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Claiming a better right?

Doesn't gov't funded healthcare HELP business both large and small?

Mother Nature upstages the Red Arrows demonstration team (pics)

nd now some good news: ELCA reverses ban on noncelibate GLBT clergy!

Obama-Care Chain mail - Debunked

On Obama and the polls

Judge calls SD anti-choice law "untruthful and misleading" is on the health insurance issue!

Freepers react to CIA mock executions

Liberals are such a small part of the Democratic Party, they are not worth discussing...

Liberals are such a small part of the Democratic Party, they are not worth discussing...

Venezuela Retail Sales Will Grow over the Next Four Years

As worlock is to witch, what is the masculine version of "fairy"?

Double-Down on decadence

What's Your Opinion on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?

LOL given the religion discussions here on DU this light hearted photo should crack you up

Louisiana Dems file ethics complaint against Sen. David Vitter (R-La.)

Michael Moore's new film to headline the Toronto International Film Festival

Will Glenn Beck be back on air after his from his forced vacation from Fox News?

Do you resemble your mom or dad?

Note to Congress about those "angry town halls"

Have you every helped someone and it backfired on you?

Have you every helped someone and it backfired on you?

If Security Level ORANGE Was A Political Ploy

"Capitalism: A Love Story" - the new trailer

The GOP and a disinformation jihad

ok im in the final nine

A message to anti-public option Senators and Blue Dogs.

Why dont Dems itemize the crazy prices on hospital bills... 40 bucks per aspirin, on and on!

Cash for Shanties

Why is the battle for greed winning over the battle for USA?

Matthew Rothschild: More Military Intrusion Into Law Enforcement

Indybay Journalist Boston Woodard in “The Hole” for Writing on Prison Conditions (but who cares ?)

Is the threat of torture illegal, even if physical torture doesn't occur? See the answer here

MarketWatch: Big Texas bank, 3 more fail

Obama's drug czar blames hot weather for medical marijuana lie

I support President Obama 100% but my major concern is....

Iran: Reliable Source in Case Green Brief is Missing

Can DU break Grassley? Let Iowa know what you think of his politics.

When will conservatives give up their Medicare...

Custom Banners/Signs delivered by 9-10-09

What is a "Telephone Town Hall Meeting?" Email I received from John Linder (GA)

While advocating bipartisanship, Baucus admits GOP leadership is trying to ‘kill’ health care reform

universal're either for the people or against them

9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public

dup del

U.S. Still Using Security Firm It Broke With....blackwater

Where do you live?

Sebelius now states Public Option Obama goal

Sebelius now states Public Option Obama goal

Terror from the Right: 75 Plots, Conspiracies and Racist Rampages Since Oklahoma City

Healthcare Reform. Waiting for the 2.77% option

Coup Catalyzes Honduran Women's Movement

We have a President that won an election against all odds

Time to nuke the Republican party

Netroots for Healthcare Rally Report: 14 Days To Go!

Gathering for protests or just want timely slogan t-shirts? STUPID.....

some time ago I recc. buying stock in pipe companies - re:

Check out the right wing nut at a town hall meeting LOL

I wish the TV talking heads spent half as much on investigative reporting as they do on makeup.

What's with all these "unemployment in X state went up in July" news reports?

Live blogging from the KS 3rd District Health Care Rally

Media dismissed bu$h* terror alert skeptics as paranoid conspiracy theorists

Bringing the Sacred to Activism: Networks of Grace

Evidence Republicans DO UNDERSTAND Health Care Reform...

Chuck “snake in the” Grassley

Chuck “snake in the” Grassley

The unemployment rate of all the States for July 2009

Puzzle me this about mal practice and health care costs

Poll Shows Polls, Coverage of Polls Nation’s Worst Problems

The games the media plays - Juan (Faux) Williams with Scott Simon on NPR this AM...

Corzine, Dems voice concerns on Christie loan

Here's a poll for you!

Fox News: Tom Ridge? Never Heard of Him

What gives? Two calls in two days asking for money for the Democrats?

Republicans Say Democrats Are Censoring More GOP Mail

Kyl: "I Don't Think A Single Republican" Will Support Health Care Reform

Kyl: "I Don't Think A Single Republican" Will Support Health Care Reform

Joe Scarborough Wasn't Shocked or Awed by Single-Payer Logic

BlueDogs, Liberals, President Obama - Forget Bipartisanship. Americans Want A Public Option

OK DU'ers, help me out. An editor of our newspaper said

Freed for Oil-Lockerbie Quid Pro Quo?

Oklahoma City police officers face charge in drive-by shooting

The Senate Finance Committee Gang Of Six - The Real Death Panel.........

Do progressives have a voice in Washington politics?

