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Archives: August 25, 2009

Opinion: GM is happy to keep its Opel unit in limbo

Japan's bureaucrats face the firing line

Presidential advisory panel: Swine Flu could cause up to 90,000 U.S. deaths

The Debate Continues...

Shuttle Discovery at 19 minutes to launch on hold due to rain

West coast viewers, check out Bill Maher on Conan tonight.

Watching another town hall on C-SPAN. Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI)

California braces for new round of budget cuts

Massive police mobilization prepared for G20 summit in Pittsburgh

oops wrong forum

Inflation, Warren Buffet, and You

Randall Terry is an embarrassment to the human race

Kearney (Neb.) Hub: Nelson: No hurry on health care (town hall meeting)

Osama Bin Limbaugh!

Is the entire Republican Party officially smoking crack?

Germany's car scrapping scheme may have backfired

Seattle PI: Beck Returns to Air, Does Not Address Advertiser Fallout over Obama Remarks

"Castro as fit as a Fidel" was a newspaper headline, yesterday. Why

San Jose City Council to take up ban on plastic, paper bags

W.Va. teabaggers celebrate 35th anniversary of domestic terrorist bombing of elementary school

Death Row Inmates Get Reprieve with Racial Justice Act

Exxon Works Up New Recipe for Frying the Planet

And in our hopes we wish for the day

America The Rabid: Birthers & Deathers, Indignance & Insanity

Memory of Taking Part as a Member Of a 'Death Panel'

Stop using Jesus

Murray may shift on Kennedy Senate request-She is open to bid altering selection law

Hurricane coastal DUers - keep an eye on two systems

Cost of economic downturn shows itself in domestic court

Joe Scum sure doesn't want any investigation of Bushco and

Joe Scum sure doesn't want any investigation of Bushco and

PLEASE call the DCCC and ask them to support the Democrat in CA-2

"Reconciliation " explained:

Major Garrett disagrees with O'reilly

If a Little torture works then a whole lot of torture must work really well.

Barack Obama's Beach Reading List

The White House Pushed For The Release of the CIA Report on Torture

Birthers: The Movie

Judd Gregg (R-NH) sure had no problems with reconcilation when he was in majority

Glenn Beck Targets White House Advisor Van Jones

Iraq the Sequel: Now Playing in Afghanistan

Iraq the Sequel: Now Playing in Afghanistan

ISR: In defense of Marxism

Afghanistan's Sham Vote

Torture Guidelines? (winks omitted)

Karzai in Slender Lead(41%-39%) With 10 Percent of Afghan Vote Counted(First Results)

Obama re-ups Bernanke, live on teevee.

Judiciary chairs Leahy, Conyers still demand truth commission

This CIA "Investigation" will go nowhere.

Competition on an even playing field will improve Medicare too.

And... the Redding paper has reported on KO and Matthews reporting on Herger

Landrieu Hosts Town Hall On Health Care In Reserve, LA, Thursday

Love this sign

Bipartisanship my ass

Bipartisanship my ass

WTF is Pat Buchanan still on T.V.?

The 2nd Amendment

Jessica Biel named `most dangerous celebrity'

What happened to al Qaeda in Iraq? Seems like when the Bush regime was removed al Qaeda left Iraq

Consumer Confidence at highest level since December of 2007

Stray dog saves abandoned baby

When drops in polling are cited

CNN reaching low to show fringe players

Cheney crawls out and makes a statement

Michael Steele on tee-vee. Can anyone one tell me...

Dick Cheney, the CIA, and the Nuremburg trials...

Does anyone have a home remedy for poison ivy on the crotch?

Flu Fighters Not Content with Calm

Who is that Congresswoman on Morning Joke Flat Out LYING About Advance Planning Provision?

Medicare Part C

Is the US government checking the clunker VINs against registration records?

Torture is un-American - The Baltimore Sun

Made In USA, No user serviceable parts.

Outed model blogger plans to sue Google

Frequent MSNBC GOP strategist Ron Christie got his eye fixed?

CIA Documents Provide Little Cover for Cheney Claims

CIA Documents Provide Little Cover for Cheney Claims

White House: Budget Deficit Will be $2 Trillion Higher than Projected

Project Vote Smart. A new resource for voting records (nation and state)

Marie Antoinette Responds to the Health Care Crisis

Four US Soldiers Killed, Making 2009 Deadliest Year For NATO in Afghanistan

Until the Pain Stops: America's Misplaced Outrage

Why is the Sibel Edmonds testimony not considered "Latest Breaking News"

Why is the Sibel Edmonds testimony not considered "Latest Breaking News"

why not "cave" to cater to republican "fears"?

Harry Shearer's excellent piece on the Obama administration's neglect of post Katrina New Orleans

New York Times review of Film "Edge of the World", Sea Shepherd Saving Whales

Bill O'Reilly Describes His Men's Room Encounter With Spike Lee

The Problem With Mercury: Pervasive, Perilous and Persistent

SAT Scores Dip For High School Class Of 2009

Are we Americans too selfish and too greedy for our own good

The US tolerates more inequality, deprivation

Pro-Obama; Anti-War

Pro-Obama; Anti-War

Murdered woman's body identified by breast implant serial #s

Top 10 Outrageous eBay Auctions


Undated, Unsigned CIA/Justice Memo Appears to Be First Authorization For ‘Diapering’

Have you had H1N1 recently? If so, please share your story.

Report: CIA Used Power Drills, Guns, Threats Against Children

"Befehl ist Befehl" Holder Overturns Justice Jackson and Nuremberg

Glenn Beck blasts boycott group's co-founder

Can someone give me a quick thumbnail debunking this?

Who's Paying To Kill Health Reform?

Rahm Emmanuel in 2007: make Medicare available at 55...

It's a Fact--We already paid for our healthcare IN ADVANCE when we paid our insurance premiums

Full page ad in my paper today from U.S. Citizens Association.

Biggest blunder by this Administration?

Biggest blunder by this Administration?

NJ Activists Ready For Battle Over Gay Marriage

The "Walmart-Communal RV Park"

Yes or No?

Cheney Claims To Be Defending Interrogators, But They Worried His Torture Policy Put Them At Risk

Greatest President ever?

Pak Taliban Admits Chief Baitullah Mehsud is Dead

Scripps Research Vessel Returns From the Garbage Patch

Gadhafi camping in New Jersey?

If somebody who's on Medicare or who has group medical says we don't need a national

Jim Cramer: Glenn Beck "A Nice Guy," Advertisers Will "All Come Back In The End"

America Prepares for Its Next War

Colbert Salutes NASA, Space Shuttle Discovery

PETITION- Investigate and Fire Blackwater NOW-PLEASE SIGN

State agency hears testimony on treatment of farm workers

Michelle Bachman, Ron Paul to Do Town Hall Together

With all the blame Obama post around here of late

Torture & Sexual Repression

How Long Before Liz Cheney Is Trotted Out To Defend Daddy

CNN is coming out full-bore pro torture now...

Fuck you dick

Don't bash the bailouts

Chris Bowers says 45 "Yes" votes for public option in Senate with 15 "maybe" votes

Must see: WAR in a haunting sand animation

Who was the really dumbass wing nut on Tom Hartmann just now?

The admission that a detainee had been threatened

you know those lawyer TV ads - 'are you sick from asbestos?'

GOP Rep Peter King defends CIA threatening to kill detainee's family and mock executions

CIA IG Report: Waterboarding was not "justified" - went "beyond" authorized limits

Reuters Examines Increasing Hunger In Mexico

WaPo - Don't Want a Public Plan? Well, What Do You Think of Medicare?

