy Was The First Major Politician To Call Bush (Dubyah) A Liar

sad... top 3 google search terms

No other family has given so much for their country

The (Obama) Cabinet Honors Senator Kennedy

What is the Massachusetts Legislature makeup like?

Please remember, 6 New England States, with 12 Senate votes take up less land than

: (

John's passing lit the spark for the Civil Rights Act. Let Teddy's light the spark for Universal HC

Senator Kennedy writing in Newsweek on Health Care Reform: 'The Cause of My Life'

Statement from UMass Boston regarding the passing of Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Senator Kerry's s statement on Senator Kennedy's passing.

Kennedy-Obama Bond Put Health Care on Fast Track

Newsweek - "This the cause of my life" by Ted Kennedy On His Support For Healthcare Reform

Anyone hoping the Prez can gather strength from Ted's passing,


May the road rise to meet you.........

KY-SD18: Democrats Pick Up GOP-Held Seat

"Teddy in his own words" on CNN now

Ros-Lehtinen plans to sit out the Senate race

AR-Sen: Lincoln Running Neck and Neck With No-Name GOP Candidates

Teddy has to be included on any list of the greatest U.S. Senators of all time...

TOON: Welcome aboard, brother

President Obama Asks Docs to Promote Health Care Fix

An Emotional Joe Biden Remembers Ted Kennedy

A party, no ...... a nation, no ......... the entire world is mourning.

Federal prosecutor who took loan from GOP governor candidate Chris Christie resigns

"...he taught us much more about how to live life, sailing into the wind one last time."

Obama on Kennedy: "One of the Most Accomplished Americans Ever to Serve our Democracy"

How much of this article is true?

AK-AL: Harry Crawford (D) Will Challenge Young

Senator Kennedy writes about single payer in 'The Cause of My Life' in Newsweek

Howard Dean : Ted Kennedy

"Do YOU want Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson and Barney Frank picking your next Supreme Court justices?"

Who Sang The Song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight?" And I Hate To Add

Ted Kennedy: Subsidized, Mandated Private Insurance == "a partnership between the administration"...

Frohnmayer and his unease with Wyden

Senator Kennedy on committee approval of the HELP bill

Sorenson on Kennedy: The 'Kid Brother' Who Grew Up (Time)

Ted Kennedy: Remembering the Real Deal by Robert Scheer

Single Payer Healthcare Is Back --- YEAH RIGHT!

Ted Kennedy: "If Democrats become carbon copies of the opposition, we will lose--and deserve to"

In his own words - "One of the saddest ironies..."

"The Politics of Ted Kennedy's Passing"-RW blogger lectures about Wellstone,"Obamacare convocation"

For Ted Kennedy, I think HR 676 should be considered as the ONLY choice.

Not to be ghoulish,,,,,but rev up the replacement arguments,

Kit Bond has shown the Republican's hand when it comes to dealing with Kennedy & healthcare.

Obama plans to bring Palestinians and Israelis face to face at UN

IL-Sen: Chicago's Inspector General Will Run for Senate

F** You Grassley! Kennedy died in the US which has the10th highest death rate among cancer patients

Ted Kennedy, Internet Pioneer - first to use internet to communicate w/ constituents (1993)


Dear President Obama: Pick up the torch that was passed from John, to Bobby, to Teddy

Aug 20 - "Ted Kennedy issues dying wish for health care reform" - Ted Kennedy's Premonition?

The Lion lays still, but come September, his roar will echo the Senate halls.

The President will speak on the death of Sen. Kennedy at 8:30 (ET), the White House says.

Congressional Democrats say that Kennedy's death will make them "redouble" their efforts

Clintons Comment On The Passing Of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA)

Compare the video of Scumbag Tom Coburn on health care with the numerous tribute videos to Kennedy.

"What's the Big Deal?" Jane Smiley, HuffPo (investigating torture)

Ted Kennedy, My Friend and Colleague

Dear Teddy, Please know that we will get it done so that you can Rest In Peace!

Have Bill and Hillary Clinton reacted to Ted's passing?

