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To Anonymous Donor: Thanks for the Star!

Toby Keith new song and video

Rise in Drunken-Driving Arrests of Women Deplored

"Sig Rogich, influential in the GOP, endorses Reid."

Neighbor shoots alleged burglar leaving Kingsport home, police investigating

Rachel Maddow Takes Apart Rove's WSJ Op-Ed: "Ridiculous Revisionist Argument"

Maddow's "Pizza Parable" Demonstrates Futility Of "Bipartisan" Health Care Reform (VIDEO)

What Are Your Top News Sources? Least Amount of right wing Propaganda?

Betsy McCaughey Interview on The Daily!!!!

Toy helicopter crash prompts SC driver to call 911

"Tunisian 12-baby pregnancy claim pronounced false"

NYT: A Basis Is Seen for Some Health Plan Fears Among the Elderly

Vendor fights back against attackers

could something along the following be slipped into budget reconciliation??

Want to see crazy 'Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage'

Ted Olson filed federal lawsuit challenging California's gay marriage ban

Hints of Iranian Flexibility on Nuclear Issue

Burl Toler, First Black N.F.L. Official, Dies at 81

Palm Beach Quaking; Alleged Drug Dealer Nabbed

First name that came to mind...

WHO predicts 'explosion' of swine flu cases

Morning Joe can't get past the wee-wee

Joey the Scar will be on MTP this Sunday.

Local inventor files lawsuit against ‘racist’ AOL, Google

Date set for challenge of California gay-marriage ban ( two lawyers who argued the Bush v. Gore )

So thats why Oreilly dissed Jon Stewart today

McDonald’s marketing comes under fire for ‘racist’ jibe

Obama Invokes FDR's Battle For Social Security

Jon Stewart confronts Betsy McCaughey over her "hyperbolic" and "dangerous" claims

My adventure with our 2 (allegedly) moderate independent repub Senators today.

My adventure with our 2 (allegedly) moderate independent repub Senators today.

Sean Hannity Would Rather See 15 Million Americans Die Than Have Health Care Reform

Iran: The Green Brief #60 (August 20 - Mordad 29) Latest news from Iran.

7 Next-Gen Bandages That Help Heal Wounds

big Obama bash on the mourning ho sho....featuring du's favoriite...david gregory


Child Rapist Attacked By Guard (Guard found not guilty)

IRS cracks open 4,450 Swiss bank accounts

Does the First Amendment guarantee platforms for free speech?

The GOP Has Become a Party of Nihilists

Gun owner says police violating his rights

I was Sooooo touched by...

Pundits attacking government health insurance rely on gov't health insurance for their own families

Appreciate all, cater to none

Wouldn't it be GREAT to see Rachel Maddow take over the reins of MEET THE PRESS?

Warning! Images at link might cause brain damage.

Who the hell is Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey?

Mexico decriminalizes small-scale drug possession

Bill Moyers rocks the health care boat again tonight:

Appeals Court: Government Can Require Gun Registration

Insurance company FAIL: NPR interview with Angela Braly, CEO of Wellpoint, this morning

Here is why the banks and other lenders don't want to negotiate

Stimulus Spot Check: Summer Wave of Projects Nears Crest-"Gusher" of Stim Work Predicted

WHO predicts 'explosion' of swine flu cases

St. Louis transit took biggest hit

Down with crab cakes! Ban Whole Foods! Mark Morford

Great news for Indiana families concerning health care insurance:

Want a ear treat? Click on RIP at the top of the page.

Gang Of Six Looking For Scissors

Cut off your nose to spite your face (cartoon)

Has anyone watched "koyaanisqatsi"?

How much do you pay for health care insurance?

Have ya noticed...

Reid under pressure to rein in centrists

OK, who is going to be the one to punch Sara Palin?

2008 US Census shows sharp increase in poverty

Progress in Iran: access to heavy water reactor

A simple question for the American people?

Where did all the ugly go......

Looked at my last several 401K statements....

Tax Deductions for Pet-Care Expenses Proposed

Dr. Glenn Cohen is a racist rw POS. Please respond to these outrageous lies

American Liberty Alliance claims Reconciliation NOT POSSIBLE

Public Option should BE the Compromise Position

HEH! - Ex-Wives and Others Eagerly Await the UBS Tax-Cheater List

Caught in fraud, dirty coal group dumps one of its Astroturf contractors.

Pro-Reformers Protest Outside Blue Cross Blue Shield

Cancer survivor provides free health care for uninsured

Nazis (health care related)

If you get Donation 700, please post a WOO HOO!

Public Options… Like Your Local Library

Suspected 1954 Boulder slaying victim found alive

The latest chuckle from the union "beating" case in St. Louis

Chechen rebels say they blew up Russian dam

As vets await checks, VA workers get $24M bonuses (in 2007 and 2008)

Employer-Sponsored Insurance Premiums Rose 119% Over Past Decade

Astroturf group training "citizens" to run for office.

Astroturf group training "citizens" to run for office.

Idaho GOP Leader, Tea Party Organizer Arrested For Assault With A Deadly Weapon (a gun)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAWAII!!! 50 years old today!

Judge Betty’s Revenge: Conservatives thought they’d sidelined the 9th Circuit’s lion of liberalism

Quotas for Conservatives in Social Studies?

"Rage-Ex"- must watch Fiore Flashtoon!

Say what? Conservative group wants MSNBC to fire Contessa Brewer, Dylan Ratigan and Toure. . .

Say what? Conservative group wants MSNBC to fire Contessa Brewer, Dylan Ratigan and Toure. . .

Unemployment Rates Rise in 26 U.S. States; California's Hits Record 11.9%

San Francisco’s Public Option a Model for America’s Health Care Reform

Reagan's Star Wars initiative spawned handy tech gadgets

GOP/MEDIA FUD is working...

In just 4 days $322,000 raised for the public option!

And You Thought The New Credit Card Law Would Help? HA !!.... LINK

Sign If You're Crazy

For those advocating that Democrats "go it alone," here's a peek at the mess that could be:

Glenn Beck Advertisers and Links to Write to Them....

Who Do We Want To Win The Afghan Election?........

LA Times corrects 'Jackass'-Keith Olbermann mix-up

Cruel Summer for WMATA, Metro Washington DC's public transit agency

Mercury-Tainted Fish Found Widely in US Streams

“If Stephen Hawking Lived in England”

The Rude Pundit: Tom Ridge Wants to Keep You Secure

Will Democrats lose seats in 2010?

Study: lost people really do walk in circles

Louisiana Dems file ethics complaint against Vitter

Afghanistan Bomb Blasts Kill Two U.K. Soldiers, One U.S.

the most dominant athlete in the history of sport.

It turns out I have a clunk....

Idaho GOP Leader Who Helped Spur Coup Arrested

Tom Ridge: WH added their own language to August '04 terror alert - praising Bush

Isn't the period to recommend a thread still 24 hours?

regarding the deathers: "Father, forgive them,...

What the hell happened to the notion of the benevolent robber baron?

Mr President, Progressives COMPROMISED!

Just so you know, I love Glenn Beck.......

Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens our Future

Last night, while I was hunting through channels, I saw the strangest commercial on Faux.

New York Governor Pledges to End Practice of Shackling Pregnant Women

Oh and by the way..