A Florida Culture-War Circus Over Rifqa Bary (A miniCrusade or something)

I want to bring a very small part of the CIA IG Report to your attention

Right wing lies about Obama's health care plan

Republican Fukwads Of The Day

After watching Glenn Beck's childish racist hit piece of Van Jones I became a fan of Van Jones

Would Jesus Support Health Care Reform?

Yup they still work (US test launches Minuteman III ICBM)

Went to church with the in-laws last weekend

Mexican migrants return home

Release Of CIA Torture Report Underscores Need For Full Investigation, Says ACLU

Scope of special prosecutor investigation?

Robin Hood

Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, USA-The next best thing to pet salvation in a Post Rapture World

Need ideas for HC rally signs & presentations-HELP PLEASE

Bingaman: I’ll Support Passing Health Care Reform Through Reconciliation

War is peace.

Help Wanted: Exotic/Structured Equity Derivatives Product Controller

Barack's Book Bag (Slate)

Been on vacation, offline 1 wk. Briefly, what's new? and hi

going to a townhall tongiht, any tips

No Joke, Comedian Sued Over Mother-in-Law Humor - Mother-in-law takes stand-up comedian to court

U.S. patients travel overseas for savings (option being offered by 4 largest US health insurer's)

CIA Reveal is a Bone Thrown to Liberals so we don't get pissed about losing the Public Option

The health care debate is reminiscent of 1916 to me ...

Why do repugnantcans hate Jesus?

The Debt to GDP Ratio is Not About to Reach a Post War High

5-Plane MKKKain having a town hall meeting....CNN, MSNBC, Faux carrying live - WHY?

Sibel Edmonds Video Deposition Available - Whistleblower Deposed in Schmidt V. Krikorian Complaint

It's time for Obama to pull one out of the Bush Playbook.

AARP: GOP is Full of Sh*& When It Comes to Health Care Reform

Has CBO finished scoring the Single Payer program yet?

PETA To Change Controversial Billboard- Cites Positive Responses As Reason For Change

Got a live one...apparently Social Security isn't a 'Social' program.

My Friends - Let's Have A Little Straight Talk Here........

You know that Glenn Beck is about to release another idiotic book.

Some Surprised By 'Clunker' Tax

Feingold, Breaking Washington Taboo, Calls for Afghanistan Withdrawal Timetable

Nevermind! Found the info, delete plz.

If Hitler had never existed, who would Americans compare a politician to--unfavorably?

Tortured Irony

Will the media fact-check President McCain?

A redundant post about John McCain's townhall.

Two types of shoe buyers

NYTimes Paints Rockwell Portrait of Opponents to Health Care Reform

a poll needing some DU love

Where Were These People The Last 8 Years?.........

Okay You Influence Peddlers, Listen Up… (Public Option with FireDogLake joins the fray)

Since they're branding HC reform as "Obamacare", why not call their version "Republicare"?

We need to play this song at all political rallies...

We need to play this song at all political rallies...

Should President Obama consider

McCain's Townhall "For the first time in my life I'm afraid for my FREEDUM"

Should people have the ability to PM you, then block you from PM'ing back?

Conservative Democrat may challenge Senator Blance Lincoln

Jena 6 teen gets chance at new life

Impeach Obama NOW!

What lesson from Cash For Clunkers?

Wisconsin couple adopts Brett (Favre) the goat found in trunk

CtW Investment Group Calls for Whole Foods Board to Remove Chair and CEO John Mackey

U.S. Chamber of Commerce seeks 'Scopes'-like trial on global warming

Cheney pleading, please, please don't hurt me

The Mysterious Eleventh Torture Technique: Prolonged Diapering?

Holy shit. A speaker at the McCain town hall just said, "When I was in school, we had Jack and Jill

First of All I Have to Disclose I Live in the South

Looks to me like the mainline Dems in the Senate are trying to have the best of both worlds--

Jena 6 teen gets a chance at a new life

Pro- HR676 Question for use in the Single-Payer debate: "Ask yourself...

The republicans are STILL DEFENDING TORTURE.

The republicans are STILL DEFENDING TORTURE.

My son is 16---- Damn--I really thought the wars would be over by his draft age.

In France, Intricate Tale of Corporate Espionage

Cutting off the ring...

They showed us the crazy--now let's show them our numbers

reading tea leaves of torture special prosecutor & health care reform

New federal budget deficit numbers are going to hurt health care reform

Galileo's Telescope Debuted 400 years ago today

It's going to take 1.6 TRILLION Dollars More to Fix What Bush & the GOP have done to this country

Insider Trading by Whole Foods CEO??? 50,000 shares sold days before editorial

Please explain to me why corporations large & small are not rallying like crazy behind HCR?

The McCain town hall is insanity!

Where's all the dem town hall meetings on MSM - McLiar???

I don't care about facts, and KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY CHEESEBURGER!!

San Diego DU'ers: Reporter to speak this evening about Blackwater

Thank god I have medical insurance,

Ha Ha Ha Ha

What LBJ would do

Ron Kind (D-WI) town hall on CSPAN. Who saw the lady....

Can/Will someone explain to me in honest terms why we are in Afghantistan - and escalating?

Video reveals GOP Senator(Grassley) brushed off Obama assassination threat

Hero teacher 'didn't have time to think' (tackles 17 yr old who has pipe bombs, chainsaw and sword )

The mind's a terrible thing to erase . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!

Health care reform may not happen because

Toyota tops 'clunker' sales list

CIA Inspector General Report Exposes Torture as U.S. Policy. What were they hiding?

None of you will know who this is, but my heart is broken today. This man was a hero to me.

Anyone know about the reliability of YouGov's BrandIndex? Shows Whole Food falling on perception:

"Prolonged Diapering" - a Republicon torture techinque

US names CIA abuse investigator

Nissan, Audi follow Toyota in offering car-share schemes


Thousands in Mali protest equal rights marriage law

Grassley Giving Up On White House Talks?

Can Cheney Beat Torture Rap?

WHAT??? There actually are good teachers out there? This one's a hero...

Slate: Barack's Book Bag (Obama's summer reading list v George W. Bush's)

McCain's Town Hall

Suppose some goons threatened to kill your children and rape your mother while you were in custody

Sweden refuses asylum to gay Iraqis

Sweden refuses asylum to gay Iraqis

Sweden refuses asylum to gay Iraqis

Sweden refuses asylum to gay Iraqis

Why do I keep getting appeals from MoveOn, DFA, CREDO to support mandated private insurance

Toddlers on train tracks prompts day care probe

If all 47 million of the uninsured died tonight

Great deal on bananas, whole-grain bread and Cheerios...

Disabled vet story on using the VA, from Reddit

VA investigates errant notices of fatal disease ( Lou Gehrig's disease)

Malaysia's Penan tribe ups anti-logging campaign (armed with spears and blowpipes set up blockades)

Eris steals from Bob Dobbs!!!

A Poem For the Party of NO

The Autopia WTF? Caption Contest: Der German Edition (prices start at $487,000 )

Medical insurers poised to reap a healthy 'bonanza' - Lobbying efforts win health-care concessions

Democrats plan hundreds of reform rallies

The Blinking Red ADvertisement

Pastor calls G.W. Bush "spineless...flaming liberal", suggests killing blasphemous immigrants...

Kicked out of a Catholic church

America the ugly

Texting While Driving PSA Causes Stir (VIDEO)

Cheap Trick (the band) released a new CD & DVD today!