World Economy Emerging From Worst Recession Since World War II

Texas to revise history textbooks: liberals out, Limbaugh and Gingrich in

Poll: Baucus’ work on health care lacks strong support in Montana.

The Jokes On You Tom Delay

Been a couple of weeks since DemoTex checked in...

Here is a day-dream that would terrify the Right Wing Zealots

It smells like doo doo in San Francisco

Equal Scrutiny?

Joe Klein calls Glen Greenwald a "crazy, civil libertarian absolutist"

GE/NBC/MSNBC better lock up Rachel Maddow's contract

SPLAT! Goes Hannity!


California GOP may restrict primary to party members (just say NO to decline-to-state voters)

United We Stand, Divided Wee Wee Fall

DUer LTTE writers, PM me to get your LTTE guaranteed puiblished...

Martha Rosenberg: Remembering Woodstock's Women Musicians -- Both of Them


There's a lot more wrong with the HC ins. business than

Texas to revise history textbooks: liberals out, Limbaugh and Gingrich in.


I just sent this email to the White House

Quick....time to overwhelm Fox with e-mails

I knew that Hannity's demise on the donation board should sound like a zit

I don't support the Hurricane Bill.

Gov. Mark Sanford has not decided ????

healthcare signs


john stossel Featured In Wannabe "Town Hall Meeting" In Wisconsin With criminal repuke group

Lutheran Group Votes To Allow Gay Members To Serve As Clergy

Obama takes the GOP more seriously than "the left"? (WP)

terence mckenna speaks: "Ozzie and Harriet Soylent Green "

I just bought copies of a book that has me as an author

TRAILER: Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story'



The Drug War - Video

Joey Scab, on MTP tomorrow. I'm not watching until Rachel comes back. Let the

Blackwater - CIA cooperation deeper than previously known (DER SPIEGEL)

Live blogging from the KS 3rd District Health Care Rally

Maine’s Small Businesses Tell Sen. Snowe They Oppose Mandates Without a Public Option

FLOOZY awards for unintentionally humorous Freepers? Like the Moran pic and...

What slogan will Obama use in 2012?

Betsy McCaughey's lies

Charities Hurt by Madoff May Have To Return Funds

Has the frantic, anxiety-ridden panic of the RW spread to the Left? It feels like it.

Jon Stewart Is A Death Panel Of One

change~Pentagon Shift Gives Names of Detainees to Red Cross

WTF? A sticky saying 9/11 was an inside job and playing an image of WTC 7 imploding ...

Let's Put A Tough Democrat In The White House: Swap Weiner For Emanuel

MSNBC still treating Republican lies like the other side of the story.

Since Baucus is the Emperor of Reform, let's just stop arguing and adopt his original plan

When a senior White House adviser blames the left for bringing up the public option

Imagine for a minute that the USA had no deficit.

NBC got it wrong - They should have named David Gregory anchor for Nightly News

Georgia Lawmaker WantsTo End Birthright Citizenship for Anchor Babies

Prediction - Health Insurance Reform won't play a big role in the 2012 elections

Private insurance companies have monopoly-like control in many areas across the US

I met a health care hypocrite at a party last night.

TEARS - he is only worth $4 million now

Chronic drunks' treatment costs S.F. big bucks

Man Armed With Cookie Attempts Tulsa Bank Robbery

Is this a new freeperism or an old one: "You must PERSERVER"

Neb. Man Steals Virgin Mary Painting For Abortion (for a teen he raped)

N.Y.State Slaps Dr. Do-Good

Why the Gang of Six is Deciding Health Care for Three Hundred Million of Us

Healthcare Town Hall with Martin Heinrich in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Right to work foundation?

Redbugs! Chiggers! Global warming!

Highlights from OFA's National Health Care Forum

Robot Cats Purrrrfect for Elderly

Photo from Bermuda: "...holdin' hands meant somethin' baby..."

Obama Admin. Projects 9 trillion dollar deficit increase over the next 10 years.

A suggestion for a provision to enhance the "Public Option"

If you ran MSNBC

The devil made me do it

No public option='industry...windfall without...countervailing force to...lower their costs'

Wally Herger needs to get shanked

Just returned from Ted Poe's "Healthcare Town Hall" held in a funeral home. Help review video!

NYT: Could Afghanistan Become Obama’s Vietman?

Some Dealers Stop Taking 'Clunkers'

I told my Mom and Husband, today, "I hope the 47 plus million of us get the public,...

An Open Letter To Our Enemies:

Town Halls almost done, Tea Parties gearing up. Why not go to one?

Obama, Kennedy bond despite differences

Was Oil Part of a Deal for the Lockerbie Bomber?


The German Propaganda films in Inglourious Basterds, interesting that Tarantino focused on that

Former New Mexico Secretary of State Indicted on 50 Counts

Health Care Rally Today, Saint Paul, Minnesota (Photos)

for our Canadian friends. Watch to the end.

for our Canadian friends. Watch to the end.

