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TATOO! ...Octomom gets a tattoo for all her kids - just like Angelina!

A quick note to President Obama

Enough, already.

Mali protests against equal rights for women

ARTS: Kennedy Center president will tackle crisis in the arts

"Ours is not to reason why, ours is is but to do or die.

CBS News: A Gitmo Prosecutor's Act of Conscience

Congressman Wally 'a threat to democracy" Herger (R-CA) is a whore

The Age of Stupid

Stranded vagabond from U.S. can't prove citizenship

Quick! call a whambulance: Rise of the Super-Rich Hits a Sobering Wall

What is it about white, male conservatives and guns?

What's Jon Stewart doing on his three weeks off?

That man! That's how my grandmother always referred

Web extra: Congressman Herger calls Obama plan 'threat to democracy'

My McGovern Democrat mother --

Idaho Republican who pulled a gun was on Glenn Beck's "9-12 Project" steering committee

I Won The Lottery

I Won The Lottery

hillary clinton

AmeriCare For US

Medevac choppers safer when publicly funded

Bush Officials Declined To File Charges Against CIA Officer Who Allegedly Used Gun In Interrogation

The vote to overturn the veto of discrimination against gays in Anchorage is on 8/25

Will the conservatives engage in civil disobedience if the health care bill passes?

Old newspaper headline. Could it be the beginning of the freeper signs??

As effective as a fart in a windstorm

Passing The Buck

Why Stop At Glenn Beck?

Betsy McCaughey Resigns From Medical Board

Pres. Obama, please visit with the uninsured--on a televised primetime townhall...

Hey folks -- anyone moving on the Remote Area Medical free clinic in DC during health debate???

Tulsa World editorial: Another round in the abortion battle

Just one more day to FLUSH RUSH!

First question for anyone on TV debating health care should be, "Do you have health insurance?"

Framing. I wish Dems would point out, loud and often, that

Send A Support Letter To President Obama On Behalf Of Mad As Hell Doctors (link)

Need some DU love here:

Need some DU love here:

Sri Lanka to train Pakistani army

Sri Lanka to train Pakistani army

Can't donate this time so I made this Glen Beck gif.

Gay Boise Air Force Pilot 'outed' by false accusation

Gay Boise Air Force Pilot 'outed' by false accusation

How Many of the Corporate Media houses have been hiding

Since the election is over

The Democrats MUST start calling the republicans out everyday as lying scum bags

It is really quite simple, get rid of the filibuster. It is time. Healthcare is important enough

The U.S., Canada and Tar Sands: Pollution Without Borders

Hey GOP: Insurance Companies send Pts out of this country

Prosecuting Bush et al would be a good political movie.

Chucking Grassley-Long live the death of bipartisanship!

Chucking Grassley-Long live the death of bipartisanship!

Unemployed and not able to afford insurance lady still against public option

Fearful of job cuts, Germany urges GM to decide Opel's fate

Which is worse, Dying from a enemy bomb attack or dying from a sickness without medical attention?

Birthers, Deathers, Free-Marketeers, & Imperialists: Check-In

After 45 years, stripper still packs 'em in (Carol Doda)

I want to apologize to the Scottish people for the rudeness of Blitzer

Nashville - Mary Mancini OWNS local RW radio shill. Must watch!

Schumer on Meet the Press.

Public Option IS just a "sliver", but a CRUCIAL sliver.

When will the free download be posted for Michael Moore's new movie?

Enzi Joins Grassley, May Reject His Own Compromise

Enzi Joins Grassley, May Reject His Own Compromise

Remember after he "lost', all the big News shows constantly had Al Gore on

To me, the value and importance of human life supersedes keeping the filibuster.

Could SF Public Option Work for Progressive Dems?

Less than a year ago, Baucus and Conrad endorsed reconciliation for health care reform

RALLY FAIL: Recess Rally at Rep Cleaver's KC office - LOL!

I think Limbaugh's comeupance should sound something like a fart

For newer members or anyone not familiar wwith "morans" or "morels".


kick in the head for Rush

Am I the only one who sees this ad as wrong wrong wrong?

Some Very cool stickies up there.

Save The Hill of Tara (Ireland's Premier National Monument) from Motorway

'Good' Will Hunting: "Why shouldn't I work for the N.S.A.?"

'Good' Will Hunting: "Why shouldn't I work for the N.S.A.?"

fear of a black planet?

They all know it's a charade. It's all they have left.

Here's my donation wishlist

Teabaggers' dirty tricks at town halls. CongressCritters need to COUNT 'baggers & NOT give in.

Sexual Blackmail from the Bush DOJ?

Sexual Blackmail from the Bush DOJ?

Reich Wing C Span Caller Said Michelle Obama Has A Big Butt

"socialized medicine" and other fear tactics go back to truman and 1945

"socialized medicine" and other fear tactics go back to truman and 1945

Rally of support held for health care reform

Here is the actual math behind the healthcare reform debate

Would It Be Worse For Karzai to Steal the Election on the First Vote, or Go to Runoff?

Why do I get the impression that Obama is trying for "change" but nefarious forces think otherwise?