TPM: Senator Byrd Calls for Health Care Bill to be Named After Kennedy

LIES in 2000, LIES in 2004, LIES in 2008, and to this DAY. Is this any surprise?

Let's keep his dreams alive.

Biden: Kennedy 'Changed The Political Landscape For Almost Half A Century'

Remembering Teddy

Is it naive to think that the Dems will now pass decent a health care bill to honor Kennedy? A Bill

The Lion of the Senate has left the scene for the last time...

We have President Obama in great part because of Senator Kennedy

VP Biden talking about Teddy on MSNBC and CNN now. nt

PHOTO: Senator Kennedy endorses presidential hopeful Barack Obama

All this DOOM and Gloom about Obama and yet look at that Approval rating

MSNBC streaming link?

I'm From Wisconsin, And Ted Kennedy Was My Senator Too

The Cause of Ted Kennedy's Life

Nancy Reagan: Ted was a "dear friend"

Howard Dean's Town Hall: 'Better Than Jerry Springer' (Politicsdaily)

Robert Reich: Ted Kennedy

Murkowski brings home bacon while disparaging government

President Obama and the First Lady on Senator Kennedys passing

I have a feeling Robert Byrd is a mess right now.

If Teddy shall lie with his brothers in Arlington, I shall march to the Capitol

'The Death of Ted Kennedy: The Brother Who Mattered Most' (Time)

The work begins anew, hope rises again, and the dream lives on.

"FDR knew Teddy by name......."

Now, it is, it is an obligation....WIN IT FOR TEDDY!

Ted Kennedy on Health Care (VIDEO)

No, no, no this can't be happening!


Requiescat in pace, Senator Kennedy

The Senator Edward M. Kennedy Memorial Act.

SF Chronicle - "A fitting memorial to the Kennedy passing: pass Health care bill"

He should have lived...

The Hill: GOP freshman: Bush without fault for current deficit

ABC News is reporting that Senator Kennedy has died at home.

A funny thang; Poll: Most Americans support "public" insurance option

Anti-Islam T-shirts Rile Fla. School (Work of a local church)

Teddy: Last Knight of Camelot

Sen. Edward Kennedy - "The Dream Shall Never Die" speech - 1980

Sen. Edward Kennedy Returns to his Beloved Senate - July 9, 2008

Town hall turmoil for Howard Dean

TED KENNEDY: Historic Speech at Denver Convention

Bob Dylan: Ring Them Bells

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) debates Medicare on Fox and Friends

Senator Ted Kennedy's 2008 DNC Speech: One year ago

Town hall turmoil for Howard Dean

President Obama's Remarks on the Passing of Ted Kennedy

John Prine - Flag Decal

Marvin Gaye - Abraham, Martin, & John

David Swanson on Bipartisanship and War Crimes

Cape Cod Times' video of the President at 'Vineyard porch party'

David Shuster -- The Truth About Death Books

Shona Laing - Glad I'm not a Kennedy

Sen. McCain Asked Why Republicans Never Tried To Reform Health Care When They Were In Power

PART 3 - Moran/Dean Healthcare Town Hall in Virginia - Q&A

PART 4 - Moran/Dean Healthcare Town Hall in Virginia - Q&A

Alien Makes Contact!! (The S.E.T.I. Song featuring Billy Reid)

PART 6 - Moran/Dean Healthcare Town Hall in Virginia - Q&A

Ted Kennedy Champions the Minimum Wage

The Dream Lives On: A Tribute to Senator Ted Kennedy

Kennedy Asks John Ashcroft about Torture Memos-2005

"All Palestinians I met were killed" Interview with Uri Avneri (Russia Today)

Tribute to Senator Edward Kennedy at SEIU

Ken Burns' Tribute To Senator Kennedy


Teddy sings on the campaign trail

Bernie Goldberg thinks he's uncovered a scoop about Bush's military records, reported 10 years ago

Shep Smith Debunks John McCain On Reconciliation

PART 5 - Moran/Dean Healthcare Town Hall in Virginia - Q&A

"Headed Home" Hatch writes tribute song to Kennedy

Obama Holds Press Conference During Vacation

Lawmakers pay tribute to Kennedy

Who's Funding Healthcare Opposition?