McCain Booed By Arizonans For Saying Obama Respects Constitution (VIDEO)

11-year-old hero awarded free house for family

Good God! When will Democrats/Progressives make countering rightwing media an URGENT priority?

Good God! When will Democrats/Progressives make countering rightwing media an URGENT priority?

Limbaugh, Rove to guest on 'Family Guy'

The Torture Archive released today - George Washington University

Samaritans pulled 2 from flipped truck before explosion

A simple challenge to freeptrolls.

Drooling diggers win their snags (Aussie soldiers in Afghanistan rebel against crappy food)

Disband the US Military!

Arizona homeschool students now eligible for full-ride to state universities

BREAKING: Gang Of Six Democrat Open To Reconciliation (BIG NEWS)

Stocks touch new '09 highs (Wall Street advances on Bernanke, rise in consumer confidence)

EPA fails to inform public about weed-killer in drinking water

Army judge: 9/11 lawyers can't see CIA 'black sites'

Don't Forget: the money we owe is the BUSH DEFICIT

Sarkozy tightens bank bonus rules

If Obama farts , are they going to blame him

Will not laugh: Up next on CNN a Grandma defends honor of grand daughter with a hoe.

In the chain of torturers how many people are involved?

Time - Abercrombie and Fitch: The World's Worst Recession Brand?

Hey, Peter Torquemada King, you dumbshit!

If I were a United States Senator right now

Coburn: healthcare reform violates Hippocratic oath

Republican Decoder Machine

Republican Decoder Machine

Luxury retailer’s employees to unionize

In many ways, we’re a failed State (Kenya)

The reich wings "freedom" is really freedom from taxation and a desire to live in lala land.

don't give up on prosecuting the torturers and those who authorized torture.

Toddlers on train tracks prompts day care probe

Whomever donated a star to me,...thank you.

Question that needs to be asked of Grassley and other pols fanning the birther and deather flames...

So hubby's Libertarian friend is going to lose his health insurance cuz his wife's been laid off.

Caption McCain

Obama Allies Find Words Fail Them

Michael Steele: Protect Medicare -- And Medicare Doesn't Work

from today's 'Energy Citizen' rally (with pics)

Enzi frustrates liberals with harder line

Check out the comments on Michele Bachmann's youtube channel

Question for Canadian DUers about MRI machines

Democrats and Governing, why nothing is as easy as it seems.

Joe Sestak, Senate Candidate, Starts Taking On Democratic Leadership

I'm sorry, but did eight years of dictatorship make Democrats servile and meek?

Barack & Michelle make an "appearance" in a store window

Bachmann: Prayer and fasting will help defeat health care reform

Nepal Monitor :: The National Online Journal A Living Himalayas: 353 New Species Discovered

Place? San Francisco.. Cause for rally? New Orleans relief Bill

bad mouthing the Post Office

The Nation: Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story

Sen. Ben Cardin on Big Ed: "They're not going to stop (with just a few CIA agents), ...

Did Rand Paul's campaign manager threaten town hall violence?

My latest gif: How Glenn Beck works up tears.

Wild Pigs Go Hog Wild On Farms in Fresno County

"Sons" of Ronald Reagan

We Will NEVER Have Meaningful Reform Without Campaign Finance Reform

Herger (R-thug) denounced for applauding self-described terrorist

Harvey Milk to be inducted into California Hall of Fame

One of the key issues regarding torture

Rupert Murdoch Wants Other Papers to Collude With WSJ

Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit - Documentary from 2006

Paul Krugman weighs in on Bernanke, Obama, economy, and health care (podcast)

U.S. Increasing Use of Private Contractors in War Zone

George W. Bush spent 977 days of his presidency at Crawford or Camp David

Pssst ..... people crabbing about Obama being on vacation .......

Need help debunking a rw ltte. Please!

My friend suggested that everyone supporting public option wear orange hats

My friend suggested that everyone supporting public option wear orange hats

Damn! It seems more and more like hurricanes are behaving

Supreme Court: Catholic abuse documents can't stay sealed

C-Span now Jim Moran town hall edit

WHAAA! Health Insurers to Rockefeller: Stop Fishing Around In Our Books


Two schools of thought at DU - Party vs. People

Rep. Jim Moran's town hall - pics

CBO Projects More Severe Downturn

Peasants belonging to the '400 Pueblos' group protest while wearing masks of President Obama - pics

Arlen Specter keeps pushing GOP/FOX talking points on FOX, no less. Joe Sestak obliterated it.

Arlen Specter keeps pushing GOP/FOX talking points on FOX, no less. Joe Sestak obliterated it.


Call Corburn's Office and Tell Him What DoYou Think Of His Advice a Dr. To A Woman's Ill Husband

POLL QUESTION: Favorite Documentaries

so someone thought it was funny to sign me up for the FRC newsletter

Need help to find stats on Jon Kyl's military service

Since Single Payer has no chance of passing...

Guns near Obama fuel ‘open-carry’ debate

Sgt. Hartman Takes on the Birthers...

Anti-healthcare legislation ads as one is put on hold at Rite Aid

Is the atmosphere ripe for a return of Joe McCarthy?

"Taking Chance" HBO films

The WINNERS of the August Photo Contest have been posted

The WINNERS of the August Photo Contest have been posted

Come on DUers - where's the Youth in Asia

Global Drug Discovery: Europe Is Ahead - Europe leads in pharmaceutical research

Dem Rep. Speier Asks Unemployed Woman...To Speak At Town Hall

Should Health Care Reformers Adopt A Color For Our Movement and if so, which one ?

Joe Klein, please aim higher

Windows With Posters Supporting Health Care Reform Smashed in Denver -- 24 year-old Arrested

Glenn Beck blasts boycott group's co-founder

Watch this, and then let’s talk about ‘world’s best health care’

I think Cheney ordered the Code Red

I am so proud of my NC Dems !!!

The Rude Pundit: A Few Random Observations Regarding the Newest Torture Report

If we need $90 Billion a year for Health Care and don't want to raise taxes, how about we ...

If we need $90 Billion a year for Health Care and don't want to raise taxes, how about we ...

Health Insurance In 3 Steps - A flow chart

Simply boycotting Beck's show does nothing at all. Advertisers need to boycott FOX completely

Under Bush's Watch

One imagines there was something like a drill there, too.

Please Be Patient... This may take a few years

The $10 Trillion Hangover - Paying the Price for Eight Years of Bush

The $10 Trillion Hangover - Paying the Price for Eight Years of Bush

Sullivan (Anchorage Mayor) vetoes gay rights ordinance - does not think Discrimination exists there

Speaking of insurance, here's a really funny TV ad for an insurance company...In Russian!

A Canadian's Health Care Story

A Canadian's Health Care Story

Supreme Court: "It's unconstitutional to punish people for using marijuana."

A bit o' doggerel for Dubya

Freepers in Denver lose their minds over Obama and HCR

Cantor: GOP poised to take back the House

Ron Christie=GIRLINE extraordinaire

Insured Man Shocked Over $10K Bill

I am SO Switching from United Healthcare!

Top 10 Reasons For Single Payer Healthcare (Physicians for a Nat'l Health Program, Handout)

Anyone gotten this health care email?

Anyone gotten this health care email?

Discovery is running an incredible program on mythi

Postal Service offers $15,000 buyouts to cut costs

You're goddamned right I'm a radical

Live - Moran Town Hall (Northern Va.)