Mike Tyson Documentary

Back to the veto...

Planetary Capacity - a poem by Capt Paul Watson

ATTN CHRIS MATTHEWS: Tom Delay & Forced Abortions with the Stars VIDEO

Scotland defends Megrahi's release

Dean: GOP 'owes it to this country' to make healthcare stance clear

Don't private health insurance cos. invest your premiums on the market?

Wanted For Attempted Murder: Kent Conrad

Garamendi endorsments for California's 10th District.

Has any Democrat pointed out that it was the republicans who were against Medicare?

That is the most wonderful Cat I've ever seen. What is his name, please? nt

Why Democrats and Republicans will never come to agreement on healthcare


CIA Inspectors General Report on CIA due out tomorrow

New Homeless Campground May Soon Be Evicted (Sacramento)

Here's a little statistical comparison.....

Mark Twain: Corn-pone Opinions

Anyone know anything about this?

More Charges Related to Ongoing Abramoff Investigation

What about KennedyCARE?

Forced Abortions With the Stars - Tom Delay


ACT LIKE AN AMERICAN! - here's a wingnut's response to the need for health care reform:

Coming next from the Right: the VA's Death Book

My cell phone pics of anti-Obama heatlh care protest

The pink sticky with the bug. Ugh!

EXCLUSIVE: Former Top Interrogators Back Wide-Ranging Criminal Probe Into Torture

Holding out on prosecution until Healthcare reform is in place?

Looking for the Deficit Chart as a % of GDP and Deficit since 1970

I hope that gnat flies into Limbaughs wide open maw

I hope that gnat flies into Limbaughs wide open maw

We gave it our best shot, two outta three?

Ling & Lee Under Fire from South Koreans (Al Gore's Current TV reporters)

One of the most singularly disgusting tv performance: Grassley on Face The Nation

Explain Portability for me. If a person has policy which company

Is there a poll for Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Dakota

And Rush takes one in the kisser!

OK, let's get down to brass tacks.....

Surprise: No Jobs Means No Consumer-Led Recovery

Study Demonstrates How We Support Our False Beliefs

Addison family relates tale of terror - Another whacked out Rethug brandishing a gun

10 more to go, people, to punch the Junkie Pedophile!

It was at 999 with the pink sticky and I posted POW - any way to confirm?

Hey MSNBC ! You wanna a nice 'filler" story?

The health care debate will probably come to a screeching halt for a while.

With congress and the president both on vacation, to whom will the auto dealers beg and whine for

COLBERT treadmill scheduled to go into space - NASA embraces pop culture on next shuttle flight

Can the third branch of government decide the Health Care debate?

Super Happy Fun Post-Something-Stupid thread.

Even the American Library Association wants single-payer health care

So I'm watching a town hall on C-Span with Congressman Gene Taylor, Mississippi.

I just smacked my monitor....

Steny Hoyer - I want you to step down from Majority Whip, if you ARE not backing Pelosi

A Walk Down Memory Lane: What Went Wrong With Clinton's American Health Security Act of 1993


Medical Tourism for Insured Patients at a Glance

Cash for Clunkers

Gov. David Paterson blames calls for him to step aside on race

Obama's surge?

Goodnight Sir Thompson...

Goodnight Sir Thompson...

Anybody else having a problem with bugs on their monitor?

Fox furthers 'death panel' hysteria with 'death book' claim

Louisiana/New Orleans hurricane response poll

Louisiana/New Orleans hurricane response poll

So McCain says "No Public Option" but He, Collins and Lieberman offer Military Equipment for Libya??

Lawsuit: Red-Light Cams Unconstitutional

Fake Kenyan Death Panel applications now available on line

Why Did the Bear Cross the Road? For Health Care

A new form of advertising evil I just noticed today.

Who Was The Comedian Keith Referred to About Rush Limbaugh?

Lockerbie release could topple SNP government

Currency Changeover post has been 'disappeared'. Why?

Oh I hate Lieberman !

Terror suspect to be named Iranian defense minister

Congratulations DU. 1000 donations!! nt

I have a new one. Someone told me today that Obama

My generation tweeted also

GOP congressman supports ‘proud right-wing terrorist’

Pentagon Reverses Policy, Giving Names of Detainees to the Red Cross

So how do you like my sticky? EH? Pretty sweet, isn't it?

Russian President Medvedev shows off “possible future world currency”

Why do we continue to help elect Senators and Congressmen so tied to special interests??

I just noticed something. Maybe I'm late to realize it. (gov't programs vs. charity)

EU to draft new immigration policy by October

Afghanistan- "Go tell the world about our fake election"

60 Minutes

Can anyone top this embarrassing teabagger story?

Evangelical Lutherans vote to allow gay pastors (There are Evangelical Lutherans???)

US names secret terror suspects

US names secret terror suspects

Finally! Rush got his and they're all getting the snot beat out of them again!

Expanding Medicare to all could create more jobs, not lose jobs as the


Mercury Marine to Close Union Shop in Wisconsin, move to Oklahoma.

Will WalMart and McDonalds be forced to buy Health Insurance for their employees?