US July existing home sales up 4th straight month

Oh My -Texas financier Stanford 'so broke' he can't afford a lawyer

"Regional co-ops" are NOT the answer, unless you want Balkanized health care

July 2009 hottest for oceans since past 130 years

Beware the fury of a patient man?

Vomit warning: Want to buy a customized Michael Vick Eagles jersey for your dog? NFL says okay

March for the Public Option - September 13th

RUSH: All Latinos Are Illegal Immigrants (WTF?)

RUSH: All Latinos Are Illegal Immigrants (WTF?)

Rise of the Super-Rich Hits a Sobering Wall

Ray McGovern: Blackwater's Unwritten Death Contract

White Supremacists promoting "Birther" conspiracy theories

Poll: birthers prefer Palin

Dear "Boss" Limbaugh,

BP and Shell warned to halt campaign against US climate change bill

C.I.A. Said to Use Outsiders [contractors] to Put Bombs on Drones

Olympia Snowe (R-ME) to Andrea Mitchell, just now on MSNBC........

Reagan's Star Wars initiative spawned handy tech gadgets

In 2012, Whan Sarah becomes POTUS, what will happen?

Hoyer not firm on public option

THANK YOU to Anonymous Donor for my Donor Star and Sticky Privilege!!!

Minneapolis pastor: Tornado was a warning to Lutherans on gay inclusion

Mexico Hit By Lowest Rainfall In 68 Years (really bad news)

Freepers in trouble - Right Wing Media wants their money (DER SPIEGEL)

Civil Liberties Groups Prepare Delicate Message on CIA Probe

Caught in Fraud, Dirty Coal Group Dumps One of Its Astroturf Contractors

Bloggers: Take A $300,000 Victory Lap

It took 189 years before we had Medicare, a Single Payer Plan for Senior Citizens...

It took 189 years before we had Medicare, a Single Payer Plan for Senior Citizens...

You Stay Classy, "1-800-YES GIRL" (still running TV ads featuring murdered model Jasmine Fiore)

Minneapolis Pastor Blames Tornado on Teh Gayz

What about uninsured children? Or is there such a thing? I thought the GOP was pro-life.

What about uninsured children? Or is there such a thing? I thought the GOP was pro-life.

My father was a victim of and killed by an American for profit health care death panel.


Help me refute my conservative friend's claims?

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Repubs

College Republicans want you to tell them your health care horror story. Seriously.

Poll: Obama And Congressional Dems Dropping — Among Democrats

Cowboys' new stadium a reminder of how to waste energy

Pilot pleaded to evacuate stranded passengers

Friday TOON Roundup part 1- Health Confusion

Friday TOON Roundup part 1- Health Confusion

Friday TOON Roundup 3-Bret Farve

Sex Offenders Getting Subsidized Housing

Hey When was the last terror alert?

Actual NBC headline today: 'Does Mother Nature Hate Democrats?'

I'm afraid Obama is going to blow his approval the exact same way GHWB blew his.

I think I just smacked Palin. Waiting for 699 to change to 700.

Are you pro-life, or pro-profit?

Anti-Gay Gangs Terrorize Iraq

Rep. Rick Boucher Opposes Public Option Because It Would Be Too "Popular"!

Afghan Election Body Denies Reports That Karzai Won Election

Cancer survivor nurse practitioner opens free clinic for uninsured

La Cite Electrique

Americans rush to declare offshore accounts

Fox Nation’s Racist Attack On McDonalds “Black” Web Site

Sarah Palin just got blammo'd in the donations bar at the top!

The solution to the health care crisis -- single-payer (or building a "way-back" machine)

Former New Mexico Secretary of State Indicted on 50 Counts

"Wee wee"

Jaw-dropping insanity. You must hear this to believe it.

Why Good Government Matters

Why Good Government Matters

Is Cofer Black another Ted Shackley?

VIDEO: French TV commentary on rediculous American health care debate

VIDEO: French TV commentary on rediculous American health care debate

Is it time for Senate Democrats to unleash the "Nuclear Option?"

Abdullah, Karzai Tied in Early Results

Bill Moyers topic tonight--those without healthcare coverage

Barney Frank's Nazi questioner is literally a cult member (and FOX approves)

How Many Right Wing Zealots Are There Anyway?

Ooh! We're close to punching Palin!

How did Canada develop its single payer health insurance system?

Olympia Snowe now saying public option has not been 'on the table'

Tin foil hat time: Death of a single-payer advocate.

Terry Gross interview with the late Don Hewitt

FiveThirtyEight: Are Progressives on Tilt?

Does anyone know the nature of the "small business" owned by Katy Abram and her husband?

Obama's 2008 health care plan with several (minor) changes

California prison system 'collapsing under its own weight,' Schwarzenegger says

Trailer: Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story'

Email to everyone talking about healthcare: 'Frontline: Sick around the world'

Obama would trade healthcare for second term

Rush, I'm sorry I called you fat in my previous post.

Just watched the ED show for the first time late last night/early this AM.

Help Debunkin Citizen's Line Item Veto of Health Reform

Mexico decriminalizes possession of small amounts of drugs

Rush Limbaugh is a failure. He is an enabler of the failures of Bush.

Mexico decriminalizes small-scale drug possession

Iraq officials urge change after bombs


An excerpt re: Health Care from Rep. Jim McDermott's response to my e-mail:

Anyone else think it's time for Barbara Starr to head to

We can win this with 51 votes and a public option ...... 77% of the people ...

Antidepressant Alternative for Pregnant Women: Shock Therapy

McAuliffe Comes Out Swinging: Without Public Option, Health Care A "Failure"

MDs who are part of the problem

Poor Wittle Karl

Glenn Beck's "Vacation" Actually A Suspension

Glenn Beck's "Vacation" Actually A Suspension

Stephen Colbert Interviews Dining Room Table

Tom Delay, Break A Leg...Literally

Sen. Kyl: Negotiations Difficult Because of 'Liberals,' Republicans Won't Support Current Bills

Obstruction at Justice-By Scott Horton: Tight Black Curtain Around CIA's Criminal Activities

Wanna Know Who Lobbies Politicians? Here's the Top Donors

Reconciliation a Trojan Horse for the Public Option?

OK male DUers back off for a bit let us females

Are You There, God? It's Me, Charlie

Got my first unemployment payment

NYT editorial: An unfit judge (re: Texas Judge Sharon Keller)

BANK....BUST....FRIDAY !!!!! The "More Fun in Hotlanta" edition

LVS: John Ensign signals affair still off-limits

Flashback:Ridge offered to take lie detector test to prove ‘politics played no part’ in threat level

To the kind person who gave me the star, you started something....

Financial Times: China’s dollar anxiety

Just 7 people are preventing health care reform. JUST SEVEN.

California unemployment hits post-World War II high -- 11.9%

Looking for clarification on the living wills/"death panel" issue...

BANK BUST FRIDAY UDPATE.......Bulldogs vs Crimson Tide

My response to a Fundy cousin on my family's website...

Let them filibuster/It's time for a march on Washington

Why are people so stupid - Hurricane Bill, Rip Currents and Heavy Waves


Why is it "uncool" to be an idealist?

I have only two things to say about the Rethugs' sudden desire for an 80-vote majority

Former Armey aide charged in Abramoff scandal

51 votes, 60 votes and Filibustering

Is our Interstate Highway System a "government-run" program?