"Cash for Clunkers" trouble spells potential DOOM for Healthcare reform.

Highway to Health Care. Get on the bus! (AFSCME)

When Cash for Clunkers is over .... I'm thinking car sales will far worse than they were before.

Death Panel Creator's Job Euthanized

Why is US still dealing with Blackwater?

DU Just Past Freeperville in it's Fundraiser... FROM LAST QUARTER

LA-Sen: Louisiana Dems File Ethics Complaint Against Sen. Vitter

GM: New Chevy Volt Gets 230 MPG (In test drive from top of Pike’s Peak to Denver.)

Fucking insurance companies! I swear that they make

Fucking insurance companies! I swear that they make

Ode to the Gang of Six

E. O. Wilson interview: We must save the living environment

Does God answer your prayers? Cause He sure answered Charlie Crist's prayers?

Smarm Alert: Ralph Reed AND Sean Hannity together!

CNBC Anchor Editorializes In Favor of Off-Shore Tax Havens


How would life be if we used the "medical insurance" method for other necessities?

How would life be if we used the "medical insurance" method for other necessities?

Should we laugh or cry over this?

Boy runs into burning house to save family

Boy runs into burning house to save family

French Healthcare : Republicans nightmare (video included)

Local papers forum is closing...

Blackwater Accused of Creating 'Killing Program': Cheney asked CIA not to disclose to US Congress

Republicans, Religion and the Triumph of Unreason

Idiot threatens to sue over a friend letting employees voluntarily work on labor day weekend

Harry Patch, Britain's last-surviving WWI veteran, died last month

Lou Dobbs Tours Single-Payer Systems Abroad and Realizes, Holy Crap They're Good

HELP! my brother did cash-for-clunkers and now the dealer wants more money.HELP!

LMAO - "Thank-You, Fox News", well, laughing with a little bit of vomit in my mouth

if you can, please donate to DU.

It's Unanimous

Health insurers explore savings in overseas care!

Don't miss this in GDP

C'mon get it to 899

Military to give detainee names to Red Cross

Tampa Counter Protest To Anti-Health Reform Nuts @ Congresswoman Kathy Castor's Office 11:00AM Today

I know that I've seen this on here...

Maher: NEW RULES, Aug. 21st, on HuffPo Link below

Barnes and Noble in Frisco, Texas. Right wing books in bargain bin

I was just watching CNN money and they were complaining about how un-bipartisan Obama is.

Maybe this is a bit late

Met my first real life BIRTHER today.

Bill Moyers "Critical Condition" watch online (link)

How Long Will Obama be on Vacation?

Please Let This Be True


Baynews9 (tampa/st pete) GOP/freeper house organ helps lying astroturf POS

Republicans lie

self deleted

U.S. girds for vast swine flu vaccine effort

U.S. girds for vast swine flu vaccine effort

Who was lucky 900????

"On Friday, Mr. Kerry wrote to the founder and chairman of Xe, Erik D. Prince..."

"On Friday, Mr. Kerry wrote to the founder and chairman of Xe, Erik D. Prince..."

10 days until first election tests marriage equality in Iowa

It makes no sense for any health plan to not pay 100% of the cost of an abortion

I saw my donation happen!

NY Times: Sec. Clinton A New Gender Agenda!

Waxman insurance probe began in July

Poll: Americans losing Confidence in Obama

Elizabeth Edwards opens furniture store in NC

Matt Taibbi Strikes Again: Our Government Blows.

President Hannity? Talker drops hint

President Hannity? Talker drops hint

Who Could Have Guessed? Montana Voters Are Turning on Max Baucus

Health plan will prohibit abortions , but what about the famous D & C?

To all of you who donated to the DU fund drive

Why isn't dental and vision included in any of the healthcare bills?!

The Patriot Act MUST be Repealed

Obama Is Getting Tired Of Waiting, Losing Patience

Florida postal worker hoarded about 125,000 pieces of mail since 2003.

Cheap Shoes

Ebert: I cannot enjoy health coverage and turn to my neighbor and tell him he doesn't deserve it.

Yep. Not a surprise at all

The Last Empire: What is Left? by John Pilger

two dead dogs in a week

Fox News Poll Results

Fox News Poll Results

27 insurance premium DECREASE in Texas? Anyone know where Linder's pulled this number?

27 insurance premium DECREASE in Texas? Anyone know where Linder's pulled this number?

Competition Lacking Among Private Health Insurers

Freepers call for someone COMPETANT to find Obama's Kenyan bc

AP: Dallas police pioneering new photo lineup approach

Families Line Up For ‘Backpacks For Success’

ROFL -- Garofalo: Teabaggers 'Functionally Retarded Adults'

to you're right

About the 17 year old Brazilian girl who killed 30. For some perspective, see the movie "Pixote"

Swine test positive for bird flu.