US workplace suicides up by 28 percent

Why people in the US are so satisfied with their health care system

Panels? Almost Nobody Gets Unlimited Treatment Now

Report Details Alleged CIA Abuses

"NO Pubic Option!"

Waxman’s Methods

How you can help save the world by helping women

How you can help save the world by helping women

Health care in the U.S. costs the most, not the best in the world! mistakenly extracts 16 teeth!! mistakenly extracts 16 teeth!!

4 big health reform myths cloud national debate

Grassley Reverses Course: No Death Panels In Bill

53 Year Old guy I Know That lost His Job

The Conservative Mindset......A Postcard from Great Britain

Haaretz: Netanyahu wants meeting with Abbas at UN

One woman takes on King Coal. And wins.

Plane hit by 3 cars after Calif. freeway landing - story with pics

Strange converation at the game store yesterday with I suspect a fundy

daugher of 'Migrant Mother' (famous photo) cleans houses 6/7 days a wk at age 77

Caption Lieberman

McCain Defends Palin's 'Death Panel' Remark

Flashback to Death Panel: Family sues insurer (Cigna) who denied teen transplant

GOP congressman supports ‘proud right-wing terrorist’

"competitive" public option

To The Birfers, Deathers, Tea Baggers et al. America is NOT Your Country

Wifes Friggin BOSS

Wonkette: Peggy Noonan Abhors This Tasteless Measure To Bring Health To Humans

Brewster Rockit, Health Care.

AP - "NKorea's Kim wants summit with SKorea" - Wonder Where Things Would Be If Gingrich/McCain...

Reuters: Pot Kills Cancer But Don’t Even Think About Using It!

Plastics industry fights back re: BPA

Double Standard?

Ridiculous Tea Party sign: "Leave my lightbulbs alone!"

Mozilla 3.5.2 Problem

Millions face smaller Social Security checks

FOX gives out family's address on air, wrongly says terrorist lives there, with predictable results

Save the Clunkers!

Jeff Sharlet radio interview (mp3 audio)

I have to share this

So I hear Hannity is not ruling out a run for President in 2012.... per World Nut Daily (W/ link)

Attention Twitterers: Check out the Tweet Progress Directory.

State considers dropping ban on happy hour ads

Holy crap... Are you watching that Fareed Zakaria interview with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao?

Three weeks without Jon Stewart

Number 432 in the many ways to spot a freeper

No @#&!, Sherlock: Prehistoric Cave Bears Were Ferocious and Other Obvious Science

Good News For Cons (Repub or Dem)

I wish there was some way we could cut off health care for congress

Health-care reform: Medical insurers poised to reap a healthy 'bonanza'

Hell just froze over -- David Gregory corrected a Republican

Millions Face Shrinking Social Security Payments

Millions Face Shrinking Social Security Payments

Millions face shrinking Social Security payments

98-year-old nursing home volunteer: Dynamic resident spends her time helping Alzheimer's patients

Why can't we all just get along? (like these two)

Where can I debunk this at?

Healthcare around the world - BBC comparison chart & info

'Pink, Pixie Dust ' Falling From The Sky!

Empty office buildings (20.5%) dot Silicon Valley

1999 Gov. George W. Bush Death Panel killed baby boy

If a foreigner unexpectedly needs health care in the U.S. while visiting, how's it handled?

BTW...whats the scoop re them asshole Somolian Pirates? They all been killed yet?

Top Intel Experts: GOP ‘Covering Their Ass’ on Torture Investigation

Obama to give back country

Katrina vanden Heuvel: What's DeLay's Dance?

Illinois GOP forgets American flag during Pledge of Allegience, Gene comes to the rescue

NYT: Officials Weigh Circumcision to Fight H.I.V. Risk

No more Missing white cheerleaders for Faux

I am so Mad! Just Heard Lieberman On CNN say:::

Do health insurance companies actually serve any useful purpose?

Poor Cheryl Burke.

Poor Cheryl Burke.

Tax the rich, feed the poor

Help: Heathcare costs for US vs Europe/Canada in 1994 vs 2009

No seriously - did conservatives really produce an ad

Roosevelt was smart "Give people JOBS"

All these years Craig T. Nelson (TV Series Coach) wasn't acting

Let us spray!

NYT: Starbucks Workers Protest Rise in Health Premiums (will double it as nation debates health care

Real reason for Megrahi's release - to save Scottish justice system from embarrassment.

Parents ban tween ritual of sleepovers, cite safety

NYT Editorial: "Any nation as rich as ours ought to guarantee health coverage for all its residents"


After 5 Years of Legal Gay Marriage, MA Still Has Lowest Divorce Rate in US

May I present Ladies and Gents, an Alternate Theory of Max Baucus

Looks like an Afghanistan escalation is coming soon

Our nation would rather pay for a needless war than health care

Petition asking progressive Reps not to cave on public option.

Hurricane Wave Sweeps 20 to Sea in Maine!

Why is Joe Lieberman still chairman of anything?

Why is Joe Lieberman still chairman of anything?