"I was so shocked I nearly dropped the Bible I was using to help me masturbate into my gun."

A Crime of Opportunity

Records of GOP-sponsored credit card reveal lavish spending by Sansom

Explaining the public option to a friend. Please help me get the facts straight here

Fund-raiser for congressmen in favor of the public option reaches 1/3 million in 4 days

My union has thrown down the gaunlet on public option!

The swift boaters are at it again complaining that Obama is taking a vaction.

Another Useless Republican Meatsack: U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx

DUers I nee a few recommends to get this in the right hand navigation

Conservative Logic

FNS, or Fox News Syndrome:

Really awful bumper sticker I saw today.

Budget Buster: Kent Conrad's Long Opposition To The Public Option

Just hitting wires. Betsy McCaughey just resigned as a director of Cantel Medical Corp.

Guaranty Bank in Texas closed by FDIC a few mins ago

"Sleeping on a pillow of solid rock"

(VIDEO) From Prop 8 to Full Equality in all 50 States - Netroots Nation Day 1

Le blond du jour

Le blond du jour

A "hero's" welcome?

Nate Silver: Are Progressives on Tilt?

Fundies: Too much federal aid raises college costs (Translation: Too much aid = too much education)

Braley Blasts Grassley on Health Bill Stance

Poll: Montana Dems pan Baucus on healthcare

Poll: Montana Dems pan Baucus on healthcare

Betsy McCaughey said she wants a full subsidy for households making under $50K a year ?!?!?

How the media made this summer's political insanity inevitable

"...the fringe crazy people on BOTH sides need to get out of the way..."

Rupert Murdoch’s Anti-Competitive Internet News Cartel

Australia: Aboriginal residents of Ampilatwatja walk out over housing conditions

For comparison - here is one of the plans your Senator can buy:

How Much Money Did The Insurance Companies Pay Willie Brown?

Huckabee ridiculed on Israel's IBA News

A jobless recovery is not. It is good news only for the investor class

A jobless recovery is not. It is good news only for the investor class

Do we need a Massive March For Public Option on Washingon, DC in October?

Couldn't help myself and went slumming to freeperville

Ever notice how its really hard to find actual information on the issues?

Arizona pastor's sermons call for execution of gays, Barney Frank and the President

All political conservatives over 65 should get off of Medicare NOW!

Publically funded insurance vs Publically funded health care - is there a difference?

GOP guns & booze fundraiser: BYO ammo

One Term Presidents

What are the insurance benefits for Congress?

Afghan Vote Results Delayed (Until Tuesday)

Afghan Vote Results Delayed (Until Tuesday)

After 3 Months, We're still homeless but we're NOT Defeated...

KO is replaying his Nexus of Terror

Black Site in Lithuania? CIA Accused of Third Torture Prison in Europe

Black Site in Lithuania? CIA Accused of Third Torture Prison in Europe

“If Stephen Hawking Lived in England” and Other Great Points the Left Doesn’t Want You to Know

“If Stephen Hawking Lived in England” and Other Great Points the Left Doesn’t Want You to Know

This Just In! Religious Right Leaders Admit Atheism!

Government run insurance programs - going where private insurance can't or won't:

God Protecting Fla. At Crist's Request?

God Protecting Fla. At Crist's Request?

Report Reveals CIA Conducted Mock Executions

Let's play a Lightening Round of the game "Critical Thinking".

Pretend 'billionaires' to counter Tea Party crowd outside McCaskill's office

The gang of six outsouced policy that they should not get

Mike Enzi- 189,046 votes '08 (Obama's "partner") says cap & trade..a ponzi scheme

TLC is running this program on the female sheriffs of Broward


Well From Granddaughter to Grandma in one week

A-List Stars Flailing at the Box Office

AP: Nation losing confidence in Obama; approval plummets all the way down to 57%

KO just said that Betsy McCaughey was fired

Banker who tipped feds to UBS tax scam gets prison time

Tonight on Bill Moyers / PBS

Obama May Give Up Effort to Reach Health Deal With Republicans

AFSCME ad: Nurses Urge Support for Obama and Health Care Reform

Breaking on Rachel - Obama to release CIA Conducted

Jon Stewart is really smart but he missed 2 key points with the Death Panel Lady

CIA-Blackwater assassination contract points to larger connections

AZ Assault Rifle-Wielding Man And Gun-Toter In NH Belong To Same Right-Wing Group

Can someone post the MSNBC online tv link?

Health care in Canada/US petition.

Senate Negotiators Aim to Cut Costs in Health Bill

If low and middle-class American's want to truly be

History Channel = The War and Gun Channel

Coming Soon - Cash For Clunkers: Home Appliance Edition

Fran Townsend says Ridge is lying about elevated threat levels pre-election

Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story" trailer up and running

Chris Matthews, it's easy to criticize * and his government now.

Former Dick Armey aide indicted for helping Jack Abramoff

How many DUers know what happened 5mos. before the Lockerbie tragedy?

Interesting fact!

Blackwater Disclosure Adds to CIA Worries

Did anyone else catch Mario Cuomo on Carlos Watson's MSNBC 11 to noon stint?

Rep. Nadler (D): Obama Violating Law By Not Investigating Bush

Wheee! McLaughlin Group on now here! How bad are the Dems tonight? nt

I'm A Liberal, and Here's What I Want From My Government

I'm A Liberal, and Here's What I Want From My Government

The Horrible Things That Gay Marriage Will Do - The Daily Dish

Digby: As Obama's Popularity Dwindles Among His Supporters, Media Gets The Reason Exactly Wrong

Send In the Clowns: 3 Stooges, Gingrich, Sharpton & Duncan Hit the Road For Corporate “School Reform

the health care and wait time thing

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Krugman says Obama took progressives' trust for granted..

US workplace suicides jump 28 percent

It's Food Bank Friday + Kudos to Widespead Panic

Congressional Oath of Office

What I Learned from the OFA Health Care Forum with Obama Today

Don't forget Bill Moyers tonight......."Critical Condition"

Bill Maher's guests this week:

South Florida wingnuts drowned out by music outside a town hall meeting

Montana REPUBLICANS Love Max Baucus

whatever happened to Oily Tartz?


Who's the creepy looking guy on the Sticky that wants to take his chances on the Wall of Death?

McCaughey Resigns (Thank you Jon Stewart)

Out-of-network costs cripple many patients financially

Newsweek: Report Reveals CIA Conducted Mock Executions - harrowing new details to come.

Report Reveals CIA Conducted Mock Executions

Report Reveals CIA Conducted Mock Executions

Tom Ridge, you are still smegma in my book. Fuck your book. Fuck that other smegamtic, Powell, too.

A quote from Tommy Douglas, father of Canada's single-payer, about Liberals that befits our Dems too

When is a public option not a public option?

Want to Boycott Fox News Sponsors? Here's a List

The filibuster... Did folks take take the same history classes I did?

Website names biggest obstructionist Senators in the US

Independent Women's Forum: "Government control of health care here...

Texas to revise history textbooks: liberals out, Limbaugh and Gingrich in.

Chuck Todd claims public option

Senator Max Baucus of Montana received 349000 votes when he ran for re-election ...