OK then what was Randall Terry,

Los Angeles may turn one-third of public schools over to private operators

Is the quote gays are an abomination slanderous or defamation in a civil court of law?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

It ain't poltergeists: Cell phone activates oven

Michele Bachmann prays that God will save us from health reform

IMHO this video could be a game-changer in the healthcare debate

Anyone watching the town hall from Anchorage on C-SPAN? I can't take it.

Colbert is on the NASA Space Shuttle web page

Brady Campaign Chastises Sen. Grassley for Ignoring Veiled Threat

Larisa Alexandrovna: "To The Hague..."

Analysis: Liberals tired of health care compromise

Orly's Day in Court?

Can someone direct me to some good Single Payer fliers to take to a festival tomorrow?

Is "The Family" being prosecuted ? or has the story been silenced ?

Man throws puppy into the air 'to see if the MFcker could fly'

Did I understand right about jim Moran and Howard Dean tonight ...... ?

haggis-eating surrender monkeys ?

Who truly believes the GOP is going to swamp the Democrats in next election?

Joe Bageant- Obama's Fight for Reform: Lay off the footwork and throw a punch!

Joe Bageant- Obama's Fight for Reform: Lay off the footwork and throw a punch!

Hey DUers (You All Need To Read This)

El Niño & hurricanes.. (our "slow" season this year) (very interesting)

Can anyone exolain "tort reform to me? I believe if someone is

This lady now speaking at the McCain town hall

Remember the guy who was supposedly beat up by the SEIU in St Louis? Here's an update:

I went to the VA today... To get that guvment health care...

David Shuster and Tamron Hall eviscerate KT MacFarland on live teevee.

A 1994 federal law prohibits torture with a penalty of up to 20 years in prison

LOL McCain's town hall loonies are still concerned about ACORN

Hey, in my neighborhood, people think $80 billion is a lot of money. But is it?

Obama to nominate Bernanke to 2nd term -AP

A much better touchup of Glen Beck's latest book.

Obama Don't Reach Across That Aisle

Obama Don't Reach Across That Aisle

I don't understand why these aspects of health ins. don't piss off even the most far-right wingnut!

Is it constitutional to execute the innocent? Scalia: Nothing the legal system needs to worry about.

Dennis Miller is tired of all of the Hitler comparisons!!!

Bucking the Recession: Apple's Retail Stores

I'm sorry, but DU has become "Blame Obama Land", especially General Discussion

Chlamydia helps young men feel more 'manly': Swedish study

Can we boycott ALL of Fox News advertisers?

Brit Blogger's View of the American Right

Michelle Obama's Guide to Martha's Vineyard High Society

The Bush Disasters Keep Coming

British PSA: Texting While Driving

About the Lockerbie dude and Sen. Cardin

Lessons in Leadership: Why Obama Needs to Brush Up on His FDR - Arianna Huffington

Air France abandons search for 'black boxes' from Airbus crash

Rush Limbaugh: Last week, I spent a lot of time reading the kook website "Democrat Underground"

Help please. Small mystery surrounding a company caring for a close relative

Paperwork tangles O.C. suit against Obama

Moran and Dean Town Hall Meeting, Reston Virginia

Does anyone know why food prices are falling?

To all those who read about or responded to my post concerning our niece's SO:

Semi-sweet: Americans should cut sugar consumption by more than half, says AHA

Customers hop into Ikea beds and displays to nap - Beijing

Lynching of Cynthia McKinney urged by ‘journalist’ trained and paid by FBI

Lynching of Cynthia McKinney urged by ‘journalist’ trained and paid by FBI

Serious question re: business and single payer

Swine flu is a "false flag operation"

The woman kicking ass at the McCain town hall is Shirley McAllister

Supporters of health care reform dominate town hall session

The CIA's post-torture profits

A Blackwater primer. - My own investigation into Blackwater. *pic heavy*

Home price index shows improvement in some metro areas

Freeper Gem~The 14 Characteristics of Fascism

Where are the "christian" churches on health care?

Thank You ACLU!

There is a certain dissonance in the health care debate that I find troubling.

So my beautiful Daughter is at the Rockaway NJ mall this morning

Homosexuality and homophobia.

Honor due WWII women fliers coming (Thank you President Obama)

New Yorker: BRILLIANT article on psychology of healthcare reform

Any word on distribution of flu vaccine at colleges?

Hero teacher 'didn't have time to think'

Hey Rush Limbaugh, I've got something for you to fucking read (pic heavy, not for the weak hearted)

"The Worst Is Yet To Come & All Trails Lead To VP" - 7 Points on the CIA Report - By Scott Horton

Proposal to Ease Aid for G.I.’s With Stress Disorder

The End of Overeating, phew finished the book

Awsome post by "statistical" on violent criminals. And what to do about them.

Maurice Schwenkler research thread..........

So who’s still advertising on Beck? His August 25 advertisers were…

Can someone tell me why all of a sudden it is the GOP railing about cuts against Medicare

So they're serious. Palin bumper sticker says:

You know all those people who supposedly love their healthcare?

Independent UK: "A mean streak in the US mainstream"

Independent UK: "A mean streak in the US mainstream"

Did Waterboarding Actually Work?- Just-released CIA documents don't back up Dick Cheney's claims.

In honor of Obama's health care plan...

Texas is one step away from admitting it executed an INNOCENT man

1 suspect in custody following Dem HQ vandalism in Denver

I fucking love howard dean. he really knows how to communicate.

High school attack: Teenager with 10 pipe bombs, a chainsaw, and a 2ft sword

Court Oders Fed To Fess Up & Tell Us Where The Money Went


In Los Angeles, (Water) Consumption Is Lowest in 32 Years

Just got back from Pallone's Town Hall--Good God these people are nuts

Wildfires threaten Greek capital (land-grab arsonists)

If 54% of Americans don't believe or don't know that Medicare is a government program...

If 54% of Americans don't believe or don't know that Medicare is a government program...

Only in the US is medicine solely run for profit

Origins of the American “Mean Streak”: Or Universal Healthcare in Europe is Not Really Universal

How to actually time travel (if you had a fast enough space craft).

Taking a Dump In Someone Else's Backyard: Six of the Ten Top U.S. Drug Companies Aren't American

What the 2012 DNCC platform needs: support for a self-sufficient military


I AM OF THE LOONY LEFT- Here's What I Want

I AM OF THE LOONY LEFT- Here's What I Want

Target EFCA anti-union memos on wikileaks.

Microsoft photoshops black guy into a white guy in ad

Microsoft photoshops black guy into a white guy in ad

Guardian UK: Mad, bad and dangerous to know (Conservatives in America are playing with fire)

Seniors Angry Over No Social Security Increase

A friend of mine tries to navigate her breast cancer in the US, and sets up a website.

Like the USFS fire crews radio in: "Back in Bend, out of service for the night."

Lesbian Couple Expelled From Kenneth Whalum's Church-taunted them with calls of "demon"

What's So Funny?

Thank You TV Show, "Mad Men". I've Had This In My Head All Day

Tonight's earworm is about me!

New Zealand Thrash Australia 100-78 in huge Basketball upset

wondering if it is possible to develop a hangover BEFORE

Latest squirrel picture!


Another reason Sisqo is so damn awesome.

Here here got tickets to U2/Muse?

Watching a Documentary on Marion Barry.....

Post postal

My entire neighborhood is surrounded by police...

I've asked nicely, and I've asked several times...

Has anyone seen Elvis lately?

Wish I could hear this sung by the Beach Boys of the '60's...