“To the Person Sitting in Darkness” - Mark Twain

New photo shows healthier Fidel Castro meeting with Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa

CorpMedia, The Seattle Times, doing its part to scuttle the public option.

Jill Simspon's letter to Murdock - Karl Rove is a "liar, and you have provided the cold hard proof"

P.S. - Der Speigel Names Head of Blackwater "Hitman" Squad

Shall we adopt a fear-based strategy to promote health care reform?

isn't it child abuse to feed mercury tainted fish to children?

Man held in kidnap, rape of 7-year-old autistic girl

Is Obama on the verge of committing impeachable offenses by not prosecuting the tyranny of Bushco?

Kids born outside of hospitals (in US) have trouble establishing identity

Cambridge police release details of Crowley’s record

Astroturfing on the Left

Would a _national_ co-op be possible?

How many DUers support the teaching of Catholicism in the public schools (or any religion)?

1990s Lotto jackpot winner now runs summer camp

Beck's flap shows advertisers must choose between large audience and controversy

How do private insurance companies make a profit?

Capt Paul Watson - Dodging, Chasing, Luring Japanese Whalers to Save Whales, Huffington Post

Former Bill Clinton official writes scathing op-ed on coverage of Hillary Clinton

My sister just about died because she has no insurance

Why we need the public option.

Don't pull the plug on the status quo........(dial-up warning)

FYI -- Hadassah Lieberman is up to her ass in hc special interest money . Always has been.

FYI -- Hadassah Lieberman is up to her ass in hc special interest money . Always has been.

Excellent comeback against those who say the public option would kill insurance companies.

Can someone help me find a comprehensive explanation of the organized rallies and town hall

"Who would Jesus deny Health Care to?"

Things that make you say "Huh?"

At least 10 countries still practice whaling.

AP: List of Fox advertisers no longer airing commercials on Beck reaches 33

Question for DUer's: Will you take the H1N1 (Swine Flu) vaccine when it's available?

Matt Taibbi: 'It is a fight to the finish now between Really Bad and Even Worse.'

If your pet could vote.

If your pet could vote.

Are they talking us down now...softening us up to accept a lesser health care plan?

Attention DU, desperately need some advice!

The best argument for Health care reform (and single-payer) with moderates is competitiveness

Are Guns the Left's Drugs?

" Armed Citizenry is Not the Basis for our Freedoms. ....

We tried it your way, assholes!

The Best Wellness Plan: Public Transportation

"Universal health care 'ungodly' " - LTTE

I'm depressed today...something about the national tone reminds me of those horrible years when the

Murrysville couple challenges home-school law

Don't EVER.... A note to socialism-hating conservatives.

What To Call The Anti-Health Care Side


What Democratic Senators have indicated (so far) that they will not vote for a public option?

I Gots Me the Health Care Blues Just From Reading the News

Forget Teens: Gamers Are 35, Overweight — And Sad, CDC says

"Is it a crime now to be poor?" by Barbara Ehrenreich

I Am Sick To Death Of All This Fucking Around

USA: Denial of parole to Leonard Peltier after more than 32 years in prison, disappointing

David Bowie's best role to date is as LRH in "Atlantis Squarepantis"

I want to create a thread that always lives.

Just got back from watching "Inglourious Basterds". (No Spoilers)

Words that change their meaning by adding one letter to the beginning or end?

The Good, The Bard, and The Ugly

Dodecahedron appreciation thread!!!

You know, it truly is the little things

Daisy & Crystal

Anyone can bash a comic-- let us know who your favorites are...

Would you sooner lend somone your

August Photo Contest FINALS are now posted in GD.

*******HAPPY 45th BIRTHDAY to Redleg!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SheilaT!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to jpgray!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to malmapus!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to GardeningGal!!*******

*******HAPPY 24 th ANNIVERSARY to CC!!*******

Boy Teh Lounge really sucks lately.

Who do I call to get this fixed?

What do you want from life? Well you can't have that, but...

Whos your but

This is dedicated to all the threads that continue to hang around....

Mophie appreciation thread!!!

Not only doesn't the Lounge NOT suck, it's better than ever

Congratulations intheflow! 20,000 posts!

Another reason why Nabisco is so awesome.

Texas: In Demand (with Alan Rickman)

If by "better" you mean boring as fuck, then I agree the lounge is better than it ever was...

How many rugs does it take to change a lightbulb?

I need your help DUers! What is the name of this movie?

Nice to know some sensible people still exist:

4 Stars.....No more games people : )

If by "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" you mean "I CAN Believe it's Not Butter"...

My husband vs. the gummint haters

Wal-Mart worker accused of beating boss with bat

Favorite Outer Banks Lighthouse?

If somebody keeps posting stickies about silly 911 conspiracy theories,

Why does everyone come to me?

I have determined that my threads don't sink. My threads are so

When neighborhoods go bad

Can someone please finger Tim Lincecum as a juicer so his wins are disqualified

DU Song Of The Day .. Celebrate

Have you ever done something so stupid?