A wise rabbi once said:

Heads Up: Larisa Alexandrovna On Mike Malloy Tonight Discussing Rove & His Pathetic Op/Ed

The American Health Care Industry: "Dying to make a profit"

Too Little, Too Late From Powell, Ashcroft and Ridge

Time for the six month probationary period is up President Obama.

If you need a star...

Glen Beck's upcoming last-minute vacation possibly a suspension???

Watching Chuck Todd, I get the feeling he thinks he's the center of the universe

Watching Chuck Todd, I get the feeling he thinks he's the center of the universe

Politico: The argument that healthcare is a moral responsibility was discredited in the 90s!

Hmmmm Socialism....

Francis Collins! (Bill Maher spoiler)

Why did Charlie Christ pray hurricanes into Orlando in 2004?

Did you miss the Stewart interview with Betsy "Death Panels" McCaughey? Watch it!

Sears really needs to rethink their product lines:

Tom DeLay pulls another one out of his ass

"I was so shocked I nearly dropped the bible I was using

Money, Obama and Red State Dems

Anyone here from near Lordstown, Oh? (Cobalt country)

Matt Taibbi: Health Care Rats Come Out of the Woodwork

Should Harry Reid be Replaced as Majority Leader of the Senate?

Mock executions - a common theme in America's war on terror

Charlie Crist: I Asked God To Keep Hurricanes Away From Florida

fuck rush fuck rush fuck rush fuck rush fuck rush fuck rush...

I have only two things to say about the Rethugs' sudden desire for an 80-vote majority

Montanans Not Backing Baucus' Work On Health Care

Senators and Congresspersons who vote against single payer LOSE their own single payer healthcare

Got my first unemployment payment

Police blotter: Dragonfly shooter shoots friend

Juan Cole: Bush Admin. worse than our Nightmares

What religious event prevents someone from opening their hotel door room?

Rich NYC Mayor: Drug CEOs Don't Make Much Money

Girl Aged 17 Knifes 30 Men to Death (Brazil)

PAPER: Canadians visit U.S. to get care; Many go to Michigan hospitals... Hospitals in border citie

Driver stops cop, hands over vodka

Beck Boycott (Clorox)

If Cindy Sheehan and her supporters had carried firearms outside Bush's ranch...

President Obama needs to tell the truth.

How's Leno on Maher tonight?

Check out the decline letter I got...what stands out to you?

Hey Rush, I hear you read DU.

If you ever feel discouraged

If people are looking for a hook for government health care for all, call it "Medicare For All"

White House explains Obama 'Wee-weed up' comment

David Shuster: "..Isn't it terrorism to threaten people with terrorism.."

Friday night trivia question, re: John Negroponte.

The back to school tax free weekend is going on here in Texas. Why

Do you have health needs that are unmet right now?

CNN Conservative filth Kyra Phillips WHINING about Mexico's new drug laws!

American Indian activist Leonard Peltier, convicted in FBI agent deaths, denied parole

An Ode To Excrement In Broadcasting

Betsy McCaughey was arguably instrumental in killing Clinton's health care reform efforts in 1993.

House Preparing Impeachment Charges Against Sanford

Betsy McCaughey Ross Has Always Been Nuts

Betsy McCaughey Ross Has Always Been Nuts

Study Finds That Online Education Beats the Classroom

Jeremy Scahill is kicking butt on Maher tonight about Black Water.

The Democratic Senatorial Committee just called for money and she said

Dog and Cat Save Men from Fire; Cats Dial 911, Prevent Child Rape

Stop hey what's that sound?

On Sixty Democratic Votes In The Senate, Ladies And Gentlemen

AZ Assault Rifle-Wielding Man And Gun-Toter In NH Belong To Same Right-Wing Group

Finally: Lt. William Calley admits role/apologizes for My Lai massacre

Birthers want to see Obama's dick

You look like you could use a good laugh. Sit back and watch this. It'll cheer you right up.

i'm disappointed with Obama

The US War against Iraq - The Destruction of a Civilization

victims of Pan Am 103

LAT editorial | Gun-rights advocates should speak out against protesters displaying firearms...

Attorney General Holder must decide whether or not to appoint a special prosecutor to charge the CIA


So a reporter from time went on the News Machine

O'Reilly Takes On Jon Stewart

Government run health INSURANCE...

So why is the "CARS" or Cash for Clunkers program coming to an end Monday?

NE DU'ers - Ben Nelson announces more town hall meetings in Kearney, Norfolk, NP, S. Sioux City

Betsy McCaughey and Sarah Palin share more than a record of outrageous health care statements

Betsy McCaughey and Sarah Palin share more than a record of outrageous health care statements

Waxman: GOP making 'serious mistake' to think health bill stance will bring 2010 wins

OMG!!! Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-Looneybin, came out in favor of choice!?!?

FAUX NEWS most popular in the South

Wait ------- Rahm is gay?

Ex-Wives and Others Eagerly Await the UBS Tax-Cheater List

Eliminating the private insurance industry would save $400 billion annually in administrative costs

I sometimes wonder about people with "teh stupid".

As vets await checks, VA workers get $24M bonuses

March For Health Care is September 13 - Please Read!

The Daily Show - Betsy McCaughey Extended Interview

Schools Fight Families Over Autism Service Dogs - story with pics

Joe Scarborough Is Shocked, Yet Awed by Single-Payer Logic

There's no such thing as ten dimensional chess, and our president is not a vulcan.

New insight of Hitler's persona (DER SPIEGEL)

I finally got to see SICKO in its entirety!!! If you have not seen it must!!!!

All this amazing stuff is coming out into the light now.

Cancer survivor provides free health care for uninsured (CNN)

I think one of the side effects of smoking weed is that it makes one think that weed is ...

NY Times-Anti-Virus founder John McAfee lost at least 94% of wealth in financial crisis/recession

NY Times-Anti-Virus founder John McAfee lost at least 94% of wealth in financial crisis/recession

Surprise! Max Baucus supports extending Medicare to 55-64 year olds

i woul dnever ask anyone here for anything again if

Organic Consumers Association ALERT: USDA Says Biotech (GE) Is Compatible with Organic

How Marijuana Kills

A fellow dem needs some prayers or good thoughts

Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin (Bill Maher spoiler)

AmeriCARE or SecureCARE ~ We Need a 1,2,3 Name

Vitter: Destroying Canada's Prescription Drug System Will Lower Prices For Americans

Remember how we're supposed to be patient

Response from Whole Foods, RE: Me opting out of their email list and not shopping there anymore.

By nearly any measure, this country has serious problems.

Should the anonymity of cyberbullies be protected?

NBC's Tim Russert was "Overweight" ..he died,yetCNN/ MSNBC/NBC is saying FAT PEOPLE are Problem?



Do Guns at Political Events Disturb You? Then Consider Skipping Arizona for Now.

Whale Wars helicopter pilot tells about the Japanese Harpooning the Minke Whale

Exclusive: Indicators mount that Monsanto will be anti-trust target - Stock Analysts takes note

Verizon drops Glenn Beck

The Power of the Word Medicare -

The Power of the Word Medicare -

NRA opposes legislation to crack down on puppy mills

Blackwater managed CIA Predator drone assassination program

Intersting site: MRE and C-Ration cookbooks

Same woman. Both songs were spot on.

The new Peter Jackson flick District 9

Today is my daughter's sister's birthday.