Fractal or natural phenomenon?

Women march for topless rights.

Clippy Finally Messes With the Wrong Word Doc

Hurrican Bill is still truckin'

How do I get rid of this cold?

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to zanana!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to neweurope!!*******

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What have you done to deserve the Darwin Award?

I just had this strange vision of Ronald Reagan

Jesus Action Figure (video)

Dylan could be new sat-nav voice

DU Song Of The Day

'Back to the Futures' Finally Compared

Jessica Biel named `most dangerous celebrity'

WARNING: ovens that turn on by themselves

Another reason Cisco is so damn awesome.

BREAKING: New way to deal with grief--beat someone to death

Congratulations Robeson! 15,000 posts!

Should you "fix" a dent in your car sustained from an accident BEFORE

Another reason Cisco was a friend of mine:

Another reason the Frisco Kid was a friend of mine.

Finally a protest I can really get into. National "Go Topless" day

I just got back from the eye doctor and he said I have Optic nerve hypoplasia.

I'm afraid so; this is just the tip of the iceberg.

41-year old Facebook enthusiast learns the difference between "private messaging" and "public posts"

August 27th is "NATIONAL NO PANTS WONDER DAY" - Let it ALL hang out! WOO HOO!

Once again discrimination rears its ugly head

What I want to know is: why NOT "Godzilla, The Musical"?

Not just ordinary services

Photo: Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt's latest beach photo op. There goes lunch!

Sad. :(


A dedicated appliance just to poach eggs?

Our TV is with the repair guy, and I am hungry

Cheap Trick (the band) released a new CD & DVD today!

Robert Zemeckis circles "Yellow Submarine" remake

delete, wrong forum

National "Go Topless" Day

Breaking - Man waits 25 minutes at McDonald's for dinner menu.

Bernie Madoff 'Mistress' Tells All: 'He Was a Good Kisser'

Yay, Cat Piss!!!

Galileo's anniversay today. He was the first, I mean second, to do telescopic astronomy.

People who travel to foreign countries - do you have to show your passport at hotels?

I ain't nothin' but a hound dog - pic

Will Pitt is getting married in seven weeks! Yikes!

Oh Noes!!! Lillian Garcia is leaving...

Sweet Potato Fries to Hit Fast Food World

Clips from AC/DC's show last night.

Paris Hilton wants Butters!!

The continiuing adventures of Milton Waddams

Computer question: getting sound from a non-active window in Windows

I'm very sweaty, and I smell like an old mule.

So what is the length of time on rec/unrec? I thought it was 24 hours, but I

One Year in 40 Seconds. Four seasons, time lapse.

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TK421!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TK421!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lisa0825!!*******

Holy Tokyo!

I need computer help pronto My computer won't turn on.

I guess I must not be macho- I simply don't see the point.

The weirdest dog toy ever!

103 year old land speed record broken

The #1 Freeper Detective Agency Strikes Again

Billy Ray Cyrus was in David Lynch's Muholland Drive?

I hate money, I hate cars, I hate mechanic'n

*****Happy Birthday u4ic*****

Don't text and drive PSA

Where the Wild Things Are Trailer

Question for primary school educators about the use of a particular type of punishment

Facebook Spat

Know what The Lounge needs? More PIMP threads. Let's start with THIS one. "10 Memorable Movie Pimps"

Has anyone heard any news about the World War Z movie?

I want your thoughts/financial advice.

I can't watch... I can't watch...

Have I told you how much I hate snipers in online auctions?

I want to create a bundt cake that never dies.

Okay so now I'm looking at new computers...what do folks think of this one?

Kitteh Om Nom Nom

In what sports, clubs or activities were you involved in High School?

What's a good, cheap laptop?

I lost my copy of "It!"

What will first contact with alien life/civilization be like?

Will not laugh: Up next on CNN a Grandma defends honor of grand daughter with a hoe.

McDonalds Little Fries lead to big thighs...

BREAKING: Cape Town, South Africa erupts in bloody "cannibalistic" rioting

Good morning Lounge

WOW!!!! August 25th - 4 months till Christmas!!!!

What's on tonight?

Post the last photos you took.....

I posted this last week and got no replies. Anyone?

Computer geek help?

Elton John..... The last song

I fondled a genuwine Moon rock this evening.

The Most Life Affirming Movies, a seriously good list

Update on Max: He goes to the vet this Thursday

What team do you LEAST want to see win the SB?

Cat Pee in hardwood floor

True fact: George Lucas originally intended the Ewoks to be directly related to the Force


Does anyone else ever mix beer and tomato juice?

Could I get some feeding advice from the professional cat lovers here?

5 questions for the Lounge

Another reason Crisco is so damn awesome.

How Fast is Your Internet?

Drunken Man Enters Wrong House and Bed: Cops

Fans of subpar MLB teams: Do not fret, your team will never be as bad as the Washington Nationals

What was the worst weather situation you have been in?

How many hours a week do you work (for pay) on average?

So the first doctor sez to the second doctor,

DU guys: any of you older guys have to swim nude in your high school gym class?

"On Caladan, we used to have to swim in the nude," thought Paul,

I don't post here anymore but...

I want to create a thread that never lives.

An apology to the animal lovers in the lounge...

State agency hears testimony on treatment of farm workers

OAS mission arrives in Honduras for talks on political crisis

U.S. fails to follow all of the money

CIA Documents Provide Little Cover for Cheney Claims

San Jose City Council to take up ban on plastic, paper bags

Bodies found in Pakistan valley

Va. House speaker urges ethics probe of delegate

New York Fed Names AFL-CIO Leader as Chairman of the Board

CNN reaching low to show fringe players

Karrubi: Iran post-election detainees raped

Auto Dealers Swamped As Trade-in Rebate Ends

Gadhafi camping in New Jersey?

Witness says Spargo [Maimi-Dade Rioter] Boasted, [Judge] on trial for alleged shakedown of attorneys

Why Obama is Appointing Bernanke to a Second Fed Term


Bernie Madoff 'Mistress' Tells All: 'He Was a Good Kisser'

Attacks cripple Iraq’s national grid (power supplies reduced to two hours a day)

New clue found to disappearing honey bees

Reuters Examines Increasing Hunger In Mexico

The Mysterious Eleventh Torture Technique: Prolonged Diapering?

Iran military wants 'swift retribution'

CIA spies 'certified' with 2 weeks training

Vandal Smashes Windows At Democratic Party Office

11-year-old hero awarded free house for family

Right-wingers cry socialism over 9/11 anniversary plan backed by many in GOP

Hero teacher 'didn't have time to think'

Court Orders Fed to Disclose Emergency Bank Loans

Actor Alec Baldwin Elects Not To Join Senate Race

Samaritans pulled 2 from flipped truck before explosion

Murray may shift on Kennedy Senate request

War protest follows Obama

Deaths, Missing Detainees Still Blacked Out in New CIA Report

NY Businessman Charged With $74 Million Bank Fraud Against Citigroup

No immunity in any CIA abuse cases-UN rights chief

Paperwork tangles O.C. suit against Obama

Buckshot in nuclear transport truck: terrorist or bubba?

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday August 25

"Sons" of Ronald Reagan

US to halt visas to pressure coup-hit Honduras

Live - Moran Town Hall (Northern Va.)