Turkeys test positive for swine flu

Blackwater 'hired to transfer detainees'

Rush-The euphoric high created by a heavy dose of Oxy.

Rush-The euphoric high created by a heavy dose of Oxy.

A response to Whole Food Market's CEO Mackey op-ed from WFM co-founder Renee Lawson Hardy

Woman: Burglar Growled At Me And Ran

Mega-Slums & Disease, How They Are the Hotbed of the Next Pandemic

Two teens charged with gay boy beating

Should DU issue a challenge to Rush? A full drug screen with full public disclosure of results.

Reich -Why the Gang of Six is Deciding Health Care for Three Hundred Million of Us

LOL I just found this great bumpersticker to go with the one currently voted up the front page

I just had to LOL tonight when a friend related this to me:

AP - "Competition lacking among private health insurers" - So Much For GOP Free Market Argument!

Without job gains

Our health care reform rally today at our Dem Congressman's office - lots of pictures

Just found out about this song!

Fascinating "Do It Yourself" Universal Access HC Plan on Dailykos.

Europe and Russia to cooperate on exploration of Mars and Phobos

"Mad as Hell Doctors" hit the road for Single-Payer

Ten days left to buy traditional lightbulbs: EU


Frank Rich: What The Right Fears Is the Erosion Of Its Social Position & Collapse Of Its Power

Inexpensive do-good doctor being pressured by NY Insurance board to stop what he's doing

What does this bumper sticker mean to you?

Thoughts on how a "Conscience Clause" will affect the rights of women and others to medical care.

Exclusive Interview with FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

Should we continue to use the services of Blackwater?

Should we continue to use the services of Blackwater?

Y'all seen this?? More about Sanford - another cover-up?

SciFi fans....

Academic" Salaries. This is what's wrong with education.

free speech victory . former student criticizing UCLA

So.. Clunker time is over.. now what?

Ban ham in kids' lunches, say cancer researchers

OMG, What Have You People Done?

OK, DUers, it's crunch time. Less than a day left to reach our goal. Fund drive ends TONIGHT!

Can someone please explain to me, or point out where an explanation can be found

On obsesity and how things have changed

Why does it have to be mandatory?

Have you wondered why Plumbers and Electricians charge so much?

Just when all hope was lost....

Obama's eventual healthcare bill will satisfy few.

Rush Limbaugh complains about Chuggo song; "Every other word is the f-bomb"

If we aggregate ALL the money being paid to "healthcare" right now .........

Krugman, in one phrase, nails it as to why Republican opposition to Obama is so fierce

Do you support healthcare "reform" WITHOUT a strong public option

"If you are happy with your private insurance, you can keep it."

"It's Time To Tell The Truth"- Dennis Kucinich

Obama's 3 Stooges (Gingrich, Sharpton & Duncan) for Corporate "School Reform"

How will you react if Obama gets a GREAT health care bill out of Congress?

NYC Man Accused of Killing/Torturing Girlfriend's Cats

Are these screamers and gun nuts afraid of Obama or afraid of themselves?

Combative naked man prompts Southwest to return flight to Oakland

Nazis. A very moving post at The Mudflats.

Rebrand "public option"? Propose a new name, here.

Nazis: An incredibly powerful post from AKM at The Mudflats

A modest proposal: Start terminating treaties

Reporter Says CIA Report Revelations Coming Monday Will Be ‘Pretty Explosive’

DU troll says something that is accurate (FINALLY)

There's no free lunch.. there never will be.. Health care is going to cost money

I predict a great human renaissance in a few hundred years...

OMG someone talk about Inglourious Basterds with me! It's like nothing I've seen

here's your chance to defend Obama's State Dept. continuing to employ Blackwater

So just how many times do we have to be right before people start listening?

Question about the foreclosure crisis: how did homeowners "take out" money

I'm Calling for a National Strike!

Did Britain Wreck the World?

***BOYCOTT the Randi Rhodes show on Monday***

Woman who posed as man to become judo champ finally gets gold - 50 years after being stripped of it

Why did Obama just extend a contract to Blackwater?

"Politicizing the Justice Department, Bush takes a page from his father" by Lucy Komisar

Eighteen Year Old Boy Dies After Jail House Beating by Sheriff’s Deputies

Eighteen Year Old Boy Dies After Jail House Beating by Sheriff’s Deputies

Good word or phrase to describe the Republican Party. Ossified is a good

The morality of killing the enemy: I saw Inglorious Basterds tonight...

How much do you pay in school fees?


Use or Abuse?