Vote for me for President of Earth

I'm looking at the "9/11 was an inside job" donation sticky...

If you don't "snitch", don't blame anyone if something bad happens to you.

'Ale to the Chief' -- Martha's Vinyard rebrands for Obama vacation

Anyone here like Hippie Bluegrass?

Have you clicked on the link inside the locked thread? --

Please stop putting up stickies about tickling your pet monkey with a feather.

Could more people please express their religion via DU stickies...

Perfect breasts.

Hooray for pissing on the slave flag. But that's going to upset even some DU-ers.

Whoever put that stickie of Obama Praying on the Stickie board better not be trying to convert me

If anyone starts to tell you about 'District 9' ask them to stop immediately

Michelle Obama's shorts: What is all the fuss about?

Would you prefer to be thought of as naturally talented

I hate William Howard Taft.

I hate William Henry Harrison.

I hate Warren G. Harding.

I hate George W. Bush.

I'm going to make a fortune at the next GOP moron protest.

I just saw the animated Star Wars - Clone Wars thing. I didn't really like it.

My little pet monkey is trying to convert me by covering me with religious stickies.

I just stumbled across the MOTHERLODE of "Horror, sci-fi, exploitation, cult, B-movie posters..."

Who is our generation's Hubert Humphrey?

Do you hate? If so, why?

"And just then, God showed up."

Bread and Air Supply post, Just for LynneSin


I'm so tired. I haven't slept a wink. I'm so tired. My mind is on the blink. nt

I hate Maggie Thatcher

Smooch With Surgical Masks to Curb Swine Flu

i'd like to see someone create

My Itunes podcasts don't automatically sync consistently

Your opinion, please, on a bumper sticker I saw

Its KFC Time For Lunch

I can read that sticky, does that mean I'm Lynnesin and don't know it?

I just donated - hopefully it is the 700th one!!

I made kim bap last night! Damn was it good.

Will my HD channels still look HD if I run them through my 5 year old TIVO?


Who is this guy?

Old School Schlitz TV ads.

I hate Grover Cleveland.

Hope of the States - Black Dollar Bills


I'll be at Fort Bragg, NC in summer 2010. Who would want to have a drink with me?

If termites ever evolve to eat steel, we're all screwn!

That article about Facebook types


Anyone else think that three buck (up)Chuck is garbage?

Guiteau hates Garfield

What's for dinner tonight?

Hands up, who likes me?

I'm writing a science fiction novel.....

Is it a crime to scream in holy terror if Orrex answers the door in the nude

Is it a crime to scream in holy terror if Orrex answers the door in the nude

I dont know about you, butt I am not going over to Orrex's House

I will buy TWO stickies for the first person that can answer these 10 questions

Am I hearing correctly?

So the national guard left a box of grenades outside our door

Pork Chops

Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock Question - was there more than one lead guitarist?

If you're gonna have gasms over ARickman

The DU Lounge All Play No Pay Jukebox is online! Post whatever music is striking your fancy!

I am known as 'the Doctor'

Its Almost Time 5-6 More Days Until A New Beginning

CONFESS! Who put up the stickies about me AND my husband?

Saw a great bumper sticker on the way to work this morning.

The Zombie Bite Calculator- How long would you last after they bit you

so my local radio station is having a drawing..

garth and kiss..been a while since I posted this

WOW!!! Palin squashed real nice! What a great BLAMMO!!!!


When taking notes by hand do you (usually) print or write in cursive

The latest stickilie!!

Saw this cartoon and thought of the Lounge

Since teh Loungers are experts at resolving conundrums...

8:00 on the east coast....

Paying it forward.

Rick Roll: The Literal Version

What the fuck...

I'm having a childhood memory of Chicken ala King, and

Is it true that if you don't cough then you are not

Would you encourage your child to tell if a penguin was posting religious stickies in the nude?

It's only 7:30 on the east coast...

Paint question.

History Channel tonight is GOOD!

Your assessment?

Anyone heard the group Fever Ray?

Which side? Let us settle this debate

Say Hey - I Love You!

Somebody just asked about my ding-a-ling!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody wants me, woohoo!!!!!!!!


DU cat lovers: Please help me--my cat Max has a huge blood blister on his right ear

Johnny Cash Souls Enters George Strait's Body

Who do you hate, even when you're drunk or high?

Now this is my kind of dorm!

And now for something

Usually...when I give

Group hug everybody?

I'll probably get another dose of Glenn Beck in the morning.

Who is worse...


Most likely to pop up in your nightmares: Morticia Addams, Lilly Munster, or Michele Bachmann?

What size of crayon box did you have on the first day of school?

avatar help needed/nevermind. i figured it out

In a couple of weeks. Me. Here:

Anyone familiar with unemployment extensions? virus.....

When watching your favorite tv series, do you sometimes mentally write yourself into the stories?

I have a bunch of Rolling Stone magazines from the early 80s. What should I do with them?

Are You Cool?

I will give THREE! Stickies to the first person that can answer these 10 questions correctly

My neighbor has a raucous laugh that could be described as "a braying guffaw"

Your moment of zen

I'm falling for someone who's moving across the country in two weeks.

50 Years of 50 States: Happy Birthday Hawaii!

The cheating thread makes my head hurt.

I bought $900 of meat and seafood today for $20...


Five perfectly stupid questions for the lounge

Would you keep all pornography

APoD for August 20th - they turned the telescope down for once

A recap (blow-by-blow) of this week on DU

ok im in the final nine

DUers who lived through the 60s: A question for you

Papal experience?

graywarrior - i put snape on the big board

What's your favorite gum?

my boss is an idiot

Yes, I still enjoy the wedding entrance dance. It make me tear up.

What sector are you?

Naked penguin gets outfitted with wetsuit

I hate Garfield.

Time for another fractal art lesson. Dial-up warning.

15 hawks flying circles above our neighborhood

The Dallas Cowboys officially play in the tackiest stadium in professional football

Toots, yeah...great guy and all...but those MAYTALS are friggin' WISEACRES.

Just found another scan of me as a child. Don't laugh TOO much.

Has any DU'er been to Yosemite national park?

`Richard Brautigan Appreciation thread!

Early Risers Are Mutants

Are there any avatar makers out there?

My kitty just fell into the bathtub!

Verizon Fios vs. Direct TV?

Post a pic of you & your SO (or Bestest Friend) together

Do you admire your posts?

Favorite misheard song lyric that's also the song's title?

Google your name and post your picture!

Google your name and post your picture!

Paypal experience?

The Last American Virgin is such a sad movie.

My Mom is Living in a House That is Making Her Sick

Celine Dion

Is it time for a picture thread?

More original art

The History Channel's "Pawn Stars" show is growing on me, and I don't know how I feel about it.

"Jennifer Aniston Feels Screwed Over by Bradley Cooper"...and a nation weeps.