I want to squish the bug on that pink stickey

Okay, 2 bugs are up there now. Get them in the same square and

How many threads have you killed today?

keroro gunsou

I want to squish the bug on that green stickey

I want to squish the bug on that red stickey

If by "good" you mean "abominable cliched shitty dreck", then the new Star Trek movie is "good"

Suzanne Somers

M*#*&f**#n' snakes on the m*#*&f**#n' FedEx plane!

Electric Car Rant

Have you ever Shocked Your Monkey?

Call me a nazi but I'm going to hoard incandescent bulbs.

My tallest sunflower this year.

is it worth it

I dropped a cheese pizza off my roof and it reminded me of Hans Gruber

Today is the 235th day of 2009.

Gloucester & Rockport MA this morning. DIAL UP WARNING!!!

Deal Alert: Carhartt Double-Front Pant (Mens)

Wrong thinking is punishable, right thinking will be as quickly rewarded

worst episode ever is the best episode ever


Happy birthday, Barbara!

Lazin' On A Sunny Afternoon


Big problem here.

Yeah, but would you take the book home to meet your mother?

Life sucks without a working laptop at home

Life sucks without a working laptop at home

Who Stole the Soul?

Life sucks without a working lapdancer at home

I Won The Lottery

The Wiggles made a Bryan Ferry joke at their show this afternoon.

Not that I'm COMPLAINING, but it says I donated to the 3rd quarter drive and I didn't yet...

Web designers: Would you use transparent PNG files?

Name the single most UNWELCOME musical "comeback" by a band or solo performer

I finally watched the Beatles Anthology in 5.1 surround sound

Well done Paula Creamer! Am I the only DUer watching the Solheim Cup?


We are stardust, We are golden, We are billion year old carbon


The WIKI thread...

if someone loves you

You know that thing you click on to make it so it does what you want?

Michael Jackson's Personal Artist captured singer's fantasies

I'm going to see The Wiggles this afternoon! (Do they have a live band at their shows?)

Mamma Mia!

Mad Men, two minutes. Pour your Old Fashioneds and fasten on your pee buckets

I love Apple and iPods!

I love Fiona Apple and sauropods!

Poll question: the new GI Joe Movie

Do you Like My Sticky?

Year's Best Optical Illusion

Gaslight coming up on TCM

Identify these four people for a star! Four people = Four stars!

I hate Apple and ipods

Shopping cart or buggy?

Who is the man in this picture?

Attention fitness bluffs!

Sean Hannity at, please vote

Do you think Inglourious Basterds will get a Best Picture nom?

White Trash Dinner of Chicken & Rice with Onions -

Why do men live this way?

Hey Canada

Hey guys.

Oh yeah? Well MY daughter is creating her own lassiez-faire capitalist/Randian Lego town.

We did it! We did it!

can someone explain the appeal to Tim and Eric Awsome Show Good job?

Why do women complain about their purse hurting their back when they know it has too much stuff?

These words of wisdom NEVER get old...

I love 'John Carpenter's The Thing'...such a great movie.

The late, great Mr. Warren Zevon.

What are your top 10 favorite ACTION movies?

Worst Character Name in a Movie?

Hungry anyone?

Would you move into a house where a murder or suicide took place in?

I Won The Lottery

I can't do this stuff very well, so I take pictures instead.

*****CONGRATULATIONS to graywarrior!!! You Have the Longest DU Thread, Evah!!!"*****

That is the most wonderful Cat I've ever seen. What is his name, please? nt

So I got a facebook page...(long)

Anyone see District 9 and would you recommend it?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Somewhere In Nepal Edition


Another reason Sisko is so damn awesome.


Best Singer and Drummer Ever!!

Yipes, Steve Tyler ain't looking too well.

the worst thing I've EVER seen in a supermarket

Attention fitness buffs!

What is your choice for the best film costume ever worn?

Do you love where you live and why?

You know what sucks? I'll tell you what sucks

Manila detains ship for arms smuggling

Audit finds Texas border program creates trooper shortages elsewhere

U.S. Shifts, Giving Names of Detainees to the Red Cross

Geithner Says No Tilt to Goldman

Goal of Unified Europe Falters Amid Downturn

Venezuela sees economy skirting recession-report

Wild Fire in Greece Forces Evacuation of 10,000

Netanyahu enters Sweden organ row

Top Intel Experts: GOP ‘Covering Their Ass’ on Torture Investigation

Union rejects pact, Mercury Marine to move jobs.

Union rejects pact, Mercury Marine to move jobs.

Afghan challenger alleges fraud

(California) State GOP may restrict primary to party members

Empty office buildings (20.5%) dot Silicon Valley

Without reform, health insurance rates to nearly double in 11 years

Analyst Bove sees 150-200 more U.S. bank failures

Fugitive Jenkins found dead in B.C. motel

Ryan Jenkins (Jasmine Fiore's husband) found dead in motel room

Poll: Harry Reid faces formidable foes in 2010

Iraqi suspect: It cost $10,000 to pass checkpoints

Mali protest against women's law

U.S. Military Says Its Force in Afghanistan Is Insufficient

'Cash is king' in market for foreclosed homes

US Military Chief: Afghanistan Situation is 'Serious and Deteriorating'