No Side Effects So Far in Trial of Swine Flu Shot

The Splendid Blond Beast

Need a gift for the man in your life? Voila! The Wonder Boner

Open the door and flies swarm in, shut the door and I'm sweatin' again.

Zombaritaville zombifies music lyrics.

Nick and Nora's infinate Playlist...

Total Eclipse of the Heart- the flow chart

Who needs a spider?

I hate Grover Cleveland.

Friday night I'm going nowhere

Wow... Creative wake...

I'm all out of Purina Bachelor Chow. What should I do?

quick question -- how can I change the pic next to my username? I love Bettie Page, but I like Anne

This thread is TO the ANONYMOUS people that have given out stars to other DU'ers

I really want to kick Glen Beck's ass, hope I can but if I miss, then DU

I have this nagging feeling that one of my co-workers hates me.

I saw it move!

Space Chimps is a G - yet they got away with "is that a banana in your pocket?"

Whoever put up the "check out this art" stickie.....

*******HAPPY 56th BIRTHDAY to democrat in Tallahassee!!*******

*******HAPPY 57th BIRTHDAY to displacedtexan!!*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to cosmicdot!!*******

*******HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY to johnnie!!*******

Congratulations Berry Cool! 30,000 posts!


*******HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDY to AirmensMom!!*******

There will be belated birthdays/anniversaries today. Yesterday, I was going to be

Yesterday I tried to retrieve a doughnut from its little glass cabinet with TONGS.

Was Haole Girl banned?!?!

Who makes the best donuts you've ever had?

Did you all see this? Kid parallel parking.

Did you all see this? Kid parallel parking.

Ever had a punk pissing match?

I just made my donation and Hannity was splattered.

I have discovered THE most grueling and punishing physical activity EVER...

6 year old boy offered honorary position as Director of Fun.

Who wants a free Radiohead song?

It has been raining here all day, it is two in the afternoon and I am

As worlock is to witch, what is the masculine version of "fairy"?

Find all the posts about people complaining about stickies they dont like

King Crimson

I finally got my stickies up. Can you guess which ones are mine?

This happened to me yesterday

Did DU get smaller?

Just because we all need to see this again..

Do people die and then be not-dead? Like, famous people.

I have the perfect solution to the HC/I fight

a kid... a piano..and metallica

District 9 | Movie Reviews

*******HAPPY 68th BIRTHDAY to trof!!*******

The poll that could quite possibly be the most important poll in the Lounge ever

I just discovered my lips are aflame

Is this a poll?

The New York Mets are finally dead to me...

If you were offered 3 million dollars to leave your country

DU Song Of The Day

BurgerVille For Lunch

Today would have been Layne Staley's 42nd birthday.

Naked passenger arrested on U.S. flight

Just saw Inglourious Basterds and must say it was a FUN movie.

Any Worms on DU ?? Wormfest 2009 - Sept 18-20

Right-wing scare tactics they haven't tried yet, but you know they will

After aimlessly wandering the mall, I thought it fitting to buy the orginial Dawn of the Dead

Here is a picture of the field in the new Dallas Cowboy Palace

It is what it is

Are the stickies moving left to right or right to left?

After a lot of back and forth, I am finally going Firefox full time

Cat People - David Bowie

Cat People - David Bowie

*******HAPPY BELATED 40th BIRTHDAY to HughBeaumont!!*******

Does anyone want my Stickies?

Guess what this is a picture of

One of my cats just ratted out another

What's that at the bottom on an oven?

IF Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball were both alive today, would he FINALLY let Lucy be in the show?

How come we didn't see T.O. out there tonight?

"Tales From The Far Side"

I just sent DU 20 rolls of pennies, parcel post.

My latest attempt at writing comedy

How do some people get an image as a signature in their posts?

I met Wednesday Addams and Cousin Itt today.

Do you resemble your mom or dad?

Skinner sends me a unique, personalized PM whenever I donate...

it smells like someone's been smoking pot in here

The 20 Best Zombie Movies Of All Time

I've got a secret to tell you...

Wedding gift ideas?

Earth Wind and Fire plus Chicago (the band) made for an AWESOME evening

The bright side of Inglorious Bastards...

Good news, my wife found another place to live.....

Hairless dogs in competition; meet Mexico's Xoloitzcuintles

Ricky Gervais is a sick bastard and I love him.

I have a question for you.


Is Early Times whiskey any good?

Is the on call DU psychiatrist available?

C'mon, people!

How to drink gin!

TATOO! ...Octomom gets a tattoo for all her kids - just like Angelina!

i make my move to NYC in 3 days

Mac PowerBook G4 question....

Do you work better individually or as part of a team?

I never create a thread that wants to die.

speaking of Bowie (Swede was, at least) I tried watching The Man Who Fell to Earth

I wish I had a nickel for every time California Peggy has typed "my dear".