Pakistani Taliban admit Mehsud killed by US strike

Judge assigned to hear Troy Davis evidence

Sarkozy, Banks Set New Limits on Bonuses

Deaths, Missing Detainees Still Blacked Out in New CIA Report

Rangel’s Wealth Jumps After Disclosure

US judge nixes controversial gay marriage case

New U.S. Deaths Make 2009 Afghan War's Deadliest

Report Shows Tight C.I.A. Control on Interrogations

Argentina high court eyes decriminalizing drugs

Textbook sparks furore in Mexico

Report: N.O. flood controls unreliable

Federal deficits: $9 trillion and counting

Canada, U.S. agree to discuss Buy American waiver

Dumanis takes a pass on the Busby fundraising imbroglio(Dem Fundraiser cops raided)

Bachmann: Prayer and fasting will help defeat health care reform

2 Mo. lawmakers plead guilty, will resign

Feingold: No health care bill before Christmas

First Gang of Six Member Backs Reconciliation for Healthcare

4 Youth Prisons in New York Used Excessive Force

Postal Service to Offer Buyouts to as Many as 30,000 Workers

Fidel Castro appears on Cuban TV to challenge rumours of ill health

Prosecutor: Crime scene at Okla. church 'horrific'

Cheney Slams Obama Administration for Opening Investigation of CIA Interrogators

White House Sharply Increases Deficit Projection to $1.6 Trillion

Afghan Bomb Strikes at Foreign Agencies

Governor run on former Mayor Rudy Giuliani's mind, says top ally Pete King

Consumer Confidence Soars

Dozens killed in Afghan explosion

Kerry opposes outsourcing of security to Blackwater

Barack Obama on brink of deal for Middle East peace talks

Congressman to Gaddafi: Keep Out

Favorable Political Winds Blow E.U. Turbine Producers to the U.S.

PHOTO Ugly as Fuck.

Swine flu: Vaccine is safe, CDC says

Here's a snap shot of the progress Obama, Dems are making toward passing a bill with a public option

Obama’s FCC to enforce ‘net neutrality’

Obama supporters plan pro-health overhaul push

Birthers Want To See Obama's Penis

Looking into the belly of the beast on how we need to have healthcare reform done at all costs

War protest follows Obama

WTF?: Rush thinks Obama is out to get his penis (seriously)

House Dem won't vote for Pelosi as Speaker

Obama's pet peeves (Politico)

Top Clinton Fundraiser Charged With Defrauding Citigroup

Tim Robbins: "We have to reclaim this election"

How CRAZY is it that WALMART negotiates drug prices but the U.S. gov't won't???

Two schools of thought at DU - Party vs. People

ACLU & Center for Constitutional Rights statements on special prosecutor to investigate torture

Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop (thinking about tomorrow)

Could we have stopped Selection 2000? What would have been required of us?

So why did Charlie Cook surface with claims that Dems are going to lose big in 2010? Clue: Mark Penn

Rep. Jan Schakowsky on passing health reform without Repubs: "If we have to, we will"

Majority Leader Dick Durbin?

We reckon that Coburn is a sociopath- plain and simple

Well, okay, I dislike McCain intensely, but....

Right-wingers cry socialism over 9/11 anniversary plan backed by many in GOP

How 'bout those teabaggers who both complain about a 1,000 page bill AND quote parts of it?

What's wrong with people?

"I want my COUNTRY BACK..waaaannHHHH". that one still cracks me up.

Dem Rep. Raul Grijalva writing in USA Today: Forget Bipartisanship

Doctors Write Letter to President Obama Urging Him to Support Single-Payer Health Care

RW liars coming out of the woodwork against health care reform

Sigh...Need Help debunking another bullshit President Obama lies

The New Republican Plan to Bankrupt America

How many died because of no healthcare under BUSH'S reign?

Time: 'Why Obama Appointed Bernanke to a New Fed Term'

Show A.G. Holder your appreciation for appointing a special prosecutor

How's Obama Doing?

Here's why the Dems aren't making lots of progress towards health care reform (vs the Pubes)

Obama is on vacation? How DARE he?

Orly Taitz birther nut back in court

Howard Dean & Rep. Moran Lead A Town Hall in Reston, VA (VIDEO)

The Clintons in Bermuda

One year ago today: This speech was made by a really great, classy lady.....

Temp Firms Say Demand Up in August

If they grit their teeth Democrats can get this done

CNN - DOW Reaches New High In 2009 - Consumer Confidence Is Up

Major Media Outlets Ignore News That CIA Documents Fail To Back-Up Cheney’s Torture Claims

Feingold assessment = We're Democrats and we're losers!

Times' Joe Klein: Lower Than Dirt

Pres. Obama has declared 9/11 a National Day of Service!!!

Would you want Obama to read our posts in this forum?

RIOT !!! HEADS UP *** Virginia Town Hall w/ HOWARD DEAN ** (LIVE)

I'm sorry, but the success of RW lies on healthcare = a failure on the part of the administration.

Here is an update on the Beck ad boycott from Media Matters--Red Lobster & Vonage are holdouts

Feingold backs off pessimistic HCR assessment

PHOTOS A Quiet Night Out.

'Barack Obama on brink of deal for Middle East peace talks' (Guardian UK)

Guns near Obama fuel ‘open-carry’ debate

PHOTOS Forty-Fore!!!!!!!!

Peter King goes batshit crazy about Holder appointing special prosecutor

In what kind of a bizarro world is McCain living?

Why are the cable nets giving so much time to McCain

I haven't given up on meaningful healthcare reform

Did I hear right that a WWII vet at a town hall said he wanted to take a gun to DC?

Robert Reich's blog: Don't Succumb to Deficit Hysteria

When Obama golfs on vacation, are 17 other groups eliminated? In other words...

Cheney crawls out from under his rock as newly released memos confirm he's a liar (updated)

Did I wake up in a country where John McCain is the President?

Bingaman: I’ll Support Passing Health Care Reform Through Reconciliation

The instructor at my Basic Life Support class last night buys the RW lies about health care reform

Defeating the Coalition to Kill Health Care Reform

Correct me if I am wrong: has Obama spent less time on vacation than every president since Reagan?

Club for Growth targets Sen. Bennett (R)

Later News but Good as Ever: BUSH 43, breaks every campaign Promise he made


So Faux News Thinks NBC Stores are bias towards..

Poll shows Americans reject RW death claim

McCain's healthcare remedy: 'Tort Reform' which has not lowered health care costs in a single state

Even right wingers admit that private insurance companies are seriously flawed

South Carolina GOP consider impeaching Sanford

Christie Attacks Corzine For "Trader's Mentality," Then Gets Hammered By Press About Loan Story

Bay County GOP prefers Marco Rubio to Charlie Crist

PHOTOS No offence to the mask-maker, but.....

I call bullshit on claims that admin not beating corporate whore media is WH failure.

Sen. McCaskill's town hall dominated by health care reform supporters

TPM's Beutler: Bingaman Becomes First Member of 'Gang of Six' to Broach Go-It-Alone Plan for Dems

Full-page ad in our local paper today blames Carter, Clinton, Frank and Obama for economy.

'A mean streak in the US mainstream' (Mary Dejevsky, UK Independent)

Does Michael Steele Understand that Medicare is a government program?

The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care

"Imagine health-care reform without a public option"

Democrats' Woes Won't Cure GOP

Obama: Shaking up Suburbia

I am ashamed that in the USA Rush Limbaugh gets away with saying what he does as "entertainment"!

US health co-op plan in doubt Where Is the Afghanistan Debate? *re: Sunday morn talk shows...

What do you think of Third Way's op-ed about health care reform?