Venezuela sees economy skirting recession-report

Senior Democrat warns Senate won't pass public health insurance option

McCain: Obama must drop health care public option

Lieberman: ‘There’s No Reason’ To Deal With The Uninsured Until After The Recession

Sen. R.C. Soles (D-N.C.) shoots one of two home intruders

Thousands evacuated as fires reach Athens suburbs

Hurricane Wave Sweeps Spectators Out to Sea (in Maine)

Millions face shrinking Social Security payments

UBS chairman says clients "not harmless victims": report

Mullen worried over public support for Afghan war

Baucus: “I Want a Public Option”

Photo published of a healthier Fidel Castro meeting with Rafael Correa in Cuba

Free hepatitis A vaccination offered to beachgoers

Debt collectors illegally threatened arrest, assault

Healthcare insurers get upper hand

Customers call for Whole Foods boycott

Rebuilding New Orleans still a priority, Obama says

Crash Couse in the Public Option: Learn What It Is, What It Isn't, And How It's Doing

Pelosi, San Francisco and a public option that works.

It's 3 a.m. Do You Know Where Hillary Clinton Is?

Where in the HELL is Oprah during this heathcare reform crisis!

I don't care, I am so proud of Obama........

NYT: Most of Obama’s Top Appointees Are Not in Place

A Real Public Option does not exist in any of the bills currently written - Read this article....

Warning: Co-op Kool Aid Is Bad for Your Health

I want Obama to stop taking advice from Tom Daschle and summon Paul Krugman instead

Obama: "We're going to get this done" (August 20 event)

Oh, noes! Michelle not only wears shorts, but a dress from Target

Bill Moyers - Single Payer Insurance [VIDEO] - (Old Show, Still Informative)

The Cat, the Bag - and Other Tall Tales

A public option that "competes" on a level playing field with private insurance is doomed to fail

Beck Story goes mainstream: AP: Beck has lost 33 sponsors - "toxic asset"

Top Ten Differences Between Bush & Obama First 7 Months

The CEO of United Health makes $102,000 an hour..........

PNHP on Massachusetts Program - (please stop holding up MA as some great example to follow)!

Some ideas posted here would be a lot more credible with a list of 50 conceivable Senate votes.

NYT editorial: The Uninsured (2004 est. 18,000 deaths a year due to lack of insurance)

Sen. Schumer contradicts Sen. Conrad

Surreal & Bizarre - Terms and Talking Points in the Health Care 'Debate'

Trailer for Michael Moore's new movie 'Capitalism:A Love Story'

Do you know what's sad?

Send free fax to Congress for Single Payer - takes 30 seconds!

NYT: Senate Democrats Consider Tactic to Push Through Government Health Plan

Something to consider when looking at the polls

Sen. Baucus: "I want a public option too."

PHOTOS Dog Gone (from Washington)

Senator Kennedy

poll on Obama and Democrats/liberals: “the first sign that something is going wrong with his base.

PHOTOS Happy Holidays

Lieberman: ‘There’s No Reason’ To Deal With The Uninsured Until After The Recession

GrASSley Reverses Course: No Death Panels In Bill

How are things going in here these days?

What a trigger might mean

As A Public School Teacher, I Would Like This Administration To Use A More Comprehensive

Right, Joe (Scarborough). Repubs. are innocent in this-it's the DEMS.' fault that the bill is

Happy Sunday everyone!

Please don't be a patsy and fall for what Schumer labels the "level playing field" Pub Option

I thought of a great storyline for the "West Wing" (if it was still on TV)

The dumbest three sentences of last week

(Trigger Talk Is Back) Blue Dog Leader: Public Option Unlikely To Survive Conference Report

McCain: Kennedy's Absence Is Damaging Health Care's Prospects

Was not here when Andy was an advocate. May his soul RIP, What a guy!

How about some kind ot indication---maybe an icon---in the subject line for "joke" posts?

Tammy Duckworth "Death Book Debate" (Fox) transcript links here:

Expensive Without the Results...Health Care in America

Who got the pleasure of knocking Rush? Was hoping to but the time difference is another story. Kudos

Afghanistan: Law Curbing Women’s Rights Takes Effect : Human Rights Watch News Release

Herger (Repug-CA) calls Obama plan 'threat to democracy', refers to "terrorist" as "great American"

PHOTOS Where's the time going? A year ago today.

Be honest, those insecty things in the stickies above....did you try to flick them off your screen?

Why the Gang of 6 Is Deciding Health Care for 300 Million of Us by Robert Reich

Obama's drop in his poll numbers is his BASE

POTUS Tracker - Analyzing Obama's schedule

Sen. Conrad's desperate lie about reconciliation; Sen. Grassley makes no sense

Uninsured: Highest Percentage in Texas - List of Top and Bottom 10

Why can't we just tell congress we want medicare open to all?

Hatch: using reconciliation to pass health care reform "would be an abuse of the process"

Health debate hurt by Kennedy's absence !!!

Maui supercomputing center gets huge boost and stimulus $ for photovoltaic research and development

Howard Dean: "We’re getting pretty mixed signals from Senator Grassley"

State Senate leader mulls primary run against Lincoln

If you have the laws, you don't need the public option.