Alice in Chains-Would? (live, acoustic)

Would you encourage your child to tell on a class mate who was choking?

There is a certain place in hell for certain people

Good Doggie! Fetch the stick.

art fairs are brutal

*******HAPPY BELATED 5th ANNIVERSARY to Habibi!!*******

Just got back from Boston(business ) , nice town

watched first 3 eps of Madmen last night

"That member does not wish to receive private messages"

Hey, you guys know there is an awesome new site called "Democrat Underground"?

Woah. Stuff like this, I mean, I've never, but this really makes me want to...

Alan Rickman in a kilt

Willie Nelson - I Never Cared For You: Long Version

Why did I just see Billy Mays on TV trying to sell me superglue?

My release papers from Asperger's Penitentiary are coming slowly, but they're coming

Firefox people: I am having a problem...

I enjoyed Rick Wakeman's work in Yes, but he REALLY KICKED ASS AS "Hans" in the first "Die Hard."

Anyone have any experience with juicers?

So what's playing on your ipod or CD player tonight?

My daughter is creating her own little socialist Lego town

Appreciation thread for those who have given other posters a star

I just discovered The Flaming Lips...

A facebook oooops!

I need vacation ideas

i make my move to San Jose in 10 days

The Dance Of The Dragonflies- a true story

Post your songs about the night.

Some pictures from Italy - dial up warning

How pay shent are you?

whats the best dog or cat name you ever heard?

Maddow Appearance Boosts 'Meet the Press' Ratings to Highest Point Since April

CIA Used Gun, Drill in Interrogation

In Ramadan, the best dates in Egypt are 'Obama'

Waxman insurance probe began in July

Waxman insurance probe began in July

VA workers given millions in bonuses as vets await checks

Obama May Give Up Effort to Reach Health Deal With Republicans

Boy runs into burning house to save family

Neb. man stole Virgin Mary painting for abortion

Elizabeth Edwards opens furniture store in NC

President Obama again tackles "myths" on healthcare reform

Lebanese man is target of first rendition under Obama

Competition lacking among private health insurers

Toomey, Sestak to face off at town hall-style meeting

Lawyers can question 9/11 suspect in writing

Lebanese man is target of first rendition under Obama

'Real risk' of UK Afghan defeat

Diplomats on front line as Honduran crisis deepens

A Gitmo Prosecutor's Act of Conscience

Taliban cut off fingers of 2 Afghan voters

U.S. Shifts, Giving Names of Detainees to the Red Cross

Indian villagers riot over ban on stone-throwing festival

Canada offers trade promises to U.S. in exchange for Buy American waiver

Rioting inmates set central Ky. prison ablaze

FBI boss attacks Megrahi release

Congressman Herger calls Obama plan 'threat to democracy'

Rich NYC mayor: Drug CEOs don't make much money

Debating How Much Weed Killer Is Safe in Your Water Glass

Gov. Bobby Jindal, after high-profile criticism, says no to federal money for high-speed rail system

Baucus does not represent his state, say Montanans

Scotland defends Megrahi's release

Thousands demonstrate over Venezuela education law

Climate change doubles tundra plant life, boosting shrubs, grasses

Blackwater Accused of Creating 'Killing Program'

Insurers aim to save from overseas medical tourism

Liberty & Tyranny

Obama sits down at the the table with Corporate America, gives them our public schools

Why do I get the feeling they're going to try to NAFTA us again?

Unemployment – Yes I bet 7.5% or lower by August 22, 2010

'I am my brother's keeper.' Discredited idea?

Health care should be as simple as this:

Washington Post fashionist Robin Givhan criticizes Michelle Obama for wearing shorts

The Cost of Not Having a Public Option

What kind of liberal are you?

Matt Taibbi -- Hillary obsessive? Rovian plant? Obama-hating asshole?

"Obama May Abandon Effort to Reach Health Deal With Republicans"

State GOP may restrict primary to party members (CA)

Five Democrats stand in the way of including a public option in the Finance Committee bill

Getting in before the Sunday crowd

I am tired of hearing the MSM saying "Obama took on too much at one time."

I'm not the only one troubled by Obama's "friendship" w/ Tom Coburn

'Time to nuke the Republican party' - Guardian (UK)

DeMint: Health Care Is a Privilege, Not a Right

Why have a few DU'ers in here typed that the right is "winning?"

Obama losing patience with Baucus

Frank Rich: The Guns of August


Analysis by Charles Cook predicts Dem. loss of 6-12 House seats in 2010 (possibly more)

What is going to be the reaction when Obama signs a similar health care bill

So while Matt Taibbi is slamming those fighting for a public option, he is defending Wyden's plan?

Conservative magazine "Economist" article about paranoid nitwits in America

Health Insurance Rates to Double by 2020 ....