Does anyone need a star?

post some fun, safe-for-work, non-video web sites

Usain Bolt obliterates his own record..again

Court Rejects Governor's Appointment

Afghan rivals claim poll victory

Swiss pair indicted [by US Justice Department] in tax probe

Americans rush to declare offshore accounts

US rejects wiretapping challenge

Rise of the Super-Rich Hits a Sobering Wall

Major storms hit Canada province

Pace of U.S. existing home sales fastest in 2 years

U.S. Indicts Two in Switzerland on Tax Charges

Girl Aged 17 Knifes 30 Men to Death (Brazil)

As vets await checks, VA workers get $24M bonuses

In hot water: World sets ocean temperature record

Home sales soar 7.2 percent in July

AP INVESTIGATION: SC gov didn't disclose flights

Caught in Fraud, Dirty Coal Group Dumps One of Its Astroturf Contractors

Caught in Fraud, Dirty Coal Group Dumps One of Its Astroturf Contractors

Suit Filed Over Mass Arrest at DNC

Obama would trade healthcare for second term

Aspen zoning allows pot dispensaries

Former Aide to Dick Armey Charged With Corruption, Linked to Abramoff

Bank Failure Tally Climbs To 78

Euro area economy stabilized in August

All Overseas Bank Accounts More Vulnerable to IRS Scrutiny

California unemployment rate climbs to 11.9 pct

Stocks jump as Bernanke says economy near recovery

Report Reveals CIA Conducted Mock Executions

Guaranty Bank of Austin, 81st bank failure of '09

Former Voice of America Official Tied to Abramoff Indicted on Corruption Charges

Protests planned for Hawaii's 50th anniversary

Over 90 Experts Call on Human Rights Watch to Speak Out on Honduras Abuses

George W. Bush vets dismiss Tom Ridge claims

Lockerbie bomber release stirs diplomatic dispute

Hoyer: Public option may have to go

Olympia Snowe reverses herself on co ops & admits public option not on the table

Mexico Legalizes Drug Possession

Toyota to ramp up North American capacity

Shelby says: defeating Obama on healthcare in GOP's political interest

CA: Plan to free state prison inmates moves ahead

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday August 21

S.D. doctors must disclose abortion ends life, judge rules

Idaho GOP leader (Tea-Party Organizer) who helped spur coup arrested (assault with a deadly weapon)

AP sources: $2 trillion higher deficit projected

For companies, mountains of cash show high anxiety

Obama in good standing as Ramadan begins

Ohio jobless rate nudges up to 11.2%

Gov. David Paterson blames calls for him to step aside on race

History's first draft: Newt Gingrich but no liberals

Iran lifts ban on nuclear inspectors

Stocks Hit New Highs (for 2009) After Home Sales

Report Reveals CIA Conducted Mock Executions

As vets await checks, VA workers get $24M bonuses

Kenyan stranding triggered by skin colour: Mohamud

Jasmine Fiore identified by (serial number on) breast implants

Soldier, 59, is oldest U.S. service member to die in Afghanistan

Gun toter at Obama rally says he didn't seek spotlight

Calley, Army lieutenant during Vietnam, apologizes for My Lai Massacre

4 soldiers charged with maltreatment of subordinates in Iraq

Schools fight families over autism service dogs

Brazil president urges Obama to explain Colombian bases plan to South Americans

Death Panel Myth Creator Betsy Mccaughey Resigns

'We know Semenya is a girl'

Freed Lockerbie bomber returns to cheering crowds in Libya, outraging victims' relatives

ELCA votes to allow gay pastors

American Indian activist Leonard Peltier, convicted in FBI agent deaths, denied parole

Senator (Rockefeller) seeks data on health insurer profits

Nadler: Obama Violating Law By Not Investigating Bush

NEA Attacks Administration's Education Reform Plan

Someone in the 35-45 age bracket, please sue Medicare....

It's time too support our president or admit defeat. Which is it?

Hoyer contradicts Pelosi...says public option may have to go.

President Obama Is Making Great Progress On Healthcare Reform Compared To JFK/LBJ's Medicare Effort!

Does ANYONE think a public option could ever be added if it's not in THIS year's bill?

Gibbs: Obama is comfortable being a one term President

Arizona pastor's sermons call for execution of gays, Barney Frank and the President

Free Republic says they want to see President Obama's Penis.

Have you guys seen this shit...its an "I'm sorry...." whiners fest..

Which Obama do you prefer?

Updated: Where Congress Stands (on the public option)

Which of these two statements do you prefer?

It's past time for Oprah to step up

All this talk about the President's poll numbers. How is the Party of No doing?

Tonight at dinner a friend suggested Obama is selling this health care thing all wrong.

Jon Voight asks, "Is President Obama creating a civil war?"

What do you think Obama would do if was confronted by someone like this at one of his town meetings?

Health Care Act, a republican filibuster, and 60 votes... No one goes under the bus!

Healthcare Reform Too Expensive? Wrong. The U.S. Deficit Will Continue To Explode Without Reform!

DASCHLE: Reconciliation process may be the only way

D.C. delegate calls for ban on guns near Obama

Is it possiible that Messrs. Obama & Emmanuel are just a wee bit smarter than we credit them for?

The fear of "public option" would disappear if they gave it a friggin name - SecureCare for example

One of the stickies at the top says "Where's the Ding-a-Ling"

I'm going to be on Fox tomorrow at 11:30am on the show Cashin In

Travel Book Guru Boycotts Arizona over Gun-toting Protestor

Obama's Silence on Honduras: "administration fishing around for rightwing allies in Latin America"

I'm so sick of the Bullshit with the public option for health care

Palin Tries New Dishonest Angle Via Facebook Again

AP - Cairo - President Obama Is A Hot Date In Egypt for Ramadan!

PHOTOS Does anyone know what the rest of this banner said?

Ronald Reagan's Gallup Approval Sunk To 35%, Unemployment Over 10%, Yet He Is Idolized By GOP?

In August, Obama encouraged vigorous debate on health care reform, and the public option won

Cramer/CNBC Claim Obama Disapproval Numbers Match Stock Market Rise

If the president is the president no matter where he is, why can't a senator cast a vote no matter

Steny Hoyer? Harry Reid? It's time for both to go

Just because I love you guys....My MUM became a Citizen Today. Citizenship and the Presidency.

I have this memory about Dan Lungren...........

While advocating bipartisanship, Baucus admits GOP leadership is trying to ‘kill’ health care reform

I can't wrap my head around the idea that we have to work with Republicans

Steele To Obama: ‘You’ve Got The Votes, Mr. President. Pass The Bill!’

And now a message from the tools over at Politico

If the President wants to get health care passed he must . . .

I think I just had an incredibly powerful idea for DU (or subset of the community)

Kenyan Government: Obama's "Kenyan birth certificate" is a hoax

Barney Frank @ Dartmouth, MA - Town Hall [FULL VIDEO - CSPAN]

What do we went? Instant gratification! When do we want it? Now!

Ben Nelson: America 'traumatized' by health-care debate, "misinformation", agnostic on public option

I gagged my way through Beck on Wednesday. I've listed the advertisers for that night:

I'm freakin' the hell out! How is Pres. Obama going to win re-election...

The President is willing to be a one termer if it gets health care passed!

September 13 March for Health Care - Can Liberals Succeed Without Corporate Sponsorship?

Did you know that Max Baucus' own health care plan included a public option modeled on Medicare?

Good News from Northwest Iowa about the Presidents Cash for Clunkers trade in ... I think?

Which Obama do you prefer?

60 votes...

From World Nut Daily: One big 'Death Panel' and horrible conditions for the elderly!

President Obama should not extend George W. Bush's National State of Emergency declaration

Try Things The LBJ Way?