President Obama & Staff/Admin quietly kicks them PUBICs....signs abound he is doing GREAT

Obama May Visit Ailing Kennedy - could provide a rallying point for Democrats

Doonesbury website poll: 'Is Obama a Nazi?'

New deficit projections pose risks to Obama's agenda

Who thinks the Obama vacation is coming at a good time?

Never mind the ice cream cone, what do his eyes say?

I was just listening to some asshole on BBC radio...

Daschle Has the Ear of the White House and the Health Industry

Tell everybody waiting for Superman

Second largest bank failure this year: Austin's Guaranty Bank taken over by Compass

Great story! Senator Mike Mansfield and the Miner

RT 8.21.09 (5/6)

Douglas Coe Theocracy in America

Repubs: "JUST SAY NO"

TYT Interviews: Seder w/ Max Blumenthal On Why The Right Wing Is Nuts

Buttocks or Ballots

The Week In Cartoons 08/22/09

Bill Maher New Rules Aug 21 09

Grassley Calls Out Sebelius For Conflict On Health Reform

Waltzing Matilda - Sea Shepherd 2009 Antarctic Campaign to Stop Japanese Whaling

I CAN HAS CRAZEE? The thrilling one-two truthiness punch of Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin

Tanya Tarr on Why Democrats Should Love Unions - Netroots Nation Day 1

Stewart Acuff Explains the Employee Free Choice Act - Netroots Nation Day 1

This Week-Paul Krugman: Public Option opponent's arguments are "sheer nonsense"

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - Denial was a River in Africa

A message from a terrorist LOSER!

Young Turks: Who Wants Urns Shaped Like A Loved One's Head??

Bill maher pitches Jay Leno an idea for a show

Right-wing terrorist calling for a million armed man march on Washington

Fox's Talking Point Whore, Colby, Continues to Lie

Stewart Acuff on Passing the Employee Free Choice Act - Netroots Nation Day 1

TYT w/ Sam Seder: The MSM Blames Liberals For Mediocre Reporting

Howard Dean on Face The Nation August 23. "Health Co-Ops Just Political Theater"

First Look Back

Lieberman: Let's worry about the uninsured until after the recession is over

FOX News Interviews VA's Tammy Duckworth About "Death Book For Veterans"

Thousand Dollar Video: A very simple message about health care reform

Put an end to Insurance Companies rationing of Health Care

Barney Frank Was Right...You Can't Argue With Angry, Crazy Or Hatred

Ex-staffer at Dimona nuclear reactor says made to drink uranium (Israel)

Daschle Has the Ear of the White House and the Health Industry (NYT)

Pat Buchanan: Sarah and the death panels

Health Insurance Preimums to Rise 94 Percent by 2020: Report

Could US Officials Please Treat a Nobel Peace Laureate with Respect?

The Learning Curve of the Teachers vs. the Honduras Coup By Al Giordano

How the media made this summer's political insanity inevitable

Blackwater's Unwritten Death Contract By Ray McGovern

Another Tom Ridge Bombshell: Bushies Also Had a Color Code for Domestic Policy

Venezuela Begins Training Communal Police

In Pictures: The Obamas head for Martha's Vineyard

Right-Wing Cuban Terrorist behind Honduras Coup!

What I love about socialized medicine: Common decency

GOP to Support Public Option, As Long As It’s 'Privatized' to Blackwater

In These Times: Dixie Media Versus Unions

Frank Rich: Guns Of August

The empire’s operatives exposed: The Krongards, 9/11, and Blackwater/Iraq

Godmothers: Italy sees rise of women in Neapolitan crime

Krugman Defines a New Economic State - Purgatory...ABC

Pinochet's lost millions: the UK connection

Universal Health Care Message to Americans From Canadian Doctors & Health Care Experts

Mike Honda & Danny Glover: Minority report

The Problem of the Small State Senator by mcjoan

It's The FASCISM, Stupid!

Why We Need Government-Run Universal Socialized Health Insurance (For Dummeez)


Something old and something new in commercial solar energy

Georgia Public Broadcasting: Biofuel (corn ethanol) Plant in South GA Struggling

Lithium Battery Cell Degradation Resulting from Realistic Vehicle and V2G Utilization

Ignorance in LBN

1-Meter Sea Level Rise Means Loss Of 1/3 Of Mekong Delta - Reuters

Chokepoints Holding Northwest Passage Closed For Now, Despite Near-Record Arctic Basin Ice Loss

Climate change doubles tundra plant life, boosting shrubs, grasses

Putting a price on walkability ( {check your walkability score!}

Escalating Nuclear Reactor Costs Seen In Major Reversals For Industry On Wall Street And In Texas, …

(Somewhat off-topic) Study Demonstrates How We Support Our False Beliefs

Chagas, Dengue, Toxacara - Common In Developing World - Now Spreading Among Poor Americans - WSJ

NPR: For Early Man, It Wasn't Easier Being Green

Two German Cargo Ships Depart Vladivostok Bound For Holland - W/O Icebreakers - Reuters

Pujols first 5000 at-bats best in Senior Circuit history

Gloat-free Baseball Scores (Saturday, August 22)

Wakefield to replace Penny in line-up

Busch, Martin stage thrilling duel at Bristol

Brett Favre: What he said, what he meant

Rockies overwhelm the Giants 14-11, to pad their wild-card lead.