Let's get it done!

Competition lacking among private health insurers

Get A Life, America

CNN Story - Example Of Corporate Media's Promulgation of False Equivalency - Raises "Death Panels"

Remember the CON claim that "Obama's gonna start a CIVILIAN NAT'L SECURITY FORCE!"

Here's the deal- anything going on outside the Finance Committee is just a cover

Why do the GOP Republicans Hate GOD? Its Obvious by now President Obama is being helped by a Force

What Obama has done wrong on healthcare so far, and how to fix it:

All The President's Emails (Guardian UK)

The problem with President Barack Obama and his credibility here

Arthur Frommer, meet the real Arizona

So just about everyone, including the prez (finally!) are on vacation.

Healthcare concessions

FDIC Gives 3 Billion Dollars to Spanish-based BBVA in Guaranty Bank Failure

Clinton to the Rescue: Hillary Saves Health Care Plan

How We Get Out of the Great Depression II

President Barack Obama: Debunking Phony Health Care Claims

Sorry DU - President Obama is Falling Far Short Of Reagan and Dubya In This Crucial Metric...

Is God protecting Fla. at Gov. Crist's request?

Obama uses weekly address to debunk lies - yet again (updated)

Prosecuting torture

Nickels concedes: 'time for a new generation'

Weekly Address: Myths and Morality in Health Insurance Reform

Woodstock '69 :: Country Joe McDonald's


Msg from Denmark: Universal Healthcare is not socialism it is social conscience

Sebelius Affirms Administration's Support for Public Option

Rep. Anthony Weiner Leaves Morning Joe "speechless"

Cash For Clunkers and Cat Killers: Bill Frist trades in '91 Suburban for new Prius through C.F.C.

Jeremy Scahill: CIA Hired Private Military Firm Blackwater for Secret Assassination Program 2 of 2

Jeremy Scahill: CIA Hired Private Military Firm Blackwater for Secret Assassination Program 1 of 2

Headzup: Blackwater's Erik Prince On The CIA Assassination Program

Rep. Anthony Weiner on Rachel Maddow: 'Why Are We Backing Away From Our Basic Principles?'

Rachel Maddow & Mike Isakoff: Mock Executions, power drills used in interrogations

Lewiston Maine counterprotest

They're Approaching Critical Mass!

TYT: Yoga Instructor Wears Short Shorts & Gets In Trouble

Jon Stewart: Faux News = The New Liberals

Steve Leser on Fox News' Cashin' In 8-22-09 Regarding Walmart getting into Prescription drugs.

On Fox News' Cashin' In, Steve Leser bet Unemployment will hit 7.5% or he will dress up as Klinger

Lady Kisses: That's Gay

"I have to sacrifice me"

Glenn Moon (the Livonia City Council candidate who'll have you scratching your head)

Garbage Island

Blackwater Exposed - Jeremy Scahill... Child Prostitution, Wife Swapping, Murder?

TYT Interviews: Sam Seder w/ Mark Rosenthal On Whole Foods Boycott

Rachel Maddow Edit: Jon Stewart Takes On Euthanasia Lie Originator

Sam Harris on Real Time with Bill Maher

Hitler rants about right wing opposition to ObummerCare

1960s LSD Propaganda Film

Alan Frumin: King of Capitol Hill?

The Death of Death Panels

Advanced Clinical Trials

In South Korea, Freed U.S. Journalists Come Under Harsh Criticism

In Defense of the NHS: I'm Glad I Didn't Break My Leg in the U.S. (Guardian UK)

Obama's PhRMA Deal

Iowa's Grassley Reveals the Price for His Support on Health Care Reform

The legacy of Lockerbie: A good week for conspiracy theorists

Christine Grahame: Al-Megrahi is home. And he is innocent

Ling & Lee Under Fire from South Koreans (freed us journalists)

AP: Competition lacking among private health insurers

The GOP Has Become a Party of Nihilists - Joe Klein

Venezuelan National Assembly Passes New Education Law

Venezuelan Education Law: Socialist Indoctrination or Liberatory Education?

Washington praises Afghan election fiasco to justify war escalation

The Health Insurance Racket Is Manufacturing Entertainment Value of Snuffing Out Grandma

Dying for Affordable Health Care: the Uninsured Speak (Guardian UK)

12 Year Old Takes on J. Edgar Hoover ~ A Third Man - Washington Post

Terror from the Right: 75 Plots, Conspiracies and Racist Rampages Since Oklahoma City

The De-Facto Segregation of Health Care

Liberals Have Guns Too, Ya Know...

Not Your Father's Peace Corps

The Cost of Not Having a Public Option

Healthcare Reform 101 by Bernie Sanders

Justice still perverted: a story that is far too important to allow to die.