Right wing paranoia is nothing new

Obama Admin Fires Back At Right Wing With Detailed Rebuttal Of “Death Book” Claim

COLA and Social Security and Medicare

PHOTO Axis of Evil?

Eugene Robinson: We Need to Know What Was Done in Our Name

From Salon--Conservative writer: Obama plans "to desecrate 9/11"

"A smarmy, neo-conservative shrew."

Oh-oh, socialized medicine is coming to North Carolina.

What do you think Congress will do with regard to health care reform legislation?

Richard Burr refuses to debate Ken Lewis on healthcare

CO-Sen: Beauprez Won't Challenge Bennet

FL-Sen, FL-10: Young Turns Down Senate Appointment

If you've seen anti-healthcare ads from "IWF.ORG", here's who that group is:

Looking to 2012: Not IF but WHEN Will Hillary Make Her Break From Obama?

Big beermakers to raise prices

US to probe alleged CIA torture

Raw Video: Rare Look at Fidel Castro

John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Mike Douglas, Louis Nye make "love calls"

National Health Care Forum with President Obama (With Full Transcript)

Hannity Guest Compares Obama Policies To Nazism

1yr ago: RNC and Police State of the Twin Cities: 1st they came for the organizers & Journalists

A Video Valentine for Steve Anderson...

Here's Lunatic Pastor Steven Anderson Spending An Hour Explaining Why He "Hates Obama" (Please Flag)

Jim Cramer: Glenn Beck a nice guy, advertisers will all come back in the end

Debunking The Latest Conservative Health Care Smear: "Death Book For Veterans"

Countdown-Col. Lawrence Wilkerson discusses release of Bush Admin torture report

Maxine Waters' Awesome Town Hall: Obama Needs To Be "Tough" With Opponents Of The Healthcare Plan

101 Days of Fox News Idiocracy - Day 1

Government's Role in Healthcare Reform

FREE FOR ALL! One Dude's Quest to Save Democracy

Howard Dean with Alison Stewart on Rachel's show August 24

Social Security Scare Tactics

McCain Townhall Attendee: Not Heard About HR676 (Single Payer) On Fox News


Day in 100 Seconds - Republicans Embracing Single Payer in Their Plan

Schakowsky: Don't Want Ins Co Having Their Way With Us NEED PUBLIC OPTION

Health Care Reform Discussion Draft: John Dingell Opening Statement

Bill O'Reilly's Spike Lee WMD 'Urinal Story'

1 year ago: Terror in the St. Paul and Minneapolis

McCain: I'm Sure Obama Does Respect US Constitution - He's President Let's Be Respectful

8/25 Turley on Countdown re appointment of special investigator

The GOP's Healthcare Lies

Cindy Sheehan On MSNBC 8/21/09

Sudden Ominous Music Heard Across U.S., Nation Panicking

Town hall lady calls McCain Senator Kennedy - promotes him / Also asks GREAT HC question

Steve Anderson calls for Obama to be put to death like a 'salted snail'

The Truth About Fiji Water

McCain Booed for Saying Obama Respects Constitution


Rep. James Moran's (D VA) Town Hall - Opening Remarks - Democracy in Action!

TYT Interviews: JR of Color of Change on Anti-Glenn Beck Campaign

Sen. Whitehouse on finally getting some rule of law in torture investigations

TYT: GOP Scare Tactic - Healthcare Bill Of Rights

TYT: This Is Why Bipartisanship Is A Scam

Transforming Ourselves, Transforming the World.

Randall Terry Forcibly Ejected From Healthcare Town Hall with Howard Dean

GOP Abandons Even Co-ops, In Favor of Chicken Coops

Fireworks re: Torture Prosecutor: Report Reveals Threats to Kill Children, CIA Dir 'Screaming Match'

Eugene Robinson: We Need to Know What Was Done in Our Name

Dying for affordable healthcare — the uninsured speak

A mean streak in the US mainstream (Mary Dejevsky in The Independent, London, UK, 8/25)

Rep. Raul M. Grijalva, D-Ariz.: Forget bipartisanship

Coup Protestor Gang-Raped by Honduran Police

David Sirota: Health Care Puts Progressives On the Verge of Changing the Power Dynamic

Dispatches From the Health Care War

New York Slimes Front page article devoted to a Fox bot..

U.S. fails to follow all of the money

Speak out for justice

The Truth about Canadian Health Care - personal account - USA Today

Massive police mobilization prepared for G20 summit in Pittsburgh

War to escalate after Afghan election

Media: Angry right-wingers are important; angry libs are annoying

Child Rape, Prolonged Diapering, Bush Era Torture Scandals Explode

Paul Krugman weighs in on Bernanke, Obama, economy, and health care (podcast)

Just What if the Government Had Tortured Terrorist Timothy McVeigh?

Deficit Fears put Obama's Reforms in Jeopardy

The Right is Very Stupid ...

Into the Hut of Baba Yaga

Guardian UK: Four years on, Katrina remains cursed by rumour, cliche, lies and racism

Arizona Baptist preacher praying for Obama to die

No, Not Jon Stewart! Claims Obama Health Plan Will Cause Death to Smoochy

"The Healing of America" by T. R. Reid (Buzzflash Book Review) Looks like a good read.

Why Obama is Appointing Bernanke to a Second Fed Term

Why Obama is Appointing Bernanke to a Second Fed Term

The New Republican Plan to Bankrupt America

Bernanke's Role: Create a bubble. Deny the bubble exists. Pop the bubble. Reinflate the bubble.

Lies of Mass Destruction

Obama battling racists, says Castro

I agree with Bob Herbert - reinstate the draft

Cenk Uygur: The Public Option is Barack Obama's Litmus Test

"Losing Progressives Is a Far More Lethal Blow to Obama than GOP"

Scumbag Coburn tells Weeping Woman The Government Can't Help Her

Correcting MIS-Conceptions On Health Reform Rep. Castor's Office 21 August 2009

Arctic climate resource: Centre for Ocean and Ice - Danish Meteorological Institute

Staghorn, elkhorn coral reefs rebounding in Florida Keys

Drumbeat: August 25, 2009

Australia city of Broome Suspends sister-city ties with Taiji over dolphin kill

China Racing Ahead of U.S. in the Drive to Go Solar

Flights Find CO2, Methane Buildup In Atmosphere Above Arctic Alaska - Exact GHG Source Under Study

Canadian Government Considering Moratorium On Beaufort Sea Fishing - Edmonton Journal

Murray-Darling Basin Crumbling In Eighth Year Of Drought - Algae Thrives As Lakes Acidify - AFP

World's last great forest (the boreal forest) under threat: new study

U.S. Crop Yields Could Wilt in (future) Heat

UCSB Scientists Propose Antarctic Location for ‘Missing' Ice Sheet

Unique (nitrogen-fixing) Acacia Tree Could Nourish Soils and Life in Africa

Where do I buy one of those pens that detect lead?