Independent Women's Forum: Lying

Obama in good standing as Ramadan begins

Public Option Question: If People Always Pick The Cheapest Option, Why Do Lot Of Folks Choose PPOs?

Gallup watch

Mad As Hell Doctors!

The Obama Recovery - Existing Home Sales in U.S. Jump to Two-Year High

The Stickiness of Craziness

thanks to President O for standing up for a govt health plan before his vacation

Global recession to a tango beat

Obama’s Trust Problem - by Paul Krugman.

Aggregate poll results tell the story behind Obama's declining approval

Christopher Broughton--Gun toter at Obama rally says he didn't seek spotlight

Eugene Robinson- "A Little More Heat, Please"

What was the average annual growth rate of the S&P 500 Under George Bush? - 5.92 Percent?

Snowe: Senate Finance Committee Bill Won't Have Public Option (updated)

Help Me Get My Shit Together DU

Fidel Castro slams U.S. for battle over healthcare

Can we have a serious discussion?: Why is President Obama's approval rating dropping noticeably?

I think this needs to be more widely disseminated

Krugman: "it’s possible to have universal coverage without a public option "

CNN - State Unemployment Shows Improvement

Sestak and Toomey Twitter Their Way to a Debate

Nate Silver: Are Progressives on Tilt?

Conservative Groups attack Obama's Vacation in TV Ad

Joe Conason: Now More Than Ever, Bipartisanship is for Suckers

Hypothetical question regarding the safety of POTUS

Obama has spoken about NASCAR, LeBron James, and Kelly Clarkson...not a peep about USURY

Honestly, I think we should just trust our president in every decision he makes...

Obama And The Public Option - Setting The Record Straight

Developing—Obama hits record low in Zogby Interactive—45% approve

My response to Roger Ebert re: health-care reform

Washington Post: 52% support public option; 46% oppose it (new poll)

X-post Need help explaining the public option to a friend. Fact checkers wanted.

**Heads Up - POTUS to Speak on Elections in Afghanistan**

Berkley eyes Ensign's travails and his Senate seat

Eugene Robinson: Missing: Democrats’ Passion

A fine example of the Military/Media/Government complex in this country...

Friday discussion: How would President Hillary have done things differently?

Obama meets with N.C. volunteers

Why did the administration hush talk about Limbaugh's leadership of the republicans?

While the stinking media is calling for doom and gloom on the health care hears a reliable poll

Brown says she needs millions for Senate run

OOOH! This Sunday on "Meet the Press" Joe Scarborough...

Victim says burglars stole evidence of illegal contributions to Rep. Vern Buchanan's campaign

A belated happy birthday to former President Bill Clinton!!!!!

BBC News - "Afghan poll hailed as a 'success'"

Politifact says it is false that 76% support the public option. But their analysis stinks

Hitler's 787 delayed

Rachel Maddow: Basketball Analogy of Ridiculous Rethug Vote Bar-Raising

Under Pressure

Lawrence Wilkerson On Tom Ridge Terror Alert Admission

The Truth about Puppy Mills

NRA opposes legislation to crack down on puppy mills

Thank You Nancy Pelosi For Being A True Patriot

Demonstrations at Health Care Reform Town Hall Meeting

Chris Hayes - The Healthcare Debate Is Like Crossing Mountains - Neetroots Nation Day 2

10 Most Racist Moments In TV

Gov Run Health Care Is Fox News Myth?

Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story' Trailer

Woodstock 1969 - Home Movies

maxkeiser, ON THE EDGE; 'America's false health care debate'

President Obama On Conservative Michael Smerconish's Radio Show - 08/20/09

Gibbs: Obama Willing To Be One-Term Prez Over Health Care?

THE REAL DEATH PANELS: Insurance Companies That Deny Care

Texas Citizens Denied Entry to "Energy Citizen" Astroturf Rally in Houston

TYT: Matt Taibbi talks w/ Sam Seder on the watered-down, compromised public option

Maine Couple Celebrates 40 Years

Day in 100 Seconds - American News Embarrasses Itself, Wee-Wee Style

Health Care Reform Advocates Stand up to Wingnut Protesters - Merrick, Long Island - August 3, 2009

Exclusive - John Stewart &Betsy McCaughey *Death Panel* Rumor starter


President Obama Gives Ramadan Message

World's Oceans Warmest on Record


TYT w/ Sam Seder: Does New Healthcare Poll Show The MSM Has Failed?

TYT: Conservative Caller - Why Should I Pay For Someones' Health?

TRAILER: Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story'

A Message To Republicans On Health Care (VERY powerful)

TYT: Protestor Against Healthcare Plan But On Medicare

'Do the Right Thing': Still a Racial Rorschach at 20 (The Nation)

Joe Conason: Now more than ever, bipartisanship is for suckers

Health Care Reform: Sick and Wrong by Matt Taibbi

Introducing Micheletti, Man of God

Color-Coded Con Job?

Florida Seniors Fear Obama Will Ration 'Early Bird Specials'

Rush Limbaugh's Melt Down Diet, Part II

Insurance Giant AIG CEO Thumbs His Nose At Public

Rise of the Super-Rich Hits a Sobering Wall

American Justice is At Risk. What Are You Doing About it?

Obama to Rebrand The Public Option as the 'Option Offense'

Guns That Talk; Are we launching a new civil war?

Ray McGovern: Unwritten Death Contract Awarded to Blackwater

Who Are These Democrats?

BLAME RAHM, BECAUSE Obama's Enforcer: Not Really Tough Enough

Media blackout puts Afghan poll in doubt

Lockerbie: Will the truth ever come out?

Ex-Wives and Others Eagerly Await the UBS Tax-Cheater List

Whites, Blacks, Obama, And Obsession

David Sirota: Freedom from fear

Resentment in the heart of the Family (NZ Herald on The Family, Birthers & US Healthcare)

Afghanistan Contractors Outnumber Troops

China should 'trust, but verify'

Oval Office Visit Hints at Daschle's Role

Republicans Really Love Their Guns!

New Rule: No Shame in Being the Sorry Party

Friday Talking Points (90) -- Obama To Switch Parties

How the media made this summer's political insanity inevitable

The REAL Foundation of the Second Amendment: "Resistance Efforts," Guns and the Constitution

The Science of THC Medicine!

Michael Collins: Screwing the Self Employed Out of Health Insurance

Good Article By John Perkins on US role in Honduran Coup

How the Democrats sold out health care reform

How Pharma Giants Are Getting Rich By Calling Our Life Problems 'Medical Disorders'

Let’s See Who Else Owes Howard Dean an Apology Today

The Weekend Economists" "Fire and Brimstone" Weekend August 21-23, 2009

Krugman: Obama an "Appeaser", Easily "Rolled" by Far Right

Al-Megrahi’s release ‘would free BP’ to join the rush for Libya’s oil

Seattle votes down fee on plastic, paper bags

Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens our Future

Kenyan farmers, hit by drought, relocate to slums

Drumbeat: August 21, 2009

Lead Sickens 1,300 Children in China

India To Tackle Drought Shortages With Increased Food Imports - Finance Minister Says - AFP

Dept. Of Commerce Blocks Expansion Of Alaskan & Arctic Fisheries Pending Science Input - ENS

In Nile Delta, Sea Encroaching At Up To 100 Meters/Year - Salt, Pollution Hammering Land & Farmers

Scripps Scientists Find New Deep-Sea Species - Worms That Lob Their Own Bioluminescent Body Parts

Using solar heat to power air conditioning

Changes In Net Ocean Heat Flows In Past 50 Years Correlate Well With Abrupt Climate Shifts Of Past

Hydrokinetic Installation Generates Clean Power from Mississippi River (not a dam)

Oil price touches high for 2009

World Leaders Must Not Get Bogged Down In Precise Percentages, Says Tony Blair On Copenhagen Treaty

Watching Myths Unwind - How East German Intelligensia Illustrate The Power Of Self-Delusion

"5 ways evironmental friendliness is messing up the planet?" Is any of this true?