Rockies sign Jason Giambi

Florida is No. 1 AP preseason Top 25

I bet Tim Lincecum will remember Seth Smith's name after today.

Pirates Ship of Baseball Fools:

DUzy award today in the Sports Forum...

Funny toon in today's paper >>

Mike Tyson Documentary


The JR Chess Report (August 23): Chuckie Takes Jermuk

Tough way to die for the Mets today.

Philly turns unassisted triple play

Upton! What happened to the small men and Timmy this afternoon?

Venezuela sees economy skirting recession-report

Sarkozy to visit Bolivia in Sept

Manila detains ship for arms smuggling

Venezuela sees economy skirting recession-report

In Addition to Original Charges, 6 of 24 Political Prisoners to Face Charge of “Jeopardizing Nationa


Honduras Reports Lack of Towns Named for Oliver North

The Learning Curve of the Teachers vs. the Honduras Coup

Photo published of a healthier Fidel Castro meeting with Rafael Correa in Cuba

Washington Post: Solar Energy Firms Leaving Their Waste in China.

Oops. Wrong spot. nt

Second Amendment cases up early

Report Slams Israeli Claim of Settlement Freeze

Netanyahu enters Sweden organ row

Guardian: Jewish groups accuse Obama of promoting 'ethnic cleansing'

Today in Labor History Aug 23 Sacco and Vanzetti were executed, & the largest murder trial in U.S.

Health Care ‘Co-Ops’: Strategy for Killing Real Health Care Reform

Volkswagen Says Labor Agreement Reached With Workers in Mexico

New York City Opera Reaches Agreement with Singers Union

Machinists, attendants may face fight at Delta

Western Union to pay $4.1M to shore up retirement plan

Pilots union blasts release of Lockerbie bomber

NYT: In N.F.L.’s Labor Talks, the Rumblings of War

Ex-manager: Company insisted workers sign forms (afraid of EFCA!)

Philly Guild Files NLRB Complaint Over Lack of Bargaining

AFL-CIO Convention Meeting in City Rich with Labor History

Sims Bark and Sims Stone faces $576K in OSHA fines

OSHA levels a $90,000 fine for fatal accident against ConAgra and NW Metal Fabricators Inc.

Unions Buoyed by Rejection Of Pr. George's Furloughs

Unemployment for women remains at the highest point in years

AT&T Faces Age Discrimination Lawsuit

A Contrast to Mob Mentality

Refuting the Lies Pushed by Health Care Reform Opponents

Study finds S.F. health plan didn't hurt jobs

Unions invest in N.C. Democrats

Hartmarx ‘Victory’ No Longer Sweet for Rock Island Workers

ACLU Sues ‘Sheriff Joe’ for Racial Profiling, Worksite Detentions

Union workers reject Mercury Marine pact

August Photo Contest FINALS are now posted in GD.

They are called "waders" (dial up warning)

Excellent photo essay from the NYTimes "lens" blog

Upwards lightning caught on film

Update: Call For Debate On Killer Robots

Ink found in Jurassic-era squid

Question about ethics

Image of the Apollo 14 landing site and nearby Cone crater.

What the Bank Stress Tests Didn't Predict

"... we were told that the Stimulus bill would halt unemployment at 8%?"

Russian President Medvedev shows off “possible future world currency”

Daschle, rat in the manger

Medicare's Hospital Insurance (HI) reserves exhausted in 2017, Boards of Trustees

I just couldn't help it!

The truth on infant mortality

So if Medicare (and social security) are going to run out of money why isn't

Who rammed a bill through Congress??

What would you be willing to co-pay for a Public Option?

Medicare's reserves "exhausted in 2017"? -but ENDLESS $$ for War????

Kitty acting very strange again. I hope you can stand another tale about Benny.

I am feeling the Drag of the Old Energies and it REALLY bugs me

"Perfecting Our Purpose" - Karen Bishop - August 22, 2009

Let's Throw A Birthday Party for GardeningGal

We need to return to the ideas of Adam Smith

Weekly Healing Project #30 | Aug 23-29 | Decluttering on all levels & release of scarcity part II

For the believers out there.

A 'wretched, backward, uncivilized regression to the Middle Ages'

Laughable Times editorial about science and religion coming together over evolution.

"World’s first Muslim superheroes, the 99, out to conquer the West"

Gourmet Ham Hash

New to DU, New to Dr Bronner's dish soap Just bought Sal Suds

Sunday in the Happy Hippy Kitchen.

Report on TX-22 town hall 8/22

accidental dupe

accidental dupe

Here is an intelligent yet paranoid Conspiracy Theory website

How does it change direction? (edited)

Pickin' For The Record

Missing Steel...

I can google this but does anyone know right off hand if the NYTIMES has

Larry Knechtel dies at 69; bassist, keyboardist (You probably know some of his work.)