Asia hits back on climate change—China and India…blaming developed countries for…lack of progress

Africa to Seek Billions in Climate Change Compensation

Busted! " New Grassroots" Pro-Coal Group backed by K-Street PR Firm

‘Peak Oil’ Is a Waste of Energy

US Chamber Wants Public Hearing On Warming Science: Wants "Scopes Trial" W. Judge Deciding "Truth"

Solar energy production down every year from 2002 thru 2005

PEMEX Output Down 7.8% July YOY; Cantarell @ 23% Of Total - Lowest % Since Monthly Reports Began

Environmental stresses reducing size of polar bears

Major US Shark Fin Trader, Mark Harrison, Florida, Sentenced In Federal Court

Barack Obama's grandmother now has solar panels on the roof of her home in Kenya

U.S. needs climate law before Copenhagen (two top Obama administration officials said on Monday)

World's largest bat hunted nearly to extinction

Humpback whale trapped in controversial fishing line

National Wildlife Federation: Global Warming Bringing More Extreme Heat Waves

Desperate Food Industry Tries to Tar Michael Pollan and Organic Produce

Sky Ceilings - Virtual views with LED energy savings

Deadly Heat Waves are Becoming More Frequent in California

REPORT: Tesla Model S could have 95 kWh battery pack (300 mi)

Bill Frist uses Cash for Clunkers, junks Suburban for Prius

Objectors to wind farms to be "bought off"

Presented for your consideration -- Twilight Zone in the Desert

GHG's from burning California

Uh--Admins and Mods---you've got a Douche problem.

Hey everyone. Take a minute to welcome Barry Bonds to the Sports Forum!

"What are the odds of that happening?"

Chargers' Rivers inks 6-year, $93M deal with $38M in guarantees

Philadelphia Eagles 9 1/2 wins Over or Under

Just the way I like it >>

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Monday, August 24)

Ex-Dolphins DL Turner dies at 46

Washington Redskins: 8 1/2 wins Over or Under?

Mets trade Wagner to Red Sox

Dolphins' deal with Williams sisters announced

NFL competition committee to discuss Cowboys' video board

Tonight's Eastern New England's Beloved Team vs. the ChiSox's Thread. Edited to add...

WTF? Timmy L. is pinch running.


Eastern New England's team has a 2-1 lead going into the top of the sixth!

SNORT!!! How about them Pirates!!

Santana done for the year Francoeur day to day

Giants put Freddy Sanchez on DL

The 140th Travers Stakes At Saratoga Race Course

On what did Pete Rose bet?

Upton! What happened "again" tonight??

Thank you Cubbies!

Let's talk about Bret Favor...

Dallas Cowboys: 9 1/2 wins Over or Under?

New York Giants: 10 1/2 wins Over or Under?

Who's going to the super bowl this year?

Toughest Division in the NFL

Reuters Examines Increasing Hunger In Mexico

PHOTOS-58 Days: National Resistance Still on the Streets and So Are the Repressors

Report from 6th International Delegation - Women Religious accompany people of Honduras

Cook up the Arroz Congris and Ropa Vieja, the Miami Cubans Are Coming!

Anti-Coup Rally Near OAS-De Facto Regime Meeting’s Venue

Well, Lookie Here. Human Rights Watch Responds by Laying It All at IACHR’s Feet

Honduras government says it doesn't fear sanctions

Chavez: Venezuela ready to sever ties to Colombia (again)

Peru's García accuses Bolivia of secret pact with Chile in maritime dispute

8/24/09 F. Castro column: I WISH I WERE WRONG (Says Americans in a state of confusion.)

Obama battling racists, says Castro

US to halt visas to pressure coup-hit Honduras

Argentina high court eyes decriminalizing drugs

U.S. Continues to Provide Honduran Regime With MCC Aid Money, Despite Having Cut Off Other Countries

Toppling a Coup, Part VI: Electoral, Armed, or Something Else


Colombian Elites Fear Bolivaran Revolution

City casts doubt on proposed guns in parks referendum (Oak Ridge, TN)

Gun group testing new state law in court (MT)

It's not just guns that lawmakers are clueless on

Awsome post by "statistical" on violent criminals. And what to do about them.

Colorado Springs police may sell seized firearms

Area Hummer dealership begins selling guns, ammo (Chesterfield, IL)

Fear over economy lead to more gun permits

(US citizen) Sentenced over gun offence (carried firearm on airplane in India)

N.J. shooting deaths draw focus to 'two universes' of gun culture

CCW saves man's life- It must be a lie

Palestinians To Seek Organ Theft Probe

Wave of protest greets Israeli PM

My solution to the health care crisis: use gun-grabber logic!

(Candian) Gun registry controversy exploded on Internet

Netanyahu assails group which alleged IDF wrongdoing in Gaza

firearm journalism in the New York Times circa 1891

Fayad: De facto state within 2 years

Baseless organ theft accusations will not bring Israel to justice

Today in Labor History Aug 25 Strike-breaking detectives gave us the word "fink" & Porters organized

Former Lowe’s Workers Win $1.72 Million Sexual Harassment Suit

Nurses Unions Merge To Launch National Nurses United

UAW Says Cash For Clunkers Worked For Both The Environment And Auto Industry

Digital divide: Internet-access speed varies across Illinois

Coming in from the yard I just wanted to take a picture

our new civic fountain

Taking suggestions for September.

The WINNERS of the August Photo Contest: GREEN

Further information on the vanishing bees

Excerpts from Dawkins' upcoming book, "The Greatest Show on Earth"

Expanding waistlines may cause shrinking brains

Oxygen difluoride as a commercial reagent.

Galileo’s Telescope Debuted 400 Years Ago TodayAugust 24th

New clue found to disappearing honey bees

Darwin corn portrait:

Galileo's anniversay today. He was the first, I mean SECOND, to do telescopic astronomy.

Obama to nominate Bernanke to 2nd term

California Senate calls for end to military ban

Federal Reserve Loses Bloomberg FOIA Lawsuit, Sensitive Disclosures Forthcoming

Global Debt Bubble

It's Hard Being a Bear (Part One)

Drawing key lessons from the failure of Obamacare

Bernanke's Self-Promotional Reappointment Campaign A Stunning Success

Dick Army's astroturf outfit, FreedomWorks

Guilt and Atonement on the Path to Adulthood

Where are the McCain Protesters on MSNBC?


Town Hall with Ron Wyden coming this week in my town. Whats the best

pictures from Arlington Heights town hall meeting

chant from protest in Arlington Heights

Chart-Explains Health Reform In 3 Easy Steps

Does anyone have a home remedy for poison ivy on the crotch?

Appendix May Be Useful Organ After All

A Magical Story

ROFL should I be concerned?

Any insights to this dream is appreciated...

Help interpreting a dream

Is this supposed to be an especially rough year for Virgos?

Nothing less than the meaning of life

For those of us, who have recently gained some unwanted blubber...

The world is multi-layered, and it is simple-minded to think that one approach can be exhaustive

Bible Scenes Recreated in Lego

"Religion of peace" wants to cane woman because she is "guilty" of drinking beer:

Is there anything wrong with virtual schools ?

Best 20 dollar hunk o plastic....EVER!

So where's a good place to buy a mezzaluna?

Here's a scary picture...

I think we should all watch the torture story unravel.


The Wellstone plane pilot connected to Moussoui ?

Grier Raggio campaign site now on-line (challenging Pete Sessions in 2010)

Laredo (Webb County) - Health Care Town Hall with Cuellar, Aug 27th

The GOP’s Latino Gap

One more time: Who wants to have an East Texas Meetup?


"Unfortunately the only point of control lay with the cardiologist on Jackson's personal payroll..."

if I bought a dvd to dvd transfer of "To Sir With Love".

Chris Brown gets a slap on the wrist

Lisa Williams and her Clairvoyance, fact or fiction?

Harper, Layton to meet this afternoon

Jessica Biel Searches Download the Most Viruses

'Mean-spirited' government punishing Khadr: lawyer

One-year halt ordered for Simcoe County dump site

Does anyone have a link to a good site explaining what happens to an American's