Ted Kennedy - With Love from Ireland

PART 7 end - Moran/Dean Healthcare Town Hall in Virginia - Q&A/closing

Protesting Torture at St Thomas Law School, Minneapolis, MN

Ted Kennedy On Health Care 1978

Dodd: 'I Lost My Best Friend in the Senate'

TYT: Orly Taitz And The Birther Movement

Obama Is A Communist Yelled @ Town Hall Rep. McCarthy Smiles

Minnesotans Calling Out the Torture Enablers at St. Thomas Law School

Bobby Kennedy Tribute (Abraham, Martin & John)

McCain Called Out On His Health Reform Myths, Owned For Nearly 4 Minutes By A Senior Citizen

Keith Olbermann Exposes How United Health Group & Its CEO Are Ripping Off The American Public

Marianne Hoynes Challenges Her Rep. @ N.J. Town Hall: "Don't Let The Insurance Lobby Win This Fight"

Olbermann: What The Hell Is The Matter With These People?

Young Turks: Ted Kennedy Dies - Cenk Reflects on His Life and Legacy

TYT: Cenk Interviews wrestling manager Jim Cornette

Vice President Biden Remembers Sen. Ted Kennedy

Paul Tonko (NY21) Recites Article I of US Constitution in reposonse to HCR opponent

TYT: McCain Gets Booed At Townhall - What Does It Say About Republicans?

Kennedy Through The Years: Katie Couric reflects on the influential life of Sen. Ted Kennedy

Glenn Beck: "I Was A Dirtbag & Liar But I'm Not Now!"

TYT: Chuck Todd's Reputation Takes A Hit on Bill Maher's Show

The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Hitler Finds Out Ted Kennedy Is Dead

VIDEO found: GOP Congressman praises "right-wing terrorist"

Senator Edward Kennedy dead at age 77

My Brain and Canadian Health care

A Liberal Icon and a Legendary Legislator: A Five Decade Senate Legacy

You. At a Town Hall Meeting. 5 Questions You Should Ask

Robert Reich:Ted Kennedy

To Defeat Public Option, Insurance Companies Employ the 'Statue of Liberty Play'

Health Care Debate Based on Total Lack of Logic

Losing the Debate, One Misleading Front Page at a Time

To Honor Ted Kennedy, GOP Proposes That His Seat NEVER Be Filled

Matt Taibbi--"Health Care Reform: Sick and Wrong"

When Cops Go to School

Reactions to Edward Kennedy’s death

Domestic Terrorist Shawna Forde Gets Minuteman Support

Obama's Health Care Reform Imperiled by The New York Mets

George W. Bush CIA insider key to Obama plan

Poll: 86 percent say insurance, public or private, should be available to all

Arthur Salm: Health care - It’s in the Constitution

Kennedy and the Court

Working class mourns the loss of its "lion:" Ted Kennedy

U.S. Jails Iraqi Photographer a Year With No Charge: Commentary

State investigates alleged San Diego Republican corruption

ACLU White Paper Says Guidelines Needed For Police In Schools

Forget NIMBY, Opponents of Health Reform Have Their Own Unique Acronym

Cash for Clunkers: The Environmental Cost of a New Car

After a Grim Diagnosis, Determined to Make a ‘Good Ending’

Health Care and the Democratic Soul: It's time for Obama to channel Harry Truman

Shocking Admission by Dominick Dunne: 'I Died Just to Keep Going After the Kennedys'

The very large invisible Elephant in the room:

KPFK Radio Pacifica in LA 08/26/09 Brad Friedman on Sibel Edmonds

Who Is Obama Playing Ball With?

Laura Flanders: Will Drones Make General Atomics the next Blackwater?

Yesterday’s Compromise Is Tomorrow’s Triumph

India outsourcing workers stressed to the limit

Healthcare insurers get upper hand. The end result may be a financial 'bonanza.'