E Edwards: Please Don't Advocate Health Reform Until You Stop Lying About John

E Edwards: Please Don't Advocate Health Reform Until You Stop Lying About John

Has anyone read William Catton's new book "Bottleneck" yet?

Demand for tariffs in global-warming legislation splits allies

Portland (the #1 most sustainable city) building the greenest large-scale building in the world!

Fuck the whale killers--I'm buying a Chevy Cobalt

Alicia Silverstone Will Make You 'Juicy'

Debunking needed

The AAA Pirates Crush the Red Legs 5-2.

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Friday, August 21)

If we start seeing odd comments about Donovan McNabb, it's because

Wow! NY Yankees!

Where's the Rulebook for Sex Verification? (NY Times)

This * Day in Baseball History © - 1998, 1999

Giants crush Rockies 6-3

Can someone explain how the NY Yankees missed an extra point??

Rockies rout hapless Giants' pitching staff 14-11

Daylight come and he wan' go home

Drew Sharp nails it on Plaxico Burress conviction

Tarvaris Jackson booed by Vikings' fans

Flaw in the Dallas Cowboys' $1.2 billion stadium?

El Frente Nacional Wants to Take the Gorilettis to the Int’l. Criminal Court

Honduras: Out of the vortex—into the vacuum


El Salvador: Hoffa welcomes decision to reopen Soto murder case

HONDURAS: “Chronicle of a Planned Coup”

Venezuelan Education Law: Socialist Indoctrination or Liberatory Education?

Diplomats on front line as Honduran crisis deepens

Venezuelan National Assembly Passes New Education Law

HONDURAS’ Cuban Connection: Coup AND Assassination Attempts?

Please Lanny, We Are All Tired of Your Stupid “Arguments”

Supreme Court Gives Opinion: Zelaya Will Face Trial for Treason if He Returns

First they talked about three bases, then five, then seven and now

Kick my butt, slap my face -- I shoulda been in touch before this

Tenn. man pleads not guilty for gun in McNair case

Obama Smear busters

New Handgun that may be banned...

Ex-staffer at Dimona nuclear reactor says made to drink uranium

Ex-staffer at Dimona nuclear reactor says made to drink uranium (Israel)

The lost Palestinian Jews

Taiwanese Workers Battle AIG Over $437M Pension Fund

AP: Movie spotlights closing of GM plant

AP: 12 million jobseekers in China won't find work

Today in Labor History Aug 22 Joyce Miller becomes first female member of the AFL-CIO Executive Coun

A little orange for you...

Up close, plants dead and alive

10 Photography Pet Peeves We’d Throw Down a Black Hole

How to brew beer in a coffee maker....

Delete n/t

Science as Art: Photo Gallery of the Super-Kamiokande

Saturn moon's mirror-smooth lake 'good for skipping rocks'

If an autonomous machine kills someone, who is responsible?

Hunting ET: Astrobiology and the quest for extraterrestrial life

NASA, AFOSR Test Environmentally-Friendly Rocket Propellant

NASA to Air Stephen Colbert Message on Eve of Shuttle Launch

Bernanke saved us so he gains support for reappointment

Huge waves spotted from space

The real "gay agenda"

Lutheran Group Eases Limits on Gay Clergy

March on Washington Oct. 10-11, not Maine

Maine Public Education Ad Launched Today

The bad kind of sticky

New gun purchase from Kmart today...

This video offends freepers so much they can't help themselves

Conservatives like to complain, but they don't want to pay to fix the problems

No Side Effects So Far in Trial of Swine Flu Shot

Interesting Health Article.

Interesting Health Article.

I wanted to share this story I just read in the Lounge. It's very cool.

Topics for stories

Is there anyone else here who woke up feeling totally uncomfortable

This country was blanketed with fall-out during the 50's and early 60's.

How to Disconnect from Toxic Collective Emotions by Rose Rosetree

Charlie Crist Sez Yahweh's Still In The Storm-Control Bidness

Fundamentalist faith perhaps similar to sexual masochism?

Why do people think God is good?

If you could be free from suffering by simply begging God to set you free, would you?

A Paul Krugman Discussion - Do you like the guy and if so why?

Obama's 3 Stooges (Gingrich, Sharpton & Duncan) for Corporate "School Reform"


Because someone generously gave me a donor star....

Cinnamon honey butter...

Tomato's ---Using the whole plant

Frash Aigs!

TX-32--Pete Sessions to family in need: "Tell it to the President"

Who wants to have an East Texas meetup?

My wife's mother passed early this morning

To be curious is the beginning of the scientific method.

9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public

Can the force of falling water destroy a car?


WTF? A sticky saying 9/11 was an inside job and playing an image of WTC 7 imploding ...

Siegfried, The Opera!

"Hoarders" on A&E?

Into Asian Horror Movies?