Solar cell phones take off in developing nations (CNN)

Estimated 300 - 500 Humboldt Squid Beach On Vancouver Island, B.C. - Once Seldom Seen N. Of CA

Usain Bolt obliterates his own record..again

This * Day in Baseball History © - 1999

Gloat-Free™ Baseball Scores (Thursday August 20)

Cubs, Wrigley Field sold to billionaire Ricketts

Billy Wagner claimed by unknown team?

Fenway Park to host college hockey doubleheader

Did anyone see the latest stickily?

N.L. wild card race could be decided in the next two weeks

Punters hitting the scoreboard at Cowboys Stadium (?)

Blood Test Can Detect Brain Damage In Amateur Boxers

WTF! Ocho Cinco kicks the extra point that help the Bungles beat the Cheatriots!

Who's excited about the first game at the new Cowboys Stadium tonight?

Does anyone find the 89&90 Pistons much more annoying the Michael Jordons' Bulls?

Saito now pitching for Boston. Score 16 to 7.

There is no God! The office next to mine is going to be filled with a Vikings fan!

REBELION: James Petras on Understaning the Coup in Honduras

Colombia to continue supplying electric power and gas to Venezuela

Under De Facto Regime, Frente Nacional Will Boycott Elections and Anti-Coup Candidates Will Withdraw

Brazil president urges Obama to explain Colombian bases plan to South Americans

Magbana has too many new stories to post. Just go to her site.

Over 90 Experts Call on Human Rights Watch to Speak Out on Honduras Abuses

Excellent John Perkin's article on Honduras posted by Joanne98:

Influential Puerto Rican Activist Group the Young Lords Marks 40th Anniversary

Ex-Chavez ally seeks asylum in Peru to evade trial

Venezuela Retail Sales Will Grow over the Next Four Years

Obama's deafening silence on Honduras

Another legal battle.

Holy F-ing main stream media scumbags

"Some" CCW holders are .....criminals

Gun owner says police violating his rights

Neighbor shoots alleged burglar leaving Kingsport home, police investigating

Barry Rubin: The blood libel that won't die

The first congressional junket to Israel

Packing Iron Before the Cameras

Gaza mothers, newborns affected by Israeli blockade (IRIN)

'Queers against Israel' - are gays blinded by hypocrisy?

You can shoot em in the back!

New gun purchase from Kmart today...

Sweden summons Israel envoy for talks over IDF organ harvesting article

Boycott Israel - Los Angeles Times

Utterly ridiculous: 20 MM Rifle w/3 round magazine...

Today in Labor History Aug 21 Slave revolt led by Nat Turner begins in Southampton County, Va. 1831

AFL-CIO President Visits Dirty Car Wash

Fate of Toyota's Only Unionized Plant Hangs in the Balance

Beetle Assemblers Walk-Off the Job in Mexico

Media Matters: The latest chuckle from the union "beating" case in St. Louis

"Cash for Clunkers" has Car Companies Recalling Some Laid-Off Workers

Idlewild Approach


Korean peppers

Fun with Bill

For the Aiman fans

Vendor fights back against attackers

Face to face with the 5,000-year-old 'first Scot'

Controlling Red Imported Fire Ants Two Ways

An explanation for dark energy

Trail of Discovery at Fra Mauro

BBC: Blue tits embrace 'aromatherapy'

Evolution Of The Human Appendix: A Biological 'Remnant' No More

Killer Asteroids May Escape NASA's Notice

Huge Cave Complex May Lie Beneath Giza Pyramids

Bank Failures in the United States

Pressured by Bank Failures, F.D.I.C. Wants to Bolster Fund

Pressured by Bank Failures, F.D.I.C. Wants to Bolster Fund

AIG to pay back it's 180 billion to gov't--really?

Anyone know how many $$$$$ are at stake here?

Orwellian Madness "Bernanke Saved The World"

CPB $3 Million Grant To Go Toward Crossplatform Programming About Economic Crisis

I hope it is a good sign that this idiot Pastor's proclomation is buried & was not the top story

Two teens charged with gay boy beating

Two teens charged with gay boy beating

This is Oz - Tolerance campaign

Does anyone know the name of this movie?

X-rays Expose N.C. Wyeth Painting Hidden Under Another

Follow Up: "Who is Tyler Durden/Zero Hedge?"...Revelations/Intrigue

Rise of the Super-Rich Hits a Sobering Wall

Unbelievable, but not surprising

Withers: Anti-gay marriage foes don’t take the challenge

Lady in this video so tuff she could kick Rahmbo's ass

Reality Check website says Congress has not taken a vote to exempt themselves from reform

Even modest fitness may extend lifespan

Uninsured Americans aged 50-64

Most Americans expect higher taxes

Homeopathy not a cure, says World Health Organization (obvious to educated people)

Gov't can't run Cash for Clunkers - and you want to trust them with your health care?

Van Hollen says he won't defend state's domestic partnerships

Update on Rick (ricochetastroman) on Thursday, August 20th

Interesting post in Editorials..not really spiritual, but

New Moon August 20, 2009


Ok, I don't get it.

OOo! "Huge Cave Complex May Lie Beneath Giza Pyramids" !!

Where is Matthew???

BAD THINGS happening here in CT. today........

I'm so GLAD to be back among the Liviving - RicochetAstrroman

My 10,000th post.

LOL given the religion discussions here on DU this light hearted photo should crack you up

"The Dude Abides" Free Book Contest

Yet Another Priest Pedophile - How Many Does It Take?

NEA Has Had Enough

This recipe needs a little love - maybe.l

This is about food and food shopping and people.........

Man oh man do I love fried cod fish

I'm looking at the "9/11 was an inside job" donation sticky...

I'm looking at the "9/11 was an inside job" donation sticky...

Eight years

Omagh (Northern Ireland), Lockerbie, 9/11, 7/7 . . . no one in prison for these crimes.

Texas to revise history textbooks: liberals out, Limbaugh and Gingrich in.

For those in the Houston area this is an invitation to Drinking Liberally Houston:

Torture and 9/11

Imagine, if you will... Waking up on 9/11/2001 and finding out that there were four airliners

Former Sec. of DHS Tom Ridge admits Bush admin raised terror alerts for political reasons

A Millennium of Paranoia

So when and where is the next Austin meetup?

9/11: Science and Conspiracy - National Geographic

Shhh ... Obama mum on what's in 'book of secrets'

Want to see crazy 'Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage'

Here's a link to the original short film District 9 was based on.

Donny Dirk's Zombie Den

Kids in the Hall return with murder mystery

Link to James Cameron's new Avatar movie trailer - Looks pretty good!

Plenty of cool pics from the upcoming Wolfman movie.