Anybody here seen my old friend Ted?

Old American Dams Quietly Become a Multibillion-Dollar Threat

Between Heaven and Hell

H-1B Reform Bill Could Complicate Offshore Outsourcing

Palin/Africa guy Martin Eisenstadt's campaign book; very funny

Attn. Younger DUers: PT 109 and John F Kennedy

Report: Faulty Fire Investigation Led to Execution

Unions Join Whole Foods Boycott Fray

Ted Kennedy's full speech from Robert's eulogy link

Medicare For All Simply Explained To An Anti-Health Reform Protester Rep. Castor's Office 8/21/09

Illegal fishing evades U.N. crackdown

New Cars Leave MPG Standard Behind - WSJ

Agricultural scientists at the TUM (Technische Universität München) quantify sustainability

Time Magazine: Can Steven Chu Win the Fight Over Global Warming?

Interview with Tom Whipple

(Lansing, MI) Energy companies want closed Ford plant

Drumbeat: August 26, 2009

Carcasses of animals ‘everywhere’ in Kenya drought

Asian Citrus Psyllids Confirmed In Orange County - Testing Pending For Citrus Greening Disease

Siachen Glacier In Ladakh, India Has Receded 800 Meters In Past 20 Years - Indian Express News

Renewable technologies increase energy sprawl—Biofuels will have the greatest impact on land use…

The nexus between energy and health care

History can no longer guide farmers, investors: U.N.

Spectrolab achieves new world record efficiency for a terrestrial concentrator solar cell

Ozone Treaty (an "HFC phase-down") May Hold Key to Halting Climate Change

Oil companies undermining climate partnership

Death rate spikes among migrating whooping cranes

Launch for amphibian 'life raft'

Power is shut off as bills pile up

Bonner & Associates: The Long and Undemocratic History of Astroturfing

EPA - Chemical Used In Hydraulic Fracturing Found In At Least 3 Wyoming Drinking Water Wells

2 Banana Diseases - Bacterial Wilt & Bunchy Top Viral - Spreading Rapidly In Sub-Saharan Africa

Plastics in oceans decompose, release hazardous chemicals, surprising new study says

Prairie Chicken Mating Dance Threatens Texas Projects

Turki al-Faisal Blasts US Energy Policy - "Energy Independence" = Demagoguery, IHHO - NY Times

Heat forms potentially harmful substance in high-fructose corn syrup (may be killing honey bees!)

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday August 25)

ESPN reported Ted Kennedy turned down an offer for the Green Bay Packers out of college

The Cardinals' starting three

Forty-Niners QB Hill leaves practice

Harvard football team honors former player Kennedy

Hmmm. The perfect example of a team CHOKING from another DUer's words...

Senator Ted Kennedy has passed away.


Snarf---Sanchez chosen as Jet's starter---Somebody is happy.

NAACP, civil rights groups, rally around Vick

The New York Mets' online chat log right before and after they hit into the unassisted triple play

Mass violence mars London derby

Gov. Richardson pushes New Mexico exports to Cuba

OAS mission accomplishes nothing; Radio Globo describes attack

Juan and Pedro Enter the Honduras Oil Import Business, Coup d’Etat Follows

Latam exports 'worst in 70 years'

OAS Meeting: Micheletti Talks Tough

Brazil Field Puts Shell in a Good Spot

Chile, El Salvador condemn coup in Honduras

Uruguay supports Unasur to evaluate Colombian bases

USW Condemns Latest in Wave of Colombian Assassinations

Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon is “gravely concerned” by the human rights situation in Honduras

Hooded men slay 12 Indians in Colombia

‘Election process under military regime’

First Military Coup of 21st Century Reverses Honduran Women’s Gains in Human Rights

Transcript of State Dept. Press Briefing: Visas, Military Coups and Recognizing the Winner of Next H

Running Down the Clock: OAS/Micheletti Mtg. Could Have Been Done by Conf. Call, Weeks Ago

Peru's Amazon Indians Warn Of Renewed Protests

Venezuela Responds to Washington Post Allegations

VIDEO: New RNN Video Shows that Honduran National Resistance Is Marching to Its Own Beat

Colombian singer Juanes receives death threats over Cuba peace concert

Couple to Face Murder Charges for Shooting Death of 7-yr-old Boy

Report: Israel to freeze settlements in exchange for tougher Iran sanctions

Best article on open carry debate. From MSNBC, no less

California sheriff considering allowing more concealed carry permits...

Arabs slam education minister's vision for school system

Palestinian family: We didn't say organs taken

Next on the chopping block in the UK

Israel's West Bank settlements: a new reality, brick by brick

Peace plans come and go. Obama may have to try a wholly new approach

Blair accuses Israel of wrecking major PA economic project

'Kennedy was a great friend of Israel'

Lebanese villagers recorded driving away Hezbollah men

One-third of outstanding Israeli schools are from Arab sector

UFW Mourns the Passing of Long Time Friend Senator Edward Kennedy (link & photos added)

Today in Labor History Aug 26 Fannie Sellins and Joseph Starzeleski are murdered on the picket line

Reduced Revenue Forces Nineteen States To Consider Worker Furloughs

French Government Attempts To Mediate Labor Dispute With U.S.-Based Company

Wikileaks: Target Employee Free Choice Act anti-union memos

SEIU: Continue to Honor Kennedy Legacy, Pass Healthcare Reform

Working Families Mourn the Loss of Sen. Edward Kennedy

Statement by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney On the Legacy of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy

Workers Warn About Cheap, Unsafe Gas Meters Made in China (1,000's of homes in Illinois)

Obama to visit on Labor Day

Demonstration Whole Foods in Berkeley, CA this Friday

Working Families Lose A Champion As Nation Mourns Sen. Ted Kennedy's Passing

Repost from LBN: Unions Join Whole Foods Boycott Fray

Economic Report: Are Workers Who Do Leisure Web Browsing At Work More Productive?

Dancing to the music

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Managers Mull Options After Moon Mission Malfunction

Want to feel truly small?

GLBTQ DUer's... we've lost a powerful voice today.

Something to brighten a dreary day.

US Thrifts Earn $4M in 2Q; 40 on 'Problem' List

Senator Kennedy's powerful LGBTQ legacy

07 G7 Canary in the coal mine.

Public perception of HIV/AIDS, then vs. now

Bernanke's REAL reaction to re-nomination

Adjustable Mortgages Loom as Threat to Housing Recovery

Is it time to short the market.

'Cash for clunkers' final tally: 700,000 cars sold

Study Finds Circumcision Does Not Protect Gay Men

No Public Libraries...

My Do It For Teddy sign

A Shot of Fear

Low-carb diets harm arteries in mouse study

Heat forms potentially harmful substance in high-fructose corn syrup (may be killing honey bees!)

Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk Of Hospitalization For Flu

Dear Old People,

Ok, that's it. I've officially lost my patience.

DailyOM: "Fear of Losing What We Have -- Seeing Beyond Fearful Delusions"

Owning positive projections of self upon celebrities & other public figures and self-worth

DailyOM: "Putting Yourself First -- Daily Self-Care"

Much love & light to Senator Kennedy as he crosses over.

Maybe just a wee bit psychic?

Kung fu nun pulls cars with hair

Real Men Don't Do Disclaimers

"Female Muslim journalist faces trial for wearing pants"

My Local ABC TV Affiliate Is Doing A Story On My Class And Ted Kennedy

I bought a box of chocolate to eat today hoping it makes

Like Hamburgers?

Rick Perry criticized for vetoing bills to help low-income families

Since my heart is broken as, I am certain, are many of yours...

Dialectic Role Playing in the Dungeon!

"America's Chernobyl"

The Lies and Distortions of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Hank Gilbert says he will run for governor

Some top Texas Democrats Endorse Schieffer (despite Bush support)

A Steampunk Horror Movie for your Enjoyment!

Mirch Mcconnell and the Cupcake Dog

CBC's The Current: Language & Canada's Foreign Service